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WEDNESDAY 11011:11310;JAISTABY 15,1225
' ,' By the Subjoined table, our modem will per-
Wry that some 13.•Gellialt, •Esq., the Demo
exilic candidata. In elected Mayor of the city.—
Ibis remit, which has been expected by cool
end . unprejudiced persons for some days, has
belta brought about by a union of- a large por
ti of the recall of law and order, of both par
* Opel Mr. Guthrie, as the-best represents
tits of the sentiment they wished to uphold and
enforce, of-opposition to every species of disor
fly, rowdyism, and lailestheas. A large num
ber of the mostompromising and long tried,
and fai th ful Ind of the city, not only voted
for Mr. Guthrie, but openly electioneered for
u . ,,
him: and his election can, under no nape - eta:bit
claimed as a poll iced victory, and we have,rea
ism to believe it will not be claimed as Inch by
Ur. Guthrie and his friends. A large number
of Whigs were dissatisfied with the manner of
Mr. floggen's nomination, and with the alleged
mode of electioneering pursued, and they deem
ed it best both for the Whig party and the city,
that he ahouldnot succeed; and their calm and
unflinching sacrifice of strong political feeling
on the altar of duty, proves them to possess the
true nig spirit. '
;• The defeat of Barter, and the complete and
Ina prostration of Barkerism, is a matter of
eituntreand heartfelt gratulation with every true
Mend of Pittsburgh cud bar interests. No man
could feel that his property, charsiter and per-
BM were safe under, the reign of misrule and
'lawlesanees we have just passed through, which
has Inflicted a deep stain upon the character of
the city abroad, and has worked a great deteri- --
oration of Month at,:home. We trust this sad
lesson Will never have to be repeated to convince
our citizens, that when they lay aside their own
saV-respect,' and desecrate the sacred right of
name, by voting for molt a person as Joe
Iftar)ter, at the time expiating hia_offences in
laid, they sow the wind only reap to the
whirlwind. Let an hope that a bitter day, and
wiser connects have dawned upon the people of
•' Warda t
. 1147...Ou r tpre.ItarksT:11'en i a¢...iutp r. t . .. r
L9.# 1 1, 11:1
iv. .71
in Al
. E c 271 :575
V. 0.5 414 ..51; IU I' P ) ' '4
1 05 162 1 2 5;5 ;Ir. • IV,.
111. 41 sl' or 7 50 •0
100 ict • 100 ,5,• 6* 147
• 56 51 047 ,44 ' ;51
1147 1903 1143 091 15%4 1151
TOW 4115 201317059 7101101. 4411
Oathlite," D10307i7y 0707 Darker 768—over
Roggeri 761.
We had not received the vote far Councils
from all the wards when we went to press. I
the eth_Ward,. DAVID D. Banco, Whig, is elected
to the Select Council over Dr. Black.
We !subjoin what we have.
Brlect—J. T. Xinmid, Whig,
Cotoraen—A. Cordell, Whig,
John Wiflock, Whig,
R. M. Riddle, Whig,
Cyr= Black, Whig,
James Gray, Loco.,
.• Mr. Lent,
Mr. Greenough,
Mr. Lee,
Four to be elected. The rerular. Whig ticket
eocceeded by an average majority of about 200,
while Mr Ro,uven bad only 102 rotes, or 200
.:ruteillerM . than the average cote of the party,
.osttl Me. Guthrie had 220 votes, or 120 votes
Moro than the opposition_ The irreconcilable
irtmattlstacon of the Whigs with Mr. Euggen's
ItOtulnation is thus clearly exhibited
&L —Frederick Lorenz,W.,
W. W. Dallas, Loco.,
Constr.—R. McKnight, W.,
John Bissell, Sr., W.,
Wm. Yorog,„ W.,
John Scout, 1..,
• T. A. Matzo, L.,
. . . . .
- The average Whig vote in.this Ward is over
"M. Mr. Roggen received only 121 vetest The
+morsel:l - re:3•:&•k:ri vote is a little over 100,
`;ithUo lir. Guthrie received 2•56 votes! ,Row
..:cotapleiely in examination of the vote chows that
-.Mr. Guthrie owes his electionlo the Whigs, and
Gait polities T e rr e Lisa aside.
~ • , sreFsnr eraen—corscrts.
Setiet....Charrca Kent, Lee.. 103
P.. Artirare, 'Whig, 82
Cocunon—Lewis Shrom, Loc., 103
Ge0...N.1'0%dr., Loco, 83
• ' Wm. C. Friend, Whig. 100
Rota. King, Whig, 85
Tiro to be elected.
The election in Allegheny resulted In a com
plete Wbig Tictory; litan S. Ft.ruisu haring
bean elected by a handsome majority. The Col
toying is therote:
--. Wards. . Fleming. Scott. Sample.
1 211 to Su
2 95 30 107
.a 828 31 112
' 4 273 77 98
Mr. flemingla majority over Sample, 452
visor all, 2.7.4.
The Whig Conn - ail tickets are elected is all
the wards.
ie diipatehinforms us thlit Richard Broadhead,
the Pemocrithr.nominee, has been elected to the
Senate of the United States, from Pennsylvania,
to take the place of Daniel Sturgeon, whose
term expires on the 9th. ofMarch next. Mr.
Brmsdhead Is from the Eastern part of the State,
From which, both of the.presnt Senators hail.—
Western Pennsylvania is not sufficiently carotid
of her rights and interests in this matter. Lo :
imfocroisni has, however, to answer for-this.
TB6 PIU3T MAYOR OP prrnstomou
At the List' election under the city charter,
"LOT Ebenezer Denny Inns elected Mayor. Ha
was a Imre, toodcat, high minded gentleman, of
• ample fortune, and did not consent to hold the
lifficti long. lie was born at Carlisle, Pa., in the
yeti. 1761. his parents, though respectable,
' wee is reduced iciretnstances. A brother of
kb father was killed at Quebec under Montgom
aty. Hit mother had tan brothers in the army,
cat of them, Aroj, Parker, erns an officer of in
allIMCO and distinction. .11er father was a weal
thy/armor, but, as was the custom in those days,
left every thing to his son, Ebenezer Denny,
at the ago of 14, was the hearer of Despatches to
the Commandant at Fort Pitt, in the year 1772.
At the age of 18, was a volunteer an board a Let
ter nf Marque and Bernical, which sailed from
Philadelphia. For his conduct and courage in
!an action with three armed cruiser" of the ene
, mT, cif Trillii4d, he was promoted to the cora.
- toond of the quarter deck; and on hicretunt
received the appointment of Ensign in the Penn-
sylmtnia of the regular army. He woe in
the battle if • Jamu River tinder Wayne, and
Commanded the company, the other officers ha,
tng been all wounded at the first fire. the di.
tingtdsdied himself, at the officers of his regi
ttaent all did, la the capture of the redoubts at
Yorktown, sad after the surrender of Cornwallis,
woe selected by Col. Richard Butler Ca plant the
fort American flag on the British parapet. Af
ter the peace with Britain, he was in Ilermar's
and Bt. Clair's campaigns, and the bloody bat.
thm whlch'they terminated. On the 14th of
December, 1790, President Washington conunn
adeated to Congress a military despatch from
governor Bt. Clair, dated . November 6th, (see
elteraMote of the Ist to the Eel session of Con
great,: volcano 4- " lndian Affairs," page 164.)-
- thleAimpateh, Major General L4t. Clair writes
to the Secretary of War. "Mr. Denily, the gen
' othwean who takes General Ilannar's despatch
skim,' beg lease to mention to you in a partleu
, lag manner; sad if you will be pleased to do so
Nto the Piestdent la hLs fever, you may be ea
"tared that be win act disappoint any expecte
odors that may be formed. has every Vast
•j that I could "lab a young man to pewee,
Wide" sosentto mai the armylLs profemdea;-.
fflorbilea - are, korner, acme othyr traits La his
. •
l'ehanic4r . . :" taMn,
,that 'are hot geaertillY .
"kiewn, th would .deir Un - - 7 mA aas lit
'GO pittane s he receirei, he lute supported two
"aged perm for a long time."
, .
111 Brigad i r General Itarmar's despatch — tit,
the Heeretei of War, which follow, on the game
page, and is dated Nor, 4, .1790, e ft er'eksizig an
account of s engagement with the Indians, 'the
General wri ete--"The bearer, Lieut. Denny is
"my Adjutant It will afford me great saties
"faction to know that some mark of honor will
"b 1 shown him. His long and faithful services
"merit it. There lea root deal of busiama in
the Western country. If there is no imgropri
"ety in giving me an aidAe-cemp, I visit him
"to bo the person."
-At the foot of General Harmer's despatch, he
writes:—N. D. My Adjutant is really and truly
rat offices."
lie was subsequently promoted-.and Mijor
Denny commanded the expedition to Le Biwa in
1794, the real object of which was to aid Gen.
Wiyne by cutting off the communication between
the six nations and the Miami Indinna.
Ile retired_Prom the service after the treaty of
that year, and died in Pittsburgh in 1821.
It has been decided by the Supreme Court of
the United States that the Ordinance of 17E17,
-establishing the North west Territory, and pro.
hibiting Slavery therein, is no longer in firer; it
having been superceded by the Constitutions oc i
the several States formed out of that territory.
The decision came about In this way ; Two
slaves, belonging to Christopher Graham of Ken.
tacky, it appears, were metered on board a
steamboat at Louisville, and transported to Cie
cinnatti, from whence they escaped--to Canada.
The owner brought suit against the owners of
the boat, in the Court of Appeals for the State of
Kentucky, and got a judgment for $3OOO. The
case was then carried by appeal, to the Supreme
Court of tho United States, by Messrs. Strad=
and Gorman, owners, and John Armstrong.
The plea of the plaintiffs in error was, that
Graham had sent, or permitted the slaves in
question to go into the Stets of Ohio, and per
form cervices as slaves, and were; therefore,
made free by that ordinance. It was proven
that these men were musicians, and bad gone to
Ohio on one or more occasions, to perform at
pubile entertainments ; that they had been
taken there for this purpose, with the permis
sion of the defendant in error, by a man by the
name of Williams, under whose care and direc
tion he had for a time placed them ; that they
had always returned to Kentucky an noon as this
brief service was over ; and for the two years
preceding their escape, they had not left the
State of Kentucky, and had remained there in
the service of the defendant in error.
The ordinance of 1787 declares, that "there
shall be neither slavery nor Involuntary servi
tude in the said territory, otherwise than in
punishment fur crimes whereof the party shall
have been clearly convicted; bat•that any person
creeping into the same, from whom labor or per ,
vice is lawfully claimed in any one of the original
States, such fugitive may be lawfully reclaimed
and conveyed to the person claiming his or her
labor or service as aforesaid." It was argued
that as these men did not escape, but were taken
as slaves, by the act of their owner or his agent
into the territory coveredby this ordinance, they
had become free; and certainly there could h
no escape from such a conclusion, were that
ordinance still in force ; but that is nut the case;
for the Supreme Court has declared that that or
dinance is now no part of the law' of the land,
caul this decision makes it so, unless Congress
interpose and restore its vitality.
The case was dismissed for want of jurisdic
tion, and Messes, Stradon and Gorman most pay
the money.
This decision will astonish thew good people
of Ohio, Indians, Illinois, Michigan, and Wis.
eonsin, Who doubtless imagined that this de
funct ordinance still cast , its bread mantle of
freedom over them; that the liberty of all its in
habitants was secured by charter from the Na
tional Government, a thing in which they gloried
but can glory no longer.
The Washington Republic eap "It is under
, stood that the court were unanimous on the
question of jurisdiction ; bat it understands that
Justices Wayne, M'Clean and Caisson; dissented
from the opinion on the ground that it decides
points not essential to the judgment, and there
fore liable to be treated by the State tribunals
as extrajudicial dicta
Mr. EDITOR:—MtIeItdiSCMIIIO.III has taken place
of lath as to who was the,auther of tb first pro
position to prceent the introduction of slavery
into any portion of our country." The honor has
been claimed for Nathan Dane, Rid. Flag, and
Thowas.lefferson. In no case, has the claim
been dated back farther than the year 1784.
In truth, however, neither of those distinguish
ed men was the first to proptlth such a prohibi
tion. It is now more than one hundred years
since the first ordinance for that purpose was en
acted, and Georgia woe the field of iie operation.
A friend has lately lent me a volume of an
old work. "Harris' complete collection of Voya
ges and Travels, &.e., &c.," In which is given
a full history of the first settlement of America,
and from which we gather the following facts.
In the year 1732, George 2nd Issued his letters
patent7or the country from the Savannah river to
the Abitameha. There were a large number of
Trustees under this grant, but the moat active
I of them MO Gen. James Oglethorpe, a gallant
soldier and n philanthropist The first care of
these Trustees was to provide sufficient funds to
send over a large number of settlers, and sure
port them for a time. They next turned their
attention to the most proper mode of settling
Among other regulations was one prohibiting
the introduction of eleven. "It wan foreseen
remarks the historian, "that if a white man kept
nee o, he would be less able and less willing
to labor himself."
In 1734 the Trustees passed - an act for main
taining peace with the. Indians in Georgia; ano
ther act prohibiting the introduction of rum and
brandies; and a Wird prohibiiing the introdection
of black slaves no nestroea. These three acts were
laid before the King in council, and after n fa
vorable report from the Board of Trade, were
ratified by the King.
In this same year, (173-1,) the colony of South
Carolina drew ups memorial to the Ring, setting
orth their condition, in which is the following
• , Wo must further beg leave to inform your
Majesty, that amidst our other perilous eirciun.
stances, ler are soloed to many intestine dangers,
from the great number of 'moots that are now
among us, who amount, at least, to twenty two
thousand persons," &e. "Insurrections have
been often attempted, and *nuld at any time
prove very fatal, if the French would instigate
them, by artfully giving them an expectation of
The historian remifics upon this: "flow just
and how prudent the precaution of the Trustees
of Georgia, in prohibiting the introduction of
negroes." So it seems that South Car Olin& did
not always look so favorably upon the peculiar
institution, as she does now.
In 1738, some of the people of Savannah were
clamorous for acme!, at (be very tithe the peo
ple of South Carolina were under alarm, upon
account of the negroes there. Several negroes
had mode their escape and gone to St. Augustine.
The Government at South Carolina sent a depu
, lotion to demand the skies back, but the Span
ish Governor refused to give them up; and decla
red that ho had orders to receive and protect all
that would come.
When n few of the people of Savannah appli
ed for leave to hold slaves, others at Darien and
Ebenezer remonstrated, representing the danger
and inconvenience of having slaves among them.
In June, 1730, the Trustees made a long and
able reply to the application of the people of
Savannah, which I cannot copy in full. The
following p or ti on , however, we introduce, to
arryout the appeal of both parties to pos
“And the Trustees readily join issue with them
in their append to posterity, who shall decide
who aro the best friends, those who with great
Labor and cost hod labored to form a colony of
his Majesty's subjects, and persecuted Protest
ants from .other parts of Europe,. ”or those,
who, to gratify the greedy and ambitions •iewe
of a few negro merchants, by introducing their
bastfol excaniodlty; whiehilt Is well kiLOWIL by
mut experierree, has brought our neighbor cold.
ales to the brink of ruin, by driving out their
white inhabitants, who were tho 4 glary and
eirangth, to make maim for black, wio ere MOD
i, , ,,c0m ike um? of their tioadrired matters.l 1
'• There is much more in the reply 'worthy of no
tite, but my article II already long, and I nmst
conclude. __
The history was written in 174 G, and of course
Comes down no farther, and does net:inform as
.how slavery was introduced. Did it'd:lenity and
insidiously creep in, in contempt of the regale
'dens of the Trustees, or, were a more accommo
dating set of men, men who conla "conquer
.kheir preJudice.c" substituted in the place of the
gallant Oglethorpe and his colleagues. Lhasa
not the means of settling this question.
But be that as it may, the fact that slavery
was once prohibited in Georgia, and now, exists
there, shows the danger of its extension
wherever not prohibited by express law. C.
lion.—The New York Cmnmercial Advertiser
has a long and spirited article on this subject.—
After speaking at length of the perfect liberty
which Catholics enjoy in this coantry, a liberty
which God gives them, and of which man has no
right to deprive them, it says:
"And now what of all this? No one denies,
no one can safely deny, that all we have set forth
is true. There is not a shade of artificial color
ing in the whole statement The Roman Catho
lics, under the nigis of the American Eagle, en
joy equal liberty and privileges with Protestants
—perhapi some would say even greater. In no
other Protestant country do they enjoy religious
freedom to an- equal extent We concede that
England gives them toleration by law, but toler
ation is not equality. Recent events in England
have shown the vast difference between the two.
Here the establishitent of additional bishoprics
and the creation of archeopiscopal dignities has
excited no national animosity, and even Protest
ant clergymen, according to Archbishop Hughes,
in the full recognition of this princitile of reli
gious equality, hare waited upon hint to congrat
ulate him upon the recent extension of his spir
itual juristlletiou. Nay that gentleman went
further than this, and was pleased to contrast
the liberality of the Americans with English in
tolerance in this respect, while hens the Roman
Catholic organs and priesthood are ever loudly
insisting upon their right to all the freedom
they enjoy.
Very good. To that, we repeat, we have not
only no objection, but will always co-operate
with them in the maintenance and perpetuation
of perfect religions equality. Every religious
and ecclesiastical right which is oars as Protes
tants we cheerfully concede to them as Catholics..
This is our position. But there is such k thing
as reciprocity of good feeling. It exists between
individuals and between nations. It is a com
mon law of courtesy; it is a fundamental princi
ple in morals; and it is matter for astonishment
indeed when a professedly Christian church re
fuses to recognise it in practice. And yet after
all the liberality shown to Roman Catholicism in'
this country, the fact remains that, where that
system of church organization Is in the ascend
ant, a handful of American Protestants are pro
hibited from worshiping God according to their
consciences. Not only are they forbidden to do
this, assembled together in some room consecra
ted to that purpose, bat their pastor may not ad
minister to them the Word of Life even in his
I own apartments. .And this bitterness of intol
erance, this returning of evil far good, comes
from the earthly head of a religions donomino,
don claiming peculiar adnit7 with that great
Head of the Church who, atule on earth, taught
indeed another doctrine, and gave to his follow
ere an exactly opposite rale of conduct.
Nor are the circumstances antler which this
prohibition has been enforced, unworthy of note.
Abbott time ago, on the urgent representations
of kfr. Case, the Papal authorities conceded to
the American Protestants at Rome, permission to
hold Prottotant worship is a small room within
the city—returning in homceopathic measure the
universal freedom which Roman Catholics enjoy
n the United States. Later adeices are that
such liberty (!) has bow bum taken from them,
end a worse Intolerance than cent. is exercised
over them. And this, too, at a time when the
Pope, who &roma even go to church to say hie
prayers without an escort of Preach soldiers, Is
extending his ecclesiastical jurisdiction both in
the United States and in England, and the papal
hierarch; in the latter country are appealing to
the English public against even so slight a re
striction as tot being allowed to assume territo
rial episcopal titles.- Woo ever ineoneivieney
more glaring, or impudence more positively as
tounding? In England papal churches hare the
amplest toleration, in the Gaited States they en
joy the most unshackled liberty and equality,—
the Pope knd his priestly follower. ar.e daily
'asking for more," or taking It without asking,
and simultaneously are prohibiting the AmeriCan
Ilinisteitindpiis Probtetantfriendsfrom worship
ing God in their own apartments. Verily fil
-1 tolerance lend Inconsistency have reached their
clithax in Pope Pius the Ninth and his Cardinal
We knolk not bow for thin interference with
the prirate sentiments and In door, dothestic
rights of the American Charge may conflict with
the treaty or international law which precedes
the appointment of en embassy to a foreign paw
n% but It is at least at variance with usage in
such cases, and we should not be unwilling that,
common gratitude .and decent courtesy having
deserted the Court at Rome, the effect of a Spir
ited remonstrance, and of a peremptory demand
of what U really right in the premises, be tried
upon the weak and variable old gentleman, who
has of late become so exceedingly somnolent
about international comity and reciprocity."
L' Par the Pittsburgh Lisa.
Editor:—llaring in yesterday's paper held
up to view the rant and surprising amount of
want, detitution, distress, and suffering. exiat
ing in an 1 about our city; and havingendeavor
ell to make manifest the propriety, and indeed
the absolute necesaity, of the humane and char
itable of our citizens interesting themselves in a
cause which so imperatively demands their aid,
and appeals to their sympathies, we proceed to
call year readers' attention to the "Young La
dies' Society," organized for the purpose of re
'laving the poor and destitute, and affording
sympathy and well directed assistance to the
wretched and afflicted. There are other socie
ties established in the two cities, having the
same object in contemplation, but we consider
this deserving a mare particular mention, be
cause of the novelty of plan, the vast amount of
valuable aid administered, and 'because of the
earnestness, seal, devotedness. and disregard of
all labor and unpleasant duty, manifested by the
lady members who compose it. We very touch
fear that we will have but space sufficient to call
to it the attention of the coil:annuity, explain its
nature and mochas operandi, and allow its easily
distinguished Claims and merits to be its creden
tials to the respect and warm partizanship of the
public. The chief aim and desire of this sow,
elation, is, to afford aid, comfort, &e., col t to
such as need and deserve It; to effect not so much
pecuniarily as morally and physically. It is ev
ident to all that a large proportion of our impo
tent poor, and distressed, are rendered su by un
avoidable circumstances: that they may be so
ber, honest, and industrious, and yet have been
reduced to penury and want, by calamities Im
possible to be guarded against; to wit fire, sick
nese, Inability to find work.;.probably the Intem
perance of one on whom a whole family are :de
pendant for support, and from various other
causes which frequently occur. All such, by
means of distribution of labor, by numbers of
agents employed, and by ward or district com
mittees, whose duties are accurately marked out
and limited, are visited and relieved, without
what they would consider the degradation of
coming before We public as beggars. Untold
amounts of money are absolutely squandered
yearly in our city, by giving to idle, vicious,
and Strolling beggars, of both sexes, and of all
ages and appearances, who make mendicacy
profession, and who are as frequently able to be
the donors Is those by whom they are supplied
They are generally a vile, degraded, and hope
less class, firmly entrenched in Idleness and
profligacy, and highly accomplished In all ratio
ties of vice; they ramble from house to house,
from store to store, and from factory to factory,
and generally succeed by Niobe dissolvings, by
stories of moving accidence by flood and field,
whined ant with low voice and "bated breath:"
by very wonderful and easily arranged crippling"
and distortions, and by similar devilish devices,
and metitricious tricks of trade, in divesting
those who are kindly and charitably disposed, of
money which should have been spent upon those
who need it far more—and of food, fuel, and
clothing, which should go to those who are suf
fering, and,' probably perishing from slant of
them, In nine cases out of ten these imports.
nate applicants are entirely worthleas, and the
money and articles totally,mbiappiled. It is im..
poiaible for those who thus glee, to visit person-
ally all who damiad of 4,am, and to aunts
thehundato that they are worthy objects far tom.
pasahm and relief, for thO' generally take the
Incaution to bog ao far awaydroto home tki kJ-
Oble. It it plea, therefor 4 that some eciimeav•
jidiciona, timely, arld inairicirig moth
-44 *ram besdoptad, by.whiehinilieltizenabon:A
Ofiit*, Tice oil Idlateit # 1113 LIT - 1111014.
. ~ , . ... .
lienlde,•.kemotetA'And .decreasedf -Ana's - ample,
abondant relief darted to.: - real, .deserrineelr
jecta of charity; of all classes and 'religions.
This association seems fully to meet the wants 1
and deficiencies 'Of ail our schemes of benevo-!
lefice. The Indict belonging bolt &relating to
undergo all the fatigue and labor, in the place of
those who cannot - afford the time, or who will
not take-the trouble, to detect deceit and impos- i l l
tare. They undertake to visit personally the; .
houses Or abodes of all applicants, either com
ing voluntarily, or who are sent to them; to 05,1
amine and starch out for themselves the merits 1
of each case , and to afford a certain channel 1
through which alms may flow to the really needy
and suffering, in the proper quantities, tthd n
the proper times, without abuse, waste, or per- ' 1
version; food is applied to the famishing el
and clothing to the freezing, physdo and th b t
medical attendance to those who ore &seas a d
afflicted; mod kindneas, consolation and en • '
agement to all who need. Profligacy isrep r
vice checked, work supplied to the idle, 4 ne
glected youth induced to attend Sabbath a
week day schools; and in a hundred diffe .ca t
ways thin excellent, e ffi cient, and only roll ble
eleemosynary system works for the alleviatio of
grief and sorrow; for helping those who re
willing but unable to help themselves, and mate
rially to assist the other charitable institutions 1
d k ,,,.
of our city. Burdening themselves so much, ca d
no entirelyrolleving the compassionate and be-
nevolent from an intolerable nuisance an an 1
oppressive task, it certainly deserves and eh ld '
meet with the warmest sympathies, and who is
of more benefit, the enlarged and munificent -
sistance of the whole community. As your 1-
sooners., they consider themselves bound, a d
declare themselves ready to distribute yo r
bounty, In whatsoever amount or form it may
come, in the speediest, most judicious., tooth
economical, and most satisfactory manner: The'
are rich in promises, but richer in the perform)
since; guying little, but doing much. The.'
claims are numerous, cogent, and imperative
The number of persons visited and assisted, ion 1
the amount of substantial good rendered, would
much astonish those who are ignorant of thS
wide-spreading influence and - efficiency of coal'
carted movements, attended by energy, earnest'
men, and numbers. They are now entirely de 1
pendant upon the public,• end it is for them t I
say whether they most cease, for want of inter.
est and means afforded, or-whether they may be i
allowed to continue their. work and mission of
love. For some weeks they have discussed- the '1
expediency and propriety of ceasing from their
labors, so stinted and unfrequrnt were the means I
afforded them; but . they hove determined ito
, I
make one more effort to procieed--cne more p
peat to the humane and charitable. It is to bo
hoped that It will be fully answered by rene ed
interest and generosity. Committees of ladle.,
by personal solicitation, and probably unwelcome
visiting, could have no doubt accumulated quan
tities of provisiona and aderchandixe, but atter
moth consideration they hare deemed suck a
course tandvisable; they desire not to ow to ha.
difference, and inability to refuse Ladies, what
should be the unbiased tree-will offering f the
heart. They have -a right to expect th t the
ends, objects, and rationa li ty of their in thud,
"will commend it to eiery noble Impulse a cl ex
alted emotion of our hearts; for ••the - quality cf
1 charity is not strained, but droppeth as the gen
tle dew from heaven." it should especially be
I considered the peculiar privilege of C ations,
to exert themselves largely in such a au e, fez
they know that lie whose example they s rive to
imitate, was "a man of sorrows and scq ted
with grief," who chose his dearest con ions
and disciples from the humble, the lowl , and
&anised of mem and to whom the poor were
always the objects of comodaseration and Active
regard. The holy Bible, too, by which they en
deavor to guide their lives, abounds in injlinc-
Eons to care for the destitute and needy. "Thou
shalt open wide thy hand onto thy poor brother,
thou shalt surely give bite, sod thy heart shall
not Ise grieved when thou givest nolo him." All
above want hale something to spare, and di \ Ifil
pray and expect charity from our God, we =ink
to be cZnisistent, if for nn better reason, gins it
onto others. and Ire the quantity and frequency
of our gifts be regolatel by the remembrance of
tho location of our Lord, that -wit h what
no 'lyopmete. it thall be measures! to , you'
Itelatioll iueets oval - Thurrsl4, at the
ressin room adjoining Dr. Baron's Church, fay
the purpose of making up clothing, distrillhtiag,
Sc., &c. Any useful articles; - of clothing, mer
chandise, he., will, we venture to say for- tbent,
be gladly received, and wieelPdiepoeed of. Mer
chant; could give many old fashioned goods of a
heavy texture, which would protect many a par
and suffering body. Grocers could easily :pare
flour, meal. Sc., which would Make glad many a
sad and aching heart. And all rtiulci givenUme
thing of their abundance, to cause smiles inilead
of tears, joy in place of misery, sash blessings in
place of cornea. Cli.talla a
PANTII V. SHIM—The well-known - hunter, Mr. 1
Charles Peameter of this town, who has been I
out in the womb, the loot two months deer-hunt- ;
ing, killed a few days since in the town of Bel-
mont, An Franklin county, a large panther or
Catamount, measuring 9 feet In extreme length,
and weighing 247 founds. Mr. Parmetrr came
upon the truck while hunting, and the next day,
with a dog. started with the determination to I
hunt him up. After'a short dbtance he struck i
the trail and soon came to where, with o single
bound, he had killed and spilt entirely open a !
huge buck. apparently curried the same about '
20 rods and partly buried the carcass. t
Following on in pursuit, Mr. F. soon ean e
o mountain ridge with huge shelving rocked inn
chasm under one of which he found the panther's
den. His dog, with heir erect and exhihitiii,g
extreme fear, refused to enter, when Mr. P.lying
a rope around the dog's neck, entered himself
dragging his dog after hint. The Panth • tied
by mother entrance nod took ton very t pruee
tree near by. tin. I'. now climbed the hedge of
rock, overhead and that found himself id a level
with the tree top and distant about fifty feet
from the same. The Panther was almost hid in
the dense top, but catching a glimpse of him he
tired hi quick Succession two balls into hit body.
The Panther had now placed himself with eye
fixed on Mr. P., in the attitude of springing,
when . Mr. l'.. having quickly reloaded both bar
eels of his gun, fired one into the back of his
neck, and the other through hiNtiody, the fourth
shot brought him to the ground. The dog hoe
, tog now regained courage, rushed in upon him;
hut one bite of dindying Panther sent him back
howling with ii ., sfii.when springing to his feet
the ferocious animal ran soma 20 rods and fell
dead. Mr. P 4 to make sure, put two additional
balls iutu hint and then ventured to approach
him. Mr. I'. Intends to bring him down in a few
days and give our citizens a chance to see thin
rarely found animal, whose strength, agility,
ferocity and tenacity of life, render him the mon
arch of the forest, and the dreaded foe of the
moat intrepid hunter. —Potsdam, !a. Y../Irrestry.
_Desimble Suburban Residence for Sale.
Toe eulderiber offers for tale the house and gm..ds
where he now reßldra. situated on Part sired, below Tre
mont, In Allegheny, and about 2.5 minute , / walk from the
market of this oily. The lot, is Ulf feet front on Part 4-, I
running barn 24,2 Lot. be bean el4l-4ordalning nearly one
mn. of ground. eddl 0 hounded 014 entry elde by large olneu
lora adorned atilt Ores and ebrobbery. The house L
nearly um, Lame, and exceedingly well cuTungni, hating
a front of &I feet, and a depth of 72, and contains &rotor,
beßldes - hall. nine feet wide. It to the best
and mat Jacobin manner. and has a Iliwyrodf rung and
contains all the toolern convenience,. Two pump, with
unfilling supply of hard and sofi vale,, emit the door.
On the pristnime are the roseeetnry out butidlige. stable.
earriade houw, to The grounds ere laid out ieotlli as •
lawn. corer ith choke fruit trees, erergreene. Doweling
ehrubs, ourratta ,tweberrles, nopberrin. fir, and • small
garden. The Dolt Is of the best kind,'and the tiers are In
their prime, and >old moue; Go the wants of .4 nt111..!
!orally. The rituatlun of this ploperty,. b ee nowity and
Robutlum cornatte, combined with andignit) tb lice 4 4 ,
le not surinovwddo air residence In this vlelolif. it hoe
rtes. of the Ohio Direr for over • mile, of ThrisPeran. -
Pit.h.rgh. the city, the two rlreri, and the
hills around. forgoing altogether a partoramia - ddospoet of
ahl'h the rte moer W 4 4 11.5. Every boat WhfCh ante, or
depart. from the . port Of Vitttbutall op ti r e obi, pow. in
hell slew The Polder. and gluturds are elv eotnidsdeli
removed Pau any sinanyanes of duo, war destriletire of
...fort and e,tasuon, nal agonls • retirement en nun ,
and pearoful glncated in.. Quiet nook lathe tontg , l •
The property will he Dahl at • borgaln, and porwoldri guru
on the flat of AMA Emprit• at the &ome omen
P.lorlif D. N. WHITE
Citizen'a Insurance Company of Pittotmrgh.
Otnee Nu. it Hater amt. India warehouar at 9411.
C. 11. llcithzr, Preeldent......A. W. Thum, Stv'L l t
h , Ca
ThnP•nY i.nvannl to Lawn all more Alm
In dote, nun Iq tranxita, rove', De.
t attitu i =ty fur the and Integritre the
It are eltiranVol oi llburgla. well and Lem-li
kesOwn to the nommunlty, fur Age Pruden., int , tigt.. ,
and Integrity. •
117gatte 'a p. aT
John Linn:aid Fa limbitugh,& Wu. w'rd
if ill
come r
Marine Insurance
.. MGM . rs
Or a INftli. qitital Stock and StreV /
Potucres sums . ox von um roma . o
Taixs, . -.. ..
'pats , WI kicullilistittl"ilts.
,-.',./ornattea.-a4l or Da.lielsUars Townsll r—
ids°. VII Loader& or letters. cettlfs'a.: Wel
/41.14 7 8 e Visbrbteis4 this medicine. the 11,11se bit: is
Selected thaw Its character. led the...trek of Its we'll, a
dlrteat ball of Use Wed. The Ileum Warn are Irer
but sre ales sands Or the .lost the
;est medleimra
.. ~
• • • •.• • 971...- S4i• 40, 18C.
"SLIM& Kfno t ed.—lfe . lotineemd ta 0 a DA di 2d.
. v.rmirup 1.4...1.0. ranand la YOnmelaea So
40 the Tenalftore Ina •lotnalmml ID
Doi tatelnatan
demand bream so wet for It that oar Ark Ir. Alm
attaiateaL It Imo wetland alai baet effeet Idwilmer It lute
1 ibeen b rl w ln . dd. tectlma,
m. dnlnm. gad 1. MT P
ll t .:: Inf antmlll. ono
Peop after dime from youextro., am It sells more m
eatAdll final
1 .al order =Mid. me teen. Please Mut tee.meg Imam.
d 3.411. D. .1. a J. W. Comm."
_. - . J. P.M 1 co_
Ho.GO Wood et.
— European Agency.
The sill/Tribes totem!, visiting the prittelpal cities of
G e ms, Feud., Frame, met Germany, timing the mouths of
Apra, /Jay, and Jane next. /caving Pittsburgh.= March
lith. and Till he pleased to altend to any agencies of a
slum chemist Ishich may le rdolidni to ids are.
tanivitmrll JOILN D.
Lt Kow—dilh I cheerfully, comply with )our request
thut I would wire you an amount of the .!mart iulraculow
cure of my Uhl@ dawahterW eye by the we of your "Petro
She was atarkal wick • MT ton ery• In Velfrtud7 Or
!Jamb larkfilten limn lyoppded to the beet ,mrdf
eal aid In rho oily, by orb It Woo primounmi a 4 ,,,i-y Ind
eye: . and alltfore me no of doing her any good. Af
ler which I took her ltd. ...tutu to an old heir. who
had been eery succeenful to caring .you. Ple told use that
her nee woe betake., at she would certainly boo not only
that ono ha} oho that the pawl , would follow—lt tel. •
wren:lone affection of the biro& And Ido eertlfy, thou of
the thne my rather (J. B. Vuitton) dyne to the eoricluelon
Mot we bad better try your Petroleum. she ova manly
Wed of one ere. It I. now abort two months slum atm
began Ste onk and eh. rougyper see with both eyes as good
as crew ehedldf and. la fart I ton tell. I believe the ham,
with the bleiedsta of She Almighty, been cured by Petrol.
um.• Yon* noPectfair.
47-For We by Kept., t McDowell. 140 Weed etz R. B.
Miens, 47 Wool rt.; D. M. Curry, D. A. Joeeph 1/00.„1
end 11. I. othwerte. Allegheny . ; also I.r lb. proprhei
tar, M. KIER. I
riov7sitenB Coral Deal. Seeeult. nt.. PlOsboewl4.
Foreign and American Hardware. !,
No. 129 Woad Street,
A full ould*upletraturir:of FO/i.EfG.A' AND AMA'ItICAN
Paitable for:the eprtag trade, and yr bich they are prepared;
to otter to purehascla at Patna that,,tll entapam
faynyably with any of the enJilfril. entre.
GOPAIiTNERSIIIIP—We have associated
with w 'haulm% Btu- laic 01.41itT of the Varney,
Dertoilte Wank. who will &rote hla pennant .Mention loth*
httohto Tha stria of the aria retualna sa haratofitre.
lial3 j A. WILKINS .t CO.
Corner of Third and Market at&, Pittab'gh.
th Turaday rvening, Jun. 0011.14 aired ZD yew.
. for nearly rerren ream • ralflifid •girrrniird. to Mr. ' 4. .
!irnie. Third aired. • row= mszrof Meiling Integrity and
.1.01-4 ...Lb, .4 night: r•Unv:ni by his oMP , °). •• 4 •
lardy envied frkinta lii, funeral will take pier* rdt Thum
day, at o'clock P. M. Iran tint coring at Virgin alloy and
nrtdOillciii d.
kg IL COLLIER, Attorney at Law, office
e LrArrie'm DoUdine , . Toarth'et, above Sailde
lavbra fanned a orauveciloo .with Um. Naar*, EM. or
Wuhttistca C c. (rorthrely of the Land 011100 be I yor
panel So give prow attention to the proctor.: of Leal
Warrant, Previous. S. and to , the biteeention of dathar
Ler.. Uortgrewa or any et the deportmonta ial7
fA3IES J. KULF,N, Attorney at Law, office,
IO Tilghman Uall, ecru. et Ore. stmt. and Diamond
y. NW:mock
GaILVER WARE—Sisspas, Forks, Ladles,
1,7 Ben. Koller., L'ltthrts. Ink *et., CupA,Rr.. mono-
E.-tuna m ora,, .T 4 ov local, ay fslestAts•is - cwestcs.
eirwscoo. os :WM Coln. W. W. II ILSON
11.13 r. et
Jae. rersire4 by emote, knottier tot of them unique
rentable ansers. th e only We
beternl' 010 • W. W. WILSON.
amochtud with him km:raw tartrier. J.
wrui. lo the Wiwi mut timmticAlorAeo Mariam. under
Ma Arm ral of liurphy Lfr.
%111 PII T & LEE, WOOL DEALER:: and
♦ eti C r ' neas i . " N " . ' 1:7144,1,:tb. cf A'"""
WHITE BEANS—Ten buTels rime , for
_24 Nrixd .t
bell..koN MAKER a
Ltili--'l'wentr barrels just received. and
Like ma. b. bFtbi band.. F. N. WICK 131:111A3I'dy
lola C.. a If ..11 A eutti
r LBS CANARY SEED received
I yam, auf fur al* MCISMSTIAWA.
.1•14 ear. c• mod • •tith
cca ELLERS' LIVER PILLS---•tenuld net get
nithoot owns.-
coollevll Jaa. v, 141.1.
Ila. IL IL Satatehi—Vehh. err theonly 1.19.1 Mlle that
Noll hon. I d‘whlthet set slang • about therm. and trete
tar that makn life d theta moats In the blgbert tems of
oratuendattota I.hre fops -
0111 y. J. efil.Y./..N..
...1-Yreeirted *ad he It. R. hfra.LIMA
NWakl J ed MarhellY. 1915
air d.r. an l-7TiC;e7C - ty *int
, ro; new_crop, reveived
al k. MU 14
. A WWII'S a KIILKPATRICK . 111 Melly rt
I .111 AISI N S—One hundred and fitly b otnnwed
! jut ,WO MOW... n.,breml And for rade barbi ~ ' ,
.......e.`l'.! DROWN A 11.11111PA711 . 11.
CIUGAtta--TWV/141 , bhda new Sugar nn hand
toafid an ...lent jab 11111 OWN It KMILPAVWCE
' TOBACCO—Twenty ban W. tl. Graut'A;
tr. b. Omni 8 Villi.uat
•15 bra W A. lionahl'c
Xll ad:
h „„,,
slizws k
LARD—One hundred Or prime new Lull
bsnd sad for sal* 1!
UNDRIES- —Ten bx , ‘ S. Toholing Comm;
5 hos Pregnorn Emma,'
lo Ina do Eagle tltoolttr.
A Igo do lllerg Pad, Land
sod fir sal.. by ,13 60g/WN t KIIIK PATRICK
/ I :AM E to the rtgidence of the Auhseriber, oR
) about Denrot
(th of her Wt. a dart and Mo.
og • arbl.atrEnt her loot. slang tour aeon old, giv.
In, milk. The °gory. le hlgaby laglltod 10 gAne Omani
"111:',ZiF°""" . "`=IIINitt l x121. b "•.,VV,rir... •
(.!111Al COW—Come to the rm,iderte,
me sulagrlber, got , -
•xo, • Ertl Cog. about Prom or right rare
San Mt Mugu, 'The tom, Is regorged to esa.
jward. prove property, pay dun, ml take Per away,
j el.rg - JIT WAVER ETA N$
tlAn (NATANT, January 13, 1011.
Trosteeen.f She Pittsburgh Ass CotoPant hate da , '
day 11vr , 1.,1 a Utakletal of fire per cent out of the ptsolto.
of the last on maths, 1,11 the Apital Stork paid In, pa, a
ble to holden, or tiler' legal repnstootatives, follo
with. at theolßea of the \tusk..
ssullsl2* JANIE,. 11. CHRISTY, INsworre.
Aculiiritti. lead!. anderthe arm of WOO D k Ali
, and WOOD. ADMITS' k Ois., terashostra by Ilatita
lipll this day.
The toonsesa•lll tes setths) bp either of the aubstribers,
who are K(1[10411.1 to cow the mune of the Ilan' us 04t0
liquidation for that Now., at the (Ad stand ho. 1 . -1 ?dal ,
Net irtmet, ThiladelThla. ItICIIAILD D. WOOD.
40110 TAKILOW,
Phaadellllla, Deeetataf .list, Pial.
IthethA bee:, tßunireel ae above elated, the husker..
In be rththemett b, lh. thluerthersunties. th e tillo al
WOOD. DACON. A CO., et We ns ota,l, Nn 127 Muket
I'hlWlelphla. RICHARD D. WOOD,
11,W1.1 W. HAYWARD,
10:NJ. V. MARA!.
fIISSOLUTION--The partner.hip of Rev
pr„ , , b"----ntrw:4T,..1.:;,at,v,, , wit;
of th i r " parum i ttle Dame a I.lojlrm Lord Windfall%
.1. 1.. MIRK
Io rrtirin from Me haeloesa of Remota. • Sher, I
maald reeemimeral Mr Co w Shpt. to tar (Mende and Or
former euetomore of the .
J 614 L 0. REYNOLDS.
L. SIIEE, Wholesale Grocer, Commies
r. Ilrrcharduoul aealrr P•per .W 'Baur; corny
:re awl Irvin otreets, llttaburgb.
.pANKINO, coLLEatsu AND . sX
CHANGE OVPICit.—N. 110L3INS 4 SONS, No. 57
tet Are. Pittsburgh. the Z...m
and iherism cit. Mr .114 nuyle ...II the
htinsital Notes
N a . i V lm.. Notnee .s=atl a d e . gruut 1.4
L IFOUNIA.—The new and rulotautial
ettion•hip CitolunmU, USW. CominualL
!l f oorf S an e Frn iso,
SU NDAeT,the
m n -
MpraylY F or buaryMwatt Th C tt e il n p o it u s w te r
and hue the boot of accommodatione throughout.
al being furniebol with both Mum and sidle, will mete the tip 10 about 100 &ye. Promos wiehing toonlinste to
'California! or Oregon, with th eir amine.. will end PhD the
Left opportunity dui has yet Leon ortorod. The price vf
t i fl=air r c h !to Su:p . m:l4nm will be
mono art bil:U9, to Paid oo rtit
di c e dote(. Dor 111 bo whored
cute. Toe nuMber of Li Leto h0..m00 Melted, and a '
n ail
portion already diefoclid irektre
_Timone wlahing
calomigionut Komi» tirkrts I.oo[l. Further lutommilon
remailling mamma on freight not be had by adder...stud
poet Paid! WORM: R. COllOl%
liceretary of Cintintiati 311olog
yanliAMr--Clu. U.s. Si. Clochamil. Ohio
two edury bath Dwififild llottem 00 Poimu
Tonle Memo, tub Ward; 460.1.171 $01.1; baring mo
ruocov double carlovi dining mom and on the Wm
Cour. The lot la twiddle tout by 010.17 01.00 0W • wide
alley in the nar. TAU property mot VW% and will tw
wild for $2700 ,in pile:tents of down, L'2,o to me
tear, and the bellinM !ntro yemfo' •' '
Enduire of T. Howard.
at Law, Fourth Moot.
between entithflell &mahout street,. Call in the morning
before I/o'clock. TLIUS. 119WAlilL
INTEST7dENT.—Tbr eubredber often fur ode. all
dot valuable powerty. Palmated on the cower of llollltay
hred 'greased deeds, duhreeinef over datren thourturt flee
undred *OM. helot awed, oommenclon at the came
of Ilulllbty and Plwasnt street.. and running north KO
fret, then efeed , £2 fret. then north n 1 feet, then wed VT fret
be ',Steinmann. VrTyllpg aouthward, then In • wottbdia
ametion bounding on North Wert )2 het to Weber. and
Gad fn. Ibis point 26 het, then Routh 13) het to New.%
rued, then 14.4 to p the plate of beginning 127 freh Tlila
P enTralel i tenral,4Zln . " trtt:llTZ
manner of ilia brat Istataresla and en ' eltinnuarunand a
reenSurtible Bradt Dwelllalb•ldi a newo garden , The Cac
het la )11 (retort& by 12) feet deep, with • hue yald. The
lluddlng emtwareetwo dude. and as Meld has ban large
tort Don Kap !tonne. eabotalf itakcav each; lan be
late, a line cellar under the whole building, and laded
thrunstwut In alre=earp MIT nklenzg=4
C:rte7 j=ut ' Home, S
et res tremens of tent.
neva et.. lialtbnare yea taipoobanne Rained, Ude netts. ,
t att " rfg "felart=="j s ee'rger 4V4
eatonneenete Mae Ibrwsnling Mt.., with •re Creek
ea Nellinat Arad, if antener Anf further
ean be obtained of the aubenelbeb On the preathate.
.65r131.401 Mt.—buns Ain't an. in
itvir tssi tz ins—en re 4l rorau. ingali v ans t asi; isesisst.4.
nsvnassissis . - -
AILME CllA.24CFArexpeptable 46 . ung
oios. irlAtiing to Trawl. Irtth ookitol of Ow foi
, :t bt
4 4 ". =trirritt tr 4 ooi s ie:7
nooolaotiotlaeor of thugs boo oo s, 4.V.4 f
tbroooh the Ix* ofik, gating , on no tr ,, i.0, 0 0n. ho
hod „ CILUILES LX.331.1114%.K.
ROOMS—One hundred dozen for sale by
Bl.ffEß—Eight barrels packed for sale by
jall el. V. TON BONVIOReFf • CO.
mots WI
)founts a WORTIII3 Teo Store. coot able of the
I hoot flavored Tess at GO cent. per pound. •
The Otter mantles at 75 do to
Norma 00
Old Wuntry people that rsl
we BLACK TEA. will Gal ant , .
nth their testate exactly. The. kW. of Teas we revolve
direct from agland. and they ettIIZIOA ho bought at..tY
other .10}0 t oPittehunch. jal4
"ati thel "" d "" h ` 4 '` l 'Stitftrs h i DANFORTH.
for ettfalr btu raitir w (4.4 it 4
1111tEEN APPLES—Twenty bris. Pipping,
Ibr We by S. F. VON BONNHORST a W.
FLOCK—Three hundred barrels ju,
nod F0t,510 by BORBBIDOK .t 10611 R.
jolt No. 11G %Vali
t. reed
'_i I;4_
HAVANA' SUOIR--Twenty boxes 'hito
111.409 Sugar, for lode ley
BURN/Ulan k Mall
jal4 . No. It ti Water et.
.'1 had not need it beteg. twk•nt I felt Ito beneficial Ilect,.^
i !;i i d i L S c. E . l, b l :.f ER
k S T - k ,` l •3:il;:? e lering ror a
.bout obtaining relkairl .. yrogented with it (yo u.
'lt. E. Seiler? Cough 311.1turr e I. think it a duty bleb I
owe to both you and the nubile in general,
lev el!Ney
of thus I had not need It twice benne I felt.
dal effects. nod (under the Virtue Mead agiluut no . ion
to blob n the bottle. I totality olio, as to haring wi fleeced
llr magic pronertier on frlestdc of wine: ono In Pe 0. ,
who had it trying attaek on her innga ucoonitanied •ith
illsoinuntetg cough. Verily Nue only Into geculitOus where
cough, and colds affect the pilferer) has deccendod naort
tin Ulan. N. Sellers' Cough Silature.^ • •
31. VlTStitiltilia 1:15 Wylio at.
Pittaburgtal. 14, 1831.
Irreparni 0001 gal by R. IL Erxims, No. 67 IV.
end add by drottubde generally.
'lmmure Company of North 4mmina. Pllll.l
bmint=rortz,t , rtth‘gt;.e.s.wg,
fondy of every knob ebipped per steam:tat
atonal. by lalatul traneportatlon or on
. .
Arthur A. CAfllo. Pest Kauttuellinmk".
Ale:n[o,T 'lnert', Mark.. Taylor, .
Samuel W. Jonent Ftantizol Y. HlDith.
Minn! Kratt.h. 'Asobn.att White.
A. Itrt.Arth JwcbM.Thoman,
John MIKA. Jim K. Nett
itkhnrd D. Ward,
Francis Matins..
11111huu W I h.
11. D. Eherrent,
'MD It the ntiett fnevranee eolapeur lathe Dal
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. .t . erztllt i ll Dean er e . extra - laszerdone the
" ' l l s9l.lloirja Y F . ..... t f,
rlth No. 141 roma
ANCE COMPANY. No. 151 Market Street.
. and 'o. 11 IVAII , Stok.t. N. Y. Amanda
$1.041.P0d. dividing fn.:into ioirrrent profit la;
The nutoeriber nmelve applications for tnn
lives in the above eneceesfid Insurance ()Maras", •
'000 41 U 121T3T1 7 . j ./ON ES, I
des No .141 Pm;
riIUIiES,TU.IIE.S,TUBES--The and ,rsign
bare remitted rptelal nernahvion hewn are *twin tit
Tort annmunkation with the Blentinghanr PA .NT LAP
wr.l.OEO ntagg TUBE COMPANY. for the tale WI their
very eseelknt and enterkir BOILER an 3 G 1 1 1 11111E0 In
luxe or mull quantities. TheecTubee are Ms ea
t...tell both In England and the rotathaent 4 Europe,
end "' Val h i& trrim A CO..
tr.. t Tin Plate 31errhantr,
44 Wall greet. New York.
3 )lartlnte Lane, Lltr Lando',
and 140 Bachmann graft, GI
f ‘ r
1111 LEASE--Forty five lirls in stun,. _ll- !cafe
I_ll . hi lAAIAIt DICKEY 2100,
int Water sru as
l Trdnt W.
ARD & GREASE—Ten Lyle No.
4 Ter Urrun, ow It.ldlrm from rtersorr Rr
1213 Wakr aryl FT
.ARD—Sixty brim No. I in store and
-LA br DI MEI' CO, NT stet k
lISSOLUTION—The firm of Kennedy &
Sawyer war distalml on the lrt Ink Tbii Intelares
ernitlaried as beretettne by limas@ Stetriettly. Jr.—
The 1111.11 f of the lute arra will belated br either barmier In
rattlingaplhe barbican . THOMAS R.ESSELVS. Jae
yabit3 JOILN IL SAW 11:IL
rpo LET—A huge Mansion House *ith
11 9) smell of 1401 •Unetsd, Aitoatml at ... a .
ral3 LANDY, JONES it W.
. Real Rstate worth 8100,000.
ent bjkFr.r Fink a ttßotn IS)focLi
on Math Common by t:4O to Mater street. The othrr, 110
ttet (mot by 1170 to an alley, Improves In the Irert manner.
alto - Mina a delightful Male of the city of Itmrhurgh. the
Allegheny and 01110
Alm spine of ground fronting moth on 11 COMMA
200 feet, running 170 feet hark. Unaided 0 tern tilly feet
etreett and 20 fret alley In rear.
Alm. tweedy aces dimity oppmite the R I P.oel Depot.
of the mat derbabte propetly mm offered Data Thin
piree of gentml oder, Indurentente tn epects tom Apply
A norinne urni critical. Win. Engirtt lola founded
t lurr Lein, Orman leakind vu am Errand.
Mt i alt. ' irnittif 6=r:by E. t ' lirdriiTlf:. r er ".
Tnt MA. 'nano, ra t runic leing the 'r ivrenraisl nar
rative and r.-ralin ranee) thmirah the nr flair
alien Leland, • •nd nth, run. cif Polynesia. lie Iter. Weir,
T Cheraer The ITlrate arid Lavender," With
Tutu rrnen, twoury,m a 444ctel to Homo. lialluroo4—
Hy Croy, Arrulha. 4:401444y1 404 M. 14 hy
,41:1 R. C NI , CKTON 47 *vial 41.
ben been aintretny n.seolynt nn Jaittlaty 7th.1611! IL IL
r "" ll i gerTflb=4
If then. , Ono tatty, to nettle the to. ml to the nun.
of natal nrrtrln nit rttre,ettlt meat , R.. viaviz.
r 0. If. Sauey rarryun tta. oaate tr.& .t the at
sad be ham to reedy& ht nutawro. 32111tf
PEICIIET:: ,I2 IIkirt,y hrle.klat law]ing
.61 6.1 rak ,
).11 - ,L J. VON lIONNILORNT a t.N)._
hundred las for rale by
I,NLCFCR—Twenty brie Extra, for sale by
Jr ion s. T. COS lIONNTIORST aco
ILASS--Ei, ,,, ht hundred las IV indoxr,4ll.A
11110, for Ai
vritin FlSH—Fitleen brls for sale to'
iall F. V. VON BON NOOF CO.'
-131 EAR L ASII.-8 casks for sale by
no , IL DILIE!.L .1; OD.
( 4 1111114 NUTS.—Te n bus for sub; IP,
4 t -
4 ,
L o .
14 4 : .-one liondrtsl brlssuperti e Flour,
vo.l pre IL-am, r 1%4 So. 2. and fl.r Rah. I,
Ja4: J. B It. VLOVI.. Ronal ellurrh Hnilaing.
IJOYASII.—Ten Casks, pure, in store and
jk Or ml. by p. 3 J.lll. FLOYD.
I.IIRODUCE.-6 Ids prime Roll Butter;
i .. fl brk No. 11.n1:
o bur rissamd,
. . .
a La.n rritay Feather•. eta-rivet by
warm, and-for asir by la- 1 J. a R YUJI
101 . tiirwm... 1 reek Ilevraralt now la ding rem Flamer
turrarorst tor du by
ttelo 'Pal All DIIVEV a CO. Water d Front rte.
'TANNERS' 011.- , ,Twonty brit Bonk Oil,
in gonet!rnler, del. .7. k FLoYD.
NI i t I ;A SSES.-3 L b ur ls new,
j iu ,, M a f , ur
LARD.-43 Y brig No. I, nou7l;knding, for
Joao by drlO 1 ISMAIL DICKEY A CO.
BIIeKIYHEAT FLOUR—Twentv backs in
gtorr and far ludo by jell P. kW. II.AKIRUG7I.
DOLL BUTTER.—Ten brls Roll Butter
” o ryoi and for ale by
EREASE LARD—Twenty Lidatlreaxe Lard
1 -1.11- 1 - I.. nd (Or
I VRIED PEACHES --Three hundred bun
_LI Wird Pritehos. air for br
e. k W. 11A1111.M111.
IL MEAL—Thirty bag. Oil Meal, received
and for ale by AI C. W. 1111 M M/011.
FLOUR—Ono Imudred brL Farra Family
8. F. jun rreelved and fnr all..
S. & W. 11/1111.1.k1.7011.
at reducal_ptio, emit ...ring' of the followlnai Drab,
two end Gni Blanket; and tiny Dearer Mitts
11.1 and Crib Illebtela, which we are autherired tirehwe at
reduced prim, and will be sold on favorable to
ian • LEE.
OLASSES—Fifty brie new crop for sale
; --
ALERTUS.S tans Saleratus , in brls and
bxs. Ibr We by J. RC/Bina DALZELL 4 CO.
LA RD.—Leal bard in brla and legs
Lam! pr We by ROBERT VALZELL k CO..
jag LibOrty .trert.
SUO A li.-111 lihrls prime N. Orleans Su Itr.
In koro and for matio bf 1t0111.111.T DA LIELL ktO
Liberty street.
MOLASSES. ~n brls Sugar Bousr, Si
lautx llMlner, 41.4 nmelved. lby min by
MDDAI.ZELL • ca.' Liberty ylrett.
ALMON.-5 brim Salmon, No. 1, in store
L.:7 and for nil. 6> jam 00010 T DeLZELL kCO
boo; P t E 1 1 0 l a D
It o®o .00dre0.
.To t t . ,_ minx butlalDA. A tig3lnlflia
TAL LOW. 25 11111.9 for Fiala by
1w 711 CAN FIELD
Y' EARL ASH —5 mi.sks prime reed by
ladNV Woixl st.
OT I C E.—The partnership heretofore
ciorting betwoon tho!nalercar s ri b is:pl•dareiroly,l
41POrge:11 , 17:byTh:reastllork.:wt:71Liblird
receiveto cur mousy
d'"k"' Plitttlft4A MA I '?
The andttslaned arillsontinue to rarer on the bitabley
se nand) al the old Maud. JUAN kIT7,ISIONS,
. -
ear. Etna ata. Ninth Want
THOMPSON'S. aq.l Han. Hon's Ulu), Ettl. Scarlet
• 01.2i111.
J.loottipti.Fsbris, BrEck.. sod I.angdwia, J.
.10 .1.10..1%x Mark .4 Rod. ~1 Nvori
. —. . . . . . . . . ..
..ln\Elands of creel. ihweription; 01lititra, Cohen', Pratt'.,
Levers Kalif r. Leman', and other manufactures of Steel:
paw u, a E. NI. timlth'ii (a iceewor to A. tl. Bay 1,,a 140-
ecletrtated do,. Erna, with mild an. Alter iwriec.
Whartman • Enaltch Untiring Ilper---antliinarinn,4oo.
Lie elephant. iglu. colionbirr, cuter toyed. royal and ele
phitggattliacq lioatd n.P ijn r a a .e ' ;. ' l.ll l li7o ' id and rilrer,
e mix.ami wa Id, silver and fancy ' winced Pare, PM. mii.
colored Arita and cortient.and lithoghii for balm Wm,
prepared parchment of an slam, imitable Yoe derits, chart
arc anti diplontar. Wrench note bane, Many. on hand, the
Bola nd Able Etylew Mario and tadlernl , Dlitlisi . r. ...wit -
Ertl a slirentil, r ultable fir Ealla, molten, w lain mid
iniximilaw. .
Stanch note envelope& plain and bowed; letter erol.
opea, brown, whita rm. blur. laid awl Plain paw... Ma
7kit hntf, Mao and "the.
iihTi. wafer tumwartnue_mtternic cnitini mad; bram
Chu WOOS and Turkey boxwood rand bos,cos7ngpromice.. •
Ink.. Intshea, French and Eactlah ansdina . .Wca, and al:
rpm maw. navy!' all colas. rad sad amid pal.: bid
. I ltrannilli au= ardclea ha the Stalhniiitha.
bah tuff aad mph, taindher with a lama amantnene r 3
bily atit
hooka and nannaratahno beats of all =mum Emit
,yr In miry style Of bitaltnifi and haperof all Aced,
a Oa canal tadactal rat.. 44 the mat ream*.
*Ma „ - IY. B.ItAVEN'h...
• • Slant . Bent and Statinam Warehonae,
hat , •• 'i
~ , ".931:111c!kat Nalid, andl &mod stmts.
. .
7 LET.—ThiE 4etira idet'sicientii ,, Lo ‘ i 0I"
.., ..yrrwilt otevplLLl br lb. ratan; , sitnaidalna I '
II lirertr,ltorgh Pike. in the 12Lra.u211 g 4 Law
ville. raw bowel" 1.0..2 roarrakai, Ina Utast". 2
=irrt=iraLb bow. AUL, IL sta.bbe awl arils..
b.* . 2 4 frolC Ln1.. h'1 17.....1.7 ,4, r. -- = ', ..T -. .=
!Moon ado, and r .c., rya vt hl at 1632 V boar. Yoe par.
'Oculars talon,. ROM 1). 1 21101LP202.
Alldlat No. 1151trzket street . :
F UR REST—A Sam - Mtuln Earitirming.
4t.ted for • wr in ZZ m It ran co:a
u:tam entire Outlaw of Ow tbal WI Wad.
It wig be llogroughly troaltott • with war Atal
for a term of years.
an excellent mite ibr brick matioit—etiT den,
ma, ...rend good outtniro of ~.Bent Row. laddiot of
iauta.ww valuars.r.rt ab.thurb..=.
EELM FLANNELS, of the different
qualhlft. the selleh•—• ta/ther impair re.
V_ of Waxtked 35 - 3311 yr mall • 11. LEL
TOOLLEN GOODS.—One 3330 Scarlet
•V 3133331; Ime kiu.n 3133.1.144 emsrp WU.
erne). 54, 3 cues liming Tweeds. 1I wait 2 coax F.. 333
CanAmerat MK. Jew, 33 , 43.5. 100 11,13,41. Mt fb.g. tee
unatesettarm and for 3.31 e by • Jat IL LEIL
CIGARS—FiIty thousand Cigart received
an d t, p a da a, jail 8. a 15.RABDAtUI1•
31orphy t Burchfield auttinue to hec•cor mrtie•h r
atteutiou to thl, Arsnch of their boeirroo, frod we rueful
1. •eloct • cuperictr artiele—the Doeur twat:auto! Bore Bob.
end loth at lor pricer hr po•iltr. All •
NESE VERMILLION-74 Itni for sale
11.) by jolt J. KIDD t CO.
• I en • (new cn.T)
fur eele by jell J. KIDD & CO.
illLUE—Twenty lire barrels for sale by
ILK jall J. KIDD t CO. tio. al Wood rt.
~LASS PAPER—Fire hundred reams of
Nfi Smith's paLrut, tor saie
iall KIDD 2 CO.. Fare Weinni rt.
rlill SUBSCRIBER offers for rent for n
term of one cr mare yea"
_the re/ ant rift Ilrick•
. Islanent, eituate in kalrfleLl lownehlp.Weatmoreland
Iroomy, It the village of Bollrer. Sold workt axe on the
anneylmola Canal and Central Railroad. Three la Oil the
land large quantities of rim (Nay and Hume Coal. tormeni.
cot of memw. The work. am on the. Tub boll Creek—Um
nerawary buildings far the work are alerted. A Is
almetandltm. For ternia apply to the ewbarrther,
Hann mike mythof Tommewww.
imalm:RT—tkefolo. Rep. WM. JOHNSTON.
- 1 4 ` 1 1,01.111—Serentv five barrels Fainily Flour
1: remind laud for Paco by
DOLL BUTTER--Twenty barrels prime
juk inn and lAr
AY APPELS--Fifty bugtelsreceived and"
fat wle by All BRRIVER & BARNES.
-WHITE BEANS-6 barrelß received an ,
for yede by jell 811111VER k BARItES.
LA RD—Twenty barrels and thirty kegs No
I L " r""
roleaso2 rm A BAIIMO.
rALLOW—Thirtv halide Sheep and bran.
ALLOW—Thirty ,
bel.rrly Dorf yeberyed and 0r oak by
rIII3IOTHY SEED-4 barrels received and
ro , mle nr .1.11 sinurzn a DINES.
iflji.ESNLITSSixty barbels received and
1._,/ formal+, Irr jell sultry= t MILNE&
EACHES—Three hundred bUlihele reo'd
omi for Pale 14 Ural] SUMTER k DAMES:
Al OL.,%SZES omlT , ! ift wlvty barrels of new "crop
jail Na 1
KO bids bed itertified Whiskey in dare and Su. d e
janll JOIL'S PAKKLII t 011.
35 half pipes Coal:dee Brandy, 'Tale and Auk:
15 nkit kgr. take do do 'Pale,^ rarbtos vhdh.-
10 do dqq and most orlehnded tread. •
5 elms Ito Mad Glts, "Bohllon Amboy° and "nth.'
2 do
2 runebrans WisJama h
ica Ru atxl Scolds Muyt Whiskey.
to bids. N. E. do. do.
35 qt. tasks Port Wen, •
25. do Madeira Whir. '
do Dry do exert Ilal do. do,ais Win.
10 do
21 boxes Bordeaux Claret.
In 0.0 and for ode by SOON PARKER A CO.,
jnal .131 Uteri,. street.
BEAUTY.—It is universally conceded that
beauty at
eornmou In thil cotmtry than In any
other, while at the re my. tin. Is thnt to other
monry Is it le. at to Munk Ur ape. blow thia trAttto a
rostain ertrut. but the krn le teen owed by nosh.. We
to {{ll, do net neglect your personal appotonsce j but
nossl the fellowing. and Ann need not lack go
Them alleles tee Prellaonlloto. ham
tithed • high ppularity.
Jules Houle Persian or CIAIIIaG Porde. !hr imparting
to the mod billions eplesion a radiant-whiten.a. Itet
Potting elesold • be more mrefttl than the urea of •
powder for the • • 13. m any of them mid urn
real tin.
hn :
no On= mw =tor inekt
a r
ilauel• Depilatory Powder. for seeming Imparter.
ye nut hall. What name utudahtly than tole upon theta.
arms of • lady. This uncle will remove It In a alsort
si. , urky 11121.14 to red , visit. or gray hate, a beauttfolly
ht.. brown, or auburn nolo. It will cola the hdr in •
shorter Ume. and
amore effectually than any other dye, lo
ins at the 16., nllib
Jut. lianells :having Cream.—lt Li really • pietisme to
sta. with this errant There I. ants of the kmarnag ram
rotten tonally experienced In the use of moat soap. On
the min.., It Leaves the akin =oath and soft as
Lint. and not liable to brow. chapped.
Jul Handle Role Tooth Paste.—Nert to Um halt.
to think the Skein went intended as the ' greatent ornament to
the human tam but when neglected. treablux le .
io n tTelsreih q : kkh. 27;r1ii Ilan
t ' rre, h ti' Weeet7l . 4l
the grams tom and maid..
JD Lett , HAVEL. Perftuner and tffnonlet.
t o Chestnut et F.
Poi sal, wholesale and moil. by 11. A, Fallout.* It Co..
I ro.d it Sell., Plothumb. and . J. Illtdsell.
I der. Pa. radial
I I.
DIG BY, No. i 34 Liberty street, begs
to inform his numerona Wends
of endows.. that he o Just receiving
_hie new fall meek of
DIATIts. IIASALINHAS, onel•TheMlNGS.'nf the newts.
risk valapted Sr the anntrOmednetbdtand slater m. 0..
Ali throe Inn - ant of cheap Prohleetable. and goal doildna.
f r. the largest, moat flatrionable. and lent stuck /nth.
i totem eseantry, at this ettabliehment .09
trilESMANSlllr—'rhose aishi ti% became
ATI peasory ant totaled to tiolt itt Mom,
f=tirr.llt.lont.n 4
ktri "" l:rtr=g
est limited. tott who sotto:ars prroolttoct to moots till
they writo so eters. essyronemisl bust. , - • •
toesisto oittser of Market and Mint streets:
.011, 0. K. CII.0110:11LIN. lnArnetar.
QUNDRIES—Fifty barrels Ftimily Flour.;
I:7,Obri+ +upaqine Flow; 15 , bd. Loe 41cC 60 barbels Dry
Aro, Just rerell,l and fir rale , Iv_
rEEI Sll Fifteen drums Codfnal;
int tarls NE) 3 Markel...l: 2) kola No. ILOkIEE /btu 10 qr.
ri No. 1 Nlookorel. In More mot for Polje
iitt 4211 N WASP a or)
‘ l bleh;
la 111..1. very thut. AllArF;eng laterktna and I.ltAttleres.
!dark and fancy, anal Mark ttatin Vertlng, at my low
tuit,s fur the quality. non
t„: 1: . /..T I N
p •!.. Bujvh.
~ .t:uett, n'i:Aid mid Alt taisji4
to AA n.l v S e .. a t fieutuck) Mack
Vt he.; Se.. at .1-11 L .not rorarr of Fourth p0.,l
Nl,rket • na6
r9O Ym FRUITS. NUTS, 4C.--f..24 lbs
Itute Curran, 306 111. bp 3i.
i e
e i m
" 8117,>n i Nt:;. ;t p
t "
hi aka may by J. D. b3ILLIA)I6 W.
e...rabY Wood a Mho.
if I lINESE—I9S Li s eretun Cheese ie store
L.) nut (.r NJ.. b.r .htllE..t pAizet.L.
eat 1: L .54 WALT street._
LI ALERATUS—.4 casks No.l Saleratus;
C. IL tßas. lid bel
ill MOM Ind knt sale try .1:13114 DALZELL.
pall • CC 'Water street.
BLOOMS--Ont. hundred tons Tenuesee
nliv , mx Trnnence Elairs,reerlrloglnan ate..
cr tien,. and Ca• .arr by JAMES IDA LZELL.
No. G 8 WsLi street.
'WINDOW GLASS—Five hundred boxes
V V 2, itmrtlrti Lee in rime and fr A Mbi watax.
1)10TAS11.-5 cub, Pettleh„iust received,
and far bale by }a9 ROBERT I)AL4LL & (X).
10HEIV LIGHT.--AVe have receixed lot of
LOIN+, f etiue else
nd kinds, of e
ndrtion thut o equite donde dotconipLete*eueo,no.
Aleit . tle. article to bunt in them. miloil . Darningllnid"
It. - 11thecial 011. - lt fine ram qualities wialeit 'recommend
to th e attention of Steamboat men, Hotel keeper& and
llonee twelma. k'or and bsintmWr.
It Verrone tlpTe l" dittrain the yteu-
IWitles of the new oaosimand.
A constant eip ply of the nal and lamp. kern hr
iteln Ist to., between Rood Lad Market.
rhet44 Toque 1.1) . ..04_•kd 131 .ock u To.i, d
131 Wg.trk•ll .ellobiktoia ' tr Trkco. "
13 do I'. Ilobltook to Co., 14 all We do.
V. 4. o bok e ni "b l i nNo
tice 121 T Itarroorit Vs do.
1 ratty tkkek Jaws Tboutrok jr. Golden, Leaf ik
Lump, to store and 14 pee D.T
10 Idls. old crop prime prisiity,lll store and Goad.
' (Jardoj JOlOl YAM/11 At CO.
80 Breen 07ra stare and ear raze
kLb RYE inskEy.
Ity 40 bac. pore REe Walskey. "wry old md thrice..
60 bale Old )InanimEhela - Wafstey. In duns and eV
" le I j. 0.1 301116 PARKER a CO.
lOR SALE—One hundred widto and green
t '
ntA.k."ll, Let;' . tla Alice
ra of the lienat Vimat littiolnergh in 11443 Sink , Peoples
Medical Guide; 75 of Carrie' 4th edition of Pittsburgh Di.
nntorteen ale geese of lAnat alai Vert Moira and lintion4
.ale in any quantity, tn suitpoeThseers. by
iallnlStayeltS ISAAC, IlAititl6.slllh R.
)FOlt SALE-7 boxes of Medicines, %i2:—
The Balm of Life, Dr. Urnen's Anodyne earths]. Dr.
anlknees relent Vegetable Elixir, Dr. Leans' Cainninlie
Pills. Dr. Evan, EaAblem Syrup foe Children Teething.
Freer and Av. Herb P‘lle. De Hunt's 41114 for CernmiliP
tin], D spriena, and Liver (.I.l.l2.luU , Wants Curiy tra
Cora, for eale cheap aholcsale awl br
jalleetillnlS . ISAAC UAltßlB,lfilth
4 'o R s A LE--- A email retail supply of
Writin g cnd Letter Payer; Paula Atha awl gulag
lAtt r' s 1;714'1 Almaha
Book,. a Texavranee Chart a hatlonst Map of the Ahaeri
va Republic-. c klat. of the Ileum, and of the World: am
.10 h, ralualltewAS 'ISAAC MMUS
ik - r Ely HAMS—Frame a Swift's Cincinnati
'lP g " en'is!n: Jnel e ' hr) et
LARD—Prime Cincinnati Leaf Lard
kegs for . 6.14 000 jot teed for nold m.
- WA.. A. MOCLURU a co.
VOlt SA feu. shares Clift Mine
stock! at, North American and Wotan, Innerance
Apo, - Io DAI RD 2 . 1RV1.1..114 Serond Jalo
nUTTER.-Thirty kegs and six Ma fresh
butter jtot.ncelved'asti far , sk Lyy
lihda N. 0. Sugar for .sale by
AJ n 0 .27 DROWN K IRRPATRICK, 144 Lavril
lkfkW RAlSlNSonconsignmentfureale by
Additic - woof of Its papier la runs
• . airfield. V.-. August 31),18/1
. It. R. Selhiny-Being all:laird for souk Mae kali
Fail movie. I vela reiroosmendat la we four Imperial Cough
brew, by tar frau frkad W. 7.0311.1•1" JOU/ went
for Dlwe, I did It bad the &rind Mkt of ragtag
me of • mann that tad despainet of ever Wing wail. /
egad &karat Merl thin( that CZT
gtit bad :i halier,gtad z ir 1 1 3ealltalp=lr
4": d that bsr afar the of
11Zr rat
Yt ieund e d. - JANES FL' LIMB.
krenwed and ip51111,7 azulaus. WOOS- 'la
Lint Week—POnitiva doze on sataliday. ! 4 4 1
qi, .......
-INtl. this Irma. Bayne* eriebrated aeries of /WWI* 'el
011411A.a. anttled a VOIMIII TO .lOllttOlf, anitera- 1
cb , de CoMmineent rtmo of Dodo.. Itt /Wt. , . 0 "" " th. if
AL...,_ 64 . Lioomal. London. from Cho Tbainea.Pdoloall.
do' ...4 &Warm and manna with a tamodfned Our d .
Um • Than. Tem.!. brilMattp Illntninatsan • MA' Wan ,
banks of Om beautiful Rivet Woe. • e ••• a
an anbibltkm on aatarday Montan at 3 o'cloes ,t•
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No. l—lap of, the Wedern Heselrfener, n. fe jai
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ftNCH LEAF—Fifty bundles .Frene
Florence, Dutch. 001.1 teal Sheer Leaf, tor Web,
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COLORS -5 talq Rnse Pink:
100 flrolase, .0000101:
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TIMBLILLIONL---Trieste, Chinese, Anie,
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SSENTLIL OILS-1 can Oil of Saaserf3
_EA o raw 00 of LaTend tan Oil of Itcormart; 1 cj
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tiARD OIL.-147.40i1 of et euterior qualif;„:
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alo W.W.11 DICKEY 4 IX)., Win,. t Front lels; .;
110 LAS 9 il S.—Twenty one lot . , s
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at No. 941 Fourth Meet out 79 Wunt amt. • , c
jai° , ' • It. McCLINTDCE,
WINDOW HANGINGS.-,W. Meelintel,'
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beet . s. at rialitottl Wen. Call at the Cann% IrK
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- DOWD Elt.—Blasting oudßide Powdi
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AID J. s. DI lilt OWIII4 CO
• -• _ - -
AFETY FUSE.—Twenty brls - & - ifety - ku
1,7 for blartirty, alb by
littY APPLES. --011e hundred bushels
U./ rale by Jalo J. S. DILLWORTIr Jil3l),
I)itY PEACHES.—'24lbushels foi : Roie
- The Old L. 4" en -),
Printing —lishm - t,
BATE Johnstmvand Stocktoien,and , BW.
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and iteentel 'Meet. ,
Printing Ottlee sal Ronk Metter. No. !4 TAW at.;...
New Books hat Received.' ---
LTON LOCKE, Tailor and Poet an . raw
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