The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1851-1861, January 10, 1851, Image 4

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DANIEL 1:300N3.
• . ,
Bold, 'pioneer, thyhardlhtmd
By God ,was made,
To bresk.the unit deer's solitut!.
The gaunt Ingre shade. .
Ditdainirig beds of elder-dotru,l
The rare divan,
Thou fledgt afar from court end;totts.
From tutor'd mon.
—tilting thy heart its farce and nway,
ids wild intent,
Where burned the red mon for his prey
With r.trong bow bent.
Thy fearless eye firs scored the path --
And dismal bee 1 ,
Where fled our foes ' bloody wrath,
In long defeat.
That fertile sweep t word the Weat
For inonra ,
Now by the feet ofGlory pressed,
Now made to smile. ,
Exight from the hand of Art has sprung
The holy noire;
Sweet Sabbath echoes lead the young
from wrong desire. i I
Oh! would thou coulilst frola rest awake
To lipur the sound,
Of dam loud beating waves that break
Sunlit around!.
That tide by resolution swept,
Its ebb and flow,
Where hidden ouce in ambush crept
The deadly foe!
Bleep on! thro' glory bright moon
Thy country runs--
Bright Shines the name of DnulOL Boos c
Among her sons.
Tho inglo•9axon heart will gnarl
That sotmding name!
Man pya to thee, the grand reward
Of deathless fame. J. C. 11
Night in Eden.
Br MEI E. a. EVAN S.*
''lssm moonlight o'er Eden! nigh moonlight. I wean
Ar only n night within Eden both eeen;
So Roil fell the radiance—!o trondrourly bine
TVP.3 tha shy. with ite star-enthroned angels in vie
Ravi. !right WU the bower where• the fir-fingered
Her blmemning gmland delighted to weave ;
While the mu cacght is hie:Alt from her check'.ll
leg dye,
And the siclet its hue from her 16n•Iighted eye!
Them...lull:3 by the mummy of mecca raeame,
Itt3 cb.annued by the rsinbor.tringud Wait of
The era softly oksed that so soon wore to .soap ;
Oar pmront• rcliosod in a hlina•baonted alma
Bat other Como rani on tho grandeur of night,
And beings celestial grew glad at the sight;
All warm from the glow of their amber-hoed skier,
How eaange seemed the shadows of earth to their
Them 'esscm-robea Beauty, with rapture-lit - smile,
Her golden rings folded, reclined fora while;
,; And the seraph of melody breathed but a vord—
Then listened. entranced. at the echoes she heard
Prom mountain and forest an organ-jib° tone—
From hill-top and valley a mellower one;
Stream; fountain and fall whispered low to the sod,
For the wail that ehe sputa was, the mono of o.
With blashes like £dens corn rose in its bloom.
Her censor slow-crafting ambrosial perfume—
With ',ft...ceiling teems of many-hoed hair,
The spirit cf fra.gance breathed tweets on the air.
Then Erg . the .21 of the angel" of light.
• • .
RCP, The cir.;:r.g of birds that enchained the nigh
Fcr the bra• us ate minstrels in heaven, they say,
Ana the homes end the flowers hare a musical pla
From the gentle gazelle to the kings of the glade
Each form of creation with joy they surveyed;
And lily-cronatell 'lnnocence gazed in the eyes
Of the thooder-voiced Lion with cmillnistayrie
All tight, sr. if cis= were deserting thole pow',
The heaver... were aright with the
Ina, the eentinel-enotintains in garments of gni
With glory.lackei foreheads live monerche ee
E41.1a! fair Eden! where now b thy bloom?
And where are the pure ones that wept o'er thy
Their plumee never lighten our ebedoery Akio .
Their iniren no more on earth's hearten arise•
Bat joy fur the faith that 1. strong-1n its powers,
A fairer and Letter land yet shall be ours;
Wh.on ,in thall be ra.lyttlbed, and Death yield hi
And Earth, with her otitintot, Jettornh obey
Then, nobler than Adam, more charming then Eve
The Son of the Highest his palace shall leave;
While the taints who adored him ulna from th
At tho tromph-otrain trine°
Panrzriur, CA., IVA
• yrs. Emus is the &ter of the eloquent Thomas
IL Stockton, of the Siethodirt•Protesuent Church. A
volume of her poetry is shortly to appear. She it
mid tole scarcely inferior in poetical gifts to Amelia
Welhy. If so, let trs bare her poems. —En.l2, C. A.
A gentleman who has filled the highest
municipal offices in one of our cities, owed
his elevation chiefly to a single act of civil
ity? traveler, on a hof summer's day, want
ed some water for his horse, and perceiving
a well near the road side, turned his horse
up towards it. Just then - a lad appeared,
_AO whom the stranger addressed himsel f, saying :
" 31y young friend, will you do me the
fever to draw a bucket of water for my
horse. as I find it rather difficult to get off
and on?"
• The lad promptly seized the buck - et, and
aeon brought a supply - of water. Pleased
with the cheerful temper and courteous man
ner of the youth, the traveller inquired his
name; and - eo deep was the impression made
on his mind, that the name_of the lad and his
place of residence were'remembered until
several years afterwards, when 'the traveller
had occasion for a clerk. He then sent for
this youth, and gave him a responsible and
profitable place, from which he rose to the
chief magistracy of the city.
Dr. Beecher on Preach-Novels
France. where religion long ago went oat,
smothered by licentiousness has flooded the',
world With a species of literature redolent of
depravity. Upon the plea of exhibiting na
ture and man, novels are now scooped out of
the very lava of corrupt passions. -They aro
true to nature, but to nature as it- exists in
biases and cerurtexins ; true, where luxury
and lictsm have called to their aid, art,
taste, literature and' ingenuity, to prevent
the delicacy . of pure feeling, and strain it to
extravagancies of corrupt sentiments. Un
tier a plea of humanity, we have shown up
to us troops of harlots, to prcrm that they _
are not so had as wilts think; gangs of
desperadoes, to show that there is nothing
in crime inconsistent with the noblest feel
hip. We have in French-and English no
vela ofthe infernal school, humane murder 7
ere, laxivious saints, holy infidels, honest
robbers. These artists never seem lost, ex
cept when , straining after a conception of
religion.. Their devotion is such as might
'lie expected from thieves in the purlieus of
thrice deformed vice. Their Deity is to
God, about what Jupiter or Juggernaut is
to Jehovah. Exhausted libertines are our
prefessora of morality. They scrape the
1... very sediment and muck of society to mould
their creatures, and their cob:ones am mon
ster itlilleries, in which the inhabitants of
.7' old Sodom would have felt at home as eon
tioisseure and critics. Over loattmome wo
-3/4- men, „and unutterably rile men, uddled
.. together in motley gr'oup',and Oyer h
ruoustrons deeds, their liq., their plots, their;
cri rti es, their dreadful plea sures, their glory.'
'lug coniethafion, is throten the "checkered(
light of
„plot ,imagiustimn, until they glow
with tur lama' ltieteY :14crcils •of the,
French. schools, and of :English - imitators,
are tlie common sewers of society, into
which drain , the concentrated filth of the
worst creatures of the worst cities. Stich
novels come to us impudently pretending to
be reformers of morale and liberalizers of
religion : they propose to instruct our laws,
and teach discreet humanity to justice 1
The Ten Plagues have visited our litera
ture; water is turned to blood; frogs and
lice creep and hop over our most familiar
things—the couch, the cradle, and the
bread-trough ; locusts, murrain, and fire,
are smiting every green thing. We are
disgracing our tongue by translating into it
the novel literature of France. I am
ashamed and outraged when I think that
wretches could be found to open these for
eign seals, and let out these plagues upon
us—that our Satanic Pilgrim should voyage
to France to dip from the dead sea of her
abominations, a baptism for our sons. It
were a mercy to this, to import serpents
from Africa, and pour them out on our
prairies; lions from Asia. and free them in
out forests; lizards and scorpions and black
tamntelas, front the Indies, and put them
in our g ardens. Men ituld slay these; but
thew offspring reptiles of the French mind,`
who can kill them ?
firsts. as every thing is to the eye, sometimes
for a hundred tuilek together, along these deep
sea valleys, there is rarely silence. The ear is
kept awake by thousands of voices. In the sum
mer there are cataracts leaping from ledge to
ledge of the rocks, and there is the bleating of
the kids that browse there, and the Slap of the
great eagle's wings, as it dashes abroad from its
eyrie, and the cries of whole clouds of sea birds
which inhabit the isles; and all these sounds are
mingled and multiplied by the strong echoes un
til they become a din as loud as that of a city.
Even at night, when the tacks arc in the fold,
and the birds at roost, and the echoes themselves
seem to be asleep, there is occasionally a sweet
music heard. too soft for eren the listening ear
to catch by - day. Every breath of summer wind
that steals through the pine forests, trakes this
music as it goes. The stiff, spiny leaves of the
fir and pine vibrate with the breeze, like the
strings of a musical instrument; so -tint every
breath of the night wind in r, Norwegian forest,
wakens a myriad of tiny hasps, and the gentle
and mournful music may be beard in gushes,
the whole night through. This music of course
ceases, when each tree becomes laden with snow;
but yet there is a sound in the midst of the lon.
goat winter night. There is the rumble of some
' avalanche, after a drifting storm, a mass of snow,
too heavy too keep its place, elides and tumbles
from the mountain peak. These is also, now
and then. a loud crack of the ice in tb.o-nearest
glacier; and. as many declare, there is a crack
ling to be heard by those who listen, when the
northern lights Ire shooting and biasing across
the sky. Nor is th is el: Wheroter there is a
nook between the roeki on the shore, where a
man may build a house, and clear a field or two;
wherever there is a platform beside the cataract,
where the sawyer may plant his mill. and make
a path for it to Join some road, there is a human
habitation. and the •cunds that, belong to it.—
Thence, in winter nights. tome music and laugh
ter, and the tread of dancers, and the hum of
many voices. The Norwegians are a social and
hos.nitable people. and they hold their gay meat,
Ingo in defiance of their .. , _rctic climate. through
every season of the year.
tho extel&.ve nage of building tonserly otowiett
Leech =I Cc, et the FLAW., tortreen eer rt.
NEd. DVILIZEIN Wly. Win br• leteel for e to= of roam—
IT=Tesei",kiejorso2p=riber tanrcT.T=a
glee. LamteiletelT.
Ziprly to CF:A.S. B. ECCLLT. *gets.
Tonne tercet,litotborglo.
SAINOES ON DEPOSIT, which.. have
hr three Tana tad sp:mt.olt, to the
hacbsage Boot ef rittabur.—
Williaan Datit. rt.:de:lee untnaath 9.1P10. fra).
Spencer . XualeT, Zanertihe, 0.. Oct 1., .5
1 cer.sll. that toe facer:an haishen troctr to Se Mae to
the hems , td. or titer tormyLoatttirea, homed(.'
to the kraoke that bunk.
I. 51. EfOlri% t'Lmhttr
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b.. M.O. d. rat:adt,
Nom; Cobh::
;SL)T.ICE. We hese ueeeciated J. GARD- I
COFITIi with os in the Eitsban , ^of R.,ardra
scm. wict.ila' iz a Cu.
PittabcralkJawaszr 1. 1S 51.-latlar
M H. Wri.LIAMS & 'CO.. Bankers
and Ischar Benkres, North - Zan cornat ci Wood
abileihird stens, l'ittes s oirgb.
All traunietscor riot< cos ilheral sorma, ant rollaitima
prosubtly acceded so 9 ll
A CABrites-185/.
Fcartb sod !LP,l.EtLD,i.No,,rtmhtE.,,,,v
tut MM. St the CJIIIIISCULS.RIIi of the Nesa , Year. to re
turn these thanks laceir customers aril the path: games
ally . , Per the large of meet= einuolsot to Uo., and
invite the cordsounoce Of took Limn. Harbor creolly
esalecked and horroind their rscm. they ons enabled totem.
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trill hare the adman< of phiste of 'bib , to ...Mo.
ala, and make their selection , They denOO easkink
torte eitablishment. as for m nnerticable. FAililk
:FIORE, . rear meirir In tlle lery eßsods <arced
Mr the Onto of females, mes proconsil—msa Su their
<cottoned efforts to sal Sem the best erode , atui li to
briar, the bolos to make it the Mute. of famine. out
alrlduals, to farms them with their <icemen
WIIOLE<ALE 131.101.1:011 0111 bo continued in
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loser cam. _ soma
ban ...aerated the nee of MORTIMER - 8 RFIMCSLILT- '
curing lb. and mord Inveterate noses of INFLAM•
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th./...i.:pi .."...... many of them claim.. of M. Loots.
and °awns from ahLowl. turn 1..0 roma within Om last
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It I. 0.1110.50. n from IL.. nryerienmof the TAU, that no
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GROCERIES. of thLr ar.alful
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jang: JOHN PARKER aco ii:=4ir c siP t ti:‘,..,,l i i ,T;77:4 . ,,4",Pto 1,,,,cri.
.SUUAR. not:. and tr.ituona al orinir_te Pact few month.,
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CIOFLN-BROOMS. tin. Lienot raw. the.orgh the who'. r ratam. torultallang the
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tang -- - .....---.' - - : the arm., ;and rotor. the tudlT4ll.ll La I.Jfe., ...I‘. , 1
OLD RYE WILISKEY. i L. tinct who =r e *olo.l tiM. Jen... thew... and
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awls by bb".
0 .11.0.14—AtUN i t k "" • C° ; =lig; ine th. ~.... . thuithti. d th.
lop ECTIFIED WIIISKEY. , preennt y,oletrustra . tes the font of cape.LitC - Penna . '
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.1.9 JOLL , PAILILLIt a CO. i perimnea, th.t no outs - n051n2 2 12411.r t
.t r .
ItEMOVAL.—DR. SPEER kiln TOtnoTed to I rrzErl i ,mtnt,T,,, ,, ,;:gx., , p . 1 ~,,_.
I A. -
• Mary WOW. Glow Att . N. 1(0 M. and d•AIL don in . ery scut. elms. arliltb .111 air' rc Ito on%nla
gm Ins nune MAUI., I time, but Oa" Mil not effect a perrnan.nt cure T mo
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pIrTSBUROII COMMERCIAL Cou.EOE, , au Intarral truaray, ta praltne the ifeonnd Nice.
Come hf Third Lod Market amt. Co. 0011 au- 12 1 1 Rheumatic Coro.. .A
Elood Puroncr or the
Ted linnutallou cf the PALI in P 11111.31111, f uhlr tamed. 7121.1 hor eTer loco doehrrered. eland to
F.,,nEEtT -John fuming, Principal ...motor in the , amenes nr any attar country. that will arroctually cure
Wenn, of Account'. WU dluatac.
O. LL. Cimhaberlia Proforocr of Prosmamt.hp Aleraantlle ' This tradlciLLe can tar 1.1. vioultaair or ratahl. at lre 13
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do Madeira Wine
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ProJenta Clark
In "ore 6.1 for •tJe by JOHN PARSER 4 CO..
I=o Z.ll Liberty CO..
[Met!, Prot.
flee Dollars 10000! 0011 be halt t. ea! osr• who wl
'PrOall.3 L tryst of pa., gm. or dr:, that earisht eh
h... with Rote Imprond Cheml.l I have the
of ..7.0 to the people of ad, plc. that this
article, bf tr.f oext tamer.. rut cu lt, rune ass. awl..
yelled let thia couutr7 far LLltTiCtiAir Lll.lle,tar, ph., NJ.
feint. Math - other
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of the dross Sm. 1 gate Cola becuuso lam ue.nalsol uot
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Orders from a 010a0t0r1f reerehanti r aud t.dlm mmolll
ilefehdhi to Of tbs....rib., 11. E. St:LI:US,
d•2O IT Wool a
r` et.ile id iis;sEED oi br ? iur3,
WXoN. urrir a co.
CYF r 2PGage Rio far ecle by
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- VMS- 11.6 bt.a large No. 3 Mackerel:
"" O.: his tio.lTait ; raora Herring - .
r'' C'''aEiIAVAIIINE:C2 cO.
em DA tar sal. fjoil) BRAUN's RiTrElt.
II ICIIORY NUTS. 6 begs for sale by
M0 4 1.1 4 DD CANDLES. 20 boxes for o
sale by
FALLmoron CO.
QOM'. 150 boxes Louis:ale No. 1 Rosin;
Los. cotitz,Vzif4tAr s cn.
--- - -
31 " 44 '
nc; IVALLINth OnD t CO.
COTTON YARN. MOO dozen Hopo am
et &&te Ai WALLINdFORD & CO
ORANGES. 35 bbLa. just rueeived and
116 IVakr unrt
LOUR. 160 bbls. for stile by
~.I UST RECEIVED from the Phillipsville 1
0 oil Cloth norm • •
. too yards li.l Y loor CHI Clotho I
. aro rod. 4-1 do do
200 rano. 12-I Wilt - m(4l Coen
to aorta oirrortrd olluo ToLle. Mond maul Ilurcou
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PASO. 4 gram of that
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Th----T MAC
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~dtart:Ktar.,=La Tom, the mr t& tho;
. 6 ., 6,,,,.4.t, I. tbo roallgt_ mark,:t.. Pike CA rents
md lb rear per lb. . • -
Tbe Teo garlret to the Dibroordortrt Mr.:. , jo .
.ALE or.vnuenr. REAL ATE
st.VD nos WORILB. 1:11 3101rogilatla.11,Alsi
annist to ade of the (*mule flunedoe °tort
of Law and lament of add county.reatenlit=
wGeri n i ota Taney and other dt•fssultl the
ossondustoners. attpcdoisd for tho venom will proo.,
to sell at Monsaillown. in laid minty. on to tanll.h Wars
Isbi, (befog moll day.) &What DrallertY
lo )ionosuodia hWnty. Vtrlinla. lying elms and near
Chest esnorally barnirts es. the 3laticsagella leen
Worts. and ths Woe that ow coon Ted jti Mad - John Tans
'bey sod others to sa.ll.lrean T. Mlle= contain.
lost about woo of hod , whereon arel l %
Rolm hall reettoT. and and nal MI, &iv.
ers be water prover, together with three Slut Fortunes.—
On this hind there is an stanch:we of leers Or., Stone goal.
umber and Line Roma There Is- also it valuable - Pen7
owning Cheat Mee, telongtog to the propertY.
mi. estate is well eituated manuing
not only of bon, hot of Wool and Cotton, being sinMe
In the hoar[ of a good famine and wool notating amain.
about oa miles south of Pittsburgh. baring one of thsbest
Imam Dowers in the west, and water rommuninstion to.
Pittsburgh and elsewhere.
D. thmo premise, there hare been expertdrd within the
lan tea or twelve_ years. tome tiny thousand dopers. to the
erection of the rolling mill. nrill fanory, blast Mynas, and
other buildings-
The worim am now mil l .ray good order Immediate -
Ir:econeeted with the 11,3 MUM four or lire hundred
acres of superior forming Nadi some Um or .10 smaller
farm, together with sixty or deny slwslllog
ebb. for the workmen.
The sale will lw on a credit of 000. two, and throe years.
the• purchaser giving Isuid with sworn) , La the velment
of tho ourehase money.
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altep, sal 40 head of CAM a, dt ode :die
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Jaato and O f Pattrean, Mr Brownlee, SOL Joe,
lien, carer, Wsdalngtott county. P•••••nd cazfallr Poloo
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nenil, .1 of Amherst Cohere.
DUI= EVIDENCL—Dr , J. C. deer. Lowell—nerr
-ereclior ender Oen:anew to row Lsr th e rohnnans ef
he began. I send you • rovort of my ease, east* Con are
at liberty ter the %worth of others. Last eaan,
I de ahlW add. tdetenranksl be a sowere mash, and
made use of many wriEnrww. oT.bord obtaining 1,44. 1
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Bryant, Drogotst ttol Poractaztor. Clacovo
Fels, Moro—
Dr. J. C._ lorr—Data Str—Entloorl plane Docl =Morse
for all the Chem' Pectoral 1.1 teat me. I ton
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A. r lrLiter. IFAlvard Campbell. Jr.. P.C. faze
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by 11/14:Y. u.O4'II.IEiTSJ ct!
Murphy's Self• Sealing Advertising_Envel•
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prices •Yrna of Car 02c7r., matla u.
letters of la; wt,oot Woo
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40 to dd byriPPYJ3 ... . .......
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Vb.; 3000.. .... .10,00
On to IO 10.00 4000
80 *0100 ,...
LI is WA convelkgt ( to P:rword amount of - c i refree )
c.„,„1 „ , , ,,, ,, gtrrx i 5 , . lefertzeo .. LoAr , e , me= l, l ily New Took
.11.01 0, If odd/Tref. WIL MlTlg ' ift7 4o
No, 263 3,„d, etree . k New fork.
or T:Zilt,`.llllV.. oo
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thonakneOla Cored In ola front atm
—lnt. Jams( Rom. the &worrier sod sole proprm
eve 10l
133000 popular and beuelleial medletuaa, and also
the Inventor of the celebrated InrUmment for LtMattog th•
Luj,p, e t a cure of Dorfr. was • rue
Slept of that malmmt pliMici /trine. and Is
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FOR ST: -LOUIS. • The splendid
Mesmer PLEETWOOD. Wm. Caroler.
avirader. bmer *albs atone. exe.l hate
zootiste perAoul Warder. the llth htshent io st 4.P.
For freight " . 91 N714701 1 1 gri E& Agent.
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tore for the shore and Intermediate. port,
n'ir=,llth , nl,lO A. X.
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rR ST. LOU S. The fast ma
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trher, will leave the atom and fit
1.0. W. porta or, • , the 111th instant, at 10
For [might or tema4e. apply so board. lao
r sulstulld nriZas EDITOR, L. O. Ilis.
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FOR NASLIVI LE. The nplen•
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fligeilan - P1 stORMUAND — ' ----
XI, ITIIEEL111; OK s r A Tcatlendid
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mtlylips Intwesu
this city and Dlivella ,
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P. v. Thurtday erg STOMPY. tt'titrir
rcrt Mund.q. Vcdrateday and Fri
C ATI, Captain John
rr rotll4ll - mmt wpm built by
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the owner.* of the .1
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rn•ry rriday after n. I , d - (might ..r pa.v.nre. applr on
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.111«111-11413. I.IIfERPOQI„ \MI
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For Imtgla IA IV., 11,1010 M. bin".
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FOR REN — .—Thn following proper-^.
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STORD, bit Marko erect, retwriti third .r.. 1 tt,ith *IA,
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TOD SALI—A ritarrltsrl lirds• Ca thy STentbidid• Cu
Third Moot. forr c-suyirsi by Qs lat• ND. A. Polito
For tees', dryly I
11. D. GAT.7.AM. 164 ItecT.l air:it
Ara cr to. 11. SCCOD-slltris. SC Third Wert
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R RENT: a IRO stors i'varne- douse
ari Euk. matt ivo Yv, dmat-•
,Prd street, ElnktWerl u.lsinat
La tern:.srsi;; to KviIIE9NLITTLL 4 Co.
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' till, Store Room No G 5 Mar.,;•....t
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F OR SALE, the Thor , story Brick--
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Jlem or the Wird.
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r"Pn"d ' ATLAS HAVEL, Prrhiuter mod Cluttint.
100Chornitt Meth, Yhtladelpida
For sle. who've.. end retell. by h. A. Bakineettht a Cl.
and re B. !leder*, Bitten:wen mid Jail& Belßent, aza
Xtitcben, Alloghtny City.
ENNETT & BRO., tßieenmare
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ANN/. . BEELIN, Admtnlstrotrix.
b. OAZZAM. Admit:aerator.
111%0/113111. Dr, n 5, 1050.--thetn.4lm
A)IVIDEND. The Pregident arm% Board of
ISlitnerte of thellorthlrn Mertz, Dri.lreCometny
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Jaa Ist 1d51.-00. h. o l l Alllital s lnoleum.
rd,.N.w York strop, a very '1.111.1. ortlolo.
()olden Syrup from t.O. a. Louls rawer).
Edgar Ilona Mau.. du du
New Chicano do Ad rd.lo by
jo • WM. A. Mr.C.M.110.1 eCO O. 25 Liberty
in 11. Woul mum%
Q,PLENDID GIFT IV/oq t. ,r-in g
0 Leaflets of Memory. Oetro 11. „P.' ,
Carriage of 31cotera Art. ?mar. . •
..litlenddrip's Offering. Warta blcom. • -
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Mgt PENS. We hare now on hand a
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de; 4 1 -A AVILgON.
SODA ASH. 75 caska Kurtz brand for sale
by' de7., S. At W. MULBAUOTI.
TOLL BUTTER. 20 bbla. prime, receic•
el for aslobr dr= B. 2 W._II.6ItHAUGH.
W. 50 bbls. primo for silo by
VIIEESE. 50 bore:, W. R. Cheeie for sae
10 METAL. 176 tone for rolling mill
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Delaware Mutest Safety Insurance Co,
MANGE= TWA mt. l'bUsdelphls.
3h. followtna Statement of tins *bi n s of the Co y,
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18.5 S
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Earned Premium, thlelele the you ending as above:
On Maine .41 Ittlandit.
W 6,94.1476
hatetsit att
14,637 '445
Mtruonati . Er''' lcilan ' Plevist ri on ' t="lll. l 7"..43-97
Fir. Loon- . 1t2.45.143
Prett .4 Lces 1.
Return Premlums...--1 . 17,9&116
Are.) charms ....' .. _ .. .--. ""
. 1112 ' 2
Expeusco, Ilea, Ealarbee. Stationery, ;lc
?bo Aosou of the CoMpanf are as foTkoirs:
Bonds, Mortaessen, licound
$12,000 Uvlltd notes tax per cent ...... 12.6C5126 , "
1116.000 " fire " "
Ilnl/103 Phlladeracity " ..... P 3.026.00
1113 UV/ Option Marston . ...... 4.760.00
100 Shares Pennsylranialtall Road COAP.T....- 600 -CO
TO " Raton Bank of Tennereee 4411100
60 " M i erchants land klanufacturcrs Rank, 4
I " latrsl b la antl Ilavtedcticncentearn
Tow tkat ......... 230.00
Phllaslelph Kuhlman Company ,IP. OO
Scrip Ural Sleek of snolry Mutual Insurance
Cocapanics 13.112 ,
Rills receivable
4.7•01‘ on hand -,90200
Interest due 1,33.43
• •
Balamem In the b. •of AvvtA,_and P 3 0100
Kaki, • evntlr ........... C;,6111.5.1.
- tioVLlMll.let, 13DI.
The Board or Dlrirtit," bar: Vila day derlanglailividand
of NIX Plill CENT. In nob, on the Capnot e.i. and KIX
nil CENT, on the arriti of the Company.~ i..attible ou ad
after Dorrmber Lt, IMO. Alin,a difidonJ of TEN DEM
CENT. In Actin. on the Capital litot-k and Earn...l iltsal.
um.a. e , nlik.t-, for tehklt alli be 1..1.41...b0re.'
Witham Martin, NV Iluim Folwoll, J. U. Johnron,
Jo.enli Seal. Ji in N. Stalin. Sinautl fo Abate:,
P. A. No der. D It M Hutton. Jam.. Tran.h.
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Errt.• Jr Hugh
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Huro n, lohn IL Penn,
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Penn Life Insurance CompanY, Phia4era• I B'v . .',,T,Y:.'1:'..."7:':',.1 .."T"."/ Tg l ite,
GENT IN PITL.SBUIti li..i FINNEY, ! Ca art o. talloglicar P hlihe ' l l / 2 11 ;04 to ow dlroctekwill
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a day of holm., AO.
Pam, Idoto with , . 1v.0...1., Ilat-rsostl.. ..I Llaul. 2.14. ~, io 0 u,i,,,,, A. m . ~,. ',am..., 4.....,,,,4
C ITIO% ' BI - Cirilir ‘, : b urt i Ilse ft r lho .. fr. r I 11,1, , r" ., .I , ..° . 1 "
„„,„ 0 ,..„, ~,,..,,•
„ 0 „,.,.. ~,, u ..„, 0 , ~,,,,,,,,. A I too. the.. can., sou et piece. ed r i.une,
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0,1 Dr. of I Ifi P. hoi • 40 , tir 31 and 35, .4 a Pia.. of ground Liorinuag I. No
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coot. tad. reor tel foll o ws. hummers at tho south east corner or sard
i Irk No 1, add tannins anaih 3 degree* .4 i 17 .1.
cOssurri insurance Company of Pittsburgh. sap erches and SO to to a pc. . the public road,
(:,APITAL ssoo,ooo R. MILLER, TO., I then. aoath 61 della., cart sJorg told road 17
r Prceil.s. —, Som.. perches noddle 110 to a post on Lao .rocr of Coal.
11l tot. , agalnot all kind+ of Ha. Firo aos Marino ztrees and sold road, thane, along Dud strict north
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in-u - 7,- . . i 11,111u. ,2 10, lko_lll,k. J (1:_111.111n, u .: u John Bremen, at tlla snit of Christ= Art.., lor
ki=, °I ''.:ttit,-,t't.Tar." . :; D 6 :4lc " .J ' arttal?: '''"j'" Forsyth.
i ALSO, •
Asiler, Alas, brick.. Lox .7,utt
andro..3o 01% .1, rtr- , 0, , ^ar.b.,.+: of °say aCa AI tr.c , n g . h ; 1it4 .1 ir....., " d 3 4 . 11 . of Peter . 10. "
~,,,„, • gun, et, - ,n aro to an mid ono. lot of ground a 0111.1.0
ay Min) Pllt.hrah —. in too city of Prtobargh, on tho and, side of Ora.
De l aware m a ma s a f ety h aaraure c om pv sorest, ard fronting oa odd street *I feci, and extend.
grITTICE, NORTH ROOM OF TILE EX- ;'' l :l ° l:4l. re a d - r t ::',„,fi t at„"j,:'`.'...'0.7..,." 0 .2
CHANOE. Third arr , •1 1 . 1. ..a1e/P lO . l . ' of Wool. McClelland, on the Wesi r ldi proper= al
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Hearar 1aarre7.,...,11.0 ilco lusa. %cowls Cargo., ' Porter 110 use, and to be fold be
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trarst...l by Warr., Roll mat cars. C.. 1 Dote, and
`Rm. (-VMS, on 0.0..11 and lake. c n the moot illy'ral tercet
Lism - 7 , 90-4..1. it tool. hdcoond A donder,Joho C
Doors, Kato. Dort• - a. Jot.oll Pcnrole dato.l teloardo,
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Wm iolacil. John ...Ito, Dr. It 31 Hoot. Junes t...
Hand. Pheorphdr. Paoli ', .. 4 Jon. Precise, Hoary
No., Hook Craig. tueoreu .o. nod. too.. Dolls,.
I,harl. holly, J to ;c.o. Woo Mr. Dr . Th - ross.
John Stern, d'm to, Jr
rnereS. at larria..--D i 11-roan Hoch
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A A O. Arttot's
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Fire and Marine Insurance.
w,» mac persasident and litaltedlusursace
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E 4444. ld , r. , . Ldhes. 4C I , cs ol by li.. properties of tld,
Cowl ris well Invested. sod 1 urnioh wn assilslie !mud
it-the wrre hularradry of ..11 pereurs who drills, to be
penseeted 1Y i7...7.Y. , -
1ity15.17 . wit. P. JONES. Aoeerd. 44 Water st.
Frankli; Fire Insurance Co. of Philo& a.
jIDIKECTORS: Charles W. Bancker, Ors,.
W. ftletudde, Thos.:llwrt. Men:seal D, Lewis. Teados
, when .16101phe E. horse. .shausl lint. !lasi/ ii. Blowy.
Jszots h. sdadh, Morris Patten. ,
fiIIARLE3 F. BANCEER, l•relldent.'
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The 041. 7 We reeercal s lases. c0h11.47A 4 Wad.
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afford ample protection . the assured.
The seeds. of the Odium , . tni Jul usry lst, let), aripnte
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Writ. S. E. rts - ner or Wool and 3.1.4 ,
Thirty lux town to Phllalciplaw—Sh;
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Linea of Coaltham will leave by lioniskl.b.r.hj
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3.10 ADEN
iiorelei tg partner of teen atrium Cu.,
Carrel Etain. Penn Mad.
Professor A. C. Barry's Tricopheroai,
for rcneviing, I nrlguratlntr, snit Leona/101l gis Mir ,
omens; the ic - u zi, ihnuinat an d nil affections of the natio
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VIRTUEs. of this , rizoarcoolo rime- o laud, alone In Lower lila Clair Towselopp banded Au, i l ,.'i ii i ii . .i i i.;.„.... t .ii i a i i. 1 4 . ,,,, wiii. i..
Air - leads of William Cana, Thomas Aearrok * 5 hnto . AI Rei of In smite lon N 0.1115 ud Nem lAA , I. se ' 1% .... , •.-
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bets and directions. ter the brocerof the public. - tenth or thee. beteg tee mem PtoPoor no.. .mew .' . al, t 0.1111.1701 den alba end Wm I. Mlllsell
The PETROLEUM le permed from a well to this cm. • ooPengl of end Jam's Keefe. Seised bbd uthortM =ell* tow" at Putt Perry, la Yemenite Triennial',
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~.;._• I • •
Bladder and Kidn'er Pala In the Reek or SRL. North. Also, thoth sax Mrs nary hams, Rotel Oa Lao ':
Memo: Neu:nips. Ithenentlo ft., Conk 1:17ele• erre Rant, at tho rety 01 - PittenarglL.aad I ti brief
ells, Totter. Rlndwrwros e &skin nrolorte, Om maw. ground cow ., ch they ere erected , rent , * gentle ~
ie. le. la calm of debility, Malan. Tooth altastont, or
long arid tootractod , ease of Miaow, this znedirleurarlli tee mar, belo he one m entioned in raid sentl, al 03. ••
Arlo g tulle It wlll an as p liAnd TONIC andlitlirEit. Indict Coo property front ther mum ropan elf
ATIVE la emit casts. Lm tone axe nanyy t., ,,, ., ~.,, to Arm en the bilitPaer dr . ine) lIT 1 .
whole name, removing obetinet oramlour the pin Archibald Frblessa elude le ...e* Teetddp, 4
nmerlons, whhh mow inseam and a broken nem= on. wlth toe dwelling henna wall, and. other :tellellPM ~
and idling Te rre
end mtowed energy mall
mad. Salve and masa ist
the properly
of ilfr: 'Lo Proprietor hum of swan mum of Pclra ofJohn Mehresten, Jo ,at travel* of Dave Edge. ,
the resisted every either lavahmatte. ter well %the inal
of the PETROLEUM tbr • Axe Lima 'The out be Knee & Fat lemon and ethers . . .. . e
soma to any -paean who deer. lt. ALS - ..„. -' ;
Nene weeny without the shmancre of the Punothrom• - • All the right, thlit, Imam* and cleat at Joke , L.
Bold by the onantetur, l
S. Sr. KIEV, Cabal Buid,!...Seveattrotniet. haat e of. m and to all an cicala 101 of groroulzenth
Moo, by IL A.
Monisto . the btaldloft thereat wetted; beginning Cm MAIM 1 ..
n t POWELL, • . alley, Second Weed, Allegheny tithes As die=
earner Mod street and Th la Alt rdrd me Lae between lots No NO, end No IP Omura teeet
noehlly . . his regularly appointed agents. ty towerds Pomp alley , Itte fee, thanevehthwardtp -;
13 ft.. theme outwardly 1111 floe Idnldlo eller. theme 2.
.ibene Middle allay It tee, to th e place e tieglao_og. !I
the saute being pan elm N0711, - as described Batßat.
ant's plan , or Lots In wild City, of ward in vet 70. ~.,
page 14. Relied and taken fa
it aa the pi* I
petty of John Onthato, at ths suit of Sarah Bathe". •
. • ALrO, • .. " • , •"L
• All the right, i
tine, hum eat eel •elihn of Ellribidit i
• Copper end /me Cooper of la and tea! that r Made
, lOC or reed nt green!, together mak Of bethilog• - , ,
utterer., diens In the -Week , taf - IStroluntealle
rounded ear da.nabc4 as follower bellbird./ On OSM I.
,men urea; en the. lam of property *old be the lald 7
Joseph Cooper, deetelled e to tabu tied George Veer -
mut. and • mending boot to the line of pi Operll
ad by Christian —. 11l fort of illateabeare t *ORM t ,
a Oh; the Hue ea seta propery NI felt, 'a the Ore 4; ~
90051010 owner ny Peso Watteau, mut Jacob PleE ,
I. ddrr diddr. sent late 101 feet br thereaboste. 1 0
Caro t
ettn error, and image 61005 *aid audit 33 Met to as
yrnee f ...atnotog. being part al lot tin 100 in the
eln of &rotor - hem sooret•it by John B. Efate. and ,
, .1, der a doted ---, and recorded in the Noir&
ere etLce .t i Allesheny patient, m deed hoot
parer ,-, to'ut lose Joseph Cooper Selted endar=
In ite-1100 a s the voltam of Ent elm* Cram
Jose t on/ter:el ant suit
William Noble area
. John
tdeon,.E. teenier& or Joan h UsePe 7 . Oatenl 7,l • .-
'Oll Inc itgla, ti.1e,101..10,0t and alarm of Ann Midi&
an •nd lii.thiraittenlitutieb_in and to thetas
kelps . , 41 tom Nos 11l ltd IL to Wal drams , plan
ot Imo an IA ethare viTA, together with OW bath:taw
mamma and I apportetaates IhireallUe
..len anti half pan therm( is tomored and
. ee follower negated., en Kmulnes alley, at Ate me•
rcr at 10, No V on sari plan, Ind modes theeral along
the W,: et th e:lola lot in it 3 he par nllel woh Ankara
et teot,ld CI-1141e 1114 , 1. a pi tarter. of 142 feet, thanes
one, %V Inti,i 'trot. inn h. Matti ClVial Elltdrel
e7la7 t at 41115000 01 011 hut Aimee h a Me rant el
on 11 nett era ...v. own, onion.. 0 , 71 war. thence ht •
here 111 sea K.-attar - 4 01417 a disrairee Ord IV
*.rue Itiazilet ado Mantra atedei, • dielatiee O f -
1.110 ih,,,,0 ~ 0 If Ecourrea altcy a dmoinco tr 1 .112
f-ci, In 111: since of beettlnirg. being the PM p
of vemeui nen, rot tor 0011 def6ooolll/I,bl drOddlrd•
Ins 110 th 1 D'ut , lc I Cent' ofAllegeeny avnLy, at April
{von Intl, No S.l Welted and taken in execution as
der omparty at aun Maria, Robb:lnn and Cialthrthe
Loki.. s I at, sell of James Ilinterd, now faun of
keener, M. Mall ' . •
. _...
Ir NOW all men who are sick and afflicted
dbeme of the Bladder and El/Imm Irith even
tuate paha to lark or Utah% did Mhz* okl MM. rl3lllllll
ul era. an y thet they tan b• mired by Wang the .PET
LkUM. lou nmy talk about Ita being a aosuum,asam
Ie you please. Lot ible dmnot make It de far we proelenn.
n the fret of an botu.M. 0201IIIIIIItr. that it baa thew
o doh ere not oustalued In any per remedy. The men
• a Co ra..kod Mat nein. tad
ming Mom dimes*, mu,
for SO cents. get re.Ul front any of Um /Us enumerated
limb"! it mots very
— 1 ittle
t to mats a
n a tail. = e to l M ttki• e • a
o r
huio no gon rt t n e nmmnitoy uu Ithhntnh}so4l•
by the master tomd of Wan, and batildhe up from the
bwenn of our mother ...M. In Its orbital Ponta*, nail
fern on PUtPriag humanly a read, maul,. • eonlian
cheap Nye. - '
It ban eund Pile, after other a...Whine' have failed to
render any toiler It ham rural RtwunnatPm, of long
Wont/rig , and of th e worn and moat initial ammeter. Ilt
La; hand Clinlera Markt, by one or No dom. If hag
rum! old mow of Diarrhgn. la whteh every other ranwly'
hen been of no Alk a heed remedy mni
reside, It le latter hattany mod Leal compounds m Mammon'
Ihat we khow of. It will Maw chilblain. and [rated, Co.!.
na few apt...nun.; undoubted tointriMal nn rout , *
of the truth contained In the mbar. stattount, by cab
Me on SAMUEL KIER, Canal Yheetri, Mennth rthek or
either a the wink
illi'ZAZi). a. D.
rum, All..atton WOOL
Bidttaa of eatery is
of Vend!mai Espouse
Lane Fatisa r iseace out of die the:pet Court
and Ccort of Comma fetes of Allegheny condi, and
to me etrested, well to exposed IC public the
, Court 9900.0, m the cal of viesbarett, on blonder:
',miter, 07, a D. 1451, at 10 &al.& & M., the Wl
ecsonted Pe pent', to wit'
All the right, fide, intenit &OA class of Theo.
ders F Wright, cf, in, and to, all tem two Certam
lot• or piece, o ground, marked and deatgeMed No
4 and fj, m lobo litotes pleb of lies, recorded In
deed book, eeL page bounded n d deicHbed
as follows. v¢:—mvaisenciag at the distance cf 46
foe 2 inches, !tom Erin street, on Cadre Menne,
et corner of lot No 3, thence sloop NM Amu* 44
feet 6 incites to lot of Wu N.. Irwin, theses along
acid rat 76 feel to an allay 11 feet wide, thence
along said alley 44 feet 6 metes to lot No 3, those*
along wed lot parallel wee Eric won, 36 teel to
place of beginning, being the nom two lots which
hoc. 9- Irmo end Martha ti. his vole, by awe deed,
dared the 3t6 el Nov., A. D. 1846, sod recorded on
deed book vol. 92, pave 2.4 armed and conveyed
tOt he mud ore F. Wiled. deiced and takes
in exacta too rut die propene • Tbeodona
at die nit of Join Watt.
/nil ityht, ago, ,alala;/,.a41 cheler, of Aadf ear
ESASAUL Of, to and u, all dal CCM.. lot GI pun 01
nfoand, altuatt in Um Umber,. Titre. liada toneteely,
opposite the Mailmen Ltbartiaa ol Pietabatun.tmouy
lon No an In tho plan of lola laid one by Cl F- Filtrate,
lamb Fainter, and F threat, mentilainig In data on
me Ender talnyina Viten, eta encoding Wet-to on
alley In feat wade, ott *tuck es Clattadlll96.. more
cant hones, toga her with a , l lad tanyntet Via au
proveakneta and allure/ Isonfc.l al 11134 tot. 4/Irod
toad tate. la aieliallol. 51.101 FOI OM 01 imdteur
Emanuel, at UM suit of hobo tient
All ttis rliht, td., lOintrot sad oil= of John Am
bars., ot, In and to all Om tomato OA of Diet. of
grouno at oats w Odanclosisr, on hr north side 111
libodlald meet, beighisitiii at an alley sails &Ashes
of 140 Cent Welt from CLatuer 'treat sad COnlonifoil
to front On ShefftelO stsett 41 lett. and srtradiss of
that width notlmaidly polonol Intl Chanter soul
13d lot, tohn *nay, Wing Ile some pm:tip:44 eolith
thedlo ct al, by deed conveyed to John. Ambenion,
on Which Mort a trotted s ewe mots Neck donna's"'
holm. mobJett n'itoorigsge on dm amts which is
loco rf e.l n.-OtOnnollo 000, 001 / 4 . PP OA walk.unk
If 044 ota and tel. d us
oolt.sorty o od ntif
/oho Mahe rooti;st the 'alloelcestoot Amino
Alt the Sold, Utto, Inteseet and elalle Of /fawn Ron.
01,10 and to all teat unta lo{ of re e Of yffoao.l
enema art the S erene Wald of the .1 of Polvbarah.
deoctibed as tonowtoo inn begthohlif st ltte Comet
of Maker 611 . 11C1 ond C4.lllre Avenue a d lbalkat 11100 g
MUM( Street nottloverSy 74 la, Moue* panaltel
•tth Centre Svenoe eta fart, lattice petalleterith At.
teen at . 74 ft, to Crass Ateous, and thence by Canna
Sven. an 11, to Um place of berm/mg, soy sent new
gunnel having Amon erected a two' aloe? bane
dorelitne and on.. fatploneonsus Seteed one token
lO aka atiod a. to e ',weeny at Jacob lion at the von
Of the Traalae , 01 dal& Second Viasbytellen Coque
gatlon of Pat.leogh.
All the sole, sue, totates 61.4 %falai of Robert Al,/
ton, of, 111, and lu, all 10.1 0050100 but 01
VOllOll l lllllllll4 to the Onto Wars 01 roe bay Ca Soto
b arge, SOWN! ea t teen 014041 11talac iell, and no
tending back by 11.0 woo IVO feat to tilettnety
one?, toole of lass, boon.lui by propettf f booth..
Idedle, on the ores, fine the Lena of J eau. Lo.ty
on tbe rots, to. Salto le er•etod • Slot story bath
dweltu6 foam Santee and taboo Co eoeeaaoa as
tea pt.:petty
teese Mason,. um not ilemytan
A Miner, tot use off), J Forte.
.- - ,
Ad Me Da, ;merest cod vial= of John EO-•
on:, of, in, and to an mat census lot of pi.o of
ft nuti un the carnet 01 Canny ahoy sod Siva Snarl,
in the city of Putsbanin, being twenty six flan CU L..
chain front on Sixth ante:, and extending bare the
same width along C.c., alley, 99 a nt Mote ei key,
on which is emoted a two atm hank ossethrent use,
fronting en State stew Sened an'd taken In exacts
Use as die ptopiitty at aelist Kcppity, al Me P
Rowland. ALSO,
All ten rlgw
ail of Jnouto Gates%
tauten an hot aground Mato In the
nig Warnolthit city id Plusharge i r deg lot No— in
Black's pliai or lota yyt.l ward, fondat or tear,
mole CU lea., at Gillen nisei, and tali:aiding fez:,
wore Or lay, U 3 LoCtuit mesa, prescrato3 me same
vetitili ITC. Ottani tu 133 Feet, Cu welch is CROSS Ono
double lank house. Settee and taken in azimut..
es the p.p.:try, al Jacob andi of John
Forsyth ALStri •
411 the right, title, intereal • and claim of-Thomas
0. in, In or oat of, all Mat Certain tot Of
piece of mane anomie in at. Clair Township, teen,
ed and de.eriiicd ea (shear, imi—beglniung at a
emelt black oak, ranters by lands of JaineaLong
no th 74 deg. wes, GI perches so a black oak, thence
by tints nfiWililnm lllChirdsoll, south 93 deg. twit
70 p,c buy to a white oak, Menne by lands of Themes
Boyd, south 63 der east, Iti retch..
awed° bylaw! el the hens tot John Stone, deceased,
notes .20 2.4 , east ca pet cora to the placer:if brginiiirg,
containing 123.4 antes and 37 perches, main erten, on
which is unclee p two blur? /MUM dwelling henna,
frame barn ai.d oat braces
Also. another pucel of trona, wPitrniett /tom On
shore by the old - Weenie gma .d described as
follows, to wit—beginning at a post tear a white oak,
at the lens benresu Jobe Inomnson and Salomon
done, on the road lending from Flustergh to Wank
ingtort, Pennsylvania, and theme, dens tee said toad
month 24 deg , west 33 perches to the line between Jno
Thmpson and Itoyd'a belts , lent,
,therro slung scud
ice youth ii I• deg east in percher, invitee - Murat in
Set- rut UP a straight bee till It triter/MC/sale teed
between John Thompson and Solomon Rene, and. coo
ditinn id between where linos mandato the trginning,
containing three acme, morn or lest :rites cod taken
In eieett bon as the property or Thomas Aldetson, it
the sett of John Alderson.
All the tight. title, interest and claire of Jobe P
Welso, of In. and to all that certain part of lot Na 108
in canningbams dlentot of depreClitilua lands, begin.
zing. a pest on the math. ol lot No. LW, and an.
ring along mod line, holl t h anon% 99 perches to the
t i ma , ! e w e.
e rn s
t e • 4
1 1,4 .8
It . 0 1 11 ,0 e a n c:
, a o sl , d c edit
tenet by a conditional Ithe through the
above mo th Mt to a white oak on tha south lies,
of Sallie:, thance along the lona Rte ban e de p . tctiee,
rain. test, ton pile of stones In Deer crel, (cote
northeranity along eau of the above tuentloncd
conveyed to Chnsuan Geray, and tty sold Christian
stet. [Whey Pen, to the place at
ant tsken In:ll.l 3 ,ten.mparz.t2:,rri
Jchn P
-55.155, 51 the sdmf David War.
All that certain two o f rubric k /reeling nouns sit.
rus in the Deronett of McKee', drt, au the doluer
of Shares /An► hallo food and Walnut .h.l,
frontlet an ,Walnut street, 3 n te
am nd the Vies.
or pawn and Sordlage appurten to 'cow boll
Drat ; said piece or lot of ground belay kW feet
on . Walnut eunt, and
tack Work We
pnbLe toed,lllo het: Belted and • takaa in a amnion .
as th e property of Owl. Kin;. ai lb. felt of Morrill
Beer ,lie cae of Pao oA:allaw.
All Vet eattain till piece of ground Anita la the
Ninth Wed of the city of iPinsbireki waited od
nombeted I. the plan of lots laid on; ht Gin A. Bay.
said Ward, as lot Neil, tanceici and auel , .
ed will Weak of at ItIJ earner or row,
and Daldwldeta, and Dining Wage awn story Pam ,
sweet, N feet, to the earner of Lot Ne 1, Denys Wag
Kw lbw of lAA No. 11 lOti feet,to o Di feat Liar dorl2to
Blocs said alley 94 fro, 41 Baldric stress, an,{ thence
atomasld Bahligin Erb.; 100 het 14 Penn grilet.
place et,beipicalspi bouts pan of alma lot of Dew.
conveyed by the accouters et James VElara.!by dosed
daled the 11th day of Eleptcabar. A. V UN
flayatd, and eowroyea by -- A. Of,
deed dated the 7111 dirr of Jane. A.D. bV . I . i t=
Jaw A. Wok, Wm defendant lA. DK
with ad andllll2Ao. at OW accea mm tanees. Ike Ulf •
lot of Demi, b abging, oe • aid taken rat
amvthe wpm, - of John , Ot DO :1114 kf
Weigand LitnlYngt.
iollelKa• far ltkff.
. L2lO ,
Alt n. right, tide, Infante and claim or Sohn Cab
bap, of la O tto . oat ot on
WU earteSit Otttabil gay
ono vast ot to land Monte in tt,binton town •
indn, baanset nod detested 4 follows, en: beginning
at a post on Me. bat k rs Coosa 4 tee eingier
of land of Jacob DadPue Moon.- h4lud Doollula's
land, Nona V9f obg . Wan 00 sad 7.1 only Mum.
horn 30i dad.. Etat 3 parents, Non North ifor deg..
Wein gra 4.40 10 potence,. bind at e Widow illtlei
ardoeta lhenerollosh Ife dog, Ewa 43 pore hots, to hand
er htento South On deg, Eon 1W
porches, Manna Sundt-...--,.... ad deg., Eaat no porento. Men.
South Skideg, Woo let and :lila pooches Ma white
oak, dunes Soca 41 dk , tout 13 perches lid • whim
oat, Rowe Math 274 nag, Eas 40 andl le pegobss to
• oOrnore on U. bout of tftianwr• tree k,thenee up
Charting Croak, ton ih 61 deg, East 30 perellea thence
Math 13 1 dale nhin 4 9 Potn , as, looney dons VI deg,
Nut 48 pefeharobenee Sou It ill deg ; Wen 14 e A/
' Paraten to rt ht 01 1 47. thence Soo It 311 dog., Wass 6
Wake*, on. Seats 41 deg., Dien 5 posches to a tn.
gar sea, and thence tag deg, W.. 114 010 omen., 10
• Itte pls. oil beginning, containing 91 aeon ari 43
pc...Wu. Olnet measure, and on wh,en .11 OM Sada d
nor, frusta Meaning house, and nablO ; aloe • small
log hota4 and born, Menthes with on/Mane, gained
cud taken In anemia. Ina the property of John Cala
' blab. al Milano:if Dn. Nancy Some. • ;
All Me ngld, title, Intorno, aol 010 of. John Gall,
of, btu and to all not en aln plena of ground, altaaia to
Wit odlago of raspendocsille, ening pan of lot No 9
to Um plan sot lag called' Ell Ant's Dainht,' , .. made 14-
Z W traminston, au tae - Plusbnran old Soollbou4llll
taming!, woo-llealonlng at Me manor of lot No 10. In
mudr ai
pl., Memo sang We said lot - No 10;itun I ie
IMd2O, alit IS:Into au alley Van souto,thenoo aioeg
muddler, and para.' onin LOOOOOOOllO, south 44 deg,
40 min, west lid fan to WI No ti, Medea odor,* tho U.
of ius No 8, rumba{ with no Lne of I A No 10, 009 lent
to said 0.0691.. road, nod . dicnee nobb the Damp. 60
• toot w toe pima of tiorliallng 4 roing the mile 1•6141
AbweAdar reps and WI., by deed doed Asst. 115,
lOW, and neoidad In boob /, plea 371, canon, ad 10
JIMO yid!. on wheattotriou eon vowel.. y trams t
dent-14 Sane, woh stone boa mew!. 6etind and tot- '
en in rira41001.1.11 , 16 propolly .11100 Gallt4 the lost
of elototel Sohn.
All tho nabs, dile, iittetest, oral claim of William
Chao:Wiwi, of i ou. in to, the bionwing 4104:1144 sort
or piece 00 iota!, sista. in Jeffinoosi town,lll,4conl.i,
Ina ea norso.anne or 10.1, tool 0011.441 by I.wl af
Jae.. Anon, John 1.4/.. , 00th 01 0. 14., Jaelted
toy no, 6, d Other tootle 01 ses.l 'WI . I aiel
1 ewe ttni•.we htol of arm. Slat, huts, Isl. of void
.ship!! add, .1113 4.3 oa orbs, hale 1. 443001
• wet.. log ilarollsSeta., and
10014 Intl.erklliro aa do . a. al. , , . I of nllnato Clunk
bow, orlansoll el TL0r.0.. , andol,
All that igeu, Ink, bum., •ha claim of Wtllitan hie
holey, 4.10, .d 4 to kii 11..% COO ain On, 07 Pat.! of
4000 lying and 04r4 in itia inertia,. olhlintio,' JD
he thioneed nod elerc toed .e ioilow., 1. 04" t,e033-'
11104 .I•3lo•4liience li . i 1.4.1 of Denzil,: Cotthir, ootla
101 i deg, Wed neporchcs. lii a 1.0.1, Wes an by land of
la lisotgo Wiwi. 0n0.0.1 iloo woet It orietwo, •
ilogsrOod.ll.4.oo by how of istod 4% WOW. hlrLary,
.uate 101 one, on, 6 4. pawl.. 1./ a pool. 0041 Ott
dog, 00.0 he yatehat, to a, •nd north 31 deo, , can
to g soprani's, to the poi.. nil Degmadig--contatalog
b 011.., tt riot ote..a, 4.: h.. Al n trim; of lona
orilied o, out Olonisfej and 16...0 In the ;mascot on IA
Anton blatancy 0, ix. nod Irks. In riccallOn oaten
pioocity . I Winnow Mensibil, 4 to. 04. 01 tllllO.,
240411.11 a Co ALI! , J.
e.“ iha init., 5t.......0. 4 a ot Jull. Two
us, Jr, at, tu, and to a ttao, ot land, on in.... ender* Uf
iota 101. 0 tai. 001.0101 studs ofJinor. S et, and if
ton holia of .I.oirett ol Joon 1 li'lins a- ennialalrg.B
orms, wow 4r km, 0071.1 Ur an animal ground 10111
Of SIM 01, oayatio goonorty 14 /amen S Craft; on
Wtacti la 0.01.1 . lag 00010 or .1 welling, •hd the
g . °sod •..s tehn vs. , dof ocher Sound .4 ink.
In eaeauoon as °A or.pottp of James Toolin,Jr,4 ten
ISIS of Odorg e,Leil in. ~
A Lpti, . , . A 1...41), . •
All no right, AA., Mine° Ind churn of 3,01ra All the 710 hi, title, Mitten and clam
n of John UM.
Dewy,./,. .14 to all met certain iot 01. ground • I .ris on and /Hugh Hamilton, of, ilk and to all nose MO
. ottnatc In tile Foam Wad of Mot 17 00 Atleghany, I._ icts of amand oitnata on Raosldvat, in too any of
rod immured and dcworltred es loilows: beginning an I - PAW:m.ID' and tieing ion nercherco kt anall in
Ohs Nita Inds of Alain street, 11. sidd ally, at The west. I Sank 13 Poutirmsn's pl. of lois, each lota
rn line of lot no 1 61, 1a 0. tuner ft Pointer's pion of 24 kin In front on Row oleett. and extend=
1011, mend uy said Irral.<lolol , lCt sold lot at rah- 1 prorcraton. thz so:meal:lth, too Lucia oiallhotratof t
a„10417 fuo toot, moro ta tr.., 10 ot. a Aid(; alley, . on whteh are mated 0 Watt Ocala brick darelllng
Mane. wastwattlly by .osa si my ICI feu, more. or lna:rot orith et-et:taw kpaftmaSs for dighsent tenants.
1,.., to cam. 0100 of Ton. Nelleih4 tot, Wont, , leyi
fteittlit and oaken lit eionalleit on the proportgof JOhn
Um same hortliwardly bon to", meta Or 1,41 to Aida Cornston .d Noah /tomtit.. It Me sale of Sandt'D
salsel *foreland, 100 wen. by 1.11 train 0001101111117 ' FeltrJrnal, -7,- . ' • . , ...
,1134 4401, 01000 or tea, to th/ place of beg - Lulling, .1 . .. . -ALSO, . -.,. .•.•.. - . t. "
' hems no whole of In 611.1.4 , 444.004 P•4 l .r Int Ali the right, tide, irdmest_ , and deem of fob-on'
No 3eB 1t sad plan, and itassrg a.... • . 0000 i• bdoKocakato and bliothow McKeraban a, too, MA
MO awry frame Louse. used as a dwelling and oust. I tool! those „_,,, , . _, , r , Plan
.61101 il home rtitlo I.IIIL 1114 aprotionanes c.
ono takro In szeontirin J. MC. property of /amps • , 0140 B9OOKh rte 81 . 1 .11+ 8 99, 6=4.0 1100 801 ;4 40 .
Deent, al tbe salt of dorm suit., for osa of nensaf , Of
follow% oar cogioning aIL Ma north east corner
knit; Epos 8.119 ott. , -1 Of lot No. 161 In unto plan;al the toterreelfoll of
a.L3O, ' • l' Lacock wort an 4 batons alley, emote acankby .
Ad me tight, tide, nocrew and .e,au 01 G••••• I Said alley 100 feel 10 Anarl auto, [boom anal by
• lacoo nesse, th tric hoar. : Oto 'Aillanierea.o, ro. Anne facet 02 feel 3 inch., to the EDO orlotZio,
Jamul Trot., loth non., ac , Cl o, o and An all that 1 .
... i .,, . i , 1x ,,, g ~, p .,,,., 00 ,4 1. 0 gN . 6,
,i , l ' 184, throat nonb Id, 100 foot,- 00 Laza
2.1.,6 S. Dam s plan, 'Annals on Cr turn .I,oinimiand 99991 ,. 4 foemnid; Mono , " cost by LOOWell street; a
610 . 4 ,, „,,,., ‘,„ c ,„,„,„ 4 ,7, 01 0, „r ,Lent ;. 4 gg. fen d inches to thejlace of begnining, Oa whick hi
1.0000 at depth 120 feet. to a tar, 4, teen wide, and • erected an Iron • Mundry and otter 'lolo.l43llsuits
tenor:led tn nand book 4 In: add 6.14.1 MC 00.010461 t Seized and laktri in execution as the_properny of
deed of Juno li. Iris., C kl.: a 2 I t hitsy,ol,7,eointn• I Megan 61c1Lorahan end Hobert hlcKerabarb . , at
eel di aeon.. Jacob o, ~,sad ace Mach. •-
• • . 4.. i the gait or Smith ac Guthrie, fro 11611 of Wit=
~,,,,,,,,.,h,, 0 4
41041. tic tgclacob 4tatsc, in it.o ..I L o b.
hands of hg Adotinistr. La; oknjarain Trak, won ,
notion to rand. eh... ri Ororge Llitintai 'Min - I
'Guardian, at Ufa sou ci Jon,. 5.111.4. •• .
d W t, this,
AO tight, ins..., i of 15..0 Sop .
pc:bog, us an/ to die folloiriti 4.0001,411 prOferly,
n .S.Wn,y y, m At t a n t e ,b , d os4 4 n ol 101 l frog zi arufat
boat IS fact dons on
flay.oloott, Lad tosontog back Me nano India 116
g„ g ggs glO 20,0 a., ~, o. ~ ilibh . lan poyitega 01 Mal
- 0 - ,;iii.yet....,,,, .ad nitia . IA WO welt etreied to 110.0
mar,44 brick hcore, being the sagendlatt Roe ut SwF .
4st l a raw of Wien otorlea 1,0•146,4.01111.1.4.414
11111.6 sopa, thus., to soul row, numbenng fddri Ine
upper Inanno, ono la the- -ome hmaday conveyed tly
Crank Meteall, by do. d,ted Ac 3iloo of Ltetabgn.
1530, and rlkenidt.l on dr.. - .3 r..4i . n'n. lasi. 01, aa atto
g,, gen. an4;taa a 0,0.000 al Snap.. '
eeryer el .L.aa rtaltry.r.t. a , loos ..t 140... nistipoon.
Atlas 1(( 10, rl4lO, 191,..,. 410104 ahol digusid, a
David lobaSer, dote.wil.i.. i a bu,da of bt, g,,g,1 0 0.
go. yam, sad., twin natl. , . w0w..., a, trot or,
m., 1., 00,4.0 awl. m..t CEl,llllr l l4l or cater , nil 3044,
.lam d`nna 0 101110114,C41141.•ed1011111004.4.14414,
contatalag 1111 as tat. and 04 Pet... wore orins, ad. '
.I..ming Mbar land. of told 1.00 edr ^4lll-r, Wow Cold)
*moot Wars, and •tas., Loll a Leiwirod so e,tae
Of Dulls. Inn., deo'd, and •nnoso as tho Isuan
0004 Seised and taken 3.1 el. co bon a. We p 1 717
a 1 Dalt , / Shaer l 4•ll•Strr , it/hones of Magda..
~,,,,,,,, y„,,, skaffa, ont ou lo --, Shaddr,_and•
oat of 1114 130,04 tuir in,. ..04 ono la, Jon ph; Must •
g , Ig, Igen t, Willlarn, Abram,tar. Sanaa, by
it, , ,,, varrian, /*not Cl' or r.
.Eg , and to AriOreW,
John. Pootili sa. 4 9.7 Dn.iiit D. so ol low Or oat.
Doe.d,drecaard, at the I o - .101. floverlati t, nOle
fp ? ... of Watt.= horn.
All the right, alio, Inleortt an I d e of Penn Smith
b i .,,,cf. L., anti to all thr,f, dos or
pir‘e a smart& Man, In Jahn D:ownbi plena f lon.
abr.. end moat v. the ttorocah nit
' hrmi,, boo.:
ad and deserlbod ao f..duort, to woo : Ingionlog 10 the -
eurnor of lot No 1 , 6, on the sonaltwardly Aide ow Sta.,
g ,,,,,, , gig al tha mithinee 01 111 fool 411.1wilidly (Ism
1, 01 ." gees, , potwo alone e idneg Weir
east aralii.
anTi017:14,471:1 thl6ornWle " iLlp eh jo i tl o .l . Wir irr! -
away Creel, soadtwardly 000 feet, Int o el fart
wad, °immesg sold alloy weataurdly IS feet di e
Sate.Al the
nirner allot hlo In, hence along the
lines or lots Nor 16 and 10 noriboratilly Ini feet. ta
Std.* ouraat, the piano of to goini,a, entbsacang • lots
No. 11 4410,1414 h. tow, 6 cont. mbar p.e., of
a•hand, that is rlOl nonibet, d, b:tos the tiame paof
;mono, which John Bross . and M e al I
1•,,,,...0 sninhbotger by .4.4 doted Me 141 day of mom,
pia, and recorded in d-0d book 4J, page 131 t. Seised
g, g issea in agooolion as WO ptoperty of Pryor 4 cild.
hooter, at the 04i10 Yost and Roche, for 1,12 ins of
hales gray, 4th n _
All rho right,.vd e'ainY of Into.
,oco, a in, and Mat c...otin Iva Of klefe at
fowl& 'lmam in ma batman!, .(Tionnium, known a. 4
ho 1, and one b2ifof lon No 4, inn sell borough, riot.
an Me Denbo totals Canal, on which on r rented'
oat Iwo rao broth lAilnA 4, one 'bop, our frume
bou.o, being Or ratan which Ayr nuovrred to Dote,,.
Jab, by Inotna D innelle sod yviir, by decd revyrded
I r , 4, 0 ,1 borg 4 D, vol 77, parrSailed snd
bkr n eig cialon at Me Ivo Opr WI Of 70.7tei 1.11
tho cci , a SChll input am
AU the right, win bolero , t and elaim of home
HAW. of, in and to all test reittub porb , or pantel
o f t op o an ue Io itoi.nrosgh of AI aw:lte stet, boon eed
and desenhed to iolloanb,ltlottli4 et pie westward
-11 aide or Neve %11/11. at tte earner of 411441,
once cent - to flout GT Picnic .heel feel, to
rho line of W a f t 01 meet. nonce Itlor4l the rams 513
Not a 11104.4,10 0010 NM. Ocoee FufsUivg zbe IMO>
4411144 4.44 atoning
watt o street to the 01no
h t Manta down the wed wa 411 Wet 4 Weser, to south
trip line of Lomat etteal l 411.1.41ng thew. eosteall
ty along the .414 line of tonsil urea lo tho 44..117
.441, sad 11.'44 014114 Locos, Street
41U lea ta the pWeti if to.lnto ag. cwt.. •e ROA 0011.
et Ore said 4.4110. los Nos 109, Ka - re
l:],iol,endrte, lo the pins of Olt/ bo mash ot
Monnar, ratdch 16 teconled i•ordsty, ln
plan book leo t, pas Id, thee
, n pop:tip snot
last to Ohio armet ;Afoot nude roe • paella lug Wray, •
lot No lit teak.% met ort Fichte urea, land drips
Ite Itches • n Ohio anew, and all the saber sientloried
lots Wag onto 45 tau on Prop 0 ammo, and 50 feet
Zi Inch , . on Ono Mem
Aleo, ell tke flake tine, interest cut - claim of card
blattain. ol Mani to all that
of 141 or piece at
Posed Oman; in the horooak of blanchtster, begin.
nine on the easterly tide of Nuke* street at the dis
tance of 47 feet soattwordly fn in the earner of Swop •
eon rimier, thenet attending ill front nn kl het street
19 rem o ta the lite of lot No 5 t, and to dtdah easterotd
ly parallel with sampan street, presort Ism thatome
width 10b feet to Laurel alley and being • lot. toothed •
or nombarad In do plan of Mt hornet ti of giant
cheater, n r said WeeriC ;Ace, Leah cny
openly, to on pope No 4, panel Etti:ed ant mien
in Gee-tint : anthe Inapt Ly ct twat: Ito Oa th e
nil of tams A. Speer. ' •
All the nein. nth", Interest en/ claim of Jame" Grey:
at, In and to ill that OCIIO/0 pt on of land seance to
the ear or fitraharph, brills part or lot Na 3231 n
Woodat plan of PatiLtarih. bounded and der tribal ail
gait: battering at the Went side et Market
street. at the souttoreitertp e.trner nt Market aud
Foatth ivects, thence catnip/Ins rn 011d114 01 teL
along hl'aiket street-Icialtdi dl tam
more or law te , ground 01 /10110/IRiddle.twd to 10436:
t depth along Foonh street tar stwardtp inwards
Forrairser.' preserving the raer.e. Width; lid tent,
:nor or less, to 01.1107 land Orem,. Rid , ito, op, which
are erected tarts three von. once.
pled pit fe,Or. and stastt're , taPt en. 1111043 10113111 MM
00B310gift01a01111 en F.G1•14 ..I,eet Baited and taken
in a/location tko.propt n• 0 , lam ,1 Gray.Onarie Ir.
!ap t ) at Ihntott at Bre oltz,-Tls,o a Rhin.
All dm tAbt, 2Uo unseen anJ elal to cf. Wm 1.. MM•
er. of, to atm bad lb .1 ec• la in etam land lila.= In
Vona.lles Terirnaldp, boondad and &Gentili as fol
lowa lit: btalonlet at a ono rn To Wu Creak ll ~ on Lb,
line Worsen Me laud/ of WmWm.l:l,ee, and'llll7l*
et n e ap Brinson. tforolevir Hone Foatl thence by..
land of *aid thin DA booth • JerAres, I:o...looereila.,'
'to Room - Amoco Nortaa d , g , 0,, , F. 41 15 PellbCktO
a Pl ll tilb ooo a &ail 12 d , itre , .•. Fast 21 poirobaa, to a
pm; Once &ob 73 der., E•at ID perch•% - thenek
Blatt 0 deg, Eon a patents Own, t Aorta 710,Eu;
• perches, mate finnh 11 d ~, Ktot 10 patches, &ma
B. h 711 ,1.g.t,., Put alpetthe., to • post; M e w s
NOIN 87 dog e F I T SS It t let o to . t E.:ll,utilte••• flan *.
1 titql,rd'"FAtrillperciell, aeon:, flank 42
Fan .._41.4......, oance Sna th II dim, Eut
i lr :: . . , 1 7 . .. • port thence F 4.116 .1' der,
W e 127.
.;;-,-. te gaget Itt , , thente tld deg, West 22-
ii,;.h e s . a pal. the/et I. 14 ilegjast3lollll3e,
. . t . ds i t , the rnite•alen of James Riddle; iloyomo
by die odd isa4s sesta 147 4tr . tS est 31 310 pe s e ta .,.
,s• • past, Wass &MA 70 d../.. Fist IR 3 10 patttes,sa
thy Nod. ci Jo ts oad Wig Shaw, *nee by aro ego
hods, Bomb 00 deg, West 47perobea 10 • you, ash,.
Nos* degrees. Wen be pei that to it Least, tbcool
.oath -y •••, Wen N perttes, uy me
nm ••• *elm delta tire : e, by %So Antal
comma tbetioYto wirayi ot I tailed • - •Oretwaftap
ossysOso to .Cloonto Wallace. sew Mt hay of hay,
. iyoy o mo two twee posses:is or Wis,. 4. Miller and
' n iV onb ill. n in eli N lZlOrahr o
th. ce
9 by „. l .
o lr
b 1 , 74 , 77e 4 er1ith ;
. 4 .num te•s i.. l,
Oro MIMI, own or Intl, to tablet an *reelt
• %Malian? *ltabs alorna• hot*, a Wye tram beak
tott• sat stable; mit tires *oat tosses: .... Mn''
Ala, iittlati itybilliki, toulapyt zee chain of Wm..
L Ifillot •of, In as{ to IMF Natitao avg . Nat. lea, 0,4,
viki,ack.u, 11. HON la, 17.114 la, SS), MAK
ali ff/ MI 27 , la mid pkipw:
. ths sows of rmriftryit.lB-VcrotWoTowv ai ylowoowb
11,-rectauded lathe Itiseco k ttirris m taloolki
9 01 u5ra. kgesbembi Zia book. Val, I, repair.
Ail the right, title, intermit. and chant of Jgen
Dictson, akin. and to all that certain la' or Ograa
of grotuad, situate in Ohio township, hostridedind
desciihed as follows, to wit; beginning , o ; Co
cheer, corner of lot N. 55, in plate of lots of . ..the
Leas of P. Peebles, deed, in said toteaship;'thince
&bah Xi deg 55 mro,eastrib IS pt.:drake* lahNO -
l 2 thence south 54 deg 5 anti , well 2424/00 par
-obeli, atm g tot No. 12, to the ccnlie of the Beater I
read; throw along said. road sotthrris 4 4 1 . 0155
mittwe* 5-If/perches thenc4;No I o
54 deg. S non , not 24 24110 perches, to Lemma
meet, th- putt< of beginning, centainicg onagers
wore Or kw, on which to erected a brink hoe*, I
two stein , high, and appurtenances. 9eirll4 464
taken in execution u the property of John Diction,
tithe snit of Ches. Grant. .2
All the right, tide, merest and dram of 4/II
Tanen, d, in, and to, and our of stl turf retrain
lot ,a ; pewee! around, situate to the City ofFlaw
brugh, named and describedlo the plan or touslard
an by Joh!, Hoge, on KO street, in red
31..—eatd he fronting no Fourth street 151 fart,lind
extending back on a parallel line with High Meat,
a dittance of 117 feel, bounded by tuts numbers*
30 and 91, end by Fourth strew toed, said lot being
subject ion around tent of $165,1X1 pa annum—
There it erected on raid lot two frame hoteres, Iwo
. . _
stories bigb, three bnek house., two storm bigb,
'bed roof, and two new brick boom, two stories
untinotha, abed roofs dewed' end taken in
mention as the groped , of Joan Taggart, aktb•
soil ot Bernard ItreGion.
. _
Ail the ruht,thle, interns, and claim of Abraham
'Parshin and ]wept Waluic,of, In, awl to, all those
two certain lots ar pica:sof ground, 'knout Id' Tem
peranceville, in 84 Clair township, AtlegbetirCrs.
and malted sod numbered 146 and 147, in Waschm,
at Alexander's plan of lots by Z. W Remington,
and bounder/ and described is folkmrs,vislbeginning
s 1 the roamer of lot No 145 in said plan,ouWanast;
Menge by Walton street 60 feet. to IF" comer of lot
No 142, thence by line of said lot 1:0 feet to Wet•
den street; Mende by Warden street 10 feet to the -
comet ol tot No 144' tbeure by the line of and lot
Iro feet to Walnut street, die place of biegirming—
mating in all two Ras, each 26 feet by 1150 rem—
ixing the tame logs or pieces of ground
by John II 01krden and wife, and John ander
end , w, to John &Mt, w e d be damii AIM, ht.
LW wbo conveyed to die. e Abtabant Porshin
nod Joseph Walton; on whichaakl two tots of
ground are erected a two rely Rams borer. whirls
is %fries in front cat Walnut sweet aloresakl. U
sed and taken . n execution as the properly of tl.•
Graham Polishing and Joseph Walton, al the suit of
John J. &midi, far tee of Witham awe.
. .
All the tight. title, intnea and- Sake 4 Isis*.
Kennedy, of, in and mall that amain lot of ground
Strata in So;tith Peabstals, Sate Lower Si Clair'
township) mid bonded and described as follows,
begistning os the somberly side of Josephine
street, at the corner of potmd of Qamli AIL Vhillpe,
ands the distance of 21 feet 1 1 4 inch Ism use
comer of Fah street, shone &tending ih Gomm
Blogbam street, easterly 24 tea, and is depth
sotstly, preserving tbe same widths eight angles
Jo Elogbitn street, 120 feet, to Chasms alley--on
which is erected • time trick dwelling home
and kitchen Seized and Wmid le execution a• tra
property of luso Ream*, as the snit of White,
Owen at 11086. •
All the risld, tide, Wets% and Sane. el Aimee.
der Intlefltew, of, to, to, os net of, all tear testain
Its or piece of ground, slime in Ma Seooad Ward,
ear of Allegheny, being to No.. 19 in Robinson%
plan of tbe extension of ;said city, called "Boma
Vista," bounded and: &exited as follow, vs,.
beginning on the nosh side of the Nosh. Con:mime,
at the distal= of 48 feet east from the cosier of
Palo Alto street, theme mooing west by the said
Commons ground, 24 fast to, dos corner of lot No.
37, , bence nosh by line of said lot 130 feet & sa
18 feet alley, thence out by said alley 24 an to
, ine of let No 39, and Mums scat b by said leo 1211
fret to the piece of beginning—baste the pima lot
of ground which William Roblensi, Jr , et o 3 by
- deed, dated August 17, 1568, conveyed to ski d A.
Glkletirsw. S a iled sod taken In donation as the
-property Of Alexander O'NlcGrew, at Insult crf
CWLes - B. Truitt, In trust foe Truitt, Brother de CO
AU the right, tale, Interest end claim of 1. Mn.
Cully, deceased, In the hands at J.. P lion, and
Jesse Conner his adaunintrntora (veldt entice to
John V.. (;oohed et al, Ina! ene r ,"
veld J. C. McCully, dcmsed) W., and la, an,
bat oertato_plautation or tract of land; ',Amato in,
Upper 51. Mir To einhtp, bounded pp -lad As
Conner, %TOD Crounb, and otbankeoutetnianabout
55 acres; more or I -M and, karofrug thereon awed
• two O °F.Y Ondla dwelling house, and fog barn and
oul t‘iill.huys, and also phone d thereon a vitas. w
.chard. - Seised and taken . sisseugoa 'seamy.
arty c tatcuu_y, deoeued. Ia the 40441°'
adminigrators, I. 13. Rom and 'bre Coma, into
p(glee (aloha Ir. Rowland, end El untliadtirsaule,
Junes 11. Ulm sad Rebecca Mawife, fames Gil
mum( &When of Jame* Oilkesou and Fianna Me
wifslnle ranee& McCully. sad ThomuldeCin-
It's hairs and legal reproseniolves of said J. C.
McCuly, dumped, at the nit of 9anh Joe trt.
AU Om right,titt% ellta/A ectopi'd"°
and datuad climes ft. Speer, an ih• ma,
duns, of in, and to, all that «ruin tot or parrs of'
=Lama India bast Ward of Ailrat-ny
and described as foUoirs, to arlif=-Wn.
Olt ORIMI Street, 1116 fed from Aobauft.lamet,,
ibcpcp bit •a lute WOW Wilk F001d111.90 strut, 120
I ftt *l 3 uraid Streit.
entig *id
loudly 19 fest, Minos by tins urinal *id Rob
anion fteet 120 feet, to Osma surer, actor anon.
.Irardly along CO/1111 street 19 feu to the pars of
ti I t trintr, beLot a natal or =bop:med. kt
and tun in IMOCOIiOI2 as L poverty of
Ju. R. Nem t ail of S. it Yu, Sotadoast
All the right,tble, loterot. sod rhino of Daniel
Ileat, of, to, wades, all that cortaw la or piece of
igrorral io the airy of Pittoborgbori - lto molt eon
COMM of Stemma arm and +orb , . memt,
los ork Swam= who about 60 foe, more or low,
and worodirig back dors Posbe. inert of the ooze
wailab.oboto 100 ire, wort Irk's, tad bobsiled
otmi north by Steroorooa Kira On M. /NA fad,.
LW, as the looth in ly z roar of
and as the awl by or ---- se*
tottheteonaeamd-aMO EMCk
WPM. with the syportorwicelL wed abd latm
in essesolot a the papa T artlinU43 . l 'l4, ;Übe
Woolf Jacob g •
1x0 1242 . g° mid Pais
SlOntisall#l#l.4i:lo4/4 C
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