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    •2 6 Aichint Pads g'
Hunt says that Homer who was a
tixtveler, is theoily ancientpoet tski
t speaks
the sea in n Modern spirit. He 'talks'lf
brushing the waves merrily Ond Hiccup
• t. 7 them; when they are dark,' tu; - his Chian
• *ine. . But Elesiod, though;hwrelates with
N, Ilimodest grandeur< that be had duce been td
seai as far as from Anlis to fehalcis,
. Nshecked et . thdidea of any kidy venturin4
iPon,the water except when - th 4 air is deli=
:cat° - ,U;ad„ the" water. harmless. o4,sizing
vojaiso tlisirossgi hini, and a winter be .holtk!4
- to besenseles.s.:;3l-Okhas confeaies that the
veright of the ocean makes hint retreat'
into; the w
,axLs; the only water he loves
'being • ti fountain to listen to as lies oni
the 'Frass. Virgil took a trip zo Athens,'
dntmg which he may be wuPpszei to have
tmilergone all the 4orrors which lie holds to
be no'tlisgrace to his hero. Iloinco's iris.
tria i et his friend's journey, and amazement
at tith hard-hearted . wretch who first ven,
..„ tufrd, to look- upon the sea, on ship-board,
are well knoWn, .k?llindon could[not have
. argreater dread of the ocean. P.lor Ovid,
- 01:1 1 ,1118 way to the place of his es'ile, won
'. • • cleia how he can write a line. These were
. delicatel , entletaleniat the court of Angus.
tun' find the ancients, it, may be Flaid, had
very-shall and bad vessels, and no ionlpa N .
Bat, raoral' courage appears, tp be a:
Too/ ih'ilds matter as their physimil. •.Ne
thinig !could have given a Roman is aim
exal • te, idea of Caesar's courage, than his
fnmoad "spe • eel/ to the pilot: ttYou carry
Cmstteiand his fortunes"
- r' •
6ti Dr. Chalmers Cha rst rge. f
fi went ito the
Tron clureh, Gla'sgow, the Parish of that
churelv comprised-a population of eldrmi 01'
t ''el th sand nla Dr. Oh I 6
ve ou BO . a 4/ rs re.
'solved Upon the Herculean task oe,visitinE
everyirandly within one, or at: the- fdrlllest
two year To do this, it was impossible
haved religious service f a n each house!, and
, threeere 'be resolved to have noneCr , n .116
first visitation, but msde,it one of infrptiry
••:chiefly adding a few hasty words oree4msel
or instruction. "Doctor," said an old and
pions widow whom be - thus visited, i i 'yon
will, surely not leave me Without Offering up
sprayer." I.lis practice must be uniform—
' the established rule roust not be broken`. Re refli seil:thereforeisajrin g in his defence
"IVI were to pray in 'every house I eater,
it would take me ten years to get throhgh
the work."
dle discovered by tliis visitation th4t
large proportion, pdthapS • two-thirds of, Ithe
periple; attended no place of worship hat
- evte.; Male great amount of ignorance n
religious subjects prevailed. lit fact, tb e
were: not churches to contain their. .
•ChSimeYs lab'ored, g oronsly, and •th so`
!mecca% ~to reeledy these evils. Through' his
Instruareetality, additional churches Wcde
erected, numerous Sunday Schools estah
azltadditional ministers employed};,
' Ttte real name of Pins , IX is Giovanni
. Marin delialdi Mastai Ferretti. . The Pctiiek,
• Se'dent adopt. theirotrii names when eleethd
to the pontificAo--they generally assume
soineOthOr; thus "John Mary Itrastai Fer 4 i
rettP! took that of Pins LX. ,
• ~ Slackwitter &tenth.
' Tiyha kern
eat frOta the Demoaatie Bannei,
she Fairmont,
.Va., that-the eta
.-xmof that - region of coimtv are making
---•'•`' • . . a . Afor t e extension of -th s e
4cmonothela: Elba water Navigation to that
at 4-pit
t.: `: .s.: a
large meeting was recently held,
~.... . ,*iliel. committee qconsisting of .A. J..
OTal:mon and A. P. Haymond, Ilsqs..i , with
F. - 'itl Pierpont and Ray..... Moses Ticheiel.y
'' .as their alternates, were appointed ,to ' my
...11forgatitown,BrownsvirleiPittsb Phil4.
. adelphia and 'Ealtiraorh, at ' earliest
. . . , . .
the convenience, fa' hp of conferring
with their citizens and s Citing subserip-i
tions in aid of the i citing
and the:
said aintees n'..ere aISO illStrOeted 10 Visit'
'and npeonpoivihe -P.ennsylvania company:
the great importance of an early completion
of the' Pennsylvania portion ortheimprove.
moot. ,
It was also resolved at this meeting,' that
in consideration of contingencies that might
arise to . defeat the eharterift was highly
. necessary , that an amount of stock sufficient
•/7 large to organize the company be imme
ately itlahamlibed, and a chnunittee was
appointed to solicit subscriptions for that
purpose' mmediately.
The completion of this work to. Fair
mont, or even 'fitrther up the Monongahe
4, is of (vast importance to the commercial
interests of this city, and cur capitalists will
- once see the advantage of investing their
surplus means in_ the enterprise.— Trutt
, script. '
A bill Rentz/cat Legialatq
. ha. 4 just passed t Kentucky
Legislture, which prohibits tie trinsporta
:dna of
owners M. kee Wearoes across the Ohio river' by
pers of ferries,. except in
.eompany of their owners, or by their writ
ten authority; in the form of attorney, duly
aek nowledged, • certified and recorded ; ..and
imposes for , eery such offence a forfeiture
of the ferzy'ri,ght, a fine of $2OO, and makes
the owners or keepers of the ferry liable, in
addition, for the fall ralne of the slave.
• • • r
• .vAr Propeity.
The value Smallo the 'slave property in the
United Statesis computed to be a thotound
millions'of dolhitz. In all the stave States
the blank increase more rapidly n than the
f' whites, in, proportion to thtir
The number-itlree blacks in the Southern
States 'is about fifty thtolsand greater than
in the .Noithern.
Professor of Greek anti Rhetoric. —
. William G. Allen, a Colored young roan
law student in the office of Ellis Gray Lof
ring, Esq., 63 been appointed to the Pro
. • fmismltip of Greek and Rhetoric in the.
Central College, Sit. Granville, N. Y. Mr.
....Mien is'also well known al; the successful
lecturer :upon ,the Ori in, Literature and
probable Destiny of the A'frican
, Poisoned 'by Eating-a Woism
- A .amall boy was iaeuntly poisoned in
Munson, Ohio, by oating a part, of a worm
in an apple. .Be complained it did not
taste g00d... In a abort , time his mouth • he
:ran to swell; and in` tro hours he coos dead.
Irss parents, 'upon muunination, found in
• the apple a portion of-a worm it
1 the thoustunl-legged worm., own ,as
twined is Perm_ .
A railroad between the city eilLima and
Callao • eigi.t miles; ". - eompletetl. The
President of the Republic, and a natuber of
proreitient men, en November Bth 'made
ta-41 trip 6n- the r . oad. Before the tram
bad iarlaeilxied a;mile , the lochmotive ran
off the track: one tall trait Irina and three
Arme,Pesemerez—A joinetocettate e of the
trhichie Leil a / a we has reTereineeeee the enteiter
- ticeref , itepriectontear the aphis( pee '
.; .4 ~._ ~
=a ." A :i.. ! ,... 11111L1,
c2 PW.
.POR ST.Loati:
nottErr M ntpg e
tal Pltur ti a,
tor tb. attore•abet
.7tor"n=.t,,r4=tibrtattt. at 10 A. N.
nun:Ling na.." Pilot Na 2 foot. S.
will leave La the alvera sad manual
ala part, Ws day, °Work. P. AL •
POR ST. LOUIS --The fest mu
lorarte port, on wrotartllLyoLe 14. !GM. . 0 10 1A.4
Errigla rourom,WOW bo.rd
rnothw rtrarco7 NATIOATOP..
O fast
...HI Halve for go. lac , . ated
'b it= r tft'4l!:in'.ll
-prly kW. ja.l4
int ST. LOUIS, Th e splendid
ru rummer FLEMmID, CrukTjaa
wit”gdr.trlll fnr lb? Act, aryl loe
dch... ratlrdkr.J.ellt.); inrtant. at I'P. IL `,
11";NII. Th
a Plcr,rll.l rteul2.l. EDitOrl, The
MIL uter. trill I. o r G. 14 4 . e r "d iv
„.., 11 1/t or pannce, n I a'bb"'"""
' _
;1,•ii:,•Vg'724,3 i;rIStICRL-g,tLOVLI
1 : - —.
E. ','inglil=`,FT.".'l4l-,lll.2t.rirt ,17,1‘.
.7:,T,', 171.VIIi.1‘,Vrry'''I'dwiri,iTPI:trir'VdrZ,1":&.
r cZ; ''''''
" I __________'l6llgraTiri VittZ7R,tz4.,rio
It E Gtrun — prrTsßuti.kgr - 7------
itTI.L.,VILL PACET -111. , ianacr
.iir k, Dft DM.. . mar Dr. Inn
Pit.1....77,..1,-,..1%.,-.d.r ow
1., De,rqt Ir,l.wille ern". Monday, Wedecklsy and Fri.
dli'"Vr'Pht''''g'.N'i'fill nVisY°.
)I,tE y
tha _PACKET.
This oloadld boatvas Laalt
Uu c7,7C.fic ilii=r4Ml`.V.4.".lllltEt.t
ryxw...l.. Way ,. for actelrinall, la plant of the load
E u G ; , U s . v2 Li e tira ll'll t_ ElL a lq4ll , lD ikaa
ricir, r 4frAtrZ
eigot for ‘,l;eithglth,crria;6ll,VinAgl.
rgreat*llt.4!dy ticlllsl4.7kuilz:LigriAlid.a.
7Zrer,,,Y '7;47for"
raught steamer. ARENA. D.. P. Kinsey, Or. /naves Pittaborgh on Wnluendar. suet
AL 10 O'Cket. A. 31. Leas.., IVellgville an Ttiemday, rhu.-
dT,:l.'A;t`t`Tril,l•444.°:lo-4.1.1 •
To Southern ,u,,imferrn chants.
The sulaeriber mibeetfully iruites Entilk attention
0 extendre stemc of lli rfuromy, Goldenoring Cmansa.
On, to uhleh 'even Silver aml tar Medals Imre.
Itithlt! the I=le yrityartvrdeithbylitithaVute. el
ed ." ; &ten kledlytrer onddeii . i l 4 pe ' rA ' ame ' ry r eitlier "h l:
Eon... or In thin imunie7.
Itorattes tiserrammi Stoma Carer, ( Ottionfl. RM..
wiTand Juntimerial.) mil l e rsidlyeeknewledf e u d to be nupericeto
tl'"1 egalitirlet. MZtit . i I'.raPt;:. 5 nret
ry Shinn.. Soap.
mStammer. Tann tea—Alinand Rime. 2dfiletlinamalelle
c;heretuts. Pluminit
ftruarra ton int Livroxtztekilint—Rto Jtunalo, Rote
meet de Caroline. Gerarteum, J....TU.2d Mutuedine.-Joek-
Z,F,l44.Zt.Z.l'.l?Worrr.Pnriprifiwtr.4 nod
''''' , 7
Toner Woll3.—FiOridd WWI, kart do Toilette, Orange
nom, Rater, and a great variety of Colognes and Leven- I
Parptamoois ion Tot ilarat--Gennitte Rears . oll, antique
Mrolk Randolme. Pan Lustrale. Oleine, Componnd OA !far- ,
z.igile Jean Ila r till i rl in ponder, and Phlleecont, RR+.
Onorruart Aitru oMms—SkYantie Elixir. Rose Tooth I
Paste, Charcoal itentrafam. °dentine, Tooth Ihite, and Tooth
Cortrtlee—esetoble Coretetta Cream, Ainandkie for 1
dmrloel Lauds, Ookl Oman of Rome, Cream de Yaw. UP
. &lye. !Mayberry Cream. Au
PotrTuram ir ffiZ . ll%'"n3l=WVi'.2r; "'IP
Ilide don moutinn, Preetan%lM, besides la trreeemaleity or ,
other ankle, Um numerous to be named In this adrettlae- I
• The Ruho•tiber Imp. to trutlotato the ' reputtdhe which i
Ws estatdiehromt haa acquired, lir il lepreing of not/titer
1 but Ant rate ankh., and will be harpy to ftualsh thew,
r 'rho may rich to imronue him. either whiilemde or retail,
1 LW reasonable term, ea Any establish:met in the United
I State..
E t neeemor to and forma Dfreetor,rif the la er of
i 114 Cheatet et
Ift RA4ia'a Perfumery Ls for axle en au Pried/Mi
Drearelsta IQ thementry.
e-4-,e„dgEovvrizz, r rz..,11'21i7 rtl!t:2l'
been mentrd to the utoeminned, melee ly t -
.nine to
all femme Indebted to INti .tstato. En inuneiale pay
ment to ei ther of toi. tind all lemons Ra r in g dein...M.4
raid estaam 11,04,Eni e rr-Tot Wrsellt the meao, duly 11111th.`11-
tleated. for settlement At the ararehotimi /tatty templed Ay
`mid A. Iteett e , ar, yb, „ b „ ..
A1 .. ..X 4 ., ?.. titi. Altrtialtlo.:arl.
PRabereh. beet ijkyp4,,,,,,,r
Professor Trictiph ercna
Oft ME Callt'OUNTklnfklnb)e
J/ renewina, invigoratin g . and hem:fir : irte the hair.
Ismael°, ths Near; dandolf.and all effenti one of the emits
end mating eruptione the elarsaiseaw s of the giamia:
mmaticsuai unagrunas, and as ataam
am Alvah:mks.,
..duvrj ugh ti t t
nativepre„pravimat aiuvas
o. Aloiam *o a mai. who Pare need it it putrsin their dm.-
eta, room: and intemelea. aloalt it with one accord. that for
Oa:mutin g :Igo r . tg loot, Itmuomme. era
carol to tho heir,
IL2letnon.,..jnientedit tude of ecentgds arvekal"ist.tlTe.
1 -tra , l , 4 or mod In
i rale ,, Qier. ipra le , h Lase ens Is 7sjirmaTta
marg r Att'llth ~=
r ten t
ktl l7gthnklu onrno they Tole ruitfd 4 X'll . grAr . '` lt:Wir.
'°.747oTdL.,o,?Zt,Tir=lvgtgi!'zilb.%gt'w""'"r'l,bt; ld7 VAtir , u
Inrt,. of the aWY
Sl=dih`;`,„rtrA u[e to cite 00,0 'li,;:v=ind.n,:::Z;Atif `4171.V.;.
• with moirture. And heytart llte 11.0 the fibres,
the the ;
MrlialigM.PaV Att;t 2f asTa ` .ltl":47:=4 . TT;
TE'r'rer,:ll.;,,Umanlll'hetht74,l7 t s o ert7 l . ti r M o activity, sell amni a / a te the dire., total adections m
fls t ilt', and of th e mastesta df rinteehs and I ntn,rnturut... the
araugt'Ptla'll'icrat %=ldn ' t' ' lo= l7 =.
l'h"ii2t=g'it%T''''a.ngfßh' 1741°"b4 inlarr of
Vd in large 'bottle, pro m -d5 arias . et the PaoaPid
ner, thercerrey, hew Pork, end the Prtochal toned,
may Mel drusgt.rts throtinhou t the Limica sLatas add Cam
tnIM m
of DOT OOODS, at th e One prim acre of
• A. , A. 3L/LIAN 2 and 14 Iletkrt rcot.
Como A. on dOnder. Imematar z0..18.50, to maim.
I,l=gie Itnit=nnSiernirlOtaTlMan.
tenelve trot. antanntl ng An Ono Itomino 'ma Thine
Thaunand Dollarr.olll oderei at Retail, at folly ems
-fourth km than svyAL rviay.
i h ne notimiof tr d ne: i itdaly a l .W e to : k m, cos tale
st 0!"..1!"Irk,c14•711", hger:
I i.TVd:TLAV7I...ItI,,I b. t'"
blel , Clehmerta tent ! , usual pro, SC
ptesne Cation nett /tool Canhmeres LE , oente, usual
price I%X rrnti
IZad pare: ou and Wool Othanee. IS and 14 Cent,
tomai p Cott
are ad end afr cent..
plereeol,h volume& plaid do., 4-5 cents unna pace
p4l!"rf and Dynrcil sc . . ants, Lana
PO pieet;ill4.lllll4l'hino and Satln, 81% neat, usual
14) pitertlitallata. redbeall 2; I.r
1200 00 tit= A rp neh,trizz L l , l o 00: urm 11ig1f.17,31..17,1;:tt,
al ll .•er P" ,llltew all . mlcry wed 39 per
.-.;•541...W,...;ba1rL., n its be .44 =II to
• £0 le,. Nan usual brava.
~.nOO yard, Bonnet Ribbons at 8 and 10 man, 8.0.1
• lui-e 18 ti mum
: Fan <elated Cailecan at 64 "stns. 0.41 Mee 9e.
100 caeta and Anteriran Calb-nea at 8 and 10:
ant, UsUal erne, 10 and 1210 tents:
190 HlCacho 31.1121, red new 2 cents Ter 7n rd. M 1 bal. Itroarn alnalf unulea.
GlOgAluLtrut'Cl="eliOrtt. CaThati'M'eV2..CliZteZ
Jame totber.lth . Unmet. arlet,. of other stunt
0 , 01, 41 .,00 b, i tt b:Zaebel Pot. to Loner Pekes tbattauT
-214.1n71te eaily ne at., of thole ehottert
goals will wen be mid. Pb, bureutt on 'mond at firat
004 04 Motet at
.eo the Readers of the Pittebargh Gazette.
A . 1 vit. to the follewhin truths wt forth in relafion to
"7''l,l46eflT'ellfu.tin irtve."Pn'ilt . "l`. tVlt7,4l't,:t, o„,
Year moo ' too , til k ~... robot? was brought Wore the
in"hti /fi'l'alTea'.2f 'lg,7=L' l r:,Tr i ipi=t tiac
F0r.,.„,„ : 3 41 1, 7i i,
.art:2l.l2r Lhat , .. ,, the
t ion/:r It is tav•the
, Callotiber nostrums bare Imo The D the leum Pi
y ;I=wir aflriz ' an:y that laug hs to fP room 11 v t=
rrompetitiou. It is our duty. when we writs about a medb
dor, that we writ. the truth —that we ear nothing'
Wed V> aneelve th ew who may trust our word or put remit
deo. in or vitae/tient, The rick ore very apt to catch at
Loy thaw that mumbee relkf from dlareate A etary min
hardly lk leo hiAbly wrought In ...WET the ohloet of poll.
if/ Ur glt ,!r,4- ': - ,ara 17..74 arz:z fiat4l-1:
our wirmuy should he old, In order to *cure for It • maw
ration far etheeulog any ainale artiele ht the thaterla mei
liaL Phan twos:MA/led Leta—uto that may heaaerrtalowl
in Our city and nelahhorhood. bear ample teathoony In be
ver v e!' the Petroleum..
who ttarilllinT ToTr'Z',l7',.l,T4,7toor:/b.Uti
eral ease. of laluantwa, In th e Male of Ohlo. biro hero
iirural: , Araltaen. the moot' a pentlemanthlleathrrauotY.
el's=iiltlT: abn'y'gg.„,;,-, -.0,,
gri4Tt r= l, Ti rl ; 4 r— i f' n 'Al h gt=ttnt,il7 l "l,,':
tt.. oto,, 000ttrdo n , to ofroottooo—Dwfloo., Ditoote-,
Mt thlie yniummathun. bolt t, Neu falai.. Ettptionr nu the PAW
! on the tli, Chroo , le Pere Eye, lim i gworon, ili:ttier:
Writhroit ?t4i'reo4iragewegZrouttrtit.Viiturlrie!:and7.l7
dliPolavuar, attothana Of a amok oakum, tending to Miir
er:r ' on
lint Vtd:',. diwthea of the Meader and Kiduem
F ,h, =1,1 1 :nr , ;, ?:, hrl N4l'fr:.7,"nradberiTtitl
fP,,,in meet er the anove inwrthmfwititut the ' pedt year with the
, mrfri, wiexesiL Certibeatea that will ufenish are In
:' IZhtl=ttfle. POTlgYrrtTrwinjet:PZPl"'"""'"'.
,Iflialvver all.. May Say about their modleittra the
suln la the preatria Poluody Or the aim Physician.,
, o niLh at th athAut the umfewion are l ealltalluf m a m , '
'• ill their Meth, The. whirat dco with doubt
.Jstal ontertthrty, ate Willieg :tom e in!to due arable and
conalletatiew 1 Zaire another year roils meta all aril he
&Lapelled to adcourledg e th at the Pelluakon /II the groat.
Zenbrthl '':IIM.EVI. 3fffjihlrl.lltoth/''dr'-
t.Alw/—lt. t. ne ni. I,7,Wrwil ethet: D. v/. La
, otrphifgav,:.
Ilaluny Rtf.
:errhtv, b rry.y
FOR oet l ', s Ofb , 11.
, Tbe elig
for I
rflan.A or fiv Tiirig‘7th j.
tr lesl
oveue, ,
f ar i.. o g oar P, R.' IL wad.
gymof th etlV cv and aalcnlld edition.
erprel ii r orbtlor
Tby , leatelran keepoks file If4l
r lar is. v o i r t„b, - „,,„ u t .
of a Wieldy": by Marra
" '
•AT ,
!..'ExP,REs To. PIM ---
• '• Pum-tr. 1,0
.L. ~. L: .• L' .- traNtagargs MUM. - . ' .
. 'UNEQUALLED SISOOPSB ' . -'i.balirrt.:ll,,,int=vv,-*1„":441-214''''1mr4".v.f.r--4:1"-- .sLIF:IP'.‘i'A.II !;I';4'4/iQ;I%-.N.2-12°E.I:11/4.111:nt"'FLLITI:"!:11:°.laritallted:"WLIflUAelh:
ass i ttaly iiin he talmn. i Di LLEC/1 k 4-A)Pi"k, CZLE,thrau=r"4 El %.„,,wi'd0ri,„..,._.a.i.......+4nk-,
, um .,,...„_._______________. - ta,,,,,,d h „,2,„ • gonstritia of mum, maur oft ki. - gitisteni--ofLouis,
' • ' nEMSYLVII2II /L • 24/1 4 110 - ----1"----). i ra " trlit.
.Ih ' e l otsy 4 b e' 6•4 ' o c ' pe r•d 'L W; ih• 44
tv-LNITIIII ARRANGEMEN'T. t r ,'" ' " t - ,... ' ' '' '''''''
..,Thatu t pat. to P hila.ttetpltl3:--243, m,, " LT,..., i_ ,, i ttas . o r r them ne vnink,... mom or R.
4.07.7., ....z....4
.. E0 ,... 7, ,, ,...5...,..,
~ Vaintsless were onto.", rmies7date:ofil-k-aftVir=
rig..a,ta d l . l , 7hr b., ..d ...1.,, derfo Jetzt ges'ocrlisr;"'haig. trtr '4lllaftWlTo=
.A!.61 kEvr vii rir...4"VoIAILIII•Ir d '1
.%,,hl=l!..,'"*„ f'11,:'?',,,,,...1""d1..."- th '"'"r.,"'""
Li.,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,r41NV,11,,,,1.:4M4:04%. co ,Datty b..tot:Lor.or or tootorttto. '''''' or d " •
thence by the ::4,1,-,..,..,,,,,,,, 7a. , and from It L. wail Mown ham the eaprriettre of inn MM. that no
}1,,,,,,,,,,,, Ti ...,,, ,,, L, A ~It±t__tma i. 11 , ,,t to ,
,tstrilotti oosiktutoo to tammahlir .effoctat Dart.
Sub ba Thillailer '''. '''''''''.
a d fo I Mem By the ann/lcstka t of stlmulialne
iltaltmata. parnal relief. ha some mime. may Le obtained
~..,...,..,.Mtg ---__.-.--.....--,.. 10 to . far • abbe Um. Rut all the while this illsem is axing ita
att'dlie'l nib!. al Um erinta= 4 ,.. 48
o"' " k.'n''''' ''
faT - --qui° th '• 7 ° - •• ,,,, - , -- '''''
itthe....xT.p knee at any bletta mein,.
to . a few '''''' les.Pre s 1 f•'.'''''sthtr7dfill.44"4‘"
mo 4lrtta.'ccsafortable,i'otad expo/Mow route to . whmh. If nut Emu t°
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the 'lndianapolis asul Bellelcnta/rw 11.1, al the lo-
Warm State line. Prohles ane now mai, F. Bleb:on/new.
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By order of thtifinVilf Drew,:
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--- AID OIL. 5 brls winter strained, for lode
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110 PS. !I bales 1( 7 ; sali;':l4-w. "'"4"fl
----'-.--- ' W3l if JpIINSTOS
CZ UNDRIES—Three hundred 1.0 . 4, , . No. 3
i 3 st,i, a 1: In hlll tad,. do. do., .i td,! . . f!i o . 1 eabnoct. la
ottun• P.L1.1,-Sir h) j!LIJI J A %H! L . ..t LZCL!.. : '_ .
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2.4 mmc, .. - . I lb: mit, b, WALLINGFORD &CO
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11THITE FISH. 75 brim and hf !An for I
V r ..! r t.l__ del: 114411 &fiDICKXY & Co. I i
11 I 4215°"Y
it 1 di'LD CANDIA:S. b...7X;;;Tor sale by
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••ALLING} ult 1) 1- CO
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' 4 L0 . U.12 160 4 1 ;. - 4 7 ;:f0 1 i,' --- --
_.* it 7 , . BUUBIUDOt t TUOIIIOI3I.
IVIDEND. The President and Board of
3farlopere of tbe tortbertlLlbertle e Bliflo Comps./
:J4°-",4l.;!,.t.dgtrl',.tilvd?a/r:fZrtV nnyT
the Fame .1 , 111 e . e.'„altl to the etarbbolden ode attr rh,:
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eOO easktKurta brand for tale
OLL BUTTER. 20 bbls, prime, reedy-
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LLOW.'' 50' prim e far side by
5 6imxes TV. R. CheestTEr sale
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lit; ACRES. 173' bap- 111Ov1ICotrei,for,
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ad INTINCI-anirglin Painting
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"qua gr', asap as any: other inhaler/In the
city art,* ett.!? OA.. • -
3.10 I
All the right, title, Interim, end Mahn of WOlima Ma-
Lege', uf, w, and th_ehr luso erre. fusee or parcel of
emend lying and bents In tare 10 wbaufp of / 1111MM, yid
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decree, moat meagre...tag pin of it tract of lend
owned up said bletooffey and new . . the pemmican of
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propcoy of l'enuamo Meknes), at tee tau of Harris,
Morrison ICo 118,J,
All Inc ova, 40e, metes- aud claim of /talcs na
tio, Jr, el, in, and to a tract el land, ea the Water& o/
four au e nen , adtdoilog lend& ofJerom Rotary ..4,0
Eby hem or dyne, of Jewell trifam- cream/dog 11
etre. Im or km, Wk.. lo an 'anneal grow d rent
of plot t o, payab.e quarterly to Janie. a Coto ,ea
which IS efteleil t log ete or decibel, lend the
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In etateggis so to prepeny of Jaig. iter/t l / 4 .1r, at the
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All the right, tide, interms and cola of /ewes
Deary,td, I b sod to all that cone. lot of groan
ro e m the Fourth lewd or the my of Aliegbegy,
and boar Med ern demrlPed se follow. begsmtrg on
the moth eider of Math urea, in tald city, at to woo.
000 line allot Nolsl. in 16 , Jumr ft Palmer'. plot of
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"earthy 100 feet, mere or Zr..,0 See Mrp„--,,,,ray,,
thence eseateardly by ...Id alloy 2:0 heat, more or
has, to eastern hoe of_Jouss Melanie/0 lot, 44.4.4 by
the same Lerthwardly ltel feel, more or lli to Main
street aforesaid, Sad tenet by the emuneasmargly
274 feet, more or less, to lte piano of bcgontig,
Mont the whole oLlot, camber ler,and part o o f
p_a_ai ,e in Said plat. mad ha r m. thereon erected It
two awry halm hose. abed as a dwelt ate store,
told a freak stable with the apcsoenaccea Ideate
and tatrn lecatcall,. so the :nervy Of Jame.
Ittery, at the eel. of John ftiltho, lot son of Imhoff
and Pe Regent . Whoa o ' ,
All die right, idle, !Merge{ SO, sold Oa.= of Georte
Satohllea" In the kande Of We Adelletielltel. Beg.
Jew. Tray, with mute, i e , of, In aod to a l ll that
certain lot or 21-00 of ground, mai lot being No 61 1n
Jame* 9 Irwin . ..plan, senate on Coot. Are eme t and
haemg a hoot ou Ceram Amens of .4 tact, a - d ex
lending in dept 120 fees, to a street 4u feet vw,ca, and
tecorded in deed book 4 D,aad bee; the sane lobby
, elc 411 H•itwm, 4.1ed111.1 may,16.7 eon./
1 I 0h obe a hosed land, Illir l. ' /
SH/Cl4/1444441 1
;.:: 6 ;:iii; pea:pert? olloeofga Jemb hleirene,%%°:
Dy Toole of emery 10, 3 of Venentoni P.:pones Mods of en , A J.0,0'..r.,,r. E M1... , I, JI ". 0 1.
Dand Loran tatty, ...gad out ache _Dieu., Coast. not M od s Vmm
eh. dt-1, t; to mien 1 ll sit them
md Genet of Gonaton Paige of le county, and (moons oat the ant of Jame+ .11 - ir air.
to me threeted, wilt be eaPrmed to pants ,tin, a , Me ALSO,
lArtift ktou•e in tee ea t of Ittah ,ra,o, Monde), All the right, tkle Imam. end els= of
e ndo op
/smeary 07 , A D 153, at 10 O'Ckm: A 2/ i the mi pcb,e,o , ml Mole follow:0g eke:W.4 Prover.t,
lowing devonbrd pr, perry to tr,
'gunk . ilaw.r-reet, bun put of 10. Pots 11 nd 21
All the right, title, , tolereat and• clam of Theo. ' in rue rn, of Pn sburgh, bring about II feet Dont lo'''on
dF tis right, of, so, and to,i,ali atom ter...n ewt Ela e tore- 1, ate extereing back :be amhe width ftO
lute or pieces si around, atoned and dreiga Wed No comm a ''' .-"""'Ll'"' ‘"'"44 th'
I"'"'' ' ''' ' '' It'
4 and 5, le Johns Ironies Oen of lola,
,e, n be
fse d alley, on
1 1 1 wh re erected a Mee
deed ,baa*k' vol. -1 MP - 's bounded and ]seedbed .dt-r-Ps'rdes.Mkttr7:te'fte'ogit 0."*.`,/,..ZT117:
at 44Atow. T lz •- • . : 444 411.0410108 el thealsence ol 48 al Me upper house to raid row, nag.hertrat from the
feet !Attlee, front Zoe erect, A, Centre A 10.11.. Leper tense toe e tOn Mt /70/art? n 00 7054 'L 4
at etOner of lot No 3, thence Mongrel/II A Mum 44 ....eatt ei•Onetenlf, Ly deed 0416.1 toe Path of tfetehes,
feet 8 Inches to lot of Mira R. hem, thence aloe; 1", sod ''."fli '' to d' '' d Co°ll. " U- '"" 4' '' ' ' 00'
, easel lot 76 feet Po au alley // feet wide, theme. 2 , , fel Inia" en/ T. 67 b.: .:::....,,,...,
. 4 . :b. Pl?
- ' fth 0 4 Lod all, y 44 feet 6 inch. to lot No 3 thence r• ''.f ' ' j 'h' Rni".l ",,,'" ""
" ''''
LINCALLED FOR BALA NOES. ---State- a Lel ,la el lot parallel erne Erin street 75 lect to I.
• 1
Eta f aa, / t u n s
, 0 !. 11 d 1ex . 014 . 22 , thj. place o/ beitinging. beteg the 00/90 two. lota which I DeAssid.Llt':'b.'d.:e''eTirfrefe'st"'ards.e"hie'ae''ssulle"
t .,,,„11.,. ch rh i tr. ohkhzkht. th e thr. ~,,,,,,,,,„....,11,,,, J , ,:. S i 1,,y,,, ando. I. his whit, by thee deed, , lair Joan Sheilo , , tenth noace to *WOW, int , . dce) of,
4.1r10r d=1 , 1 1211.4th dr names Te .lr b lattl:. l tt s rat I trier, Nov ., ti.,: ^- 2 .? and 2 4 ....,,, 9 ,' ~,0 r'c'd.1 ....... , i ,1,'‘,,t.,;:',,,'.',,.,,,7,,,,,,,'"„‘.17,"'„,'' Lr 0 c,7,, , ,-, ,4 1 4 .
.0•01d-Act m.t.tit:rattrifla.,LTV, and r t o t h e etetti,Thh..,nljoke/F7ive.:4C- soZl: t r a t i c ` a ' Mhtainnue l i
di acres. moo i!iiperceee wore cork. aj2
, e. I i.n n , g neer sands of sand lb
Matter, to de it
mol Upson. of demons abide ha-e. leralt. ot 61 . 6 Cottmt tta OM Pro . Tb.dc..F ICUrt.shr, ~,,,,,„, rir,,..„, ~,,,,,,,,,,,, hasp ,40 ,„ ,/ hth
' , sheet Oar throe co
relit Tears they has. e.beated to I at Meson of Juba Wein. Y
the Commitoeal.
e f Et kia, Isamu, deed, It'd ILOOSIII es 11. TlOntn
A - 41 , 50... .- _ . Lona _ 4/nmeing, ALSO,
II etet Nolitd sod taken in .t en t hex es the 9...0•J0l
grigv...p . _
_:_-__:;:: -..-;„ ht ...- . --. = I ,. , AO the righti ouri m t truht, .2 eilllto of Andrew i ef Nod Shaffer deceemd, in the heads of b. edam.
_ - 00 Peilizuel or in end to all lent eenam lot or piece of , lc rake John Shen. with not on to --- Molder, sehd
Thomas Kee.. - . - Au. Iti. 1646 i t . _ ... 130000 I grmrhd MGM. to the Rex, ye 'True R
James eltetrt abthr.) ._ Jen. 5. 1 6 47 ... .00 ' . p,,,, t h h „ 1 0 t 4 ...' .... 011 r• / ....Ikr" Da l a tP atr "" a *a I.4"W•JaaaP* wed ,"I.,TZpit= • th for ,,-- -e r r 22 4 L9 0 ;-,- w. ,..., ur . ,-.. '?.° , 7,;V:'„,,.p... or i'...17:x. p'bz.q.- b F o'-g, 1 ,"th.. , .•.1:',I;., Ixr.". Abne y
op,, Eftr s 'dr"' w h ),
the penota no; and - havinax remained In Dank oa. .1//57rb /../...., and F ' ..c., .....".1 , o ~ . ., 0 o " . 1 AV„.....i ~... bier/ O b., ht.. Pt laU W A :t d" .. , e
cheninel for dare hears
the Butler to /I rate h.: feet, hs ts et mond back ib . 1 O s sid ceeeesed, el the 01. t of John : fe te of
~ . ..1
..,1 loth ., I, r. t alloy la fret wide, nn win 3 VTOSIGO II 1..0 net- f or 43,. ~,WIH 2O. U.'S'
rember, 16n, / re m, t ; clzh a,... f De- , b r ink Mine, logo her W,tl, .1 ..1 ologulor 14 , 111- , •
Al Pro,
"PO . • i'd , ~ I pro•tente end Arent leir.nree on oe.ti lot 8 , Iced 'WI tie ncbt, title, inert. aed claim etre tso " , mCh
deer, or toe city of thtorturoh and m ica
-______________-___---- -__. _ _ lln GO , O`ikal VP 31 ;novelty of Andover bm,. t. or, m, ...h. oil 11. r,.1...,.g o.ribetl'l4":"
'Allegheny County, 8S: 7 Eattatt eel, at Me .6;1 ofJohn best
piece ~r Krosnd aittuto ~n.J.,•hoolleowire Off II of iste,
drIO3I3IONWEATII of Penthirivania, to the 1 ALB°' ' above md rot abekh gh , ringliain,oand•
AD the egth 1 Or, Int,. st and olstni of Joh n Ain , rd and deeentiod as hollow', to era-
g et the
litiny.atat?,.rhafh:Zdttiar•nh=ratft. n a g t . a ;',,T,T, ( er / Mime, of, in-sod to all that cerium lot or Dine of l comer ofl.o hole, on the sonthwerdly
ti e or Suites
gi'ffon the 2lst dew or Deeember, a '' / Mona enuete itt l l.Maur, on he Cono ' ode of I .1,1,, and at the ..e 01110 tml eastwardly from
The pinion of Daniel lore, ,tamint.,,, , ,,,„,. , ,,,,,,, ~„., • elhetteld greet, tregine,n e at an alley al the distance !lemony street, theme Mon. plane, !Vet I !OM, IWO.
I,lid!lieh,'lTir;(3ll4'‘`ab7.l4:l, ifiZ,.14...(.1`,167M TT:i .t f iro ju ni c o o st t w.oetntre'r: .11::•'.:71;:4`.'::°.0,0",,,,70,,e, , tr , <'::::.. 7 1:3` . 11" , ',11% , d ...' If p. c trz•rii:;;
I}4.ts,et:sej,h,:ir,Aiti=p,l'ili-o....tetie lisVrteirblisigtt Thal widen mob 'molly I .rallei won Chmti a e a r ' l r lAor, many street, mothwe , dtl
, 160 •mt• M nit alloy 04 Fe i
t rr ° lt t rutln e'uc°4l. l a rfar a.l oru ‘ eVonel,T er tnaa dhareatta itiodre.."'.r,"b; ' , 744: - .•'oFerel;ed To a Jer a Lrib wa : ° n ° , own', re dly ,1`,."P'.°4?:1 ',. 1 1177:11:"C C:r* aro b 'tide
feelleln Iho Meth Want o f the o tt . 0 4 pittA ht . h i tt b t ,,,, 0
on whtcs were te r teak.: a leo /tory
dwell. lines Of lois Nos, 13 and ID mobwaritly I . JO fell la
no If aehteroty , foo to thlet, olf,,irhp, ~,,,tch,t. hoe. ; eetoeet to . f0t,,,, ag0 Oh ihe mum *bleb le Spine, mom, the piape of beg:tool, eunprnews h.
OPT 44 , N oVal a w
It a h . 1 ' r.,-,1: r,: f ,',l tue,,s , : % :4 1 1* 7 , T I ::::',.4314,' ,T,e7.1'..7.-All ;::,.."'1::1.6.1',::""' r ""n'a ,a, t:'!;' „l, ll7.7, b a:b.T.",T.T" ams ' F . -- of
~c tmc , ouf,rz:.:,' lOt :;:,7 i ? . ~ 0 , 1 4 S Mkt 1104. at Me 014 ot A sef a re aa a, :round, he limb Jelin Bream end wr.fe enneesea ol
I‘4l‘thieWl/1“.:P13et,44;.1 h i/ 'Mr ii"4l,ll4'rt:lttrlZ I -*-.7
lateetate Long tbe ono/I , MM one MD put of saM proems I An to richt a 11,., and elma 0 Ja-ob g
1 kWh cud reentry.] to lea bmk 4J, Pao lt, :wised
t , Peter Pumbherger by red dated the It h dor °Oro..
, e'l zed taken I, memo,. It: De
ropertyrof Peter Mate
r. that) om OM debO evilest the ...tate aalhilo
of la ced o', e ., ,o, Lo , l ot , ,„,‘,.? °J ' berg.% at the nit o Vett ago Rocha, tor Om aim of
tt ' l q aa/r. Or a '//, tha rrta-Ta-Ca.Dr/ .14.F.2.01/ '"? intim. in the my,. %lard .tf' Mar ~) of th itaTitl ' h - / '''''''' G" 7 ' It " LSO '
Itifylll:,"l'62.lodaCcut:-..„r.:A4 4t as I ~,,,,,, ..-^ -0" "L
''''''''''' elide ''''. ' .
Ai l ,h. ,h, ~,k, telereet, end al anti 0/ Janice
ap ,, ,z,1rg.„, ,, , i n colf ~,,,...-.%11.0-,...14-tzi,....1.PV;, tel *Lt.,' ~, ,, „ 7, . .1, ; ,:,,,"' ~e;;;,, , , 1.7....,,, 'lra ^ c 2. ." do,,"e 1 Vince, of, in, and to all Mat crrtein lot or Vitro of
grant him . nrler to make aide of the 64 0121101.1O27: e or ' Sltb Centre Amme 20 fet i t Itm l gh plrl. i ' t a" - a r ninnki?lttuele In t o borough of Tuentom, bonen,.
lot of grou.t. with Um aPPosteome. for the ParZem of I it or et P 4 ft, to Cenore A truue end t hen . re ' be W l' th ei A t f e . I'lle , gml one boll oflot hio 4, in said borough, f for I-
D . Meresaul Mt.
r Av... 20 It, to it r pick, .tor begiuniag, tea ea d lel of / . ghee the Penceilanum Cana!, an which are erected
ft,heig.ura4all4.:7leTtaaYroaridoliti'd a = l ret a i, tat. grouin hero,. theiron erected a emu story or es t moose von , Mirk out'Ati , q, aim hop, me lo th .
,e qtatr,.:3lt4tet.t.hlo%!.,ttriptet....,,..o t .„ or ..„.• ;.1.w.e.,111,11,a.n,d.0.ththe.r llztr,arne,rif :felted and taken
‘11:7..14V,,V,,,h: ;:,,'"'„,e,gr,,..tre7.ol7l,'oreead4.!jetri
:./r,w calke r If an yea Care. whir the rnaro a t r illl ' s a" 42: lot the a To k ke s ot Se P-,e,',.,:".1'.:"E: y i . ' et. ' el.. " f " e ' n . . t 7 e n Ite dead bent .1 D, .ot 77, pogo 21154. Sailed end
gloomy should ran be ;ratan
Seim( Puteborgh
, tole+ execution oe the ploperty of James Poore, at
A. It im am the 1 . 19 :11 . 0 4. St Utz. Prosnlent Judtreli o . f Ira 44,60 I
ltrl'il....M. '"V"...
;p.m , rii,, ~.. ' - 4., :r o f All tha Ugh[, t Ile, Ina ieo and els,. ot Hobe I, Mier I
Atk.ist_DANlEtt, Ammum „tort, toe, or, 10, end to, all that COMM., 10 or thee, or
la tillia"feCt'gr hr:i";eblleViiita, fk g : \ ALTeLTze•itikr, i groan,, 5110:, :,^othi!..';'!":..w.:;',.:3:"<caz *47";
~.,7 41, 7 . Iv _ „It& BLltt .. e na. tt.
_, , imam. book lor the same youlto llttl feet to 111.,,ine7-ry
_ 11..X.ADA_Fie_h_ •lley, snare Or le., bow den by property or.fonatlian
- TAKE Norm. R Lima.. rho Me weft, atm tbe bone oflames I t
arN FLALLENGE TO TIIE WORLD. Twenty I :1 I; . c gto trt l u tr ' s 1 1e ' E ' : ° n a d a 'a e d k rt ‘ Po r'' ' e ' r ,"' b"
fr,Z4L.,/ Are Bawl reoard will be Kid in ear Dee oho volt the pr - perty ul Robert Mord. 'at th-eatrio'r i1n,t0'.7,::,
4,,Tretr.27,:,Up'°19! ai: 4, - , i 4 11"'" ' a"
the "00" e a tame .
__.. 1 . 0 , , 0ti. Of mfing Le the tiooolo of tins Ware that dal r AL..,
=,anki. ol.tho art Improvement on It, now Panda Stlfi. All to right, UM. Inter...ld claim of,:oh o 1: 00
valiol tame comtry tor extracting mrsee, tar pitch, oil, put, of, 1n anti wt oil th at °moth, lqt Of p,e, o
.1./I:ll.l.l.odttr Ar4Sll. IMILtIZI n IE: 7 1, 1 t
r beds: . ern irr and c i te'
ihe comer of Chet re awry glut 8 M,t Lei
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o r j„-t,t, G„,. , - i, ,1", ..4;,:, f . ., t ,,t;
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1 :1; I Faaa rh P • P ALS',
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74,1;GUT iMIKOSIWO M tad SOT& to dowel!). the feelings of • piece of emend ' shame In 14.,Clet;TV;;Xtit'n 1.14°,1!,•
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that unpleaaant and col ■
feeling of the akin which keo I Illemee I 7 hard of toe hem of John Stone, , p raised ,
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"riZtittjuTeltr=gl:l:llTat's Shaving Clem, may.sts CO
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And /OO tir',. :471 urkoh Ise eetut a two •tory IMat^.lW,ltingtmtl;4":
once nee li, we ran safely any, will never tow my other DOM.,. ham 0.0 out hof
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,halm the beard, which MOM MOM will aogt.tog • schtri follow.. e rn-beginnig me I - 4,st roe +' lot. 'oak.
, net,. appe,eanses to the etre el the stlecera _to the lane I....teren Johis i b0n.... am &Limn
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raleulahal to Tender the operation of shavine. unoleen t at, I ingises 1, sneylransa, and thence ea n. I, l o o d rood
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to the lisC t :te"! Joel
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dn. M. Sallee. Ilttaborgh: am John hargant, and J ,tit/t..,70,,,,t7..bra,,,gini01..i.xt0n ane, utid co • i
' , bell, Alleabi ny Cit y . my
the 6•MO113,
--- -...---___
I conOtotog three &erre, more or leer betted men, enk,
i in execston se the proPertY of Ihnmase Alle •
on stot of John Allettori
LUTTsguRCO eocLsoe,
Colmar or Third anal -Parket, treeta. Cherted A. D.
. 7 . The oitly Chartered Inatitute e of the ktal In Pet.
Feertcr—Joun Emma Prim-Ipol InutrUrtor tu the
Science of Account,
d.:L,K.iZtuErtia Proouur. of Ibuneartettlp. Petri..
arena .. 11 .Wirson. Eau.. Lecturer on Commercial
fi Llo t a t u r peim b a— t pon. Wm Wilkie& post James
m......a...,.......-drn. Roo. ..(erviVcitu'L
/3John EudereeS, X.I. OM 3, K. Poorebeid, Jam. got:
1.C1..1grl timer. Esq.
Lklr• 21 . 6 :T1LN10 . • 31 eiehant n T . i. pr,..n. At
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t_ Toe ' a eabing c a thotough knerwlerla• of Rook keepin ¢ .
h" erte=ietni',7llLrrjlrrgtltrg&Cn 4 th
stone additeawl to 0. K. Chamberlin, tali meat with ;t.I: A.
I,IIALANcEs o N DE ,,----- t ------___,,,, T ,
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T. M . nowr, Cobkr.
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:Notary I t oblie •
_______________ •
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Both of above &Toad. an Infaitet at Oa rate of o;ntr
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' Mimed unto wad anba j egE 1. 1 417.
Patatmedh. Januar,' 2:7firtaii.Z. 'cct"""lk.
LAiiii:-57',;71-17,-stZWeTTi for sale
,=gra7_ , 18A IA 11 DICKEY CO.
11R031E YELLOW. 8,50 Ibe for Bale by
J KIDD 610
, (ling from tire
OSE YELLOW.; 914 lbe for sale by
Tae— a KIDWA
bt 103
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tor sale_by
°r 15E4 by . -
l et,
9 "4""`P' I SZ.IIB,O4 ft!'"
C Wood cUi:
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by J.') ti M. 31,.
SUPER the bandvomnt Ilivartmernr encr troupht to
biuyh.>br *a. br 1.0 W3l. .11tLitirvi muk'dl.
WTI. 4s Lbh.for tale h
W.ll. BAttALEI t CO.
MADDED. 5 hints No. .1 Dutch, for tale
:0 7: BAGALEy
miutii:Bounti , Lead ligolcievi -".'— - - ' .
~ _ .0.. jP. ARBON-ATE ASNOili, If rinilm ' orn
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- tiot. 1 pia to locate by any oer naethcal , OR EOM 0.11.
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~.-d-x„,....„ / m_ , .....illiluccd Min to ha,. It4ut up h 5 bottles / with iik
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LINZ=WA 0, Mit. seit, obtain a /tient kr safiltelf f mat "*Pth " k " k.4=t, " ' "it
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A . .9 Mwthr Ildr /m of potting /t '' ',Li' —--
!•31./ wci2Ly j
kr ouniof disease. A in b°4l" "'l"'
i Algt ;tll,=-7r '' 4lll / 1 1.4: .
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. 7 .,., 4Anim. , ...." ,,, ...,f1E1 0 N,..., , ", iu P I u E Y V
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f ar u: o without the ahroatuce of the proprictor..-'
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000241,7"" IrVh,.4,..,l4ls;ti*RlAeEyLlii.„o.
.ro. 49 LIBERTT STREET, Pirraarscu.
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...k ..,.., opened heretofore In rattbutu. -
.11r-J. C. Warn well ktettra tall/ atal Utter at • ratter.
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M,Tak. a:V:2:M% r 't , ''' , "V.'rt... 7 11;
1.1.044,14 7 g Li man who ay.= duly. .14rould fat; i
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lower pine,.
re aad aeuer•l aeurtruent of ready mule ehthlng
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Duey Carthathea uf the latm " st, at uaotha hattutet and
Summer footle, Tette of the beet Manua and Wax rdain
t:L.V,72,ltzth,;. 1- ' , V" , . , Stlrg:•.4o.V.tlr,' IT,
ire warraDtrel to be eut and made ut • good work...U.
tryht, and will:. /01.1 low for rash _
trateL4& 11111r•rt:itttrr‘aVaettnIrrtri 1:10::. 4 irgl
VES.l,lloletale purrhasere will Had the eutek at 40 a nttut
llatrabl, one 10 'elect • ebtay and beaultfal awartment
_reeD_______________ fatarbloo.lf I' DELANEI
________ _ _
injr NOV ill men who are oiekand afflicted
uttit VeV,V"I. nhdd ier ' ai d Kw"'
-,• i Weer, Pe. thePtherean " t b w ..' 4lwAtVoir d "gi''e VlnAt'S
~_•_,_ i LI:VII. You may Lek emit Its behm a nostrum... tetieri
State MutuatFire Imam ceCo.NtuTtsb g . I I% It: gre'rteintinlaZio=r, i 'al% ViiMriel'th'ui
HE ileoikri of I Chi CoWPANT is iii uirard :In ar74t x b ribuct In lay oths; mord), The Ilan
t tt 1: .4: 1 141. •.4 = 1 ;74.1 ., I t El: ez gri4,,,g, Its 1 for f. , 0 mum. get n• ills detZl74
irtVlconstittithrzgretrzrber • stockfialleMand entiting 14/L. " alee It ' x eery iittle to make a tril. This Tit
4.2lgsralem rgutial frltt r outt - Igf:PClV,Wi h hil I !t gs ' iti m ol t it;oop=.ll44 '*"_elaM"Pt:
, wzvo-n,-./.11:4:7,71,:iditva...,12,h;a:= 1 mty ,
, p. , master habil of 11 , ature, and hobbles upiroce the
tratwo dirtinct dam, Lochharter Proridlow tlict nu iiart of I fen to ettlf=littin'ty . s h = ' al J'"ftfiard ".
the foals of either con appmortmed bir the payment of i amp cure. . '' 7.
' "
.ocrana/ti,rmciit.ffhearis,lbCts hi dgiorto• 1 It Wu orm! iea after other =Whin. ham failed to
lur render mit M Y ft hue owed. l t riPurnatino of lot
mom I<h
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c „t.-4-7," . . 7.... 7 7 3 . ;.7c.'.; i ="xcll" riHttg' L'ZIP , ' ` , ZIZ :2 I M
roll.co3uus v. m which Summon,. moeh. oioaeatiou merell, I !firi ' l eb::11 At; .t,..thmkd "4,,,...L.• e".tat"'....
. and Eye safer kinds of propertY tu wee. and .te ma f‘eee e t it wiii-,T,,e-aliiiM - - ---t,
' Vte ylviallatri II ere only .bout On 72 LII ilLtge BA / fi:'
V". ""U'" ..."'all Yr. ' r
be fumst .
rprzihu,r.etrAtt.e..34,—Pr -- zrai„4l%.*:= ! raItRYIL '-'4l4"l.4lralt=v4v;
u'd Im, %+,47,..-0,=.-..itr..1 :g.7. 14 % ,11 'tr- , ---,-.-..-, —, , tv
ftrolgtticcluttkr.r,rt,PN%:.-. 4- Eth - . 4 . 11, k.) 8 2,Tat;.Y.4 gee ...zzt LEM"' 'La
' • '
1 Tisegtronage whicitoom'imu ertindul to this (km n:ant 01m00mm w .....i......._
=at eritgrgiri. faliitattdrt urmratirgrit --
the Ism roam muiriro,) Mows Mat Im merits am dull'els•
brae-tuba! by awygblle. MI loSakv will twfrettlal at the
apilaw Or tosa M th jiremPtnees mad nuwentr•
"rri ..r,t,t7=4_,Vtrileit"th" el rn"" T. r — a
- Alonzo A. &Tier raihs C. heap-wick.' ittZilots, j .lalw
rocker. . --
II3IMM 2. , llgreesi dent.
A. A. Gaups, Actual.), • -••••'•
BMW] *Moe for Irestern rentimiranJa. No. b 1 Smith
&ld o...,PittsbuNb.
I,llder, :ilk, interett and elalso of Joh P
VOive, ' e o f In. and to all that kertato Port of lot N. I fs
ulnala'Conningbruna dotnot of depreetattors t , twirl,.
11105 al a putt on tea east lutes of lot No. lad, and ono
Dahl il,w, north •boot 32 pqohoa in io
nog, eAre• of lot No o
18. Janice aloe, aantorlot
n n !Inn vves;o4o petene•, mote Of it,. ,o a' pn.f.
.al it o re e l/ta ' ti of:411 1 07X a t' nr:Itrlo'"o ma '' T II 'Paco:l4'llOn'
of alld km :Settee along. the aoout titke:g,teop.„.,
Viola Or /ana, la laplto Cl con. In Deer etretta, tltchee
:g1:::::. Ai
a c l . :g rz i r t c rLf ., ":l; to t:t d etv b e y toe ritnnetl::,
ItgiGaray conveyed to'grary Illeiey Sent; to tho ' platte or
In corttalaing 42 urea, more or Ins Betted
Weise, a " I di atof ICI - .11v t ;" . " ...r"5. Jo" P
• AL-qO, ---' l --- -- - -,_
Alin., eartaXt fol.*? plece of ground sltnato Ist do
12/oth Ward. or the city of Pate:arab; solo ked arm
notxuened la Una plan of lot, ro , d out Of GO A. We.
ard, in aid Ward, as lot No. I, hoooded am ...sent/.
' ad nafollovra, to all: been it ca at me corner ol.l'ordi
awl Baldwin sty and movie, tbetiae ea., 'Jot' g. Yvon
tarot. Of feet, to the corner or Lot Ne a Sorban ottoog
the One .f Lot fiee X lOU feet, to a an, fort 4.1.0,i thence
along *aid alley 21 feet, to Baldwle etrotv, and tho.too
`llltrecrtakl Baldwin meet, 100 toot t.• Peat atter:, the
Pleat, Ortionoangpinnonny part of lot of around
conveyed by the eiellitonot JazDea,Q'tfara, fly 0 , ...1
dated Ma 17th day of Sept.mber. A. 1r Ign,leeciee:eg e
A. Bayard, and convoyed he --.-- A. Itarari, ,
deed dwell rho Lb day of lone,' A la 180,10 varg ~
Itlin, A. Dololly, the defea ...I tit leo, Wagner
fag a
ankh al and alnanlar the appurtentoraa. rta,lrv,lraft. r
innnalli.bolOnning, vetted, atut We", wpaipcm
mat ail um) - P.P.n7 cg . AO .444'47..g, - 401 4 041 Pt
:SO lbs fur
nruum t niurrn.
1171Er--------. 126 DiTides.
Dr, co •
b au dua k ,
Illith7.ll.lFlPll,llAlcital, . • ----
! B';:;:ll,:r,ld4.7,___27.,*:4:.°,ltl7,*.r,',fbi:t•Dlit'll
Court of Allegheny Evsuity. sad to we directed. Will
be exposed to sale. et the Court House, city of Putst
1',:17,b:r1D".°,:id01i41,7 21,th.tty6,1141f,'"Ztilt
property, to wit:—
, All those three certain of, or Neel" of grtund,
rtuate to fildnegrdle,l3l astir towashiP clambered
22, 33, and Be. and a niece of ground adjoining lON.
gii, to said BiOssegeßle, bounded and desanbed as
follows: ber nein& at ,the south east corner of eatd
lot No 3f, add 17.111/11r •0114 3 degrees 'and I ereStCy
30 Pe tees and 03 AO 10 a post on the pabhe road,
thence south el decrees, ea.' aloes, said
.road .17
Perehee and SO HOW • Poet oh the eOreerof Cent , .
street and sod read, thence Wen, Slid street Bililh
half* degree test li7 perehr • cud ao.too to • poic a,
the south west corner of aci d lot No WS, ;hence anti
r, el degrees We 4117 percher io the ;Lan of begin.
e 7, " 1 ientetra7lllrnS, o r, d fi ° 7 O%e '7° P`rthi3O,', m ar,° or
o John Brown, at the nil of Christian Artelosts;los
two ofJoha Pormh.
ALS, -.-
Al the ' , phi, title, Interest nOaJ •f Peter Rail.
(au, et. In and to all that certain let of p situate
in the elly of Pltbburgb, ea the seut4 t im e
et Otani
meet, Le da ting ent said Oren to fee; and extend
Ing c feet—on wide!, IL ere, red st , th,e• story
bock emcee and le bounded on the 1,111 by,pi'openy
l '
Barney hleClelland, on the west by property Cl
vh ze,aa Coal. rotted and taken ckeeution •L the
.ro.,!,,e4trorof I:eantetd.
I lkstagz id s4tl, l a att., WWI.,
R CURTI,..zh
All Nis mkt. title, lutareet and chine of /enure Grey
or. In end to oil that certern Nee° of lend struetn In
the oily of Pittsburgh, broth girt of Int No .12.11,,
Woods , plan of Clinburgh, bOunded and deterew d as
NW. we _ via: hornartag at rho tare" s:de c. efurkar
enact. at not atryenvercerly corner of, hi art" led
Fat. th oven,. thence es tending WI width at fr,nt
along hlnk o.'sntrat tnwaltle 'fiord .t.,. ~ 23 ~,,,,
more of er,,. to groan° ot toot.. /111., 6 n , el .'. o '.lt ,
nr depth Moog Fourth street vreettecrdly broads.
Fette Meer. preserr,ug the same %Odd, 141 (Wok
JOWS wr retp, to toner . /nod of Janie, 11 . 4.1.. co l e
ore erected it. :arca Mt, piney bnct bui . diba. o. eu-
Iced as none and neve louse: en 4 two enct i 44 WWI,
taltitalin(ll fronting on Fnonh street - 5 , 404 antVtaten
let elecctine es the property of Jam r• tjeey.tlid vetch
ter I•t the tett of Otecke, Ts., 6. then
, .
All the r Oa. une Interest and chino of tete. to ald
er, of, In ant to h I .Ir t cettne tract of bled, titan,* te
Versa. , 1.. Tonateh,p bounded and 11 - seri/TA at fol
lot.. ate: belt
nlna et a non cr. Tome en rehreet the
,George. Ind land• of Win 31,/(l,necand there
of G Unman, (ror , n,l• /leery I tine/thence by
rind of end inbc on, bomb II degree., LIM Woper.,,,,
to wenn. thence Nord, 7, degree,. Ea 116 petchee, to .
a eon: ther , e6 Soo h IN drgrect.T.est Ti pereect.le a
poet, theme. WWLIth 7.1 deg., trst it ne,ch,.., thi,,,,,
Seem there, Sa n d pere,
a d , teeter nouth :11d g., Etc,
6 perches. teepee Nrcib 41 , Non It erehee,thenee
Boot 70 degree., Ran 24 peretcs to p e
poet; Meng e
North or; du , Earl 42 Ferrite. et • Kw, thence, Nosh
ID d.geont, East Id percher/. to • Chentateak, then..
North 771 deg., San I. palette,. thence North 1.. V deg.,
Fart 46 pore... toe stone..teliee :earth 67 deg, F.A.t
11l ,„.„1,, to a non. thence tread, 4 d eg, Etat 107
perchrs to a near tree, thenee Sento ES deg., Wen SO'
perches to a pcot, thence SWISO 4 dem, Rut 31,ttercb.„...1
;r; t!te':;it; '4:c'dhe'stnelitT,M4Z‘v7Z3E4lllo ur)
• post, throne South 46 Jed., con IV ;110,,,, P rh',,t7:, {
the lands of John ant WM. Shaw, la sumo --ild-
/ends. Notch WS eg., Wee. 44 prreb {r7r:rdat ,h,....-..-
Nosh 73 degree.. Wren as •• " In 1.... - . - ...'
- ''''
Haub 11.1 deg., W. se ~,,,,i,;.,- . -0 . , tst, thence
neer, .and thence doer, the:ae,,,e, pe.ja--.:
even:enure.. thereat. to • inter of kid celhal-nOreenaicd,o'
40end tonwGiorge % Veneer, on the 01h dee ofJury,
sudi,inneyn:Lfee:fsel,,,n of Won. L &litter and
North lea pereJ. tn lbe lace'erbidegl'nln'sifneo'Tnt
:th:g4broTta'entre' % . % 1 11 .' n 0 gb i o " o :17 at ratliceh„.a"eteeTair7/1 il
.I t. llar 'III rel'eig.4.l:Pite7/re're.'W"Xr e/ al IS . W 1
s Slllter i of to Red to lota Ne 11:0 end Nni. 1 0 , i', 3 71;. 1
AVA t V. V.ile . fil*Alll24P....,_ti've
th...... 0 ell.FerWtin Ventopic•Teerceaapeo4 '
-411 ft . 111 110,plaa id reeeede4 in l esonieno *Set, an
woCALlngbarA gr
ls boon, VOL tPO ;Ml -
- _
La toe right. tide. - Were.. end aleis. stlei.',ltizek
oc la IRA la, aila uat of all that tenets Pe.e ~... big.
a , hula, siteete ie Lower Zit Cade laweeldP...e..ged
hi 'ends at W. l l iato C. 0., Themes KC•ittle, the heirs
o' tYLlcaus )4olot sod Gam. t a‘,,,a, contain:l4LS taloa .
more'r law, bolos Ma aaatis pa - p.^. '. th .° , •
c tqmtto7 of gre4d Jam. Keorne. Boamd auf take, la •
...“..olt •• U. property of Jamas Kearray al the nut •
at k 41,,,••
Cyr. &billetCotatdoto of %at Mtltar„lasal mllierotzet
All the tight tide, in and claim of Jail'
tbatfa: of to
Or and to, or out of ao'that cadets rgewarge;
and trytel piece of laid, Sainte lli gobontwor ,TOl4l.
slop. bon/sea and desenben as fellows,o4 : beginning
ai • Poston tae tooth of Con Agra Creek, at theeoraer•
land of Jarot,
D, t a le Sao. by told Deo;fole.:a
hint, North 299 d, g , tketi 99 and 749 peleheS,
stems 2.,,p r is m i l erg Is a a 3 pereota, thence North ,todeg.,
.1.1/,'lts”‘„,tr:LeitOnftlri.4sieri.Lliziodrrf.po %oss galas
(of ---- ----...tcsese tidatb46l:4= 101 .
• perches, 1b..4,Ct ,CJattl-W,,eg, &It a epoeutny Ittelito
booth' CU de.,' Kest Id.aud 3.10 perch. to- a shoi
oak, a/Leae...W. It . 2 rg t Last 13 percher, to a
Oak. Polite Nonn 77.5 egg , Ea. du and 2 lOperehea 9,
• ayeateure On Os bane of Churtlell Care k, thence up
Chartist. Creak treal44s gag „Last 20prrebea tams
es o eh 175 deg,. Law 491st:et es, tiers• South IN e
'Lain 42 perchei, thence:Su It 135 deg_ West 13 4 41 0
y.,...i,,,. to a tockdry, te South 3.: dcg., Wet a !
perthes,Aaence troatai dot, Weal 5 perches. an t,
4 .,
„„.., and moo,. 4 de.; Ws: 143 LD pereitea, Rs I
' too p/acs.ot Itegoitang, cootunirg 94 acres. and 13
perches tClltleamirc, and D4 Itt Ca ..et0 , 441.11 two
pe r ch to dwe Log hoes,
to stable, also • ainall
log noise an'n barn, together sub out lossei. getted
aid taken AA eg.4l“. aa the property of Jahr,. doe., ,
lege; arthe auit uf ildraNancy Soong . I ,• i
F- , 411 asset L. bile, Interest, and clean of Johnkfall,
1 041,, Coe to ad that tor as pldlkof ground, sloes In
the rtilage of Ten.rancreole, being part of lotpio 9
in the piano: 10 0
t. Pal lid - I.3bott'a Irehghtl. nt•Yr by
Z Witeatmaton, ory the Pi - Mintage ard 3'.eobooatlia
orop:ko road-Urftiotting at the corner of SIM 10, in
said pits, tocuce song the Onto! aaidlorNo 111, aboth
113 it, 20 m, esti/2011.10 ad atiey LI , ft 'sea:benne tOsr a
sod alley,
and panda soh the turnpike, south ea./Jag,
40 min, scot Oa Cott to It t_blat, thence along dor ,h .e
of /en No 8, partilal with the of I n No 19,.140.fi5t
Jo said ta dose road, and thence tub thy tasupit c 80
'' feet to tee place of throttling-bes t the same whine
Ale/ander Pope and tile, by deed dated August', 15,
loth, and recotdad in book 3,p age 371, convehed tir
Joh, ball, 01, thick ill erecteDoe onestory te boss, wok sone basetuaat , Pitied and f ame
01 Hobert I
co so elcaßobb.. l. litioll the property of Jdo fluil, at the /m 1
LSO, .
All Vat rtgLl, Ulla. 'alum, and claim re Willia m
Chambers, of, in, or to, the totioatiog desentold tract
or piece at sod, shunt: In Jeferoon toloaabip, contra,
IJ4 do /tares. morn or to.i, and bowtded by laud,' of
Janis Abel, Joho Lora, 00 01 1.1 Nihau', ' Jethro
Payete,• a moot lauds of laid:tylliam Chantberi
cetng th e • •i r Lielaud of wash Mary Robb, he, proht
1014.11241, died, seised and on which there to arieted
Nasal log dwelling ha s, a barn, get. !!cited and
sken te eacemota IA pop'? cf 1311111aat Coll At.
ben, at. lac son of Thosathlolion.. -
I All toe riehblitle, interett and *tan., of James
kleKiin at, in and n, nil that ennui. Inee• or parcel
of load situate in the boning li of Altathe ear, boanded
and dreenbed as Inflow, ....atoning matte arettward
lykodeal Feeble evert. at the cornet ot Loctwt ateet,
thenee cote - ding in front an Preble i [reel 257 reel, In
the line of Walnut sweet, thane. thing the tome to
len a inches. to Ohio street theten i n intoinAtheaasna •
cents< and cioidert /too littera in the Ohm Rlnei,
thence down the mud near 417 feet 4 tmeheata ainth I
I rely line at I.Oc int etrextendlng
,nee eamtvraid.'
•17 along the said line of Lneditateces to wal
Pee of oLin street, and there, alenot inn s,oo O tt
dip feet to the plane tit bealnr,ing,entbriclocand con.'
to i,ine within Reid bounis Into 2474 P's, ire 170 . IP,'
172, 171, and 174 . , lu the plat of did bonnet. of Man-
I! t h a e n a r, , ,, 71141;h1 .1 1 i. " caTilVili tr i p 'IT eTt i rit m g ' s ' j::
• tent to f . 507exi wide. at a robin highway,
Int ha 171 belie 57 fe.etkii4 ... Preble intact, and 51 feet
If too,. it oblit ..eel, andatl the 'other ihenlbnen •
Into bung each AS (act ear Pee 4 ClCeet,..4l al Nen
Zi inches nn inhhk Hecht
Also, all th e right. Una, inkreat'led-ttaira - 02 amid
Itlegain. of, in and to all ' that nottain .101 .or.Pienner
ground sibinte in the boreath of Aliaeleatet, itettin. •
in, an the easterly aide of Mattel olinet at , het d i..
lance et 47 tent sootherardly to ea the atone, of astap.:
inn how...thence
in front nu Magni creel
42 (eel, to the lite of lot ho 51, and In depth ettatwaid
tp por,1:01 with .4mption sweet, owe...ming the Tema
width lal (set to Laurel alley, and being Int Marted
nr num/need 54 tit the . plan of th e. Porerth of Mein
chewer, i, cu.ded 'llZaid racnidet a bane, A liege en)
eounly, In pito book 1 2 01,page 10
and taken
in eceenhon In. the propttty aflame. bletisin, of the 1
tun or James A. "Peer.
7 -;-
tiehnriiahitm -erietteroit of Win
a: Ur ruit of Jos Pab.o4
. ,
mF,LII rq,,tl V . ' rn`lii c . d ..V;alfr.4. s 4.`s.•
1.. 68, t.`4.'!".*.. t 1 4e :41 Ji:fira t E
0, the 'Olen Of Pon Perry, m Versed/04TP,
KU , reentded =the kleetir‘elt Citire• 26 ...Wein,'"
17 Of Allegheny= Plea Bert 'sal. l.paseltS. ftc4.4
Old =lmo In eSee•6oll dls he p/Orsit) Illt WM 14 satir-
tn. et the suit ei SI Kitts t IGllo..etty -
AT , the nihh, nee mums at a 0 , .. or Johalira- '.
blattensotr of, in. to m• oat or . I aose cortatn lends
'lt/V 11 :;;,!1 '. .t a l
thatis'l'"a' 4'4..4
:''ht go,
Book`; ;0,
casage t w al t-a,tonisent, rerdeg 1-
m Mown,. st, f wlie! the oaitteloao rallt: P re,' ,
lately dlen, 1. tted, eon intonate arnt in whtelt as ,
ea= John Aiello. toes, Ir. It tilde eo CO ondiyithed ,
Intetert. SP etc t f 1 ~ hntra at into oi . his said b Other,
Jourph hltlastoto. satinet to nnt lt ttetato atter-bet
MC:baste. owner of the cud . 7 6...p1t, ',se- iha re
et elingn heir part mot sin lets in nrraos'ntebleteni.
Of the t httlfaut tract , entwo....'ard or Prlsell watt,
ettalue to ---lourr6h p 0- winch to erected dint.
hog booms. baize. Add ta, baud...
Also. those tax ire ho ly hews, femme on Lb-
erty errect. to the e IC of Pntebunth, end Me tinsel
von ul on which they amo ra ltten. ht ,
u...., r,
the rear, below the hoe ned to fild will. o c he ' •
...,,,,,, u,. p..p...y from the intent property, Ind/ :
Aop ss "he Isom se the 6 / 1 1, en. LT burly oecKtp,•4 by
Atehiheld Rehm.. et•nte in -.---
with toe. welling. benne. beta, and other Improve-
Meow Seized and tares to execution u the err
pert 7 '
r•Jo hnNeSles'ers../Y, at Mfe en of ThrettlAdgar, l
Reim A. Pim L.:teen and ethers
' ,
'' ' tle ' I::l'tiro' i fV o otC,
M. 'r
bat!2og,e a:rertal: g::ferftg. with i
' Af=Zol
Tj;;;. ° All:;il.e.l:,°,7,:', 0 - 0 1,...'d m i gl ° "' ~
hoe betide,. tots No VI a ..1,..N 5 id taence ovenware-0'
lyilawards Pomp alley , ' llO thence renthwerdly ~
litift., lonnce casts, rily'llo NC. Steidle ell.y, thence
alone /diddle alley IS tee to tne piece rf he fig,
the same bring pert o 5•1 No nO, ets d.renbrd in Bar.
nets plan tw - 1.6. in aid airy, or tenon'', in sot 70.
pagla. knelren and taken to grecottnet as the prose
petty onohn 6: sham. at the suit Of banh tingle.,."/ ^
All the right, title , Intti•:'et?emil ela co of Flizeberli i ."
Carper and Jane Conner ot in and to all that cerlala t
lot or p tee of groan!, together wi th the building.
the,..n. stiesie In the bonlngh of Ibroungheett ,
bounded and drocrib.e a. follow ~..,„beemoutg *neer- .
son street, as the tine of prOporty sold by the Lita - -
Josepb Cooper, de. eased, to lobo and Ctedece Kane, -
man, and extending limit lathe lige of m 01.5,7 .... ,
ed by Chrome!! —, 117-' lot 6- thereaboota, thence •
• ere ti e !the of loud property 00 fit, 'e the line of
property over, Iby Flynn %Vellum. and Jnrob Pinch. .
ttenee alone said line Idf feet or here] aO, to Cern _
VOA Etter, and thence/1100S 11111/ /Ile. 31 /Cr I. 10 the A
place or negitunag , being part ot let No liatin the • ;
pion of Birmingham eenye.ed hy .1 , 11, , 11 , ir ., : . 0 1 6 { : end t
‘Alleadh."-eny :•cliduiTy7to deed book .-.....,"
Tpg,s e .-, gd the tate Joseph Cooper Selects and stunt, t ' -
on ' : ' ..Uo u pr '' ,. ‘ is% ° th e e Pen: ScoMrd=llZott f?..171.7.41L'Ad '''
Glenn } xtcuront of Joseph Cooper, deceased. i \.
All tke righ., ule, interent chineol AJA Main&
1 Ron men and Caine, neirolt toe, l
nf, in hod to lee ono
half part of lota Ns 1.5 soil 11, in We, Atihrrind pixy .
o' lots in Ar Sur.vtlle, try-t er so I' the bdlitiosaa
ere teb
thereon •nd ~,ou,' s , sresor 11 ttelohlasta,
ss foholll, I
gee ht hell part the, f ne lin A s Seal aed desen'W
Lento. mr OKI( AVM/ sV 1 el% at the mot. •
net of let No 010 ..0 • rt:n aid rth iSK thence along i
the line of the wen Ns. no a hen pirshel 1•11.6 Aeth./.
ettbehtn %tilts. etreet a distance*, 141 feet, thence l
~,r„„K tk•stlrine street in a line mantle with licanpal.
Way . • dynasts o( 133 feet, thence in a llna panelled " I -
with Artbene toreet..667oheee of 71 feet thecee in • t
bee parailel with it-etlnes alie tliatante of 3 &et, . .....
thence 611156C1 ISSN Ateleel st etreet, diatanre. or 71 1 - ---
feet tbenre along Keating's aPry • distonce or 351. .
Pet, le the fiefs or be i.g, being me seine puce t _
of =mind , rat.ri.i b. geld drecnonn 6bY proteet. -
Ingo= the Ihnotet Court ofAlirg benycona ty, at Aprti
mom Ihilniko 00 . tnelsed and taken in excretion LS
lentilperty ot Ann Marla, frobscann and Cinherbre ;
%a; the suit of James Iltenford, now (or no, of I
Cherie. Pt Broil.l
LSO, 4 - ~ • .' . ;
All the TI, ht, title, inter A e,l and claim of?ehn Cos.. I
laHa n o n and Ilona tismottnn, ne, , ln ,
. and In all.those rtini ..
beftr4rangd'il',:lnl•i:t,B7,enn','t:ti '.7'; Z e gill I .
Penh ft re - ger:nerve plan of lots. erch kn iontagring f .
II Ind In,iront on
caret; end extending back t• •
These grips 'the Ogee width, /NI ter tta ael fret •ney, l'
on which are erected a elute doaSto brlch/deraling l
boom, with separate noarneenut fat diner tenants. }
Zrt7: 4:" Pette ma ~Tii".ligV;=i lttP m'l lt° l ,l3°'
All - the right, tgle, interest, and el in of
.Itobert I'
McKerahan and Matthew I.dgKelnhiofi In, lad !
to ad thoie-three certain lots. in Rob BOWS Plan ov. t
the &nwlorgh or Allegheny, bounded od described:l
as follosio, suz begun* at thenorth eaat Omer' :i ' '
of lot No! 161 in unto plait; at utteraettnto o; e
Lacook street and Isabelle alley, thence Pooh bri
rwd alleyloo fort to 411100 greetohetice Fagbyf..l.
Anne atreet.'92 feet 3 itches, to the lute of lot No. 1 •
184, thence 'north by entd lot; 100 feet, tolgeoelt .1 - •
sheet iforriaid;.thence teat by Laced, :farce:49Z,
feet 3 incherio the platti of 1-eginningion which is ~,,,,..
erected an 100:1 loundry and other tmroireniental„..
Seized end taken 02 C2.'0000 11 0i the brOperty d, 1 - ---,
Matthew hteKershen and Itebert McKenthan, at t \------
the 1.011 of Singh & Guquir, for we 'otlyelititn" •z.--•••
ALSO, \ .
John/; ....
AU the iiglu, title, intercl.l. ind elate; at.fehn
Dekron,of, in, and toall that„rertgu lot orpalreel ll
of 170110 d, 11101810 in Ohio knew/tip, bonneted and i
dencrined as follow., .0 or.t:
in on Lome !
wren, corner of inn. No. 14, Plea. of 10 6 . 4 . the -
hen. of P 7 Peehleu,dec'd, is soul township,' figure t
aonth 33 dex. 55 nun , esti 6 6.10 perch... wire No i 7. \
I 1% thews !loath 54 drg. 3 tour, 1....,,t 2 424.104) per- oboe, 'atom; lot:No. 12,10 th e centre off-the Realer ..,,.
road; thence alien mid rend north FM delgreineX l' . . -
min., new 8 8.10 perchee the nc*No l ohnnoithet • ',.,.;
54 deg. 5 fain., rag. 24 24400 perchea, to
.Loetert,, ,
street, Um Neer of beginningreontaine t y one acre; !
more or letn,oenehietg to ,crected • brick ,housiti , r,
Iwo st,les high, and appetnertence.. miteelnd t•
taken:ln erect/Una as the properly of Jrbirlhelgon, , I. 1.
as the ruts ot Chau, Grant.
. ALSO, , ~ • r ,
All thanght, 104, Illilleet and elefin John
Taggart, of, in, end to, end out of all thariheitain i
101.0 pi ece of ground, eitriale in the Cuy of fitts l
burgb,warned and - desenbwil in the pint, of iota laid 1
o L't hf Jobe &UM, on High street, in '..nia•city, No.
31—raid lot fronung on Fonah street 29-fern,"and
. emend:lir back on a parallel hoe with Highrtreet, I
wdistanee otll7 fret, bounded by lige nunthered
30 and az, end" by Fonnh .tree) rand, raid let bemg 1
subject to a ground rent of 518560 per ' =minx—.
There raid lot two frame hohtea,
wories high, three brick hint-yr., ,to hed roof, arid i two, new briek hruwes '6ll.44Vlowo.' st o Ugh, •
;gins unfinished, altesVrorfs. Seaad and Intim la
sou of Beronrd McGinn meet:oh:milt the propene of John. Titaurcht the
All the nitht,tMa, interest, and claim of Abnibara
Ponsbin and Joseph Walton, of, id, and to, sill those
t wo certain lain dr iiieces of groond,sil nate id Teat
peranceville,• in Sc Clair township, Allegliejiy,Co., : l
and marked and numbered 146 and 147, in Warden •••\
&• Alestrinder's plan of 1. ts by Z W Rentinstoo, ' I
and hounded and ilescribed. tonoveviz; beginning '
et the &wrier oflothlo 145 In a id plait, onWeetnsc •
thence by Walnut* street 50 feet. to the coiner a lot •
- No-148, tbooce by lice of said lot 150 teettel W ih r. ;
den sum; thence by Warden sweet ( , (Ifett, lb -,..
corner at lot No 14:k throne by the line of,sauflot`..;
150 feet to Walnut stroit, the-place of Lestittelhg-7,
nuking in all two low,
each 25 feet by 114kftet--; . .
being the name lists or rcce of
nit etiefeved4
by John B %Wen and wile . nd Joh...Alexander ,
and wil e ,e to John I Smith,
.by deed direttAord Ist, f
7o cooveyed to the said Au baM.Ptinbia 1
and • heeph Walton; on a'biea raid inn Int. of • •
grotmd are erected a two ivory frame !Mose:Which
is 35 fee: in front on Walnut street al oteainL' 7, sal- 1
. feed and taken 'is execution' an lhe 'property of A-
timbals' Porshing and Joseph I Vatiou, at the tAlit or -: .
John J. kimith, for no, of Willutm•Magee. ' ' f
.. ALSO, • ....r.:Z• •
• AU the right. title, intercat 444 lop c ofl3eac r
Ke linedY:of, In and to pll that c;rtnin Oferound 'i •
sitmoe in Solidi Pittsburgh, (late Lowei. Sl,Cliiir '•
township) and bounded and 'described ea follo*a; 1
viz: beginning 00 the southerly side IV. Josepbine . I
street, at the comer of mound of lintakAl.'ll/14ilah. 1
and at the distance of 91 feet 1 1-4 inch fronfthe ~''
• eonier a Fifth street, thence emending_ in (runt to t
filightun• street, easterly. 24 teat and izi'depdi 1 ••
soe utteHy;preserving the same width tit right angles f- •
to Bingham wreet,.loo feet, la Chesnut alley:T-0n 5 •
which is erected a two story brick dwelling Adana t •
andknebett ' Seized and raked in elecalialf s 4 lee 1
.p_ro,,etly of base Kennedy,- at' th e snit of Wklte, K
°Wen & Rea
AU the tight r title t interest, and claim 01- Alai - Mb: .'j
der- O'ldeGrew, of, in, to, or an of, situ:. tem",
le'll:'rof 11.7:,?2,,',1t',14":T0.th15'7.7.1,i7,,..n ';f
plan ottbe drielanion al said city, .ealted'l•Becca
. Vista," bounded and described as (oilmen, viz:, 7 .
beginning on the north side of the Nor,h Cominoes • s,-
at the distance of 48 feet treat front the corner eicl
Palo Alto street, thence running west •Ity.• thesenf b '.
CoCrienods ground, 24 feet , to Ito router *north, z ;
37, 'beams Worth by„line' of said ha 170 fr esh io en ii:,
/8 feet alley, thence - am! by mud rdley 2 4. feet to 11,
'ins of lot No 39, and th•nce south 11. said
.bnc 170
feet to the'plsee of !mgioning—bring the sam e tor ~-;
a ground which Willhint
_ Robb nion,in., , el es, by I: '
deed, dated Anis. et 17, ISt% conveyed torathl A. '!'- . r 1••
o 'l l derew. Seized and taken fle
w,suon as the Li '• • 1 1
Property a Alezandei 0' .eGre et the sal. of i'f,
Charlesß. Troia, in Val for Trait:, Brother de C
ALSO, • • , . o_ . i
Ail the right, title. Interest ard elaint of J:t Ale-:a
, Cully, deceased, in the bards of J. P- lbws;
JJam Conner, Isis administrators (with te.
ohn. V. Rowland et of,
lecal represent:antra of :...;
said J. a moa4, ly. deceased) of, mr, tand 1,5, all 1.. .
hate eriainfifealation Or nnef,_or hind, 'nitnatle in n • •
Upper St Gin irToordshlp, bounded by ) and, en lin. l:
Canner, Sfindo Crouch, and others. comainitiaboin
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