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of all ages Beecham's Pills are simply
invaluable, as a few doses will restore free
and regular conditions, and effectually
remove the causes of much suffering to
the sex. Those who have once experienced
the positive benefit and speedy relief ob
tained by the use of BEECHAM'S
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Every woman who values her health
should read the special instructions con
tained in the pamphlet wrapped round
each box of Beecham's Pills.
Sold at all Drug Stores, in 25c. Boxea.
ton houif, toi mlnpi.-, t) 1'!, .uul lor
mlncis' liboieis, S1.S2. The nagei of
other emploves range tioni $1,200 pel
jcui for ongineeis down to &130 tor
bleaker bojs.
The commission will likely (ontinuo
in o.lon nil this week and idjoinn
S.i tut day over the holidav.
jjj Mitchell Recalled.
i-iesicienc .unciiL'ii ol me 1 mien
, Aline Woikcis was called to the stand
Jor fintlier cioss-examinuHon by J. Line
kl. Toue, of counsel for the U. & 11.
tinipany. lpguulln.; the tables subnill-
g by .Mi. .Mitchell the day heloie. In
kick it vras shown that the soft coil
wage ruou leoeivod liom, -10 to r.o
cent 11101 e pay than t li- iluv wage
In tin unthiatlte 1 c frion.
. T01 ley's questions tended to
iw that the coinpauoions weie not
Ifvlily made; tin- computation-
Jweie based on tlie inobt t.ioial)le tig-
mes for the one legion and the most
unfavorable in the other.
Mr. Toirey next Fought to bilng All.
Alltehell to task foi inaugutatlng :i
-ttike for better wages without Hi. -a cle
tei mining by the best means at haitd,
whether or not fi demand lor better
ujfees was wan anted. All. Touey
alted it' It was not liuu that 1'ic-ldont
Daci twice olteied to allow Air. Alllth
tll and the millets' accountants to go
over the company's booh-, in lor to the
stilke, and that the offer was not ae
1 opted. All. Mitchell answeud that ho
was distlnctlly irhen to iindei. stand
that Air. Huei was speaking for his own
loinpnny only.
"Tf It is made to appeal," said Alt.
Toucv, "that tin- Illinois did lecche
fair wages In I9ul, don't vou think ou
aeeepted a s-oilous losponslblllty In not
i-xniulnlug the company's books, when
j mi won Mvon that privilege, ami
theioby uscoitain whothei or not Uu
demand of the men was well loundodv"
"We pioposfd that olhois and disln
teiestod pintles," iepll"d Air. Alltehell,
"lliotild look into those nmtteis and ox
fimliio tho londltions hcfoio tlio siilko,
and when I did tlmt the lespunsiblllt.v
was moved. You must boar in mind
that I was opnusul to the s-tilke, b. .
( uur-o It was the beginning of siiiiimcij
anil I was willing1 to wait and see if an
amicable adjustment eould bo made."
"Anil bemuse It was pietty lav !
movod fiom n politic il campaign," stiy
goMod Air. Toiiov.
Didn't Enter Into It.
"Tho question of a political (.impalgu
did not enter into the inatlet at all."
paid. Air. Alltehell. "We weio Ostub
lislilng some di'gici of eonildonct! In our
oignnlcutlon that might woik'uut 1111
ndjiiFtnieiit. it that didn't woik nut, I
would have advised ti oesMitlnn of In
boi." Questioned by 1. II, Ruins, of counsel
for the independents as to whether n
not tlio union could suu'antco ihur
non-union men would not bo liUet'enil
with if 11 eonti.i'.t wsiii nmdo with the
union, Mr. Alltehell loplled that this
matter would Uo mm a oppot timely dis
cussed whni tho comp-iuiori fume io
riegotlute a conn not with tliti union.
When asked It tho union imd doi.o
anything in discipline men who hail
A Timely Suggestion.
This s the season of the tur when
the piudent and caietul hoiisewlte ie.
plenlHhPH her supply of diambei lulu's
Cough Remedy, it Is mtitlu to he
needed befoio the winter Is over, ami
itsults uie inueli nune ptonipt and tat
Isfuetoiy when It la kept (it hand anil
given as soon ut the cold In conducted
and befoio It has botonm settled in tho
system. In almost ceiy Instance a so
veie cold limy bo wauled oif by taking
this leinedy tieely as booh as the first
Indication of tho oold uppeais. Tiieie
Is 110 danger fit giving It to children
for It contains no hai infill .snbatance.
It Is pleusant to take both adults and
children like It. Huy It unit you will
get tlio best. It n(wa.s tutrs. Fur sale
by nil diusglsts '
fiom Page 1.)
I eoinmittod violence during the stilke,
Air. Alltehell replied that it would not
be fair to piejudiee the case ot men
ehaiged with violence befoie the cotut
pased upon tho matter.
Andiew Sh.ilgoz, a Hazlebiook minor
emidoyed by J. K "Went tc Co, was
tho Hi st willies. He testified that he
piid tl.7." .1 month lent lor a company
house, of thioe looms, that it did not
kei'P out tlio (old or lain and all in all
was a lather undesiiable kind of hab
itation, lie has woikcd in the mines
tout teen jeai.s, was bulled mulct a. fall
ot mal once anjl badly injtited, and at
another time lost one of his ees by
being hit by a piece ot lling coal The
iinnpany gaM liliu no as'-islaneo during
the times ho was laid up with injmies.
Ills wages since lfluO ayoiaged $') a
wiek. Dockage amounts to five cats In
100. Thete is no wagon loid connecting
Ilai'ltbiook with the outside woild and
tho company's store Is the only one in
tho town, consequently it Is necessary
lor the Jliulcbiook people to Hade In
the company stoie.
Ate Near Hazleton.
On 1 rosh-oxanilnntion, the witness
admitted to Air. Dickson that Ilai-le-ton, and other nentby towns
can be leached liom Hazlebiook by
tiain: uKo that ho never made com
plaint to the company about th- condi
tion of the house he lived in. All. Dlck
fon asked him If it was not a luct that
in ltlOl he diew $514.01 In cash earnings.
The wltmss did not Ihltik it was that
Ho also developed 011 ross-cxanilna-tion
that the Hnzlcbionk sliikeis dioe
off liio moil inipiHtod by the ininpanv
to take thr place of the sti iking steam
men and as a losult of this tho mine
was Hooded. The lower lewis am still
u 1 nit v water.
lohn Dehmney, of Hnylebiook, tes
tiiiod that hu quit work in the mines
two yiai' ago because of his health
Ineaklng down, and that now ho has
to woik in tlio bio liter for !S cents n
William Umiti'V, of rhiladelplila, na
tional souotnry of the Glass llloweis'
union testllipd that since a tiaclo agiee
ment was made between his oiganUa-
tloii and the glass mnnttfact liters theie
base been no HtilUcs.
I'aul TTeinhand, ten yoais old, n
bleaker boy at the D, & II. Co.'.s Hnlll
moi e, No. .' colliery In Wllkos-Uairo,
was called to tho stand.
"Do j 011 imdciistnnd what an oath
Is?" Inqultcd Judge Hi.iy. looking down
kindly at the diminutive lad.
' Ye?, sh," euiue the leply in uiifnU-
eilnsj Mike.
"What happens to boys who don't
tell the tinthY" asked the bulge.
"Uo to hell," quickly ictoittd the
Tho elided aiiswc-" was not taken by
the Judge to ho either a uiandaloiy or
dtioitoiy declaiatlon.
KoceivecJ 28 Cents,
The lad tistllU-d ho has woiked la tho
bleaker for n year tind that he lecelvos
ai cents a d.iy. Lum month, he said,
the luuip.'iny Kepi tho lent out of his
pay and he received only as cents. Ho
know of (.mother boy, Aliko duty, who
tecelved only one cent pay lust month,
tho company huhig ltnlned his fath
ers rent bill.
The hoy inhibited his llngeis to show
that the nulls wtv woin below the
quick by sflato picking. They wet a
woiso than this he explained, before ho
got a "hump" place, wheje tho iiin of
co.u is not bo heavy,
Jn iiosa-exuniliuulon All, Torioy
(luineil that the boy's father woiKs
ste'iidlly in the Slieldeu Axle Works
and that Jits older hiother is employed
in tho Douiiuoe collleiy, Theie aio
lour children in the family, two boys
and two glils. One hiother Is younger
than he. The boy admitted that he
mlsiepiesented his uge to the company
when he looked for employment.
L'lght witnesses then told about con.
traetots (Jt (he colllorUs of the Phila
delphia and neadhiff Coni nntt lion com
pany, of which aeotBC'F. Duet' Is pics
Ident. Their chief complnlnt was that
they woto being discriminated against
because they belong to the Union. At
torney Simon V. Wolvcrtoti, on crocs
examlnallon btought out the fact Unit
by leasott of tho steam men's otrlke,
six colllotle wete Hooded and .1,000 or
more men aio Idle ns a Jesuit, Some of
the witnesses who alleged tllsctlmlnn-
tlon, weio steam men who went on
Joseph retsiger, who was a hoisting
engineer at the ltellunce colliery, In
Alt. C'arinet, for twenty-six years, did
not get his job back after the sttlkc.
When ho npplled for rc-lnstateinent, the
foieman told Iilm ho would be sent for.
He wasn't sent for, and wont to tho
dlstilot mtpctlntendent. The latter told
him he was an agitator and would not
bo re-cmploycd. He then went to Div
ision Hupeilntonilont Shellller and was
told ho hail Imd too murh to say dur
ing tho stilke. Ho next went to tho
general supoilntendenl and was told
there was no place for him, uh hln po
sition hud been filled. Tho witness In
sisted that he was being disci Imlnated
against beciiuso the engines ho was
working at were not itin during the
strike, and the man who was pu't In
his placo was a striker from another
He woiked twelve hours a day eveiy
day In the week and never hnd a Sun
day or holiday olt. He was pile! $C3.S0
a month.
An Increase of 16 For Cent.
On eros-examlnat!on by Air. Wolvcr
ton, It was shown that tho Heading
company, after the 1000 strike, In
t leased the wages of Its men sixteen
per cent, instead of ten per cent, as tho
settlement notice piovlded. The wit
ness admitted that the company had al
ways dealt fahly with him except In
tho instance complained of. All tho
other witnesses made similar admis
sions. Patiick Welsh, a Schuylkill miner,
complained of a reduction in the al
lowances for topalr work, Jacob Pai
nell, vice president of the Sllverton lo
cal, averred that he was refused re-cm-ployment
because, as the boss put it,
"he had too big a mouth during tho
strike." James Clark, of Ashland, told
that a number of flie bosses), engineers
and firemen In his teglon were refused
re-employment, and that when a com
mittee went to the division superintend
ent to see about it, they could get no
William Ljnch told that the cats at
the Heading collieries have Inci eased in
size twice without a coi responding in
crease In wages. William Oretl, fiom
Sllveiton, told that the pi lee of yard
age .ind coal had been 1 educed after the
1900 strike. John H. Doyle, u til email,
testified he woikcd twelve hours a day
and twenty-four hours eeiy other
Sundav, for $9.30 a week. He shoveled
foi ty to sixty tons of coal a day.
The last witness of tho day was Allen
How, 15 years of age, who testified that
lie n.iu his leg wrenched off by ma
chine! y at ono of the Pennsylvania
company's bieakeis and neer received
anything from the company.
It was Jntendec1 to continue tho ses
sion until C o'clock, but the mlneis ex
hausted their available witnesses one
hotti befoie this time and adjournment
was made until this morning at 10
Piesident Mitchell left on Satuiday
for his homo hi Spiing Valley, 111,
wheio a monster demonstration in his
honor is to be given him today, by his
lellow-citicens. He will have a confer
ence in Chicago, enioute. with Secie-taiy-Tieasurer
Wilson, about the 1011
tino affairs of the union, which All.
Wilson is attending to dmlng Mr. Allt
chell's stoiy In Scianton.
Pioceetlings in Book Foim.
Recognizing the widespread inteiett
taken all over the countiy In tho tes
timony and aigumont befoie the An
thiacite Stilke Commission, The Trib
une will pt Int In convenient book form
the leports appealing in its columns
from day to day, and will offer a limit
ed edition of copies for sale at $1 each.
The olume will consist of several hun
died pages, eight by eleven Inches, and
will appear as soon as the commission
ers render their decision. The dally
lepoits In The Tribune miss nothing of
essential interest and aie the fullest
and most accurate reports pi In ted In
any newspaper. Oiders should be sent
to The Tilbune now as the edition Is
liable to, bo exhausted.
Special to the. Scrunton Tilbune.
Pittstuu, Dec. II The scnil-monthlv
p.iv day among tlio villous collleiles hi
this vicinity yoHteulny was accompanied
bv an umisuully laige amount of diimk
eniitss ami Foeial seiious scnips weie
tlio lutiual outcome, iho most seiious
was on thu West Side. About 11 o'clodi
two men and an Italian becamo engaged
In a quatrel near the comer of laiciuo
avenue and Wjomlng avtiiuo. Hoi Huv
ard happened along about that time and
(iideuvoied to stipulate tho men. whetu
upou thu Italiun diew a knlfo anil
slashed ut Havaid, Inlllctlng a wound
that lequlicd twelve stitches. A gash
about six inches long was Indicted, slott
ing dhoctly back ot the ear, passing
thioush tho ear and along the chock,
Havaid's wound was diessed by Di. Huh.
ler. Policeman Ititlph llaiber placed tho
Italian under an est.
On tlio Hast Side, the wlllv gang liom
Diiivca eiuuo to town lor tho ineniug and
endcavoied to palot things red, but got
up against tlio wiong pioposltlon. and
four of them weio landed behind the
bnis In tho musty cells of tho illy lull.
Tlio snug piovoked a quuuei in tho Kit
boo saloon on Ninth Alain slieet, Just
betoio midnight, and 101 a while things
vvoio voiy lively
Fiank Aeltles und V O I'auhiglon,
who lmvo icslJled In Wtst Plttston since
tlio eaily pint of tlio summer, hiivlmr
been emplocd hi luylng the macadam
pavement on laizcino aonue, will
Monday for other pints, Mr. AcMes und
his wife will Icavo for their homo ut
Sviacuse, mid All, 1'atiliigton and his
vvilo will leuvo for Canada, All. Pnitlng.
ton having secuicd u position in i city
Ituv, W, Cuiadoc Davles, of Ciitas.iu
quu, occupied the pulpit of the Woldh
Congiegutlonal chinch heie this moiulng
unl nvenltig.
IiUhup Talbot spout today 111 the HpIh
copul chinches of this vicinity. Tills
morning services weio held In tlio Trin
ity church, West PlttHtoii, nnd this even,
lug, the 1 Ilea of continuation vtcto nil
minUteied In St, James church, Plttston,
The bishop nddiessed the men's meeting
In the Youiir Moil's Chiistiaii association
rooms tltis afternoon, und SIlss Iteod, tho
alto soloist of Wllkes-liarro, sang theio.
The West Plttston Picsbterlau ehuieh
has decided to puieliuse the Dr, Thump
son piopeity on I.iueuui avenue, Vot
Plttston, for tho pmpoes of a miinso.
Tho consideration was )S,000.
Pittstou und Pottsvlllo teams iUy but
ket bull In Khby's hall heio lonionoiv
Bishop 1'owlor will deliver Ids-popular
luttuie, "Oieat Deeds of (heat Alen," In
thu West Plttston Alethocllsl l.'phcoiul
church, Aloiulay oveuiiig.
The loinidiis of the late AUs. Anna Al,
('. Cool unlved hcio this attcinoon fiom
Cauisteo, N. V., wheio she had died ut
th homo of her sister, Interment vwu
inado in West Plttston cemetery. Ali.
Cool had llod tlvtbls city for n,ny
ycaiij, and was the widow of Josih Cool,
I il I
The Seat of Backs Aio Bad When
They Ache, nnd Scinnton Peo
ple Know It.
A bad biiek is always bad.
Und at night when bedtime conits.
Just as bad In the motnlng.
Hvcr tty Doiin's Kldncv 1-llls for It?
Know they cine backache, euro cvety
kidney III?
If you don't some Scianton people do.
Head a cuso of It:
Alls. Sarah Fan ell, of 101U Pi Ice
stieet, Hyde I'm It, says: "1 honestly be
lieve ir It hud not been for Doan'u Kid
ney Pills I would have been In my
grave. Six years ago my kidneys com
menced to trouble me. At Hist t did
not pay much attention to It, but II
kept getting woiso nnd other svtnptoms
appcnicd. I tiled many temcdles, but
without obtaining permanent lcllef. 1
was so bad that blood passed fiom 1110;
mv bark ached so I could not get up or
down; I was shott ot bieath and finally
had to take to mv bed. I was growing
weaker and mv buffeilng becamo moie
intense, and tho doctor said ho was
doing till he could for me. 1 often
wished and prayed for death, for I had
given up nil hope of getting icllcf. Aly
(laughter had Doan's Kidney Pills
In ought to her notice, nnd got a box at
Atattlmws Hros.' diug stoie. I took
them, and the first box did mo so much
good that she got me some more. After
tho fouith box, I thanked God that 1
hud found a lcmedy which had given
mo a now lease of life."
For s-ale by all dealeis; pi Ice, CO cents.
Fostoi-AIIlbuin Co., Buffalo, N. Y solo
ugents tor the United States.
Hemombev the name Doan's and
take no substitute.
who had been for some time manager
of the Plttston and Dlmlr.a Coal company
which bad opcuitlons heie, und ho hid
also served tho town as buigc-s and tax
Special to the Scranton Tilbune.
Tlinkhannock, Dec. 1,',. The lepoit
that a bear hud passed acioss the ileitis
to the east of town on Saturday morn
ing brought out a squad of six or eight
hunteis. The beat's trail was plainly
discernible for several mile1; eastwaid,
when It became obllteiated by tho heavy
fall of snow, and the hunteis tetmned
home disconsolate. The bear wus sub
sequently killed by hunteis near
White's Feriy.
The Alonday club will meet at the
home of Airs. Samuel Eysenbach, on
Putnam slieet this afternoon at 2
o'clock. (
Theie will be a special meeting of the
Woman's Itellet coips-, No. 117, on Tues
day evening, tor the puipose of electing
ofllceis for the coming tenn.
David Atillhauser Is the guest of
fi lends at Scranton.
Alls. John Collins, who has been le
1 elving ticatment at the Ateicy hospi
tal at AVllkes-Bane, is expeoted to le
tmn homo on Wednesday.
Special to tho Scianton Tilbune.
Nicholson, Dec. 13. Aliss Nellie Foul,
of Iacyvillo, is spending a few days
with her fiicnd, Aliss Hthol Stark.
AIis. Oscar AVilllams was a caller in
Seianioii Thuisday.
Alls. Geoige Snyder spent Thuisday
with hei patents at ractoiyvillc.
The Ladies' Attcinoon jiedio club
spent a vety pleasant atteiiioon with
AIis. O. C. Deckoi Thuisday.
U. (!. nought Is taking a business
lilp through Vhginla.
"Sky Faim."
Cuuiili lite, ns It le.dlv is In 1111.1l
Ameiica, is the motive of tho olensio
and notablo piodiietiou of "Sky Farm,"
which is to bo seen heie at tlio Ijccum
next Tucsdiy evening. The cast
such competent people us Fiancis Iivine,
William II. Tookei, Scott Cooper, Satah
AleVlckei, Tully Alaish.ill. Hose Fljnn,
Pay Coiutcney, Ralph Dean, Homy J.
West, Maud Hosfoid, Cl.ailes Ciosbv,
Fiank Alonioe, Cl.iiio AIcDowell, David
Chilstlo, Daisy Ginhum nnd otheis.
The scenery exceeds In magnitude ah
that has yet been olTored to the singe 111
tho exploitation t any countiy play on
lei oul. Seats on sile.
"York State Folks."
"Voik Stato Folks"," Althiii Sldiiinns
tremendously siicctssful totnedy 01 vil
lage life, has been seemed lor a ictiiin
date at tho I.vceum next AVednosdaj,
m.ltlneo mid night. "Yoik Stnte Folks"
Is the best A1m.1lc.111 111.1l play vvhlch bus
been put upon tho stage.
I'pon tho occasion of the letuin en
gagement hcio ihu otlglnnl company und
pi eduction will bo seen, Including James
l-ackavo as Simon Puter Aim tin; It.iy
Ij. Itojce, as Alston Coopct, and Etncst
Lawson, as I.em Dunbar. Special mat
ineo pilces, 21 and CO cents; chlldinn, 1j
tents to nuy pint of tho house. Seats on
sale this morning at 0 o'clock,
Olcott in n New Play.
Chnunccy Olcott, tho Iilsh comedian
and sweet singer, will bo at tho Lveouin,
Tlutibdiiy and Filday nights in a now
play by Augustus Pltou, entitled "Old
l.lnieiick Town," Tho play deals with
Ii eland hi tho vein IslJ-Ji, Find tolls of
Nell O'Hilon, 11 voiing gentleman of for
tune, nnd his stiuglo tor tho hand und
110.11 1 01 jNoiocn imiuo, Tlio stoiy or
their loo mis out lour nets, dining
which theio Is niiiih 01 Irish wit, IiMi
com ago mnl lilsh snug,
All, Olcott his composed lour new
songs for tho play, "Notcin Alavouicen,"
"Tho I.hncilck GUIs," "Tho Volco of the
Violet," and "Hveiy I.ltllo ' Dog Atust
Huui Its Day." All. Pltou bus piovlded
a lino comiiany and a splendid scomu
imbolllshinciit for "Old l.lmeikk Town"
Seats 011 sale Tuesday ut i a in
"The Flaming; Airow,"
I.hitoln J, Outer will piesent at the
Acadtmy or AIuslo tho last thico dajs ot
thu week, stinting with a special Thuis
day matinee, tho only Indian uctiess hi
tho woild, tlio PiIneesH Cla Wan Go Alo
Imwk, In tho drama ot westoin life, "Tho
1 'laming Allow." Tho stoiy 1 elates tho
Into of a dnughter of a colonel of tna
IJnllea States in my, cominnndlng u west
oin post tor a younsj Indian, "White
Hagle," and tho miichlnatlaiis of two vil
lains, which fuuilsli the motive for notion,
Tho cast Is a latgo ono and contains
tho names ot many prominent people, A
tilbu of full blooded Indium, mo also cut-
An Old nnd "Well-Tiled Bemedy.
foi ehildien teething. Is the piedcriptlon ot
ono of tho best lumule physicians mid
uuibes In tho United States, mid has been
usul uUty years with nevei -falling Bm...
cets by millions ot mothum for tbelr thll
dren. Dining tho piocess of teething Its
uluo Is lucalculablo. It lelleves tho child
fiom pain, ernes dlatihoea, griping In tlw
bowels, and wind tulle. By giving health
to tho thild It tests tho mot hoi. 1'ileo,
t cut) -lisu cuts u bottle.
Only Half a Ont a Word.
Ileal Estate.
FOIl SAIili At gioat discount, valuable
real estate cm Jorftifon nvonuo, con
lial location. Addtcss, "M. O.," lio No.
M7, city.
For Rent.
FOIl IIHNT Apill 1st, stnio occupied bv
Haves fc Vuiley. Apply 1531 Salidei
pon avenue.
1S For llcnt Ton-room house; excellent
neighborhood; nil modem linpiovo
ments, on avenue. Apply to It. P. Ham
ilton. KG Spruco street.
For Sale.
FOIt SALU Hlegant watch, Jules Jin
gensen (the wuild's most colebiulod
mnker of watches), IK. size, in lS-K't.
hunting case. Has a iccoid of seven sec
onds a month. Iinpcn tor's pi ice, $3."u; my
pilce, $J0O. "Your money back without
argument It not satisfactory. Wnltor W.
Wlutoii, Diamond Pnilor, CO" Aleurs llulil
Ing. WILL FUItNISH for shoit tlmo or (10
fund monoy), following Ollt Hdgo so
riirltles, at 111 Ices mentioned: AIcKlnley
Alining nnd Smelting, t.'M shmo, soon ho
$3 00; George A. Tieadwcll Alining, $1100,
woith $13 0u; Hastoin Consolidated Oil, 10
tents, pavs AS per cent. Januaiy. woith
$100 shuo; Amtiaio Alining Co, 2", cents,
soon udvnnce 30 (cuts, Joaqulnn Gold. 13
cents, soon 30, Gilt Hdgo Investment; I.n
Giando Gold, 30 cetiti, woith $1 00 j Uluck
Diamond Coal, 30 cents, woith $1.00. Any
stock on mat ltd nt 1 educed pi Ices. James
D. Shaffer. People's Bank Untitling,
Wanted To Bent.
WANTDD-Small furnished house,
diess Box 200, city.
Booms and Board.
THE LINDEN, 801 Linden stieet, has a
numbr of dcshablo vacancies; light
looms and choico table board.
PLBASANT looms with board for four
01 five joung men. Inqulie 332 Wash
ington avenue.
Boarders Wanted.
lln (formerly AIis. Aloody), 503 Lacka
wanna avenue, corner Adams.
Furnished Booms for Bent.
FOR RENT Fiont furnished bed looms
for gentlemen. 312 Washington avenue.
FOR RENT A furnished room on second
floor front, $1 50 week. 633 Adams avo.
Stenogiaphy nnd Typewriting.
STENORAray'Tndewrlting done
at shoit notice at 712 Council bldg.
RESOLUTION authoiizing a tax to liqui
date tho and interest of
bonds lssutd by the boiough of Jloosic,
Wheicas, the boiough of AIooslc,
thiough its town council, at a meeting of
tiio sumo held on November b, lOW. au
thorized an incienso of its indebtedness
In tho sum of $21X10 nnd that bonds to
that amount be Issu d In denominations of
$1,000 each, said bonds to niatuio In llo
und bW years lespoctlvcly.
Be it l evolved that a tux of 2 mills bo
levied and collected each and eveiy yeni
on the assessed valuation ot svid borough
to inovido for the navment of tho niln-
clpal and Interest of the said amount at
tho timtf of maturity.
Passed Dec Sth, 1902.
Piesident of Council.
lied. Special mntlneo pilces, gallety. 10c ,
balcony, 13c; lower (tool, 23e., thlldiui
13e to lower flooi. Seats on sale Tues
day at 9 a. m.
Academy Saik for Tluee Days.
Owing to tho Illness of seciul members
of the "Alulligan's Alasqucradeis" com
pany, tho Academy of Music will bo dull;
tho hist three dn;.s of the week. Box
of tiro will open Tuesday for tho sale of
seats for "Tho Flaming Allow."
Bentz-Santley Company.
For a quaiter of a century tho Rentz
Santley company has been betoro tho
public, and the fact that Auinugor Abo
Leavitt has nlwavs maintained a high
stnndaid of cnlcitalnment Is piobably
the leason for tho gieat success of his
nigaiilzution Today tho pations of tho
Stir.- may look foiwnid tc, an enteitam
nieut that is bright and breezy with no
oltles, lor tho company Is stronger and
better than cuei botoio in its history
Two now builcsques, "A Tilp to tho
Coionatlon," and "Ho Hocks in Heie," a
a satiio on David Wnifield's success, "The
Auctioneer," lmvo been wiittcn lor thu
eomiKiny, and both aio said to bo lull ot
good comedy specialties. Among tho mu
slcnl numbeis which will be contributed
by tho members of tho ehoius mo "The
Ping Pong Clh Is," "Tlw Bachelor Belles,"
"Tho Bal Alusquo," and "Blooming Llze,"
ono of the gientest song lilts ot the sea
son. Tho olio will piofout such clevci entei
Illinois as Alay AVaid, coon slioutci ; tho
Emeiald Slsteis, two vivacious musla hall
siugois; Cliules Robinson, eccontilo com
edian; Jamis and Sadie I.oonmd, comedy
sketch team; John Lvons, guiles-quo
juggler, and Janus Aloian und William
AIuRoble, lilsh comedians, who lmvo tew
equals In their lino ot cndeavoi.
Lackawanna Baihoad Exclusion to
Washington, D. C,
Special louud-tilp tickets will be on
s.ilu at the Lackawanna lallioad sta
tion, good going on all tinlns December
13, and limited for letuin up to und In
eluding December -ti. Child! en between
tho uges of live and twelve yeais, at
one-half of the ndult rate, Tickets will
he limited tor continuous passage, ex
cept thut on return tilp, stop-over will
be gtunted at Philadelphia within Ilnal
limit of Deeenibcr 28, 1002
Holiday Excursion to New Yoik City,
It has been the uaiiul custom to make
a i educed lute to fs'ew Yoik city at
this, the most Inteiestlug season of the
vear, and to enable Its pattons to make
their holiday puichubes, the Lacka
wanna lullioad will sell tickets to New
Yoik city tor all tialns December 11,
and for letuin up to and Including De
cember Hi, ut into of one-way plus
$1, for tho i oiind tilp. Childten between
the ages of llvo and twelvo eats, at
one-li.lf of the fatrt clanged adults.
They Pay the User,
If you with a half-tone or line cut,
let the Scianton Tilbune make it for
you. Our equipment for this woik Is
complete und up-to-dute. We .have
facilities for doing the finest eort ,of
woik at lowest pilces und what's more,
wo do it. A tilal older will convince
No Order
Accepted for Less
Than 10 Cents.
Branch WANT -Ufficas.
Want AdvottlsementH Will Bo
Received at Any of tho Follow
ing Diug Stoics Until 10 P. M.
Centinl City
ALI3ERT SCHULTZ, coi,nor Attll
beliy Hit cot nnd Webster uvu.
, n enue.
West Side
GEO. W JENKINS, 101 South
Alnlti in emu).
South Scianton
20 Cedar
North Scianton
GEO. W. DAVIS, coiner North
Alain nveimu and Aluilcot
Green Ridge
son (iv untie,
F. J. JOHNS, !20 Gieon Rldgo
- C. LORENZ, comer Washington
nvenue nnd Atiulon slieet.
1017 living 1
WANTED AN IDEA-Oond Inventions
bilng fiom $1,000 to $j0 0. Stamp lor
paiticulars. Addicts, Brains and Alouev,
Wnsington, D. C.
Help Wanted.
WANTED-Agcnts to sell ton and cot
fee to consume! s Positions penna
nent. Grnnd Union Tea Co , 311 Lacka
wanna avenue.
Help Wanted Female.
WANTED-Bilght active giilx, 13 joins
old for vviappeus. Apply ut once.
Jonns Long s Sons.
WANTED A good housekeepoi ; one com
petent to take enthe chnige ot tunning
house. Good p.iv and long emplojmcnt
to tlio right woman. Addioss, stating o.
liericncp and giving icfeience, nlso what
pay is looked for, lo03 Tilbune of lice.
Agents Wanted.
LARGE CORPORATION wants oneigetlc
General Agent for this counlj. No
books, Insurance, or camasslng. Ac
quaintance with met chants and manu
factures s noeessaiv. Permanent Bond
State nge. o;:pei lento, lcfciences first let
ter. Addioss, Suite 572, No 1001 Chestnut
St , Philadelphia
LOST On Alain avenue, between Wasn
liuiii and Jackson sticets a watch
with bojs' pictuic In case; luwaul i" le
turned to Alls. E. Goodwin, HIS Rock si
LOST Pin so containing sum of moiiev
between Alatthnws Ding stoic and
D, L. & W. Station, rindei will mehu
l award by letuining to Tillumc of (ice.
Situations Wanted.
ing anu ironing. Atiuits-, l, B , 2,1
Sumner avenue.
SITUATION WANTKD-Hi a joung inni
willing to do nnv kind ol work Ad
diess I, A. 1C, s20 Filth slieet. Dun
moie, Pa.
attendant, male nuiso witii much e
poiience in laigo liopital; pilvate eases,
$20 per month: $12 in hospital. Addioss,
J. J. Kceglns, Tiibuno otllce.
AVANTED A position bv a oung gen
tleman as stenogiapher and tjpo
vviitei, who Ins hud espei lento in genet al
office woik; best ol icteience. Addiess
P. W. F this ofilco.
Business Oppoitunity.
PATENT YOUR IDEAS-Tlicv may hi lug
j on woaiin. liooK on patents nnd ml
vlco tree, on application to Aloc J. w, d
deibtiiu. Jr., Pntcnl Attorney. U'n-.hlMg-tou,
D. C.
out deluj. AVllte for out special mu
llet lettei. Fieo on application. S. Al
Hibbnid ii Co, mtmbeis N. V Consoli
dated and Stock EKchunge, 11 and ti,
Bionilwny. Now Yoik. Etnl)lNlied 1S.I,
Long Distance 'Phono 23SS Iho id.
Certified Public Accountant.
Tiudors' Bank Building Old 'phono isol
Reul Estnto Ecbangu Uldg , i.u Wash
ington avinue.
Civil and Mining Engineeis,
null building.
A: KNIGHT. 72u' CON-
biillillng, Spiucn stieet, Scranton.
DR. C, C LAt'BACH, 113 WVOMI.NG avo
Fire Insurance.
SCHLAGF.R ic CO , 101 C'oiiuoll Building
Patent Attotjiieys.
rA B C. Sa I m'tne iitih..
The only licensed uinl eipilpptd patent
solioltoi In the cits. No iluugd lui in-
i foim.itlou on putentubllt ; oei Uu
yciiis' uxpetlence.
Kcplojflc & Co., ("Nlcars. lUtlg-,
Hotels and Bestamants.
THE ELK CAFl:, 123 mid 127 FRANK
llu avenue, Kutes te.tsonnhlo
P. S51EGLER, Piiimiotur.
Passenger depot. Conducted uu tho Eu
lopeau plan. Victor Koch, Fioptletoi
and cess pools; nu odoi ; only Impiuved
pumps used A B. liliggs. piupiletor
Leave oidciu 110 Noith Alain avenue.
or Elcku's chug stoie, coiuui Adams and
Alulbeuy. Both telephonts
Wire Screens.
ue. Scianton. mfis. of Who hcueiiH
piles, envelopes, paper bags, twine.
Wuiehouse, 120 Washington avenue.
be had In Scianton at the news stand
of lUhtiu.iii Bum, 100 Spiuce und 00.1
l.liiilen, M Noilou, 312 Luckavvunnu
live; 1 S. SchuUei, 211 Spruce atieet.
Only Half a C:it a WJri.
Money to Loan.
AW (MnltV'll 1t -.,n.,-i M-rt r . .
, tjiilelc, sti night lontiB ot Biillillng and
Loan., At pom I to 0 por cent. Cnll on
N. V. AVulltcis. ill 11115 Council building.
Employment Agency.
RELIABLE help can bo proem eel nt Alts.
., A;. u., Starke. 's Eniploymont Otnco,
llu Washington uvenue, looms i und i.
Tiika clcviitut.
Delaware, Lnckavvanna and Western.
,t , IN Effec I Juno 1, 1002.
'Irnhw leuvo Sniiiiton for New Yoil:
At 130 3 20, 0 03. 7.00 and 10.10 n, m.; 1210,
3 10. .13., p. m. For Now Yoik und Phllii-delplilu-7
30. 1010 a. m and 12 to and 'l ','
V; ii1'. l'i' Oouldsboio-At 010 p. in For
Burtiilo-1.13, C22 and 0 00 a. m.; 133 0 30
und ll.lo p. in. For Blngliumlon, Elmlin,
and way statlons-10 23 it. m.. 10", p. m.
Jor Oswego, Swucusu and Utlnil.lS and
i '.';.." ! ia ' " Oswego, Syiacuao
and t'tlca tinlu nt 0 22 n. in. dally, except
Simd'iy. Tor Alontioae-O 00 n. m; 101
and d 30 p in. Nicholson uecoinmodatlon
-t f) nnd 013 p. in.
Bloomsburg Dlvlnlon-For Notthumbci
Innd, nt ii 33 and 10 10 n. m.: 133 nnd ..10
I). m. Ini THvinrtiill. ot- O 1A n ... (ft
and 0 03 p. m. ' ' '
oumiuv Tintns For New Yoik, l 30, 3 20.
Vr'i. . w. n " "d lr' !' " I'"1"
IjulTnlo 1 r, nnd 0 22 u. m.j IV., GOO nnd
- J 'J. J4,iini,t uiiu IV Blllliuiia
fin' a,nnL Por Uhiglrunlon nnd way sta-
......, .w n, m jsioomsnuig uivmon
Leave bennton, 1010 n. m. und 010 p. m.
Lehigh Valley Bnilroad.
in Effect Nov. 10, 1002
Tialns Leave Serantou
1 or Philadelphia and New Yoik via D.
S. Tf. R. R, nt 7 II, thiough Pallor Cii
nnd pay Coacii Cnibondnlo to Now York
und !H, n. m . with L V. Couch C.ubon
ni I'hlladelphlu, and 2 IS, I 33 (Black
un.y.. D & H. R. ., 15S p m . 03S n. m.
u. " uiiu iiuvcii. jiuziecon aim princi
pal points in the ooal legions, via D As
J,r- H.Jl. 7 11, 2 1b mid 4 33 p m. For
Pottsvlllc, 7 11 a. m.
For Bethlehem, Huston, Rending, Hnr
iisbuig und pilnclpal Intel mediate stn-
S',onf,l n-,a D ,Vi: H n K 7.41, 9 47 a. m ;
2 IS, 4,", (Black Diamond Expiess). 11.49 p.
and 1 OS nnd 9 17 p m.
., "' iiiniviianno' ic. Townniin, Klmlia,
itliaca, Geneva nnd piinclptl Intermedlato
5ttntlnnu In r t r. ti- t t c ..
and 1 i, , p ni
1-. V. "ov" tcocnester. uuirnio, Niag
nia I alls, Chicago and nil points west via
D &. n. r. r, 12 01 p m.; J2S (Black
.... .. ,...,., jn, ,,, j, , . I, in, ouii-
" D & II. R. R . 12 03. 0 17 p. m
1, " " I'urior unci sleeping or i.oniRii
Aallev Pnrloi cms on all trains between
vvlIhes-B-mo and Now York. Phlladel-
t'"'", .niiio unci nuspensinn eirioge.
;"' ''"' sneer, iew l oi ic.
CHARLES S LEE, Gen. Pass. Agt , 25
CrnrMnnd timnf xt.-.. x. t-
"' -ni--L, iitvv lilt rt,
A M. NONRltACIinR, Div. Pass. Agt.
..n. JlCLIMUUOlIl, I'll.
rot tickets and Pullman )ojervat!on ap
plv to city ticket office, CD Public Squnre,
Wllkts-Baiio, Pa.
Central Railroad of New Jeisey.
In effect Nov. lu, 1902.
Stations In New Yoik, foot Libcity
stieet and South Tony, N. R.
Tialns leave Scianton foi New Yoik,
Philadelphia, Easton, Bethlebom, Allen
town, Jlnuch Chunk, White Haven, Ash
ley, Wllkcb-Bnuu and Plttston at 7 30 a.
m , 1 p. m . and I p m Sundays, 7.13 a.
m. und 2 10 p m Quukor City Express
leaves Scianton 720 a. m, with through
solid vestibule tiain with Pullman Buffet
Put lot Car for Philadelphia with onlv
ono change of cais foi BaUlmoro nnd
Washington, D. C , and all piiucipil
points south nnd west and has through
eo ich for New Yoi k.
l"oi Avota, Pittstou nnd AVIlkes-Baire,
1 p. m. und 1 p. m. Sunday. 7 13 a. ni.
and 2 10 p in
Foi Long Biancli, Ocean Grove, etc, nt
7.0 a in nnd 1 p. m
For Rending. Lebanon nnd Hnrilsbuig
via Allontowu nt 7 '0 a. m. I p in. and I
P. m Sundaj, 7 13 a. m nnd 210 p. m.
Foi Tniu lqua and Pottsvlllo nt 7 30 a.
ni . 1 p. ni nnd 4 p m, Simdav, 713 n. in.
For tales and tickets apply to agent at
W. G. BESSLER. Geneinl Manager.
C. M. BURT, Gen Pass. Agt.
Pennsylvania Bnilroad.
Schedule in EITiet Jiiim lu, li'02
Tialns leave Scianton UJSi a in, week
dns, thiough vestibule tiulu tioiu
Wllkes-Bino. Pullman buffet puloi eu
and coaihcs to Philadelphia, via Potts
vlllo; stops at Intel mediate stn
tious Also Lcnuiec ts for Siinhuiy. Ilni
llsbuig. Plillndelphli. Biltlmoie, Wash
ington and feu PiltHbiiiK und tho West
') 17 a. m . week dajs, tor Simluuy. Hai
rlsbiug. Phil iddphlu, RnltlmnK, Wasli
ingtou und Pittsbiug ami the West,
1 12 ,.. m. week dnvs, (Slllld.ljs, 1 OS p.
in.), for Siinhuiy. Hal ilshuig, Plillidol
phlu, Haltlnioio, Waililngton and Pitts
buig mid tho West
;s ii m. week dnvs, tlniuigh vcstloula
liafn liom Wilkf-Biiie I'lillmnu buffet
pai lol oul und eonelus to Pliilidolphlii vli
Pottsvlllo, Slmis ut pilnclpnl Intel modi
ate stations
I 1 p in , week iluv-., foi llnleton. Sim.
bmy, Hiiiilsbiug, Plilludilpliia und Pitta.
Ul"" J P. llt'TC'IIINSON Gen Algr.
J B WOOD Gen Pass A,t
Dolavvnre nnd Hudson.
In F.ifctt Nov 10 1J02
Tialns tin Cailionditlo Ituvo Stuinton at
7,l S.IS, Hll.l II 111 : (JO,. 1.12, 2.11,
I -in 3.0. ii2i. i--. b ii... .hi, ti .u p m;
"r'oi noiic'dule 0 II, lull n m ; 2 11 nnd
5ruV "vilke F' 11 10 d.!S 7 11. S II. 0 17,
lu a m 12IU 112. 21s, .:: 12.3, e in,
7 b UU). 10 41 11 10 P m
Foil. V U R Points-" II. 9 47 a. Ill J
IS 13". and 11 I' P m
"foi I'eiuwlv unlu R R Polnts-03!,
0 17 u 111 ; l I-'. 3 2S und H.3 p 111
r-ni vilnnv und all points noith-7 3(5 a.
Tor Cuibondulo-s.V), ll! a m; 2 It,
3?ol5:WiykV.W.7ul.,-"is a m; 1203. 1,33,
3"S. 1. .'2 und 9 17 1) in .. ...
Foi Albiuiv and I'iiIiiIh noith-3.n. p -jn.
Foi lIone-dnlo-SM) 11 in , 3-2 p in
J W BF tDK'K O P A . Albtitv. N V,
W 1, P11VOR, D P A. Siiimton. Fa.-
.. ...1 1 r.i. 11 m
Etle Bnilioad Wyoming Division.
In Elftet September 13, 1902
Tialns Kuvo Soiuntoii lor Now Yorjc,
vnubiiiKh and huuimulliilo points alto
IM lliivvhy " lotul ''l0" l 7 20 "
"o'r'noneJdnlS ami AVhlto Atllls at I 2!
p ut
Tialns in llvo ut Seianton ut IC US a
ml 9 13 P m
New Yoilt, Ontailo nnd Westem.
i imu table In eltert Suiulnv, Sept S3, 1903
lliiio 'liVUTU uoUND TRAINS
Leitvu Leave Airlvt
No. I .
No 7 .
No. c
Stianton. L-iuiioniiaie. caitostu.
tuSOii in 11.10 u, m 1 Ou p. m
1, 10 i ni Ar.C'ai bondalo i lu njo
Leave Leuvo All1v
Cadotla Cuiliuuti iiu. Seruutph
it 30 ii m 7 23 u. in,
I l III , "U ! III. I 1J , 111,
Leave Leave Aulvo
No 0
No. 0 ,.
Scianton Cnihnml.ile. Cadosla,
S30,l 111 D ion 111 10 43 u. m
7 m p in Ar L'.irbomlalc 7 13 p in
Leavo 1-eavo Alilve
t'ndoslu Cirbondale. Seiantuii,
0 30 a. m 7.23 a. m.
No. 0
XTrt 111
I m p in ii Hi p. in. u 15 j i. in
Tinlns Nos I on week dais, and 9 on
Sundavs connect for Nevy "Vqik rltv, Alld
dletowii. Walton, Norwleh, Oneida, Os.
wogo und nil polntH west
Tiuln No 0. vvlth "Oiuikcr City E-.
press" nt Scinnton, via C. R. R of N. J,
for Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Baltimore.
Washington and Pennslanla stati
See tlme-tnblo and consult ticket ogents
for connections with other lines. '
J. C. ANDERSON. O. P. A . New York.
J, H. WELSH, T. P. A., Scranton. Pa.