The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 18, 1851, Image 1

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,4 , one perenn
and 33 be *mar ‘ in a trance .310-11*3 l'etrr will
be Pot am th` yra **nit , /, one r 4 the money le nent tor
on. 1 .., (SO Inwr nt 1 , enparell or, lest)
et. " l:Zllr, ' „allttsertl;ll- $ ( 3 ) t.!
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twn urontio .4... r.- 700
1 three reontlce-. 1— 0 00
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rle ( lime or le, per **wpm. 11 00
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.. Th. Ttltilmo , (11.noal•trti,,2 it Strictly 'limited td'
_Abair.. limmtnem . lrlre teren....; sod all AlsertiAmente for
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DU or G7mre Melee to ho Merged mph: twice.
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to be /Mt."! nod, yearly Dan., bat Lib,: allowed., ale
arm of thirty three and one. USW . zee opal Duca :t..tto
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. 111 , 11.152,..1: ,, 1nua t0
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k Do. cacltulditional'ln4 - Alai..-....' . 57
_ Cr i .Anar.,llo , lllr2 t ra n n , A=.. . 7 ..........
' All ifrantlutt ad Inn.V.ienlante r to he nsltit7dvitnec. ~
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• - . sTirK
_ - aertnan, Fifth
' are Peintitreet. between Crilari;Syst Walnut. All
• s promptly stteudell
Tilghman Ha2l. corset of rant annel. and Diamond
'Pittaburgh: '
In tc.e...r.'s
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cite,Fcr.uoro, the er Laic.
f l 1 .rr•y,ta. M3 l - the
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NCIS C..EI.:INEfirI. Attorney at La
, ttorae7, at *sr, ,
Dar. JeF..,4..pir,
OWE k.
3.2 t:
WARD P. JaNns, Attoney titA34:
cr. Tour—. 14tusr.., Woad sel Sviith
^2EI-, E. •liii!.;DY, ./..tetoircy
• ; LAIW. navt -11-.lcen into partnership,
- cf LT..; y_-,y nn: non,
ef arse, Ceeewse .111 ewes
ant 4:.s et ?Y. sts_ 4 .l 1 ehf.n theny,hara hi the Its ,
whournsnOnt C,,,,,re50: , 1 0 1b0 proseßtly attenae4 to
ittfil Iff 4111'-ig`f, WV= Ckrt
Thom. • • • 31.
Washington city, 3..1, W.11.-ydlatalsch
3:10_:14 . :1:ti):!a:111M
1 Ml' .Irrnir..7n,snTrorandßruGi,
N. • • LActlaukatiViiiko
NS .fc, CO; Exchan Bro
at mos
"Pai.HOLMES SON,•Dealers in Forep
• seal Diateetle MDR of Led hartste.tetillleetet of
rattle, Bank Noten and Steele, No. CV Market give, the.
bufilt;.'lll l enntlenne zatede ott VI thh teilettPhl
nirosanoia the ha:kJ Rata. ,
L iIIEORtIE E.. ARNOLD & CO., - Bankiirs:
L! Peale,. In ractianne..Cola Bank Notes. Le.. Nd. 14
Tennth etreek, nem dour to the Bank of Pittthargh. Col-
Irotionscaret olif att./idol to, and the re....1 , ..-xeubt u.
...r part a the Colon.
. , B4Arit . & Ificit..kiiani. and Ea Bruktoo Derdere in Fonign and Do
of Eastrawro. lertifiente. of Doodle. Bank lin o.
frelae. comer of ,Thinl nod Wood Artois directly op te
the itt. Charles Hotel.
. .
. _
4 -CA_RoriIERS & C. 04 Banking House.
. No. 151 - thwt stmt . Pittsburgh. Current Mont • to.
' red en Deposit. Collections mado on oil the prix ,Pal
cities of the United E... 1.1
lET - 411rOAL • - [WIC A. Mt N.
'BGIRD & IRVIN; Commission Morehnts
nod Bill Brokers, N 0.114 ?wood rtreot. Penn. owl
Mate Pew:with. from flial to 510.000 clears on trod
- IFIII.I. i11.Pt•—.......11t , 110 , 7,1 . .... -161. L. 0 T.
.&. CO., Successo to
i r.
._ mosey, nano d On. Ban tai Mum= Ban ,
desks in Forth= arid theoertie Carbone., Certi tes
of Dew -&.,_Bank Notes, nod lode—North West r of
Woad lad Third greet.. Current. Moiler noeired o De-
Dant - I t
Cheek. for sale. and rolleetimas made on
ly all the prinehol prenti of the United State,.
' The .binbest pnlainin paid for Foreign and rime
• • : Admire. emit on DOWa 111:11.1ti , Of Ponlore,thlPPedrit•
en ilbrald Una, • . -
i .11: W. TAY LOlt, . Commissioner n10 1 ;14111.
LA Brokro,' 112 iieeotal Moot Ettiet attention *CI be
• *Mar to. all booloess entruried to bin rare. l'imelndoth
mantifactimed amid. olwayr on howl or procured station.
=Sim Notes, Bond, Morrosnes, Lo 4 inVoindisl on hr
able. term, Advenees Wade. If flontrol. oat
STOCKTON, late Joleagton & S k
HOLSIES' Cheap Literary Depot,
Third street, oppetlte the Post DM,. Nee- Bake re
el ;Lily bye:imu. Febeeripthett receive! to tr.tof
ibt Meeee t e. or ;434i-ewer", hoblielted et the huh • cis
12r. HOPKINS, Bookseller and Stati.ner,
111.0. 1i0.7111 Fourth Amt.-U.llO Banding,
14 : 1:41:,1:10:1;11XV5FIVil1 4(043:1
pcvlD BOWN,Ja„ Wholesale and Retail
uutl Cuurestioster. SG Fourth street. Pittihurgh.
- widths Clam and YAM,'r.e.ton
All orders unetuutiv uth,yrtud h.
yItI'CLINTOCK. Manufacturcsand hi.
t. it 7N:= e'ILTS:: n
i'llgn'...'"ss \ .=: u 4
Wood et-, littel..db- , • - I
011. N C. BID;VE.L . L. CU9U21131311 am 4 For
wlrtlEtg ."Ic - 1nt....t.12:3 NYl:tr Itzett, ilttAusgb
T..r.-117;16fEC:CTOX, Fomarclind
.C. , ,vir:cn 'Ku-S43FLt.. No. Ir.: Scc...-ziA et."..t.
art'. , 1 , .
i l f.
t K Mit 4 - . JONE'r. , . For,7aTding and Coca.
t.lngt2=',l'is' . .l.!;''' l ''-'l'.j.t''' l cp,?" l °' ''' , P ' t ili
I An` ,. .. Flusburvi.''.-r—‘ :al "'. u"' ".
C% A. M'ANTI,TY.I.: Forwardi4 and
Ce.reardt., llovizaztr. Gnat Viva. Ilii,ccarb.
THS mcFADEN . .. CO., Formardirig, and
- Cr.:thelens 31 , :thle. — ve. Cehel Fes, mau l M.%
a r
Ants M. DAVIS & CO„ Produce and
Timm r......,,,::,.:'::7 'lexica. 0 CO.,_
Cethreiree st,
!ade!thia. ...Iv:the...zee?, I, either of the aM•e. on
kigralthen el I,l 7Attr , ...n•ith.i'llm...' - mr6
,CO„ buwesbora 3u At
•4l,v,erito,, :. rn:OnlS•orya /net Fnmentia6 3 r.”
ia ton
~ : aantactamt Gaol& PILL.
LaLizoWicro.or. mu,
3LA CO., IVholesalo and Metall
rg.ncT and 5
,4 1, D , 7 9.5.1 L Y, 31.04.4
.1V and 'Retail D.lNoarg 51 , mhaate. can= o louts
ket gamete, rah'hargg.
HACKLETT-S"« lIITE, Wholeaal Deal
, I.a • . 2 to 'Form= aa d Domestic Der Go o d, No. 101
fea arum.
ea h
~tceMeh. - rer e a
S a llW Nea TAlrorg e t e
•no 1L • 11-04 *treet tbarth door floarritux. Pau.
• -
an a. Trrest4l-77—' i.- .?(Pc , .....
.USER ,t,-.3IODOWBLL, (Suoteftsoro to
te• Lei" A Keyser.) irhok ode 41.61 ttrtap Prugpsd
li=ltc"'= of I n. t grgt;6,l"f 'lr.%
B A.:' FAIINESTOCK k: CO., Wholesale
' And RitstrDrusatioa, corner Riot sad Fro* Ma
WNAVICKERSTI.I3I Wbologge Dpggist
L7.'n.nnd ruler in Smts lanionentn,
W- Lnl and .104 it nerd. ennwn• ,
t r.
• KiiiiTheiti:NVECTeTosa Truggistf: Deal
.ay to . v.idt..; 0 1 ., Dr. neg. V 1 wtre , .tetE7
a Dr. 17:Labe. celrbral4d orca gyth . l . .% .
• - Is.- MI 'lmo' firnare tin: 00...... W .. ' .'"'"
Miet=2l:3lM,j)gff' vrili booreffair wt•
E. SELLEILS, " Wholesalo I:
Ze. , .. o on., v... il e
d' won st:gb , T, galab. ra. , Ovals
, , ,
~. ~ .
'Oll-N D. INIOR4AN, Whol;,RAlt Druz ist,
Dvßut, PM, Vlru!sbi. ie.--
14.1. 41 , , 0e Diuuri :1110 ,
i3ollooli MAKER & CO., Wholesale Drug
ity Nn. 21, Wunl 11_, Pittylitn4b.
cc 0 NUM LUIS.
ItAUN & REITER, Wholesale and Retail
Drup.dfuta arta. of Liberty ad Pt_ Chat: Pltte
urdh. Pd.
J MI( N. 143.11,1,11 /MVO,11.
OWS S. Di/JAVORTH & CO.. Wholesale
Uneven. Pre.luen and Comml.elon Men-hum., mm.l
gereie, fur Haunt Po
gh wder C.. of C . ...
Woni Pitt...bur
J. R. Duromm..l [IL • 1141/ILLII/S.
sttURBRIDGE & INOILIIIA31; Wholesmle
Gravy, not 011,w11,.i0n Horlr.uaL., No. ne , 1i.,..t0
:,..1 IZA 2 Irrt '41,4. Pitt-bur4h.
,gIAHEY, 3IATTIIEWS S.. - CO., Wltultilale
Grown, Couunl , ,lou und Yerwaralaq Xorrfiantd uud
tAL for Itrightou emu. 1n.., Si M alxr tt. Pit,! , urg h.
a s:' tuari; . oacl IIkENKS.
clintryn trBARNES, Iliholes,ale GrA
-I.oerrs. antic. , inxl Commltrdon Moretom, and Deal
ers In AboatiLketand eatiele, No, 11)
InAr,ri Wood uod t•lattho,l,l,
• JOHN 111LININ. ,
..1 - kals•wArr CO., Wholes:ll.3 Or.dePtn;
001111,131, ,, !:NI Merchant. 4 .. and Penne, PnAivid , and
ttatitir-it %nun...tart, d.o.
CANIIE L1),,,,1ate of Warren, Ohio.
pad Bor.bunt. awl Blink -
oule D.ahr fn 11,-...en Butt t. rot rm.!
Panto ARB, ard W., torn uuuurally. It ÜB.!ntruet.,
tatireon cwitl,tloW and Woud, l'AßLorgh.
1.. . 3 afze., .... .3. ~ If ax53,11,.,..-Ir. 3. "4.11 . 21,111 N.
S. W
. ATifill‘LlN S; SONS. W hoksale
U firwore.CoMmi.ton• 6.1 I , •rwsr.llfv.; 3fer,huitc,
,c in all 33555 of 1.15a133e apd 1.15,133[5:15 Maouf3clo,l
rod Artk le, had !lava: 1.v. , f100 fah.. of 1110h3,03 ataf '
Lynebborgh .51m11515.:13:5 , 1 l', 50,.. 6'o and 51 ICater
almt. Pitt,buf 311-
li. I'O:fI 3 ..ONNEIORST & CO., Whole,
Grwor, l'antantlow and Comm“.on Morch
sat, Dade. 'ln lat•bur,ll . Ilernatactu“ , AIM Western
Pr 03 0,, Ni. :n, earner of Mont Amt. 46nd (.1/auc,ty Luz,
l'itiaburgh. '
7151 r, _
DALZELL, Whole,ale Ortwer, Com-
I 3teirhant, I),atrr Prrduce.ovid tNttr
ph 31.iufertµre.—No.:0 Woo INt.hurgh.
AD Snicrrr.
ILICEY &SO. bolesa, Oro-
T31T.13 .
a-ra. Grmaittsion lii.iiheakts, anti beeders IT% Prod a.--
661Valcr.m. lO7 Front ,trwt, Pith:burgh',
WV. rt. UM J. Cr..1 . .177.
NOLISII BENNE'rT, late English,
Nallaghei & Co.. Wholesale Cirooen, e.tinctialion and
inqartling Meettanta, seal Dealepr in Producord
bue,h hlannfaetarce, ,o. 41 Wool st., bet,irett rond and
Third array.
7 - tra - 7. - 307.haa..c.
/c , RiCKETSON, -Wholesale
tircehrs: anl Imparters of Brandica. Wince and
egfA, No. 1:11 corner of Mate and Irarin atnote. IMtY
hurrah, Pa- Iron, Nolte, °Atha Tan., &e.. Co.. conetardif
on hand.
yorm 1011.14...J.4 4 D. leGtll.. VIZI= &U.
' GILLS, ' fr. 808, Vawlesaln Grocers and
,—Corturtietion Merchants, No. 257 Liberty street,
nuIt°BERT , MOORE,. Wholesale Grocer,
Rectifying dealer in Prod.. Pittsburgh
, factures, and all. kinds of Forel. and lannestie
and Llnuora. N. 31b Liberty street :On band n
Tory large stoekl or su POW? old 51outniniahela Whiskey.
width will be wl.l. for nob.
1110BEILT DAI'L ELLB; CO., Nitirolerale
JAL Orneers. Octruniadon Men.h.le. dealers in Produce
and Pittainiegh: Diiaufactures. N. 153 Liberty lAnet .
Produsejoriresiling.smi Commission Ser
t. and Desks in Pittsburgh ilsnutsctures, N. T.i3
Liberty street, littsburgh.
'lot. yaw}, .... ......... ..... out.rauss.
..... —2 —.am,.nva.l.M.
311"B.:',GALE.Y IVholemale Gro-
V' V Wee:41,1,A., Fltt.burlCh.
• ....
lira, - .. •--05iurti
X T ICK 4 • -u
r Trornar-t‘t,
tiP dcJa+mlrcc.
,tal lta,tur,_
e•-;zars: Wo.l
'a. craccaracr: . • L
CELBEET SONs CLOSE, lvt-,t1.1:31c
du, s^_3 b :IAL utietarvi Ar-zrkr. Lant ,
s. • '
D. W1;LL1.46 e.
OBLNSON, f2:0., No.
un. sr.t.3lComin;wir, •a...1.1 , a.:tis in rittobur;ll
L . RI FLOYD, \ Vlaolesale Grocers, Com
greets, l'lt.burgh. _
reericerioi... crrcarnx.
17V& MtI.2I3IIEON, Wholesale Gre
eerie Dealer* in l'ralure: iron. Nells...liters, awl
Pirtabergh 31encaaetures Rea all ) Liberia . acct I.
buret,. —
... • 11. Ca.
fouN PAtildiFaiii:WW;lT;;;f:Grocer:
Cwalen , lu PrmliwW. gorwiwn Wilms UM?". 3R.-
uagmbeww,ulwetalcd , Ilikdakwx—M ,, . Cuillzwelvisl Row,
Muir Ltitubworb.: .
yen s xxtowsrr.
111 . 11. YOUNG.« ..10/OL.
WM. YOUNG & CO - ~ Dealers in Leather,
te..143 'Art, rt. a
IC, tizAIM sNicisi4Evylig
I gt OHN IL MELLOR., Dealer in Piano Fiirtes,.
. Sttrstv, nut Mnriml Inttrument, Erhnol Book.. end
F ion,r.' fin agent Ittr t'lllet.ttrute4 Pittnu Pt,r.a. far
Westerly I, , ntotylt nnttt—So. CI Art,tl ..
JENItY ]LEPER, Dealer iil :th,
tarsi llnttnrter of Itt , lnEn . F_trintr ,
rr;tWetl= ','2 r '‘C. , : w tl;:::;;:.'d .117. 1
,'lri.. l L'""':
Ilan., •
tQ ENS:EDY, CIIII.DS & CO., Manufaetii
i not
too f, Ina iar L 3 Sfr VaiVg h :LI ..
TONES & QUIGG, fllanufacturm's of Spring
and Ltitrier eine!. Plough Strol. Stevil Mauch ti
?i slid Spring.. ilatnmrn.l Inni an 4
deerrn i n Fire iinginn l
ensich Trinunlino grnerrilly, ciiirner of Ito , t nini Front
Pirtatrtirgilli - •
SCAIFE & A'rKINSON, llanufactarep ,
' s = 7i lfare , Front, between noel
net, Berry I 3batufristurers of S , A. AA, Bleach
Nwden, Thulele am! Sulphuric Aei.L. Warehouse.
Stu frl Wuter rt, below Carr.
Harinf.-ton. of Gate. Vials. Bottler..
tan aa
Fllue Porter. Scotch Ale, Mineral Water, Patent fle
6114 Wine Bottle, of esyry de.nutlon. Aleo—Aris -
DOW (am.
Kari, n onsrahtl, on hand general paiortmeni a the
stare articles.
Also Mate—as the other Urcon taw Factories an. all
atopped.has IA the cust n sunimerl..-this EnctorT is no.
In full operstluo. awl 0101eonthaue in or..ation Lo th sum
mer and Willi?.
Orders empeetfolly whetted, and .111 be filled on the
Aortae unlit..
Walshonee—No. ll- Second 'etreet. between Wood and
Smithfield eta.. Pittsburuh.
WALTER P. MARSHALL. Successor to
Same.' C. 11111—Iviourtur and Dealer In Yrerieh
cad America. Paper Hanging., awl Borden, Iriseltor
nude.. Fire Mord Prints. Le. AbinWrilltig. Printing,
and Wratraing Payer... No. RS Wand Fitt. between Fourth
and Diamond. alley, Pittsburgh. Pa.
45: ~• : :~::~
MORRIS k HAWORTIr, Tea and Wino
Merchants. Yid title or the Dimmed. Pitteburgh.
also.. BOG. •
W3l. M'CLURG & rocer. and
Tea Dealers, No. 250 Liberty Co., ;treat. above Wood
e alatnya on tumid s large sewn:twin of Chola 0 ritoep.
lee aud Flue Tear. Meo,Forvign Fruits and Pt at.. Whole
usla arid retell. Dealers supplied . the lowest tam..
1011 A, CAL7GIIEY, Agent forth e - Lake:
• Notortrato 4th. lAOti.
Itt' line sap Mt - - 1 . j.”: L.' , 1'`.. , ' ,, l''' th . 1' ,.. . . Tlot hoard ef Dine:tors Ll:rot/At day doe/ . ml adrentrad
.3.2." s" .r.'-''. e":" ..Irrath".l.' . _ 4 1 OD- yth Ch...AT. to melt an the ths t itel kook, end rIN
TA A.r FE ei. O'CON NEE. Prc,prieto:f. of flail ": t a c i tu f .. ! , , ?,• , ,, , , , v , 24.'1., Ittl i rrtr k §.Arl.
lAttetnargh loraable lloet !tor, c. 0., of Ted. dot CLNI In rctsp. on au. Cophol Stock sod Yarned Promo.
A tame etTeete. • • tame. for which wit bo wood so oboe,
ELLEECH ,t.. CO., Irautpc.rtt-rs b 7 Can
,1 1 \ , wali .„, 3% ,,,, ,3111,,,. •,4, J. rt . jobo x.o.
r od Foretar,hz,. MorthA tte . cert.: of }eon Or • ! Seal, John b. :owl., Manual. L. blotto.
CorAl. • i L. A. Sot de. Dr. It dl. Huston. James Totowa,
„,.,,,,,,....„..„,,,,...=.....--.. -,!-- ---,.., •' , 01112 C Davi,. .layaraC Iler-1. L . .1) .. 1 . 11z.9.
. . VNI.I - ELMS. , ! , . / i' , . u .-7 . 1 , .'1',.:-.,..:, r i . i.,:,t%'tirri..4... ~ 1. )...;z u ,.. Nt1•.1..
7..."..57,..,.•-•r.., •-. L . . _ ...... trro7 - .a.::.. !. Vsif .?.', i Y•'.l . !'.7°. tlYe r tr' ..
iKESTERVELI t. :r.i7lN*
ct rl ki,ov. n: " ' ' i'•••<-1c71%;,•:* Can t•
• Yeratian ItierANea...n. ~ .t. r ere:attar co hand ~. I WILLIAM HARTIN.
Ac eelden
te a o i TtLe 141 Artrlt In fd hat. it tha ol 1 'MOHAN C. HAND. A l'reshodat.
itfft.:' , of It. Cc. Cleft street el,. acto. e Market f' ,tel. .L.dtro Nl'. Coot.l, tottotort •
T. -...... ~, the L e.—n-oVeltman hroad tote
Math, to o tr. rnd old It t heat, reTaxed. e, t o h.
- 1 A. 13 ROAVN would most' re= t . ful i ly in fojtn
nor 2':tirgg h . .W . :•;.-1 7 ,1r;. b g'..•-:. - 1 , ; ,,, .• ::•.%.,:ni
''. v ''''''.'," l :',.'• l t V;`;r- v ' . ?•riV:: 7 l`:..ll`toiri
I n 'e t ". His . Dl:ndy 'oste - lre ronowed orlthitat the add of o
ge ‘ drtror, ji.,4111, pnrchaed glut Hock. welt. end wood
of the roblttotedtsblrinzocrui,m;orr, v ! ,r , Fir i . i .: , , , i 4 'pt.,.
11''''""1.2., 1 .... Trl'eer; r.hing In their ho.
»at -Aw h Wood ;Woe Dlttoborth.
Ae72,.N'r . • J. A. unowx.
DAM lIARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, late
ham t ti,hnrzh tictriland. wank! reajartfully ar
=it the path! that he too nimotio:ll on aLactia=
aitirtaaritia, l'iot bY .o r to t e i t tgi.Toti
lit corancellon with Linos lioroe.filloaltia and
'amoral will he cortild on, at the wraer
of Tunnel Meet anal PeRtniIIII4IATEMIO.
wooz"mesas i 8
ALEE. SucceAwn• Murphy t, ' : m or d_ Le .
Wool Dealer and CoMMip Alan 3.lcretn
Q & W. 11A1113 — AUGIT, Wool Merchant++.
Doolcre , In 'lour 001 Produce generally. aid For
warding and Cotorandon 11errbeotA. No. 115 lint ewe.
and 116 Stroud 'tree, Plttnburgh.
______ _ __ .___
NEViLLE . JOIINONingraver on NfoCKI,
Phil.ll.ll. (MIA story.) Pittsburgh. riu- - Ttow. of
ul boub.blashincy. Ittotts of tiboopoorrs;Yrosttiglectto
Lardicapes, itrog Isiltsb., to culotte PestsPiriciontt So.
clettsoandAsmoristiontsCuttociFlomps d.e.. to the first style
of ort, mot at tho lowest micro. '
WILLIA3I scriccumAN''s Lithograph
ic Entabli.ehm.m.: Third *Vert. oppatitr the Pod
I'RLO:roach. Mar. Landwarat, Portrait. Saa. NHL
BM heads. bratti, and. LaboLVAtriritnauni and Metll.
Drallota , , padma. and vipilis m (Nal, 'Ar,,amra Ind or
drava Bay... oat printed °alma. Gold, moor , or
ItladtgLem matt approval Alt, " 7;11,1;7
IjOGANOVILSON & Co., Importersd
Wb.l000l• Dealer? la /It.rawart uul Callen, So. la
owl dreg, ristemrzt,
• •
; .• t o
, .
WW. WILSON, Watches, Jewelry, Silver
Ware, watt3lllllnry Goods, Tomer uf 11.1ret
Fourthdreit , Pßt.b.St4N. N. 11.—Watchcaratal Clacks
carefully n•Pairvd..
tpR. D. HUNT, Dentimt, Corner of Fourth
awl IN.:•; stu r FL. batmen Market am.t
Vii:{IMAILV, 40
ZiICIIOLAS 'IIYLIN, Ciril Engineer,
Draughtsman. and Pramical Mining Agent. Makes
ghta of Modals Su tho Patent Mos. assigns of 'Muhl
may far line,Water Works, Dolling Milloyam. Mar h
Donut betwixt 10 A- M. and G P. !Lot his sodden, Ne 21
Marhorr street_ 15.. burgh. - Saul lally•
NtriumAnii & NOBLE—City. Flouring
V 5111 s; 5& Lthetty cer of Adams St; Pltederreh•
.IjTIADERA, Agent for Delaware Mu
tuaa Sagly.rrournekaerhructr, 42,Weter rteect.
(I , fiRDIN COVTIN, Agent for Fr Lnklin
•rire Ituurante (..hampart . r. ' .north tan corner of . Wool
and Third street,
VITal. 'GNN;• Bong.' BI
V Y. soeond dna, DI - 1m the norm, or Third. where he I.
i nT7 d r : alit' ' llTo ' n ' ratt?,,,ll;tl h rOr •
hound euletantlally. ntunher.. l r cht hmtr
knutcaternllr. or. retalml. Nontex lout on to inalt letters.
Thnn. nhn have binding on. 'lnit."! te , tall. Erlee.
11ACK LETT ITE, 15'hol”.ale Deal
ers in lames:le anti Foreign Dry Otaalik N 0.161 Iticod
;treat. littshargh. Invite the attention cia' buser+, th their
large atwek Frestrtheals how oyanine, ami hich they
yirerariq all tin eery arrominiatatitht terms.
11 - 0 shall be constantly reselling Verb nue& daring the
eiment. and re-Inert an examination of our stock by weat
ern matehtinta, moil ahem eLinthim our city.
Acco,RD Wholesale and Retail.
Manufaturrrs. and Dealer, in ILL. Ca aand rare,
comer of . Woa and Mb Pitt4l.llll
1.. they
offer a full .1 complete mock of 114 a .
Tun, aa. of
ry and rtyle, ht Whnierair aml Retail. m.l
he attention 4 their oa, omerr and Dorebt.r. aTner
ally,..ring them that the, alit oell oa tha swat air."
Tailor, Draper,
New Coach-Factory—Allegheny.
M t A. WIIITE & CO. would
Pp.rtrallr Ini.rm the public that they likkee
eng , Q o p on iLeark, between Fedural aid Santloaky
Tbey are mar tuakiug end em peeyueet to melee
dorn fe every docrinlion of vehicles, Coachee. Charlet.
ihronelies. Boggle. Iliktens, he.: A., whlelk, from their
lung experience the manufacture of Mootre work,
and the While. they have. they font co thecoo
enabled to do work ark the most reasonable term! with
thole wanting article. their
'Paying particular attention to the retortion of material.
and having mane but sgmipstent workman, they have no
hesitation in wananthor their work. We therefore ask LIM
attention of the public to this matter.
N. B. Uepairing done In the beat' manner, and on the
tipre..onablo term. isaett •
YIRST STREET, between Wood and Mar,.
krt. Pittsburgh. continue tom ninalartury all kinds
Lookerulth Work. •
• Strainteate built toorder.
Sothal. attention alven to steam bad work. •
Ways on hands. toe amortment of Capper aml Bram
Kettle*, Tin War, sae. ite_ Stem:oboist Cooking Stoma
Portable Foram various vista—a very onamuleut article
tor Steamboats, California emigrants. or Rail Hoed Corn.
" 4V i r ovld respectfully tootle Steamboat men and others
to call ' and am our article* and price, berm purchasing
AGLE MARBLE WORKS, (otablishod
E 1Y321 E3)11UNI) WILKINS, No. 166 Libortr
of Wood done. Pittobargtt. Movounent, Benno
Vaults, Tombs, Ifoodstoneo. An: lantoMonor. contro and
Plor Top, ailralS on band
. and tliAd• td =kr. ,
N. U. A chola» oelootion of Drawing. on non6l.
IP. C WC -J. 1.
\ iatY
X.-chants. N. 41 tiortl:Watcr strcit,
.11 A.. 1G ].ieL Whareek 1121Guiel4'his. Z .4EI
TAIMOS, Cotiimission 11.Cecti.
ey . enta, No. 41 Olt Derr st, New Or:Parke kkl , mu.
...ant', nu bk.! • lezr , wort:meal. et Brauears of the
I^-,¢ , , h boy ete' fur ea!e 0$ A.renta for J.
1 Itr•al k O. tkr11441,.e. J. Eke1...1,..4
4 1,•:5.."11° -
1•••' en'd %UV, trwe'e e.ek
ar.l tOtXtH Inth Dertni k Cod 1,-
oeler , I,rnwt,.-re. Wine reel .•to nurolnde Pmt. 1,1, •
,1 2 ERCER ANIELO, General Commis . -
..JAl:non Morthanta. l'lnlatlelehla. Liberal atleaneea
Oral, ne eenrignmeuta of Produce generally. (jangalara
IPc AVID C. TUTTLE, Attorney at Law,
On=liziaser Wr Pennsylvania. ..3i Loaf,, Jla
onasnwilms.foßt prw.Per
01 - 01 IN IL RANKIN, Attorney and Conn
..ellor la Law, axed o C 021111111.10114 fn the' Stat. of
F lSttabut )
Miller, NVOundleog reJobm Zie, 2
Semple. McCord & , . augltly
wig Gmer. No.• 211 DlazketeL. Philatlelphk. •r4l
1.100.7111-.- Ir.= C. ILIVISUATOI.
Commispion Puranthax Merettaras and blow'
as. ,o. V 6 Market. stmt. PLIIWeIV Jys
4:44:11.4.1{ - woup:43:0)•
nWIGIITMAN. Manufacturer of all
kinds of cotton and 'ragln maehluery.,Allrobeny
alp. The above works being nor In full and ancomfol
operation, I am pee pared to execute conical; stlth dispatch
far all kinds of machinery In my line. madras Irtllona
pickers. 'Treaders, card.. trritalloy Machlnei, mllways. darvr
,huy frame, speedrs. thrnoslls, Immo, woollen card, double
ngle. for merrhautor country votOr. , muleon is loon
Aldo and hand lathes and
In gcneSl All Undo
of ohalling made to omler, or law 010.0 for /Mating
rios or mills at res.mtble .huge.
Barre 1,-Kesurdy. Child. 4 Co-. Dlatkotark, MI A Ca..
King. rennook A Ca.. Jan A. (tray.
QTI4.T. IVr barn associated J. GARD-
Ot YETI CvFFIN with no In the ihrhanee and Banking
uolncon WM. It. WILLIAMS A Co
Ilttikurgli, January 1. 1,:.1.--opothlw.
lex. 1.11.114%.... -J. a. ..... 0. oetrre.
vi ng. IV ILLIAMS CQ., Bunkers
Ant EtehAuq, Broker, North Pan corner of Wood
awl ThlW StrINIA. htnalun,h.
AlltrAnortionr mule on liberal tent., tad entlertinue
proreptl, Attended to. Julay
Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Co.,
CHANGE, oci Thinl et-, Phil•delphLi. .
he - following L+ *f of the Affair, of the Company.
I, publiehed In ronfornsliy with • provninn of IL Charley.
I,mlume received dams the year eluting Oetotier 31.1.
ton Marine tool Inlatul 81ALA..... V0'1.606.24
On Yjn. Mike 01,3'41...4
• —,-..
Flamed Pennine. during the year endingas 14b0ye . ..
Urine and Inland Rieke ....... ..--$152.7112.17
Ou Rieke 50 . '75
• --$2674291.112
In.ereet and Salra„, 14.5.77,Yi
Sweet P.xprnurr, 41r- durinv the raw time: ,
Mamas and Itasull NarimstiooLomm..3llL7l: 6 2 7
Fire Lois., K 1,03.67
Prott and Uwe 53423
lietuna Premium. . . ........ 17.9(.1'+
Acenry char 17253 .01
Eammer, Runt, Warier. ..... 9:24:4
tai r Til.o7'
Tbelireete a th s
. C... r ... .. ii4knrw E ,... 14. ,
Bond& Mortgagee. sad Uraurel Rents
1. 0.1
3.50.1 X)
1112,000 Ihrittel Stara 81: per ee4tl..ean
. 11.
SAM) Perm:Om:as . . 11., , ,1?.. ?,,
.671:0A1 Philaderacityils
8.1.000 Spring Gankw ..1.150.
100 Roll Road COLOP.Y...- 0"
. Union Dank of Tectuessre.....— . 1.410510
SU - Merchan urg ts mut Ilsaufachurcrs Batik
Pittsb T. 3.50.00
' 6 Philadelpiti h
aand MarredsOrare Ottani
Tow float Ccaupany- . ..
Phliadslpbta Pacharuro tiouspan7 ---
Oulu and htock at ouudry Mutual tartans.
c.h orchand
lotcrect due fn tbo hurls or Agents:unit Primilintut
Msrino Mirka. tyranny button
00.1.10 0 .14 .00
Subwription Nuke 1 00.W.00
Ey the Art Ineorporalthz
lo l athlaComani.the Viet I •
no n ' , prnpertr therein are entitled ebare di th e y
.of the IneUtution, without ruhieeting them.selrei to soy
y beyond the premium paid. •
i ho Capital :Mock and Bulacriptlon Not. are Pledged he
the Charter for the payment of kerne, and the prof. of
the Company are directed to be tnvNiteal end rim:main In the
.leyrofelon of the Com...flan: ea a fund for the further we
rtly of the assured. Ilia fund will be omentad by
t 4
krlP. bearing an interret of ell per or divided among
tbe teetered and Stnekholderr, pro mt. UM. the =Muht
of earned Pnmaluote 112 d Capital Stock.
• littteburia, AlfenerAtib Water Weat
. P. A. MADEIRA.. .
State Mutual • Fire Imaranee Company,
Harriaburg,. Pa,.
IE very liberal pa na
troge extended to ,
T this company. having lamed policies n. autount
o near One and a lid 31 il lions of I.llars. Mang the last
three .46.110. is sufficient maniftettatiot of Ohs adulation
and run &Mune of the public tubo r spatom of management
en which im businMs cooduawL
To city or country merchants. and owners of dwellings,
nod fnoOdnd and , v.tarr eaavity. it d believed this
affords advantagte In point of cheapness, safety, and
wecority.l.ferior to no Insurance Company in thieve... Mr.
t Coal oard on the winnable and gOOOUy improved system
of Ciamilleadon of 111,40.eseinding meet. lummis. In•
soling truly a Ihnitol mount tio my one Om prs
eluding Co froquennymel occurrent. of Ism ll rm and
also tln both the Rock and Mutual plan. Roof. only pc..
rm. Um cheapness and accommalation of both methods,
-but entitles the !mood to participation In the profits.
. It is under Quin:intro' of the following Piroctorst—John
I'. Rutherford. A. J. Gillett. John B. Packer, S. T. Jon.,
Alamo A. Carrier. Philo nudge - Mk, Itobat Riots.
J P. President.
A. J. IiILLZTT. retary.
A. A. Cotton. Mtn.) ,
Mkt tir Western Perinsylrania 54 eutithseld
etreet4lttsborgb. Potions sleazing .
lontrance.ll be
the fur
oshr, with tote of the he ratting . t
Weatertilusurallee Compaxer of Pittsburgh.
ApITAL 000,000.. - ITTIILLER, a.,
Pnwhienf. Attntr
Will insure against id/ kind. of /mks, i'lre and mina,
All Meows trill be lannlit and Pfnott d , Inni•
A hone Institutiont—manairesi by irer . .. 110 jur well
known to lbe colonntoltir nod, 'n* IT
litterallte Inaintuti GU Moneta widen
prom nneee and
they bare mad, am rearing Wm beat ➢
0400. 4 .32 to Cow
who desire tot. Insured.
Dungoo.t..olllla, Jr
.11tatts, Jr,.. Wm B. Holmes. C.
Water gtreet.(naMb oooo44la i a Ca °
11.1Mtairiailttiburgb. '
PITTSBURGH ..... '...0.,...: ZETTE.
Tenn Life Insurance ComPE6Y, thiluiera.
AGENT IN Tl'l7Slll.lltGl4-J;. pNNEY:
Jr t tbo-010r0 ti tic w.,teto cornr...r:
IS titer th-001, Itittsburzh.
Panirbhits, with sal itchitssary laftatsititicia 00w1 6104
till t.A.Tundtbed- .
izux i t i b wm eir
u. 1100.1:
ho T lf ".l oF 4 f
yhe of Um pm , iwitt
mat. dads
Fire _and liarhie
Fire_ and . .
THE I: N SUIt, i4 r c 'E Co:
On Twofer!, an thla 11l
eitr. lohuty. aral ort Vor o
Dauer. !ito, t, a dEry oori. Droperttra of thte
fluor ,
an' tecll
en - . 1 fornl,trr arrOnl , lo fond
Cur th.. nmpl, Ind. Ili of all ,!reirty to be
anat.-tor by haymow,.
nryla-lc I'. JOYCES. Awelit. 44 Water et.
Delaware Matta Sifetv . teljukneaComP'Y
Nitll HI
Merviyandhae, and other
ornrar. arn oral country'. ItourolimnrroSt Iwo or
Marano GrvAt Irmeo4 rate uf branoDor ,
Maniac al. , incur" Vrau•La. Care.
and Fratghto fur.ign taxl4 . lor.. Yroaraol
poo" ro tbe nrfuml ma'
IsLoin 11vooknarrvrIoN.-111,111x. Imr• too
1...v01.," Wvit.W.' Dan road ears: nal boot, and
rir , "-rat tool , . hrara laLto am *ulna"( liberia o
111007...—.1.1,14t Sealltnutot A-trouotor. John C.
Datla,lroloort Iron ~ r John ILl'eurace. Sanutel
Gror,p. C. (yaw", JOluer.l.harlimatou,..loaraY 4 1. Wil -
Dun l'ofwell, 'John Newlin, Dr. It. 11 00100 C.
113L.L . ThrOPhtin.t 11.141100 J 011.11.41... henry
SEaur.' Intch Speumr Ydrlltaln.
Irarloa Kona. J. 6. JoLtearu. If in. llo )i Dr . ic
S. Te.
John Sellona:n l re. Cr re, Jr: rI
lanmwroars - 47 Dallonceen—D morgul, cfaic,
7flien'E. Logan.
•°- Wray tn Hirer!". proakt.nt C$lO. Drosl
.14 ;fl0
ib fr7.1..1, Seortran i ,
Engala. O . r . ; - itre=t . rj. ooo'o',
• -
Friuthlin Fire Insurftee . CO. . f i'hilad'a.
piltEC'UOits: Clad., .W. , lit iekOT, belo.
11". Itinbirl,, Thatt'llart. - Nlotolceml . len ie,lfbbLes
J Tll . . Al t :4l: l 3i ' 1 't. ' 17.; S.:r.'..etlUnr". . vbl '' Dn ''''
. feAA11 . 21,; ' ,.. fl.11:Clille, Pov-Idont..
Cettbeth G. 111,0tba. 4..crelarr. . .
Tenoeleenareatty ontetenueo t.. MAO la,lll . 2.te.F.l , rtnaosol.
Or binn ed,or,every . th,cuption of 11rbeleret In them and
thuntry• at oaten r.o Inw no are onerloblet with Neltrit.k.
The econeJerer hasp_nowerneel a larva enlittlOv.t rUod:
whiele, with - 111Hr Cavttal nett
Ported..., ott , lj lutveeeel,
arab' ethiplo protortlnn en the 16.411,4..
Thu navel« of the Compane ,neiJarthary le I.lBLn. no pub
lish...l ogre...ably LI ton Ant °Vibe:el:ably. Wet* no follnwo
le?roltio.."-ele• L 11.147,45 1 1 41
" 14,721 '..1 ,
Temporary Limnos ' • 90.001 te.l -
seer*, • 51,55 25
thole, A--
Al2-133,4= II
Since tho!r incorborathen. a period of tanetteu ,
butt pall opener:Lour One %I lion Four IlunetrodThoe.auJ
Inllarn.theo. by Fire. , therelty elJedlnte elide... of the
advantages of TORtrnionn, no well
then-4. Mei and 11. r,
vositiOri to mi., nub preceptor. , all Mb .
J. GARDNER. 01141. , Jthret.
=al Metro K K teeth ..JI oe, of
cp4ii MOVEMENTS . 4 .. . •
~,., OF tom .0.7, ii:
p . MLA STEMS EapTll.' - ...... '-'
Tho undrruntalor ollbur vanaL• aro: • • • • to rail as
rasa. rd Line-Watil• iriPa 1
raou krkenpo t. ron TtEa•CNITLD A
New lora-....-.......edartniZ yeb:y I.
AAA -1.1.14. n. .ltUrdillf I•nk r' U.
Canada 'lin Turk *Fataray Flack 1.
-Buxton . -•... klarrhl4.
Africa New Y0rk....-..,..-Faurnlalf . 1 5krrk n.
Alactita 11... Satutilsr April F.
Asia. 'lea York. - 'Saturday April 12.
-Avial rot krraltrook.. . - I ' '
Near York-. ...... -Wad ',Jan. :11.
Lanai.. Houton . ""1"
. f rk. "-
Anita Sup York IVainta y, 'el. ..1.
- gri • , V a ' ; ' . Itit.
Canada Ikation„..- ......... -.11 - adnewyy, April 0.
Alrirn ' :yr 1.k....-.......Veduerany, April 23.
Ane - r c... :..-....d.1katnu.....-..-_.kKulnealy'r April 50.
'A 1i ... 1 . ; .. e7ag L- :3 - 'ite b :l ;,6,l,r:if4ri,,—.i
1 .1 i 1 ~,
C. .C'dat Flndau"-Cr /bile La/?c. . t.: •
e ran
.fer r ll n •e N rper'.l" sl , relaratlar,
......Ltempool.- /We* Wpm Neb. J.
Fbr. NI. 1,1,4
. I . I'a4 'Sal/ Il•rk lide're Lire— It.er74iffar.
r Ml.l N TOO..
ta•Haere t Sataidsy,
af, Mar. F.
!casaba., ...........
Iltusbohlt flame
rft srw TOE.:
Fraclins frt. a
llama ...... 12.
U. Ilunabahlt— ......
.. •-• 4\VaiiMai:Juue '
Ore. Straw .NwriariMst
1 ;t o
Irublvates frost New l'ort.... r t r t e .. =
Ilermarm '•
Waetdrart............-N 1 ork..---..—Srldar. T A i tD u u ar lw
YMW- ......
' ran caLirorTr- 154/1
C. S. mall Kamera leave New am .
of earl warn, !brawl's..
'l , OB 114VAIA iLT
Strummblll Imbel haver (.I . .leston lro the let r
each mouth.
' °Mee. Nrp.orann Oararra
Eats:mina - Morning. 3..4.7 I ,
During the pad n 4 hours. we bath had a hidden and
torero change In the weather. gill It 1r now cold and dixa
itthohle fordatdoor onethhoth ,
We hare tra material change to naloeln the general...*
hot. Ether' thing runahas quiet, at tireelauo miotationr.
FLOL*ll—Thr trtlralr ynelurdal were light...llh° only
pale we brood of on the :wham: was 100 bli. to n 4, N0...1.1-
vltle, at T.t,,0 P bldg 53,60 to $.1,N3 mar now he )‘;ten on
the ruling rater (nen tent hstals. cram 'tore Fah , tale
bet. to moat lot, foe city tvastunpth.dr. at S 3
. .
lquee—Supplir.are light. pr10r , ..1 ate non:L1041, and
can repurt ¢n oath,
Beccernr.vr Ftorn—We quote from lira 11..6 at $1.50 ,
ncnl ienta .tore at 51..ena1.,1? Inc V.:, •
OItOCEItIE-=—We halo no further , hangre to notlee In
the Onewr tu.lot. Price, are eteady..ith small pale* .N
0 tlugarat'oeirAi, Holum, at Cork,
ItdCON -- ndldint to xol tarn, extent inks trantltiml In
Hawn. Small Mow of Law at k for plain. and Inc fir an.
gar eared: Sln;nlders nor telling tit 1110in4 to, C•66tie
D D.
DRIED DEER—D o note licaßra dew at She PD.
LARD—The quartet I. quiet, with !Ails .t 74373 i
arid In keg. at 7,N1R.11.R.-14 n.•
. ,
501AIN—Sales of =0 bus Corn I!r Mt bxtielit, at I
tae P bss. Who If waxy thing, •re • little firmer. 3.1(.1,3k
firing tlemandol from the levee. Wheat Is selling a the
milli iet prim ranging from 72 to 7i30 bur 11)0I, ele•d)
•t Oho i•
Sinla. Sot? ErstSms.—The Syracuse Journal state.
that the manufacture of Salyut, nearly ntopPwl, onls two
or three Mocks on the Its%ermamn tioning.and they will
be Mired to .toy emu. for the waist of water. Th. iwim oL
Salt has adrancod from Mc to 31, and • ,f4trther advance. Is
expeetnk The amount on hand is one firm has
woo control of tome COSA/0 barrels of it. The resumpUonof
manufartum will probahly be in April.
ST. lATris. Jan. %,
.-.. ., .-tit
1-Tolsarro, Hemp awl Lead-lo wham, nothing dont/. In . ../ 2 r7.-g "" trwi T ati 4" 4ll " Too " r(7 " as ' h . ok - eins -- Y5 Conti usual
Hemp the market has Men actire, and privet aliglitis ad- I -, 31;silse TN Pmts.
mimed. with sal. on Monday of .5 tons gpsl, at W. II tom I 1200 plea. Cotton and Wool Detainee, 15 and IS rents,
42 bd. mamma at 144, OS unts.rhol. at Slota and a lot of • umial price IX) arid 25 cents.
strictly choice at 310.5 Ist too. in 12.1.1. to day of 705plas ; GO /dm. kWh colored plahl do., 45 cents, usual price
lower mbes. at 64. 1 E 11.100 its , upper mines we quitter... 1 tali cent. Shittik'sl4,4o is leo Ilm 6O Phimw IthIPPI end Awnrett Yilka.• 50 cents, moat
Slloup-iteles to dim of 400 bbis North SL Louis end Water prim 75 tents._
attest brand at S 4 from milli surmilue &natty at Si. and , SO pieces Satin de Chine end SILL% 11714 Mute, usual
Ave atSUM SI bbl. price SI 25.
Wheel 51ssuday, a .le of two mall lOW choice from ' 00 plows Black ant" minced 25 per mut.
store. at 556/4 , 50. keemnley a aisle of 075 sack. as the Step 100 pieces Frenels Merinos. SI OW anal prie4lll,37l'.
chants . Exchange-choice red at Fieomil elated Pk ?La. I a. pieces Panunettaa and Lynne. Cloth., mducete3l
sales outdde of 50 racks prime at Kw= and 100 commoh at : P... 04
70c. To dap seised We Merchants . Exelunge of 156.0 elm, :VI pieces Alper.. ell colors, reduced Wpm cent.
In lot, at 022555 c. = =OO Cis Square Shawls, which will ba sold from 111 to
Corn and lialo-•Of Oats sales yesterday of about .1000 bus : is Isle than mud prima.
from store, et 05.1: and to day gales of 00 mkt. lit two lots, . ago) Tanis Bonnet BiLlmos at II and 10 mute, usual
eC 554 mks included; and 500 mks delivered at Alton. of 5i4 pri-c la to thceout. ,
W tom Of Corn salsa to day of 500 mks aslant at 50c, io. tkat rotund Callow. at
iSimntA. usual price 00..
glorting /mks. . 1 • 100 cams Coolish aradAnterimu Calkers O. II and 10
Pork-Pelee of 64 htds M.. from true Lem. St 110.50: monk usual_ price In amt 121 i mots.
without tnepretlott or ptarantre. to Ins. illcachvil 315aline. palmed g mute tor yard.
hard-.`imes vesterday,of 133 thavo laui hhhi NCI. I hank Z. Wes Brown Nitudln. all grades.
a t ON, and 501mga at ...ic IA lb. Sala to day of 41 bbiaa
Alien. hams. Esubmklariee, Trim:ahem, lloeirrY id
lat skic u. d. • p NI
.slow.. Llrienr. Chmke, Cloths, Caselmerwk Cassino and
Baena and Balk Mest--Sale on )louday of 1.000 tides . ID .1 , say: tomthar wth an immense satiety of other coeds.
dry rah rd I. Ytalerdaf a *wet CAI) beau in ealt.dtii. XI of worth .1.11 b. Marked Dawn to Lower Prices than anf
and 2000 long hams from blink. et toh:c SI rs. No Man. , ,of their previous mks.
Pons reparted tn dly. .. 'rho . InTila on early call, 'es many of their choicest
•Groceries-CoN. has Mtn men. mtim, and on ; goals will soon Pa toll The lowest prim named at lire
the ral. itlMOOnted to 1.70 ta.;.-. as tolinas•-.140 bags glad , ,A. A. MAYON a t,v.,
AK at 11.4 c. 1125 loth.. km at '154 0 4nAl 13 , 1 .la, . 11%. inl. . 0 . an.l Ai Mark..t 4.
carli. tuk,. . Ea:e• - rgaterdar of 1-1 iihde Mgr :Maar, nt 54 ,
and 150 elm good Itta Coat., in two squad lot,. 111/0 i 1 0 , . To the Realtors of the Pittaburgh Gazette.
--Itara.bitaao. L 13138L1C ATTENTION ie respetafially in
_D_ • - ^ • ,, .na Crathw pet fortli I- ' 40,
- -
1.4.71 ,, utt, Jan. 15. 1550.
cotta i l i ene.,4e et Cottor.—.l4 la v.. at
I:llledrntatd, tbo.vh there! vehan,e
fn prik,wlticis wan $4. to 154. A !ale of $4 hide extra. Men
etor, tt 64.15
tn C 3 1 .319,
.Wbent., llYkt Corn and (tats e 1
tlroerrinA are srn. Tbeet,ck of Gnlnn 1. zn , wirratn.
of Aland 3t¢ ba0,..01 eme.:alln, At I . 2;ar. e4m
1,14 A pager pun:ll/V, , at utrJ bAle 01
4of M ec,
ro ”Ine
Prlelt .,
iae—`tome lnl+uf men perk oil a't Sll. W. notice
paler of 15 hhde hewn .boulder, et red a few eneke of
tear 'VI,. n 1 rules te l lnuldery and elders out of Ault icy
fA kepn
11m:third from slur.: at
2.l3a n laisn. nemrillon quallty.
or .V 2 tobacco nn Veal, sad Saturday.
10 Alain at 55.1545,30; boric at 5.:40.4455: and 13 hbda at
Clactxx.trt. Jan. 13, 1850.
Flour and Grain—Tim tnarkrt tor Flour wail...say tndar,
and the Ade. wen• ronflnni to 700 , 1,1.1, In Int. from C a na,
and Italian(, at 83. a. 'Mr nv.,tatodurtng We laot Salaam.
cvmpriall 6.743 lAds. 10 Elralo 1400 bufbela %cheat add
from Canal at V,.
I , ronaWn. , —The mgr.. rompriavd Olu 1,1.1.4 gut laid nt 7e.
150 do. at ; ...1/008 and Kbouldera, In bulk. at
40 . 1.0ttl do. do.. 01 1.51. , (Ina Pork. at
ifaaln: 1. , do tn ,. ..(cottatB).) a 110.75 .a IVA) pm groan
.. •
tiruceri.o4-ialva of 9 bhda rututann Sugar, at. 5.74,4; 5 .1...
prim.. at 6c . fair at I , Se-,16 do .14. oc. and dodo
at t;?..c. nottm rale. of Ital gaga at 11AC412c
Cof 50 bbl. N01a...01e0 at 444 4 '.
lultwo—dalea of WO ha, a cno.l at rc; 400 du uneeLvtal
at. 0 ,4 , . and ns do dn, at .4,
Iluttr4-4.64044. of 1%, leap and 6 bids cand.nucied, at 10e,
1010 , 1 Fruit-4041c, of lAD boa APP I4.4 at 7 001 . 0 4, 4 0, 4 040 . 4
an In fair 046041 and good on arrival. would annutand
$4...,5 bO.--.:(io:ettu.
II tkrivoitx. Jan. 13. ;850.
Cattle—Tbo mwnrity of. my kenbek on lion.
day wnk of an inferi, wade, vrhtbd the reridoetrasof wort'
than an ordinknir mwl quality, and price, tinetuatrilc
ennlitwl o. The oderinws kkactol 70n Innut WO of widen
ken• kola to city twitters. 60 weivl4l over unkold and tit
driven to Philatkinfils. rangod from 11 - 2 to R 4
on the to
equal ta 111.1653,73 not, myt averaWnk UT )
110,--Tho market It brisk. at 1:42:45,1324i..
Mcam Initairtnl to 31r. Doh, folloclor Toll., Aar a
atalinnotit of the reditood tot.,. of vit 0000 I..tiug
dopted by the Directors of the Erb Escenaloa Canal. at
thaw late meeting at Erb, aa
Maximum Dili .. 25e 1 , 1 ton
DI national Coal. throngh. —..
Mashourn th. r frotiviter ''''''''''''''
loin ore fn. a North
Grasmere. ............ ..5 tonne thro u g h . 10 load.
0 1:4 “, car • 10 "
The foregtikog allows a very roarkleroble iiodurtion. which
Is nude with r s lio view of lieentlrut t. Ivcre of bu.itioor
clam the Inte,or of affording lextotles fur a new trode. It
!aorta Tall to' be cilleoelouil • yet in onto rerprete Abe heavy
dilanitulnotion In favor . of 'the. through Intone, muetlie
objecto , noblei For ituitourv i • h.. , had of cool frro• tM
valuoble ntiroie 6 to to mil. up the Ilearer will pay
ton to Trivotlillst the Pittsburgh dealer will aro./ over his
lrea the w hole length of I he. line. for air. The diseriutinai
tion will o!o effort the errant:o lgans/ Company. which
nun , utter lorunth•• to nn offeet. There should be fair cow
petit!en lietstioin the two twin Lines for the Lahr. and !Liver
In et i tteh e h e i a n v to y
t pl itprry of
t e arl t hi n o d w ir • c c toiloeo. o - f tioioil.o. Po
. • ato United State! , I. Groat
3 Sept, IVJ: . •
Britaiu 64.1 h+land. ell. , I
No , lu Jan. 7
. .
l'ililearlOtla to Jan. 1..
to JUIL.
When, 4 . n *EA
u. Corn, ntt.
Fan.. um• 1,. ',v.
From- -
Sc or, I , A.k In Jan. 7
Nnu Wltan. p f ,
Plln , le*llia to Jan. 1..
11.14.. n to Jan. 4....... ....
. .......
trttor4.ll4 ND., L 1...
Total. .
lA4 'Lan....
Y. Eltipyi rv.;
1} e 3 h•. , the P 1
'. mi Uplant
VCI 11. Jun
Ir. Is!
. 10.100
Cnltn,l F4pa
Do. tit.
All,l.tity Co, iVa
• Do.' n.u F .0,, pat lu YLJ
Do. et.ap:tra,merly. ....
Pittti.orAt,ttal in. , . V.
Allegheny city 0' • '
tnu.O,.. Pa •jo
Dank of l'ltn.bur.,ll.
31en•hantm . not, Mama. 8ank......:.
Exch.:iv hank
Farmer,. Dti.tite Dank..
Bank of liroa - n•ti/lt .... ......
Allegheny : , ..tingt .......
Monontzahpla . .
Hand St. Ite.dpr •
1,19.ANV C o Iit.WIL Insuranc e Co
Ava.ru4to.l Ph...luau's Co.
Atlantic A
l'lttetirh ( . Th Cl in
unti A o P v s).
V 4 .1.15 rt AND CAN 41..."00.
Pen Central Hall hoed ..... .........
Ohlo Peen'. Hall Itvat
Clrreland Pitttlnuh:li Rill Road_
Turtle Crack Planktanad.---
Erie Canal Bonds. (old,-
Du. do. tura)
Fayette Ilanuf. a
11701 . 1 f.
tYttaburgh Bat. (Cliff 31Int).—
North Anterl.n..- . ; .
North WoOC
North Wratem
lmn City
l'ttlAntran'a . lair Royal.
ltldtto 311thot
I;r.t ‘Vtatarat-
Dolutla.a ilaughton't. ...........
Alithugulna. ..... ........ ................
tlton Trap lock.
2-4 slut Extbanos .....
7 shit Ohlu Penn's. It R..—
..—Tbrec were ti feet OC, lachwi h &alma. ea dusk.
by metal mwrk. but vrenimb end rising•
Michigan. Biles, Beaver.
Waite, Gordon. Ream.
Bahl, Bennat. lhownsvilla.
Atlantic. l'aritinon.
J. Maim,. Hendrickson. Ilelieclurt-
Tho, ...brie,. Ilailry. West Newton.
Bimini.. lid., lilLybeth.
31rieeng, ^ Eher. Cleirinnsti.
iseleou, Wbcclinz.
I'd...lid-hip, lb. CincianatL
Michigan. Brie, Deaver.
Baltic. Bennett. Brownsville-
Atlantic, Partin...4 Brownsville.
J. McKee.. Hendrick...on. McKomort
Thew. Thrive:. Wakr.Wnsi
Dalea. Elisabeth.
Diurrukl, Conwell. %Mewling.
(Dipper 10. L DuvoL anciniudi.
NA.YIITILLE—Geneva, 10 A U.
BT. LOCl.l—lme Newton, 10 A. Y.
tiDIVORLEANB—Psuis, 10 0. S.
WELLSWILLD—Aroon. 10 A 34
LOl.llSAlLLE—Iliyuu. 10 A K.
Po LmTirriur—Tbs thka steamer MUttax, Capt. J. Davi.
,klßP.dtiyelr =ma.. r.e I •
11 tit MEDICATED COMPOUND, infOjille
Ur to renewing, invigorating. and bututifying liaMar,
removing thr semi, daudruf. and all affections of the amigo,
mid curia; eruptions on the 'akin disease. of the glands,
muscles; Integurnente, arid relieving Kluge. rota. lone I
se, rpmint dr. With thls preparation ',here 1144 .441:1
wont as The Ind journals in Anierka, medical men
of the highest eminenee, prominent citizens of all pro*.
aim, and Indio, who have used it En. Iran in their arr.
sing rim's and nurneries,' admit It with und accord. that *sr
Imparting tiger. ulnas. luxuriance, and curl to the hair,
eradicating war( and damlruth healing' wontela, curing
contusion, condos. Ahura de. and relelsier diseases of
the skin. the glriule, sod the iouseles, it has no entml
3111011 y. the multitude of eutuTtrutml. &devil ised in the Mile
lir prints: or icsel Lit prieate practice. In simples 1.1,11
as efficiency. ltarrr's Ten.therous ts unrivalled. The
t easi. the srticle, have enabled the lost-Moe
sitpply td. ~‘ per honk.. .width to from 50 to Id)
lor less thin the prier of any other Teelednikh for
. hale ' ten' Co era. The scientific treatise on Ow heir
and the ekin embracing the valuable thrretinns for the cul
ture and preservation of nature's choicest ornament. In
In which each Lords iseuelnevel. Is aloni, worth the money.
The between the itternhmmea cemnitutotho
Akin and the hair. width draw. It. anstematare hum this
triple envelope. is very these. All diseases of the hair ori
ginate In the akin of the head. 11.11 . e a porea ti of the scalp
wet f ‘ e:4ll: fr rg;
with •
re. , dun, soil Ltripart life to the fibres. the result le
dandrul4 shedding of the hair, graven.. drys , nete
and haralmem of the ligararnte, and eatirshaidnow,
tour Iv. iptimulabe the skin to healthful action with
the Tricsiyherous, and the torpid pewit, recovering 'theft
tivity, will annihilate the disease. In anal/Known( the
nn. and of the rubstrata of marks awl integuments. the
otes and the effect are the tome. II L 4 arcs the skin,
action,d the glinds. that the Teruhe
has its .lee the atul In all Orator% an Indoor of
these organaelt is a sovereign rentedY.
dedd in lerge 1541.1“. price 25 mote, at the principal of.
nee. IX Bnadway, New-York, and by the priuciPal utereh
sod druggist. 4141.1.11011 L the I:tilted Stn. sal C•l2-
of DRY GOODS, at the One price *Wm of
A'. A. MASOS .6 CO, 62 and 64 .Market street
Commenced ou Monday. December On. 1610, to ocutiime
through the mouth of January. molt Whole erMhltrle
meet hal, been thrown open fur Retail Trade,
emendtheir es.
tredve Amin amounting to Erne ilmadnd OO'
Thourand Dollar, will ha offered at Retall, at Doily
fourth him than weal prices.
Tim make Of their demi-Annual Sale to .1 one of the
4bottrardle who attended the oaf. of twit rear. will he adfd
eient Karats., for • call Oda reason; They will. however,
W on • few of the good. and Prior , rut' kdR 6 4
O. who hare never attended Owlr rake. rt. ' •
.4 rh , g, Kt fu-A. lln relnel
-". rflre i ll t . ',' . , it f re. ni' :!Utt mangle, of modern now.: '
" PETROLEUM WE ItuCli OIL: It la Out more than one
year ago ill., OW Meat-remedy woe brought Ivefore the
rt l e i nlTja rlk
`: . ;: ' e r ttTO, ' l "'" c a Mapg ‘ rtrit e l3 ' ..y o tTe
v ommunitr, and, we ellege that the wager It is ' trova 1130
13,re rertoin will Itv greet fame newel. It tv not the ore
tlit. '' ' ' .....t;/ . i,ITL% - , 1 4.!; , ,, h f. - , ' ,4i1 y ,7, " 4 - 11 °' ir be Lh otrXrn
oil eller edemas her,. boot, begotten, " The Petroleurn.b.
n Nitural ' llsoletly, elaborativi in
depthe of the earth
by a power Sod annoy that laugh. to [teen all human
cerupetlllon. It le our duty. when we write about a meth.
Elntil...mdzhee.rge thane e truth—that the :4. w. we: ru
our wonttivdtenlztc.
dente in or abatement, Zhu rick are very apt to touch at
ony thing that nrombes wild from diem. , A Wary ma
hardly be too highly wrought to hence the oltect Of gull.
hulahnguie m of them. dot
i t.?a,rtbby,.....”1.. i:',ll, 'a% thlyslll iti:riatlo ' lZ
our remedy amok be Mid, I. miler to worm for it a temp
tatian far aye any Angle ankle In the materia towl.
ka. Plain uttrarnlehel forte—Meta that may be exert:olnd
In our city and orighborhood. bear ample WA...I' le Er.
rur of the Petroleum.
Withiu thy pan 001, montht, top of our own elUuum.
who woo, totally blinll, have been reetortetto sight. See.
crud ltees of bllndmax, la rho State of Ohio, have been
cured. And. alm, the rare of a getalalila2l In andy.
Thero ore othere but thaw are MAI near home, may
In referred te. by any perlune who hove dOnbta nil the cub
ject. Theo , now were cured after they had been leaden.
0 1 by obreivikno ast howdeas. The Petroleum 11 cure.
whet, twwl acrordluir to dinetlono—Diarrlo ' yeentery,
,'diet, Rheum-an.. Gent. Ncuralgb. Eruzlioi eu the Skin,
, pt:notn on the few, Clonwile Sore I:rue:Cleo - worm Tatter,
Ewald Head: mine In the berm. and Joint, old verawelTicerv,
I Wen, Ague. Chronic Comet, Arthm, ilmnebitle, nod all
p o hoenery affections of a chronic non., tending to 'Pew
Jure Cuttousnpnon. •
Buns and eralds. ill.que. of the Dladde? and Kidney,
(1..1,...,1 Rands Excoriated Elpolee, Come and Burdens.
I In fart, It 10 n One.., Colours tknenger, and lowbeen 10101
' in moat t,f the above dlereavea within the post year with the
; Dint perfect. corer,l. . Vvrtificatna that *III mtortleh are lu
I the handy of the wor , fi r etor,whe will take pleasure In 'how-
I In
' 1 1' ::ITI• t •fr l :lli:rT Inlylf '-' , eir bLgr their ....tki,,, l ,
t Petrnleusn 14 the
t he y noironly of the el, Phyertana
of bigli Mandl. in the prefwedon arc beglnuing to tim 1 . 1.
i n their practhe, Then who at Met Ineko.l on with doubt
and unrwtaillty,tre willing to award It due peal and
nowkicrannet. Before another ye. roll. rouml, all will be.
omwllol to seknowlevige that the Petroleum le the grcilt-
Intrlldut! Veer dlvenerrwl. For male, whom
and re.'
A le y KEYSER A IIeDOWELL, 1411 Weed et.'
—R. E. Fe ll er, 07 /deb. . L.. 1. Curry. IE A.
mp„„it, J..,,,,b iy,..0., Allegheny Qty. Alan, by th e one'
pnebor,E,. NE Islf-a, canal 11win, heventh onnet. l'itta. !
I larab. 0010
of Administration on the mute of Asthma
moor the city , af kittenurgb, deoesood, hoslou Ink den
then grouted to the °Methanol, nouns Is hereby given to
all mom. todstdo/ to sold ' thole, to make Innuollate aor•
west to eltber of us, and 01l permos borate dal.. aaalsyt
add estate are requested to °went the sante, duly When.
matd, fth wittletneol, at tbe aszolautro Wolf aloapk`i
said Beebe, ad Thlal stmt.: •
ASlin BEF.LIN, Adtolantratti
do toloUafsr.: t. •
.01:0 'blur sale by Lo i MUM a =MIL
(Cdnwpoodcssen of the Daily Pittnrurgh Ctat.U,•.)
WS.III.INGTON, Tan. 14th, 1851.
Brodhrad, at nets. Sinalor—Sennoiria
tin. in Nassachascits. Ohio, and ..intrauri--Dir
tingarhed Arrvals—Proceedings in congress. I
The election of Richard 3L Brodhead In i
for of Pennsylvania for the mooting till years, has
certainly taken the politicilms here by surprise.—
Mr. Brodhead is a gentleman of undoubted übility,
but is chiefly known at Workington us a trine de
votedly attached to the Southern School of twtli- i
tics. The election of Mr. Buchanan himself
would not lute been regarded no a more decided
triumph of that dfcinion of the Democrati c party.
As to the question, now untlenitood t o be e au of
much intert,t among the dominant party of Penn
sylvania. of personal preference between General
Coss and Slr. Buchanan, we have yet nu informs
[ion of Mr. Brodhead's position: Sir. Buchanan
et this moment, stronges t in Michigan than Gen_
Coss is, and if ho can but dislodge him from his
ftmtnessee in the Keystone, he may assure himself
of no farther tre.ll , , from the eandhlitte of 184 S.
Mr. 11. is for stronger at the Borah than any other
prominent northern man._
Massachusetts, the union between the
Free Boiler.. and Democrats somas not to Ins cor
dial.. We learn that at the end of the balloting to
day, Mr. Sumner locked six votes of an election,
end that he was not likely to get those six. Or
ders have gone from Washington to defeat any
election rather than permit the Free Boilers to
profit by the coalition which. has defeated the
Whigs without givingn subshunial victory to any
rar) 17.
111.11 011
10100 1
U. 1.60
Indlido a cotnpact of, precisely the same cha
racter no that which was fartially arranged in
Massachusetts, was concluded, by which Samuel
Modary of the Statesman was to be umda Senatorr„
for the short remnant of the term, and a Free Suite
of Cleaveland, 11. B. Payne, was to be selected for
the full term. 'But so ninny screws were found
to be loose that it wasthought expedient to submit
this prOject to the action of the legislature. Bo
iide,.while the hunkers were sorely dissatisfied
with their 'own man Medary, the Free Soilera were
by no means content with Payne. There is no
good reason whatever to believe that there will be
any election in this state ratite present session of
the legislature.
My own impression continues to be that a whig
will be chosen in lilissouri, though as it is pos
sible that you will .• know the actual result
before you receive this it would be useless to go
into any extended train of speetilatiou upon the
hopes'or fears of parties here. The newspaper
telegraphic reports of thevoting which leis already
taken place is not correct. Mr. Geyorts vote was•
liu instead of 3d. Ile has to gain !rut thirteen
votes to secure hie election. Mr. Benton having
57, has to gain= votes.''llis *Muds may pro
tract tho contest or even defeat an election at this
',session, tint the tendencies ofmmay of the Anti
lientun democrats are towards Geyer, or any un
exceptionable whig, rarber than Benton. Great
anxiety is felt here as to the result both in Missou
ri and llassachntetts.
A most extraordinary concourse of. eminent
northern public men arrived here to night.
Ilmoug them are Commodore Stockton of N. 1.
George Woad end lion. F. A. Talmadge andlunes
Monroe of N.Y. and Mr. Stanton. of your city,
who I prcsunie has come on to attend . to the re
arguinent of the Wheeling Bridgecuse, which it is
supposed will be disposed of ut this term.
Mr_ Feick concluded his able speech on the
public lands, and against Walker's project of an
Agrarian Law, to day. Mr. Walker rose to reply,
and defend his bill. I consider this one of the
most meretricious and mischievous schemes ever
introduced into Congress, or even seriously dis
cussed in the country. Its author deliberately
betrayed his free soil and anti-slavery supporters
two years ago, when ho had got from them. all
they had to bestow. When he hen made out of
this free farm business . all that he can expect
from it in the way of notoriety, it 1.4 reasonable
to suppose that ho will drop that too, and the
sooner the better.
The votes of the House upon the details of the
cheap postage bill indicated a determination to
adhere to the plan of the committee—that is, to
a uniform rate of three cents for all distances,
pre-paid, and five cents when unpaid. I.was
glad to perceive the proofs given of. a sentiment
of liberality and justice towards Oregonand Cal
ifornia, by the rejection of the discriminating
rates against . the Mail matter passing to :mil
from the west coast of the Republic. Jrmrs.
IConenolutenco of the DOT rittaburgb Gault.)
. _
Ilinstenuntin, Jan. 14, 1831..
A United States Senator was chosen this morn
ing by the two Houses of Legislature. The
Senator elect is Richard Broadhead, of North
ampton county, who writ , for several years a mem
her of the Lower House of Congress, from the
Northampton District .of this State. Although
many years in public life, Mr. Brodbrmd hos
not raised for himself any reputation, us a man of
ability. He is a gentleman of very moderate en
parity, but hos always been undeviatiog in his
support •of the measures of his party., 'ills ob
scurity saved him from making many enemies,
and to this fact may be ;attributed the nomination '
hisieceivest yesterday; and his Clectilin to day.— I
General Cameron—none of whose friends refused
to go into miuene with their brother Locofocos--
this morning gave up the field, and to a man, votedi
fur Mr, Brodhead. The Whigs made no nomi
nation, and their vole was, therefore, much scot- I
tered. You 'will observe that our dietinguithed
cititireli Mr. Loomis, was not forgotten by his .
friends. The following is the vote:
Messrs. Bailey, Buekalew, Fenton, Forsyth, I
Fridley, Fulton, Guernsey, Hoge. Hug's!, lees,
bone, M'Caslin, Muhlenburg. Packer, Sanderson,
and Shinier ofthe Senate; and
Messrs.. Benedict, Bigelow, Blair, Brindle. Jo
seph Brown, Cassiday, Demers, Doboins, Dorian,
Downer, Dunn, Ely, Evans of Becks, Feather,
Fegely, Freeman, Frets, Gabe, Gibbs, Goodwin,
Griffin, Gulley, Hogue, Ilalderruin. Hemphill, Hen
ry, Hnblett, Jackson, Laughlin, Limry, Leech,
Lest, Lilly, 31 . Curdy, M'Keon, NPliee, M'Reyn- ;
olds, Morris, hlowry, of Wyoming, Olivine, Pack-
ex, Patter, Penniman, Reckhow. Reifsnyder,
Rhey, Rhoads, Riddle, Roberts, Ross, Scofield
Shugert, Shull, Simpson, Skinner, S.A.:, Stew
ard, Thomas, Tran s and Cessna, Speaker of the
House-76, voted for Richard Bredhead.
Mr. Carothers, of the Senate, and Messrs. Big
hone, Fiffe, Gosmler, Hart, Kunkel, 3PCluskey,
Nis_sley, O'Neill, Robertson, Shneffer and Walker,
of the House-12,voted for A. W. Loomis.
Messrs. Broo ks, Konigmacher, Malone and
Stine, of the Senate, and Messrs. Baldwin, Broom
all, Cooper, Cowden, Ilunsecker, Killinss ' er,
and Slifer, of the House--11 voted for A. E. I
Messrs. Crabli.Savery and Mathias, Speaker of
the Senate, and Mr. Armstrong of the House-1,.;
voted for Juo Sergeant.
Mr. Carson of the-Senate, and Messrs. M'Clay,
and WLeari, of the House—S, voted for. George
I Chambers.
Messrs. Frick and Cunningham of the Senate
2, voted for Jae. Pollock.
Messrs. Hallett and Myers of the Senate, and
Messrs. Brower and Dungan of the House-4, vo
ted for S. A. Purvionce.
I Messrs. Lawrence and Walker of the Sedate,
1. and Messrs. 13luinc awl Mowry, of Somerset,' of
the, Houso-4, voted for Thomas 31. T. M'Ken
Mr. Nl'Murtie of the Senate, and Messrs. Lin
ten, 31Tune and Smith of the House-,-I, iroted for
S. Calvin. _
Mr. Robertson of the Scoot; and Mr. Hamil
ton, of the Housc-2: voted for J. Dickey.
Mr. Dent of the House-1, voted for Townsend
. Mr. Doweli of the House-1, voted - for Dr. Wee.
Mr. Evans, of Indiana, of the Ilciuse-1,- voted
for Thou White.
Mr. Monroe of the llonsel, voted for David
Dr. Nl*Sherry'of the House—l; voted for D. M.
Mr. Can Home of thd House-1, voted for And.
Mr. Reid of the llonse—d, voted for John Al:
Mr. Struthers of the flouve-1. voted for C. W.
Richard Brodhead having received a majority
of all the totes, was declared duly elected Senator
for six years from the eth of March nod.
The Convention then adjourned.
Mr. Cessna, the Speaker of the 'louse, thin
morning announced the following Standing coon
mittees Of that body:
Ways, andMows—Meeara Rhey. ilitrt, Bowen, '
Griffin, Slifer, Simpson, Mowry, of Wyoming„
Benedict and Brindle.
Judiciary—Meesrs. Scofield, A. E. Brown;'Cas.
'd Killinger, Kunkel, Morrie, O'Neill, Rhey
1,11 zty, •
nod Roberts. , •
Pensions arid Gratuitica—Morrs. Fegcly, Stru
thers, Darnel., McCurdy, Skinner, H a milton tad
Hunsecker. .
Clairas,—. l temra. Feather, Reid, Olivine, Hiblrj;
Listen, Scofield and Patten.
Agriculteu - e—Afeaars. Haldeman, Nish ey e Stew
~ed. Van Borne. Ely, Blaine ; 'caul Joseph
Education—ileavrt Griffin, Bighorn, Olivine,
O'Neill, Penniman, Armstrong and Madman.
Domestic Itanufacturen—gmerry..Tackson,aoli
ertson, Leech, Blair., itliherry, Bigelow, -earl
-IVOrkrtly B.'A.
Brown, fkuder;Gabe; Struther, and Smith: ' :
. ti .y, E ..~ . -r
Vice and Immorality—Gulley, Goodwin,
Fife, Ely, Evans, of InCliana, 111.eran, and
Militia System—Meserg. Downer. Etter, • Ross,
Laughlin, Robertson, Rhoads, and Laney.
1 • Erection Districts—Mesirs.. Mowry; of Wy
-1 outing, Broanall, Dobbins, Skinner, Thomas,
_Blaineand .Ifunroe. ,• ..
, Banks—Messrs. Brindle,' Bighorn, Lea, Fen . -
thee, Hart, Bonder, Dobbins, Bent, and' Tack
l son.
IFvnites anti Escheata—lfessrs. Packer, 'Goss
ler; M'Sherry, Evans, of Berks, Broomall, C0a1.•,,
.•,, day and -Morse
-1 nridges'and Turnpike Roads—Messrs. Brower,
ritcynold.s, Gibbs, Trans, drelyskey, Thomas,
and Reifsnytler. ,•
Gorporations—Messrs. Loa, Killinger, Packer,'
l i Shaffer, oug., :u . :l e :it:sr :L.,
S L:p ai. e, t, F s re ha ta,
wi an d d
Local Appropriations—Mesant Bent, Lilly,
Lands—Mesa». Henry, 21 . Curie, SituD,Rhoad.s,
fC I y, Freeman and Cooper. .
Divorces—Beesrs. Roberts, Henry, Brower,
Iluplet, Hemphill, Demers and Goesler.
New Counties—Messrs. tegely, Baldwin, Dann,
Bigelow, EVUlli of Indians, Int%Mho ruad Frets.
Compare Bills—Jfeserrs, Simplon, Cowden,
Lilly; Af'Kean and Riddle.
Library—Mossn. Duu.n.,dale, ami
Inland Navigation and Internal Improvements
—Messrs. Peuniinan, Bowen, Goalwin, Arm
strong,' Baldwin,' Ross, Reid, Walker, APRean,
Cowden, Bekaa, Kunkel, andsporlan.,
Printing—Messrs. Benedict, Blair, and Slt.
Public Buildings—Messrs: Slangert . , E ‘ vens,2
Berke, and Steward.
The re-Districting of the State into JuiHeal Dis
tricts, is attracting attention. • A Committee has
been appointed to take the question into c oe d i t.
Air. Olwine, from Philadelphia County, this
morning proposed a hill with the following pro.
visions: The election of five .legal gentlemen as
Judges of the Supreme Court, at ,a salary of
$3,500 per yeas The District Court of the City
and County of Philadelphia to' be cotaposerl of
one Pie sident Judge and:three Associate Judges,
learneril-fn the law, at an annual salary of $ 3 , 000 :
The District Court of Allegheny County to_ be
composed of one Provident - Judge, and one Asso
ciate, learned in the law,'at a salary of 52,6?),
and the following Judiciary Districts.
Ist: City and County of Philadelphia.
2d. Bucks, Montgomery, Chester ; and Dela
31. Lancaster, York and Adams, ;
9th. Becks, Lehigh, and Northampton. '
6th. Dauphin, Lebanon, and Schuylkill. •
6th. Carbon, Monroe, Pike, Wayite and SW'
ith. Lucerne, Sullivan, Wyoming and Brad
Bth. Union, Mordant., Colombia and Lynam-
9th. Cumberland, Franklin, Perry and Ju
10th. .Ififflin, Centre, Clinton, Clearfield and
Jeffereon. '
12th. HuntingdoWßltai., Bedford, Fulton and
18th. Clarion, VenangoiVarren, Crawford - and.
13th.' Erie, Bailer. andMereer.
15th. Waahington, Westmoreland and In—
6tb. Somerset, Greene, Fayette and Bea-
Ter. . _ •
17th. Allegheny.
The Judges are to receive $2,500 per annum,
but no mileage._
Mr. Bigham read in his place, thin morning,
a bill appointing Griswold E. Warner, W. Toting,
• Jacob Painter, Harvey Childs, William Dihiorth.
Thompson Bell, J. EL Moorhead, William Lari
mer, Jr., Tobias Myers,,Josph Long, William B.
Scaife, A. IL Marshall, and James Daleell Com
missioners to carry into effect the establishment
of a twilit at Pittsburgh, to be called the 'Mechan
ics' Bank of Pittsburgh,' with a capital of $lOO,
000, and which may .bo increased to - $200,000
in two years, subject to thi provisions of the
bank bill of lonksessiott,
. .
Mr. Digital:cruise read in his place, abill au
therifing The several counties embracing the
Western Judicial District of the Supreme Coast
of Pennsylvania-to subscribe the County of
Allegheny, not exoteding $20,000, and the sev
eral other of said Counties not exceeding $lO,OOO,
to the erection of o House of Refuge, for West
ern Pennsylvania, under the provisions of the act
to which this is a supplement, and to, negotiate
loans for the payment of finch subscriptions, Ind
and issue bonds therefor in amounts of no
less than $lOO and - bearing as interest of not
more than six per tent. per annum, which shall
I be exempt from every species of taxation.
Mr. Bighorn also read a bill to authorize the
laying out of a State road from the Allegheny
and Perrysville Plank Road to - the village of New
Rochester, in Beaver County. •
Robertson preseitteSa petition in favor of.
the establishment of the '•Nfechanico Bank of
Mr. CarAthers read in hi place in the Senate,
bill to incorporate the 3lonangabela Mining
Company. .
Mr. Bigham promoted two petition! from
Pittsburgh, in favor of free banking. In offering
them,Mr. B. made same remarks in favor of the
project, and instanied the success which had
crowned its operation in other Stntes.
Nossesroodenee of the Moir Pittebuish Gazette d
BiI.I.SIXDYLE, Tuesday, Jan- 14th.
Financial condition of Maryland--Neto Nail Ar
rangement—Robbery—Fatal ` Shooting—Porting
The report of the Treasurer of Maryland for
the past year is not quite so favorable as could
rile desired. The receipts have fallen off $87,-
453 56, and the disbursements have, increased
$320,978 20. The actual disbursements for the
pet year exceed the receipts 5239,484 12, leav
ing a balhace in the treasury of $245,408 84.
Maryland is in's sound condition, however, in
her monetary affairs, and will not only continue
to pay the-interest on her puhlic debt, but will
add to the sinking fund, so that with the present
generation will pass away the burihensome taxed
which have no long weighed heavily upon her
The cobipletion of the Baltimore and Ohio
Ilailroad to the Ohio - river will be one great leer
to hid in removing this .huithen, for the toad
must undoubtedly pay a handsome profit on its
stock. .Baltimoreans are sanguine that thin im
provement will be one of the geeatest benefits to
the city imaginable,: and give an impetus to her
prosPerity,,that other cities do wit think possible.
The new Mail arrangement brith the west is
most satisfactory to our commuruty. It expedite
; the mail either way more the half a day,and
very often puts the press herkin possession of •
papers twenty-four hours in nth eof the old
I mail line. Post Master Genera ' HSU deserves
mcdranch credit for his efforts to to the mail
department on something of' the "fast line"
A countrymen was decoyed into a gambling
and drinking house lost eght, and after being,
drugged was taken to a pifbc.of woods north of I
the city, where he was tied to a fence with a 1
piece of rope and then robbed of some $300, I
When he recovered his faculties he wan anti:ding:l
like a martyr to a stake, minus epery thing of
value shoot him.
I noticed noise days since nn assault with in
tent to kill, mada on a. German, named `Michael
IFauburg, at his brother-in-law's, in themes
guburbs. The ball, which wad shot in his net*,
1 has been extracted. but he =moot survive. TWO
1 men named William Cane-arid- Isaac henry, were
arrested on a bench warrant to-day and held to
bail in heavy•l-onds to answer .forsthe deed.
I understand that there.arotwenty-sis parties
in jail, Or on bonds, to answer at the ; present
term of our City Court charges or mur der, and
assaults with intent to murder or kill.
The Weccaeoe Engine Company of Philadelphia
are being feasted to death by our firemen. It is
a 'regular routinb of from one entertainment ts,
• another. They remain till Thursday when they,
visit Washangton. ,
Stocks are without Material change. Sales at
the Board to-day of 1300 - Maryland .Quarterly -
S's at 89; 500 B. & 0. IL 11. Bonds, 1875, it 941;
1150 shares York 5 - . Cumberland R. R. at 203 e ' fl i;
B. .k. 0. IL R. Bonds, 1867, closed at 94} bid: 95
I asked; do. shares, 741 bid, 75 asked. ' • •'
I,,considerable sales of American cotton goods
at previous quotations. American Woolens in
brisk demand... The following are the wholesale
prices for a few leading articles of American
Woolen Gooda-31edium blue eh black broad
cloths, $1,30e2;00; fancy, olive and brown do.
$2,25e3,00: extra ffne do. $3,00e4,60- Fancy
low and • medium quality cashmeres 500.170,1
and super der. 755_4,"1,20; plain, fine *nary
colors ' 90e1,25; plain medium black 00a755
plain fine black 80e1,00: plain shyer 'black
$1,0001,50.: Jeans from 14 to 35e as per smoke
and quality. Flannels 19 to 80C La per the and
quality. tiatinetta 21$ to 75c.
The weather is clear, cool and Ski. '
. -•
An inkeeperin North 'Carolina, beg naked
what raaaalag he attache Loam term laristocrat,'
mlird, , aq roan iho has mars nwniq zaa,
sa, in my animation, inalirit • •
. . _ •
. .
. 'Wein,: But rers.—iu this age at . .refortn, - ..'
when dm,"; rivilege of_wearirig , "the • bitninated "
coveted by certain
garment"s ofe . se gentler ame,
it maybe
ell for woman to :dime her logalmghtl 4.
that she• ay be prepared to maintain them.— '
An English paper publishes the following ;sari ! . -
graph:-j..••.. . . _ . .
"A cure us trial was recentlybeld - at ltisidle
sex Sessions: Thomas Saserland, the
tor; stated!that he was in the tap ioontw eVre ' I
the ••
defendant. Cs:retina Newtom and her sister, who .
lout come rota Birmingham, were - present. The - -
latter jokingly obserred that she.had promised
hertrweetheart that no man :hould kiss her while
absent. It being holiday time, Takerland eon
this a chtillenge, and:caught , hold of her,
end kissed her. 1 The young woman took has a '
joke, but kyr sister the defendant said she would
like as little of that kind of fun as ho pleased.— .
Sturerland told her lithe was angry, ho would kiss '
her also: he then trcied to do it, and they fell to,
the ground. On rising, the woman struck him;
he,again tried to kiss her, and in the scuffle she , \J.
bit off his nose, Which she spit out of her month."
The Action was brought to it-curet atones for
the loss of Abe nos 6. The defendant said he had .".
no businei's ;to leis her :`if she wanted kissing,
also had a lthsbotal to Lies. her, a better looking .
man thin ever the prisoner was. The jury, with
out hesitation, acquitted 'her ;.and the chairman •
said, that if any man attempted to kiss a woman
against her will, shelled a right to bi te off hie nme,
if she had 'a fancy fur s'o doing, l'l • ' •
• Tbe following It intendod to prevent ntinies .
arising °mkt the Fool ye. slave law. Judguai from
tholiote on ita introdnotioniwo think it will beessie
a taw: dues not directly ,ontlidt with the act of
Krimarrnic,..:e —Mr. Co talm, t ' , ten Boiler) ofOta
ago Co. Introdutxd the fullswing hainto the Anstr..,
toy on Friday log wool: •
Ar•- -
AN ACC to prevent the arrezt °vibe removal of free. i
citizens of Uni State beyond its IUP tsdictiorr, es-'
cept for /rime. -
Sch-mos k _Any person who shall attest or attempt
to arrest, or Caine to be arrested, or aid in arresting,
or attempt to arrest any frtrecilizen of this Statowillt ;
intended id hare 50011 citizen removed against his
will beyond the jurisdiction of this Sate , or who shall
remove, Cr aid directly 'or indirectly in removing
I any such eirzen against his will beyond tho' jeer..
I diction of Edo.. Stale; iMeli. be deemed guilty ot kid- ..
nappinf,and on conviction thereof shall be punished .
by Imprisonment in Ike Slate Prison for a term not
ezecerfutg tea yearn, end Coin also be liable lea civil
action to the parry arreated, or attempted to be ar
rested or rimer de, iforesintl, for the damages sour
Wined by reason sue/tarn:at or removal or attempt- .
ed arrest Or rem vat as tiforimaid. . ' .;. - .
SEC. 2. Any person who 'shall havd openly and
r t,
publicly resided In' the State fur one'year meted-
mg Burn aresfor removal, or attempted arrest or Tor • s
moval as aforesaid, shall in all Conti end p'Aces be '
deemed, and held to be, a tree mimeo at th • State,
within mei true intent and meaamg at thettet, =lll •-.•
the cunna i rk In, proved, as provided in-the nesnisen. ; •
lion. •
Sac. 3 On the trial olimy indictment fatted coder i
this act, or of any civil neuun given by Wised. the
defeadast may prove that the person chanted to 1
have been erfested or removed. or attimpted to have I •
been "wrested or removed as ntoresaid, was not in
fact a freeman entitled to come and reside in this
`State; and if th - riJury shalt 'be eattsnot thereof, they 1
jamb acquit the; defendant ;but no warrant, .order,
Proctus or certificate, tamed or made bynny Conn
.er offlcer, and"no ex:parte adidsva; deposition or 1
record am' be: received or admitted la" evidence to
, establish - die right to arrest or remove thd person
charged to have been satiated or removed; or to .
prove that such, psmon. Was wall not p free" citizen
of this State, within the true latent and satamleg of .
Mullet. • '
Sec. 4_ Indictment maybe found under Ilia-net m
the county, whore the offence abed have been mos.: , •
rained, or in any county' info or though Which any , .
free citizen so rirrested r an aforesaid, shatl_havo been .
taken or Clamed. .
Sec 3 pas Oct *half one apply to the ease of
persons arrested or attempted to be armed or re•
moved from beyond the y,onsi ticurn this buns,
on a charge Of treason, felony oe other- crime,
or to awes of the anent Cr romonl of PerfOns be-
Maytag nor employed ib the Army or Navy of the '
Mr. A:Thornpacm objeatedio thCintreduction of
this bill as 'calculated toupee, dismission in regard to -
Slavery; sob as to iltrect coVialen with the Conant*.
n tion ofthe Uuited*Ones. - After a brief dimwit= the
question VMS taken on the tatiednction - of the bill,
r hith was carried
. 104 ' . ; '
• ,' Rhine —Nstuiiini Falafel—Frank - Kiley, one of
the pilots on the Martha Washington; olio tot reels
ideas of this city, had a icry narrow escape at the
wharf of New Oilcans, at - the blowing up. Mahe
Knimlle: Frank was sick in his berth; and The
Martha W ashington lay along side of the Nearctic.
When the explosion took place. a holler ofilse. Kau.
villa passed over and through Frank's' stateroom, ta
king with it the entire `room, bed furannro and
Fth, depending the laner on the guard, piling the
w k °l ; the etaierooni over him. He eras loud
after the smoke had cleared away Bad taken care of,
midis now doing well. The boiler thit passed our
him lodged to the Grail Yeannates• ladies' cabin.
So egallOnlinaryi aft canape never before occurred-
Only to thank of a stcl: men lying in a berth all of
which wait demolished, and he escaped unhurt; it-is
maw remarkable, especially as his body was carried
Neural feet and buried in the rubbish! His watch,
which was under his head at the time, was truer
found; DO his watchiebam was afterwards picked
pp; hear where the boiler lodged en the Gran - rest.
Oa Sittirday we raw and conversed with Mr. A.
Manition,! p lot of tho South America at the time '
she burned on the Mississippi. Mr. M. lives in
Newport, 'tuni game eight months since made a vary
ant few emaps (rem the burning wreak of the Belle
of e Wed Witch the cry of Am occurred oa the
Se th. Ambrica, Mr Morrison wan asleep iet Teus, •
and Mr. Oharles Brasher, or-Covington was at the .
wheel. By the time' Merriam, bad his shoe. on, the
flames were tutting at two doors of hissleeping apart.
men, be imbed out at the third, nod Inc Lily the blaze
mine:Vasit came up over the burricanedeck from tho
lons =bib. Through this operung, eunoundad by
dunes cal both tildes, streaming from tents 20 fret
high, thistwo pilots mcaped by jumplig find to the
torecaadedeek, and then fromi he tiames tab the wet.
er: -The boat bah ruo ashore, mid it caused but little 1
exertion for the pilots to get to dry WO. Had they fled
towards the stern, they would . cuidountedlyhaya been,:
roes. Thews escapes are truly:wonderful, sad strew
cer that the ways of providence are past finding-out.
1 ,—cincianati
. Commercial. .
Hozaust.z lissmastssr.—The Cincinnati News, of
the Sth inst., has the following star y,Which we be- 1 •
Beeti 10 be on exaggeration:,
A. Doable Morder.—The Gazebo learned the fol.
lowing facts from a posseug" to Me steamer Win•
held &Mt, late from below., A few weeks since
a white Man and a negro both of theta claiming
residence in Cincinnati, arrived "at Meeriphe.,.
Some persons there suspecting that the negrrs: was
IL ar.d attempting his arr.:. the white min
placed in the hands ol • the negro a revolver.
with which he sheclohn I.C.Ciester, who'died imam
The near, was killer( Immediately, told his bead
placed span a piko % uT the levee, In full view of the
=r of the V' be'd butt os ehepassed the
These murders occurred on - New Yea' r Day: s l,„
Mr. Chimer is well know here as having at 0114,1,
time been in the vocery trade on Front street,
and afterwards clerk on' the , steauser Z. W. Ste
For the sake of our C..unmon Country; wri. hope -
the abose story is not min. W hit a feat to begin the
latter half of the 19:h century with! Such barbarians
I, only • woney of the bloody'norocities .of the
French fievulution—lo age of I.luheapterre, and
which,'ss the Etbahurgh Review once very properly .
remarked, "put the vow., Werld hack fifty ,
-reap in moral and paysmst .r.furro.” People who
trample upon the hiws ox:ii cimetry—laws
tic themselves too, a.c unused fur the pale of Myth- .
xed life.
Tux Haim= 3tars . l NsuastEcsf,,x ti!ittortta.
—Tao iPortsatoth Pilot give. tit., rOITOMUj'AII the
wipe of the mewred • eaje ittserreetiet ii Vir
'A le'aei from the Virginia bled:Ark testi:Ow rep- ".
resents the whole of that part or the Suite ea being
I:feasful .1A11[043.1' exciterneat, beratuvot a report that
oh intearrectiun movement wan ou root. it melts
Vote the !set that a letter was :Dung, suppose; to be
, writtepity • ooloted gentleman c 4 vie pulpit. noted •
for his ci-wality, which contained a cciavicta Vaa pt
their ,:'
intentions. Six hundred to be the
her concerned,. An attack war to be wade on the
instinde. wh re preparattou bud oirc..dy been nude to
..ntieddie tkbm, in Co.ivnreo 'word_ with broody
Lindsirodanno wrolog :roan Lexington weein
to thin t even uhottld it prove true, they would
soon nqur r r teem.
A Wager of $5,000, proioose4 by 3lr. Paine, that
he could substantiate his claims to his new die.
eosery, by experitnental defixonatration; has been
accepted by a writer who rigiis'himself T,-Itt the
Aostan Atirocarith the understanding that the
elecerie circle is not A., be coniplete-wthat there
,1 3 .31 b e t o pooeible connection between the poies •
of the battery, either by me Ilia fluid, or any .
oilier electric cendactar; also that:there shall be
no Oxygen generated, in a f or =combined .
elate, - and farther, that 3lr. P 'lle timid . ahaw, to'
the satisfuctien of the .s u pers sing ceintultteebe
mioses, that bet one current of electileity pass
es through the fluid, by the a eucy of which Iv- .- -
drogen is alone disenguied.. his emit' ; teat. a`
ucwi mode of testing a scien • o Tv-want:l. •
. .
&ETU C. MAMA Conzat es or .1n M. /:. .
Cnottett—TAr Die din qn 5 irez;j.—This body.
et itO recent lutetium soy tlieCiltarleiton.ltfertury, -
on motion of Dr. Whitefoord !Smith, adopted on "
important resolution temciiingi the obnoxious pee
don in .the Methodist Book. of ittotipline. on the
subject. of.e.larcry. An attempt won mode ot
butmeeting -of the General ;Co*renee :of the
Church South, to crirryareoolinion thit-ts
elphina should be relieved of this unction,. illicit
seemstoinanlcnteonti.tlarerysas pileto Chrly- - -
Ilan duty... The mogort failed by A tree; vt t tes,
though . it van getnAnYt if not nrowironsl7o4l:
expEttbattht:s4ldtectiontra.7l2otpttitiiinstan, _
2421 /, t /' _ '
n:,a~;~;:_ tea:'