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.gORNING, JANUARY' 16, 1851
'Tat fain. Etiterrtos —lt may not out of
• .
to offer a few reiairks upon the arab,
r ritts6igh at the present juncture.,
The electiMs,of.Tuesday is by all regarded us
'Stern relipke of lawlecineas, rowdyism and .
fatty feeling Was laid aside;
and men who heretofore have always been found
'in :opposition, on. that day' stood shoulder to
ratundder noble and successful effort to re
demi:the character of .the city from obloquy,„
aluead and from misrule and disturbance, at
win a , glorious moral triumph, well
• worthy'of the:politica sacrifice with which 'it
- ••• The vote of thet day may be ceipbAlcally re
:" itaniedai a rote of instruction it j the new city
adtsillistrittleu. - Instruction to separateat and
sePdented from those low and bad Witt
' caeca which never fall to render all the censer
Tatirelais of the State and Corporation of little
- effieU - to lay a heavy hand upon vice And law
' 'lessnetni, let who, will 'be the offenders; and to
-.1-lip nelose eye upon those hot beds of vice and
profligacy—the doiqeries—from whence come
, titearly the breaches of peace.
nue new IlayOr , whom we believe to be
solspti _firt n and energetic, MAP, will feel that
hirayyresimabilitiei rest open him, he will feel
'-.•:l' , ');:gri..seoareti, at the sathetirno, that lie, hos - a constitn7
that :Wit) Imistainlim in the moat strhlgcmt
'*c* . to zit hick the. good 'old state of law
distinguished thiVity in foiMer
311415•!.:' •
2:...`,l34,itiiiint*-thesMnre only that they have
Wpoket l / 4 :: Tiiipituncirennd,the Coiut of Quarter
Sessiens hive iiisSAMini l responsibilitie; in' the
worli,now so nuspi h eimt4,:litigun.., They too can
effeetntuali. The failliti..;,oll)thieh men obtain
lieenSes . .for. the sale or . intexiecitheedrieks is a
i.Monstrous evil; for it is an ititriteto„eontmen
sense to pretend that so many or 'neci..44),
• •
-:we findln,every street and alley orthetelty , nre ,
needed forss legitiMitte parposeof
. Are strangers to tie found in one
of them, or one third of them? This
t be paraded. What then are they for? and
by tdurt-infinimco ore they sustained! Their
object tato makemoney; their effect is to lure
the ring andthoughtless to practices of dis3l
- Eatiallr enang in ineiritable ruin; to fill the po
• ....lice coasts and quarter sessions with cases rais
- . lag - frorti - breaclies- ef- the 7 -pirace; and to make
, Sight hideoas with the noise of carousals and
. irawla; sad the influence Which:keeps
such an abomintiblo state of things in existence
_di the sell , toarenient use Which con made of it
by corrupt' politicians-and aspiring deniagogues.
This woof thin evil is of longstanding; and we
put it to oar readers whether there has not been
too =Chem= connivance on ilictinut of society
. .at an mill which is known to be sapping tho very
funadaticins of.morals in the community, and dee-
With fearful rapidity theiisingtpuera.-
. .
. , 4attnoste Pnoncrs."•—The .popple of Wells.
burg, Va., are at preseht much Excited in rule-
- , • time to'railroad projects. With very commends, ,
' ble zeal they'are endeavoring tollectire for them
•selves some of the benefits .to result from the
; :inignificent Linea of milrolls now building and
„ • : 4 projecting. between the aria boned and the great
:•1 west.. They have seired:,..on. the project of the
' Ilemplielellilroad, as offering them a hope of
',., -"being mode a - point IS could:east slid west line,
~.; where it taps and crosses the Ohio river. To Hoe
....C4140 . 3. the practicability ani.l feasibility of. mak
.- dug that place a point on thdt projected toad, or
.•-terminus - of it, they have eMployed George R.
-•'..Eiclebatun, Ras.; Civil Eapneer, to sarsey , a
' . roate from Wellsburg to Whingtan, pa., and
.'-'. '.• * report busiliemelnebli{h4 He pronounces I
..t.he rinete a weed one- sk lt Mikstmup the - Miley of
-Iluffale Creek* Making the dettatten to the Tir-•
J r
`••• gins Sate line 8} miles, MlWashitigton '25
—miles,. The highestgrade he estimates at 50
:,-, feet - per toile, and the est radius 150 feet_
~..lhe probable cost of • gradelatlon, masonry, and
.. 7 talidging, from Wellsburgl:to Washington, 25/
:tittles, is •eitioneted to be $311,400, being an ay,
•.:,,;_ erige of 15112,456 • per mile:. , . The cost of_supar
,,:, structure, With rall-weighing 60 11)1 per yard,, is
o t
'. ' ...extbeented at ,20ctim. • o= -making on the '25
s ' . miles $230, d matt wth,e,total *muter
• ' estimatedpro ble east of aduation, bridging,
4 1 $ 154c7tril with rail — , ss4l,46o—being
. . **¢mirage colt of $. 0 1,656 per inile. . ,
- . .... :, :•Tlorptesltiole is said to bo faverable.for !icon
' • neethm.with IthiStmiticHatilleJuld Indiana Rail, :Frtm Wellibmg,torittsbh, by way of
' Deride Creek, _Mushy ran r •Leet's ree and Char-
I - tier's crook; the distance as h estemnted by Sir.
''' ticlebnum at" 45, miles. From . Wellsville to
. . Wheeling, at 15 • miles. I Pro; Pittsburgh to
• . Wheeling. by way of Well bei ~, 10 miles. The ,
t disturaie-frorn Washingto;to Greensburg, on the
Item field reu -- is estimated at - 15 miles.. From
,I lYsiddligton to, Wheeling,..4o milks—total from
' ATilmaling to Gr ensburg, 86 miles FrOmWheel
, • 4tig to . Pittsb by Wellsburgh, accordial, , to
Mr. Riehbaum 66 milea—add 'distance from
• Pittsburgh to Grnensburg- 33 miles, and we have
' the whole atance from - Wheeling to Greenstiorg,
by way 'of Wellsburg and Pittsburgh, 93 •eulle - 1,
. .;or 614 4.mileslanger than the route from Wheel
.big eo Greensburg, byway of Wellsburg and the
IfenipfLeld route, and, acqurata surreys woidd
'' - rrobablyiehpvt:tho tettsburgh route to be really
' , the shortest: Whaf ftilly,' then, to.spend capital
: -,-
on thallemnfiild projt?
" . .It is possibloihere iday, at 'some future day;
~..__2 be a *abroad' constesimeel from Pittsburgh to
. ' - WelheleKg., with .s brunch at Washington and
' Wheeling, bet it will t§ after the great and mar:
:.prominent lines are epmpleted. Capital is too
` goatee at'pre •en t to he loul for investment, in any
/ •
but the most premium* trunk lines. If the poo
. Iplc of Wells are Amnia put. their shoulders to
/ :the wheel, sti stait a frond to Chestier's Creels,
there is a , g probability of its being ktcruf
/ ita to rittabingh. , - : -•- ' ,
.. 1
,y• :A correspondent, •sui,grets, in au artigie
• • lecoUiderable length, lima :it would be to ilm
!.! :Attest, of tile Ohio and Ileausyl7ania. flail lip!
CoMpani to 'insure an 'extension of their oho
...• tcr, so as So authorise them; as snort omtucti
' cable - it° eine - Mutt a road from Alliance, th ugh
''Acrati,lf4dieta, ithidNorisialk to
. Lower Sadoluk
icy, what be contend4l;kolild shorten the distance
. ArkTil 'itts'buggla to tiaati illaer,. and places! be
xond, Cl miles.' Ho Sala the country through
twohicloye welsh' pae's ir;a fine one, and well
, adapted to so rail roil&', . : -
Now es the speedy, pr,oSeention of the , sin
line *ill require nil • tloc , funds, ciellitomul 'or
, -! gy ot the company; 0.v.,,,..we have already two
Votes' by which the lake' Ad the rail road;
• ,-tkinlkparallel with its Southern Blame c be
reachea; - One .to Cleveland; and anotlim t`.. • -
dusky - "coat :Mansfield near it; and an 'ton tic
•---!\ Mai been lay out froth Galion 'to Chicagi, v
'`think the road from Alliance to llandUsloy,l ol
! .
evek. desirable it may be,socue day, is not . c:
•acatial u toi petit) , the Ohio and PMnisyf, ani
. - Company in taking bold of it, eveli pro c
•i . ' --1
' ,,,,4
• O-. or h e \l r a' policy of that s I
lariss tome through the fine ;region' olai lcoo
between - ato keg and the river untiltheyi!
'. • LiMir ultimo point, where it will be Mk' 't_
~ by Other co - ca-to the Missishippi, ill .sect.
• . lag", in o ‘ ts Tir y,..a1l tho•roads leading - No and
- iflonib, and nailing us, through theo2;_fo. io ncia, -
. mill, Chiago, Cairo, and. indesll - with - de the
.great eentm* of commerce North and-,llVest of
' !Pittahurgit 1 `„
~ ,!,
- ' As the article - of emir'. ‘liolrrespondent is long,
• , -•
ire decline pnbli Mug it. r l !
. .
The Port, with commeCtahle candor an re
, gartkto facts, di
otatraing the
eloction_or-Ntr, ante victory.
editor sap at the Whigs.
Ti and. Democrat: ho result is
• c ra vietcay.qf ity and do-
Peency, over tardism, and
I!Barkeristu. the \ city. has
, hkett fairly cc' no / citizen of
Pi*burgh wil ang his head
In ame when speak of the
qatoticipOkovernmenti of stir city.',' Ito farther
enwsdedges •' that Itundrnis ,of goOd.• IYhigs,
4 4 , , st.eela . the reFltatfmai . und Pr‘asPOtY of
,fittahurgh above a . mere party quertiona, OA
tillin their Power to bring about the triumphant
. .., •
lileetion" or Bir. mitbric.!
... . .. ~ .
, .
.''',_ ,
WO , idlit /KM" pv,es,of- IbC sickly papa,
Ektbe4( l 'ai the coaatez
- muiptott for pnblic
documentl4' • - •
In oar paper '`iYt•eatratY ._ :* eiaavored to'
ehovr ant the Jetirai;taw,fakteiinten gross er
ror in regard to the Eurilejill , :icllftiirtt resume
the subject; but .before . ,9,4. 0
donee, it may he will to re-5ta11 . ,,, 44 "
'position. The Journal maintains' that }be rtk
grime end early seqlani - of New England didtlide
or nothing for the adjencement of learning. tnt
• was with them a very mall concern," it Its inti
I ,gasge. On the contrary we maintain that the
PiMitans whesettledNewEngland made early and
•liiieral provision for the education of . those who
,were to came after them--end any one who his
read oar former article Must, we think, be satis--
fied of the truth of mu. position. We shall; how,
ever, cite one 'Or two;passages from•Bancreft., lit
addititut to the one already given. grating of
Connecticut, he says,Avol-2,:pp:5 - 0),: •
"There neviiexisted n persecuting Spirit in
Connecticut; *ldle] it had a scholar to - their
Ilisiista in every town or village-. Ethication
'woo cherished; religions knowledge was carried
to the highest degree Of refinement, alike in its
application to moral duties, and to the mysterious
questions on the nature of God, of liberty, and
of the soul."
. _
And on ppge 59 ho says:__ •
"Education was always esteemed a conarn'Of
deepest interest; and there were iommonechoole s
from the first. Nor waalt long before pr_eahall
'college, such ai the day - of small things permit' .
• ted, hemn,, 4o bo eitablished ; and Tale owes. its
birth to tan we farmers, who, in 1700, an
aembled at Branfo and' ach one, laying atew
volumes on a table, •t 4
' I . give these boaster
the founding of a college in this colony.' "
Again; page 60, cPcaking.ofthis colony, he
" For a century, with short exceptions, its his
foXy is .the - picture of colonial happiness. To
Anscribe its condition is but to enumerate the
blessings : of self-government, as exercised by o f
community. of farmers, whohaveleisure to reflect,
who cheriseclucation, and who have neither no
bility nor a Pdpuince."
And what is true of Connecticut in this respect
- ,tai# lie tanned of the other colonies. Speaking
iiTNeisNetherlands, (voL 2, pp.. 311,) Bancroft.
mire : - "The province had no popular freedom,
and therefore had no priblic spirit In New Eng
land, there were uo poor fin New Netherlands
the poor were so itumerou.sit was difficult to ; pro..
vide for their relief. The Puritans easily sui
ported schools eies , y Aere, and Latin schools in
their larger villages ;' on Manhattan, a Latin
school lingered, with difficulty, through' two years,
and was discontinued." But it is time to make
Inn end of citations We will, however, give ono
more. Our limits - Will not permit us to give the
passage at length: We shall, therefore, give the
substance of whatlTrumbull, in his History of
Connecticut, says'nn this point, in as few words
as possible:
The education of their children engaged the
first attention of the early settlers of Connecti
i.cut, so also of the other colonies. It wee provided
ty law, that every town containing fifty families
rboulil support a common achool, and in every
county town provision was made for the support
of a gratnroar school. It was made the duty of.
e magistrates to see that the children of every
fa were taught to read nnd write, and the
I•aren • of those not en taught were subjected to
n fine. • Pr:iris - Ml:raw made for the establish
ment of a college at Newhaven 53 carlyjks 1(134,
(only seventeen years from, the commencement
if the first sethement there;) but this, owing to
the troublei of that tiMejilid not succeed. Cam
bridge College had been early founded, which
vas sufficient for the education of the students
of all the colonies at that early , period. This
received support; from time to :time, from the
hthabitants of Connecticut and New haven cols
mica. Atone time a law wan palmed requiring
every landholder to contribute one peck of petit;
for its support " This abundant public instrvier
tion, and econsuutt. attention to the morals and
, geodeoaduct of the inhabitants," says Dr. Tratn
I bull; "has been the means of that general illu- I,
ruination, which has- always been observable
among the inhabitants of this colony." :
.'' Brit we must Moan ,We hard, as we think,
shown by the most abundant and the highest 1
authority, that the Journal has grossly erred in
imputing to the Puritans indifference dis the sub
ject of education. - And him does thiit paper at
tempt to sustain its position? By a few disue- -
nected extracts from old " Mintdrbothata," which
do not by any mesas justify the inference that'
the Puritans regarded learning as a matter of
"very small concern." • • •
But, ah the surveyors say, we have" the marks
on the ground." The village church and school
house have existed there immemiorally. Re
would not be understood as saying that the•de
stendants 'of the Puritans have made no improve
ment on the system of .education established by
their ancestors, more than two centuries ago, bet
we do insist that-the Puritans planted the tree of
learning, and that it bore fruit even in their
of, either of which, it realised; will cause no
mall revolution id human affairs. One is
Paine's water gas, of which the Boston Chronc-
type and other papers speak with such conk-,
deuce ; the other is a newly discovered process
by which :lax- can be r prepared as to adapt it
- tu tee ovinufactore of fabrics resembling silk,
and to - the ordinary machinery used for the
manufacture of cotton.
. . .
The first, if what hPsald of it be true, will
giro to manljud a power which ierather ap
pallint•than pleasing to contethplate. No as
signable limit can be placed to the mechanichl
power thus placed at their disposal, and as for
light, not only the cities but the whole country
may be lighted.
That water can be decomposed and converted
into inliammeable gas is a facE which cannot be
disputed ; but heretofore the process has been a
'difficult one, and considerad of little practical
utility, Now however we are told that merely
by a. new arrangement of tha'hclicca, a• galvanic
current of such tremendous power is obtained,
that it requires bra en infinitissinual proportion
of the effect to produce-the' cause, or keep the
machine in' motion, leaving the remeinder,
which is nearly all--to be applied to other uses.
lleatiand light can of course be produced atdin
expense little more than nonevaL
Now we are not sufficiently Credulous to take
all this down-yet, and if:asked why, we can only
say because it seems to betoo much. The theo
ry and allege 4 experimenXii contradict no law
known to us ;?and although it is really a "per
petual motion• ; ?—that figment of many is'eloudy
intellect—yet there is a difference. The old
idea of perpetual niodilin VAS made up of a con
fused notionof wheels, and springs, and poises,
end counterpoises, all' the elements of which
were in themselves lifeless and motionless, and
er could by no possilliTe combination be made any
we thing else. But this other takek, hold of the sic
w-. tine powers of nature, as we do in the production
xs- of steam power, and sets them th work in obedi.
tie once so our will. Thrtssierely mocha nical pell
et- petual motion is an impossibility, becautie it
conflicts with a natural law; bat this new die
to covery„whatever may some of it; does net. And .
.9 incredible as it m seem; it is not much more
di wonderful than th t a man in Cixicinnatti should
daily send a little "glitningalong a wire toPitts
burgh atoll. hoW 'many' hogs have been killed
that day. We will wait. We are not tries
enough to pronounce it a humbug, nor'aredulous
enough to receive' as verity all that' has been
said about it. - ... -.. .
The substitution of flax for cotton,' although,
belonging to a very different deportment of
science, ii4poipt of iinportance is only second
to the ono of which we have Just spoken. The .
announcement has been made by the . London
press, in very 'positive and triumphant tones,
that a taxies of 'novel improvements has been
effected, bi- which, in the first place, the fibre of
the flax nail beaeparated from the plant without
any of the Taber, cost and injury of 'the steeping
process; and, in the second, the texture modi
fied eons to deprive it of the 'cold fed' of flax,
and convert it into a substance—a new .xuateri
al—possessing, says the Marainy Chronicle, "all
4lrwarnith of wool, the softness of cotton, and
the glossiness of silk," which it is said so strong
ly to resemble, both to the eyo mid
,touch, that
nothing but die 'actual samples of the remits
exhibiting in oneand the same bundle of fibres,
the. raw flan at one end anti the quotisilk or cot
ton atthe Other,". would Induce belief; while it
4 ,
, -
.1, faand—and this is pron'ounced the crowning
~E . k i„ : l6 .;,b„i t the Bar:, thus prepared, may . be
'motto the cotta arm -14. and there by the ordinary
cow . tp ,61 8 ,,, \..„, manufactured into
k 5 7 -Ctil The flast " c°ir mui ta la i e *." , l ", reP elt lrtd, it is, Said, for sea,.
ea.sixteesithe of a peinyper pound. Ito-adapt.
c il toott to cotton mai tinery is what renders it
comport.;„ ; for
.it 641 be • produced at
Ut - rs,, cost, mad is superior , it most inevitabl
15 5 peat Measureappercede cotton:
..The bona 4 suggesting the application of
cotton machinery to its nianufaotare, belongs to
31 - rolyariter, who read a paper on the subject at,
16 1 0 44nal meeting of the British Association
and lmo, the practical success of the ever
lemur in tlntelloWiug language :\
lathe cliglikef., , the last week, the inventor
went to ManCheal4r, Withatunantlty of his "flax
cotton."—placed lein 110 - hinds of a rpinner
arid the result sooirceilitd ta be doubtful. The
Bottomspituiles toeleics'Agyto the new mater
ale as - if it andthey hidlfeettelpre_ssly made for
tStschatherr. With a varyitAihßakteration in then
i i i i i e achinery it sritl i e d h, i h ts ciwevei, '
work I ntrott lr be re a tire o d .
Saturday night we were-Shols•VAVrvit , of I
of the invention, in the shape of a't. nAtitY of 1
'ravings' and yarns of mcimpeachahlooknality.;
and color, Ina state of perfect readineWfor thy,
Blether processes of weaving and manufahture. ,
We subsequently commissioned an intellifents
gentleman, who has devoted much attention to'
the 'subject, to visit Manchester for the phrpose
of porso y irapecting the whole process, and,
the result fully oenfirnial the information
Ishith we d previously received.
\Should this ba realised, Great Britain. and
Irelaud raise their eau cotton, and we in
1 the li , and,Westsrnifitutes, can produce
oars; sh ..,, t ear southern iteiuts ill. are talk. ,
In g of lea,gns, will be apt to stay where they
are, and mumfacture ti:eirs. ..
A Watton correspondent of the Wheeling
Times, m es some statements relative to the
Wheeling Bridge due, now pending before the
Supreme Court, fieli,'perhaps, require a pass:
ing notice One' is, that lice lion. J. B. Walk
er had indmatert before' the , Court that if the de
cision wd pastponed, the State of Pennsylva
nia wockl4 take the law into her own hands,' and
deiddish the Wheeling Bridge. It is hardly
worth while to contradict or absurd a story. In
the first place, the People of Pennsylvania are a
law-abiding people, and have full confidence that
the Court will do what is right in the premises ;
and In the second Pince, if they wore not so, the
Supreme Court room would be the last, place to
avow so lawless a determination.
The corresponded adds, " It is most evident
that the Pennsylvanians will push this matter to
the bitter end." To this we Lave only to say,
thntif a lawful endeavor to remove on obstruc
tion to a great thoroughfare be a " bitter end,"
it is all true. That for, they will g o, but no far.
they. •
Torso Mitcuinc.—Mr. George W. Terley, of
Washington City, has invented o machine by
which the yea r s and nays of the nonce of Rep
resentatives, or any other-legislative' body can be
accurately taken and recorded almost instantly.,
The process; at present, occupies from thirty to
fifty minutes in the House. -
• Agreeably to public notice, a large and respec- I
table meeting of the citizens of Allegheny and
Washington counties, was held. January 1464
at School House No. 7, Snowden township, to I
take into consideration Vie propriety of a Plank I
Road from Findleyrille, in Washington county,
to Jones' Ferry, in Allegheny county.
The meeting was organised by calling "Joseph
Miller, Esq., to the Chair; and appointing 11. It.
Phillips and T. P. Adams,,Smrstaries.
After the object of the Meeting had been sta.
ted•by the Chair, on motion, Col. Hiram
Edward Riggs, John V. Rowland, vp:p.
and Robert McKee, were appointed a Vornmittee
to draft resolutions expressive- of the sense of
the meeting, and tit Imam a memoriul to the
During the absence of the committee, the meet
ing was. addressed ably and eloquently by the
Res. Dr. Estop and Esq. Ingalls.
• The comlinittee returned and reportid the fol
lowing preamble and resolutions; which, after
amendmen't, were unanimously adopted. Pend
ing thd adoption of the resolutions, the meeting
was ably addreseed bx Rev. Dr. Estcp, Esq. io
galls, Edward Riggs, J. V. Rowland, and Hiram
Wurizzatti It is believed that a Plank Road—
from Pindleyville in Washington county, to
Jones Ferry in Allegheny county—will be bene
ficial to the inhabittuats in the vicinity of the
contemplated road, in affording a ready facility
in tho transportation of produce to' market—
Resolved, Tina this meeting petition the Legis
lature for an Act of Assembly to incorporate a
company to survey, lay out, construct, and make
a Plank Road front Findleyrille in Washington
county, by way of Baptist Meeting House, Thom
as Williams'. Hiram Hintz's, Crocw? Tan Turd,
Pollock's . Mill, and liege burnt mill, by the
nearest and best route to Jones' Ferry, in Alle
gheny county.
t Resolved, That the proceedings of this Meet
ing be. published in the Pittsblirgh Gazette 'and
Post, and that o copy be sent to each member of
the Senate and House of ReprOSClltlltiVCS front
On motion, the meeting adjourna
: -- •
.. !'."" _
Yoe the l7tl_•burgh G*.ette
IL 11. Piramrs, 1
We sea it stated in the teleg raphic intelligence
of the newapapersthat...Mr. Xbrahum Lincoln is
likely to succeed Mr. Butterfield as Commission
er of the General Land Office." The report has
been industriously cikculate4 ln otherl quarters
by the personal enemies of the Commissioner
that a change its his office is an contemplation.
We have the best reason to know, and are anti,
orised to state, that all theSe rumors, telegraph
ic and otherwise, are entirely adtliout founda
THE LIMO)! INDLITEUL EX11101210 , 1. - to c.,
tral Executive Committee: of 1110 London Industrial
Exhibition at Washington, hate addressed a loner to
the President of the United States, stating the pm.
pose Of theiVortraniestion, and detailing their otters
Cons thosTar. From theletuir it appear* that the I
are out:of funds, and that sufficient is now wanted
"to lend and set up.the prodiicts of American• intim
try at the place of exhibition,, red to pay a commis..
"stoner to oversee the same, to order that our citizens
scattered over a wide extent of territory, and none.
qaainted with the ordinary methods of commerclal I
! operation, should not by accident to debarred the I
privilege of being represented through—their works
,of industry, science. or arse', Several other reason. !
I hre also given for the necessity of suchen agent be,
Mg present at London, and they submit for the eon
sideration of the Presidentthe necessity of providing
means to tneet.f.he repulse attending tt.; President
Ftllmore briefly; replies as follows to Peter FCree, 1
Esquire, Chairman of the Executive Committee
WASiIII I IO7O , I, Jett 9, P 351.
Sia=l ;have the honor to acknowledge the receipt
of the litter oldie ExecutiveCommicee of the 31st ,
ultimo,atating whet he. been done by the ComMittee i
of which "yon are Chairman to make the necessary
arrangements and provide the necessary means to en
able the citizens of ILLS country to citutict their aril- I
cles at the World's Fair, in London, and also what I
the Executive Uovernment has proutisedio do in aid
of that object, and .nforming toe ant there will still
be a deficiency of means
The Committee have most generously devoted their
time and money to tams laudable enterprise, without
the hope of renumeratton, and evidently with no
other motive than to advance Mc interest and sus
fain the honor of the country., i
The Executive authority ban one to the full ex
met of ifp power, in aid of Abe Committee, and I re
gret extrmnely tosay Shat It can do no more than it
has promised.
I ca mtos gamma toadvise in this dilemma, bat.
must leave It to the committee o adopt such coarse
to supply the deficiency as It In ty judge best.
Tows, truly, •
the wane given to
Culzo, In tilS\ article in
by Wm. Hopkins, of
forme the ; birds Of the
poultry ystsl against
'.Tug GRAND TORE " 2 —ThiS
that degructive insect, the Cori
the Horticulturist for Janosry,
New fork. He is for letting Is
air grid the inhabitants oftivel
him. He 'says;
"1 bane put the following rrestions, to the oldest
people to the neighborhood, and received, invariably
about the same answers.. lArO your apples es sound
now, ad those you raised thirtY, or forty years ago tn
'Oh nolt,they're gnarly anA wormy amt
eons met nygood as they usedto be' 'Are the birds
es plentiful now as formerly? 'Oh Is. no! they
sued to mire none enough to deafen you, when I
wns young,' 'Do you rave as much poldtrY?"Why
no! gums not,sre get more b her's meat now.' It
will be readily observed by th And reply, that those
persons have not the least ids t the present eltPle of
failure—(t do not Insist that eurenticr then only
troublenoree thing.) I know a scolitafy applistree,
is a tarty norm dent, wham fallen fruit Wows
posetal cemeant shaped soosoumh :
.I have Poser yet cootosof Tuba pm" who cm,
• • • •
- I se the oatetektirtrory tit ttseeurentimr_. The oa
ty =item mgMeest have ano.previcus = idea dn, .
wee au lostunau to outipialaed
tome,W his
Platt Were a lll4qwolhe“outd. it
ra rule M lellttetem..m one whOtwall ilium to met a•
bohttte iiommenetd emplanailoo—lra
suddenly threw v p bdth hands, tad =Claimed *env
it It o babfuttaili yon. roam? by ads,
and by tbat,l ah mays minded the titintf, 8 token or
brml lock, lad *a I did' By the way, lutt is t atitrelaY
wil;and that dra's save tom.
Paving tut dyer the Imes, or white wuosing the fritift
may :mete crop, but teith""Slies are etkpetutie4 tug
oven vheo,spc ravedeee tO-‘thagreatcia Plgilapee is
necessary, ,b.muse they are full aurrctended by the
enemy. Nothing short of total eYernsiaatioa. Matta
be the aim of.the frug straiten—fel him explent
mime of this insect, to ovary whoewes a ere ,10
every,men, women, and child, on his Ipreuraeg let
him be a grower of poultry, m well al a gromret
kat let him give accommodation arid encourage.
meat to the buds of the air, In every framable way,
let bin petition the proper authorites, that stringent
, laws may be enacted for their preservation: that ill
! dishooent persons may be prevented from coMingan
our land to shoot, or ensnare them. The Mud
honest may appear too severe for this plaeo—let it
pea. Thaw who feed the birds, (namely, the oWtt
eas of the soil,) have especial claim to their ,serro
ere, and no straggling sportsman should deprive
them of it.”
Tag I/mobs - muss or vas lasi. Bars Chotholl.—
There hos been no period since the commencement.
of the world, in which so many important diecnVe•
rfins, tending to the benefit of mankind, were 02dt:tan
in thelost half century. Some ot the moth Standee.
I , lltl results of human intellect have been witnessed in
I the lag fifty pairs. Some of the grandectintetheP,
!Innis of genius have been perfected. It in remarks
lbrfc how the mind of the world his ron into anima%
k t
ilthes ' non, sod what achievements it haft erected
In thi .on period. Before-the:pout 1 900, th ere wet
note a le steamboat. m existenee,and the op_plies-
Ow, oil. IT to (machinery cm unknown. rano
launched the firseramboal in 1997. -!Now there
erethree thousan d=whoa, traversing the `maths
of America, attikthiitime allied in navel In Otlonl to
seventh plr ceat,
_The rives of Seery entry in I
the' world, coarty,exeiraverwd byistealirt In'
1600, there wits not a eagle - riiircsd 'ld' *Odd
In the United States alone there are,newifi. miles '
of railroad, cosong 5259,000,000, fsebtaltil, sad *boot
22,000 &dies of red - root in England :: . and AinerieX,--
Tne Incomtive , will now travel in notnany banter A
dub:ince, .which, in 1930, requiredheinativ days to
acoomplieh. InilBoo, it ttibloWeelnlinconvey Intel,.
ligenoe between Philadelphia and New Oilellelh hal" '
it can be accomplished in minutes throush the
trio telegiopb whiah only had Do tistrinnincial ,
Voltatsm was discovered in Match, teal, a I
I clear° magnet in -1 ' Elecireqping was rise • :
ered only. few yeah ago. ki./.. printing
capable of printing 10,000 -copies an boor is a v.4 , ,A,
recent daroverv, but of a MOM important dinsacteraj
[ (Inc light was unknown in 1800, now every eityand
tom, of any pretences are lighted with it, and we
hove the , arknoemeement of a still greater discovery '
by which light, heat and motive power may be all
produced, from water with scarcely any cost- LaN• ,
gums commontcated to the world his beautiful inser
tion in 1830. Gun cotton and choloform are discover,.
but at a few years old. Astronomy has added a
number of new plane% to the solar system. Agricul. I
ral chemistry has enlarged the domain of knowledge
in that important branch of saleable reaeorch, and
mechanics have increased the facilities for candoc- .
Tien, and the means of accomplishing an amount of
labor which far transcends the ability of united
taanunl eflorts tO atcomplisbi The triumphs nettles ,
ed hi thin last bninch of ditteothrY nod in vention
ore enough to mirk the Inst halt - century as that
which boo moat contributed to augment personal
comforts, enlarge the enjoyment% and add to the
blessings of man , What will the next half century'.
aecromphsh? We may Icktklar still (realer disco**.
rice, for the intellect of man to ' , mike, exploring
every mum of knowledge, and searching for-metal.
informatoln In every department of art end industry.
—Phi/. Ledvr.
tirscas oc Tax Berme Srstocuttl fittclair—
The European sweeter Negate, which arrived a 1
Boston on Seedily morning last, has been seised by
the Collector of Mat port under the follwing memos.
ounces. It enterers that on Monday night, Mr.
Charles IL Stungia,lettooria houire watcluatuth)•Who,,
was on duty on Canard wharf, had Ma attention
drawn inn beat leaving the wharf. He balled the !
boat, cod upon, bearding her, found a quantity of
sake, satins, end lace goods in bags, lying on the
bottom Two safer officers of the mamas, Theinum t
Wentworth and Hooter cook, who were sleeping
in an orrice en the whorl, were called, nod took pos. !
session of the goods i n thoboas, as well as other. of a
limiter kind which were upon the wharf In all, nine '
bale, of gouda were recovered, and on Thhesday
they were removed to the United Sutra Wora henna
In the ineanwhtle. a pore of custom oaken visited I
the eteenter, and made • thorough anorch, bet &alma. •
ered nothing further connected with the matter. The
value of the goods ieeovered is protteblf out far
I from $5,00L1 The boannan states that be Witplontat
of the name the man who employed him to take
the good nd binned to Governor's lotted Tim
I facto bel eommunicsed Witte Collec:de, in order
i'esi the pods to be reteitte4, had etotioned oaken
n board the steamer 'to keep , poweestion enill
te e ~,tter" hid been represented to the Hemet*.
rye of the Treaettry. None of the otrwere of the
steamer are Implicated in the tmataefion. Upon
this feet being establlatied the proper marten,
' the release of the vessel will probably be entered.—
: Becton Lady -4drer. fixer.
84,7).! , sos rtre.Orsomotoses.-7Tie New Orleans
Piespitot thos steel Corrects at ogee the love and
teatolott of the ..B.4kens Prcar."
prime addnewee. the defeated &tacks; "spy
Georata witb words-of eueowegeroent to •perse•
were, borrowlag *bat It calls .the iospiring words cd
-- "What though the &V be lac?
All is not toot. aseenquersible will
And .pint never to eubmit,ot
Theta ere null lett
"They ore Mtituo's lion although not eery cor
rectly rooted. , The whole line world probable be a
mom fir expression of Ike feeliap that dictated it,
puructdaly as it In put by.bdrltott into the month of
-Satan rallying th 4 fallea angels, after they bad been
repulsed to thou attempt to rwroluttordse Heaven ..
The tospirmg Words of Smarr were ti
•.I.Vhst though the Geld be lost I
All is nut loot /las unconquerable will
riody of rerenge—irtmorfal hate
And courage never to .obmil or ymldl'
' , Argue:wow deduced from rio mations ate not of•
ten good logic, „kit the biaguage of 'the itaaritata
nig& haw an uptneta which was ant intended to en.
pre. the deterraioatioa 'to wage, by force Of suite,
eternal war.' "
b•cs or Taman lloseratirty.—Wherever I et.
peered most attention, I mot with
wherever a Turk had been the ,bject of unu ual hos,
pitedity and kindness on the banks of the banes,
! he was pretty sure nut to make the kmat ee l rn to art
I F.ogl.ahman °tithe banks of the Btr3phorus. I was
forewarned by-old English re‘ldems. that Mt* would
Ibe ,he ease, and so I eertalnly viral one
eaten , ion If Mew Turks had risen rapid yin the
i world , they did norhke to be reminded of •ir foc
I our-humble settione;* sad if their Imatrthad not been
' favorab'e, they cbd not like to exiiMtt them present
I hoot nom°, There who treated me with ) the most
; megrims.. and ease are most of the information
I wanted were Turks-! bad never wen before, to
whom I brought no letters, and towboat I idtroduced
myself as an Entlistt traveler. But the eternise of
timpliality beyond the giving, of a cup e,f negro
with the pipes „seemed to be utterly unknown to!,
all of them etcept . two or three—Turkey and its
r ,„, I:
A gentleman who favors U. ith soma ;comma
echoes reapectots; the t sty. eattlemeois of tit
; place—formerly uhl Der rygeldralatet the followingi
anrcdfcc :
When my grand , other resided at Ontritown andi
Dertyfield,.tten settled by
Irish, he hired a wild)
sort of atvl nehmen to work on his one. One day. 1,
two otte,his arrival, he told him to take I bridle and s
go ton to the dell, and mite!, the black cell. "Lico
COto home wohout him," said the old gent/emir '
Patrtek started sod was gone some time, bat at fool
returned meat the bridle, with iytu face and hands
badly scratched, as though' he had received rough
t•why, Patrick, what its the matter — what 111 the
name wonder ails you 7" '
"An' faith, isn't it toe, yet honor, tbainever'll catch
the ould black court agater bad lock to film! Aol
didn't he nit but scratib me eyes out o' me heed? —1
An' faith as true as me shuttle's' me owe, rhad
climb op a three after the cook!"
"' a niter ben! Nuntetute! Where is the.
• girl
41 to the three, be t*,
.n' tU
We all followed Patrick to the spot to get a suluf
Oen of the difficulty, end on reaching the field yr
sound, hi' our no tomtit amusement, that be ha
beenarsine, a young black bear, whlelt be hal
succeeded In catching after a great deal of maga
usage on both stdes and actually tied jt with tb
bridle to an o'd tree altruist wan keptl for • long
while, and wearver atter know:the 'Tauten; Coll
—Month ate, 9rnrriran. •
ariclful hope. and un cowardly ft*,
1, lord of my br.e4
EnyllShmr rather, hl.rretrgort and cl,r
Teem Duty b 7 Provideore
The good, n.yal motto. from Normandy
Cpbehls him by day awl by bight::
Adyerety's moon and proverlty . i sun
A...hitting In wdol ant my Right: . •
My Invil rbe =eat avant. them.' ruler mil friend: 1
Why made mu, and guahr, SA Ile - will—
My itraht whiff bit annual:unit heir, In &km'. i
Area tad, mu Alai up thr It elllk
The lamer that h. trusted Him well dove he lot•.
And nil, It with heavenly II:ht.
llutunvnt ul,m etyrth glib all imam from amt•,
And rtuttlag mai night •
Hy Right, the right trey—oat tar Rlght.the Mgt., um
And my Right. Um true rights of the cam,
throng. honest, der ming—tho triple-tied therm
That lievpo a num well In his Ogeein.
With them roll slang no. and God over timed
we fear mt. whaturer we th:he
Then rater war moral who failed, or who n.'d
ThOr motto wos "Gal mot my Right",
Citizen's Insniance Company Of Pittsburgh
Calm ;I?.4l.lWeter Caret, In the natabou,of C. I.
NT." •
C. O. OMMT, Prryldmit. 4R. Maga. Pee . •
Me Cmonany to non prvpared to Insure all mere
ill store, otel In 5,,,,,,,5",,.."'1'11' - 5m1"1 1
an ample Romani,. for the tt Allay and In—.l a tb .
10.04h:tam, li inforMAl lir Ma ammeter of the Innaanta.
mba mar all.titlmus of altlaborgh, sell and fatal', ,
ktonra to the roottouniti for M elt. ottekotot,ltat l4olo
"7 %Ttrtt2l94l,llll3.llllirktielVelbaliot
4 1 1 . 1 1 1 - alltytth, .../15ohetth, 15, ht. ttt.. 01
_.. . .
.. .
1 .
; Dearslib SOMA& Itatithmee far Sale. 1
~ Tou ma... A.. dr.i r.rr iia. ea. Mi..- 44 p...i.
it.....b.imitiegiee, &mad on Pak ma•L beim 'lre
moat, In Alifolany, and Mont Z ranitos* wan from the
Market of tilt. My. The It I. ISt= front on Park st- I
maatil ark 52 let to m alley taining uarly are. :
we of grow:glom:1 is botualed on weak eta by 00X 1 alwa •
lob; *darned with trees and ahrubaa. The bona I.
nrathy nor. largo, and wtheedlogly well smthited. baring
• front of 60 fed. and a ariall of 12. and cantatas fourteen
ranee, Lade. balls Dioe i.e. wide. II le bunt la the beat
and oalt durable mower. and has • ilmorard raot and
scatalns ill the palms canvenienra, Tin Jana, with
an unfailing supply of had and mdt Mar. are at the dm.
On the premises are the neemat7 opt Witham stable.
carriage ham, ko The womb are taid out manly es •
I•.a. caved with choke frith lam earlamm. toothy
drabs, camas, onewearrira. samara.. Its, and a small
garden. The trunks of the best kind. end the Ma are in
,nd Odd enough for the Warta of an ordinary
Willy. The attention a this aoptsry,..a. to alntnity and
1 suburb.n canthete. combined with contimity in the city,
1 Is got summed by any realdence In Ills TiClaitr. It has
1 • am of the Ohio lam for orer a Mlle; of Temperance.
ails. Pouth Pittsburgh. the city, the! thro Men, amt the
bills mood, farming alt.:caber a panorama ,protheet of
which the eye war smirks. Easy boat width ram or
deaths from the port of Pitrobtmb at the Ohio. parts In
11111 view. The mldetice and groandi are also empletely
Monad feat any anmyana. of dirt, to destrUctive of
Mem and metalon. eel affords I . vrtirronent as quirt
and peaceful calf located in some quie natl. the manta.
The property will Is sold at •hargein.and 1,040.4i011 given
py. the Ent af.kpril. Enquire at the 'gazette °lee.
jalOsltf , D. N. WHITE.' _
QrINDIANA.--Bthr. oP Mt llsLangs tothattos! I
Among the Madre& of lettere. certigala, and orders, ne
Mad by the Proprietors of this medicine. the &diming b
related to show Its Muscat that the drat of /th new I. •
distant Part of The Zest The lima Colton are Dry
glands Merchants. but arc also agents he the SA* of the
"WPCIIMTIND, Sept. 5J.1847.
"Theolut. Amp t Co.—Re homed to .- get a lot of 31c
: Lutes ieratlfuer lest nerd: , tercOored hy raurrltca e. `
Amon et , Ma Verscdfuge was Introduced In our community;
'the 4nicut became co great ft It that our stock vac own
telt fed . It bee preduced the beef:effect wherever It hes
becieued In this ocrelou. end Is very popular among our'
peoplet We'sro desirous of of dateleg the mender her.
eiter &ed. from yo l ukselres,. It rpl. more retedir thou
salad. iiAloins ea keep. Please occtd cue woe; twee
&deb. ,t p. Cane..
Am 00 Wood et
European . : ••• •
The rulnaiber intendr 'lilting be • urinal dtl of
Great MUM. Tram, and Germanri Gat • the onmrna of
April. Star. and June nest, leminnl NOM • It on Garen
17th, and will Inepletamt to attend to any a ncles at a. W
-40.8 elmeadniNenkh mar to oauflAoki to • P rare.
MoMlnarlT JO N D. DAVIS.
Km-1511, I cheerfully .0 , 44 .111 your requen
1 mould eire roo as arrow:it of Lb< almost mirseulu.
of little daughter's eye by the use of
She was ...eked with a very Sore eye in Fehrstme or
Marsh last. when' Immedlvtely apOlied to Use hen meth.
ad all bite city: by whom It was grenouticed a "very had
eye." and I in. the no Lippe Of dOlog Ler any good. AS
ter which I took ber lob thr.countfy ban old ion who
had been very rutorooful in cndnoleyra Phe told sae that
her MOO Out 110 . P111 . 3:. she woOld certainly tear wet only
that one. diod alm that thectber would follow—lt being a
scrotal°ub idfeetimi of theNonl. and Ido oertLfY, that at
ths time myrnthero.ll. VMhoot tame to the cosscholin
that we had beta try sous . PWlieleum, Ins ...NMI/
Naol of oil , oft , . it I. obw about two months .It,. she.
liSgas its use. and 'di. ems onw see with Loth etea its goal
4..000 shy did: and:sis far .a l l ma tell, I belle. she bas.
with the blessing or the Alivightyj beet cored by Petrels-
raittiOg COMM.
Pittsburgh. tiegt.,,30,1&50.
sirror dale by Wyyter t 31,11.011, 1 W Word mt, R. E.
I , ellon, b 7 Wood D. lt. Cum. D. k.V.lliolt.Janyyh Don
dash and 11. Y . &Imam- Alb•ghOky: Ow by tbr perprie.
Canal Huh, Sirenth K. rittsbutith.
Foreign awl
No. 129 Wood Street,
A POII gomlomoolnestockof FtARR/alr AND AMERICI
linloAlr for the spying terdn swilwrdell they no. prrp.ry4
in offry to purrhwwt* AL mar that will roman. '
' favorably with apt Of tho etytern title.
Fire awl Marine Iranrance Company. '
Annual prmitns, (NOW it and rorrlOs Tom •
81,000, 00,
TERNS. -r-*--
• . ' AY GIXOIditLE T.. ARNOLD, Agmt,
.1 .Iftwl , Vu. '.l rflarta m
am... ranaarca.
, 4 ItE YOU A FATHER. laboring for. the
Itl - a r7grtp,,g,tre'itrira'a,..."l.7- I'l'2l4'
um, Tir, A. D. tio.o.rao,rl 4 a.ntiaraa.:'" " ' '''''
Amy., a MfAhce, ruffed= Ram dl D . to which to
!We. yire=i t r i
~.:= and Ix. A D. pewee 00.10,,
' ColF . :11. our or on rxw of 741: artrnt., sat gat
ImaCblet. MR , "hr. rra .111 And the. snarl , rail'
, ...pant. am ptvparwf by 10. A. D. Ithae. aa.
I meaty% of
ow eartaa mare 4A.M...1..rbkh tip
human family ow Undo oak.. th. any other
IllwrOlow of rump/jilt& over yet bortopllt brft. Ito
zzuria , h.,,oxtauta.., n, tkat agrackiala ny As
at{ owl woll stroArd L and fa the ialy Sormpatilla
that XL: * tli=r; Maxey sad fere, at the maw
time. abkil readers It almed.4l mare nimble to .eery
orAlartirelarn to araa
d lma az. pl M a r x 110Wra ELtAlati
Al sew bottLe-6 bat Mr 1
Yoe ma try
PR. A. .7 ACO Proprietor,
- 1 AWL LinetimalL OW.
.to alma alt.adam mad addreard.
" bij: t '''
j***' r k" 4 J '''
lima, R A W. raw 1L T J. cake IV. mi.
C ' tw i rru. I u A. i l t*..,, "ta I. l ` - ftti
a tn.. , kaarusr. AI. hatenni. and Y, t r t i tm, ra.
charm* mama a Roar. Ordla. T
COP ti t,...R . :ZERSIIIP-W ‘ o, In t ro , e r Wed
l e gjl lw 'Ttgill.4 ll . l =
43 WILEIII 00.
Comm of Third and Market Pittab'gh.
Dom *tie and /Weir Enlange, Bank 26tes
C/Okl ,11.• Saner, Bought, Sold ¢ Exclanged
W M. A. HILL & CO,
Sit. 64 Wood Street, Pittsburgh.
LZ.1)111,437 =OVID 03 it. WWII& 3a/111A
• • DEED, • •
thituealay averdott. J. iirlau. .3 , 420 VW.
Puy% hearty most year. • faithful appfenika to M W.
Not,k4.lltha Q(atetll.r i•MICHIT •.• 1
moral übeesoad by W. glopka•r 1.4 •
budy'rlyels of hind. Ilia funeral will taw blare= Thi,b•-
day. 0.2 o'clock P. M. from tha tanner •CVMalth nth./ next
( 1 . TOCKS WANTED—Bank of Pittsburgh;
17 Mimhant4' wad 1 1 / 4 1.11fact . lava Molt of Pittamnft“
Crebaa~a lank Ll'lll?N t rAl L ß . . n tir . er k bt o, ta the blights/.
rah - wooad door wane Fourth..
lanadtilla Party and Dancing' SelLooL
BON ICAFFON'S Second Putty vrill take
•Istsee b•Vnil2,, January at . Wlllans
the ucand quarter la daudng will rolArreehre au Thursday,
the :at Whl. I:rutin:mem tklreta Walled to tea, to he bad
ut A. H. blzarelt No Whole sold at the deur. Parents are
reepretfally InvitedNoettildreu admitted eseert whaler*.
Fur P. , LdaLA , aPPIY tp A. IL, Market and Seemed owe,
Trallett, and Milton Cuotaln aluatint or 'viola
sta tea bud gualnlea, to br. foutal at Day Gault House of
jai@ N. E. cor. Fourth • Market to , .
Inaptly At Burchfield Walt* the Lama= or
Vatt g et i Vle f s o u r f = w ad= U 4l . lll= th"" . "
RSI RICIIARD§ respectfully offers her'
ILL orrrkea a. 7icar, to nub a... 7 .4.4 T 1b...
' VC! :Arbe r Vtar
I lttL
=4=lnd hn ' or ad! PM 7 40, 1 ,
V L---Clush paid for Wool b
Ala muliellY t LEY. LW Warty et
FLANNELS—One case just r0rt47.1
rt47.1 frau martufarturent and 6±7.01T„by.. Lim
jl t ts
till ED FLANNEL- - One 'case on band and
Pl-110 loon! . by .14 bIORPIII - 4 LEE_
riILAi4KETS--Single and double bed, stcatu
boat. nib. and cottlydNanlut. by
1016 AllftYlef LET_
t—Three cases asAorie4 Tweeds
ked7 .-1-4 °4—'-t—Ntwil,v 7 . ".
umAc_ir.. tons Stdditoio7 Mkt by
into - • )14111 . 1r7 lb LER.
MOLASSES--Fittv - flee brie new crop, per
trant.r idttion. anefor •
JAOXO DALO7.I.L. fd• Wet, et
to be sure, ye),,
jtiOß RENT—A two story
I: Ii rAVDIMIT-1844..t.
No 6 twist, received
Public Bale Of Real Estate. " •
WILL be exposed to public sale by the I
• anbeoribereztbn 134hday Pettrum
_next, at 10
I . v& k ir
.tdttnalfair.h=kal onlittyVrik=
toundo.l tho tooth by Wade of 11.007 Morrow the
bolllfLe wet h 7 Soma ILI~7. tomato
! Thr:b o Til r,t.: tf•er,oo,dl.l"ol.l','"l, o.'
;Dewar th4l-ank=rn nod. and le dont ten noik ' S 4*. frTs
the tit of .Pataburt.b. 40 atm of the arous
.b al are
:=llroMeld. " == tl
toll frau lb. Cetral Hall lima. Dud taw of iyaunnal in
tool corned by Mt.. Jam Mellaw.; Lovell. Herta. n,
and Msyy Jaw McNutt, a minor. an d Wald by theeo; ' so
fru•nts tn rianvonn. each ...liar uivided third tort
!I ant Cereloi k w ilP:l " tur,o7l -1 ,!.,,, x f:f .
. 10 0tulory, eel) their reopalsolutemeDaittobrtt 141.
tits, blWeisgr,2.7tArrirat—t
000tity, to till Ito. 1010 00 4 of the' Osld [MAW, to to. :el
oasts atom deteribed. The mid toot will acouvilnaly be
sold to She bighen soot loot Dater... the B ela
dm. of
roofs. ! mat, at. to echoic, A. DI. Terms of oat , will b.
'OR ARti
Lou , r c _ i tw vobasdid Ana.. ZACUARYkard
ClAilt, Iliad. matter. will Dave for goys
and intortovollata poets tb.bday, at. la o'clock, A. M.
For Nista or yuoua.a autdrost loeuL Jae
IhN 11.,COLLIER, Atturnerut_Laa, office
• lo Lowrie. itoiklinau, fourth rt. shore
daring fortoot a tonne with goorptiataqc, of'
Wathinglan Qtr. Monterly of the Laud Won 1 hanL la pa*.
Dacca to rif• prom &Amnon to tha procuring
'Warrant , . Pateitona,ac...und tha ancircution a•lma
Woos Ocintrete, or any of lb. ttapartatenta.
TAMES 3, KUHN, Attoniey at Law, office,
In ifisluaso OAP. coma annuli street and Dlatanal
Iltubunth, 5463.117
WAlLE—'!Epooss, Forks, Ladles,
maw sohskrisosors:s SOU. Cup, ka.tellto .
y e w ades sad an PILL Itir sid• Um, lowa raw&
/Crusted. IA OS KIM Cola W.W. WILSO
)&16 ultet a nanii
IN THE 'ORPMS' CO1111:tof Allegheny
coactrotthrombet teas A. Ann/.
fn tee smatter of we !Aga Ina atatnallfraL.
Panora, of 'S"WP.
4 ;, 11.54"‘Y Th." ' SS:
Ir, Farab Pattortta,
vidow. It ia r=
7 . •=. ll *lllllag7c:
mu C. VaMermo.
i t i ft.phnery rotten.. A6l/11.1• Pagertimar. ,.
am! .8.0
mi tbetr CPSVII.II.I3 h 2.4
n tt heir. .1 lam of William E. Am.
Botha lo heetby Riven to the above named porde, that
by virtue of the ultra. atentienel writ of yerUnm, dam
lured will be tube. nod held area the rotative. therein
dam:libel, be wit: nee cereal. —move . . and tact of land
situate in toernehla to wed tonatT, adioadne
land, of John Iliteltuatu Jobe Rankin. John Ile6elty.
Niters. licaderenn. -Michael Italian. Jima. McKnight
and the heir.. of Peter hatred, avian ..but lid
0000. oth appurauaretvi eh.. .t he erd.d_ l .
avuenna . and true of land eau* in add tneaddt.
)01.abeth, bounded by Weis of Jane. 30e11ttielit. Thomas
Named. and the heat 0f Peter.fattered, vaadniat
stout 53 vete with the artrutenadoes, on the 12/1 day of
Marra, A. D. 10,31, at 10 o dock. of tbe foremen. I.a . ttue
pa' ;pope —. of Making tudtidOrralastinni tendednent
of mkt red estate. se In the maid Wit . at which
time and pinee saki parties caa attend. if they think paper.
Sheriff's O. Pitteburnia Janakt7 LasL—ral.k.6%.B
ait roodwot by anotber lot of thaw =done
aßums, o only info 004 pofert razor ',onto
footoron , • • • fon • W. W. WILSON.
'Rain sawiriatal with him Itia' Eimer partner. J. R.
it r e irit,g i ttz s todr D b i 7 utirtic Woolen buskins, main .
ammLation Mare:ante Gm 'the sale of American
co eu fitotta, - No. 1:19 Marty et. rinalintrgh.
January Ist. 1851.--1.1.5
W S HITE BEANS—Ten barrel., prime, for
ale at 151 50yier bcpbel. by
G LUE—Twenty barrels juxt received, GLUE—Twenty Su gala low by the barrel, st 8. N. WICKERSHAM'S
Jas pct. of 'Wool t Sixth OA
/ • Cor. of Wool & Sixth
along without theta"
Mtonnelleville, 9.1951.
Mn R. E. Sintnes—Yours see the only layer Pilje I . het.
sell here. Iwould me art &lona without theta, 4
of one that nukes um of them eiwitke In the higkezl n te ry k
eotoendetloo. -Yours net eeirtilira
aiii-Prerertal end add yR. E. hELLERS, et..
ICE—Twenty tierces new crop, received
4 5 t h isd il y. r d far Fik e
N.i KAM/UT/LICK, 144 I.ll.rty
RAISINS—One hundred and fifty boxes and
300 helf boxes received and for wile Icc , be
1a1:1 . • 11/3.011"N k E.IIIIOgrILICK
(.1(36 AR—Twenty hhds ROW.Suptr on hand
k.,7 eon' for rale by jal4 BROWN KIRKPATRICK
T OBACCO --Twenty hx.ti W. IL Grant's;
tt. Grant A Willorne;
It bno W.A. Ronald*
21 , Darrznin half pound:
2b. Orlorrnes doon band and
_me new
LARD—One hundred kegs pri n
Ja n rs l'"l r nRO«N t KIRKPATRICK
SUNDRIES—Ten bx.e S. Tolunins Cocoa;
tcl ' o ' Cbocolide: .
Ind do *woo Paste, oo hand
and for P.R . hr isls DROWN t KIRKPATRICK
OAS C6l6lPriniti,7anuary 1 1661.
no Trustees of the Pittsburgh Ow Cuttlisurf hgre
day &rimed a Dividend of Five per Dent out of the profits
of the hut lit months, On the Capital Monk paid in, pt*.s
hie to notl4.llolavrs, or their legal repreteutativrt forth
with. at the offre of We Wuka.
.1c014,02.t JAMES 51. Treernror.
-SCRIM:RS. trading under the grin sir WOOD .t itPe
I , and WOOD. ALLOW k terminate. , by Wulf.
tlo thin day. w
Th. basil* will be nettled be either of the enterribere,
who are autboriget ta nee the unser of the tern or Onus in
liquidetiott the that furpuee,gt. Uwe old stand Ws 127 Mar
: get Street, Phdodelphia. RICIUOSD D. WOOD,.
J 0216.11 BACON.
Philadelphia, °Ninth., Wit 1664.
Teiiiim Hardware.
having bairn absolved Ina , above stated, the boalia.
L. roatlausi by the imtiaanhers nr4e, the title of
WOOD, DAWN. & IXL, at the oltil Inaba, Nix RE PatAket
ttrevt. Philadelphia
H itacoN
Flbliadelphla. January, lats
pISS'OLUTION—The partnership of Rey_
onlAr A Shoo no dnolod y mutual cocoon on thy
ost. bsol,tlio [Anon. of the Inn mlll to Petaled bv Han
of tho non. the fume of tlanlna to bo food Satinnu
-1.... I. O. REVNOLDo.
J. 1..51LE6•
In retiring (rem i boebe‘ge ' of Iteyneld. 't Shen. I
nutdd„re«enaterel )Ir. J. L ebs< to my fliende and tbe
termer radon:lent of the Louie. I.
SIIEE, Wholeoufr Grocer, CounniAiion
Nlorelvnt. and bele, In ranee end Hen, comer of
Pen: and Stein etreet, Plttehurnb.
Eastern oriel street, Pittsburgh: taeluours on all the Eastern
soot Western entre for sale. tJollertleas nude In all the
itett%t i V lab:dUlsll'oste'titlr'i"'n.4o4saltarl"'"'"
ILYORNIA.—The tww and iolbetantial ~k••••=t
Ps...tap entritutatl. will leave Orwittnent. 0. Vdtt
Ohio, ihr that Vrantiont, on SUNDAY. the .
nt day of FetonouT tne.t. The Cincinnatiow It
expznisly lat • ins Ws:on; la ottotl no with' date nom
bletbu and has the beet of aeotesnatelaiksty tinnanbotth
ssat intim fonnithmt nith halt stotal , a4t s tretill.itste
the nip Lot about 10:10tarit. Pentane; enthreatoto
10:=11••• wi ll 11114 that. the
ro;•trt pennon lo Son Craw t oppmtndtT that Wt ls will ge WA bona .nd E~rnl
Inettninl. The PRAM. 1.11111 b. "Mid . moorhen
Ito neut. .Cminh tottemner will be taloned 10010. . but
ton., Then umber of sachet. hr. twee lintllnh . and •
gnat port*. atemodyntsposnl on Inneeire mute irlshlan
tr=ttet Prwttri tietete ortnot.l Inrttrr Infttenonom
no• P•htt P". 4". or fft464 O n itlZlM. Xtlltt r" , "r "
dientarT of-Cincittasti :Mining Co. •
fist. tlntnnastt. Ohio.
.INVERTIONT.—The subscribe eine
•rhutor . rty .
puss, 7.1101 ousel, easkinetkelug ores dataa
at the new!
" tlaVk 7 " ia P re 'Von= IStt, '' & l4 l Ire:24r%
rib Magma '...3r4.svoatlarard,lben In e
eetice toundlaig clett. Meet; *el
East from the eltiVAllset, then Mouth 1.0.1 feet to Pleven
stert.theu Zest. to tenet* of beginning 132 bet - . This
r e re: 211. re h =l, b 2 Issas 1
' eV 000.0 c fl ‘d i '°l b elex kV
tees% of the het underbds and wariemeshltend
mantel* Inien peeling, ellth • /me Olden The fac
0 8711 . 14 gar TA . tkikolo e 4 '11714.=. Lw ' fo . :11 . • Litt
gee Kettle* CIALdt7 •••• 0000. 0 to. bq
IVA a flectoilAr under 0.. whole bundle. .04 Dem
throughout tek short. It barmen convene:tee go. akellan ,
en • nkry entrees business. To
kindling .I=4.
ne e Foreknew Howe, Ihr the trauseetiou of ten.
nese en Belem eel !inkwells:km Wired, Ude epee
lir=it'f,!rfa°r%reistniar2 g a . :ger:s:ll u =
aeremenkle thee foremen ellen with a teen teek.
on Timken steel, if neoeserr. Any further Inforketien
cou be obtenel or.u. seeerile 00 the premises.
lend Ten IA • _ '
"4"" ; 1; .11.11 sulline. Soma tin- -
iihnt,Ltrea than aU btrby tittft, Tt. milts pef•ponnal,
tn . tale In 3ILIRRIS It HAI& (Iraqi, in the Wm
i n , aj i and
ttrt tatty elms in IlltAburgla.
t.S ELLERS' LIVER PILLS surereide all
A other.. Chatleaton. U. bent 10. ISAA-31r. it. )t.
V reru—Yous Mk ban become so PoPoi.. lu ell thls re
-4m of rountrr a na wrj . much to suparord• all other. la a
Li arr Auti-Elltioup MIL Yours. itr,
int or
tract of • leiter.] JAMKS A. LEWIS.
Purchasers troollert that IL E. Sentra' Liver Pills WV the
1Ve1i . 17 9 .X.172:r grorigZiOlatVall; to
tbe two oTtles and •Iclult;.- , jaw
it-. RARE CriAtiCß--areopectable young
Nan, slotting to Imre!. with • clotted 16 tAr AN
tNNNIoIIeP . • to eslg•pe In • profitable sea rcspectable
bp A ipepp, stitch wlll doable his money in leo , than Js
CliZ hear of ALLA ehanoe, by droppltkie • f ilnes
through the Kett °Mee, Atalltig when. IntAnier can be
ledl N11:1w.) C f. 4 N L fS t%)3131131CE.
BROOMS—One hundred dozen for Bale by
.1.14 3. P. YON BONNIIIMST • M.
510E11.19 t ILLIVORTIPS Tea Stara east stle of the
Cm/ flamed Tres at 50 rents ter mutat.
The finer qualltlem et TS &I du
Extra eurerEoe et it 5/0 do
Old Errantry people that we BLACK TEA. will find aura
pod thew talata smartly. Throe Mode of Tr. we receive
dinat Jona /}t¢latul. nod they cahoot be bought at any
Other store In fittahuratt. fal4
1 : 4 - h° l - 4 ")fgari: IIAWORTIL
F ret ! UP: r all?lki ' u l a S l . p l 4 . ..", ; a l l )- Aton ßß LiTn
for L, xIAWOETI4.
i IIEEN APPLES—Twenty brim. Pippins,
N.)/ oh. by R. F.. VON 110, - tp:tur . r J 1311.
A. 14
IDUj—Tllree hundred barrels lust reed
aeade by BURBRIDO V. i. t ,.. 1g1M1. 4.
not 0:
bores White
n "''' s " 8p " , ". 17.eadmixix a mil/MAU.
jali ' N 0.116 Vatmx.
D.EAUTY.--It is uuiversally conceded that
beauty is num mamma head& country thao la any
r. while a the Woe boor It la mid that Lo m other
country Il it Ina at Poyang mW. lfillt• ad. l• Wl. t• • '
,retain iattat, but the Las is often awed by meal,. Arc
m: to all. do not morlatt Your gethataMill•mntawitott
T'a the fothowing, oat: you and not Lek gong too
hem milciss are scientific preputhas* mglato al at. irl ' . " llte r i P = T M. Clothe. Powder, fir 'ware*
to the most bithom complexion • rodisart Mika:hem la
mating /Mold a p.m he more manful thou the um of •
warder for OM skim oa tomytif them sold Ono very I.lo* .
/um Ity•Chinese fowdee ts compounded. In o ociroUlle mom
uur, soil coutoba no lomodient wEileft ma pagiblyinfliet
m thry. . r/
J lo ules Wooers litallthary Powder, kir Mmuctor Fo,ral_o•
n o r both
or lio . 'h b o od t
y. mom umiak 14f n timit ar.we11r...g...1
~,... without the um of on Tbk %
14.1MOrlagieoL ~/eN,
Job. man's Fthetake Livia lisir,Psx will ithooto.,
MIMI. t 4 .4. , 1 .401. 4 0rx.v..1.4 , . I._ besk b te4/1
• block, Mown, is out aim
.. it Wilt color Ma
It ' „r " tot the sg,',,e ' lle.= lie , thii. . 0 7 qt.' 4•3... -
'Jules taa.r. wawa; Crooltit lo molly a *aorta to
r iltat b lZ=BlTa =I( waet th" =" . o:
th/ cootrory, it leaves the ala taxA. oqg soft a. toll.
roues. and no t Mails to become e
Ades Hamra ituth Tooth "__-l est to the hair, we
think thitakeeth were totemic/ al the - mostert anameat tit
the Immo .bats hoesMted, nothing is so thilmic
clog. or on varkly mok . Tooth Pea. will Import
tothe Math a yiroltailtrocas, at the matetiota keepiag
this gums keks ond alloy. '
• JP ' 11APEL.Perfumer and cherakas
1:11Clomout et, Phila. .
For sale wbolmols mid retail, bY E. A. Fatthrolock ay.;
Ind it. E.. :eaters littularth, and J. Illtelath. Allegheny. ,
itr. Po. ;' JaI:LIH
nt ALLOW,. 25 bbLa far sale by .
11th his J. 9
ita l unt;_%•Lit•T a il' ..h utr r t,' rh---..P E IRL ISII-5 casks prime reed, by
I SAL, Mai a 04. 11 m ruarthee ma . a I
' luta and their contents, to th. city mad vicinity: also ,?,..kad /• . SY. a If:WILSON, Pa Wood th.
linty of every king shipped Der steam tad eami •,.., .
.17iai ' Zola smelt by inland Mospurtatoo or cm th e ma NUT 1 C ..:--PLit paFt.P,arthillii, ileretofOre
MILMILA. les stim hrtoacts tlkitatals day dlmegyed
Arthur It. Ogg. Prel. Path.) Ithata tua' Y u I imioot, /TM .4.ntleta. Intriews,of_t=
Airsander Ileum/ Charles Taylor. . . •, r, gt t,,,..g.,: g g e g te,* fampithelagoos, who lo so
. I '
Samuel W. Jove, Parma F. Omith, , ~,, r ,..,..4,,, pgy ~,,,,,g x us' the thotomtreeriValtuthasota
ti 4 ...!' t i F ia, i . t. . )I.' di• • • 1 . - e tl ) ‘X ~,,,,,,, MY/ '
- -
"I bad not mud It iwice berate I felt ita betel:kid eifeeta .
ivit R. R. E. SELLERS—Sir. Suffering from a
1, coWaal cough, rho 'which I triol many'
without obtaining nvileB I wu prevented with b bottle of
"R. F. Pelleng l'opgh IN:store:l I think It a dutrohkh I
own to both you and thn nubile In general. to pragtively
gown, that I had not soot It twice horn. I felt Its hewn:
dal are.. and hin d er the Divine illiwnlag)ha4 no ...anion
to gulch thebottln I te4l. ut.w. set having eit...rd
led pme, proportin on Mends or 1.111.[ gortl , C . olor.
who halt • trying attack on her ancompanled Ith
dietresaing cough. eerily the only trunitniulaigua
cough. and colds abet the M 1..) h.derecnikdantonXid.
on In . qt. dellere Cough Mixture: .
YIIIRIERALD. 71i Wylin sc
Pittahurgh, Jon. 11.1851.
and v
oid drugg
and •tva
lata ge ld
nerally. SFAIARB . No. 57 1 . Food
by 11 •
. .. . ..... ,
Jahn A. Ilrovn.J .. . . M
amb M. Thannia, '
Jahn White. John K. Nag,
Tliaiina. P. Dom Richard D. Wood:
Hallam Webb Francis linakina , " 1
11.'D. Shengni, goey. • i
I. °khan 'wanner LIMIP.Y I. OP V.dt , 4 st.we
and fin• Its highotanding, king; aiola agling
tad agaiding all risks of an extra basantang clitbeler. it
bay ton outioderni . (ening untie n•Kitilf to the public.
V Wa.ill ki. KINKS. Agent.
!le 5 . • N 0.141 ?hoot street.
ANCE COMPANY. No. 151 Mattel hit et. Newark.
. mul No. 11 Wall WM., N. Y. Accumulated tuuctia
SiellileAS.dleldiug from Mi to di Dec emat moat per attuum.
Ther mbactiber will melee awili. lime Me iusuratwe cm
Wee. 10 the stow mumwelul lemma., Cututanr, the whole
Y. 44 )0402 diold '''"ajotttirtuel?!..JONES.,
t des No. 141 ?turd street
Important leStage Coach and Warm
hiten betwixt the rigt of o, AXLE , tweeted by i
, a myl Clebsinger, called •"Sbeibeki Patent" It has '
teen tested: by oox beet mach builders. and prtmeemeesi to
J e q k beet to we. Au ordinary mech. with • set td Weir
Al =Mu dsily. enti ty nsume a half plot of i six
two ;She small quan of WI wed M aste'of l b .bast
ittencealre ham at the great reduction of frietioa, sod
swam:l,9r xrat aasiostof room It will make the WW2
twee. 13 per mot cm Mail Hoek and sal,
I,,t u Fn gri=aeggarekrc the not iii - ar,
I laier will=ly Preverthe obfer=7l ;` , 14 *
DT the salaam will ' , unlit Axles to
Wantfirr..NoraNisks, faU4 PittP,
.) '•
BUTTErsEkilil packedlor ink by
TIIIES, TUBES, TURES-Theandessignod
. 5 . w.4 , ..t Matta perlabakm tam and atria di
twet cotatwlßON
with lbw Itroattchato PATIaNSI—tP
WELDND 7111. 1 .1 41111PANY. (nettle Se e of their
very excellent and =mine. BOILER sod GAS VIM In
tug." , WWI bosalltiew Thew Tubes sae awl wan')."
tenalreiy bath la Enan..l and the contliwat of Sara,
and mid excluttrele De •
lroo & Plata Siatehabta.
41 Walet. New Yogi.
Illarthen Labe. C I Lownon
and lin Boehattaa Meet. Gluten.,
I ARD A GREASE—Ten brie No. I Lard:
na 4 er G. ""`" I. "'""a h niTntrOrY../
ial3 Water and Trout sta
LARD--Sixtv Lrlx No.I inddore and for sale
by „WO ISAIAH MCKET &CO- Rat.. t *cat ~e.
itßASE—Forty free brie in more, for sale
br Mb DICKNY t CO.
jets . - . Water and Front sta.
VISSOLUTIONThe Eno of Kennedy &
Sairrey! wee ellteolved ext the let hut The 'blames
The rre;tr.:gela n ie b =l ., K* VE T."l ; -
netlithir up the Who.. THOMAS e.cNNEut.JR- , .
onloßo add etltkai L.tta Ragßeb Leak.. Randed
larger Latin, Gorman Lexicon af Dr. William FIITIVA,
with additionr and corredionerfrcen the Lexicons of liesner,
remlohal, Scheller. Gemmel!. by E. A. Amlnews. L Lb.
five. an te d
wor 202 elm= being the peromal nar
rative. and mea of Ravel throne:tine Sandwieh or WM
ahanDlanift. and other eared of Polyndes Br Rev. fleory
T.cheersr. drat= of -The Whale and his Raptors." yin,
cifered Ws ,
Tam atornra's r.E.aroln a manel m ilaois inSacnoh—
Or Grano LAMM, Received and for Mk Dr
lan R. C. STMKTON, ILirket st.
Chronichs. Poet. add American brTY. •
. The lartershlp m heretafore existing nix i t t e: ,t tbe .t n47
tAlS=rl.liO4..l!626l.nd;ott.kix'n7Z797, ISTZ
i t
t tpa g t : L yll , c-
e n's;; ll:: „.
a [lx old Buu to all mai .111.05,732„:
. •
agrD.ll. Ste . eeP ein eirry on the xeme trade 4 the old
teed. rad be happy to mei ee'his custetnere. jalltf
RY PEACIIES—Thirty brls, just landing
_l5 sal ar ale by
v, S. F. TONl3OrillollsF.k
VIIEESE--Two hundred bra for hale by
kJ j.II P. P.VON oossnonsi t co.
FLOUR—:Twenty brla Extm . for SOIC by
J et • _ R. F. TON so, SITORST t CO.
LASS—Eight hundred bxe Window Glass,
tislo. 'fur oIE - bi
FISH--Fifthen'brls for sale by
• j.ll b. P . VON ISON:MORST Y CO.
- DEARL ASII.-2 caskerfor sale by
• R. DAT TrI,L &M.
eIiESTNUTS.--Ten bus for sale by
R. Dila). CO
VLOUR.—One hundred brls superfine ,r
reorirod per steamer Pilot No. 2. and for al. by
Jai J. it B. LOP I), Itutuid Muth Building.
•TASII.--Ten CaTiks,- pure, in store and
Our ale h, ,0 - ' PLOD.
PRODUCE. -6 hrlayrimaltoll Butter,
brls N 0.11.4;
9 bum ghtstzt.g
3 bawl prime Feathers, remand by
agon, 333 for ink by -ja3 J ft R. /LOYD
. .
ILA Glarecupw e ek }ker. - az now }gnaw haze steaaer l •
del° }WAR PICKET k CO., Water k !reef ets..
P ANNERS' ' ol46—Twenty brim Bunk Oil,
In ■ntd order. far eale by dei J. LR. YLOYD.
MOLASSES. --38 brl
/ I_ nit bi del9
A"--44 lads No. I, now landing, for.
Pak br dol9 ISALtIi DICKXt CD.
nUCKWILEAT FLOUR—Twenty sacks in
ju store for We by jell &t W.IIABBAtQR
OLL BUTTER.—Ten Butter
rereired and for ale by
./UREASE, LARD—Tyrenty brie Lrt
recrltalsact for sale by
jail B. l W. Iteithittort.
TAMED PiACHES—Threa hundred b
In !Wm and lon ode by _A \
jail P. 4,W. ULignitIVIII
IL 11LEAL—Thirtv bags Oil Meal; itc' aired
nwlAn*Anle .411 a. &.W. umai.tualL
I:4 I LOUR—Chie • hundrrd brbf latrii !Family
nnd 40 S. Y. Finnr.inetrderived and Ad saldbr_,
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and Gray Blsokete Moe-sad Gray Deaver CUM.
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MOLASSES—Fifty brts neir,crop for eale
1,1 by 1147 'HEWN k KIERVATaxcr.
Q ALERTUS.S tons Saleratufs. kris psol
t-1 tn. foe _. jab RODENT DAUB:L.. lk Va.
EAF. - LARD.—Leaf Litdin bra ¢ndkegs
J 1,4 and forvala by ROBERT OLIZZLL ROCL. •
Jag • slave ,
roAR.-15 bhda primp N.ithleangugar,
0 to One au& frwls br ROBERT DALTEET. &
Ye , . \ Litany Yboa . b.
ILASSES.-25 ~brbt r Done, Wt.
Loth, ReanenTjaat received, nal kr 80. PO'
BOBtOtT DALZELL 00, libartYAbbe
brik !Union: No:.
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article—Lt. linens warranted- ppre tax,
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VEB3IILLIoNL-741ba for sale
‘J 1 0" Ja 1 J. KIDD A CO.
lit3l , LS L E , }ll)—len barr3e.lgtotvg.ap)
LllE—Twenty five barrels for wile by
J. KIDD L #3oWwl
V LASS PAPER—Five — fmndrod teams of
beeith'e ptent, tot ale by •
tall J. KIDD k tY).. N 0.60 Weed a
rrillE SUBSCRIBER offers 'for rent for
A tenet Of one or mere yes et, We celebruted The Thick
esuddiehistent. Utz:gala /ebbed tcrornehip,Wettatereland
county. In tho tillage of doltrer. bald rake arc on the
Volm - IT:dna Canal end (Neutral Railroad. There if en the
hart !Arun unentitiee of The Clay and htoee Coaldoortecol
rut of erect,. The wort" bra on the Tub Mill Creek—the
nortentery buildlugs for the sorb are eeontM. 'A kilo le
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three ranee north of
JeultdeAT—atttm. hen. 1411. JaIWTOL
IjLAUß—Seventy five barrels Family Flou
rerelTat sad for saioly?
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barrela pri
vest received and me ode ba RivER w i cas.
lull a
11RY APPELS—Fifty bushela received and
XJ , fur ale be all SUBIC= k DARNFS.
WHITE BEANS-6 barrel') received and
tor .1. SIMMER & BARNES.—
1 A R 13—Twenty barrels and thirty kegs No
AU t rvcelvol awl for we br
rilALLow—Thirty barrels Sheep and twen
ty bowels Beef tveeteed ant 1 . 3 r sale by
TIMOTIIY SEED-4 barrels received an.
fa , .1.1 , Y oil SHRINKS k nex.vits.
111F.SNUTS—Sizty -bushels received an.
V.J 6.r "d. by • -jail BIMINI:A a YARNS.
• ",'• —rola P1T7.31
. Tb..•74lmgrrl um mill od eund .
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"..P9 , 14:1c k Ztn• Ninth W. I.
TIIONIPsONI, wad tharlaotea II hod, runlet
Coral. lob. •
Golder% Lahr's. Mooktpan and lwardon's, ltioces,
awl Ilona" Mark and Red Lad resale.
1:1111on'iscolowea, Pratt's,
Lea % hen? latan'a, bet ocarrralanararea of Nita
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trcaust tiold Mau with gold amt Mho:awes.
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Baak, wal StetbewleVaanaak
sat Canaan( itaxlart mai MAI Om% •
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last Week-Positively y clam on Sattreday,*
the lath inst.. •
• ING, 1:111, week; Ilayue• celehsbed ...firma' &la% '
. • . Oltfial.Al, entitled a VOYAGE TO -1.1. - B.OVE.,inabrir•
clag trokireareed wk... a bad., lu Ibutpr. kanna. a..
I 19,..,..147X: . 1 i . Loalcm. Irmo the 11.11 scow. pr4 ..i gni'
1 Llse —, brAVI th Lltioucutird."'ast• talk
baits of Its tido.,
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AdatimicaZ tents Childlen nixter 1.2 retil d &M.
Doors VM 6Pell at C. , " edict. Paxeram.7.l=.oo.
=Mat a+:7: ciekvt,
13E.A,C.IIPS—Three hundred`bushele tea.
•M wle by 11,1111 STIRIVER t. 11.1A71C9.
, 1V1 0 9 , 111- . Fly bi bOrrels of new clop
has moo vedto
isas asks swab ma dyne.
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S 1:11.3 Awing , and "IWO
• 2 punclrcons Irish wad s•ostch, Sled's
2 do Jamaica Kam,
as qt. nuts Dort Wine. • •
23 do.. )Irian Wine.
25 lid . - Sireet .s.lllsen Wins. •
Dry da. •
. •• 10 do nberry Wine.
25 basis Donleans L7aact '
In :ion dal far =de &DUN PARKED a al. •
sal • 241 Lltraly sawn
• •
wM. DIGBY,Iio. 136 Liberty sircteC begs, 1_
..reopectfolly to loft= hi numerous felealt sod
elastomers:that toju_st receiving hie ut-o fell Wok
CLOTIIe, CASegIIERMi. out VtoSINGS, of the tenon t
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ENMLNSUIP—Those wiEhing to becoma
01;c:tert i ary. Latin-Alto , Camotzt . 1
Laura 4. 4 a AI L% il!ftlifiTs ' sr ' =
ssi hunted. WI all the enter are perunnol to rennin . tat
they write,
an elegant cottmercml
&res, corner a Market and Third dteett.
jall CIL(3I.IIIXLIN; btructer.
5 -
UNDRIE S—Ttity liarrels Family Flour;
falp dm biullejs 11r1 , 1 ,
AvrleN 1 lur Zglr; .de I '#--•
• , JOIIN WAR . 2 !tn.
II I --Fifteen drums G. B. ,Codf4; 4
54 13,11 , No. 3 Warlor: 'JO bris343. 1 Lax p. , h; U. G. •
No. 1 Mackerel, in ..tuo ml far pal. 4pll , • '!.•
VinENew 11110ADCLOTEIS.- - guiplay
ir Burch&l.l have 'at .prued few/714%11)p1y a lb*
rpions qualltl.s , of. the wee art.!, 'sncludlr.{{
trilled, veer 6122. Abo, Frenett Doak/Los and Cagabarceo...,
1.4 a. wad fancy, mad Blacl
wk. for the quality. .• ml 5 •
EFS' SATINETTS.-- , nerphy
&Id have rweirai blrlilklMP k.. 7311.4
ty, Uwe ru Caubstert.. 4
•ftt67;alr_rzz, h ett t!‘• r
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UAW' Curritotr. ZOO 14412<eilleei
Riders;' lordo. do: '4O ar Lai 0. kei.
dada: ••M drazoitheyrukilik Ink.V.4 Citron; 0.3.C1e
Mu d 4 04 Currie Seeder; di Dire Dadra= I
belieker, lea arid Viper situ Aluiorolk. 2 due kir= i •
rue kdekr r J. D. WILLIAMS k .
• ' Cikurr Word k
pIIEESE-498 bxs Cretan Cheese in store
.gd tor el.n by JAME...! DA LOLL, -
jni t . . No, bi WsUsx great.
SALREATUS-4 caeka No'. 1 Salenitot
la am trxileb; .1.1.3111' liALZga.
ps Water ATM.
lILOOMS—One hundred tons. _Terinesee.
I Bk.. 33 to.
er uns and kr rale by JII3 Lll,i
tin. G 5 Kat. etzeit.
IVI,NDOW boxele
101110TAS11.-5 cusko Potash, just received,„
And far air As. As 9 ROBERT /MIZELL
VEW LIGHT.—We have received lot
LAMPS, of vitinue shot and kind,: t:47 • meer.
ootodructem that la quite .hoots and ®PlNT—eome arttei
AL thr otholo to horn in ihent. rutin! "%Arnim' fitha.";
s •Ellettial tAL - 11 b.. rare - uuellthe • hlrb rood
It to dm sttoutirm of Steamboat mon. Mart 14n3S
llonse a ny rm. cheat... emmoutf, Wed bhaM ll l s 74,
It outwore any thing p0 , t1b1..... -• 1 -
Pone:. who pleas. Moen on um ell! be &Luen the putoz
Parities of thr nom men pound.. .
A mutant eupply of the Coil tot Lame kept 5,7
• SCAII4I & ATKINON,' • • 5
dels hereon Mood told Maitre.. 5
LAtO half chests Taunt 1175013 ano.9l•Ct Two ' 5
3.5 tatty boa» seta (.100 POstdot.:4
91 bows Rnte.ll t fLntlsona Tabacm.' . ,
r.l dr3 IP. 110b191.0z t Co. sad VA
20 do' Culdoets 0,1 . 905t0, •. , •
q. hoses Itirn and llartnr.f 54 do,
10 piny bnsem Jayne. -Threnrom Jr. Uttlest Diehl
Lamp: In dare and Int sale Dr
.0010 m; p.rnEß, CO.
.1011 N. vtaLE}:al to.
a) Dais. pal* Rye Wanda, - very oil sad choke
CO bbla Old licalonyabals - Whistey. in sham and it
lab by yinnat. ; ' JOILN PARKER it 00..
OR SALE--Ono huhdre:d• white and rle 4 o:
91. a -lo 1ata , ..1.50. - nine Teroprannf Unteloar4
of Ur Great Th. .t linnOn.rotr 11%1;414 her jaaaa...
Medialnklei TA a - Medea" ankrounf 11 0 , 002 0 , ..
; :anomie plans null Von Don* ont MS
P,TV. i. ony.orooolltf. OrnaltArrhason..k. - , - ..
4all ,
nd aaatlai
tozne 1 , 1- il.W.le 1
2. '
lOR SALE—T bole. of Afe,ea c ii.!
- nre Baba of Life, D. anon*. 44;r)rne ConlbriDl
r_Patant_yerlotsb:o Enoir,or. erw .. 0 . 14
D. F rom noofnion .nup 7,s MI Sort
iorer Int dam Dee. 711, ..7 1 4. 1 .x.te.. till.
r ol. D•g .. .1.1= 4. 5. - :. A.1,,t• 1:. ray, •
natbitt.tviS • • liAAUll.l3Mll,..rtetii St 1
_. _
W.W.11 and Let . ..lamb; 11144 Pena •
Iliivv baba; band; and Alocrl'aroully; I
MLA Ina; • mall. nr,,ray cf Almanacs; la: for,
lbeakx &Tempe:yawn traart; • lliMonal Mtn of Int Ans,a;
eau Republbl a Male of the Ilnurena and nflbe ,*ort•
male by isbullanarMS ISAACIIAMMIS
N.IIEW PA.viS!--Erans & Swift's Ciii*Oi, ,
Bctor Cactd Ilsrus,jurt
LEAF LARD—Pritue.Cincinnta Leaf koll
put ut• la km. tar Wail,. nn, jud rre,l fsir rafa.„4.l
. lf. A. Mel MAU /KW.
4 OR SALE.—A - few shares 'Cliff 'MI
Stark: also. North Worrileso ow/ Woitern I.tikrrOXN
yid. •
Apply tn maul I IRVIN, 114.14-.4ltrul at.
I.IUTTER.---ThirV . keg and,' six kis fres,
13 butt, jitst rreulTed and Mr trl
jalo •J. h. In.CLWORTII CO.,
Irr.!7UGAR-21 hlida N. O. Sugar for nadby
jBROWN Liberty
Et itukNSc;ll. eormipmeitt fur Rao ti
. 111 Wm . ,. a K.II:IOA.TILICFI
0 Adlillutud Pr.r of I'AZZ,Y;ir August
. a l
S. frilor.4-4.1134 al:lined ourue dual
k 4 so l 4 h. I Wee ruanumertded uve your Lturtrial (13•4!
Srv.P. et tap yawed Meal Mr. la.lesepletou, ouee,,,
for um, pp.. I dkl a ao h .. f iA bad the d ul z:red teror eM i v t icar . ll
r:d"...t. &eV every thhanat It yea to TAC WWI
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nod roxmotoesdlog It ihe polbe 101 tZslmrt
dot Ow boo aver beta yritest.l fur tbr ear< Oa •rrhlrki
la irderated. aAal lO
Prepared and Pad by A . T.. s 7 Wood V.
The Greatest itargaills of the Season_
FBT. P. TI.IO.I.IPSON,:No. 116 3L3riet
e.t.a acars frotroLthortr, Imitor det•rzoloca to 4 , 1
I~ L
• oozy: 131 tl•c . fleot,Lc t Apyil. ••11!. tk0:323131 1, 31 c t i r
31- ' ll3 ' iftotli =WV. r0tr,. , 132 octotot
tista r l9 port Ns
Cray Delems, ead Al pner;s7;..r:i4.4
Ellk.e; vide nap tmul sm . A 4,
„„}„. Baih4 - 6 4. 001=u4";
• 4
awl 124; CM= Flemlude, D k.•• u Murn. bra,'
51.161metml; 14Matli 1 . 01. twm. Nug.k .
V/1 1 .17111= ‘ ll., 14.k L1
Niretuuerj. uoy rt•lr up. 4 . ..UMK ruf
Y this umt mum be elm‘tuu , luu 11. st AviL
' ri-att D. TLIWIPSOIt
mu w. raw.;
THE undersigned. rileu ..ssors to Arthur
!Ottawas. bell lime! Winn the edit:et:eel' P 5 ,,
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tsarina! air Unbas/ „„v,
other tithe, the cw.qtr.w. rowed elm,. Atrai eheeP ti
Cwilk , nitt " OW mall tintilliew with a
ateentrnettilot end Muitel tirade. _
We would szly invite the attention el ran;
!minting. tn our wand.< before panther's,
here. and. Waests. Yee a splendid etn , of lettew,...l
cram wined iv fleie aween:n.4 new in ttor
IV‘. ' '''.ll.°47`t VlSiittali
WEBYYS Normal Readers.sl4l
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wslglyalyos, VIZ EDUCATIONAL / .E. 1•06170111,
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Mr amp Clark. sir A. Pa TM , D. Ml *4l
Onthrki and IlerbeA Mayo. el - I. lra
Mum Y . . 1 blind oomph, im leinnlMlY Pon
conteadent thew fa. did,,,y !W.f.., 4.114.- ‘ 44
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Yon sale by t'oomopozies'e Tmr , ifirerto
(.14 , _. Wool moat 4 -
of elf.ant flat made bps' Xrans• ft,
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Alto. • DM lot of taaltionablo anal
and axon:W.o Pena - Ike of Inapt Innattincota„
titan. Nand.. sod en - r 7 a•flati nnunntl tun;
" -
- A CARD--185L , • '
B IL N'°v of routs ai t 9l 3 : ,l, l 3l) ' en• rt i,
tea. , thane =emu forme. the tz„
tura ttair thanks to dials. ctataaa4aa no,
' Ir. for lto tame Nara of exottua . rzloylol to t.ta.a..i
invite the continuance of Mae favor, lirala s o
laaprevol lbolt nsaa. flail are anablea t0 . .7
nom amaraaiva woe:taunt LoAaN—
mill b.„ th„ idoaataza of
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f,a the wants of IStllifo, fain to rorrod--1. ma!
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