The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 31, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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$cratitat $rifuite
rnblliktd Dally Xzecpt Banday, by Tht Ttlbani
PublUbl( Cominr, 1'lny Cent Month.
MVY a mcnAHB Kbito.
.O. P. DYXBES Jlcsmsn MA4Aam
Kntertd t tb PoitoBo t Bcrittiioti, m Second
ClftSi Mall Matter.
When ipite will prmlt, The Trlliuno li
tttnrt Bind to print ihort letter from Its
friend! bearing; an current toplcn, hut Hi
rule li that thcio mint be nlgned, far iut
Mention, by the miter' ronl unmet and
tlio condition precedent to nrenptnnen la
thnt nil contribution! ulinll be imbject to,
eilltorlnt revision.
run ri.AT kate ron advkiitisino.
Tlio following tahlo aliows His price per Inch each
Insertion, spaco to botml within one year!
iiismav ilnn of nnK '
1)Wr'A "T" TtAg f"'"""
Ems (nan (to Incur .' .ft) 10
&n inches u 4I i "
wo "o .11 ' .30
aso "..... .26 i .76 .TO
vm " ai ' " "
tooo " 10 I .17'. I .!
Tor cards of thanks, resolutions of condolnnre, and
similar contributions In the inttiroul'ndvcrlMna,
"luo Tribune mrikos a cbarRfl of rt cents a line.
Ttic jiapors mo pnyliiR mticli ot an
ullesrecl qii.irrrl bpLueen Odcll iiiul Plntl
find talk nu" If they thought It wnft
really aeilous. M.iybo It Is only a mu
tual convenience quart el. You know
tills is ofllco hunting time and Otlell Is
Hi tlio iile counter.
Other People's Business.
AS TIIR Venezuelan foe; ulcus
it becomes plain thai tho
pi oat obstacle to a peaceful
Settlement In the flrit In
stance of the uialtr-ia in dispute wub
the us-scHion by Castro's Roveniment
of il.v ndliorcncf to the Calvo doctrine.
In cifecL this Uoetilne say that a Cler
man, for example, who elects to live
and do business in Venezuela, must,
upon onterintf, bid larcwcll to his na
tionality and expect no consideration
by reason of it, no matter how out
rageously he may Mibsoqucntly be
treated by (ho Venezuelan authorities.
If a revolution breaks nut during the
period of his hojouni and his property
is aoled or destioyed, the Calvo doe
ltine forbids his enlisting the aid of
liis home government in the attempt
to .secure justice and leaves him wholly
at the mercy of the dictator who hap
pen temporal ily to be on top. And it
yeeks to stop the intervention of the
foreigner's government by holding that
what happens to him is none of its
This piinciple in almost .so many
wowls was illiectly asset tud by Vene
zuela jttsi pilot- to the withdrawal of
the UiitMi and Ciennan lepresenta
thes. It provoked the ultimatums of
thebo two governments and undoubt
edly was the chief motive for the dis
play by Knglind and Ooimany of na
val foi re. fco l.u .us the claims cham
pioned by countries aio eon
I'Lincd, their amount is not a f taction
fit the cot of the methods by which
their enfotced ptyment lias been at
tempted, but a piinciple of internation-
law wjis involved which made neees-
aty the assertion of English and fler-
authority. For, if the Calvo doc-
ne weic to be admitted by default in
casp of Venezuela, it could not bo
ted in the other countilcs of South
etica and there vould be the curi
anonntly of one kind ot internation
Uw for the American hemisphere
a wholly dlfterent kind lor the Ett-
The Calvu docttine must go. It Is
fundamentally vicious. "We knocked
the props irom under it when we inter
vened in Cuba, disregarding the argu
ment of Spain tint what went on in
Spanish territory was none ot our
business. AVe established then that it
was some of our business, so much so
that when wo got through Spain wus
out of business und a new ltpublic was
in business, under bonds to behave.
This lesson mutt be impressed on
South Amotion. Xo nation lives for
and to itself alone. None can build an
arbitrary wall about itself and say that
within that wall it will do as it shall
please, regardless of the world at laige.
Just as the householder nest door must
Keep within certain bounds of neighbor
llness and exhibit a certain bplilt of
recognition that thu mo nthots, so
nations aio being held more and mom
lo a ceitain international .standnid o
correct behavior. Tlio Calvo doctrine,
like the "public bo damned" policy of
i ui tain laigo coi potations, iMimot be
One tcispoomul of lemon julto in half
a tumbletful of wuier Ik t;ie Chloigo
health boatd'b icclpe tor destroying
Uphold germs. The addition of a cube
of bugnr and homo inoperly agtd inoun
tuln dew will nlho, it may be .dded, put
out nf business the lazy bacillus, at
Unbt for a time.
i Old Age Pensions.
IIV. Stnndaid Oil Company Is
tue latest soulless octopus to
institute a uHlrement peit-
!J slon for falthtul employes.
The pension plan resembles that of
villous rallioads, only &otue of Its fea
tures are now. Among the hitter Is a
provision to tlio effect that any em
ploye who has leached the age of slty
four years, alter twoitty-ilvo yeais in
tlo seivlco of the company, may jotlro
on half pay for one year, after which
the regulation pension Is to be paid to
them, The legular pension Is to bo
oije-fourth of the salary which the cm.
pftije wus receiving at the tlmo of hit,
itlremeiit. It will be paid to all who
hivo been In the service of the company
foV 'twenty-llvo yeuts and who have
niiehcd the ago of elsty-nvo jour,
frbm piesldent down.
(This is the most Jibeial penulon plan
t3lSXlaed. Jt Will apply to thousands
of epfployes dlbtrlbutcd tlnotighout tho
wofjd'anU Involve tho yearly disburse
ment ofa great sum of money, ptobtbly
running Into the millions, lite exact
figutes having not yet boon compiled by
theroiiipnny'i accountants, in magni
tude. It ha.'i been paralleled by only ouo
coiporu'tloii. tiie Krupp Steel company
In (ieiinan, but in that case the peti
tion fund, is paitly made up by a ohuigc
withhold from the employees pay; In
lie caso ot the Standard 0(1 company
he whole t03t falls on tho company
U'i tyyp be m,et from Uu juollts. Luck-
iljr thcBo are tuiniclent not only to puv
the ponelono bur also to keep tho wolf
fromi Jolin(D, Hockofoltei'V diior.
Every Industry should pay nM nuo
pensions and ttecblunt Insttranec. I'Iumu
fthoitld bo ntt by fl.vod oh.trgui added
to thr font to Iho consumer. Tlild Is
bottler and cheaper than strikes, lll
ict'llng, continuftl ftlcllon ami pnor
The Houlullst buipmi,
whatever that may be, lias been meeting
secretly In Hrttshuls lo Hint out If pos
sible how (o lcslsl the American Inva
sion of Eutopc. Lot us offer a sugges
tion. Try stopping blathei suiting and
dig your toes In the sand.
Wopk as ft Sign of Worth.
TIIKIIE was recently concluded
in England a dlvotre tilal
between two titled peison
agos who, with their family
connections and tespectlve circles of
friends and champions, leptesenled u
largo percentage of what may Tor con
venience sake be called the Hilttpli no
bility. Almost all of the testimony at
the dial was unlit to print but the
Impression which it left upon the mind,
viewing It in the most c hat Ituble light,
wiih that thole Is in England a Ktigo
number of persons in the upper circles
of llfo who lmo lnllen Into evil ways
less thtougli lnheient vlclousness than
because they have nothing else to do.
Tlio men, 'it was shown, hunted ioes,
gambled and pursued other men'H
wives. The women gambled, hunted
foxes and lllrtod with other women's
liusbuuds. The lcsult was a condition
of .society that made the Ten Com
nitindttients look lonesome.
It -would be untitle to bay that this
State of things Is typical of luitish
bocloty. It is typical only of a certain
fraction of llritlsh society, the idle frac
tion. But by way of contrast it is
pleasing to read in the London Times
that the most significant tact impressed
upon its s-pecial correspondent who ac
companied the Mosely commlslon dur
ing its study or Amoiican Industry was
the incessant personal attention given
by the Aineilcui manufacturer to his
factory and processes and the exaction
of similar attention fiotn subordinates
who occupy places of control. 'The
Times couespondent found few idleis
in Ameiica. Even the sons of million
alios weie wotklng ami the mle among
the majority of them was that they
must set an example of Induslty to
those associated with them in entei
prlses of business. America, remarks
the Times, has not yet learned to le
gaid Idleness or devotion to lrlvolous
amusements as a mailc of ( dis
tinction, and we may well hope that
she never will.
Thote wats at one time an appear
ance of danger that our .social Hie
might Icain to put a piciiiium on idle
ness and thereby dtift inlo vice. Hut
we have been saved temporarily by the
wondeilul wave of material ptospeilty
which has made eveiy man eager to
make a harvest while the sun shines.
Our war with Spain, too, and tho conse
quences How lug from It have done much
to re-invigorate tlio cm tents of young
American blood, causing even the anae
mic pulses of our gilded youth to leap
faster and circulate more led cotptts
cles. To what degiee the sttenuous-nc-s
of our Hough Jlidcr picsldent has
contributed to setting a pace among
young men to the put pic boin can only
bo conjectmed, but without question
he has been a tonic force of no small
value. And while our social life is not
fiee from scandal It can ttutlifully bo
said that the small circle which in this
counliy apes the manners and the
woithlessness of the gaming and adul
teious nobility of Europe Is in no sense
repiesentatlvo but ,on. the contrary is
to exceptional and unnatural its to
dtaw upon itself general ridicule and
censure even trom the latgo majority
of these Ameiicans eligible by birth
und wealth to a. place In its "helect"
Ac coaling to the census llguioa
Pennsylvania has JSO.OOO moie uninar
lled men of lujultigeablo ago than un
man led women. Thy should bo
taught that it is not good to live alone,
Church Attendance.
THE rALLIN'tt off in attend
ance on divine worship
among Ptolestant Cluistlnns
has been so fiequently us
(.oitcU .is to have gained acceptance by
many without question. Many clergy
men accept and bemoa.i It and the to
llglous press ftom tlmo to tlmo has in
It learned dl3ou?son3 of the pioblem
how to got people to go to chinch.
Tor otnsolves we tuo not piep.tied to
cxpiess any opinion as to whether or
not thcte has been actually a decline In
chinch attendance, meie opinion with
out evidence rallying lltllo weight. Hut
our attentlun has been called to a let
ter lecoiitly pilnitd in the New Voik
Sun, which sheds sonw light upon thn
question, at lenbt so far as New Yotk
city Is concerned. The wtlter, an old
lefldent of that city, made a careful
petsonal study, cliutcit by chinch, cov
eting a period of twelve mouths. Wo
need not icpoat tho detulls which ho
enuinerateb, for his conclusion will suf
fice. ,It Is that tho aveiago chmch at
tendance Is botttr than It used to bo
twenty or thitty yeats ago, ami that
what gives Use to the opposite belief
is the fact that tluuo niu so many moro
ehuiches nowadays that the attendance
Is gieatly divided. Delving back Into
the icllglous lltcruime of three decades
ago, tho Sun couespondent found thnt
the decline of chinch attendance was
Just as solonmly uillrmcd and Just as
higubrlously legaidcd then as It Is to
day, Thin Is his summing up;
"Things mo undoubtedly better tltun
they were thitty years ago; but there s
a manifest danger In tho present day.
So many leaders In thr chinch tiy to
multo religion popular, In bpltq of tho
dellnlte teachings of their divine inns
ter regaidlng tho dllfereuco which must
always exist between the woilrt und the
church. Bishop nurgess, thu gifted
bishop of Long Isltnd, icctntly spoke of
this In a sermon In St. Paul's chnpel,
New York, when ho presented (In u
way which ultnost piovoked tho risibil
ity of his hearers) tho absurd efforts
which are being made to organize the
churches of Christ on tho Hues of a
social club. A gymnasium, a ptoplo'K
concert, a chuich fair, public baths, and
even a theatre In the basement of a
chuich, arc among the many expedi
ents fofvdrawlng (icoplo to Christianity.
The New Ttctnmciil presented the Sa
viour lifted up, the attractions of the
Ores, as tlio only legitimate means of
lining a church. In other winds, there
Is a danger of tho model n church pn
levelling those bntrlora which popnrato
'the world ftom tho church that In the
course of tllne people will sec llltlo or
no dlft'erettco between a sacred concert
nt Proctor'u and a choral evensong In
omc popular chmch. Hut bad ns
things me, they are nothing compared
a 1th The conditions of Clulstlunlty
when Wesley, Whltllold and ltonmlno
produced the evangelical revival."
Obesrvatlon rertatnly confirms the
conclusion that eccentric pi caching
with vaudeville tilmmlngs docs not per
manently l ecru It the ranks of tho re
deemed. It may lilt the contribution
boxes for a tlmo nnd secure widespread
advertising In tho yellow journals but
fundamentally what mankind wants
and needs Is the old-rashloncd story of
the Cios, told plainly, kindly yet Be
vel ely, and the preacher who preaches
nlong thcHs lines?, If In the first place
lilted for the ministry, will never lack
Accoidlng lo one Sidney Klein, as
set forth In the Jewish Chronicle, far
in the interior of "Western Australia
dwells a ttibe of black men who ob
serve tlio Jewish Sabbath, disdain the
flesh of swine and practice religious
obseivatices lttdely similar to those
outlined lit the Old Testament, the ln
feionee being that they are remnants
of one of the lost tribes of Israel.
Klein claims to have made this dlscov
eiy while exploring. The public will
bo glad to receive further pioof.
The New Yoik Times pays high com
pliment to the moderation, sobriety and
circumspection with which the Ameri
can pies as a whole tieated the recent
ctlsls over Venezuela, and the compli
ment is descived. Cut the pi ess has
simply loflected public opinion. The
fact is that expansion has sobered .pur
, " m
The ChlcaRO man who pioposes to
erect a cable 230 miles high und draw
unlimited eleetilcal power from tho
lnteistellar spaces cannot be accused
of a low aim In life.
Oiifline Sf(idi?s
o! fliiman Naftire
A Mother of Couiage.
Shu sat In tlio giaudslitiul waiting lor
her Hi st toot ball gnin lo begin. Her
boy lidd placd it over .since she could
remembei, and now he had made his
'vaislty teim, whhh was her 'ntsity,
too her Cornell.
Two of bis fi.itcinlty "blathers' s-at
on cither side ns a bodgu.tid to her
may hulrs, and as a bureau of inloi
niatimi. They weio happier than they
would have boon with tho iiicttlest girl
they knew.
Sho smiled with motheily pride when
sbo picked him out ot the squad of ied
swentercd "huskies" which at length
Hotted out on the Held Sho wiped away
a tear when a Columbia, man full actoss
tho lino for a touchdown.
Then she smpiised her bodyguard by
mutteilng under lit r bie.Uh: "Hold 'cm
haul, lollow.s!" "Twist, their necks!"
"Push! Push!"
Sho explained her knowldgc of these
strenuous technical details by saying that
her boy ciled out like that when play
ing dream games in his sleep.
She did not faint when he tackled too
hard and tailed to ilsc, although his
white lace, with a stteak of ied blood
ncios the foichcnd, was staling up at
"You can't hint mv boy," sho said with
confidence'. "Uo"s just doing that to get
wind." So It pioved.
Ho was up and at it Haider than over
within tho time limit. Thn lthacans
gained five tluough tackle, and lost as
many moio jaids tiylng to round the
end. Then something happened.
A stuidy youngster shot out of tho
tangled elevens and dashed down thu
Held tow aid the goal of tho blue and
white. Ho ciossed lino after lino of
whitewash, and anally was oer tho last
one, tho whole pack at his heels.
"Touchdown! Touchdown!" ciled tho
"Mv bov dhl It," said thu mother, and
then she ciled. Now York Tiibune
De Wet's Humor.
In a loceut aillclo Illchatd Harding
Davis tells an Interesting and Instinctive
auocdoto concerning the gtent Boor cav
alty leader.
"Thieo scouts of the yeomamy came
ns pihoueiH befoio tlio J)ner commander.
They had been capemed before. They
weio'h scouts. Itelng captured ap
pealed to bo un lnlllctlon cluonlc with
them ciitistlim Do Wet looked them
over giavely, thoughtfully, his clear
ces seat ehing them tluough and
through. Ho was their jittUe. Stern or
meielttili thoy could not toll; all they
could do hub hope. 'My men,' said Oen
oi ul Da Wet at last, 'will you tuko a mes
sage nom me lo your gcneial?'
"They accepted In lojolced sutpilse, and
weio tlio betu cm of papois fium General
ago. When tiny i cm bed (Jenetal Hun
dlo'H camp thuy auuouiiced that they
weio intiiisted with u lingo sealed pack
Do Wot negotiating for peace. Genetnl
Handle was delighted. Ho toio open tho
envelope. He tho letter. It was as
" 'Di'iir (ionuial Ituudlo; This Is the
loutth llino I liavo enptuted theso luglng
ilnvllu of yoiiis. Ple.iso chain thorn up.
They annoy mo. DE WET. "
Woiiuiii'B Homo Companion,
Dinnh's Alarm Clock.
Ii'or a. week nfior Jtrs. Wnkelleld gave
her colored cook an alarm clock tho fam
ily w:u awakened each tluy at U u, m. by
tlm clang of Its resounding bell, At tho
end of this tliuu It was heaid no moio in
tho euilv watches of tho moinlug, but
Mr. Wnkelleld fancied soveral tltneii that
tdio doteeted tlio muffled sound of It
nluiiii townid evening. When questioned
on tlio subject Dinah said, with a slluko
of her dusky head:
"Well, Mis' Wakeilold, mah nones nln'
boiy stiong, us o' know, un' dat alarm
clotk jes' illed 'cm all up. I ku Stan' It
hi tho cbonln' fiiHt-tnto, but ter bo woke
up suddeii upsets mo; so I jes' sots It fo'
do ebenhV 'stead ob do mil w nln', and It
goes off an' doan' dUtiub nobody,"
Mru. Wakeilold was patlsllcd with tho
osplanatlou, Judge.
It Wanted His Tongue.
At an auction sulo in a Scotland village
tho auctioneer was trying to pell a. num
ber of domestic utenxtls, Including a por
lldg) pot. Ab usual, ho was making a
gloat fuss. Finishing, his keen eye caught
a well knowii'woitny, tlio ucnuie, stand
ing nt the. back of tho crowd, and ho
shouted out:
"Malater McTiivish, malt) mo nn offer
tor this pot. Why, It would innko a
splendid KUIc bell."
,''Ai" lopllcd tho beadle, "If your
tonguo wus In It."
King and Queen Wore .Broke.
It is ha custom for kings und other
toyul persons to go tluough the world
wth empty pockets. No doubt tho occa
sions upon which monuichs requite to
Imtidto ready cash nro rnroi but n purso
would obviously bu a Useful resource
pomethiK'fl. A eurlottn Instnnco occurred
at tho TlmnkuRlVltm servlca nttouded by
King I'Mwatd and Queen Alexandra nt
Ht. raui'B recently. Tho icing ami queen
could not, to use a very utigcntenl phrase,
"rnlso n "coin" hatwen tlicm, nnd Instead
of contributing to tho offcrtorv his majes
ty was compelled to explain tlio situation
to tho bishop of London. Dr. Wlnhlng-ton-lnginm
evidently bolloved that tho
tialieitncHS of tho land waa only tempor
ary, and tirndo n 'tactful suggestion, to
which tho king tespoaded by promising
to "sena something." Chicago Nows.
Major Pond's Jokes.
While Major I'oml, tho woll known lee,
lino lnnnngcr, wn negotiating recently
with John Kcndrlck Bancs for tho lat-
tor's "tullt" on "Tho Evolution of tho
Humorist," ho mado tho usual inquiries as
to tho scope ot tho lectin e.
"Well," said Mr. BangB, "It begins with
Adam nnd Eve, and comes down to tho
present day."
"Adatn ntid Evo?" said tho Major,
"Dear mo, Hangs, can't you glvo 'em
any humor that antedates tlio Quidon of
"Well," said Mr. Hangs, reflectively. "I
migiit wotic in somo of your Jokes, Ma
From tho New York Tribune
Tho Intelligence) that Admlial Ccrvera
boa been appointed chief of staff of the
Spuntsh navy will ciuso a sincere feeling
ot gratlllcatlou thiouglioitt tho United
States, Ordinarily a similar promotion
in the mllltniy servlca of a foreign coun
tiy In tlmo of neaco excites only a lau
guld Interest elsewhere, oxecnt. perhaps.
In professional circles; but the caso of
Admiral Genera is peculiar. Wo feel
suto that ho Is still regarded in this
country with a sympathetic Interest, to
wlilcu lio la well entitled, not merely In
remembranco of tho tiagedy In which ha
piuyea an honorable tliouirh a molan
choly part, but also because ho Inrge'y
contilbuted to a restoration of amicable
relations between Spain and the United
States, or rather, perhaps, of a recipro
cal good reeling which facilitated jrovern
mental negotiations between tho two
countries, and will, wo hopo, make their
olDctal Intercourse permanently ugrce-
In his desperate exit under orders from
tho harbor of Santiago, aboard tho Infer
ior vessel to which ho had transferred
his ling with full knowledgo that ho was
sacrificing somo chances of personal es
cape, Admiral Cervcra was: so iratlant a
figure, and his demeanor In the hour of
litter defeat was so flni that every
American was immediately conscious of
inctcnscd respect for tlio raco to which
ho belonged. If that had been all It
might havo been enough to produco a
favorable effect upon tho subsequent
course or events. mt tnat was only tho
beginning of tho servlco which ho ren
dered. As a prisoner of war ho was so
free from bitterness of spirit, so appre
ciative of every courtesy which ho re
ceived, and so modest nnd sano when ho
found himself tho object of a suddon ad
mhatlQu which did not Invariably express
Itself hr-judlclous ways, thnt he may bo
said to liuvo been tho means of recreat
ing an atmosphere of international kind
liness in which ancient sentiments of
lrlundshtp were soon revived.
If, thoiefore, aB wo bclievo the fact to
be, few icsentmcuts survlvo among a
high-spirited people after a war of con
quest, and a better understanding exists
between Spain and tho United StatoH
than had prevailed for many years before
tho outbreak of hostilities. Admiral Cor
vera must bo lccognlzed as an influential
factor In tho establishment of those
happy relations, and there is sure to bo
much satisfaction hero, where hn is popu
lnily esteemed, at tho announcement that
ho has been olllelally distinguished in his
own country.
Tho following figures nro of interest as
showing the large Increuhe in tho manu
facturing interests of the South, slnco the
lsi.0. 1P0O.
Capital Capital
Invested. Invested.
Alabama 0,000,000 ? 70,000,000
Arkansas 1,000,00(1 nG,00O,O00
Florida. 2,000,000 liMKW.OCO
(Jeorgia 31.000,000 90,000,000
Louisiana 7,000,000 115,000.000
Mississippi 4,000,000 HG.OOO.OW
North Carolina ... 10.000,00(1 76,000,000
South Caiollna.... 7,000,000 ti7,000,000
Tennessee 14,000,000 7,000,000
Texas .1,000,(KXl 110,000,000
Virginia 27,000,000 104,000,000
Total J 83,000,000
Increase in 40
years $092,000,000
While Republican policies prevail, tho
Increase wlli go on lncresBiniy,
Walter J. Ballaid.
When tho waves of shadows sweep
Northward on this mcadou' deep
'lis tho ciiargo of Pickett's hosts
In tho gambols of tho ghosts:
And when southward bends tho wheat,
They aro acting their retreat.
And tho wreaths of men In blue,
Hiding on tho breezo pursue.
Yonder lowly wall of stone
Minks where War was ovorihiowuj
Dying now in fitful strife, ,
In a woild ono battle-life,
tl roans tho monster that his sight
Never shall behold such Hunt,
Nor such heioes see again
Death defy on gory plulu.
Poetiy! Tho lostor call;
Crown the humblest of them all
With tho wreath of honors weave,
So that Wonder may pcrcelvu
That tho lain els hoio aio duo
Unto all and not u fow
Michael Cuddy of New Yotk!
Fiankllu Dodd ol llenfoid'b Folk!
When thu llery Southiou there
Charged his hist In tleico despair.
Noith ten paces from tho wall
Stood a color-bcutor tall,
Orasplug hi his Iiiudy light,
T'otemost ling in all tho tight,
Haiuier of tho Tammany-sent
rorty-sceond licfeliiient, .'
Hushing (list of Pickett's men
Lanky Dodd espied htm then
Tluough tho smoke of battle hen,
Tluough tho lour of shout and shell,
"Hos, hurrah; we've got tholr Hag!
Watch mo git tho Yuukeo rag!"
And befoio ho Jumped tho wall
Stopped nnd nlmcd und sped tho bull,
Bcigonnt Cuddy forward fell,
Heard tho shillllng rebel yell.
Saw, when hulf-way in his full,
Hundtods, thousands, clear tho wall;
To his knees ho rose and raised
Up Ills bannor, "Ood bo praised!"
Moaned he, as tho rush and shout
Tud of countor-ehiugu and rout.
Michael Cuddy, kneeling thero
With his bannor lloatlug fair.
Dlod, whllo Dodd's death-stiffened hanrtt
Hound his wrists Illte Hon bands.
Side by side and hand In hand,
In a gliding, ghostly baud
Michael Cuddy, Franklin Dodd,
Fell la lino beforo tholr Clod.
And a volco of thunder rolled;
"Hoto my best, My bravost bold
Dwell, but may return ut will;
To their fields of glory still;
fJottysbutg on all will bind
High lespect for humuu kind;
So do heroes work My plan
For tho1 biother-peacc of man."
P, J, Tansoy In New York Sun.
A roguo mot a pretty young Mis.,
A widow, and stolo a fow Krs;
And tho lady, though she was un
founded, Said she'd wave prosecution,
If tio'd mako restitution,
So the felony soon was compounded.
Philadelphia Pieas,
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Send for Catalogue.
T. J. Fostor.Pres. Klmer II. Lawal
R J. hotter Stanley I, A1WJ
tea x'restaeni. t)y
- "1