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It Was Trenched in the First Prcsby
teilan Church Yesterday Morning.
Doctor Was Unnblo to Conduct
Evening Seivico on Account of ft
Very Scvero Cold Stoiy of lot's
Wife Is a Very Trnglc One fiom
Beginning to End lessons That
It Tenches.
On nci'mint of a orv s-eveie cold,
lit v. J.itues Mol.eod, D. D., was unable
to conduct In the Firft Prcs
liyteilnn church lat night. At the
morning service ho preached on "Lot's
Wire," tnltlng his tet from Luke,
j;ii:3J: "llemeinuor Lot's wife." Dr.
IcLeod said:
"Ilcmombcr Lot's AVIfc." T.uke xvil 3-'.
These uie vvordb of vvurnlus. Our
l.oul'j piu pose In MUrlng- them U no
ticed In the conteM. Ho was Npenkln?
of the lat das, when Ho will come to
JiiiIko the world in righteousness, lie ln
tlmater that Ills coming will bo as iud
iln and as unexpected as vv.u, tho Flood dctioyod a guilty world, In the davs
of Noah; and ni the tain of iii 0 and
brimstone that dcstioyid the wicked
city of Sodom, in the davs of Lot. In
thoso d.iyn. the multitudes lived in fan
cied seeuilty. They wrc thoughtless of
the future, and wholly unprepared for
the comins catastrophe. And lest Ills
disciples should bo thoughtless and un
1 oncoraod, and unprepared, Jesus sijs:
"At it was 111 the d lys of Noah, so
-hall it bo 11K0 In the diys of the Sou of
man." And :ignh.i: "As it was in the davs
of Lot, . . even thus shall it be in the
rlnv when the Son of man Is revealed."
Hence Ills warning-. It Is as ir He bad
said: "Sec to it that you ate not caught
careless and unprepired in the dnv of
the Lord. Avoid the folly of thoso
whose sins brought upon them swift de
traction, Ben. 'tie of dinger. Heed the
warning. Escape for thy life, l'reivito
to meet thy Ood. Trcps foiwaid Don't
Ionic back; 'Remember Lot's wife.' "
When Jesus told Ills disciples "Ilcmom
btr Lot's wlte," He did not wish them
to forgot her husband. Thev know the
lilsturv of Lot and his family. It was
ancient history then, and it is far more
ancient now. It !s lccoided at. length in
tho book of Gonctis, and it wa wiittcn
foi the instuictlon of its readers and (
hearers In all after ages. As wo think of
Lot's wife it Is only natural that we
should nlv think of Lot, and of their
children, and their homo, and their com
p miens, and of tho miraculous mter
7o',illon of Ciod on behalf of Lot's cntlro
Tamllv, and of the miraculous nnd awful
dosti action of Sodom and Its Infamous
Inhabitants: and of tho rescue of Lot nnd
his two daughtus, while at the samo
time, and more partlcuUUy, we are told
to remember the disobedient v ifo nnd
mother, who fell into the hands of an
nngrv God, and who became an everl lbt
ine monument of tho divine displeasure.
A Tragic Story.
It Is a tragic story from beginning' to
end, and it embodies lessons and sugges
tions which are of pcimauent and fai
reachlng Importance.
First. It Is the manifest wish of Chrt
that wo should make a religious iwof
memory. "Remember Lot's wife." Mem
cry Ib a 6torehouso In which facts or
fancies are deposited, for present or for
futuro use. Memorv leealls the past, and
it anticipates tho future It makes use
of experience. "A burnt child dreads tho
tiro," because it leniembers what hap
pened, Memory prf-ervi'H and icealla
facts, upon which right reason pro
nounces a correct Judgment. By lee.ill
inur oast facts, wo can utilize our eport-
ence, and avoid sin: and bv recalling
promised blessings, we can piolect 0111
elves Into the futuro, and thus be stlm- j
ulated to pursue holiness nnd to icjoleo
in liopo of the gloiy of Ood. A man's
memory, coupled with his Imagination,
has much to do with tho tormatlon and
development of his ch.iwtcloi. "As ho
thlnketh In his heailr so is he." lleuco
a man may sin gilovously against Ood,
and ngalnst his own soul, though he bo
a thousand miles away from tho object
of his wicked imagination nnu sitiuu
"Itemcmber:" Cultlvato vour memori'.
it l ensv to cet. and caav to lose. In tho
child. It Is ono of the Hint faculties to j
developo: nnd In tho aged, it is one of tho
first to lade. It is easy to forget to do
that which wo do not llko to do. This
is ono of the jensons why praver. and
family worship, and tho blnio and chinch
and Chrlntlan activity aio by multitudes
so largely neglected. They remcmtieied
thoso things once, but they have forgot- '
ten Hum. Their nu-moty, llko their con
science, has become blunted In uvery ic
latlon In lite, but moio especially In tho
Hphom of religion. If we aro at all nn
lous to Inherit eternal life, wo will re
member and tcHpeot Clod's wishes, and
wn will bo anxious to keep Illfe Com-
inandnients. j
And herein lies tho sin of Lot's who,'
She did not chooo to remember God's
wish, for sho deliberately violated Ills
oNpuss command. She ought to lmvo
tlmnkcd God and Ills angels tor rescuing
hit", nnd lor opening up for her 11 way
af esei 0 from tho doomed city, oho
heatd tvo command, "Kscupc lor thy
life; loot, not behind thee " Hut sho did
look back to see whether God meant
vhat He said; or It may be, to heave, a
rlgh qvci tho loss of all her worldly
iuMsures, Whatever prompted her to dis
obey the plain command of God, mid to
look back, her sin brought upon luv
vlCt und soveio punishment, Sho looked
back, but shu was not permitted again to
eick forward, and to hasten to 11 sate
tetreat. On the contrary, standing thero
Mill eyes tiansfixcd, nnd gazing on tho
)iiM'lnB city, tho wrath of God was
limited against her, and, at bis bidding,
jer soul wlnwl Its way to another world,
Chile her stiff, dead body becamo "a pil
lar of Bait."
Second. "Hi member Lot's Wife," and
apto'how this story suggests and con
lrms bible doctrine and inltacles. it
has been said thut "where mystery be
gins religion ends;" nut sucn philosophy
is ah Bhutlow as It is false. For oven a
child can seo that u religion without
njBtery would bo a religion without Goel.
tnd Burely thero Is no mystory or mlr
icle In ther universe of thought or of hls
tiy, that Is more ama7lng or moro true,
1ian thut of tho self-existent and eternal
Sod. I believe In God, and therefore I
'ellovo In tho mystery of myslorles. und
11 the mlruclo of miracles. Behoving, as
le do, In God, our Heavenly Father, why
ijimild we doubt tho truth of any miracle
Molded In tho bible? Has God so hedged in, that Ho uover would, und
i.cer could, and never did como out of
Ills plaeo to do, now nnd then, eltljcr In
Heaven or earth, something which Ills
own natural law could not, of Itself, do
at nil, or would not do, of ilsolf, nt that
particular time, and In that particular
way, and at that paitlculnr and Rpccliled
Place.' Is It not most ItrntlomU to. put
limitation! upon God, which God Illm
e dlcards7 Tho nittaclc of the Flood
und tho niiraculottii Intoiprotntloti of
God In tho cae of Lot and his family,
and In the caso of Sodom, have upon
them tho Imprimatur or Jesus Chtlst.
Thuj bear His endorsement, and they will
pats, current when all Ills ciltlcs and nil
tho ciltlcs of divine truth will bo burlid
In oblivion. Wo may well believe that the
natural and the supernatural "Aio but
partB of 0110 stupendous whole" Above
mid below and behind them both, Is the
OoJ of both. The natural Is as truly tho
work of God as lo tho .supernatural.
Tin ce. Nolo tho danger tint lurks In
bid associations. It was selfishness that
must, at first, havo been exceedingly
pilnful to his wlto and daughtus, to bo
obliged to live in such a den of Infamy.
But their scruples were soon ovcicome.
Sodom was a rich city, und Lot was
gioulnrr tlch, and he and his family
were welcomed to tho best society In tho
town; the best society In Sodom! Save
the mark! What must have been the
best Hoclety of 11 city, in which thero
were not ton rU'htooin poisons? But,
nevertheless, Lot pitched his tent townrds
Sodom, and bis loval wife and chlldien
went with lilm. They soon ceased to
blush nt tho sins of their neighbors, for
"Vice Is a monster of so frightful mien
As lo be hated needs but to bo seen;
Vet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first entluic, then pity, then cm
biacc." A Greater Sinnor.
As wo view things, Lot would seem to
bo a moro heinous sinner than his wife,
both before and after the destruction of
Sodom. Ills daughters, too, from our
point of view-, vvero more wicked than
their mother. Neither Moabltes nor
the Ammoritlcs had any reason to bo
proud of their ancestry. Yet Lot was
pardoned and his wife was punished. We
are shortsighted, and our vision is often
distorted. God sees virtue where man
thinks ho sees vice, and God iec vice
where man thinks ho sees virtue. Tho
foolishness of God is wiser than men;
nnd the weakness ot God, Is stionger
than men. .
If wo had not found It in tho pigcs of
revelation, wo would cmrcelv bcliovo that
Lot was "just," and that he had a
"righteous soul," that was "vcxeel" with
his wicked surmundlngs.
But why did he not got out of such a
filthy place? Ho didn't go there as a
mi' denary. He went there- to make his
fortune nnd ho made It. Yes, and ho lost
it, too, and that in a moment. Ho lost
his wenlth, he lost his home, ho lost
some of his children, he lost his wife and
hod It not been for God's angols, and for
God's smerign grace, he would have lost
his soul But at this juncture, ho obeved
God, and hence he was saved, while, alas,
his wifo disobeyed God and was lost.
Hence the force of Chiist's words: "fle
member Lot's Wife."
rour. Noto tho destructive power of
sin. Lot's wifo was deeplv moved by tho
thought of the Impending catastrophe.
Hut she could not bring herself to seo
tho justice of God in threatening to de
stroy her homo and her friends. Hcnco
while sho half believed God, she hesitated
and lingered. When Lot warned his son-in-law
he seemed unto them "as ono that
mocked" His wlf-, in a measme. shared
their spirit. She hated to leave her lux
urious homo, and so while the angels
laid hold of her, the Lord b Ing merciful
unto her, and while they hastened her out
of tho city, and told her to escape for
her life, her heart was still In Sodom.
In view of her conduct nnd her punish
ment, we canot mistake the obvious les
son that Jesur has in mind when Ho
sa.vs: "Remember Lot's wife." Let us
he nl tho lesson. Behold the goodness ami
severity of God; to Lot, goodness; to his
wife, severity.
Sin is that abominable thing which
God hates. And why does God halo sin?
Ho baton It not because It inlitics Him,
but because it Is lobclllon against His
nuthoiity, and because, if God does not
come to tho icsoue it will sutoly ruin
the sinner. In thoso soft days, wo h.ivo
almost lost the bible conception of sin,
l!n ruinous character and Its hideousness
In God's sight. If we would seo what
sin is, vve must load, not treatises on
inoials, not poems of sentiim nt, not
speeches of phllanthioplsts; but another
iMiok altogether; tho Uoeik of God tho Old
Testament, to shew us what sin has 1 ost
In judgment: and the New Testament, to
show us what sin lias cost In expiation."
It Is well that penitent slneis should 10
mi'mber that God in love; it would bo
well, also, If unpenitent sinners could bo
induced to ponder thnt otlu r sentenco of
Insphation which says; "Our God Is a
consuming tiro."
Hut was not tho slu of l.ot'B wifo 11
trilling sin'.' What gnat haini was It to
tin a aiouu'l and take: a last look nt her
old home Little .sins, these uie tho
devil's traps to oatth tho unwaiy travel
ler. Liitlo fovos can spoil tho vino, as
completely as If they worn big, Jt was
unlv 11 little sin tor Hvo to tako an np
plo and for hoc and Adam to eat It; but
It was unbidden fiult, and It was man's
tli st disobedience, and the fruit of that
foibldden treo that biought death Into
tho wnild and all our wo. To disobey
God Is not a. Hilling slu. It diagged
don 11 angols trom heaven, It drovu our
flist parents out of Helen, It mined Lot's
wife. It killed tho Lord of glory. Lot oh.
capid, but his w.ib an awful deliverance;
his wlfo's body was caught by tho fiery
flood and hers was a feaitul punishment.
"Remember Lots wife"
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Quotations All Quotations Based
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STOCKS. Bld.Asked.
Lackawanna Dairy Co . Pr.... fio
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People's Bank 133
Scranton Packing Co 33
Scranton Fass'ensor Railway,
first mortgage, due 1D20 135
People's Street Railway, first
moitgago, due 191$ R5
People's Street Railway. Gen
eral mortgage, duo 1921 in
Kciatiton Tiac Co , G per cent. 113
Economy L , H. & P. Co 97
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