The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 14, 1851, Image 4

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    For the I7tGhatth ilaartt laid thou bast a deathless fame"—
... For wha 'tia bard to tell :
llnlcaa pabnps; besswse thy, game
, Wasieabooting Indiazes, well.
Thuted men lestben were, ty , sure,
:f itL acF e ye a r.briptisu thought—
Thalest it wr., their foe to lure,
Arml—xosot Lim—" as they ought."
They loved their fsieids and hated foes,
' .. And thcoglat to scalp 'cm right wa s:
Not like thy creed, but theirs, Cod kllOll , ,
' . ' Thou rtidst, most noLly oraetice.
II ma -
many to faith, thou turned
•' . - With pistol shot and gem, ' A O Oll RENT, two very convenient .gn
'Twere hex] to tell, but faith I've learned .1... DWELLING 1,01.75 EA. on Tlint roast. above 1M
, .' Thou bast "a fame" for—killing some. I,7. l 4 e r vr it otaiT ithn ' a l''''''''
I Ann to Lellef Mr one or o3nre.yrar..r , otne to
nineklY botr tO thy great name, " ve '''' near the Anv"sTsi.Tt..viLinUrkt'inl,'"4.
~ Amts. to
...Put Oat. LS God has made us, I , ~,. CM BENJ. DattLINGION.
Fourth st- mar Waal.
0 think that - O• murder is the tome ' 'l'
. As killin 4 Ladion babies. 1 II - 10 -- LE - T, the large four story Brick MI
9 T i l l ...e a u. TZl . "Tea l trgi= r riaT v tri! n lirlias
e red men i ove thy grave so well, i v.-ening ilojtutiolroltut. .Inollf S. GORMLEY.
They cos. great atones upon it; ' Olt RENT.—The following priiper- r 4
Ve hod not Grown 11 little chat, . i tlee are for rent, ric. .
I large, veil Ladled, ana mtnpl.telv furnished
H Sita
ad ----I not wrote hati Sonnet. .TIGIE. on Murk. .trees, hettreta Third sail Fourth sta.,
. 1 VoN TWILLEILI Imitable tor Dry Goods.
Se'rentl room, in Vag 0111 re nuildluar, In the itect.l sod
• 'don) •torir.A. mailable for Artl..te's Room, Gamer ,te'
EGISLATION ID PRULINIA--,fler von der Herdt, ! A large mut ronrenthnt DIP ELLL'ill MOUSE; inn bnal
the Minister of pominme, is ore of the loudest ' ne r , 4% ; ll'.To . '2l"tbl'ioregoing van be Oven on the tot of
advocates of the old absurd guild law ', which . Ar gt-Ts y si ALL FTORE on Thlrl street , next donetothe
are enacted with greater severity in Prussia ' Oa . srt i le 4747 ; Ile= glye . n t ra p e di at p,
than in any'other part of the continent. • These T i 1 1.4 ~,,i, h sn ra ero ,,.,.`"Z r jb, X: L h ,,,‘jjf 111:1,11..
lawn, however, are becoming too absurd to be For trrrn". *K4 to
F- D. GAZZAIL, IGI Seark.VrtreeL
tolerated nfifebl longer in ri scritiai state lik.a.: ,4.1 onto 11. MTGII MCP. 66 thug *treat-
Prussia. The lonfentioonra of Breslau latel y
i r : ol4 . RENT. a Two story Frame Rouse
complained that: the common bakery hobo sweet 1 41 ~,,,, Dock t. ,,,,,,....., 5, .. 1. ,
.. i ..,.....g .
cakes and that they trestuiel upon the pricilegev : 4 ord rem,. Sixth At soil, vdpinine Lehrum.
d‘ n.... 1 .,.... ria , star to Itltlll:Vi, t, l i.„ ll r 7;l...E, o
t t1..N.1.
of the pastry cook and confectioner in , doing.
The-grove nod learned m'r".l'vr'" of the city, '
i ILU 181-Ilt yARI) TO It E\ Ahr .
appealed to , dethio rho rynestion, naturally re; i .,..„., ~,,,, , ...i . ,, , i . t . ,
~,,,. w . ,
..... 1 , - . .
quirel the bakers, to produce samples of theig ..nnt. pall - 16.11 t,mnt to 11.'-'ll eigliteTn" handsZ . thouslL s
ware. The eosi ns was regaled with a variety o f : 0.4 I. of Lund., to n.lal on A hit, lea,. Enquire of
pies and patties/ nll of which were nibbled at by . del,:litx. Conn. of C.-on nn.l Irwin .trret,
the bench, who; then seriously decided that the' rK
0 LET, the Store Room N 0.65 Mar- m's
cakes were s akes and not. bread. and that the bet Is the Wan+ And Jeyreltria
balierr of Breilau were in future to con fi ne them- ..; ,1,-," . . Is n... ..a re ,, tillY ~, o viol nY m 5.5....
selves to the Iprodection of cakes made with ... IT,';', n ' ' l' s Z-;..,,n ti k ,..V,V.74.llils r itoTtaTastmois
yeast; _Sugar 3 prohibited in the ltrmibm bake- lo°T so th' car. nod well ti" l "" l '`g . ° l ''" lki° ' "I, I :j:j
Matter, and th t little children must henceforth .. 11 b 011' Pr:g. ` Zi,7,"iVX,V;T,i ,' 2 . ,:::.,"; , ( 1 n 't if . i. , .1 ,, %.....5
wander. to the, privileged but dearer shops for o.;.!i" sneer ,rm1.',.., Ora „ ).„ ~ Ii „,,,,_
their cakes soot tarts. The scene in court with saquirs'Y .r... " - t w is. r Armsi , s.
the reverend Judge tasting t belga; ers' confection- . to l l-seer of Marks., ana Vourth ntro,-te.
SU is a fit suliect fur the pencil of o Doyle or a , 1,14 IR SALE. the Three story Brick erm..
Leech. tan anything be snore ridiculous or fool. 1 ',, 1'.,; - ,,i,"....,. ;`,..2,0, th. ,,.',,;‘ ^ 01i ''L d ";','`";`,7,Z.
lob 1' it put!; one in mind of King Frederick . 1'....ii70 . n7 tr;;;; . iii!0rt.;. ' ..., , 0i;..i lq ' n'n.rtal,i''on'tlte Pretni.
William 11, who, in 1711% prohiliited the wearing ''" ' v,l''is. i- , ‘ " i ," ''''''''''''‘rti.V.l', l 6l"b li tli n j '' '
of wooden shoes and slippers, becano e it injured i ,A,,iiL' . " " 1-.1 Lawny xtmet.
rho trade of the shoemakers, and ordered ; all : - -
such OriPnltire articles to he seism kUrneo. ,
] and I 1 TO LET. n four story Dwr-lling. Slate "r
„„ t a rn r,..ul fiaton,
• nod bale
The rungiitrates of that duty were ordered to oi..4 ''
.7V • Tlf ,., irilt.t. . ~.,.
~, visit the visages under their jurisdiethin , onee li'''''' ,d .0 00,0 o'o' .414
ever y `l nnnvr - to I'enrch for w..10n al.nea and ' ir I'M INISTItAntIi'S NoTti..E.—LetterA
-. slippers, under pain of incurring a penalty of .:1 or "..,..'''''"" `'. ''' '"""` n r Auth "” 1 " h " .
2011 titteilt, w o. st the sus of I...bur g h. ,1,....,..1, havina thi% de,
t 0...., 4 r*0t,..1 to the otaterlgonl. nott, k hereby given to
all t yrron..l-trbte,l to ...nui entate, to mate onmedlcle no>.
iitlnVel LTIMAI. Trans.-71, fumed:. V.. `,;;;,',",:i's',..."ev.v.;'",i,";:;rd'...neg=ti'sr;ii"it.':*.titi7:tr.l
Cole, of the New England Fanner, says that he usat.s., r [.n . .....0tL ' Ae., nnrehouerle't"ir Jose
...1 A 1t,..1i •..Tho,l ..,...t.
lately observed nn orchard of plumb tress in AN SA M. itr.Etia. ; .glob , tratelx.
' " " ''' ''' "'
, ------.- ---
• il. iirii. , .ir-t‘t. ii;fail.
Brooklyn •diending beneath their heavy and ' pit .t• Dee. hint._4„.L..idliat 1 RAIL ROAD LETTING IN OHIO.
__ ___ . __
growing loud of fruit," and on inquiry, he found -.,n, A. C.
nittnanOT .. Barry's .•t00pnr....., IlltAD --0....1ea Pen t aiiati. will , n.„1...1 at Ja 1...... n.
that the trees were jarred morning nod evening. i n f a llibl e ' ; .Iwrae cooot, imio, ;tools ato t ered I lee I until Jag
iilll MEN! ' A TED COMI , OUND,
the eurculio. being allowed to en ape. and as , p f.,,,, . in , 00 . ,- nith. end beentifi fo the hag, ' I' P P ' 1 : P'il!ii'i.;,''''U a.' , Pti'' 3 l° , -A. a , loo •ii I rrat
draf aa.i all gen.., t h e h at t , . 1 ;7•2n --" . -,, ~,' '... , n- ,, . • the itahrthoia tilt
war , al , lt , i'ed• lie.' nway• Whether his neigh- I,7: ' ,l"lrge' b rrii7iViliz' " •• ,'a th.Szz_cl. of th a lamls. : 1,;,,,2Z 1 =,7,::' r d ,,, 1 i b ..t L f„ . ."::,';' .. ,., 1 ,2j, 1 '.;11,';,,!‘,1...?',,,,,,,,...
hi:ea.:suffered any the more for I Ilia expulsion tilde'' , an I L totioittniorit , ao4 ti 4 i , ,.;beT .k . ir.“.". bt . " - , t. an Sit/NET. bhelll noun.. tilaki. a ti, tuionita:oi
~ i , ith litti Prilaia ie... •o , nao ean Co',, artAilted (rem hirail 43n1..rti.n. Itiio-ta Endo.,
we are 110 t informed i but although U, k i- , an 7i , 00t aa woo.' Th, Cr.t t uttruet. In Ai, erLa, tti - eOron ca. , . 1 laro n ioals sita i I., Lin et .Idnei tall the 1311 el
4 the lat i iihon't eualuerioe. t ruttaunitat (MD lu of it [Ont." ' .1„. i
easier than to catch on sheets nOll kin them,boa ;ow ta..1; . ,.., a horse: L .! , i i t , lui w rii . : , ; ;,, A.; ; Ltr i7, - ,
..,,,, i ...• i . .„,..„.„,,, „ h ., ~, „,„,.....,,,, ‘, mAei„,s.. C 1,,,
it cannot be FO sure. as a living inlect may re- iaiiis'aZiT.- . 7 . 4, 1 ,e'.'?`17:-.';'fi,„,,,,,,, , ,, , . an d earl to Co belt 1 gytof'.'„'lli7.,,-71.1!:',''F.i11i.".-fruLkt'Lltno'r;';',',..;"l.T.l,..z tad
4.. but if killed there is no po-sibility of any ' ,".7,, 1 i • ZT,'., - ,‘gi.:.":lh;', -' , r:', L ,J , Va , T.;1tt.; , ..7:` , 1 , t:i,%.. 11 ,.,: t ..71."1 1 .4e, „i' Tf,'''L'',„.; l '. - ‘. , i'.V l t:; -,„.•:.
ten „gi g , g„, ..,, g d., „ o d the In, tt h. be oloai fauna 31. x n :',..0., gen 1.3 i tinttner‘r 64 htike,'Lge...
!rather injury on his ',art. feen, the motooa...i oioial.wiserwt.•^l la ;" Pub ' and at the t'ht Ebeirieer,. ono in nation " .'
are. In aware,. to a ell
Tnevskt.....Nnz-c Ercroner,:cs.-We hove neg. l a';''elit'-',:;;;; . . o ll".t.,!:! 3 '."l4.lor‘;;Wr . ttt`t; L. unrnalled The
Ink 1 , i „ Ob r : g .b '',„.,..' ar sg ‘ T.`,."„„1 , 1 ,Pi.",„ P '' 7, i tir . „.P.. g .b . 41,',;,..t.
Cti the importance of al wave, whero proetlefthie, , Faeroe caiih ...Lk : . i.f the article. tome etardiii.l the , tur;urZ i ~_ ii.,.. g . a t h,, , or ,g.„,,..- fen 1 ., 41 ,. 1 ,,,, ,„
a large mans of eurilh tram the roots, ' ,',',! ° 41 .. 1,!,41..71',4"ii,',. '``,,:k...'r",,,l; e ' v h 'e'tte'r . f ''''' ' - '• I eor I , -.-2--.-.-1 lit.:7i- - a .r., .---.....f tti^
• . to n It o ,. (emu nooon and heir Init. throu g h meee
and where this cannut be done, to kin, wren the we hair tLe... ;II Wt. The ~e, :,( i i . e f trea rrs, t e ot r lthay: laal,
surface of the denuded room constantly moist , rot.' l zT,,,;PrVit.':;z=i - ,; .4 cii h'in . ... l zawoot orm^uwilu 14 c ' d ' rnr it ll .'ll,l7:',‘i i ,;i ' dy,sTr., Chief lioein
till they ere again replaced in the earth. This iniThl; l ,, ti ',.,tu• tli , a, , ... 4 ..,!' . 1 7:ya1t,...>„ . ..,7,.. 1 Enenai. , WO, orlon. . f) , 10. 1.. ' tAi r . ,
is corroborated by.a statement from G. dr.cques. elart'a'nd th. 111;,":Inelt d r ri L t . fi lin ruatenan, from thoi I The Human Body Must Perspire . , -
' l,O ~,,n , p lantd• in the spring of 0,1 .7. two ff,'A;' ; '," t r ,, s it.'":.i.;;;;;;', l :to'.„,„,f."",; i tr, - ,,:4,:tt= (a 0 SASS NATUIIE. to hai e 3 111.311in' ap-,
Yoluag'heallochs. (a very difficult - tree Lit retho, are elm,. A. or o the w e art.' outer 101,10 do cnt rtreui . 1., teenttnet am( leram. 3Lo an and retort-, are non,
ttecer,ttlly,) on g r a i n y d ay, e n °I
so ere late fre.ily thr,ttiiilt pie wean eligh end the na i r. ,to thorned Ataratethin Okto r ei ; e a ., h na . „L ie ,. g,,,,,
with tu,nit. and trurcal OM to th„. Li nisi the mault . Chem.' Nas h mow, a free .iiiratiiii, and at the -am.
alive and growing. `rotor, dantratt, iilleddn, of the 1... r. n ravenix, drynele_ tom.
grit amt aunt,. ,btu. ,-Ire:, ; a es. tdellaie
tol Outburst of the Igament, 31111 rune. badnto. aa the , at %. tufent.e.
iLtn , R, - 7: rid. ii.j-_,..- , This
,„ cfl et , , rl , lt el at . , f. 4• 1 4-'0,!..„,',".-„":.,- . ..!b',..',-.,-,-',..7,.iuff'' -",,z a - :,lr' I 6 '17, ,, ,t- 1 . tn`,,T;ti.TlM;TuNin'sr e. . )1 ^ 1 . . 1 .' " . j
ea r-....c0nt c.-cati0n,,,....,t tn tr.., .e .n.. fret At ~,,,, . n.... ,':‘,..eunt111,410e ' e1.e.4...' an an allo7tiotta ril the slzu .12 It tri'airt'elt meek and Oral la otafanl i n ii -e'., aim.' tu
/ength and 66 feet high; the Whole frame work ciao. zaa av , ..t.;... „ 74 ,... .zz,u;_ata J. fazog i es o r ,1 . i. , 1 7 urr , t i , , rita , ., , t . h , e i riazr„ , ....nks? , :r 4 =ol, ,. .r.ot n yth,, .1 .h:r.f. The
Ifdli 53hCi are of 4.14 t. iron, glared with 43.000 tue Mil:valor fah,. aerille . ;l: . iia..tli./ thet t'veulaigto• . one trial rim parte. I coul'dUnlTZ' al l lefil'lL"i4: I
feet of gicaa. It eon tailla lofty palm trees, , i . i .,.:•,`, l e t t
,'11r'2!.., i fi - iiti:i-„, 444 , g,,,t;;:.--i-i'r4 sal "" m7 "•. vr.,'„'„"1,77,;',1,°,!,,r0r tr.T...„':".l',";* , ,V, 4 ';„'Ly' s .',„,„.
huge Oust= of golden banannas, cocoa nut Sala in tarry haath., ora, i.T, orntr.. at the pu0...1-,t Of" elle tall II Air tie. ahoy.. tito7aal I 1:;:eyr It tom all torte.
trey?, end other large tropical productions, while tre e. ll.7 ringili• Li . him' lurk, aud hya,,,;rteciPal
and i iis , wtaz ar• liable to eharod. erazkoiter ebarwu ha l
Ala_ and druliglida throughout tlito L Kato, and, 1 trill . .. ' ILL: not cmly a ur, I.4it • • praqualvei erd len
the foliage of cinnamon and oatepher event the • ota_ das-ft.czla___ ; , f , o . .iazil r at. Pa. an, i ot 2 e 4.11 oath it, of the lain,.
atmosphere; "end but for the glass roof that you ( .3
i EvENT II 1.: lit , : AT SE \ 11-ANNI' AL SALE i . 1 1 , kit ns on7s.lit:f nian't ill s. '''''' " u '''' ''''''
sec, imiteful'of the sky, overhead," remarks the 1 , ~, onv nc ,,, te ; a; 0„..,, - , ir i ee eatrei if fro ~t. raid Um a:.• y.. 11 , V4 Imitation.,
editor, who alit:Bed it, "you might believe your- I A. A. 11Ah05 . 0 CU, .cii and 04 litrket r.t.t.. , ;T, ~..e ..,r j".4"iikita:;;...' s Itc h th, t• • •TI-i•Vilt . -1-.t I
self in the West Indica." Cummenival on Mottilay . , davvinther 30. lint to rotaluoa , h ‘,1,,1w 0 ,... • ••. wry ..• in a Mk. i
thou •e the month cf Jantiart:
Wrap 10,4 • .tahli•b- .
i ,P'„,,°...)... L .b1 r u ti X . ,2,..i',._,P . " g r 0 r.11,„!,,,j d ,:,.11V b i . i'g . ,7; : Pearly IVhite Teeth. Mid Eurenrcuth, to
T/ITNNTSa FRTIT.-The New England Fenner tb -- „;„.i, 0 4 - 4„,:ii.., - 7, - , win 1.7 ne,,,a .0 Raw, at fully ono •be had for . '" errant-Verana. VI have either. an* honor. l
observes, in to thinning fruit: • fourth tr. thou/ ;vital ir*ra bly reared If their bniAll7 . le el, on rout, or their
, The mother( 113tUloLIA.1 amps] Sale to any one or to teeth decayed. dark s ielkegg and enertogal elth theta, I
"'One peach grower informed no that he had Mon.:wise who aunoacrteit of lan ta: . ar. mill lie amtb- . that aas teat boa of Joao ' Analver •A..thr.s...iii .....k. i
tat:ii oer two-thirds of hiii'peaches, and as they i Vnifi';''i L i r 't N.,. "0171: Itri , ""i=v:A r *,: . 71-,. u 'L''...11 . 4 , :ro.t." .th ''' " ''' "' • " ' h.. '' ' ' . th ` 4nru '' . 1 ,
ineAnsed it) bite, and appeared too thick on Ire I t h' 1 11 7k1,,,,",",,.,„,"";4'" 4 ",,,. 1 ,,thd' ode. ',t,..rit Sold only at JACKSON`h Store. 200 Liberty at, bead of
' trees, he said he was sorry that he had not taken off' ' tops oaeatawiat'sna Wow Caalathere• 0. , n0m...4d ! •
one belt of the other third. One men complain- j , . Pe.''.4 , 9i % , ii .. ~ i . . 4 is „ I 4 lacatniiiiie Hair T Restorer and Iteau- 1
Col to his neighfmr, that a certain variety or the , L43 P "restlil"ts'..' In and ' . 4 *"...... 1 ,tr0. '. . "
_, ma-. ' "" -- r i l l e le e ,t,,, e 'i' '''.'" lb ''' . ' b '' b "' u *" .4
„.. , vat 'oral r ' n Ina, '• rw 'el t eittanUe.-
peat lt which his friend had advised him to col- ; ' L l' o "'h l "„h„'" k 'r'd P h " d '" '''' ‘• '''''" M.- - t'niaaa rho bat't tn. tt!' ...iv' a it; W..: p_._ . :1, , ,.., 1
tivate, was a poor bearer. "Stop your cum- , LO plem ' r ariii,iii prod fl,Turig gilt... .*.O mot, urinal ' Ltt, - ,=';',l,:r l =at. 1 .. 1 2. trZi n ttjt W . dr....,,,1LP.,.., :
plailat," wee the reply, amntil you sell your • „,,,,,,„„...,,,,,,,,',„`d,,u'i,.„ ~ ~. ~,,,
-ant...' ,,,, or dandriaTi awl make titTIT: i4 L or sr,ill tmiii,..tiri....
f ru it. He enieed, on one tree, th ree dozen
of \ --.- , -.- ii
~ e . --,--- ..-- i
thla.-41.matea It tot., tvautlful am. krn. aio It la h e
peaches, sold them at two dollars per dozen, and 1 , 1,1 p ul s ,"0"",„ 1i.',,,,"‘;"„ h u.ii m h., , ,,,,,,,,t'u . "`"'" 5i ,4u,,,,Ci',...,. ). , en . ,t-,,,,,,. the non eentvgalatl-yri superior-yr.:le tor the
was eatisfled.." . ink poem ratainottaathd hionoto ~..', 0: 1 E.- - .. 1 ' 3 ' Sold war at urn J ACESON'• Sto re , Nit Lib ert y st r eet,
This, it is true, was an extreme cue. but the 1
~,,r,.;`,11....t , L a r0 t..., ~„153 e ,., 2 - , , w , of w." l - Pli'diu'uti- .
evils of overwhelming, contrasted with the hear- i L'aul L-.,'niso.lary t'bssis, wbieb win be a'itat7;ri al to , bk - : ,- l' i, .-iii".""..- tad n
- fits of thinning, can only be under s t oo d by ac- , krai ritatitl stun =rt'ar9 and 10 cent., wow; -JONES' fitstutst,,,, - :' Jet. a Liquid }lnman !
-Anal trial. T-hacnltivator , may be aware that, by ' - ov.. la in zesat.. /ler Dye. La the ch.:faint 1,.1.1,,,. ii 0 tar ere! j
De d ec i ug t h e num b er, one 1 ,..„ . ,,,,i red „ 4 ,,,, 1 ,,,,,,,,,,_,, , ,
2 !;az: eol:,;.d.L,dirri. , .., cat, rual pave tie . I... Mini hreaa. or bia,ll. Jet rosiA, itYliga.Vi L ytiii
~. , , i i imoi aa ,: lt } i i l Apia gran I attetaa at sum to p ri ,..,,,._,,,,,,,, , g ,., sit
'=--" may fill uis cencet, where ts.o hunted were re- ezow-i- •au ill ;`, ma I. o } "0 0 &hi 1 i IVII JAClLSifiN,.toLitert i .te..t head „fIT.LA .
quired from on over lom,led tire • but until he at 12 c.Y..', P.',:,"2:,;ll.,' l ;.`"L'i l '''' - '7 ''''''''' per '" d " P '''''' r ' h -- .
.trolly tastes and compares the two products.'he Aien• to'`o , loLt`'Qer4".. 1. ...AL'1i , r l°. err .." , JONES' LILLY IS lIITE.-Ludies ors eau-
cannot appreciate the incomparably superior J e t-.'. '21 . 171'..0 L ;kisi..n...7l:,te .. t'l L. 'i; oWti . lc;•Ll ' vlmaal arming- tole, II: non prepand Chan.. Tber
;quality of the former ail cf who h yin ho lays tail unto ta Law, airiiiea than.. ' .. , I. act t''at". twia f3iihtfoli nit uriLn• 3la Li di. •tiii
•I hoe mom Iti,,, 4-_-ngh bow ,all., i,.ltati, aril nn
5 . '" litany ore deterred • from thinning their fruit be ' ' f irT,',.T?i, r ;;;;;".:,.l.. ; :ri r eau. In -tor of mew rhoL,ret : the qt. atteara aritT - liita. t - Iv•itOCbt/. e'''' 3 .'" a.
the slaw and tedious nature of who operition: .....4.. '''.... ' ". " H ''''. 4 ee.•. 4,66464 ~., fie., I mtnii , "• , uuomt; alwooillauniti -4 l'zi ,
A A NlAiitlh a CO. . ai• a. , " Pronared • ielati tal yegrota• atialt Which we
but a very expeditions way more particularly tip _ 10 00 1 . 0 ,,,, m art ., ~ . 'cwt Jones' ii n annah Lill. 11 hoe
pheuble to the peach , .r• thr.rt , ,Fri, sh,,,r- .- -___ , it .s t stly innoill taint, nannia el su deLiterLoti
AI nosh's, sail at trupart , to the •Itin a oat:teal. le .le., . ,
cutting on - one half or to third+ of all one roc z - )11 li.Sll . fili.CT,ll'.,Elt.--A nevi- le'leh lon .ialo- I vhani-r eher. Ilvisia ehtte., at the van, lige 91,0-41 11, ~.
Pee s growth. Where tree , have been neglect- 1 . ..,-b7247w.)L . ' - .. 1 1;i:Crec!... 2 4,..1TF,..'4',.,4 '. , :':fd.1,Vrt.:`,,,g,t1;V.1.i?.;,::',; 7, :tr.,.
ad for several years, and ore begamate to en- *lewd 1.. r praettael u.,...3; tra,e 1.444,1 for th e loa d or te....1. Potihorni. :hie.., -at
tend their' branches into long bare oru,s, the . ":""'"u'''' Cr.'''. P• 4 °.^ o '' 'C''.i , P , ro-t Prns• , lT i . I "''''..... h'S
,t....0,..1 d a glienu,nr.. Lon., of Cat, L,L,..0v,P, . i -
shorten' back should extend to lorser porticos 1 , 04 ,, a , , NI)1A liClittElt I , ,k,s'rr: 4 graia• of civic
•of the branch, until pie tree is brought into a r,,,,l''';",,!,i.,'",, , lt`„'' „ ..,,",,„"„"` , d„ft'•'„ , h, r e, , b g', P 6 it tti , ,t,e nb r t',',.. 4 ° . 0 ,1 1. "''.,.. V 5 '' , ..' . • , ,,,., -, ' , , , ..,....,r, - , • ,‘
,ompact.,hope wt. boy, on fornter oeCat-iotri i liranent ir'olang ilmni , c, ono 3..eill•ta•ih• of tbo nliat 0 aittli-hi,oe; :;.- ( .1 tio'att!.:,:e'r it.; ,triii:e..; ti t iri,..en.l. 'or
3110 Te particularly pointed oot the nature of Ili; ir,,,,."7;t:::":117.',.;',",',`,;',',„' 1:',,::,`,., 4 , ,',",1'21 e „, 1 2",i,2,'`,.,',g,n,,t,,,",' mv tzeza'r7tatanoz tw -we a LA, .ab, .iii.i woo!. al
pa i; uwia wra-o - I ii, J. • II 11111.1.11,
mode of treatment, Lilt we wish now to tufo the ,rain thi-iittar , ,in iliehla , ...e, ',Whier,. Eosin, aura - - • I - ,
, ~ 31 d L1.,- . 11.1-, o*, V itti lai thatavaieful In nein. than .10. - pit tirt• EL ICE. TEAS tiros ;:,", I; I,A NO
necessity of lira lithely Derfortonnee. The en?, i a omit a' folm vi,himili. I'","-a, . awl otla., hooky The : ' ~
~.. g .; rg I n t ,e biannual- nay* this dae
aria winter it is attended to, the le, will b e th e :Oat aal. e .et of Ode niatilLniton 0. to tde, bointv Pnirtleta noved M per tut vie? I've•ieav i lon . shunt 1.1 lio of Ilan ,
liability-of ito oudiaLiott. We host found it to
~ :.',7,;,`,.‘11``,.1. 1 i,1 t :, i ', i r :'‘,,' 7,,',,,Y,:t-'4'1',c,`,1.2L,."L'...,",tin and . sorpi:ei 10.00 Er a , or r l Iliaot Tem. the ieri [wet vent
aucceed-quite as well even if perfot nod by mid- iiieni li, awl. to tlie lidu aniant i i,i,r. road to avoid Our. , ,7,bh, ~,„Faf,T,..1,.. to t•uo-h ... 6, . , v.-". -,...,
Ltattuna a when left fi ll iiring." • te7, , , , , !. ‘,, ,, 4 , tj . , : i n ,,,,, tr.7 .,, 0t . njr . .. ,1 0 , 1 . ,,,, • =ii ,
n „.",., t The Tea Mu kffll le Or Ise end ....3 aide taii
umke the nork a. i,impl-le . t ve..ilib., Arai Vt,4,-,,,1 er i LARD OIL :I, „ 1,, g i,,,,., ~,,,,,,,i , 1.,,,. cal,!
- - -
_- • . - evi in. r i d to idoutia thii.ort. 111 peretare It tat,. '
.4 br - ;len HOLT. MATTO, It, ac o
s ..• eon rpriee
A CIIANCIL. TOR . Li ENEnna In .-A few dity3 i " i l .l,',',°:;re n lT7' n ' h.:,:....',.!!„,. , gug ,„, g , i ii . ' i hk , , ,. D O IL. t, bri , 1, ,,,,. N ,,,,, ~,t ib,
ince• a little sweep. half iteaked, took IL the Muy- '• .oaiLL I O:1'0;ti• I i11.a. " " ' L
L '''
, ads office a pair of gold spentaelei, which he ' r ',;;;;; , p . ,;7 i ski, F .,. ton e tt .,..., 14 ,1.'g .0 ' 4... '''' L ' nd tb ' VIt le 'git/ir mrri.r a aio
tumid in the etreet. fie woo accompanied by his . , i . .
/1" - lOFFF:E. 213 bap fete tor. ..;r. , ••
master, 'who, in handing them over to one of Ott,. Allegheny County, SS: . IL/ dell 111101. IlArl fit IN 0 . E'.`
principal °Ricers of the police, for the purr.", i I . the 09a/Ltith• l'oort. of ~ .(.4 i'mtat.y, in ' . ,
1 4 1 1511. Ilb bil-P large NO. :: Mm-karel: ..
of restoring theta to the owner. Odic lived that', f, w, r",..,':.7 a.r the Adrioniittntor• ari . e i i , i
si p. 0 b,..,., ,
rtt ona Adettni3ratoy or J. O eh uaiLaiLL v i ...,/, • it. is 131. No. 1 Baltimore Ihlrino.
...tte poor colored people ought to hove SOlne re. , No -. la -ember 1- ! , 3n.t o dim, (Nidtiiik for val. h T
Tonribilitg for doing what is fight," meaning. : tal i . r.'n',l-'...,!1r.,7L, 1 = 1 ,;,•.......:,'n'irr,-.4., ---.4.r..,, Ittlin .11A rtIIEWS aCO
we suppose, they ought to receive n couridern- lu i w . l . k ,n 1 ...1,,,re I. 141•1 ?.. . 1,,,' zp,lnar.l auditor In ' illligOiLii i I:ITS. ll I aags for sale I,v
Lion' for being honest enough to give losers of ' ','„;2',,,.',',t,, L ''''''";;;',l,','. l'
~,1 , ',-,,, I ''''"" '''''''''' "''. ''''''''' ." 4.
I ;, i, ‘; All:1131AS a StitiS.
__ _ _
property in this way an opportnulty of rewtiver- : DASII I. II 0011D0i Cloth. , ViOULI) CANDLE - 14. ll( ta.„.,,, for 'ale he
ing the woe, We are not of that morel school, , :.;,,,, I. h „,,., ‘„.,„, ~,, 1 ,„„ 1 ,„,„,,,,.
~,, n , ~,,,,.„. I LIT Ja7 WALLINGrOItD • ...I, .
who hold Ile doctrine that hulividuals should lie 'No lea Fifth In chi. rill r e i 1it .i,,,,,h. „ o. hi on d at . i U . OAP. 150 kilos Louisville No. I Itosint
Incited to honemiy by the holies of ptitithin Ty ' l t i . f., i ' fi .'i,"„?,[:: j a °,`V:it r e;„ l ,l",'. " '-' l "l. t .r . ,,l:ipjF . Lh ' 1 t 7 f., Linea Caettie Snap: Par eel^ hp
compensation, or that any particular act of bon - iante.mi Auditor. I i''' WAl,LlNtillgth A (31.
4,,. IIV ,ENTUCK Y :1111STA ED. A einogant
.'sty should be erpecially rewarded. . IN Till', COURT OF COMMON PLEA,.
The ethics of the world generally, and the pe- A_ of Alli..beni roan , i• • : gi.t.i.t=e " riTC.7,'l7.,fi l 7. l ;.7r, ,!',l:l';''''' '''''''''
collar notions erdertaind by many individuals of ' ''''''"u 4 Pru.""r 1 "." 1 " U" r...t tb'ea -0 .0 ”. Lydia t a: . WALLINI/EllltD A 1.0
, Eh.. .veil. To. ,„ 31arrli Trtel i So/.
/heir etaigMlllolle to restore, or seek to restore to i To u., oio ,peralatht..- 100 are be,l, ,i y ,,, t i tl t g o r l l i„, t u liat ! i sOTTON YA4iL. DM() dozen 11, me Yarn
owners of lost property, whatever may be Mimi Lh,:;.,',,7,1,7,,,,,;'1,,,,,,,,'3,,,,,52f,,,-,,=,,v,',;,,,,ur,,:t',„ I 4„ ~f li: , x_. , for vale by ta 7 4', J I IN t iEggh a t i i , _
by them, Brent to demand that virtue sitoniti TUNA i le i ihen ? ..
Line Part 3: Lo• ~ .e'. P. ^nd l' P . ' Th'''' P l "' '. d "RANGES. :15 hhls. just 1,4.43 eil anal
an Immediate reward, or elm it will die on hand. I p,', , ';'„r - h - ""'"" . ' '''''''''""' "''''' -I " i'r 00 7". ' I! '' ''' b aultaltliall& a INOIIItAM.
3. of Nail nal al. tar
i t tyamina throng a •Ole , _ ra e I
Bence it is that it nceeridty exists fur persons ' altaaoriallr ~' tart '''''' " ....A °" 1 ‘ b.... P i r th ” . of " kb I "L. 110 Wan r .1... et
dosing an article of value to oiler a reword for I are nk "' l ' l ''''''''"''''' Iv. g Cot'll , vy 1. 4 .1,0 Ult. Itio bids. for sale by
its return. For the protection or roeiety gen- i ilooTri'dri. . 0.110100 fur 13141.1 f A INT OURIIIIJIMIR A" lgtillflANl.
- .evilly and individuals in particu l ar ,
..,..1,4,..% It ,„„„ L, ;,„, „,,„ , o , h° 1 ,"" 'rill': ANN l'A I. :11EETING of the St.Odi..- I
r D I VIDEND. The President and Board of
--s-ii-i----. ----, not -- ••••,'• -r e ' . ... `iieuilime the i 21.. hotimi. ond Election of Dlnirtary thr the Ohio and i •It a pp, of the i4orthern Llbertien Bridai. Commit,
+- 'practice of a generosity over and elico.e the en d i liven., Iv anis It ail nal !Amnia.. „ill he held at th e calor lath., ILL. age i f toned • dividend of one aonio sod an,
nt t h e ' , mo a n , on the Mit of Januar). !ant, betvean the e ntail no each ii . hat,, l 4 the capital 'lrk of rod compan..
Ige of ten cents.
Lo ort of 1I - A SI slid 3t ' M. , the gime it all b.; Laid al Li, ,tivaholderi au or after Ilia,
The colored sweep roaster erpccts a "re :1.'71,i- alvez.lta, J J lIROOST.S. Seerctary 1 hrth lina. (1. t' 4 Ili, h/L Treseurer.
Aleglien, Jan Int 1.'3.- al4.
tidy' from the Owner of the pair of lleet.ek 3 ,
Sti - Itii PS AND 310 L ASSES. Extra !term
tod to eneotorage a virtue_ which he I,eems to i Fl rah,
100 hxo Luher sealed, for
rah, b i 4,1 LIAIAIf DICKEY &CD
,d, Nov York byroli t a ver. tunettiT .rums.
base, he ought not - to be disappointed.-Phd, I Golden Syrup from the ;,t. Louis res. rye
; I..r•'''.. ••••• Iluttai .11ola,el. do .do
.New Urbana dt, Au .idr• by
1110 STII A. 3.lcelA'n, i a C 0,24 Liberty 3
Mr. M. Bateman, of the Ohio Cultivator, has an
orchsid of about fitly acres and five thousand trees
-3,030, peach and 2,000 apple—surrcomdad watt on
Osage Ontoga; hedge, thief proof. The ranenrs of
Gnat are the very best for market purposes. crobrae.
lag about Nveuty kinds of peach and as many of ap•
phi the latter neatly of late keeping kinds, some of
'thlll33 keeping in fine order midi raring and summer
and not gcaerally knows at present.
• Dia= og lintrent filLtiras.--the reco , E ng iba,
paten mention the sudden dealt, or this gentleman,
the author of tavern' beautiful wfugs iu the Seoundi
dialect; and sled of a warm and appreciating anti
clam of Mr. Longfellow, preaxed to an English edi
tion of the works of this American Ira.
Dunham Abbey, the tanner borne of O'Connell,
lon been the theatre of a sheriff 'a sale! The whale
ef the household coeds was sold for a little snore Out
L 3641 'Tho futtlittiro of the Liberator's own them•
her arid sate bed sold for -1:3 Ela
prohibited.—ShishapearcoSehiller L tdoilier, Lamar
tine, Lucretius, Lama Sophoclen, Statuundi, Thom
and Limboldt, are prohibited archors under the Nes.
"abaci merriment.
The Columbia Papa—need depot at Columbia,
pa;. belonging to tho Stale of reunsylvtutia was
sold onTuerday last for 39,001, and was pureimaed
by John Barr, of Columbia.
sited Oats.—The lionorahle John 11. Clayton
bel imported Irma Liverpool 100 bushels of hi:hams
Sot seed. They are beerier Mon Gars, but will noon
Ruts, the cel4.nsicd p:anirt, ants attracting huge
autligneca atal much oppkcac at Santiago, Malt. 1,
~-~,: .
-........ ~'Yiy,
. .
fire l iFith
I n l• Afgb7;3l": 'Lunn's 1 ...=
Alm. A ATOM'. on Alarket gloat. Plttsttrgh. • krq
"4 .. arzl?oss .1 MINI street. oda treas.! t7ot, , , , tz pVi•r
.1.04h0t 144 . Ftrozol st.'
(Cl , l9llki, Fat, and Triban• 07p/7e - ear
1 1 1 0 LfT—The Tiil;;2. Stnry Dwelling '.;;;;
4 , 1 1,01711V,11. rtrvrt. urrlcnt occuriel
'3411 P-IPm=
1)4 of Arra. Anqu..4 of ;TC. FwVll.
Round cht.h.
LET—Orw 'lwo Story Brick Howie, ralp
rcmiaticrg 4 zuf,cry Cep& Avcnoz.
oc fru.r4 1:cro ro f.aquit. c.f
ttENT. 'lTte Store, US Market
area, the aeond doot frt. the torlan el 'Market
Latrteetreete. ItAset-lon Oven the la of April
next- Invilre of DAVID UKEPII.
jwdlm 100 Penn et.
a_____ato lb. for rale Lr I Intl / 4 1tAIIN k 111:1713Z.
3. = .1:2 , ?) lr L-r n 1 r.r f;olj k RFZTER
A UARIC for salt , by
11:ZAMS" a ItEITErt.
'ILVER COIN WANTED, fur which the
high, Dratnll. will be paid at tbn Errha..7 omte
in 9 Cnrsna . et Third and Wood eta.
ly Dr ls3l. M'CLINTOCK.
tj the Imuloomott o.ortturntPon. hrototbt to Pitt.
buto,ll. tor Or jou trot.3I.I3.I"NTOCK.
LUM. -M bids for sale by
ill. Ar wm. IiAaALEY & co.
ikIADDEIt. 5 liLds No. 1 Dutch, for sub.
A.V.I Or 3. 7 WM. RACIALEY L M..
ILNSEED OIL. 30 bbls for gale by
/ 10 .1 If CLNFIEJ.D
n UTTER. 20 bbls roll, for sale by
H ROOMS. 40 dozen for sale by
Jb cso VI ELI.
CI ALE RAT US. 100 boxes for sale by_
AJ ]s9 .7 C CkNVIELD
110 PS. 9 bales for sale by
.I_ll. TM U .7011USSON
1 UNDRIES+Three hundred. btpls. No. 3
0 Maar:m . l;2s bb!, do. do.: 0 b1i1.40,1 elainna,to
nwe ,0•• by jail JA.10:8 DA WILL.
A , .b Jn rtOre and fur ita:a by •Amts
.641.2 ELL
HERBS—Elder Flovrert, Sago and Boueset,
!rub lot jrat Jeri irea and far slat ba
J. KIDD a al, tia.o3 Mad ',
lIARD OIL. 8 bble received on consign•
m•ns,sse tor do or WALLLTOFORD LS.
I L IEX. W. FOSTtli, Attorney and Cou
att •
inr Lay, Nn Fourth rtenni: nrar Grant Ft
'I %nth. nor ntill.rtrlyik 1
irlotrirEliiiffiakE7', 7 {irholesnle andße-
WI Druggist. Center of Wort end rtani streets. err
d•r thp Nt. ch Ilotei. Itittetwarh. tot 4.3.1r5
.1 PL . ...lib
CAI4I. P. ROSS, Aitomey at Law, lifEcO
IrB Fourth shuot. near Grsat.l.u.putourtino hultd4
byg, Pturboruh. er.loorlys
W. Cl.ll,ll.V.riAll
6 DI MA:.
w.CUVN.1,4111.01 CO., .11mtlf...turoro of Wm.* ,
11; Mariam stmt. bull.v.l FI
Pitubstrub.and Araml.
i'nrUrul. •
ottentlathl to Alm--ricalmi to
Flint Ulan. vita. Buttlei, te..
HARRISON SEWELL, Attorney at I.oty,
11P . Z „,4 01310 StAtr Cormlrslowq for taklne Deprrltfora. e
grmerk rof Dr de, Zr. Oftk , --Fourtb rtvet•
6../ IL
WI. M. M'KNIGIIT, tenden his senices
to the cilitann w a dttaburg and vicinity, ill a g.-
er a v lllusincr a Collector Conraynnoer. Ila will Menai!
to the mdlectinn and securing of claims in this and adjoin
ing States and Conn t h a n claim
_muting propertr,
drawing of dada, Mud% noncom. and Other Instrunaenta
of wrinng. All business irs his no latuarded In with:
loranotneas and cart.
e ße ttr i° ILlat =n,FtZTVrernAtilicrsassei:!2:tz:
tis.„ - k l;
Ofßm, Joorph Wearer. Esc- Fourth street, near the
Flarorla rumalorrouT
Year, hts them beta such unscrupulous trieterpj
Postilion! upon the about Penutuanthlp as at the!
present Piern of Engravion arc elreulattid Unman', dot
Warn and country. with the rourarer's name surromnit
le artier to Loan. the Ignorant to believe them to lid rem
Persons desirous of becoming rapid and elorant yeomen
wlll do well ball at DUFF% 3ILItCANTILF: COLtme
examine the hand uritinic of sumo of the best pmul3qo
mho hare torn lortructed [hi. institution.
Corner of Third and Market streets. The nnly chr.
ti ll er! Institution of the kind In Pittsburgh.
Facriart.--John Fleming. Principal Itotrnetar In the
L.cienre of Amounts.
O. K. Chamberlin, Profmwr of Pennumnshin. llarenntllr
Ales- M. Watson. EN, Lecturer on Commercial Las.
Those dendring wcomplete knowlmign of Book IZerpin ,
and Its appllAtion rrei7 branch of hiotine3s, also el -
pant And mPid Pennimakhip. am invited to rail and rat •
Me the arranement..
Lketum on o Commrcial tort ercry 31ondae ernninc.
Refemner t an) of the rt.ldent eity iner;:bsum hien.
• -
Th. tr range of building forawri
L.) ss.lra. Leech and Co. at Ow Point. betweem %V., 3
Tnd p.p.., War. will le.-.A for 3 tern, of ear,
in.) eau ht. retail, iolaph..l. with .teoru mmonn
dlr. uaterr kind of Manufarturlnn hu,ineoa. MA/W."109
Inatnedist , l, •
Apply L. CHAS.. 11 SICILY, .Afros-
_ roomy etreet
IST OF I.E'll'EltS remaining in %Vat.
cat tiltme. Allewhene rounty. I',
Illlllaaa J. Ffert.lOto. \ lam Win
Bruck hob nob ilulatugh ~ a rnuel 01.11 , .
lllxx Thu.. limp.. Hannah 01. t er
Ilare, Kohl. lottman Geo. W. r Earl
Jaooh iloughtbn lion II o, m John V.
Pule. Jonathan John3ou Wm. .2 rtlintret J
Clarke John Kilgore 11.1+3 OrEtreatli Robert
Craighead John W. Mnolort. %V AJ. 11Whinino Mary
Cerr3nertm, tbn 11 , Thom.. NI Martin t% m
lloh4ri) Jelin Oh unhl Andrew Mill.". AinnOs
Onoaher Para Monnw , Joel %an Vlrelt 11.
1•11401!1.. , LIMP, P. %%TIMM. Pcr.tmaxmr.
OTICE.--Token up by the Fithseriber, um
the I.lth in... a 11.41 %Lilttl Atoni
Plrveptir,l,. The owner L. nviegm toe., p
peoperty, pay charm, and take her altar.
I..kS PlllOll,
Innkeeper. South Pitt. , Lurch.
11 1 A R.NI FOR SALE.—A FA.A. situate in
11 North Iluntinmil , n tea n.bip. Weqtmereland rot •
containing 131 ern , rf m u
+.l land. bonald un So.
rub gam.. Mr.. Painter. and other.- 3h , ,mt 141 ern,cleared.
balance in Leant timber, within one mile of the Tough,
gheny hook Niftier, two miles from the l`moo, ',at. Heil
,ltnaul. and one mile from Jack coddle. Impn.reinenmeme
IPbat 14 s two ..n-r 1101 Dwriling How.. hank Barn. large
frame I l table, ne=rot bulltltngn. Apple oreitard.
Eider l`rnm. Ae. Title puMbletenie,noul,nu
the premise., of iIORKIIT I.
(.100A ASIL 75 easke Kurtz hrepd for male
Q b y dotiu S. & W. lIARIMCGIL
BALL BUTTER . 20 bbim. prime, reteiv
ril fur ale by 8831 S. A Sc. RASE&UCIII
'FALLOW, GU bbls. prime for hale by
... df.3o 8. & W. lIAIISAI.'OII.
i i lIEESE. 50 bows W. A..Cheeoe for sale
‘,./ by de33 E. & W. LIARDAtIIII.
"DIG METAL. 176 tons for rolling mill
pm - pmts.' der RILEY. MAI:TILEWS a cb.
IJEACIIES. 173 bags per Marllower,•for
Elle by tell itliEr, MAVIIEWS it CO
QCIIOOL BOOKS.—Edonationnl Workt,
1,7 Mabel, Slaps, lamtruntenba etattonloy, Carter'. pal
Heatlmo. EDUCATIONAL. Rcrosiniay.
10 dm Isr Dually 11Be, for
INSEF,I) OIL. 10 bblo received for vol
/11U11011 DABAR. 1500 114 just tectived
end for sale by BBAUN A ILtITEB.
lal Onver B. Char .4 Liberty eta.
AIiNESS. 40 dozen pairs' Horse
new Ilarnem, for rale. to ,
•19FFEE. In E tore and for oak by
lIJJ d de:: IPAIAll DIU u
0. MOLASSES. 36 Irk no • Yt.
de..Vl matived and
fur Pale by R. A. CC , Ify
is by ; dal • .:01t ax
CINCINNATI 310 1 ht' 6r1 f
772.611'1111217'?"1-:4: Dretzt
.1111itary Bounty and Agency,
MATTIEIV TIOSEY would respectfully
intbrto thOMP interested he hue en gated in , rea.
ear., Bounty Lamb under the at law of Cungreat.
By that law. all who hare actually semd do nor of the
wan sloe. 10th, or thole oldoentr minor ehfltherth are ea.
titl e d to Bounty Lend. from 40 to 5(0 WIN, JIMMIE= ta
the term of nervier. and ay t e law enormity provides
th e treathers, benellt can acme to the soldier
mita his hurl located. It iv therefore also evident that
Individual that:matte matt aeleet their land either in perron
or by (gents The no, aW to (mid ton estanalve—the
te , to efficient, rectuiree 41bend patronage and far
X9antlateatAM. AltemPta lte by nay oth, method
1 p ro ve in the cud abortive. To the= titbit this, and 41
does the entire buidneve of the Mier. In the econotniesl
thirit contemplated by Conterraand reaccuneneled by the
department. Lemy main object I propose, therefore. at •
comparatively trititur ea mirole prceurri—lat A Land
%arrant far thaw. entitled. 21. To superititendperemmlly
the heating of aid warrant, thereby aernring sad g 11.1.12.
!eel. to the ...Adler a netellthouv 'telethon. either In rim of
occupation or sale. 44. To obtain • Patent foe raid land ,
together with deserlatka of Its quality, last kat. Lc.. the
mmblina hire to form au tetimate of it. Tau,
Terra, which till bv reaeonable. male known eut
Adam. (peat_paid) S. )uTrrsw ITOSET a
Clarion count,. l'a
g e the 0/1.1.2 of your Port Offloe, County
NO. 49
,kTO. 49 LIBERTY STREET, frrr±rmran.
ill P. ItCLANEY has just opened Ida Swing stoc Tye'
~,...,, description of goods. tantalite Ibr city Made.
Cloths, Cmnimeres mut Vestlngs have been selecuol with'
great eon , from
st Impotation, anti nomprits, port
of every thing that Iseew mot handsome, fur Spring
Summer wear. The asourtmeut of Vestlntui Is untiomdly
large and varied, both In style and twenty. and cannot be
eon:lint. If equalled by say other Establishment In this
kite, either In quality,.quantlty. or prlos. .
len. new style of Tweed lasslinere. adopted for Mai
Coat. and Paute. Summer (lonia of every description.
uch no Tweeds. Cashcoenttta. Ihdlari Clotho, DraturEtc.
de. The eunre FtolCh Win favorably Pittsburgh.
with ony
stock af woods opened heretofore In Pittsburgh.
,t r . J. c. ICatt, well known skill and taste as a ratter.
will pitil, an ample guarantee to all who may Tows thls
establishment with their unlent. that they will bare as
gtsal and fashionoble work as nth he prattlers! by wy
house Itz the manly at tomb lower petr. tut have been
nektiowlrdged by who have tried both. I would fun
ther state, that 1 aid furnith at good god h a bs.,,,, a ht,
(loads as can be found In the Eastern market, and at much
k vow I.rovs.
A large and general assortment of imply toads clothing
Is on hand.made in the
. prsaent Fothlow, comprlAng
It sto. Frock and "twines., (onto of the latest style, made
us Freud, English. tool Atuerknan Cloths, of all fashions.
1.4 k rotor.. Powskatus of ...try tinvriptiou, of plans and
(Voss' essoluseres
Featth latest .atyle: Cloths, SatUnot and
Saunter Rank sof lb. lest Satins and 841kr. OM/.
hnd Mom Marselllev Cloth. Cashmere. A,. and other or
etes In the Clothing line. All tianuents wale at No. 40,
are warrauted to bout and node 100 grg o i s tw k r. ,,, p m„ e
ttylr. and will he wad low fo twli.
1:0..-nene hot the best of orknocu emit:sled. auJ full
nom, Paul. All nom:mato ode to ord.. - as abc.e. oar
rin.-111wIntele iturchatewtill Mai the gtoek at 40. a Most
derable one to ...Inn a elm p and beautifulassurunetst
Mout. I u,5014.....10 I P. DPLAN EY.
State Mutual The inturance Co., Harrisb'g.
r r i(E aviign of [him. ComPAsr in to ittford
\ i„,
It.. n 7 t.,-. vi pr.wrt, at. and rtu.ap Insurance: ILA
hioi...A 1 , ..1ng oatlin.t,l , lrl 111 - no the mutual principle.
, 4 - 41 , 41tutinv ~ . .r) uvral...r a , oitt.lder. mud entittind' Id.
to• .Imrs• ,4 ttn pritit-s7 mid A ' thr inllTNOttahla niKA , al
it, ft, %, .4 nonnal 1110.1.9 0--thAtcIeLASSIFVINO
IT, Iti, li,-41:to nii, , ding .., nal benclttr to thr InrurrA.
TLa Ihrv.rt,.. :. ,, onlin,l,. ha...,ticktol tne4r robs Into
tan d,,tinct dour.,. the rharter provulluir that no part Of
ttrr kials of ...her mir hr antnYprtanrd I, tlin P.Via , tit of
I,Yll , llff in Itn , ottn, . r . Virg Ow. Is dent:ruin.
t"! the 1,4 It St Ello' t I, SII'AN V. n erhicti nonrannv nay In
sna4l.. norm muntr,lvr. , llin, urn , . nut bulldina, sod
~ ,n .tral'ntn,rt, and twitling num. halantou, M allowed
lo ho I..ken.
Ttv ivradal i• denrainatr•l 11 7 .11CIIATS .
I'll)II . Aa Y. In whiel) Insuranew 'may In. made sliwn men},
and the wall, Undo of torwiwrty tv tn... and
Tlw premium xaltr.. nn only onn rtrvi as larej as
twtall, charg,l wianranles, aad tlw ryhn
but !well a• the binotor• are enutaleal will mar theta
tlrrwult, rot et rr making no a-wawnt.. Not over
Wo iw•urod In /aw. law loralltr. anti (P. ap
'l• tlw pri• II«, In,nring, either with or
withwut the • pnactinm lone.
rrlw•pnan.nai.. 61.41 h... too,,extt.ndrd thi• laanpany
Fin,. incuwal prnlwny the
Mpoula tObt AN I/ A HALF \II L1.11,..\ of •lollar•tlawinif
1nrz,,":.!."1,":;;T:',.,z",..11,!? r.
It is nndrr rontrol tilt. fallowing Illreelacw—
...lrian P. Ituilwrinni, Allwrt J. thllwtt. tantrwl
I'n ,t,lwaln A. r
key Calrier. Pfilln Srdpwirk. KIM.; Yobs
A. 11;1
itertteh trite ;fee Peort•Tin lll . N. 6 4 smith.
11..1 tn. ilttehorrh. r
t etrwte. Charted A. II
I l t. ) . l7 ,"" l ;. S 'or l i":l Li : l. ( it •'n' t 'Ln i 'u l, n..l wt.., a the kind to itrett
, lvtotte.
I . t.hvittel luotrortnr 11. Ihr
it t ntaterau.. Prel...ter Peopotaredadt.
In. e C..rtru,11...n. 0..
• SI., \ NI.. r. '4 11.r.:r, La 4 . I -tun r , •p CannthercLal
7,,,,,,,,, ..., Txr•rts= , —llvn Wm. Wilkin., 1102. Jun,.
11....,L..rukr5. II:. JO., lON.ITr. IL Charlel. Na) le . , lion.
'' ...; . 1 1 11 1 1 . 7 1 :; 0* /!! '"' , ti.":,!;i'' . . t• "i‘;',..ll.l . , m``.. l :l°`:it:
•,,,;! -....., . i,..!-,.,-,:,.,„,
, mmitne.. l -.lchn T Clrbran. Att=e7 .t
T05r,..11.-rh,. Pryor. ,,ll4llrtiA ran tptcr I o . 44rPtina r.t any Ito, mad..
tan, In.truc[im t , th ao4 evnnlor. th.V•
o,,ire II r 1,13,1 the ran:Lyra.]
Th..; 4—dnag th,rmah hrtna.l.ll, ef Gook kroping.
! 1 , -nnensastar.. In Ertml that thir the nal,
I Eh, iond la I itt.t.orwh-.
t" U. K. Chaml,rhe, • - U1 ma t Irlth tn.coupt
JR ALANCES ON 1)E1'OSIT, whit E, have
and .rwattl , ..
t.i7,0w.. MU M.
)1.1.1. rewolh. ok;
I that Ow tedanres rap
to h. doe
a,t, 0, 3 1.1 . - g - Ein . .tmomr.uta.r....s. wa a
E. , Ito. br.liru CI thi,
nro 111.1 rob.-rard lodare toe. 110. , ..k11 day of Deem.
1, 1 .411311:BS' I)EI'OSITEBANK or Pirra
ii. ' Lunn IN.—mt, :11. 1"A...4. f4kwsn4 l• Ilst
Pepw:ln..hirl3. he thly , .. "are prkr 1 u hi. date , bate
ma.0....1 tu I:na 11..unt unalteml sod un.lalcoeaL loathe"
'tr. the ear, • of 4 , 11.11,ra aunt dale of &pooh.--
IL 11.41.,0rt, Jul, /nll.
amloofl. VA do 1,44 .
of al. e .1./...41. ore atlhlr r n t at ear rate of Ifixtr
rt, mut. r . . .
elmed auto and autorr;hc.l befusr me.
. .
• ' • ,I , ILEN.N, Notary TOW,.
IL, tarot of Depodta and %Loots of Repnalts to the.
Molt Piii.hoeirh• tit. amount Ilf tra dollars and sr
media. that .rote whit', within the throe rest" mm
the Sae of, ails Oakmont. boot not either hewn'.
or dititedsbod, with the ovate of the depsdoors.-ai,'='
whey sorb drpoettewere voids, of beliddres accrued. sod
the stskourdr thonsof. Thte elate:And szilodesoll deo:site
sod bates,. of dopedts whirh hare dere-Wore hewn I , ob.
114.1 for throe eyesore'. years-ether haring oche/MINI to
the pmetoonwesllle
. .. .. ~. .. ,
tamer Pc,. I adza•rds.
:...crdmu imut NUI , 4. 11147 . Ut0,..1
1,..1us Nearmc . - Aug M. 1.814 .. 1.1..00
/till, e1..,n, '4.,-,4.1.1...T0 —Jan. 5. IS.r f.u.110
IVut. T0*u1ntt0... r ...,... „J... ld, 1.41 1ui.0.)
I c.• rtily , that too
sroar.,o be hit..r.:-... due
th. p.m.. usuird. a.. 4. basin, n ...ion! Itg !taut au
chaui..“l I'4:AIN< 'mt.., . . • -.
JOHN SNII)GR, Coottl.r.
` adi lw.dro ay. thl.• ITAh do a Co
-1.44 ULJ. WATSON, AldsTroot.
of lb,/ lily of POutburgb.
Allegheny ti
Cont, , t , OI3IONIVEA
'lt of PentkAvitnnia, to the
elacriff ..f saki UounlT, fOoniog , Wbotooa.o4 .0 Or
.ang. Court h.,1 at Yitt.borgh. to and fin sold muoty.
t.. t.a Jay , :f Don toter. I
jeiotoo Admit:ant-al:1r of an
,mauler ill 43 , 11/, win4l, welt" eattionine llcCona.
late .1 tb.. nit .4 Privitotrith. in asal , minty, deeraand. at
118 ino. to, death, whc, suetate , slwwit, that the
mall Irtt lasetBl ( nor periansal ratan. foe Itie
4,UlYtIt nf d.har, that ahe . in, Ler dente...
0n,81.1 in a c•ltsiti Ene.nButi. 38 10 Gi
the Ward 3..1 'Le lite 3,1 haring
n,nt IVashingl.A. cf thin, fret, sal eaterallni,
18,1 ,31.1 width o lanlarailel with W 311: atm!
OA: .et ithhh • it • Oh. ,hoii‘ot t
jrct n,rno ,asFloctil wino Kn. 34.1 et 4.4 eighteen
bemg the man. hd i.f wicur..l wad and ennvesed
3, .1 Cath..ritic 11.4:n0n. hi dame.. t,e d,84
1 , 32. 0rt..,18t. A I. 11.3 13447,4 or A 834
:e 188, 318 tituiividnd hall part cf said pp,mja.
•-• rhat oradt.l.da [hr halowa to wit,
t.i. ttl 3!. 1/4-111.-t o.,tat d.u.ll:catity in favor
..r 33 , 14 , 83, 3,30. fo• with Inteneft .Inn
Jul, 1.11. I • Lk.. and n.rn. ant.,unting to f rohalay thirty
n.onogiu,... Saki treat wtll p10t...
8, nael,l.Bte .4 fdt, dollar. And praylog.ALe t.l - 833110
arant himal, unl.c 1 , , make .alr the Rani otemniaga
with th.. orinsrtesiati,,, fta the ferment of
Now. ft.en fwo, we command you. and each of you, the ,
frpo , ,ntai..t. of onl.l NloConn,
to O.- awl la ore ...or Or.
c , YOLrbu-ml , r, 19th
Y. 1 i
, nt
t,oran+Vr. thy i,yer of i
0..1.1,,0 tn. it. 31'Cluro, Pncideot Jodgr of
0.i..111. at 1,11..b0r,a), lids Nth day of.Drrttober,
And dor 1 . 4,1 Piller that ntair. l ..l flan iasoltnt nf this eh
1.. 0....
not It ynt,ln.ati lt% no t C ot.
urt:tstairgh Waylay
bree ,
I; A\ I EL ?.l'efilDV. * Clerk.
_ .
of Thant.. tllivoti am) Maunder nii..*.dminlstrA
-1., .41 1 ,o:hunt 1 1 . t. wart. Ike , e.t.d. And now ¶..; wilt Dr
ni. 11.....10 Washington. OD
Ow within nrcoutiL 6 air Court-
DANIEL 31.41.111 DY. ClrrL
TO:. notary. that the atalua.. st I,ttatrell Fourths
th„ „f apwillll.lloll‘..l til. attic, In ILL
Oht.l.tirph. no Friday. the 11111 day of January, 11151. at 1
1 1 ._)1
if 4 llA LLI:NO.E T(1 TIIF, WORLD. Twel'l4;
' hat , lAAlar• reward will hr paid La any one who will
g., 1 11 ' ..11P1 ' 1a1fpft.T „“, ; : . 1" .:V. ',1,17, ;1tt,7 "' 111.; ! . 4;
zalletartlon of kat log to thn powle of thkk pia, ti,
artlele. hy tn, oar, Itoproresnent tot 11. now ntla liar'•
vall.d its thi......untry tor ean'arting liFraae,tar.l.ll.l,ll, all.
lit i l ' i: ' ,:n ? :,: f l:lln r ' ,7 ' 1 ' ,7? . ..1. " . 1 !=;:ifr,! • , " ,, k 1..J, • :,147,;
~,...... Italie , &amen, lc-. wl•Jiout Waring uty thing
that wire water alll not to itrra'. Mun, than a. Nona-and
ape la dinerrut )%ti/1 1,1 the eotintry hero told me linty
ould nnt be with...llllf It nvt tit a rake. In trying IMO
e...,., ti ;num than :X./ artici... of light Mink .atht. •Jparaa
and canna, 1 have, found thma Om. of milk, two
at altara., and four of calk°. on which it changed the roldr
then-lure, tovforr. putting It on a light dm, try a attople
a the 4rn 4 . Ant. 1 ant. thLk horst. , lin thrtalentl not
, 0 ~,,,,,,,,,,,c , th it ~,,,y group, than 1 know to hr stringy
wrier" foe„ countrymerchants std Ecti ,V ,L. Kr i oardlY
attended 1.
to , llic:eishwrilar. E.
Woal of
1 tt hero t. We mew who dons net appreciate the henry y
ut an ea, Woad Zr any thew be, we do not address pu
wiry. to !him. Out 10 all' ethers. w Rif you wish to
ren d s , yh. s i ow yloastire. purchase a box ofJules Vessel 's Almond Plomehlo, or Ambrosial Charing Creams. It', nb
imyse,ol,lo m hod words to describe the feelings or.
•r"—w Mr has loon used to sharing with ordinary seeP--
upon making trial of this for the gest time. It la a cotuli4
tion of souder, ndrinration. and plowman..
emollient, rendowng the ettliost and most wiry bread
pooductng int admirable lather end by ha es
trenwly tat tiro allaying the Irritation:end prerenthig
that unpleasant and still fw-ling of We skin which Le an
often . otgrieurod alter +hosing.
Genilewen slain, Jules Haeol's Pluming Cream, may face
the , ae g ,y o rt viewing single Immediately after
use, without the akin .bccontiog oliaPped. Anil those whO
once me it, ore can safely air will miser use soy other.
One great adinittaie—which will be especially anomie.
teat by that who wear whiskers-4a the fact that It will not
discolor the beard, which most soaps will dm pirhig• sandy
or rusty arneamogo to the ohm of the whlakora
Julia !loners Itheelo g Creams ans delightfulpreparallona,
COMMIICIthid with still, to the utter exclusion of all arlielre
calculated to needle the operation of shaving unpin/11Mb
w i l r s i iiii24, s granted by al/ who make trial Of them.
JVLES Perfumer and Chemist,
120 Clioinort, atreet, Philadelphia
Foe ee l. witologale and milli, by it. A. Vahnestork
and II hellera,i Pittsburgh; and jo t , s p y tre ps. pyns J.
AllogheltY City.
tbr MU h 7 [Bkll BRAUN It REITER.
ynopit It .DUCEIL—WilinuLtV.,l=
i•Fpag 2Z }:
't?°ll7lr. rilw%frdiraglair
irg 1., --- ---
41 - ,
ilifßomEl ,YS
." ;
11(1gi,CI-.---.Ei ;...I.IOIV. 014 Ills for ;:ie ni tg ,
117 1 : 1 1 ,11 !L' ANS. 15 bris ni focs i lir4 l 6
C CM A r • Si
.1 lido in storonnd for zalell_,_
„tie I ‘,.........
DR _ I 1
it , 100 dozen for &leg :m.4,6k :
le) -
i f ? 5 ..• , ,
1 .
26 1) llidns;
larrling far rale 67
ar.r - r DAL7.):LI. 1)0.
0. 1 in store and for sale by
.• •oO .8 or xllO.
A-No num woass, to 31000.1.01.1 A CEKINT,
coo to—Ptromant to a decree r of the litmalt tintertor Collo
of Law and Chancery of nil county. relaters' in tke c a m e .
wherein J 0612 to , my and other defendants. the maderaltra
ml commisaktverc antedated for the pupate, will promed
to tell at Morgantown, In odd county, on the Routh! Mote
, kinr in Fr . L.olrY, ik , sl, (laving court day.) all that mnprely
Monong.alia munty. Irlng •loort •mi
Cheat Meer.
. ' =motile kronen a. the Monet:mei
Wk; and th Mme that mat conveyed bra Joita Toe
and others tomb! gems T. karat. ant n t. enottalte
Mg about 15.00 u norm of land, 'therm. wt . • nniti•• Ent
Tmec, FonndrY. Nall Factory, (him cal to
Mill, all e
rn I.v aster power; trmether with three lIIILtt Furnaces.—
On this Mott there to nu abundance of 100 Om, Ototte mat
Timber and Lime atorm. There
also a minable Ferry
creeping Cbmt hirer, belonging M Imltrrt) - •
This estate la well situated to mannfaetunng norms,
not only of Iron, but of Wt.' and Cotton. being ritmitol
In the hart of a gool farming mad wool crowing country.
tint LS toiler moth of litttburgh. having one of the beet
water powers In the meat, teeter t. nod communkstion to
Pithihnoth and ebewbent.
On them premise, there hare been expended within the
last too or Carlo, yenta, mmo nnT thotoand dollors, In the
erection of the rolling mlll, toll factory, Want for, and
other buildings.
The worke with o In tolernbly gnol Imm e di a t o .
ly connected the mills are tome Mar or tive hundred
derv, of suretior farming land; some five or six moiler
farm* together with ainty or eighty dwelling houses, tun
able for tbr workmen.
.Ibi ur, lotto . zl , llll .. o; a . mod: . of one, twn . , and thee. y,am,
o u f Lo ,
m l.; ,,hth fl r : thn. ttOnd tenuity fur the payment
ex pp
t ro-nrea * Tliaryal be'd n n r " o Mo to u'rt"t' is m.s
317 , ,. p, u rt . , r7 the r would do loll ' to exami ' ne t t i te ‘ l . Zuki ujL oo M t. '
thee d
r... od or t
. ydeasure . furni.thlou ' ony fut.
srththaz =rm be desired by
W. T. WILLEY, Commlndun
Morgantown, not. 12, 1840.--delSorfitT
Tilt, I g i IrIALLED SUCCESS which
h. attended the um of IifORTISIEII'S
curing the severret and meerrinveterate men INYLA 3 I.
NIATORY AND CHRONIC ftlittliSlATlSSf, Is vuo94ent
.arat tee and recommendation to ludnoe whoa. elk.
teal with tide dreadfulvlis to ty KA virtue.
liundrtvls of maw. moo rf the r rn citizens of St. Lout,
and other. from abroad. have been cured within the loot
few month, In the
aq to shred w .
eityof St Linde alone, while letters tom
of the: ve l e P lfrtt l'"' th*of tome
...ding. and All hope of recovery lone aireet a p
While °there wore of more reccut date , of the acute infant.
matter, form, very severe. All, however, /Hi to the wow
derful virtues of Ude medicine, and Manmade who Mee
realised It, heard...wet aro now In the elumtnent of health
ran but rerteens the original discoverer and proptietor, •
benehtehro of mankind.
well known from the cSperlenee, of the past that no
ou i ward aPPlkatiOn Ca nPossilitY effeet permanent cum
of this dreadful disease. LIT the application of stimulating
liniment, partial relief. in nose wet. May Is. ritttud
fora short time. But all the febile this dines. I. flying Its
;nap mon. permanently In the system. and soolicrillr Inter
will again derelope itself inn monYdreadful form. sod after
• few perioilleal returns. It settler lute. v chronic form,
whl,h, If not went ruins the indltkinal for life.—
Tile le verified by the history of the plot In all rountries,
and mon• lolly detnonstrated by the. history fundsted of
lat o to the proprietor of tole orunpound, as given by several
hundreds of these who have 1..4 under his immediate
notice anal treatment during the last few nmrithe.
Nllhl'1)1l:ll :S 11.11N0MATIC lAJIIPIJUND and BLOOD
PI: BUYER Is an Internal remectyy--commoutee Its of sem
nuns where the disease Pest origmates, and In purifying
the blunt. ivuovoi throuph the wholesomely,. neutralisea the
impunv or candle sediment, wined, has settiod upon the
membrane, muscle. and tenduina—remoires it entirely from
the system. and revtort. the Individual to perfect health.
Let this.. who are afflicted Pollicin o
l ung. thulre, and
put off the use of this Pollicino tuo or until their
limbs arc dislocated 'or rontroeted such a degree that
they are cripple<fix life. The experience of hundreds of
thousands during the past, as well an a multitude. the
ptesont day, densonstralcs
the fully of expv,ting perms.
Thef from external applications.
proprietor of this valuable medicine knows from
pretence, that no otitwatl al' lieallon can possibly effect •
Went..m cure where this dines. Is firmly fixed In the '
rryy''t em. lie eon end rive•.y loco and p
lio in von
rn saes. which will cite anlief Iv .net
Moe. but ode w ' in not effect s-pemmarot cure. The na
tureof this disease LP such that It ?equines longer time, and
onlyinternal moody. to nudism. the necked effeet, and Moe
voreb. hheninatic Commund and Blood Purifier Is the
remedy that has ever • been discovered. tither
America or any otter enuntry, that will ettesSually cure
i s
ms s
This medicine coo he hut. wholomle or retold, at No. 73
Tiled street. next to the Post 0111 t, Pittsburgh.
Al. fin sale Pittsburgh. by Moser. 'Wm. Thorn,
.1. D. Morgan. P. N. Wickendlana, and J. A. Joni,
Price per bottle; six bottles kw CZ; or $4O per dozen.
Pamphlets can be bad gratis of the agent.
it. It. IVISIIART. Anent
Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Envel-
11 Tn...h.,11., In eolletr the lattroneue of all she
Zit Ith ' ltl d a . n'td.:7:t.rtenTenflrocig.htt.7 of that
i rdl ' e t' 4l, 'o
epel:now of yea. him 'outdid...l them surgiordy be.
total all wieatlon and he counleattly rents to the teptipw.
' Z.l " to t l u t:r. ' b [72l r Tuy
The fullioring an a fen , :f the VT•1 1 0[14 firr their pow.
In. On the piece nevaphal by the seal, ta remon may
have Ida tame. buelores. and edema, comnleuwely end
beautifully etonwed, colored or pal thwielferfllng
feet security emilturt !rand.
2.1. The limo:Wpm cannot be opened strlthont tieing dap.
dre" a '
al. Neither was nor wafers are required to Rol thew.
itt, limn the Lawn:Mgt of temp% ton 'ea: Inioreette
Immollate retoril to the eemlon lonoad of brim: hulled
menthe In the Deal Letter Mice.
yew. The Env one elopes are ft:manful' eltooat the aamo
am Olin
gab. Lech letter natillot ba moat r 0 fire odeartirement i
rum to attmet the onionao of all th whose hmele It
[tierYhe wee.
follewleg Is a Int of price. for Dm, enzraved on
br e , end slosh .111 - Wt foe yearn of Exvrtorm,
the tonal aloe. either white or bulT. f tend WM . ; sod
made on ft ' r .' ;:;:7 l ar. ''' ' 'ia t t rMs /e i nutdc
2) to 3 , 1
al to 40. GPO 2}10.. . .
al to 00 0.10 300 l
MI t.” - -
heti It Is not cormenlent to forward amount of order
yr owl or errraw: refereme to a respectable Nen York
Hound arlll Le sunniest. All anima vill meat SIN prompt
&Mallon. If addreme WYL.
No. .= ALadleon street. Nen York.
Orders 011.1 be attended to promotly, tf left at the wow
of lbws,. „Sawn Hatt, 2) Wall dreet, or of ?Irvin U.
Jerniltnan 134 Witham el
. • •• •••
N. 11—L3winv. taabasseilfrcian AM,
Dim al 510aX) thaurand. nazaalha
-.Z*- JAMB hoe
r. the discoverer mat n.le proprietor
'; neoet popular N tentlial utelkince. alai oho
the Wren., of tba ode etl lush . dr talleruite tits
Luny. 10 elle , tiwe a cuts .f Chroulc hwe.ecs,war it ern.
&et of dud et:fluent abreact., nacho nye}, and It a
irweluate - of the Cytherea, 1,1 Pennativaulatand fur Other
at. Kure ha. beell eelableed In the 11:11MIZativa of dist
T... 1 the applicatkm of retateliew thereto.
hrewa," the s toc of hie Inflating tahetluentutectlewwltli
hic . l .d . rty . ll4= . a u r i tl . othcLof lila rertlze a lie h ft ea
..zolfatal uteladireV Tubercular emu '4 pt l itty, Canter;
St:refute, Itheustiathre t kabala, Fevers /want Fetore of
ell theta. Mack Err,
and all t tee
en die
twee percher to Faittlea. braced, OTe y teen of tite.a.,
to la
undarthe true of iii• attache.. to whkh hutment
is Iner—not by the um of our mm nil only, for. that
Is Itwompetthi• with Phistologlol Lew, but by the Wee of
his yvlnedies, adapttei lo t and pi . ..dhoti for t each peculiar
~,... . .
Dr. Roses Ttrnio Alteratlon Kb, srbon rased. an Inontle
bly acknowledged to be meter - tor to all Otb,ro,ue • ;urn.
tars or bray Inscsourh tb, lean the b05..1. r,-
reetly htoo hr. aunt - room no don It& hobos sts
toltled. by dot faculty. to woe,.y, cohar properties, dep
tool to fronds diecaatn bet being rationed that a Lem trial
Is outerlent 10 rotabliah what boo test mid, to dm ntlbctoof
the most okoonkal.
Th. Whirled an Invited to tnlt upon tbs. agent. and pro
its tiontla) one of lb* bootor's estophirtn etaltt; a detail
ed amount of nut remedy. sod it. spyllishoo.
Per who bLlbstollovrin/ r anenta. a+ .cute by gnat .Ir3e.
6 7 t* In h bTol g oostr th ilSo ' ... "1 .!1ir . cud .t. hittAturgh.
J. 31. Toottatod , Pr,..o t, 43 Harket .
berkno.... Druggin, leer tee I,rt Othen
rat at.
John uispla Bartley, hotline*" Reeser colt l te
u, Pi
J Elliott. tows
T. Alston bravo*
FOR the rare Coughs;lloa-lie
nom. Dronclotir. Croup. A , l.ltta.. Whooping Coosh.
mid Corettimption.
Thi.. Mob alnable remedy for all dlams... of the Lulu,
and Throat ha. becoa tlao chief reliance of the alLip . .
It le the moot tyrtalit run known for the alone
While It LA • jo.nerful.rptuollal 507b0 lu the unet
deepen., and almost h00..1..m GSM% ‘.4 I.
.25,, &we, one of the mildeat and too,
assemble. y ineilleine, fur commie caught... 4 culls
Pow, tel4w the opinhn of tUtti Whip are known to the
0 71,15.?1, 2 47,74ZR`7410,`,10,atvr,:., c .
Sir—l lime wed our Cherry Pemoral. fumy own ma. of
dam d tronchiti, 004 vatlefled tYntu chisaind
constitution that it an admirable cato
I fnd for the relict'
laringial and bronchial dltheulties f soy opinion g.
atipedor character ran be of any sentry. you ary at lib
""LlN'lll`,,PcifßiiKocK, L L D.
rev•iamt of Amberet COM*
DIP,EAT EVIDENCE.—Eir../. C. Ayer. Lowell—lbws Slr
Feling urslor ..141iimiona to you cm the reetorarinii of,
my health. I and you a report of on mow, which nu' aro
liberti publish for the Ilene, of others. Lastautuntn,
I took a bad cold, accomiumied by et aercre mush. and
We ma. of muly Medici., without obtaining lollef. I
was oblisml to give up bt1,1115. freonently nat.., blood. '
and could get no Fleet, at night A friend save men bottle
of your Cherry Pectoral. the one of whirl, I Immediately
comniencod arronling m dlrtnlwn. I hare tout purelime,
We flftli honk, and aro nearly nrovered. I now elm,
well. my cough lom mimed, met all by the non of onus Val
natio umitelne. E. N. KroNr, A. IL
Principal Mt 110 Setninari.
FProm Dr. Bryant, Drama, and Portman Chimpec
ella, Thum—
yorr - ;,llth - OClo;irt - Pt; ii...t - ,; - .7. 'me. Icon
DuglT my that ib mm tr . ta n 7l e itila n o n we .11
wen 01 ,, T ,: : met entity
r e :oryo '' matty meta a CougS n it44 hung Quit/duty Ch n t ' e
Vl=l . ll:3 . X.PCset t la ' f s al
P;ul tb l t .. ..1., P • ''d
. D. Y 3L ' ultitt3i .
r.ct i
Preywrol by J. C. ATER, etterolet, Lowell, Ma..
Sold lu Pittrburab. wholettale seal riot]. by J. 3f. ORO
, 63 Market *Drat, athl Joieph Douala., Allettheny
atty. deelLweowlyi
To Southern and Western Merchants.
The aubaeliber imereetfully Invites public attontlon
to 1 a estenel. , atockof Perfutntry.tiour,oharto o r,
Le, to which /wood Bilver and Iwo golden Medd here.
within the but six years, been swank.' by thelnetll L es of
New York, 1434.1. and Philadelphia. the latter lad g the
only llolJpo Medals ever awarded for perfatuery tither In
Ennute or In Ws country.
lion (Nan um, Man. Car.. (Almond, Rowe.
and Ambronlal,) univereally acknowledged tot. IMPOrior 141
'" lcl.t ' OTP:r. ( .1 ) 711I ' ll' i l t .1 in ' B U C:=l)"i=rill tVtl 4 and
grase.ous 'Ang Il eom lhip petnd: P'''en Asatralal " Sha ." •lng in' TltEa rti ll.g.
IT Ebeling Soap.
BerraFtla Trate Soars—Ahnored, Rome, Millefleuts, Bon.
tined, Pletanbio, Mnak,_Patehoutly, Onthlbun, Floating,
Entnepareut, OLIVe 011, Wholeor, aml Cireasolan.
EITILACTI .S , ma Ilatrogracstant —Rowe, Jasmld, Bow
Quade Cazallne, lierthenan, Jenny bird, 3fortatellnthjoelo
iiel ' i b atint L al l irall l ;llll== ' el h t• '"'d '''''Y
VIM' 11 xtuta—Flnrida Water, Lan de Tooette. grange
Flower Water, and It great variety of Colcenea cud haven.
dor Watery
Parrthenove TOO rut IT Oa—Genuine Dean' 011, Alitlona
on, Dantlnltue, Eau Idutnale. Oltine, hNtral.gon 013 r .,
row. Rale Die.. liquid and in powder. and Philocacoa I:1.1-
,IWe, and Jenny Lind Pomaded
&Mamma PlagraitanOra , llalaarnie Elixir, Ratclnoth
Paste. Clutical Notre., Odonthie,Toothrsebh an Tooth
.. _
Cosarmo—Yegetablo °emetic! Cream Aniandhee
chapped hand. OM Cream of Ikea% Cr eam da Lip
Valve, Raspberry Cream, a. •
Por Vi r4l=l -1 , ikot
Ilulr Centradtwn, Preennt otnls, betides • great vuiety of
othrr urllcles, tan numerous to be named In Ulla atrerlac
The subwribir honey to maintain the reputation which
this establishment has soqulrtd, by dlitpoiilnglid nothing
bus drst rata artickb and - will b. happy tsi furnish thew.
wba may Isiah to patroutse him, 'eitbor whisleeige or nenni,
an m reasonable Lenny no =IT establbhmant in the United
Summer to and farmer Dlrwtoe,of Laborptory of
dibtiKtir. /MUMMA.,
114 theruut rt.
Mr. DWAIN Perfumery Ls Ear We 13 . 7 all Um mitripal
Druggirm thOrulltitn•
YOH 18.
The Poet'. 4l Offering Bo ligiL by Alrallerab I. Man
Ore. of Beauty for 1881. Tbe Whiter Blanc Or Ufa
Cabinet of 1104. m me The Ole,'n &Mardi ,
The Itemember 11e t 1851.
The Illocanted Life of Child. by lier. U. Weld.
.onVO 110 the Life of our &trim,
Paul gni Vining& new and .plardl.l.4lUca
sorku of Temperance Offering for as
The Irving OlTering be
te em of the WeelentWorld Ot 1/15L
The American Keepsake for 11451.
Intim end Pangs of /any Powerairmrh
Itoporises Conn the Macron iXaeloa incainion.
Harerks of • lieetreke: by Uarrel.
Amp, • complete meortmenl, of bender School Union
In 4=.7 bintiitlX for Clirltimes prt.lllll I. the
"a.r- head
• L1i. " 1421.7911 *DI. 70 Woad
Oti Clatb - r=l ,.
o=u do ou
do .
200 m:4154 Valoa Oil Oath;
/A amn mortal tan. Tabl4, ftard amt iloreao
Drat to .tihirr i tici
Wcolalaiet & PitiLLOs.
2.50 lbs for
Mho reatictrn Mel&
1 - PIiTROLLIIIIii OIL : r : 'OIL.
wills, am none thing. in . tannic • end earth,
`Than sow dresuld of In phikan, y.e
1 yin; -VIRTUES of this ten arkaLle rowe
-1 ~ , t y, amt tios ro.tant appllcatkm f r th, loth. .
t prc.
1 is !k r , .:nl.l.rrl tt l7p . ts ' ;Zrur tn tlUr CiAl P t ' of t a t o 7, trill . ..,! '"t ."
I The 1 ,, T11u0r.t.,1 Ix protursa Run . well to this rotten
; ty. at a depth of faur
Let. Is wroth, tuandultera.
thl an without any rhomicul change. but Just ex It
thou from Notun... Onset thbratoryll :That Ito, ntain.
pro/straw nuking a number of di iv uo Inoue a
nutter of ortosnlnts.' There are nun thinks to the eat
rano of nature. which. If known, oda the of vast timbal
es,. to alluhattin thibring, end re. ring the Wan
hralth anl nun. to many a rufferre. I ,ng before the to.
prietor thought of puling It up in bet e, It Ind • mentos
than for the count dissent Thetas t and daily thereto
on, ult. for it, and reural rinmatatle turn It h. per
formed. is a sure indication of LW. f at PolittithitY tuid
wile Routh application In the cure; o fd .
We do not sell to nista a hog band. of certlikatnt ail
we ue contd.. that the medial. can St n work its way
Into the favor of thofe who wallet and to to he Bond.
0701101 we do not clam for 11. a ;miser,. pfdleation In ee
ery disease, we unb.tatlngly ray, th at In a number of
Chromic Thoraxes It o 9 unrivalled. Muth. thew tn. br
tlfloes of the mini. basun, writ u
CHRONIC loviNettiris, CONSUMPTION, (halts their
.VI4 ILA, and all disease.; of the air a•ett, MI
tti..'iJ3IPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, Dianne; Dimas. of the
Bladder and Kidney.. Pains in the Bark ea Me, Nervous
Dion..., weoraitti. flak, Rheuntetiontins.thwit t Farah , -
lriot. Tette, Rlogworton, Bur., Scalds. BruineS, 014 wawa
e. A. In auestg debility, running Dont ezpostue, Orr
long and nrotruted curs of disease. this medicine will
briar Mist It will act ax a genand TONIC and ALTER
ATIVE In theh rotes, impuitng tone and energy to the
.001, (rune, en:noting obstrit., opening the eingh
function., which caw Warsaw 11•11 • broken constiluDon
of li fan t hrpToprictor k sof 1 0, wad reamed teveg t e n 11l
ten °t ot flt Et..
that m every othertree Ewen get well Una, the nu
of the PETROLEIDI for a short ,The proof eint be
given to any penon who &sires IL
Nom genuine without the of the proprittorx—
Sold by the proprietor,
S, TL KIER, thinalDatin near Seventh street
Abu, by it. E. Std.!, 'gr. 17 'Wood i t,
and 0/408ER NPDOIVELL.
corner Wood strut and r/rgin Alley, who ant
novodl y hit regularly appointed Aguas.
fr NOW all.-men who are nick and afflicted
lA. with diet... of the Bladder and Kidney.. with rheu
'''''':ffth' tarp e,
"m h b e . ' 'tiff
ir'nt i • l 'd 'T‘r t ° ';. l ll ' f
tt/31. Im. :imirlak r i eo ta n ‘ ll .'n.j te pg._ taking the ,ssrp
tau plc... but thin ttor b rrott b' ina4M ' am for We pmetn e wu rb .
In the faro of . honest commUni y. that It' h. TIM..
which are not contained in any other remedy. The nun
who is
rent', with
_p. a. nod sofferittet from Kee., ran.
f..r Sit get relief Irwin .y of I. ills .o...rated
header! It costs Tory little to make • trial_ IThla Petro
leum le no mixture—. compound. put up fbr the purpose
of moteolug un the maim u ally; but It is a noncelyelaimm..
Lei et the toad. band of nature, and butohleWup from the
lee... of our mother moth. In It. original pority, and or
tiro to iugering Lomaulti a ready m y, a' 11.6111 nod
i l.
h tt ' Unbred Pile, after tither - meth tie '
render any roller It hue cum' hhe imatir 1
.rtatuting. awl of the waist nod toot pal ILI e
lute cured Outten. 31urtote. by cote or In,, d
cored old en... a Diarrhea. in which e pry r I
hoe hewn of no nrall. A. • lora/ .... i in
amide, It 111 better gloms oy medical mm mt.
that we know of 11 will cure chilltim atid
In a few applkwtiont undoubted teeth... y ran
141 of the truth mine,! In the afore Minn
Inn on SA3IC lilt 31. KIER, Canal 01.1 Worrni
either of the agent,
Kei ter 6 lleDowell: corner of trout street
ally: 0. h. Sellerw,47 Word otrecti L. . 01.
Curry. Alleghour chi. am the Agent,
—___._ ,
01110kIFF 7 5 tAL
BY rift l of solidity tents ch* Le
Yenditioni Egyouns, word o
Court • or Allrghciii county arid to
be exroted hi taw. at the Cluurt Ilou
Lurch, on tlordsr, the nth day of ,
161, et 10 o'clock, A. hI , tee folio
i property, to wit:—
All those three certain lets or pi
• taste .is Sidricyvillo, si the, towitti
:2,3J, unit :se, sod a toece of ground a
- Ar, in paid Si. -psi le, bounded and
follow, beginning ar . the tooth 'rest e
lot No 00, adid mating south 3 degree
No oaten. and 631 W to a Nor nu the
oteure south 81 deinceri, not alert
perches and AB till io a flail on the earl
e l
wroci • d stud rued, mints og said
halt aII !vie stud
hi p_ en rod 00.103
ion h.. wt . .* corner of veld lot Nogg, )
lii di. g r es west 17 rerrheern die glace o
eoutarni c three sere!, and fitly two pet.
less , geJ and taken in execotion as it
a John frown, at the tun of Christi.
use of Jo o Forsyth.
A'l the right, title, interest and <lain, of
gi ot and to all tint certain lot of gro
in teesi y nn 1'1[1,14.1h, on the south sit
fronting or. •AI.I 'Crest 00 feel,.
rig haat 00 feet—oti which Is rt. e. 41 a
lowa anal to bounded on tne east I
of Perot, alselellund, on tire arrest Itg
boom !heal Yetecol nioltaken in ganef
progeny of Pete? Rang.. at the gait
Porter log one, and ti be sail lie
me., Jana., LIP.% CURTI'
By tat e of mule; onto of V.:tonne:al -14.1auva
Jjand ran !ma., lett:led oat 0(0,, Disesill:f.east
clad of etirnown Pleat Of Alleetietur ono
10 ine at Glee. tro alpaca lo public Wslo at the
Cool( 11 se, m the citi of L'uttlitryb, un
January A. D. 1011. at 10 o'clock A. itt, the tat.
Manilla , tubed Liu oei.y, to we,
All the right, tide, interest sod eland '0 Theo
dore F. tt tight, of, a,and to, all those two 'certain
luL or pieces° ground, marked and designated No
sod 5, in John Irwin is plan of low, reog r ed in
deed book, vol. —, page —, bounded and bed
es follows, stm—Agrunebring at the disuineb of 46
feet 2 inches, frorn Erie street, on Centhe,Asecue,
at corner of lot No 3, thence along said Agenue 44
test 6 inches to lot of Allse.R. Irwin , theithe along
said lot 76 feet to as ellev 11 feet wiltbence
al incites ong said alloy 44 feet 6 inc to lot No 3, thence
.along raid lot parallel •with Erin street, 7 thee to
plarneel beginning, being the tome two kith which
in. S. [remand Martha fl bin wile, by it deed,
dated thti7th of Nov., A. V. 1649, and .ssicd to
deed boo , vol. trl, page 21, granted and onveved
to he laud Theoeore F. Wright. Sesnd a d to2en
eseetcleo as the property° Tbeodtites , Wright,
at the Slut Jahn Went: "
. • .650,
All Dm Data, tine, ,merest, and claim of Andrew
Ettannei. at, in ma to all test certain lot o /piece la
(booed, situate la the lirserle.Ttael, Pose limnghip
oilman/fate Natl.:4n lobertma of Ptualia h, being
lot No di in the ulartof lots lota out ti) G ' Warner,
Jacob Painter, and P Lore., eonialmeg 1 irons or,
the Pulley tattip , le= kat, and ementung a elt tO an
alley la feet wide on which ii created
litiot boar., Loge her with all ono alveoli. the i o te-
Ptereellienta ULU opporensnees on raw lot S.izeit
alsl tat, ezettioion lbe property of &area
Emaaara, at the snot of.tedin test.
All the r!ght, tale, !merest end eltim of J
bereanot, in and to an tint trriolo-lot or
- • •
• . .
Nhr CH id et, al, Cflft%lllOr if In alley et lif
of Zoo kel wry! fr.lff : - .1.000ef *Urea pal
In Hunt on 2 , nt &cid •i.eet 4? feel 6.1.1 le 1
•• •
Ulm wall, nhunarater.3 pare lei wttb Char
13,tleeto,n an Foley, imul ;be same prove
ti .so, et at, by deed euwee!ed to Jantl
ou which then. n. <tooted a ton •tory brick
balms, *object to • coorryte ort , the sane
Tooor.le4 toatl•nmo toot •ol part;
mo! oth Ine.x.ea toll taboo lo ore
fo•porty of John Ataterecd.aL
All the right. title tweet...laud el.m at he. Fo!I,
of in int! lei that renninor p.ree
to the ileveuth WO.l of thy rah.
:Implied 0 iellops, • wit. beg:main the corner
of At hut street Gimp. trmrs, t 4 atieye i iai,,,,,
poi - A.0.11y 7i tat, iior.ll.l
with Cenire friq Par
blur et ft, te , C..,. A vi-uite. and ilia., lit .'rt.tra
Avenue 11,1.11, ,a,c of I.oitusing in. sr.
groan.] tilleing er'itiAtd • I.ret
and ...mvemeell Sett. tatUr
h. Mc pool.sty 0; itt }toll a: the Oulu
of Li, 'Frage,. of heron Freti,yieriiin
ration of
All the righ., t.l;r. ono-,:, and damn of Rot,l
of. 10. god thni onum lot or rgceo
ground, ntiugle W. 41,1 of ilia thy or Pars.
Ourgh, harlot,' on Poll.. 110 et ivnive. Rot, tad et.
i.. o onog neon t.) the ~400 ,din lUR,leet in :V.l.:cry
wore or Ler, holit.tted 111 ggOgrrty er.luotthan
R. 11.0410. rie the .very gr.o we n4it4 ulJaror• Lowry
on the i
'R 011 s4/ 1 1.0 1 1t 'an bee nor
bo l,
une ~, , t
n h-n r
On to
( h. pr r.,ry 01 illoiiou,nviu n n Ul l 01 lit 114 1 1011
A NI ttie, •or wr v s oi R. A L Ft.t,
, ,
A.I the siclo. thi... °defeat and cibirn of John hon
our. of, in. gni to eh 16111 Cell ..., I. air puce Of
g , nod no 0:woof., of Cu, try they [god 61[31 urn,,
la the city of ibibintryth being twenty viz fent s,k In.
, f
oilcan. front on „Litt, unto, and extending been tits
~. ~,„hb stlog Cht ry Wit*, IV fejel, More or Itt..,
.tin axle bta ' , meted u si•stinry btlek a welion brute,
'fronting od :mat,. •tice . Seised mud nth., in tsar.,
two as lac property of util, Koppitz, a. tne ault et 1".8
' floiarland. Int.:L:o, • ,
. ,
All the right, tole, tibeicsi ate eltioi of liebblireer,
of. in. mad on all that net a n lot of ground agitate in the
I-4Mb Wool oldie city In Plitelurgh, I tang Ids bio—th
lii,,,,hi a plan o' labs, in said ward, rtptilia 21 feet,
more or Icia, on Gibbon suen t, ant tatending 131 fact.
mow or I,e, to, Leruat street, preecreing the amine
widthlron strect to much on Which is meted one
eool.le brick house. Seized end in e te ,,,,,,,,,,
as dia property of Jac.da Grier, at il, .an of John
Foraydi ALSti,
Al, the right; tide; Larsen nnd thaw of Timm"
~,,,,,,,,, o r, In, to or oat of, ail that eel tato lot or
Cacn nc ground nitrate in CI. Clair Township, Lonna.
d awl deaerthed as folio., tic— begins ng at •
mall black oak, an, 1.11/Ir by laud. pt lame. Long.
uo th 74 des wet 01' be di to to • high nairl limbo
by lands et 10..11.0, iiteharilatin, south VJ deg. east
of to a V•ollo . unk, thence by binds anion*,
tioyd.sintih 65 deg. cut, It beactes to‘a enui,,,,,,a
lb., by lan d or the. be. of Joba Stone, ti eased,
north `A d. g , can 59 perch... in the piste of to ainiticg,
coainning Id 3-1 tete. and 37 perches, aroma trines, no
iiii, ea if erorted o two Fiery aunt dwelling Inoue, it
Ironer barn widow heaves
Also. another nem. I of rooted, sepanued from thn
above by the old Wastunsten road, and deartrit , ed as
fellows, :n wit'.—beginning era twat near a whde oak,
t the lona between John Thompson and Solomon
Stone, en the tonal lending hunt Pleat urigla to lVsah.
Input, Penney Innis, and thence Wood tan said road
south 00 deg , west perches to die be between
Tbompgo n d heirs' , land, Une,,e e
1 , 1... nth 63 I , J deg , cast JO resents, thence north ILI
rast Lla sUalall hue till II tha land
be rms Jetta 'thoututo.n Ina Polarnun 9100., and cou
dulnuel between where it aver Manila tO the beginning,
conog three 1114,•, more or les- belted arta taken
in en as a11,,, rp.petly . of Thaavla Alderson, et
the slut of John AldtreOn.
All the right •hie, interest and claim of John P
Wet-% of lo and to art that serum part of lot No. IDS
to Canntrathtma dittnirt of derreclauon la , -d,, :Tom.
ulna ate port on the evil Plor of lot No 10e. and run
cling ahog said line, bortO gloat AS perch., to the
anginal comer oflot No 101, thence along tall prim
oat lino weer 40 pereho., mote or foo.. ,9 a poy,'
t entre by a C.hohllortel ltne matitarardly throual, th e
above meationed lotdo a wine oak an the moth lino
of ~1.1 lot. thellets Wale; the nate ant ea , * 40 perches,
mare or •tra, ton par Of aunts Pi Dear Creek, thence
eephe.orly along pert of the ybeva , rnentioutd lot,
cotmet ed to Chruitt. Garay, fool • Ly\add Christitur
Garay coo..yed to "lot , Hickey gen., to ,j,c.pla, e r.
he/x.1,111g, contain ium 61 tem., ;core or less - Pelted
en . dr Airco in execution .114 the pinery of John_ P:
Weith , , at Oro cattortlayld Moe.
All that eenain two a lry brick treeing house, alt.
ante In the Bomegh of hlclieesgsn, co the comer
of Shaw , . tam or Potato mod red Walnut etre.;
fenntag on .welna , street, 30 foot, and the plea.
of pound and aorilleire appurtenant to said build.
log; sold piece or lot of gerund Lbeing 411 feet how
on Walnut street, rod cztautlMg tack Biota the
pabfic,road,l46 teat • Seised end taken In eageotion
al the property of Has Net lag, at . the cat of hlorria
Norbert% for toe of faaallaro , se.
All that eoliths lot or piem of *round alum la the
Ninth ;Ward of the ally of Pittsburgh; marked and
nambood la lbsplau of lets told out by Geo. A. Bay
ard, in 644 IV ern, aalotNo. 1, hoonned end describ
ed at follo on, to wit: bepion ng at the comer of Penn
'and Baldwin eta, and rimming thence cut atone Penn
so the earner oi las No 11, thane. slang
Ma Una • . 004 3100 Act; leea 00 feet alter; thanes
along. NT PI flu, to Bald trio atrial; it,
along dela meet. MO feta to Fe= Mut, the
'place of hd =log; being. part of planer lot aground
convoyed b ma essaatoot 04=01 O'Hare, It slat;
dated to 17 - day of L'ePterabers /LH lent to
A. Bayard, d.coneeted by ....., A. tt.y.,4
4.1 puma t Olt.. day of otre. A D. 1847, td
Jell A: • lehy, 'the' defen4ast t o
. RA, (Dude,
with all alts agalar Ms appostersesteem, A 1,.. otl4
le , a vive=itir. lottpadotoll SONO loAlatao•
: —'
ofJolor Daoy; Iti ilps nlt al
• ' i dUo, brood: and oiciniof Jaa•keim,
n.` L '
Wig to, apd rtil al all Mt. • Moat pa. pie. Or true&
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1.1 Lo *or Si. cial• oankatdp, kayo. ,
b? •anua • Wnliam Cuero, Manua ite.n., Ito heirs
Wme.U.= MOW and Geo. Laths.; Clatainiad dd aare f .
tr Loa some properly ,• aro oc
cupancy., Bald Jamea liorroria Scored and take. ta
daaorl_o r•ro , property of James !karma ag
of lid rrear, Guardian of Wart Mailer; t3arat ILLOor, and •
• Cyrua
t All the right:title, lstercat LS , nod elejm of John Cab
bars, of, to audio. or onto! so that cOlOlO reeiniiitgor
an t , aet or pities of land, inmate to Hz billion] To • ar•
slop,tont tea:neo
Wept m
dribed ail:Slows via: beginblog
on tharJers Onek, at the:cn:or
of land of Jidob D 3,132, thence be 11/4 / 5 0ohilleht
land, Nordin/ , t.heat Wane 740 pPrebse; 11,45114
North 39/ deg- had 7 pc rch es thence North de bleat g,
gip ands pe: loos to I.aor tbe %%Wow Men
Wor. titmice North 14 deg, Etat 42 petcbck, to land
of - -- thence .33nth do der, Eaat 10.1
perches, thenco Boni/tan seg., Eaal pereke.s, thence
, t ee, deg, bleat le and 3. l .4pershes to • white
oak, thence Souk 41 der, gut 13
oak, [ashes Nortb 224 deg :Ea* .aa 10parches to
i • ay:l4mm on the bast si Charticia Creek, thencaup
: Ckorne. Creek, Go. b deg ,Ell423parehetstbanet,
South 131 deg,. East 49 pereics, [neon. &all di deg,
: Eon in porcine, *oaten :On 134 deg., W.; 16 .5 .0
• Perents to • hickory. thence Pootb 33 deg., West 0
parches, thence bodtA Si deg, Well 3 perches to a in.
gn, nine, had throne 651 deg.. Wes/ 14 610 potence, to
place on intittuning, containing 91 nere• nod 13
perches line; °minim, and on which.' erected a Iwo
earl frame dwe Lag holm, cad stable; also a mall
lag end hies, together sub oat bossesheisca -
and taken in exec:Woo as me propene of John Wan bag; at thew][ of Mrs. Nance Ewthg.
•ALL the right, tide, lat<Mlll, arid Fla M of John Oa,
of, and to ad that cc, Wu piece aground, &haute in
me Tillage of romperaneconie, being part al lot No tl
In Me plan oi 1010 called " Delight,. muds by
Z W homtheton,on toe Patent:rah ate elleabastellle
roropike foes at the corner of tot No ilk in
sant plan, thence aiorg the 'toe of sold lot NO If, tooth
re allay CO ft laida.tbaroos along
ney, and parallel with toe to:optic, wetland deg,
40 min, went no feet to let No 8, thence along the It_e
of lot Nob, palatial Walk Ma nne .1 No 10, idl e e
to said litrapiao road, and thence With the turnpik 60
reel to toe piece at beyinrang—Ocing the rams which
Alexander Pope end wile, by deed doted *MUM to,
1618, sad
, ntr in book p rge 371, storeyed to
Juno Gan on which Iritetlea, rola one-story tram*
dweLing house, Watt statiC'boarmcar. Parsed and tea ,
en arteCatiOu at Inc property ol .100 Gall, al the non
of Robert Itobb.
AN tie rig' I, a it. ictercat, at d claim rtWllliato
Chambers, .4; 10, ar to. the to.taartag aghast/led ingcl
ur place 01 Ja..J,ratust: ht Jefferson Luweishiy,etueat
mR. Go ...Fro, mere er lees, aid Im:ended by lend. at
Jauou Abers,l J,4tu r . ..afettei 4.001
eaybe, a .1 allirt ;ands of wed WI ham Chamber.—
*clo e g We x. 15.5. laud at Which Mar) Robb, lam Gravid ,
~,p, dud, .rued Lad on which that. to tcasted..
• Now, tog dwelling hatica, a bare, ate. Kneed, Sod
t•tl proem, of ‘VIII,I•6INA•au
at We. wit of Ibu bleihm.
. . .
r'her " y
bnrn and
.. rfrret, or
All the right, title. human mud claimer Willj.s Me:
kadey, of, ur, and to at: CV* Centlll piece sr parcel of
emend. tpag and being us tee tuantabiciol Mifflin, rub
ng branded and clisetiticll as tollote, tot will 'regai
ning .t • putt ' Intact by land af Beuelltritendtiefototth
Kt) deg, arettne perches. or • t, tbet ue by lanerof
Dr George nutter, avuth 71 degl to peaches. to •
degmuorl, tbenee by tau, weal
said Wt.haat itlehltifeY.
ant. 101 deg, Wool 80-11, perches to a pa*, moth 06
deg, en. 3: ttelolle. tu a putt, sod nonti . 31 deg, en..
_.831u ref, bet, to It. Inge . . al begnentog—koattlning
el acre., title( menve. at to pen of a tract of land
owned ny Altillare7 •.111d mow Mahal: ion of
ADMIN./ID( **zed god taken in eseeoben as the
properly of %umlaut altitude,. et tin mart of *erten,
Morrison ec Ca ALS J.
All the *gut, title, miters... and claim of James Tue.
J., t, Its, cud 10 a tree, of land, on the owe* of
411 ;on.. adtAbutg taliEs ofJalbee affaf a arida
the hem ur of James .ibtalnutg
ac e , rue ,. ae test, am jtelt m sunset grout* toot
of Ai*/ Un. payable quarterly to James *ClitA on
rhtea 11 erected a log cabin or dwelling. sue the
g rand has teen cleared of Umber. netted and taken
eiteallOP se ine property ofJarnert 31.1.8=1,14, at the
inn* of Ocorge.Ledhe.
. %IL
ori Pilo, Ad
of m Anne
o dire tenAwall
u r., city or Pain
r J 5 4. ,A- II
,•• tag . scribed
i ra of mood,
ti , f) numbered
a. olnlitg lot No
1 enitibed as
.rotir of said
alma row,
o public road,
abli road 17
Cr of Centro
1 met'et north
. o a pint •1
a , mire n , nh
o begionma.
t , to, more Of
l• rovany
tie alai for
' i
r Rail-
. I prune
od mend
., r MOry
lI , I . OPCIIy
• TO crty of
al ,em Me
/ Valliant
1., gliertfl
the right, title, lamest and claim of James
110117,01,1 k and to all that certain lot of ground
situate in the POllllO Ward of the city of Allegheny,
and bounced 'idle described a. 101101.0 beriblblllll 00
the sewn aide of Maln *Vett, in said city, it too Sees,.
too of Mt NO 081, in Warner re Yonder. pion of ,
bus, thanue by sold CritSirrlii :one of laid lot, tooth. '
loamy WO, Peet, more or ha, to Saar Atilt Ailey,
weetwateily auti alley rk Met, more br
lea., to caner, too of tiOnlia ?detecinha tt t, thence by
the .ante rortbwardly hatt fent, mum or t u to Mane
Alreel ialoresaid, nut then's, hy the same casterardly
274 fect, mote or tou, to hte pl.. of hernoing,
bung the whole of let ntimbe.l 335, and Porto( lot
No due to said glut, and looney thereon erected a
two hoty frame 000114. alert as a dwelling andhtote,
and a frown ttablo.wilh the apoirtananum. Seated
and taken in execution as the property of Jainea
afeorr, at the sett of /dun titling, for am of hams!
and It Egger. A thlion.
- - -
Alt the right, till,, interest and claim of George
Jr cab Hesse, in the hatolf of Jot ddaintwraior, lien
mow l'eta, with nonce, It, of, lu and to oil that
citron lot or pieCe of ground, ego/ tot befog No di is
James U. Irwinl plan, slants on Centre Averiac, and
l , oriog iron; • Gehtre Atreune of 04 feet.. d
tei.dwg In depth INS feet, to • insect 40 (cet wide, and
deeosiloi in died Look 4 Gana bc,ng the owe Int, ley,
ed of iadtte dated e10y,19r7, Ctotey
ea to Grotto JaCob tiered Felted at,d tutu in can
00n0% as ILe propel) et Ile, ige +cob tragic, in Si.
habit or his Adnorisirator, ikelatuni 'Vex,with
malue or nunor chi deco, by George Caen. these
littorthin, at the sou of James kr. terns.
All the fight, title, toteeeet and ewe] of Joan
ore earl to the following defeated property,
Io into Hay street, bethg past of 1011 Nols al arid tir
eke to, of it abergh, beetle about 18 feet trout on
Hay Street, and eatehiling back the rime width Sto
a le feet adlc),lLollfdlog 460 VIIIICga Of lib
ecommon soma. d alley, oh which to treated a mute
etruhed brick (them, heing 14 0 accents Mre in do -
,its rew of keep 1121,e0 trick bowl., commencing
tithe spy., hon. ni stud low, nceoberiog from the
apps, is tho • Cite property
Toll o s. f. bI decd ueted eta alth or Kober,
1524, •oi re•toideo w air., au nt If it, peke 51, to edit(
kti, ley tsestecl 11.4 okra In Co.. c ,for alt the pro
per ) • : Jam torpey, at ,he omit of Edwerd erwpoon.
All thc ucht,le, interwa, elaim, stud demeud.ur
David naafi:, deceased, to the hands of bis &gimbal/•
lee gone ne. der, In lb volley 'overdose, Wine an) 0(,
In t L or utit Olaf , Mal 0011.1611+01 Or pureed Of mud,
vlaulte in Finley menablp, composed of thleeparcets,
enuunpour 111 caw. and alperebee, more Mita.. ad.
i g 011101 . Madan( said Darn' nballer,
i n d-W,,),
Samuel Dyer., aud them, born g belwied in 0 ,ne,,,
If ID.- kw Intram, dee'd, nr.d szowo as the Inman'
aye,. , Wised and "elan In cilia Len as th proWay.'
Sba:ar amused, us tne hands 0 b 0 e.,, e adalw
Lobo dhalfa., with cot ee to S wid•
ew rsif Davul sunter. sod a Nose. Joseph. 'Lam
beth. linen. I, William. Abr., and Sarah Snare?, by..
ova CaLWL.E , L. , and to Andrew,
go, red lawy Ist wk., cr 110 61'141.1.0f 1111.
t/ d, at Ise sail re John It aeaso LOW
ra Waimea Hem,
I ad - al
ta g
~I t S al
, arel Ira
All the tight, °de, imr sett and claim of Peter Smith
of, to, and in .1.1 the foilnwing.dedertbed lot Or
puma of emend altsmo to /Mau Brown's plan it( lots,
show as sear to the borough of birmingbark bounds
d and described as fdlmes, to : begtmorg st the
corner at. No 10,0 n the southward:, ludo 0,-Sidon
strut, and at the tottdame of 11U feet eamseard/y front
Nsrmaal street, Mecca along`dhlhey greet eastlintrl
- 4 7.1 tnebet; to ernonda ti Cbriettan Ihmeen,
thence a:ung said I,'nomena boe and pat alkl trithikir .
away prey stokdormdla let kmt, to nn yYlhn t
alpup sold al:ey gram Nara, 11 1 legit s
ricked. to the comer ot tot No IC, .hence aloof the
into of lit. Noe 15 and 10 northwardlyldlfmt. tl
ttideay street, the plate n t °apiarist° embracing lota
Nos 11 mallo, toeethef with am Ism reltst p eee of
round, mama not ourul.,ocd, b .Ine kte rune ptent
mound, which Jut,,. Ursa, , sea wife eanyeeed Jo sat/
tomtbbetgerhr red died the IP.h day of May,
and teeoroml sO back 4J, tome 1/21 Seized
.1 taken i° esenttinn s. tie propettp of PetarOroid •
berger,at the tail o Num and Roche, for ton out of
James Gray, 4th at
d LSO,
Ad the right, till,,initiett, and eioint sii Janie.
Vane., of in, and to . I t that rett.Ml lot or mere of
esand, •IZtritt< In 11, bototlit h ...I Natelitilit, known a
Nn 1 nodo
ne 0 ant , I 4 .1 0 id acid tioioug. 7 l, 1:rort•
i g on the rennnyl•ao iNinitl, on Windt are erected
070 , ten rorl nr , el botidi , d, are, eltop, one (tome
b o , beit?cin, .ogne whit: was can't:yeti to
d art l'y Tata,. Don Belle nd ante. by det d rev 'tiled
.alln,. Veined and
i•keti r, •n'eon'tn oe he Nor.rry ofJufies Vance, at
the eon of Jobn ingratom
Ai , ' Owrip% title, Wore.,
and claim of lames
Itfoliato. of, ht sod In ell 111•! cell= Wee- or parcel
Of lied estuatt, in the borough of Mond:met, boonded
and described so fellows: totgtuoing attne westward.
ly ink of Ptelde sweet, at the cornet of Intact street,
theiote tte-dtot, to front on Prelde 'Met feet, an
the ',tine t0•It et .trees. throe. al-tog the tame Y 43
net P inches, to (thin Mfrot theses pursuing theme,
course and c. v. lay tibia weer to the Ohio River, ,
thsnee down the seta river 417 feet 4 inches, to wank..
eds. line or Locust stteet, ext4n4lng thence eastward-''
d 7
e• 1
0 ,. f .1 1, 10 said
st a rent. n anl
e of Locust
tcrleUentg t oL o th e e a s e + t wa y
114 feet to the piece at be-ginning, esobr•elost and eon-, within stud bounds lots Nov Ind, Op. 170 17t,
172. 171, nod 174.1 n the plan el sell bontugh or
chester, which iv teeoetted to Allegheny county, In
O. bent Na 1, pace 16,the. initiptovaty Doloir sub
teet io Ohio street 50 feet alga, o he antarte blabs's);
lot oto 171 being 37 fret noll'il3e street, and 61 feet
biebes • a Ohlesireet, and all the other mentioned . .
Intl hew each 36 feel_ on PrePle EMU, and .5.9 feel
21 Inches nn Chin street
Al.,•llthe tight. title, Internet and eltirn of sold
hiel(itin. on In and to all that CC, taw lot at pees of
groen4 situate In the borough of ittanetteuthr, begin.
rune on the eastetly 'side of Mute* Mott at the die.
Lance 0147 feat southerardly.front the comet offlaap..
•on Street, thence orteeding trt front on Market Sitter
40 for, to the lino of lot No hi. owl in tleptloltastsesud•
with 05.7.0 fllttl pterattring the 111111118
Sir width tic rent to La stetdad Doing tat marked lm.mbar•d 74 In the pion of the Loroggh uf Mors. ,
eltesten recorded in sold oreorderlsolliee, ',negate,
gooey, in plan book Nol, page ID Belled or! taken,
in execution as the propeny aflame, MONela , at the'
nit of lame. A. Open..
All the title, invest ind claimer /ernes Crap.
at, bt and to nil that certain piece of land slime in
the city. of Pittsburgh, bleier past of lot No 223 In
Woods' pint of Prustargh, nounded and desUtbed Y.
t li me. viz: beam log at the west side of Market
tiltet. DI the sentheretterly earlier of Merkel and
Fourth mot., thence estendins sh width or runt
along Meiket atject, tevirdi Third street. SS tees,
mere or lers,to yenned et laws Riddle and In least..
or d-hth sa=g Frarlh parcel vrtstwerilly Sowards.
Ferry street, preserving the utile width, 1U feet,
cane or leis, to other land of fames Riddle, on which
see elected a teen three story Nick hedges, gee..
pled as storey and tavern hon., and two ems 1 Ouse
betiding* fronting on Fourth street Belled and taken
lit eseeetfon as the propene of JamseGray,iBerifeh.
leyr at the t oft of Brooke, Tysert a Rhen.
All Pie F abt, title Morro and Naha of Witt L. ?W
ar. nf. In non . n I th.t certain tract el land, insp. n,
et.. Act ferran.p botted—d iscd sbesenbed OS lot
loan nil: beginning at a Dolt on Tacna Creek. MIAS
line between the land. of Wm AVJUAIMY.O.AA
of Grog, print... (formerly Henty Yank) thence . by
:end of sini tine nn, tooth 9 &etre_ Kest CO rare see,
ton past, thine
71 degree Emit 46 perches, in,
• rasp then., Boni! Id degrees, East Si perches. 10 a
pop; thence South 11 Oct.. Earl SU perchee, thence,
linetn Odra, East n perches, thence :Meth 71 dg, Eon
6 perches., thence N Ml.lh 41 d•., Faun 16 perelice,theaft'
Pen'! 71. degreeS, Fort perches, to a poen Usenet
Notch 67 deg , °ern Ircrzber id raper, lacnen North
Id degree', Fast ICI Iprschen. to • cheenot oak, thinnto
North 971 deg., Ranlit pitches, donee North II deg.,.
4O po,,ttos to 44 alone. lt once 80.01. 67 der, E.'
101 octet, to a p/ist. thence Booth 4 deg, East NJ
perch,* t
0 0. serer pro,ti.< one Sault. deg., Weet os
/went) mat, there,. 1991111 M okr, Ep t m .o.
00 10 lends la the posse.ron of Junes Biddle, thanes
by the said lands Loath P 4/ deg, West 31 3 10
a pest, thence. &NO 90 deg, East 10 340nerelies i
the fends el Jaen and Win, o'naw, thence hy the Uhl
lands. Pent 43 dog. .. West 45 paretic; to a pan s thence
North ,a degree*, West frO Witches to winos*, thane,
Coot! 43 leg., West 50 Derek;, to the atootrege ova
neer, and thence doom the ;aaine, by the metal
mune to of %Hatter land called • °remand,*
otite..Wtilece, on the day fro7l,ti ti
d ow _ In the possesiten of Wan L. Miller and
Wet Maltinney, thence by the snit Greenland Into;
Nardi 11l pert(.. the yea* el beginning; coma's.
in 'lmam) Our non or len, on golildi are erected
aMO slo t , Item d tirelllag Image, * large frame funk
Um tad nab* tied time tenant bens.;
Also, all ths Tititt. , irle, interest and elaint of Wm.
et 'in and;a tots Ne- 100 ant Nee, I, 11, 4,
7, 0. 9. 10. 11, ISi 13, lt,lo, Id, 17.11 10,0,10. 176
11,11,1111.93 and N, le nth! Win.. frlateesplsa of
njthe 1011110 P6rt lti Yini til al g litartsernship,o ,.
zi f 141 , 5
f a tittaMM ,
• " '"
IPTt 7 P , -Ta
tteia .d -
ALL tha riot,, iii
Lamm end etalm of Wm. L.
.waMiller 04 aod bAto3t . J
b 10.160 and. Not ItLieL
g,1,tA,11.4113 ta l l'At ? 11
/ 1 .. 9 ki l ter` s'
of the Mora of Part Perry, 111 VerritillesTp tat=
plant. meted.. the net metes Meth in veld MM. •
ty of Ailodltesty,ln Plan Down Yol.l.pagedne. Word
end tate alio einem!. sa the prcprriy of Win. LOUD* -
at tha alt of
t 4, alter
Mummer Mld, dile: interoanand claim of
of. ingt moat of al them erstawdende.
and tenements as Mole ars deoload by Jolts
biasters, Jr .by Mit but to+ a. t.
lob remo
.fph -
In Will Book, Vol, d.pano thr, , mop.,
McMaster, and foretell the sold .Toaepb leeldlistoret
jowly died, wised, =I intestate. and In ware WI said Jo=n bleseances, Jr,. in entillot to no. 0 0 0mpod
.1911111,11. It one ef the belts atJaw of Ms odd brother'',
Jewett Wollaston, goblet* to the liftrenotooflaskel--,
Alobtamen. Mother of the saldeloarptt,eira—lbero.
roan:nog bait part toot lei led to Thorne, ltichlastelll
of tins t baleen% tract. sod woodland or Powell
itonio Toworh.p. on meich to orated duel.
boozes, barns, and other badinage.
Alm. i n stn fire story, Immo. !rootlets As
our &reel, in the ty of Yitt.botch, and a
nd loin et.'
ground on 'Milan theY are erected, wilt the ywilh;.`
Ow roar, below um tea mentioned in mid wt.%
obits* this pwpony from the , atom Prelontl,teli
me* the farm on the bill. now or lately occupied by
Archibald Robtneon. situate ---
With the threling booms NMI, and miter hoprolo
mans. Pelted and omen in =roulettes Ute property.:
ofJohn hi:Mutely, Jr, at the .nie of DmildEdirm,
Roan t Parttemoons and whore
Alrthe dell, title thtete.t nitd eaten of Jahn Orn•
ham, of.= and to ell :het certain lot of wand, with
'the buldient thereon elect-d, Ore:awns on Middle
filer, Second Ward, AI !caber, rtw etty, on tee &a .
line between lota No 20 and No 19 thence *eater
ly towards Pomp alley ~ 119; feet, thaneammitt
151., tiled. tantonsrdly 1011.,10DIdbfloalley,theada
own, anddis alley la feet . tho place el botittnemt,
the slime bolos pen et told o Mk as chler bed ititlar.
none Plan et lota in city, Cl' mord lit Vol re:
pun It tainted auktakon la itteentitnt et Um nth.
perty of -Thltut Graham, at the son otEarth Ungbea.
Ail th e eight, line, lamest and eliddl Of , Eadabak
' Cooper and lane Cooper, of id and to all that eertn
' lot or pies. ef-gtoand, together with' the handl/an
thereon nevem In „lbe• bdetegh of Bldn3dalads,
bonded and de ertlitd en fdllotar beginning on Cart'
eon tangy •'t the /ins of ropettr. gold byre", late :
Jone . N, Coomf, deceased, to John and Goonte.Vabli i
11.1,:atd niroadind beet mate tido et nrorctly eitec , -.
•on b p i ti .k.h.ri Man lOt Ott erLsitentahnete, thatara,„
II on e lost Ot illy m,'o 14 feet; to tn. Itne 44,
ro r
pty navel hp liven Wlthettnt and .In,tattnitien,„•
throne alcuatetidtric IV (vet o , th entabeels. to Care ,
son strento ,
nd tl, de along old street, a ink_ Wail'
1:1:11VDP.I. " ;*, ' , ro::', P .lnb . ,.° El. 6 l,nig,t •
-,N, . decd entail --i- and recorded In tho word..
el'. oec i 1 Allegheny soone r to c dead book —,...4
pace , . not late Joseph Cooper. Salad and Wok
exe ad.., ,i.dho properly of ElottletO Okla, .alt
/ape Cooper, AI the dolt of William' Noble ond,lohn -.
Glenn Executer, of Joeeph Convex-, deritand. .- ,
-.. .
All the tight, dile, intermit .0 elates of Ann Mir:;.
Rolcorkti and Clatter,. Jen lino, of, ltt and to Mastro
half pert of lots N. to and. Id Wm MUM.' '
or loat in ArtitnessilLe, together reltb the bailie
;emcee and oppurtenen ore thereento V42.10144'. -
watch said hilt prthererfia ...led and deeertbod
fol'o KiNO l / 1 ( . 41101ty, at dm etst .
Per of lot No Pto allsn, and rano Menet:along"
the line of the cold o parallel with Artkettet
sweet, to Wilk!. street, a distance of 142 foe; then
atonelaritkine street in a line parallel witlrgeitlell.
alley, admtance of 171./eel. thence in a tine parage
116 h mow.. •Illtet, a tilctonee 01 71 feet; thtinee
lin• parallel with gemineseller. • slialeoec orsaw
there, rata Ilef,egth /inhere a test, • etstence of n,
feet them., n . (14 Neat:eyes alley • di starve of 1M
. f-et, th, plaee of beg innyl, being the veraipaiest ,
(ground recovered by said d feneents, by procsfedyf:,
Ines In the Dinar lContl ofAlirgheny emery, at April.,
tens 1041 , No 25 Seised and mien le canes:non me" •
the Oropetty Cl Ali Marta, DC Nilson and Catharine.
Jenkins, et the cal lot James Seaford, now for tee of;
ettortes,lll Wall._ • -
AIR,O, •
All the nolo, into tend , clots, of John Ce. .'
rismohd Hugh Hamilton, at; le and to all those two-,
lota of around ornate on Res. street: in the city of
Pkticturch, and 'being tots numbered a* And 3i '&4
Minh 21
plan of Int containing
24 feet Rosa etreet, and - emending beet'
prettatrtnnt, the 111/132 wid th, 1110 feet, to •20 feet allorr,.:
on ehtee are erected a lerge double brisk defelang
boar., with ...tete anagrams for tenants., -
Nelsen and token in exec Gaon ite the pmpenT 6 1 , 442,
Cowienn eid ilighlietrulton, el the colt of Sarah V.
• "
All the right, title, interest, and dabs of Hobert,'-
'cKerahan and Matthew Meßeratudt, of, 9 4 and r • 73
to all three three certain lots. in Robinson's Plan Of 11 ,
the Barmen of Allegheny, bounded and described ...,
as follows, via: beginning at the notih elm corner """' I
of lot No. 161 la lame plan, at the interseetiOn Of-. I
Laoock street and laabella Idley, thence south by
:aid alley 100 feet to Anne street. thence west- b p i
Anne street 92 feet 3 inclose, to the line of lot No. 0 I
164, 'thence north by said lot, 100 feet, to I.4itaacl I
creel aforesaid; thence east by Lacock sir:Mira
feet 3 filches to the Wage of beginning, on wble is -
erected an iron tonndry end other improvesteuto '
Beized and taken in execumni ati the property et - :r t
• Mauhew McKerahon and Hobert MeNerahan, at
the snit of Smith le. Oa brie, foe me of Winkel
. - .: -
ALSO, 1 ..
All the right, title, interest, a nd claim of lobs . l
Dickson, of, us, and to ell that certain lot or parcel. , ;
co t.
of ground, litmus in Ohio t ip, Iroundolistutlt
described as follows, to wn: inning on LoMelx:" .1
stisiu,lcorner of lot No. 14, i bra n of lots of Mee '
beim of P. Feeble., deed, in d township, thence:
south 33 deg. 55 min , east 6 6. 0 perches, lolot No:
12; thence south 54 deg, smin . watt 24254100 mr... g
. ches,:a tag lot No:12, to the centre of the Beaver: - I
rood; thence along said - road c0nh,135 degrees: 4 4 ' i
min., west 6 640 perches- the c 4; Nolo lotnorthet ' I
sgdeg.'s min., east 24 24.100 perchea, .to Lome, :
~ 1:
gieet, the place of beginning, containing ens arree 'l 1
more or lesa, on Which la erected a, bnek.botee,l
two exotic. high, and appurtenance+. 'Seized nod • '" /
taken in execution ni the property of John Dickson, ' 1
at the snit of Chas. Grant -- •. .• -..„. -,,,
ALSO. • • . ~,
, j ,_ "1
All the right, titleouterest and earn cif 401 , 111 1
Tairgart, of, in, end to, and out of all tug eintaint Ti
lot or piece of ground, situate in the City of /NW . '4
• burgh', named nod described in the plan of leteleta 4
oat OY John Hogg , on High sweet, to raid city , Net . 1
- 31—eald lot freoutig on Fourth greet 1/9 keys/ea -. i
extending back on it parallel lies with High soces„
a distance of 117 feet, bettaded, by lots numbered 1
30 and 31, end by• Fourth street road, said kebab* I .
+object to a ground tent of 616500 pet annume— ,
There is erected on raid lot two fame hounts,lwo.. ;
stories. blab, those betel: home ., two owls high;
shed roof, and leo new brick In:uses:two Mario+
high, untintshed, shed roof's. •Ititaed and taken in , /'
execution as the gooperty of Jobb Taggart, at the'.
suit ot Batumi McGinn. - . . . . ..,
All the right, tithe, intereet, and claim of Ythrahaars..
Porshin and Joseph Walton, of, in, and to, all those ti
wo certain lota ar pieces of ground, salute fo ?ass...'
peraneeville, in St. Clair township, Alle*try
nod marked and numbered 146 and 1470 n Wikleth
ft Alexander's pm of kts by Z W Ressingteas s ,
and bOunded sod dtheribed foltows,vbgbeginnialt.,
aide Corner oflot No. d 45 inssid plait, onWaltudeth...
theme by Walnut Ertel falfoet, to the corner of kite,.
No 148, thence by had' of saidlot MO feet do War. .;
den aunt; thence, by Norden street :41 feet Itothea . :
corner of lot No I4A ;horsily the line of sand lox
-150 feet ro Wabstit evict, Ike place of beginning— ,
tusking .in all. two iota , each th'ileee by thia fest-i
-being 4hemiroe lots or pie.. of growth conveyed!,
by John B warden and wits, and John Attainder
and Pale, to John Ji th , by deed dated Arertl"tat;--
1847, who conveyed, the said Abraham,Ponthin
and yoeept4 . Walton; ,on which sold two lotaolf,
ground aro et : ivied a Oro erory frame house, Whir*
is .15feet in front on Walnut street aforesaid. Sei
m:land taken W execution as the property 05 A..
liralusen l'o rehing nndloseph Walton. at the suivoc,,,
John' J. No:fiat, for use of William Blracces.
the right, title, Interest and data of bale':
Kennedy, of in nod to ail th,xiceetnio lot of grounds
situate in tenth' Panthers), (late loaner S 4 Clait
township). and bounded arAdercrlbrd as follows;:;
Tic beginning on the southerlyside of Jeaephine .
street, at thy corner of ground of Sarah M. Pharr,.
and otters distant* of ill feet 114 inch from One' 5 ,
corner of Fifth street, then. extending in fount
klinglthnv street, COMM, '24, feet, and to depth
isinutterly, preserving the Patna width at right tingles .
to Bingham sircet,.loo feet, to Meteor nituy.oh
which is erected a twonicay hr.* dwelling lama*
sad kitehett. • eathertand takied w execution as the
property of balsa .Kenneuly, at the suit of White s .
Owen 4c Ram
ALSO ; , , 1
All tie right, title, intermy, and claim OS Jitzen.. t
der trileGiew, a, in, io, or out of, all toot . mom g
tot or piece of ground, slanuent the Second Ward.
Cite. of Allegheny. being! lot No. aim Robinion'a
plan of the extension of said rig, callmi ,4Burns. •
. Vials," bounded and described as follows veat‘ , ..' t;
beginning on the north side of the North C01mm,,,,k.; . :.7
at the distant," of 48 feet west. Iron the cora& of '
Polo Alto sue et; Waco naming wevt by the m i d ;
comma. 'rotted, 24 feet to.the turner of lot - No.
37, thsara north by line of said lot TM feet to an
Ilil feet alle y thence eon by teed alley 24 fretto
'ins of lot NaN 30, and &mat .awe by esid filen) ..!t
feet to the piece of beginning—beteg tie stet, gb.„ ',,.
of gramd which Wiliiun Robinson, Jr, et tox.ig ~
dated Avast 17; 1848, conveyed to Said A- ~,.,
O'hleGres. Seized and taken in enemata an dam il
property of Alexander 0' -I c6ntar, at tam mat of 4"
China B. Truitt, in i.e., for Train AL 0, . Brother& Co., 4 ,
All the right,title. latest& at d claim of J. C Mit- '...
Cali td detteuted, ha tie bards of J. P. Row, wag
Jaw. Conner, his aamtnistratnni (with notice jo 4
John V. Rowland et al. legal representatives. of . n'
said J. C. McCully, &weaned) of. In, and Its ilk j
bat cmtald_ n d , plantanott or. tract of •la situallek. ti
UPPnt'tie. Clair Township, bounded by Linda& Jan..
Conner, Sitnon Quad, anti others, oontoialogebont; ',.
55 acres, more or Ids, and having sienna mooed ;
4 Iwo Moil Caron dwelling haute, Radler, baraetkit K
out buildings, and alat planted &entre a young a- ,
- .t
cha' Remedied Wien 'in execution a• tie prop,
emy Vii. C Mel:jol, &reared, in the hoods of am;
administrators, J. a Bees and Jame Conner w2a, ;
notice to If. Rtmetand;and Elnutbelb
hi ,:souls'
fames B Mean and Rebecca hit wife. /mei Citi• •
kerma, Futleyolllnution.and Elisabeth Glikeanon. :
minor children of James Wixom end Proem Mg
wife,laze Pant= IdiCally, aid Times Illectsl,
-leo icing end i.snd reparnmoughres a nu i.G.,
w irthilly, &comet% il the cart of Parch hag' Ma MT
'l , . eLso i•
All the od d, it ill waren, 01111 t. property duo
and dettrand &Una= 11 epeer, toe ot the &fair t
• donut, Of:lti, and to, all that certain lOt Mt piece a - i
=guide in the Pint wad a Aikaheav ahoy„;
and &rallied as Mims 1.71;11:,....bep 0 „ ;
clagai Canal 5c,..,, 148/eat lirct Animator' sett ~t 1
thence bvo 4 ju t e rftral)el Wittillotinsa4 street,-Mo
feet, to C..ig street, tinnecaloog Ciutg street north- ,
wardir 19 feet. Woos be• lute &motel with Rote, ,
b.,. StrohStroh ol fees, to Caen/ tenet, thence tow& 1
&artily along Canal strati 19 fret to the place- a -,..
N I ,. 4, being slime or uni proved. Int,- tt
Soloed and torrnin mention no h. property_ 4
Jon. N. Spew, at tee molt of S. P. Van Rotational
An the halide, Wert:V.lmi tiim-OriSii ho
.isd3i., ~,.a
; i n sad teonalli that
a , .4.11t ot of
p le conf
X a °ill O fittlaahLOn It4:110a 011 a
a IMtthal StreetNM*,,
and lledqbackarott Fab er
. U 4 e C Of e th 4 m i
• width, ato& Igo rte nol 9,. •1 1
IW4 bOltpdedort, ' "
liana& by Stevenson s trict on tlei mutt my trerb ee
urge, on to' nab by "grenade . ~ ........,24 . ip4 . 1,
LAM these* iyal or —,-; ;30 14 in d hin ,,, L i
log thereon crewed a two ink. do/unite ..
hum; WM. lie StintlftertMleelt. ' -46 d sad t 0,,,, I ,
i n euellik.b'aldo PrOPIMY gr Da. jaHee4s, ante
.6. of &Web a ollltuann, and to be - 414 by -:--.-,. ,'...
*.. 0 ' OVAnS.batiiit
latle r sallosift 4; +wit '-
' . ',- - :•,•.-' 4
• - - . ..,; - 1 , ... 5 . '.:..rii:4. - .0;,..._._
_ .
. . .