The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 11, 1851, Image 1

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.. "Fg;47,o===t
ittli,„ ojeip:',;,; - ,;.:: - .. , ......
'',•- - , ;,-: 110 1 1:' , :.. - ,.:t . ,= .
.... ..,... ._ ..
DAILY- , .....1•11e-Pur per maim, payable balf tratlf
I. , tx .I.,9lLteN If takkl 111 mina.,
IVELKLI—Twro.I fine. per anntna. to adnusno. tut,
.Nlll I.e In ri41,1 on 1 1101.41../ azot rowlitlotue—
Thr.• mpr:o. tiernuntan..— • Ito On
9 1.10
1.1.9 ........ ...... 13 .1
Titrol.ntle. s 1.1). Int
parelt,lt..eraelJ Co. to to nat.....1 to one rer . inn,
utict to to told 1114111,10 in batman, No Club i'lrll,lrlll
he .rut aft.r unit. thetonuer hrrut tor
0 - 0 —..- ADVXII — TI3I3II3.
(n. of Nonpareil on tom)
........ .6 0 fol
Do. • - , m.liaddltlonal Insertion- 0 It,
thr., weeks
tau toonth•
to r.v Month, ...... .... 00
In. ;our ..... . 10 00
t month, 12 ilk,
months II 161
:gatellox Curl, llnee or leos. per atnium-.SZA 00
Volthe r 0te.,.,,
inn. r.,nar.., • ••••,•Ibie et ne t Ow an.
110.11, 1,0l0“,) me net
for'enes tni , tithat I enuin/ed./over one month...l6El
forrorh e•1d1t,,,n01,000,• Itverted under the yeltrii rate•.
LW price.
luireetoement ev,veditut None. and not over flllten
11.00. 200 ehar,..ll. •• 14,tilig , WO •• half-.
Pul.lh.bere unt onlointuhle Ear le-ova sdrertlmements Iw
TON the nin.oni rh0r,.,....1 Rx tto•lr . publieation.
Annouttrit: rnodhlute4 for Lae, to he churned the 60me
.ok other 0,1,..r1.1./.orom
. .
A(1.1.11+,1.1.1! not luArked on the Cop) ritr nperltk.
number of tm rontlemed furbStt. and pa,
tnent 4,131.• 0.1
the of prat). nalverti.ers will be rontlord
riuutly and all other advertl....
It..t.,.natoutg 1.• ra.uuL,r bath., agrnett
for, to be 'paid ..ttr,
All .N.lverti....tuent_q f.r rlteritsble thstltottoo, are com.
usiex, t0Art..4.1, ttn.l other pww1:1.11 ,
'orb lA, to thar,.l Drh, Matte %tried, to sal-
Marriade notie.. be chard:al GO rent.
lanah ortier• inwrted witldort charge. Incondac
rani by funeral Invitation. or otatuarr =neck ntal
to accgrotamidd to to pa id Ed.
Ennuis, a-.l:ertlada.. tory rat other" nenalor nocomottlea
tiono, or requiring to tin. derigued to call attention to
ndrar Soiree, Cut:cern, attl public entertain:manta.
..dbatltart , are mode for admlttataat--sll ootiree of pri
vate inaolardon.—everr ra tan. atM g mod to call attention to
prirate, nterpec.... at:nnd or intended
viattaltutervet. eon noir I. incerted irstla underrtand•
Inc thit. the :true to to he pelt fur. if intended to be Itr
mica In the heal column. the'lollll. not I. charged at the
Fate cf nate. tuna 10 cant per line.
Ilistop Nalco.. to I. charged triPle Prior.
Tayern Limo. Petition. hd each.
• Ictral and Medina advertinnuentd charged at full prier,
Ileal Eno. Agenta* and Auelloneere advertirementa not
to h 0 claa.c.l mace dotard. rate, but to be allovred a dia.
ONlllt of thirte . throe and rue thin' per cent front the
*Mount of hlllb
. .
Ono ;5, -vary. thror inAordous--- .
Do. eo..b
. 1.11.6 .
- • -
One be. (lb 11r.t0.) nor centa.
Do. - twit toldttlonAl totertlact...-25 mot.,
MI trantiont ale,totantaltA to Ito paid In adratatt.
4011 N A. PARKINSON, Alderman, Fiftl
want. Perm betareru O'llarn and Walnut ti
busirge promPUT aWMnI to.
WATSON', Attorneys at Law
No. Ile Fo=th t. PittAresh.
tztatAct.,—Alesan.), t U. , : A4O , St , Ydr ,
rori,➢Morriwra k Cm; Wm. B. Pau,: John lelminti. A
rotottant: taro. IT. Jarl, - , 11, rittrbunis. iantlay
EDWARD P. JONES, Attorney nt Law:
Orico on Fourth Ftrect, betireen.Wctd end Smith
TASPER E. BRADY, Attorney at Lan.
11l So, dr,t. I'll:Aar:A. Pa.
PN: 1 320:33144:00:ea:11
HO_LMES, SON, HiII, of .
sth Dealers in Foreign
flu the l' ul e i " d du"
GEORGE E. ARNOLD & CO., Bankers:
Dente, In kith/ um. Gin. Hank Note, Le, No. 77
Fourth Firer, nett in t to the Rank of Pittsburgh. Col
lections csrnfull r to, and the grermtlo re.mated
any par,t of the
acs. rm... GAMY
hRAMER EAILM, Bankers and Ex
fltatied , lirokorr in Panic'. and Damrrtl
of Certiftratei DdP , ditc. Hank tiom.
thilre. earner or Tidni and Wood lamb., directly tadKdi
, the ft. Chute.
& CO.. Banking house,
itir • No. 15 Wood .tmet, Pitt - humh. Current Money re.
emetalm. Collaairm. made an all the miruipal
eltiei tha Ntataa
Safrinnr WILKINS s c(), Exchange Brokers.
and Wart. xtraet, Al
..11 , 13 WY.
11AIRD d: IRVIN, COlllO3/I.lon Merehant.
15 and Bill 114 &coal .I.:Plttolurgh.
.M.Y.,SAVA. Sq./11, MANNA- Ir2l.
ALME.B.. IiAIs:NA 6: CO.. Saccexsors to
Unama - . /farina Co- BATMAN tacs.sat Blorno,
drain m Omar:Li Dimeetle Earl:maga, errtlfientoe
of Dem... Ilmt Ante, nal hpeole--itiarth eat comer of
Waal and Thml rtrn ie. Current Money roreircl uo
yo ht.
11 all tltk i Agg.
The hirneat . pramitian 1014 far threirrn anal American
eJtnvret WM.
imao ciiciiinanenia tJ Prralth-e.ahippeA coot.
on Liberal trTma.
.D. C. STOCiTON. LtteJlnston & Stock
f M m trsn o Thrd .t . tio r. hnu,g
kt Modr. era-
ASTI3. IIOLMES ' ,Cheap Literary Depot,
..1 " 'Mini 111,A. 0, ~itet he 1 , 4 Otse.t. Neve Uooi. re•
I.: • 5ub......1ptia0.. 1+,47.41 to any .4
the Inlllli 4 tlrd at the publinher's
tomept oiee.
k,eer alt Stationer,
. 10. A Fourth to.reet. Moth.
DAVID HOW N..1u., Wholetole
Bak, Gmfort Four th ptrret.llll•buvh_
ing cake, 51,1 Fut', Con! .c3l..nry.alwayn-op hand.
\PCLI\TOC6, 3ranufacturer raid Im
. prztor e.trpot, Oil Clnths Sk-am Brett-Trim
an..llb Witulovr :had, Itr. an.lowne, No. Fourth it.,
Wool rt. ritlO.ursat.
~ t ylirm. h. JOHNSTON. Forwarding and
estmcalssion Mtnloot Nn. 112 mood street,
Pittsbtath. _„
O. 7.113,1,319
ItEYNOLII & SAGE, F.nranding and
0110116Wirpll 31+1,71).1321... 1 . 02 . the Allealuair
e. dealers lo riror , rier. rrduee. Pittahurirh
;nom and Chloride of Lim,
. The_hli•tiviajTitef, earl, raid to all for molar,
rsca. Gaon Penn and lririn etraou.
ti - .JONES, Forwarding and Cora
-1 nllmdan .Itarrlwas. Denial.. In Proluer and IVO
Alanntacturial Canal near devanth
Pittabnrait. - '
A.3I•ANI.ILTY & CO.. Forwarding and
Oranulatlon 11,1:1:1111.. Canal Basin, Idttaburgh,
TONY 31cFADEN .1.. CO., Forwarding and
9 Conehaloo Merchant'. Caul rtnln. Penn street,
YAW :rant,
AMES 31. DAVIr;S CO., Produce and
tr.E7 Market. nrut a Commoree et,
llsr4rt Ash:ol,4 owl , . by either of the nos= ent
no= en or l'rodore .Ither llntute. mr6
WARD Y, .YOSES CO., Successors to At-
Onnniloion .M Forwarding Men.
e devlere in FliMotrall ilaiinfArtnerat flood,. Pitt,
burgh. l'w
• •` .•• st. v. vim - roes— rirosur
*';':,4SELACK ers'aLETT & WHITE, Wholesale Deal
n wad treenestie Drr Mr• 101
lad rtreet, ['lt t•bureb.
... Z.
nr:RSEk, ........... eO., Commission
T oo
ro,l of Domeatie. WroTon, and
;. to on Ideas of I - snore
or , d pfnot fourth door from FIN, ?duo
1011. N D. MORGAN, Who,esale and Rend
a Met oce door postal of Va
O. it. xtcrai.lll
& 3TcDOWF.LL, (Successors to
te I:err /Epp...a) Wladatale rad naafi DTaa aad
rado.carn, cf 'treat attd %Wan alio'.
nod:kW.? id•ocrdaka , medially comPd..a.d tad
lilt A. FAIFSESTOCK CO., Wholesale
A" .tarltrvc.L - t, tamer IFttal &al Front •
N. lficKEß Druggist, and deal
bnra AV.1:17%
era,acid netramente—
er erifi.
lFoorth rtzwt, Cylcry ") .Ylll be lLeY W A -44
ed. and forgard.l ---Y Pock.
E. SI:LLEIIS, 1151 - esale , 'Dealer in
10p .
t on., Varnish, cr. iret7 Waal hitq.urch. P. tiads Immune:l:
Tollfi L. Mtili , ,AN, holeliale Druggist,
... I ' ,m ei . i s r YNIT, rtira..oll.VArnlAhm,Fe.
. wow tAlr door .9.lth a pirmoml /WO',
SCLI.OOS3I.IIiEII &CO Wholesale Drug ,
sae. sa. ei n'oso
ntaTiplr‘ 15..%••• • 417211.
RAID: d: E Wholesale and Retail
Dmggist, corwr I...t•ortr Ind Sr: ‘11.13 . n., pays.
•sa b. P.
B Dentist, Corner of Fourth
g arta De.tat Rt . llnr\:t atal Ferry I' tr• - ...
..iiiiiiiiVrAki - Axis LrESOGRA.Mnia.
.---___ ...._ .. _ . . .
Emu: JOJINSUN, En,rns - or on Wood,
mit:, thit,athod ,0...-).) PitteCurh.l.2,—rtrati of
111 mit,t,,,,,, I tcr , t't c.f Sett +vitro , Fruttlepirce,
Ver. Drng . I,e , ;.‘, ',lt to!zrr. Fanl , fr.r Dirleical. 20.
attaAr,oettttior.e.Cott,..S.tal,,,,, I. It. tr..o.
rit e std let the hoe, ,ro..e.
_ ....._
1L1.1.A51-kiII:CIDL&N"S Lithocraph
he 'cot
14 ‘ ;t!irrti l . ATI '2:1'.."gf".44.1.1'.ztt1.., Job.
,_ brUIN brad,. t0tt0.1, , 1 , A retatot Viral awl Mull.
.....ntte. ikeetteree .1.1 I ',Ming et,rvie. ft, pax - raved or
turn on mote, anti Niro,' itt calm, e10i.4. Wont, Or
In the won apur,vv.t ,t y Ir. MA at ttre tatett mem
mire, - - ' Jalt9:l,.
W. WILSON, Watches, le
W.ts, Drat Mllliary
h areets.ntubarett, ea.
r hy. 31ATTIIEWS & CO.. Wolk-oil..
and Forannting Strr , haatZ•ad
trn In firiLchn.n l,ltA t ta Yarn, . ....I.lll,burgt.
citmumf: Wholesale
and C•nutuf,inn , Nrelotati., 110 II at,
s:r.vt. and FoI itrn
t 11.5141,1.
J nni CiAniiii,un %bomb:tut, taut fitml
orr. Arib.l..i. No. 130 ntid
rierunil Ni 0,1 aryl euullb held. Pittsburgh.
Jur It Vr.
OIIN NVATT 11'11.'11-.le linceers.
OP Curriulikikut lirmiaota, lout Dialers in Prudiaro and
iriallihurgii Mama... Wry., Nu Lit...n/
I - B. CANFIELD. late or Warren. Ohio.
MINI 1,22 unlinq 112,2122202. rani tV1,212.2
nale L 2221212, 11,-2212 2 rn 12.2.2,222
,222212C122.2.222 2 ., Butt,. Ka Anil
, 12
1r1.6. 22.21 W 2,2 22n2 1 . 2 . 621L22, .2 - 221 , 5 W.. , .0-2,,
12242•2,22,2 tqu11642 2 1.2 2222.1 1 . 1a221202 - 2212.
L 1 2, 2 22 2222.11.22-2.•....-11, 5 F AW. • • VIALI.R•LAN.
S. 'WATERMAN & SONS, Wholesale
. timr, 22 l 1'.,224;22221'.,224;22221'.,224;222222;22 2222.1 For.anlinu Merril:m,
222 , in 2,1112.201. of 11,12.2, nu2.l h 212,212 N1:21,221mq 22 -
2 .22 J Arid.,. nll.l AI.F.F. for t 1222 22221.. of 1t1c1im222221 222221
142 - 22 2 12nuralt N1222.2.2f.t.nr2 2 221 T2212222 - . 2 22, N 2222 %12 a 2.21,1 Wuter
•. - --
(a F. VON uoNNtiottsT ~... vo., whok
i 1. • ;al,. iln.vrx. F,.. nplinl, Ana l'ommt..lon Merel,
3nt, 1....1era an l'ittllonr. , lt Ninnuraviun.- ated l,r , turn
I'mlnee. N, L'IL corn, of hunt •1r ,, ...t ftnd w. L.+ ,
AS. DA I.ZELL, Whole , ale Grocer, Coln
t 31..mhaat, rm./ ih,lrr to l'n.imv .nd Pitt ,
burgh Nlsatittattturt---Ntt :it Vita,
rummy VI CY. .
Couoni,ion Mvrrhnnt, nuJ I , nlv, in
.76 !Wilt .rvez
~Pit.b urgl.
JOHN A. CU., NV holy Snit.
Av...lstn for Ilatsni 1,4,14. r co.. No. Ili;
Al BENNETT. late Euglieh.
gaala,h, hol...alelinovr.Coutettx , x.rt cuml
orormnlity, D•len. w Proalim nnd
burgh MAucthwtur.“. No. 41 d st.. Iwterr , t,
Mini oar...
. . _
New:. run—.
11 4 14E1 , 1 .
n m
r ` r
:owner , 1.11 , i
eam ,erv. •treet+.
enrull. Inn, entbAr %arts, . conFmnii,
on hand
J . Olll 31'E1.4 JA•it, D. 16.11, . Ulf% f . 444
GILLS st 110 E, 1%14114i/1k Ul . o' rc and
ConinLrFUn lrchant.. Na 1,7 Lilr.rt, street.
RT I\lool. . ICholrnalr orileer.
I:rcUfyitu•li illcr. th,ler in I.mtuer. Pitlxburch
farturrr, and all kind. of Forel,. and Domenic
Winos ond;Llgnor, So. 315 Idlr-rty on., On band a
rery ruKi: inprrlnr old lenon.abela Wbbkr).
oldel4 Dill .old low for ra=h.
111013E111: DALZELL & CO.. Wholes:rle
it, tin . 51.srclian, denier.. In Prndue.
end Manloarth Ilanutactnev, Char/ ntreel.
. •
011ERT A. CUNNINGIIAM, Wholesale
Crwri. Pictlner t Forttartf inc. and Commie:ine Ile,
nnd in l'nt..bur,ll Manufneturre., N..
Liberty Ntroxt. Vitt.tbur,.l.
Jun" Vrk.xx:t \Vt.
11, WilkOrixr ,11.11
WM. BAGALEY S: CO.. Wllole.le Gro
cvm No., I, and--O) 1\'...1 “rrot. Pitl.l.ltrch.,
JICHN ty. ... DVI.I.
A iricK & mccA_NDLEss. ,00, to
J. If. P kk. 0 llo!offale Gown, Forraolion
anal Coottabnloo Mooch:fon, floater. to Iron. Non, Ilan.
Comm Caron. and Illnf boo nh 01-Joon...fron nonerall,
paver of NI crod and Mater .trfft, if st nfLurnh.
A `I_7I..BERTSON & CLOUSE, Wiji,lemale
A ( 3.; A
nalActurtll rtAc., Lihert,
ljD. WILLIAM'S & CO.. Wholesale and
• Retail Family nu,' I.lonlmlgainn
echantg. and Dealer. In Cimatn Prod and Iht,harrit
.alanufactur.4. ixatler of IS oad and
OBD:SON, LITTLE & CO., No. 255
I.therty Pittahurah. Ii i•.
am I caniali,ir.o Merchant, and dealc, Plavirargh
& H. itoyl). Grocere, Cum
iatnn 21.1erchoanTs. and in Pmducv—ltarand
C. arch liolidin,,. tronung an liberty. W , < 0 .....1
streeng. Pit:Ann:h. Pa-
1 1 1 T s. u•re it EuN .
v 13.-21., , In r'n-lu,
litt.nmh 3lanulanum. ,urr4ll .tent.
T..... •• • NI-h • •
01IN PAIIK ERs CU., olesuleGr.,, -
D.•akh tu romt.rn 144.4.,.. ULI NIE,n
,Iscrtheln itertlfird —so 14.1 r
1.16 rt”, I:tt,b4reb.
11117)4. i o heat
I JUN 11. ELLOR. Dealer in Piano K.rtes,
3lnsirt, cal N11. , 4 , 11 Inununtuts sUis..l Isnot, sal
' l•;2:4 . l• ' st ' lV ""'
RY KILEBEIL Dealer in !klusir,
lldna loatruineaL, and c.f . Italian Valor^.
szrut fur Nunn. x ,-.rand muaro Nun,
with C.o4llMll . l..Colrxn Atts,hment. Al.s. our Imubam,
ENNED . Ir; tau •
At.!,`n, -;;;TirrZirn';
JONES& I,2L'IGG. i.f
Cala Plonch
t.t.rt. tam] [Print,. 11....mm0nt ..a.l
111 Mraleabl , k.aa,h,e
urr.ll, ..•ornor a”.l rnall
I.lll,l,urrh. Pa.
4 n aC . A11 , 1.: AT Kl\SO N .N1.1.‘, ta rt., of
31/..,facto,r4 111 , -v
r h-
L11{',;o:;1. t .. i """°•'-.
1 4 1 : 0ai
Ai.aV., GLASS kVOItIiS. --I. I/ A HELL.
>lan...tart, of Curt, age. Vint, &Wt..
'not Anti,. Prte, thettelt Ale Mineral It nter. Itateut
dean, ate" Irmo that,. of every theerlptahu lee— , ‘
eete tt
K conefeutlt tr
hnthl n ttt n, rut a,..tuaeut of the
nt.tve anklet,
itt3to tho n Ii 1 tine , I thuoritet nfe nll
Moved fan to the • Itatoort to chit in.:, sa now
to full oper a tion. tout .41 opera • teett num
t noti eittter
Orders nepertfulle ettolted. arel eat I. fttletl zo the
Out:lent notate,
Warehouse—No. IlLt Secood .treet. Wee.: ao I
smithfu•ia telfh. Ititt•letrula
LT u f:i It.:7l..'i,,,Nlll,ol.vt.Sr!irA
..I Stit7:;•s;f..r.l,l,l
Jul American Pap, liangoori and Dordrrit.
Shalt, Fire ll.wd Print, A, AL..- 11 riling. Itintino.
an] Wrapping /into, An. A:. thud he:on,. Fourth
aiht ItiauguAl Pinahurgh. In
A/ 0, 4 1, RI ti •
.r.. ( 5 ;
ha re 411rarS on band hrve an...ln:lent of Choi, One-wa
k/ and Pair T.aet Alao--F,ra I raft, a n al Nutt. It'hea
saie and retail supplied nn the Itneext ten,.
- - •
TOIL. A. CA UG111;1', A eent h.r the Lake
Erie awl Miehi,n Line. In iIeDIVI and t .. dm Lake,—
Oilien 011 the corner of Water end Staithelkhl
WESTERVELT fi SON. vatil W. 111,117
• Vent,lo. Blind sleker, keep tximitantly on hioirl
ma In order the nrtiel.. hi their line. at their 01,1
sta.!. No. 13 St.l . lnir rim, aim., al No. Si', Market rtris.t.
asmcd story, mfrs.... In the Nat.:mit. enillan Shutters
made to order. and old hIliel• r o Pnir... l 000
JA. BROWN W.UighrlOQt. respmtfully rrn
the rubliethat Ise Id pe ots hand ntl.l..tand on the weft
ode of the Ilintuond. Allt;:.hvoy city. n rotnldete tt.o.ortotetd.
of Vett illan Mindy: al Venitian Shottern am mn.h, to ~t, h r
In lM beet elite, trarrnoted in tot In the Unit , '
Ma... 111. Mind. tin retnott.l ,eh hoot the old n
larrew driver. Hering purehonNi the .th , k. ton!, awl wood
of the mbinet ettablithment of Itatovat A Nrprllnnd, I sot
17:=;.-t',.!Arrh:•heitlriV,..l:lVlM"rrtfn well
we the puh.
Agency. t•o.
roehddl J. A. Ilt:OWN.
ADAM lIARDIE, Veterinary Surgeon, Into
.horn nracenton: and, hr earrful •ttrnilnn to whatever le
.utrootM lilt.. he how" to r.i,e entiefnetion.
In ennneeton with Janne lianlle, lleero Shoring and
13LIrketnithtng In general nill he carried rm. at the corn,
ronuri eirret Penneylennia Avenn,
111 , 1J Succe”or t. Murphy and Lee.
WWI IPalrr and enmell,nen Men limn. tur
time Wuotent, I.slv.rtT, opper:in. Ftftn t.
Q 3: W. HARBAUBIL NVOOI Merchants.
A J],ran g. In Finer and l'rndeer• gPurrallr,
prwAing and C...enejr.qi.le Merril... Nu. Fe-it
aed 11. 'ara.,li.
TAAFFF, OTONYER, Propriet,.r, th.,
Ilttalfttrxh PortAtflf Ilfmt ' , nut.'. nail, r.f Penn fad
BEECII ti CU.. 'fraw:porterp I,v c ana l
Iml Fc•rwatthrel . .114-1 - chnctr., comer 44 Penn .trect
GARDINEIZ corri:c. Azencior Franklin
Pin , Iwortary u..". " . .r 4
Ttirt •tn,t,
VITM. DIGBI Menthant Tailnr, Groper.
nal nalrr to Ileo.l. Lilwrty
II W. TAY 1,0 It: t i nnuniEFioner and Bill
%I r. t rat. nth. will I,
Lrel:Ag,"=47.;,:iVr" - "n
ok BIND F i f
j e . r .
prtfimln.-1 to do elec., .1 ,, ,,,pt50p of 111.1..
nzni Jurabtilt, nintak 1" an n'""
t.nntl miotiintlsll, In old I..ks
Niztuo. nn X6llkn."
'rimeal.lerbe alv n 101), trb
jwl,ll,- -“ml Retail
tketOcer In Ilan. Car-. 221,1 Fur.
corner of 114 - rol nod Firth ntr,t, l'itt,h.or,h l o .e e they
o&r foil 0,-.tnoloto
1 0., For.. Al, ..1
,or, qualm olul ill lan:r0000 0.1 1,1,1. mot in.
ire the allentom their oetAloun,• on.l tlr , hrovt, vent,
ally, maturing thira that the, atii .arll tat 11, moo suet.- noo,
BiIAiikLETT WEILTE, huleNale liezi
en•A tknnottie Foreign Dry WWI
Weft. littehnigh, itimile the ntigniiun ut buyers in their
huge Net arival time:lima Pinning. neid nhiclm the,
liPiefVroTstinit Rry
(„4b fermi
Egli dining the
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New Coach Factory—Allegheny.
IM. A. WHITE & CO. wou ld re _
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• svietfullilnform the public.] that flail hate
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and the facilities they ha, them feel relrifideut the, are
eimlited to do verk on the woof reAsonlitiLi term. wilt
thee. .audits article. lit their the,
Paeliaif earticiilar att. micin to the iwlrreJoti of Materials.
anJ had mem Lai eimieterit aorktneM. to ne
hielMtiou to wan-alai., their work_ We therefore mk the
attention of the public this matter.
It. Itepairlitti done lu the lima =tither. and on lm
meson:dile tenni.
• N
OT imrtstorsitip twretufi.rt•
toinv miler the fine of A. ft C. iIItADLEY. cll.
stilted the decease of NI,. L. Bradley The himitiie,
will le carried on h. .t Braille,. ithe will settle the lei..
nem Of the late ann.
REMOVAL—A. MALLET TEI ramolnal Ids Found:,
Marslmam- from E . 112 Ff-ornd Mow, trn,ro IR Wm,' al.
Imtgewn Elm
, and round Mowts. to Mgr tnmhnu.r LsOIT
nompird A. Verm, Own-hr 1111 koln onOranrll
hand a aa:.nerld ams-rtment Ca..lnmn thartma anorsa
Oradea Moss,. de. Jr IR
SCALY/3 & AtittiSON,
hotween \Vor4 and Mar
Sieritobin. lonlito ,Sr.
Spain! ntlention given to atenm briat
Oa kVA.. L. a fit.. ni ant
firtt ta lerr. till. in %t are. A. Sr'
tlavit Winking[
t More,
Pnr I ,Irum* ronrennr Sro litimmiamta. California emigrant, or Itui Itnail loom
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hero. Jr:11
I‘lfulufactur;r tff all
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or 'Cagle he. merchant or country work. mule, jaef.a. :
allde and hand 1.111..... and lo general All kin..
of Alva.; uta.le It" to.ler. or plan+ for
"ie. mill• al rea.ouble shame.
11.12 ro—lieuttylv. Child , " a Co.. 111.uh,loet. doll tu , .
Ring. Pnned. 1 A. 11ra,
1 T, the ca, V:
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REAM), 11LIC ki.: , : olt & CU., 'tobacco Th.. 41norican tnnunu In thr . irte Ilan , . in 1454,
eillillillii-llial Met...ham , . An Al North ITntnr ..Inu.t. . o'lu. 2..1121.10).
ant .'n 16 North D'ltlir.... l'hllndeltdll. . 0 0 Toren,. t.. 1.00, .0 1,11. 1:2.972: 1 2.
J. TAltDos. Commission Siereh Ear., of Amorfr 1,11111,1
an 1. ._ 1V25,918 )
tea. N ... :..., 1 , 10 L,,,...,. A.•. „ r i, n ,„,, , • n ,.. Th. re D zut nurluiu. ut Alpert -an tonostiC l ,lnne Pia, of
..tanTly on hand a lame arusrtment of Brandt,. of the At- Y ut 75.4' 1 1. and n thu.ndird• ~1 ionrun ranting. o f ty...754.
lowing hrututs, whirh they on, for 4+1.1.. .u. Auenta for J • rho Anu-Dran In 4he . I ,D , t btatra in 14.:4.
Durand .I. Um. Illnnleaux. •Ir Nlaxtlor, .1 Eraull. J. Du. 11a4 V".l/11
rand .4 c.o., , l.arnchrl:o. i l. i i, lutraraDl..t.,ma. A . ....d0 , 31 , cni . te- Turr1,11,14.1411e. /
n ' 1T..... ‘ 1t hrhic L lii ',' .. '" o tia 17.1 . 11.1 11 -' 1.. L 41 " 1 ' in... in m ~,,n 4 . . . F . x .. ..7. , ! .„ 0f Arn erkuan tunna,, , 41.11:11
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tnn04,...,1 1115,,Z7.
1N1E.,:ri!'‘&...,1..kN,;;;',±°,',.,..?—Le,r.'r„'ic0.n,:.n.‘,.'",-!,,,m Statnen--Adrn..dal ' i.l.7nnl4 ' ' IrIS.VI.
nuuh• on mcislonaen. of 1,41 n, annerath ; tan,dl.lll , illfallltiati . ll , l34 al 104,,
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olLr entruddd to, ill Itutler and ArnutnulL
cuunth... 111 V. h .Itefor tx. .4 R. iloyd. 44 .Dr 0.1
Den. and Jame,. 41nr..hall. Idberty atrnet. and ha, t 1.,..
WK....l.dnut. ilituburuh tataellr
IIIAAVID 101. TrtILE, Attorney at Law.
an.l l'ontrni,doner for Prntuulvanln.., Lou.. 01..
mmunlmli , ,n. idnraPt l l aw.,rell. ‘,...V.D.71,
JOHN 11.1tA.NKIN, Atturney anti Coup
* ...nor ... 1,... and l'onunhnnner tor the State of
I , nn, lynni, S . Inm.. tin.. (hth• GI . Inttshurubd
t iL
Itrfrrenr,..-1 . t.,141,-,:h. lion. W. Fury y. llampLinl 1
, liller. M'Cnarll -a A NlPelarr. John C. Pork, ItlN.olls ,
li- mole. Nirf,nl - ilo langltli
. . . . _
B • X.
AUALEY, WOOMV Mt!) Co.. Wholr-
Crn...3 , , NA. =1 11111e.1.43 , 1111, e44}
W. POI ST :XT Ell t-r tCO. Cleneral
• rnmorto••u, and C,.•••ling Mt-IN-hat/c.a.! Finn?
N 1.7? r t. Yhanarl3,llm.
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7 . ! ... 4.3.;].",:::,,1iii Irl ri il,...
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'-‘-- -i, -il , i i,i i ,?,i,tl.--- --i.. ,I 0n
~.,..,,,;1 , 1, 1 „1,:.,„ , ; 17 IN 1,
1r l ly)i i'.i.t.',ll- • -.J.
IC. 11 ' • . 1 I- 1 - 4i .1•••
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111 , :11 . 4i 1tt,,,,, ....I 1: 1110 - 1:• 'S.4/ i., ?I . !
..•• :41:-.11,.1271 . ..41
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r.114,1.1 , .11.,1 , 1•.• f.'''.ll.lV'='''ll'!:o'
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1111.142111T;.;1 '•ilo.11 1'111114,1.:
;aI:Y.IX j2.1, , r.i , i l l li . l4ll' i lif gli.
„.„ t h 6;, 1 ,' ..11 id r•
i1•11111 1".111,0•1
, 'l VL . .f' - ^ . 1:I b , 9 . 11.1.91 1111,
i ic I al!‘11. : 1! 1•1: : ,
1 : :; - •:rt?• 1 7 .1 . :1- . 1.- . 1":41.1-W1g1.-T1-7
l'4,uct T KINCAID
11. LES CI lit 10h1.1..
.14111 N V. ILLOCL
R. M
i'mancil—lSAM' _INEs.
romcil - ABRAHAM
AltollllsALD M,FIItLANL ,
(E)I(E mTLsos
Courtril— SAN! U EL KIER
It. NU.
L •WEI •
.1. E. riII.kNNON.
Thom It 61'OTT.
1.11 11111 KAU,
Council-1 litItENY..
C Council—R. Me EN RAI T.
J BISSELL. tir .
111,11 iAIIIIb
Council —J II CASSEL
rounril--.IIISEPII KA YE,
Plrril %VAT" ,
S cooncil—DAVlD b BRUCE
31. ms PHILLIni
S. Council—ROßEßT Annicte.
C Council—ROßEßT KING.
riono, WADI,
S. Council—GEOßGE C. SEIS, 2 year,
JAR. 11.% MILTON, 1 year.
C. Council--CAPT. WM. EVANS,
C. Council-11UCI4 HAMMOND,
Dtrector of the Poor--JACOB GI; YER.
S. Council--COL. Wll. ROBINSON.
C. c oun ei_GEORGE DRAYER,
S. Directors—WlLLlAM D. HOWARD.
Assessor—A. WOODHOUSE.
Judge of Elections—JOHN KELLY .
Yteo2ll ,
Judge of Elcction , --JAMES MUNDEN _
Titian 110,11 P.
e, c,,uncil ILLIAM ROY LI,
Itialk:P.T RAY,
Judge a Eleeti,w.-1.1.111ES RAY.
I.pector—lttiliEßT CAMPBELL
Director'-11. R. BELL.
Con,table--J. ❑'. ISLNIOUP.
4 ' S. Council—JAMES MARSHALL.
C. Council—JOSEPH CRAP:,
3. Di re d om —Dß. JAMES H. SMITH, 3 yrs
APsessor—E, DERBY.
Judge of Elentionfr—C. E. iStRNER.
Inspector-7A3iES FISHER..
Constabla—A. MONTGOMERY.
11, natal 9414mmt of the .mount or
Calh .lu4 n,C0.4.t0 Ilauto. et Ih4 pr.. Jut
tho llarr.e.
4.',4, •15.19
M.A . . , 4 1 T. 30.41 9.4
Pebruar, t 17,4.4 4.4.41 . .4 Z4•4;3
, Inrch 114.40 . .417.1?91 11
April. T:2,12 •4I 140.411 19 2.19.771
14 . 1,413 179.p.r.2 79
Junes, 111.111
Jul. .*
.104 2, "41
- 1
!Z 75
131.615 4.: 111..ra. 41
Ils tAtt 45 154196 75
Plad tr4 , ln 1,1
Punouxili, January 4. Igso.
Durtne, the paAt 'par. prima rulr•lrrry Irregularly, sal
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I,,nt I Early In Vehrusry they thou r.veJal,
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rho 110,110 of t,11.9. rt '
pouurin; IW , part Var.
' Vooigu. an Total.
.1n1143,, 1 , ...4. 11,” 4.3.1 Co
1.13iw1.r. i
', ,lan'lr. 3.1,1 IPA , 4,511
1'3.11441 4 310 1i.,54.1,1
Apr! i 1 . 42 - _, , , 714 12442
13.0.53 1.129 13..Y1 , 1
, .It. 4.471 7 , 0 7 .X. 41
jul, . 7.171 .177 7414'4
, Atkat...l4 34.40 2.000 7.11441
5'...111.:141..r. 1.141 740 I.VII
14.4,14 I1.L11"
3.1,4 11.142
Total tbli ve•tr.
I.llunry I+l4
I ehruu,
4.:111 1..11 11.2,5
f.,/7.. 1,14 4:4,1
411 _:1.0 11.741
7., Mill
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A..... 4• tenni. to 1,19,
Tie.. it I. eeen that . the Ft:. Slat/ hare tnereamgl In
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at h h, loot p.L. trien-agelef GeeeLcu, a P.m.:Z:7
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while the gLaetti ha. nenrlv en, aline' her ,netenneu,
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The, Item.. tell 3 I but eloquent eton.—illet. Cues.
Pnr., nr uArtNe ISLO,_
ri.h. drn-1, 1:10 , J2
IVI.I. 461. 11Ic,
tr.LIV randlio,
1.1.. OA. pal,. 64 , 11 Ma. falls, 11 1 1'23
J. 1.1 . . Soto. p r xr . 4.2
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il. , tarto. it....tang, 4r
1.1 s4tit.t tun,. ~, 1t. ,....r.0.
‘I ft.. t. 37 'Snit, .... I ,
t - , t,„, 4 , ...,:t Ilauttl ../ In., 1 ,,, ..4 , 4
Mt: 0' ~ ttt.t. ,„,.. T, flefit,4 tr.,ttT, itit , 1.5.1.V6
Tr, .ti 1,1,4, 151• 4.44. , iittuptte -, 14,, t...t. ftts44l
4 Tun.'"'"-
l ' i . .r4 ' C 'a ottt - t ' n ' 77.. ,, ..,.. E=l4lll
- ..,,.744 . Plant.. - 34.1
t.,24.,71',1 , rua , . ~,..7.,
1.-..p1. 4,• t,77.47 . mr..4 miser. ,1,514
Mutter. 5.,. 7:4:.1.1. 11,,,,,,,,T0, sad 1.7.1-
. . . •
1fe1.44 twarty.
In•ltArs u. 4•01,..3. W 1,61. ttu,
..1. •. Lu
lirtst l.ut tsh iht E,•141. - •1 —We tate the t.tilowl7
tr-rn thr St Lmt• Istrltitrentrt. thr Utrt ult.
'• Thr 911ser thrs".• uf flour .lupp , lrrrA4
the. otts slo: Vitt Sr 9 Vss rho lint Ilea"
6111ur Ss, Us- toll 01 Islior. vise slork la-. vial ill thr Glaall
"ars Is s fr tlo pro- LA fr01.:111. " Pa . Ibr
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fuo to mato rot rillifyr Lsr freight. lts• "Parr of As.l"-
1..5u0 o snow
11tIlr t a.' for tm-a.l. Of
maim,' of IsLa Ist. rhea 11111" roattrrs• Insllo-atr vrr• ssist.
sosir•stst.. 00 yr: fool 1044 agsra 10. Pas- upan the trqrat
If-'- • -1,-• 1 .oev tnral ha! Me Cl'.. 1n
nn.t th, yowl- us:r,
40.4 15,44,
k_s W LEA tbart
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t,tr• h>l town •lattataertst In l'lnlrttliart,
.11t , slit . .. As lb. /et, The •..¢m I• vu
1...-‘••••• —tpant. Utley, 0110 Grille-OH
tly.rths ‘1,..1./not4h. 1.1, 1. r..44,nt ILA em,
1,a4 r •I t
.ii New Oricsns.
th. 4t, Fin4sYtliy !Tank at. airlt
...rm. 4..1 thy Martb• n‘hin•hm lay thaly,,le• of 1.,
t, a thy . nyt trnk 1 4, ••• • hulle ,,
0r..1 tltrolivh tntnits•-tatsmaut.l.• I
11.- ylat,ry furuitary etul
t... 4.41,, thy ,art.e •41 (ht. t4i,l”: thy t
.t.ty btu, lir ..ay 1,41•4 th• mutat, f
ty,•yu mt. 411, l•thAttli
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nyl - 4t, .4 et trae , nlitur• sal ;4 , 1,1' MI
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stitch Its. 4.sttnit.hwt. ttst amhart . It It entot
tssit was curioul tent tfri.
soti I.urrpti .rvlanth . II •strt,. •Intrit • o,ler
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se, I. 0.-I,tl tit. war trts, Lsslet Itslgetl 143
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'tool er.. nu neat rm..... 1 with Mr. Morn
was,ll.4 ..1 sh. tooth AnotriaLoi U.. time eh. leurtini
M. Usw“....i , P. Mr It live. Sp Ne.oport, and sa.m. clans
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I:m.ltan, Bank
Bank of Ilrotruartile . ......
Allewltriny Sarlmot Bank
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Atlantic A tollin Pits •e L01'1 , 11'2,0
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llostf.ripholn Slack
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CleTtlan.l RrJI COMO
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Iticca.—Thcre were!, fist U 3 Irtetnm In Channel, at
b 7 aamal mart, lam rreninc. and
1110.101. n, Brien. licavri
Pallk, Bennet/.
.0 31rFiro, NlcKemrpert
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10,4111, Pale, E 10,01,110.
11 0...1100010010, Mart.. foul. , rille
Itnrke.•• Mate. Ih-nn.(7lncinnat,
Pimp, Whaling
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P.4111r. Henn.. I.l.orlyrille.
Attnntie. Parkinma. llnnq
tqattrr. IVrrt Stow tau
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ihorm.l. r Conweil Wheifin,.
Anna, Kiciury,
In A. la
NA:ollll.LE—Dvnera. Do a. II
nT vwlS--Rolwrt Rok',ter.. 10 a. H.
14 ;11'1'N IN4; 1:01/8. J. 'l'. DECK—R.
~“1111, ARI) A CI). Iluilder. sun) Erector. of Linlit.
1111 Mt principlex Unt, n Intl at thiaothrr,
IV.L vino, I ..Tv”`t
en 11 , ...artb o f lA. Hunt, ...1...
Marked nod
11.11.rene..o—ProfrroT I.4llllman. Editor of F.lllinstes Jon, U. M. thr. einei ttit nnall UlafTato.
rll.l.Pri:::l3Zorna;7l,ll.7, of 6_ N.°,l"l:lk
PrOWPOV J. L.1.`4..n. , 41.71eTe1ana Unt•rriqty. Ohio.
In Viti•loamh. W. 14 . .ntnlit, John llgryr, Wllmns Me.
en...11e25, Ir. Child& Cat. /11.3492. A R.vr. nr..rarb,
Wini nisgV ' , D. rvg . . ' N,. „.=l..torb=it
soa. Da rla. Jolla H. kkoeskterpt. nolektillS
the wlr Mutant. Car,tt,..l
I omitted yesterday all referencti to the impor
tant proceedings of the House, en account of
the length of my remarks upon other topics.
The select committee, raised on motion.of Mr.
Robinson, of Indiana, to inquire into the reasons
for the delay in the execution of the new Boun
ty Act, made a report. The report itself is of
small account, but It is accompanied by a stay
important bill. ThO first section of this bill au
thorizes the appointment of thirty seven addi
tional clerks in the Pension (Mice, to bring up
arrears of business, and accelerate the issue of
the warrants; and twenty clerks in the third Au
ditor's Office, to discharge such part of the du
ties in that office as belong to the due execution
of this act. But the third section of the bill
proposes to dispense with all the customary legal
and documentary proof of senice and identity,
and to authorize the allowance of claims upon
•the testimony of two or more responsible per
sons, as to the retpeetahillty of the applicard, and
the general tradition and telief of such service
having been performed." Shades of Starkie.
Phillips, and Metcalf! Was ever such a rule of
evidence thought ar - lleard of before? Why to
adopt It would be to decree a very aaturnalia of
imposters, and of pretenders to government
bounty. VIC idea of taking the word of n •"re
spectable applicant," as to whether hehimself is
entitled to two hundred dollars worth of land!—
, The extra clerks will no doubt be voted, and that
the viore readily because they are already ap
pointed nod at work; but this preposterous in
terpolation upon the rules of evidence heretofore
sanctioned by the practice of the government, 'as
well as in courts of law, will be, I trust, toughed
out of the Rouse.
Mr. Robinson was very solicitous that his bill
should be summarily pushed through, but the
House very peremptorily refused to be dragoon
ed into any such proceeding, and the bill was
laid over, together with the entire subject, to
Thursday, the 16th inst.
Mr. Julian, of Indiana, next introduced a well
Written memorial from the yearly meeting of the
Society of Friends, in Indiana, praying for the
repeal of the Fugitive Slave Law. Mr. Julian
moved that the rules be suspended, that the me
morial might be received and referred to the
committee on the judiciary, with instructions to
report a bill for the repeal of the law objected to
by the memorialists. This was understood to be I
a regular movement for the repeal of the Fugis
tire Shave Law, and at'once 'great Interest was
manifested throughout the House. The reading
of the memorial was called for, and Mr. Inge, of
Alabama. and others, protested against the read
ing. lint the paper was read, and then the
lion, tuck a vote upon suspending the rules,
which, under the circumstances, was equivalent
to it vote upon sustaining or abandoning the Fu
gitive Act. The result was, ayes 68, noes tilo.
SO that the low was approved by a majority of
fifty one.
The Baying operation promised by Mr. Ewing
in the ease of those interesting martyrs, Weller
and Lime. was performed to day in the most
complete and scientifit manner. Lovely in their
live is their deaths those worthies were not di
vided. Mr. Eiring took precisely the course
which I described. in anticipation, two weeks
I ago. Ile found that his manifest forbearance to
Tooth these men was not appreciated, and he went
to the department, collected all the proofs and
facts, and on returning to the Senate, mine down
with the proofs and specifications. I never Paw
di3COITItit lac MU complete .
. I never saw the pre-,
.sumptionof adler.sry so effectually rebuked
and flutelike
There is as id* story of a difference in the.
Cabinet, between the President and the Secreta
ry, about the appellate:lent of a successor of Dr.,
Foote, or Buffalo,te Charge de Atraires at Ito.-'
1 postpone comments,
upon it. until I see what_shape it takes. •.
.. . ..
:7..0 :,i.ku
a wo I tia
,O.• ../
_.o , * 1.......
The [have et Representatives mot this morn
ing at eleven o'cb,ck, and organized by the elec
tion of Mr. John C,POR. of Bedford, as Speaker.
The Whigs voted for Mr. George 11. Hart, of
Philadelphia—a gentleman of polished manners,
possessing 00 intimate netillaifllllllCP with the
rules of order, and well known for his devotion
to Whig principles. Mr. Cessna was a mem
ber of the last Legislature, and was unite noted
for his adoption of all the slew, and chimeras
which make up the character of what is desig
nated 'a radical Democrat - His political pre
judices, if see are at liberty to judge from hi,
past course, are of the strongest kind. aml give
rise to the fear that they may exercise au un
due influence over his conduct es presiding ofh.
cot. We will however, not forestal public opin
ion—we will wait for facts before uttering a
word of reproach or condemnation, end in the
maan,time, commend to your readers, the fob
low7ing remarks he made on taking the chair,—
to the sound sense, good taste, and rational sett;
timents of which, none can' refrain from giving
their meed of mitise. I hope that the undue per
lineal prejudice, which he so properly condemns,
I will be found less stubborn than before, in his
own breast. The following arc his renutrks,
Gentlrmrn of tie Howe of Rqxesentattori:
Permit me to return you my sincere and un
feigned thanks for the honor which you have
just been ple.v.sed to confer upon rue. In assuming
the position in which your partiality has placed
rot, I am fully aware, that ills attended with ar
ditous du ties and root responsibilities. lot perform
ing these duties, and In meeting these responsibil
ties, it will be impossible to satisfy, much-less
to please, you all. I can only assure you that
it shall be MY sincere desire and my first aim, to
not in the discharge of my duty pith impartiali
ty_and fidelity.
I have full and entire confidence that, with
out any exception, you will all be guided by the
same tale of action. I trust that in our intercourse
with each other, we may he able to cultivate and
preserve such cordiality sad good feeling, no
should always characterize a legislative body. - In
legislating upon subjects! of State policy, we
I should rise above the narrow interests of locali
ty and the strung, but too prevalent, prejudices
of party, and look, with a steady eye, to the pro
motion of the true interests of our great Com
• In discussing questions of national import, wo
should be guided only by an earnest desire to
-advance the welfare, uphold the institutions r and
prcserre Si. union of our 'happy and prosperous
country. In maintaining find enforcing our in
dividual Views upon all questions, wel - must at all
times, accord to each other purity °emotive and
integrity of purpose, knowing, no we do, that " to
differ iv our right;" that to err is human." I
again return to you, my fellow members, my
heartfelt thanks. for this evidence of your con
fidence and eqteem.
The Spenker is may to receive the oath of
The death of Mr. Church, of Cumberland,
was formally announced to the Howe, to-day, by
Mr. Hubliman, of Turk, in a very appropropriate
weevil. He offered the customary resolutions,
which passed unanimously, after being seconded
by Mr. Killinger, who accompanied his seconding
with a truthfill and glowing eulogium on the
private worth of tie deceased,
Mr. gcouller, the surviving member of the
Cumberland county delegation, iv detained from
hi, vent by sickness, and it in considered doubt
ful whether he will be able to occupy it for come
The Laeofocos of the Sou•e nre concussing, to
night for their other officers. They have nand-
Mated Mr. J, k. of Westmoreland county, for
Clerk. Of court this Seas anticipated, as there
was no opposition, and there could and should
he none; far a mom competent, gentlemanly,
faithful and obliging officer thin State cannot
Mr. Picking, of York,; will be the Assistant
Clerk. lie in an attentive, and in every way
worthy and acceptable officer. Michael D. Kel
ly, of Philadelphia county, has hem nominated
for Sergeant-at-Arms; Jacob Coleman, of Berks,
for Poor-Keeper; and Peter Armand, of Sebuyl-
kill, for Alenenger. All the old subordinate of
ficers hoe beta remored=a proceedtag which;
WASIIINGTO:I, Jantr4l7 . 7, 1851
iIAHRI4III,4III, J. 7th, 1fi,51.
is it is unusual, reflects but little credit mum
the decapitated. The ne nominees will .be elec
tedtv to-morrow I when, I the Senate should be
fortunate enough to orgy ire, the two Hennes
will soon be ready for business.
The Senate wan called to order this afternoon
at three o'clock, by Mr. MeCanlin, who was
elected Speaker at the eloge of the tan session.
After five unsuccessful balloting, for Speaker,
the Senate adjourned to meet to-morrow at
eleven o'clock. The Locofocos voted for Mr.
NlcCaslin, of Greene. ondsupported hint throngh
every ballot. • The Whigs had two caucuses be
fore the, meeting;but made no nomination for
Speaker. •The reason for this woo, 1 !suppose,,
the refusal of Mr. Brook of Delaware, and Mr,
Savory, of Philadelphia county, to en into caucus
with their political brethren. What was their
object in relising, or what they expected to no
complish, is n riddle, such. as is sometimes to
be found in the conduct of aspiring politicians.
Judge Myers met in CIIIICII9 With the Whigs and
cost his vote on every ballot, in open Senate for
a Speaker of the same faith.
_The delivery of the Governor's Message will
be retarded by the unexpected proceedings in
the Senate to day. It is fortunate however that
it is such a document:. will not god by keeping.
The Auditor General's report has appeared.-
1 send you a'copy. It will be found to contain.
many interesting beets in relation to Allegheny
County. It gives a statement relative to "the
State tax, and other revenue derived from the
several counties of the Commonwealth. and to
the payments made to them, respectively, for
Common Schools." From this, it appears that
Allegheny county had n tax of $459,104 OS as
sessed during the last tim yeses, of which $351,-
465 11 were received into the treasury. The
other—or trii.eellaneons—receipts, in the same
period, were $327,861 73 shaving a total of
$779,32685 Within thy same time, payments to
schools in the shop° of "School wariants," to the
amount of $119,630 19 have been made to her.
Preparations are being made for the introduc
tion of gas into the Capitol, in the course of a
few days, Four elegant chandeliers have been
put up in the house, each with twelve burners,
and four in the Senate, with eight burners
each—the several committee rooms and the
State Library, and all the public buildings, and
grounds will be amply supplied. The rooms
will be very well lighted, but it will 'require
more light than can ever he concentrated in one
focus, to reveal the hidden enormities and out
rages which lie concealed in the dark recesses
of the Journals of the Legi_slature, the Canal
Board and numerous other public bodies.
The Whigs of the Senate are still in caucus,
two members being absent. Of course it is im
possible to divine whets a Speaker will be made
—who he will be—or by what influence his elec
tion may be accomplished. fIU QUESSE.
P. S.—Mr. Matthias has just been nominated
for the Speakership of the Senate by the Whigs,
Messrs. Savery and Brooks being absent.
~, r .27.—udencv of the Dilly Pittiloor,h Ilat,ttn 3
BALTIHORE, inn. 7, P. )1.
erl,l, 3 Of .I.fary7and—Fnegertea-77.e .I.feDonnnyn
B.,"—Accidras—Thr SA?, .r Ca,e—Anal a
The Census returns of the State of Maryland ,how
population of fSI,OOO, of whirh number 14,000 ere
Slaves. The Staves Incresseed only shoat one then
nod in the past urn yearns. The increnee of the
white and free colored population since 1540 has
been about l'2o,ooo—mating the tient increase of
population 121,000 souls A. the next retie of repre
sentation in Congress will be about Mary
land will retain her rprottenl number oilier reptesen•
Lance. Her repredenterrre number trill be .16:1,000,
iliac 1.1.000 ottutrlary to gins her •re asetnlirre by
numbers, but Ito email a trariae l lute bet a•ue
A i oared note of tome'S;AtO on Hobert Barry tsq.,
of the firm of Robert Barry A:Sons, DrY Goods Mer
chants. Baltimore Street, has tint coma to light It
was offered to several of 'war Broker, fur discount,
but the forgery was detected end the note finally re.
lusted J. O. Pratt& Co., Stercsntilo Again', who
reoslv it, they stale from New loth. Other tiger,
are tit' ted to be in cfreafrillon, and it la ousifsg!y
siteplefo ed that they ot ot , suifed in this city, trans
ferred to ew York, nod sent beck here to Ise"done"
by our here, they of course to be dour :a the
Our CalyeolloCils are moll engsgrtl man 'moron.
tab's Amami about the atspouatinenc-ef—agent. and
rounwl to obtain if poattible the share el ire Emote
of McDonough, the New Orleaus millionaire, bet
iiticatheil to Baltimore The struggles
to referents, to the ',polls," or rather l'iockings'l
which are expected to (AI to the lot of the agrata ,
who may be appointed,' a. the Counsel employe&
The Councils passed one 1011, giving the app.tat.l,
meat of the three agents Ou themselves, lon the May.i ,
Or vetoed;At, and there the mailer at lor•ont.i
It theeenmhlr It raroMmertre before the Emile la
received, it to not haul to divine what Will he the re
cults afterwards
Frederick Fteitler, of fie guy, 101 l od the ears en
the Ohm Raohotel, at igiygmville, to day, and the
tuber 13 panning eve: ontioi his legs, drtaidiully erteh
rd. Fie seas brought tolthe Infirmary, and 1110 Grob
amputated, but he will hardly receiver.
Charles Reeder, aged 77 years, sonn Mr Amos
Reeder, the Maehtniriat and Engler Budder, felltin•
to the hold of the &causer .tlistrm" u r•latteday so
badly infusing himself flint he died to day tie wage
youth of great promise.
Witham Moore, IN; colored boy claimed by Dun.
iel Fosbenner, the particulars of which 1 gave in my
last letter, was adjudged to belong to the claimant to
day. The mote will be taken to a higher tribunal, on
ti "petition for freedom."
Onr Money Market continuer without any special
change worthy of note. At the Ntork Board there
were fair Wee yesterday and to day. :20 shams •
Baltimore and Ohio Rai! 'Load Stocks sold at 75 I.Ba
.75 34. 16sharea York and Cumberland ltad Rood,
at 20 3.8a20 1.2. - 'Dalin:mire and Onto. Rail Road
Bonds, 15ri7, closed at 02 asked. Sterling B;118 are
worth 10 1 4x103 4 per cent. premium.
In the Floor, Grain, and Provision Market, then
is nothing doing beyond what you have received b,
Telegraph. RUPCRT.
he Alta Californian says that u company, in
which Professor Noony and Shepard are inter/sled,
has been formed, to work querta gold at Corion't
Creek.. Machinery hag been procured, and the core.
pony will go into active operation at the earliest me.
meat practicable. The mine woe discovered by Mr.
Win. Hance, of Alban;, N. Y., and a cattle speci
men has been gold for 1600. I ore blasts were made
in the ledge, with a resolt which satisfies the coin.
patty that their mine eakteds in richness any discov
eries yet made in Califitraia.
_ . .
The Piockton Times has the following, which,
lay thei least, is pr sbOty,somewhat,nggengsk
, . .
'"Legume ywr. 7 :rw.genticrne. dour acquaint.
ance passed this ettya few days siiiMpa their way
to NeW York, with an amount ot prild'whieh we he.
here to be unequalled in the reaorda of indlvidird
successes in muting.. They hod dust with them to
the value of ..5150,000, all obtained during "he sum.
rner, tram two claims on the Ynha river. These
lucky individuals are Mimes Thomas J , and Daniel
H. Ferguson, tormerly of Danbury, Connecticut
They carried their treasure In Benicia upon the mules
which brought It from the moumams, and it *pro.
balite the heaviest imponatiou that will be made for
some time LIIIO that grand part of entry."
The French aloop of war &muse, brought nut
150 of the French Gatirde Mobile, sent nut at the ex
pense of the French Government.
The motley and yet interesting statistics annexed,
appear in the Sacramento Transcript.
Tan Census OPi Sacnastrivro.—lnhabitants, mar.
1 ,0
8000; of these the are 460 Winales; 323 atoms, 01
blaclumith shops, 3 steam mills, 2 soda manufacto
ries, 2 breweries, physicians, Sh clothing eh Beni
13 swam mill., S cabinet shops, 3 lemon syrup menu.
factories, Slivery ambles, 70 lawyers, 6 churches,
va—Fitst Presbyterian; Grace Church, Episcopal;
Methodist Episcopal Church. North; Methodist Epis
copal Church, 'South; First Baptist Church; Metho
dist Epacepal Church, colored; and Hem. Catholic
Church. There are over 100 estublishmens of pro
doetive industry'. ,
Tu show what our milli are doing, I give as an es:-
• Merritt prodncta, floor,
relined:LlMO racks at El 60. 545,0 W—corn weal,
grodild, 1.3,000 boshels, 547,40. 7 antinat
'532,2:0 There are two other mills, one at winch
of yy —the other ratacorn ns end goods • alto.]
c' . li' a t p e ntitt any has a floating population of about
2000, eying her—maklng allowance for residenti
who had lett on account of the cholera—about Ai*
In the county withal; the city, there
at Misannippi Bar, about 300—Negro Bar,kggi—m o i..:
moo wood, 340, and ecunertog throughout the noway'
oral the Casumes, about 1200,' which will! make
V.. for die mace county._
MI. lute Denman was thornily Wed bp.the
lag oft piece of timber; while eamtipel nehleting
to Mena mill is Senhicklyielenahip, , Westmorelend
County, *treiatothets "we badly injured
The Niagara's Mad reached. this City Iva evening
overphe New Haven Railroad, and we condense all k
their intelligence which has not before appeared in
our Columns by Telegraph.
President Fillmore', Message is published at
length and largelycommented on by the Londoo pa
pery. The Times devotes to it the leading article in
three sucemetive days. This paper thus Legion its
The last address of 'an Executive chief presented ,
to the world was that of Lotus Napoleon, who only
the other day was in lodgings in ping -street, St. James,
but who- now, by the expulsion of an elected King,
presides over the fonunes of France. The address
which tilts morning occupies so many of these col
units is trout Millard Fillmore, formerly a linen dra
per's shopoann, and now, by the death of his aupenor,
the Federal head of the United States of Amer Ica.—
A century ago, in the days of Louis XV. and George
11- the wildest. megination could not have foreshad
owed two .nth documents, two such personages,
and two such trains of events as have placed them
where they src. If it was then somewhat less im
probable that a number of British Colonies should
win Ile it independence and Form a Federal Union
than that the grandson of a then existing advocate in
! Core o n should he the President of a French Repub
' tie, cu the other hand the Message of the American
President is on the whole a g eater, a more compre
hensive and more significant marvel. The Message ,
of the French President seemed to exhibit him as
healing the wounds and consoling the griefs of an
ancient and distracted monarchy ; as allaying its to
mutts and repairing its resources, and as much ore*.
pied in mending the poet as m planning the future.
flue doccument now before to is eminently prospec•
tine and hopeful. It is full of new opportunities,
' creative energy, and expanding empire. The days
of Washiegion, Franklin, and • Madison are already
ancient io the animist of a Repuplie which within five
years has established its now und.sputed away from
I the St. Lawrence to the Rio Grande, and from ocean
to Dee., and within three peen has planted a'
• wealthy. and populous State on the shores of the Pa.
Toe Morning Chronicle mica Mr. Fillmore for not
Being a Fred Trader, but alipa in the following nen.
tense among in criticism •
Compared with the ignoble immortality of Aria
ident Tyler'. addrease.. and with the unprincipled
violence of Mr. Polk, the unastiming and even cm•
Icons lanzinge of Mr. Fillmore towards Staten
,which, like Portugal, have been embroiled with the
[rein°, will stamp its author as a politician immea
surennly advanced in come captain beyond the recent
level of American Pi ceident.s.
The Daily News, too, thoogh astonished at findiu
he "exploded humbug" pot forth in so sensible
• paper, does such justice as this to the author of . 1
Message: 1
Prendent FWD:lore's, 'Message to Congress is e. -
aciertsue of the man. It is the compoution of o.e
who has attained the position he holds in his p ty
and in the Stateby substantial hard work, by the e•n
dience he has inspired m his tact, judgment and p . c.
Leal good bees., not by showy. declamation. tis
temperate in language, perspicumn in coneeptio, and
arrangement. From some or its views we utter!. dis
sent, as narrow and antiquated bit it in a doeurnent
such as could emanate I roman one but an experienced who sees clearly within the range of` his
mental Innen, though that range may be some hat
of the narrowest.
A public dinner has beta given the Hon. Ab it
Lawrence at Liverpool, when as a matter of rse
he made s speech which is reported at length tit he
English papers. Mr. L. rejoices in the Cmnmial
alliances between England and America: rejotin
the goodness and greatners of .nuneree; in there
peal of the Navigation Laws; in the mamtime edm
petition between the two countries; in the rapid
growth of the United Suites, and in the certainty 44
pence being maintained in the great tAnglo.Sal
faintly. Each branch should stove to learn and
adopt whatever of good belonged to the other. 'T
speech Sr.. received with great applause.—[N.
Tribane. ~
Front the anneal report of the President and three
tors of the Pittsburgh and Cleveland Hail Road Con
pany, we take the following extract, which wil
greatly interest our readers. We rejoice to see tha
the company it in the army/ern. condition Pei for
by the report
They are happy to he able to congratulate the
frond. of me ceterpose with thesenernltyprotipe_roun
and promotes orate tif the work. The principol
den abash to this coneeratolation Is in the de ay in tits
expected completion of a considerable portion of the •
reed The totmotion of this delay are :holly to bo
timed in the oirflimency of the sob.centenctorstrele
ey pan of the inn.on, end in the scarcity of bilinj
ens sulvounitly in other respects the work has be •n
carried torward with vigor and with streets.
In the anew orthe present month the laying
the track will probably be eoinpleted from Clevela
to Ravenna. This will open a considorable
of the read for operation, am the Company
begin to reap the frunis of their enterprise.
grading and the masonry on the remaining porno
the line nod the rirovlsons for the supers:l
lure are so far advanced that the reside
be emote/et! to the' Ohio .R.iirer iw ,Sept
Trirough a rare 2.oirieldenee of favorable da.
hu money marker and,in the iron trade, contra
or raii, the entire rend have keen cheered a
The whole amount ha
plreha.ed and paid for; and, with the eicep
what wtll be oree,nry to replace a male,
which via+ 1,,i; under however - an ample in*,
has all I von landed at I‘lontreal. the
delivered at Cleve! including traorportatii
flutter, will not 4r:rued forty dollar, per nett
The %attic of then iron was manufactured
pattern furnished by the company and under
thin:mid la beauty *qui strengh of p
. wrll as in quality of the material, it in bel
the nut in 11,1 suriumsett by any that has been
on any work in the country.
Of the twenty four thousand rails dative
Cleveland not it defective hoe hen been detect d
Thu neknowleogetucnt is but due to the multi ode
tnents by whom the iron wan manufactured, hat
of Crowahny and that of Colebrnokdale, alitio• • h
ouch na acknowledgement can add lithe to the 1-
u n t i tn t.., th t e i iie n
; o r t m oirrii% m htive 'hitherto borne as to
Altoeether the Board feel a !owlet pride to
conviction that in 'the entire coreitruction of t e
road, in :be maiermln on in Ma work and the cum
men., their work will rink with the font in tie
' •
Sosmoui depot grounds have been procured both
on the lake shore and on the table lands in Cleveland
and at all points where needed on the line, at a coal
to the company Immunity low.
The requisite buildings for passeneer an d freight
station, wood and water aceomodatiot a t, car homes,
repair shops. \a, have been preps or are in
prouresa, at Cleveland Bedford, Hudson ea - Ravenna,
eo fares present exleencies demand.. Others will be
added MO they shall he needed.
Six Locomotives have /%11 procured, two of
which, ol twenty tootons eight, are from the
Taunton OrarOllnclurtnA company and are Cl a char
acter which will ifienon the high reputation of that
company's constructions as unexcelled by any other;
two, also of the first elms and, of the same weight,
will bo delivered in the e pring,by the Cuyhoga Steam
Engine Company; and renaming two of lees power
were purchased at second hand, and have been axed
in the distrilintion of iron and other materials of con
Three first clam coaches have been received nt
Cleveland from the well known manulactory of Ea
ton, Gilbert o , of Troy, which in convenience of
arrangement, material and style are equal lotto latest
and best of eastern manulacture.
Suitable arrangeru COW have been made for the mon.
ufacture, of freight carnal out own shop at Cleveland
us fast an In likely they will be wanted. Bythis mode
or supply a considerable saying to the coat will be
The board have taken reqnsite preliminary step,
on their part, for extending the road to Beaver,to
connect with the Ohio and Pennsylvania road at hat
point It is expected that the addittonal cash funds
needed to construct thin extension will be famished
along, the line of the extension and at Pittsburgh. It
is eminently desirable that this connection with Pitts.
burgh .hould be effected at the earliest day.
Mr. Benton, in his late speech in the Senate In
i favor of the bill„for the aqatruction of n rood from
'I. Loins to San Francisco:mud "There is a new
•en become current of late—a now born idea—that
one but a man of science, bred in a school, can lay
If o rood. That it n mistake. There it a class of
opographicel engineers older than the schools and
more unerring than the mathematics. They are the
aritmelr—lnthalo, elk, deer antelope, beam—which
reverse the forests, not by compass hut by an tn.
Inlet which leads them always the right Ivey, to the
lament pat., in the mountain., the shallowest fords
n the river., the riche al pasture. in the forest., the
beet gait springs, and the rhorteet practicable lines
between remote point. They traverse thousands of
mile., have their annual migration back wards and
forwards, sad never miss the beat and shortest route .
Thee are the art eagle era to lay not arced in a new
country; dm Indian follows them, and hence a blare.
lo road huorues a war path. The firat white bath
en t,liow the some trails in pursuing their game,
tad after that the bullets road become" the wagon
rod of the white min, and finally the macadamised
it road of the @mental° man. , It all resolves
It It into the same thing—into the game buffalo
.0; and thence the buffalo becomes the first rind the
t engineer. Thee it has beat here, in the wen.
ri which we inhabit and the history of which is
o amilear. The present national road from Cum
• land ova the Albsgtmaies, was the anther). road
• 'en. Braddock, which trealtheen the' lauffiido path
• • e wddanimals. So of the tworouds from.Weat.
• Virginia. to Kentucky—cue through the pap in
hi Clanberlend motmthies, Ute other down, the cat
er of ;he Kenhavra. They were both the war path
•• the Indians and the Wavelling route of the budislo,
• • their first acqualattnas, the early beware Ha
-1 'Pt ()amide them in going from the Fait springs on
h HOESIOR, to the rich pattures telt spring. of KT :
adieus followed them that, white humeral at tervmrds
s •
• • that is the way li:entirety wasdorovered. In
Ire than *hundred peon no AMMO, better routes
• been found; and retrace now melds ha unpm.
• roads exactly whew the buflalo's foal tint mark.
• the way, and the buster's foot afteritardS follow
,a, hira."
Sump claim has been made rot die preeentlilayer,
b I his liiends, uu ifo ground (hit hp Ims paq ma re
money into the City Treanury, than bin VIWOCOiIw,
Mayor Herron. From the rapid - iIiCIPLIPe of disc*
this ought immunity to be the case, but It bk 'autos
thin following stalLition; taken front
_ lfie..reogda will
show •
Collectior:eirotn Vegetable SUM by • • '••• •• •
Mayor Heron in 1919, • 71351 00 •
C,lleciedby blnyor 13arter in IMO, ,19cp 136 •••T.
Increase for 1550,
Collection by John Green for Snits
in market for 1449, : •Ow 06
Collection by John Green for' Blstlt
in market for IF,Aii
DdeITIIPC in fieve . ntie fot
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