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Mild not offer our readers a morcipleastint treat
thin tlMt we give them to day, in the report of
the President noel , 'Directors of the Ohio rind
Pennsylvania Railroad Company. This very
clear, business-like, and satisfactory document,
ezlithits the eompapy in a very flourishing con
dition, and the prospects for the early completion
of the work highly gratifying. The distinguish
ed ability with which the affairs of this company
hove been managed, from its organization to the
present day, cloifeis the highest honor upon its
offierre, and riterits the lasting gratitude of the
.people of Pitlpburgh. Gen. Roams., and Mr.
linnmirs, the IN, chief officers of the company,
have thrown themselves into this work with an
ardor, zeal, and singleness of purpose rarely
!VIM oust it is owing to their able and unwearied
labors that the work tins attained its pre rot
eulumnt position, and cheering prospects. There
in not a single individual of the 81.000 inhabi
tants of Pittsburgh, but will be directly benefited
by this great work; and our reflecting citizens
must:all neknowledge to themselves that its pros
perity it to them a sonrce of no ordinary encour
,agement and satisfaction.
I,TN,I,TED STATEN SEN tror--Au election for this
position will take place in a few
days, .v the I,gislature of this State. Among
the gefr.lemeu nominated to the House, we un
dorsi:WA, is our public spirited fellow citizen
Gen. )Vin. Larimer, Jr. Although lien. Lorimer
:has been rather eccentric in his political course,
liari4g, generally acted of late years with the free
coil party. yet he is a strong tariff num. and
usually egt . a., with the Whigs in their national
ond;state . policy, and is withal a warm hearted,
MINT Man, and if we cannot elect a true
, we Lad more rather see him elected than any
free trede,.ultra Loentoco of them all.
We hare h;o1 good deal of talk shout m:
knelt "d:u rich richer, and the poor poorer
How to do that. has been dinotered, and
now in toll operation. w 0 have only to go
the Allegheny, into Armstrong, Clarion and V
-vans, to sec it work.
.Under the tariff low of 1842, many enterpri
ring men in that region, seeing the hills filled with
iron ore nod cook and covered with useless for-
commend-11 the erectiou of furnaces. SOm
times two or three would unite their means
which, with the addition of their own hard haw,
Inti a little credit, enabled them to get into op
err.tion. Fur a time they did well—prices were
Pond. because they were protected against for
eign competition. The country nmund the
improved rapidly. The farmer, did well, f
they hat! a market for every thing they eon
Ale ]waits did woll ; for they had plenty
of oastumer:i who were able to pay them. That
tens a time n-licn thr. poor tcerr-gritong rich. That
aim a time when iVhig law ruled, and oar
free trade friend, had no chance to tet th
But this al not inst. The thrift' of ISI6, le
ting inn flood of foreign iron, brought down p
ces so low that nearly nil those men who w
not very rich were obliged to ahandon the loui- -
nes." They lost their little copital, they lost
their labor, anti lost their property. Some of
these esmhlithments hove been sold by the sher-
:if; same nt private sale at ruinous prices : an ,
sonic are still stru gg ling on. The proprietor of on.
these last declared recently that he would glad
ly cell out for what he had put into it, thus 1.
sing. sir. years of time and -labor ; but he canna ,
do it, or any thing like it
the numerous furnaces that have been sold,
and their proprietors reduced to poverty, are sill
their; but owns them ! They have fallen in
to the hand+ of u-calthy men, in some cases at
little More than one tenth of their former value
Some of these few wealthy men own, in whole
'or in part, some .half dozen of them. They
cost theta little, and they can afford to let them
Ile' idle, waiting for a change of times. The for
mer yrsprietors are poor ; the laborers ar edis
cherpsal,and are 'very poor; the fanners and
moehanies hare lost their market, and they are I
poor ; Let the ekh are made richer. • The experi
meat hat, bee, cutirely successful.
" , A few days ago, we heard an anecdote related,
which is in poiwt7 — . . wealthy old gentleman—a
and a proprietor of iron works—was one
dity trying to persuade some of his neighbors
in Clarion County that it was their interest to
sktpport the tariff policy; but after exhausting
nil his ar e : without effect, he lost his pa
tience, and exclaimed, "Well, gentlemen, if you
sill Inch, a mihoh of m po ahead"' :1.1 they
did make a nabob of him; for he is now buying
op iron work at priee.3 extremely profitable to
Intt ralmArrto the former owners.
We will pa into no argument upon this matter,
to day; b•at we have given a few facts, and have
a ttempt,:l to describe the state of things now ex
isting iu the iron region nearest to us; and we
will. merely say to the friends of the present ta
riff had the party that supports it, if this is the
state of things you wont, ;17 ahead.
Itiow that rail roads are about to extend from
the 6.1 beard to the far we.T., — uniting by a
cheap, envy, nod expeditions, mode of convey
once oil the 1,1-tat commercial cities, we may
reasonably expect that the entire region lying I ,
olOilg the routes. will partake largely in their_
benefits. Rail roach are generally constructed
by cities, er e r for cities. They contribute more,
probably, to the prosperity of cities than any
,other species of public enterprise. But while
this true, it is equally true that the interme
diate Country partakes.; or might do no, in an
opal degree of their advantages.
Rail roatb, from their peculiar construction,
ere adapted to accommodate the travel and traf
fic between large and distant points. The con
veyance upon them is necessarily reduced to a
nyetern; and only those connected with that sys
tem, con participate in its prosecution. In this
respect they differ from canals and common
math. upon which any man may put his boat or
Ids wagon.
, This peculiarity of the rail read is by many
regarded as , a serious objection; and it-certainty
is a defect. There seems I4lbe something want
ing to enable both town and country to become
equal partitipants in its benefits. This defect
can be renitsiinl, at no expense easily within.
the reselrof- any thriving neighborhood or sal
, ley . travened by a rail road. Here the plank
rood comae in is the only link wonting to unite.
• the rural wide the metropolitan population in
one great system of commerce, intercourse and
Let a suitable depot be constructed at some
eligible point on the rail road, and thence let n
plank road be made, extending as far into the
country as may be deemed expedient, upon
which every thing may be conveyed that the
farmer or manufacturer wishes to mend to mar
ket, and upon which pasaengers may be carried
at stated hours , .
Ton farmer residing en a rail road, it is of
no advantage, because he cannot stop We train
-to put any thing upon it. Ile must go to a de
-pot. Now, suppose the farmer liver nn the aide
of the rail road, two miles from the depot; and
suppose another resides eight miles from the
rail road, but on a planktroadleading to a depot,
the latter is more benefitted by the mil road
than the former, and can convey his produce to
market, or travel to the 'city himself, with more
faCility than the former.
Thus, plank roads atom to have been invented
to perfect a grand and incalculably beneficial
- system,of intercommunication in this extended
country, calculated to raise, it ton point of civ
ilization and prosperity never before realized by
arty people.
Du. WPIENAII IS Tltonsix—,Mforc the Royal
Cuart, , Jrn , .. y, Dttranbcr 4, including (ha Bailiff
and Jrulges Picot and rcl,ruc.—Mr. Advccate Le
SoCur rend au Order of Justice, obtained by Miss
delta Ruth, against the veiy . Reverend Nicholas
, Whams, D. D., (or the disbureemenda various
• • • .tan cflmoncY, =ousting toabove.C.loo,paid by ber
fur the inrchaso of land and for buildinethere. ,
'ou,acc. Tho court, on the demand of Mr. Advocate
Nodfray, adreiniltrazor ofr_Dir.. - Wiseins, granted a
delay; to enable the learned *Aroma to oxidic the
inn:odious of bit prinolpaL
By the last &deices we are informed that itris
trig and Prussia have contrived to patch up it kind
of peace, and both are disarming to some extent
What the terms of the compact may be has not
fully transpired ; but it is said that the smaller
German States are jealous and uneasy cinder the
impression that the two great contracting parties
are healing their old forts at their expense. The
secrecy of the affair, its suddenness, and the
transparent hollow-heartedness of the parties,
altogether appear ominous. The smaller States
are too weak of themselves to defend their inde
pendence against such a compact.
The ascendancy of •• legitimacy:" on the con
tinent, is now complete. The democracy is
utterly- prostrate, but by no meets defunct. The
Spirit of resistance is becoming deeper and
stronger, and not the less so because not a single
vent is left.
• •
There is an analogy between the political spirit
of n nation and the elastic power of steam. In
our country and Great Britain there is little or no
pressure upon it, and it escapes very harmlessly,
but with considerable noise. Now when we hear
steam rushing freely through the safety valve,
we have no apprehension of an explosion ; but
when we know that while strong fires are beneath,
and yet there is neither action nor noise—the
safety valve being secured by a heavy pressure—
then we leek out, for there is danger. So iris at
thin moment over the whole continent of Europe..
Every arcane of escape is closed against the fret
ted spirit of the people ; the press is shackled,
clubs are suppressed, and even the poor privi
lege of applauding the players on the stage is in
some places denied. On the other hand, strong
nod desperate men—with Ledru Rollin at their
head--are sending out thousands of indammatory
political tracts from their bead quarters, in Lon
don. addressed to the discontented millions of
France, Germany, Italy. Sardinia, and every
Kingdom where the democratic spirit has been
awakened. Sooner or Inter this ever-growing
pre,sure of popular feeling must burst out in u
terrible explosion. The ronssei are being rapidly
innoculated with the democratic virtu: and des
pots will find by and by that the materials of
which they make their armies are no longer fit
for the purpose.
Many years ago the Sovereigns of Russia,
Prussia, and Austria. sowed n crop of '• dragon's
teeth - -in the partition of Poland—from which
they are now reaping the first fruits. Polish
exiles have ever since been scattered all over the
continent, and have every where been propagat
ing democratic principles; and they are still at
it, and will never cease until they take n terrible
revenge upon there who blotted their country
from the map of Europe
The liberation of Europe from political thral
dom is only a question of time. The eon.,
Allot are at work will as certainly overthrow the
old order of things. as that the rising of the
sun will bring light. But that such a popula.
tion will immediately cattle down in well order
ed free governments, is not to be hoped. They
will hove to pros through a transition state—a
state of struggle between anarchy and law; for a'
Ileople who have broken loose tram the fetters of
despotism, and got the first taste of freedom.
are likely to become intoxicated by it, and to
regard even the wholesome restraint of just
laws as tyrnany. They cannot discriminate
nicely. All their prejudices kte against them.
Religion, itself, is regarded , hy the ignorant
masses as a part of the government, and if the
government is overturned, the church, in their
view, goes with it. Thus, in the fist place.
they would be left without the great conserve.
tire influence of religious faith. This wit% the
case in France at the time of LL,, old revolution;
and it would have been the case at the revolution
of ISIS, had not the provisional government re
instated the church as a part of the govern.
meat. Hence the present anomolous state of
things in that nation—a republic in form, n des
potism in fact. quiet enough; but only quiet
because the democratic spirit is held in check
by the strong arm of power, and that power
chiefly maintained by a union with the church.
The people of Germany would no doubt utak°
better. more sober and temperate repohlicana
than the French have ever been. and it would be
extremely gratifying to see them try their hand
at it. But they would have a hot time of it for
a while: yet it is an ordeal through which they
must pave, before they can enjoy the blelesitegs of
civil and religious liberty.
R115 , F111 is the great champion of despotism in
Europe. ' It was Russia which overawed Pnts
sit. in the late dispute with Austria; and unless
the democratic spirit unites the people of Wes-
Europe against her encroachments, the
Czar will soon have his foot upon the neck of
every nation un the continent It is only sur
inioe, to be sure, but we have little jolt that
he lo at the bottom of the Pope's hierarchical
invasion of England. And a deeper plot to rot
off Great Britain from the sympathy nod good
will of Catholic Europe, could hardly he eon.
The personal controversy nt present going on
between Mr. River. of the Globe. and Mr. Rit
chie, of the Union, hat brought about disclosures
as to political movements at Washington, that
will require explanation from parties. implicated.
most of whom are still living. Mr. Rives charges
thnt 1f.450.000 paid by Major Ilciss and Mr. Ritchie
for the Globe newspaper was the fonds of Gov
ernment. removed from the sub-treasury at Phil
adelphia, and depositcsl in the Middletown (Pa.)
Bank. of which thr Hon. Simon Cameron wits
president. for the purpose of establishing a Tyler
organ. That President Polk consented to its being
afterwards used for purchasing the Globe, and
pledging himself that the bank should not be
called on to refund it for some years, and then in
small installments. Mr. Ritchie. in reply to this
charge, makes the following singular state
Mr. Rives is attempting to establish a con- .
neetion between Mr. Cameron and ourself.—
Now, he has told us a great many things of
which. we had no previous knowledge. We nev
er knew anything, for example, of the $.7,0,000
deposited with Mr. Cameron's .Middieton Bank
by the administration of Mr. Tyler. We repeat.
once for all, that if Mr. Cameron advanced one
cent towards the purehrise.of the Globe, we !
knew nothing of it To this day. Major Heirs I
never informed us from what source he derived
bin .funds for paying the instalments for the
Globe. Ile boa firmly declined to inform
us, though we have recently published the as
sertion, on his authority. that he did not obtain
the money from Mr. Cameron. Major H. hod
previously engaged to advance the money for us.
Ile was the business partner of the firm, and we
looked to him exclusively for these advances.—
They were made by our worthy farther, but
whence derived, was a fact which he carefully
kept from us. ,
Mr. Rives is, therefore, utterly at fault when
he asks us whether it was not Mr. Cameron who
made as the "still more brilliant offer" to which
we referred. Still more, of course, is he blun
dering, when he intimates that we knew it ems
"the identical fi.. 4 50,000 of trensury money which
was in the control of Cameron that wiA offered
to" (us.)
Mr. Rives also asserts that Mr. Tyler with
drew as an independent candidate for re-election
to the Presidency, on an agreement with Mr.
Polk that ho would turn his back on the Globe, if
elected, and get up a new paper in its stead.
Mr. Ritchie states his disbelief in in nny auch
collusion, and calla on Ex-Preaident Tyler and
Mr. Cameron to clear up the mystery which Mr.
Rives has created.
Mr. Rives introduces a number of letters from
Gen. Jackson to Mr. Blair, to show the unfavor
able opinion that he had of Mr. Ritchie, and also
his knowledge of the movement on the part of
Messrs. Cameron and Tyler to establisa a new
paper, or merge the Madisonian into some other,
and make it Mr. Polk's organ.
The following is from one of Gen. Jadkson's
letters to Mr. Blair, dated Hermitage, Decem
ber, 14, 1144, and addressed to "My dear Mr.
Rut there is another project on foot, as void of
good sense and benefit to the Democratic cause as
the other, but not so wicked, proceeding from
weak and inexperienced minds. It is this: to
bring about a partnership between you and Mr.
Ritchie.—you to continue proprietor and Ritchie
theeditor. This, to me, is a most extraordinary
conception coming from any well informed mind
or experienced politician. It is true, Mr. Ritchie
is an experienced editor, but sometimes goes off
at half-Cock, before he sees the whole ground,
and does the party great injury before he seen
his error, and then his great difficulty to get
back into the right track again. Witness his
course on my removal of the deposites, and how
much injury he did us before he got into the right
track again. Another faux pas be made when
be went off with Rives and the conservatives,
and advocated for the safe keeping of the
public revenue special deposites in the State
flanks,. as if where the directory were corrupt
there could be any more security in special de
posits in corrupt banks than in general deposits;
and It was sometime before this great absurdity
could be beat out of his mind."
of advancement hefotfa thoi setting ha Of ',Wet
The difficult foundations are all in, and many of
the arches are turned..
The removal of the county road along the nar
rows, was a measure not only necessary for the
convenient construction of the Railroad, hut also
essential to the safety off the public, after the;
road is constructed. Withls first clam Railroad,
intended to run at speeds of at least thirty miles
After the reading of the report, which we pub- an hour, the control of the narrow pass between
lish this morning, the following resolutions, pre- the rocks and the river was abeately necessary.
nested by Mr. liarbaugh, were unanimously and, fortunately for the interests of both the
adopted: company and the public, it has been obtained.
Resolved, That the energetic and skilful man- There arafew passes so important as this, to be
&gement of the affairs of the Company,, In all found in the United States: end it is believed
its various departments, by the Directors, entitle that the trade and travel upon this part of the
them to the warmest thanks and continued. con- road Will be so great as soon to require the con-
faience of the stockholders. .traction of a second track.
Remlrrd, That the able report of the Board. The population of the twin cities of l'ittsburgh
just read by the President, confirms our be- I sod Allegheny, With their suburbs, has increased
lief, not only in the great importance l, of the from :11,201, in 1840, to 83,934, in 1850; being
work, but in its successful completion Within a , an increase of 32,750, or Mt per cent. In ten
very limited period: arid that the report be ac- years. A. a site for o great manufacturing city,
copied, approved, and printed for circulation. Pittsburgh is without a parallel in the mom
[Signed] N. R. CRAIG, Chairman. try. The old° and ,Pennsylvitnia Bail Road
11. W 00133, Seerrtary. is empluttieally the knit Row] of Pittsburgh.
It will hind her with Mas kof iron to her best
REPOItT. costumer, The drought:: of summer, the frosts
To the SW/amble, o f It o (Ohio „„,)P enn
of winter, and the fogs of all lieneolm, which in-
Ra . il ROW! emnpany:
terfere no ranch with her ri‘er trade, will find her
i'msurn°u • ' 4ll '' ! Rail Ron] ever ready to bring her customers
The Report of the Board of Director,' whielt
promptly to her door, and to convey their pur
was laid before the Stockholders on the 10th of
chases speedily to their .lestinotion. The Board
January, 1850, exhibited the condition of the hf-
~,,,,,thobiers Hod
fairs of the Company nt that time; the grading
mti,tied that the he,4 route has hero adopted,
and masonry ..f the line being thou under con-
and that
other hail tail
ran ever made
tract for a distance of fifty mile,
important to Pittsburgh as thi•.
. It is gratifying to the Booed to be able to cun-
The Board believe that the stock of the Com
gratulate the stockholders on the great progress
pally will he highly pentitohle, and that long be
which has been Made during the poet vent, int
fore its bonds mature, they will he converted by
the important 'work in which they are all—inclit-
the holder, into
ding the cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny-0
The Ohio and Penn;ylyonia Rail ithild is the
much interested.
extonhion of the Petimylvonla Central Rail Road
The grading and masonry of the line are now .
:from i „ thoothith, iota on, State of
, under contract for a continuum. distance of cue
Ondin, by the bent route. Its charter I' I unit
hundred and thirty two miles, from Pittsburgh
in lout. State., and it i+ free from the nnunyan
tn W'""r,
and n
lar g e part of the work is al- or- nod Inaws caused by divided counsels and a
ready completed. double mansgemeet. It co,ts Iris t h an on e half
Obio andPentiOiniallailßoad Company:
Prrranunan, January 9th, 1E51:
The annual meeting of the eteekholdere of the
Ohio and Penneylvania Rail Road Company, wag
organised by calling N. B. CRAIG, Esq., to the
Chair, and appointing firsur WOODS, Req., Sec
Th= ir°" rails, chair '' , and " ik " are p arch " -' as tench per mile as the Pennsylvania Rail Road.
cal for the rend from Pittsburgh to Massillon, one
and its ironic is free from nixatiini It Mins
hundred and seve miles, and the delivery of the
throu'gh one of the richest wheat growing re
tails upon the line ns already begun The timber
gions . 'rtf Ohio. and it has upon its tine immense
for the track is also under contract, and some r halo
,1 . , , hito.non. and r, met
it delivered.
water - power; and, in its immediate vicinity.
Seven locomotive engines, ten passenger Car. .
~,,,,, 0,,,, , ,i,.
~.., It
and four baggage ears, have been contracted for .
out : toot
~.00 td„..o.,.aatfteteot
The Board are satisfied that the intermits of the tt..of
the cool profitable. and
whirl.. it
will hest
liriimiihal ii3i opening
the . ,s belie, c.I. no other line in the State a Ohio
road with a moderate equipment of first-rate
el 0...1
machinery, built by well established makers; the
Its geographical; position is that of a •ilitick
engines being adapted to high velocities. and the
brine lit." traced burr the nulls lands, about
passenger cars of the most comfortable chart.- dots miles south of Lake Erie. intersecting the
ter. The Board are aware that it is highly on.
„not.a _
river to
portant to the interests of the company : that the hake.
and fortatog
o liner
royal should, front the start, hive a goal repot.,
laphical line fors rail road front Sew York.
Lion with the travelling community unity--end they i.initAelphi.. ,cod Pituamerh, to Canton, las
know that the only way to acquire it; iti to desert,- '
w o...tee. and m.nmio,i,
iiiiin, and
it Anxious no they are to open Lindh; successive
thence to bid Wulthe, Chicncii, Peru. Rock 1..
section of the road, at the earlieet day tat which l a nd.
and c . 10,,trsoilo” tr,
ti,,, Southr n.„.s
it con be done without swelling the Yost of the .
in the 11,141 1 Mountains, on the direct route to
! work, they are still more anxious that when it
California nod Oregon An examination of the
i l shall be "I'44l'L it any not Ii "Pl al? " "he iitia ouq, of the United States will illustrnte this hot
. ltaaahla e n itictatiana of thaiie aiii" bare in ' i " hiii !set, which is alluded I„. not with reference t„ I
1 a*P"l" "t their capital in this italmilaht im- the present value i.f the rood, but as showing
i proviimeut. Great efforts Igoe been outdo to
the foto, importance
of its
' urge
the work Ihr"ril with energy, anit it is O tt. The fact, however, thm our rot"! will o ff er the
' expectation of the Board that the road will t ir .
Ishortest elute from New York and Philadelphia
opened to Beaver and New Brighton in July, and ,
to cleaelood. Sandusky
Toledo. 1,11.1 Chira
-1 to Alliance ,tad Nlassillon in the autumn of this i
go to
.4 . itotordrotettaport.tooe.
trod. ,
year. 1 interest As the way trade will snstain the
So far as the construction of the work bas
mod, we will be in a positlon to compete for the
progressed, it has rust less than the original 1
through tot.tnee,
at eery toa ,
estimate of Solomon W. Roberts, Esq., the Chief ! T..
toet.a. „ the Olin ; ,„ ti rehrt.t3h...,ht., Rail
Engineer, on which the financial system adopted 110.11,,,,,...-03.. will r,'.luire
~ watchful
eye to
by the Board was based.
take in a comprehensive view of the various line*
The right of way and depot grounds will cost
which it will intersect, and with which it will
somewhat more than was at first anticipated, but
isinnect. The true policy of the Company will
when it is recollected that the amount includes .
M, friendly relations with all. and entangling
the !nod taken for the re-eoustruction of We i ottat..e....
none. Ttie Board hate.
county road for some miles below Pi*sburgh,
iai ; ; ed. in tine corre•poridence with other comp,
as to separate it entirely from the railroad; thn
nips, to keep this principle constantly in view.
entering into Allegheny city upon aI. ngstraight I .
, ha the second link in the great central chain
h" i th"eauriag of an'nil" deli° aiii " iaing I or,t, from Philadelphia to Si. Louis, by
the city; and the purchase. for the Friend street i
ifs hoiw,,,_fli, stir
ogert.dea a
depot in the heart of the city, of all hr lots mud ! mold / trapeetar.t. position;
ea. ,
the companies
buildings included in the apace tsetw co Federal ; '
constituting the chain., have aided raeL other,
' hi "' a'lii Bank lane an the rant aril west, and by n„itm.l 'Sorts. to driorrublic attention be
the South Common and the canal on the north
eo,....e.toetteee 0 ht..),
tioar fro,nt
and smith, it in evident that the ti .perry
paired will he worth much mare hi t e ei imPaaitc; I ,
i m i n ,, i g , .:. r . , e ' i g i ' t , i i , . ,f l :. t r , w i lhlic t a lii t , sl ' it t o t :w: ' , ' asi k t l y ' vn . , n l .l c ' ii ' c i i g ' i,, gr iol ' a ' :sie ' e l l. I, ' •
[lion what it has Bust. The site of he Federal 1
street depot is the most convenient t. be found
'in the city. The Boami have labored. ssidliously I Sin " the 1 " t animal iirliViit wit ' iha!le Lc Yaals.
to'rettle Were vexed que sti„o s en th e b ee t t e r so s
lindertakrn the con•toiet ion of the Ohioan.] NI i
possible i• in:ninny instances they have succeed ;
tteatpid itatten.t.d.whieh,t, intrudedl to he a die,
ed in ranking amicable and satisfactory arming.-
line trorni'ineinnati to St lends, by the way
ments; rind in those eases where the Inane, in vin,,niii, This
t,, tom
dispute have been submitted to juries; in arr..-
dance with the clisrter, some of the awned, leis e
been reasobable. and others the contrary. It i. i
the esinalttlthin .4 the Board dint the amount ,
saved upou the original estimate of the. cii., of
the grading and bridging will Le sufficient to '
balance the extra cost of the depot g - rolin , lA and
right of way
The line under contract is divided into reline- i
ate sections of orle a fbile ea. h, which enables the '
work to be urged fora - aril faSter than it other.
wise could he; and where a contractor proves to .
be incompetent to enoplete his work in the spec,
fled time, it renders it practicable to substitute
another iu his place without material inconve
nience. When the work seas let. the competi..
tion for it was great, end the prices are low, re- ;
quiring industrious and enreful managetnent on 1
the part of the contractors to enable them to
complete their contracts. On the nrnolv. the
Company has been fortunate in this respect, and
the contractors have turned out well, with son.
exceptions. In a few 'instances, in pursuance of
the discretionary power vested in him by the
1 contracts, the Chief Engineer has declared min
itrnets to he forfeited for the failure to prosecute
the work witli an adequate force, and in those
cases, the work liar been promptly re-let to oth.
er portico, =Ay the Board, except in the .se of
the bridge oil New Brighton, the work upon
Iwhich has been done by the day, under the im
mediate supervision of Edward Warner, Es.;..
! the Resident Engineer of the Eastern Division of
the road
The credit of the company and of the COO !CSC
tont hot been austained along the line by a rigid
adherence, on the part of the Board, to the sys..
tern of monthly estimates, and cub payments.
The Board have made it a rule to make no con
tracts until after the financial arrangements re
quired to meet them had been tannic; and they
are thoroughly satisfied that a continued tonne
rem° to this policy is important to the best in
tereshe Of the Company.
It is intended to commence the laying of the
track as soon as the front is out of the ground in
the spring, and to press the work forward as
rapidly nut possible. The rails are of the inver
ted T pattern, in lengths of twenty feet Their
weight is sixty pounds per yard, and each bar
weighs four hundred pounds. They are symme
trical in their form, the inner and outer sides
being similar, eon as to permit the bar to be re
verted, when it may have worn co as to render
it expedient The pattern was designed by the
Chief Engineer, who Ilan had large experience
in the manufacture of rail road iron.
Three thousand tons of rails, intended for the
track, from Pittsburgh to Smear, and New Brigh
ton, are under contract with Broly's Bend Iron
Company, on the Allegheny river. The rails
which they have already delivered are manatee
: tared in a highly satisfactory manner.
Eight thousand tone of rails, for the track
from New Brighton to Alliance and Massillon, are
contracted for with the boon of Bailey, Broth
eta, nt Co., of Liverpool, Ettgland. Three thou
amid-tons are to be delivemi at New Orleans,
and brought up the river to Beaver; and five
thousand tons are to be deliered at Quebec, and
taken by the Lake to Cleveland. Bi ll s of lading
have been received for two thousand preen hun
dred and fifty tons of rails shipped to New Or
leans. The contract for the spikes, and for the
wrought iron chairs, required to accuse the
ends of the rails, has been made with Corning
and Winslow, of Troy, New Tork.
I iThe rued between Allegheny city and Bearer is
generally a dead level, and Ins.s no curve upon it
of a less radium than half a Mile. The distance is
twenty-five nal es, and the road is graded and
bridged at owe for a double truck; all the
streams being crossed with stone arches. On
of th
etdvertparautst ,lianuedthitememsisoldaykrgleyerearymourgunte:tf
efforts during re autumn, that the contractors
Were made to • * r. the Bork to its present state
before esi.ting for the curly roritniction or the
cat-off lioe. from our rout went of Worioter, by
the way of Mount Vera..,,, in Knot comity. to
rmneet with 1 . ...nin0n The -.inlet, of do'
cienntie. weieb Mat line will racy. new
proliove to make tine connnection at Springfielli,
an Clark county. at the point where the LittleMi
anii and %lad River Railroad,. cennect. and from
which there will be two alternative railroad
lin, to l'incintiati. mom eight) four mile. long.
the one by Xenia.atol the other by Ltraymn
and lionnlton
It e. ert.y to .re how notch it for the intereot
of l'invinn3 ti that thivcooneetion vhould he m ad e
tier citizen. fear the erinzequence• at' a direct
line to St rowing an hundred mile. to
the north of them. and therefore tinny have tin
! ilertalten their wcztern railroad. lly making the
[ beim connection with our rani, a great part of
the through travel to St. lentil.. can lon made to
fart through Cincinnati: winch will not only
henefit that city very much, but alto the Little
Miami and Cincinnati. Ilriniilton and Dayton
Railroad l'orupanioa
It ia a remarkatile tact dint the railroad dive
tancee from Philadelphia to l'ittaburgli, frutit
Piitaliurgla to Cincinnati, and from Cincinnati 0
St. LOUIS, will each lie about three himilrial rind
fifty male, which, at an average rate of twenty
five tulle• an loom, will he rim in fourteen hurt's:
and will enithlit travellers to viait Ram our
eitie• in three days, without travelling' at
The great superiority 1.1 the Pennsylvania
route over the lialtitnore and Ohio Railroad.
through Wheeling--with its Alpine grades of.loo
hundred and cholera feet per mile, nod ell trt
curves among themountaina of Virginia--ix npw
well underetood-by all who have talkcu the trita•
tile to ittieertnin the foots of the case.
The best interests of the cities of NONburgh
and Allegheny are bound up in the speedy and
successful completion of the Ohio tubl l'entutil
vanin Rail Road, and in providing the means for
procuring an adequate supply of Engines and
Cars for a large business. The Board of Vine
torn consider themselves no acting. Trustees for
the Stockholders. They feel that they have labor
ed to urge forward the work as fast no
the means in limit hands would justify, and
they have striven to he economical in all their
expenditures. But only n Certain amount of
work con be done for a given SUM of money.
The results pr.luced till hear a direct propor
tion to the means p ovided and, while the
work already done sh Nes that the original esti
mate of the Chief En Meer was'adequate to the
object, it also shows t•at the amount of money
that he estimated to I e required must he ob
The stock already al
in full and !Male addil
needed. When it is r
vidnal aulawriptionti
h.:Tribe.' must be paid up
ual subscriptions will be
membered that the indi-
Pittsburgh and Alleghu-
ny cities me Ices than
the gros4 pnpnlntinn,
when compared with
einuhv nntorprises iu
'three dollars per 'tendon
he amount is indeed small
hat hat been done tot
other cities,
The city of Pittsbu gh and the city of Alleglie
ny have each subscri ed $200,000 to the tack
of the Company, whi h subscriptions were paid
in the bonds of those cities, for which the ides
received stock at pa . The proceeds of ose
bonds acre devoted Xo the grading and bri ging
of the road. The ciles have since been rearict ,
ed by law from inc casing their corporate in
debtedness, so that o further subscription Can
be expected from Lb in to the stock •of our Co
mpany, and they can Pot subscribe to any Other
road. it MIS not until after a full discussion of
the relative merits
t_ kif the various railroad \ pra
_. . . .. .
jects to which tb4ir aid was solicited, that, the
two cities determined to aid the Ohio and Pecurryl
larila Rail Road CePan.Y. and to become etUcii
holders in it tot extent authorized by latw.
For additional rto4subscriptiono in those gnat
centres of Imattufncitcring inditry, tin Board
1111121 t. Took to individual cieuxim
The Like Shore line on the north, and the
Baltimore and 'Ohio Rail &id on the south, are
pressing forward with great vigor, and Pittaborgh
must not be second in the race. The whole
state of Ohio teems with projects of rail roads
and plank roads, and now is the time to secure the
best connections. Our line runs through the
richest wheat fields of the west, and the two
contiguous counties of Stark and Wayne, through
which it passes, have raised, in the past season,
about three millions of bushels of wheat.
The whole lengtlW the Ohio and Pennsylva
nia Rail Road will be lBu miles; extending from
Pittsburgh, by Beaver, Salem, Canton ? Massillon,
Wooster, Loudonville, and Mansfield, to its point
of intersection with the Cleveland, Columbus, and
Cincinnati Railroad, at Crestline near Galion.—
At this point it is expected that the Bellefontaine
and Indiana, and the Ohio and Indiana Rail
road•, will connect with our road, as the to
pographical features of the country plainly huh-
cute it as the most favorable point for the pur
pose. The steepest grades upon the line are
lees than fifty feet per mile, the minimum ra
dius of curvature in one thousand feet; and, up
on its whole length, our road crosses no large
stream except the Big Beaver.
The Eastern Division, extending from Pitts
burgh to the pint of intersection with the Cleve
land and Wellsville Railroad at Alliance, is 81
miles long, and is under. the immediate super
vision of Edwnrt Warner, Esq., ns Resident En
gineer. The Western Division, extending' from
Alliance to Crestlinc, is 101 miles long, and is in
charge of Jesse R. Straughan, Esq„ as Resident
r;ugineer. The whole road is .superintended by
the Chief Engineer, Solomon W. Roberts, Esq„
who has had charge of it from the - commence- .
meta of the undertaking. The Board are well
satisfied with the manner in which the duties of
the Engineer Department have been dbmlinrged:
the gentlemen composing it have labored assid
uously to promote the interests of the work; and
good order and attention to duty have charac
terised the conduct of the Engineer Corps gen
As noon :IA the Eu•tern Division of the road
A completed, a continnous tailronal
tion will he &recital between Pittsburgh, Cleve
land, Columba,. and Cincinnati. It will require
the completion of only bl miles of our road to
accomplish this object, by which Pittsburgh will
be brought within sin hum, of Cleveland and .
eighteen hours of Cincinnati. This the Board
expect to nceompli•h this year, and when done
it will he certain to secure a large totemic to
the Company. At the name time, it is intended
to open the road to Nl:tenni., the most impor
tant wheat mart on the Ohio.Conal.
Between Alan,illots and Wooster, twenty five
miles. a large part of thogrodingand bridging in
already completed. and the Board hope loon to
1,0 able to make arrangements for the superstruc
ture on thin part of the line.
Went of Wooster the work is not yet under
contract, because the local subscriptions mini,.
ed to complete the grading and bridging are not
yet filled. The amount remaining to be provid
ed is not large, and from the active efforts now
making to obtain it. the Beard believe that they
will be able to put the work under contract to
the western terminus in the coining spring.
The financial system adopted by the Board
they believe to be the best that can he devised
under the circumstances of the Company. It
requires that the amount needed to grade and
bridge the line shall be ruined by local sub
scriptions to the stock,:co as to complete that
permit the work without debt, and to make the
road a domestic interest to be protected by those
(who are to be most directly benefitted by its '
bowdraction. After a cafe basis for credit has
Wits been made, convertible bonds are issued
and sold by We Company, to procure the iron
nil equipments for the road, to lay down the
rack, and bring it into use.
i By pursuing this course with caution and en-
Xegy, n vast deal has been accomplished in the .
Opt., ..1 about two years, and the 'toned believe
that a steady adherance to the saute policy will
in a short time bring the whole enterprise to a I
saccest.ful completion.
Convertible tenets to the amount of one million
of dollar. have heeo negotiated, secure) by a
deed of trust. upon the road from Pittsburgh
to Massillon. About half of these bonds were
disposed of in purchasing railroad iron, chairs,
.spikes, Incontotives and cars, and the remaining
half hate recently been sold for cash, on highly
favorable terms, by the house of Winslow, Lanier,
A. Co.; of New York—the payments for which
'are toll to he made by the first of May next.
In viewing the present state of the work, the
'Board feel m sense of high satisfaction that so
:much has already been done towards the comple
tion of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad. Not
only as a source of profit to the stockholders, but
as a means of promoting the general good, they
look upon it no one of the moat Important public
works in the country. Pennsylvania is the first
manufacturing State, and Ohio the first agriettl-
Aural State in the Vnion. These two great, pros
pernus, and thriving communities now contain
-about four millions and a half of people, nod
their population is rapidly increasing. Too great
extent. Ohin has been peopled from Pennsylvania,
and when we reflect upon the innumerable com-
and social ties which attract them to
words each other. we may form a faint idea of the
amount of troll , and trxrel which will hereafter
swell the revenues of the Ohio rind Pennsylvania
Estimates of the cost of the work, and a state
ment of the financial condition of the company,
exhibiting the receipts and expenditures for the
enriouN departments of the service, accompany
this report.
By order of the Board of Director”,
rut from the Lewistown True Democrat,
of the 2d, the following statement of the amount
of produee. &c.. received at the Lewistown sta
tion and carried by the Pennsylvania ILailrond,
during the ten days following the clove of nark.
action, from the 18th to the '_'Nth of December,
viz:—North American.
2244 bbl. of Floor, 500 bushels of Clover
Seed, 230 dozen Axes, 100 bills. Alcohol, 21 tons
of Blooms, 11 tons Butter, 1 of Woolen Vern;
together with considerable quantities of Leather,
;Live Stock, Apples, Eggs, Poultry, &e.
During the mime period, the receipts for freight
:on the Railroad at the Lewistown station were
410163 54; and for passengers, $l,lllO 00;
I making a total of 1it2,763 54. During the same
• pimiodlost year, the receipts were, for freight,
$71 4 0 40; for passengers, 14276 00; or *1,1156-
•40c In all. Gain in favor of this year's bu iness,
$1,71/7 14 in the ten days,—equal to an i so
of 101 per cent. over the business for th same
,time of hot year.'
This is nn evidence of what the Penns
Railroad is doing, and what it trill do.
Desirable Suburban Residence for :ale.
Tuc mibnerlber offers for male the home and grounds
where ho unw meld., situated on Park ntreet. below Tre
mont. In Allenhem, and about h minutes' want temp the
markt tof this city, The lot In LW feet front on Park M.
eunning lock S 7 feet, In on alley—eontainhan nt ly one
over of mound. and Is Weeded on every tide by go opm
into. winced with Moen MI nbrubbery. The nee Is
nearly new. Imo, and eineedingly well arranged having
a fruit of 00 fet, and a depth of 70, a nd ...maim fourteen
mom, brniden boil nine feet wide. It it Imllt La the beet
and mom durable manner. and has a f, and
remains all the mann converdencen. Two pu so, with
an entailing mind, of hard std raft water. are at he door.
Chi the pronloot aro th e eirmontry out building • rtabla,
mrrime WI., Se. The grounds aro laid out re t ry et a
lawn. emend with choice fruit hoe., evert:mem , ... fl int
shrubs. Turranm , mmerberrim, mnlibeerle..M . .. an small
gardm The troll Lo of the boot kind, arid the n are In
their prime. and yield enough fur the omits of an ordinary
Neatly. The 'lntense of tide property. as to salubrity amt
nuberban tomfrods, romblin,l with contiguity to the city.
it not surrnened by any mildew. to thin vicinity. It has
a view of the Ohio River fur ever a mile. of Traurcrancee
vide. Muth Pittsburgh, the city, the two dorm, and the
hill. mound. forming olthgellicr a ponoramk dlnwPect of
whirl. the rye- m om wearim - Every beat which enter , or
a”,..t, from [hi , \ tart of l'lttaborgh on the Oblo. pm.. to
full rim The madmen arid sword, are also 1.13151et4i
removed from any anemone.. of duet, no dentructlee of
....fort and vmolat.un, and albedo a retirement as quiet
scot promful toff Heated le MUM quirt mink In the consul.
The property will 1....1.1 at a loran. and pouesidou Moen
on the Mot of April. Enquire at the (Welk ogre.
European Agency.
raleerlber lutes& yieldaa the yrindlati tilde. of
(treat thitain, Prance, and - Oartuarty, derived:Le ratnahe of
Awil. May. and June newt, ladles l'lttebergh an March
Mb. and will be plearol to attend to any attendee of a bte
ethers rbareeter obleb mar 4 aradl.l to hie rem
.11mTultsarIT JOILN D. DAYIP..
Fire and Maxine Insurance Company
Aamnd premiums, Capital Stack and Eerylna yaw
81,000,000 - 6
Truit.s, ,
lir II Now% Eteuti=l2l.
The eerie of Long, the alleged fugitive, has
been resumed in New York. The testimony in
. favor is pretty strong, going to prove that
hewon living in New York at the date of his al
leged escape. The ease excites great interest,
and is conducted by some of the best legal tal
ent In that city. The case has been taken out
of the hands of the Commissioner, by habeas
corpus, and is prosecuted before Judge Jackson
of the 11. S. Circuit Court. It is determined to
bring the constitutionality of the law to a se—
vere test in this case.
,glanced over this document. Like that of Gov.
Johnston, it is characterized by plain good sense,
and comes right home to the point, lie speaks
cheeringly and exultingly of the affairs of the
State—as indeed he may—and earnestly presses
upon the Legislature the more speedy prosecm_
tion of the enlargement of the Erie Canal.
Thekapital of the Common School Fund, on
the :10th of September, all $2,200,673, being
an increase from the preceding year of $47,110
—the revenue, including deposit fund, 800,702.
The whole number of children taught in 1849,
was 740,500.
The debt of the State is $22 2 ,630,803.48.
We are pleased to see that he takes true
Whig ground on the subject of a protective tar
iff. Ile says :
"Before dismissing the subject of our federal
relations, I deem it my duty to advert to the seri
ous evils which some of our most importapt in
terests have suffered from the failure of Congress
to extend that protection to American industry
which experience has shown to be necessary to
sustain certain branches of manufactures against
foreign competition. We nee the effects of the
tariff of 1846, in the suspension of many estab
lishments, not only in our own, but our sister
States, involving large investments of copilot,
depressing not only the labors of the manufac
turer and mechanic, but impairing the market
'they bad created for . the products of our agri
culture. It is reasonable to hope that this state
of things, on injurious and unnecessary, may be
remedied in sonic degree ut least by judicious
and timely action in Congress.
Governor Ilunt discusses the subject of the
Fugitive Slave Law, taking substantially the same
view of it which Governor Johnston takes. We
subjoin what he says, believing that such calm
expressions of sentiment from such II source, are
calculated to allay excitement rather than to in
crease it.
"The provision of the federal compact requir
ing the return of ••fugives from labor," howerK
repugnant to the sentiments of many of Ott
people, is of paramount authority, and like ev
ery other constitutional obligation should be ob
served in good faith. In legislating upon a sub
ject of such difficulty, it erns obvious that more
than usual care was necessary that in enforcing
the claims of one section of the Country, we
should not trespass upon the rights of the other.
While the claim of the Si,uthern alaveholder to
recapture his shire, is fully admitted, the right
of the Northern freeman to prove and defeml his
freedom, is equally sacred , . Both are alike un
der the protecting care of our common Constitn
It cannot be denied that the, recent act of
Congress for giving fuller effect to the provision
requiring the return of fugitive slaves, has ex
cited dissatisfaction in many parts of the coun
try, currying them almost to the extreme of
threatening resistance to the law. Bat all good
citizens will recollect that whatevermoy be their
indisidnal feelings or opinions in regard to the
policy or propriety of any legislative enactment,
it is their plain duty, so long as it remains in
force, to sustain the authorities legitimately
charged with its execution. Apprehensions have
beeu entertained that under the hastily consid
ered provisions of the act, passed during a peri
od of unusual agitation, persons of color, claim
ing to be free, and really free, are not allowed
those reasonable opportunities, and those cus-'
tomary legal safeguards, necessary to • enable
them to establish, by adequate proof, the fact of
A recent case has 'shown this belief to be not
merely speculative, and that the danger that a
freeman under the summary mode in which that
law can be executed. may be hurried into captiv
ity, is nut wholly imaginary. We cannot and we
do not believe that the ..South, any more than the
North. aims at or desires such it reault,—or will
insist on retaining provisions leading to ouch ex- -
tilting consequences. We shalt rely not only mu
their sense of propriety and reciprocal justice,
but 'their calm conviction that the law itself to be
permanent, must be reasonable, for their ma
ting, after due reflection. with their brethren Of
the North inn kind and dispassionate spirit, in
reviewing such chose. an may be found defect
ive or objectionable. and in consenting to such
judicious modifications to may command general
'in the meantime, our people must be left free
m examine its provisions and practical opera
tin. Their vital and fundamental right to dis
-6.19 the merits of this or any other law passed
by their representatives, constitutes the vary
basis of our Republican system. and can never
be surrendered. Any attempt to restrain 'it
would prove far more dangerous than its freest
exercise. Rut in all each discussions we should
divest ourselves of sectional or partisan preju
thee, and exercise a spirit of comprehensive pa
triotism, respecting alike the rights of every
portion of our common country,
Artmtv,-. hundmd, of letters. twttfiettea &tut order, tv
rt.lved by U. , . ProprieOrs of this =Miring, the blllowlng to
selected to Who,. Its diameter. and the, stied of its cm in
astant Part a the Won. The M ['RP. Callan are Dry
3 , lovhant.. but are al.° agent., for the rale of the
”irilftnOTT-C..1 , n, Sept. '3% 1%17.
31vontl Ginn A rn —We luppmril to get s Int nf
Line, Venulrn, 1.4 ,prinp. Pr•pa.,..l bf ponr,ell--,..
the Verlairago• •14 Intrr.luml In oar cototattnit,,
the itrmand betaine n giratt for It that our ..rk Iraa mOll
, t PrUitiCi`d un. wt 4.frrct whore., It tn.
113e.1 na hi. syrtion, and LA Tery I ovuLar amour; our
We an• ti,11913, of obtaining the nicalltine her.,
aft., dint frt. ~.kirwlros. as It sale. atom rapalt
41.- , th , r tavtlk•lnt - ar kccp. Y@aar acrid us. irrmo Inirne
dpovi: ' D. J. d J K. Cocrn‘
For Emir hy .1. KIDD t CO..
c 0 Wood gt.
Kna--Sir. 1 rheortully comply sith ytmr mNrrt
that 1 ,cold aiw.l r.O en errouut or thy nb.uo,t roirrtrittutbr
rum of toy daughter'A op, by thr of your — Prtro.
wa.. rittaektyl with a very Nm• ryr In February or
)(arch la.d. when I Loarnaltately spoiled to the Lett mech.
eol aid Mem city by whom It waenrtmounrol n " , erY bod
~" and ell gar, me no hope of doing her any goal. Af
ter which I both her Into the country to ao old lad' , who
hot been very am...grain' In curing eye, the told me that
hoe caw woe hopeleas, u the would certainly how not only
that op, but oleo that h e other would follow—it being •
arrofulou. affection of hkg mortify, 01. And Ido that at
the time my father (J. Vaehon) rame to the oonelu.lon
that we bud letter try Your Pet-mien...he wauenfinin
hlgivl 1 one eye. It L. no about ion month. elum ohe
hemut It. to, and oboean now a, with both eye. ow good
ad VIVI' the lid, and. edfar I can .11.1 believe .he ban,
with the Mewing of Almightt, leer, cured by Petrol,
um. Your. motwetthilY..
31. rgAnrin Visual enumn.
Pll.4..huegh, Rapt.
ar-For rely by Keyser L 31e_Do.11. 140 Weol et. 4 R. R.
etz 0. DI. Curt, D. A. 0111011. Jo.aph Don.
glneg. and 11. I. Sehnert. Allegheny: nlen 14 the praprio•
to, R. 0. 01011,
n0v7x1.4..:3 Cenal Ruin, Seventh !it., l'ltinlmegh.
Foreign and American Hardware.
No. 129 Wood Street,
A full Awl rompletn Aran( I , OIIISIGN AND .I.IIEIZICIN
2thitablo for tho opting trade, and which they .re pn•pared
to offer to purehaaars at raw. that will compare
favorably with any of tin eastern alio,.
eddr heretofore . th,dl.4, .ril,„rtr .teeet,
.1 ne E.NI-F--, Menlo.. Thil ^ r , ° P th 1,51 B. 11.
1 ' '''''43 2u r feebly Medved nu
.Jeuunry4 , imo. ..
" c'p"tiaving bought out 11. Forgo e, e
u l" pon ' ulmsolf the duty nf paythg ell ' debt... 0 0 f .. t ... 11e,.&1 ,,
o fam ... ,
IY Moro ate eny, to nettle the run, may
H A vp.
of th e old Ilthu In all euehrettleu
IL YllEltha.P..
Ira 11. 11. PtttrttP ertil crow nn the ram, trade Itt the 01 , 1
orol be happy to receive hit ettetototox talltr
S—Thirty brl, just /gliding
H. V. voN nommonsr a co.
ifi ja iri for ml by
iIIEESE-Twir hundred bza fur ante by
_V. tau a. F. VON BONNUORST t CO.
F LOUR—Twenty brls Extra, fur (Bale by
ILASS—Eight hundred Lae Window Glruto,
8:10, for rale - by
WIIITE FlSH—Fifteen brim for sale by
jail 0. V. VON tioNNIIORST k CO..
1)11ARL ASII.-28 casks for sale by
pIIESTNUTS.—Ten bus fur sale by
LO 1 t .-0 n e hundred brls superfine Flour,
rmehr..l per steamer Pilot No. 2, allti Farrah. by' 2
J. a It. FLOYD, Ronal Cbureb Dialber.
130TASIL—Ten Casks, pure, in store and
for wile by J. a R. LLOYD.
pRODUCE.-0 bile prime Roll Butter;
6 We No. I Lank
hoe Cheer:m
bare prone
Feather. ravived by
wagon. and On tole br jot J. a It. FLOYD.
14/NSFSG AND BEESWAX.—"_3 bogs
T US fi z n• now landing from Wenner
dell/NA lAIIDICKEY d CO., Water a Front eta.
NNEItS . °M.—Twenty brie Bank Oil,
T .
gaol order. ear wale by dote J.& IL 11.0 TD.
M O . L Ie .A b S T SIS.,-38 d. rs now, In a
l a L to r Le m) . for
Alt D.-44 brla No. 1,-now - landing, for
We by • d e l 9 • - 15.61A1l DWELT CO. •
BIitCRWHEAT FLOUR—Tirenly sacia in
Ras and Ita We 47' 1141, IL 4 W.SURatieg.
, _ .. „
,7 77 7, 7.7 ...ling will be bald at tbn Herb. 11,..=
on noday ennui.... Jannary 1311.. at 7 &kat.
emend... Is rmuentnl. a. Po r e
' , Porta . 1111. .""'
and en else toe An ol7ners far the earning. 7..... . 11 . UM.
nian.n._,_ DAV L8W...HM:14
ROLL BUTTEIL—Ten brls Roll Baiter
-14.11, , crived and trt oda by
11 - 2.III;ASE LA RD--Twenty brls Grease Lard
maiml anal fur No by
jal 1. S. k W. II aItBAVOIL
RIED PEACILES—Three hundred bus
YJ Drktl Peach, In xture, and for ral. br
jall L W. fIARBALMI.
OIL MEAL—Thirtv Oil Meld, received
and fur sale 15, Jab B. & If. TIARBAUGII.
FLOUR—One hundred brie Extra Family
anW GO S. F..Vlnar.just riselTecl so 4 Sts. We by
WARS—Fifty thousand Cigars received
for mi. by POI e., n. lIARBAUGIL
A I ! .Vir" l =‘,7llV, ° :.°l
Leo ono erttrlibmket, emelt we are auttonival vivo at
nvluoml prices, owl will be onld on favorable terms
IL b
Jell LEX
of W 34.41 Wm/ by Jnu H. Lit.
W O r tlf....G4rDS.—One cal . a Scarfet
Flannel. 5-4: 3 ravel gprinTT n ir fgt. ewe. ; "4 .4 4
Camiznere, 2 czar,' .fn
rocelred on ennAgnrornt thit
in.ntsctunprot IsnJ fur rile
tor jail IL LEK
110 LET.—That desirable residence at V:
prownt occupied by the entwraiber, !situated a,
, ilk, a the Itorongh et Laurent,
' The bun. I, laror and rouvoldent has 12 in... 2
goal tclituot. and veldt One
Aien. a Fantle and awcrtage
lens., together with a One genie', containing holer throb.
tory Gad fruit tree, The malt. atotlon Lea abort di.
torten below. and persons ran no In at stir hour. For gwr ,
‘4- ROM. D. 2110111ToON,
ialldlmN. 115 Market stmt.
The Greatest Bargains of the Season.
ROBT. I). THO3IPSON, Na. US Market et,
three &ow" from Liberty. baring darrns i ltV Nein
37,. h 7;- fr:.: I'l4 'lll
Cad:. efrek ham; new, large, :ma well tr.:=l.
Li"r In part o follown
11FIESS floODS—Erenrb Stream, Par:welt Coburg
Cloth. Iwlalne.C.hatenw, anal Alin:an, all colors: Item
Filing: wide Illark Ulnae do: hbawlw. Lang and &Onto;
tiE oos. NTLILIIk2C.i WILIR —Cloths Carat:ewe Sanaa.,
10501 LITINOVX111—.%111;111=1"gi.OE-,
mud 1:!,4: Cotton Vheetln.: Datuawk Table Lthen. broom
mwll.leahe Ltanuok Table Cloth, Narldra. Doti,
leo. • 100110... meat of Whitney and Haat ftlankaa,
together w:th a of Dumatte Ilencte.
rutehama: may MIX limb grubt
lallallm e theLoe goal. at a..
thl•strek mum be clown wat vitail;zoN.
VOTTON FLANNELS—A farther supply
VVELSII FLANNELS, of the different
V qtudltl, the greuitie erticle-11 farther enarply
Murphy Burchfield oantinue to hallow verticals
It ntion thi, branat of their btolocao, pod. aro eared
to owl,' n nopertnr warranted pun, lay
and truth e low prin.: , far , )ualitr• iall
FOR RENT—A SAW MILL in East }Sinning..
ham. well situated fora Into* lousiness: It can cm
mand the entire of be Ormsby Coal Hail Rona.
It brthonmplily repaired. with new and LiW
for a term of 'ear*.
AI, en excellent Ate fur brick =king—clay deep.
Also, several cod qnarries of excellent Stone. hull:Limo(
iallulSfavehr E. PHILLIPS. trot Birmingham
,r ESISIANII.IP—Thfise wishing to become
goal penmen me invitrA eall at 15114urph Chstaer ,
ro(tikp. where Instruction In Penmandsip 1 given at all
boon from t.t. M. to 10 P. M. The number of lerouna
out Ihultot but all who rotor are permitted to remain till
they write an elegant commercial bend.
.'NI.)IIIES—Fifty barrels Family Flour;
18 11.— Fifteen drums G. B. Codfish
hel Mackere l, ackervk 1 Lola liblq 10 q
hr No.l i.sture and far male Irr
Burchfield have just opened a frevh y of the
tariou qualltira of the above article, 1.1 it. black
twilled: very fine. Alto. French %oathe and ervohneree,
Weekand fancy. and Black Satin Vesting. at very lovr
prim , for the quality. non
BOYS' SATINETTS.—Mur hp & Burch.
.1. field !nave rooa.lvod • lot of o Pawl' Iliad
',taunt, for Dope wean atm. Plakl ennl Plain Camtlroatos,
149 h7-..1Y,r,0.y. Merino Candlnert, Kentucky Jeans, Illaek
m s= &eo at north tout oarner of north and
o -la
,Z.arde Curnaotr. 330 Ito &idles.. Rabdog 31 bxv 5L
Raisin. 33 hf b.. du. do. : 40 or boa do. do; 40
do. do.: 23 drum. storroo Mgr. 3 carer arrow 3 1= Lemon
0 1°1217r;t'ti 7 89 3 - ".' '17=1..11,tAn,t,11„,.a
Pokes. For rJe by J.D. W1L133
.t W.
tido Comer Mod c Ftlih eta
Lit JOHN HURRAY'S Fivin Mmisissis. li
t Prilatrwl under the immediate area the Inventor,
and established for upwards ef thirty ream.
This elegant: preparation is recommended all eases of
bile, acidities. lalltredJan. wont. tad urasel. as the mod
safe. easy. nod elbetual Bum let width Ms ..mesita may. and
halted the only one in which It ought to be st.hibl,kam.
all the pre perthw of the .klaknesia now in weneral
withent beteg liable like tt, tn farm dangerous cm.,
tb. In the bowels, It effectually ettres heartburn without
Sen.., the oats of the stomach.. sole, pollee and their
natanuthw are known to dee it prevents the (odor infanta
lort4st ln all maw It nets as a pleasing aperient, And
is tarty adapted to inmates:
olr Iltunphrey Davy testlflal that this solution farms mi.
eouthruatiora with Ode add salts in came of Pont and
grand.. thereby, a:lnteracting their injorto. tendency.
hen other alkalies and even Magnesia I had r a ped.
Peso. Fir Philip Crampton. Bart.. PrirCleneral to the
Arloin Ireland:—
Sir—Them can be no doubt that Magmela may be
ldministered more safely in the form of • concenbate4so.
otion than In sultetarme: far this sod many other masons;
I 11.103 of oplukto that the Fluid move le to • very valuable
addition to our Matarla Med.. PIILLIP C UTON."
Sir lames Clark. fir A. lboper. Blikb and Mama
Guthrie and Herbert Mayo. of. London, ymorturnend
Starr., Fluid Maenad. as being in fi nitely more emfe anti
am... Meet than the ed. mid (meth. the r atbral
lnit the constant use of each orr.
For by the imparter: a minr's Ms,
Tall Cor. Wool,& Front eta
if lI:LEESE-4'A( has Cream Cheese in More ( J.
I.) . and fur ease JAIIES TAIZELL,
Jell Na as %Yrktrt Meet:
S ALERITUS-4 caikm No. 1 Saleratus;
15 Lbl, In dm.
In ortnnl and for rale by .1. , 131LS DALULL,
1.111 av linter stmt
II LOOMS—One hundred tons . Tenieneo
J. JP 2. tons 'rennet, Slab, recalling Coon darn
er ticnt,a. and for oak , by DILZELL.
3all • No. Cu Water ,trot,
WINDOW GLASS--Five hundred boxes
V* waned Awe.ln ntorn and for Rale br
UNDRIES--Three hundred bbls. No. 3
2.5 half bbl, Jn do.: Zo bl , llMarfFAlracm,lM
ru•rr mV fbr NASe br jolt JAMES PAL7.ELL •
9 CASKS 1111. 1 SPREIT st SON'S Soda
A.II In Flare and tor rale by
ERBS--Elder Flowers, Sage indßoneeet,
a Jot nvrired oml for 0n1e4)3 .
la I J co
KIDD a ~ n. el) Wood st.
eIIINESE VERMILLION-7411s foe sale
HEMP :BED—Fifteen barrels (new crop)
for Mi. I, j,ll J. KIDD d CO.
g - iLUE--Twenty fire barrels ti)r- SKIC by
lI Yli J. KIDD d CO, Ku 13. Wool et-
if 7 4EASS. PARR—Five hundred reams' of
, 01 rolth, voted!. for ralrty
J. KIDD d CO., Yard, W0c..1 et
IYlR*OtTlialkfl/19° , " 40
I IIE SUBSCRIBEIt offers for rent fof n
terns of mac or more sew', the ociebrstoti lire Brick
totablnnont, ritt.te in }ale-Bela township, Wektattnelatal
tuttly, in the
of Deliver. Sold work. are est the
l'onntylt wtia Canal Central liallnsol. Therein un the
land larwo quantities of Eire Clay arta Stone Cook (.4111111-.
tof new.. The *mita are on the Tob Mill Conet—the .
norowtry buiblings fOr the work are crecteJ. A kilo in
t o o at.otilow. For tonne apply to the sularriber. trebling
throe mato , north of Yontiounank
attlltwaT—Weetnt. Rep. Wlll JOHNSTON.
1 - 4M.OUR—Seventy five harreL4lFatuily Flour
received owl Sro rare by
ROIL BUTTER—Twenty barrels prime
iwt nvelved nwl Mr ado b 5
Aral - Sinn:1;11 & BAIMM.
I)RY A PPELS--Fifty buoliels received and
fin' air 4 i.l l l a uemizs.
BEANS— barrelsl received and
v 41 cur rate by jell SIIRIVP d DARNE.4.
LARD—Twenty barrels and thirty kegs Na.
I um mrelml and n We by
ITIALLOW—Thirty barrela Sheep and twen
13 A ENV&
/1113.10T11Y SEED-4 barrels received and
fur rah, by All NIIaIPRa k BARNES.
lIESNU intabela received and
Ax Ate to iOl SURIVER BARNY.S.--,.
YilAeliES—Three hundred bushels reed
awlroadebr Ef swum' BAILNE& -
I\4OLASSES--Fifty barrels of new ciep
rOZCiTed awl for Rile br
hl.l Nn. f ax.llEaBntsanfLegit-
450 bbls best ftectitledXrbbtkel, In store and [oink
.balf rdpra Corm lac Brandy, "Palo and Dark."
15 elks qr. att. do ". do "Pale," 'valour liar.
10 do do. and word celebrnted brisals.
5 piper. Itonand dlo; 4. llablins Abettor" and . 1141."
210mtbrour Irish awl Scotch ?dur Liblskry.
2 do Jamaica Nom,
11l bbls. N. E. do. do,
11, qr. rarks rort %Vibe s
25 do Madelrn Wloo.
al do Sweet Simla. Wive.
27 an 1117 do. do.
10 do Sherri WIN'.
25 laum blordftbx Giant.
In More arid for rale by JOHN PAIIKYR .. 4 ea,
ItfAUTY.—It is universally conceded that
lanutl 14 more common In this couria7hoe In any
. while att the mune time It la mid other
country is It bet at young on age. Nom thb 'stone low
certain extent, brit the 100 le often mooed by nettled, Ito
mr he an, do not neglect moor pernonal amount., hut
an the following, and you rood net back Whit
Shiro artier. myecientlik InePmatimts , and hate allot
taitied a high popubuitY• •
Jules Ilettel • Persian or Chloe. Powder, for imparting
to the most Milton. , complexion • radiant whitenoo. In
nothing .hold a inaron to more careful than the tue Of •
reorder for the rkin......U" Umm .14 are well weed
my Chloe. powder lecompounded ktamienttfle
ne contalus no luirreolicut whkh porlibly Whet
soin'tiur, •
Ju Ilene?. Depilatory Powder, for rearo•lll.4 =hest.
r r . r . hair. What fa more tieuightly Man reur.,,,uuu.u.
or ann. of • lady. This attire will moire e it in • stunt
time whine.. the um of any 'harp Instrument:
Juba ilaticfe Vetetable laquel inetterds.
*manly Impart to red. White. or crer hap, a bestetlfully
mars, Immt, or auburn tallow It will eritheThe hair Inn
shorter time, aia! i erturre4lieir o ry thaw any other dye,
ivy t the name
cruel ercsin.—lt b really a plea's." to
Phase with thin cream. There le none of the mettles ten.
ration mouth'. e‘trleittreert 10 the rubor meet eospr. On
m e mom.). It Imam Use Blau moroth and weft yin ise
tante, and Oct liable lo Immune stepped,
Miler Heuer.
w ere Tooth Psetc...-Ats to the hair we
o l io, Cyr Teeth were intended as g r ating orustnetit
t h e
humau Wm ton when nepleetol, nothing is PM distr.
o or No quktly seen. My howl Teoth Parte will LorPart
to the m
s t • pearly r:tenths; st the sone time keeping
Um gum Ana and healthy.
JULAS BAUM Pertnner and Chmalrt,
IPUtTiesout st.
For ado wbolowle awl retail. by A. Mihnestoet Met,
and ILIA. Mar, Pittsburgh, nand J. Mitchell, Allehetiratr,ly.
I[I7DI . DIGBY, No. 136 Libertyttreet,.begs,
v v ftmet i f Wiy h. to la=
flo n
ten Me umerous t h reberg:
V "th rt I' l9T 4 h /lritt ,4o ; ' viSrixol o r,Of the pewee.
eeZda. *dented*, the smoothing WI and needle. men.
ut thew In wane chi . ty faehlottlit a ld ov a
and Oa
isu, Ma week. AMON celebtatal sorloa of oticsatkt
OttAltAn. Ordinal a VOTAII k TO EI:ROPS, nater
clog maranacenttioos of UOl4Oll. WI Harbert
London. tam the Mato.. is atalt
aml eballteK Vitt a connolloast viva of
the Ttuatect Tonne k brilnanlly Illtunlnatok and both
tanks of tbe bauttlfal lUcor Abtor. -
An wawa w *walla Infuerd.n. at 3 o'ckok.
Monad. 2.S mot, u.k.r vat" of Gan, la
pcoto %Oa tSik o . dOek. &MU - to CtailAiro
Moth= at Vn o'clock. •
RE YOU , A FATHER,. laboring for the
raid .farellramal Suffering - from mineral dee
ge i s. INghr.r.fa= • 6 -k'.
Are yonMaher, autheinir from dimwit to which fie
males are mew:ally wahine, was Dr. 8. D. Llowea &hater
bwilia—lturde will certainly curs you.
I at opot, or on one of our as - rata and. set a
ramphlet. matte where you will pod 'hat the Shaker bar
satedlila: as pretianal curl er ' mote noire has boen the
ow.j. pormarocutlyeur ditesak to vihkh the
human family are continually subject. than any other
pre btla paration at Earotpullia, ever Tat bnotaht balms UPI
TIM medicine lc...dahlialta
ladka repeltail=
numerous and well attested man , - •by '
It bout up In quart bottles. and'ls the only Sarimearela
that not. on tilt Liter Kidneys. end ,pl ow at Om toms
timeortdrh random lialtogether Volk rallt:abia laarery
one. rostleularly to females. • • _
Ite sure and enquire for Dr. th YOLIONTYYS EMMY"
13A111,&I I'AIIILLA. and take noothcirl
. .
i;:n.t.l.-13 bottles far
Fpr mitt • •
DIL ID. c l . l?lr.E lan i t FCl c Pttgri.trjr oo.
To whlMaallorderr may Eo Adim;ml.. .
Alm. for, J. A. Joncr, "J. ecloromak, kLL. W.
Clark. Meant, .I.'&L Tomyrn.l, .1. Nl.ller. Jark.-
Al/r7bru ear W. /I. Mc.
Pertm4.r. Pirnll
Co., Wlimlhur. J. IL Partnroo.. r ola 3tor r on..
Ilairsville, 3144 A
II •' tth recoil. on eons
aunt, sad &a see 67 ' WALLLNOFORZ C CO.
- PS IVlderr ettlet.
NEIV LIGIIT.—We lutVe-receivedtviat or
LA.iIP.S. • of slaioln #12,0111.1 kinds. of • hew
conatrUttlaa tdat. 14 , qtlite SiMpia anillAtta--toTta art.
Alm, the article to burr. to lb erlled•Atraniitz
ho Olt ^ It bar roneliorilities which rowiewaetril
it to rho attentkus of Fitruntrot mew, kteow , h. tool
Bowe treper•l for el...Davos/emanate, an/1 brllliatien
it ropioieta mu:Alta - ortable mile in -
Pentair who hkwe or roll es Or be Am. the pone
lierlikw of the ziew ocaniienrodt I - . -
A coturtiort xotipir of 116 , 1 hoot larap,br lir
• , • • - BOWIE • ATM 2:154/.
dell rt, berveen Wood sal Market. •
POTASH enske Potash, ittat received,
and tcs ale br .ro9 0001.11 T DALZELL t CO.
I \TOTICE. We have associated J. GARD
I.l‘l,llrgh, 43nuary I. 'wt.—ye:lw ' .
- .
g ;b viioAms CO., 13unterw
and hint ,a,u,714.b7= 1.(° "
All trawactieus made co liberal Lerma, and
.. tolletticito
promptly atbnalecl la. • • • . •.l rehlY
LA 50 half cheats Young limn and Illaok Teo;
ra t olaTtg;:oll g o itnlat ., ' .r.,? ; ro=7 0,
" 4'l7'
19 do llobltoon d a'a aruj a's
:91 do Cabin... S's Tobaoo, • .-
15 qr. bozaa Price and lfanroore WO do. •
15 catty boom
Cur Thnolo.oa jr. liolJest - Leaf ).1.•
15 Lump, la mare mal Cur rale by • .
llla blrel,old cropprimequslitr kw* and 1rIal•
r JOIN canaaa a co.
80 clusen Corn amens In Moro ma for wale Sr
gurO hble. pure Rye Whisker, “redy-01,1 and anion" •
rale by
m affr i` . l J Y (WitirAlititt " * " ZO DA :
OR SALE—One hundred-whitend n
bhmk . To Lem^ TuTi nice Temperance
s ma k tp u e a tt= ?r , v, t&blt e ettggli v i t tri3F.At bu Y r eNdea .
:retort.; puce of Coat and V. I. Mohn o end Butt Orin,
For sale ill any quantity, to milt Purenseces, by
isnar2s*.ns leAdlt diAttiti MIL et
•yOR SALE-7 ixLies a:Medicines, vit:—
The Bohn of Life, Ile. Green's Atudyno Cordial:Dr.
oultuer'e Patent Vegetable. I;lietr, De Leung 01119.1i4
Pills, Dr. Evans . Soothing . Syrup Cur. Children Teething,
Fele,. and A gno Herb Pill/4hr. Hunt'. Pills cos Consumte
te ' e p g•CD , ehgvi a"" =ltttlli ' _ `" Cur'
jalteilh.twhi • .- ISAAC Whin& Filth et.
jig OR SA LE.--A small retail aupplef
Writing' rad Letter Taper Potent - Pena and . g
. eg boldeng Dad Lead and elate Peatib ; Inks .
III•ek LIM a gman MPPIT• 4x 2.=
BooPm a Temperance Chart; a Patio:ma flap of itter . A
ern itepubUG a Map or dm [lemons and of the Wraid: OT
rateLT • jalOalltdgeft.S leAAt.: HAREM
ISEW 'LUlS—Evans & Swift's Cincinnati
bihrar Curod'llanta, J tut for kilo by •
O WM. A . MeCLUICU AW. 2341 Lae v . st
LEAF Cincinnati Leaf Lard
pa up la tr far Elzalli yen Just reed An
GOOD E. 1251 OF 75 ACItES-I , lVb
milva fh. our Mo twoand It: half mile. faun
Myhre) . rinr, toul two collas - froco the bear house on
IrUe's Run. IL has 50 acres elcated, m aPr....d ul g
400 tmes, aim of bottom 1.11, a coal bed. f
IL The hotter has a double totdm lu font. a. a cellar an-
dee It It will be mold these,and half the pure..
money king poj, pasgeolon dill he girt, and thne.on
the hal.. !T.. call at MAC HARRIS' •
Agency ml lutellkgmee
of bat
IT—Parma roll or rented. altd elf thele of Arend. at e ,
tele ed 41 tm moderate chart. ' .1.14121.1 -
F e !! 1
A js _ SALE.—A, few ishareg liticbt'
W.. T.:cell American ;sad IVotterri Imamate
to RAItID E IRVIN, 114 Sonata
EAGLE MAItBLE WORKB,..(established
Ism) by. EDinumintacis, No, 4i Liberty 0t.41
rot or Wood gime. Dittobargh IbmintiOnto. 'ftrW
Vapid, Tombs, liradmonm, &ad /Mote kkmos Ceara and I
Pier Tom. ohms* on band, and mods to older. •
N. . A rhino., ion of Drawings an buna l.ll l • I.
I.IVER PILLS trupercedo alll
others Charleston, Va., Eevt p , 16.41.--31. r. R. R.
& Ism—Your Pills bare become so popular to all thls re- I
glob of conntry ‘ sr Ter,. midi supereselo all others as a!
Llyse r or ' Yours, t
. [Erhart of a letler.l
. Purchasers recollect that IL Bellere.Llrer Pala erethe
brilntl and only true nal grunion Liver Pi% sad may be
loot of ti0..57 Ireoll rarest, amt of Drokoirts getonally to
the tyre rill.+ and r - JAW
NEW BOOKS.--MnulAt's new - Work,
.Cosmoe, or Eleetehew c[ .a fhpileal desteript4coe of the
:Seemorr's Sketche4 of 311onceote, the Nor Mutual al
thr Wta.t., I rut. I,: ma.
Ilechnoled 0n . 4 Skeane...2 Dictionerr,Met hia I
Menne. felownis. Theme axe well I v o teg..-.-
Jal v e 1 ? ).
I. the duterieth Itcyclutl.. 117 EttnxlArariciatehz'
I,T ptfry m l o thaVgaturi c.. l, 0 0 . ! pr.,
~ . 7 al matt " emit ••
yrftl :churl of Genera. nod Tke = t all' the =f el
t e 4:Liy u lgi t r ri g . tex.l.ltea by IL %%lib ! , 11, „1 . ., .7obth, C o l/ 0
Rent/Joky. ittliWorr, A a I I zrni ti7mbr :' 'lll
henna.' N. arty eograrbehs. I:7 Loeria Cot - .-: ...' 1
Tbe abore worts barb:* by IL C. eiTih.l&N,- .; .
ter.ksAlor sod blet/thoi e , f
._._______ Corner of 71extet abll Marl eig.. I
QUTI el tou s spieudid,Ctut4
" ' •
Slam are <me jai Inm - dm,' hi all the tra.ll%
ools to Neer fio;huel Jour:Sew Y.att. We hare=
.1 the oveticy Orr thou to I . lltetoterh. and I orito
mod reboot otenmith. to mil ant amity theta. •
I—Mtip of the Westem IlettilMbere. (Atha' ,
2 toi Esetem do - do
3 do :teeth America: . TO di -
do Coital,otter, . Cr
1: • td.z„ - ., A.. -13111
ruc. of We mat"-, , titit kr>,
00 'a.
ph Mom 1tep,.210.
Tire mope., unrivalled In. tredner. boodi'atid clump
and adapted to the rood.. of the loridtdep.
ocht hod, achools of the Coital :date,
200 at Putlisber`n prime, without od•liiioo of &deal
charges, at the CDCCATIONAT..
.1..14 Comer of Iladtet httd Fourth et. ot
Fo E rT N . c t h
t e rl' h . r,- Er ,hi riot,
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10L011S--5 bria Rosa Pink;
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