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1 4 j3!lMM.HIIPHM. IH W'llll JIT g ! ' '..'1 . I ! I I H .
"Zmimimmmmmmmimmii ' 'iiM-
r7. The News o Carbondale. ,
; " t' Vjt.. 'I' ' ' ..'"." ,""";
fills Is the Opinion Expicssed In the
' Report to the Local Borkd of Health
from State Bacteriologist Pltfleld,
Who Made Examinations of Both
the Milk and the Water Supply.
Milk Supply Not the Cause Unless
v "polluted hy Water Consolidated
Company's Water Found Impure.
Reynshanhurst Supply Is Pine.
The Report.
"The board, 'llnds thai while llicte
are clrquipstiUices In tin- dlslilbutton
oC the disease which lead tit suspicion
of pollution of tho mlltc supply, the
conditions under which the milk Is
produced do not nppear to substanti
ate this s'riBplclon. On- Hie other hand,
there Is strong reason Tin- oonsldeiliig
it probable that one source or the
water supply Ih polluted and may bo
chargeable with the production or tho
This parngiaph contains the muit or
the opinion or the state board or health
as to tho vuusc or the epidemic, or ty
phoid rover In Carbondale the past four
or flvo months, which produced as high
as forty cases at one time, and was
marked by a hair dozen deaths.
This opinion It based on the Undines
or Dr. Hubert U Pltilcld, or derma u-
town, assistant 'state bacterlologlst.who
iccenlly visited this city and, after in-
)oetlng the water supply or Carbon
dale, and visiting the dairy in Green
field. ' the" milk from Whlcli was sus
pected, took home with hlni samples
of the water and the mill;, submitting
iliem to u bacteriological' test.
Dr. ritfleld's llndliig were submitted
to Dr., secretary of tho slate board
uf health, who embodied them In a re
port which was forwarded to Secretary
Uussell Shepherd. 6r the local board o
health, who "received ltNycstevdny. Last
night a special mooting or the bo.trd
was called1" td. receive 'the" lepitrt.
The water supply in which the bac
teriologist found pollution, in baetuia,
"the colon bacillus," is that of the Con
solidated Water company. Possible
sources of pollution that Dr. Pltilcld
specifies, are privies of houses on Ca
naan street, which ate quite near the
main distributing reservoir. The No.
4 reservoir, ho says, runs the risk on
accoutft'of being "an oppn one, or being
polluted by streams that "drain .farm
yards, pig pens and often privies." The
people on tho West Side who use the
Crystal lake water not being affected
In the least by typhoid, is taken as a
ground for .excluding that water as a
possible factor in. causing tho epidem
ic. The Iteynshanhiust company's sup
ply is mot Involved, the report saying
s shows it to be of imuntnl
piy is notii
"the analysis
The-finding of Dr. I'iUlehl caused
somewhat, of a. surprise as
stanees pointed to Ihe milk of one deal
er being tho cause of the epidemic.
The public seemed to accept this opin
ion. The water supply was hardly
given a. thought as being a factor in
the spread of typhoid.
Tho board received the ltport and
postponed action until later, the mem
bers in the meantime to consider ways
and means to the end of purifying the
water supply complained of. An eaily
.meeting t bo called to adopt some
ran. There. 4vas ope suggestion by
ir. isncs that councils win ne apnea
o make appropriation for cleaning out
he contaminating streams refened to.
The Bacteriologist's Findings.
Tho report of Dr. Lee, which ein-
lodles tho findings of Dr. Pltfleld, the
iactorlologlstis as follows:
State. Board of Health,
Philadelphia, Pa.. Dec. 2ti. 1WK.
r. Ritssol 31. Shepherd, Seeretaiy Hoard
of Health, Carbondalo, Pa,
JDear Sir: I have received fnnii Dr.
lobert L. Pltlleld, assistant baclctlolo-
list, his report tft an investigation of tho
water supply "and of tho mill: supply of
yi)ur city In connection with tin outbreak
ot typhoid foverj4rj;iie..rioi't .shows that
tho eastern "part -of tho." town has been
almost exclusively affected, It being sup
plied by water from two sources, tho Con
soltdated AV.itnr company and tho Htn'ii.
Hhanhurst company, while tho western
portion is- supplied by tho Consolidated
AVate.r company fiom tho Crystal lake
'vertiow run. Tho Itoynshatihurst water
is derived from urtcslun Wells Mink in un
uninhabited part of tho counuy and tho
analysis shows it to be of unusual purity.
n .11...
Bjf taA9
The number or h.trluilii In this walcr Is
( per cubic centimeter fcxi (hop) not a
slimlo uiton buclllUH was found In thn
specimens of tills water taken. This Is
altogether n very irmuikdble showing,
On the other hand, the water from tho
Intake reservoir of tho Oounollilateil Wa
ter company contains liM bnelcrln. per
cubic ccnllnieter, Mifllrloiil to lender tho
water suxpliloiis; while water tnkin hi
one house fiom a faucet, contained at I
bacteria per cubic centimeter. This Is at
lcusl twlco tho poitnlsslble number. In
this specimen also, the colon bacillus was
found. Tho presence of this bacillus al
ways Indicate" pollution with exeteiii'jnt
of some kind, UMtally Unit of human ba
IngH, Causes of Pollution.
.Ah possible sources of pollution of thli
water, the Inspector mentions tho I'net
that pi Ivies of houses on Cauiiau street,
are unite near the walls of the tiiahi
distributing reservoir, and that there is n
possibility Dmt scepagu limy tako plaeu
from them Into tho icsenolr. Ifinllier
more, open leservohs of the lypu of ics
orvolr N'o. I on the hill, being fed by
stieams fiom larm lands, inn the risk
of becoming polluted, both from man tiro
spread on tho S'llface. and lioiu slreTini't
which drain farm yards, pig pens and
often pilvlcs. The fact that tho people
on tho western side who use Crystal lake
water almost entirely mo free from thu
lever affords ground for excluding that
water ns a possible factor in causing the
Milk Supply Not Suspicious.
As to tho milk supply, It appeals from
the tepoi-L that the greater number of
cases has occurred hi fumilloH .supplied
by one particular dealer, it should be
borne In liiliul, however, that he Is a veiy
largo dealer, possibly the laiget-t 111 the
city. Out of 215 families using the mill;,
the fever bus made Its uppourunu In only
twelve, and If 1 undei stand tho table
lumlshed the bacteriologist by out
board, ten of these families used the Con.
solld.itcd water supply. A careful in
spection was made or the dallies fiom
which this dealer is Mippllod. They were
lound lo bo about the average in clenu
llness, and in almost every instance, sup
plied with puie spring water; mllhei
could It be found, that a case of typhoid
had occulted near any of these dailies.
There an two ways in which the typhoid
geim finds its way Into milk, ono in tie
use of poltuted water in washing the cans,
the other is tlnoiigh tho hands of a
milker who has hoen In close contact
with .i ease of typhoid, or is hlmscll suf
feilng from the disease, either in life
earllfd stage ir daring the latter pint
of convalescence. 'Die conditions dls
coveted are not such as to warrant the
suspicion that the genu was Introduced
In the dairies hi either of these wavs.
Possibly, the cans may have been washed
In water doiivcd from the Consolidated
company's supply.
Tho board finds, therefoie, that while
there are circumstances hi the distribu
tion of the dlseas.0 whlcli lead lo suspicion
of pollution of the milk of this supply,
the conditions under which the milk K
ptodiiced do not uppc.ii- to substantiate
these suspicions. On tho oilier hand,
thero is strong leason for consideiiug it
probable, that ono source of the water
supply is polluted and may he charge
able with the production of the epidemic.
Suggestion to the Public.
The suggestions of the bonid me as fol
lows: Pir.-t, as thu tuettion Is a
largo one, covet lug a considerable num
ber of cases, lasting tluough n consider
able period of time and Involving u huge
lerillory in tho matter of supply, with
icgard to both the water supply and the
milk supply, it Is riitilo Impossible tor a
jingle bilcf inspection such ns could ho
niado by an OMioit fiom u. distant; poinL,
to do full justico to the question. It is
nheroforo earnestly iccommendtrd that
the local boaid of health should institute
a systematic Inspection, both of tho en
tile water shed, nnd of all the dairies
Horn which the milk is hi ought to the
In order to cany out this woik olfeU
ively, It should be assigned to certain
pel sons, and should bo can led on for u
series of months. Dveiy branch, no mat
ter how small, of the creeks w'lilUi supply
tho res"i vohs should bo minutely snitched
by competent men. This should Include
the intake u-seivolr In tho gorge. A rep
tcscutativo of the water company, as lor
Instance their engineer and u repiesenla
tive of the boaid of health, should bo as
sociated in this investigation, and it would
bo well for a physician to take part in It.
The investigation is one wliluli your
boaid Is fully competent to make, and a
grave responsibility rests upon It to lo-e
no tlmo in making an Inspection of tho
most thorough chniaeter. As temporary
precautious, 1 need hardly suggest tho
obvious ones of tho boiling of all water
lor dthiklng puipc-'t-s and tho stoilllnatlon
of all mill;.
Should Use Ctystal Lake Water.
As the water from Crystal lake dot-s
not appear to have been at fault, duilng
tho recent outbreak, Itml ght bo well for
tho company to use that to tho exclusion
of these sources which appear to be moie
or less polluted,
1 havo the honor to lift
Vours very u uly.
(Mgneo) iien.iamiti l..-e,
. s
&V 5.,Tucrejiras q cry in
tue streets, reopio
rushed from their
doors ami strained
their eyes on the
struggling balloonist
iiguuug lor lite.
,. Ivveu the poor, pant-
' r inj Bitlleicr in the
r J sick room was for-
colleuh!lethe fain.
lly gaed breathless ut. this strange
tragcdjvof.tbt! air. Them the v Aveut baufc
to ;the Ick room to tell of 'the tenible
,trpggle for life they had juat witnessed.
It diuuot occur lo litem that under their
'very eyei a xuore terrible, more pathetic
'struggle was going oii daily,
'Vhre i-nti tip. untliitur mri niltf.,1
tbau Ue , frngele the,, consumptive
; wake gainst disease. The greatest
Help ia this ittuggle is gamed by the
uao of Dr.-Pirce' Golden Medical Dis
rovcrv ' It curci ohatimite cnuehs wiiL-
y nd bleeding lungs, emaciation, and
other ailments which if neglected or
, iinalcnuuiiy uaieu una a fatal lermiua-
iou in tousunipuont
fa i&j$'da'bi toy dugbtt( wm suQ'erioe oa
uui ui a &cryc-c tuugu, actiic icvcr, vriiDff
csli ana oiaer syygmi ot aucaica lungi
n a. rcipcruitu, oi allium
I CO., w. c "i promiijr gmve
tree's aidn Medical Dlicovcry
uff wicctu. and ak now enlava
i kicellcnt hcallh: Tblt being Irar, I hereby
krite Rev. JoitpW
ipxiats, Iredell Co.
hertHr. K. V. Pierce'
vitl gratifyiuff aucctst, and ak
! 'Lcatiilv endonsvour mtdklnti."
, Accept no subititute tor ! QoJda Jtfd
f lea) Discovery." Tbefe.ja pothiig just
1 ns good" for diseases of the etomicb)
tdolpd and luugs.
f Dn-H'-rce'STreasant'TelUU assist tb
.Clan oi I he " JOtscover.;'
Michael Manett, of Simpson, Taken
to Emoi-gency Hospital In Dying
Condition Succumbs a Few Hours
Michael .Mm lull, ii lesldeut of .Simp
son, succumbed yesterday morning .at
C o'clock-, at Kmergeuoy hospital,
whither he was taken the night be
fore. .Mnrrett was a victim of a full, which
hu met with leu days ago, Uo irae
turcil his skull and manifested symp
toms of stneie- concussion of the brain.
Huwlny ho was hurriedly taken to thu
Kuiergenc. hospital, lie was In it des
perate condition, however, ninl what
tho surgeons did for him was' of no
avail. Ho passed away twelve- bonis
after being admit) ed.
Marriilt w.ts 23 years of ago ami was
unmarried, He worked about tho
mines at .Slnin&au,
The Book Club to Slelghilde Other
Happenings of Interest,
Tho Hook club, which was leceuily
nrgunlzc-d and -Is composed of young
women conspicuous tit melnl doings,
will enjoy a slelghrldo tonight. Thu
lido will be to Clifford, Tho membeis
will assemble a.t the l'nlaco creamery
at .30 this evening, (Jllu'otd hotel, at'
Gllffotd, will bo tho destination of the
party. There thoy will pnrtako of u
chicken supper, which will bo icllsli
uble, indeed, nfter the ildu over the
hills. All the clicumstunccs to an en
joyable night tiro Impplly present. The
sleighing Is excellent, the club members
are capable of providing lively enjoy
ment, and the arrangements for their
comfort- at the end of the ttlp uie
quite complete,
Misses Nelllo Spaneler und Alice
Farrell, of Bristol, la- who came to
Seruu,ton to attend the uneptlon ut Jit,
Have You Uric Acid, Rheumatism
Bladder Trouble.
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l'ain or dull ache In the back Is un
mistakable evidence of kidney trouble.
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you that the track nf health Is not
If those danger signals aie unheeded,
mote serious results are sure to follow;
Jlright's dicuse, which is the worst
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Tho mild and the txtr.toidlnary ef
fect of the world-famous kidney nnd
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Backache, Uric Acid and Urinary Trouble.
Anions; the many fatuous euics oC
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Dally Trlbimo the one-wo publish today
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Gentlemen: When 1 wrote you last
Jlarch for a sample botllo of Swamp
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The effect of Swamp-Hoot was wonder
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ness, nervousness, Irregular hcait
beatlng, rheumatism, bloating, irritabil
ity, wornout feeling, lack of ambition,
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main undisturbed In a glass or bottle
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St. Mary's seminary, were guests over
Sunday of tho Misses Montthnn at the
Harrison house. They teturned homo
yesterday. During their stay here they
derived much, interest from a visit to
one of the niiues hereabouts.
Piogiess of Patients Who Have
Been Quite 111.
Miss (leuevlove Hirs, of Washington
slieet, who was taken with a danger
ous utttick of pleurisy about a week
ago and whoso condition has since been
alarming, Is manifesting a slight im
provement. Her condition, however. Is
still critical, and it will be several days
before It run bo .stld she has passed all
Scott Whipple, of tho local stall of
the Metropolitan llfo Insurance com
pany, who has been confined to his
home for two months with un attack nf
rheumatism, is considerably lmproed.
deceased. Members of tho church choir
rendered appropriate music. From tho
house, the deceased was conveyed to
Maplewood cemetery, where burial was
made. The following acted as
pall-be.uers: William Stephens, Ctrl
Sehrocder, Morgan Reese, H. K. May,
David Edwards and John Mohrs.
There were a number of very pretty
lloral offerings. They were carried by
W. If. Masters and David J. Oir, mem
bers or the Knights of Pythias.
Michael Coggins Dlsappeais.
Michael Coggins, of Powdcrly load,
disappeared fiom his homo last Tues
day and his whereabouts are unknown.
His family nro greutly alarmed over
his absence ami fears are entertained
by his frlcndi that he may have been a
victim of foul play. Searching parties
fall to Und his body on the hllsldes or
the banks of tho river searched.
Verdict of Coroner's Jury in Cace' of
Thomas rox. i
After lieui'lug thu testimony of olio
witness, MoAndt'ow, the coroner's Jury
In the ensu or tho death of Thomas Fox
or 1'owdeily stteot, tihidct'od a verdict
lust night that the deceased canio to
his end by natural causes, superinduced
by expostiie, County Detcutlvu Phil
lips wits picsent at the hearing and In
terrogated tho witness. Tho Jury met In
the olllt'o of AldeniiJii Jones, Fox, It
will ho recalled was found dead near
St, Hosh cemetery under circumstances
that called lor an Investigation.
It Was the Hendricks Company,
In yesteulay's Trlbuue, In naming tho
company which purchased tho culm
dump at tho Hnrtnn breaker, tho name
of tho purchaser was confused, making
It icad the Uarbondalo Machine roiii-
ll.l nv. It should hnvo vend thn lien.
dricl; Manufactuilng company, This
concern was the purchaser, tho growing
needs of the company making tho pur
chase of fuel nu urgent necessity,
funeral of Mrs. Cotun.
Tho funeral of tho late Mis. William
Collin toult place Sunday. Carbondale
lodges No. 2C0, Knights of l'ylhius, and
Court Lily, No. 350, Forestei-B of Ameri
ca, attended the obsequies In a body.
At three o'clock, services were con
ducted at Mrs, Coinn's late home, on
Lincoln avenue, by tho Itov. A, F.
Chaffee, pastor of the First MethodUt
church, He spoke most tenderly of the
'Our New Minister."
A full house greeted the production
of "Our New Minister," at the (Irand
last night. The scenery wis much bet
ter than last year and tho performance
was given with more' smoothness, it
Wits u much better show than it was
last year and It is bound to grow In
The lueneral of the lato Mrs. J. Vos
U'O, who died at her homo on Saturduy
morning, took place yesterday after
noon. Services were conducted by Rev.
Dr. Fuller, pastor or tho Methodist
Kpiseopal church nt the home on
Fourth street and Interment was made
In the Jerniyn cemetery. The pallbear
ers weie: Ueoi-go Woodworth, Henry
Hangdou, Samuel l.angdou, John
Tompkins, Joseph Soby nnd B. C, Mur
llu, Tho fair of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians which has been In progrets
since tho 17th will be brought to n close
to.motrow evening, until after the hol
idays. Tho fair has been laigely atten
ded and has been both Socially and fi
nancially successful.
J, J. Rocho returned to Buffalo, N,
Y Sunday, night. ,
The funeral ot Harm-, tho ten-months
old child of Mr, and Kirs. Mo.urt I.ewjs
of Mayllcld took place Sunday after
noon. John Pearl and Mis$ Nellie m,4SMee
attended the production of "San Toy'1
at the Scranton Lyceum.- Saturday even
ing. Mrs. William Powell, or Third street
Is seriously III. j '
RIchurd Harvey, 01 West Muyjlold
Is conilued to his lionie by Illness '
iV . l . . w -m f
l Connolly & Wallace,
Scranton's Shopping' Center.
Wednesday closes the most
satisfactory year in our history
to our customers as well as to
A bargain means one thing
at one store, something else at
another. It depends on the
store's standards.
Paying" too little for a
thing' is worse than paying
too much, for you not only
lose what you pay, but get
nothing in return.
The " best of its kind "
means the best your money
can buy. We are spending
your money and we are ac
countable for spending it to
the best advantage.
Next Frida7- we start to
make every day better the
new kind of a store never
stands still.
While we're waiting for
more Spring goods, will you
take the last of the Winter
thine-s at about half price ?
I? Look in the Coat Room.
E M'HI:uI4ms?' g"MHfrHfrMfMHHHMEW4W
It isn't the new things
nor the things under price
which crowd our aisles and
passages every day, but the
years of fair dealing, which
have inspired you and us with
confidence in each other.
Connolly & Wallace's is
the fashion center of this
section, not only because it
gets the styles first, but be
cause it gets them right
Every woman is asking
now: 4 'What's going to be
worn? "
Watch this store it is
better than any fashion, book
ever published.
A store that has your
confidence doesn't ask you
to compare things. It would
be like asking you to prove
that it tells the truth.
Connolly & Wallace
Kev. Oeoisc Hague tendered his res
ignation as pastor of the Susmtehannii
Street Ihtptist church at the clotu of
tho evening service on Sunday. The
resignation will take effect in March,
when Mr. Hague Intends lo return 10
Swansea, Wales. During their foiti
years' residence In tills jilnee, -Mr.
Hague and his wife have made many
friends who will 1 egret their depart
ure. The attendance nt the fair under the
auspices of St. Patrick's congregation
in tho Father Mathew hall was very
large last evening. The musicals giv
en by the pupils of St. Patrick's acud
emy was immensely enjoyed. Tonight
will be Holy Xanie and Catholic Mu
tuai Benevolent association night. Ad
mission, 10 cents.
The Sunday school scholars of .St.
George's mission attended tho Christ
mas tree exercises of St. Luke's par
ish, In Scranton, last night.
Pinal preparations have been niado
for tho firemen's ball, New Year's
night. Tho different comnUttees have
worked hard, and It will probably be
ono of the most successful events ot
the season. ,
Tho following ollicer.s weiu elected at
a, meeting of the Catholic Young Men's
Total Abstinence and llencvolent soci
ety: President, John Allen; vice pres
ident, P. W. McLaughlin; tluaiicial
secretary, Frank Kelly; recording sec
retary, M. J. Mcllale; treasurer, James
II. Lally; directors, P. F. Dougher nnd
Harry Kelly: marshal, William Hen
ery; managers, Carbine and Gibbons.
Prof, C. M. Hathaway returned lo
Hrooklyn yesterday, utter a visit with
his purents In Ulakcly.
Thomas O'Malley, or Xow York, Is
visiting his homo on Dunntoru street.
Xavler Uradley, of Wllllnmsport, Is
a. guest at tho Muhon house.
The Slorrlck Creek colliery of the
Temple Iron company, was abllged to
shut down at an eaily hour yesterday
morning on account of the bienklng 11C
tho clutch on thn hoisting drum. Tho
accident will necessitato several day,1)'
Idleness to make, the necessary lepalrs
before coal can be hoisted.
It Is expected that tho s-toro of
Thompson & Keller will bo ilnlslted for
occupancy by January 13.
The new hntol building of Stone &
Hill Is rapidly going up under tho su
pervision of the contractors, tho Peck
Lumber Mfg. Co.
Tho tempoiury building used by
Druggist W. S. Illoes, has been pur
chased by Mrs, Win. Cudd. Tho Peek
Lumber Co,, uro now moving tho struc
ture to the Stage property, where It vll
be occupied by Mrs. lltidd as a millin
er store.
Mr. and Mrs. W, Cr, Hobeitsou left
yesteiday to spend a few days at St.
T. V, Powderly, Jr of Cnrbuiulule,
was a visitor in town yesterday,
Mr. I-). W, Squire, the East Side hard
ware merchant, Is still conilued to his
bed by Illness.
Today ut high noon will occur Hut
marriage of Miss Hei-tha ICeese and
Prof. William Evans, superintendent
of schools ut nioomsburg. Tho event
will take rdnco at tho bride's homo nil
Cjrovo street. They will leuvo Imme
diately after the ceremony on an ex
tended wedding tour.
Hev. Thomas W. Hvnns, u former
townsman, but now of Pat ton, Pa., oc
cupied tho pulpit at the Welsh Hap
tlst church on Sunday evening, and
delivered a powerful senium In tho
English language.
appy New Year
We desire to extend a New Years Greeting to our
housand of friends and customers all over America.
We sincerely trust that the New
Year will bring to each of you
increased prosperity, and , en
abundance of good health.
New Years is cleaning up
time with us, and, we are cut
ting prices very deep in order to
reduce stock.
We are quoting special prices
on Ladies' and Misses Suits,
Jackets, Furs, Silk Waists and
Monte Carlo Coats.
Bargains include Men's and
Boys' Winter Suits and Over
coats. Small Weekly Payments.
i i V.
wipLES Credit
317 Lackawanna Avenue,
g u&
Ttmple or I.ovo lodge, No, 7, Ametl
c.m True Ivorltus, elected the follow
ing iiillcors for tho ensuing term, on
fciaturilay evening: President, Iteeso
Lewis; vlco president, W. T. Evans;
recording seerotaiy, Thomas at. Pnvis;
dnanolal secretary, Jacob .1. Jones;
treasurer, David Jtossur: stowort, D,
A. Thomas; condtiulor, John It. Davis;
Insido sentinel, John Push; outside
sentinel. Henry 1'. Jones; trustee,
David T. Harris.
Tho funeral of thn J.ito John Hut-key,
sr will tako plaeo this afternoon from
tho homo of Mr, and .Mrs. Casper Tan
ner, of AVnslilngion street. Services
will be conducted at tho German Evan
gelicul church. Itev. Mr. Keif, of
ArchlMld, will oillclato. Interment In
tho forest Homo cemetery.
Taylor Hoso company, No, 1, Is mak
ing gtfat preparations for tho nnnunl
ball tn bo held at Welssenlluh's au
ditorium on New Year's night. Tim
Taylor Union orchestra has been en
gaged to furnish inuslo for tho occa
sion. (Ireat Interest Is being taken ta tho
swecpstaka shooting match to be held
at Vino's hotel on New Ye.u's day,
commencing ut a v. m.
Miss Sarah Peters, of Nantlcoke, Is
a. guest -at tho home of Mr, und Mrs.
E. T. Jenkins, of ltallroad street,
Miss Cora Davenport, of Newton, N.
J.,' Is spending the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Daven
port, of South Main street,
Oeoige Harper will move his family
from Taylor tieet to his new double
dwelling on Athertou street.
Miss Carrie Ellis, or Huzletou, Is the
guest of Miss Surah Samuels, of Main
Mrs. Harriet Junes, of North Taylor,
will leave on Thursday to visit hen
children ut tho orphans' school of Odd"
Fellows lit Sunbury.
The young people of the Buptlft
church will hold a New Year's social
on Wednesday ovenlug In the parson
age. An entertaining programme Is be
ing arranged nnd stewed nnd raw oys
ters will bo sold.
The monthly covenant meeting of thn
Baptist church will be held on Satur
day evening anil all members are re
quested to be present, as this Is the
llrst meeting of the now year,
A business meeting of the Young
Men's club was held on Monday even
ing In thu rooms.
Itev. Put-kiss, who was sevetely
burned on Tuesday night of last weelc
In the Slx-Prlnclplo Huptlst church, la
gradually Improving.
Miss Mabel Purdy has accepted rt
position as teacher In tho mathemati
cal department of tho International
Correspondence Schools, of Scranton,
Miss Cora Knight is visiting lit
Wllkes-Uarre, und Miss Grace Votl
Storeh Is spending a few days with le-.
latlves In West Plttstun.
The publlo schools of thlsplace will
open 011 Monday next, after the holi
days' vacation.
Thu merchants of our town are pre
seating to their patrons some verjf
pietty calendars.
The M. u. church will hold an oyster;
supper at tho homo of J. O. Halley, ut
Chinchilla on New Year's eve. All atq
cordially Invited to attend!