The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 15, 1851, Image 4

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    . ONSirET4 SALTS. - 1 1 : Ai.
By, T i r t a
o f a.. flit or LOt ari:Taeins issued TIM UNEQUALLED SUCCESS which
OnlefthelX•triet Ebert Of Allegheny innate. and to has attended then.. of J4ORTISIERIf RISREIIAT.
' du be maned th push Naha at theOnatt I I •OMPOUND ASO BLOOD VERIFIER. In effectual 71
, I.lye,t, r of Pittabergth on Monday. the Zen der 1 cur... the senrlxt end roost hneterate roan of .1:4}1.A.11.
o.J.nary, A. D. VAL at JO Vekrk. A. l ll, the talletaing .. MAllthr AND ethEttNlE RIIEESIATIS3I,
ratio go/Relent
d All tharrrtL Tor " oigroetnd attn.` in the Eneen =trtltte ..IrenlVlV.attot.MT.t.' oillic
te,..,,,,,eitr, pinshurgit a and known by the some of both 1 1111DdrAID of eases. many of them eithenr4 St. tomb,
lay o Tylapei at Ina - V.of Ithe laid Mat br it. gassett.rat rat other,. Isom abrnal , ban hewn cured within the last
_____,_„ ~.. ii . . r „.„„,,,„,,,, a 5..., se te,,g,. a 1., v 01.., page I tee months in the rite f, Louie dne. whi
le letterer.=
~...,._,• ~ ,,,,,,„h , maw of t.h0....4, thee. et:totting 0 latent. abroad shoW a.. that il Is fg Lao DZ.
along TOlll2to sheet 4, tr, a ettener on Knoll tn. , wherever tri...l Maur r 4 there wore ehronn rave of Inn'
thsere alone said street BAL-w. to
alley. On .. st.dang. and all hat.... 4 rot...vry had le glsen eh
along Inaid
t he 40 twt. to a earner of lot 'an 1 1 . and 'Wilde mane were of
more reeent date, ni th e ~,,,,. wfi ii ,
thence alone the thrueld , feet, to the plare of le,anning- • surf farm , very sion.m. All. hoverer, yield to the won.
beim; Part of out lot So. 143 in the Remnre fraet npreente doefulmantle... and lhorotanda who hare
Pilda.rgh, near the lineth Comm.. In the Borough of ', ,' s hre d It, beuer.t... and art. now in thee:.l.par= Of health
Allegheny. winch by sundry wood and sul9nent Mist., Can but o f the unto.' dl:oovent and prow - rt... a
anon became b oob sin
F. Rb.Cseatt. by referent.. to ,Ped. 1,/ , notaetor of LUDDir.ln.l.
recorded in deed 3
, Tol. i.a. re T7 .1. 71 . 11 . g . z4 ttlly.
0. 1 1 t ,,, t. e... 1
nd , 1 L . t , a , ;:tz ,fl oga h, thr . :4usr , ,ietow of the pan, that no
'aEre'rtt:lrlitt'ittLa'y ol d Arri . i. A. 11,r:c.v....1 th e %tame of flan ,InUi s tal loan. , r ill th e a O ta rr x:7l 7- ..11 0 ;77.1r,. r 4i.,7,:z
to the said John Amber... In fee. who, de I. neonitel ' Ltniments oaf. re in some neva may be obtained
in deed hook rot -, rum - tonether with all and .10.0. 1 for a short tune. Dot all th e addle tbds diecon le fixing Its
I. the woes. wasters- A... end appurtenant , a what...e'er. an, moreanentl) to the Sestet.. and sooner or later
thereon. ledngig. le,.ed end tat. in csreutton„ an redi aardio ''elute d. it...Lt In u more d re adful for th . and Idler
he property of Jobs fanlairwiti, at the rttlt of II El Me afar
I thiliongla.Assimarn , as. s. L ,,,,,,.: .o .be add he which. d not aonn arrested. rubot the
a ft h a for life.-
C. CEILTIS. Shonif. ]'Li. ia vertn-ti Ly the Mato, of the patt ha all countries,
sh e riff% osanr, asses, S. I°sl --,•'...a11td,2t0 • it i lti fo , o u r7l4l4,:itzt r tu . :r i ttr , d ,„ by the d hLstory furnished of
LEX. \V. FOSTER, Attorney and Coon- butal L reda ~.f three who he 4 t r f o lZ . „iX,rl,f,,.=2 - . 1 ,
twe and treulio,.ut 4Driii.Llite lain few months.
11.17n,..411..,,:,::.,„:..7.._.1." }"‘" 7 ' :1711O: . 1; , : 171 . r1„..1::,..T.1t• 1m ,, , , iit w : 1 7 : 3 , :t th t e • 5 ai t ., .t . ti ,. .t: n. 1.5 , T 0 1e ,i. 7 ., 11.0 .... L 1 50 :ea r l
u ll ri tr o.. :
. __ . PLR' 1.11. h le an Internal reinnly-mmmenres Ito opaa
COULTER it LisV° '''' Wholesale and Re- iti.. 14.1. 1,471.1tr00n1a the wholesreimt, [yeasty the
tall Drugged, Corner of Masi soul Thirtl 'street , to- I ti,r•t,t.,.huar,vr:;f.,,,,a.1?...,7.z.a1.1,0hrtt, ji e h h.. h .,.. „ .
hi,.. tlx
d r th e St Charles lintel. Pittsleurgh,
__ tn_ l4 :'''''.- ! the si.t..m..nrelmedorro theintlivioM.r 4 rWlTZdtrt! '
SAM. P. ROSS, Attorney at 'Law,' Office : jr,1,,,1t,7,,,,.%b0,r,nnet,,,,a0t d„i„ the ..,„,, , ~..,
t,,,,... 5 ,., ca t. 1:8, „,, 1; ,,, 1 1 , 1- th liti,el. near 1/n_t_e_t.!__i7::A,,..;„.s_.ti. . 0
b r,
1 , tr, ,, ,, ,, ,
~ ,r . , , .: , .,, , ,,: „..17.. , . , ,, ,,, ,fr„ . . .1 . ..c . t , „,.b :
, : , , ,, , L i , ... ".% . if s.
r i:::: T t 1
r..a l lb th. ei t r ,
- 0. prgit • thoo.and• donne the Post a+ yell ma • tartlet.. at the
cit - D - DircOlt lit ~. ~,D, I pm , . Of : o , a, ahlumudrams the folly of ealseettnr. Pet...
D. CCU.... 0 A ..1
ji*IITTSBUIIOIi CITY ti LASS WORKS. — i ...A,'...h.'11_J,,,.....'1,1,•V;[,?;.,ait1iheirt14,,,,,
W. en:NISI:I I AM .t CO. Manufacturer. of 11' Moos: • „ 0 „,i,,,,,, tn . „ 0 ~,,,,,,..„, ___„_,...,
.... hi,
ne.a.. So ::(1 )heir[ Art. wtween raft stul Second, ~,,,,,,,,,„,.„,,..,,,,, [trio
ce is entry: fared in tho
Pittsburgh. Pa I p.ttu Ile can ..01l iloaripstpan ..3 apply 1011 enthrone
Particular lltoyl,c n paid to old ' , het, Also-ender , la ; In if ri 1,..11. c 1,11 .. which will Hire relief In one hone.'
b ir ll'i G'71....E.-11{."J'i:ii'r COIL if:TiCiAC - C - t -,171 .Eti - E - . 1 0 '' tilt i'mr: l : u .' Yo "' ru 'h g l' ir 7 . i r:• ' -d il :. ;; L ,% . " Fa c r L orl ' i ‘ ! .. !l 'l Et r i.r i i r t ‘r el ti rir ' l th rTd rh' '.ll '"' r l 7-
1 ,
...,,..,..v T . •
~,,.. , ~,,,,, iti,....„, nutieutual ..I 111....1 I.l. ' ante ' r Ls the
tend Incitation of lin Lion In Illabllrdw old) tealci , thew.[ Ica: evil- la.en dretaverol, either fu
. pa,tm
Viewing, I ipal Inernion, in ID „ lt.,th . a ot an, . [her comae, that :nil effectual', cum
'-' 0 '." 1 , 7 C "f lutTt ' ll ' . rt , f , "..--:, 01 P.-nonton‘hlp...`Jiircantin ' U Tlrl ' i" ,... tiefor can ho Incl. vlsch 'ale or retail, . gin. 73
thamPtitatton, 1 0 f. I Ibmi if 0 , •••1 neat to tly. tbst tither. Pittston-.
ai e r. 3,1 It ....n. Tory.. leenner DID C-irolnereial taw Alco 1:.; -.a1. , ta t'itibuil..ll. , l t, ti II Stay Per, Irm. Thorn,
. i.h.,
~..... .. 5 ,.,,,,,. ~, tn.., h,.,. 1 .,n, IJ tt Mori.. 1: ,11 feta a s h . rind J a Donis.
teed IL= annliecion to evert lawn..., alat an e, •. 0 Prp. 0.. p. r Ont.. Mat hott tl f0r"12,. or Its ter dozen.
pant and npfd perun.anelop. litcl lc!, ..1111 and exam- ! rampt.L.t. ran be had gratis of the agent.
use the arrangements noose- R. II NVISIIART, Aspent
Lecture on tiornmerelal ~ cerre Ilooda, .onion.
h a ,,,„ a. , to ~ of the resident tit, no nano , . 0 • 11e2: 1 Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Divel-
The' . recce of handing formerly tnalned Vt.'. 263 'aIADISON ST., NEW' YORK.---
ti - ra. Leteh and • C,., at the.. Point. h.tneoll Warr 111 I. N The solo.ersher. In wallelling Um itatronace ~f all ut.
sand Ihutrawa 11 N. will le letnod for • term of years.- , I rat., we this adeertee meat ft•vhs none of mu b....untiou
Th:lai.".!vl.'rrni..."6'iV"'.:‘:.l4:llgtry.'ttn,iiint'it:=l,,"n ' .7.. " , h „1 . 2:;.! . .!' :V:'..."..:1,':0k in ' i'itt l .:V t ' . ` " '" bh " 11'
rh. e n i t0n ,..,11..• .1. "•-'4:' . their superiority le.
...1 .11 .a.,....... a. 10. ost n to the trench.
AP' 1F LI Sip i IV 4 uent ut ot th• .. 1..411,.. men whs hare u wad the. enselotes.
Meg° 11l Ale* t. Flithi.... r ..,, t tit ...path , intre..... Naha • ne j.n..1 of th eir erodl•
ittiST nuttining in NI Ulan . Tr°. IJI- , ring an a cf the teawda to thttr P..-
1.0.1 dye P.. ham,
. a Re Mara 1 .
00 in. On the Plans twonPthi hr the L W. • 8 .... "
lintel. Ile 101 l Stills 1.a.... I hoe 10. naue. hosinns, mid addrbsa, eanapienoueir Aml
1114.ekuT, oolt Meier 1 le, 2 I heated/full, enalee.cel coirvni or plain, thug affording per.
11 Maier Earl I fret w.'unt) onamst fraud.
Becker .ol e- - )Ilea John V 1 •2•1 The Ent t loin, can bo oprood wi th out being ' , s -
narl... a 2 NI Clintek J. IL n r 0,...4„
Clarke J. it Ruse[[ i 3,1. ... ill,: wax r.. 1. weir. arc requiredo seal them.
Cralebrad .man 11 a a.... Munk Mary ttu L Lou the tot... hane of aI. tn., Ito t ,, l noun...
l'am'Oteron Mee. Iliad, Thema. aPhar - du ITM . Indin.n.t. nrui al to t hew [ wonkr. hodead of lel. hurled
Doherty John Sleunti Andrew 11 Alelnda • hotline to al l l/.1.1 ..ell ton,.
Itonaher Park Mourned... 4 1 civet IL I
Th. Enniobse are Itia . nlahed at suns , [ the same, kusr a oscisos., isenassies . ~,,..,,,,. „, 0„,„ „,,. ~ T
VO'fli2E.-'faken up Ily the subscriber, on I. ; „;;. I ',,,„,, l 4`, l ' ‘ ,2;'l,. r .",„ l „. l 7„ l ,; • o ll:;‘,l= n ;:a s' o i v i h se . co m i i :; . nt ii
111'' 1"1""1111.11 . 1"" 1 1 A" 1 " ti o iVis h intills"i 1" 1 1 0,!n , ins ° li.„ fI-•k. Il -
ehn l e '. Itt 7 ft ' . itjo..l7;aVsla,"st allnofftil rowel: . tutother marks kw,. at.l ' xin. It rill 1... I'.ol.,r;:rw tut
o tt , t! . . r erL " gr7 l a. o :.l
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perreptinl , Thett.en, 1 nauented tomme Ica aunt. pnne ' the 11.1111-11 F 11.1., ,Ittor white . r bft. of annl Later, and
'''''''' '''''' '''''''''''' , '4` t''''. .!irt: . t To nitwit. ',
'' ,f ' „. ' 7:7:,77, ' , '""'. "'`,';` ,.. 4.` ''
- ..( E....hp, tattle or
der2A,ll:S• i f r ,,,,,,, , e. wawh pvt.horgh 0 20 httere ma- 1.-. (l.1*; 01.,-,
, i•.1101Y1 111111.1
4 CST ItECEI VED - A new work on Si e- . 'a t,, )
ebonite, Engine Wont and Engineerium Dirtionary .4 .. o to o ;rtt 1 .1". 111 i; . . ii.,
. whine, Slechautee. Logo. 11 L. owl En,Utn•Mog• de. I n't, to t' • . 1.0.0.: atto, l , ,„te
I . WOO la me
60 7, d ,, i g L'` • ,',., ' ''' ° 2 s ''',' * ','l72',`,':'ll } e ' Zr:le ° ,7, " ,,. 'l ,l-,, f - ' , ' ' ,j ''
t 4. 1. .? l* le not ego...ofrot to forwent .geton„e ..1 . .„01er
'° P r ru n' fr4.rtf 1 . 1.he - ttttes,' Calkno of Call Enolmlr. n .; in 01.11 .0 0,1 re.n, . ',firer,. 1„, , ~.,,,,,,, O r No,, e . v,,,,
I non o,. udi le .nffnient all oriers vedi umt nith ynn..ol
"W.fs ' work. le of lorm• 8 en. size. containing marl y WAD : attentlo if addre..rel so , 11
v.e.. upw.ams of 1:w.0 plat., and flaal wocd cute It will • ^7l Ilaill.on oreet New 1 ore
pre , mt - lone drowns,. and dewriptioni of the tn... Order. rill le gther.drd to rhamptly, If left at the .....
Importa haaa:ther• hl tIPI Venni Stole. Irt.h.yeDuvut i.,1 of 11,...t0 storey
1 4 ,• SVI r , tat 11. street Cl of 11e.sra II
the 01,1101 - iiiiiAnns
5 t iAwf ,1, 11 1 ,.. 1,11 , ~..,.,,,... t... ., 0 ,„ 0 ,1 ''' Vlr_ o l.t . t....ll: n r-l'anim ' e%...ed In rnion, frt. wane
lir .. '. :;it ' fre 'n t ' l l n ' t7 . Tllt ' a ' llklatat a urefttrajlaratc.Yl - 41:41 - 1 -1111 . Th s r. . alum ter 11... and 0023 dam.
worth of Lilo volume.,
n an o a 1 oft. teed.. Tlo
greet vt of thl n pultheanon
to plare behge practical IMPORTANT TO THE AFFLICTED,
Duni and ,
. mount ot ttcretlcal and •.ct
tide knowledge, eu • eothlta .ol room , at.. oho , eordd , 11 It litt ISE Si ' E LEIIII ATE . ° It EIkiEDIF.S,
Lie. es sthe• 11l the ~.'" t.slthths , •'.. I ° s‘‘ .. . ' 1 ."" • 1- PR 0..,•0 ho:z. Ilse ttheorerer and solo proprietor
nn.takes which they uthrld totltenetve 1.1.1M11.111 i 1.1 111.., 1110•11 1.11,111111/ nnet beneficial libonoc , , Ind .1...,
Ilte publisher. are &tenanted. r, , ,u41..., , 'tope d . to i tic Du, Di, .of tit.. ~.I.l.shal netratment for auflating the
make the work ea ....tete . poldhle and it t. hpe 1 ,
• Lun, ou ethettog . eure of thront.
i s
try .c. timorous to e 1..; the work. teal prorate [tae 1..0 • ..„, „t that ,n at nent 00 swings. Ittelor -Ph... and is •
--`. ‘ ` .4' : "Illtb"lreTlb'„'eTteeTtreVot7l.:,.",::",:rE.;47;.7.',..o, 1.. t.. ',,,7',":;;„:;!,;!1: - ..:;;';'.::.'.;.V., ';',‘"rc.‘,", - .! -- ::::,::.!'t,c1
, L.,,., rec„, for sale mmelctcd ails ie.. , ~.,, I eaft r' auil the alnitic , ti , ” a I , iifii , D , tje . t;r::
de . ....5 SHRIVE': d Iltß'Sru Tr . ' , ...... r'''''''' .l. f'n • . ..l '. l . Thoattrh the re: of his inffating.tutte, in nnuaetire With
' • ii _L., .1.1 0 It. HOPI , , ` .3 "h "te' ,l 1 td. ,rruil, and note, or ht. n maims. he hos
- _ __ _ _
1 I ARD.-Twenty hrls and fifteen he al ton All egheny county, SS: . ~...„-t ~.. aro:sr...lel euttna , ure 1, ,'ar ias thew dreadful
:au I t..1n1 n•elatte , fat n al. Oa , mi. aa. turer.
I j sole by SIIRIVER A TIAlt."En.
IN the Orr han s' 4 :"'" 1 4 ~" i :""i i t v . in IlTi'l".',Z:. r itZl:r`iT:.:,',.' l .,,.'"'".. } :,".ll ,Y,',`! , .'"f,i',:i',;;;l:',U':
the matter of the li.lll4l...tratcr , acectirit 1,1 fl,, , Lert i ,„,,. ~,,,,, ,„ f..,,,„1., ' I„,, „,,,,' ~,,,,, , ~,,,,...
worth. actinz Alitllllllla2lin , .4 .1 :.• ,tricklatti. de. d sant.b. e under the ow, of ht. rentedies. io whkh humane
No -.. hereuthor T - 1,41 I 1, Is itetr- not h• the nee .0. one 0...n0 .14111 S only. fur that
And now. to wit, Januar , •Ith. 1,61 on men. of 11. 1, .te [dole with Pltt uotom. • -al law, hot 1.., the an. of
Lesra. 1.;do
rue of th e .Idininidrsto confirm , ' eh , . 1 his a-co...nee lola and t. , , not pa,arn bed ~ ew.h Isobar
liAtili , .11,i1 .. , 9 1.1 , r Brad , . Ent" oprennted and. , 1 . , , f...n0 of dan me
Mstritnle la, 114,A ip hat Its.. the ere... , Iwo Wee. frame Alton., POI.. when used, are I[l7lllil/..
and beirt. 'Ville I.2d.ta_ roll nekowerlntrd to he roterk, m all other, as • Pen
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ON IE, i
ta C'ltiq • er , k tt‘e ot It•er itlll trawathelt as the' lease the hovels par.
r r ,1,11 ~.... r ~, .01,,,e-,-, e. ~-.• file Iluketa 1'.11; I, sal
Seen Is here' , 1...0 th. I will attend et me .0ff1e.... , ~11,1 ] , 0, a 0,001101 pentllar Noperile.raire
Drain Or As OLD hoc -Tre Ballade Whlg, of - ve u r )10 t t sqEs _F,rt,.. b r i, t„„ ~,,q„, 1 5, e'l I. 11111 rm., In the ell. ~ f Pmet nroll. ••4 tlonda . ted h. I,.. a te dr., .., iut u. a t , 'Lathan:, that ou, r e n a l
• .-•-• .- • •• • ' ' • tbe :SUL d.r of droner' trt•t .....-1 ,- V., PII (..r the a s e othea,t t. e•taldblt a het h. bcxll 61•11. In the mfolsof
Ilec.:l9M, reronie the death of Sire. lertrloe Frede. .
.1 . 1 1 tx asc by der , SITRIVER A. BARNES purro.e. of mi aPPelotot.. J r hi' Slrt the .'. 'Lt. - .
ficht Jeeefill Freticridr• e.. " 'Th u Fi 7 s BOOK Khll. P I\l 1.-A , sur7lp 5 •'!"'.._`'''' _ .
pi cut.l.l'cri'Vi.r:'''',:?...4l.t::"nr',,-I-r.V•ir.a"ra'Th.l):;,o4S7rrtil'lit.iP"'ll
• aged one hundred eus and five tnonths. - The ,
_§..." of Buff , Beak Rect.. and thank Bonk. reed ht
. tll7 till ' . COURT OF COMMON PLEAS ~.11 „ ,,,,,,, ,-; er n .lt ntr...-I'. .1,4 it , appllealmo.
. I. C. STOCKTLth. /o.r W. 1. , en f d!.....1n. agent.. a. well ash, moat drat.
People'S Prelis muse aim of the ' old lady and her . r''''' of Alleghen, County
ilhattlbli . hit, oral 14httrylesuda l oal mail 1..r0T.0.11:1 1. ' l -' 8 " L ' ,.1., mtnithrnochout the .ottotrs
11.310 IRON —lifty t,,,,,,,Kru..1, Creek Furnace , tseeis sit. To. 6, March Ter' 1,, I •-.1...,.. , .,i. is a co_ m ti ,ol et . Pittstnreh
u_ 10.1 ron ...le by 1101.11545, LITTLE R CO. 1 To tin !thole defemlant - Von are h-ret, notpt.l, dad J 0 ie. , . el. Ino
1 , 4 .
Mark. st . "
"Stn 1 - was born on Martha's Vineyard, jee ' .1.:. Lit...rty street , th e otos., ptainniT hat token nod attroprated t 1 di toe 1... a Druggist, near the Pert tar. Alleghe•
il MAY, / 7 . S CLi wa...rried hcf°m the w" ' "d '""n ' (VN.DRIES.--ti tails „ ~- tt . following ievram of tour Mal nu., In the etr, of la, • d
fr.c ., 11 Boit to le'slon..
ran cf ton .N..• lr. and 17 an Tia. :no. , Joseph Par...le , Inaltnatm, Ile.ner count'. re
aft, the tear commeoped, Dir. Frederick ...hipped on
ro., 11 1/1•11. 0mnd...1 by ,Imo ... the r.. 4•11, .:de .., th e... 1 John 1:tholt 1 at,. 1 oll• y, :.
.1 lu.z. Buttot.
boordan idtertma prtratcer- oar captured alidenr- P.I tio • Brod Appl, no lore o,sa rat .- - .....1 an 1 month:. thmat h ...1.1 on ' t Aisa.. Am". r. t
tied to Et:ciao:4 end l ent 00 pr son 'two yeah . 0. to , hood Pewit... nee v, d 1 7 dlogololl• 20 10.4 win, . draft oral de...n0... .1 a hvb aor kr Mt
its than, into three, •ther Atner,uutts. Made hot ea 1 ma l'tdli.l , . LI f I ' LL ..1 1:11 it.t gird tu Lb. ah,re • :a ,
_-. .. 11 .._. ',Wi t.• FY. To Southern and Western Merchants.
Cape, by ..!.e*nle nudrr Me wenn of the priaort, mot , rt ., ri F . sußse p . 1 . 3 i ERit N v r s .., „E , ‘1,,..1.1.: '''' . “' si n ' 1 1.t" " 2.-' l l- 1101. - SL 1.1:S PRE : 3IIr NI PI:RFII./LERY.
ra ' Z v r . he i' S k .. ,'l n H .'" :i f rTtic h 'Oar * , P 7. ll .le. ' s 'd !n ' ti r7ll 'n ' u 'l Ls; 11,1"1,1 , 1 . 1 .1 " sU 'f1""'"'''' ail "'
t l"'" ' '''
l'.'l . ."
The Human Body Must Persinre, Is Tr.. , -.ots.rat. r r•lp.ctfully aunt, rumor attention
0 .„ 0 . ,„,,,,, r ,„4, male, . ~,,...,....„, ~,.. 1 ~,.; ~.`„,..° T 1,,. 0,,,,„ ~,,„1 0; ~, sae. v....i. 11, nu., and • Sly' .'sAl S NA n RE, to have a health': .11.- ;, 1.; ,:,,, j;,,,;,,,;;;;,.„ ' ;,r a ,., `"° ,; ' ,' • ; ' '' ' '.X.1. ' .. 1i , ' jj:. ' ,1 0 ,,,.. "'". f....:
ail et...• and tat,: constant, 0n inod •nd for . t ...a tene.neWho do nct penult, are . lishle wlt h u. the lad am ' , or.. leen awat ' Ld by La Inattltdee of
g..."'3 with C.. Sc. F r ; '‘... w...4r. 1. ' h.. " I qtt ' .1%. 9 1!, - n.,.... ' PII LAT"S• I bah. r P tr•-••di..a...,:natatta e... lo ni an . Now, !DYED' ltaklli INa e 1 urn P...t.0. aud Phalwlettlia the latter la tow the
statement, and trawletred Ito the Alleance, 'Rhea the • - - -- ' Slacuatenl Soap moves fne lo:a.m. till at Ulu capli ' --..1, • ..,aen 5ic0.11 , ...y. i awatJed As p.rtarnea 1 trtha In
Etelianl Was rthetadeteed to a ell.king :owe: returned : i ItIERICAN WOOLLEN GOUDS.--One I kms nialtairs and rebus ,J.‘• . I. rts log it the tax:ure i g,„
to Boston en the ill:dace Capt. band, Where he Ilt hundred and tfty pre large atzed Red Blankets of an Int.ea. ' lt...^att e Csk. dd.. :in.,. er...d, (Alan.. met
, Scurt ~,alt 111 and Sore, tar nOt on, 1,31 , 1 tut and Ambriam: ' on. limn,' 1...kn0w - le:la:ad la be toi..Bor t,
was dt s charged yratiout insy or pm:sumo ' cy, and ar . ~
•., . ;;*; *' '',' - r -,. ' ',. r .. .. b . ,It
~.. ' 1 .: ,"") j 1
~r r u . ~.,. f, ;r,, , Z . ,", , ,', , 1 '',,. ,„, , , i eurni le, Itg nee.... at h oed
7 pha anions In N viirD auf ''havlD, Lreafri in this coca or Europe.
r .... iscet , at home
alter three roars ala - . 103 go or,. C.-Inra..o 101101,01, hoar,. . who nee It In stilt cawf, ond fi b
It unfolltur--we al-, to ~,,,,,,,,,,,
1 „, ,, , , .., ,, ,,,, , ,- , ,, ,,,,, ,,,__ ... 4.. ,
0 „ .., ,,f,, , , , , ,,, , ,,, . 5 .,,,, 01 , ,, t , ,, ,, q .. , ,,,,...
P.T. d... nI- Jo .lo --- 1 Ihrople• Blotch. rr.tle, 00 an, other .1.10 , 1, aw It , I hIL O ° h i •
i f ly .1.... .1.0 reader s. &mann' that l i nt. te nanarleig. puffed nr Mum a. nomata,mte Lonnuntat Anthanhal having To et Minn.
After Ile war keit - moved with ins finally to Maine 'l' ' .', ', in , ~ i - , , . Dor triad add prove n.... 1.1 .411 Me r,, at loon heelereig
o , a e‘ n.... 0 1 of ....0... law). tom 1e,.. an I nre , :rte. , ra,r. Toint - I ...iotrit.e..Uretatel. MS, gaiters., Bo u .
and eretticd to borrki, ants placed on the !tenet. 1111 1 ' t . l ' o 1 1a. ' . L ..... 1:: ‘ ; ‘ ,111..1 ' . , .. 1 .. t ; • ____
etkw tht 1., of 1914 and regained under the net ol -01 t0n... , lII OO s Tr o oth rr(Aa'rlth.- I Bur lt-eued et, mat* rO , •csla .. - . 0-1 I 0001 g o .' oo , I Vet. Pasta 1110. Mock. Plite 101.144 . tealnprue, rh.tang,
3do .11 wool 1at....1., a..orted mare . • elle well It for me oho., malt to I know dto iu all I , Traner..ent. Olive int Wimihar. .1 thrnergi.
f:1201 tart rood after Mrc.
of was .acrd e..n ' ado Jean, st..r,ted c01t..1 Io who are' iable to ...Ltd ene 1,4,, chaitoel 0.. h. I Rant. re ma tut 11.tilitLiutalf9 -haw. Lae:ll, 800
the pewice list, tender thence of 1V.16, at SIO7 5.3 p.or I -•' do Cacciu..r., 1.1,1. atil C.f . . colors. I will hnd th, am Only • cure, hot • prevent. , and 1 .. 00 . duet de Caroltne. t.eraneum. Jenny LI., 31...w.11ue•Jtek
salaam damn; her life; in IlitaS she and her children 1 Ido :•2‘111.4.1 . 1. Lla, .11,1 Dl', filmed i nun Gni, Id. that ant tme afflicted wub MO, f the a 1 . ,.• o er Out, Magn. , la, Clte...-. Citrenelie, "tont, mai tam,
~ tl , It hate Iwill.l t Lionel. ,ard wile I or einsilarlll•• 710 Ll] i 011.1 Itii , eta as more fah:, other reeled., In all .ixt, ddlerent perfume,
after erreellth years; applicanon recetred her bus- l ra ttle In Its yrerertioe) ,the I ern, T,n. 110 ..tro...- Florida Water, Pau de 'Palette. 0D...".
i I tin Cr.,. Farrad d. do
Latthredivratonve ' , hire of th e t ' lt - e prat 0 , taken by 1 Thr tree, tiorerfrod gr... 1. are .on, - ,throced from ~,,r o .,t, nader, thr ., P.r. e a re
• 11,...irJ , 4;tA Initan. ,, " Flower 01 at., oild a gent . zth.ty of Culegac. .1 I avert
Com. Jones, in 117°., sad Pent iolu Denmark , tel , I r 0 .0., lthottlthsar. , out • o •ge ertd ere foe t.i. . 1 . ' 1 00 . : i '.... ' . t ' h '...''''''' ''l' h !1.. r -n, C I ' ar i '''' .. . e
It only of A 1 1. dAth`ltth. ../1.1 1 A,, ,, nt In .tt. arc • 'ID ii. A Ft... 4 r o thz 0 110,-,,,11,1,M• fr.., • oii, tr. 0,%,
out tatenest, bat Was never able to obtain Los :hare I th... L''' .... l '" ''''', ... u. "‘`'' ' O i l,' ur, ,„1., c l• Sl, 0 ,1 1 , 11, 1...,rJ.1ie.r. P.,‘ Luttale. throe, Compound lia Side
of the Palirss:o peso seat into France" ses, Ilan 1.,..., 11•01.1 gml in LK., Jer. and It.lhaynat,llsrl-
SPICX.S. Ctil.itt, Pllncitho. PiTPPr. C/OVen. 1 Pearly White Teeth, and Pure:ltreath, to ntos ,1.-1 ~ .11 fly / •nd p. „Lad,
'tug :, at me,. tor saki" 1 . 4.1.1A1l Is kuny COe. :IN had for ...,• cvxds -Parana elan have either, are hovel" ~_:,'.° , 1`....,!,1 0 1 ,, . ,..- t ,..7::. 0, 1„f t. ..1.":,T. 1 .,1 , 1111;•.6 , M T i rd,'
iktROSYLI.IIOICCOMIO3IIIow.--ShAkerpeare make! 1 ''',-. , WAht* l'rnnt .t . ' Lit • ..nrel that tf then breath I. ever lea foul. or then ~......,_ • - ' l. '....' -• .
' Pet d OO2 rd. dark cr yellow. oral enerloont with tart. • ` - ',.,44,...,,_,. .
1 ra.• tact. Cannella Crcom, Amondlne for
abundant ,l o or monosytAbl. , There oat , lofty el I N Ely STALK K. OF PIANOS. . i . lat . , ..?,hc...n.t.h.0,,,zh,0V0;..r_....
, Arn , ber th T: i gn , Past , ,,e mi tari f ll ,,, t , : u ast ,l ; h.... ....i . , , ,. 0 ,r1.. . ,:ta1 1 . .,„,„i ,C d c 1r .,1
. Ereas . team lez if .. E . reedn de peen, Llp
leer linen la i i King John," Act 111. Soros '2, ache te 1 ;L .. Jan. it . Nbillor. tVoc•I itrccl, biu
/ie. , 'coil is Dux Dr.! aDl..n..liil ia.u.Drmarit pa eel
MD ral2g Is plwing ta his wish to Ince.a. , Hubert to . .(1 . 1 , ,,;5a ‘,...,.. , ~, ‘,l e -. f„, aa t, ,h,.1 r:d.l call' ot JACI:‘,O , 'A Store. 2:0 Lthertf at- hes. ot ',
p,, D ;l_l' . • \'.';',',•:,,',,,,' l '„," ,',•,,',, , .. r.. ,. , 7 ar i , ...,..,.."' r , n ....;',........." , , a ti.. 1 .,''..,..'
' Wt... Hur C.,tores... P;••••1 .o r',lt•. h....deg • no. Lanett ot
Arthur's murder. lie nays:
(a I'LENT6 I ) 13 urr ;BOOKS. ( s at ,
' Good friend. Mottbut no cause to say so yet, i e
. :1 1..,,a,e. e., te,,,„ ci,,,,,,f 1 1 ...,,,,.
... .., , A Seien.tlfle llni s . Toniii. Restorer and Ilene • i,,,'1.",,;
80 , 1 1 , .. Sh .It Lta , e: a top creep Ilene ne'er ro egow,. 0 Caldnet of Modern AM. Ass
. . lo 4
1. 7 • nal Bottle, :qt. cent , Thee who hon. ow , / Ihe r.t.-• ether hop. , to maintain the repot.. photo
I .h . ,„, e nr „, I'm, h e etha n .e too. pa eveellent oualltles- 0 this a:dal...not 1.. ',tared, A, disticrlott 14 nothing
, froadthip'ertlN rang wider Ithaan,
Shadt eball c nuakt or me to do the. rood,
i . tb,eg to my. But Mt it go.' 1 riga, Pre,ht ten. P...alm end '11,..," ,thusa , those wit, hose not. we a...ture It to tseme the follow out I tint Or. , Teo; .1 . 10 , mo ...ii le h.,,r, o . Nrowe e 1 1,....
l epkodolls hoard 0 u..hti.. --It , ill 1...., Bo nor to ,roo - an woe pa rt where Iho ma, of. z.. - per o.M. ham either wholvele or rt.
• 1 Enagerral Prater Etna.. F..rd.r. - 10:11y t,.-fand .j; nae intended h... .0-0 tr ea. no', it t.llind .ti run. war' : - .oahle arm, 11. too 0. tahli-Itment In On. Lolled
• AS
- 0 Ann olle. Pr• ml. 8...... h.. Aeune„.....te. or dandruff: 1/.lli Ma, la;,fil t.d. or gray beds aro. J.. r Stah . /Al 101 t 114412,
For rendes oat/ l's -an wit ....Mt. re thing tanesor..l
WA_TEIs."6I.II = FDAYer.-A Paris ittt , ...l of lEtli ; Po!
~ ..h -. to.. au ..t . taxi. Z - TO - . i .. e l.. n . , ~ ~ 1 . n...•. ~...... rI. Director...l the Laborat , t7 of
EViik.NE Itil'ALLI..
t . .. R - Ft Ft oar. cf [curd, third mates t tra , r...nt It .. rt p. ,so . o.
December say - , t- ; asysk ins 11....1 roan nuceJ-, et at....ri 7 -irticl. , for4ll .rearaunt s tn 31r. Bann , Perfumery la for •..... ur all the ...hen
-- -.hatr
•4, LIOLD PliNn. '}‘ - c have now 012 • hand a aold mar st wit JAClicON'it Store. I 0.....e.crtr ce , e. l'lroc,.i.te In en...0110t,
'llt process of ranking pore On from water um La,.; of the .e.w flow Peng from the 1‘,1[1611 land of Word. Pets lough t 0311.:s I Silt AT Ult'S ..N kyr ICE -Letters
' kn., been dicsovered ! The problem is soloed rr , ouuct n' . 2 .. 1 . I ore , ant nstLe o .l l re.dl ...are rth , .. --3, .......... , ". nt . - 00 " 1 11
A 1... elea.t Gold Penni Co., and .l...tioldal. nil., --- -
WO saw proofs in abundance .that a moat brilli- ~.,..„ 1,, „,,, e ,,,,,t, p, 0 ,.,,,,i ne tt,„ yr,,, Pearl dn JONES' Solution 1 o Jet, a Liquid II uman r•t• of the. in , • 0 rakeistsks 4,..........4. heaths; thLs day
nnt.hite light, sad intense heat, con be y,rodu- sot o ;i:,,,Tik ',Lk's"' . rat " i "'" ' N '" i'rk s.,l"V'' s; • hair ths. tar [ 1
0, co a hst... red. .., s le. 1.1.t0 a .
~' Vr .. ,• " "t h! ',d , ,,1 , ,- t 1 . ,',.,, 1''''' . . • , , ,3 i :, , ;:1 . ;•, , ;;,L t=2,310,:7 .-
ced from it with perfect rase Rod the greats rt I - - -'
; lar.tonful brown, or 1.1.....6 IA color in • few mint. a , .4 0 . ',7 , 1:,,,,, ,„, ~,,
~,,,, 111
~,,.„..... h.h.h,. ........ „ :...
. EN ISO N II 1.51 S --12 boson reet.....l and ' Pri. ,,,) 'ea' , A.' SI .„id ...tst. ~.. t. ou .1,1 to to .m the sane dot , luNten
economy. Not to army your readers with tech- A '- ,. - , ` • w ' . s,td 1,, 11 - at ;4C.K.0.N 210 Lthrtt, Arm tLal ,4 Wr...4 ,.,, ..„,„ ~„, ~ ~,,, .„,,,,,,,, ~,t, ...,,,,,,, ~
:lied details; Ris sufficient to say-that by de- i "' '''''' ''': i''' Pittaburalt ....stdea Dee.. ,it • Thltd dr.,
I ---
cgesposition of water by a simple and cheap pro- , V ANN., 11 BEELIN. tulaitlntintallil
J. 0( tate A (11 i. ll .17.1.At1, Adtuntlatratzr
eels, pure hydrogen gas is produced, which can Po t...,...r..1a. Ito. .... I,el -der:Z.llm
be cons - q.t.' in pipet and employed is precisely
the same way en Orain3.l7 net. Upon lurnin7, A
slap cock and aisplying a match, it btums instant
ly wills a blueish dame, not unlike alcohol.—
This is its natural statc,iind I believe Mr. I'aine.
of whom, failures we hove heard, succeeded thus
far. The itamk, 13 change to a while color, by
means so sample that it appears labulou,-it is
in fact the to-owning point of the invention.
Immagine a thin filigree hoop of platina, sha
ped like the wick of a mechanical or solar lamp,
about three quarters of an inch high, to be fit
ted to an ordinary gas burner. When this it in
place, its. whole surface is darlingly white; and
gives a light, it 14 eltinasted, equal to fifteen
candles. 'Die height of this netted tube cannot
be increased, irgeits diameter can be enhirgedto
- any extent, and the light of course In the came
proportion. There is no sensible hame-no
amake-nut the smallest odor, It does not flick
er, and in all three particulars posseisas au im
mense advantage aver coal gat. There if .
humbug about it. . It was before our eyes bur
rilug blue without the piation aparatus—ehan g
• fag to white upon contact with ih lin can turn
it on or off-one tittle or much at your cone
Ni9s,...r6iie Bretz ftattre.—A few weeks ego we
re" is brief nofeee of tt anetivextery of this excels
sockry. - Si/10 idea the mast repor t has been
. .__ ,
''abed , o-eoPY ctf raittich is before es. To the
appended the journals of the visiticg agents
a thia city, :Amis. Alexander Watscm and the Rev.
&Pedlar. Mr. Wair,on is an old sod tried Ariend
the 6:11122.. his'. Putter's eta Vices have not been
• oolong devoted 'to the same object, yet both bare it.
'bored, and are mil: talx , ring, with success. Uniled.
4 they dirutitnned last year 6;112 volumes of the
Selinturei. LaLir tzept o i31.120Z1 of Lie daily pro
sedinya, and could ere spare the •pace we would
laAly make e.virrus withers front thrywo. We murd
(anent oun,elves vial a few items to show . th
wanner of proceeding:
, - Oct. 0—r..;1 into a company to day, consisting of •
tree nonce looking :women, a sot of nmodle tee,
n. 4 a young wan who appeared Intemperate and
a retuned. • When 1 announced my errand dm lour
In et named laughed, and the man made borne
remark. at once addresigid to) self to tom
addapoke .at to notan of-the Bable,dur. ' winch I 01-
feted to him I , Lw twenty .five gents. He snot • , he •
would sell toswlf to the aeon tot they; et which the
_ compney again tincred. ..0!" toad I. "God tays
that men fed dlseruselveb for lees then 'ant," quoting.
Isaiah 52 3, and embracing the opportunity to speak 1,
of %helmet,ss of reGrnpitutt; regrmoso 1;y the pus.
rage. "Wed," sil id he. in a depreetrory tone, L•to
tout same, you would not think I was worth twenty
thousand dollar, a tea months ago," and "a man
that ban iceat what lilts., Wm . & yore who he actin
. hianwlfto" - .There as folly an thinking mach of
weatto,',' I replied; -.GA has sand, by the laps of the
wrest of 'lnc...wilt thou .et thane eye, upon That
which is not? for nchts canal nly make to thembelv.
1 I stn a lover of ple-mture.n e lel aimed he; and 1
• ;traces led to speak of the pleasures of a sinner, par.
Owed through the blood 01 our liaviour, and restored
ico the favor of God. "Ali." raid be, "hut Ono's not
what I ;call Veasure," and went on to enumerate the
' , skimp indu genetm in which he delighted. utiod
bar* word to you-upon that aubject al o; He !Teens
to you in Severe Irony, and says 'Retrace 0 .young
Man In thy yodtb,' deo. (quoting In full Eee. lath, I l
9,) and turning from him', .1 nddresxrd infRII to a
yoeugg women who had come in, nod who had ail
' peered to. Wen atteenvely to our conversation.
She seemed to be suffering (perhaps from a de-
bench ) She had neither the Bible nor Nee Testa.
meat, and !gave her the letter, with words of sot 1
•ento ennatel, on bee promise to preserve and read ,
it • 1 presume the plane Was a nrotael, but 1 tennern I
hero,' that even harlots may enter into Me kin - tlom
celiod before phurieerm. e
eb 15th-e' , IN ill the Bible pay 'ley rent?" asked -
a an Of ine to day. "Certainly it wall help if read ,
and regarded," I replied, "for at enforces the duties l
at tadonry and economy, and teaches on to look to
Ood for his blessing, which can alone give euceew;
and to the lazymui it says, 'Mao to the tut thou slug
PH, " ann. • He seemed pletased, and chewed me
that be had the Bible.
PICKLES, &c.. just reset m!1 rat Liberty
so-eso—Pteklol P rai ellessgyvat om bart: ridrir u i
-j 17rVirITI.Vi Tu1rgra..14°,,...,..i..... irara..6....
orr. Is .11,rarr jar,: Pieldol Marines. to . onarrjaro i
ANUICO,I 01113 FOrtitGll }3II3LE SJCITb• 1 Z./7";tra': th T,7 a j d ....." d! loot ' 'ir k 0 he . ' VO:1
Monthly meeting or the Baud a Managers pas held cotal , v.;t l r""b.r.b• 1 j. 9 r -.' ' '' '' 'l73. " - ' llll.l kC°
at their room• in Broome street, OD Wednesday, J. /LIIIIIO3IE. GREEN. J
• 00 lbs t w or a
fal niWo.e bY
KIDD a . ..i st.
6, the Reverend Dr, Welch ' presiding. The &nary ___,.."
Oita °film society were &coruscated aa in a hopeful 1 pARIS tiILEEIN. 600 II•e for sale try
—..randition, the receipts for the last four months hay. 1 -11-. .10. - J Kllitl
kr:exceeded by several hundred dollars those of the , 111:5: APPLES. 65 bus for sale be
corrponding months of 184 D, lad Me nEvregate re- i - ' . 9 -
cceipte of the. three quarters( the year novrelosed be
inq 00l yaL iv hundred doll a less thee at the same
pound one year ago. lute eying Intelligenee woo
lifir.Mtd to by thTs Correspo ing tecreiary as recent- --
iy received nom different to of the world, espect iiiIRASHE BERRIES.
1 1 .
auo lb, tor rale by (All BILVN d RI3TER.
ally from China and Siam.—lo the latter Cr/11111u •
rensed'edinua of thellew Testament, prepared by'-DATER 'LANCING'S. French and Amer-
Me Reverend Dr. Jones, kas 'Peen put to eircuiatiou, it isV. 7,7 " . i i i t '' d ini."itrarrigertr. Ti M
L.... ) - td Wood •trort.
and is extensively called for.' In Utica. Me work of .
translation speedup proceeds . . An unusual amount 'S TRICOP111:1Z01.'S for sale by 11.
of huaincis was iranatteted. Several epprokrustwas ilt4 . } 3':-LII, L- r;!;;l•,..t i ‘,, V . `"' d .'"'" '''^'''. f " "." 1,2 h "
of Ettirilatt and Otirmen Scriptures were mud; as
Scrip els ale
hors re —'- cenie,l and .-- iiirsi
was also sto appropriation for the purchase of Scrip I_ 1.., de, SttitiVKll 0 BARNES.
taros for dam:lndian in Haiti. The board aPP'P o rte.
'l' ARD.—Twentv holy and fifteen kegs tor.
led likewise to the AmL^trun Baptist Missionary U. iti ear b. tI!GIVIIP..t IIdkNES.
• nion, for Scripture operations iii China, SI,UOO , in i i i ,
in. PEACIIES.--thrtst - jultulred taus just
Eliatasisrka, and in Assam, glkil A large amount al 'retired and fur sale by
'foreign operattoas is null required, and the liberality 4 ... 5 6 _ll r -wk . -a 4 PS-R s *.
ICtlus friends a the society to confidently looked to QENECA OlL—Fire Lois received — , for sale
for the necessary supplica.--(Nevr boob Commercial{ } ' by
4/Wl'Ol . lllM . All UTTEIL—Fire bole and tap jars prime roll
I J,) butter. f, firmly ..... 0130 .010 1,-
..Ticry!:rt 0 TIAR.NE,.
about four o'clock yesterday afternoon a fire
waidiscovered in a room of the llmudy Land
division of the General Land Office, on the third
floor of tho Treasury building. Tho alarm was •
given by Mr. Goddard. one of the watchmen.—
It happrhed that Mr. Butterfield and-two of hie I
grixtclpal clerks, Messrs. John and Joe. S, Wit,on
were in the room of the Commissioner. at the
other end of the building. These gentlemen, ,
with Mr. Goddard and thethreo other watchmeu
npoti ascertaining the room from which the
dense smoke proceeded, immediately entered it,
and loon succeeded in ettinguishing the flames.
Upon examination, it was found that none of the
records and no papers of any value' whatever had
Men de2troyed. The room wee of late oco,,pirel
by Col. Cabe', but at this time by Judge Will
leas and Judge-Strong. The fire was very
clearly ascertained to later been occasioned by
the-burning ors broom tbst had been placed be
hind a largo wooden case. The hearth had
been swept with. Ildstronm, and It had no doubt
become ignited without the knowledge of the
man who. had used it and placed it in this posi
PGITLATIOX or Tilt CITT or ST. Loris.—A
good many abatements have been outdo in reward
to the population of St. Louis, varying consider
ably in the number. The following statement,
which - has been obtained from the official rolls of
the United States, is believed to be entirely cor
rect. It is to bo understood.. that this is an enn
meralon of the inhabitants si they stood on the .
let day of Tune !wt .
First Ward.
Second Ward,
Third Ward.
Fourth Ward,
Fifth Ward.
Birth Want,
Total, in the city proper,
B - at to this trumber i 3 to bo nwlefl the
populatiosi_in Bremen, and the tab
u/be out of the city limits,
• - •
Making totalpovalatien ,
' . The total population. df.i.he city and, county. of
Louis is 104,F.34.-•••St. Louis Ey.
„.„- • • . .
STRAW:GOODS.'-41. G 'reentilE:
thriri iadaacwitte suaw
the ."...tioN bop
their pods . Mr I.Us. and
min.. They will otter - indueettents to • wet vsaidr
wYko, go., to yorthwers who bar by 1.2.•
ftmpler exhibited at their Mrs. No. la Pend
etha. (h• Ages.) New York. the. 1.421.1212
ks., twd. Wart strict, eon be told nt the Conwt
W•rshosse. Ns. hi: Fourth et, at priors es tow es 'tiers=
told lunar of the isstsro ItVLINTOCh.
,QMITLEY iTaittli7;:, Coal Merchants,
17 and D,sltan to Try Goal. Graraina, lan , and
alluer of ‘tialnut Wee- Waslll2.4ta. Ta. 11 0 ).
saprsamrille. elliadally•S
- Splendid Gift Books.
MALE POETS of America; be T B Rend
s. Saviour. with Prophets and Arnale.. Dr 1 1 . ,
sreneit the Ldf.• id our narlour.
tlorrnen.ry. the lour
T.Dr. Tr Do.
llitistra Jlo dd ithara s n
UT ear ' ll;(l...octi .erldanrk
ram.' Nets of 1.100111 aid Atari..
• Ponta Utretilve. liditrd by Ylrn. S. J. Mfr.
lirrninse at Donald,. Mauer. By dire.. 51randfrAl•
0.131} of Beauty for 1551.
Cabinet of Modern Art for 1551.
Tonn oda., Offering do
The frying Olfering do
The 1114 do
The Bemernbor He Crary Aguilar
The Mother': neunspenee. fly . author of
the role of ...ire, to
Vlen aof Ailerons.. World. fly John Ilrocklreby.
Sabbath reboot Colon limp, in ranee binding, for holi
day prereuta For rale by A. IL ENti CO,
lIIEESE. 100 U boxes for gab. by
n fty PEACHES. 303 Rnd 11 bbl
fr , r abl, by 4s, L 'WATERMAN S SON: ,
5 bhlAbnckl•J;
bf 010 fm.
AN enle
PLAIN OIL CHIN EL. received this thot
ht the Curv:t Warrhauge, S 5 Fourth fl
1.9 NV.II. Th-CLI
Al oi.AssEs. 50 brie new crop for sole by
TANNEIt'S OlL—Sixty brie No. I, tarsals
In 11) .1 - e.1 , 11.1.1T0RT11 4 co.
RUSSELS ,C All P S--W e invite the
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Carle!, ear dirrrt (man the
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.archon e. Nu Sd Fourth rtrrcL
inlo W. Meet:M - 2MR
' T APESTRY CARPETS. direct from the
Importer, crh+n - and rich xtflt, In Kun end for
v. l ‘‘..‘i Psi.", at W. neclintarth. carpet. it sr,
how, No. S 5 rt. pad
XIOLASSES. 30 brhi landing from Warn
/VA er emeltuvril, and Mr we by .1. B. CANFIELD.
Firer d. retyrrin Word t Smithll.4ll
EARL ASIL 15 brLa for sale bv
VRESII ROLL BUTTER, in boxes and br
recei a+.1..1 J. IL CANFIELD.
u - EMU NG S. 100 br.s LALIACC Pealed, for
able by dr= ISAIAH ULM EY 6 CO
.11_ 400 lb• tur bale by jai IlitAC , 4: REITER
c.r ~.L+ I.y d..,))
1 , 31..1. by
. .
AR 0 bills for Klile by
d&O J. )01M kW
Spanimli Float, bladras
sn'er by ole,o j. glob a co.
INTINCI-11onse and Sign Painting
cherq, 4.• oth at e t r mint., Itt the
city, nod are Lb.-mallard to a. IL
, lab/ J.
QCIIOOL BOOKS.—Educational rka,
0 Motu, Mar, in.trurasnsta. C.iahorury, out,r, p a p.
licatthro. EDICATION
G. 5 Mart a
a 4
( 1 1 010: ISIEA L.
r rr rat . I.:
AAi NSEED OIL. 10 lad. , received_for a:de
1,, der,a A 11 11A1111AUJII
( y `l.L;3llsll DABAIL 1.500 Ihs juxt nveired
I,rner 9. fist noel 1A."4
I_IAILSE. 14) dr,rn pail Horse anti
jA. Mute firtruro, for rale er
, OFrEE. Iu sto awl for sots bw
X; O. MOLASSES. 31.1 brio , note
. crap, just
.111 , : ,. ric0l And for r•b: by It A.
IZRESLI ROLL BUTTER. 4 brim jlist recd
by R A. CU AM
N.) brand, for oale by I aA.CT N N1?..,1211AM.
FISH. 75 luis and bf brls for
V eale by d.. 27 ISA IA II 141124EY &
HICKORY NETS. IS bap for oafs IPV
‘1(TL1) CANDLES.2I I boII , .: by. 1,,10.11,1,1N,, } 7}, D:&
150 holes Louisville No. 1 Rosin:
pel .4rl4'% , :iii; p 4: ( ' O.
r E N T 'EC K Y -- .1 U STA.) tD. A ennstartt
1 1 ‘. , flpil , or nurn..4-..,' ..h.lorat:,l g• u. k, Mottl.rd.
' ' .'"
A .- Jl ' ,.Cl. l V l' . l iiD 4 , CO
g i OTTON YA lIN. 20(..t) llorell Hope inn,
ii_i ior ...i.,1., nt; W ALIA N.: VOILD & CO.
B hItANGES. 35 Lapis. jamt received and
IL" ha enle be DUla:IllICE, A. INCIIIILANI.
' le 116 Water an-rt.
I -
g i 'ILOVE. 164) l/bIK, for Fla.! by
S. nt7 111:1011:110.0: & INGIIII ttll
DIVIDEND. Th. , PreAiLent and lir,ird of
Sltz,, , ,r• of the Northern Ltherti.t Ilrl.l,Cntnr.oF
n& tbi• day 4,ltntl t .hrlleul of noe doll:, no.I Idle
nen4 nu ezrh .an. a 11, itp:ta.l -t. -k a .ad rotuntne.
the mule till Le pavt to the stAckln,lden , an nr sluff the
1011/ 1137.1 t. /1 E. WARNER. TrrtfLonr
Allegheny, Jtn. 1, 1,51.—,t,12t•
-10 .4, Now York S) my. • le, roperinr trtirle.
I Golden Pyrop !rant the St Latta Hon,
Sut - sr Hyatt , Unla....e , at do
Nr.rilih-ttn. ‘l4 I r ••1, by
jt:•1 • WM A- MrC L 5
I.CINI l ttl.. . i..t.1 1 . .
(;: - J ODA ASH. 75 casks Kurtz brand for sal(
1.. by , del:,
- ---- F,a. IV.
TT ItAlttlAl , lll. •
1 _ .
111OLL BUTTER. 20 bbla prime, cbceir
411., ed fur ral.• 47 d. 4%) N. & w....i.REAUGII
ipALLOW. 50 tbls. prime for Male by
J. 6,10 :La m. 11Ali0A1.411.
VELEESE. 50 boxes W. B. Chcroe for salo
‘-; br . de./ • 0.8 W. HAlLllktali.
_ .
1310 ,METAL. 17t tons for rolling mill
dl7 TWEi7II-5.:11)11 41 V3 & CO.
VEACILES. 173 bags per
AI/ 14
M :l3 . ll9frer, for
_X. ma° deri UMS &CO
B y i TJER. bbLi roll, for rtalcbAr
B RIY . - 2,;115. 1.0 loz,en for sale
JONES' LILLY WlllTL.—Laiii# A are cah
Llcasszl sizahlst mail.: the I/M....A Chsas•
or. hc.l s•sre luor Injorl , us it Is us lb., skE'
ho 7 cost, how tuueh. bow schow../.1 t 510../
the skin 13.11Verol. after using. ymper. Chars: Lt.4:lex.
Injurious, rusittolung u
We Darr tei• hea
It Is plUJlheertmti [smog r.l .1 ash Icrl /us
sad Iroputr to the'4l.ll. ustural. *I
elosstor. Cir.. 1 the sauss hw. artlng us
us=detethr,ak.l,n, mst sshrsAll
s psht, . :UM
hmsgi Wu. k/
.. Patshurgh. ss.uts
ItUBBEIi PASTE. .1 „root, of that
enyerit .rucko In; bot.d.. end n If..terann I.l , ttodu j etc
die mono refunded. for nalo ...Z.nAle end retail, et 7
U IVomd atom,- [10) J A 11. 1.1111L11 .. e
11 ".i. 11.,,,r1b.1t, Ito
LAwnotni.LA 7 o dd. Jo. re.
'et'OtiTtilo'tl..';.ruct.d'recs'irs .17
tad 7, coon. nt,
Maseet theea , t ,
ILA HD OIL. ,5 1, 1 oviuter qraitu..l.lor
/ br d. 7 t71117V. MATIIILWS A a.
lINSE.EiI OIL. 5 brim pare Nees . Castile
A d;!2l .l" ". "'"v''''
I OFFEE. '2.13 baga Wu for rale Lv
17/IEV. M Arriir“ 9.l I or
Fisii. 116 brla large No. 3 Irickarel.
I, bd. Nc 113altionnre
11 dryly 040 , h, lan' .ale e.
VAILNIFOII SALE —A Faso. tiltuntO 10
North Iluntlnsulon tuunohir, e.n.turetuodrout. ,
rontahnnu 24-1 sr,. ,4 laud, butrrad.el 1,) lou.L. 4.1 Jn
.1 , 1 of two rtory theellinu How, I.lllla loam. larav
frame ,table. and nereuutr. out lonian,. .tuhle orchard.
Cider kr Title lu,li'l•utall 1 I , •rmrnluir. on
16r ' ,, or 10 011.110 11 1 El<1.1:1
Iy:LLEFON TA I N a. INDIANA 12:1 11.
ROA IL—he-wird to .
hog. ou 25 mil.", from Inranne Creek. to the furretion
the -loth...villa and liellefoutout.. 11.11 Id the lo
ditto& Nate Hue Prot!, boa •
rube, ,110. . eto 11., c oral , uhrto Informatiurr
can to• obtaultel front hum 1 1,..101 too. Itraulerrt Erralu..r
Proponali lost ahu
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It at :Odor, 1111 the ch.
Januar.. •
un'auiiL to.ox::: : Va, l „y.^..l,"?N l r ,;,0 1 ;;;1
f.r,t1 1 .° 4 4.t."
nda hefirre the 1.1101 inlurroatlun ran be Moan,
(Tutu /Una. Nturrall. thoulent Cuomo,. at Itolh.mutaitu..
andat um Chief Etautnfee , ..dr.o &MU
7 4;,`).,T
aniV,Vwbowerlel,l.l.: Irtuujinintrfiutla
: main ILuo. i ' runilloatno atUl Sce TotTo fit t r h :.!
ar ' l ' . ' hr lll".Virt r.
11 . ( Phis( Engluevr
Engineer'n Mire. Der. IU. 11,0. 141
011 Cloth Paetorf
. yard' , F-1 flour 011 Cloth:
30.1 ,arda 4-I Au du
1 . 24 „,,gr.j.1V 4 : 17 1 4 1 . flood and Du
Corers. of p GU
atent Crnlalt. and beautiful
vale vh,..lvaile and retail, at the how,, , NMI. 7 nal
lroal Attrtt jaS .1.
20 ha:go rcrel,.,l or ,via
bales for ilalo by
Wit II J0117:31077
SLINDRIVI:—Thren hundred bids. NOT r o
Markprri; hat( bith da.da4 bbbr
1311/11 and for s.‘k h, Aff JAIIY3 DALZKLL. I
A., Aila In atom La ule by.
ILERBS—Elderfk , Tors, Sage and Boneseti
a Snob lain= rceetrfd and for sale Or
j - J. KIDD it CO., N,.150 Wald IR
trippLL 8
.bblnymeivod on consign
gad, waltz Ws DT WALLINOFORD
rr ittmt. a).
- 98 Wa
Professor L C. Barry's Tricoptercs,
Olt SIEDICATED compouND, i n r a nibi e
g.,. ~,..o.loa. lu,,,,..ratina. and twaautite log the hair.
nne.,lng 111, a..ttrtl daminti,atul fall alb ..tvala Of the t c.i,.
.0.1 iliue , tontlau. on the etch,. dket. , of the gland.,
muscle. and totesument% and relieving rung.. rut, brui.
o •.•y ram, , ll Ith tPle pre pagan.. - tlo I. ,no vo,,
purl an mil rt., 114,1 halrtunt lu Amer.,. ru.lhal men
of It.,' hl 1.• emlneme. i.retaineul .Ittrena IA all prof..
sod idiom who have 0.... d it tome.. It, their
won emam. and afoot 1, et^roiol. a
~,,,,, . hear, Ora., luxurlanae. 44141 curl to the hilt,
... u tak...80,410t and dandruff, hemline; wooml.. curb'.
a .,,,,„.„,“. ~,,,,.....,,,,, An.. and rehiring do.llere. ~1.
ti,,. 4 tu. ita gland% and the mmclas it has no ,ual
aant.h, the u.ulntudo rd am:lv:mall adverttatti In tilt 4,116.
neural.. , r wed in ptivste prelim. In chrannam , .4 will
. etieteney, 1,n,, Trieopherous 2. unrivalled The lin-
MOD , ' t.'h Wet of the arttele, have mad.% the Inventor
psupply it at •11.outetot lealti... which If from fia tel lOU
erp ant In. than the pricy ad any pliant preparatlcrt tar
int hair tura in U., Th artentitte treatlic on the halt
an d ~,r ~11a ...$1,1.".1.1, Ito taluable dlrecUona far the cah
lure and preavreatiou of natur huireat arnatuent. to
In .rldrn vett; Dottie fa enelusod, la alum. wurth the num"
Tl...anthill 444`1 ~on the otemhison. wltiehennallnatethe
.1.1,, atal ti. Lia. I. li.rli drone IP. etoteuinee tram title
11,ple In
I. e.ry elwe All di.twiee of Ho halt 44,
1 , 1114414. I/1 Ihr •kin of the beat If the p.n.s of the welP
see elotneed. Cr if the blond sod puler fluid* do not enen•
f.te through the mall resettle whleb h,-.1 the rout
14 oh 1114.1•Iure. end Impart-lA. to the t 141114 the n atilt I.
atart. dandtud. eheddta4 el the Lair. crarecnra. Uri na,
T and har.bne.a of the ligament% and entlruhaldocse. a. the
Ll,' may Le :quuniate the rho healthful a. inn with
it e letenpherona, and the torpid re n
•welt, recovering tin le
4 .1411,.
nil tour:111u, th, dOwate Inallalleron• of the old '.llh. •,,Ndtace, of wand,. o.l l s ntetrumellta,th e
/owes. awl the aft,..l are the rune. It la tt,ta the .kilt,
tin ...ruts, Cora. st, , l the gland., that the I'rie , Pllet o nt
ha. It.,..eine amen,. and at all afleetion, and mine, of
titc.....,,,,0.. It ta *,,,verelgn rented,
0014 10 large tomes, prle,lo., 'rota, at the principal of
I floe. 127 Broad, New Perk. awl b: the principal wench
no a sod .1, ogrill ,
" , throughout the halted titm,.., sod e,i,
n . drc-1.3m
1 E VEN TII I{ it EAT SI , : N C
11-AN A I. SALE.
I of Dill 111010'. al the floe ptlee.nora of
i A 11A,ttlN d CO. C. 2 and lal Mark. alter .
N.utuutt , ....l ea klowlst;ilk.;;;ll;i:lll — i.s7,4i,l7, coetiu:s..
nrf. h enV: . ..1.Ti; ,',"„, ; • . ` ,„ " „ " 1 ! ! ,' , " .,..,:;11 . %:;.. " .
nut.. .t Own. r.,,l.Annual t,le in an,' r't , of th''
ale rn,rk. nn ... onto., h. into Illtretml and Shirt,
11 at--..nel 1.141111", Will IP, nllerlPlt 111 ttitftll. at 111116 GM'
I p rfh i,.... than unual levee, ‘2',',.;',':.'n'!V;
th ...WIPP who attended the nal, of tart t aar. will be sulti
ell t ,untpt,.... for a gall this sennon. Tha r nun, horm , C.
, 111100 tay. , of tle. ,ocnlS and prtn, fwe the Inuefit of
C 1... alt , lin•. never attend...l thole nth, ale.
it... 12 1.4.1 .....•./e_i :.luts, uqual prim 1/1
i...n. ,pllP(l.l.l , ,thnt and gr W , g , l 1:a..1n0n., ::::. tants. usual
pra-w :it ~ i tent,
' l l , ' , p1.. , ...,, , ..tun awl Stool thlaluvi. It. nil la .rutn
llPtlal pr., par and ti
, 1 4 ‘ , ... high .-ulored phod tl., , ~
r.S e.."
,0 1. 1, ... etrlla . d and fwured 211te, id gents, tivonl
I , elaa 7.. mall
'll pt,,an ....atind.. Chin.. and Saha. /17ti cents, unavl
paha El ~
00 plwgra Illuk .W.llks, minced II per rant.
list pine, / n.urlt , I, rin.w, SI On: troll palm 111:37 1 ;
,i). t0e , .... Paremrttas and L)cue:tw Cloths, n.dueed :13
lair Celli rate Alperen. all rotors, red w,.1 lag per rent
''.., 1,,,, F Nu.. .. 1 1tavla. ' , Welt 'rill Ln. mil Irma SI tr.
S. lan , . than tvntal prier!.
;Ans.. yerin Punnet Ilthkunn et 5 awl 10 rant', usual
pH,. 14 wl.'. c..ntsf
lath eulond CalifV . , at r , V, ants, tonal prime Pe.
ltnirenra Luali..ll awl American Cali a ... at r end 1.0
r. 4.511, unuel price to eud 1 . .:3' trots
WI raneelllencluAl 11u§lho, minced% tantr la , ' Yafli .
?JO info..llrown 31u111n, all grader.
Also. Lacer, I;uthruldert,s, Trlterultig§ 11rnigrr awl
Glover, Means. lbecls.s. Clath ,, , Ca.wka,,...., can...1et...0
Jeet, together with an Lannon., yaliet, ...f other Isx , h ,
all of trltleh will he Down to Lower Pelves than and
of their pre§44. 3111,..
They Invitean rarly cell. as , of their .holes
0,1,15 Pill noon to mold. The lairs rf prim nnow..l at drat.
A. A. lIARIN I W .
Into . &I and 65 Slallmt §t.
bj you 1K31..
The Port', Ufforlng for IS:A r by Mrs. Sarah.). Ifttla
(Irmo of Beata). for lbSl. Tbe Blom far 18S1
Cabinet cf Makin teL The leis. a Smararat
Tho Pernorther 'I, foe 1001.
The Illurtrato4 Life of btairt. by too. 11. Weld.
Scotto In the Llfe of our envier.
Paul mut Virginia, now aml apktalll tattle , .
bog. of Toroporaort ()Ifni a 1851
The 'roar.; laterion
11,100116 r . ilo•tora' , V.l.l for 1551
The Ararnron R.0,0-oke lor hit
l l e o t pooro and
ro P m p the
Sa ba l y
o bo e• o n r l a i r c t a .
lleverlao of a Ilactrolon by Marvel.
a.l o o, a completeumrUntur of Tuohy &tool UticaDcota,
p a paa, ar (oat,. binding ear Ctuletulas yrbenota W the
Young. On hand end fur We by _
A. If, ENOLIIII t CO.. SI Waal
S Iag I34.TUS. PO boxes for
ILdrthsilkitulty Lana Agenqi
SiditTHEM HOSEY, would respextrully
/Mono thee° !attire — MI that he has m 01000 litie
earl ua Bounty Lands canter the moot law of Conan.
By that L.O all wbra bare *dually served to ear of
wen slum 17%. or their widows or minor children, are
titled to Bounty Lend, from 40 to sores. arconbnit to
the tern of owning sod ea the law ertmwelY ProMiliw
against the transfers, no benent can exonie to the subtler
until Ms land is !Path'. Le thertifore thin evident
Individual diatomite no wt It
pipit their load either tit pethatrson
other to it amrieot. n•qutoto hTat-V,Vrkr.7l:d — clio
onoprothigi Mteriipto to borate by nor method
will posse to the end startle. To seetsantlsh ail, end to
ekoo anti= Loans:oaf the soldier in the eimismulatl
stilrit contemplated by Congreas. and resommendeil by the
dnartineut. roe mans rt. Mkt% at •
romparativeli ttilLns erpirow to prosurei— let. A Laud
Warrant fur those entit l ed. bi To thPoriothadMrsonalir
the locating of mid warrant. thereby wowing and overtop
beim, to ape 'Didier a suilidous sekotion, either In view of
pagination or sale. 11. To obtain a Patent for mid lard.
p i nether with a description of lit quality. lorntink no., thus ,
enabling him to form an estimate of its mbar
TTermi.whlels will d, remonable, toads known an amolt:
Address (post pall) S. 31ATTIBir HOSES,
rim cou the
B.—Write nty.
tho name of your Post Offlor. County, and
State. eery lonthlt• smiroirmitS
NO. 49 LIBERTY STREET, Pirrsnracti.
P. DELANEY but ust ,n ujr . na of
,FM. d gat°, rl ‘ ,.....tings bare L IMCII r elri= Ir r i l g
gnat care from he lest importations, ma comprim a part
of sorry thief (hot is new and bandanna. for Spring end
Simmer The inomtutent of Vesitings to unusually
large nodparted, both In style and quality. nod cannot be
tfther i ;guas i l by any . ollier r.tablieluttent in this
direXi, ' new l ink If .. 1 1 r C l jig . rre c* , 'adapted tar burl
VVIM WOO and ' lianta. Summer (Mob of every dercriptlon,
cart. as Tweeds. LE.lttneretto, Italian Cloths, Limn WK...
o. The entire stria will favorstily eompare with mr
stnek of al.& owned heretofore in Pittsburgh.
Mr. J. C. Wolfe well known skill and taste as • cutter.
wilt preen an ample &mama:tee to till who may favor this
comblishment with their orders, that Owl will have iss
gond and faallicnable wink as a n
la. produced b
bourn in he Eash and at touch lower pries., as loco been
acknowleilmni by many Yak° bare Mild both. I would fur
ther state. that I will famish as good and hohionnble
Goods*. ran be found in Dui Eastern market. nal at mush
lower prime.
A Icons and general assortment of ready made cllkung
Is 00 fund. nude In the present Vashlans, ention
Dm.. Erma and Llnsinass Coate of tho LIMA styk, nude
of Frey+. English, and Atomic. Cloths. of all fashiona
ble onion. Pantaloons of es my deacripUnn, of plain and
fancy Cassia:terra
East, dm
style; Clothe, Mittinet and
Stammer mole. Of the Is. Hating and SIM, plain
I col foamy Marseilles:Lb:dm, Cashnlett, Or..and other v.
tides in the Clothing liar. All lisruninte made at No. M.
Sea Warranted Is be rut and made in issio.l aortal - unlike
style. nod will ho sold low fur ma th . -L.
113-500 e but the best of Workinsu employed, and full
wars paid All flamer. nude to tinier as LOV, war.
I Le- Wholentle punliseure will 1104 the so ick at 49 n most
desirable ono to select a cheap and beautiful assortment
Dom, itstarltriatfl P.
State Mutual File Inanuutee Co., Harriab . g.
riNuE dualga ot [lire COMPANY is to afford
the owners of porperty safe iriaa chmy Ittrumneri its
hu.rincga being conducted ntrirtlY ...the Mutual
mostitating every mends, yrto-kholler, and entnling hito
to a el the profile and by the only oitritaLls merloci
to the eratem of mutual houranet—thstof CLASSIEVINIi
• ITg Ittglig—thus affording equal benefits to the Manner. •
The Directors. arronlingly, hate divided their risk. Into
two diffinct doves oho chatter providing that no part of
the funds of tither ran he apporpliated for the payment of
lame wean-ma In the odor. The Pita CL‘er la del . ..Mit.
4.1 till CU3IPANY, In which ltralViim‘l'llgt b. i
de al.'s. country &tell - ars. 14ihs; boot
40 put as more na.artrous hi ultowol
The Scrawl Clary le 4,nonainated the M.ERCIIANTr ,
CMIPANY. In which hourenty may he made up. userch
endive, and the niter kind* of property in town+ andvt
She premium llnteStarr only about not Ferro as large as
the., nruallr rhargrel hy.other companies, and theniter
low-,but much ,rs the hit-rotors m+ confident will rare them
the nerYYlty of t vex mairingrau aroooment. Not over
$ll OO .allawed le he insured In one , anrl the ate
plirant allowed, the privilege of insuring either with or
without the liabilitr of a prelaittro nrde.
Tire patron.. e ylthh hp • horn fAlrba•Ni to tbi ,, .:Mnitnl .
Duet of itg.nivrez •
W. Lest Taut, 31.:11113.) !kW. , that its merits art duty ate
Metaled hy the
_public. AM Lome trill he smiled at the
Ar a , of hes with pnAtipiney and lib•mlity.
It is nog :ruder the centred of the (011 owing Directors:—
John I. Iltitherford. Allwrt Gillett,
o f
T. Jones.
Alenro A. Cgrrier. Philo C. Yedgielck, Retort Kroft. John
B. Parkur.
A. A Clan Ma. Aetna',
Ifronzh ORica ft.r W•Xteill
a. 1.1 N . Pittalpnro ,Inwt..
Cortntv of Third end Market Orootc Chortod A. I/
Charteml ist-ditute ,:f the laud
'tlylvvnia—Jratti Prwelpol It:1 , 10010 , w in the
Felon, of AerlKllo.l
K., l'roft.oor of rountnanaltir.
tilr Computation, to
Artaactnat IVatnow, Lem - lame on CV'munrreloi
Boone nv Tansvt..-11co VC:11 Wllkino. Jinn. Jame.
Burhonau. lion. John Rmlon. 11nneharlee Nio /or, Ilan
AV.". llatoptot, lion ll'. 11. Loom.. Iv J II Ah-Clint.wk,
John Anderson. M0..rrh....1. Don-
Ctu Cot
is C4lOlll - 1”..—J01111 T. too neon. Morn., at
Law: Jam., Tawy. llrrrhant II A Ar::oontant can l`nter Inrhtution al..arag Ittne. and tda.
Ulu Inattoetion Individually. loth an: kn-Yrsoranw: when
entitle& will re...ive a dtplot.a. 0010... d tho acult, and
Es:a:mining 0.-¢usnlthe
Those derh - nsa a thomnah knowieli, - . of B.A. ttu
Pentrunanthln, , heol In mu , / I, the oul)
Chute:rod Cadlegr ol the tind, Pitvuorwh. Conanotsdro
, timtv nadfrawl L. i... A. Clklinberlia, 0411 tu.:ol with pruintd
134.tiANCES ON DEPOSIT, which ht,:
tool nu:chart:L:l , i for thy.e tear rod upward,. in, the
Bank of Vittahurgir.—
William Davie. maiden.. unknown. Autt. 1 0 51,
Spew., Manley . . nalwanlte. t), st ,
, I =tut>. that tha torn:tont .11111 . t4 41,,1t tor in
11=gorg obrollt'r
T M. lIOWE Cashier.
t..777"‘4 m C
' W. !:RN T,
dsd-rilm Soto, Pohlle.
Promntrr.ll. IrLO. Tu. fullnminK io hrt
attrh, 244. (lava 'ran boor fu Olt% tbvr
renuuned la ‘1.1.,.13.m1i unlltarrd anal uu,laina,l.l,:thor
Irlfhtle macci of it, prultor. bud date—
. 1.1..i1,vric.1.4u. dcpusited July 14. C.
(Ivo. WairtLatr.l4., IS'.
Both .1,6,1.1,04
.4 bra at Int.r. it at r.V. of four
pi, rtnt. VI ...maim.
JOIIN MAtoIIVIN. CurLicr unto and c01t...110.d k...fort too
J St" . ..stry lid , •
Pittanrel. Szti.IISIT 2. 1)11
1,_.; men/ of Des , aite and BalbarrEscprbrltt thr
thit dole of ILL. et.tnutent, have not 00th,, therms , .
or ditutotthed, with the awned of the depotitora, the dale
when euch &twits sere made, ...Wane. aerrued. and
the amounts theteof. attttetnent
all deptolts
and Lanus,. GI &pulite which Lan heretofore o,ern pub
tor three nte....esetre /ton—they Leda[ etsinsted to
the titmatonacattln
Jena. Doosh , rts ........... A VA -
Stephen lirant ......... 4.
Thorn. Kean. us 5, lalt
Stuart. It suttee. .... Jan. b. INC 304 V
Stanllntott June 10, tor wow
I ,rtify that tbr fontrotob appe-tr to be bult.n. - ra due
Übc To.r.t.tle mar,a. Lnd Latins re.n..inri in Sant. us,
enan•• Str tarn. Yea.'
411110 SNYDER.
Swornd althatzitted before me. thle :oth das of De
resot,t, an
01.0) ‘VATSON, Alderman.
of the Cott of rittabursh.
iulegfteny donnty, SS:
v Obi 310 NW E A.TH of Pennevivania, to the
Acrid of am! tkuuty, aerating: Whereas. et an Or ;
p tine Court. held at littaburgh. In and for said count, ,
do the .let day ufl.rmber. its'Ag
The petition of flank] )000g. Adminietrntor of all and
Aneuler the parria, ae.. which were of Catherine McCoy,
Ilte of the rtty B.f Pltnibutath lilt said moot,. iteeranal. at
the time of her death. •ho iliedluteetate: *hewing that the
raid loteotate left di, lavlul L‘oe nor a...mato:tate fur the
lay,urnl of hot del.; that rho dial arital lu bey drowns
f too, of red in a certain soesruaai ni lot 01 gri.tteal. OM .
in the 010th Want of the Cite of Pittebonah, having a
front on,waotanat. Ann, iturt, foet, &al extending
hark of equal width la a line przeilal with Wybe ato,t
f!,ltft7tl;entru'a'rto'4tcobrB rt=4ttal'gVu'ulPir'eXatboT:lll:.".e''l
dollars. being tl }al9o of arool t i wad end B r...eft , I
IL, -tat , laing the unlit our %oaf taut og oua
0, Nal 1b.... am debts against the tats 0.1111/10%, to lOC
o f 118 the Lgotrid. Court of 641 Count, rat,
of join, linahott, inr fifty ere Onlisra, yrith inter,t atm-.
I July atuenubui to 1 ,, tiattf
dollar , Lai the! matio‘lon maid trust proba.
nlr reaeh hrty 8 - 1 oily dollarg. dud praying the C..urt to
l b
him an onter to male tee of the said meatuaae or
t ore
with the agyurtetmures, for the pt Irult‘ of
I e what-FM.1 , 1.W.
Now, therefore, tra rammand on, ant oath of yew. lite
a r t hlot au,l legal er.pmentalitei of Cathatine , McCoon.
ra all other! , intgreetat,•tu to•alel hotrue beer, our Or.
ph.... coml.. Pituburuit, the leth of
Jaime m a ny
to shoot mt,. if any ). hare. am the Pro>or or
manna atreal not be gnarl..
Wittifall the llon, Um. I C ore, int o ,
nur amid Clout, at htgarutah, :nth of niter,
It 1,00
Atteer—bANlF.l. M'CURDT. Cirtk.
And tge Court MIN' that 0,11., of the teat., of thlo ri
ballot, 11. given. hr publication in the IMttahurvh 1100,1.,5
11.V.ITtIgjk''' U WVII'I o ,TCURDY. l'lert
LLENGE TO' THE WaltLl). Twenty
flee foliar.. tenant •111 be mild in anY one who nal
trrl, ; ',.«7:4l4l'. u 'im h t=cl7 ,, tiL
that einttM It, ei
',alit - action of saying to the WWI& of ' this place that this
a Soap. I have the
rticle. by my own Impro•ement co it. now stand* nuct.
vaned nor Country for ertrarting grease. tar, I.ltol, oil
paint. or may wthyr greasy 50t..., man all hinds ergo.,
hoon's or .1,311, , elothluo, menet, table spreads, m , - mu
shawls. adies' bonnets, ao, without Injuring soy - thine
that pure water will mg lulu.. Moro than mar thouinot
persont in Matenotparts ot the country hare hill Me they
would not lo withont It if It eoo •ca. In [ming thia
bap au rm. thangOO mticks of light silks. manna,
na1..., I hair only found doer pieces al twi,
Manor.. .cal to:voice...on ahkdi It rhanged the eulor
'a g og., before putting It Ow a light divot, to a mingle
aUm dream tiro. I state Olt boon, 1 ant determined not
to ...annual it an,
than I Awns to be strictlY ;
attVar r l t f o n tr . tTejuLrl'e=b.'‘" and trijrlXl79"T
d e 7 :O
ipl trite. Is thy man-who tiny not ;Materiels. tea lupon '
vn enay abase , If atiy there he, we do not addteo Oar ,
friVentO them. But to all other., we aWY• 7i61 wt. Nt
s at, elinving blom W e
0,. gurZhaao • hog of stin - urn
/timid. Pinochle.. or Ambrosial ~ Ftiarlog r1,11:11.14, It is
tally ImiwoOlde to and word, to doonbe If
,wrpow—who has been utoltnehnving with ordinary map—
upon making hint of MIA for the first time. It is It combl•
tion of wonder, admiration, and pitman ,
tillA VINO CREAM la exciodingly
eminent, rendering the tattiest and mot sir, brant at
mid plisble, prolurinaAO admirable lather, and by its ex
trema> mild nonie allaying the irritation. and preventing
that unidiosant arid stiff feeling of the-skin whieh eme.
tarn experienced alter sharing.
bentionon awing Jul. Ilauel*Shatingeream.may loon
the coldest andt piercing winds Immediately after
me. with Out the !tin beams. chapped. And thime who
io n use
we eon safely FA., will never use any other
Inc gat otrantare—wlifch will be espechillY eittireri ,
tot by those *. werr •Iderreils . the tot that it
, r ear ly
diwntnelhe !want, which rtiztwapa
" J r Ne l li ' lre=g:yr44tentfeareilelliftifulTAiparatlons ,
compounded with Alit, to the attar erg talon of ullayticleo
r e t n ir i tlri t ,e to tip r lire:i r at i kPil e b u yinl ' io
Prooted only by
dl Pb) RABBI, Perfumer and Chemist.
PAI Chesnut etreet, Philadelphia.
rot tole . wholesale and retail,OF B. A. Fahneoduei. Co,
and Bellow, Pittsburgh; and John :argent, and J.
Allegheny Mt,.
ARV. I in store and fur stile be
. _
1 . 41R0.31E YELLOW. z:5O lbs for sole by
___•- _
USE YI LLOIF. 91.1 lbs for sale by
AL sale by yyy
BEM S. br1:;
CoIIN. sc) brla in store and for sale by
its' . 'Ull it JIIILNBTON
ROOMS. 100 dosonlor sale by
15 :so , mi II aounirt4 ...
DARK for sale by
SILVER COIN WANTED, for which the
Klohrot prowl= will to paid at the Eutaw, odor
Corner of Third slut Wood as.
me handienneet aseeittneut ever 10e.i4 be to lottk
bargb. fix ode by J oil WM. M`CLINTOCK.
ALUX 48 bbls for sale by
L9'l" 4) -
OIL. 30 bbb for r a t elz "
. . .
000 tb'mr .14 hr ItRAIFIV At REITER.
VLOUR REDUCED.-1111ntartb SI - Noble
-a: ❑ the. Fltn, Flour, delivered. at $3 25 pet 10.
3uparra. at $2 per liJo 14.. A liberal .11r5.. to Mailers.
1511.51.102111 t NOMA'.
H IDES. 126
td Dry Hides;
i Dry - Cairn.' c • • •
I bonne Deem Skin; tat/cling Mr side by
-Tikre am more thtues In hea amt earth.
- Than ere at.-amyl of In plalloso
THE 'ILITLTES•ot this rem kable reme
emr. tl y lstt i col'hfftt" tg . on li 'V . pu
. p_ f Tti l ighthWit
bels sual direction, her the oeneot of too Pobli ,
dep t
of Is procured from a well In thts coun
ty, at • depth of four hundred feet, too P., noadelmlue
tedertiele. n ature' soy chrmiral chatirm. but o. as It
tone ferns Nature's Oreet Lobratory!! That It moLane
properti. reaching a number of diseases, is tong..
matt. of uno./aUdrity. • There are many thing it the ar
cane ef nature, which. if loom, might . . of vast useful- '
lima In allrelating eulTering, and rmtornig the bloom of
temith and vigor Co MUM a Buffer.. Lond•bcfore the Pm
-Rae. thouht of putting It up In tattle, It had a Muta
tion fee tho s ore .' area.. The mutant end /tally ineeme
sing rolls lbr 11, and tersest remarkable muse It hes per
formed, Is a sure indlcation of lea future pormlaritt Bpd
wide spread application in the cure
We do not wish to to a long eof certlficatm, BS
we are rm./Sous limo therm/Mei= can aeon work Its may .
I trlffr sitrd":;ll:ttchrmwf•her' anther„
d ar thpir.hig=-
1 cry dtuare, we unhvaitatingly say, that
to a ttuaiber of
Chronic Inseitar It Is vmrivaliel. Aumem them may be
enioneratel—cd diussem of the mamas names, such as
tra ) I47 7 L I ITAIIILITO: a Itr ' t, ealliTetTl=itlL
j Bladder and Kidney!. Rains In the Barg or tilde, Na.llll, Neuralgic, Paley, Rheumatic Omit.
elas Tetter, Hitigterniallurn, bold M•Wses, Old area
tc. dm. In cases of debility, resulting from exposure, or
loon and promo moos of chrome. Ws medirire•
hang relief. Ito ill act as • general TONIC and ADTEIt•
ATI VE In cock earn, Rowans/ too. and energy to the
ra h ttlii= r al Nr"lgr:Vgt%
and giving Inerceeed hose ..mre merge to alt voe m•rmos
of IRV . The lisaiirtelor of several cures of
tollatthelLEVOlLTlAVr.nt..--, gel well uhdae rhs use
any pcmon who desires It.
N Soil r mum. without the armature of the pmeistote
o the ; actor,
S. NI. RILL, Canal Raid% near Seventh streei
. Also, by 11. IC SELDERS, 57 Wood IL,
corner Wood areet and Virgin Alley, who am
nov2llY tda regularly appointed Agents.
l& NOW all men who are nick and afflicted
ortth &awn of madder and Kidys. al Ana-
T.,.. In back or tbe
limbs, stir"' joints. a ne l au , s. Im tb nun*:
ulerra that Ibuy can be rand by taking P*TRu-
LEU.II. lon May talk *bout ill brine amatrata ow moth
ynu Ora, but thin dm. not make n aztafan !maim,
In the In, of an htmert community, that It ttu airtaen
ankh harked wntaint+l In ant atLer tancd*. Tbe man
ho Is with rain. and sunning from *benne. can.
for sena, *t:t talk( Iron nay of tlan UV ow/wanted
!Imbed it ran, very Milo
to make . triad. TILs Pntro
loom iv no mirturtv—ua eampttund; put up fur the MM..
of hurt-slog nu the eummutalty; but it Is • nnatelyelabaree
led by the mutter bond of nature, and bubble., up from the
beam ofour muther earth, in It* original purity, and of
fers to metering humanity a ready remedy, a et-than and
obran cutm.
It has eared Pitts. after other medicines' how filled to
render any relief It has nand Itheutteddivm, of to
datultag, awl of the trout and Mut leact-. 2 5u ,
has cured Utah ra Morhun, by one no tiro 'doses. It Iva
eared old ea". of Dotrrhotta. in •hicla everY other remedy
PA been of no avail. As • local r emedy la burns and
it 1,4 Letter 0h... nuellal compound, u ntment
that we knnw nf. It will oure r bllbl.fn. and 1 0 0 10 01 Pet,
In n fete applieutinnt undoubted testimony matt. furttlek
.l of th e truth folltilinolo ha the laboee•elaterarut, by call
ing au ISA la EL A. tiIEIL, Canal Itathi,,lieventh Meet ar
either of the agents.
horror t !delburell. metier of Wood stmt nod TirMu
alley; It. E. :teller, Wont Amon IL A-LULA, and /I. 31.
Curry. AllegbEny city. ore tba agent.
i' virtue of sundry writs of Firing and
Venditionr Ezpeooe, lamed out of the Marne
Court or Allegheny county and to me directed, will
be expo.ed to avast the Court Noose, city of Pawl
burgh, on Monday, the Silk day of January, A. ris'
1-3 t. at 14 o'clock, A. hi , sue following described
All MOW three certain low OT pieces of gr.ond,
taste to Solorysilie, Cite township timbered
It, and 311. and a piece or ground &clothing lot No
V, to said Salaryvt le, bounded and described
bwrinsug Si the tooth twat corner of said
Int No 39, and running south 3 degrees and i weal,
30 perch. and CI WO to a ow, on the public road.
thence south el desire., raw along .Id road 17
percb. and 59 Ira to • putt on the corner of Centre
street soil said :owl, Italic! along .tin stoat tooth
totlf • 0551. east :17 perch. nds tOrt to a poet at
the south woo corner of evil lot No 00. thence iamb
,9 1 Org... we. 17 latchtn 10 the place of beginning,
continuing three serer and filly woo peaches, more or
le. Veiled and taken to execution ns the property
o. John Brown, at the ran of Christian Anatol, ter
use olJohn Forsyth.
Al the right, title, Internet aol claim of Peter Hsi.
find gnu, of. in to all that renninlot,Of Mound amain
in the city of Pitutiaigh, on the lioutu ride of Crant
street, and fronting nn said street Oti feel, and extend.
mg haat 00 feel—On Which taerected a three nary
brick nouse and is bounded on the cam by property
8' Barney McClelland, en the west by property nt
d newts Flood. yelled end taken In execution as the
property tit Peter Ranee". si the omit or William
Porter ter use, and I, he 'OM by
C CURTIS, Sheriff
Semi/. CRS, ;none, I. 1.5 i
y olantge of natty anty of Vypd,ltani .
Bod e Court It Common Plea•ur county, and
tom directed, wilt be exp,rm4 to public, sale. at the
Court Maws. sit Me of
t 4 '10.M1101., oit Monday.
Juutt•ry v 7, A D 1,51, at in a . eteca A. Al., the 101.
tearog iie.enned pi• petty, w
All the nicht, loin,
a n,
and claim of Theo.
done F. Mttghi, cf, in, and to, all thaw two certain
lota or pieces a ground, marked and &signaled No
4 and 5, in John Irwin . * plan of lots, recorded In ;
deed book, vol. —, page —, bounded and dracrixd
as follows, vir—Surorneneing at the distance or 46 '
feet 2 inches, tram Erin turret, ou Centre
at corner of lot No 3,'lbence along cold Avenue 44 ,
le-CI a meltea to lot of :qua & Irw,o, thence along ;
east lot 76 fret to an 01150 11 feet wide, thence •
atone nod alloy 44'teet 6 inches to lot No 3, thence
autos ,a.d lot parallel with Erin street, 76 lest to
place of beginning, being the 'tame two lots which
Jon. S. Irwin and Martha (7. his wan, by their deed,
dated the 7th of Nov., A. 1). 180, and recorded in j
deed book, vol. 112, page 21, granted and canceled ,
OA he saidThetictore F. Wright. &need and taken •
exoeUlion as the property o Theodore I Wright,
at the twit of Jolla Watt
All the right, title, uncrest, and claim of Andrew
Emanuel, of, In and to all that certain at er piece 91
ground, sitimut In the Reserve Trost. ROM, township
oppamte the Northern Larerticv of Pittsburgh, being
lot No C 5 to tee plan of lots ta.n cat by Ci R. Warner,
fecal. farmer, and P i°rens. containing in from on
the Bailer r e km, and epending back ra an
they if feet vide, on *Olen Is erected IL taro atoto
brick house, toga hat with all and singuler rho Wir
ings. meals soil apporicneners on lola lot. &mud
and taken in execution its the property of Andrew
b:manucl, at the tort of Judo Um.
All the right, t Se, Interest and Calm of John Atm
bersonoef, la and to ell, that certain lot ur piece of
~, Manchester, on she north ode of
Sheffield street, brginalne at 00 alley et the distaste
n n
feet west sent tffietuer Weel and containing
trust on Stu (held sttest Ss lett and exicnffing ul
that er,dffi nonevent dly tsrallet with Chanter
Vis met, to an ..ley, nen g Iltc tame plopeity hiss
Lltddi• et al, by de. conveyed
story Jahn Amiseteon,
on which there Is erected a rue o bd. dwelling
hear, subject to e auerigsge on the same velneti it
reset led la mentos. bock oil 14. tart/ , ut tee
anst,eill4io to seised and mica , in chem.. Sb
the Pr.perty ofJohn Ambers., at the sad att Au.itee,
All the el ht. title, Interearand claim of heat, Roil,
of, In and to all that certain blur plet'e of stipend
.i tooto to t o o stereoth Ward of the ei y or rateo rah,
derrrthod to foliose, in sew Peetnntng at ihr rimer
of Ar hut strett actl Cootie A 'OM., a d thence .long
/otherto, ...Its 71 :cot, lathes patobel
Irt oh centre A tsp. lei t,140 ace rataltll wtth Ar
hur st. 7I ft, or CCU.. A.M , ' add thence by Coutre
Annul o p 11, t o the plane of ttestuardhg, the ea rl lot of
greal•d having thet,on erected a two story brick
darelttne and orhor trattrovernente Railed and taton
cdortotoa at me Fr:pelt; ut Jacob Rttll at ths ion
of tar trustees oi itte ecnoutt l'reso Inure Coupe
gall. of Patstrargh.
All the tigle, blie, loiottri nod claim Deth,r
ton, ni; in, sod to, nil that la or piece 0 ,
geosnd,eituste In the etc. Nt'or, One coy 01 l'itet•
corgh, (cotton{ on Peon 0111-,...•01, Pet, earl ee•
coiling back by the sew eitelintei fret in cry
.ivy, were or le., bounded by lithe! tin Jon Alen
It 11,41 e, on the Very 1„..,
On the thee, on Witch iv erected n ihric very to trs
derollturi bowie Buren and t.l •A I el
the or ••perty of Hobart Amt.., tot toe run u I lisuipton
& Miller, for the use. of D. h J. Forun.
p I wAr fight. 01k,
' C ' v ' fia;el7ll " uc .h p '' te n c A n n' of
g • and in, the "mew Of Chs t so/ay ono 011111 suer
in tee city of Pittsburgh, briny warentY lee. rob, I
abeam front on Gum, end rIIOII4IOO newt' dow
11•100 width along Cherry uhrY, In fret, one. , or wows,
which to mooned a two cony brio& drryl:teg fit nor, ,
footing on 1111%1.1.1 N 1.114,1•1.4 token in elect,
00 , 0 , 0.. podyom 11fWarn Kopp., • too lull o
Rowland. ALSO,
All the right, title Ate. r r rrrr and clam] of Jacob brew r,
of. In. and to all thaw ern. let ofarnand 011041 r In the
p e n ofthe city of Pitteburgh,. e sag lolN
illaek`a plan o• Ins,
641.1 ward, Oonling fret,
Mora or lOn 04 ,boot strew w, and extending 131 ter,,
P.Oll, 01 Itab, elltal, ow - emotes Ore trsias
width nom sus, to atom, on which is ores wed nor
double brick house. Sets:d o.ld taken in ezetenon I
ea the rroznrty of Jacylr Oren, at the $2ll of John
Futsywh. 11.wWww; .
All the filtkl, llee, ild,ff 51 and 'claim of
o rThou.
AolOrwon, 1.1, in, in 1., MT Pt, alt What M/140 101
pow:a of ground ',tank to I I. itair
kip, Loun,
rd and dsownhed as follows,
I 0
at •
,lark oak, ant w among by lands no Sawn, Long,
atom 74 dm, wee , el perthes to a Meek oak, theme
by Wanda of Wolllaut kwhardson, south deg. east
It perishes to • wally oak, theory 07,1sutla of phones
. 00 , es d o g tow., r Mem, 10 • pin. and
thence by 'root oi %trim
John shone,drroswe`„
north 20 dr g east:Opals. pla et. syflwratninng,
gotatabting 1i13.4 octet and 3t 7eleoea,
winch ir erected a two clot? motor dwelling Louse, a
grime ',are and oat Irdrael
Alao. - another pate , of If pawed iron, or
ahoy, by Inc nbilrYtterntrton road, d /11.1 ti as
follows, et ardr--Loglnardekrt a nu' , neat it oak,
8t the lane bnarcen 101111 . 1110100mati sad ranlontoo
ton,, on the rood leading from rittrturgh Cu Wirer.
ingron, Yentia7 Ivania, and thence alone use said road
loath 20 deg , meat 3d perches Co the lindl between Jeo
Trumps. and flora's Loin' hind, then,. along raid
I no south 03 1.0 dog , emu dO posses., thence north Yr
out ay a MC44I 1111 C tl/1 It Internet. the nand
be Neon John 'Thompson and dolontert 800,,.c0d one
ditiooal between whole it now atandst3iiio beginning,
containing three OM., mote tor he. , .. .dared hod :skein
in creeskott as lie property of 'room., Aldetaord, et
Omura of John Ablate.... • .• • •
•• ALSO,
All the right. 1111 c, •lontnist and elder of John P
Wetre, of in, nod to al) that tertmo port el lot No.loB
to Cunningham; doted of dopy:elation land., heala
rung at • pr,l on the eolith. of lot Nol 10P, and 11111.
Nag along told line, north about 33 perches to the
oriental comer of lot No 15.9, %Luca along laid °tint
nal line wort 40 perche• ' more or les, to a pont.-
enae by a conditional line anothwarily through the;,_
above mentioned lot to a' white oat en the south HO"
ef geld lot, thence aleeg the month hoe earl 40 9.00001,
Melt Of 'en, to t pile of elopes In Deer ClOCk,lberree
nerthwanily along 'pint of rho shore mentioned lot.
Mr:teemed to Chris Part Gamy, and by said Cluirolo
Oemy conveyed to Mary Ilietor Pea, to the place at
.beVeolmll. Containing 1.3 scree, okra or fen Seized
an taken lb ezeceded .4 the property of Jolt P.
-Welso:tt the toilet Devil Wise
All that unpile lot arpiece of graced shuns la the
Ninth Wood of the city of Pittsburgh; marked earl
:membered In the pl. of late told out by Ued A. Ba
ard, In nod Ward, au lot Nal, bonneted and deserib.
ed as follows, to wit: tweeting at the come of Penn
and Baldwin am, and mooing usenco cast ti fano
street 24 fort, to the comer or Lot No 2, thenuo along
the line of Let N 0.2 tOO teen n rthel feet alay, thence
along wk. , " It r..1,./14,dw12 thence
sloop mild Bald+. street, 101/ feet to Penn t aninef,.l .. .„
place of tagioninr, being port of al n o
b ar
conveyed by theoreeiroP•!rf drAnir rt2ourwu.n.
dated **Pith de! 504 1:1;L_ ' nan
D. IBt7 ny. by
A. Bayard. and eenvered
deed 4 . ,./g r ai " Vt
J. Int A. • 4 74, 7 1,7,A . :t i tt e n. iu
T ic. Cato sold
with all and
lot of vonall, helmet& and Juan In Man.
imiWafgp AO,u =cylor JOIA 1 111 4 SkU r ig.
, l• •
250 113 i Gar
AU the tied. tido, inmost sad Oslo atJad. tem a,
44 44 and to, awl r In of all timu .ertoal pooe .or tract
.1.4.4, show. 11l Las at SL. Torirotbip, hOWOrir
by mnaaol William Car., mia Egaror, .
or ILI ler and Oral...milk; eoeutiniar
mare or less, bend b.* acme preporty M
tae oe
eupaneTat and Lac. liesrue: Sward lid ttlio9
execouan o the proptttv of at ' 0 . 1.11
of Eli (ivar.b. of WM Wilke, Saga Milier,■ll4
All Ile tight, tole,unte ALS eett, ° .‘ d slaina
f J ha
Oage, of , w and to. or out of tel Mat
and liael or mete Mud saltine lot aa"ata'aaf"ge'
at iL, p b od a , In
of je
ar i t
in k ei 1E1!
lau eearner
d, honk 714 dog , Wen W and 7.10 panptq thanes
Nottb Xo4 deg- Ettat 3 patua aa ,
Wee, dud and pc reho a, to land of the W/tlattr
ardson, thence North t3l dog Est 43 pe c •
Intone' Death Su d ' eg' '
perchas, thence Wa x kg, Eat 3.1 prcees? A "
o ak, ,. deg, Wax 18 and 34.1. p e nne.
h . 7 m : tik Non it ,: th . l 7 4 b L .i i: . , rd Etta ter t . l m t , it; e rk a pil 7 : 4l : l
Carden 31. d.. Eat
9 oato 3S deg" ' 49 pore: thence &WO la deg
Eat 49 paren mance non la 1 31 deg.. Weet la 611;
parents to . hickory, thence Smith 3d, deg" that g
parches, thence booth St deg., West 3 onion. to a to
ga tree, and thence 0.3) deg., Wnt 14 5 10 10. ena„
ma ph.. at begunng, containing ae and 13
areas. strict measure, ad 50 Saluda erected stall
atoll frame Owe. ling house, clad.otabl Oho w small
leg bona and bolo, together with out ,.sses. Pena
suit taken thew
ezetallod a• rho proportv or Joiro 061.
bags, thesuit of Mra Nance u n s top
All the right. tole, 'inmost, and dial= of lobe OA
Wof, in, and to nil OM nor an pleas of ;road, titanic in
e .111 age of ffesopeancorlde, being pan of la No 9
in they/lan of lota called Elliott , . Delight," made by
Z W atenstaton, an the Pittaborga Ina Steubenville
turnpike toad—ldeginnlng at the corner of lot No ]O , in
said plan, tonne along the lion of and lot Na 111, tooth
234 ,011 u, castl2B to at alley a 0 It wtdc,llitnee along
lid alloy, and parallel With the turnpike, sonlaM dog,
40 olio, west all feat to k t No 8, thence along Cut 11.. e
of lot No n, paretic: mita tha boo of lit No 100 ,MI fen
to into [utopia road, and thence with the turnpike 60
lett 4:1 toe plane of. beginning—being lb. Some whin' ,
Alexander Pope and wife, by deed dated Anna 10,
1848, and recordnd in book J, page 371, conveyed to
,ronu on which is nova one unewtory Mane
dwebing noose,
wan stone basement. Found and I tit.
en m execution as IM property 0/ 100 Galt, a the find
of Hobert , tlubb.
ALSO, W illiam
All the light, din. lanai, and Mahn af
ClnnOuta, of, in, ne new, the nolo* tng desolated Vint
r piece of mid, anat.% In Jellarlantearrilinig.enninly
tug 00 acres, morn or lets, aud beaded by laid, at
Jauti Aare, Jabs Lanp , annual [non, hoot*
Payne, ads own sad* of and WlLant Candler.—
t sag the seine land teach Mary Hobo, late <Said
township, died, seined and ou ',blob there la erected
• Wlllaro in dwelling boalleol bare, ata. Seised, and
taken In execution as the ptupetty of Williams Ottani,
ben, at the cart of 'Dios.. Mallon.
All Ile eight, title, Interest and Mann of MU= Pile•
holey, of, to, and to all nit etrieln plow or parcel of
{toad lying and atug to tan tonna ip of .40
ng Occluded dud dese•tued an nillOWa, te alit Mien.
niag I a pust,nence by landaf Benedict Canter, oath
at dog. tvest4.o gateau, to a pent, tliei CO by lend of
Di linage louver, Noma 74 leg west 18 peach", to •
dogwoon, Comet by lad at and WVtuua Mehaffey,
auto 101 deg, west 3 140 penta Ia a pat, south 0.0
deg, Cate 3d penile. to a punt, and nova 3t deg, tut
v 9 340 gait hug, to dso plea , al begtotalog—coutclulag
n acres, tine( Meant, wing pan of • non of land
owned up said Meade)ad now lathe p.m...10n of
Anton 81einuer. ratted and taken in cleanup:la at,.
plopetty of Wvil sot Mandel, st the suit of . Hernia,
Monison k Co
au the light. ton, intone...lid claim of Janne Ta
d., 1, 111, Slid 10 • 111. k ., of load, on the Wow,* uf
ee tau, iota. of laluea cl ad of
taus,or dr.... at Jousts tenon- enniatutg
m o r e a leis, mil cast W an nasal grouud lent
of Sten lib towable quarterly to Janice .Cram oil
wines elected a log cable ov wood. the
0, e a u
hum heel. coated to timber. oested adtakeret
Y execution the propel , ' al 3cllclea T.u.,Jr,
tail of Otorgo.Ledlte.
All the right, tide, talon. and claim. of James
Deery,o4, a,d toall Mu certrin lot of grennd
snooze to the Feurth awl of the ettl of Allegheny,
ri boansad alto nesenbed es billows: beginelog on
the wady son, of Mato idlest, in said eity,st the vesi
cle line of lot Pm sat. in Warner A Proter's plan of
low. thence by sago western lion of said, lel, tooth.
idly 100 feet, ware or Iva, to SOW alley,
thence westwardly by mid alley 2 , 4 feet, onnie, or
1n.., to eastern line of Jen. Airmen's Of.
the rams lust/m.oy 1.00 fent, toot. or I to Slain
street •fine.4l, aon thence by Ma tame mstwartl.
971 feet, wore or less, 90 500 P.c. of beginning,
being the **tole of 191 umbe , 2410, and part of nut
No in said plart, and haatort th ereon erec t ed a
two story baser houe, awl as • dwelling and stoic,
and a tram , %table with the apyottenau.a. Se.led
rot tithe. In osteniton . the property of /awes
Leery, at the son ot lona 1111100, for u. of Inman/
and Si. Imyeto a Cul...
All th e right, title, Interest and elan& of Gentry
j•eott nesse, in toe ttand• et lets Arsiansuator, He
Mune fret, wan :some, ac ' s f, 111 end to .I
:tt•to lo: ce to ra lot beiog No 61 I*
limes II Own s pion, •inine on Centtc A•emte, and
basins • bar( on Crone Aaron* of 44 loot • d os
pn,l,ol in depth Set, to a sttect 4.1 lets wide, .4
.eco, tits w OrVii hook 1 it •911'boulytte some Ist, Or
aced of lameoD I[lolo, C.A.:O 2/.1 1nay,12.7, convey
.. to bret,t Jots*. 1,01.0 Sn tied and 100, 1, in exe
rt: ~, Lso the roper. of ties I•eeh ric.c, to P. 0, Ills Asliolllloll.lo,lloolool l ll Traz, with
tivlsCo Is. Amor eist dreg, by tleorge Erb.: Row
guardian, a ate rail 01 /antes
D. 15 am.
All the tight tole, iotetest &al chi. of Jo .0 111 p.
yrs. ot.,ic eon to the following tlesetiled r.operty,
SIIOOIC o.i Hay etree4 beteg pelt of, tut; Noe turd 21
In the nor of tbersh, be.a ;bout 19 Wet floes on
Hat, sorest, and Astesda.g bath th e itteln Width 110
feet, to a le fret tilt•y, including the p
ared ege of the
.amnion usolif rs 4 alit!, au larch Is ed 11.1C4
1000011 tilich house, ben g the martnii hsom Sur
do r* roar of three stone. !trek houses,
st the tipper house in raid row, nataberntg (mu the
tippet ts the plOperty conveyed y
Cron linet.n.t. by act d 0..0 tee Ql/1.1 VI Oelebor,
kat, e nd Ives.o4lv6l /I, eti nook H pit/ Aril. to raid
HI, my Seised and Woo C;• C .01.0 0s the pro.
y J o hn try. at the colt of s i .dward Siteptootr.
All the Mtn, 1111s1V.11, elalm and demand of
DaSIJ etsffer. di ceasod,tn she hand ' s of his &amino.
,og John Zits flea (Oath tome lusr.dow, Irks, ihj
111 11, mt uf all that eett•in teeter pr eel of tand.
sbastele Finley township, composed*/ 9jeeparnels,
eortining 11l as res. .no 42 perches, most istl
j now ai t onner land. of laid loaltd ffhaffhr, (now dere)
sywnel Byers .d ttttt 4.t0 g beionged to' est.,
stud kis'
sod Nowa as ther Tom.
&good and takes In orreatlon as the prot.e.ry
.(David Shaffer deconsed, in the hands of Ito slob.
buster JobuShadal, with not .10— dhater,wid.
ow of /tad Dastd Shed. .1110 IS.h,JOSeph. Wirt
anehtl, V2tllleat Alamo, and ban. Saafret, by
herb,g tart LID, Joacyll Cocper,iiq , and to /Andrew,
~ rod ?duly bhaffer, licle..l law of sat,
dtocuo , 4, at the telt or John 214,5030., now
f. Use orlygn , .. Uctos.
Al SO,
Au the right, tide, interest and <islet of Peter endth
of, in, and to all the following described by or
piece of ground dries" In John Rio...Pe plrw of lot;
bese and near teethe bbrough of Blradtzhart,,hoond.!
ed utul daiCtib.l. to wilt begUtoilt•l
turner o f l o y;i00, on the .othwardly cd• et eldnes
wrest, and at the otrisneo .1110 foot outwardly how
Harmony stases. thence along Sidney street eastward
ly 99 feet 4 7.* lee hes, to grounds of
thence along trititt thm,oo oline nod 50201 i. with Her.
won) stew I,i i.thwatdlylco feet, bar ally cc fity
thence along sold:alley toSestwatJly . lett 61
Inehea to the Colon( 01 101 No 11, theory along th
lines of lots Vas IS std 10 rturthwardly t
P.ldnay street, the pion of beginehtg, embracing lo
i. Noe It so , 110, together wt th • onion alter p yen e
rt t
eod, that Is nut nontben 0, bolos tim stone we
Ruud, whlela /oho Drew , and wile coorwrodlo sal
smitiaberger by rod dated the /its day of Ns
1010, end recorded io d ed toyok, 43. art e i 42. Seised
d taken in exception es tie ply/perry of Purruroilt
, vertu et the You and Roche, for the sal of
James ' Otay, 4;1
' All the Held, Ode, ionirest, snd, claim of
y nnnn. 01, t o 1 „4 w 011 11,01 echo lot or piece 0
ground, situele thu boroceb fTerentans,huousn as
pins 7. end one hslf of tot No 4,10 sald.Lbraosh,
g the ?curer!. ow,. Cane!, tot v.: Whore erected
roe two story berth botialoc, 9 0 0 c hop. One fount
boa, being the Yonne whlc• was conveyed to Vertu.
dart by Trana• Donoe2y X 5
by titad facoitted
ho o f 19, ssi Tl, palm `e and ocd
token:o os. erase no the plotter:7 of Junes Vallee, at
tine 1/I.Si vl John , vitalism
All t h e 601, inirre-t anti claim of James
of, ard to ail trot selintil phec• or panel
of land mince in the boning!. of tdancheslAr, bounded'
and Scat °Pea 41,(01101“: veginning ft Um areataryd.
I y aide of Preble street, at tie eornerof Locikat skeet,
thence 0 0,0 dare In (tont nn rigal. c,mt M 7 feet, t o
'the lino yr W•l.-ut nhog the .atite 743
fret U niches. tot thtree pursuing dateline
muse rAd gica:lng litre . siretit to the Ohio River.
C„ence awn wrod 'rose 417 feet 4 inches. to - Oath. -
r4ly h ire tit Cant street, eavichrg thence castrate/.
oy !nog the said line of Lecest street to the eliSrg(3
tine of street, sal ihei en •1011 S Isisr;th greet
1.41 feet to ou. gluon of beginning, eroUtriret and too- .
taming within sell bounialrn /69 170. al:.
11"/ 17 t, a , al 171. In th- 7:41. asid borough of Mato.
rhester. oregrard to Shrgern, c ooet, i e
f lap one Nal:Case le. the reld prnprtts Going tub-
wet in o'bio t fat feel Intda. us a' public ing way),
lot No 174 Item; 57 fret on Pi chit street: and 94 feet
51 Inches n Ohio *Met, sod all the tutu reenttoned
loci nettle each 55 fem. on Praire alwiet, and 69 feet •
71 inches nn t street.
Also, ill the right. 11111.. interest and elairn of cold
Illeggin. of. 'n c.a to all that certatit lot of piece sr
ttoopil stasis in the borout h of Nur hoover, begirt '
rung eh 1 , 0 easterly side MAN/het dud at the dia.
Lance ill 47 tee tiouthmitilly fund the cotne(6lh6MP•
win atm , thence .n frnorty:, Lignite street
49 fret, in the line of Int No St , .17.1 fu depth council
ty with sweet, presets/91g the Scold
srithh .1.14 fert whey, and being lot sittned
nr puttilwrril It In tiro plan of Wt boroogh ot Mitt.
elector. ft corded i t is6l recorder', arise, to lie theag
gounty, In plan book No /, page 19 &Ned Gird utr
. to execution as the property or (Mg, (iTreSsin, St the,
snit or lame A. Speer.
All rho Irk tic,r, e claimer James drei
er. in a. 3.1 w ad that oettain Pleae of land allaa.ia
the city ef Pittsburgh, being part of Int 210 a ,
Wood.' plan of Pittsbargh, bounded and deredhed as
hdlg.... viz: Levering at the west elfin or Market
meet. at the south westerly aNfaer of Martel Sad rued**, Matte , I.7.tending in width or (rant
along id liken towards Talrd street. 23 met,
root. or lass. te proem! ol J emee Riad], end in lent Ii
dapth ate g Fottnn •trrel westwardly Ingarar
Ferry street, prcetrflng the route 41416,• Pt; tact,
afar • Or tells; ta Ogler lea otaatne, to which
are aimed a :are, Oleo d
W est
ay Into'. : t ing, yenta
pled as inept. and tsvetn 1m... - sts, arta Two small traced
Oaaant or .aria greet etched and taken
tike Property of /1112. err ran Ooriek7.:
ley,' i n t the Suit al Brooke, T 1 sea o Ebso.
All the r sat. tide interest and eltdm of Woo. 1.. Mill. -
er, of, In ono to al !OM tomtit war,.( hod; ;Solite m
Versaites Towniottp, houn , ,,al 44 , 1 desenbed at fol
lowa Ins beginnlnc et a post ea Turtle Creek, on the
ISM bet wog; :he lands of Wm hriCialley, end Stem
or Gearge Brinton, trormerlY d ir ge,4o thenee
land of 001 , 1 Mtn on, Booth g Erma etipa,3oo„.
to a post, thence Norio 7t degrees. Ee..140 percbee s to
• pow; thenee Start; le degrees, East In 'Mullett. to
55 ,,, 0 73 der,„ 01. 30 wetly the
rettilr East a poems, thane, tooth 71 di., Ea nce t
Nara el de., East in perchee,lfisnee
pete.h Ye degrees, FAO 21 perches, ho 0 pool; therm.
North 57 deg , East 12 perches to per, menu,. North.,
19 degree., Ewa 16 paellas, tat Cheroot oak, thence -
North 771 deg, Kest 1-4 P it cher, thence Meth al deg—
ast 40 omen. lo a same, thence Booth 67 deg Sint .
,„, „ 01 a, post. thence [teeth 4 dog, East' 707
;T re i . , llo 0 sugar treethenea Beath 65 deg, Wen do
e port, ther e South deg., Eam.3l pereb.
w i.,,a • in the pots of /antes Medic, *cave
by tha old land. smut. 041 deg,_%VeM 34 3 tOperetres,
to o pelt, thence South 10 deg. Eat/ IS 3 'Overdo% LA •
the land. of John sad Wm. Sh 6.1 r thence by Me mid
Youtb,6s deg, Wein 40 plrtiltes to a fon,thenee .
North 13 degrees, West 5a pct.:bee to a loom; thence
South 61 deg, West rd perches, td tle hionougahein
Mar, anJ thence down the: same, by Ma several
Coerces therantto !recto( Mod tailed .Gmentand, ,
patented to George Wallaee, on the 4th day of July;
1197, and 1.07 lu the possesaion tf Wm:L.74lller and
Wm. McKinney, thence by t h e mil Greenland tract,
Bomb BM perches to the pmee of beginning; contain•
l ag .9.10260 emai, more or Mlll,OO WMCh an OrOMOO
&Iwo story frame dwelling house, a large frame batik
hem ud stable Mid throe tenant Maims - •
Abe, aU Um tight, IP le. Interest and eltilki of WIIL..
ta MUM Of. M and to iota Nee t 43 one 1d0e.1,14.3, 4,
a. 11.40.11..15.13,14,7A 16;17:111,19,413, 1t;
$3, 6443. ILL 27.tist% V. toead Wm. Ls: )Milletropisoey
U c i p e liZ il laial r eletre M ZW= lS lSlßl T"'"hif =
4g /111016111114/33
Seised attO tetkostitt execution utho.propuu of V: 26
L. /Mr ,at 6511811 of !as Pula& It•
Alt ,
the keit. tit* littoral and of of Wuei L.
Mt. oL found to 1.µ,N0.100 sad Noo.lA 3. 4. St
et. 7. &IMO. 111,11..3,11.15, 10,le, IL *Ott 6,8 y ,
r.500,•17,,d SSW the add Woe L..)11 Ploo
ot the 30106 of Pon Vevey, to Versailles Tp., Ocala
plats is recorded La the Retool.', whet. inectut
ty etheuhaue, Plea Bock Vol. hoseSefted
au eaten in exoestion as the over,tty of Wen. L. &lilt
er,uit the emit at i% oleo & ClAbegly.
Al/ Me nett title, interval and eaten of Jobe Mgt
gissters, Sr . of, le, to or ont of all thews tenon lands
audio:temente each° sum to deeired by Jan Mo.
Muscle, Jr. by hte last es a• 4 testament, Teton:led
In Book.ol. tlEt, he, to hot eon. 'meet
Me l? bl died,, d t (which the. raid /owlet, Idehlutent,
We died, er lied, and int...tete. aml in which the
soldl o ,o bles.utees, Jr.. et titled to att undlneed
fallout. as ono ea the Sews at low of his said brother.
illgs l erar e s M . : a z gre ' r ' or tescet . 10 .171.1lespzr or=
bell pan (not ren led to Themes McMaster')
of the t o tract. ant woodland or Powell Mete
b e in ownsh , p, on which tame-cud MSC
hosees, hams, endgame bediAngd.
Also them ng are stel7 houses. Gentler on Lfh.
my ismer, in the e ty of Mothers!, sod the lota of
Ik e on which oare Me Yard la
the tsar, bew the hoe mentioned to ,aid will, as di.
ending s pry ey • from the mum properly t and
Iwo the farm en the MG, now fit lately oceuSeill by
Archibald Robsneeo. "novo Tewesktp,
m o t .. ednit bootee, bate, ood Warr niPtxtn.
met dented aod token eta execution as the properly
ofJohn McMaster', Jr , et the suit of Dane; bdgar,
Kean lamone end otheis
All the ugh t, title. haunt end Claim of Jo Gra
ham, of to and In all that urban lot of ino with
the beadiags therm meeted, hennaing on die
Z i n k e ' liite * en a lutlit ga ' fl e ;l7, 111% 00 ths-
t nd erl 4 .
ly unearth! Plum slier 11G feet. thence sollthentrdlY
15 rt.. ttleuee eastwarne 110 ft,to hltddle thenee
along Middle alloy 15 I'm. ter place of begins on,
the same being part of lot North as described in Gar
tune" Plus or lota in said city, of mood in eel 70.
page it. Seised and taken in escualon so the pro
perty of John Graham, at the .01161 Sarah Oases.
All the right, tale,interest and claim of ELtaabedlt
Cod Par cod Jena mper. of in and to all that eartain
boor pm. of ground, together u Ith the headings
thereotA Wave In the borough of fbnmstabellt,
, boned and de.eribed at follows besisolnd 00 CO'
sou street, At the bee of propeny wad by the Ins
deceasmt, to Jobe end George Vent-
Men, and emending Groh torte bae of meow' emb
ed by altastien —.161 reel or teere.u.., Amu
a Ong it e line of *old Properly 56 fest, 'et the Hu of
property owned by Gran Williams and Iseeb dpiek,
teener, along said hoe 102 feeler themaboais, Cot.
eon Olivet, and thence along .10 emt.n,„,..
pi, of hang part fit rte No 100 la the
plan of ihrednibere canoe) ad by John S. E•oliS and
wife. "J. der d dated end re cotded in the reconl-`
tee once c I Alleeheny county, et deed hook --,
pyre the hue Joseph Cooper. &land sod taken
m settee a• the property Of E.tetheth rOapar and
lone thruster, at the tut of William Noble end John
Glynn, Egecolors of Joseph Cooperoleeested,
All th• right, this, Interest and claim of Ambler/a.
Retninint and CatharursJentins, of,ie and to t h e ape
ballpark of lets Nos lb and 11, id Wm Arthur* , plea
or lots iIEI Arthoravillo, wanner with the Inltlllittga
thereon , and serene:banees ,hereunto ltelongint
which lield Mignon Omen( is 1,0..1.1.4 described
Ste lol:ons: begininn IC•allna's sbetri at thri nor
rep of rot No in sol d plea, and riniting
the tinnier the earl lot th a lion psrsilet anal Arthan
nr.t,tri Within. anent d distance of tdd tart, theme
along Wilkins Wee , in a line parallel with Xenon '5
alley, a distance err 131 feet. (bones in a one alralled.
Ambers street.. tliolanne or 71 feat( thence In a
hn• ptra , let with Staling's altey. a distance o(6 feet..
thr re• parallel wall Arthur, street, a distanno of 7S,
feet thence .st'o.ig /Crating's alley • dlettnee .01 I 5
feet, In 11, piste 01 beglinii•g, bentir the same parcel
demand reeserred he' said de ronoanot by proneed
sln the Dee d s Conn of Anna henxentinty, at April
tam lq% No 25.. noised and taken ta ...en as
the property of Ann .514113 L, Robinson and Cathodic
Jenkins, at the salt al James Seaford, now for see of
Charles Mikan.
All the right, tide, intemit and claim of John COl
aivou and thigh Iltmohon, of, in and to all those two
Into of ground situate on dreg meat, in the city as
Pittsburgh, and being tots numbered It anti SI in
Farah El Fetterman'. plan of lots, each lot erontsinlag
04 feet In front on goo. meet, and extending blot
wearying the , some wild, itiO Iraqis a tAI eat allay,
ors %bleb arearecuid a Mom double brick dwelling
betwei•with sepaoste anartmen a to , digelext tenants.
Seised and taken In execution as the properly of Job,
Coniston and !limb ilanidtori at Ma suit °Oared. 11.
Fetterman. - •
All tbo right, title, interest, and claim ' Robert
. i
fticKarattan nod M a tthew hlcKernhati„ in, and
to all those three certain kin, la Robin 'a Plan of
the Borough of Allegheny, bounded and deambed
as fonows, v.:: beginning at the north e corner
of lot No. 101. in same plan, at the. Wile 'os of
Laeock trivet and /sandhi alley, thence numb by
,raid alley Vie feet to Anne street, thence went by
' Anne street 92 fret 3 inches, to the line of tot No.
~164, thence north by wild lot„.100 feet, to Leant
Creel aforesaid; thence Cant by Locock etrect, 92
few 3 inches to the place of begtoning, on which is
e h. rec .h,..Lb ted :ilt. a .7 n rivi. i sm r c o wi n: th t . ei h u 4 sul .G ry :o.i n h o , d jea, : fbe ti o e r, r i.L.els, :m k pr io o rni e w e kan, nt d ea lim ut a, .
cued and taken in ancultun an the oropetty or
, . _
ALSO, .- . .
All the right, tide, interest. and claim of Jam '
chron, of, to, and to all that Ceiralll lot M . ;CVO
ground, annuli in Ohio township, hounded and
Med as follows, to wit: beginning on:Looms .
Street, 'ranee of lot No. 14, in plan of las of dm
heirs of P. Peebles, dec'd, in, raid township; theme
Smith 35 deg. 35 min , cant 6 640 perches,4o lot So
.r., thence south .54 deg. smin , wool 24124-100 per: I
hnlosX la 'No. 12, to the,; centre of Malian/sr
leilkienee along said road nortb,(3s degrees :4
mitt, west 6 6.10 parchca thenct,Noto loutordiet , i
54 deg. 3 min., em 24 24400 perches, to Locust i
street, d, peace of beginning, cell:mining one acne ;
more or lean, on which is erased a brick 'house,
twcydories WO, and appurtenancret. 'Seixedand
taken in execution as the property of John Diehmer,
at the edit of Chas. Grant. _ . -. .
. ,
All the tight. title, Interest, and chum of Jolts !
Taggart, of; In, and to, and out of all that certaini l,
lot on piece of ground, name in the City. of Pit* ,
burgh, named and described in the plow of lots laid'
out by John Hogg, on High street, inroad oily, No. ;
31—aald : let frosting on Founb :acct 29 feet, arab
extending beck on a paralleLlia• with High stp
a distance of-117 feet, bonded by lots Amu ,
35and 3 1 , fed by Fourth street road, said lot bar
subject to a ground rent of 5155 00 per sanum.— •
There in erected on mid lot tsaofrarne banana, ewer I
sickles high, three brwk heti:sex, twa 010010* high,
ditoll roof, tied two new brick homes, two strata
kigb isageteled, abed roofs. Seised and taken ha
esecidlon as the property of John Taggart, at the ;
suit el Bernard ideGtut.
.. _ ALSO,
• All the rutbX, stets, Interest, and claim of Abrikarri
Porshies sod Joseph Walton,af, in, and to, all thews
ma germ'. lots ar pieemed ground, nitrate in Tem
petatteestille, in St. Clair township, Allegheny Ca; ;
and marked and eumbaped 144 and 147, in Warden ;
It Alexander's piano Of tots by Z W Remington:,
and bounded anddescribedne followa,vlmbegluning
at the comer of No. )45 in chid plan, on‘lralnetet
llamas by Walnut street 50 feet, to the corner of lei,
NAMkthence by tine of said lot 1:50 feet to War.
et; thence by Warden meet 50 feet to the
tenser allot NO 14 thence by the line or paid lot
150 feet to Walnut street, the place arf-liegiuning-, '
making bx all two kan,.each 25 feet by 151/ feet—
being the same kin orineces of ground uotryeyed
by John B Warden and wife, and John Alexander
and wale, to John .1 Smith, by deed dated April lot.
1841, whaconecyed to the said Abraham Poishbir .
and , Joaeph Winn.; on which said two, lots of
gamed are erected a twos ury fnime homes which. ;
is ]Sleet in front un Walnut meet aforesaid. 1. ,
zed and taken - in execution ais the properly of A' ) 1 ,
',minim Fonshing and Joseph Walton, at the Min CC
John J. Smith, for me of William reigee. , 1
' ALSO, ,
All the 'right. title, interest and rlaim of bane ;
Kennedy, el, in and to alltbat certain lot of grannie ;
situate in South Pittsburgh, late Lower St Clair
township) uml brawled and dmcabed as follows', ~
iviz' beginning on the southerly aide of Jotephins
stmel,:i the corner of ground of Sarah 21. Ptall,pirs i:
am/lathe distance of 91 fret 1 14 nigh from Ow. :;
: comer of Fifth street, thence extending in fruntur
- - ,
Bingham street, easterly 21 leer, and in dupla
southerly, presennug the mato wi dth at right angle"
to Binghamshat, 100 feet, to t,aesnitt aitcy---use
which ja *reeled a two alasy bnch dwelhan how..
400 kitchen . . Seized and taped is execution as
' , property of !sane Kennedy, at the suit of Whstw,
Owen Roes.
All the riFbr„ hde, imerat, and claim of Alcamo. 1 ,
der o`lllcCtostr,of, in, to, of moll, all that r
lot ar pkee ofgrottad, situate in the *eared Ward,
tow of Allegbeny, being lot No. S 0 in Rola...err j.
plan of the extension of sant city, called rrys ootoo
Vlstar'i:botuided and Jeacribed as follow"
beginning on the north side of the North Connnoal,? ,
at the distant. Or 49 (aol wart from 'has corner of Ci
Palo Alb/ etreet, thence Tennant west by the
Commons ground, 24, feet to the corner
37, theare north, by lint of mid lot 170 fret th
lSfeet alley, theaoc east by taut alley 24 feet t?
Ina of..lce No XL ...1 ntince eauth by slid line ITO , .
(tette the Vete of bo4inning—being the same let
of ground*biebt William ftriblorroo, Jr., ethth, hy,z
dttNi, dated Angus) 17,,1&t5, conveyed . lovoxid
D'UnCereer. Seized and taken in execution th. Me
property of Alexander Cr , teGrear, at the, Mid of
CbariesN. Truitt, in air? for Train, -totter dr,Cill:2
An the tighl, title. Macrae and claim of J. C•ltte.'
Cull., deceased, in the hands of J. P. Rosa, amid!
,taws Conner, his aditunisuumni (with notice
John V. Rowland et at, tetra represennumma os,l
saidJ. C. McßollY, deceased) of, in, and 10,
bat cermin plantation or Want of land, In
Upper. St. UnulrYtmeristop, bounded by Wide of law
Court, Simon Crouch, ao.i oi here, Outilalateg about
S . .S.SUeII, more or lee, and having thereon erected' ,
a two slaty frame dwelling hone, and log Maraud
out buildings, and also planted 'hereon a young or-,(
chard. Sneed nod Liken In execution as the prop ll
arty McCully, deceased, io the haods of tuni4
adults:limn:dam, J. B. "Roes and Jeme Conner, wttn:
notice to John V. Rowland, and Rhiabeitt his
..lassesß Glenn and Rebecca hi. wife, hence tlit-4
Itenton,Finley Gilkansoa, and El irabeth
minor childecullif James Colltroon and Ftasces
wife, late Panama McCully, and Thomas
lv's heirs, and 14fal repreaentarieu *aid ,J.
McCaly, demand, at the sunof Sarah Jane Me.-
All the eine', title, hottest, estate, property slum.
auddemand °flames It Speer, tam of the diefes:':,
daub, of, in, sad to '
all that certain lot or piece of
Emma adults in the tint Ward of AlleghwTT ally;:;
waded and described as follows. town: ;
sing net Canal Street,l46leei trout llobinton
thence b_y a line parallel with Robinson street,
reel. to Craig street, thence &crag Craig Weal nottiv.r , ,
waelly 19 feel. thence by a list parallel with Rots - ,
Street 120 feet, to Canal street, thence south.'f.
lewdly aloud Canal street Is feet to the place at
beginning, being a vacant or onimproteif
Sensed and sauce in cSecctilan m lAA propgrtr
Jas. R. Speer, at tee ink of S. F. Van BoaDbm r
fe Co. .
All the r i g ht, title, ALBQ Funeral. and claire at Dania':
Seitz, of, is, and to, all eat Ctititlh 101 or plate 0:
ground in the city of Pitlebargh. oa the south ass:::
corner of Stareosee street not Forbes area, (ream
ing an Stevenson street about Gllfect, wore or teis'
and cued' os tack slot g Forbes street of the pm t '
~,dl h , about 1.0 . 4te01 s More or less, and bormdadot'
the north &sweeten Mita OA U.S.:Lally Forbin;
L ir m oluu tb eaz! e rry graun th oi‘z.,-37;;;,Seits
d hoe
hi; thereon erected a two Katy brick dweillets
home, with the appostenasSan *seized asd tater ,
ateution !tattle propity of
~ S ets, ate,
14 et Jam* Bauguasn, szd Jo be ' , old •
. • , CU11n8;..5142 •
ShriVg. ol 4 4- ahtFL"N / 053 4 • ••'