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    ~;, ;.
riEE Ektaasit Lei ` Tuns.
•.,,. , I°Th •
NO•s!ather iin•2oir Saxon bards,
haspis and Marts be 'strong,
eciebrabithntriumphs of
Our own good Saxon tongue;
‘Por.stronger far than hosts that march.
-, .l4ltdbattks-flngs unfccrled,
It ems with FIICIDOM. TIiOCCIUT, and. Tann',
To rouse and rule the world.
'Sf.nut,Albion learns its household lays
`On every surf-worn shore,
/aid Scotland hears it echoing far
As Orlmey's breakers roar;
Tram Jum's crags, and Mona's hills,
It floats on every gale,
And warms with eloquence and song
1., . The homes of Innisfail.
03 . 13:may a wido and swarming deok
. It scales the rough wave's crest,
Seeking its peerless heritage—
The fresh and fruitful West;
It climbs New England's rocky steeps,
As victor mounts a throne;
Niagara knows cud greets the voice
Still mightier than its own.
It n spresula where winter piles deep snows
o_l2 bleak Canadian plains,
:Ana wheie otiEssequibo's banks,
'Eternal summer reigns;
- •
It glada Acadia's misty coasts,
''.4ssnaca's glowing isle,
And bides where, gay with early flowers,
Green Teins' prairies smile.
It lives by clear Itasca's lake,
- Missouri's turbid stream,
Mere cedars rise on wild Ozark,
And Kansas' waters gleam;
It tracks Om loud swift Oregon,
- Through sunset valleys rolled,
And soars where California brooks
Wash down their sands of gold.
It - sounds in Borneo's camphor groves,
On seas or fierce Malay,
In fields that curb old Gauges' flood,
And towers or proud Bombay;
It - wakes up Ad:la's flashing eyes,
. Dusk brows, and swarthy limbs;
The dark Liberian soothes her child
With - English cradle hymns.
'Tasmania's maids are wooed and won
In gentle Saxon speech;
Australian boys rend Crunoe's life
By Sidney's sheltered beach:
It dwells where Afric's southmost rapes
Meet oceans broad and blue,
And Menetld's rugged mountains gird
The wide and waste Karroo.
it kindles realms so fur apart,
That, while its praise you eing,
There may be clad with antumn's fruits,
And those with flower of spring
'lt quickens lands whose meteor lights
• -Elaine in an Antic sky,
And lands for which theHOkithern Cross
Hangs its orbit fires on high.
It goes with all thst prophets told,
And righteous kings desired,
With all that great apostles taught,
And glorious 'Greeks admired;
With Shakspeare's deepand wondrous cease,
And Milton's loftier mind;
With Alfred's laws, and Newton's lore,
,To cheer and bless mtinkind.
Mark, as it spreads, tfitrit deserts bloom.
And error tires nway,
..swathes the mist of night
Before the star of day;
But grand as are the victories
Whose monuments we see,
These are but as the dawn, which speaks
Of noontide yet to be.
Take heed, then, heirs of Saxon fame,
Take heed, nor once disgrace
With deadly pen or spoiling sword
Our noble tongue and.race.
Go forth, every dime,
To lore and help each other,
And judge that they who counsel strife
Would bid you emite—a brother.
Go forth, and jointly speed the time.
'By good men prayed for long,
When Christian states, grown just and wise
Will acorn revenge and wrong:
When earth's oppressed and savage tribes
Shall cease to pine or roam,
All taught to prise these 'English wonls.—
SoowoEo Tr. Dec. 14th, 1S O.
Tr, the Her. Georg , : Marshal/.
Reverend and Dear Sir—The undersigned be
ing present, and baring beard you preach n ser
mon un Thankiriring Day, and Ixliering - it was
very appropriate to the 0CC3.91011, and that it
Might be a great benefit to community if it was
widely circulated, we would, therefore respect
fully request you to furnish a ropy of it, for pub
licationin the Pittsburgh Garet.. and such oth
er papers as will copy it
Respectfully Yours,
Bernet., Dec. 25th, Dl5O.
r Merv, Irdsore, Sr., IL .11cE0o-ny. O.?
Jfiller. and nf6•re.
Geittlemen—Your note of the 14th ult., re
questing, a copy of the sermon preached by me
on Thanksgiving Day. for publication, has been
duly received—end in reply. I wish to nay that
the sermon which has met your favorable regard,
was preliaTl in great haste, and preached from
short 114 , 2 Ci, without the most distant idea or de
sire that it shoul4 receive a publicity wider than
the - circle of those who beard it delivered. And
,I fear that the impression made on your •tnitels
from the circumstance of delivery. has unduly
.enlioneed iL import..lce and given it a value,
,which, under other cireum4tances it is by
mean , entitled to. However. as your request is
enineet. and the hope expressed that its publi
city might he productive of route good. it is
hereby, eti far us it eau be recollected, and with
all its imperfections put at your disposal.
1. remain. Gentlemen. with the highest consid
eration. Your humble Servant,
Preachtd-an Thankfyiving dry, Dee. 12, 18.50, in
Bethel Church, by the Rev. George Marshall, and
.fublithed by requeet.
..ittel vbs. tba Ypnt cif the Lor4 Went h Liberty
wisp• lib. part Of lab verse_
It was the feeling of a pious heart that led the •
Psalmist to exclaim ; -• Bless the Lord, 0, my
semi and forget not all his benefits" And again.
7..0, that men would praise the - Lord fur all his
.7 goodness, and for all his wonderful works to the
-children of men." And it is elsewhere said that,
••. It is.good io give thanks unto the Lori, and
pay our vows to the most High God." It is. good
for the soul itself, by calling forth and cherishing a
feeling of dependence on God, as well as gratitude
~ for every mercy received. It is also the right wily
to secure the protection and gracious favor of the
InOtti Governor of the Universe. And it is
' *pleasing to see those invested with power, and
who are responsible to God for their official, no
',well as private conduct,—who are ordained of
,„ • iiloilto be a •• terror to evil doers, and a praise
to theta that do well,"—calling the attention of
` . the , to remember lied as the source of
every good and perfect gift. Such a call reeog
_. nixes God as the ruler of all nations, and who ,
holds in his hoods the sceptre of universal em
pire.:lt also shows a correct' moral sense on the
• 'object of human accountability for all mercies
- : . .received from Ills munificent hand.
We are -called together, to-day, my hearers,
to give thanks unto the Lord. And for what 7
' ' For every blessing, tanipond and spiritual, gen
' Tend and particular. For life and health, food
and raiment, homes rind lands, - friends and
friendship; our advantages, civil and religious;
.:.. oar liberty, intellectual, civil and spiritatil; - ilir
-our laws, to for as gri; , e, scriptural and good.—
In a word,-for ell that Soaker us a peculiar and
distinguished nstiod. These are all in the hands
• :of God—all urider i his control, and can only be
"7-• ' retained so long ad we retain His Savor.
-. ,Our text declares that in the number of our
blessings, there is one peculiarly dear to the
' hearts 'of God's people, and the existence and
happy efiects of which, depend on the presence
.. .
and influence of the Spirit of God. This is
•-' 'JAberty, a word that calls forth' a thousand-ten
recollections. The Apostle, we suppose, an
,- der this term inciculed both civil and religions
' lißeity—embracing- freedom from the curse of
'-- the moral law, from the bondage of sin, the fear
-, of-death end helli - freedom from all despotism
- raid iniquitous Lewis; joined with the:privilege of
: :::- • -sshiping. and serving God according to - the
i an enlightened conscience, and the
His {Ye . yrithout molestation or
- ...
• ' ' !'
sion we \
*alias. it as cam
-o==i, d religion- k freedom. And,
~ • .
upon to pros ci God,for&lX, as
. slap, it rosy Pe profitable and
• . l it the exercitml of this day, to
'limo arartTitaatka in a natiop,
depend tist tktisiriserter and .;ni4darning and sane
/own' of ther .$ raj God.
.• remark that civil and religious
manor be M '11,41W/tell and promoted ,simply by
! the diffusion of knowledge among the people,
and the presence of commanding intellect, and
greatpowens of elymturtMe; on the part of rider,.
It hos been said, Mid jiiitly;te r that knowledgo
is power. But the power of knowledge may be
n power for evil as well as good, if the Moral
main: which that knorlege is planted be Mania
ken and uncultivated by the sanetifying'inflience
,of God's Spirit. Let us, for illustration, take a
ease 'Here is a watch. You examine it and find
that it bath wheels, and , barrel, and sockets,
hair-spring and chain, dial-plate, hands and
case. All the parts requisite to it, as a piece of
machinery to mark time, are there. You' pro
i flounce it a watch exhibiting greaten!' and pol
ish, but it moves not. You examine again, and
find that all the parts ore not only there, but
each in the appropriate place. You are sur
prised that, when wound up it measures not time.
It is still silent. A closer inspection results in
the discovery that the mainspring is broken
and that however well made and rightly fitted
are nil the other ports, the etetential element of
motion is unfit for action; and without it noth
ing else Can be of any avail, so as to reach the
contemplated end, -And is not this precisely the
moral deed in the constitution of mon': lie
ha' intellect, will, nod affection. Ile can think,
and choose. and love. I.:nos - ledge can expand
the mind-s.throw operative Motives before the
will. and attractive objects before ths. affections.
Bat the heart, the mainspring of tha cr.oral ma- I
c hinery, is broken, and totally unfit for all right
moral action. And no power of education; no I
arousing influence of oratory, no motives of hen
no,e, interest, or happiness,—no exhibition of
God's terrible wrath against sin, or overwhelm
ing compasebon for dying man, can ever restrain.
purify and ei t eginet this depraved heart—can
change or it into Jove rued real for Clod no o k his Flu
ry: make liber;y, eird sndreligiou_t, to be to
the heart a blessing deargr kiqu lite, without the
etn,ythty and all purifying agency of rine Hely
Briej.t. Can knowledge and elo•lueucc ir,ake
love *hot which is good and hate that which is
evil! eetxild the knowledge of 3 Bacon, or the
eloquence of q Pitt or Chalmers. mill the dead to
bfe,—nialte the Mind see, and the enemies of
tiled love virtue! the voice of history
on this nubjeet Lou) , at :47tleei at' the
her bloody revolution- And pas net., no knowl
edge and education maim! , er.r)
spas,ing mental etter,,c atel elo q in lice nueitig . ,
her ytatettuen! None will se stet yet
Were knowledge and eloqueure -hail
they within them the elemeats of iiati - a.
live power an to hold its check tile witkeit„..,,, of
depraved humanity, and prevent the taltiL3l.•
o f the bloodiest Mama that the pen of the La,- I
ionise' has ever been ...tied to portray. Again
contemplate Greece and '1.4,qt., in the days of
Demosthenes and.ricers. Thu-. Were doer
wide-spread knowledge. and tirtint• C 1...
quenee.—days when civil liberty. at lea,. sysel
Lanny friends, and the least encroachmeat an Ler
hallowed domain was riewej with jealousy. and
the note of alarm sounded by ideny no earncyt
worshiper at her shrine. But dui knowledge
and eloquence prevail to prevent the tide is; hu
man depravity. earelle.l by Eastern luxury and
profligacy of atallnert.froin breaking over creep
harrier and inundating floe lands, where limner
Ding and Virgil chanted the peelses of Liberty •
And what became of Grecian LltnlCVgind Roman
Independence! And where are the 4.lfienian
and Boman Republics! And where that litceiy
the rem boned of which once arroused thousand's
end summoner! then; to the field of deadly con
flict in her defence! Alas' they sank into the
shades of moral gloom hi spite of all that knowl
edge sad eloquence could do • to be succeeded
only by despotic tyranny iu slavery. ,
and mental imbecility in the people
But we need nut look to lauds of sonic is..te
fur proofs of one position. Contemplate our
own courctrst---the laud of Washington and Frank
lin,—and whet* has knowledge been more wile.
ly spread. or elownee more deeply -tidied and
effectively diSplsyrd t We have our COMIIIOII
,:nOOl.. in Irbi:h the clinic-tin of the high and
low. rich nail poor. meet togotLri tins.
also our lligh Schaub'. College,. and Mier i
ties, superintended by 4ael, of loch inteNe4goil
and moral worth—taco itatesn.,,,r to none of a past
or living generation. And at ti, tar.iii the
Legislative Hall, in the Senate Ch.oni,gr• and at
the tlacreil Desk, there is perhaps as
constellation of talent, literature. Cho/pellet,. and
high Weald character as has eve; near ill thy
political and moral heavens tie need but retet
to a ('lay, Wiehater. Coy*, soil Belnan, I r the
Senate Chamber: a Crittenden. Sergeant. and'
Loomis; ai.the Bar; or to a Breckenridge. Plum
mer, and Bice, in the Pulpit. as proof of this.
But can all this wide spritted knowledff ,
the people: this pre-eminent fakvt. elotinettec•
and literary distinction among stateru,sen and
divines. control, purify, and hold in
humanity!prasrd Can the mighty power of
thisrketsial and moral worth create in the
bosom theliear and love of tiod—rsigard for
and rightemassesti--the hatred of all oppression
and selfishness! l'ao it calm the troubled waves
of passion,—cause the ijurry surge, of 1011111311-
Otal commotion iu the Luny: heart. to fall hack
into on unruffled and pleasing arram. flowing
quietly along in lore to civil sad gels oustiler
ty, to be 'removed only front their accuslomeil
channel when the dear idol of the heart is as
sailed: If so, why have we jails tool penitenti
aries. almshouses sod tillaJ with un
happy victims! There is eunetbiog awl
out of place. The life-giving :and moving prin.
- C.ifde of moral action in society, iv ruined. The
heart of man is deceitful. above all things, nod,
desperately wicket - The disease is ii deep
and inveterate. the prison so deadly and vetted,
extended, that all the arnmoutative power of
Paul. mid MI the eloquence of Gabriel, real.] not
reach and operate n curative effect. To
this evil. to reesedy this defect, to make the fo,
telt. or moral virtue send forth healthful and re
freshing streams. we need n power no leas ener
getic than the Omnipotent Spirit of God. In
His power and presence. we have a curative rem,
aly for all the cells that athiid 4,4 idiroi
And it is high time for man—it is bado rims for
American citizens and American eltriidione. to
feel this great truth, and whilst the ark of myil
and roligious freedom iv - tassel on the beistrous
Ocean of excited passion and angry piditical fac
tion; to Doak sway from au arts of flesh. from
all human )inowlislge. all Legislative - tars. a nd
all human eloquence, to that gracious Spirit who
brought light seal darkness,. and i rhurd chaos
to order and (wools.
. .
Cud. I remark, ayxin. that the enactment and
promulgation of gnnd will not of
theue.elvee prevent the 4,..---trto.tion of . it
the roooroattro eriflttev, the :itarit of God le:
wanting. •
What is the power of ill low, civil.
political. and moral, "Tarlac from +1... bpice
meta iti the heart of a rigid raipr,nciple. di, I , t
law-!whoring. law-fearing. lawdoviog. awl
law-abiding! It is the prerogative of Lass l”
pre the or prohibit a certain cum, of :lethal,
under 3 penalty. Ji say, to the -uhj,,,rl do this
and you shall prosper, tut lie derilict to May
- and pan-led/went await,. you. It , oldr , s-e, the
uudrtwmdiug mid heart, under the ...five- , of
happine-, or misery, aecortioe to the conduit
shall be in the line of obedience or di-obedience.
It hos, however, no power lo let the ...xtbe-^1 'cc
and feel the good, and shun the evil. It courant
change the heart, turn darknets info light. and
depravity Into purity, In order to the effective
ness of law. tire thing commanded mast he ',-
wetted and loved ; the thing prohibited, disrel
isked and hated. Axel where this state of heart
is not found, the law 1611 rot be respected and
loved, though it may he feared: yO,l i., propor
tion as the restraints of fear are removed, will
the pent up depravity of the heart seek grata',
elation. Now We principle of all rigid action in
this case, lies in the heart. And thin being al
togetkey depraved: in a !state of entire, moral
obliquity from God, it most and will in its emu
ral state set All law at defiance, except so for ns
restrained by (vgr of the law's penalty. We
have good, and wive, And salutary laws in both
the Hook of Heaven 644 statute hooks of our
Commonwealth, respecting the tlabbath. proper
ty, the duties we owe our neighbor, apd the .a
cred character of haunt life. God •ay, .
memlxr the Sabbath day. to harp it holy. - Ife
nays, Thou shalt uoi_steal, nor hear false wit
mesa &gains/ trey neighbor;" that we "shall do
no murder," by Lege our neighbor as ourselves .
And all human 155 V., So far no good. and hearing
an these subjects, is but re-enactment of the
Divine law, and receives all ,thaauntroling power
from the sanctions of the latter. and net how
are these laws of thin owl man regfuleP What
influeuce have they upcn great numbers to soci
ety, of every age, chin, and aca 1 Have they
pr.olosatl the fear of find, lore for virtue and
true regard Inc liberty? Ilas the power of jaw
held iu check the flatness passions of the-nti
aattrillied heart, and made 111011 tender of the
reputation, interests. ate) life of his fellow man,
as he would have his own 10../e,PY rhetiehed 'pa
: guarded'? Let the history of pLoriety, in our
uwp awl other countries, answer this qukstion•
we have, moreover, lawn regulating the tratlic in
intoxicating drinks at all times, and especially
on the Sabbath. I will vat say that these lows
were either Orion Or good. hot respect for the
dead and those of deptirttsl worth impels me to
say, that with the light they then had en the
morality of the subject, they judged them wise
and beneficial' to eorlely' But have -they beau!
observed! Has the letter or spirit of such laws
been regarded] Has the sanctity of the Sal.-
, bath been kept untandshed from the entrnnce of
the foul Demon of Intemperance! Hostile law'.
penalty been, with undeviating certainty. visited
upon the head of all transgressors? 'Who can
give an affirmative answer to these questions!
,And what Shall we say regaiding the law regu
lating the license system? The very frame-work
and Jeatere,of this law, were based on what may
be called read, though unintentional, error. At
its+basis lies Ale p.:cognized principle Ulatnico.
Ladle drinks are marl!! - S9 man, when taken in
moderation. But to guard azainst the principle
of selfishness that would leap, "P 'hen
' over every barrier, it wan deemed ,nesdful in or.
der to gnarl the intcresta of wociety, that these
into whose hands Foe pt tho comminionto.*
tail the intoxicating beverage, should Conte be
-fore the liceivithiectiolverv• Well recommended for
inrifility; ghodieputtaihrt. sober habitsouid as'
Persons well provided with accommodation for
man and horse. 2, Such, la the course , prescribed
by law. Now, that this law was either right in
Itself, or ever wim'and salutary, we exceedingly
doubt. At the same timeSre should be sorry to
impugn either the motive:tor altruist- of those
who framed it. We are of opinion that they
thought they acted wisely, and in this matter an
puhlic benefactors. It ens an attempt•to hold
in check On the'one hand the principle of selfish
ness, and on the othir that of uncontrolled appe
tite. The defect of the whole system was this t j
It legalist,' a hasiness at warfare with the low 1
of God and the hest interests of society. It was I
putting ihe covering of human law between the I
ronscience of the rum-seller and the moral law 1
of God, so that, the light and burning power of
the latter might be broken and neutralized, be
fore its re,istle, energy could reach and tor
ment his spirit. Who min say how many rum
seller: and detinktinl-matera have spent-days
and nights in their destructive business, Enema
, parativc mental pence, whose very consciences
would have tormenteilthem with scorpion power,
awakened by the slanting sound of Sinai's law,
but for this shield of - brass fabricated for the
protection of conscience by legislative enactment.
But suppose we admit, for thesake of argument,
this law to be good . the beat that could be framed
in the circumstances of the case, how. •let me
ask, has its provisions been carried nut! Ilan
the irit and intention of the law been met?—
, Did tine law contemplate that the real wants and
. rise, -Iry erunforto of s ociety ' , o w,' require li
censed ffnggerie: nu, oimel ell street, and lanes
of cities, nod within -light or oach other ta.e q uen,_
ly in the public highway!, of the country: Do
travellers in the cnuntry end to nor cities need
such multiplied inviting. catch-penny ,roncerns
as ties? DOI the law contemplate the open
ing of such hot-beds of vice, not for a traveling
public, but ns haunts for the youth of neighbor
hood, and the liemls•of females t Whore young
men might lean their first lessons in the r.lllll
: tt . , Infamy and ruin, on.' nttlietit :111(1 1313131111dS
be'441,..1 of parental affecioin on& conjugal
tentlerneoe'l Mho cap Itea..itt.. saelt in horrible
design : And yet are iint.'' the, the paiidul re
calls 7 And who is t eti" Ilea her 1110 taw
thrown the bed possible safeguards around the
y.tem : lbe it not 00 otind the certifieite of
twelve la-poet:Ode men to the lienor-seller's
Ivlinrieter ..01 p•emotaht•htionq' Yes, but what
tio.i., it •It 01... L , • time lIVVI, Weil always cel •
titi) to sites they hot e co°. 31/•L-..1,13.311 7 Are
thew . tor • let , es t- 01it.,. -0,-1 tint tgitt in - ico
n, I pe n ult trait way ittote t over ibr. the
Lamas ttl 3 103, 1.1 4prt,3;l'llli'ir:ll4-,' , :rrrei , • ,
~.,...1 d e ath in th- ,otoniiitiit , a. they' tlaiold 60 it
c•teted,,,,p;,:: tltt• piatham under •t rolemn appeal
to Goa for the ii„.k , -1 - their a-severance to 3
es... of life 311.1 deaf% 7 4e, leant . petition ;
=timed I.) men who never think - ',rimy 4.ey
ate doing, ~ . .-,, p i l.• imtily the wilt of One
;s lime g•00d well they d.-h 0 t. tertia" flow
nitsw,s„,',.;:it.l ity men who ‘31,-
..Irately hare no
moral ,C. 31.3, 3 .L.t.j '. , 3 . 1 0 . I for the wellsre of tamp
ilies and society ' lies. :„... the difficulty that
I',urt, of do.tice hate It, 3litC. 1iii3.1t..1 . i:;', 3 “ .
come up stating that sorb F33l3ll - 4 • 7 hob s ' • ' , ii re
„,,:s.dfid, .311.1 th 11 ,11.-11 petitions have all th e
clorne k eei'”, ne g airo,l li, law. On these peti
tions ore roans .1,,, ,inn.,.. frequently. of respee•
table men certifying, le ..4 . 71ia faAlt” , men who
in nil other tanners would ' Viriciti ..., 4.. le one
seemly act And what can court , do '''' The
law y•rescritic. 3 COW,' —that course ha , be.
~..44.lied with-- and -hell the ramp t .et aside the
t.„...t.iai„ a ., 4 ! i i e., re,peomble certifiers to this
re,pectatde petitions. • 71.31 E 333 r hard indeed.
Where, then, lies the evil" soil,' tram of the' ,
certifier-. They .1.. ~,, deda, iiiint tiit:. ',.....:,
ki.oan. -tad te.t tt) t.. 4 Jr t I• , I, , ir , met, IT i,
matter of form. done without redaction. the
ghost evil, thep dint cum, -se let - in tit. mat
ten b, that the Lean of Toth i• ail wrong , too
Cdt'ci. ,re,tie,t. of IL , tear nod love et God, and
without , yratrals) I, , Lan Donn woe .and -sot -
rotr• In th e midst. t hou. ~ r ',.,,,,,, ~,,,,.
~1 , od run.
tic.. such awful atteratmu from ilt.if and r.i.. i• 115,
what cam human law do tuward, preen tug men
in it •tate el friend•ltip mei lore La liberty, eivil
:,..a nvit, i i..- • What l.” - • elti-h man ~re for
ti... 1 or .ultei ing Lil/111.1). 1,3. 01,..1 he rot e•
em. :he law • pOnAlty ` What' .10 thott-inds 0
tho-e . unk,;•inled keep,. of lon and polluted
doggrries, c'did. r u ;. t u human or divine:—for
the .Heine Chan:ter Ind ~- 4 1.- ,. . well-Leing.
,tui mei th At the fear .4 - puttitlnffeta oh.; :?ern'
The to'..;heu It:ailed node, beggnred fill I ill'n'ala
-ed, .101.1tin,-iittmeent mi tin, to a father's
ititenteratote -•lnag
~1.31i1 A.4 . l all.l nhireeilre,
plead - al; eon Cad . sake to willthuld the intoxi
icatiug 'up try,M the almost rained father and
husband—and yet, it Lie * ti.'l gill Ito - .otoe but an
additional .inuture. the gram, ann.( r(snul. Glae
titre:A.l4le: eye, and imploring lia,ks of the al
nest iii.itiring mother and wife, surmounted by
her gpoth of faiiii , liitie children. will pass by
Atdgm led But •••• there i- a righteous Cod and
a thr,..e of impsrlial Justice. nob eonduct trill
to:mt.. . A 1:,..,,, re , 'mime-, These ithupyrcs
and inelti- 'la -do. eth•kutg out it. besot'.
blood will toll aliiiit s oot, .4; in !slide awl
At a tely indifference. I hdi e 111 I,`.td ‘ ,1„.1 tAtilitti
human le,i•latoot may rite them I.ower:'hiti....
iv-tilt• to e.,1--- ..•.. -...• and nit continually.—
, yet that min letn•lonott ent• theta not loose
from the gore
moto or lid and the terrible
' denunciation. uf bi. law Three is n day com
ing whsh they wcotld t:oily liner the rock; and
toolininie , to :AI on them an I o.ter them from
' the winch of 'the 1.......;1• • tut the ..13.31 4.13 y of
his wroth i- c•one. :net wt... c i•-ill Ile Ode to
sta..; • • What nun-seller nod druntits,,d wisher
can then grct the numermt • 14tirf1 1 . of Tics cm•
h•dloand sole-bar., with noblonclieti cheek,
and undismayed e•tuntenzucc ' in let snot rather
su.k into alitail.;l3ll.-n that west •-mals ruined by
me thnutfli the intortesitog'lmal nrfieolie har
del.—We remark that to maint,in ond perpet
uate civil and religious Move, we ingot hasp il
ium,' lute the masa, of soriery, the tsar nub
love of lied. as the rim' elements of this bluety ?tun l now eland, related hi his M.,ker ill
the chat-set, --f ti rebel .1, one who 1034 vio
lated hi, law. common:lml hi- authority, end re
fithed obedient , su his hole will A state of
o p en lumfflitr e x i s ts 1331,(31 6'31 and the erea
tine, teen. This ho , tility 033 ,•nlv ereane an the
rukaaierwa, of the latter In heart and life. to
Divine antilmt•itt hail if we search the rimordh
of the pdst; add taken tit...icy of notion• liow
existing, we shall till l the tin:; ,iril,le 0.. noon
day, that just in proporlion'ml tie lon, inc). love
of God, were or are the con'trolling de i sth.,. te
the human / , 311. in the -aloe I.r.tporii. n 11 - .11
they been prepared lel. awl lint actually ,cljoy
emit awl religious freedeus. Look at rwattriea
now where the-e Jolla- eiveleul. hair hat a lim
ited ur sickly ext•teuee, and you will li e d but
I little rathmul fn m•lona whether 01.11 or roligious.
You may bud in the pahlic 1313 , 1 3 nag., `Won,.
of the want of -untethittu. .11.1 that •mtnothing
City ittay call 'deity. hat ot it, true nature 3131
./331iii,.. ' WI the proper node I f 116°y - tarot the
masses .. Li, t e,e..-: d hoi alemlute tanorthe v -
TM, to VII.r to geartn w ,t?„ eel , a' , 40in and
Airtria, and to a cart tun esteht %ker . of Fran,
With nll her boa•ted love for, and Ithisttntit
lifter liberty. why P it that the French Republic
appears -0 t cot) ditlereut from our own, in char
lotte: and stable tuandation - Why !Vas she re
pentedij, since the ot.rtitne• of the saonarelly,
It g. rl ,. r f et.l ., i , lLli; ; l i l . l , A g g 1 , 1 1„ t1 , 1 . ..
, C , ,1g: , ;' , 01; ,, 01 1i e ., ILer n tiz
tad an: akettey?„l by the ton - ellts of bulldog
Cora' The farmer ii, ill/in There is u (cartel
and lamentable Want of the hoot cuq fear of God
in the hearts of her citizens, which MAY eau tar,
be them rightly to appreciate. frilly to protect,
rind healthfully to enjoy that frenaloni which God
has given n 0 mans inalienable birth-right. flow
vast the difference in principle and character he-
I veva them and the Pilgrim Puritan, who first
eunuch: in these western wilds. in house of refuge
f or P.... 4 ° 6 ' 1 - 4 d Wrq , These men had 'quilled
deeply, and with sober nue reverent lasi,. the
word of God, to know the 'that, 'of hutuati rights
anti obligations The precious and panfying
truths of 1.10,1's word, were to their souls, life
and peace. They loved and feared Clod And
to enjoy without interruption that liberty which
hod': ward proffered as the rich Inherita n ce of
the Jammu family. they left the land of their Ala
tiviu, all the endearment, of chri.dinu and Clil
-111431 era:lag, oil the hallowed aesamation. of
friends and fileMlehip. I tithed the storm; am/
perils of the ocean, Planted the' sthittltird!
amongst the wild beasts of the forest, Wad In the
proximity to men inure wild and entitles. still .
And when the great day lir nullict came, WilPil
love for religion. anti Oil Il freedom was to Inc
tested by meeting the mighty and well trained
armies of the Mother country on the tented field,
their courage athl patriotism awoke itt mighty
streugtf,, rirytal 11.• an unyielthog nod dentin
like eleaggle, I,:y 'Go! ,f., , , , .311 born pi nociplea of
divine love mei only feat, , feeply r e cd imli,truct
ihly imbedded in their hearts. Timer *OOO $ll
principles which grew with their growth 1331 M
creased with their strength, enabled them to
fight for their althea, their fireside,, and their
country. here lay the secret of their w.tler-
Ad heroism. In this, the canoe wily one could
chase a thousaild and two put tau thousand to
flight it was theT.the spud Mar of God that
raised them far above all 'Unman fear and all
earthly foes. But are not these the elfects of .
the .spirits pres'ence and influence over the
heart! Can they be attributed justly to any
other ugeuey! The indwelling of God'a spirit in
the heart, prepares man to brave every danger,
fearlessly to encounter every foe, manfully to
°white every trial. It makes him love liberty
mare than lice, and hate tyranny worse then
dent h. Ac a r.rt It o.exemplification of this great
truth, look at ri,lancriii her nortlNnt intelli
gence, love of teeth, zeal Mr frCedint, induetrY,_
and increased worldly resources and hoppiness,
.uipartat with Ler southern portions. And why
such comparative - order, •prosperity, , and free
dom, from the galling yoke of a • spirithal, nod
d'radl l gmentd" l uti' r Willyousalt l' l t heliferenciattrbutabe:fertllity . oi: eti
geaidaa ; ,i l ,atici : teA..atlh l
facts of precisely. In the • reverse - eider!
In all Gime respects the zenith of Ireland Wtandi
, A in t high,Vantage acig,' 'Thedifferencespringi
from tho high mental awl spiritual cuLuito or
_ ..
the former, eetaPOed , l!ith:',..the .laiter.: . The I read Of 41 - the'Sdrildniel..biiiiiesand to•brilLi
moulding and contrrilling...prioriplms of God's 1 i'hiinir World, 'mad just landed' on earth,
word, for ages, lit - roleen felt to 110'1014h,- and i . n .h„„.,„,• .: E 6 stood braying in eurniiie mid in-
exclude.] finuttheXnuth of` - ilie' :- Y.meirdect Isle. where a • ‘ , hase oce ,, to w hi c h h e
And who are the iiamigriitdatltatere nithonar to I dignation at the use" to
our country; :showing a laW loving :and` abiding ; hid been turned. I saw the gigantichtera.,
spirit? Aredhey not Scotch - frith int- I ped move with a power that made the earth
migrants! irien who hare been trained rip In the
fear and lore of God, Meh.who hie Word. ' man bet a r s
cherish in solemn regard his SaLhath . and sane-
I tremble for miles. I saw the army of hit
-1., gliding with the velocity of the.,
tuariee• And men, toe, whose love for civil and .!..i.s'r - Iti track and droves of cattlti
over t e ,
religious freeduin in the days of. Mr revolution-, traveling in their stables at the rate of
ary struggle, was setasin the North and Sotlit twenty miles an hour towards their. City
to be stronger than death. And why L+ Scotland eleughter-house. It was wonderful.. The
though compnmtively r,flgged. bleak, and sterile,
like a garden, in all things, illustrating a high •
estate of mental growth, rind - civilization; comma, into little busy bee-winged machinery dwindled
insignificance before it. Monttrmia .
ell with the sunny; vales of Southern - Europe?— beast of passage and burden, it devoured the
Why does she so far exceed in all that may con- interveningalistance, and wedded the cities
etitute human greatness and glory, Italy and together 1- Bat for its furnace heat and iron i
Spain, with their fertile Soil and pietist=
rc cli
mate! it was nothing but a beast, an erne- ;
mate? I ask, and let Ahi.„Bishop Hughes, sinews,
ughes, who,in
the pride or his heart and moral obliquity of con_ mows aggregation of horse power. And I '
science, unsurpassed ever in the dark ages, could went bark to the forge with unimpaired
proclaim protestantlsm Mite In it 'dying condi- reverence for the intellectual philosophy of
ties, like an expiring , man just papilla for life—
my hammer. .1
let him answer this question. The latter coon- ia •
tries with nll that is fertile in Boil and delightful , assing along the street one afternoon, .I
in climate, are, inhabited by a people ignorant, ! heard a noise in an old building, as of some
dews trodden„and until recently, without knowl- one puffing a pair of bellows. So, without
edge of the &titans blessings of civil and religie more ado, I stepped in ; and there, in the
Os, freedom; just because God's h,ok of life and corner o f a roo m , I saw t h e c h e f x ot - u , of
peace, was kept from the public mind; and da
the natural . and inevitable consequence, Goers all the machinery that has been invented
Spirit in his life giving and God loving power, I since the birth of Tribal Cain, In its con-
Los been grieved end banished thence. For ! struction, it two al simple and unassuming
where the spirit of the Lord is, thces is liberty. !RI n cheese-press. It went with a lever— I
Happy is that people whose God is the ber4. yeti, 1 w ith a lever, longer and stronger than that
happy is that !ample who Lear the joyful sound •.-
• . with which Archimedes promised to lift the
a a pure and untrammeled gospel.
4th.—To promote and perpetuate these peat world. .
blessings, timf o word most be circulated. read, " It is a printing prate'," said a boy
and obeyed. The Ilible is the revelation of God's standing by the ink, with a eneless turban
I . :
will to t hit and perishing world. It shows •
man what lie in, what he must ho by grace, ahu •of brown paper on hit head. "A printing
whet is to ho his La' destiny, according to the P'''''"---- P' I gneried musingly to myself.—• I
character he is nand to poseess. It slimes us "A printing press! what do you mai r x i
what true rational liberty ts, portrays its suites, , asked. "Print?" acid tip boy, staring at
excites within the heart love for it, and presents i me, doghtcgily ; 4 , why, we print thoughts." !
me means and "Pk" f° , "s d , reir" .‘ /514. 1 il A•lri t thoughts '" Islowlyrepeatedafterl
it,. .
taith,a sui Itibio 'ovum non., Olt arm i Inn . A •,
stood looking .
Iti the laW-, of liberty"; dill tileet the wOrlt as a , , and vs, stood looking for a moment at I
foe. and throngh the blessing of the (del ~f the i e."(M other in mutual admiration; he in the I
Bible, reach victory as the result. What Made • absence of au idea, and lin pursuit of one.
ti o Moir! , to , joyfully to the stake, sealing I But 1 looked at him the hardest, and he left
their moteesi..ns with their hearts' blood, rather ;
another ink mark on his forehead, (Tom a
that, forsake their God and abandon their reli- '
pious freedom! It was the Bible: the Billie read .'
pathetic motion of his left 'mud,. to goicken
and i..n.d. It wet the Bible, viewed as the voice i his apiachension of his' menxing. " Why,
o f heaven, the charter of human right", qt O" '• .Vtgo" Lie mitetratntio in a tone of forced °on
}:.°l'lr 5 °" . • iK;!'lilllg the sPitityli tn...tillct %., . I hdence, as if asserting an idea which, though i
imd'bri rest a tilpininferrupted happiness. {Shore ' i y i n ,
did our rev'olutudiary l'atriob , obtain the vital ""••-. . b,o. osaTen t, a hundred years, might
~,i„,,,10 „ f . t h e n. ~,,,,,l e d ee i n , ntini , of rights, ; still be counterfeited, for all he could show
that oil men were born free arta equal, sod just- I on the spot, "we print tboughts,, .to .be
ja" fal:lled to the 9,134011400 possession el life, sure." But, 0.,y boy," I asked in honest
obeli). um' happtues±: They found It in mines ! sobe r ness, ~, ,,,ha t are thoughte, and bow do
~ ,r o l u . t:11„ e „ 1 :, - . 17, ,. /. 1 Te rztt a lt i :O i ca , dil i te w ilt aria pray.:
....' 1 ,,, ) , gel 1, eld o f th em t o p r i n t them ?" i
sideratiou, that they .set upon it a value so pre- " Thought,. are what come out of people's 1
eminent It was this that made them clasp it to., mind," he replied. "Get hold of them, I
their bosoms and hold it fast Onto death. If the , indeed ! Why, minds ain't nothing You
little '.",'"f,l!" i 'Ff'ailt stilfwed. llOd , 01 A ° L 4 ,l '' i Call get htd,d of, pm thun t atits either. All
eu.: count •Liespotiern •aau oppre.. , ion, thmstice 1 :,- _ • . , ,
cue nuoua that ever t ought, and the !
111,1 cruelty arming men stiliprevailt Would we •
have million. under a slavish and degrading Ms thoughts that minds evee made, wouldn't I
alage to the church of Rome! Would *we hare :Make a ban as big as your tilt. Minds, i
jails nod prison houses filled with culprits lost I they say, are just like air; you can't see
i „ filen+, sad their country. nod man! Perhaps them, they detet make any nolov, or !taro I
lost foe time and Eternity? Would we hart the i
oo „
coo ,. 4 . weigh
coythitig. 1
demon ..I Intemperan& walking through tile! .T ' 1 ' , key! {lull -
land, ski lo s e by ,hey and night his 'thbusands ; 13111 Deepest, the sexton, says that a man i
and tot,. ,d thoumnds of mi.erable hum. bit- I weighs just as much 'Telieit his mind has
imp! Would we have men by that/raw], and • gone out of him as he did before. No, sir, I
,r a 'wallow. wearing the galling yoke of a per
'04,„,,,, sad ,,
1,04 , , , ~, ,, , 4at..
~ ,
444 nry.nt :,!11.the nii . u Pl di . that ever lived wouldn't weigh I
with unavailing regret for liberty, the rich Loon • .TI °I me '.
of Ileaven to fallen humanity'lVisald ther'e bare i .., hen how do you print thoughts r I
beet, a hog nod painful conflict in the Lulls of : asks . ”If minds are thin as air, and i
our National Legislature—and one which for a ,
, thoughts thinner still, and make no noise
time .....ed to stoke the foundation pillars of 1 and bare no substance, shade or color, and !
Nis mighty and widely extended Republic-- !
are 11 ): e winds , and t t co , t h e ; d a d s
.„-,,` .1h•o r . .hfort.ia +1 , a11,1, a, the result- of her a ' e , 1 e the . -'" ---`- - -. '
oWn - jhoo ..; Woiapple.stion, be receiv e d into the I and anywhere in a totimetit--,sometimeti in
sister-hood or •comid illelependens State.! No.. heaves and sometimes cm earth, and in the '..,
all :Mai e.aithet achl:agitatha, all misery, ant op: waters' under the earth—how can you get
Rro" a,. '" I °- “'"g. '" ad i "j u " i '''' °'•:°l4 60 hold of them ? how can you see them when '
drilen from thalami and the world. But if the
Bible be diffused sod read, it its controlling and . caught, or show than to others 1"
lien.etda Lutluettee he telt. thou most the Spirit . Ezekiel', eye grew luminous with a new
from on high. be poured out to give the disposi- ; idea, and poising his ink-roller proudly
n ''" ""'l relish th""f°`' .tad do " ”" the ' tat ' zer.oei this luel_ale page of the newspaper,
~,-, egg V.atirtrry suiv call loudly for active nod . ' .
" Thoughts work and walk in
, lgo ' t : ot" , 4 , at that the Bible be circulated, the he rePin‘i.
Gospel 100.64. the misers node ihrougli the 1 things what make tracks, and we take them
- Me giria t , ~ ipirit to feel Sri raying', Enos?. Is • traeksand stamp on paper, or iron, wood,
not its nanalattoe rapidly increavdtte- 'and in ! stone, or what not. This is the way we
•cressing by more aim. huh' 3 . million annually,: t lion ~„dent.,irt
from, other land•': And what is the character, print{haughty, .. lilt Pt It: .
intentience. ant beddis of a large mer,ortion of ' The pr.' , Ul.7tilla 4r go the lever, and oak
them? to they all come into the midst at us. '. ed intermatively at 1, Ezekiel, begirming at
with that mental culture. that true perceptiou . the pate!) on his stringless brogaos, and (pl
ot the right and good, with that Intelligent love l ow i ng tip with his eyes to the top of the.
for freed., that tear rahl love of Gml, whith ho c ' s 1 ,..,.,...
~,,,,,r coo. E ze ki e l c . w . 0 ., ,
alone raw make ,Lem gaud cititeus o * rna. , ,r,' -
of r r ,
m00r,,, the land of their adoptiout 0., th a t . nefidetwe felicity his illustration,
truth would allow us to make the affirmative an-', wiping..vs hands ou his tow apron, grade. I
enter. But the case 11 for otherwise And what ' ally as:Aimed an attitude of earnest exposi- '
no,,t he their influence on our civil and religi- •
ti ona t i a ve hioa an encouraging wink,
',ills' Inaittoo.t.,, Oilttont i IL . °l;kliaZ "n O. ow ra i and s I]. tmi - -
transformatlMX of stirs.; meting.. and eimiorter .'" L • • '
to a, safely and honorably to coalesce with the f " Thoughts hake tracks,' he continued
holy. moral, and politic. Willthat influence be • impre s sively, us if evolving q tiew . phase of t,
good! Are were no steno to indicate danger i the idea by repeating it slowly. Seeing we
Is there sio allegiance on the pait of many of
.....,,, ..
1 t this proposition inquiringly, he !
thew, 4, a power necessarily and always, &sante ' a- - "" • -
with his to free government , and liberslinstitutional i
, sl i t d el o Pt. ,,n 'd isi l i t i l u l g h l e y t u yPe pon e u a-7 . , ni ,, th Thou ' s .gh e L e m fi a x k c d , I
nth.—Did time permit, we might farther argue I
the vital connexion subsisting between civil and I trucks," he repeated; arranging to his left religions religions cseedem, and a proper and hallowed I
otAcrrence ofthe firibbath. TO Orr the power 1 hand a score Ur two of metal slips, " aral i
vith the'''' • here letters we can. take the cl
ot this connertion , we can only refer you to land
' '
,b,„, the 5,bb, ) , , ,,.. hea ,.. ;e i n _ dnen , le sat yo- i net Impression of every thought that went
cognized and felt: and ask what is the condition : out of the heart of human man ; and we
of freedbm there!
,Look even fit the Land of La- ! era! print . it too,' gqing Ze inked form a
the, and how is the sanctity of the Sabbath there' blow oftriumph with . his ' , riot cap print
reveriat slid eheristied! Ant/ are. the bleating. ; . t t
paper anti ink
enough, till
of freerlora , civil and religions: there enjoyed as . 1 n " — e. - "` l a r - r . .
God proffer; them to mon! Look at history t the great round earth is blanketed around
of Ancient Israel: What brought on the Baby- I with a coverlid of thoughts, as much like
lavish relativity. and the lona and dark night of I the pattern 'as two pos.', Ezekiel' seemed
o lonely exile icon a fondly loved country: It 'to grow on ineli every word nod the brawny
was the forgetfulness and •Imiceration a Gcsln da y; - 1 1 A hi m a n d
1 t
pp:yew:in h ocke d fi rst at anu tuen at
~r ,acrid rest And will civil nod relignine lib- 1
ens out l u st the sanctity of the Sabbath hero: I the press, with evident astonishment.—
n 0... the voice of history declare in load nod ' "Talk about the mintlii living forever:"
solemn tom , . that load Ina always put the seal e_xclohned the boy, iointing patronizingly ,
"r hi, 'lll'i"'are en °°4°.l4 "* l '' "' lnmiti ". lat the ground us if tuind were lying there I ,
and nation, which have lightly. 'esteemed his I .
5 „, A .,,,, i ,.. !
. ‘„,t Anal n „ pees en in the I incapable of immortality until the printer
I,,im, al liol,l, o th deeocrliti,ive an a nation, reached it a helping hand. " Why the
ef;aiitca;.wsa obi atter , rled 1, .e tdtaurtY nom rmrld is brim full of Use, bright induotri.
in authority, mid yet expeel to prdsper Snell 1 sus thoughts, which would have been deed,
no oh -, .-. ari,°"ron" and '. l " . •'.°d .1°" but / dead as a c lo ne, if it hadn't b een fu r toys]
th., :ti.irit.,,f God, eau so arouse and purify th e i ~,_
p „,,,,,.,„„ a d euce , t h at t h e ! .. i n t,h nt i, may be ~,e - 1 11£0, me, who have run the ink rollers. Ini-
tined. and as the foundation pillar in a Repub. I mortality, indeed ! why people's minds,"
licon Government. tiny rennin firm and un- ' he continued, with his imagination elimhing
broken to the latest gencration'! - I into theprofanely sublime, " people's minds
I n canelueins. Lot me ash, do we love liberty.
I uldn't be immdrtal if 'twasn't for the
ant are we thankful for this inestimable gift, as' °
1 1 • D .i•I I I t neither m e -. riutere—at any rate, in this here,planetary
web 11, Gt. zere 0o e , Jot e, a_ ..,
lino among the masses of the people, our great burying ground. We are the charm that
intellect and eloqusuce aura.: rulers and setts, , manufactures immortality for dead men,"
c eithei laws wisely made and dearly• he subjoined, slap p ing the pressman 'gruel
propounded con preserve mid perpetuate' our iih- I • l on the shonfiler. The latter took it
ernes, civil and religious" leo we believe nod • °°°,• , • • •
1 • I t i t the l e y and! ~,- G od moat .as i dubbed a knight of the legion of hon
fev. eons - Hier, vi e eenv
he infests' into the hearts or the children of men or, for the boy hid but the mysteries of his
—that the Bible must be circulated, rend, and profession in subliine apocalypse. "Give
obeyed—that the Sabbath must be cherished I us onegood healthy mind," resumed Ere. 1
und sacredly guarded , in order that the tree of
liberty, which has struck deep bee nets and i kiel, "to think fur ua, and we will furnish
aPreau 'Oast?,
reher brunches, may be kept livin g 1 a dozen worlds us big as this, with thoughts
and heoltlifti , Coved witty green foliage, and to order. Give us such a man, and we will
laden with precious frititk . If 40.• th'en let Oes : ermine his life; we will keep him ai x e for
cry unto God day-and night, for the entpouridg ,
a his Spirit. In the language of the Prophet, , , ,
ever; among the living. ITO 'can% die tio I
way you can 'fix it; when once we 'have
l e t us cry, uOlt: Lord revive thy work—in the .
midst of the yearn make known—io wroth re. , touched him with,these here bits of inky
member mercy." lathe presenceand power of i pewter. He shanit-die nor sleep. We will
Gael's ?lilt. there is that conservative influence
which S "'" u "" 1 . R°l'.r.''' Judas, Hiri°. *' m e i i s k h ee arl coma i t i o ld li ll y t e " he r t k e o 4 4 lo ll ag t4 4 l4l t i h il e ds w t o 4 r a ld t
People all need. It in the i nf luence and',. e i I . j „
, •
ustr influence that can nave us. Let us, thn, I ,4 °•°°s•
pray for this, and then on children and child- i s " Ezekiel," I asked in a subdued tone of
ren 7 , children. to the litteat generation, yen all • reverence, " will you print my thoughts
tritioni shall rise up am! call u, binged. too?",
" Yes, that I will," he replied, "if you
will think some of the right kind." "Yet,
that we will," echoed the pressman.
And I went home and thought, and Eze
kiel has printed my "thought-tracks" ever
I sic you would usJt doe what I ;lave to
say for myself for dropping the hammer and
taking up the quill, as a member of your
profession.l will be honest now, and tell
you the whole story. f was transposed
from the anvil to the editor's chair by the
roles of machinery. Don't smile, friends,
it ie even so. J bad stood and looked for
hours on theyo thoughtless, iron intellects,
those iron fingered; Aober, supple mitmna
tons, as they caught up a bale of cotidn,
and twirled in a twinkling of an eye into a:
whirlwind of whizzing shreds, and laid it at
my feet in folds of snow white cloth, ready
for the use of our most voluptuous anti-
pales. They were wonderful things, those
looms and spindles ; but they could not
spin thoughts ; there was no attribute of
Divinity in them, and I admired them, no
thing more. They were excessively curi
ous, but I could estimate the whole compass
of their doing and destiny in finger power;
NO 1 mime away and left them spinning--
One:day I was turning my anvil beneath
a hot - iron, and busy with the thouliht, that
there was as much intellectual philosophy
In 3 6- hammer. us in any of the enginery
n-going in. modern times, ,when a most un
earthly screaming pierced my earn . ; I step..
ped to thadoor r and there it was, the, great
Ifon lloisel , - - nut i be had come, looking
frit. oil OM Wend like thn' great 'Dragon we
Mr. Corn; in a paper submitted to the Pa
ris Academy of Sciences, says :
- Having determined on investigating the
question whether the employ-went of liituig
sulphurous acid for moistening the Lando
would produce a sensation of coldness, when
they are immersed in the melted metal, I
immersed my hands, previously moistened
with sulphurous acid, in the melted lead,
and experienced a sensation of decided cold,
I repeated the experiment of immersin4 the
hand in melted lead and infusing 'Cast iron.
Bcfore experimenting with the melted iron,
I placed a stick, previously moistened with
water in the stream of liquid metal, and on
withdrawing it found it to be almost as tTet
as it was before=surcely any of the Imola.:
ttre was evaporated. The moment a dry
piece of wood was placed in contact with
the heated metal, combustion took place.
M. COvlet and I then dipped our hands into
vessels of the liquid metal, and passed our.
fingers several tunes backwards and for
wards. through a stream of metal flowing
fUnri the furnace, the heat fixon the radial
than of the fused metal being at the fame
tim6 almost unbearable : We vativrthese
expetiMenti foi upwards ef &wire; .nna
I Madame Coolet, who bsiOted at these ex
perimmits, permittO - her a little girl
of nine years of age, to dip her hand in a
crucible of red hot tuctail with impunity.
We experimented on the Melted iron, both
with our hands quite diy, and also when
moistened with water, aleoliol and ether.
:The same results was Obtained as with
melted lead, and eaeh of us experienced a
sensation of cold when employing sulphur
ous acid."
num is smarm litor FICTION.
The Pennsylvania correspondent of the
St. Louis Republican relates the following
occurrences :
"A yopg man recently made his escape
from the galleys at Toulouse. He *us
strong and vigorous, and soon made his
way across the country and escaped pursuit,
He arrived the next morning before a kd
tage in an open field, and stopped to beg
something to cat and concealment while he
reposed a little. lint he found the inmates
of the cottage in the greateat distress. Four
little children sat trembling in a corner,
their mother was weeping and tearing her,
hair; and the father walking the floor, in
agony. The galley slave asked what was
the matter,and the father replied that they
were that morning to be turned out of doors
bceausc they could not pay their rent.—
"You see me driven to despair," said the
father, " my wife and little children with
'out food and shelter, and I without means
to•provide any for them.' • The convict lis
tened to this tale with tears of sympathy,
and then said:
" I will give you the means. I have but
just escaped from the galleys; whoever se
cures me and takes back an escaped prieon
er, is entitled. to a reward of fifty francs.
How mueh do , 2s your rentaz/mum tor'
Fr , franes," answered the father.
" Well," raid the other, put a cord
iiround uay_ limb-. I will Mllow you to the
city, they Will recognize me, and you will
get fifty franc. , for Lringiug me back."
No, never:" exclaimed the astonished
listener, "my children should starve a (Me
ru times before I would du co base a thing."
• The generous youth iusizted, and declared
at list that he would give Limseltup, if the
father would tea consent to take him. Af.
ter tt long struagle the latter yielded, and
taking his Keterver by the arm, led him to
the city mid to the mayor's office. Every
body was i:urprised that a little man like
the father had been able to capture such a
strong young felhivr, but the proof was be
fore them; :mil tifty francs were paid and
the prisoner seat back to the galleys. But
after he was gone, the father asked a pri
vate interview of the mayor, to whom he
told the whole story; the ?layer was so
much affected, that he not only added fifty
francs more to the father's purse, hut wrote
immediately to the minister of justice, beg
ging the young 103111 . 9 'release The minis
ter examined into the affair, and finding
that it was a •Auparatively small offence
which had coudeinued the young Ulan to
the watels, and tinit he had already served
out half his time, he ordered his release.—
Is not the whole incident beautiful"!
A New fork editor says he had nn introduc
tion IT, wrck to the heroine of the following
Mr.—a merchant. ROW re.dding in Philadel
phia, who formerly lived in tether an extrava
gant style, was in the habit every Monday morn
ing, of giving Li wife R ceitaiu ~, u m of money
for the table and other honerhald 'enpenses of
the week; he never mentioned his En.,ine, to his
wife. and she deeming him sufficiently capable
of attending to Lis own Affairs, never enquired
into them. About fire yettra after their mar
riage. through soma slight mismanagement, and
the-rascality of his cohfidentigl clerk, Mr—
suddenly t ) rulte, and . his fall W.l. mentioned
, eympathmingly" on change, and, like all ouch
matters, there ull sympathy! rudest. The mon.
chant kept the affair A worst, and the first inti
mation Ids lady had of it. wain news paragraph
in the "Ledger. - Shortly otter dinner WRIf er,
ou the discovery of the etartline fact,
requested her husband to remain in the parlor a
few moments, as elm had something to oy to
him tilte then left the room, hurried up stairs,
And shortly after returned, with a splendidly
bound Bible in her hand. Handing it to her
hnaband, she mid.
I ''tieargc. the day alter nor Inas-nage you gave
me this precious hook as a token of your love,
and as a rich fountain to look to in the day of
trouble. Its pagea have heen pie...Aqui tome;
and en your brow boles sad to day. I acne return
it to yam that you may glean from it some con
sultation in the hour of gltrour - She then left
the room.
The merchant opened the book carelessly, and
bank bill fell out. He picked it up and. gland
ed at Ito face—it was a $lO bill. fle opened the
book avant. and another note of the same amount
was before hint. Ile opened it at tintllret page,
and continued to lind an :S. between every two
leaver, tittle arrived at the commencement of
the hook of Revelation., He'vens saved- eonld
commence businos3, and had a capital of $9OOO.
He rang the bell--+e servant appeared.
nßequest your mistress to come to me home
diately," said the merchant.
Thj lady obeyed, entering the room nitit mune
thing between a tear and smile.
••Kutt , . Katel where did v e t procure all thin
..Thin is the weekly caring of our household
e. tar the Ingt flee yeari," we, the lewdest
reply. "Lorry week I put ten uut of the ttrenty
dollar, which you pare me into cur yabke bank,
that when n ilay of trouble came upon no, we
should Imee Bontethin4 to 611 VJ its front the
wulf "
••Itut why put it into to Bildt, Ko u
it 6 o good' one which will
1114 suddenly break," replied the Indy.
••lou ore nn env!, Kate." cried the delighted
husidaul, clasping her to L 6 heart.
And iv she is. Does any one doubt it:
The iliunan Body Must Perspire,.
‘ l ,O SAYS NA'rratth t have a healtkii ap
kJ P.m: Ana wrwas •ha tut INa on, arc
t o the No4,4;,rupttalo 341 a 1,,50kn0.. itralisu
tao.taleal Soo, a Are pirsirLrot.... 0.r.4 al the Awl.
tpe 4.1‘ W( It the tuatara
of alt tilf4lll . S. •
Soon y. Ithount, owl Yurts, en not I.nly healed. but
canal hi tt. as beet 7 phyticiont In lata
!rho uto tu au. c.a. and nod it twfulling-1.1 alah to
Pimping. Blot.. Prankl. oran r altin4lanatth Tho
reshot Is amt.. that thlt tau wok , . pullett mot• trah ea
One trial will trove. enumerate at kart eighth ,
ar.lllcUred of turn heath tore logo, and wary Want
buy It—autt the trader L. agoin etatunq t moult octant
'1 417 4,1 1W: ;12 atatn
will tiwif not only a rum hut nOlnyonli7n
Stonly with that .y ono ell.. with rtia °c.o. alto.,
or tintil. iliaoartah tylit
int.l ayou att. nal. ,
robin In Ito plotolalw/ hint`` stotee
iyol. - 7/ut, Hader. tho tin t aro flooded with kultatio.
ate l ho tn. you att. lire Jut.' ItaillauChouiloal
Cul It only of Wsl:.7.atilLSll7:. OnlY 'Atfout PpttiTulg
hest of Wand. .• , •
Pearly White Teeth, and Pate Breath, to
Le ha 4 fur 115 ottota.—Perooto whet 11..e=itra boats
blf wurodtt.hat If their yrt . ttth itt ttr tbUr
'htth Itatth 7 nlTTa r e
teath - as whit...l show, tu.l IL. Loath utiorlfrettutly
s eat.
Sold ottly u JACKsON'tt Ithor, rNI LiLtatir at, heal of
A Scientific Hair Tonic. Restorer and Beau-
IlLcr—Trial Bottle, 37N. rte. now alba hate wed
JoaSI (brat lllle goatoror. k now Its eactlleut attalltfre-e
gavot' who hare uot, we araure It to pretras IN, tolloulttit
qualltlea—lt will !ono the hair to grow uo auy part where
nature Intended hair to Igor; goy 11 dalllny riot... Turf
dutidnal awl wake Matt. rod, or gray hair gnus dark.
For mattering the halt son wad ruablut: asn robed
thla—it Stakes It truly beautiful, sql Celia it S. It lc in
th.mat mmoulirq-let purilyu,rtl6, fur lb.
pa p . ouly at M*3l . , J.aeN.SON Nlore, 2.1 t) Liberty stivet,
head ut 'Rood) Flttobuagh.
r. Prlturo-alg tarifa:W.l4a, and St. 0
JONES' Solution ur Jed, a Liquid Human
Hair No, for the chuoutou of while, red, or urey hair, fo
beautiful brown, or black tot color, in few minutia.
Prime—ld ("prim wad $l.
d ollu r by
gb. WIL JACK:4_O;4 !Abort
,Arcot, !Abo, Arcot, heal Of Wood.
JONES' LILLY WlllTE.—Lwlies are'cuu
tioncd against untoo the common hrepayett . They
aro not aware bow frittbttully noun.. 4to the ihnt!
/Poo come, how I , llllrh. how nottnntrollthy
Mine *Text, after to. , tatt htophoJeholith• Ineithititto
F, o l! ;l7;c l liFt i a ”.' "llPP:o Aft rta l i " Al
calf.lottr tl ' holanh1111 " ; '
-It ... bring orient of all deleterious
q""1"' " b"P T4I t e e. Tt o tt l e h n&Vlr l e
..on am lonouth
Sold 19 - the Awont. WU. JAC,4 . ri, 2,lllt.lotrtystmwt.
limn] 01
,:ii: •
then xt
Military Bounty Land Ageny,
:11ATIIEIV lIOSEI, would respectfully
iota= owe Intervened then he has 141,010etl iu ene
curiae Bounty Lend. under the merle low cif einiere , ..
Or Met Law. ell who here tweed in erir tOc
were shirr 1;111, their willows tir miner ehlidn n. arc en.
titled to Bounty f m
atal, trout 40 to len ere.. levuntlue to
the lams of MINIM, and ex the Ito I.rue:sir:rout«
agaitirt the trenskre. nu 111140; Nu corelle trtti.
until his YR,' I, ',Ailed:" IT it itiertfl.rr " 1 1' `' . l`,;" 44, e ,
In4ittililelettinletits mutt sleet their lend caller
. re
er ur Agents. Thu one Pill tn found too ertenti_277`,2,,
nth. to he eitlet requlree 1114001 iurrop~r
notuperrtition. Atteirinte Ivo mi., to
W nem: In the end eborUre. To.urlitr ,
dere tho entLro banner. of the by the
epiritxunitetopleted DT Oill,lFTr iq,i' e poee. therefore, at cleferunent: utTntalo On, A L .,
entutanttleulf trifling e,
Icemint fur mum entiio d' rii
ll mat tram.
the teatlty wurrant „
lobo; in UK' Tel
Zaticr a tk,nl
a ciesSrutisu . _,,et
east:Mae taus so Om sr, GU itifine
(wet A. MATHITA:!I.I
— T - Efirt; t Y ln.tym. 7v01'9 11
• •
h .tended L
MyymeND ARD O n f rear% BTIELMILT:
It, to eß ietuWr
s i ttallytio reivoried short bud Ideeterde ours of .I.3l.rsonta
081 AND I . IIBONIC lIIIEUMATIS3I, •••fiklent
tUrattor roommeedation try irdup oho ....01 11 1*" ;
tool with tbla d maul cliscup to try Its •Irturee:
Hundred.. of cum ono of them ritleena a Rt. Lou
...hos Dan aort, My torn enrol widths the
Ler of In the city orloolip whik Were fol.
: , I=l: g tirood doer mho Odd It to portionlug the tame
trk~terror tar thee were Ono& ewes of loner
MiTroihrtrt l i te 4 e ntrer: 4' ""
V "4, Ms
totory Lout irri priori. All. hewer r >ohne the oo"
&Mt editors of ltris a mt 0 000 ddiiirt.p. who hare
Dialleed ID Motto, aol am... the en/or - cunt of holth
can but Mono the original ditrovore tool noptietor, •
benetor of auntie&
It I,well known frum the expo/once of the put that no
outward applkosion oporpibly penn not cure
of this dusty Dello.. ;By the opplillthot eget...Whig
Unitunts. portlal'ollet Latour owe, may be obtained
for • short ilme. 01l the while this Drove is 11•Ing
00.17 Mom POMtustillo theMotent. al wont, or later
wl again developer itself l
n a more dreadful
and atter
•f W fortiodical Maros. it mottles into • dollar
'phial. If rot tom sirrected , ruho the Ludilldu Par Ilfro—
Thl. Ls rentled by Liteltletory of the put ho . 11 1 l countrieL
end more follydemoneriztal by the bbtory fornDbot of
betatron.b preptieter of h a re tPotood. as
by sound
of them wive pawed miler hie hinnediate
collo nod treatment Molar the lost De mouth..
1. o Intermit remedy—ownmenrea its orrery
Done where the Moose Ltst originatee, opt in par/Ding
the bleat Laura through the whole allow, nentrallses the
impure or cant& sedlsonit, ahkh boo !Puttied upon the
cumbranc.s, modes and tondOnt—rremomer it entirely Dom
Ne yrt and restores the lodleidul to urfect badth
throe oho ore, afilicted Mt deceive themulre• .04
put off the toe of ibis medicine too long, or thetr
limb* ore illtlectitni or contended to, nub . degree that
they ore cripple4for life. TM experienr• of heincleede of
thousands doing the past as well u a multitude at the
Present day, demonstratearthe folly of expating Pomo
mot rellef loan external applications. . •
The pormicto of this voluable niolicine•lotows from ex
perience, that amentwani unlit:at/on can iusalbly e(hret a
permaton i t i cnre .2141 this dhow. 1 1 l firmly fixed It! the
trial . ooo;acoort orent, ' lfrcirtrili c itirc t r r et r f liTotte hose.
Untc, tut this trill 'not effect • pmunent run. The ne
tt. of MO 11.1.3nte it rxtk thal ft rosufttt Wax..!,,,11ei
en into.. retroly, to twalcio. the ileelred effect, and mu/-
timer. s filieumartr Componnd end Pnrißer and
otily reined) , the toot over loon discerned. either' In
Murrill or my other country, that will effect:wily care
ails ritewse.
--This medicine ran bo Dad. wholentle or retail, at No. 73
Third tismt. toot to the Pot La. Pitteburtdo
AL. for pale in Pittsburgh, by It . oper, Wm. Thorn,
.1. D. 31orro. S. N. Wickersham. tool .1 . A. Jonas.
hip." SS yes bottlevals Lottks P.m t 24; of $55 per
foutplarta eau be huh grativ of Lbw nvnt.
mr..l • R. IL WigIART. Arent
Murphy's Self-Sealing Advertising Envel
- IVO. 263 31.1.DISITN ST., NEW YORK.--,
•rbe sot.rrihrreio rulleifing aw1...M0.00 a ..1/
me, s, odvertb.outetzt, Sack of that baba:it-Wu
vnth attarla sue,. art br.ogla 4.1.11-c tbe llte
ex,rw I.Ars stipert,..tity Im
rend all qurvtion. and 4r meit•lt.4tl, - rttna to ths,
1.-111.... taco rho bare uscd I.4a.ctivelopv..
r0111[1,1.2,413g c..alr. at pru.i
be 1 , 11,...nt, are a kw of the rre...u. f..r their pop..
Ist OD pima umuisiftd by the real. a pansm mar
hove hualnofi., and ad rowylcuouil;
beautifully - tzuhnmtl. colarrd or pl., thus alhaqiita
fort gaxurity a{ l op fraud.
Thr rurelop, rartfud be opal.' without befog de
ern, ed.
Ncuher mot nor warer• rcnulro.l to neat &hera—
ld, 11t..5a reizrarrtagv of a lat.,. he 'kat Int.Uredts
Immediate return to Ilarnetuto.r, lust:D.l t of lagag tourfotl
mouths In th. , 04.3.1 Lothl.r 0010, The Euvehpet fortuthel at aim , At the :40
prier es plain Dorn.'
Lth. Each 1. ttrr mural L.• mast ellecthe eartrax..nient.
Bum to attract the attention of all through whom hnnds It
The Lal.lug L 1.1 of psi., f,r Ora, etbrra , al on
Cron, mad obkb ws-illaAl for Searr, lasi of of
Atbr, esas, icbtl.• yr Lull, of g pupa'', .lal
loiole babwrivlll,,,
Priors 4/ L i u PK,' 4 AWretoyes snade
ILII(111.1 4nb‘b.,
tal to 10 ICA) 91.Li+
.I‘.l to 14i . . . •
fAi to 1.. . .. , . to.uli .10G0 .13.1.411
E. tr, lod I . ..(Prauu .... 16,00
Wtona It le root .uletat..l. to forward a crrder
pa. weal cr pls... a ts.r.zrenee to a r.q.clude Nov look
:la us..lll Pe suarl.ut. Ali urd.r. wid meal ulth prount
att.t.., a add.... I. . wn. liukpily.
. .
26.3 rtraet, Nta. rot
Orden ta attar...led tu t.rutatAlt. if latl at the floral
tpf Al-,0r,. tell t Molt, atraet, Graf Iltagro. H.
Jartalinan U Co., 151 Uinta= •t.
11.-.Nalta,a eanta rtabu.d iu attars. (rum ma.
Die.. at 1110,W pet thunaatai.
D R . O J S , L o: S CELV3I.I.A dwo ,TED atr ..!lENEDIES.
rthcw rob Drvyrlutur
pvulsr ravt
114 Jonathand Ile.
.ead Instrontent kir indef.:, the
tinv In cow of Ch un k dlseasek w as at
deot of that eminent pbvskiate. Motor Physic, and I. a
endued."ty of to , adnr
year. vitae has twat engaged in the thvestigatlceda
r.a that aohlleattoo of renuatim• thereto. •
Tb es.. ehogh the ow ta . hie Matta: tube, to nentactkns with
ht . ProPtaa W
to t run and other of hi. laded he b y
eons, auto dteadfW
and Waalltetivet Tutterentar IYotensopticet,
nuatila Me nia m:ulnae. detain.. Fever end Ague. rent e"' ; '" .
al kind, Chunk Ensiled.. t.v..1 all tie.. Utah:ate die•
ewev peculiar td fetaah.s. Indeed. every liana of disease
Lout: awn onda the ow of hut re. ..IW, to which hunisol-
I, 1. hole—tnd hr the no, ci one ...tumid only. ha that
It atm:amnia+ tenth Yb.cadoilcal law. tut fa the woo of
his ermettlea aluttal to. viol perient.l for, reeh haulier
SAlirl of dlwww.
Lot An. rant, Piltr. when tared. are
arkoariladio .1 to •t 1,110( to all other's, am a porg.
ure or by" bill. Loasiourb as airy hart tau bolerila pat
(reds l'osi Masi . aim/ ids Collett an: arl•
rulttrdi taw trieulty. to !up.. pirctillar proimillca,
iftrl lir/eta/ale iti.veria., but bow; ralaslard In. a tam trial
It intaleilsotto what humtrundsof
lard Pkepro-111
Ilia anti...led asa iuritcri to call upial tbc arid pr
cure ontirratir r.a. tit banaphla.i airbag a detail.
oriaittrit tack rroarily. and Re apallatlost.
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Sabo...Let er 21. AVorat at, Patsliurah-
J. 11. - Torsorrnil. birtialitst, alailtat rd.,
la , lairikbara. Equicilst. oaar rho Post (Millea.Ansgbai
ov tit).
T /Hazer.
Allegheny c'op.nty, SS: .
W:II3IUN 15 EAT II ol l'etutiwltoitio. the
, h•-nn' L , r wun , /,Kte-litur lib.rvaa an t.ri ,
',Law . Court. bail at Cittouoruh. ace.l to Raid esuLty,
wa alp :Art Aar boceoahor.l•.•
totitbn of D..ul;J Adnonletrator of all sod
tidy-.W: the goulu - Catharl. MoCulau,
.f the nt cut.latrula to ...I r-atnt...lou , aeLtl. at
Uwe a her .Imth. oh:. J W .utu.tat, .I,ult, that the
aUsl Intensta left w ts,tul 1,411 e nor ture.malostato•tt ti.
Tarrant of her .1,1 or. lkut toreOrmes.
of f,e. of rarl to u r,rtatu ctf •a•routul . alto.
the Sixth Want of ale CU. of Vittehurgh, baring •
Rout on Ira , hitrtmt auuo,4 of non, Lot. auJextentling
buck of oatte.l wrath ca a toe tareltel with %VOW ttrevt
Oft, taut iahlti Is. rtelorl Ithay hoax", nut.
' lnicton ' ttl:i d a r 4l.l. 4 ot a tylVl
Catbartar atot,uart, Itannuulf: by oe..lua
l'eth of cotober, A. G. lull. Th, tafrrest said
tra,ututl thing the unlividttl one half part of odd 'prong.
tln that were are debt.
the erta la es follow. to vat
laulym,t.te In the Dittrict Coon Said Countf mate
ef Jam IlaaUtt. for My hie &am, with Intercut date
July Llth. wad eats amt dust lo probably 12Oni ,
dullata,..l the eat. , enu:, mkt trust will probs.
tly front fbrty or thy a , dLtra Ands , r t •yz the Court to
ul ~rxwt him tiVlil; to ‘&nt`nma * l tor lb, pa . saatr tra,at c O r f
aferruall debts.
.• • .
Now. thercfbre. ae ecartuattl and each of you. the
heirs and legal c•bresentatisos of .14 Crathortne *Nub,
.111 0 11/rsjr i tti: r l .l.l to end i arar j tejore our r nt.
to show case. it top ydri ' ;:!.%f V . reje ' r7tElly i r:
tot be rrbuthn.
WArbora the Ina WA; .11 . Clunr, Psababoss Judge of
sri t .l Court. et Pittobargh, thls 24th day Cf I/member,
And Ow Court tuna. or dm Laming of this
boson b. 41ver.. by publican^. by the Pittsburgh Weekly,
thrown., fw thw., wocty. 13- the Cburt
besS7ro:rt .1.\17.L M'CrAtiV,CterL
.Tlrt are mon. thinge 10./trarett mai earth,
'Than arc Unwept of In philruoplay." • .
viitTuEB of thiA remarkiblo roe o.
ani tb, et - natant application far it, to the mai!
ar. ha 11,1,10 , 1 Lao to hare it put up in hall% Qua le•
Iris and gip:rano, ar the benellt of tio• 00410.
o l'hE l't. - ftuLLl*sl it ova:an true/ a coll.'. this route
at. at a dutch of four hcalrol Loh 0 a row. nnalultera•
thl mita°. althea) ant' ch. maul shompe. but tust 111 11
1110-110. nran Mace. Orlon Let:roar, That It contains
prop aril! , matting tmb!! .4 drew, is off 10e000?
mane unteruunt , . Tiara ore maul thlrop, Cho ttr.
C,OO maw,. which. it kat no 1 / 1 10111 bo at tat vpiub
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W. FOSTER, Attorney and Ono.
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corwtitution that It le an sahutrabie clustpoutd for the relief I
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EUWAhIi 1111VIIKOCH, L. 1,. 1), ..,
I,,i(hed or Anther". College,
flifik'rf EVIDUNCE.-1(r. J. C. Ater, towell--fteer 010 , 4
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Dr. J. C. Aver—Dear Sit.- elaiit.NAi idea, Mut rutillfartm
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Refl. in 11. A. Wenger, Eillearl Campbell. Jr., P. Mal..
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' State Mutual Fire Inftqame Co,..gartisteg.
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John P. tiotherrot J. tlillytt; Parete' T. Jaunt
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