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-•-• • W...sinxotoN Jan
The Senate did not it to-day, halng adjount
nd OT from - yesterday till Monday r
'llonsn—Alter organizing, the House went into
Committee of the Whole on private hills,
Nothing of gene interest wan tnineacted.
I Nrw . Yost , Jan. 18.
. •
The,dates from Liverpool, by the,dvio, are to
The ilint , :if - miver had again advanced, but
there are no,eliahges is the money market.
..Graitt=The market. is hi precisely-. the same
:11t6t9 sa-for some weeks past. The leading arti
' aro,!ell supported , and there is little change
to notleein prices..
Provialbas—The imports of cured provisions
are emalL, Lard is a shade higher. with a fair
Tbere were a few sales of eastern
baoaa at Egs 11 cwt. : There is no chatige in hams
or shoulders. • But little is doing, transactions
.. .hehigmostly. in a privati way. Clevelatui brands
are selling at 73,5; and India Mess at 845 81
• tierce. Sales of pork , at 1.15656 t for new east
tern 1 1 1 bbl.
A, moderate buSinees an doing in chats; at for
mar raw. . :
, .
• tron- - - - The =rid is firm, with no . change.
...Money Market—English stocks aro firm, and
money is improving in value. The Bank of Eng
land his inevasedthe rates of exchange with the
condiment, which checks thaexport of gold.
,LMxis Napoleon, in interviews with the Rothe.
'tides, bus stated that he did seek the prolongs,
thin of power. •
-• • . •
• New Chunake, Jan. 17-11 P. 31.
The . St. Charles Hotel vas consuMed by fire to
also Dri Clapp's church, the Poydras
street chant', Crescent lintel, and numerous
ether adjoining buildints.
AlB o'clock P. the tire wad got under, in
isame . degree, but' had not stopped at 5 P. IL the
'Are:was still raging. . 1
, The St. Churlmtivas insured for $lOO,OOO. •
There are several rumors of loss of life, bat
we are unable to get facts.
The Whip, last night, nominated Hiram Gris
wold, of Stark county for 1,1. 8. Sonata, far the
long term..
Nsiv You; Jan. 18
The Atlantio sailed from Liverpool with 27
passengers, among wham was Abbott Lawrence,
Jr. son of our Foreign Moisten A ship was
passed - off.Hallfax, cut in two, supposed to beby
collision with' somo Steamer.
. The river has riven mine inches in the Mat 29
• hours, making, six feet one inch ureter in the
The weather is clear and 'cold. •
-• Thediorth Biter and .Eitrepo paaeed up' this
, urnin g• L
' ; . The man,'Keats, who murderedhis wife in thin
city, had been sentenacilto be hung, but has been
pardoned by the Governor on condition that he
lie 'United Stalma
I- A elavo was to-day convicted for manslaughter,
i.the penalty for 'Which is /death.
The man, Ytunda, whti had a wife in Madison,
and married another here, has been thund guilty
b,igszny, and condemned to the penitentiary
three years..
NOOS Ittl.ollT.
.Jaututry 18.
. Cotton is steady, nt last quotations, with sales
'6OO bales.
Flour--The market is rutclianged, with farther
lkslee of 1500 bbl. •
Hales of Rye Flour at $1,'?,,57'.
1 I Wheat is without change.
1 Corn is film, with sales of 5,000 bushels Sou
,tent new at C6c
Proyisioni—Pork is noMinally the same, with
Wes of bbls. Sales!of 100 bble Heef at for
mer rates. Hams are saleable at
' flogs us Steady at $6, - 0. cwt.
Bales of'so bbl. Lard at yesterday'rrprices.
Whiskey is in good demand, with sales 'of
'blast at 26e
l' Linseed Oil is held at 90e, with - further sales
~'of2ooo galls.
.41 - sykylsw.r,:rorir.
. - •
Cotton is buoyant, witkfl \ irther Wea r of 2,600
Flaar—The market is unclumged.
Grain—Wheat and Rye are ruicluMged. Corn
t eary firm,, with sales of 10,060 Imatiela at 66
Provhdomi—Pork is onchangesl, farther
"sales of 630 bbls. Beef is firm, with sales of
200 bbla.
and b in itnnelt, with sales or ISO barrels
. Wbiskey is with Out change.
'Linseed oil-13ales 3,000 galls at Wei.
orocerie3ales 290 sacks Coffee at
and firm, nearly ell the !stock being in second
. ,
' Supra are unchanged, witb. sacs of 90 blab
Orleans at 61. .
Sales 100 bble'toolaases at 81i. ~ ,
- - -
Wes - 200 tierces rice at $3,12®3,60AR 100.
Other articles are unchanged. The weather%
is very eold; the thernkometer standing at '26°.
„ .
Jatuty - 18.
axles of Howard Street flour to-day;
is hall at 54,6211 bbl, with buyers at UN.
liBbllL Balm of 250 bbls City 3ffils at $4,62 "61
It thing &big 41;'arbe it. • ;
of Yellow Corn at 58050 e, arid of White
it 68,G64c 11" bu:
I , Sales of Oats at 46,18 c..
Whiakey--Sales at 2 - 6 e.
Seetl--Sali?, at 55 la bu. '
. .
eLtiCl_ N . - NATI MARKET.
January 18. ,
Flour 7 The market is quiet, but holders are
not premarig' sales. r 500 bbls were sold at $3,53
Whlakey-.-Sales at 23 , gee29i - {2 gall.
Clover Seed are active, and all offered are tak
' at $5,60 be, and now held higher,
Provislons--Thereis an active demand for Ind
t, and near one million pounds have'clianged
' hands, chiefly at ..11S5Vfor shoulders and sides:
EYII7 article of hog prmluct is eery buoyant.
I • &Decries—Coffee 14 selling at ,Le. Sugar is,
' Dried Apples are in,good demand, at 5:480o
The river. is stationary. and the, weather ex- . 11
arose—Nothing Iran done in hogs, and only,
lots ate in' the pens.
IFreighto are advancing—Flour toNese Orleans
' Oe 1114 Pork 80e - .0 bt.L.
: , - L niree.ip. of Flour for bite week nreo,ooo'
I The exports of Pork for the week are 7,000,1
'4...11M the receipts 4001,bis.
• !
• Si . . LOUIS 31.kliKET.
• Jtamary, - 17.
The market is inactive today; and only a!
Moderate brininess is . rialeiot goodetinn•
07-tror at $3.87. delivered on board. ; ' 1 •
Bala or about 1000 bus Wheat at 7.5ev,80ie.
Reeelpts . of Com are heavy, and. prvOes, have
declined, pith tale's of 8,000 has at 46648 c. on
Oats hive doclined ; with~small sales at 4.9 a C5i)
' Provisions"..l.slo olio. go in prices. isles 200
:61113 — mess pork et sly,so6l,sll bbl
Lard is in hie dem nil. with sales of_ 700 bbls
arid tierces lit 767 i alb; and•of 50 ; kegs at
y. Is dull at 43c:
Hogs—Sales 2.000 head at priOOlsrangi4froari
118,70 to ti 14. 1 2. 1, 'Vont. the latter price; tor hogs
wahrlidag over 210 to 230 lbs. ;
Tile - weather '1! and the river rising
,Nrrr cintuarM, y t , s . 15 .
Co toa—The sales , to-day amounted to some
MR bales, with no change in prices. - ,
• Flour-Z.Thci market is dull, without Change.
• Corides.'o,ooo bus at 60€63i.
Oats are selling at ? bu.
PrOtieiga—Mason Sides are 'declining.
;Bales 2,00 q bags Rio Coffee at 1010,11 e Cl tb,
-1 Sugar is selling at Si for prime. -
Bales of molutses at :24f gall.
JAxciar 16.
All parties are awaiting the arrival of the
I - Cottanis dull, and 'declining,
j in coaaequenee
Alba non-arrival of the A tlantic: '
Flour.—New.Ohlo is selling at S4,2OVP bbl.
J'J' Corn
fl Provisions—Sales of mesa pork at ;$1.1;76('
3 1112111:11; Sales of bacon aides at 7}®
• Lard la dull; TY' '
Bakes and molasses aro dt4 _. j
BENCIL.BROADOLOTIIB.--2 . lahy til 4
tre tweed e. teeth or the
wirsuii. /mph DeN ''' Z . se and lAsamesex.
MI 'awl Saila Vostltyfilttiery, loVr
p . sniatts' Franvat:—The Journeymen • ‘
-Furtive, in, commemoration Of the Birtitldrty
btlferipimin Franklin; took place on Friday eve
.i,j; last, at Broiro's Motel., We make di , - the
axed reportof the proceedings on the oeca-
At s , r:o'clock. the Company, numbering about
. . , assembled -at the Hotel of Mr. Brow ,t.—
Among them we were pleased to notice Major
'Guthrie, John P. Glass, Earl., Wm. H. Smith,
Rag., Alexander Jayne, EN., and several others,
{tot at present epnnected with the printing Levi-
I In the &-
terval preceding : the announcement of
uPper, the company were entertained whirl ex
. Ilent musk by White's Band.
l e
At precisely 10 o'eloek, 'upper was announced,
arid while the band performed the " Grand March
In Noma," the guests entered - the spacious din
ing room, and took their seats at thevable.
It would be useless for us to attempt a minute
detail of the good things prepared for the aim".
rion--ruffice it to say, the supper was all thatan
r pleura could wish, and reflected much credit
ypen ttie good taste of the hosts ; and the rapid
with which the various dishes disappeared.
gave evidence that their efforts to reader satia
tion were appreciated.
After all had partaken to their full satisfac
'on, the cloth was removed, and! the Company
!grunted by the appointment of the followi ng ffreers :
GEORGE .T. MYERS, President; ;
Jas. F. CAMPBELL, W. S. HAVEN,' it:11. R.
[MAW, A. V. Roos, and J. P. THOMPSON, Tire
George M. &Win, A. IL Ruud, and sr. Hiron
Faster, Secretaries.
The President, after calling the Company to
order, delivered a fewappropriate remark's. The
reading of the regular toasts being then in or
der, •Mr. Joseph N. Kinkead, Chairman of the
Committee appointed for purpose, read the
following : TOASTS.
1. The Day we Celebrate—Memorable for hay
mg given birth to an accomplished Scholar, tlis
trgrushed Statesman, and
profound Philosopher.-
usie, "Hail Rapp,* Day.
2. The President of the United States. Music,
Ir President's March."
13. The !Governor of Pennsylvania. Music,
i ' Governor's March." i
1 4. The Memory of Washington—lt should be
cherished by every American. Music, A Wash
ington'a March."
5. Benjamin Franklin—The Tutelar Saint of
our profession, and the model of all mechanics,
his example of perseverance and industry is wor
thy of imitation.
6. Faust, .Guttemberg, and Schoeffer—The in
!venters, promoters, and improvers of the Art of
Printing, the result of their labor has given light
and liberty to millions. Music, " Guttemberg
7.. The "Black Art"—"The art preservative
'or all arta." Music, .4 Devil'e Dream."
8. The Press—" The Lever that moves the
••In it all human lotowledge thrells ;,
The Oracle of Oracles,
Past, present, future, it reveiLs,
Or in oblivion's silence seals; •.
What it preserves can perish never—
What it foregoes is lost forever."
9. The Freedom of the Press—The Bulwark of
',Republicanism, and theGuardiarcof the Pe,pple's
Rights. Music
-10. The Printers of France—The Liberty of
their country attests the power they Wield.—
Mule, •• Marseilles Hymn."
11. The American Union—He whose birth day
we are commemorating, assisted in forming it.
and the member of our craft who would give
countenance to its dissolution, deserves the ear
=don of every American citizen. Music, •‘ Star
Spangled Banner."
12.. The' Pittsburgh Typographical Society—lt
has rorrezted one error, by securing to the Jour
neyman ogjust remuneration for has toil ; may its
perpetuity' never be endangered by squabbles, nor
its influence fail to make such an impression upon
employers, us to bring good wages and prompt
i 18. The Ladies—We respect them for their
virtue, and admire them for their amiability, and
; 4 1?filleve with our great prototype, that
" He that would thrive,
Must ask his wife." •
Music, '• Ladis Reception March."
A large null:ther of volunteer toasts were read.
and the utmost mirth and good feeling prevail
ed. The Company. separated at about half-pf.t
two o'clock, highly gratified with - the festivities
i of the night.
EXCITEMENT. —Quite an excitement prevailed
among the boarders at the Exchange Hotel yes
terday. On Saturday, a lady with form children
'arrived here, on her way to New York, and took
lodgings at the Exchange Hotel. At an early
hour on Sunday, a gentleman, accompanied by a
legal friend, came to the hotel, and examined the
register. The gentleman, on acting the lady's
name, declared that he was her husband, and de
manded to be shown to her room, for the purpose
of taking pd'ssesaion of the children.
Hewes requested to wait until Me Mould rise,
when, perhaps, the affair could be mettled in an
amicable manner. The gentleman and his friend
then left the room, rind it was supposed that they
had gone out of the hotel but in a short time
the clerk beard. the scream of a female, and,
rushing into the entry, snit the husband running
down stairs with hit children, pursued by their
mother. lie immediately went is the lady's as
sistance., and rescued three of them, which he
gave into her charge. The husband retained
possession of the youngest, and was going out of
the door, when the clerk caught it by theclothes;
but the father pulled it ont of his hands, and ran
off with the child, which was perfectly naked,
its clothes having teen torn off in the affray.
The servants of the hotel, summoned by the
screanutef the woman, pursued, and chasing the
man down Penn street, 'succeeded in overtaking
him. The child was recaptured and handed buck
to its mother, who still remains nt the hotel. We
presume that the children will be brbught before
tome of the Courts on a writ of habeas carpus
to-day. \
An exceedingly distressing accident occurred
yesterday, which resulted in tho death of a be",
loved 'child; and in the hope that it would be
warning to parents, leaning their children alone,
the writer Of this has been induced tn. - furnish
the particulars. A German family. residing in
'the upper part of Duquesne borough, on the pre
mises of Louis Fielback, Esq.,
and in his em
ploy, had the misfortune to have their oldest
child, ft little girl T or 8 years old, burned to
death, in consequence of its clothes accidentally
catching lire. It appears that the mother went
on an errand a short distance from the house to
film Elelback . a, and.on! her return, which was
tint a shoretime after; fin entering her house, she
bad to witness the henri'rending spectacle of her
daughter stietched out on the floor, 'surrounded
With fire, and in ttio last agonies of death. Bhe
picked her pup, 'vire one !terrific scream, and
swooned away. Mte. Fielliack, at this crisis,
most fortunately heard the scream, and hasten
ed to the house, and found the Wither lying on
the Boor, senselces, with her lifeless child, and
the house partially on fire. The child left - in the
little girl's care won found safely seated on its
little chair,,but pale of corpse.
1.H11.1. FOUND. —A very fine little boy, between
two4d tht'ec yearn of age, wos found on Satur
day, wandering along Wood street, near Liberty.
He wactery nentlynod comfortably dressed, and
'wore a gretm clook,rwitit narrow red stripes. Ile
had on a black cap and ostrich feather.
The puce little fellow was almost frozen, end
wan weeping bitterly. Ills purents can find him
by inquiring at the residence of 'Mr. James Cud
dy, in. Penn street,. Fifth Ward, two doors from
the canal bridge.
EXPESnVE TOLL.—Two persons attempted to
cross the ktonongithela Bridge yesterday, without
paying tajl. They were arrested, and taken be
fore Mayne Guthrie, where -they paid the two
cents toll, and a fine of a dollar and the coots.
Bien we:v. : brought before the ltlayor of Alleghe
ny, for creating A disturbance at u wctidi s i g ,,, s ,
Saturday night.
..They were proved to be guilty of the offence,
and fined one dollar each, anti the costa, which
they paid, and were discharged.
Arrattrrai, Huthwity Hallam
Trorillo was stopped by three means in the
Seventh Ward, text week who dennueled his
money. Ha pulled& acre* driver out hie pocket,
and preeanted it at them, as If it were it. pistol,
upon which they fled.
SUOCKIXO ACCIDENT.—Two horses, wLich had
just been unhitched from a COBl wagon, on Nat
lanky, ran off down Liberty street at full speed,
and struck a one horse wagon, belonging to
Graff, Lindsay it loaded with iron. The
shock was so revere, that the driver was thrown
old, and the (wagon over Lim, Injuring
him in a terrible Manner. •
Ile was &iced Up insensible, and carried into
a neigliboridg store, where his wounds were
dressed, but iserions fours. are to
his recorery4 to did not bear the poor fellow's
Arrnstris4 litonstar RonnEac.—We under
stand that an titl e apt wee made, on Friday night
last, to rbb (to Arthur* Esq., maw his resi
dence in the 9Fsctith Ward. The, scoundrel,
hqweeer, met; with ouch rough treatment that he
was obliged to detecop. Attlrare bad Vico
in gold,: in hiit'Ociet, which 'would hate been
ciaita a P 4" I .° T. 0 0 fellow, bid it not been for
the oimer's bravery. •
A • Present—hon. Wm. B. 3leCittre, President
edge, and SoMuel Jones; Associate Judge:
\ The trial of the ease of &Commonwealth vs.
.William Caine—indictment, assault and battery
—4,ts mussed. The defendant "had Made a
most outrageous attack, in Wiley street, upon a
manmod McGee, striking him upon the head
with a umblea or bottle, which broke, rutting
his he d frightfully. 'Pwo other persons
were conCerned in the assault, against whom true
bills had bken returned, but they made their es
cape, \ • .
The jury. after a short absence, brought in a
verdict of " 'By of assault and battery." The
defendant has n t, as yet, received his sentence.
. SzsrEsern.—D ---.."--4 'el Mackey, convicted at the
present term of the Court of Quarter Sessions,
of murder in the s an d • degree, committed in
killing 31elchoir Bel oover, was brought into
iglu \
the Court of Quarter miens on Saturday, to
receive his sentence. hen asked by Judge
McClure what he had to say, before sentence
should be passed upon him he gave an indistinct
reply. Judg e McClure then 'proceeded to make
a brief address, asseveratilds belief in the
prisoner's guilt, and declarin that if the jury
Il i
had brought in a verdict of " ty of murder in
the' firstdegree," the verdict you 4 have stood.—
Ile would now, however, have ample opportuni
ties for prayer and repentance in theells of the
Penitentiary and he urged him to embrace those
opportunities. .
The learned Judge then proceeded to embalm°
him to eleven years and nine months i prison
mut in the cells of the Western Penite*iary.
The prisoner received his sentence with but ittle
,appareut emotion, and was led back to the c un
ity prison.
Between one and two o'clock, Officer Fon, the
jailor, took him over to the d'enitentiary. Ile
was not ironed, but walked along without giving '
any trouble, evincing, as he has done, since the
commencement of his confinement, the utmost
degree of submissiveness.
ex-Mayor of the city of Pittsburgh, left last
night en route for the Eastern cities, where he in
tends; we understand, to deliver a course of
lectures on his own eventful history.
STZALING Snake.—Two rascals sold fifty
sheep in Allegheny last week. which they had
stolen from a farmer in Washington county. The
police are in hot pursuit of them.
SINGULAR Ceer...--Jobn Mason and Samuel Nut
ting were committed to jail on Friday, an a
charge of conspiracy. Mr. Nutting claims to be
the founder of a new sect of christians, and Ma
son is one of his disciples. They both appear to
be very sincere and devout, however misguided
they may be, and were sent to prison for what
is certainly no legal offence,. Mr. Mason, (whose
wife has parted from him owing to his peculiar
religious belief,) wishing to take possession of his
child, which is three peers old, had some
conversation with Nutting on the subject, and af
terwards took the child. This has been magni
fied into a conspiracy, end they'are now both in
When taken into custody by the policemen,
31ason stripped off his coat,_ and wrapped it
round his child, which he took will him to the
magistrates. The day was very cold, and he
was asked whether or not he felt chilly. He
declared he did not, "being kept warm by the
grace of God." On the way to prison, Nutting
gene the policeman half n dollar to buy him a
bible, and on Saturday he was busily engaged in
reading and expounding it to the prisoners.
Mama's Orrice, Yrrrsaction.—Eight per
soim were brought before his hiinor, Mayor Guth
rie, on Saturday, on carious charges of drunk
enness and disorderly conduct. Some paid their
tines, and others were sentenced to short terms
of imprisonment.
bi SUMO OLD QVAIITCHN.—The night watch
men, headed by their captain, the gallant rol.
Trevino, un Friday night, (the first night that
Mayor Guthrie took possession of the Mayor's
office) went back to their former quarters in the,
watch house, The roll was called, and every
thing went on in the old manner. All the pris
oners taken by the watchmen were put into the
cells, and brought before the Mayor in the
FLOATLNO Inn:—Our rivers aro now covered
by denting ice, so that navigation. although not
suspended, is rendered difficult.
Arrant-ran lliouwar Itouneicr.—,An attempt
VAS made, last week, to rob Hr. Wiekershtun, of
the Point Saw Mill. A man followed him from
Pittsburgh, over to his residence in Allegheny,
and when opposite the dour, the scorunlrel pre
sented a pistol at his breast, but was immediate
ly knocked clown by .Ifr. W. The fellow anteced
ed, however, in muking his escape.
SENTLiCEII.—John of an at
e:tuft aml , battery, conunittetron a colorcii wo
man, in Allegheny, tens, on Saturday, setftenced
to three mouths' imprisonment in the County
Prison. There seemed to be considerable doubt
of the prisoner's guilt, set many witnets,es proving
an alibi as those who !mere to his guilt, but it
tees thought best not to grant him n new trial,
inasmuch no not being able to procure bail. he
would have been obliged to - lie in prison for a
longer term that, that for which he has been sen
TIIE , WEATTILIL—The'wcatber for the past few
days has been exceedingly Cold, presenting a stri
king contrast to the pre riously warm weather.
If it continues lunch longer, stre will have ice in
CLEAN.—The 111,11jOeb offige ATS.. 9 thoroughly
Cimmed on Saturday. The floors were scrubbed.
the ceiling whitewashed, &c., and tise fresh smell
of the lime has banished the unpleasant odors
which filled it before.
Enna.—The policeman mentioned in some of
the papers on Saturday, ns haring been cimccrn
ed in a very dishonorable transaction, to say the
.F teas, tof it, as, we are requested to say,„ not Wm.
edut present Lieutenant of the night watch, but
ohn:Reed, late of the Mayor's police. 3lr. Wm.
Reed has always proved himself to be n very
wortbf and efficient officer
New Norm.-by G. H. James, Esq., called
Henry Smeaton '• Jacobite story,. of the reign
of Om foot, the for sale at Holmes' literary
depot, Third street.
Tux Pocwe . ~—air. John D. Wells boo been tip ,
pointed a member of the police ,by Mayor Guth
rie, Mee Daniel lifeartr.; reeiguet-
MANott's Ontre.—Several common came—
drunkaribt and vegtentx—were yesterday brought
before hislotior, Mayor Guthrie, and dealt. with
in the ustnq Inserter.
I.ll.lloLutre the folkoring rettlamda,
and then doOld. If you eau. the trlntuldnmt gnititle. OW
...seed by this grand remedy.
Cranberry nortutio. Venango 21 . " 47
Mr. Bleakel,—ldear the-1 take adesmlnt In Informing
pool, the locale of Dr. Mdlne . • Veraituge *bleb I pur
ets..l term you, ban given me anther eatiAtetion. I gore
to a ghikt of mine one tenvourddi or It, and the 'ap.] 117
norms. The next morning I gave bar a teltepoonful moo*.
when etre Imaged 113 mow, the _next morning I Novo bey
the 0110 . 0 quantity. and rho peeved 13 More. Y.. , & 4 .
J. 1101/1) a co_.
co Wood rt
For tad. Ly
By.mAticAßEE CASE!
310. Kunt-I(in I cheerfully comply with yourieettest
that I would give ;on no amount of the almost mirarulons
sure of my little daughter's eye by the Mot of your 7Petre
leum." -
She attacked with a eery Jo. eye In February or
'Mush last. when I immediately applied to the best metli.
eel odd In the city, by whom it was pronounced a - very twal
eye,' and gave me uo hobo of doing hem any god. Af
ter Which I Loot her Into the,mutdry lo on old 1.17. who
hod been very successful in curing eyes. the told me that
herborybles, as sho would mesh/1y low tut only
that rase
one, bgt also that the other would follow—it being •
serofulodiallection of the blood. And Ido certify. that et
the time my father (J. IL Vashon) came An We ono:lasi=
that we but better try your Petroleum. We Wet entirely
6410! of onswye. It is now about two months know she
began Ha use. and she ran now nee with both or.. good
ae ever .he did; and, no far as I can tell, I believe .he has,
with the blessing of We Almighty, been Wred by Petrotte
nre. Yours, reibertfnllY,.
31. Falun. VAgnox Comm
Pittsburgh, Sept. 30, 1650.
RirFor nob by Herter A McDowele, 110. Wood st, IL E.
Fellers, 07 Wool et: It. 11. Curry, D. A . gllMt, J.K•Pb Doo•
ant] 11.1 0 itchwarts. Allegheny: Abo by the promis.
ARE YOU A FATIIEIt, 14boring for the
upp7rt of • family. and aortal. ...roan general bunt.. t . lifo ream • bunt..
• " u . 11.71 4 rull . 11 " f)VUI di:ma to whloh
males pro generally .bust, use Dr. t.l/..litua'a Obalow
earaparllls—it will certainty cure you:
Call at our &got, or on ono of out agen and get a
pamphlot. grad., where you will gad that tit e Oar
a• Dreamt by Ur. 0. 1). )(owe, had boon ..the
mesas of yanapneutly curing more diwarct whkh the
hum. family yr eubiat. al. W.
preparation of &amp:stills eser yet brought Le i Lbw
nag sactlitirts has established Its high sertubstiou by lb"
norucrtni• .41 well attated aura.
• •• • • .
II Is pot up In quart ballot • •••tul le the only Damobstillo
that sett on the Liver, Kldesylt, and Blood tat the none
Bum ohlch renders It altogether Mom valusule to e. O f
onporticularly to Samles.
Mauro and enquire far Dw'S. D. BOWE'S MAK=
BAIIS.OPBILIak. amt take on Mho.. .•
. him $1 per bottle-6 bottles for 11.
for Salo
DR. D, DOWD k CO, Promietars,
' 1 Collette CletrAnnon, (Mkt
L To whom ell order. rimy be Odra...rd.
k. thr ult. by jams, J. lichoonmaker .1 Co, Bt.
IL W. alums, 4.11. Torremod. J. nobler W. Jaen.
M i ttieb= o /1. A. MAL Allealmny tr. B. Bo
mcirt.e3kitti. motor, I'. P. Crce=ker. toro v.. l 2 le• Jae. Pall
The Greatest Bargaiaof the Baum
R 217 . D. THOMPSON, No. U.ll.lfirket
. donee Doti liberty, having deterogrred to claw
I:l .' orlnee% by the Dret .Aprit via, firea day,
Iderealre,kkek of Vaaey and Staple Dry Gouts at Der
•Thill Cork berm aeor, largeeiood well *eke:W. mar
11111.• la tart oo folkone—
pick.l,4 DWI/lc --frekeh Merinos, Pararreettak Cobark
Oath. Delalue.Caehoterre, kiPaer..., 0. 1 0*.i Dro.
rAlk.++ aide tilatie do; lime's, lams amt
Clothx, t r kuoiroerea, Dliikallk
T' llfZ g l C PSlAMDO M DZ i faule d ., 64
524; Cotton' &walla:, Damask eitolo " Llnen. lictern
and blesichoi; litoraek Table Clotho, :halm, Doyle/4*e.
Also, large amortment,li Whitney and Hath Blanket..
tortlgr , SIN a
01 fall etcek Dome!tle ?rode. ".
er mds at cost,
JO. N1CE01.4;71.. ' ... ...... ............. `., k. w. o. PATS.
TQE witlemigned, succeowors to Attburo tO
; R. , Nknoitoot, two l oo y to inftace the citizens of Pit a
IM brit t t ' t . ; IWe Y. t s: 1 ur. ft t h : 1 7: ' 4 " il ' ,I
Isle pax of their patterns rosily for the maraet: Ante: v
eh ars Cooking Storer.
of and Wool Stoves, wi •
apt mild sir tight Cm! Stove, which-is now superoeding. In
oCher cities, the commits( round Stone. Also,a with
Cooking Stove, well adapted ha , rail familleg with • hat
assortment of Common and M.el Orates.
We would particularly invite Use attention of pens.
building, to call at our smrshousd before purchasing else.
where, and examine a splendid article of
tills market Gusto, finished in tine style—entirely Pew In tills markeL
Warehouse—No. g 35 Liberty st.. opposite Wood ot.
attg - Asllf NICLIOLSON & PAYNE.
WEBB'S Noimal Renders, MeGuirm'a do
tiVry A rl i a l PT,tretV. and ate vbdlrt=nTelrlta'aailll-'
env' woolhs, Alm. general meortment f Maga
ibblefor achools. &milieux-and office. Alec, of
Bro . .
punations, at TILE E lli Market or e r IVIIITORY; •
of Fourth.
Pre pured %Mit, the Immediate can ofthelnventPX
and established for upeueds of thirty Tea. ,
This elegant preparation Is recommended in all canni rd
bile, twidinee, indiffeetion, tont: and gravel, as the newt
safe, can-, and ethetual [oral In which - Magnesia may,
Itukted the only one to which Bought to be exhibited, paw
waning ell the prenverthw of the Magneda now In general
met without being like It. to binn dangerous concrie
Ilona in the bowelg it effectually num beratburn wltbout
iuih rh
th ore, 1., of the etomuth,es pOttISS, and their
known to dm it prevente the Mod of infante
tenting men In all caws 11 artsas a pleasing ancrientonel
is La-cull:Ley adapted to female..' ut , l- r . l l l t=nlZnn i Vi l ibt 4'd a' s ' a. l ltro 'nl.o, f), f' -u7tfrart ' d
I.vel, thereby- e s then- Injurious tenueney,
when other alkalies and even Maguesht IDOL bed tallest
Tette Mr Philip Crampton. Bart., Stirtesbu tieuend to Ow
Arm y in
Sir—There can be no donit that Named& may te
adtniMstered mon safely in the form of • concentmted
lußon than in galena/we: for this, and map other meson;
I au& of, opinion that the Fluid Mullen& le a very valuable
addition to our Malone Medias. PILILIP CILAIIPTON."
Mr Jet:. Clark. Sir A. Copper, Dr. Bright, And Menem
Guthrie dllerß•rt Mayo, of London, ntrougly recommend
llstrbur•s Fluid Magnesia. ne being Infinitely morovafa and
convenient Lbws the
wall a, a
ftee from the elan ger nttend
lug the onus nt use of soda or leave
For bale by he imporleffi ant
.jai Weed a Front CO . s.
at the ()olden\ f ‘ latm. No. lot Thiel IL-
U.ILLEBEII to n receiving a Inwh lot
of e legant Pith, made by boo. dyLaltr,
York. among tlonn, • aplendid canal Plano
of be richest denviptidu of exkvior and tune. It-is made
In he Booeco stb le, m Yovue in the reign of Loads XIV and
XV. Also,a new Int or Duddenahle sad papule, Musk,
nn estenstve selectio\af Brass Instruments. Violins
tinter% Mat th ew, met e variety of musical nierthatg
lain- - -
A CA.B.D-185L
corner of Fourth and 3I art idol., Pitteburgh,
tt the commencement !Abe Nvvr Year, to re.
tuna their Mange to their coalmen, and the public gener
ft.,' the large share of custom extended to them, and
Inv to the continuance of their favor , . Having revently
enl♦ rged and Improved their rrnm. rid,y areenablol Frew
ghood a very extenaive worts:tent of Chnds—uld buyen
will bare the advantage of plenty of Light to ea min ,
dds, and make their selection. They ilegign making
their establiahment, a. far as praotleab ,le a VA3IILY
STORE, whore every article In the Dr, thkala line, needed
for he 'rug. of boon.. ran be procundv-and In their
llouad ;:ffiril.trotltele,,;:tt7:,!torglriutlnt'l:
dividnals, to favor them with their custom. ,
WIIOLESA LE BUSINESS will be ointinned In
the ! rma up stain—ontrance from 4th street, ok through
lower roma. Ant.
BOYS' SATINETTS.—Itturphy & ttitrch
arid have reorived g lot of handannio Panty Spud
new, f el or Buy.' wear, al, Plaid Ma Casannkr.
a, ay at north eta
Ma Jeans be
rket street..
Zante Currants: 300 Ite l
taivirm 3. hen
Flialaing hf bee do. do: 40 nr b. do. ho.', 40 t boo
dodo: Za drunn Smyrna Flaw, 3 axles Citron; 5 dos Lemon
Itoean (kora. Powder; 24 Are Bordeaux Prunea 3
iris. Meal Pater Shell Almondo. dna yam am.orted
Pickles. For male by J. It WILLIAS CO.
del. Corner Moat C FM..
HEESE.--19S has Cream Cheese in store
V and So sale hy JAMES DALZELL, •
jail tio.d3 Water street-
SALERATUS-4 e.cks No. I Salerntus:
it bid, do der,
In steer utd for sale by JANIEtt DALZELI.
jsull 15 Water stre,L
LOOMS---One hundred tens Tennosee
I Illontor,_lo tone Tonne., hlale.reeelalng_from steam
r i/eness, i.]e far rAle by JAN ES DA LZELL,
An. al Water street.
VINDOW GLASS--Five hundred boxes
rorne slaw Da nom and for rain by
. _
TASI-1.--5 easku Potamh, jukt received,
by ' RollydrY DALZELL t CO.
IEW LK:HT.—Ivo have received a lot of
LAt rs. of variona an. and kinds. of • new
al.trucnon that Im gu il t .Itnide and complete—some arm,'
the srlLie to born in !bent. celled ••11tintins
.r - Ellerin! Oil." It btu rare qualities which moromeml
t attenti,n of men. !Intel keeper, sad
louse keel.... For riesullites, ,taus, and brilliancy,
t soy thin, turtable on In are.
irboillettaa to ran on us will be sbeoun the perm
mritim of the tars , romplund.
A ronAtent supply of the fold nod lamps kept by
•-•. 14 st, between Wont and Sbarket.
LI bal(dlned. Young Ily.on unl tildck Tow(
35 bond* do. dr, Imp. loom oun Yonder.
9.1 1005. Rune!! d Rob To
19 do. 'P. Itobirmn t Co.. 5 a and do
91 do , 7Ctildnend s'd Toladro.
15 qr.-tin - ids hue and Ilardrudni gd do.
cattr boa... Jame, Tbusupson Jr. Ouldrn Leaf h
Pt Lump, in enra and fur dee br
111,41, 0/d cop Vitae quail( r, iddre and for W.
4 I/ 41.91 • JOHN PARKER 4 (O.
.101iN BROOMS.
du dawn Room in store and for NO, by
0 Cum
.10110 PARKE!: k 00.
ao bhls. mire 14 ii Whlskey..,rry old and envie,"
- in I.blit. Uhl Monoriptinis Whiskey in Mort. and fur
Pi , " bY ' i pinni JOIIN Altlint k W. IN EW llA3lS—Elains 8: Swift it (Cincinnati
inninr Cured Ilea., just mind, for We by
1 0 1011. A. )IcCLUItli .it W. WA Libill3 , st
bEAF LARD--Prime Cineind afi Leaf Lard.
,ut , up In ken for foroilr ori i, f , r t r . t , )iraf_sridtt43:
14' OR SiLE.—A few ..hares Cliff Mine
WA. torkla Narth Americo and Weatent Inauraace
APO, in DATRD k IRS 114 &emu! rt. lalo
BUTTER. -Thirty kegs and
bene , ..lll.l.,ftetlaad 44r .ale by !
/all) • J. C. bILL,VFORTII & co.
QUGAR-2111613 N. U. Sugar. Tor rale by
EW RAISINS on eongignment for male by
Sou 11.. to We by (jell BRAUN, nErrEn,
t 1201 Ll. best Evening Whiskey, in store end feriae.
twit JiNIN DARKEN a Co.
:IS half pipes Cognise [Woody, mod Dark..
cake a yr. cats do do . Paler 0,01011.
do do, and tuorTeelehrigal brands.
1. pipes Rolland inn .. 11ohlitis Author . and - VIA.'
2 polltheolll Irish nod Snitch Hull. Whiskey.
do Jemmies num.
II bids. N. E. do. do.
qy ranks Port Wine.
01 do Madeira Wine.
IX/ do Sweet
• TT do Dry do. do.
In do ghee, Wine.
25 hoses nordeang
In Piers ant for We by JOHN PARKER CO..
Dna , Lihry street
1173..1. 12hGuLiberty,strfori7,,,,begn
en5...T....0at tele riTelvingtt " new ' tali o .le,: o nt
CLOTHS. CAsSIMERES. end TEsTINlig; of the neleeel
adented for the anprenehing and .01.0
All (hone In want of rhea., fsehionabla and good elothli,,
will end the Lancet. most fashionable, and beet stak In the
Western eetuutry. at thia establiahment ayly
r t LIDA Lb—Sealed Proposal% will to reeving .14 'kam
•l Darla. Couty. Ohio. (lino , . as %eresillooi unit Jan.
nary 21.-111 SI. to e doing the grubbing. dealing. ..I V.I .
log. on 25 miles from InravJn Creek. to the Witch , ' with
the .. 1011auate.lis and Dellefontaine Wad," at. tte
diem. etale line. Pndlies ore now ready. at the Etsginewea
oft,. in SIDNEY. Shelby county. Ohio. where Inlbeniation
ean.he &blnt front terse% Pemberton Inaident Engtneer.
Protenals m oo ale. In left .1
Sidney Ull the of
Jean •.
wadnatelved .t MANION. Ohio,
until Feb. brear. i iny 'd ,l ' ol I, th e gru s tiblog,Lleltr , and
relt d iL ng Tre n 'd'
orVatiVr i <7ll: *, l762:4l:fit win to
tan days benne the lotting. Information can In nb red
from Alea. Worrell, Resident Engineer, at Delhi* taw,
and at the Chief Engineerg °faro Nation.
The above are the only portions on the route nett. on.
' der enittract. This rend le kinnirn ..ton ethint I k"
theism. ',antral backbone chain; tn
St Louis. tad likewise es the western egmtinuation 'of the
main line..fnan Dugan nod New Took. thnsugh Cleve
fly omit, or Ow hurl or Inferior,
)11LtiUR It(4llila6. Chief Eagbie•r.
IP.arginver . a Otte.. Marion, 0., Dew. 10, INA.
brtn fifteenkPgti for
IA Plat by de..'.] HIIIIIVEIt Y BAR I' ES.
IVA,at .HVlAlltt.4' Literary WM, Third alraet,'ol.
voile the Po-I. 011ke. Pittaburitit.
Ilantkera' Magasitte per year $0 IV
!NM? ..... do
Ainrririiii Whig Review...,
51rA. Ellle s.loroinii Coll do
Ilpore Mwookstrto do W
U .
a . 0y . 0 Lod'''. Book ........ ....... do tt
Sortabe• Ifogor.lon .....
do 2 Lo
latrennUouol dbonolod do 3OW
Di=kwodr. Muotho , ..... do 300
Cultivator do I
bittati'm 141Tiftf Atm do a Utv
Tim J.. f u. b ry uump, or them Slaasalues will brat
urn ary t • new volume, and will by ilia brat ever
• .
uS)—Th above tonstalluos will be delhernl froci ef post-
MP .ur ortict, 'Add dude a sating to flit., subscribing
with me.
A Isrge And well selected stock of tnagraccut AN:SC.
Al 4 GIFT 130t/K.S, We., suitable toe Christmas SALL New
leer's ITwkatl....
Also An exienalve meortmeut at Novels end Cheap pub,
card, fir. All orders attends
eJ lo punctually. J. 0. HOLMES,
No.ll Third otawt.
Splendid Gift Books.
E3I A LI: POETS of America; by T B Bead
Our Carlos with Prophets and Appetit. Op 'lles.
treys In the Life of our Parlour.
Family flumtn.tary on the Four felosrris. Pp Dr."t'Pog•
Pun. Scan. and Characters. liy J. T. It nol lr•
Parrett Mountains. hp J. T. Ileadir.
Illustratel Phakspeare. 11l Outten 'Pendant*.
Parrot Posta of England and Araetim • ;
Poet's Offering. baud by Mn.. P. J. lisle.
Ev o f en
fg thumb- sat leenahisun Manor. By Mrs. 31.11cIntueb.
Dew IBM.
taupe[ of Modurn Art for itZL
. . .
Tesoperaucc Uttering do
TLe Thor Irving Oficriod do
Na ng do
Tit .
o Remember Mu do .
The mother'. it...mprente. By Genco Ann11..1.1 • •
he Tale of Onion., ac.
Views of the Bleroooople Worl4l. By John Brcekle
nobtnth sawallnio. Bonin, in W..' Bind , 11.3.
ny ' , meninx nor We by 11. KNOWS s a
r 0
j. 16,15 TV Wood.ot
I S ll Fifteen i drums G. B. Cod
313 . br1m No. 3 3113ckeire%: 23 Ma tia 1. lake MA;
FN. ararazel. I tt story ati4 IN male by
,fit` , '". ~'`"_`.
. . .
liniabaNG in the litteletrghPostOliee,
tram Mai lat a.....rk...1. th • Lith zonnri•
- rs:eu.,eeelles arm Pm. AO tkr.
Ladies List,
AII. Sarah A Alatarab. Lydia Anderson Martha
Atrt. Al. • Arabarta. Jana A Atkin Jame
Hail Math Bentley Mirth Brokaw Sarah '
Hall Janes Blair Mar.% Brown kiw7,B
B.( th Hahn= LAW. B m.ry v
Haat= Charlotte Bonner Hardt A Lllen
Banta Bowerbank Jane Harwich. lone
Dear /Math • Boyd Bona Ball Marl
DeU 31.7 Beekixtrip W
Zwira et • Brewer Julia 8
Calhoun Eifel Dark Farah 'Can:anus Mary •
AUne Clinton dira L Corwin Jule
Caturnak Mari A Coat+ Farah , Courtewy Marge
OwPion Jane Gahm. Ninth Crawford Huy L
Carnahan (.Ireditat Cothran Eliza Crawford Marl . 1 •
Owe Ana klit. Cahn Elisth Merry hiraHWY
Caulfield Math J Collyrhaw Catb S Cuthbert... Ellw
Chamberablia ILPOdnul Brbluec Curry,Cbarlotte
Cwwi.7 Harr A Cook D
Jane lkoper Um.
Pay Antainetta Dwarna Hary_y, Dark. Harr
Daily Cathrie Dimmunn M
a gi Duckett Juke
ktra 8L • Donahoe Anne ,Dunkle Sarah J
Dean Conle ll ." Hunkberty Unice Duman Marla
Edgar Haga r t Muff)! ary J Ertil !Jaw Ann
.1 ?
Finnigan Mbar Pliath Frederic Markt
Fortune Carane aline Fitzgerald Fwytel U
,Ylemingd Flow Ann
Gehl.' Mani' Hatton A., awn.
Hirt Mrs 31 Ower Delilah (Habana Mitt!.
Grady Ellatb ' Hn.Jm tiny !Intl It .•
Hagerty 3111•8 Hartwell 111,.. Hough Sarah •
Hamilton Jane Ilertalowattliath Barth
Haney Alice Hazlett II 11 .83.. itch
!latter klargt Henry Lars 11u11 Farah
Harem DWI. Herbert. (..thne Humphrey hlargt 3
Harding 1.7 uoth, sw Wa
ab Hunter al"
Harris .1
Ann Ilutehhana Sirs
Irwin Hwy A Ivory Farah A
Jark=u,Sllll. Joe. Mrs Huh Johnston Mimi
Jackson Mary Joaea Misa Johnston It=
Jamas Mary Johnston \Sarah A
Re= M A Kelly,Asin Rinkkad Ellstb
Kam= Bride Kelly - Mary A Kinks Matilda
Keegan Honor Kelsey Sarah KlmaeyNancy
NeMer Mary W Kilian Ella=
Larubert Rb S Lemon SarahA Loyd Math
Lawrence Lobelia Little Ilan= A Loyd - Mary
Layne Maly V Lg= AIM Lyman Mime
Logan MI.
Madden lionorah Martin Nancy Moo F.Phi•
m ;114 1 1% b° 31 . Y.1ra? "' ,..
Me 'bl klidford u Ssinr Noonan Jane Z
Mason Nancy Milli FLatilel Morrison Mn
Martin killa Miller Mary Myers Sarah
Moog E A MNlrr S Z Mulrany Nola
Mitruhy Cathrui
MIN= Margt WVadden Jam WHlnontens Farah
Wean Finumes SPCIII Mary 311(lnatrey Juts
Mein/ Calbne ArGittlyran Mar(
Wharmey Mrs Jam
Welurg Matilda WKay WLanshUm Ann
M'Crialy Mast WK..* Kurth WLeealtachael A
WDermott Mary WKlbbin Susan M WlJnal Sarah
M'Vadden Mr, kr.Mahin Julia
Owele We Geo Orr 14rOts O'Connor Morn
O'Brirn Ann
Pattern= 'Mrs PahPorter Ulna B
PhUllyps M Porter Mary = tenh‘.l7
Randolph Myth Redenbark ,
Call% Robinson 11 M
Ray Mrs Itlrhardma Ellth Roblneark lday
Mann Riley/ft:7 Roane ogers oClanllll.
11.1 n% an Charlotie Riley North
Sawyer M B BiI4PROLI
31 8th Stephan LILO
Scanlon Catb SSlth Math A liteektatt Mar
54arfr. Stt!ph Mrs Smith MP. A Stoops Ebas
Saliva 33,, I.lanAbbalth Mt.
Salter Strickler Cara
Mrs lltuL •
doromerrill• MpthSalter Sophia
Sexton David Sprawl. Mrs J Swallow
la t h
Shaw Mary 8 Squire haft Stavart Elath
Shepler Matron! Math Steam% Mrgth
Choose Mrgth A
Team Cath Thuile Rachel Taman Bah IX
omneoa 31/irtb Toler lento C Tracy Susan 31
Wade .111, Ants AWeldou MEW= Ilgth
Nis4del 8.03 Jane 'Wells Harriett Willluas 3fallk 0
Wagnner Mrs Bah Whipple &. I. AWlndlock 31011culA
Ws.llAss Bab lithe Kato 31 WIIL ChArlatle
Ward Mrs White !BAIT Wthon Emu.
Ward. Once BAB A Wilma Acpe Kn
1111.3 Katy
Vitt Gilder Stay
I Gentlemen's List
' Adana B W AleganderJoo Am:Wrong R
' Mame J C • Allingham RObt Arthur. Juo
Ackerman.] ' AllenJ
Adams 8.11 Allen Slardn = ' l i rl ' T W
' kW.] W . Atanden J 11 Arensteung Ch.
Albano Joo Allan 31 - no And:duck. J V
Addis Irene Aklrido %Mob Austin And•
Adam. Robt Anders. Joe ArthumJ.
Allen Dreads Ands". Wen Albert W v
1 14
' Dawn Chas E Bell .1 Fl Bo7le Jno
Harker Henry llerthsl Y Boyle.J.
Bane One. Derived Peter Bohlen du
Bane A )1 C Illemee Jno Bowden B
Miley H Beek Jno &dam' Rind
Baker 3I U . Beek Ch. A Boyd Wm.
Bacon Chub Why boo Bow Mich
Barker T W I.lends Ms /1 lloiden V
I HAM". A 11 Beggs Awl. Mu Maine T II
Bait Jae Bennett C C Brown Wm II '
Baud A Deltalormer Wm Mown duo C
heater W W Web. Jar • Bream B V
Barry Jno
Iralchelor T rigth V 01.!,,.. 11,7•V'irleEerh'Ciarks
Bunn Jac Hint -no Brunet 8 0
BaStmnre 31 Bills David W lend. V I)
Wake Jae Brett B R
Tiriie l r l A " ' ilitietl YN' - gelfresAlL
Tam es UM Bulmaky dna 31 Mulford J.
Barn Jril Co Meek
P BraeyGoo
' bell Joa Pr Meek J B Dryer d
1 Bell A 0 Bohn Jae N lira Wm
IteD e .lno Borden Slurry Brien Jun
lin:hley Martin Bob!,. Ma Ber k e Three B
I Bryan Glenn A Co• Boland Jaw Burke PM
Byers V Butler Palk Butterfield R A
Borger Wm Um. 7.4 V Burt. Wm
Ms.°. di Barrie lief Ilurne Lothar
C .
Onlwallader Soo (3.1 e ins Crawford Bear L
Cowl Deal • Coakley ?loses,. Crawford Robe -
Meanagh Perk Coll!. Francis Creamer Illehl
Carrill 1... ' I Cochran Capt Crick.... V D
riwrrick J t as F .,„ eor A ... 1 , n . j r
e l= k e..ll ,
Ca.horts MUM. Mom W 1.1 lrynney Darkl
Cacer Jae Come. The Cro w nos
Outer J. P Lbw Nob Cro Ilenry
Campbell Andw Mmerford Arthim Crouln Ilichl
Campbell ADO Coepley lealah l'nowlon J.
Campbell Joa C Cmnelly W3l Cronin 31k1I or Jun
Caldwell Earn! Cm.lly 31kid Curtis Illbbart
Chardrori Jo. Connelly Stephen Mmmltte Park
Charehhill 11 R Covill Waslanton Cunt. •
Chricry )factrheribarmen A B Carron W K
Clayton 800 19 or. Jas Currant Th.
Claridge Cyrus Corwran Palk Curry C
tleurron Rohl J Cornwall J. Cum Peter B
Corkin. VIZICCUL Ora Joe Cullen Thee
(blue Mal Cillt Franda Curry Mail
Cody Maul
Nowt; Crr. Denormanillo A P Drum Renzi
Amid* Mary P Novae+ OW ♦ Dugan Thoa
Daily Pranins Dieluta Jno Dobarry .11r
DaTIMM Mail Mame 11r Duolam I 8
Davis %V 1111 Dimmick Hiram Dunne I
Davhi Wov Dimon Jo Dunlila Jacob
Davis J. Liahell Akar Donne Wt.
Davis ti ii , Doturty Patk Daman A C
Davis E . ,•12 II Dimaisarty a. C. Duman Arvil•
livan Ca vill Lotman Jno Dunlap 8 8 Rev
Dian I W P.l.g Colvin Ilorlrinn Alas
ir.Darning J
Nedra Yraviela Donaghy nos 131.1..1 net,. SC
Delphin Jaa Dunn Phillip Jiver Peter
bt.Vitle ./.1. • Davis Davie -
. _
Zralna Jsa Kne
JEllis A T Knew On
/We= Torino Ruing Wm.
Minot Wm tray Jan J Omar L
Faurn Itarnoy Fdalmmon• JAN Torsyth Robs
Jno VlAnnigme .1 8 Foam. Henry It
Poona DAM Wm.. O. Vognyth Jon
Pawrett Jno inutnAln Jno II I'ment Saml
YAlrm Than VorTeMoT Mau Ilvarte JAN
Pond Wm tountaln Jen II Year Alex
Fioree — Yorrnnot Chu . . kink NI -
fltdmmenjOUTNl Lad JrimW'
Garin Palk 01lamie W II °memosla Goo
Geehrel Geary Gilbert II Omen Kasai
Gabler J O Oilleopi• Atm Grant Wm
t my Fatal llipla nos tired Tim
Gallagher Gwen Gibson Ja.;.l. Orma 0100 It ' •
Gallagher Moe Mahatma Jas Gregory Joe
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Irwin Dayld Irons David Irwin Fayette
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3.lamhall Jahn Millar II Morrow Alderman
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Neeelo /no ' Nolen (Drmet) Notes Chu
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O'Connell Wail 011omn Palk O'Neil Felix
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Parkhill Gm. Pentair= Rota Phillips Wm Jr
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Patterson Thos B Phillips Jos 11
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Rantetey D Ridenour, 31 Rollins= S=lll ,
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hurt Denis Smith Cornell. Stephens Wm 11 -
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Srbaley David Smith L W - - Stewart .1. - ..,
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Short A Soul Smith Cbes D Mere. WA'
Slump Jon
shwa. all tri,rlll Steward - IV
Sm Sm ell Dark! Stereo= aII
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Shirleyy J P . Elmo Wm Rout Dont.
Shore] It Sinclair Wm !Dryer HE
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Slack V,E Surycer li 0 SUIIIT. Ebed
Smith Henry Blom. J. S h am= Pik
Smith JI2O Swill Th.
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Tammy Jut . Thomannliold Tiernay Mark
Tort Itobt Thompson HL . /11111901)N Francis
Tayoutr le A Tliocerson Semi Timm.. Jon
Taylor Jan Tem. Jen Toolley )Ikhael
i•=3 Joor 'rd TiVenTcual P id e . A 4 ' .
Thornburg Jamb Thorn. .1. Tumeure2 Plk
Thompson R N Trimble Th. Trimble Jos
Usher Wm
Ylldabille Ch. Voorkok Herman
Wale= a Ague: Ward Jon Wilson Henry II
Wade P 9 YValeh 31 Wilson Thos.
Wallas Jam Wails Samuel T Wilco& WP
W Wa m g u.. oner
David W W e e i a sveelr.J ackson
W Wi tlhex
s A G Ca
riel Wad'Rger )1 White 10 =Alb) Wicks WP
Wail' J. White Figd
Willett* Hoary
Waltem Wm White Wm • Whmins J. •
WSJ.. Then White It W , Winders Jut
Wallace Geo A WhienenburgC.D Williamson Gin
Walls. Irwin al ' Wbittbam Rola Witten 'rut N
Walla. A 1.1 ' -Whalen Derails Wolf .1110 A
Walker Wm II Williams Won Woods 311eli1
Wanton Jos Williams il M Woods Jas E
Watson J. Williams TC t Wticei Jos W
Watem Henry It Williams J IV Woodward Beni E
Watkine Manx Wilson Itenj It'ectiburo J.
WWant J T Wilson Wm II Wray Wm
ihou lien Wil.n Henderson Whirl. Isaac
Y .
. .
Young Joo . Young Jo.. y o ,,t, Walter
Young Sand Young Metal Yarlot D W
Iron City Lolgo 182
Editor of the Daily
Stessatunt Pilot
Proprietor of the City Hotel
Sccroary of Conloralrmeo Society
Fort Duqueorm Division 13 of T
Larrreorovlllo "
Nebnolti eurgto
Ocean Ware
Star of ! l ope
113A31t1EL 1
10 SEBVRO. P. 31
NA 001 c, 13113burub, Jan. 13, 1331.
•,A. voiles film our tisi Cities, two Aral • bolt miles from
t e Allegheny river. and two miles Item the pour hoc. on
Girlie's Run. It has 10 acres cleared, an apple archon' of
41/U wet, 8 acres of Mitten lare. a tarrieso, seal rood bed on
IL The house has • double {Arch to front. and smiler
der IL It will be sold cheap. and on half the purchase
moneT being yold, pcsoeselen will be given. nod Lowe 031.'
the baluice. Please dl it ISAAC HARRIS' '
Aortic/ am/
Oftsx ."".
traLgums Anlll fir mullet and all kind, of i . r. .encies at.•
tended to 6.• moderate chnntes. jal ;Awl
of Thomas Gibe= and Alexander Ililands.admlnistm,
lof Creighton Stewart. demared. And now to wit Do-'
cerober nl, 185.5. the Court appoint Erode Washing...l.'
dimr. to distribute Lis the within exeunt. Ily the Court-
Take notice. that tbe auditor will proved to discharge
the duties of Id...ointment. at his aloe, I. /mirth st.,
Pittsburgh. = tliday, the 11th day of Januarl.l9sl, at ;
o'clock. P. M.
jeftew3t•T READS WASHINGTON. Auditor.
kJ AND IRON WORKS, n Mogotosus Comer. V=
uns.—Pursuant to a decree of the Almon Superior Court
~d Law and Chancery of said county. rendered in the nose
wherein Jam Tessoreusd other defendant. the 11•4[11 , 1,11.
mmatimitmerr. appointed for the purpse. will proofed
to sell at .Margantown, ha said county. on the fourth Ron- .
day In February. 11141, (being court day.) all that prime/
In llonnomilla couny Virginia, lying skein and near
Cheat River. generell• known as the 51omeninella ]ran
Work. and the tam. that was conveyed by said John Te ' rendtahcrsllsa,-
t o T. n
loW, .hernm ate a
Tr. Vounary, Nail Factory, Grist and Saw alu l t. ass
tril.=::l 7. ,: ' ,F. ' l ' 4, ' iu7l ." %%01.. 1 1 1 gr . T.. •
Timber and Lime stone. Them Is also a ralusoleee'crrs '
crewing Cl
Meer, belonging to the property. •
nu. estate is wsll atlantic( for snamifserunng purposes.
not ordy of loon, hot of Wool and Cotton. being situated
In the heart of a grad fanctio.aul wool growing =UM,
about 45 mill. Mulls of Pittsburgh. having ono of the beet
water remora In the west. arid water conmartnication
Plttsbnrgh and elsewere.
On these premises. thee, have been expended witidn the
lad ten or twelve yrars. some fifty thousand dater. tha
eiveLk of the to
0.11 history, blast furnace, and
other bulbllchni
The work, are now In tolerablytroul order." Immedlatr
ly connect/SI with the mills
men .
four orj five hundred
am. uf superior fanning taut eomeAtire or nix smaller
term. together with sixty or eighty dwelling houses, nab.
able fur the workmen. • •
The wide will be on eredirisf one. two, and throe 'WV , .
the purchaser giving bond with sectullr for the payment
of the purchase oma..
Thom who may dlepteed to malatiinwettnents, COLT
expect • groat be rg In then uretutse of this valuable
iral ' i=grlTTTUe d t?l ' lr ' t?gt s t ' r i sTaliZTYrr:
Van. deseTtption or Infermanuu wt.= may be 6,11,4 by
per.= wishing M purchase. •
W. T. IVLI.LEY. Commissioners.
thergardown. 1nc.12. 10.50.—.1,15.e5tT
FOR the etre of Coughs, Colds, Hoarse
rm. Bronchitis, Croup, Asthma. WhooPititt anith,
and l'omomptiou.
This truly veinaa remedy for all .Ilseinare of the Lune,
and Throat. haw become the chief rellann. of the afflicted.
;as it is the mut certain core known Mr the abovecom-
Maims. While it is powerful remedial agent In the most
desperate end hopelese ewesof Conaunnitioq' it is
elan. to diminished dote, one of the mildeet and irmn
avec able. hmilJ modtrima Ti., common much. and mita
Read below thr opinion of men who are known to the
world. sodthe world roliert their oidnions.
_FROM 1110 1104000 IIITCHSOCR.—,lamrs C. Ayer.—'
Fir—l have mad your Cherry Pectoral. in my own VAin of
deep orated Dronchiti, end ern from ha chemical
constittion that it le an adtnirable comprinnd kr the
to of ion .atal nod bronchial dilllcultlea if my opinion en to
Ito enparior character ea. be of any . you ue at ilb
"tr ". it " ' 2ll \Prlft i TirrliltiOCl. L. 1.. D n
Pret of Ambeart I
DIRECT EVIDENCL—Dr. X .C.X. CA y er, Lowell—Dear Nit
s e n dundr ldigations to you for the restoration of
my health. I ed you a report of my ma, • MO. you aro
It liberty to publish Rath, henellt of ottivi, Last autmnoy
I tool alai cold, accompanhel by • severe nnigh and
Made me of Many medicine, without obtaining relief. I
max obliged to give up bunions, frequently raised idt..l:
and mold get nu sleinp at Mad. A Inerultocre me • bottle
of your Cherry Pert Oral. nee of which l immediately
acconlaig to direction, I have pot purchual
the flftla hall, and am nearly. ml. I now sleep
well, my mugh hoe reamed , and all by the cue of
Dahl. medkiue. tote val.
Prier . natnnstrY.
Pl® Dr. Bryant, Drnagist and tbettnatter. Chlenpen
Yalta, Mara,—
In. J. C. Ayer—tkar 64.—Ettehand plea. Cal ...Mar.
kn all th. Cherry Pectoral tart end U. I rau unhesita.
tingly ray, tacto medicine. trdl dteo, m
ine eat!? ion
t u jri s n, l nor 1411 , 1ael u zicn i, : us tort o art ,u
phyrkiana ire orlon It exterothrly In their practice, az;
T ftb hn9Pk""ke' TV',I°`IIrINANT.
Preparcd by J. AVER, Chendot, Ma,.
bold in lilt/dough, nholorale and Wall, by J. M. Towle
rend, 63 Market .W Jemortat
Au Ohio Egate Commlazionex talt lion, Ark
oovrlogicrmauts of Dot.lx, te- Ofllm hw
—Fo Mort, siove
WDI. M. 3I'KNIGIIT, tenders 1118 services
to the rinse.. or Pittaboroh and vicinity,. a woo
ers' Bogner. , Collector llsoreyancer. lie will allmal
to the collecting and omia ring of elate. In thin and adjoin
hot Melee and Cottotier. ogling swig renting promrtm
drawlog of dinnta,lculc. mortgage.. and other IroWnsonsta
of writing. All louloces to hia Hoe allmoled to with
prom ltce. o tTil. A. Wa sod iver. Miwari Campbell. Jr., P. C. Pito-
V lLlteg i Johtt Morrie., En.. Wm. M'catolless.pco. Moo.
Ogg . . Joceph Weaver. Mg.. Fourth atroct, twat tha
Marne. Ofilec. nargttelloct
roan. ha. there beensorb unocrupulous trickery
preened ippon the public ahout Pcnomanthip, au at the
mimed- illVer Engraving are circulatcd ilinnigh the
WWI] and tawnier. with the otitiaTtit • name eurplemett
in onlor Indium thn ignorant to believe them to be pen.
Peranna desliona of becoming rapid and eleiant penmen.
will do well to call at It errh NI IiCANTILE lm
and examine the hand writing of 4.0131 e of the beet penmen
in the city: who have Lem Instructed lu this inotltullow
no subscriber Eden. 10 Rent. the
on which
POI.. and land. adjacent, =mutton to 500 nut
four hundred terra clawed. Improved, and In blob
undo of cultivation. Al., a Howe and lot lu Weltnand.
town. foruwrly occupied as • tavern otaral. and now CCe
Owl by Cyrus b. Connor. Merchant, and Mr. Miller. Alun.
a Farm lu Prertun county. V.. contalnina 3t. , 0 &err. about
30(1•411.1. rLearrd, on which ow two LOC Mona, a large
Frame. liarn, and th ree howler.) brewing Ap , 140 Tema
-22d Or ten Markel of Ilay now fur ..ale f•al I form.
Light Hundred hew! of Saluitty and Spud. Merino
Dlwcp, and 40 btad of Cattle, at private sale.
Thu subscriber Wien. fur pato, on credi t of lea rear. Writ
valuable gook of Duu Sheep:about lea hundred bead Of
•blull are ewe+. of trod War. 150 brad of yellows. end 1103
head of hocks, tarot from the *took rd Peru,. and Drawn.
f Ohl. deem Edginwton. of Virginia: Simnelerx,o.
James and tappet ratter.. Mr. Brownie,and Jesse
Krnworthy. of Waahingtou county. Pa., and ea:Tally Bele.
lbr the nom* uf.retuovinn
Front Itte great amt of
lintand bodoired
w ` ill Bock, the subwriber bat on tio to etaytoD, II a r m
(77,r r '1.77=1 . 'ftyunb k „ l grro, u ni `"''
if I will
better suit pnrcLawtw. •
German Townahip, Fayvtte ( t o, Pa., 51VICIlar4t0•0
• 1.1. 11. e
2. 1D51.—,..D.weT ttlniontiewn NlZlOttla.
buodrol and fifty pro large dud Bed Blanket.
.p lOl laden =VI
i vAgrica; ib i . ..lcle i.
1:.'0 do Bray °Allan IllarZtaates77. .
11 1 do Drab do do do ,
do Blue dO
maw Black Blan do
ket Oath. d o ,
1 do Hewer (Joey !Mud. do •
a do anporiot Bleep Wrench Broadcloth:
3, do all wool Tweeds, assorted oor. •
3' do. Juana, Morbid color. 2 do Camatimeras, black and fancy colors
do Kainott. black and grey
3 do White twilled Ytoaae4 Satvl
4 40 Crow benlal • do
MO above thallelibed goods an on mWgemmt Rom
litt 2.l"*"fr4l.3 te "o=4nrlarprloral ale
4a9 /LUZ.
two lelet Dwelling Muse: on Perisugl-*
•••ala Amami, Ward; weaken Weir. laming ten
nisenst double iriarlarn dlningmo klrebetton the.ent.
Asor. Tbe lot Ls twenty (=y-by ninety rear het w
alley In the rear. This propmly met UM and will be
!old for U7oo—ln pigments of WO dawn, lac m one
year, and the balance in two year.
firmulle at T. Monad. Attorney at Law' Fourth lame;
between AttilthbeldandUraat e ronmin
tefore 9 °Wert T//09. WARD.
WO LET—A large Ma Man Hoy's° with
I. 33 Load " 4 1ThiS t 1M311gri "‘ ;0. 4. .ET:
jal3 •
Real Estate worth 8100 000.
DESIRABLE Property in Alle. i,,.-4
rprlterkT Cl ty for male. Two riOefrild reeidereea.i . o
on first bank. id ward, one herring a trot of CO feet
South Common by 240 to Walser street The other, 140
Rut front by 270 to an alley. froproeid In O i l bed manner.
dffonling • dellghtfol view ot . the. city of ttaburgh. thy
lientreny and Ode etrani. c
Afro. a piece of groneel fronting mutt on North Chummy
210 feet. running 170 fret beck. bounded by tito City feet
street, ass 110) fret alley ini rear.
Afro, twenty Erse le d
prop oppralte ltur frail Earl De_rot.
of Ore toort &itrable property now offered too ode. This
piece of rirourid offers iniureseents to syeterlabsre. APPIf
to jal3 BAIRD £ IRVE4. 114 Second et.
Fro LET.—Thai desirable iuddance
o :it M
P,,..7..WTVb.11°. - BM__trzilr . dr t
illy. The ana hseise I. 'lige and meet. hs:lz loom% I
n .'' = " l•llTra b ilii=M a tatit s gete c =l
tars and Reis teem The °minas station loa abed dim
rasa br awl remits ean gn in at any hour. ' WV, Pnn
Ureter. K. or 110 T. D.IIOSISON.
1.11.11 en No. 116 Market ettiTt.
FOR RENT—A SA IV aim t, in East Binning
hat, well slttuded fu} alarell •butinsast It ran com
mand ttou merebusisexa of the Ormsby Kali Road.
It ',FIJI 1. thoroughly repated.wlth near boilers,and leased
fur • terra of years • '
Alea, as e_leellent site Om brisk inakints-clar tkeP•
Al‘l• "TMEII Rosi quariles of excellent Stolle. lowan, of
EIIILLIPS. East Ititmlsabam.
- Wit RENTL—A towelling llouge, with g6?t
.1_ tenor elosentworo. in , fewl repair, Mm with Lazo IPA
Yowl- on l'oloral Arcot. whew - . Rent, 5175 per....
, , .„. . . .
Aloo.A.STOIII: on NI 'et e treel , ' , ltt...i•• • =
Worth..., on Third wroet. and ,Wo - eral noon. In
Mow 1161141a5n,..< .4.•, ~ '• E. D. GAZZA-NI.
jalo42w ..--.. -,--' - -'' - 164 &mad et.
(Cll.rttell, - I.‘i. MU/ Triblll. owl Tweekw
TO •
„VET—The Throe Story Diielling
Itodzi. No 171 Wine street at' present ocenLieLl '"
IL i z c hn.N.r•i=tCetooe u ml . moutinleig tee° L eo. ea.
giyr9 an the 114 of April.. 134:ftire not
Jab/ Round L'horrh.
T oeoto O'LET—Ontt Two Story Brick House,
. folog 4 tooloz Conti... Avenue, tillacre.. iJioe
hoot lro of • ae
jalo l, u
.FOR RENT. The Store , 118 Market,_
street, the sercmd door from the corner album.
otel Liberty rtreet, M
Pomerxion ven the lrt of A •Ireia".
nest. Itumire of DAVID ri LEER.
Dabilm 11)t1 Deno .F 4
FOR RENT, two very convenient
DWELLING HOUSES, no Third, Mean- abet ,
WA neer to Nadthllald. Plateenslon ;Garnett the tint
or April next.
Afro, to Lam an one or more years, mote logo remit
Lan on and near the Allftbeni Ricer. In tbe'Ninth Want.
_Fourth et. mar Wont
r i g OR RENT.—The followeng proper- :In
iß7fiA""'e lr forobhed •knt .nTt:lFA,Vt:er Thiel
and Fourth Oa—
sultehle for Dry tltetts. •
Ferrol room. In•Pret 0111 m DulldlturA In the ,mod end
andtable tor Artl.t... Rom& Once., no.
A Mane convenient DWELLZU LIQUOR. In Lll.l
- Tart of the city.
Prommalon of the foreardnlftrm be alren on the I.t of
April non.
Outru Alm SMALL
n STORE on Third steed. next door to the
n Mee teennion Ellen intoredketely.
80M 881 X—An unexpired Lewx on the Marlowe. on
Third street. beretofom occupied by the lute M. Lt.lkt . ,k , ?.
D. GA7.7./131, 16.1 Fermi strUet.
teal or to 11...11 . tXMLIIICK. 8d Third street. •
RENT. a Two, story Frtuno Rouse F.V . ,
atul Bask building, with two lots, 'anat. pupa'
ford ;limit, Sixth Wsxd, adjoining Shroxn.
For terms, SPDI/ to StIBISON, LlTThit a CO,
deal ' ::,551Jbertg stoma.
Loma.. Yart. Wagon Duquento War, Dear dot
mintelent mom to bold elghtcen hundred tbounattl
feet of Lumber. to rent on a i tioAm s kvil l a of
Corner of Penn and Ir.ln otrreto
0 LET, the Store Room No. 65 Mar-2
tor mwt; whams: dm Watch' and
N. I alm W •eDru . :s ' i klinVisr Y alt M orotZ .
Thls sum Is tetanal In the mod central end best Imalnt.
mink In the dty, and well odepted for • Banking and, ba•
chasms OM.. =I Insurance Offlor..or store. 'A a s tLet t r .h f . r= i tth Enallsh Plate Glass, mill b ap
pat In as soon
lksawsdoa girlu n t *. the first of Fshruerl . ...tad.—
Enanlm of
Corner of Market and Fourth streets. ,
OR SALE, the Three story Brick
th,ororq, .Nro. to Rey strset. Snyder's Itow— , .
Term, S4OU auth: WO In we year. sal
L. eam, to to sa:vsed b) ortavn o 0 the PamE
jeTalAln, to WILLIAM
D u lttlfk,
111 Marty Arca.
PO LET, four story I.hce ll ing, Slate
mi. OW, lath mat gas extorts, wad take
orerk. 145 Third greet.
trtiatdre at CO water street - srp3
had not total it twice heforil I felt Its Isdnefleial effects."
Suffering from a
deist obtainingld and mot~b. for whbL Lt blo ol l d with e Y bottle P O ' i
'lt lg. /tellers' Cough )ILature." I think It a dotty whleh I
owe to hoth you and the public I. general. to I.ll.lrely
emelt. that I hot not used It twice herons I felt Its tuned.
en.l effects. end (=ler the Divine bleudng) had no isecaskai
finish the bottle. I tried. sa to hall= witnessed
Us magic ma friends of min opit In particular.
who hada trying attack on her lungs areimiestikd with.%
Wares/Ins cough. Verily the emir true Esculeplus (where .
coughs and colds affed the sufferer) has deseemled amongst
no in "IL E. Mellen' Cough Manua."
4, 11. VITSUERALD, LIS Wylie Et.
Pittsburgh.l 1811.
Prepared and odd by It. E. S t / rug, No. ST VA—
and wad by druggist. generally. • I t
of Where b the man who does reet
en ewe,. shave? • If sny there be. we do not
eel... to them. Dui to all others. we my. If yon ebb to
keret. shaving • pleasure, purchase a box of Jules Ilauere
,almond Pletaelno, or
sheets, r ms .., t.,
Look impeexible to Cod words to thwerite the feelings of,
urwm—who hos been used to Amine with onlinary wo ot „—,
upon making trial of this too the got time. It is a conehl
nation of womb, admiration, nd pleasure.
IIAUEL'S 811.AFIN a ti CREAM 41 Y1C1.T.1111.21Y
render Low the stifled and most wiry beard nett
anil pliable. ploductog lather. &MI by its ex
tremely mild nature Mlaylug the Irritation. aml prem. eon
that unpleasant and Mig feeling of the akin witleh ' is
often CSPYtittlet.l
Gentlemen wing Hauer. Slurring Cram. May fan
the coldest SMIII most piening.winds immediately alter its
use. without the skin becoming chapped. And thong who
ann. use It. we can safely my. will never me any Mier.
One greet adamitage—whieh will be cop.:Sally appreele
ted by thole who weatr whiskers-4s the bet that It will not
Mae.. the beard, which newt map will do. gietug seandy
molt/ . egrearanee-to the edge of the ig see s,
Jule. Reuel', Shaving ermunskredelightfu ww lpreparalkini,
compounded with skill, to Me utter exclusion of Mi articles
releniated to render the elevation of alteringunpleasant.
and will he appnelattat by all who make trial of them.
Ftetmed OMy t 1
JLLE3 lIAUEL, Perfumer * and' Chemist.
lilt ehnut stag., Philadelphia.
For sale, wbolemle and retell m . by ILA. Sahoestock & Ow.
and FeSellers, littsburgle and hn Sargent. =I J.
Mitchell. Allegheny City.
UST RECEIVED.-4 new work on
ehzek, Engine Work. mut Engincoring:Dirtkwary of:
3 lathier. 31whauka. Engine Work. and Kagirmiging,
"Word for practical workingmen, and thwe intendol for the
engineering profeadon. Med be Oliver Byrne, formerly
Profe•sor of 3latheduatlce, 'College. of 1.1,1:11 Engineer, in
Thia work to of large k 00. site, containing nearly 2EO
Parr". npwarda of IWO andgiltal woodcuts. It will
prceent working.drarring, and de•criptlocu of the knot
important marhin in the &awl &ate. Independent of
W. molt of Aine4can ingenuity, it will contain complete
Practical treathes On Mechanics, Machinery. Engine ak.
and &wintering; wlth all that la useful in time them 110001
worth of folio. lume, 1114{11110.4 and other books. The
great °turn of thin publication le to placwbefore practical
men and "indent. Blob an amount of thcoretica/ Pri
rittlhe klumkg.l.2, 111,0 ecialeconi form. a" shall amble
them to work to dm test advantage, and to avoid thaw
mirtaktis which tbagmig , ht otherwise nataMll
- roTnotrart i :etible W'd , and k lt W o l f= cr.
on . c . tdrousto obtain the work, will 1111.113 aria
Lod Mu encourage Wie cuterpnow.•
4bliching In 40 number', at Ts cent. per
to to
cempleted thL• year.
Twenty number" reek:red, for rata hr
11. IIOgKINS. 4th
kJ of DAY 11)0DS. at tne One prim gore of
A.. 1. 5Lt1014 4 CO., 63 and 14 Market Meet
Commenced on slocelar. December 30. 1150. to continue
l t hz . zo i rgh of 3anzo r ri k. lllrzhole egahlion.
twnelve mod, amonn n =to Onet'illundrn aml i
not Trit 7 t o ;
nt .
mond Dllars. will to offered at Retail. at fully. one
ft h lees than
h e ir prioeo. •
The notho of their
th e Sale to soy one .fair
t ando..who attended the sale of Mot year, `one
be MOP
el nt guamotoo for mall this memo. Thee will. hirmeer.
no on. • few of the mod, and prim., tor the benefit of
Lb .ho ademlet.l their ado.. win
• Web Cmhoterm 75 cents, moat prim 11.
We piton Cotton and Wool Cullom. to mute, usual
price X cents.
15M) ph,. Cott i) on and Wool Detainee. 15 and 18 cont.,
usual priee al and AS cents. •
10 pier. Malt colored plaid do. 45 Mg; ..1 Id.
/411. i ce i ts.
60 pi ottpol awe flamed bilni. 60 amts. taus/
Satin.s cent.
9) pkoo .n do Chine and Satin, 17.1; onto, usual
prim 81 M.
60 pieTo Black Slika:reduced IS per cent.
190 Mew, French Merin., Si Unusual Into, 11,371:.
933 ohms Paramettm and Lyorme Clotho, mimed 00
Nl' oent.
MO pier.. Alpeem nll condo, tech:m.l3o per. cent
= 4 ° 14 0 ndtsuw SitnWiN +Web will to sold from 111 to .
immthan usual prima. •
3)00 To rn io Ilmnet Ribtono at 1 and 10 cents, mual
pee. IS in 1 cent.
Foot Moroi Wows at 4t,1 mots. non] prim 90.
PO cum Englien and American Callema at 8 md 10
rent, wool prim 10 and 1214at0. •
00 CIO. Bleached Mullin., reduced li ants pm Fool.
700 balm Drown Malin , all goad...
Also Wm. tmbrohlerlea. Trimming.. flattery nod
(Poem Liam, Clock" Clotho, Comintern, Caminoto and
4estrue together with an Immeme rarkty of other Mad,
aII of widen will lo Marked Down to /alter Prio, thu, sur
of their prndrtea sales.
1 They Metter m early l, no man). of their cbolcest
mob will wo o d to Fold. Tite lowcat pram =slued at MM.
. A. A. 51ASON
1.10 .1Z and. 04 Market rt.
Professor A. G. Barry's Trieopherone,
• for retxorhur, Insimicatimr, and beautifying the tude.
o moving the ecurf, demised, and all atitettons of the=
"nti silting eruptions on the skin, dings. of the
; nicks and Integuroents, and relieving stings.
no brut
. sprains, to d i this preparation 'lbex. le no mach
s The dist Journal. In Amerks, tnedl.l men
;rd highest endow grienblent eitimite Dtbfem
slut Intl. ohs have wed It for pars in their .1
i n e e,
oms and nurverlio. admit it with ono/ment- that far
everting vigor. stn. lusetrianee. and curl to We hair,
murf dandrui4 lualtror moms's. minis
nitudetas wales. Wage, go, and retelving dise:sw . of
is skin, the glands, and the 'muscles, it has tati mtual
_ • ono the multitude of compounds advertised 1/1 the inds
• 51, , , , i5 , , ,,, 0 , r , tm0g f g tgategn=. LnAn• A aL• t nese .
T ti . s lie 1 I
Tzrirtztoe.'it,%,:?,7ho-, b.1.11.° 1 ebirg*a,
vr t~em teen the ar , C = P*r"'''' tkis
the embnsing the valuable directions for the
wi rg g r =g c=v h,. oe . ne 14: ,,, t m. 0 .
The affinity between the Inembraing const e lgted.
n and the hair, which drawl Ito mistenanee from this
O7Thel'ilid.AlilPtr,"" th e
; dogged. or if the blend and outer ' dr:de r ma eireo
r fmod through the small yew. 'shish Do e the rent
;Ith moisture, and Wipers life to the Abner, the molt
f. dandrulr, shedding of the bile. graven*. &St..
' • • hatsss of the Ligament, and satire baldness, wt.,
; NY./ bthindate the Win to healthful
rem= AZ
an " nriate thi ten rernjllalkottons of We
kW, and of the substrata of mut a n
nd intimmosn.,the
rime. and the effect are the same. It U open ten
< auu.ur tibuoLut the httele, mat me
ti as Ite specific µtie% end to affeetionsonso bola.
in. ogans. It Is a eistmmitin rentsdr•
bold in taro bottler, Pr l .
• , 137 Drotobraf, hew York. and t r
u druirgisie mranxmut t a n• d
ORSAIE,-7 boxes of '3ledicin6s, viz:—
The nee of La; D. Orrrn . • Aeolic* Con/W.A..
..fturr's thdarotlirostabir ODD. D. Drsaef t OaDocala
I VD: . Dr. gram' &lathing Pn..pfw (Makin. Tee.brn,
rem sod AR= Me , Ms. O. Dant a MD for Coisramp.
•w DkrD...sP.Dam;lwr" • ardll CUM tO
jai.. • IrtS ULU 111115, yini
id *Bather MILTON. Capt..). Bseht . 111
for the abort amt Intermediate MUM
this day. at 10 o'clock A. M.
For Prelabt or - Mossy, apply cm /ca r d ; . Jim, .
... 4, 11g .
,r ht i grattg„ .... htLtes ibo ate . r w, PAll/ .. % G u rew a t akuuo idie
awliakorts cm 31= at 10 AIL F o e e.t.a.
-- -woy or Iv
st or on
.._____„... ...
OR ST. LOUISL—Tho fast um.
IF tiny s teamer ISAAC NFRFTON: Capital °
otchbon. will kayo Mr the abate amt fate
Irbrdiak. Tcrtr. An Notably. lb, :Mb IYote. at /0 A.B. • . '..-
. For mi g ht or passa g e. apply ow tesar.L , • jae cul.
F 01124 A gift ILL E. The t t i ---- l it
runnin g st.torrENESA,Olpt.iillkt ola
Pactalarat .
testator the atom, ml.tatoroacelista
ea BaadaY.ll4ll hut- at:10 A. 11. .' • . s .' .
/0 2F , Freight ar memo, IPTAT diikrad. ' • ' 41113
r . L0ui5v....,,„--,
runnitt g steamer NANRIATO.II; Captiths
, • will leave for the atorn m o t Warmed
at height or poc 10101. t his day.
eaRN onDIF alt 111.04.. • WA
FOIL ST.SY. LOUIS. The . splendll
r now steamer ruagrwoorkw,.. ia„, k .,.. ' •
noataler. will leave Or th e abase wad tat mhtto port, orrleatoolay. lb. llth InstaalL at 4P. 01.
For height or Istossre. apply on 1.011, carat. .
IJ. NEWTON accuM U. f
pon..N EW. ORL E A g STflu,' •
.1. -
wea. m d
u n t d r a w e l e sltTcAaTeTo er ED OI I .m T .. R g rAa.B.. all Lag
mediate, landic u ra thle morninz.Oth instant, at 10 ticket.
Foy frel g ht or jr.5....4.,, apply ras,. h.... 4. ., ljs •
VOR NASHVILLE. The 1 ,p1 en .7. ----- 7.
did steamer FORT PITT. Mit t , wader
i tl:l!l7l.7ri I=7lstlt i c n lf r f."7. I ' M, '
For ...Lola or DATA.e. Apply to bcpra„ .• , :,
...II - LOUIS. '96- ~- -
...Li ST. _ OUIS. The fast rung' al lit
4 nitt....i 13011EIFF 110D(1=1. Oaat.'
3333telwr, will Imre for the above 3.1 inter. •
mediate ports Mb day. the 14th leotard. at 10 .A. !L' -
For frvight or 1 32 . 3 333:43 3 14 , 13 - . bohrd. . . Jal4
M OCK /1
401 t.. lIOCKINGPORTThe fast on th
run 1: 'feature. Filet N 0.2. Copt. 8. 5.
r. will leave Az the whore awl intertrielt."o4lllll- ...
parts, thle dap. at 80'4.8,1'. M. , !,
or [mail or 88wet, aPftY_ww bet.M. or til
VOL 11. JilltBlBT2i9 `Ate.
I.OIIIE--The rpletahl !Wearier ZACHARY:
. I'IA)R. Hord, nutter., will Lose ter Move
sod totem:K(lBh. loot' this day, at 10 o'clock, A. R.
For (nicht or patwure. apply on twwnl. .. jail;
EG Gait Pll - I'SllllltGliANn
nun et drunter DI ti ILNAL, Dinned;
tcr, i ron psrforniiughcr madb trbweetly trips burscutt
this city and Wheeling: !cavil.' Pittsburgh at 10 dulcet
every Sintidny, lgulnenisy and 'ftid... and tsttirdng,
Whecling every Tursdny, ThUnday and Saturday,
In each rect. For :might or induce, aludy board, or to
fitISTROM CRUM% Struts.
WE hm..01,
gl LIA:. 1). IL Ualc, ntcr. nlil hat,
Til.bub ..vvry Tnc+ltty.Thrtmlny ur).l isatunlay, trt
11Grolay, 1yn1071:1 0 a . . , / hi
vecHrr, CINCINNATI, Cuptaln 'John
n :h... nit Nule mita birett utobullthr
16.°u:tr.:, of the ,Arntoor Intur Newton.. awl oater~ br
the Lloototodtooll , litt,Loroll Piaui. tmle. eml •Vii.""
" 0 :7 Yrp...- , lly for Oar:moral, lu plan , of tOe New Pt.
laud No.:- For :Ye tht or in.own:. noplt• on hoard. or to
mr-N. 0. 11. MILTENIIKInIIII‘ Anent.
vt,suNFIM PACKET—The. is,t mug.:
tratutr IFELLtWILLF. Copt. It. loung.
13M gi';;.=.`h!::74141r4V.14,4"=2,f
allettionn tor. StrobearilP. wad Itrbte.c.--
try legrz . dAzi r. en , f , 27l ,,,, Mor . atrabotprpla. I t IFFettng.
part and Surtkott irrry,
overt - Friday alteruoott. For frright oweloo. appir on
board, or to NTT) D. WILKINS. Agent.
unlit staandr 1112111.1. D. P. Alonc7,
ter. leavto Pittabnrab .11ondac,Wolaloalar.lakal
tlO o'clock. A.ll. Learco Wellsalllo onTury, Thur.
day, and Satqaday, at 7 o'clock. A. )1.
For ou 5 000 5. • • .05
ANCE COMPANT. No. lat ]locket Etre t, Nna.
T. and No. 11 Wail Street,
coat p rat
$1.111(0,00U, dhldinz tram Di ta 40 or p coat prat pee apn.z.
The sutwctiter will receive applications for Immanuel , om
11,4U3 the 41..0 nieee,fq lusuranr ,d_ Compaar; the I.tholo
Pr" 'tin;
gleN No. 141 Fllpat Street
...nom Company. of North America.' Hadalphla
burktilrrtreg rbr ' crmi
n,Tith ' u V ell '" &iritlr e yy,
tm - e , , -- ,c.r. P4 tion '"'M or " the hes. '"'
llythur 0. CoMn. Prol. ounnel Moot% '
r Ileum Char!.
bimonl W. Jone,, Samuel Y.
Folward Smith. - An:lmm Whits. I
Jiihn A. Bravry,
.I,tat tV hit
Thome. (.1 . 1
John K. Neff.
Richard D, Wood.
Fr:Lade llosklas:
11. D. Siteigeri, _
Thil in the oldeat Ina - on:2w Casernay lathe United Shama
and tlfr its high 'landing. long experience, ample mama,
and avoiding nil of an extrnAnzardocua eitararlara dp
may' la cam.idarad . offrlng arnnle *emir. ta. the
P..70Nt3, Aged,
deU ' . 111 Pr = meat.
----- ,•
Tsr Southern and Western Merchant's"
substriler sexpeetfully invites !ratite atiention
to llµyyccrtrmtra of Perfumery.Scopt.Shavingereano,
*a. to which seven Silva: and two Golden Modals have.
voithin ho lad eta 'yew, born wended by tho institutes of
New If rk, Mahn, and Phihelelphia. the latter ham the
only Gplden Nelda ever awarded for perfumery either
Europe or in this country.
itocatat's trouvatarn Erman en.. (Ah:l. Non.
and Ambrosial.) universally nkooriodwd miss thefti.
any Shaving LWato In this country or Emote. I.
Owornave sox Soativo—Licatilithlly - transpasent, and
poasesclur hichlySnowmen , and emollient_ manta%
Sapsna Compourdidmbrosial Shaving Tabletdidlita
ry Wavier Soap. . I •
Summar Tenn ;our,—Almond, Roo,
' " =srlrn i t liPlitr'elUtTr=__'4l..ClM'M'C PioWng
rciasva ;
Ertworf rot Balt
Qua de (-Spline. Gnancur, Jenny Lindedlowselliosekek
oel. Club. Magnolia, Clentatlte. Citronelle. Itceat, and mums
tter varieties, lo oil sixty differentiae-flumes.. •
Torre iiistsso---Florido Dater. khan do Dollt , ZOsango
Flower Wale, ral a great variety of Colognes Laver.
dc l.ll l l . l7rova von liant—Gemilno An in
OIL Bandolinc, Eau Lush-ale, Oleito, Compound 0011g
erts..tliole Dyes. liquid and in porde, end Plilloccons,Diel•
nine. sad Jewry Lind Pi:wink,
lIDOSTMIC Safari onow—tilalsamle Ma% now Tooth
Pute. Chantal Dcutritice. ToothPaste.andneth
Corwricst—Vental Cosnutie (awn, drandins for
chaplet! bands7Cold C r Cronin( R., Cream de Panne PP
Solve. Handorry Cream, ac.
--Dejilatory Posravrs, for
um ,pg pryNrilpnvio het - 4 Pearl
Pon or. Vinsigre,le Nou Anwatie Vinegar, 71 velum
I lair Compseitioui Prune, holt, besides a gm; twiny of
other ankh, too Inunetors to bt , uninid lo.thle advent',
Th. auteerfbordoopc., to maintain thrrepotatioDwhich
ibis cetahlrliment ',tined he disradna of nothing
but first rate label, anti will be Lynn . to (arida& Wow
who may wish to privative bin, tither wholciode or mall
on as nasonable Unto. tot oug ectalaishwent in tie, United
ettates. ' • . ZANIES. RALLY.. .
?Sincerer to and farmer Dimfor of the Laboraton
EthitliN IiOUSELL.
11-felSis ' a - fff
31r. Ilesin'o Perfumery Ls for sale br aU lb. DrbscLALl
Drugarse in themuutri.
ONIPSOOPS, and 'Harrison's 131ack. SSark[ K T mec Inks. • „ •
Gamuts .i ; Faber's., Brookman aml Lan:abut% Jealuesm.
and 110ermos Black and lied lead Pottila.
Inkstands of every dour( (Mom tiWnttb. CbtemPa,
Levi's. Relies. Lunen's. and otter manufactures 072T1141
I•crc Smith's (successor too-a. O. Bayley St Co.)
celebrated Gold Pop, with geld and silver ewes
Whartmatin English Drawhou Paper—anUtuarban. dam
Mr elephant. ell, solutubler. super royal, royal and ele
phant BOMA flonrcla. cap. deter Alld merilmo.
Perforated hood. foncy lox paper, pLain gend and silver,
etabmsed ;old. sllece and limey calmed pam3r. mold surt
mitre ...Me and mr.....tend Lithographs for fancy beam/
Prepare&parclunont et all site, suitable for deeds,
ers and diploma. Prensbloote paper: always on hand. the
roost desirable styles'. ebo. and patterns. plain, gilt. maims
esel and slveed, suitable for halls, parties, waddlup. nod
Franck note envelopes, plain and emhowed: lettoW kneel.
°Po. brawn. white end Me, laid and Oran adthriee
rehapat WE, Gine and white.
afono, wafer cp.. •16.10-4 patter= Irrißg sithrli torsi
Unrentos and Tur u key thermal mad bother th n pyinkprthenf r
ink, brusher"; Youth and English' co n rn Ormn, and oil
PaPrm Booth raper of all color; red white patent blelo
doe rano: pen lather, L. •
The glove, with all other article. In the galleon,' Leer
both fancy and otaple. tforther with a bake atharthrent ot
blank Bask, nth momoraohun looks of all yettorms farms
of rylient. in every style of binding, and lorthr of all Ault
andqualities. fur sale et reduce! rater on the moot rose.
able terms, at W. 0. lIATEIVB
Blank Book and Stationary Warelorm,
wl6Owner of Il.ket. and &wool ortreeta.
J' OR SALE.-One bemired white and green
blank "To Leto" gth Mee Temperance (ere_ r flormar
1.0 of the Great rim Eittsborgh 101:,0 Fick rmsteth
Berthed Gnirk: 75 of Barris' 411 wilthn of Pitlthrthar
stortorio; 50 grow of Coat aml Vert. 31bles and Batton,
For ode any quantity. to oak permutes., fei
jaithigtrmith ItkAll BARRI Fdth et
SALE—A' small retaa suppla
IFWriting and Letter NW: rateat Ten a nth
an holder. Sand- Leal and SlatePenvila; .thd-•
Ithiek Ink: a futon Chart
f Alinanthrt or` few Blank
Bonk, Tumporence Chart a t National Slap of the Athol.
can Republic. a }lapelk: Hearths and of the Warkk_
sale by. !shall le W=o , • ISAAC HARED:
SAM P. ROSS, Attorney at Lavr; Office
No. ItA Yu an's street. =AI Grarstan Laratsettne Betid
ing. 111.1,borgh. aptetel T 8
A LEX. W. FOSTER, _Attorney ana Coun
ssllor ne LIM, NC.. 161 Email, asset, aesslirsot rt.
lusbursh. IsarlaahrzelyB
Artislll.3tllt & lIACKE, Wholesale and Ite
ktail Pruaulst, Carner or Woad and Mira ottaets. an
der the tic Charles Ikakl..Yittabartac myaralyti
szkrt "erect,. Plti.bnmh. Encino:me on all the Eactefo
We cilito fur tole. Colkotheos mode in all the ,
pp to t d' Note lynloo. Nor on all en rent
NDIA RUBBER PASTE_ 4 gonad that
eirperb article for torte amt shorn, reoderino them _net`
ar4eleUrr rorß=iollat;
the money refunded. I'm do trootdole and retail, at 'I
e a
V Wood street (ion. J. Ft 11„PliiLLIPS.
/011:11. ~. RAVEL •
QIIITLEY COLVISi, , bual -Merchants,
viel 'Dem to Thy Goole. Covert.. /ma and Noilei.
corner of Walnut .net oirt'Wathinv . too Tonna. nos e .
moot of Dr t. nod "Maw. 0ft1...T.1U in the
Batik of Pittabungb, of the ammult of too none.. aini
...nit that raw whirl; within the three tears preowilnit
the date of this Male... hare Pa 0M.%
or tilminielten,erith the nem. of the deporinaw, the date
;Lhen .tech demon.. were m.l, or b... atemted. and
e natounta themot Thht snitimerelodec deportee
and tale. of dep.. which bore be m ret.. been pule
too there soneratire Jeatee - lher Fnitne'enrhea wl
the Commonwealth:
.. .
/este Uott,thertf
etephen Count.--
Thomas K.rns-..- —ton. an, taw.i.-
Jam.Stnart,(lninlef. ) ...- I nn - NU"
Teconnem ... -June 10, ... lento
1 oertlfa chat the "forecotott.P.P belasKes doe
the pc ., and Lath= rentaltml ; in Batik
nloLnirdl. deer SNT/0161. dultiet.
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