The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 20, 1851, Image 1

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•• • - • BATES OF ADvm
:01.1 &piste no limiof
• •, L . " ,13a earl, additarual I a. 0 `•"'
, there .7.011
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11): „, ix to. 1
twelve treadle la 00
Etandi n Omits (4 Wu* or Wes, per oaratust.9l LIP
DolLar for eeelt
lluoPonser...elotnotelle ine-arcau (per axe ~ •
• amt)) ear-lathe of Du: L"-15 no
. • , lop ear;),Adilitkatal ettutreeineertql over - atm toontb, lad
eL toLeerlt additanlal there larertoLl colder th e "esiVy . vales.
Adsertireatient. ltriedira• • Kant , . 4 1.4 4 1 1, ••••
lima to be charged ne naep.are nal h•lf. • • "L •
cut Accodowl.le Po! lansal alrertLeemeutr
' :700111 the amount charged l or their poblkat - •
, • Annonnthat eare1411,....f0e erglia to be charged the,
caber aderlerartentr. • ,
••- , Meurtlstenents marl - tell on the nary - fotila
. t•OPOluberWr_lettertions, M eautinued tlllforWd.
meat extwarti evlmrdingly.
prirtlene of ranntal adrettPler• le strictly llnal to
their own itranedlate businow: and all advertuesstrean for
• benefit of other persons,. troll at all ealvertleeentatanot
• L
s watt ed connect"! with thelr own buanew, nqd all
dames of inlrertnnmentn, booth or etberwba ne/ond
• • the limit, engag,d, will 49 rhured at the weal re
•: ,, ..•11 math n o e l tetverltelna HID will be, net tell ,
~,, otaleredintel
le desired. • I 1 .._ o % ",
• All alrestissaarate fur etiaritoble Umtata.* •ra rwm- • ••••
• - L .Z d ttka 'n' to, • ta!
" • ,wasa by funeral tur ion
attiont or *battery ttotion4 sadittbeu
"•• arcannpautrel to be pal.l for.
Decal. adeertbane, slot •11 others molding ratconuialet
':. re O lair 'qu T.:tierrt! ' tlr tntgb t clai,•7 j l=Or ett
• wh ere ere charlow toade.for edsoutanee-:-... uotieesaf
"wale Ofjodutir..,-ecerr ontire.,/rAttned OnLrall aturtaio• to
' -prhate enterfirts,a, calculatod or Datended to pramete 1• 1 11 -
vidaallaterea. can calf be Ineertal with the valor:Rand
: lug that the .1.9
be paid for. If intruded to be 1n- 4_
mated fn I t Peal column, the tune will be eharoedat the Tht
rate of not Ica tam eente pee line.
{nog, OT NOtle.4o chargol tolP!. Par. •
• Tavern
to retitlimn al 'orb.
'• lint Esbte Anent+ . and Auctioneer!' to nof.
to be clamed ender yeezlr haws, Ina to allowed la dis
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tbiq thine eon third per neut. Inns, the ,
.• • - ' • ' ll./.IS OLIO'
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I on
• one Snout, three ........... r,"„ 0 .
...• n • - 1)o. rwtt to it
cutelyAdltto . n i .. i f z .
lo ?. °or rojta; '" , ..... .50eer.D.
Do. ..7.413 ltdditinual 1n5erti0n.........2.5 mgt.
- • 'LAD tramwdeut ndrectitetneute,no to, paid in adretnal.
_JOHN A.. PAILKLNSON, Aldermin,gifth
Wanl.Penn stmt. between nil Walnut: AU
panoptly nUenant au • rl
- L AMES J:.KUlrr,'Attoruov ut leacc,liace,
.. in Tllitlmuili fleoli v eorner of Grant'ot i tt , o sml Ditanocid
. t, ' Ipi 1 . C.01 -
'..-• K1.1." - •CQlehltat, Attorney a is, office
. , .i. Lowlier. lloilding-e, Fount' st. abnTe S*l h rfielii.
•. - visp; formed a "rucareort 'with i'fol. honroe, of
.Waellootto (Up. (formerly of the 1.5.1 Utter) to p
me& to Aire. , proper 'Mention to tbs . nO)f . bawl
'Vorronts. Matti:not 10, tool to the -Po.totttkot or <4.1..
' , bean Conveto, or pop of the - departments.. sali
lAMEES F. KERR, Lan-+Offico
ex on 4tb et, between Smlttalipld nal tinnt. Pittsburg!,
Fourth street, Pltisbatab.—
' .
.2.- , §T ,... 01VE . & ..IrATSON,. Attorneys at Law,
~.. , No.llll).VOurth Mmt. l'imikurell. - , _
. mene—AlerAnder k Dar; •h•hn EMTA.r. E.. 4 11,
, ion, tionimn4L.
C. Wm. a. lJohn • Ilmning.., Ae
• • mamm: Akm W. AmMeu , 1-.AtAto.cAll. il4nlA s
EDWARD P. JONES, Attorney at Law:
, 911c1 oo rwaFtil
...TASPER. MIXOY, ittornoy.' at! Lam
101 :•ia Flitg..M.iref; rittOntrgli. ."
1-4 are taken into - partnorship;
the L-iw..nly !Olt. JOILN 111.1lP,
ott - ti l ai 6 ' .eTl! ' fi7.4. f lTlll i ' L.= V 14111 1 7,
-tiftdl=liiifarartl4c.i w•it.f.nnfa t f , tl i gttterruptitri:. Atty .
Milirjott ett ' of ei.Tif ' 2i . iisf, will tit tit=7:ti l e h i&ii
.biLir at tEr . l2rJl;. , -- ili , ;:r_aft 7 that
lt Nen...Court
settaa• i1,311"1.0:t.
• ..W.lthifitoti tiff.
- :EVl[tatiOrip4MrM 7 l ll .
11V14.: LABOUR, .11L,
v 4th titie — e atlicirtiett the Ilink ctr Ifitiebarzh.
CO, Exchanv. BrOICM.
.6 . l 4 &acFr. , Fti=imil 'Third and narlist 6terl.s. UI
. tiowir,sns:•. t SON, Deareis in Fpeeigri
'a:4 • 4tu a Doidotk BM, of .F.cnanw;C.Wrie.t.“s.Lt:
thws "C theta wean na ,ail the . yela<i i eitlee
~thrwsrunca theUnitttl clans
41.F011GE. .& :CO., 110flicers:.
101 Deem. In .Extitange, Bank :Nob*, 2l \4 74
.rourth stint, nett t. the Bank of.ltitttburitt
lectireas osterally atteadedto 2 azett ttk . prtmotLlttztritt e d to
y all
. - ckf& ,
oillbe Lb eEt=l,l,
ICAROTIrEITS CO.; Banking., ,Bowe,
No. wooa cirmt. VittabuNit; • Cmrent. Skates re.
j 'an Depoalt. Collections wade al) the principal
of the United .
. _
11.41ar t .L.
IRVIN, Cticumisaiim .11.1eTclints
' And 1111113na1mm..N.114 SISOnd street. Perrecal oad
1E0.20 seettritlen from Sit/GU $lOOlO
lekerl.ll reDeur-'---,0 , 101. , !MYNA . eat. 11.31. T.
/AMER, MI NA CQ., Succesaors. to
Daum R Ca- Reercr.e,ltictunne;DeoKees.
I.i.i deater It
Th t . lV o g t e. ext . d d iar i tie ekltet4e 4 ,FatM ,
ad'ltiedytroa .lAkilent VI4.ITA : 7I ° on De ,
th tla . D . ! Ghats r?, t v ejol tltatoa
near ,
Id 47.Wprerld ' ul 'ite Tare
sidgAmerieso ,
. • AdexemeCmide ormaelitrailenis I , Deluce.,Al' Ded eat.
w:•TAYLOß,:CommisxioneY 4nd Bill
11 Broker. 112'Poun rtreet. Stjid ilbuttlrmarillbe
nut to all buena., entaustul Ws care.' Pittsburgh
stuartauhatudurtirlos ahrula an loud or Pruallufd ae won
ambler_ tido, Bomb.. llturtga., , s, stogOtlaUal =tam , -
atola Wm, 'Atintaurs mac • 11' ae.2
Boogsgiurcts SSTATIONERS.Iop C. Stbe fitCW, - _
fitie 7 Johnston Stock
Ilia Ina Bankrallrn Stationer. Printra. and dlindan •
• of alaratt and Thlad-atte.da.
AS. B: HOLMES' Cheai Literati Depot,
Third Area. opperitol3:•,.rt 011 lee: New, Books to
.- Red daily by olmeriptlona roorlyr4„ our
s tr
Idsodorn or tionsparwr,, rota.ll.l thejol.,lbtrer
ilOPKlNS.,:Dookroller and Stationer,
, 1:11.78 - Fourth xtr,,,
07.74i - r w ct tio; 1: At
I AVID 80WN,4a., Wholesule and Retail
II Baker slid (IntiLctinugr. 5(4 Pstrilli stmt. Pittsburgh.
• gains Cakes, fist Fairs Couf.rts wash. always on hand.
I orders norbull Stteisk4 tn. • • . • . r",
DS'( LihTOCh Nintiufackureiand fro
:4Vani amt Trim-
StldgAMl,7ltaZit. W"'nh
co rmassyni AND Font
Commission and for
31errhant,122 Meer:, Pitt.burgh.
11. .1 oTINOVINT - 7, ForwaTtling' and
11-2 span
& , mg
Deal<.r. Iti mautm Pitt.
artkien, , Math, test Seventh
Meet, Pltt.banzh.
CA. BrANULTY & FornaWing and
.CammW w xrer,b.aa,
Pener. ,
Crawl:Umbra Ilarebauts. Canal B an
• tttbsugb.
JAMES M. DANIS CO.,& PrOdliee . and
Flour FlLLikki, No..= Martel.: sod •14 Cammerea 07n
fladelf , l7o. •Aavaneoe -.1,. by either of the above. ou
=alum:meats of Praia, to either flame; 11: mft,
Jadr ,
g . ,:aikTitiSitKil 7 .6 . .. 7. §l;;;;;s(M tO
yrnol. Jon.. & (kmarilf;ierivuut Foriatding Men
T Yiltrburgh Manmtsehirri ?ord., Pitt.
44.111./K.ate,l•l%l,:ti7C.Clll .....4 ASTIVTiVoI,
AIASON & Wholesile wad Retail
pealrN 1 ,, rco,ey tsEtteC2 Market
PittOn2S,(b. I
,mrpuy BURCIIFIELD, ly th m zsALE
- Retail Dr , tO , d , Nt , rollouto: cortfor of Fourth
and eat atrootr,„ylt.lfuroh.
n. C....testers_ _ . slenTZT. '
BACKE:I7I7I ''', 17161
''''''' '
mForeign mrl, Densest'. Dry al
eat street l'ltt4burgls. • 6 •
Sit/l lIIILSICY .. --4 w f t 1030:
uzitsEly. AN
NVOfi C O .ommimion
Woe 4 l'ortlt.cloar tin blab. leAtst
_ - itUdOISTS. 1
g ,
~,,3j- --- 1 - - - , , 7. --- Ice. WA:MAL.
E R ..(, 3it•DOW ELL. (St essert' to
t° K. `" 4 KP'.."Pi1..414...'%‘..1. VigtiV.
Itsca'p==rtl,tt_hlt mw , . 1.1 A;la ..a
,1 A. rAinctsfdeKl, :CO., Wholesale
satt Retail Dr.grbt, miller {1 . 8,11. Friat 'lt_
ESCW lullaTDruggivt
15 ~.X ." ..4 - n.m., in 4 , ,,d, aria A '6-1,,11121,,
``-.-:-!= i lP.t. i lt ll ._ttivfltr-'lsl;!'r',!. 41opuat.
kitm0...... • r
3. ;
asuw.• KIDD Al CO., Wholesale Prtitts,t„ll:al
- N'lnat .l 2Xut,',lq4 st, Exi
-7,.kit''.t...u.''lli.LltrL,',l!,'" e v :t*:4litToyn f u lly p' l.
.4. IMI. foivardett with oalspx.
. .
E . :E.: - ;SELLIIEtS,.: , ! ivioI ,,- el
, - .DruTh Pant& Pl! , ..disr.c. Ot , r `•
• , ,Woutt - ante" runbursts, ' ... ti •
by • • ' • •
k ET.
j~scr. nxTJ•
TOIIN D. SIDI:G.4.N, Wholesale Eiruggist. =MILERS.
Use E'uta.; Varalsbee,
door .oath - of Mumta Alur. liV" W. WILSON, Wutehes, Jewelm Silver
V .11 Millar: . Goniv_rrnr' of - Markel and
SeIIOONMAKERSLCO., Wholesale Drug- Fourth Amt., - V.tdr" Clodu
Ili eft& Wnc..l earyfully relatrea.
IM.N• 1360/.. antra.
I.IRAUN REITER, Wholesale and Detail
/3 "'" . " 4 "..r Llh.tY Pita . plt. D. IIUNT, Dentist, Corner of - Fourth
and Wog= et., between Market and lerTatreena
o savalare.." C
s a) I
Q., 13111 EL •-P. slimy - ER, Wholesale Gro- •— -
I.J c.f.. Nude, Aud . Ccentni.esino•3l,:ellset. Alla Dr:l/- I N icjioLAs v !NI AN, Civil Engineer,
1 . 1.113 Pitt.fltoll-:h linniltacturcal Article. Noe:130 ,113::
dca..l street. tetweeu 11"tra .4 Smillteld. Pitl6ll.larglol , I gi- moo i. ) TA u : I . ,Sh m t o l.r . . l . , y th ll P.<1 .1 „,.., ,, 1cA t 1 0iik, 1i , i1. 1 . 7 .. 4....1e 0f . s til.a .
nee, - for 31iTam ICAO. Work. 110111= 51111. Ar- '.51 et be
fotte.l tert.riat 0 A. H. mud el P. 51, at him tesldenrc No.lll
Merhylre .tr,el. Plttolesech. inulfally.
.•• ........ .. -JOUST Dt•LICOZ•O.
s., Wholesale
Grocer. poi= gold: CocumL , Alon Mensbara ,
was. for Hazard l'omler of llosarthillo,
31 Wont at.. PilWalrgh. I • • - •
1..- aottatrAr...3 - tz.r.Luriunx.
BURBRIE & INGIi.i fIAMi Wholesale
0.90.4 and Catumb.elon 31eretunV4 N 0. 1 16 Male
wn.anta V00.11.t PhUburgh.
. . _
1‘1.111:11k1W8 4. CO., Vholesale
tinve,,(lornml.4on W.b..t 4 0. 04
genG 5,1. Brigham enttno 'Yarns, 57 wst, H., iltubuut,
01IN.WATI k C 4. , Wholesale , Grocem
4.)...A.k.llerchariti, and Dcalabln Pitilarn'and
f!lnbureh Manufactures., Ilia .:756 Liberty- 10.4 rbb ,
T B. CANFIELD,I late of Warren. Ohio,
Cnanntisaina and V,irtranlitt ' . .ita . rhant.. Witt , .
tato Dealer In WeEtern itr.ervo Cb,voei Butter. Put and
.art Ad, Weatkro Produce ceacrailr. Water amt.
beta - tan atnittaal.l and Wr.d. Pittaburalt. -
. Gwent, Comtiderion iimet Forwarding Merthent.
ere In all kin& et Fri:dare sod
of tilinuf•thr
red Artlelew god Agente for the rale of Richmond and
ldmwhidirrhdiannfactoirml lohamo, ?it. EN and Water
!street. Pittsburgh. '
.E% VON 130).MIIORST CO., Whole
• ,uan °marg., Forwarding ood CoaraL at 31moh•
'm Ilm/ent is PlaMarrti Nmstfootana •ml Rost..
Produce, Na 2& comer of jifout .tr.o+uot elsomerf Lam,
TAS. 'DALZEILL, 'Wholesale Grocer, Corn.
"raj.tnhxbn Merchant. and Dealer in Proilure and Pitt.
bornh Matnifacturea—No..7o Vigor at., liitttintrgh•
.11 .. .. • • .....
lAALtii filakt 65:; Itintesaie Gra
emterunortn4nn tirrrliont, MI Denim in Frodurr
. %Von., sod 107 Front idmet.. Intranurnh.
I.ldlaehertlk.iihnlesirlo6roaers,Cumndsslnn and
rnrilln. Merchant and Dealers In eroduas and Pitt,
2nregb Mannfecturea, ,No. II Mood et., Iretcrtsca Second and
— Lied streets.
Imunc. rte[Ltris .... , a. itterrytose,rirrmiltam.
ULLER & ItifiKETSON, 'Wholesale
Grocers. a>Lt Initeorterg of Bitottios, Anne, mod
\o.'"l' Ottrorr of Liberty and Irrin street. Mtfo
burgh, PL. 11.e0, Cotton to. tionetriittly
Jam seam........amcs %%um c. sum
NOILLS &RN:, Wholesale Grocemand
tx,mtramion M.Thulto, N. 2:4 LibertyßEnvrt
antIIOBERT . 3.10012E,' Wholesale Grocer,
nortifyinglEllitUlrr, id Produsw, - Pittsburgh
foitams, usi iI kilias of Foreign arld . .Dosoessic
Winos ssol.lll 401, • liii.. :Ili, Liberty. ilfrost• O. 1..1 •
Iporyleare'.alook of superior olit 3looziisiliels !Whiskey,
which will,be sold low for cash. ' .
_ ------„.—
..._ .
OBERt D DALZEtrSt' CO. Wlto,l6ltle arongr., Cimmicstou Sterchnntgtsilers InProduce,
Pittsburgh Manufartures..No.. .2:N. Llbet . • street.,
PIN swot nth. - . ..., , -
.. .. ___ _—__. •
itOBEItT A. CI.I.NNIKOJIAM - :At r holesale
Wooer, Produce. Forrardtug. sal Cetrautestan Ifs,
..t. blrlfMlisbOrg h .As hfact rr urso.. No
is. iTOriii,-,= , ..--. s igritnitl Vr;
IW:iL BAGALEY A CO., , Wholesale Gra
ters, Nor. IR and thl . Wood street, Pittsburgh.
• - 10110 It 11 : 1/.:_.,-.. ' 7- '- ---
- virriieaiirn..r...
WICK .&. McCA3.iDLESS, successorß to
. 1....t...1., D. Wick; INhalssals Grocers,,rbrottusting
aced Colombsion‘blerclumbb &sten ha Iron, Nang Ulu.,
INgttrtt Yarns. and , Pittsburgh numbs-meg 5.....mur,
gorges of Wood and WSter,St.reet. r",..b.rgh,...:
4hvews and Commlmplan 11Crc haat. Dutlnn In Pro
n.:. and 1'511,3n5 - 01 3113.3Incture1 Arlickn. 193 Litnrty
• , .
Io esa o ant
fil Nfitttal 'ldifi:, Ti i
4• Aotall Familr Otoesr, Forwarding and Commission
'., estimate. mut Driers In Conan - Pursuer arsi Inttatessub
Alattufasturea carobs of 11 - teal anal Fifth et..., Pittsburgh.
------ —,.._ .
. .. .
notw, aostawax:_...soos. urns. iall, IL suave.,
110BINSON, LITTLE & ; co., No. 255
- Ldbortr eltemt, Pittsburgh, Wbedraile Grum, Pus
• use and CottunLadon Nltrabants, and Steaks. iti Putsburgb
JOLLX rtrll . o
& R. FLOYD, IVlialoaPo Orvezrs, Com
• tullzio.l Ntrrelnatt, and Deilen; 111 Prairtzt—Docanl
I=ll. liuitdttu frvritlpg LA1.L.119.. Wood,
stryetnlitlAurgh. Pa.
W .
Pitaurgh Nativ..f.fclur. gccrea".lls. ° 41x , rty etret. l'itte•-
bureL •
Z‘,CO V:.ihillieS4Bl2rOlterS:
Denkm• M Pmlue, Fct..1.1 Wine., Liguonq O 1 ,100-
Orptillia mad 1t,111 ,, 1 Whirkey—No. Onsunelvb.l.'flo ,
'Liberty 45.. riOnbar.ll.
1 7 '.;% TFCRT:t -XERMA.NT.
•. • .
C.O. Deale In Leather,
• r - listle,"kr— Libcrty* Dealers In
Toirli. ]ka - 1.1011., Dealer in PianoFuri.
.3uer, emll.lnsical lastrtummtr. ;
ationcr , 1 4 olr euvra 11.1. Chic kering'. riZl3O Yorke,
Virnern Nalapyhroala—Nn. ,. .l Wonl
4 :nrd rs
jaltztarieliltan Altaclpaval. Alto. or Dsmii
-- 1 --. SFACVM IIII3
p-LENNEDY, onus .& co.,
mrs of very rurector 44 Fbooting. Cor7O. Ch
atm Trtoe and Itattaig. Penn Mill. Pitirtour4h. • _
- -
. .JuILV r. utano.
TUNES 3,l;nufacturern of Spring
and Minn, irterd, l'lnuldr Steel. *cm! Plough Win"
and Ellndo Sprinira Ilarnmernl Iron Aalra
ddalerr. in :delkablo - .Cartinra Fir. Engine larrdn, nod
onh, Trh.dingr grnerally, corner of Roe. and Yront
C..9.1FE bATKINSON, 31=mb:turn - I-I of
enPPrr hret Iron Ware. between Wood
au Market lamer, Pittrhoraia
- - .
net. Derry . fir Co.. Mazotateturer. or 60d6 Art,
P 063106 urintle and 31116616i* Aeld•. Worehoun,
No. 03 WOrtotrbeto. Y,•rn.
3janay;ctarcy td (maw floissaia, Slat, WWI
an seta .Portc, :Sada , Al, Mineral Waw, Patent Mt
diein, oral Wine &data. of rim descripttno. Mao—Aria
Keeps constantly On band a gentwal nasal : L[o.A th.
al:me artlalcio
ALI* solo--as the other al
Plopped (ta Is the custom In el ummOr)—this Factory ls no
In full operatkat, and will continue in OPatadion both ion ,
me, and winte.
miatettally.Wolicitcd , and will be GUM on tl
aborted. notice.
I'Vaietoinse — No. 112 S—oond Myer, I..twam Wood ant
Smithteld ras!:Pittalintah.
• - --•
• • •
I[l7 - ALTER P. MARSHALL, Successor to
V V 63.11111 A C. iiiii—lmrarlar aml :Dealer in French
and 'American Caper lisnmonr aml 1k,n1 , ,r, %Sinclair
clhadca, Il•mrd Print, de: Ala.--%1 tiling, hinting.
mad Nrramim cl Paper. No. Woncl,treet, between Yoarth
tad Mammal alley, Pittlbargh,
-- -- • '
Ntrrehants. not fid e , of the. Ilimmoml. PittAbonal.
- -
Inc A len.t. ea • 41.1. C. 11 . 100 G.
1191ff)1. A: M'CLUIGij& •CO., Grocers and'
Tea, Dmlrtt. 2:4 Liberty . Fire*, nlxere
• V
'have always on laza a large am.rtrivmt of Choke (Immr
tea arAyiadr . 7.a•. Atm.—Foreign Fruiteoral Nub..lfLnlo•
axle and retail. lA.lvrs puppliml on 00, luvreot.terum
title . z
IIN A. - QAUGII.EY Agent for the It -a -
Erie fuel 31111bleav Line. i n Beaver end t.he Lakes--- 4
on the cower of Water nod Smithfield etf.:
TAAFFE & O'CONNER, Proprietors of the
Ylttehunfb Portable Bost Aux. owner of Peon meld
PLEECH. S: CO.. Tran sportdrs Canal
szd Yorwordlng Nlrtchento. orally, of Pena .I.recl.
eke coc a. •
1. wratauG. : r. an.. . _....a. tramment n
AVESTERVEtri SON, %cell . krt . own
. Vetkititea OILM 31akere keen constantlf on hand er
ma tcrorder the Net artieledn their km. at their old
rtamt..^:n.l3 St...lair .trect slew at No. Fe Marred Week.
emotud store. entrance In Um thanemd. Veldt!. Shull.,
made toted.", and 41 Minds fleetly repaired. acle '
4[ AAI
ROWN would m oat rex pectililly inform
the roblle that be k0.1.0n hand ethie ;tendon the 0000
r leaf the Diamond. Alleghenf citf. A mA , Ph , i , ..Art , A.At
• of Teulttan bond', Ob. Venitlau Shutter.. are made to order •
in the feet ttrim•warrauted equal to any. in the United
Mate.. Int Mitch! tau he rernerel without tie, aid of e
error driver. Baran: otrehaael the etock, tool, and woud
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• 01 .io. 4 b WOOn O rtit l 4 ' t, mttrbumh.
°MS J. A. BROWN. '
rvraing and
• a.
I'S WV Dl:i OCI:44:01:7.tkoil):0
lIARDIE. Netertharf Surgeon. late
Idirdinsgb. Scotland. Rnuldreneetrally
k n :VAITZI! t h a'l l r,T r l f re n'll'lrterjArg . ."2 l A'en:
tstructal be hoic! tn glee vatletattlon., ,
councrtion • itli • , /411/01 Hann, Rom bbcolnit and
Itteektuttzbina . in arsenal sill be encrimt on, at the curlier
of Tubdic.l area and .t.cuittylcarda.Avezine.
1 WOOL 211:111{.CHilln'S.
.. ....
1...1 1,1'..1,, .5u0.,,,F:. , ,r, to 3lurTil)y and I,ei.,
. Wml lhalvr wa,l i'ol2illijllioll .Hrrclsznl, for• the role
Ml\can Voolonm.•LYlrth st
cl S., V. 'FARB:II36Ii, I\ 00l 316rchanti4' ,
I. Dcalm In 41 - ,or .A I'r”lun, qemq.ll4 lull For
erolln and Commin.lon Mer&nnts NO. 115 klut stz.t?
..I lit. Vvvnul etre, PM...burr:l, '
NtVILLE JOIINSON,Ems accr onW4;4).
ILPbIIO 11.11. Mani 4.1,4 Pithimr,h. ”f
i 110,, Si.chin,y. lie:WA rontlepmcn.
LsudoOLT , O, Drug Inf. s n A l. Sn•
c ivilmqwviA,.xtutivwct,ttot, the 11.1, 6t)le
a nrt4 nnJ at. thr prinr.
I : l ilAio i te S , l 2.. " • 3 ri C 2P i n A ..' Li i i' ' " i ; ' 1: 11 1 ::
, pitutsursls. 11.1,.. 1 .. 1 .0.b.c0pi.. 1, 11.ruit,, , 1.,1.k..9,
il . Drat.. lkos.l. !Abel. Arebttreturat and ..Varta, ~
1”...,, o,t, Ittutn , .• nod Vipttlika Cr tr..,....,..,,,, :i:
drawt vn ROne. out prlnt...l to rotor*. 11(.1.1, Itr.,nut .',
Nod: lo Om tao6t aPOrOte. l sl.fle. 0554 14 tho u.,nt silWoo-
O: 1 2/. 1 rin_____....--:
__,....... 9 . 7_
__.--..- _
.f4V.1.0417‘1/14.S(ItSi &Cp:, Importes tu tu
InsOoote Dodos ha Ilsailwart exml Cutlery, ea 1%9
cut Y e et l 4'. ' ,• . . •
Dealer in
Kb., 1., ar,
111VILMARTi1 & NOBLE--.City Flowing No. 56. i Glforty eor of Moons do. Sittsbuogh•
- -
11.) A. MADERA, Agont iin• Delaware Mu-
Ma Party losurancolkaopany, 42 Water street-
GAItOINTI, t COFFIN, Agent for Franklin
Vilummox) Company. Meth at Fuer o nrool .
and Third arena.
NIIRL. GLENN. BootBINDIR, Wood stree4
mAnd clone from tho carom of Thlrd.vehere heto
reetemet to do every deem - helm at lllndlog with metaere
oral dorstAtity. Monk Itoteal mint to oar miter .4
hound entraonttolty. Brats nn Pnattenh at . ott teal.
I..ttel carefully. or mmtral. Names mann In gilt tethers.
Rlros who hove - I:toting am Milted to coll. Plk . oo
Q ITACKLETT & WHITE, Wholesale Deal
-1,0 aura to Doinoetlo and Foreign Thy Goode, Na 101 Wood
etereaTittithorgh, Write the attentson at buyers to their
large ' , indent it mob Goode now opening% and which they
ammed to sell on tory nasconthalsting tonna
We obeli be couttandy receiving tooth gaids during the
sown. and rather% an exagninallon ut pm' Meek 17 nest
s.= mow/ant, arid others Tithing our oily.
31aaoL to , ?2 ,31 1 i and
Itaa,m Retailr... of Wood and h strode, Igttaborgh. Where Wier
offer a fell awl complete •Lek hate, C. rum. ae of
o'er, quality and Atyle, tif Wholesale and Itetall: end In.
alto the attention of their chatelaines awl Parch... ifeae ,
ally, wearing them that they will 011 oWthe moot Wean
taiiients firma
New Cotich PactorY—Alleghary.
vs ) ,
~).„2... M. A. WHITE ,/,' CO. would ro
• Speed' Ile Inform tale Labile that they bare
erect a shop Gal week, between Federal and Sandusky
streets. They are now making and are Wens-tad to retwite
tuners for every dt , wri[lool2 of "adder, gar b
bar g oehee, Lingo, Phmtous, a., Le, which, ,from Ugh.
i.u.k i
loon ...Peri... I the manufacture 4 . the above work,
and the Leni n . tiny hare , they Lel contkitmt they aro
enabled to do w k on the mint reasonable terms with
anew wauting a lee in their line.
- Paring attentiOu to the eclectic!'" of materials,
and having novo but emstretrot workmen. that' have no
hesitation in warranting their work, - We t1t.. 143 ft . 0 the
attention of the nubile to this matte*. lc',
N• It Repainut done In the hest : Mgoner, and no the
matt remonablo u TIIII. , ~.".
-:-.1 • tiaillnf
trat 11. wane ' angs Vilma.
putsT gr.l
Disci:eaulth PP
blteambnatn but
etttr, Ttut
. _
for liteamb.SU4
We would
to call and roe o
A vozn :
of Wood
'rotas. TAmbk
Tier Totc•oAool,
N. D. Ac •
Y..i .- : . '-v:ITTISWRM
TM. DIG Y, Merchant Tailor. „Draper,.
Iteadt Made elothhts,l3T Llbsrty st.
EET, between.W.iod and Mar
.sk'fralTA° Ttn 4 14111' era
t to order. .
• e'en to atom boat tyst.
a Ilea aasortment• at topless asal Braes
I • ao.• Staamboat Uosaclng: Stores.
I variolri eery ecorsestont artkle
G. {Simla eallireasda, Rad and Cosa
! oily !smite SteSsiaboat Me; ilea atm Fs
articles and rim. etleast.parsitasistit
• ' .1
!selection oT DrawitklatPlrhank'Sr7alo
AVM 5: 7 , 1111111111M5.
.. .. .......
• . R 1101.11..
BUCKNOR & CO., Tobacco"
• Merehanta, No. 41 North Water alrreL
Wharrea. Philadelphia. augl
, Old Levee st., N. Wean,. keep eon
s larh=eirrt of lingual. of the fel
-1 I V L . : 1. ntf4,74°. r
• allo, J. J. Durand. llognag. A. do Hon..
MorkicalL Jean Look ke... ar:
tool and Whlte
W lacr
tool *wee Burgundy l'ort. telly•
11 & J.
. •
innUr on Imod
lommn Magna,
stun A L. Mar/
Aloo Anchor ^
f rnaluee generlly. l
Atturnev at Law,
• for Pensoytrards, Br. Lord, Mo.
A1„ 0 ,,
Attornev,and Coun
t No.. ( Camamllate atioarro rPltt lelat a
rah.) the Stela of
to Ilan. W.:Voreard.llasapton a
lcClare. Joan Naar:lhneella
i3ODIV ARE , Co., Whole
31saket sL, rhtladelol2!._ .I'4l
I' JCL Lk wauts. C. urrinrrot..
FNt~R- _ ...)EXTER . CO., lioneral
Cm . .inipalon arid Vorwirding Me 'ant...2a 11.•ur
n - ,....,N0.f7t1 Market Atect. Jll4
WIOIIEtIAN. 'Manufacturer of all
11.1. kinds of cotton and veollen ansehinery.l.kllegheny
vaty. Ttte above works being sow in full and amavenful
Operation. - I am ognarad to earruto orders with diarawb
for kluda fosclainerk to toy lbw. Farb so ...Now,
picker, sprawl..., cord, manding kuarbirga, rail. s. nitro,
1.111., framer. riaattb". tbrmodle. Cato, woollen card, doable
Or tingle. for merchant or country work, mule, jacko.Acd
olklo and baud tallow oral bolt du gt :sera. All kinds
of tballtod rands to order, or plans given fig grab.= Is.a.
Mee or nt reneenslde •
Ilarks,P—liennedt.Cbtleb it Co.. Illackitnek. 6cll 01M..
Mug. Panneek A. dna. A. Gray.
tl OT'CA; Wolutre boatnliltked J.
N}:it et/tlti with me In the farbangeond Ranking
Pittolotrzlo dommaY I, IM4.—Ja7Aw
Irak tr. mutal o . conrka.
V b45,ri,..,E, 'Ewa corner of Wood
trauesetions mule on ' llberal term*, mad ealleerlona
promptly latte cln4 to. daally
Mutual SafeV Insurance Co.,
Third rt., PbOadel fo phta.
.e4=itl; l ltl! ' : nrit• C =; . .
reeelved during . tbe year emling 9dobt" ,
e ji Inland Rieke SID:U.O6-U
e Itoed
rubll2 m. i
minas &min. the ienrondin. so above:
Inland 111pIg . 41:
"Q PX:xtS 4 . 92
On MBA in
Otz Flm IIC•.k.
te daring the nwhe Me
lark '" d nvi thee gationLereee.3l..ll. 4 l29 . ,7 67
17.hhh , 15
17.9.2:1 9 ,
ILPt Probt Ind •
ern Pre
Agency duo
rapetoc, Ri
of tho Cntrtpany are . follow:
Agee. anti liround Rent, 112.4.71:1
etwin. 61: prr . cent Loan 12..6Cn.2:,
4 ,1 1...1 %.,„ ... : ----- ---- T .' 4 1 71
el'aeitynix " " • 3‘,1,L.0U
Inixlvanla RAI Roonl Corrinooo...-. 1 n.". 00
Inliantn faHl 31suulnrtust , lUnk.
The 'V.I.")
Bonde. M.,t
$ll.OOO Colt.
WM COO l'envlA)
515.00 u i;
SUMO l'hn I
try, apein 4111
1 7 113 L b .. sres
_ .
tiladrlytsla ast4 Its, re 4.lnOraceStesan
Meilelphla ClnupaUl'...;--
ck. Of ountlry Mutual lust= t 0,,,
:117 9:54=
Rill; =l"lic .
C. on).
Intoned d
lialaneve In he hands iil' Air_cartv. 11111.1 Premitimv
Dyads Policies, recently itemni .... - j.."
Sulivcripti I't Ott, ' „Dewar.*
The nf Dina-Lira have Ulla d p ey oooo deinci o" a n dr " lili : sitl
or SIX PEI CENT. In ea.. nn the Capitol $l.-k, sod SIX
PEN. CENTI on the Scrip of the (Vgapany. haratibi init..'
aftcr December lot. 1000. Alvin a dividend of TEX i'En
CENT. in serip, no w hi chptal Stiwk and Eervied Pit-mi
L ures. Certill a r e for will be leaned aa &neve.
William blertiii. Willitri ' olw ' ;il. J. 11. Johninn.
Jnevpli era John S. Newlin. trammel E. Kok.,
E. A. Sem r. Unit. M. Herten. JAIII6OI Traiinair.
John C. Da iv, Jerrie. E. ll.d. a bl'llvaln.
1 ,,,,,.
Elate, T. Paulding. Ch5....15.117.
John It. Pc . IL Jones Brooke. J. T. Lev., PD.'S ,
N. tidwerd IL Sin.. D T. Morgan.
G. H. Leibe . Wm C. Jr.. Hugh Craig. "
Irene IL Davis.
THOMAS C. HAND. VleePrevident.
s Jorgen Cntrair. Mercian . . .
By the ct Ineortaindlog thleCeentianY•the rt. inen
n are enitUed to a share o the pronto
i! . Ptlirig, it'ullti7iwlthout•outdecting thmeuelves to any
liability •ond the premium pald• ... . .
Tim Cap t ad bincli end buteerlplion Nonce are Pierigivi by.
the Cher fur the mu nmat uf lower; end the profits of
the CoMptiny are directed to be Lneeitod end remain in the
powircalon of the Commit., to a food for the far th er se.
ettnty of 1 ie several. Ohio fund will be ...prevented by
I ;lMPL:l°l,n=7`g.':.7;' , ..." - r.`,..1": 1 t 7 = 11
• of earned NrCralturks arid vapital Stock.
Pltbditirrh AVIIPI• tfrr Mater street
ier&Jl m P. A. JIADEIILit.
State .. dual Fire Insurance Company,
Harrisburg, Pa.
THE very liberal patromige extended to
tills ..0307• Lwlncq Issued 11~oholes to the nmomt
ufn thelori
three mon te,%l snmelent mantteetatiou the eetlmatlon
and enufld nee of the publir in the aralc.of
unArhich Is bonne.* In comlnctod.
TA city .r country merchant", and OMOVIII of dlnd/Wir.
and hots aral country property, It la believed this com
pany a/To I advent. , " 10 point of rafe t y. cud
occurity. I. clot to no Insurance Company this
ComlueLl on the equitable andurearly Implored "potent
of Clavon Gun of lark, excluding all Gavial hazards, In-
GIG!. onl limited amount lu one thu.Prtt
elndinti thy frequenry Kul occurrence of
. anro
Net on both the Stuck and Mutual plan. It not a
m et
re,* the .drespuent and accommodation of Loth method..
but rontlea the hunted to teartnipaGou In the pro fi ts.
It under the control of the followunrlnrectonc — John
P. Itutherford , A. J. Gillett, John n. Picker. S. T. Jones,
A. J. GILLETT. necretary.
A. A. C Actuary.
, n •
111,1tm with hooka of the Ciocuyanf ur caalog At the °fa".
Westeit. Insurance Compariy of Pittsburgh.
c / APITAL 8300,000. K. 31ILLER, JR.,
President, ----
.11 r dell" Fire end nadae.
All hioie.( will he lilwrally cul.tuntud and promply tuld.
A tam , ' latitutfon—roanagml by - I/tractors who am wall
Ammo MI rim community, and who RIV determined by
argil 111 w to maintain tha elmarter which
thiY hare +Auto:tat, Aa offering heft P , t
o desire tu Itomred.
1.1i.5.1171;,11.."d.--riT-k,, J.N.
W. M. Lyon. Jannu. I.lpoinnAt,
Nipilek. r Thov. &lAA.
• .tr' . Ws. tArt.A. 4.wareinnuo I 13paalut i Co-,
Penn Life IninthineeTempany; Minders.
Jr, at the Mee of the Ifeeterii dararammcoaCpauff
Rater stmt. Pltteldlraia •
Pamphlet, with a4 moraMrp Mfatmealkfa, mod .b/alk
tam, well bfartdahed.
Ituddruts mai Insure their ltree fur
oof benefit of their
holders of Lla• Poltrldc
the fll video& a the pact ts4l yews bare boa , ehillgcr
met. each year. • "
Fire and Marine Inanzatee. •
crlca will make peropefoctdaratOmlrallsonitah O O
Compßyan fII .
l bi YtVtuti a tAr ' l tte r" A=Or.g
Company are well Invented,
al l furolshartsrallabla furd
Sat the ample hateroulty of all pedalo who Jointly be
P by hooree.,
trla.lp WM. P. JONES. • Atzeote {1 Rstrrtt
. • . .
Delaware MtLtual SafetylasuraneeMmpl .
O I e 'F mA IC N E O., ,
t lt i 9M oir 'O t " . Y
pent Isscuscr..—Bullibree. IlerebonZ x r ...."
propety. In unrn ant country. tnented 'bees or
dmutan by ro. at tbe Icareot rate of tootlohow.._
Manua Iseruern—Tbey alen Ir.. Tom. Colltoln
- and Frelubts, turelten or mutable, under upon
:ponder,. the scoured =1 dad..
Moon Tarsnreereonore.—Tbey al. Insure. lloreaao--
transport . By Wouons, Ran read nun Canal 'bad. nod
Blom borne, gm therm and loge*, on the moot Mond term.
Dizonnaa.—Joseph 11. Beal, Umond Bender. John
-Darts. llobert Burton, John R. Morose. Samuel Litortqlll4
(Boren C. Lotter. Yclward DarllnJton,inao It. Darn lelb
limn Weevil; John Newlin Dr. A. Unoton. James C.
Mad, Th.nhilw Joltlo BM °.
Flo.. Hugh Pale, Goma Seats, tipeaner Melinda,
Mud. Kelly ,_.Y. Johnson, WM. MY, By. 8.
Jot. Ballets, Wraltyre, Jr. •
DIIMMIN - Hflumtais—D. T. Morgan. net& 0.r0 , g ,
John T. boom,
Watt. Icorele, President, Toon C. 7lnen VI. P.a .
dent. Jarrow W. Cowan, Boetetory.
Clir-Orriet of the Company, No. 42 Wot.CO stmt
blwab . 10022W1 Y. a. MADNIBA, nUont.
Franklin Fire Insorince Ca of Mihail,
DIRECTOR& Charles W. &tacker, Geo.
'l-111VATh..ztart, Ando , Al D. lands, Tobias
J=l . . 47tt.Ifogrkitt ' ir tU''"""r'"4
CUAR.Li BA-scrits; - P.461.d.
Cucuta G. litadAba. Secretor. '
This Company caution. to make itutlimuM, VIUMMan 7
or limited, on moray description of Property In town and
contry, at beta tot low to an eordiatind vlth ocoutity.
The Company hare reamed large contingent fund,
hich, with %boo Capital and Promluma; gakty inomted.
Word maple probation to lila wastowl. ' • '
Tho aitiotta of Wm lammany,imJmioady latjaiyowpub -
Bohol ogrocabis ito tho Act of Amombly, were utollow.
. Elm sl,94T,tdtl 4 4 .
Tempootwy I:cAiUr.= . ... —• i t.,.1201
bibelot -
Cub, Jo ; • 341014
42=492 71
a 2 a i rp . al t Pu i =o r TtrwVßenVoloVor= l Tr oia7d
L4raol. by Piro, Cauchy otturolloK evidence of vita
adyantageo of luminous, ea toll Wino ntiuty and Ws'
poultiou to meet with pronatotwow an nobintiow
J. tiAlLlCililt COPFIN. Admit- •
coal Orlko V.:carter or Wood and Jot sta. •
The covlertioteitrrotherresiria are appointed to nil
!Ward Lose—Wekly Mg:
.......... —...-.. -..--
. IRON L1TF141001../.31i.711. 1 COM . .. ..... S.
' I EX' BOOM .13aturdir Jidir 111.1
Atrka:-..... ........ ...New t r1et......---Kstarder. In:7 1 1.
}A.1T'......--....-lki*7l.t"T'illif —l4 . =, 3111rit 1.,
entads } L um,
.-lierulder. Mawr+ 15. 1
Attlee • Nero York.-----Saturdar, Mereh'-n.)
Anwelre ............--Ilodon, ..... .....ssiuder. 9 .'
Asia. ...Nevi IFlri . ....s.tord.r, April Ile
I or. L1V....1 , 001.
Ada New York Vredneedar. Fe
b . ..
Canada. . ' Boston ...._ ..... - Wedneed sr, Feb. 12.
Arden New VOr k - ...---Wedvedlay. Pub. '''..
uope. Bredork Wdnewlay, Her. 11.
Aeis.. .......... ----New York Wedeeeday, Her.
criA.d. Radon! .......... -.Wedewler. April 9.
...trim ..k. To t ...... ......w.pniAlAy, April 21
Ameritre .fluetard.—. .. ---Weduewlay. Arull 2 / 1 . ,
.......... _ . .._,-.New ydrk._--...-WedreveLer.l.ll.7 ..
I . .eu , Sr Italia, Dada. or New York. L. 34: second
ceLln,' "1 ' •
G. & .Ifcra Sitemers—Maine
etr.oxi yew - Tom.
..... Weelecri.T. —.
res. lent %oat
? New Fed; esti liarre Line--Jkasly Tr9w
RoVl L ittis Tuai. •
..... fora.
lLtuNaT. 71 .r.
' - ' , atettley. April 4.
a,b4rd.s. x.. 3. 3.
Toll 'LW 10i.
WedvelablY, 5r. 32 .
—fn. Mere
-3lasee --WectillWay, Aril 9.
119wre-..-...—.3r93:99,39Y. ,99 e
Ocala Sbwas 11;triostim. o—.W.riar
Weehingwel....anee New .York.—....—Zetunisy. Vet.. F 2.
York-.- -I:at/3193n 3791110.
llereesza New Yort. ...... 3397 n.
Humboldt .
Itumbolt. -
/ROY ..... T.
Washiuktou....-...fur Nell, York— .-Frldkr.)lkrrik Zl.
I Irnakne . Nem York ..... Are'
lea. York-.----kl+hf. Nor 1 6 . *
auk. 14.
11.064,1L111 , 06714.
U. B. mail atramera te/Pf• lak cm Lb. eltb
or mach smattla. fur Chat.. • •
roe nseass ASD
gteltior4SP Intel losses Charleston on the Istiusd Litho(
each InualL. •
E.wroo.—or O mrvnbnrf, Chamber...Z. - m11=1 , 111 , 1.
New lorkfTestern, Centre and Northern. m. of . lark,
Delmar, Nev' Jemr, aryl the six New Erodes. Pates.—
The British Pr...inns or Lower thnissla, Nova eml
New Brunswick. daily. Actives all r... 1 Departs at tr. sr.
NoaLLu Essrcau.-13r adl lloilidaysbulec.
including Mr counties of Brad... Candirie.(Pnlire. Clin
ton. Juniata. Limoming. 1111111*, McKee. Potter. 1.11.
Tams.' 1 1 0100. and pat tor Weetrainelaml, via limimier.
NiurrapPille, Salmi Pt 11.1.. New alexamiriy sovd
ma enmity. Arrives deily, except 1 100407 e..1 1
par. astir at Ca r. u.
llhurler, Pa,' Iliacer, Cemilani. mil Jefferson
...Mk. MempartaNew Yorks.. upper Catiad.dridT•
Anis. at 9 0. 0.: and deports at 9 a. a.
5.11111169 mo Wm - max.-11y Washing..
Forette. Emmeniet., part of Westrarreland mantl.l
Barrie.. llailinum. vr.,,bir,oun city, soutir... l9 vo.t .
mn puts of Ohio a. Italian. Keens., 11l lad.. Tem.-
.. Arkanme. North Um,
line. Georg. 110trids„ Mil Texas, daily. Amine
at 6 r. and departs at 6 P. a.
F u r,'," - =lclttlNL r ''& ! ._v n— sraJritrt
Tarlearreaa etudde.Obi.itelly.
APP.+ st 11 P..; ;. rin d
a .
NV mnia..—By Beaver. Pa, sad Clevelmal. 011.—
Bearer Cu., Pa...Columbium. Trumbull, Port.. O
Medina. Cumbotm, hruumit,lake,
Richland, tundis, liurun, Ottawa. Erie. amdusky. Wood. 1
and Lucas nomaties, Me n 0.... 93 'fiff''' .
.4 the Statm of leallisna nod midd
on. lowa. and Wisennain„ daily. Antrea at 11 a.; dr
pmtrisit 6 1. 0.
Km prim.-11, 00110011. Springifeld, Tamp
tam. Irnmp.rt, Kittanning, If Iskiminitas. Armstrong. Clot
on, and Clearrald counties. daily. except o. hunlay. Ar
ves at 7r. and der*. a 8 r.a.
Bremdc—BT Perrysville. Weclonl. Zell...mile, Porters.
rNq Ilarlimbarg mil New Lodge. Arrive. Tum a.
ThurieleTh mil petunia.. at 9 r, st., departs MorMark.
WPdLleNilY/ and Fridere, at 7 A. a.
Xlllll,ll-11.—.XT Fturkenti t s 11011, Finlerville!..i?
onsahela qtr. Arrive, Tuesloy. Friday. at sr. a.; &-
parts tsWeilarrifars and lisuirdar. at 6 a..
1,110111/1/1.-1 11 11111i3111.111. V 1. 1 .1• 111.11, klefiempel.
Crap 1 slles. Clisibelbtown. Gamble'. Itastraver. Deliver-
Cookstmen. Pempoteilic. lit Liberty. 6 e. 11.4.-
to. I'. Arrives ilundara and Thunder. at 01 Ste
es Hondas a and Thdraday.. 9 1. X.
8r1114 , 1, Ta.—lly WalkeTl MU. Candnr,
Burgettstow. err. Creek. Villa.. I'atterronl mill, P.—
Bethany. V. Arrives Bandar. and Tbsomhsp, at 10 e.st4
depart. klondaya sad Thunday. all P. X. -
YAlll,l[l. klurdorkseille. Mom. nom
tom. Frankfort Pprings. Wairrieo, Va. Anti. un
7.14, at 6p. scr departs onb.loNaf, at 1116 X. •
FIIZIAC7.I.-41y Antrim. North. ITaiddmitortiand rail.
Pa. Arrive, nu Wednesdays. at 8 0. wo departs! on 11ceider
at 6 A..
Immtarrin,-13f Isuratie Ferry. Aerie. ..4frider. et
P.., &parte 1113 tatutslay, at 6a. ' t
Pitamturs—By Perrysville, Wesfard, Breakneck, Ogle.
Ithiteetown..te, Including Warren and Tens..
co a.
mmie. Arrives daily at 7 laud depart. at 611
betters Pm the daily malls must be In the Orlos tomboy,
MT.m their der.lum letters for the trkweeklf.
Feeklr.and *s ell. malls, mod be in the Offins half m bout
I'IMM:a“}H Iddit.EZT.
arm., Pn7oontoo /arra. 1
londay Morning. January 11/.10.51 on &Arid. sr. ...emelt' cold. and 000 0
little wan doing 10 the market. Salta were confinad to the
regular citi demand, and prices went generally the name.
Tact quoted.
' VLOGR—The arrivals no Saturday war. eaten:AT
and we can report no mire of ronsequenne. The gement
ruling rates Tram tiro hands. are f:lbofd stare
at. $3,15023,00, with a modcrater huoluen.
GlLAlN—Remints etealinue light. and there is a fair de
mand In the market at, for Wheal, 5340700: Rye, 00.1 Bar
0,0.7001 CAM, 43445,.01.0010.!1150?Ma.
SUGAR .1) Mr /LASSES—Priem are 'teddy, with tooden
atr mlea of same at ejadlie: and of norlasem at . 52.03.
tee notlee no change In Prier. man nat4 am
moderate at 1V5412,0:0 for fan.
' LARD—We ran report no large sales. We quote In WAS
at 7007t1. mad in tear at 71r00i71:e*
TALLOW—W. qtum 707.1‘. at about the present ruling
rate, in email lote.
Iller-91VA X—Psnall myrtles are held in store, at 1.70 Via.
FEATHERS—SaIes In • manl. war, at 33C 1,340 t it ilte7
Lome lots would mutably not obtain !boo flgurea. Med.-
mond is moderate. wilt fair ourrollee.
CITEF.SE—SaIes In lets of 50 to 100 ha...prices 'ranging
seeording to quality. from dlic to rate r 0 ID, 000 ortlittarr to
I prime.
W,IIISFEY—Prices emallutte Arm, at 25(.20e re. gall, frw
. .
From the New York Shipping tt,we mIT the folkorint
statement of Teas Imported foto, and exported troop LLB
tt.l States, for the gear ending Dee. 31:
I mnr.ou
?:21 ' rd d .! ... ..... .......
OolongFour.booonal C012g0 3 .
Poem .
To olnek. me
I'.loo °mu 0.1 81ack...... ...
Demi. in 50-07.0 n, the.
Itrzame 15 10 50-11
Tomni Wertz. in 1550, !n
Import in 1040-41r , n
mport In Isl-11100k
. .
CorMirsvisfanum i T 14, lAiio. -
The number of bogs arriredduritig lb..eek gas as 101.
Arrived from Olgo 044
Arrived by relingol, riverand s conals ...... ..... 4,01
Ynnv Ifeutorkr t alive
Floughterod et Plainville 4,4°0
rreriowlT tqw4+l
(rand Total .-. , . ... „.. ..... . ..
Tbo above dues Doi Imitate llogyvrolvoti br emoarf
Wo have mtumot from varloto. pulutela Indiana alalObln ,
and neat vreek nboll probably bo able to prearnt vell , tl
full vtatomeal. In tho meantime. we may remark thatour
mbar Intilente et bailor 'off of oesilY mu ,
the loin. Valleyand mte third In the II bltewater
—li l doe Current. '
The Augusta 03.4 Republir ...ys the populatiort
of that coo unit reach over 12,004—bein6 An memo
ro from 1.U3 to , 10 per emu. ninon the census taken 1
4\11 F 1 1 1. "
PRICES Ami sents
-Thrrnefed by at MUNI',
, - itrrszt
PeumA.n¢L ss•._-
AUrshruy Co.
e h t
eler72" . ' P " ..l ' N.Y.l
in mi..
Dark of l'itubur g h.
Mvretunts'and Man f.
Y.xellan.• Dank
...k of lime-n.{l6M ok
' Allegheny' Say..r.g. Hank
I , lonntrznbcht 14141,-1. .......
St. Clair St. ItrLlml
land at . s
Northern Llhertlo;
isnskscf. STOCCA.
Itarts Insu.nmee
Ciadlane C ..... m O
Aspda.l.nd Plreznan'a .....
I Tanilta. 111;0M.
IKt ' 1.:11?1,11Vi r" VP:
Late Eno •
PltWhnrah ( l an e
boxy .docch AID a... MM.
Trmin. Central Ball
0140 Pere'. Rail .Ikno.l- ..
Clavolond littekdrsch 'Rola-
Itddln Creck Plank 11.4
Xrie Canal BlindS, (old)
Do. dn. hoew)-. ........
Pic,frdle Mag . tgo
i.burvik Bud on leak Mhu9....
411: tl l' d
1000 ri
'North IVe.d. r 0...-
0113bur011 6 He 6°)
Ridge..... ........
tirdat Wer.tero -
'O4O 'Crap k.
• • r. ALM OY 1111 N,
&WO Alleglirm r•oup.G).
s p 7 K .lt s N a s rl . s • v t i l t i sr7 v , A lL /k s 3 her i i :nt . B 'Pk & I.
8.,1.0 of
L'achanke Rank •if gin P.O
Me, mu' Man, kr' do. .... -par
Book Nana:arm P.
Ilak. of North Amerim...par
Bank ollikrtlin
.Bank or Perm.ylkanla..--par
Plink or Punk Tkwunklp.-P.
Dank or kn. trolledPtatee '
Commercial Rank of
P.ana.r.' A llerLackr... Ilk par
(Marl Bank Par
k Mrrll
Phllkdelphla 11.00 par
Pout/ mark Rank.— ...... pal
Wkkern lank
Wink of Charnbenburikk-T1
Ilapk e/mk,(lrrunt."...par
Bank - of Danville P.
' 14.10o...Chestrx-par
Ban o ' par
Ennk k
a f rkko-sbrakb .....
gank. or lerlssown
Book or 11kIkIlr
Mmtvcrtn.ry to Ilank-.-par
Bank or Nurtburatallank.l.
trod kdr tauk
Culurnfil. Ilk k Inidg. en.par
'Dovkatkrrn Honk tar
Paton Ilkak
Pannel.' Ilk or Burka Co-pwr
Partners' Ilk or
Panne,' Bank otllmllnk Par
Vann. Ilk orkehuylLlllCk.l.
lard Deo v. IV ay 33,bunt..
'Prank Iln Pk. arlilunnu par
IlardsbnPv Bank-. 1.;
llrkkeplalo Rank.
kamaatkr Dank P.O
kart/w . k. County
of PIP
411narrt Lank PIAUI/111e VI
.._...-. p4
—Siturday. J.. 11
—.Saturday Feb. S.
Ido Mate 1ia17r.... - .- N
danott at Akron do
llch at Mirror-. da
!ranch at 101.1acport. -- . do
Irauch at Chilleuthe- do
iranch at CI. 'plata do
0 , ..= ' al ?;1 1 ,11!', - , - - .1, 0 ,'
- ~,, at Deladrade- --do
Ptatub at Colombo* do
Manch at Addabula.-- .
Brapch at &Atm .. -.. do
E r'''h o n a t t 11 1 1 ', 1 ' 4 " T.',
Branch at Cointmatt- . do
- Brandt at ( oland.va_. do
Brandt at Wohlraton... do
Itrw.c.l. at Cadia -. . So
'Enoch at Lannut, do
idlrauch at otrubeoin lie do
Ilranrh at 31% N troot..--do
, Matadi at N-a - atic. da
=1: . :IVIZIAtid -d„
dirata 11 at ilidt..tta- 4 ,
!try:eh at rtu)._ - - do
• !pork at Mt. tqrs ant---no
ttekti;iralr" ... .7. t,
mit at 11.0.
Draoch at l'ortmlouth - . do
Hratlch at Eaton.- - . -do
Itraoett at HY1,1111.4 ... do
pleb at Chillico th e- -do
ch at C.o)aboda- .-.40
IlavOL—Tltcro 'were ifeet OM Inches Iv ehatatel. at dwk.
sz:mtal marl. i..t eTenlrez, f.tC
Michham. Dries. Bearer.,iordott. Beaver.
Baltic. Brunet/. Brownsville.
Atlantic, Partlnsnn. Brownsville.
Ilendriegeon. MeKtreport-
Thos. ehriver. Bailey. West Newton.
Ilevellie, Palo, Ellzebeth.
Natal. Conweli, Whaelittg.
Mot No. linchlugPost-
Iliteloye Slats. Dean. einelnnall.
Michigan, Brit, Beaver.
Uttere r Banton. Beaver.
. ileitis—Bennett. Brownavtlle.
Atlantic, Parkison. Ilrownstille.
T. Melt. Iletchirlown , McKnort
Th.. ehrierr. Wnet Newton.
holes. Klltabeth.
Nemenger 0.," Fisher, ClnentualL
Aron. Kinney, Walliseltla.
Mrore, Wheeling.
Bricielshin. Poe. Cinrinrual.
Milo, Davi+, 1,01,111,
ashington, 51artiu. Lagsplile.
NASHVII.LE-41..1u,, 10 , M.
ST. LOVIS—Iwr Newl ,, , 10 a. IP.
ITHEELINII—DIurnpa, 10.,. Y.
110(2E1 NU No. 2, 3 P. Y.
liAstmlur.--11.0 env. light drumght etas Gen.
wUI 6:110 foe Nashville, an:t .11 hatesonial.Wa poet. W
• •
few day.
Foe W Gnu ractot eleataer Mura/. Captal
Coastal, lean, for 'lle above port. Oils mosnla,. at to
wuramiNn—pre 3aurc'Nrraor-3 bblp r,Bell a'
Iraccta 18 bbdcaah. tad , Indic, 3 &as nub, Baker' a
Film P4l n. balk Inca. II Wokbark: 11 await 'rhea. WI/-
mall a arvcnikira Dahcil CA 885 "r•
Brown Ar 14IrklatrIckr 34 Irlbk parp,r, IV 1 , Maneltalb 7 bbbt
k 8 ,..41 . 11 13 do do, owner, tact ta141,1 Arbuckle 4
WIMIAVILLII—Pck Anc34-42 abest.lBllmarlb
Noble 3 btam drd 0/.11,3 tads lardi Ilartaught 7 bb14.41,
rktur, Icunlc•ct Nlllplat sdo dn, J II MO; 4 bbb.
Ido Maar, A1T111112 , 11, Grown 50 1,441110ur. 5 840
acts, 511trelb 43 hurko, 55111 dour. arum l bor., .1
blakcly. '
To the Readers of the Pittsburgh Gazette.
PUBLIC ATT,ENTION is respectfully in
'Cell to the following truths, set fm? in relation to
yam ago smut this great "wetly tau brooded before ' tile
Llie ft the mita nod Mare of dim.. Its m xtat powers
to Imal. ham since then. beam.
i t
10 by the
nonssnunity. end we ellem that the •orit 13 tried the
more certain will Its greet fame opniet tls out the "M
-arts" •:',:rat.°',,rag.lril , " 4,= ( .l ,, ? , : mlan'
dl otber umtrums nave rate forgotten. ' The Pardon. itt
Natural Itotrooly. elaborated In the depths of the earth
by a pow" end mot" that lamlut WINSI all human
compeon. It to out duty. when wribe abtoot • rortli
eine, that we write the truth—that we pay nogiting ode.
Wed WI demi". lhoe• who may trust our weed or out ma
den" In or statetneut, the sick
very apt to
, each at
any thing that promise, relief 112103 dl rue' A eery can
Madly In too highly wrought to ter the oleect of gull.
Ing or b lontgkg 0 . 00.0 of them. Novr, we do not desire
to do this; sto ate oustous only matt he truth in relation to
our remedy Mould Its told, In order secure Mr it • topm
babel far ems:ening my Mottle article in the mania
Plain unvarnished facts—facto that may be ascertained
to our city and neighborhood. bear ample testimony In to.
'or of the Pelsoloonv
Withlo the pant too monalat. two of our own citisens.
who wore totally hbral, halo boon motored toslghl. nee.
eml rm. of Minims, Ins,
the State of Ohio, have been
coml. A otte r: m tho cant of a gentleman in Beaver count!.
been art othe but titme ass" mar Mane, and ru • y
be naforrod to by my potions who have double on the 'ob
mct. liner mom we rune alb" they had been abando
l LS. phyaletam as boucle". The lk-truleum will rut,.e.
when toMI erconllng to directions—Diarrhoea. lireentotT,
IMiealthoutnottstu. ticuralgi. Eruptions= the elfin
ohol on'the fa". Chmuir tont ET eo, Itingwornt, Tou t er,
0,101 Head. pains Inn" and PM". omm, kers,
Wens. Ague. (throttle Cotters, Asthma: Bronchitis, and all
Pulmonary affections of • chronic nature, tending to pm
duce Consumption.
Burns and Maids. diseaery of the Bkolder and Kidney, I
Chapped Ilanda Excutialod Nipples. Carus and Minions.
In fact. It la a taut UNIVE.O.SAL exam . , and Ima hem :rind
In mint of the atervo diveamt within the paot year with the I
most perfect maw". (knifing" that will astoolsh are in
the hands of the proynietnr, who will take pleasure in shove
ing thern ha the atillemd or their Mende.
Whatever others may say about their noodirines i , tho' o l
irli=the treatr i t r i o =ty of thle,..y.etht)ox thou n
In th o oir praetV. Thoso who al Rost Welted with doubt
anti uncertainty
. me willing to award it due prase end
consideration. 'Brim mother pow MIA rattoil. All Will be
compelled to acknowledge that the Petroleum is the Iver.r.
art madirlor poor trir s radi 3 1; , (1,, , Verttn,11,11 0 .arA t re .
fall. by
Alx,E. E. &t O.
to Weal stmt: errD. A.
p E til L 4 j n b .
'.burg • • 1.10
!WARR 451,616
411.311 • P illitiPt
1381,9435 IMMO
640,510 0U0,72.7.
1W1.64 ,
4972.3in54 03 2 1 6
Z. 1,116.916
3,817 032
Or, A4mogotosuoo oft tho eagle of Anthony
leaf the city of Ilttabaroh, damsel. o
leaving tat day
minted tolhe andante:ord. tonne Is herebrglno to
all paroma WOW to otid estate, to make Immattarja w ei
meat to althea ef no, and all Donna. Loki= . m.
odd eptate are notrestad to moment Um Wm. aMY uOLUPP.
tlestel, fur ea:Umtata. at the emanate.° lately occurial
WA A. Bock. ati Mini .toeel
ANNA NI. BEVAN. Admialatratria.
MAZZANI. Admlntstestot.
Mannar-eh. Dm. '2l.'ll!s‘k—dcalkdlot
gLLERS' 11PElti A L couGu SYItUY
tJ proof of itiii.sogAtAr.n.%,,,,,t, Tus
Mr it ft Selhus--Inlng antiotod far Sone Liao wiLh
bud niugh.l w no= nsowled to tea Tour bin h
neon g (thud Mr. 1.0 tun lean. Nur ottemt
Ow., I a wi It bail the /n. 141 effort
ru:C f m . ... " llf,t..)rrYrr h ytll77l,72 rt f, :rlu b.b4 e! '"l. lrl . r to
t. hu
od . o rMVITOIi tui loorOt until I met with V% 1n 11w•
co Oi row into! fully witisnett in asylm Pri•
retwannintiliiii Os public one of the Lost mid/
eines that ha/ trot boon !sewed for the ems fttiM It
howtstuti .tare B.
i_r_Lowiri nod wad Ls iaIt.SIOLLEItit. IT Wood, mt. 44
.7:0 Thalia cab by fall 1111.101 A nut=
PITTSBURGH GAZETTE. . 7110 t. HAltituat...__
, ~ , ___• . ,
tiotiftettatmt6 tram Male Plastered, qt4tat.3
TUX WASHIEIGTON. ' Ilattatatim, Jan. 16.
lgotrenouSsace of themeyjittsbersh nasstte.l Th e F ,,,,,gr i age of the Legtialeare to-day, al
-1 Wssnisorox, Jan. 16. ;though lengthy, are uninteresting: ,They emaist
d Dick... Repeal, Colon edion andmits- merely of a record of the presentation of pea-
Qui lions and the reading of bills in place. As these
''''''' is A ' S "" dt. / I li' himself^Sere.. • I Mak - . Matter; of business possess more intrinsic falter
er I end Winthrop. Sinoslor e1:44.k. Senators , ' est than anything else I could furnish you, hive
and Sundries. , . you a statement of that part of the proceedings
Senator Brodhead in rarely on the : high road which aro esPedallY imPortaut t° lu ur m ade " .
to greatness, for be has already secured a nick • Mr. McCloskey presented a petite:lnfer &State'
name. 'lt is Quiet Dick. Who named him or road from New Brighton to Allegheny:city.
thought of him a week ago ! Among the di. Mr. Bigbam, giro for a State road Brom the
mocrecy the day and night *ere rendered alike .Allegheny and Perrysville Plank Road to Roches
hideous and dismal be their sounding conflicts, ter, Beoyer comity. , ._
over Buchanan, Cameron, Black, Fetter, and a Col. M. Robertson, one for the
based establ'alment of
oor two of others. Quiet Dick all this time \ a
system of 'Fre e -Banking, meta State
lay low anddark, , buS at the twelyth hour rased- Stocks.
des crywas beard, appealing to him , Mr. Reid, one fOr a Plank Road from Water
*Awake I Arise I". , I ford to Martinseille. , ;I • ,
and the nut morning ' accordingly " Dicke& did I Mr. Ma. also read a bill la place,; ineorPora - I
wake tip a Senator elect of the United States—, ting the above company.
upon the whole,' I believe that it is a Buchanan hie Bigelow, one for a change in 'the Militia
victory, to within the party. Two' 'yeass ago Law, and one for the prevention of disorderly
Me Brodhead erne a$ Buchanan man, the friend, conduct at public and nodal mieting4„ • •
adherent .and adrairg of Buchanan, and the be- Mr. Gulley, one for the erection of a separate'
tides:l2M here that he la still a partirsi of that School District in North Ilimitingdon andfiewick
, aslibitig guilemand It is reported that as seen ley townships, Westmoreland county. • '
tie nomination was: made , Goa. Camero n _no- Mr. Evans , a petition in favor of the new
titled his friend and patron, Gen. pass, iby tole- - county of Pine, or Snyder, uit was list winter
graph, thus: "Brodhead nominated, but ALL eh-listened: also, relative to the election of foliar
moue" But primarily Brodhead ie in, and visors in South, Malioning township,(lndiatra
between him-and histackera, w er they were , county.
piwmuiniiiiii will 0 . her ecU al one li t tl e Mr. E. read a bill in place, relative to the mi
trouble shout either of, the pre, dere to her Perriuura above alluded to. I . • ' •
support In the presidential contest. 1 • Mr. Leech, a petition in favalof thelrepeal of
There - woo quite ii spirited and stirring morn- the Fugitive Slave Law.
lag inthlt, Senate.
t blr. Clay presented a peti- Mr. Leet,.a Petition for a Free Ila4g later
lion upotiVolonize on and madeit .theluipTaion ' and one to . revent the sale of, ardent. snirits M r
• Tr •
for a short 'ad very , impressive speech n sin. Washington county.
very, the state of the country, ' and the best Mr. Highest' read in his place t ir supplement to
mode of getting rid of or of managing an:admit- the act erecting East Birmingham into e borough;
led eril. also a bill repealing the act constituting the
Mr. Hide aid Mi. Seward offered petitions Board of Revenue Commissioners. , ,
for the repeal of the fugitive law, and Mr. Hale hie McCluskey, a bill incorporating comps
made a speech in which he denounced:that act ny to construct a Plank Head from Nev Brighton
in exceedingly severe terms. Foote celled him to Allegheny eityt also, a billl authorizing the
to order in o manner that exhibited greet excite- Pittsburgh and SteubenrilleTurimikelloadCom
ment. He said °Apply such tarns as disgrace- puny to plank a portion of theirirond. ;
ful, infamous, and the like no an act of Congress Mr. Lauglilin, a bill to incorporate a company
as Mr. Hale was doing, was an infringeinent of to construct a bridge over Red Bank creek; also,
the dignity of the Senate which had contributed a bill incorporating the Catfish and Chaian Turn
to pass it- The Chair decided that it Was not. out pike goad Company.
of order. Bale hereupon turned on Foote and Mr. McKie, a bill to ermathe new county of
rondo ono of his annul happy and humorous re- Mohoning, out of parts of Indiana, 'Jefferson,
torts upon that senator but did not abate the se- and Clearfield counties. . ,
I verity of his. denunciations of the law. ' , In the Senate, Mr. Walker, of Erie, presented
Mr. Hale moved to refer to theJudiciaryCom- a petition from the Erie Mid ,Edinboro" Plank
t mitten but was met by a motion to lay on the Road Compaoy, asking to be granted the same
r, table. There was a vote, but before it was lir rights and privileges as are grunted to, the Erie
4 ken, lir. Yulee, of !Florida, asked to be excused and Waterford Plank Road Company. '
K from voting, and gave his reasons, but Was not Mr. IV. also rend in place-s bill for the - above
~ excused. For opposite reasons,'Mr. Hale want-' purpose. ,
ed to be exeunt, but woo not. ' The vote of the Mr. Robertson presented a petition from Low
yeas and nays, was 'Called. Tule§ and Butler, of rence county, in favor of Free Banking.
S S. C., did not answer. Here Poete thought there Mr. crabbe offered the following resolutions,
was another chance ter malting is sensation. He which Were read and adopted: • . -I ,
therefore called upon the Senateio compel Yulee Ranked, That. inasmuch Ms many of the midi
ll to vote. The Chair asked bow it was to be dope. CM who were recruited Into the service of the
i •Foote suggested, Mr. Winthroppointed out the United States, before the condusion , f the war
'" mode, but the Chair Said it knew of no etnnpul- with Mexico, were scarcely i mont. on duty,
'll wry process. . 'Video seemed haif inclined to and ct 7 received 160 acres of. land, I is, in the
compromise, when Judge! Butlericarge to the sea- opinion of the General Assembly ee this . •
2 cue, and eakettto have his name culled. It, was monwealth, both just era equitable, at those
,a called, and he replied. "I won't vote." Here who served in the war of 1812, _esti flee:open
. I wan a crisis. The Union might have been blown land or wider, as well es in Iker Indian wars.
' " into atoms before a union convention could have should receive the same numiffir of ,aerea of the
3 been assembled in its behalf. ' But Ole storm public domain:
blew ever, and thel Union was saved pro.,hoe rice, Resoled, Th at the Governor be requested' o
l,tto wit, the vice of defying. the Senate inn foolish forward a copy of the foregoing reaolutiona to
, and bragadocioristyle. The memorial that had each of. our Senators and members et" the House
. caused all this 'frariuloommotien was laid en the of Representatives in, Congress; and, that they
table, ayes 06, nays 16. be requested to vote in favor of the grant herein
Walker made a frantic sort of a speech in favor recommended. . ,
of his free form bill. Be half read and half : rani- The following resolutions on the anhject of the
ed this production in a manner which cleared amendment of the Tariff laws were offered ttis"
the galleries and the state of the Senate Cham- morning by Mr. Welker, 'of Erie: ', . , I
ben But beformthis latter part of the process Resolved.-by th e Scoots and Howe of Represrn
lio4 been quite effected, file Walker Made a very retires of Pennsylvania, ge., That aedomestie ire,
unwarranted attack upon Mr. Winthrop for sneer- dustry is the first source of national and hull
ing st him, as he alleged. fie declared that Mr. - "ideal prosperity, it is the duty, no it la the
W. had taken a sent directly in front of him to right, of the general government to 'foster and
sneer him down. I To this Mr. Winthrop very, protect it in all its branches by the enactment
calmly answered that he was listening to the of wise and wholesome laws.
Senator with respectful attention, and was occu- Resolved, That discriminating duties onToreign.
pying the seat which he had eat in for six months imports 'so adjusted as to produce the amount of
past Walker apologized. I revenue necessary for the wants ef the national
The bill was postponed for a week at the in- government, and at the same lime extend Perms
stance of Mr. Seward. Messrs. Seward and pent and adequate protection to articles which
iienton both intlinatal thad they should speak are the growth, product or manufacture of ithis
upon the bill. ,_ . country, are within the constitutional power of
In the Mums, (he prosy debate, Wpm cheap, Congress and ought to be imposed
postage went on under the five minute rule, but Resolved, That we earnestly calll
upon Congress
nothing of moment was done. I hope that smith- ao to exercise this power as to extend more am
gluing will dispose of the bill Fie protection to the great interests 'of Pennsyl-.
It is ascertained that there will be no election Tonle, more °specially her agricultural; coal end,
in Masschusetts of Senator. There ore forty or iron interests than is afforded by existing law. '
fifty of the democratic coalitionist .who cannot R”olved, That as a general systein of edealo- '
he brought up to idiacharge in good faith their rem duties is wholly ineffectual for the protection
part of thecompact with the Free Boilers, who of home industry, being liable to great abuses
were to Mere the Senator after giving to the for- and least operative at the time protection is most
mer the Governor, 6:c., which Lae been done.— required, it is the dictate of prudenge to adopt
Sumer was felling at last accounts, and will no the principle of specific duties, where efficacy,
doubt be finally withdraws, or his friends will both' as it regards revenue and protection, has
consent to a postponement of the election until • been attesteeby long experience , wherever the
another semion. 1 ' same can be advantageously imposed, and where
In Ohio, I think there will be no ehoioe, but if advalorem duties are retained, it is the seise
there shanhi be, it will probably fall upon a Mr. of this Legislature that they should be levier in
Ilepithas ior Mr. Vaugh, of Cleveland. Singular the home and not in f the foreign valuation.
enough this Mr. Vaughan is a native of South Resoled, That. our Sena . * in Congress ho
Carolina, but now a decided Free Boiler. 1 have instructed, and our Representatives requested to
no great eonfidenee in these• converts. The old use their best efforts to procure the pessageof
leaven in the end proves too strong for subse- laws in accordanie with the foregoing news.
quest impressions. Ellwood Fisher was once a Resoled, That the Governor of this Common
raging and tarries abolitionist He is now a wealth be requested to forward copies of these
disunionist because some others are as he . was resolutions to each of our Senators and Aimee
once. I Jurors. sentatives in Congress, to be laid by them before
their respective houses.
They embody the true whig doctrine on the
subject, and it is earnestly hoped that the Legis
lattre will speedily ram these resolutiona, and use
the influence of her great name in endeavoring. ,
to secure such a change in thirrevenne laws its
, the present condition of the country must cer
t tsinly require. These resolutions are s,copy of
those offered last year, in the Situate: , by Mr.'
King, of Bedford, and they are rendered some..
what memorable by the decided effect they had
last fall Mahe election for Senator in the Clarion
District. Three different efforts Were mule last
session to procure a consideration of these reso
lutions, and as often refused by the majority.
Mr. Drum. uniformly voted against taking them
up, and these votes proved so clearly his-hostili
ty to the great American doctrine of protection,
that ho met with o deserved but totally Unexpec
ted defeat. Although he 'made the District to
suit himself, and even went so far as to leeve the
11111:15 of his party and rote for the existing ap
portionment bill, because it had arranged his
District so as (he thought) certainly to secure his
return. yet his expectations 'were sadly disap
pointed, and he received a reward 'lab should
always be administered to those who ore govern
ed in their political course by wholly selfish mo
ayes. Mr. Drum's fate may admonish other, as
pirunts to beware lest by Kinder imprudence
they, like him, overreach themselves.
Monday next has been fixed for the electionuf '
State Treasurer. Nominations were made this
morning in the Senate. The Whigs nominated
Mr. liliddleswarlie the Locofacos J. M. Bickel,'
the present officer. - - `De Quessx.
1 4. 00
SONH, Bankers.
Inland llama do. Ptlfctosnik
1... at 31.41101.---. do
• liranch at IC unalan.----An
• Ilrezch al Xenia-. ....... ... do
tranrh at
(Ity Bank. thnelonal . 44o
Commercial 1..1:111 do
• Vranklln Bank ...... ----,do
• Lafayette hank t do
Mtn Ufa Ina A Tract 11.140
W... 11... Itsak.---tto
11. k of tlaahllent--........1.110
l_crall !Colo, ....... . __. ....../.tto
All onlieut Ilan.- .....X
. Nr.w YO
vet, York CUT._ _..._.-. ; pc
coan ur Meuti 4SD.
C dDALA .....4
- thiCil Far — 7
Ink of the Vallpy...-....i.
11: : 1: i yflt4t¢k=
- Harlon& t, Herb. thl
~; None Westero Ilank-.....
'' D'IT:I . 7. -...-.....
.k or Ca re Year
prat. of N. Carona,
..mearlal Ik. Walla
:into to, - ; Xe; ..t
Ilk of tin Pt. of If. Own
11 . 1 . t ill .. •
Augusta Ism* . • •
Ba nk of ugusts.--
Ilk of Drumm* A •
Dllk et 6;ratZoiti7welimwth.
Ilk of Lenthonno, ThumOn
Northern Ilk of Denton y ?,
S'" "ifI k SZU K KL "
Bt a sta. of Mbwouti. -.3‘
/Dote Donk mad
ißank of , ll , llkw i t so : 1,-73
Marino * Aro Inc Co.: i t:AA
Farmers' Mechanics' k 3
3.loeortunent Rock Bonk— 3
Ilk of MN. Amtahn,foroato3
Dusk of the People. Toronto 0
Bank of Mo
C ntreal.. ~....-n . t - 0 . 5
o EA k STZRN n N w H T NGD. n
On New York Dam/ -...- , 4
On Philodelphla d0......_ ... A n
r L o ilillimore- d 0..- I.
.. •
cio Asiii44Tete vALIi
Itaald. old—. 10.ctl
E 10.03
Ten 7).
The Governor[ this morning nominated Hon.
James Pollock, of Northumberland, as President
Judge of the Eighth Judicial District, to fill the
vuceny caused by the recent death of Judge An
thony. The Senate immediately considered the
nomination, and ;confirmed it unanimously. The
nomination will , be a popular one, and Judge
Pollock will no doubt be found an able and im
partial officer. iThe average of judicial appoint
ments, since Go+. Johnston's accession to office,
has increased greatly,
The Governor also nominated Jared B. Erin:sa
to be an associate Judge of Jefferson county, and
James B. Lawson, en sasociate of Clarion coun
ty, wire it. , P. Motley, rcosigned. Mr. Mrscley is
one of the transcribing clerks of the Senate.
Mr. Robertson presented a petition, in the Sen
ate, from Lawrence county, in favor of the es
tablishment of a system of free banking. _
Mr. Carothers ptesentai a petition from Al.
gheny and Butler counties ' asking for the organ
isation of ts now school district, composed of
parts of said counties; also one in favor of free
Mr. Carothers read in place a bill to incorpo- 1
rate the Mechanics Bank nt illttsburgh.
Mr. Lawrenee presented a petition from the'
School Directors of Nottingham township, Wash-
ington county, for power to choose the sites for
school holm, 'I
Mr. Lawrence afterwards reed a bill in place,
for the above purpose.
In the House, Mr. Bighorn read in place a bill
authorizing Wm. P. Baum, guardian of Elisabeth
and Margaret Parliele, to execute a deal to the
city of Pittabsirgh. -
Cot. Morgap Robertson read in place, a bill
fixing the public school house in Wilkinsburg as I
the place • for holding the elections of Wilkins-,
township, 'Allegheny county.
Mr. Fifth read in his place, a supplement to I
the act to "inaorporate the Lewisville and Pros- I
peetville Turnpike-road company, in Montgome
county, and relating to certain state roads in
Allegheny and , Washingtori counties, and Luserne,
Schuylkill, and Columbia counties, and relating
to the first U. S. Bank, and Court of Quarter
SetitiOns. " This supplement pßsvides that the
viewers, curveyers, and chain L . , 44-riers, appoint-
al to review part of a state rood in Allegheny
and Washin,,, , in cermtles, by the act to which
this is a sopp ement, be, and they are hereby au-'
therized to receive their daily pay in the same
manner, to the same extent, no if the viewers '
had performed sold service on or before the lot
of September", 185th, that Hiram Helm, nod Bob
ert Bighorn, of Allegheny county, and James
Huey, of Washington county, be appointed view-
ers, to feviewl said road.
Mr. Donner read in place a bill increasing the
pay of the Coenniseioners of Fayette county fifty
cents per days for °wag day necessarily spent by ,
them in transecting the business of the county. ,
Dtr Quasar..
t N. B. The following joint resolution was offer- I
ed this morning, by Mr. Dobbins, the Locofoco
member, from Schuylkill county:
Bamford, By the Senote and House of Repre
seated:era ofd the Commonwealth of Pennsylva- I
nia, hi Cleneivit ASsembly met, That our Smat
ters in Congi:eon be instructed, and our Itepre
set:dallies requested, to use their best efforts to
Focal: a Modification 'of the existing Tariff
Laws, so us to more effectually protect the Iron '
and Coal interests of this commonwealth, and
also to adve4ate a further amendment tO the said
Laws, no that the dtities may be levied at home,
and not in foreign valuation, and that the . Gover
nor be requeisted to have copies of this reselu
-1 lion formirdixl to each Sen "tor and' ltepresenta
„„j:,. tivo in Con Ons now assembled.
PROM Hemassuaoa.
Cvnelpoisdeure, of tbo Danr PlUaburgh Ossetia.
llannianuna, Jan. 15, le,'
The Esteettp Hann:tad - oam pang have adopted the
pia= of aelltog packages of tbkedi (50 in -a package)
at abets 2:5 per ceat cliataxn from reeler prices.—
voLumE IaIV-NUMB rte:
[Cern:Gooa:knee of the Daily Ditlabizzgh Gazette.
Nsw i?mts,Jtu,
The weather continues delightful for the season.
During the greater part of the day it is too 111,192
for overcoats. It has one bad effect withal—that of
rendering the streets very-muddy. The. Belles and
Beans literally swarm to Broadway and ether favor-
its promenadin..
A Committee of gentlemen, friends of Ei Gover
nor Fin have made arrangements to give that gen
tleman a public dinner at the -Astor House, in the
tune of neat weak. The price ot tickets are to be
ten.dlollars ! The Committee have a right of course
ill the tickets at whatever price they think fit,but,
I question very much Anther trade/tars for a dinner
notwithstanding the oceaston, well De the means of
keeping many dd. Governor's friends from panto.
ipaung at the festive board. •
Niles the-convicted lawyer left the ally this 1129102-
ing for Bing Sing State Pris,nt 10 custody of Sheriff
1 Miller. He wore the usual badges of dishonor.
Judge Hurlbut has resigned his seat OW the bench
of the Supreme Court, which will be filled by Mr.
James G. King,
Robert Antdie,Eses, one dour oldeit and mciarte•
spec:table citizens and for many years the President
of the North American insurance :Company, died
I very soddenly yesterday, In the seventy third year
of bungs.
1 /*man named Burr-(evidently a Yankee of the
Connecticut species) natprtsem giving lectures al
Hopi Chapel, on the "Rochester Knockings," td
I crowded audiences. The anginal knockings are hp
! used with themost perfect success. The "Spirits"
! are called out and made to answer every question!
and the imposture charmingly explained.
A resolution was introduced tots the Board, of As.
aslant Aldermen last night, to 'appoint a Comminute
to take intoeonsideumon tbe rapid increase of lam.
Wing in our city, in the shape of "gift concerts,"
"Furniture, Art Unutns; &d," and to take measures
to put a stop to the same. There are 021.01nV0.1 1.14 h.
er kindlier gambling, it would be well for oar wor
itilCALl...yers to turn their, auentiodto, also.
ottne Navy has cannily lumen:te
ed that the Frigate St: Lawrence will tzar* tbe
Brooklyn Navy Yard, on the tat of Finnan', and
that all articles to be forwarded to the gresqwsrd's
Fair must be delivered at the depository befon the
25th inst.
Another u p. pepsine in
to bo Fren ...i ch ensiled the
the ..
"GUMS Frenems," is about
W . • • ;he 117.11{11011010 itiont to
Theta is anon
merge gin d i e
rim*. now published weekly, WO a did.
_ .!.. ....e = '!Thn il y e l: e i l j k o tin..p.m .." 1 '
r w nen .die de Itcwiladistb642°'"Tenteedi- 47''e
~.. , ou:.i+.¢M ..iS.a`a:~..^2Y~W`l^}i_f+.'F` .~",~ci~^9+4'l
The gerniil belief is, however, that ate leabeest
drained. at Liverpool or elos put heck disabled. ' •
The Macey Mures lac been rather more Reties . '.•
this week than any lime seam the eceowins=r , d • •
the year, this is occasioned more from the a
stop astringency arising Item die - large arrivate of
goods, thanany real demand for couunercuil oftli ,
eons. The Stock Market which also felt the these
ease of that apprehension, la juabegiontng to neon
et from its egrets. The rusticipatioo of einl is gimes
ally worse duo the reality and we shall ocarsequest-
IT see, thee., tame importations pour hi without any
perceptible cha.e in inceetaly affairs. -Peaasylese,
ituts's- snored at'Xial;ts 1:4, no sales: Busmen be.
sieving to, "prick up" a link.
nom luxe trams=
... _
The Greenßay /idea:ate of the '24itratt., has news
from Lake Supeirer, &Tired from Mr. W. EL Ste•
Tam who'tame across the country to Green Brig, en
hi. Way to Weshiegme: •
The mines are reprise- rded as doing welt Wan.
MI toes al copper have been shipped, of which
Cilff mine, the targets, shipped 9: 1 0 torus The whirl
wind of speeetwioo and [mod has now passed Over,
and there are no "fancy" operations ; and amazed
palsy agonized • has got a real location, end is doing
rut actual Ermines in go-tete:tall cop Per .,
One of the greatest =pease,' In gelling the copper
ready for shipment is. in 'the- culling of it ep:urto
moveable themes which iieffeeted h9 , a,teddopec,,
,- •
tea with chisel manes,
hammer. r Venom' hive been
the expedients deeded to facilitate Gina! operative;
•mschioes have been - rigged in 'indicter ways and at,
great expend., to raw the bloekt: bet the copper Is
demised anth dotty particles that thermos eiwerabe
made to work. -The miners are now thole trying a
121511, plan - '
they are construming a gigantic femme to
melt the maws, and cast them in sea piece" as can
be handled. - This seems feasible.' and if it proses to
be so, the expenses of minioglwill be very tustaially
lessened. ,
The traces of ancient mining continue to Ee fond
and in great slumber and tweet, and throe prove ot
great-service to the miners of the present day, by
reeling to the best • locations: and-la Perveollod to
the miner, escalations which could only be effected
in years.of labor. The people there estimate their
oge to beat leant two thourind year", but nothing bat •
.11115 been found to trace their connection with any
existing race:except the bare lactshat thireopper
mined was carried off by tray tifsSL Mary River and
the lakes. This has been • ditermined by , detached
Portions bring lotted along thelswny from. the misers to
Ste.. Marie.
In reaped to the /onto from Green Bayithe-Advd
cote says:
A death= theca .13av to the toast Sotelettlypoint
of the Kettles:ow would be leas than fftilff miles is
length and_ while it would shorten the tower over
the present duce at Icost•100 moles, would:mien
one of the must henuritril and fertile tiectients in
the Union—a section that will remain thddroursi
and unoecopiert until ouch a road- is cpenad by
the Government. Toe Lake ,Siipenor people-need
it mow specially for promniogsuppltea, raising !tot.
rribc traveler Sods theutholedistinee, to within a
few miles at Lake Superior, abounding in every re- ,
source which will stoke & country wealthy and pros,
meas. Cleo, beauttful !ekes, are interspereed, and
these have plenty of large trout and other dab.' • Mr,
S. thrones es that speckled trout afoot in length, are
foetid in diem. Water and, waterlower are every
' where to be found, and the timber ts of the best kind
—maple grove, beech, 'oak woe, Mc.. He tart that
though the country is • sulffotently undulating, he did
not in the whole distance see a hill or a knotiVehich
could not be tilled arid ploughed with facility: No-'
thing is now wanted but a few cods to opeethie rich
dmotry to the settler, and it will soon teem with-vit.
lases, thhools, mills fainting operations, bed emery ,
tridustrial,pursue which more, Soo th er" portion
I otte State now ezhthus. •
The Cleveland Plaindealerlfuhnshes the foilawiug -
account of a pliable scree ..which dociondli few
days ago in a telegraph cdlice of that con: l, •
A cane of melancholy intermit, to one of de parties
at least, occurred beret the other day, which we will
relate for the public good. • A young lady - tere for ,
bee camel, alusiugh kuusrd) arrived hone la= '
State of New Yo'k on her way into the smith=
, Suite, whither abet wen gouts to conturento iiljear-
L nage contract entered Imo istme terryeam lancet— •
Her intended was a young Man who had ben tfeared, ,
nee bar father's resulence, bid whom all Mines dad
oat cult the "odd folks." and cooseqtently the !suer
opposed the match. The result was, be youngpan
left the 'country, but has kept up a mast tamale car
reepondence ever since, inktil lag summer he itifmare.-:=
ed het by leuer that as she could nut be inertia! at:
home she had better at this State, LI
in the,menth of August, add be .married,' To this - -
she coo:witted, but u was loped inconvenient:foe bee
to leave home dt that time and abe did not arrive on'
her mifsiou of love until to leer days *loco.
She stepped rat one of our beet hotels, pre
to her voyage South. She 'appeared cheer=
exceedingly well dressed, sported 'a gold aratcb and
ether paraphrenalia peculiar to the "gentility "
Previous to her depute:tote neppetimus the Tel
egraph. Mot to inform her lover, who, by On way.-
was operator hirowlf, rationed In a SeuMwa , 7ofdeo
on the same line that the had got so far on her japan
way and would like to.,hotr front him at this point.
After her despatch was lent end witting a zeply ,
one of the eperatixe wet was very Well acquainted
with her iatended, remarked, that the young gen.
tleman towlines abe had wit her melange had nillen
into a "sneak et ' The young lady was, ob.
served to startle considerably, and asked whatgitte •
meat by a "weak of luck" He told her that the
young matt was Married. She fell back in her otter
sad fainted, almost losUintly. The openstor •• sad
clerks was much freightehed, btt managed to twin
• her to by the use of water, &c. She • could not '
here Me report, end rwl:,We'ea de - tektn"Ph
again and 63Cen11111 the truth The operator wep,
pod to the,,ki7y,ealled the loans whore dermas
man was employed—he was not in. Aelcrk jn Ms'
office, answered the message; saying Mr. was
actually married on the 17th of.,Ocieber,:atel was
then "keeping. house.".: When this war read to
the waputetedy She instantly !waxiest 'swat, and
tiir a time seemed quite lifeless. She was
toted and token to her hotel in a mast frantic, condi
tun, when for the whole day She remained ehtitcly ,
. "Oh. grief beyond all other grief. when Tate
First leaves the young heart desolate
to the wide world; without that only tie •
For which it wished to Rimed or fear to
. Kind ewe and time, that corer of most heart's, dis
eases have now nearly restored her. She- etchibiti
letter. showing with what fidelity the had frosted is
the -one now false to her; that during the len years
of their engagement the had refused several oireas
she had furntsbed her betrothed money; her pumas
being rich and he poor ; had endured themontumely
of her friends at home °ppm:4 to the trintelg :and
all for his sake- She is sow to our capp among
.ranger., eikit were in the world;--having
clandestinely lerCheeffatlfersloof to meet her lover
here and now deserted by him; her constitution Mat
tered and spirit broken.- 'Earth seldom produces in
imam for'm so m.serable as object. No weeder she
wentihadt—t. tk e r •
`'Her wretched brain gave -way,
And site became reek at modem driven,
Without one glimPsetof mason or of heaves,"
t3hwisinow boner, but the raeure of ihtudation.—
Young Wien can here eee the danger of inning with
such - affecitoti-, yea, the daik rot orereaung hope*
or ruing expectations in a heart too true and wad
ing to survive pitch disappointment.,
. .
cident of it fearful character occurred on Friday
night, about 10 o'clock, which will probably
prose fatal in its consequences. , Nancy. Cook
a colored woman in the employ . ok Mrs, Dean, of
-No, lifi Orchard et:. was cry =prudently en
-gaged in filling a lamp with camphene, when the
can which she hold in her hand. exclaim' with
I Tiolenc'e, shivering a looting glass hanging near
and saturating her dress with the Wain fruid.
~Skefled from room to room, 'till a quilt was
thrown over Her by Mr, Dean. and the, flames
smothered. ller bosom and howemerwere_
Maned in a shocking manner, the skin banging
from the latter. in Nackened crisps: The hands
of .11r.i Dean, in his aorta to extinguish the
flamess;, ware also badly horned, and the i n* Lav
n the meanwhile, counnunicatial to a quan- -,
City oflyaluable clothing, la whole twairconsuam
ed. The colored woman was taken•ea.N.tnr
day to the Colored Home, . It is believed she
cannot surrire.—..V. Y Jour. Coma •- .
The gen. Richard fl.Bayaid ,Ytie liar Charge de i.
Rakes to Belgium 4 14 cow in New :Yerkr.aad will
leave in the Havre Packet which sails to dap', '
The public. market bounce in the' city of fiew l
York, dung Val sear IWO, yielded a rent 5 75 r . 1
495 27r-en increase of 516,228 70 over ths previous -
Mar . I
The' census of Carroll ecouty, Georgia, reflects to
lecithin fifty four acts of twins in that coney: One
1141 lin blessed her faithful ap ttS3 with Mtge lets,'
and sundry rakers with two sei• each.
The father ore young men 'Who di ed from moues:
received by theinpectung of stage coach in M'Lairus;
co., Ohio, last summer, has recovered 515,000•daman
gee from Messrs: - Frick ft ~of Chicago,. 111., the
proprietors of the couch. - . 4 "
The new Episcopal Church. recently emxted ax
Key West, was censer-rated on thn Sib mt.,' by at,
ktev. Bishop Ceded., MB. C. The Birds,* or sew
end ciergymen Were passengers is the steustes
bel on het recent &tp.
. .
There NM sail fiwin New Orlinins.lor Lawrie CA
the 20th ma, under the auspices of the Louisa=
Cokinuistioe Society: She will take out 'Chugs tumai
b.. colored .m gr ante, inclnding 83 cow od thew- - ;
ixsy to New Orleans, trona Kentucky, Timairawc,.
Ohio; and Indian*.
Thiare is said to beat thistime 'MAIO miles of telv 7
ggrr- operation in the U. &sten 12,000 en the'
3 40 ,..; principle, and about 10,000 on the Hones kid
gyro principles- The telegraph now extends' from
um r fax to New °drama, and mac WCIIII4Dubmre
The Leaks Times eat — that gentietnan mho
'readied that city on the S' inst., from Cali . ornis;
'reports thatgltO passengers whir reached Frmanta on
the EassFmnesco steamer of the lot of 'November'
hid in thew gsWouricut at least 3100,000 is ceamice.;
reit money as the Bank of Stineuci. • 1
FIMSIO4I in the they.—The Vasil. Beard of
heithrl Tecomoseada Dram Head Court Idirtis 6 :' •
pimiihnzeut[ confinement, auspesieli
and reurazdefor goad sonduccus ttnbettams for op
it e
uwee.,476,lba. I