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• • • Nast' Toes, dray 8.
• -
The steamer Wathington, from Bremen and
Southampton, xrrired this morning, IT days ant
from the latter plate. —She Drings fio passengers,
and dates from LoaL,n to Dec. 21st nit, being
one day later front the Continent.
The English jonrnals do not like President
Eilltaore's mu:rage relatire to the protection of
American imlunry.
There is nothing new from France.
The Pina.sians were belling the rerern of peace .
with great satisfaction. -
.The Mayor of Southampton has atilieseed the
United States Government, requesting that res
ide destined to carry prodnete of American in
dustry to the Raid's reit., may ln 3=f :hi that
; part'
Cotter._l3 dull , and gore
Waspy:4;l°N, lan. P.
Senate—Mr. llcutton appeared in his scatio
The Lill to rhanpe the' time of holding the 13.
S. Circuit and bitwript Csurts for the I:astern
and Western District of 'Pennsylvania. was tak
en tap fuel ordered to be enyykose.t.
The bill to nettle the private lout elnhna in
California war taken up.
Mr. Owin tulvorattuitti, hill. opposing the sah•
stimte offered lay Mr. Beaton.
Mr. Benton replied, lan gave way before con
cluding. to a tootion for aitiournment..
Monne—T. Bayley reported from the Com
e natter of Wu ) , and Means. anion the general ap
propriation 'hill , .
Mr. Fitch intradaced al bill providing for the
location of tnilitsry hounq lauds warrants, where
the same have hero er rot: rot pt ly locattst. The bill
Vea referretl.
Mr. o.44ens - Av iniroduccd a hill granting. n
portion of the puhli,land-ztu the tote of Maine,
for the purpoete of aiding in the construction of
— the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Rnil Rood. which
was referrer' to the rionntittei on Public Lands.
. 51r. Staunton. of Tenne—co. introduced a joint
rettolntinn directing the payment of the awards
trund by the Commis,ionert appointed
In c6mpliaece with the treaty with Mexico,
WWh.wool referred to the Committee on W11) 4
and livens.
.Me. Stanton. of Kentneky. moved that the•
- .Hone nefjourn, thi< being the anniversary of the
battle of New Odeon, which was carried—yens
nays SS.
. fieraT4arce, inn. h.
Mr. Cessna, of 15,11, - .1.1. ere'ete.l Speaker of
the Ilou.e. and Mr. Jack, Clerk_
Mr. Xletthin.9, of Philadelphia city. is elected
Ppeaker of the tiennu.
The Governor'. 91e , =age lear delivered nt noon
to day.
The Clerk of the rwr elected yet.
All the merelterc nt a doing to Philadelphia, to
partake of a public dinner an Eaturdny.
The Legi.lature will not meet again until
Ohtlay next.
The OGR'llaoT'P-MF% , .±. lge else., a sittinfactory
amount of our finance,.
lonrraLr. Jan. 11.
Gerreroor French rent his tocarage to the Le
gislature, to day. i ile represent the accruing
revenue no more than ...ultim.ent to meet the cur
rent demoodt on the Trent:my. The public debt
of the State, owl the Canal debt. ir ; $16,621%50%
The untold Canal .Ineds am expected to realize
four millions of &Alan.
_ .• . . .
The... Governor for hoinewend exemption.
Una declares hiniscli all Lank• charter.
Be recommends the neeeptance of Holbrook
CO's.. conditional run-crter of the charter to
build the Central Unit nwrits disposal to
the company who will d.c ie on the best terms.
lie speaks 'favorably ot the compromise an
its niclisnres,'end says that t hey will be rsithfalLLLLL
ly observed and obeyed, als the only means of
restoring and preserving harmony by the peliple
of Illinois.
A bin was ictrodaced t repeal the liciirrook
CoLvarrs, (Ga.) Jan. L.
Mr. B. Kimbran:ch w.,a arrested at Macon,
On the Fel inst., cl.rau,e,h tho iredrumeatality rad
enterpy 71.05. J. Ehallemis.,....peeinl agent of the
post (Ace. departea.r.t.
The ,ocetr.ed in charged with robbing the omit
.of a psokage coat,•inint , €O.t. which had heed
mita at Cherwa, 5 C., or. the 29th of ;Core&
brr. • Fe• - •:,, - .;29 of the taaLty - Tlll., tecocered hT
Shallcrosa. -
— A note h.. ssoel, with the forged endorsement
of Robert thufy raceslianto of this city,
-was detected here on Msoday. It crime through
the hatch of Jahet.D. Wort, who keeps a tiler
. cantile agency here_ nod who alleges that - he
melted it from New York. It was offered to
scrent troker,, hat they detected the forgery
immediately. Others GI the same character rite
rappesed to be in ,si.i.tenise.
The lrctiott to emppr,t the Legislature 'to re
peal the charter-A of nil eory,,rntiotut, Emit so well
at prenent. withotifc..topetotatintt V 44 siritially
dee 12.,1 hr teforting it bncl:' to the Commit
tiorne of the'llemocrats votNI With the Whigs.
and it ii now iriiliqkt that tic .erlion cannot
pros to anp shape.
enernlly dull.
Flour—Sulei nt $4,62.
Dried Frail—Apples Are dull at $1,25, and
peaches at $i per. - I,l‘.
at $11.; per ton.
Dineen—Sales at RR. per
8A.1113101114 Jan. 8.
Flour—Palea, resterday, of 1000 hands, and
to day 17,0 btirrefs 11,.rtart Street dour at $4,
WI: and atm do. at 54,50 vet Mil.
Brain ale. of wbvit at 95E r r_102 cents for
fair to prime rt,l: 10.4it100 for prime lathe, and
110E1. ' 114 for family door wheat. Corn 6 sel-
Bug at 07a , :i.3 for yellow, and G0(a)C1 for white.
Bales of oats at 4 . 1(F 45e per ha.
Whiskey—Pliers rite 11.11dotg,ged.
zass• YORK 31811. h. T.
January 8.
Cotton—The market is it^tiTt. with sales of
1000 bales at old prices.
Flour—The market is firm. and the demand
better, with shies of 4000 ills at last prices.
Rye Floor is unchanged from hist report.
Goats—Wheat is quiet: Rye is held at 80cm.;
Corn is steady, with solos of 18,000 leanew et
69071 e 11 ha.
Provisions—Aless lark is doll 'at • $12,25;
Prime do. is firm at 180,25 per hhi, with sales 400
Mt. Zed is unchanged. with sales of :200 bblei
are held at :',811(.1.0,25 ll ewe Ladle very .
Icm, with sales 200 old et:MSc, end of 100
.bride new at Et, ? lb. Ohio Butter is ; selling at
9@,12e, with an;actiee demand.
Whiskey—Prices have declined, with vales of
150.1alds at 28c.
Lb:weed off is v-ith further sales cif
0000 gsllens.
Otiotties-,-Coffeo to better, with . sales of
tacks Rio of 1130111!tb. • Sagan ar . e ateso
sad !wee, 'midi mato or NV Mull Orleans at
@Of gT bbL Molakla is firm. 'with salts of 160
bola °Hama . at 32c.
Feathern—Stn'of lire gecse Pestbers at .4,5
eArre lb.
lletnp-13n1es of 100 tow. tier rotted American,
on - ptivato-terrns.
Lend—Sias .;1' 1000 pigs Galena at t 4 ,80
Spirita lartpentitic—Saln of 700 bbla at 40e.
Tobaeco—Sale of ryll Wad! Ecntactp leaf at
lle12c; and or 3fhto. Ibtryland at 7c 14 lb.
January 8.
Slota-The - market is satire, with sales of
40001bla at $.3,7063,7a 11 hbi.
Vikiikey—tiales 2.4}c 11 ma.
Rage—The mariat is :toady, with Ptlell of 800
bitid at 54€4.?: '}? cwt.
Late--Balea of rim at 71. ii ib. -
Goo bx , l tb.
114 , tiver fitli-n inche in the last 24
ipAII43ONAI'F, A MMONlA..liartihntn.
(Zile ics 0.1. t,4ll_lthJU •t• 41Trit
IitIICKORY NUTS. for sale b
()ULD CANDLES_ 20 Irxes for sate try
(alatiY.. 150 b 4 Lcuiwrillo No.l Rojin;
- 4.'''''''VA.i.6t74tikoPc
ENTI,ICKY .11USTAIII). A constant
. .I:l4lo(Bspyara4 .14.41ralEd Eentacty Nivatittl.
OTTON YARN. 2000 dozen "tope Yarn
vv sx.a*Fr WI %SALIM:OIORD iC
9ANOES. hbl.. jugt received and
LR ICO bblt. for calc,"bi ' '
'''..~4 ;
- .
We are not . in the liabit74 puffing patent
medicines, but haring tested the elffeicy of lied
lingers Lintunentin ft . .eererc neuralgic affection,
we can truly bear witness to its admirable qual
ities. In all neuralgic and rheumatic dimases,
it operates like a charm. See advertisement
Vain Trwernancr. SOCIETT —At n meeting
of thin Society, held in the Frote,tent methodist
chtireb, Fifth street, rift ihnrgh. on the ith last.,
the following gentlemen were chnien to officiate
during the currentyenr. '
.Prmi chat—A. .L. 'Campbell. D. D.
u r i m ,
Ilmarding Strreary—li. Parry.
Corlmpon3M . 7 Sm,truF-1 r Dale, NI D.
Trrasurer , --R. H. Dacia •
Speeches were =AD by negeral gentlemen. en
the impropriety of voting for intemperate can
didates for office: and the following ratolatian
passed by acclamation:
kriared, That we., at temperance men, sill
not vote for any man, for an_: othce. who t: not o
reliable temper ance man.
The Socieryhaht: its next meeting in Doctor
Swift ,t Church. Allegheny, on the evening of the
2lnt inst. The emcee rvolutinu rill then lie
Accinuit—On Tuesday night, a man named
Jacrib linney fell from a wagon which wait com
ing in from Lawrenceville, isuki had lila collar
hone broken, find was otherwise badly injured.
The fracture was.reduccd. and Ida wouniladrea,-
ial by tar tiolinher. The patient is now doing
rtittlttinTt. TUPAIIy Mottling.
two Colored men quarielett on the wharf.. tine
(WOW , ' the other of giving some infonnation to
the pollee of Sr. Leui., in nraer to have him nr
rezitea„ awl treehon endangered. Ile grew
so warm on the euhject dint he area - n pistol.
'aria tired It nt the informer. The hall boa for
tunately been extrnetea lig watilto of the fellow'.
alma+, :who 'were apprehen s ive that he mould
lilt his antryonist: but the wadding struck him
on the ',resat. nritngoni•tt drew another
Int and rocked it, but the byst,andets interfered,
and he na.
Ile ,teeee.lea in making bin eßrnite
LA ItrEi S.—An old man named Ueorge Tid
lutif, moo ye,tcrday nrre•ted by the Ntnyor . ll po
lice, charged with entering the dwelling bowie of
Mr. Frank. on Third .treet, nml ,tealing there
from eereral nrtieler 61 Trifling value A new
cloth overcoat. and two bundle, containing sev
eral article. , of jewelry, Sc , were found in ht.
I...eillurt. and arc now at the Ma).;'. oilwe
Tidlow in. , fully committed far trial
Lamm:T.—Alt old lady, who resides near the
Scotch m runrket house. yesterday lodged a
complaint before Alderman Steele. against her
son in law, who had, us was nlledged, token tire
hundred dollar. 1,010 her. Ile was found ,li•re.
ted in Manchester.. where he had gone, n•
limed, with the view of getting in board scone
steam boat. Three hundred and tiny dollars in
money, and about one hundred Jailers worth of
property were recovered.
The old lady refaNal to prolecate him when
Le w:49 brought hcfcre the Alderman. and the
matter wa. amicably Idja.ted. The ionor :wife
wept tow; latterly, Hat all the panie4 tit ally
turntd hetito together
TUE Inca', CNCEIIT,IS77 —A lawyer, 'peal:-
ing yetfertiny in Court. observed thntJt.l,7. Sk
ier, while whlreaaing the Supreme Court one day,
said that that Lomas ide body only differed from
tLe lower Court. 411C1.1,.? yUeso.
Merrym or Tar. Itlenicl, &wiry - v.—The
follotring resolution! were par=ed ate. tweeting
of the Medical Society or Allegheny ro.. Jan. 7,
Er.,loecl. That thi! .tiocitty has learned with
Much fec,Tif of the death of one of ito member!,
11r., JAB. IL TAIT.
ii,oftett,--That by Idr removal from our midst,
In the meridian of life. aud npogro of profe,.ion
oh attainment!, we hare been deprived of • high
enteelateJ read volatile member.
Ruatrnd, Xhatitgivesu,anfeigned yet mourn
ful pleasure to thus express mtr high admiration
of his virtues. talents. and merit, as a phyrician,
and of his COIIII6OIII, honc.i and houurahle traits
of character as a roan.
Rraclrrd; That ire .incerely. sympathice with
hie flintily on this :tad afdietion. lind that the
Secretary be directed to -end theta n cony of
the le re.olution,
G..EDRENGTON, ?real.
L. DIL.VGLTLI., T. V. SLUM', 5e...7'.1.
T....5 - 8,18:0 .
Prmeut—Mr.c.rati: C McClure, Fri
dentJa4ge, i:krr s.r.A 12canua Icce:
Argocia' te
Benjamin Le.ttrea. recalled—Mr Lefton was
not Certain al to toe time when the expree - iunt
cf Mr. Becker (mentioned yeetreey • dm:
Edward 'can Rem - dime, et - ern—l oyertoek a
carriage on the-Beaver mad, on the nineteenth
eloW OeptalraMr. Frati,r.: end too
children were in it Moser. Will, Lowe, and
Dwyer Were in it. Wintems MN nothing of them
after they wont al fey ne Sir }Jays tarn - Er:—
They dense .idly. because, as they mil, they
wanted to get out of the county The homes
were tr.:Mute. I did net observe them afterthey
left AD. gays Tavern. They >topp.rl aMiut tun
minutes there. tie. ran R. pats6l them, and
they passed him afterwards tie Rao taking n
drive on that road. The driver endeavored te
mate the horses go Si , M.l ii. , pc,-.liirrit. 11itne•ri ,
did not know who mode the driver go.
Henry Muldoon, esont—l was in the Di nmond
one night when Barker was speaking, and heard
him my that the father of ,jive children came to
the Mayor's office one day when he ems me in.
lie let u Letter toe him to meet him ot etileirw'
Hall, nt ii o'clOck next m o rning. When he weut
there the next. morning. he raw the man, and
asked him if he tees the father of the children.
He answered •• 5' ee." ••Well, sire' say, the
Mayor, ..I'll hare your children for you in the
inside of twenty minutes. in my seta," and in
the inside of nineteen minute. he had them in the
'office, andin thirty minutes they were inside o f
the carriage jeering town. "Well," Ice surd,
wasn't that quick tmdelling l"
James Reed, .warn—Am a putiCratria. 4 1 got
a warrant at Squire Steele's at the limo the chil—
dren were taken away. I sent te Sumer on I
horseback, on fast an possible. Oot there it,
three hours and a half, mud heard of them on the
road. When I got. to Seaver they tell me they
had passed. I sow a muddied melee:a, which I
thought was the one they had come in. I found
they were In a tavern at Brighton, and asked to ,
see them: but the tit. ern keeper told me that I '
could not do so—that the father Lad Lie child
ren, and they could net be taken from him. The
people at Beaver raid, in Mr. Mire presence.
that the children note bound out to Catholics.
and that 'the father did not with them raised in
that religion. i
The declarations of the citizen. of Beaver.
made in Mr. Hill's pretence, were objected to by
the counsel for the defence bat admitted by the
I new the fourth person is carriage, who
said he was n cowls of sir. Dwyer. He ash!
that I rhould not have the children. The war
rants were issued on oath of stir. Cottony.
Cross Examined—Tomes Co,* of Pittsburgh
was one of the men at the tavern. I believe he
said I bad no right to take them, I don't recollect
his eying I had no right to take the children,
except the warrants I had were endorsed by 71
magistrate of Beaver county -1 showed my I
warrant to Hill. They said I should not take
Robert Ilagne, sworn—l went to St. Louis.
lately. I think I raw Charles McCoy, who was
e driver for Reidy Patterson.
Jane Moore, sworn—Wesoneof thetenchert In
the Fourth "Ward School last September. I save
the children - vent by Mr. Conolly, there at Stet ,
time. They had been there ever ninee I was en- I
gaged in the. Echoed, from May Inst. They el- j
wive 'teemed to be comforteLly clad. In Sep. 1
Weber some gentlemen came into the school,
and enquired for children of the name of Dwy
er. I said there were no such children there.—
Thermtuired for them then by the name of
Camay. I called them up. They were taken
awl by these gentlemen: one of whom raid he
woo their uncle. They made use of no force.—
, The gentlemen who mid he was their uncle, can
tied the little boy away—the little girl rallied.
I No disorder was produced in school by this.
Sarah Al. Cost, sworn—Am et teacher in the
Fourth Ward School. , The children commenced
coming to school in April, and continued going
till September. When this thing occurred Me'
Moore came iu newt wilted me whether she would
let them go, and - I .said I supposed she would
have to. us the teen were officee P. . The children
suAcKLErr .Ir 'l b HITS , IN holesole Deo
were no well dressed mil comfortable aa any!
who Came to the school, I non, - ...ll , nirrar ~r 3 6 .. 1, N' le , ",
• Jan P. Gir:‘.; ewers—:lm engaged in th e c ' 1 rerT:titi A W m ?rtin i', . ;t i nt " th '„`tfine". f ct°.l'VeVet. l ; l
telegraph reeve at Pittsburg, and uuO engage...! esareztje to M an n ore- ..e.r.tirm tom,
there in May lest Am local manager- r r .r•, a' r .:' teem, ...i r'f-: ,.. . 7 1 , : , V.Qt r tt n ;7 l :..r;ttri' : -. th '
Mr. Bestir , ear of et Lewis, but rermerge Co !um eauheety. lutili urru, %Linn:tour et,.
Pittsburgh. Think that - he in o luryer there. I
' lie rat in car tau rrequtntly ha Mee - last Ile
sent messeeee freettmetly—eubsequer.t viintee
sled nut.
-Alder= Steele, :firm 1-I.llisic the inforzna
ticn (producing it) on tsLich i Irina the oar '
rant for the nrrect of DnTer on a charge of
kidr.spidtg. -
John NIL-holt. civorn—l vas in the to.= cf
East Lirerpool scam time in °eptotater last.
Duper came into a taw= there tad toot
children to tht fire to warn, them. Ile said he
anti &id to get into Ohio. That he had been in
Pitts tua' was glad In get Into a decent
.place agsin. 11. told me that he got the children
froanCoticaljorho had treatedtherabLili . I hal-
Ysard sontradat abort the case and sated bka
to hint: '• I asked Mm what Coati,' Ibe ealdl ! •• ; Ile kilt:till:4'lA as ne6stent of an Italian bin
howle got iltelin. -Ire raid the Court. pive them i „
~ ,
he didn't lentrit, that he was not in Conec at the .eta- w ho
w~ i
..s Mae - !loot In Italy to . the ordes: 0r 9en.
he .4141,bn:ina said that hi hadgit - en lam the I Chtleeh t—' ' -
• , .
e thn hillere ne IT "lid e'ra " id in n eth arker ing b: l 7e j n c t '' t i :o ' o te lfi r cet: ' ""I :The n I!
moot mioniehing &went,
Whose, ex-
I —inn and Beed—te Believe with him. and that pion, somewhat resemble the celebrated ones of
they fwd fleeced him handsomely, taking forty the famous Etinaldo'ninaldinl more than an Cl
dollars from
and nbused him I amid he need not talk from him. Ile commenced talking about 1 cerbeted slime. we e a priest, named Cyr° Aniehi.
I mien, born in the email town of Grotagli, on - the'
1 iit dial, 25 r knew Mr. Conolly . Shortlyl . lroad from Torento to Lecce. nig firm achieve
! afte_rwarde he left East Liverpool. l-ment was the murder of' it whole family in the
C. B. M. Smith, Esee. had :teen the children ;town of Seem-mine. Me had nt the time of hie
e'frequently at. Mr. Cesolly'e They were always , death. hero labnnalit farmorath.entwenty yearee
very well prcesed, and well taken core of. Mr. ! and from hies, daring and -uccess, the country
Cottony and hit wife seemed to be very fond of i people believed him to he a devil or a magician,
them, and they to return that affection. Rio and scoffed at the ',oldies, elm were sent to per:
• mtention' had been partieularly directed to them, sae him n hen the e n : eac h General, °m ee t ° , e
from :he fact that he had tome eztrreepandence. 1 Corsieau by birth, eomthanded in this province. •
t with Mr. Dwyer va - the aabicel. a mall one day presented himself before him.
I and said with n fierce air,..e. The bandit wham
A 1 - TEILOWN SF. iiiri. i you hove Co long hunted in now hefore you, but
Daces: .7 1' Garret:lt—Sworn—l am acquaint- !if be is molested you sill lie assassinated before
ed with Mr. Martin Cannily, and wi t s his I ,l, sa i nightfall " Auichiarien turned and disappeared,
• don in letkl Is attended both these children et ! and froth that time general Ottncin doubtless
different times: The children wore exc e ll ent l y ' hod faith in the belief of the people. for the
, taken care m Mre. Conolly s meti t ern erae d the hand. , et' oil taken until he was pursued by a
children principally. They were well eared f or , body of dudes under General Church. When
' during their sickne,. Sly kill far attendance this General was ear day in pursuit of the ban
!co one fir the children,, woo tin dollars. i d o t ~ I ditti nod their loader. he was eccosted by a pent,
I remember what the hililfiw the other was. I don't I ants who drew him a=ide, and gave him some I in
know how long the ebildien 'were with Mr. Con.tlligence concer
oily. I casino reoolleet when they were taken ' nent day this peasant was fund dead its his sib
away. , lo g e , with a paper pinned on his breast with
John fondly, Sworn—l vow Mr. Dwyer .tond
ing ohnut• nine o'clock near the Fourth Ward
Selwoi lunar. on the day the children were to.
ken tiwlty. Another perron woo with Lim.
When Dwyer -ow me, he went oleo), the uther
per,otn temained. buyer wont to the turner of
:it. noir F.' trtet. Thu. moo the het I now of him.
I went end told my heather that Dwyer wo, , of
the school hoot,. I did not tell him Chit till
about one &clunk.
John Coyle, Sworn—l was in St. Loui,
and had n conversation with Mr. Dwyer. I
called, at Lis requed. to vet. him veterni
Ile mid he w ould never pay iMnolly anything.
hut would pay Sire. Connlly when lie tvnii able
I tra, acting a, Attorney for Mr t' molly. hut
did not.make - tld, known to Mr. Dwyer Wit
ness di, lined giving the •tatement of Dwyer in
the friendly ei.ver•ition they find together. ho.
cause the latter did not know that he wa.
Ily . a agent.
The Conic -tedaitied the wive.- . s ohjeition,
The Colninuntridilth rested here
The en,e no. opened on the part of Dwyer.
h y S. %grate F.,ni •
Mr. Charle , Bowan le,titied vu the children
having been bound to Mr. eidiolly. Ile iigned
the indenture. and toeing ncquninu,l will, Mr.
he was getting it Vrrj, pod
jince tor them
Me li. was cross examined by Colonel Blitek.
as to whether the children were humid in accor
dance with the usual custom of the Board.
inc (lite:glob woo objected to by - Mr Mahon_
and au in:limn:eel iti:icannon anise between the
Counsel., it tieing maintained !ant t h e initiate,
vholibl be produced in evidenivi The gomitinn
wtn finally overruled.
Samuel NlcKelvey, ,worn—l far.t heard of the
opprentice:hip at the District Coon. siiierk the
habeas collms , case no., trial
ttirs Ilvanined—l never betel any diment
from thi. binding qf childrer., by the MCI,
bet , . of the board.- I:everal member. of the
board di-liked ail. method of binding children
It. 4'. Niagara.. E.- 1 .. then offered the record. ,
of the litiordishs of the Poor. in et ider.u.
Hiram Heine, sworn-1 wa. in the Nlayre.
office ..lien the children were there. In n few
minute., ‘lr. Dwyer and the children went into
the carriage standing at the door, accompanied
by officer Lowe net 11111. per.amo were
in the rg.knn at the time. Marker Married the
eirmundance• to me. Ho said tlmt a person had
Come th,,re to yet hi. children. :the hod been
watogfallr detained froth 11., owl tint he had
got pi. saute td them. :led delhete.l them to
thert latitet. flatlet . -.aid that the dctii.i,ot of
the In nl,l row t c ilCr.l 10 - little re
,pect. MD, how lie •v 1 th st had no
rialit to keep the children, and tint two law
yers hod been trying to get them. nod failed.
Met that he-hoot got them in Mean minute..
NI. White .wean--1 want intr. the Mayttei
laTize about the tithe the children were le ought
in there. The door.; were not loctell. I oh u_
Fed nothing like secrecy. I left before the chit-
'then were token away. it number of rrnone
were in the loom at the time.
David Fcuirick,evorn—l was one of oh.: May
or's police at the timeof thie oczurreinic. I was
in the clic, after the children were brought
telire. cud the doer . were not locked.
Harmer Denny sworn—The prvenedinge of the
the hoard were .entered on the minutes h the
Secretary. I never Lend any disont to the
hindiag of thene children
Al the canclutdoo of Mr Licriny . t. ttitimony,
the adjothicel Wail thin morning at nine
Reparte3 fc.t. the Pitt:lA22h grattte nth 3 for
thtt Zristtio•uhian Vitotangtcci tity
LiCICaM 07 MiE iJY.:11:1171.7.11.
I=t 70.
Dar tßirtri, 90 p m spm Daily =mil
44 40 34
I 11,. rvt.troit: rimy* et tA4l..finx fortfull, .retivied
Ly L :In 1,.+4,,t ad o,at tt, Pcmat, %I“er .t.
at,J rat • t•Taa
k:. ' trZt.
. • •
Cato. B riti LL V . ..•
fourth otivet.
Af,...I..NCES ON LIEYOSIT, - hart
n utudaer«ol . .r tlar., 11.
ILLtilt. ul Vatt..t.ur,dc--
at'lltlaut Ihrf.. re4h.t..... ttnlttanat, Aug.. a. 1.60, tr.,J,
totteer alards.,.l...aaterlilo. 0- ca..
' I rtd,. that th, al,ta duo to
th ,
of thl. la thei lo
r ,alreper.euttattren. are.g.hrtg
T. M 110ITT
ivrt.rt. 4.1 .4A1....111,11 Mira thlxl.4th day of 114.0.. m.
L. r. 1,44. 1.. 11
d4.3.1.41n4 Notary Putlk
IVOTICk:. w.. Iv", a4s..liated J. IM-W
-11 Nth 0.1)TIS with U. io the I , .‘rhaog.•oal Umbt.;Jlß
1.1,11. IL WILLI .0.0 a Cu
I,l•lwugh. Jaourry I
14144.4.14 It sever $ n tarts
1731. H. WILtIAMS s. CU., Bankers
Ex , hana, litcArtr. EA. wrest Of VT.,'
IldrJ •A4-mt,
All trltt.rwth.A [nod. .AL and onlatkAas
pncupll, atterpled to jtAly
_ • -
A CARD-4851.
BuRcHTIELD, North Ett.t
.sresr,i Fourth and ,31arktt ..trret. rtnotour:h.
In* -ate, .1 IL. rvameneeroeut the Ne. tr.
talru thank. to their tu,nuarro *math; puhltr gene,
•Ity. for the lance Abere of eufftran
Ha ri to Ahern, and
the. es.ttritunry 11 tbeir Wear. flaring mend,
eularmed so! UnynArd thatr (4161. they axe uubind to keep
on hx,ala sot, extrurtse ad•ortuteut tiod•—sal hu}eta
voih haw th. e.huntabr. of yh'utr or Wad ~,0 10.
cola, .1 make their Whey tieldtin making
their eeteLllmbsuent. far pa prutieaLk, • FANkil.
eiwk, whe, ever, art.el: itl62 Ur! 0..6 ta"nfe.l
ttr, wat.t• mu 10 - szortant—argt In their
count:gum/ effarts .elect the WA Rood.. and fa WI at tom
pate. fy they hop make It the Ittterert of fentalk• and lo
clirldutl, fier,:t the. •Ith their ru.van.
• . • .
. _
WI.II.ILLieIL .111 no anstlalvel In
Itte an. frt. 401 titre... IT Innainrh
Inver wt..
Lip 35 botlY Cog ise Or jto - Polo and Dark.'
15 or. rad°. do do "I'.le,'' ration, Ithoro.
10 do do. aryl troot relobratool
llonnodlad. Atr.bur and .. El,O -
lii.tdochecau Rod Scotyb WEskoj.
do Junodya gum.
10 ,MA, N. E. do. dn.
2.s'dy, nooks Port Wino.
2+ do Model. Wine.
1.11 do tweet Mo/ssolrlne.
ao Dry do. do.
10 do Idlrrty 1100 ,
2+ bozos flOrdeaus Corm
In Rote sod for mole by JOHN PARA= • CO.,
1•139 I.llwely rtroet.
GI half licomr 11) m mat HULA Tido
34. catty boxes do. dn. Imp. snot (ion Vordct.
O:O ruses Auden d HobLadm LY Tabooed .
lb. dry P. Robinson t t 00... Wm and O. do..
LI do Culgoom L'. 'f
IS dr. box., Prde and llormaat's VA do.
tO catty boors James Thornton. or. Uol.lea Learl
r.mP., to &tort. atot ad yak by
boo" PARMA/ .k CO.
16 hint, old vrop Inkne quality, In rtore awl final
ti baunj JOHN PANKInt l ..n).
. .
il .01:',N 131t00315. •
l_i NO donoll Corn Oran. in atm, and for Katy by
AO ' Juan PAltlikni t PO.
ILJV , In thln rum 1'4.. Whiakey.“sery oW and claolor "
CO bLia. tlid .finsu.sigabela Will?nr.., . stpril taltr.
tale by ban?! , . J . ...11n M.. , ... , . $
It Et :1: 1 0 . 1 1 )1 1 :1!. E 1 1) t
11 1 1:1 11 11 . , Si l L n E et i on• and (nr tale by
EMCIVAL.--1)11. removed I
L.brrty Ars., below Vitt. Nee KM ihTer doddwei
sshe se the ' , slaw buildloa. athOlulhof
lil ItG 11 CO MI ERC lAL Co
Corn, of Thal: no I Marls% offal, Ib out,' oho
ooakt lootitutow tto, Riad kt Altt.bonth.
Farut.".—J.Jat Viewll.4. Prlncipal Instrurlor in tn-
O. K. I..'”vatth , rl:2l. Peonnamorarip,
Alex. L^tlrtr, Im A trtroJrrlal
Tiro, J:tri, ci ',oath+, 1:w001...1ac of kook
cod Ili appilestiAn -.
ptrunou , hrt.. Jre 02,4 11 surnl
hop the arrangProrolA.
Lector, 40 ,ormaner:L.l crux, )I,rulay Jr , r!oit.
.ttrkrear , Imy rmi.leut ater,h42.4.
ViLti.LENO t: 10 Tut: WORLD. ir,n7.
ran roibt3 1,7=1 sla t. F:11 to am - on: 713 c ...II
r.. 434... qv,. of joloo go,. cr art. ttat cannot b. , , v
tottl.4l anti Ifolr. 1=4...4 et.4,-a mop I b., ti,,
wid.otkot of roylog to tbs Do - 4.k of Ibts pl., Ow MD
ortitle,ltyylf sort troylotrwqat . U. Cal tivrtla Priti
rolittl cotolz-. e r rytO,llo . 6 grooto.V.?. pitch. oil,
rltC:t"i=tttrli;, “ Cl ' reift:iLl: i l tr " ..tV l l . :'
stiavON'lttias' lima% Of. 'WNW: 10jUI p, 4 p, ,S 4
Shat pilMir.att Lai Ita. Wr Mart Mi. oar lbw.
p.s Irlawront not , ' Mr
stoic.lC tat/ wo 11. .
vonil tot be oilLoat It II It ocotti t il In trylott 0 1.1
•.4. os. two. tWofrin - 1 stOr.k4 a. 'Et on,. tlttnt.otp. at
ant Wk.,. 1 tat only toad t tv. t=aste of .111:. " +; :
a.u......Z1A hurl Maim, CZ WlotO II </wood th.
thaattre. beitta talltat It as a Rea ict=. 4 ai
a the drou Sta.,/ sta. &Is batarjaitl
to 5t0...a0.1 It'atot .Lacier than f . kX ,,,, an 1
. :
Otttat Ilan amarrittathattt 441 44 "1P0RA - t ,1 7
iia7ataStd t*C7l4..iia=cibtr. • . if. ptunar.s.. ••
terrible' ta . ,trtl.. Inscribed—•' This i 4 the
fete of all throe who Lrtrnc .thichinriro • The
Mat Itntel which Chic lendt.r cam:needed we. call
: ed the •• decided:" emit man poutessed n et•rtitt
cate. bearing two death's heads, with bloody em
! bleuut, and the great word, of •• Jwttiee, liberty,
ni• death,' aignod Auiehirtrico.•' I ea. , one of
t the cirtilivates in General illturch'm
' which trao written with human blood.
At hoot. in January. INItI , thin natuniebing
• •
bandit. finding billowlf beset iiit fill points, by the
soldier. , under the command of the General.
threw himself at Rhona into nrn,lnhi tower,
in the midst of it nolo poll, Tint the small town
of easilla. hoping, protahly. lieu in the dead of
night lie should he stile to escape through the
soldier., many of whom were his friend+, and all
of whim bell: red him to hr the devil. lint in
the 0.111 , e of ow- hour after it aua porreistal
that lie had taken this-position, n close line of
trot+. nine drawn nroutwl the tower, by order of
the tionerul, out of reach of musket shot, and
atter n -lege of limit ty-six hones, he woe tarred
to suiremi, himself and the reuinant of hi+
hand, hoeing fined away Jill
killed owl wounded eleven of the enemy. lie
efll7lol to Finn. ovilia, the ~.110 first
murder, nod there -hot. It wins r a thanday
when he was sentenced to he executed. NIA Gen
eral Church stun to n.h the priest, of the town
if it sons aceonling to their religion to shoot n
man on that day. Their answer 15 . 115— •. The
better the day this better the deed." Anir hinrito
died like a mad man. From eight to ten thini+anti
persons were is oseintili il to see 14111 shot. and to
the lost moment they :timidly nested with per
fect seurn the notion lust bullet- could pierce
such man.--f Iliehruond liistinten
How a Tailor Collected a Debt
NC."( the close of the lost century, n Quaker
knight of the shear:t and thimble, who exercised
his nvocati.m in PMladelphia. woo imposed upon
by all adr.dt , couttilrel. who nottriv,sl to get n
suit of clothe., on eredit. and idler:curd doped
without pa,ing for them The Quaker was too
poor to lo.e the debt. but like too tunny others
or - his cloth, h,.d apparently no alternative The
account wt., placed en his book. and 51011 I,lr
gtatell. -me years afterwaill'he ails examin
ing hi- bid ..f dela nod creak 1.1,111 and
trbell Lim atteution. wry sttr.soted t.. tbi lie
room juld olt th. ,torano,Itt.•••••• attentlin,! tt
atat 1.4 101let111.1 ..'4l.l.letil, 1.1.1
pet-cote. i
• I L,? rtioa tmeat. hr to Ittm-r11:
.• pot hap. 'mad • 11,11 . 1 , 1 ../I , lllar
'lll.i leltin tai otbney
Ile iinatr•liately ploparo.l nn adverti , oluent
in substance in, follow, wierli le. inierted to the
ehttudelph..t tiocirte :
Lt .1— tr who nas in Fillialielpida.
abom the month —, to ate year
mill rend addre, tc, the editor of ?Li.. piper,
he will lieu - of nometkine to advantage. Print
ers in the neighboring btnte4 are requested to
The latter clatu.e ma* inserted Irma .t vague
that the v , , rue had tat - em op his abode
is Nen. lark.
instru,ted the ellittor not to disclose
his name to the rogue if ho should call, but to
rettuelst et the latter to here addre,, the
Queiar pratently awaited the result of his'ex
perime.: In a short time Le teas informed. by
n nate it the ptiuter, tint the itoiivrinul al
luded to boring arrived trot Net: i 011:, might
If futtad ut n pran place in the airy
The toit.,r hot ito Lima i n plel...ting
er Ilit Cr a; •.. .-.
,•.Ip3t, not I r,-,',lsting t 3 , barge the 1
int:reel :rise tthetlr.t , thel
1.e1.t ie., iwurre.l , --
Tablitz a eoen.eattle ,itb lin. vet, lore es leant ' .
prce:trii edited to the e.,4,ib-n, ht sth.ta attired I
nt the lodging - , of the Nnindler. The can.ttatle
waa in,true:tot to el-tot , e.l n little dt.ttance, till
the tipril L. hnnLl ',,,li:nti the tint, 1..1 hint to
apprtiesen 1 ,
The Qual:cr nor rite; the bell. ant rhea the 1 approached. coquetted him to infortn the 1
geutlenaau of whom he wan tu notch, that. a
Iticol wi,tl,l t., 'peal: arttit him nt the Jot '
The Tana obi.yr.l the ' :tn•l coon both
debt, roil create. ...rt., leobinz en• 0 oli.‘ 4' its
the lace •
•• Jove d0...1 thou d.. 7 medic inguirol the
ember. ^ Pnhapalbon,Jc.:4 not knew me."
• I believe I not Led the plea-vale of your
minaintance," politely odon...rval cur beta
.• int 4 thou maneinter purehlsing it 4416 1.1
lothec .e.eerot )1 , 11 A i. An" tail, and
ture A tting to pays.. hsbed the Qualer.
••iiherhe." eahl tl Idnshing slight
y •• you must be n the person It
ca not be me that o tend."
n'dlt, John ! I t ter) well. Thou
art the tern Tuna I t ?e. Thou U 1.4 ate
at this very mom. iatcoat 1 made
for thee. Thou ha ..1 1 .led it rena good
stuff, and Well mml, dJ tot have lasted
thee so long
ntih. yes soh! emnn. appearing.
oudletely 1 recoil. "I du remember
now the eircinustanen to which you allude. Yell,
yee, I hod intended to call and settle that little
1,111 before leaving l'hiledelphia, and yen mny
depend ttpcdt my doing , to I hive come here to
take pa4ereetion of en large amount or property
which ha" been left Me by will. See! here is
the tivertitent• id which appri , ..ect me of my very
good fortune
'Here he handed the'Quaker a New Cork pa
per containing a copy or the adverti4enight,
whose hietory we have given abate. The Qua
ker loot:edit' it with imperturbable gravity. and
'• Yra, I ,ee thou art in luck, but as my de
mand a small one, I think I mast iusint on pay
ment before thee cornea into pon9eialon or thy
large estates.'
The proper aignol here brought the countable
into the presence of the portico. The anindlor
wax particularll u,doni"hol at the nppearance
of thi.: functionr.r7, who immediately proceed.'
to^execote hi, pnn of the drama. -
What!" exclaimed the rogue, iu an angry
tone, you cutely haven't !mei " •
Yea I bare," repllecithe Quaker, and thou
shouldlt be thankful that nothing aloe happened
to thee."
"Come in, then," mid 114 . debtor. finding
himself fairly caught; "come in and I. will pay
you, if I must"
The three went into the house together, oral
the slippery gentleman, - haring the amount of
the bill, paid it in full.
The tailor having signed the receipt, placed it
In the hands of bin late debtor, with feelings eueli
sr may he readily imagined. The swindler took
it and fur the fir,t time glanced at the Tarioui
items of which it was culdpo.ed. Ile sold neat
iug till he essic 61 the Ilt+t charge, which was
" rott est.VIITIAIN . II." when In rake lerth—
t• whAl's tills • For s•lt'et tisittg •--
That . . 111111].? hill • 1 otg nrr
healing Tie
"oh, euolly ryylied thr quaker, ••thnt~
nil right. I have charged thee the ci.e.t ut pub
li,hing the odYertisemeut which thou just show
ed me."
Here the 'windier uttered a horrid he
demanded: .• Do you mean to ony that you
enured the publication?"
Truly I did." replied the Qunker, with the
moot preiel.iiig coolueAt.
• You old a rimed lie In it," quickly retorted
the rogue.
toe of Paid the Quaker,
•• and you will find me re lily to timfs.. the
.• You nnid that f =hmild hoar something to my
nricaittege if 1 hull eon. ere
•. Than nrt im
the linker; ..1 only promise
hear .mettiinz to ni,ntag
the advantage Si' a pnr.r tnr
tlintrly renpond•`t
hnt thou 3hould'et
nail is it to
to collect nn eW
if I catch you in the cud
iliac, with :in oath, and in
give you such a cowhidiou
breath in year lydy "
fionscase. now, - said t
thou real. ) intend to do any
think Ice find better strpint
we will then finish up the bu
The rogue gnu completely
cuoinca3 of tie, and r
t." mid the hwin
cp rr.,
hill no: "11l
le old Quaker; "-If
hing.o that :art. 1
• th^ back yard. awl
site; at puce.-
rumplr.seci by the
aecfi rpeacialcs: c.r.l
NOW." thi.l the toiler, good netaredly, ••Irt
Vet us pre thee a piece of ;Then next
thou hamt oceaainti to _get -it of 'elubes, thou
had*t not hector utteuipt ta,,:ellow the tailor. but
ply Lito honestly, for thOU Isn't thy conecience
not delturh thee, nod thy . "keg trill be meet
nod refrenhkz. Furowen.,,)
fl SEED OIL. brie pure New Ceetlle.
_04,3= Itteini •
• . A.0.09.L1113.1* CO— ,
J -..~:CJ.'"
, • :i 4 frE D y il ,t6. TEA
.ft. ,
Kari an the ttoleten night '
Itor the - rtnima Triad,' are eighbig
lite.athizig a requiem' rad and
For the ainy pia Year is dying.
parkneai lath spread.ritit ,
Ana Time his iitepg eeems staying:
slowly cloth their echo fall
Thraugh the silent chamber straying.
'fit a fearful time—
And the hrear is dread nod holy:
His breath is faint, and his pulses chime
Mote fitfully and slowly;
His eye is glazing net:—
III:A! stifle e'en thy sighing!
i!..e atilt, and gaze on hie paid brow,
Far the gray Old Tear is dying.
Well may the heart be 4.11,
Well may thine eye he :ceping—
For many a hope Mid joy of thine
!lath he in his silent beeping
They paas with the dying year.
And their light knows no returning.
And thy soul shall mourn for the fleeting ray
That pas; as a meteor's burning
, Come r:ear-omo bow thee down.
. In the dust beside him kneeling:
Hark ! heard ye not that solemn chime!
'Tis the death knell for him pealing.
Would's*, thou call the dying hark
Alas for the vain endeavor!
Eleven !--twelve f—it i over now—
lie L dead—he h gone forever!
or rat
There in no period in the history of England
so full of extraordionry oecurrences an the sev
enteenth centuary. The death of Elizabeth in
pot nn,end to the comparative calm which
had for some time existed: and from thrit peri
od until the ascension of William and Mary, In
PIK the whole kingdom wan convulsed with in
testine eomnitation+. The rebellion In Ireland, the
civil wars of kleMland, the execution of Charles
1.. the tivurpation of Cromwell, the destruction
of the monarchy. the estnlilinhmeot of a com
monwealth, the abdication of Janies 11., and
again, the retiollion In Ireland, form a series hf.
ev-ents only ti he rivalled perlmps by the Ma
tory of Europe during the singular year 1848.
Ilesi le. vvent.f reaching to historical dignity,
there was what appears. nt first sight, an extra
ordinary eucce+sion of inferior oecutvences—to
plagues. tempests, conflagrations, mariellouitap
rearariCeS in the sky, all of which the people be
lieved to he es,entitilly connected with themarch
of historical events, In no far as every nne of
them was repirded as n mark of the way in
which Providence regarded the doings of state
men. illanynf the narrations of these occurren
ces are exceedingly curious. both for the nature
of the occurrences themselves, and the terms in
which they are silt forth for popular admiration,
as well - its the comments made upon them, in
which we arc presented with a lively illustration
of the:temper of the popular mind during that
age. It in to the more remarkable of these me
morabilia that we would now direct attention.
In 1608, the plague, which had aurpetuted its
dernstatiqua for a eansiderahleperiod. reappear
ed iu London, and ridded to the grief of the in.
Itahitratts for the depth of Queen Elizabeth. In
thi, and the following year. uo less thou 61 , 1.64H1,
pevons died from that visitation.
to 1C.417. a terrible tlood devastated the
en.fir. of England and Wale,, whereby
twenty •ix pari-11.- in Nionmouth.lire were en.
tirely swept away, nut the oratuties of Somerset,
tahateester. tilantorgin. Vardigan, and i 'serum,
then, were fearfully “vettlown by the sea
[hie haunts . 400 persons petishe.l. and
many thousands H.,. interle ruined. TI,. rll.
taltroph• ws• emiteul
porlrr--Upou fuesdny. the '7oth of •lani.ry.
16117, about nine 'clock in the morale.. the sun
Iwing moot o
the inhabitant+ prepared iheniselew. to their et=
fairs. There might they see afar off, as it were
In the element, huge and mighty hills of water,
tumbling one over onetime, in such sort as If the
gravities mountain in the world had overwhelm
ed the low valleya or marshy grounds. Some.
times it so doodled the eyes of many of the spec
tators, that they imagined it had been some fog
or mist coming with great swiftness towards
them, and with such smoke as if the mountains
bad been all on fires and to the view of some, it
seemed as if millions of thousands of arrows hail
been shot forth ull nt one time. which come
each swiftness, or it was verily thought that the
fonts of the air could oca.rcely fiy no fast ouch
RAN the threatening fury thereof lint r, mon
ns the'people perceived that it was the violence
of waters of the raging seas, and that they
trtoo:aced the compass cf their accustom
outaLS, and making no furiously toranty
tbam„. happy were eheyakist mould saakebtie best
.andenast speed away. Eat no violent and swift
were the outrageous waves, that pursued one
another with such vehetranicy, thatin less than
five hours' space. most part cf these. counties
were all overflown. and many hundreds of peo
ple. both men, women. and children, were then
quite drowned by those outrageous waters."
Not only were dwelhi .r tg houses destroyed. but
several chr.reles were -ompletrly swept away by
this aced; and of the Midges between tliloneester.
end Bristol scarcely one was lett standing. The
city of Bristol suffered very considerably. The
float happened at the time of the groat St. Paul's
fair held there• when the warehouses were flied
with all kinds of stores, and these were more or
less damaged by the waters. From the many
narration. of hairbreadth escapes we select the
following for their quaintness and singularity:—
“The miraculous delivery of a gentleman from
death when it had round beset him in the midst
of the watery.—A gentleman dwelling within
four miles of the ice, betwirit Barnstable and
Bristow. walking forth to view hit grounds, cast
up his eyes it, the sea coast, and on a sudden
the hills and valley, wools awl MeItIORA, teem
ed all to be either removed, or to be buried In
the sea, for the water afar off stood many yards
above the earth. flame comet be with all speed,
relates to his wife what be had seen. and the at
mural peril that was preparing to set upon them.
and with all, counsels her and hip whole family
to bestir themselves, and to get higher up into
the country to some one of hi. friends. All hands.
presently laid about them. as if that enemies
had been marchiug to besiege the town, to trans
by what they could and be gone. But behold
how swift in mischief when Gml drives it. before
him to the punishment of the world The far
dell which they bad bound up to save from
drowning, some of them were glad to lean spun
to escape drowning themiel” res.
„ The gentleman, with his wife and children,
got up .1 the highett building of. the house.—
There Rai he and they upon two rafters, com
forting one another in their misery, when their
hearts within them were even dead to themselves
from all comfort. They now cared not for their
wealth, An they might but go away with their
lives ; nod yet even that very desire of life put
him in mind to preserve something by which of.
terwanL. they might live—and that woe e box
of writing" wherein were certain bonds and all
the evidences of his lands. Th is box he ;tied
with cords fast toe rafter, hoping, what wreck
-weever should overthrow the rest of his substance,
his main estate should be found safe, and come
to shore in that haven.
,• But Mast in the midst of his sorrowfnl glad•
nem, the tea fell with sash violence upon the
house that it bore away the whole building, rent
It in the middle from lop to bottom. They that
could not get up to the highest nouns were put
to a doable death--drowning and braining,. In
thin storm the husband and wife lost one another
—the children and parents were parted. The
gentleman being forced * from bin hold, got to 0,
, beam, and sat upon that, nod, against his will,
rode post ROMA) three or four mile., till at length
encountering the side of n hill, he crept up.
There sat be. environell with death, miserably
pouring nut tears to increase the waters which
were already 100 ulnfenlnnt : owl to make him
desperate In his narrow. the tyrannous stream
prmeuted to him the tragedy of his dear wife
and dearest children—she, they, and 1116 ser
vants, were hurried to their deaths by the tor.
rent before his face ' drowned doubly in his tears
and In the waves. Vet becau4e he should not be
altogether the slave of misfortune in this sea
fight, a little to fetch him to life which wan upon
departing,' he spied his box of writings, bound
up as they were to the rafter, come Baiting to
wards him ; that he ventured once again to gave,
and he did so, and in the end most miraculously
mime off likewise with his own life."
. . . ,
•• There wee entire gentkrUM tie! Roc;tlg a
yoyagt to mode on horseback, ended it Tiding after
a strange naanntr.—Therc. wag another gentle
man in the same country, likewise, who, being
newly married. determined on this morning to
take his gelding. and to ride forth to n town not
many miter di.tant from his own dwc;ng. there
to be merry. Hheron is for that pn use stood
ready saddled and bridled. and be himself hod
drown on one of hi= hoot:: but before be could
fix his leg to the , other, the point of his compare
was dluged:: hisso;nge gland won to be made
by water. or eta not to all ; for the sea had so
begirt the honse,,brirk - Un in. lifted off the doors
from their hiitgei, ran up into all the chambers,
end with no dreadful noise took pcsseasicm of
every room, that ho that was all this while but
half a horseman,' trusted more to his own legs
than to the swifts:en of hie gelding. Up, there
fore, he:moot/1 the very top of all the home
'lke waters'p ed him thither, which he per
ceiving, got aatri e over the ridge, and there re
solved to ease MA' life.. .Bat Neptune, betike,
purposing to try him well boor be Could ride, cut
off - the main treading by "the middle . , leaving the
upper paxt frainiming like a . .Plemis buoy in
.foul weather. The gentleman being Arisen to'
go - Ithat pads *tit would entry him wmcb,he eat
upon; held' that by the tiles, and ugh things ea
he ' could . 1 oi , hold on, and .in this foul arsather
tame be at length, neither: on hi:p.*4a mar on
poi iu a Tau" #tfay _wilt; . el! the -Tizy
_... ... ....•.
town there in the mernilig ; tie ii • anti° talrertip
his inn,
t In nplace' in aVeamontkehl i ee thttre.sras'A
maid went to milk her, tine In the morning, but
before she lied fully endedlner.briainnts; the Ye.'
hemeney of the waters incesamed, &Oro sudden
ly environed her about, that ,she could not ea
cape hence, but sine enforced 4 make shift up
to the top of abligh bank to save herself, which
she didwith much lido, where she Was constrained
to abide all that day and night in great distress.'
what with the eoldneas of the air and waters.'
and what with other accidents , that there hap
' pened unto her. At last some of tier friends
tied two broad troughs, the one to the otitis.., and
pat therein two lusty strong men, who, with
i long poles stirring these troughs us if they had
I been boats, made great shift to come unto her,
I and so by this means, I,y Cod a help, she was
Ithen saved. But now, gentle cider, Mark what 1 1
betel at this time, of the stringeuess of ether
creatures wham the wafers had violently oppers
-1 sad. The hill or honk- whore the amid abode all
that 'mace was all at sneered over with wild
I burets and ‘ermiu, that came thither to seek for
succour, that she had touch ado to mire herself
from taking of hurt by them, and much ado she
I had to keep them from creeping upon and - about
I her. She was-nil so much in danger of the wa
' ter nn theiCte tide, ai. she was . troubled with
those vermin on the other FitilL
.The beasts and
vermin that there were these—namely,
I dogs, eats. moles, feces, bares,. rabbits—yea.
and not sumuish as rats and mice hut were there
in abundance: and that II hich it the more
' strange, the one of theta never pare offersti to
annoy the other, although iliey wire Beaty ear- ,
I [MP, by nature the line to another. Yet in this '
danger of life they not. once offered . to expresa
their tuitural enmity, hut in a gehtle sort they
freely enjoyed the liberty fir life, which, in mine
opinion, was a most wonderful work In nature."
tells an amusing occurrence witnessed by him
last week on boon! the Ocean,. on her passage
down. An 'oldish and somewhat purblind gen
tleman, pacing lip and down the upper saloon,
stopped in front of a large full-length mirror,
and after gazing at the figure presented, for a
moment or tic), inquired in a very deliberate
tone, "Is your name Brown??" No answer.—
Quest. repeated loader. " In your name Brown ! "
Still no answer. Quest. again repeated louder
still, your name Brown?" No agswer.—
" Well," said the questioner, you are ether no
gentleman or eery deaf: " Yire saloon was in a
ronr.—Drtroit AdrettiArr.
A I.r.sasrn IltrNnEn..—When lir. Adam Lit
tleton was compiling his Latin Dictionary, assis.
ted by an amanuensis. he ditated the Wont con
ciirrn. :The scribe, supposing that the various
senses of the word in English would begin, an
usunl,'with the mod literal one, mid, • To fOll
- I Suppose sir. The doctor immediately ex
claiined peevishly, • Con.cor con-dou.'" and
accordingly the amanuensis, supposing the lat
ter, word to be dictated, immediately wrote con
dog no the translation oT conrarro. It was even
printed thin in the fird edition of 1678, though
thin rediculous blunder was corrected in the sub
sequent editions.
The etiquette to the roles to be of,en.etl in
the rural palace, in nece,ary, writes Baron
Bientield, for keeping order at court to Spain
it was carried to ouch length. an t.. make mar
tyti.. of their kings. flew i. it,tance, at
which, in spite of the fatal e0n...g00-toot. it pro
dotil. our eittmou retrotin from ou oiling:
Philip floe Third wt., xeatetl by the
fire-ii.le. The lire maker of the coutl 110.1 kilt
died so great a ,itittifity of wool that the 13311-
3101 ‘1 , 3% 13,11, .31rh0e.t1431 with heat. tool hi.
• grentleor • noo o dd not ',titter hint to from
the chair: the dome-die- could n.. 1 presume to
enter the 431331113311133,3, it 3,1, agaillmi the
etti.piette. It tellgth \ Inerpti. de pots . p i
permed, and the king in det etl him to doom the
Ore ; lad here iuned ttiteging that be
an,' forbidden liv" tio.. •et hoot, te ' to pet form
-orb it tilltetiOn, for whielt the Duke ,r 4t01.1
up;:ht to be tailed upon, as it nos
The Duke was gone oat : the tire lourut fiercer,
and the king rotated it rather than derogate
from his 'dignity,' But hi+ Neal tons heated to
such a degree that nu eryeipelas of the head Op--
reared the nestday, which, succeeded by a sio
lent fever, tarried him off in 1521, in the 24th
year of his age.
The palace was once on fire; a soldier who
knew the king's rider tens in her appartment,
and must inevitably be,consumed in a few mo
ments by the dames, nt the rid: of his life, rush
ed in and brought her highness Fate ell, in his
arms: hut the Spanish 'etiquette' was here
wofully broken into: Lie loyal moldier was
brought to trial, and it was impoesibla to
denythat he had 'entered herd ttparttnent, the
judges condemned hint to die The et:tali-1
Yrineris, however, cGroleirettileiL in considera
tion of the cireumstiner, to pardon' the sal
dier,,and very benevolently tared his life
ih: Hoe Sidney ihnith, in one of the ablest
of -, t Evay-a, soya:
•• knotrof no principle which it is of morn
im ce to Ex in the minda of the young peo
ple.l u that of the most detc ed resiitance
to the encroachments of ridical Give not up
to the world. nor to the ridicule which the
world enforces its dominion ova, every trifling
question of manner, custom, and appearance.
Learn from the earliest art, to in...kirc yourprin
ciples against ridicule. "If you think it right
to differ from the times. and to make a stand for
any valuable point of morali, do it, however rus
tic, however antiquated, however pedantic it
may appear: dt. it, not for insolence, hut seri
ously and grandly, al a man who wean a soul
of his own in Ins bosom,, and does not Wall fill
it shall be breathed Mil; him by the breath of
of fashion. Let men call you mean if you know
you are just; hypocritical, if you are honestly
religious; pusillanimous, if you feel you are
firm. liesistam e soon converts unprincipled
witinto sincere respect; and no after time can
tear from you those feelings which every man
carries within hint who made n noble and .me
ces+ful exertion in a virtuous cause."
Cheap Infidel Literature.
At a recent meeting of the London Tract So
ciety, it was 'tinted that there wns no fewer than
ten stamped newnpnpers of all infidel tendency,
the circulation of which, throughout the country,
in not lens than 11.700,000. There are six un
stamped newspapera, of which the circulation in
6,240,000. Of miscellaneous publicatiormof coil
tendency, there In a circulation of not less than
10,400000. Of the worst oboe of all, the cir
culation amounts to 5,250,000. In thin country
there are doubtless n• many as in Great Britain,
when the population is taken into account
We hone seldom read any thing •more beauti
ful awl exquisitely touching. than the following
lines 'mitten by Mn. Judson, an a prayer G. be
used daily by her children. atter the departure of
Or. Juliann ttum Ilnohnain, onn voyage for the
benefit' of hi. health, and hot t which he Item
retur4.l They were 'cut to it ft iend In Malt,
dclphia. and their publication, ,ity,4 nu Exchange,
contrary to the caper tativoia or with, of the
waiter: but in View of their execrating beauty
and title light they ra , ,l liprin the dainestie life of
thin e ' ildnetit and de% ete.l Mi—ionary, the friend,
who received them, a—entel to their pultlication.
A It A tat 31 . 411 t ItE,lll I'A A
• 10 SM.. EMILV
t hooa dad nerdy little children,
SJvionr, God, we rouse Inn thee.
For our hearts are foil 4orrovr,
And no other hope have we.
t tut upon the rewth,ot cle.lll,
Then. , i one we dearly loor--
Pol.l him in Thine tIIIII4 of pity,
:iprend Thy pinrainli wing.: above
When the win& are howling round him
When the angry wave+ are high.
When Mark, heavy, midnight ,lia.lter4.
'un his traekle.s ',Alma) lie.
I •
(Junk nnd guard him, blersed Saviour,
ilk! the hurrying tempest" 'day;
Plant thy foot upon the waters,
Send thy smile is light his nay.
, When be lies, nil pale and suffering,
Stretched upon his narrow bed,
With no loving face bent o'er him,
iu soft bond nbout'his head,
Oh, let kind and pitying angel:,
Their bright form..: mutual him bow:
Let them kils hi? heavy eyelid's
Let them fan hie fevered brew.
Poor and needy little children,
Still tre mire oar cry to Thee:
We have nettled in his bosom.'
We hive tportc.l on hie knee;
neatly, dearly do Ire lore him--
We, kilo Cu his Invunt have lain
Tit)" non• our detnlotion;
.I , ting him hock tons again!
If it plenoe thee, Ilearenl7 Father,
We would rev him come once more,
• With his olden step of rigor,
With the lore-lit smile he core;
hot if we must tread Life's Talley,
Orphaned, guideleso, nod alone,
Let us lam not, 'mid the shadows,
His dear foot prints to :Thy Throne,:
Idarmum, April, 1850.
. .
CC FETE. 213 bags Riofor sale ter
deli AILEY. maTrustr6 a co.
ARD OIL. C; brl.i %rioter strained; fur: rtao
by dot' diATII3IM3 A Cy.
larg.e bfo. 3 Marl:awl; ;
F- • iGera Vm IZAtticore nminr. '
1! Arai Catastr. Iby
VIOR SST. LOMB, rTbe . spleadid. - 77 7
itiitirriTaVra n g", l 'inr"
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y tilant. pe
jgr' . !annum aumm
EtOR YASRVILir,.! Th7GCratartl "--"'
ELtVe=tgralta l gtabg
ror thlirta or www. may
F .. ST. LOUIS. , The fall. ,
tn . rte.., ROBERT BONERS
titrberArill Osier-Be the alma era tam
RodWr herb 00 . ElidAy; the BAR irotunt. at /0 A. Al.
R. SoARt <A• 14 0, 03 , au bounL jot!
ff - S - 117
- Gii.M. NEV. ORLEA .. e
I: epkodel cm Iretart EDITOR. A. 0 . NE.-
rre will Rom Re AI., e end RA.,
Inll:4.ler.dinge thie morning, eth inetata, az 10 o'clort
For frteßrrasreagr, eirplyEr Erral. 00
t i V -il NASIIVILLE. The .plen - ..
di.i .4......: FORT ern, MOE, re ertk r, aN
tAll leeve far o.t. above 1114 lotermf4ooe Irmo
thir day. Wh Imam. at 100410 et.. A.
Coo Orßhi or pureco. AKA, rm brAol., ' . feR
- 0 itaftVlT'rSitpitti A:N
WIIKELLEI.I PACE ET)--The.rplen4ll
o maw pr.:forming her neuter ' trinneriil) hips &tare&
6t. - &it Wheeling. Icahn stplihrah rd. ICI o'clock
IVednentay and Priam, anal .rritlertinr.
Imes , /very Tnenitny, Thr.railay and &twain),
in m.. 11 reel. Farr ight tir_pianinge, applr oh Initial. a, t o
mil . AltAlMlolliti n (MAZER. Agnot,
i). R. bale, r. Plll khan •
Plitalwrgh every Tgenday.Tharnlny Sigiuday.
hairrn every. Alninhai .4111 , L1T and. n
-I,:r f o halit nernima ,
JNc in. Alt w tips bAY
rmiu 11
nhatn. Thh. hml st twat by
1111. OW 1/1.1, of nPnimer IF.lnr. Newton. sal other. no
the.Cfnatruntl and Pittnbingh lineknternite. nal rill lgre
2:2 ll% . l.•' ' '' ; t at r fafratl " mi. 4' ina n ':,tl P4 ron ' ry
Mr.?) , (1. AULTEn . 2
PACKET—The foot trututin
iveatuer IVELIKVILLE. Capt. B. Yotuut. al_
Bomar • regular packet betatron Viitahureh. Wheeling.
urpurt. awl Bantab.learlog CltLiburrii every dlaudaY
utitecuon. far Wrlivrille. Ptrutrnrill. nA BridgeßOri• utal
«very Thumb, - uftenuun for rtrishenvine. heeling./
Bridgeport. Carib.. and tiunftsh: rrtetrobig, learea Bridge.
ivrt uul tiuufith rvery Turrilay
afterz oomad
rr t r l" "ft''' ?l or"W ll4
!"U.m,r, ,47 .itk M l %t.
nuttily strutter AliEdIA. D. P. Klortry. moo .•
ter, Buret Pittaidlegh 411 NI ocular, WecisoP.lx!... amt Frfaxv,
st 10 erl.rk. A. 11. /ama WelialW4 oz. Tue,lay,
4 7Lr ' ig•I ' gtit x r 4Y'" gl i avtill 3 L1. • • - diu%
j &c.
FOR RENT, two very i.conwniont
DWELLING IiDUSEdI. on Tiara Arm_aMtr
awl near to zinaithlield. r..4rtt ,, n % 61 - 4
a April .'.t.
Alrn. to Leman frl Gllf or more Trap., 1,1131•• largevacant
Lott on aria near Mr Allrwhrn v the Ninth Ward
Altdd In W.% D . ACLINtiitN,
. .
. .
Fount., Ft. nrar
MO LET, the large four story Brink moLl
Wnr.lvarr.r. nu h . gig, 1.. .1.4 a. ' .4-••
lion-. arr.. ..... , r.
VOll ItENT.--Tho—following irroper
orris met.
.I.lsorr, aril Dlfnisb'd
Sleakrt Aryl. bellswn 111 In! ant Ynurth
for Dry fiarrir.
SCIOIIII rnorw. in IY..t (lain Building,. In the norunal and
third rlx•rien. rullahlr for A rlirl.'n nrin..1.1”,.. tr..
A Inr, and i. , 43*.5n1. ttt LAYII.I.IMi till rl. in
•r ,nrtl•N.-~..•I of Site Oh.
vin riven nn
Aryl! nor,
551A1.1, 'hint 31 , 0. n..‘111-1,
one.. rn
. .
1 . 1,11 Lt.— Ale imps ~Ir,l 11...
nod 1,, 11,. , 1.11. 11, .1 1,1-t,
1,,, z,
I. U .I.IZZ 111. 1%4
.11131 ht . to 11. lilt Tlord
, 4 1 ()IC,IZEN1'. a T F
Two %wry , - .r ii !bow,
41 and , Ilark ouk t E
1 ,•1 , .e.1 1 ,1, ~ t.lll .t.! atint: I. ,Ivyme.
1141,100 1,103 I:1 /111,4, 1.1 . 11 LE a t vs.
A 1.0141,V la.. ,11.410 , 4 linqur-ta.. not, it..
•11.4 .• tit moul 1., hat rivltt.,..o
. .
". • KIN '"
's'lll7NOiii.' e
..f I , on and
Lt: r. an. rt.". N... 1;7, 31..- ;Dr
I trl thr W. 11411 ar..l
Ea .1 11..
11..1m. , a a. , A revon
rooto .thr
in the eit, sod all, ~, a itata , a2 a. ,
;lad 111 , 11r30...- , tlth, •plrtbikl el. Ktv,ll.l. +am
:11011 01.1 then i•bruar, nant,tl.-
1:a..rn..1 11% NVII,ON.
..147 Coritrr 31.13-1,11,ral Enurt.h-strret..-
1. 4 1 01: SALE. the Threr Flury Brick
rtttrllia,r. tin. le Hay nree, Enyth:eo Row—
trier Term, rrslt. 1,00 in In, )
1,0 , fit r va!7... •ceurrd ol!lbr.yre=t
' Vt L ZIV - t ,' S "
ja7,11.1," 101 Litert, •trort.
LET, a. four stiity Slob
not. NZ, linth rpm. iv, fixture.. and
noon. 149
Ingoin• pt trJ ]Cater rune, .010
IT:ItTNING 1101)S. J. T. DECKER. & CO.. Br:lldrn ar..l Erect.. of
E ight
;Tinciplol Mrlc. /TR Itax&U
o th,Paoo 045cr nd ruranl Intcrrmr. e:n
thtnu caret . ifrer of Dr. Hoot, hetwrtn
Ilar - 0,4 T. 0.1 runt.'
IMltor salinnn ,
rat I'Toro.,nr Yhtchnli, Ume Cincinnati
Pryl..r.or holvrt I4tn. of itan,tvaina.
IY_OO-or fhrGr Dexer. D.. M. D N,n Yrk;
Praywor J. L Carre.l.trd
In Pit”batfyi.—A. tart..r. WII roi Ho
'oiler, (.04.310ra0,0. It,. Mr. Zr..ork.. J. D.
scaub.x. staa HArlihi* 12, Irwin
Ilarptr, D. N. White. tf.d_ Mar.L.MI. John
Dori., John 11. Slir...hhyrrer. onI6,IONIT 9
To Southern and Western Merchants.
The iota:Aber niapentrally indica public attention:
ii as rztri,l.o store of rarforberT.SomA„Shalincerearna,
6, to *hid; ...ran SINT and bra Galen 3-faiala lave.
uthin the lad alryearrii Inn a:larded by tcy Inalltuna of
Ne• ease, liiratan. and Fhilhielphio, the latter Labia the
iuly nee corded Ice perfouir,T either In
Fumy, rai to lid+ country.
e.lll UNSLTrAII.rn I
aul Atari uniarrially nations - 1,1 Na tobraiatairair .
any blink oat Cream in U 4. enontre rir }amnia
ticrayoUsi, nUaturO—Brautliaily trgurranint raid
kcairiNiag highly daprioacenua and nitient
naynnareana Chropound, AL:Urn:al A ba ting TaLl,t Antita
ry t 4 sap•
fronting Tann hare. Miltedaura, Boo
quet. Moak. bataboust:, ina tabus. Floating.
Tranrparent. Wee Dd. Wind..., nod Chruicarlan
krt,r.urta ion :nu liainioatairasiri Jairoin, Ilatt•
queade Carolina. ()cranium, Jrialy Lind, 3lototinline.Janic
•y eluL Nisurnolia. lletriante. Citronelle. Enlekt. and moo,
other Tarl , tiom. in .1! Nay different Nahum,.
Sour ltiatut , --Florkla Watrr, da Toilet., Change
/Traver Water, atal n print .scut - of eidnatati and Lareir
L Wawa •
11...Art.3 eaaawt ho le. At:Clow.
Oil. JLnlullor Eau LuatreP. 421omi•niald 1
v: liptid and in Nader: god Phlineatue.
one. laud Janny Lind Painalci. • •
inuc irtayanarinsi—bakurile itnia Torah
Parte. Cliarnali Dentlider. Catarina Taiali Pau-sod Taub
Coadtru,—Vega 1.11. k ennactle . Awandlna for
• tripped hand, tAgd Cream of Cresol Pen, lop
ealve. tin.nitoPrry ervala.
Depilatory lknrder. for retnAtlnv mil , ertwonr. hair: roar'
Foadvr. Vinilgre do Row., Aroamatie Vinvgor. Victor.
hate Cotoponit.Wn. ereat.w xreat ru•lrty of
Mier 41111,1ra 4.n outner.4.• role nannad In Ilia adwttl.,
The sunarriber tiniass t maintain tha rrontark.n whirlt
this cAnithshment 'hemarnuntal,aby Siva:lug :if nothing
hut - first rata maiden. and wilt he happy LiTianhh thaw:
who may slab to ',annul, him. either iihnlenale Math
aa Taman:lnk trruis m any estaldiabsnont tts Ma United
"'tato , ZATIEII BAZtN.
versuand fnr %recor:T LaharaorTn r ct
114 Chennit
Mr. Itaric . 3 Perfameri is far ado ts• ell the principal
ts thennintri.
Where in the
who does not appreciate the luxUrY
4 1 M /Ivy caw If any there he... do tot innimea our
aelies to them. lint to all other, we NJ, If ten Isiah to
rrlWs eluving w pleaattre, tam:base a box of Jul. Ilatterp
Alutand 11.naehlo. pr,Ambrodal ahavink atna. It La It.
terly neolhledo war& to deactabe Ito, Vella. of a
taral—who lam wed to ' , having with °Minor, e.l
urn. nllaklnt (riot thta for the [dal time. /t tad/ l-
Li irn01.1.1,114113111-31kni. end Omani,
dIIAVINO Clint)). I, decollate
'ma/11/dd. tendering the entreat rout mast sir, beard xtt
mei piluble,.proddeltdc an alinlrehle lather, and Id tt• er.•
mild 110tnee a/I.oa the Ir. Italian. and t/ndentla
that oale d n , aur and an dt the dun aloe!, t.:o
lion •S writb . d atter -hat
11. rall.l3L4'n ueind
the ...Mod. and rood net. innuollabl. alb rd.
we %dna* the 1.1... u,, .heoped, dud Ow, ohd
ore tt Fe. an eafet, :sy, 4.11 2/11 - 41hvr
enadiad•ard,ae—lchtell wok be eeperldtly appreent.
1.4 a inn, u ter •ear vt.i knt -1. the fw t that it will not
dt*eler the lard a ht, It toot 4 4114. , .111 d..livit, 5 .1.411
yr 11441 1.004...1,44 4 4. Th, edge of the 1111 4 .1441,
.110.1 la Cr. and air .1.• I igh pre'. ratin,
rotopoon,led with .1.111. tdr,th., otter •xclkolott of all
. ..1.1110,i 1,3.1, OM A:IMMO 1.1 u1..1.1a141
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Ch,tait 11111.1 , 1,.h10. .
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FIN N ETC queenr.warat Mao
6.-Aus,re, Illrwantll. I..tre
1.11...5t 14,1. h.] l'at4the,
Pi 7 st..r bet Itarkets..lll'., t POO urvh
11111 or %ti.o4-.
.4014 tArn Ist:Awls. tuse. awl •
at.ll2.nattlry 1k1r113.1• ar, Ittgllntto niLauJ
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Penn Life Insurance Company, Phindelli
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Western Insurance Company of Pittsburgh.
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Alva: - o A. Corri.d, Philo C. Sodrisii•t. Robert SlOfr..
.1. RUTHERFORD, Yresident..
A. 0. GILLI.I7, 21,-Istarr-
A. A. les6loe, Actium".
onor.h OM, fat ItS"•lorT - Pronsflyitaie, 64
strotPitlobitrols. Pmailt• dents,. Itoturancedll ' lti a' l
oldort srltla [cola of the 1 \vapidly 'by et the ales
Fire and 'Marine' Insurance.
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moll-IT Wll. P. JONES. drool. 44 Water io
Franklin Pirelnnerance Ca. of lialad'a
PIRECTORS: Charles W. Rancher, Geo.
IV. Itlehar.l., Thn.4..7.lart, M dra ooleval D. Lewis, Tobias
00, Adolpho Dori.. :maw/ in, Dv P. il Broom;
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J. ClARDlltilt tltFfi N. . Agent'
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PENNYLVANIA ~ 11,911,110 AD.
dOLT...:7,zi -74 :,•i , RAviNTER A IiItANCIEMENT.
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Canal 111,1 u, Penn ,IWt.
Professor lA. C. Barry's Tricopherous,
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