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Special Services at Simpson M. E, Church.
New Sunday School Organized.
Other Interesting Notes.
A patriotic Horvloo van lield In the
Simpson M. K. church last evening,
when the members of Camp No. ITS,
I'. O. 8. of A. attended In ti body. U
u-iis tho one hundred uml twenty-fourth
nnnlvorpury of tho dentil of rtearKu
Washington, whose picture wus muhpuii
dtd ubovo the pulpit. Tho Interior of
tho church was decorated In the na
tional cotor.,
Tho choir, under the leadership of
Prof. W. W. Joiicm, rendered a .poolnl
programme, assisted by the Rltnppon
Stale qttnrtctte. The church wiih filled
with peoplo to hear the pastor deliver n
npcclnl sermon on "The Ideal Citizen."
3Io chose his text from Muthew xxll:21,
"Render therefore unto t'noenr the
things which are fVii-siir's and unto
Ood the thing that are (Sort's." An
outline of the Mormon Is here given.
Ood fcclts to do some of hl.t work la
this world through the state. lie wauls
nil Ttln people in this world to concern
themselves with the thlnv.s of the woild
Jind establish righteous relations between
all claf-s-es of men.
(leorge Washington was tin ideal fit I
I'.'.'ii. .n Ideal citizen U:
.'"Irst. A. person of blgh moral clinr
ncter. He should he morally honest, tils
lnteprlty of life and purity of conduct
hho-ilil bo tnifiuestloneil fie should love
i-ichleniisness beeauso righteousness ex
olleth a mttlon. tie should linvn hide
lieuilutiee of character: a backbone of
Heel, Jmt also gentleness of disposition,
because an uncrowned king, as Is oveiy
American citizen, should b master (if
himself, his conduct, desires and alms.
'e owe it to our country, to society as
well ns to ourselves and our (?ud to
live n pure, moral life.
Second. T.I10 ideal citizen Is a politi
cian In the best sense. I do not mean a
partisan. A true politician Is one who
seeks his country's Interests rather than
his own; while a pjrlisan raiiv be seek
ing his own, and not his country's good.
The supply of the latter class largely ex
ceeds tho lecltlmnto demand; while the
field which opens before the former Is
wejl-nigh boundless. livery American
citizen ought to take an interest in pub
lic affairs.
The best service we cm render the
weaker races la the Philippines Is to
lift tip our own lives to the purity de
manded by high character and deal with
those peoples on tho basis of the Oolden
Ttlile. The best service we can render
ourselves is to lift up the moral tone of
life hi tills land.
Keep only the very host men in
position; purify the ballot box and place
the mark of Cain upon the man who buys
n vote, sells a vote, intimidates n voter,
takes advantage of the weakness, neces
sity or occupation of another to compel
him to vote other than his convictions
allow; contributes to a. corruption fund to
buy votes or otherwise offends against
the purity of political life.
Three-Au Ideal citizen Is n patriot. Till
Is a glorious country. There Is moro land
under the stnrs nud stripes than in the
continent of Europe. Wo have resources
enough to sustain a billion people. Wo
have free education and great prosper
ity. Wc have spiritual, religion and po
litical liberty. Wo are part of tho most
magnificent national llfo under the stars.
Paul said! "I am 11 Roman." That
meant much, It meant protection and
honor, lint It menns moto to bo able to
say I 11111 an American citizen. That not
only means protection and honor, hut It
means oportttnlty. Tt menus a call to tho
highest patriotism and highest fidelity.
Kourtli. The ideal citizen Is a cheerful
taxpayer. To shout on the Fourth of
July nnd then dodge tho tax collector
In the autumn Is the mark of a nuisance
rather than it patriot.
Fifth. The Ideal citizen Is a. christian.
The best citizenship demands 11 high
moral ehoracter and high morality only
springs from religion In the heart. The
right kind of n citizen Invert righteousness
but the love of righteousness must flow
from ti contact with the author of rlght
ousness. To be a christian Is the great
thing. It Is everything In tho end. To
love Ood and keep his commandments Is
the whole duty of man.
Rehearsing Christinns Cantata.
The Christinas cantntn, "Santa's Sur
prise," will be given nt the Simpson
Methodist Episcopal church Christmas
night by members of the HUnday school
miliar the direction of Prof. V. W.
Jones, fhe church choilster. Ho is being
assisted by Charles V. Lull, George
Pock, Mrs. W. AV. Davis, Mrs. Robert
Williams, Misses Eva Kittle and Edna
Snxe, Robert Hertley nud Fred Craw
led. The cast of characters will be as fol
lows: Santa, the .children's friend, Ar
thur Heck; Pashful Sammle, Ruddy
Sirunk; Captain Bob, Hoadloy linger;
chums, Tom, Xed, Jnelc, Bruce McDer
ltiott. Walter Klll, KUlot Acker; Bes
sie, Lucy and Maud, also chums, Mar
.lorle Mitt, Etclla. Hallet rind Maud
Five choruses will be rendered. "The
Sailors," "Doily Girls," Buccaneers"
"Fairies." and "Icicle Boys." Miss
Gussle Frita Is the accompanist.
mons were delivered by Rov, Jnmea
Bennlnfjcr at tho Embury Methodist
Episcopal church yesterday, 011 the sub
jects, "Where Are the Nino," and
"Where the Paths Mecl."
"Burled Souls" wan the subject of
Rov. J. S, Wrlghtnour's discourse In the
First Bnptlst church last evening,
which was listened to by a largo au
dience, '
"The True and False Estimate of
Christianity," was given by Rev.
Thomas tie Grtichy nt the Jnchson
street Bnptlst church yesterday morn
ing' nnd tho pneramont of the Lord's
supper was nttcrwnrd administered.
Uev. A. L. Rnmer, pastor of Ht.
Luke's Lutheran church, preached st
Herman on "John, the Baptist," yester
rtny morning, which was u scholarly ef
fort. The fourth sermon In the series on
"Tho Church," Was given by Rev. T. A.
Humphreys nt the Plymouth Congre
gational church yesterday morning, nnd
ut tho evening service he related "Moru
About Paul's Balance Wheel."
Rov. Ellis Roberts, of N'orth Rcrnnton.
occupied the pulpit of the Bellovun
Weigh Calvlnlstlc Methodist church
yertordny morning, exchanging pulpits
with Rev. William D.avlcs. .
Miss Bessie Htackhotise played a vio
lin solo at the Washburn street Presby
terian church yesterday morning and
Chorister Tom Glppel sang a tenor sola.
Rov. Nye. formerly of Elmhurst, oc
cupied the pulpit nf tho Sumner avenue
Presbyterian chinch yesterday morning
uml evening.
Five stamps given away with
each bottle of Dufour's French Tar
West Side Republican Clubv
An adjourned regular meeting of the
West Side Republican club was held
in the rooms Saturday evening:, wIipii
officers were nominated for tho coming
year, as fallow":
President, Cirlffith T. Davis; vice pres
ident, Charles R. Acker: secretary-collector,
W. R. Hughes; treasurer, Will
iam V. Grltllths; directors, W. 10.
Thayer, W. J. Thomas. David R, JoneN
II. L. Taylor and (. !:. T.nnning. The
election will take place nt the llrst
meeting In January.
Among- the Churches.
A substantial offering for the Boanl
of Freedmen was taken up yesterday at
the Washburn street Presbyterian
Two interesting and instructive! ser-
I Through a Foot of Snow
I They Came to See the
Of holiday specialties and novelties on Satur
day. Everybody pronounced it "Great" aud
buying was so generous that wa knew we had
made no mistake.
Among the
there were pickers and choos
ers all day long among the
good sorts with the two
years' guarantee for service.
They're just ns pretty as they
are good. Umbrella Prices,
?1.00 to $10.00.
The Novelty
Fancy Goods
stocks held visitors long-.
There is so much to see and
so little time to take it all in.
No use to try and tell about
it. Come nnd see for your
self. Art Need flework
and Leather .
goods are shown in endless
vnviety. The burnt leathers
nve popular with faddists,
and so are the many burnt
wood productions which Bhow
the deftness with which art
may guide a. practiced hand
in the use of 11 hot poker.
Pillow Shams, Cushions, Lace
Covers for stands, tables, bu
reaus, etc., Pocketbooks,Hnud
Bags, Toilet Requisites, Per
fumery nnd a thousand and
one other things suitable
for Christinas remembrances
cluster around these depart
ments. Gloves, Furs
and Waists
are much in demand among
Christmas shoppers. No need
to tell you that the largest
stocks, the best selections,
the leading fashions nnd tho
lowest prices blend such hap
py harmony here as to make
buying a pleasure.
Our Jewelry department
has earned its reputation for
reliability, correct style, and
thorough-going economy on
merit. Everything sold is
as represented. Our guaran
tee for that every time. Solid
gold nnd silver jewelry of nil
kinds; gold filled jewelry
thnt's warranted; silver
trinkets of all kinds; silver
ware and pocket cutlery; pic
tures at surprisingly low
prices; Brush Sets, Manicure
Sets, Mirrors, Shaving Out
fits, Cracker Jars and other
things in cut glass, silver,
. etc.
of All
for every member of the
family: Fur Scarfs, Ruches
in various materials and all
colors; Ties, Stocks and Silk
Neckwear in endless assort
ment for ladles nnd children;
Mufflers and Silk Neckwear
for gentlemen in stylos that
baffle description. Values
that have, never bten equalled
in Scrantou,
St. David's Church Notes.
St. Agnes Chapter will meet to-day.
It Is requested that nil articled for tho
sale to he held to-morrow evening bo
brought to tho church then.
The I.adle.V Aid society will hold Its
usual meeting on "Wednesday.
At the last meeting of the PIfterp of
33ethnny the election of ofllcerH re
sulted in the selection of Jllsa Ida
Kvnns ns nreldont; Mrs". Alfred Pike,
vice-president: JtrK. Sclbert. secretary;
Miss HofbIo Hughes, treasurer.
The Sunday Fchool will meet on
Thursday evening for practice of tho
Christmas music. The pupils who will
Kpeak nro to meet In the school after
Huhool this afternoon.
At. the entertainment to bo given by
St. Agnes chapter to-morrow evening
tho following programme will be rend
ered: Piano polo, Miss Sarah Williams;
vocal solo, Hiss Kva Kittle: recitation,
IJlodwin Jenkins! vocal solo. JIlss Gil
lian Osborne; piano solo, Molly Flt?.
fdmmons; recitation. May Darscy; vo
cal duet, Miss Lettltia Parry and Nor
ma Jones; recitation, Lucy Thomas. A
sale of fancy articles nnd ice cream will
he hold after the entertainment.
The Sunday school at Karr Height?
was organised yesterday afternoon with
twenty-one pupils and the following of
licersi J.ay superintendent, Harry Ack
royd; assistant, William Phillips::
secretary, Charles Dorsey; treasurer,
fleorsre Dorsey.
Tho following were appointed as
teachers: Hev. Edward James JIo
Ilenry, bible class; William Phillips,
Intermediate boys; Miss Emma Kirk,
intermediate girls; Miss Ethel Kirk
and Miss Ida Evans, infant school.
The school will hold its sessions In
No. 20 school building each Sunday at
3 o'clock.
Simpson Church Notes.
The primary department of the Sun
day school will linld their Christmas
exercises on Christmas eve.
Tho ladies of the church, whose
names begin with the initials S, T, U.
V, W, X, Y, and 'A will serve a. supper
in tho lecture rooms next Thursday
evening. They will meet In the church
this evening to complete arrangements.
Tho missionary study class will meet
to-morrow evening.
Cedar avenue. Tho details nro In charno
of a. callable committee, who will do nil
In their power to not only Interest the
members but to cwtto 11 fcellnn of com
radcshlp and friendliness that should be
morn than temporary.
An Important mcclln? of Oatnp 430.
Patriotic Order Sons of America, will
tnlto plnco In Hnrtman's hall un PIttston
avenue, this evening.
Br. Schley's Lung Healing TJilaam Is
guntnnteed to cure nil coughs. "No cure,
110 pay." Vov snlo by nil doiiloro.
Comet lodge. Knights of Pythias, will
meet In special session tomorrow even
I "JSiraB . H Bllwlea $fc
JJ Ri Ha So lu Wli
Eloquent Sermon by Rov. Dr. O. Par
sons Nichols, of Blnghamton, on
"Consecration of Life."
ltev. G. Parsons Nichols, D. D of tho
First Presbyterian church, at Ulng
hninton, N. Y occupied the pulpit of
the Presbyterian church nt yesterday
morning's service and preached u most
eloquent und forceful sermon. Inking as
subject, "Consecration of Life." He
took for hln text tho words found In
Matthew xvl,- 25: "Whosoever shall
save his life shall lose It und whosoever
shall lose his life for my sake shall
rind It." He said In part:
"You save not what you keep to
yourself but what you take from your
self. You lose not what you give out
und purt with, hut what you hold hack
nnd use for your own purposes. Self
renunciation Is self exaltation.
"The man who always thinks about
his own bodily health Is sure to lose it.
but he who forgets about himself In
some high pursuit leaves disease be
hind him and goes forth sound In mind
and body. The woman who is always
studying self attainments that she may
win admiration Is the one whom no one
admires, while she who loses sight of
personal attractions in the doing of
some great work is she who wins the
admiration she never seeks.
"The student who Is swayed by mo
tives higher than his own umbltlons is
tho one who makes the most rapid Im
provement, while the one who seeks cul
ture for culture's sake, falls in what he
"There are just two things one can
do with his life. You can do either one
but not both. You can spenl your life
on yourself and lose it or you can yield
your life to tho service of God and
thereby attain life eternal. It nil de
pends on the life one seeks.
"Make tho present life your end and
you must lose it here and hereafter,
but make you life a menus for the
higher end which God has In view and
you will keep your life here and save
your life hereafter. We know the only
life of many is within him, the only life
that God knows, the only life that death
leaves, Is within him. My v.ish in clos
ing for you all Is a life true, beautiful
and eternal. These will be yours just
in the degree that you live into it.
"Do not be cold, do not he cynical,
do not be selfish, but consider you have
to live for "others, remember even mis
ery comes from want of sacrifice, re- ,
member you help others only by sac
rifice. Remember every thing you do
will he measured by its sacrifice."
The singing of several selections by
John T. Watklns were much enjoyed
by the large congregation present.
High Class Millinery Goods,
Trimmed Hats and Beady-lo-Wear Hals,
At one-half and one-quarter value.
These departments have no
equal in this state outside of
Philadelphia and Pittsburg,
All the latest productions
from home and foreign man
ufacturers and specialties for
the holiday season only.
Glob? Warehote?.
m ymmmmmmmtmymmm mrnvrnm ri
Hyde IMrk lodge, No. :r.O, Five and
Accepted Masons, will meet in Masonic
hall this evening and elect officers for
tho coming year.
Thero will be a fair and ico cream
social bold hi tho Plymouth Congrega
tional church. Jackson street, tomorrow
evening, under tho auspices of the young
ladles' Slind.ty school class-en, No. U and
No. 1!'. Admission free.
Chapter Nil 212, ICpworlh League, of
the Simpson .Methodist Episcopal clnuvli,
recently elected the following officers:
President, Italph Keith: Hist vice presi
dent, Charles Volz; second vice president,
Lulu ll.iywnrd: third vlco president,
Lulu Lender; fourth vlco piesldcut, Mar
garet Ilughos: seiietary, ("Irace Daniels;
treasure r. Wendell Phillips; chorister.
Will Sutton; pianist, lit hoi Pease: li
brarians, AildUon Chase and Harry York.
Division No, I, Ladies' Auxiliary of tho
Ancient Ordr r of Hibernians, have elected
the following otilecrs for tho iv::ct two
years: Pi evident. Mrs. .Mary H. Gaha
gan; vice president, Miss .Mary Wisted;
recording scerctury, Mrs. Margaret Mor
on, secretary. .Miss Annlo Li
Mdle; treatuicc. Miss Mary Ithldlu; ser
geant .it arms, Miss Mellud;, Allen; sen
tinel, Miss -Mary McNulty; standing com
mittee, Miss Julia Lamb, Mrs. Kato Glb
lln. Miss .Alice ltlddle, Mm. Jiridgot
Smith, .Mrs. Mary llurku.
A requiem mass wus celebrated at St.
P.ttilck's chinch Sattuday morning over
the remains of tho Into Thomas Culkln,
who died ai Ms home on Chestnut street.
Hev. J. J. Dunn officiated, Tho pallbear
ers WL't'ii: Martin llurrcll, Thomas Cav
uimugh, Doiulnick Henley, Andrew Lun
ny, Lawrence Kooney and James Gro'gun.
i'.tcrmciit was made In Duumoru ceme
tery. The Ladles' Sowing circle of the Chest
nut Street German I'resbyterlan church
will hold a bazaar In Washington hall
timing Easter week, the proceeds of
which will ho applied to tho church debt
nnd making Improvements 011 the church
Tho member of tho Oxford Mlno Acci
dental fund will meet in Co-operatlvo
hall this evening to receive a division ot
the funds In tho hands of the treasurer.
Hev. J. s. Wrightnour. D. D., tho now
pastor of tho First Haptlst church, will
read a paper on "Tho Three Tmiipiatluiis
of Jesus" at the H.iptlst Ministerial con
ference In ' tho t'enu Avcnuo Uaptl.H
church this morning.
William I'eim Morgan lina rebfoned
his position at Vlntoiidalo, and will move
back to his old homo 011 Jackson street,
Tho funeral of Kdw.ud, tho young son
of Mr. aud Mrs, Hlohurd Itlcharus, of
J MS Washburn street, occurred yester
day afternoon, uth Interment In tue
Cuiuurl.i enact, ry. This Is tlio fourth
ban lost by the family within u shun
The South Side Bank.
The .South Side bank receives savings
deposits In any amount from ten cents
up. No nicer gift for Christmas than
to start ti savings account for your boy
or girl. Open Saturday evenings from
7.3(1 to 8.30.
The Reliable Stores,
Why journey to town for your gro
ceries und Christmas goods when yon
can got everything you need almost ut
your door. Clouds and pi ices just 11
shudo better than in the city. Kvery
thing la season. Christmas toys and
presents a specialty. Churles Graf,
J27-2D PIttston avenue.
Briefly Noted.
Edward Carr, for some time in the
clerical department of the Erie Rail
road company here, left yesterday for
Bradford, where he has accepted a- more
lucrative position.
Mrs. A. L. Bryden, of North Blakely
street, is visiting friends in PIttston.
Miss Margery Lewis, of PIttston, is
ti guest at the home of Mrs. A. D.
Hluckinton on Elm street.
Miss Ellen Bronson has returned from
a week's stay with Carbondale friends.
Trimmed Hats will be sold at $1.48,
$1.98, $2.48, 2.98, former price
$4.00. 5.00, 6.00 and 7.00.
Trimmed Hats at $3.98 and $4.98,
former prices 10.00 and 12.00.
Un trimmed Felt Hats 25c each.
All new shapes, every color, former
price 75c, 1.00 and 1.50.
Velvet Hats ready to wear, 50c each,
ormer price $1.50.
Ready to Wear Hats All new and
this season's styles at 5oc each, former
price 1.50 and 2.00.
Birds, Wings, Breasts and Quills
Sc each, loc each, 25c each. Soc each,
former prices from 25c to $2.00 each.
Roses, Flowers and Foliage 5c
ioc, 25c, Soc bunch, former prices 25c
0c, 1.00 and 1.50.
Frames, ail new shapes, loc each,
former prices 25c to 50c.
Ribbons, Velvets, Chiffons, Silks and Milli
nery Trimmings at less than half of wholesale
413 La!kam&5Bsia Aee
Lyceum Theatre,
llels. Lessee and Mnnncer.
A. J. Duffy, Business Manager
Tuesday ONd0?Lv'r
Dec. 16
Final arrangement! havojieen made by
the Fourteen Friends to hold a New
Year's fcstlvul at their hcudquurtcrs, 310
day night after a somewhat prolonged
illness, at her home, Ul'O Capouso avenue.
Bcforo her mnrrlugo she was Miss Maria
Roche. She was a young woman of
raro kindness of heart nnd a. disposition
so brib'bl and cheerful that sho wus an
lnsplinlion to those with whom she came
in contact. She was nn Ideal wlfa and
mother and a friend whoso thoughtful
uesH mado smoother the rough road of
those upon whom tho burdens of life
boro loo heavily. Her death is sincerely
mourned. Mrs. Campbell Is survived by
her husband and tho following: children:
James, Harry, John, Frank and Gertrude
Campbell. Two brothers and n. sister also
survive her. They aio Michael, Aubciry
and Miss Kate Kooho, of this city. The
funeral will bo bold this luorulns at 0
o'clock from the residence. A requiem
muss will bq celebrated In St. Peter's
cathedral nt 'O.M o'clock, and Interment
will bo mado In tho Cathedial cemetery.
MHS. KATKIUNA IHI.TZ, whoso death
occurred on Friday night last, was one
of tho oldest residents of South Scr.inton,
nnd had reached tho allotcd period of
thrco scoro years and ten, after bavins
lived n. llfo of roctltudo and Christian
uprightness. She in survived by two sonB,
Peter, an umployo of tho city, nnd Ueorse,
another resident, who Is well known
among residents of this section, and a
brother. William Amendt, of Newark,
N. J. Tho funeral will take plnco from
tho homo of her son, Peter Hlltz, U."
Mnplo street, this afternoon at 2 6'clork,
when services will bo conducted by Iter.
AVIIIInm A. Nordt. Interment will bo
mado In tho PIttston nvcnuo cemetery.
Saturday nt his home!, -Ill Luzerne street,
aged St years. Uo Is survived by a wife,
four children npd tho following hi others
nnd sisters: Patrick, James A., Mrs.
Patrick Joyco and Mrs, Martin nrcmmn,
The funeral will bo hold tomorrow morn
ing from Holy Cross church, with Inter
ment In tho Cathedral cemetory
From Ha Memorable I'uns of -l Months in
Boston and 1W Nights in New York.
A Simple Story of tho Berkshire Hills,
PIlICES-H.fiO, 73c, Me, 23c.
Keats on sale.
Wednesday aatu Dec. 17
Special Return Engagement.
Fred E. Wright's-magnificent produc
tion of tho prettiest of all pastoral plays,
Tho biggest hit In tho Dramatic World!
Piesouteil by tho original great cast.
Tho moi.t elaborate set ale production
ever given a pastoral play.
Curtain rises promptly nt S p. in.
Special Matinee Prices "3 and CO cents.
Children. 15 cunts.
Night Prlces-Jl.'M. $1.00. ;3c. .-.Oe. 23c.
Scats on salo Monday at ' a. m.
I Spleiidid Holiday ftamtaes
Thursday, Friday, Dec. 18 nnd 10.
Tho Greatest of all Olcott's Successes.
Mr. Chauncey Olcott
In Ills New Play,
lly Augustus Pltou, Manager,
Hear Olcott's Now Songs. All lllg lilts.
PRICES-ifl.OO, 73c, COc, 23c.
Seats on snlo Tuesday at U a. m,
It Curv L'oMj, Coiikiid, SoroTliroiit, Croup, Inila
vina, Whooping L'oucli, btonchlti and Allium.
A certain curu for Coneumptloii In tlrvt Iikc,
iind a sure nllcf in advanced lai;f. Uso at oiice.
Vm will eco tho excvllvnt efftci aflcr taking tho
jlrt done. Sold by deaim uvmwhi'ro. farce
bottled S5 cent and 80 emits.
ALF. a. 1IERRINOTON, Manager.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
Rentz-Santley Co,
filuUnco Every Day.
Academy of Niusic
M, Iteis, Lessco and Manager.
A. J. Duffy, iluslness Manager.
Matlneu Dally Starting Thursday.
Lincoln J. Carter I'rcsuuts tho World's
Onlv Indian Actress.
111 tho Picturesque Western Play
SEE tho Ecllnso of tho Moon; tho Coun
cil Fire nnd Ohost Danco; tho Exciting
lloiso Rae: tho Attach on OM Fort
llenoj tho Flaming Arrow: tho Woudcrftil
Ilorsiu Woiigy and Ruckskln.
10-lllg Special tJust-M
Genuiuo Indian Iliads Maud.
Special Mutlnou Prlcis-Gallery, 10c. j
Unleouy, 13c. ; Lower Floor, 23c. j ehlldrui
Joe to lower Hour.
Night Prlccs-13. 23, 33, CO conta
Scuts on salo TiiL-rday ut ti a. in.
Ours is a stock that well merits your confi
dencethe sooner we have your trade, the sooner
your confidence.
It was carefully selected and contains only
that which is best and most sure to give satisfac
tion in
and everything usually
found in a high-grade
Jewelry Stock.
When we placed them
on sale Tuesday we knew
they'd be admired; we
know, too, that they
would sell, for nowhere
In the city can you And a
line so magnificent and so
popularly priced.
The result argues well
for tho accuracy of our
Without doubt it's tho
finest lino of really good
time-pieces. Many
" Doubting Thomases "
have been converted dur
ing the last few days.
"The Little Store with the Big Reputation."
, M. VAIL,
Jeweler and Optician,
401 Spruce Street.
The Dixie Theatre
Lessco and Mauugcr.
News Boy's Week at the Dixie,
Dig Holiday Novelty,
400 Scrnnton Newsboys to sing ns a
special feature every night.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kelcy.
Will R. Vox.
Genero & Theel.
Scott & Wilson.
Miles & Raymond.
Cotton's Donkeys.
The durability of a glove and the
satisfaction you 'get out of it depends
largely on the fitting. Hands that are
brought to us to be fitted get what is right
We've a fine assortment for
WafldU&g, Evening
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