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The eye Is the most delicate,
the most sensitive of our senses,
yet the most neglected, Many
of the headaches and nervous
breakdowns come directly from
muscular Insufficiencies of the
Properly fitted glasses relieve
these muscular strains and the
sooner the applied, the better-
9 331 Was hin pIoi Ave,
ihh scran row. pa wmmaw
Cotinfy Savings Bank
and Trtisf Company,
506 Spruce Street.
in Sums of
and pays 3 per cent,
terest thereon.
L. A. WATBES, President.
0. S. JOHNSON, Vice-Pies.
A. H. CHRISTY, Cashier
M'ni I' Tlnllstond riveiott Wnnen.
J, 1 Klnw-lmry. lAuguHt IlnMn',011,
O H Johnson. I Jo.. O'liilm.
Ii. A. Wnlres.
a &
tin question of low pi ires mail good vn!n.
Thmo nro two Mdes to the Mihjett.
Question on ono sll ii quality rind the
other is nice. Wet tuo show in,; the
Inigest line of picture, nit goods and
hnrnl wood noiolllis that can be
found In thn city. Wn invito jnu tn
look our goods ovei anil von can pe
whom we eavo you tho middle man's
COUPON' Cut this out and present
It at our stoic Purchase goods to tho
amount of SI no or moro find vou will
receive 30 STAMPS FttHC.
Jacobs & Fssoid,
MD "Washington Ave
By ths Box
.VI lii : in
hot bnv.
Moult.' reifieto ?l,7". POc
Pathfinder 17.", PiV
Counsellor 1,7" Mc
Tom Kcone 1.7." We
Louis Mnnn 17", ')u
Mollis' Magnet 1,7,1 '."c
Storm's Havana Sec
onds 1.7",
St 01 m's Havana lie-
sagos I.7.".
Stoim's Cap.idma 1 71
Stoim's Nestom (union
made) 1.7"
Stnim's Oiol Hi. mil 1.7",
Fediutlon (union mado I 7"
Culmnola I,7i
(J. Child! 17",
.luaii P. l'oituondo .... I 7j
Lillian missel 1 ri
This is but a paitial list of
tho Cignio we sell. We also
have packings of 12 in a box
at 25c and 50c per box. We
enn snvo you money hi Key
West and Havana Cignis.
Our nssoitmcnt of Pipes is
the talk of the town. All 5c
Smoking and Chewing Tobac
cos, 6 Packages lor a Quarter.
E. C. Morris
Cigar Man,
Leader of Cut Prices.
steward anil storekeeper In the thilled
Stales penitentiary sorvlco will tie con
ducted. Mini aIaji, 27 mid SS nn oxntiw
Ihntlou lor mctiTrrn elm It In tho pontltin
tlcp.11 tttiont.
Ruane Renominated,
.lului ,1, Itunho was renominated for
coininon council hv llm Dcmocuitti of Hip
Boimtli w-nitl Bntilulay night. Mi.
Itiiane Is now "enlug 1 1 Ik second loitn.
National Collection Agency,
.lolm Tletney, W. II, Thomas unit T .1.
T'llce, thico vvulMtnowii oflleei, luivo
fDinicil tho National Collection ugunev,
mill have npcittil nn ofilce In looms "i and
J I Uutl Inilldhm. They piup- to do nil
kinds of eollei'tlng. eenlug ol win units,
eieullniis, i'U'
Emcigency Hospital Ready.
The eineigcuey hortpllitt on tho Wist
mountain, whkh ha.; hoi'ti undeiitoltig
exti'tinho I'l'inliri, in iigiiln tciuly inr iimj
and will ho iiic.ipliil dining the coining
wul 81 of the patlcntx now (turret Ihg
fiDin the disease In Noith Simmon will
he iminmil thoie,
Vital Statistics for Novembei.
The ii'poit of the s.'cii'tmy of the Im
icaii of lioallh inr the month ol Novem
ber chows tint Iheie weio uliu tv-sl
ilcallm In the ellv as cominiid v.lth l.'i!
toi the sunn month In 1'ml, ritly-twii
hliths weie H'poittd The number of
(usi's 01 umuiglous disease weio fotty
thito, an Ineiuiso of ID'i p 1 tetil oer
Octohi 1
IMwIn Kiecpilil, of SI I,u lis, sectulmv
ol the t'nltid Typotlielni' of Amcilci, Is
in the tlty and will delKer an nddf-ss
at toulKht'.s niectliif; or the Mnsti-r l'l Int
el s' iisoelatlon.
Tho onp.iK' meiU of Victor lldwind
W11zel, pilvate ot Thomas 1 2.
Jone.s. and -Miss I.oulso Ulnt
lir, ol Iipi M'ile stict. Is announced.
'I he wedding will taUo plate on Tutsila; ,
Dec. in, at noon.
The main filends ol Itov. M. J W'nl
Itlns will ho i;lnd to loam that hi is
slowly, lnit shjmIv. leeoveilnp Horn ills
seilous llliuss, AM. Antl-Itm has linn
slaving with his luolhei-ln-law, James 11.
Powell, li of Tin lot lie i:.pnls to oe
able to 1 etui 11 to his home In Hallste id,
this wiek, tn spuid the holidas with hla
Rev. James Hughes Delivers a Ser
mon ia Adams Avenue Chapel ou
"An Honest Man."
Vi t v, Vi Vi H V, vs. v. v, V vi
hook shop
Holiday Books for the
children. We have the
laigest assoitment in
the city. Call early, as
they are going fast.
' "A 'A 'A 'A 'A 'A "A "A 'A "A 'A 'A A t A
"An Honest Man, tho Xobltst W01U
ot God," was the subjett of a set 111011
pieuehtd by X!pv. Dr. James Hushes In
the Adams .ncnuu tlupcl, New York
-licet, jestnrd.iy 11101 nltifr. Mr. HubIu'S
took for his text, "Nathaniel, in whom
there was no Tuilt," and said in pan:
Honest men, in the lull sense of tho
woid, arc vir scaioe. Itiul, sluicri' men,
who .no Illinois ol tiulhfiilncsR and hon
isty, ale not, It Is to be liaicd, eiy
niim.-ioiis. The woild is lushing on at a
gillophiR speed, billL oil ailKUli nlin
know ledire and .ucuinulatius weillh, but
ne,leitiUK to .1 rtllpililc ett 111 tho (illli
.itlou 01 tiio'-e nohli 1 l.iuiltli s whlih
laiup ,1 man's ehniaitcr with tiaii'-pii-int
honest j.
'llieio was a llmo anions; iome people
w'Ikii A mill's woid was condderrd a
tater iiecuilty than anv legal doeuimnt
or 1. O. V. Is it so tod iv? Ceitainly
thero aio honest men. aeiordlns to the
Keneial aciept.itlnn of that teim, hut in
uiciy walk and ailing ot life mlfslil li
seen a drploiable Ink of biikbono ana
siillttlessiu ss.
One of the. lesiilts of this Is, uliislm;
tear and f.iwnhrcr ilattciv. What toiiiuls
ot lulsoini; hvpeiholi! of adulations .11 u
pound out at the slulne ot woildly
po.Mi. Theio was .1 time whin the
dinging' uowd and the fawning llattiiei
wero found rap in hand befoie the dom
ot tho n, but totiny wo mid In mauv
instances, they stand with Klowil hand
knookiiiK at the tloor ot tho cott.iKO
Power has changed hands. Cii- and na
tional power belongs to the and is
not the exi'lusHo lhtlit ot the few; hem v.
wo find tho flatten r has chanmd In
coui"-e, but his thaiaiter is the tamo;
lie is still a iiawliiuv seipent, despliahlii
wheiever found Munv ot those who
shout so lustllv, "The a nice ot tho jieople
is the oico of Ood," woukl most llkilj
be lic.inl eiy dlstinttlv, oclfeiouslv ev
ilaimiiiK ninoiig that senile uowd In
.teni'-alim, had thev hi en theie, in the
piesemo ot tint ilrbiuched Itoman of
llilal, ' It Is the oice of a mid and not of
si man "
The slnceie, iiiisophistlcitctl, honest man
v ill honor ie.l nobility of eh.iiaiter,
wheieM-f lound. w bethel H id in eoulu
io. 01 tleektd in eimlue. O that we hid
moie mill in the pulpit, In Ihe pew, and
in all tho lamiliintlous of sodal life, of
whom mlsht be tiuly saltl, "l'liese me
men in whom is no kuiIc." Then public
buidens would be liKliteiictt, iudhiduul
heat t biiinliiBs tlimlnished, soilal poison
liss dlstilbutid, inteinitlonal contliiKi.i
tlons, as tho u suit of Intilspie, would
soon be a thlntf ot tho 111st, and n ti no
ChilHtlau dcmociaty would enibrme all
the nations of tho earth. 'I ho tenth ney
of Clnlstlaulty is to effect such a kIoiIous
Tho wii'Stllng match between Pi of.
M. .1. Dwyer and D. A. McMillan,
which is to bo pulled off to-niortow
. v. r. k r K v, vu h v. v , K t t , vi w
mmhn eiios f
In and About
The City
Keating of Boaul of Tiade.
Tho icguhK monthly meullinj ol llio
Bcinnton boatd of tiado vlll bo laid at
aoon today, Offlceis foi tho coiiiIiik yen
ftlll ho noinlnute.l at UiIh lucutiiit,', ami
'ho sovetal fommitteca will niuko Inler
lalliiff teioilb.
Civil SetvJce Exnms.
TllO Clll BCrVkt) t.yiinilnoi. nnnminn
hat on Jan. so nn uxtimln itlon for a
uiaco as mustuino mtendant will bo con
Bulled On'Jiiii Jl. an cMniilii.itlnii iw
night at the .Seninton Hicyelo club
pumilse.s to bo a siiortlnu event of un
usual Interest.
Mi.Mllluu has UKiced to tluow
Dwjor linen tiiiifH within tlio hour and
tlioiiKli he is 11 much heavier man, thoso
who have watched ihe professor, lenl
Uo that hit'ii Kut n hard proposition.
Tho niatili will ln'Kln pitiinptly at 0
Tho ninth unnUersmy of tin. Klin Park
Muthodlst Uplscopal chinch was observed
yesteiday with special seniles. Tlio
pteatlior, both iiioiiiIuk and nluht, was
Hoy, Ur, 3. It HUUr, pastor ot iho Well
mond Avtnuo chuiih, of Uuffnlo.
A seiiiiou on tho I heme, "Tho Door of
Hope," was delloid last nlsht in tho
Peiui AM'iiiio ISaptlst chuitli by the pas
tor, Hov. Ur. Hobeit F. V, 1'leico. It
was illustiatctl with ciujon sketchos
cleveily and i.ipldly executed by the doc
tor himself.
W. Adair, secrolaiy of tho jnllnwul
blanch of tho Youtisj Men's Chilstlan as.
soelatlon, occupied the pulpit of Giuce
Hefowneil i:pistop.ii chinch nt both or
ltes yeateidu).
I A Stilling Sei 111011 on tho Necessity
of Keeping the Good Resolutions
Made Was Dollvoied by rather
Giegoiy It Doesn't Do, Ho Said,
to Let the Devil Knock You En-
tliely OutAdvice fiom Bishop
Hobnn Mission for Childien Closed
In Afternoon.
The inl'slon for the men of the catlie
dial palish, which hi nun nn Ueceiiihcr
7. was limtnihl to a' close lust IllKllt.
when si .special senium wns pieuohed
by Tither flieuoiy, tho most loicefully
eltiijuent of the Pnssinnlst? who hiuo
bfun condiictliiK the seivlie.
Thy tathodrul was packnl to the
tloois with an Inimeiise uowd of men
when the seivlee was openrtl with the
lectin tlou 01 the losaiy, wits fol
low til by tho sermon, c'nther Oieitory,
the preacher. Is n. .vouhk: man With it
splendid phvslijue and a face cast in
the hemic mould. He has a dee'i and
powerlul voice that tounil Us way Into
the farthest teLossos nt tho cathedtal
His whole- selintiu was busitl un the
ni'ct-ssiij ot his llst.'iiei.s livliiK UP tti
the hli;h 1 csolves and pioiulsts of b"t
teiment iniult by them tltultif; the mis
sion, lie pointed out In higliiuiug that
tho whole Chilstlan lultli is fountleil
upon a belief in immortality, anil told
ol the nloiiotH rcwnid In stoic for thoso
who keep that faith duilmr iheh life
on eaitli.
Home Beyond the Giave.
This beautiful woild, ho suhl, was
lui'pared by Hod as tin alio le not only
of the just, but of the unjust It
Ihe sinner Is ptoiidtd wttli such a
habitation, what must not the home
pit'pated fur those who love Hod be
like.' Man cannot do without htvuen,
he said, ami 110 m.iltei what men may
sav about believing, iverume tin p
down in llu ii heaits has talth In soma
home bejonU the Kiac.
Christ told men. "lie -thou falthtul
until death," IV.tlur GtOKOiy saltl, and
It Is iniuiubent upon eniy true Clnls
H011 to kw 11 t'.usi' win tls out befoie
his mind. Mm niusl ikny theinsehes
If they would fully attain the puiposo
for whii h fiotl neated them, he said.
It is essential that they do liolmu tn
their tnendes. not once but cli'lV time
thev .lie as'-ailed. The thiee Kind t 11
enilcs of man, he said, .110 the woild.
the i'esh ami the de II.
I The woild, he tleclaieil, Is that spint
vihleh is constantly nt work nfrainst the
spit it of Jesus (.'In 1st and which m-Ih
up maxims in opposition to His divine
"You men." said he. "will Mini the
spint of tho world tomorrow anion:,' the
evv men with whom you .lie wont to
associate from day tn day They will
taunt you tumoiiovv became vou have
tpsolvod to lead .1 better lite. The will
nolnt the llncer of ridicule at vou and
will tempt you into the v.avs ol sin. 11
Is tor von to assert voin better 111111-
hood and drive tn your poorl lesoh s
or to bow down to th in. as so inanv
have, instead of to tha God who ticatid
leather (iif-nroiv then dKn.sscd the
oll passions vhleh beset men and
showed that these passions should be
made subsrivicnt to uason.
The Manly Man.
"He only Is the manly man," said lie,
who has his passions under bis coni-
pli-te contiol."
In tinier to keep down the mutual
passions, he said. It Is Hist of all neics to have a holy tiar of God. Take
that 1 1 0111 a man's life and he riics
hi'idlonHt Into eternal pndltion. It is
the hoilRO about man's soul, as the
Holy Seiipttnes say. Jn order to lostei
stub a ftar of God, It is absolutily
essential, he said, to keep constantly In
mind the Kreat HioukIus tlvit eveiy
man must die and face God to lender
an uciouut of bis stewaidshlp, and that
theio Is both a heaven and a hell,
In contiolllntf the passions, the Kiace
of God is also needed, he said, and this
can be obtained only by a frequent us.
ot the divine Instiiiincnts of Kiace, the
sucrements of penance and the holy
inichaiist. It is also necessaiy. he said,
tn avoid the onasions of sin. Some
men, he said, do not hesitate to ko to
plaeis whoie even the aneels would tear
to venture, and yet expect to keep
themselves unsullied.
Tho devil, he said, Is man's Kicatest
enemy, and It requires the c.xeielse of
eternal vK'llance lo keep his Inlluence
fiom belmr felt lively man Is endowed
by God, he said, with sulllcient will
power to say to all hell, "I will put lis
ten to your evil temptations."
"I wish," said he in conclusion, "that
f could Indelibly impiess upon your
minds these thiee little words, 'Never
Klve up,' 1 wish I could (hill them Into
uur brains so that they would lenialn
there forever and that they were pilnt
rtl all about.
"The devil may knock you down, but
don't let him knock you out. Won't
wait to let him count you out but be up
nt him njraln befote he has Ihe chance.
Lot those winds bo your b.ittlo ciy
The Bishop's Woids.
Alter the sermon, the 3,000 men In the
cathedral toso to their feet and with
lighted tupeis in their hantlb leuowed
the baptismal vows. It was a most Im-piess-lve
spectacle. They alio lecelved
the papal blessing,
TIip seivici) closed with benediction of
the Hlessetl .Sacrament by Hlshop JIo
bun, Hefore pronouuclns' benediction he
would taKo oicaslon to any to the UIk
assemblage of men some tilings that
could not so well he suld before a mixed
"Uoytotl the theater that piodiUPS
vile shows and the vile icsmts of all
k iBi-
Why Don't You Taste That
Delicious Breakfast Food. . , .
Fruited Wheat?
Order yrom rour grocer today.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used bjr peoplo of reflnoment
for ovor a cuartor ofji.Oviatury.
hinds that me In the city," wns his atl
viee. He cNhoitcd his heaieis to lead
puie lives and lo tin nil In their power
to pi event the men who un leading in
nuceiit glils iistiuy foi cnnyliig on their
leiilble vvoik.
Above all, hu advised his hcaieis to be
honest In all things. Ho honest In poli
tics, he ttigetl. licit out the candidate
whom you believe will make the best
ollkial and stick to hliu even IC by doing
so you offend some acquaintance or
filentl, Do not vote for a man simply
because he Is of your nationality or wor
ships God In the way ou do. Cteeds
and nationalities ought to have no
power to Influence you lu peri'iiiinlng
.vnili civic dtlllei.
Chilihon's Mission.
Yisteulay afternoon the children's
mission was In ought to a close with a
special ervlie which was attended by
about 1,1'Ofi young people. A bilef sei
111011 on the ton lommandmeiits was tle
llvoicd by Rither Ihigene ami
hi inns weio sung by the elilktieii. There
was benediction of the most Hlessed
Haeiament alter which the p ipal ben
ediction was- pionoimcetl. A Lugo num
ber of the (hlldipti weie also Invested
with the blown scapular.
The mission tor non-Catholics will
open tonight at S o'clock, when the Hist
of .1 spiles of seiinons to hi dcllveied
timing Ihe week will be pi cached by
rather Valentine. The sermon will
thai with some, of the salient dot li lues
of the Catholic church vvhlth will he
explained fiom a Catholic standpoint.
All hoiRst tuii.'-ilons ulikh may be
(hupped in a box especially provided
foi the pin pose will be aiiswetetl.
It Will Be Given in Their Hall To
night. Following is ihe piogtaiiiine foi the
loncerl lo be given by the Scinntoti
Mcik 1 ki am: to-night in their hall on
l.icktivvniin.i avenue
Ii'iue, Call, u 1 10 Utr Pii.,1
Uagil'r. P.lihanl-Wotan's Absihied
mill I', iiPiniih 1 nis tin .. Wnlkuiu
Urn Call Sthlei.,1 I
ia) Do.'ilng. C. II, oi 1.0, No 1 ...Viiuta
(1J Viit, Joli.imii s Der alii- K.UlI
Chojiin. P I'oloniise in Adui
Hei r ('Inn Ii s Ilr.ihms. .fiihrimn s ....tVIdi his mikell
(b) stiauss. Hit haul Dl. Naeht
(e) Kami. Hugo Pnheini
I In 1 Sthlt'. I
I '1st her, (' T. . Op 'ii. No '1.
D r Btudenti n N.11 ing.
Mi del K ran
(1) Si hui In, . fm VVnld
(bl Levi, Hum On kuti eiits
(t ) Hung. it. Align t,
enn He vvllilen Ilnspn r.hih'n.
Km Siiil'ail
.Alevei-dlbTsl'beu, Mas, Op "7..G iobuUs
(tiitllehl von Jat'ib Hi-jlil )
Mi urn it hoi iiml KIivIpi:
Mnleikianr. mid Heir DoTsim,
Gieat Difficulty Experienced in Ex
tinguishing Connell Blaze.
The the in the Council building on
rianklin nvenuo proved a much haitki
blap lo flnully e.xtlngulih than it was
at fiist believed it would be. Despite the
tons of water which weie pouted into
it on Fildny theie was a eiy well dt
lined blaze in tho debris.
The file was lontlnnl to a tumor
ol the building, vvlieie the paper ami
bags weio stoied and it smouldeietl un
til tonight, di spite the two steams tit
water which weie tinned on It. A
single stieam was kepi pling on the
mills jesienlay. Supei lutendent F. I..
Hiowii, of the bin can of btilldiiig in
spection, will make tin cxtunlivilon it
the v.ills to-dav and will piobably 1011
ili 11111 them all heiausc of the hiigt
ciauks whkh have appeal id ill them.
His Acceptance of the Call to This
City Is Contingent Upon His Re
ception Into tho Ministiy of tho
Reformed Episcopal Chttich He
Comes Here fiom the Saratoga
Springs Congiegatlonnl Church.
Resolutions Passed on His Depart
ure fiom the Church nt Saratoga.
Rev. Charles V. King, pastor of the
New Hn eland Congregational chinch at
Siratoga Spilngs, N. Y who has been
called to the Oiaeo Hefonncd Hpl-co-pal
church of this city, will punch heio
ucNt Sunday.
Ho leslgned bis piesent charge on
Sunday, November '23, and asked that
his teslgnatlou become operative on
IDecernber lii. The leslgnatlon was ac
cepted, and lesolutlons of regiet and
sorrow; for his departure weie passed
by the congregation.
The acceptance of the call to this city
Is contingent upon his reception Into
the ministry of the Hcforined Kplseopal
church. His ticdentluls must be passed
upon by Hlshop Sabine, of New- Yolk,
and the standing loinmlltt'o of the
The following tesolutlon of legict was
adopted by the congiegatlon ot the
Saratoga Kpilngs chinch:
"Kesolved, That In accepting the
leslgnatlon of our pastor, the Hew
Clintles V. King, we wish to place on
record our icgiet and sorrow for the
necessity which prompts him to sever
bis relations with this chinch. We also
most heaitily commend him as a faith
ful, earnest anil devoted minister of the
gospel, who has petsonally widened
himself to us by bis loyalty to evan
gelical truth, which he has pi cached
with fidelity, and in love, and by his
Mud and consistent life thioughout our
Defeated Wilkes-Barre Team at
Chess on Sntuiday.
A team ot ( lies players troni the
fVinnton Chess club journeyed to
"U'UkPs-IJaiio on Satin day and plned
with .1 uain fiom the Voinlug Vallej
Chess dub ot that iltv during the
atternooti and night. The Scranton
plav-is Iot In the altirnoon, but won
every ;jaint at ill' night session, and
wound up with a total of nine anil a
hill g.unts to Wilkes-Hdirc'.s eight and
a half. A 11 turn match will be plajtd
on J.inuaiy 15
The Sitnulon team was loniposed of
the following pl.i.vns' i:of. H. II.
Hutk. William i: Sihlimiff, M.
SchimpfC Ciaiide M. litchu. liof. S
Frledewaltl. John Hralniird. Colonel I1.
!., Hltthcoek. Hi. J. V. T'oiteus. oX
Tn.vloi, and J. V W.ikli, ot Ol pliant.
Schiievi's Night Photographs.
Many ine the ppiessons of giatiti
itlnn ut tin- pccnmniodation affoitktl
by Srhrlevei's niHlkally lightctl i!c-
uiio' made evmlngs fiom 7 to '.
o'clock. Uesults .lie equal to i!li.lic,ht
tiy JKLL-O, prep.ueil according to tho
following ictine:
Dissolve mu" pack ige ol anv il ivor Jell-O
In one pint of boiling watir, and after It
has about hall h.iitltnid beat up thoi
oughly with : u egg bt.itd ; add the white
of one 1 gg thoioughh IhmIi a and stli
the whole togithi r until tle-v ale mKcii;
pour into cutis antl si t in a tool pi. no
until Htm Thlt tu.iv be " with
whippnl mam or 'ustaitl
A like tlesstit tor any meal, at any
lime. Four llavois Lemon, oiantic',
Uaspberry and Stiawbeny.
t giot eis, 10 cents.
! ! .
e Are lo! so the Trust
't Be
Up-to-Date with Christmas Gifts
Fine Cut Glass for the Table
, t .j.
' ' 4,
A little gilding will cover a multitude of sins, but
will not wear. If you want :t gold filled c.ise to wear,
buy the best we have them. We cut out every un
necessary profit in selling Diamonds.
R P O O V The 0Pt'cian
D C, K.K. I 9 and Jewel
J 4-23 Lackawanna Ave.
.j. 4. .j. .j.
Walk In and look around.
These are days
of conjecture; days
when we're all ab
sorbed in solving
the one conun
drum: "What shall
I give to So-and-So."
It's not so
much the value as
its serviceableness
and quality.
Cut Glass Will
Solve the Problem
pn i
I HHi urns mi
I34 Wyoming Ave,
Why Not Give
Ciif Glass?
KNIHE RESTS 1'evv homes
mo suiiplied with n sufllclent 2lC, ,'0c
number of tl ese most useful
in tides. Now's your chnncc. 50C, $.
excellent gilt for n child to
jrlve Mother. Can bo used for '
mustaid as well. Splendid
value. Doc
Very Hbetnl cuttlnRs; nttiac
tive pattern. Win enhance
the benuty of nny table set
ting. '25C, dOC
ERS? Sterling silvor tops;
deep, ilch cuttings; swell do- 25(jf 50c
sign. caclt
You Had
a year ago to save something
each payday, you would not have
missed It, and would now have
a snug sum, and tnterest be
sides. If you had put It In an
interest account with the
Third National Bank,
JJ8 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa.
Capital, $200,000 ; Surplus, (earned.) $600,000.
Three per cent, interest paid on Savings Accounts
whether large or small. Interest compounded Jan.
1st and July 1st.
Accounts can be opened by mall.
A gift that grows more fascinating as the
j ears roll by
Are you making gifts of this sort?
There is but one KODAK the Eastman,
and our Holiday assortment of them is a splen
did one.
-.X i .
For the accommodation of Holiday Shop-
pers who find it inconvenient to get out dur- gj
ing the day, the store will remain open till 9 gsj
p. m. until Christmas Eve. Si
That's the pi'iplelng pioli)em Hint Is pn.zllng many a btnln
these tlii.vs.
to soh, u .v visit to this stoio will piove nn Invaluable aid.
'I nl.i v our time.
(.iietullv; lots ol styles and inuiiirstloiuilile fluidity in them,
l'l lies piovo Hint liujeis git the lull htnelll ol om epeilcnce.
Ihat saves niouo. ,
might peiluip.s lilt vour luni. Thej'io light to the left ot the
main t ntianie, antl .tie piiied .so model. itelv Unit sitois e.
lnen llieli a&loiiishtiieiit. I'viiythlng .swell looMn can bu seen
time, :
Furs Men's
Cloaks Hosiery
Suits Gloves
and Skirts Neckwear
Make Nice At Very
Christmas Gitts Special Prices
The mohl eoniplete lino inuiglnnble at popiilur pi lee?. Also !
SIdibtiaitl and Uiiii.iu Seal Ik IllanUets mill Coinlnl tt, me near Qf;
llio llnell depaitineul nt piliei wolth looking nttei
A new MtoeK, nt pi lees imw to Stiaiitoii. Tlie.v'rc lower
than tli" lowest elsev.lieie nud Ihe ipmlltles ate iho highest,
All slllt.H tin' fuiiianti oil for .seivlie. Speilnl thess and must
p litems tor tho liollduj.s
eonlliiui's Iliindkeiehlelrt aio hIiovvii In all hi vies and quali
ties, hohi the most motleialo lo the llm st goods inadi in any
in lee '
1 ilcConnell & Co. I
i Th: Satisfactory Store. 400-402 Lackawanna Avenue. ,.
) Ubul)
Of everything in j5
the Cut Glass line, S
beautiful gifts for
the holiday sea-.
i .j. $. 4. 4. 4. .j. . . 4.. 4. . . 4. 4. .. 4. 4
i 4. . 4. . .j. .j. .. 4 :
! ;
r ' " n
1 Scranton Cut Glass Co i
.j. 4. .. .j. .j. .j. .. .j.
WE ARE READY to show our holiday stock, not only of
Pianos but everything musical. A Piano gives an
entirely different tone to a home Better come and
see us and talk It over We will be pleased to show you our
beautiful stock of Holiday Pianos and explain our easy payment
plan. Ve make it possible for every home to have a Piano.
Store Open Evenings This Tlonth.
Ve offer you a new piano from $175 up to $1050, and guarantee
every Piano we sell. Pianos selected now will be held for
Christmas delivery if desired. Don t put off , come now and
look through our store.