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Miners' Witnesses Led bu Gross
Examinations Make Statements
Favorable to Operators' Sids.
(Somewhat Animated Discussion Be
tween the Miners' Leader and At
torney Toney Over the Position of
the Companies Regarding the Ad
justment of Grievances Mineis
Will Conclude Their Case Monday
nnd Opeiators Will Start in Imme
diately Thereafter One Attorney
Will Hake the Opening Statement
for All the Respondents.
II till' Opl'latOls ll.le 1111 lllillg foetlel
to olter lo tilt! mine stilke commission
ers than some of the testimony uililuud
estcrday liy cioss-o.nniiii.uicin ol min
ors' witnesses they will make out n
eiy strong ct-o.
One of the Injustices ot which the
minors cnmiil. tin, .ind anent which they
hiivi- producd no end of testimony, is
that thev do nnt lccelvo any pay for
coal jostled olf a cai In its ttip trom
the btoast to tho hreakei. One ol the
inlnci s' witnesses admitted on eioss-o-amin.ilion
that his dut Is to gather ui
thN i o il along the load after working
hoius and Unit it doesn't amount to
t wuifvh to reimburse the company lor
iluii hf is paid to do the work.
witness trom the Silver Itrook eol
nciy testified on dlrtet niniirition
Hi it hi nude tioin XIO to j0 a. mouth.
When confronted with the companj's
-; ttk E-. ho had to admit that he and
JiK two hoc seal nod f l.HTA last year, and
In addition to this he gels 15 a month
rent ttom two dwellings that he owns.
And, at that, he would only wot I; thieo
ilintteis time.
Another witness who took tha stand
to mnko genet al complaint against the
Lehigh and Wilkrs-Harro Coal corn-
pan v, served an a means or (iy ma
teiially qualliviiig the miller-' claim
Unit dockage runs up as high as twelve
pel cent. On oioss-examlnntlun it was
shown that the dockage was onlv nine-teen-one
hundredth'- of one per cent
liven President Mitchell war- marie to
t-eie as a channel for introducing tes
timony exttemily favotable to the oper
ator. Sir. Mitchell had piesotited
tables (n show that bituminous "day
wage" luino w 01 Iters te eived fitly per
cent, more pay than those of like em
ployment In the anthracite regions. At
torney Samuel Dickson, of Philadel
phia, thought that Mr. Mitchell had ret
erence to ,, classes of mine workers
and proceeded to discount Mi. Mit
chell's claim by leading a list of miners
employed at dlffeient collieries in tiie
Tl.uvlton vegiou and showing that they
(.lined all the way from S-l.fiii to $7.IS
a day. The evidence was In, of course,
befote Mr. Dickson's misunderstanding
was con toted.
Place Had to Be Filled.
A dozen witnesses were put on to
show that the companies aie not living
up to their submission agreement that
they would not discriminate ngainst
union men In taking back old employes.
In oory instance it was shown that tho
place of the man who was refused re
employment had to bo filled during the
strike to pieservo tho company's prop
city, and that the man who wa.s put
in to fill the plate is still working. In
most (ases, too, it was admitted by the
witness that the boss had told him he
would be given employment as soon as
a place could be nimle for him, One
witness admitted he had been promised
a butter position than his old one. as
soon as It would foe made ready by tho
completion of some construction
now under wnv.
An eight-eat-old Slav boy who
works In tho btoakcr was put forwaul
as a "houihlo oNtunplo" of the minors'
sorry condition. A few questions
brought out the fact that the fony'n
father Is an ahlefoodled man, wot king
tvery day. Judge Gray declined It was
the fault of the rather that the child
was In tho hrenker, and hud tho boy from tho stand,
Tho general manaser of one of the
big coal companies is authoilty for tho
statement that tho hcailngr will not
bo again Intoirupled by negotiations
for adjustment, it Is not only
very likely, but cxUcmely probable,
that the questions In dispute din
ing tho strike, which weie submitted to
the commission will bo settled unlit
nfoly, hut tho settlement will not uinu?
until niter tho operators huvi presented
their case, To avoid tho Ills that would
come of a rehearsal of tho embltteilng
featured of tho strike, the opeintots will
not go deeply Into tho matter of stillw
violence. They think that on cross-ex-amlnatloii
they convinced the commis
sioners that theio was something doing
In the way of disorder dm lug tho per
iod of tfoo strike, and that the mine
woikeis" officials did not exhaust tho
events, Judgo Gray, speaking for tho
commission, indicated vuiy cieaily,
more than once, that tho commission
did not icg.iid this matter as being par
ticularly pertinent to tho Inquiry on
Will Conclude Monday.
Tho miners wll conclude their dlicct
testimony Monday, Tho operators will
i Immediately open their side of the ease.
fonfeieiicoii of counsel for the "re
spondents" arc- being held dally to nr
lango a plan of campaign. H has been
agreed that sonio ono attorney shall
inako an opening statement for all tho
companies, Individual opeiatoia and
non-union men Attorney Wolverton,
of the IJhlladelphln and Heading com-
pany Is HUHy lo be stlictcd to perform
this" function. This, however, has not
been agittd upon as yet.
Yesterday's pioeeedlngs dragged along
without pai tleular Incident, of Interest
until I'lesldent Mitchell, of the Mine
Woilteis, tool: Mm stand at ) o'clock,
mid beeiitno Involved In a tather ani
mated discussion with Attorney .lames
M. Tnrrev, ot iounel lor the Dul.'iwaio
and Hudson company.
Mi. Mitchell ptesented tables he had
prepared to show that company hands,
or men employed by the day, leeched
from -10 to 50 per cent, more pa.v In tho
bolt coal than in the haul coal legion,
mil then wont on to i elate that It
might be on the lecord the etToits that
weie made to adjust the 1P0J disputes
without resoiting to a strike.
The answetn made by the coal load
picsldetits to the invitations to meet
the United Mine Woikets repiesenta
tlvcs In cunlereni ; wete icfened to In
Mr. Mitchell's lecital.
,Iudi;c (iny asked if, in id using to
deal Willi the United Mine Workeis,
the coal load presidents tigroid to treat
with their tiuplojis thiough othei com
mittees. Mi. MlK bell nld It was his
lec oiler lion that they did not.
Judge luither inquired as to
what had boon done on the mineis' side
to tontorm lo tho punislon of the
notice posted at the end ot the WOO
stilke that lh companies would ad lust
grievances with their employes "as
What It Meant.
"The notice lead." said Mi. Miuh.-ll,
"that the companies would 'lake- up
with our own employes tho adjustment
of grievances as heretolon.'.' That
meant that they needn't take them up
at all. The men hole have told me it
didn't mean the adjustment ot giiev-ance'-,
lii-causc 'heretofoie' the com
panies had not been aiUti'-tiitg giliv-.mees-
"Did anv eotr-niltit-e.-i ol minus ap
pioach the enmp inics to have ridju-t-mnts
made?" asicd Judge Gray.
yes," replied the witness, "but thiy
did not sues red m s'cunng adiust
ments '
"in the spring of 1901," continued Mr.
Mltca'-II, "Scnatoi JIanna, Mr. Pahv
and myselt tiled to secnie conferences
with the coal load piesldents on this
matter. The only man who would tieat
with us was C'hniiman Thomas, of the
JJrie. After an houi's discussion, Mr.
Thomas agieed that It should be under-
I stood tint the notices meant that the
companies would deal with committees
of their employes. Afterwards, he in
loimtd me that he -wanted It under
stood he was talking only for his own
com i my.
Commission"! Claik asked If tho con
duct of the olllcials of the companies
tended to encouinge or discouiage these
adjustment confetences. Mr. Mitchell
lepiied that It was such as tended to
dist outage them. Commissioner Claik
asked if the committees weie teceived
in a lonlial spiilt. Mr. Mitchell said
theio was no dlscouttesv shown.
Mr. Toirey, at this junrture, read ex
cerpts irom the answers or the coal
load piesldents, above refem-U to, to
show that thoy stipulated they would
deal with committees of their employes.
"Yes. as individuals," remarked Mr.
Mitchell, when Mr. Toirey finished
reading and inquired of him If tho 10
plles did not set forth clearly that the
companies agieed to ailjust grievances
with their own employes.
"Js that your construction of the
meaning of those letters?" asked Mr.
Toney, with a touch of Impatience ox
pressed in his tones.
"That's my interrelation," said Mr.
"Then you can In lug jourself, you
would want us to understand," said
Mr. Torroy, "to draw such a narrow in
terpretation of the piovislons of those
"I have given you my Interpreta
tion," said Mr. Mitchell.
Mr. Torrey's Roply.
"Then, I want to say," dcciaied Mr.
Torrey, slamming on the table tho
pamphlet from which ho had read the
leplles, "you ought to do something for
your poweis or interpretation." ,
Kuithor exchanges disclosed the fact
that Mr. Mitrhell unit Me. Tmri. .11,1
liot have the sum,, pmnTitilirnc1ui nf
what was to be implied by the woul
iiiuivuiuais. .Mr. Toney, it would ap
pear, understood Hint 11 wmih r,rw.
man at a time." Mr. Mitchell's idea,
as no explained, was that tieatlng with
the cmployitf as Inillvlilmiis ,11,1 nr.i
mean this. It meant that they would
not foe tieated with as an oiganlzed
Mr. Toriev mini, ,1 li.aai.i- m, ....
dalos icply, In which It was stated ex
PlUlth that tho e-umtianv iw,n!,i ,ioi
w.tth committees representing any or
.111 ineir employes. .Mr. .Mitcliell cilil
cMed this limitation, saying the com
pany had no mote light to presciluo
that the men should not li.vvo n, ropie
bentativo fiom outside their own num
ber, than the mineis at the- lommKsion
lu-ailiigs should puscrlho that the coal
road piesldents would havo to plead
their own case, lnsfe.-iil nf Imi'lm. -vi..
Tin icy do it. Mr. Torrey remarked that
mo companies piou.imy wouldn't object
to their emnloMS bnvlnsr cnuna. 1 t,
leptesent them In tlit (onfereuce , as
tar as a lawyei's proIuio extendi'
The Incident closing thus, Attorney
Dickson proceeded to yhallerigo Uho
compailsons Mi. Mitchell had madu
between the soil unit linul ,'..,1
regions, hy itadlng llguies showing
dally wages of lonti.ict miners f.fc ill
vei niook and llazlo Urook to be ua
high tu sotnoj Instances as $C.IQ and
IT.4S. Ml. Mlttiiell Inteuupted him with
tho explanation that contract mineis
had been filclllcally excluded from his
compailsous and that they applied only
to company hands.
Men Took Initlntlve.
Cion&ial Wilson questioned Mr. Mitch
ell as to how the stiiko of IW2 had
conm about and particularly as to who
Initiated It. Mr. Mitchell briefly re-
tilnd. .1 IliA l,w. t.l. ...... 1 .,, j .1.
, n, nni 111. mi-inn jv-iiuiiig up in iae I
stilke, anil said It was tho men, them-
selves, thiough their district olllcet.",
who took the Inlttnthe. tlviiernl Wil
son said he would question the dlstilct
officers further on this matter when
tiny come on the stand. There Is no
certainty that the disttlct ofrtceis will
ho put on the stand.
William 1'lnc, who was a Hie 1joh for
the company, testified he was laid off
during the strike and tefused to-em-ploymont
at lis dose. He admitted on
cross-examination that he agreed lo
leave the union and stand by the com
pany In ease of a lllke and that lie
lalled to the up to his pioinlsec Ho
said there woie eleven other men 11 1
this collleiy who had not btfcn taken
., 1!. ttvutts, a l'orly Foil miner,
told about having leceh'ed viuious lu
.iutles tit dliletent times In the- mines
dutlug ills thlitj -three years' e.vpeli
etico as ti mine woiker. He also de
sot tbed how the helshth of the "top
ping" was deer eased liv the1 long t'lps
the cais have to make fiolii the brea-t
to the breaker.
On cross-oxamlnatlon 11 was hi ought
out that the witness was president of
the Torty Foit local ami chaliman of
the grievance committee1, and that, in
JflOO, he told Foreman ltee"-e the men
would not work unless the company
discharged a carpenter named Kobin'-ion
who lei'used to Join the union.
Ills docking, he said, on re-direct ex
amination, was 3"i cars out of twenty
eight dining a ceitaiu two weeks.
Amount of Topping.
M. M. Sweeney, a miner at the -.ei-rlck
Creek colliery ot the Temple lion
company, testified that he is .vqulred
to put on ten to twehe Inches "top
ping," to guarantee that Ilium will be
the required six Inches "toppln:;" ulieu
the car tenches, the bleaker, alter its
run of more than a mile. 11' thee i'n't
six Inches "topping" at the bleaker iho
miner Is docked a quaitei of a cai. If
six inches Is exceeded the company
makes no allowance; to the miner, he
also told of being allllcted with asthma.
On cross-examination, he admitted the
mineis had never complained to the
company about "topping."
Patrick Walsh, fiom the same l'line.
who is badly atUIcted with mineis"
asthma, went on the stand. No 01 al
testimony was necessary lo tell thai he
Is --eilously afiVetod.
John McGlone, duck weiglimai. at
No. 8 colliery of the Pennsylvania Coil
company. Dunmore, gau the lollnwing
statement covciing the peiiod between
Apiil 1, 1101 and April 1, 1!)0J:
Number tons mined, 1!)9,101; number
of tops mineis were paid tor, H7.07C:
dirt nnd dockage, G2.0J5. The total of
117,070 tons wore paid for at I& cents
a ton, pioducing ?107,S6j f6 for the
miner and laboier. Tho expenses weie:
Powder, S'l.SH; oil, S00; shaipening,
$300; cotton, etc, lifiS.90; total, ?1l,
883.31; net earnings, $93,9S2.:. He Og
ured that 12S miners made an average
of $417.11 a year, and 1-'S laboreis an
average of $132.G4.
Major Warren objected lo this testi
mony as being loose and Inaccurate,
and not of any use to the coniiuUslon.
The witness was questioned at length
as to how he gathered the data, and
when it was found that some of it was
estimates of his own, it was agroM to
withehaw hlrn for tho present. Presi
dent Mitchell argued to the commission
that the figures regarding product and
total wages weie accurate and the com
mission agreed with him. ,
An Unfair System He Said.
William Mace, of Wllkos-Hano, .1
miner from the JlollenbaeU colliery of
tho Lehigh and Wilkes-Barie Coil com
pany, had a complaint to make about
"topping." He gave it as his opinion
that paying by the car was unfair and
Continued on t'ase
Notice Received by theStit!
Department Regarding;
the Action.
Bj Kuluaiw w ire from TIic soi ialel 1'ie.o.
Washington, Dec. 12. "Treaty signed
11.10 last night," was the message
which came lo the slate department
today from General Hllss at Havana.
confirming the pitss report of the con
clusion of a reciprocity arrangement
between the United States and Cuba,
J he olllcials hcie ate mizzled to know
.lust what has been signed; they
thought that a piotoe-ol or protocols
had lx-en uupuvul, but fic-ncral Hllss'
message carried the Intel enct? that ho
has actually concluded a detlnito reci
procity treaty. If he has clone so, tho
president will accept It and forward It
to tho senate tor its action, and the
oinces of Minister Quesada heie will
not he requited to give effect to tho
The Htate department dots not teel at
liberty to make public tho details of the
unangement; In fact, some of these
will not lw known until tho Havana
mall leaches here, for Uenerat Hllss
has undoubtedly madu somo changia
on the duties of American Irnpotls Into
Only Eight Teams Nojy Remain on
Tiack nt Madison Sqimie,
By Kclu,h Wire (tuih flu- .ti-tuiiud pUMl
NowMik.Jucobson, :.Gf5; r.rmdet
Ployd KioUh, t',ii.rj; McFiuland-Maya, .',
KS.I; Htlasein-Moiari. 1MWH: itedeil Ilroth
civ, 2.W3 4; (hihln.itoot, SjifOA; Keegan-l'ctei-son,
J.V.'i.J; Ilauiuy-KiaiiK Krelis, " .
('J I
Tea at the White House.
8 ErcliuSve ftirt itom Jl, Afcted hit.
Wntihlngtoii, Dee, r.',-Mrs. Koosevelt
leeched Waslilngtuii society this ultei
noou at a tea, In the white house. It was
tho first lingo suciul function of tho win
ter season at the white houso and wa3
attended by several bundled inembeis ot
icbldent and olfldal socioty. The jecolv
Ing p.irty tonsibted 01 tho ladles or the
cabinet and the Misses Ullehuocl,. Mrn.
Cortdyou, Mis. lilnslutm. Mis Cow led,
Mis hoob, Mis. HaniiM. Mis Illsey and
Miss Iltirjnei.
Stronuest Fleet ot ftmerican War-
ships Ever Assembled In Close
RanD ot Venezuela.
This Is' 'Dewey's Pirst Sea Seivice
Since He Returned from Manila.
No Sympathy for Castio at Wash
ington A Mai plot in International
Allah s nnd a Bully in His Own
Country Hns Insulted the United
States Ministers as Well as the
Representatives of Other Countries.
0 1 leliuin1 win- fivm fhe Aoeixti:d I'rcnn.
Washington, Dec. 12 The fact that
the- strongest lleet of American wnt
shlps ever assembled Is within a elm's
sail of tl.c Venezuelan toast, with Ad
miral Dewey in command, is to the ad
ministration the safest guarantee of
continued peace and of an avoidance of
complications likely to embroil tho
Prilled States in the dispute between
Germany and Great Britain and Vene
zuela. This is Dewey's fiist sp.l service
since he returned irom Manila. Ho is
tho admiral ol the navy and he has the
confidence ot President Itoosuvell.
There is no expectation that he will bu
called upon to undertake- offensive or
clefeiiFhe operations now. but it is a
souice of satisfaction to the ptesident
and the secietaiy of the navy that In
the piescnt crisis her Is near at hand
with so formidable- -a fleet.
Dewey has with him five battleships
and fifteen ctuiseis. The battleship
Ti as and tho cruiser Topeka lift the
Portsmouth navy yard hurriedly on
Wednesday night lo join his fleet. If
"tigland and Germany have a mind to
gi beond a peaceful blockade of X.a
Giiaira or to undertake anything which
oven distantly challenges the Monroe
doctrine, they will certainly pause in
tho presence of an American fighting
force. Nobody in AVaslfington believes
that they hae anything of the kind in
mind, -
Al the White House, the state De
partment and the navy department,
there is not the slightest sign of appre
hension in regai d to the developments
in Venezuela. The administration has
serene confidence in the Intentions of
lSnglnna and Geimany. Not only are
thtie assurances fiom these two poweis
that thuy will not go beyond the legit
im ixc punishment of President Castro,
for his defiance of international obliga
tions, but there Is the further assuiance
of the nearness of Dewey's fleet.
No Sympathy for Castio.
There is no sympathy lor Castio In
Washington. He has been a marplot in
international affairs as well as a bully
In lii.5 own country. He has insulted
the ministers of the United States as
well as thosoof England and Germany.
He has disregarded the rights of all for
eign residents in Venezuela. He has
tiled to embroil the X'nited States with
European powers. This government
will not stand in the way of his receiv
ing punishment.
At the same time the conduct of Kng
land and Germany in sinking several
Venezuelan vessels is not pleasing to tho
government In Washington. It docs
not im'lcate a disposition on the part
ot tho twe Kuropean powers to observe
nice diplomatic points. It Is hardly in
keping with the American idea of in-
t.TuatJomil ethics.
It Is not believed that Admiral Dewey
has any special ordcif. with regard to
i-ie Venezuelan situation, but ho can
receive them In an hour at anS" time.
This government does not want a dem
onstration. But it Is not nt all unlikely
that Dewey w 111 visit the coast of Ven
ezuela on ono of his larger ships, just
as a suggestion to the Hngllsh and Ger
tn m lommandeis that they had better
not go too fur, Dowey had one exper
ience with a German admiral at Man
ila -he would not shrink irom another.
Minister Uowen, at Caracas, Is as
good a man as the United States could
have tin 1 e, He Is both nervy and dis
ci cet. Ho Is now in charge of Geimau
and Hngllsh Interests in Venezuela, and
has ciready shown his faithfulness by
securing the release of r.ngllsh and
Germ in cltlens who were under arrest.
Iloth the niigllsh and German ambassa
doiri have expressed their appreciation
of Hiiimi's set Vices. Von Hullelien, the
Gorman ambassador, is enthusiastic In
his admiration, Hut while How en Is
onti anted with tho care of English and
Gnnian Interests, his first Is to
pio'.i-ct the Interests of tlw United
fitites and s that nothing is done
which v'll infringe upon the Momoe
dni'tilne, The administration idles on
li'm rhsoiuuiy,
Steamship Arrivals.
llv i;mlnsvt Win' Imm llic Anuria led iv.
Now York, Deo, 12-cieaied: Sbainets
Vmbiln, T.tveipool; Kionprinz Wlllielm,
Plymouth, Cliuibourg and fiiiiat-u; Hut
teidaia, Ilotteidam via- floulogue; Tin.
land, Antwuip.
I.h'o-i pool-Sailed Suuiuei Cidc New
Uenoa An I veil. Steamer Alter, Now
York Ia Glbr.ilUu and Naples.
QucetiKtowii Alllvcd: Steamer Cam
prtiilu, Nov Yorl. for I.heiroal eaud mo
cede d.)
Naples Sailed Steamer i'iae, fiom
Genoa, Now i'oik
Stetlinir Colliery Pumped Out.
r Kxdukit-e Wire from I be AikaciitH Vtmt.
Srnmokln, Dec. U. Tho Sterling col
llory, owned by the Philadelphia ';nd
Heading Coal and lion company was
pumped free of water to-day and will le
aumc operations net Monday, Bhlng
work to lour bundled men and boys Thy
operation was Hooded nrtc-i the enuPieeit,
and pumpmen Jolivd In the leceiu mine
workeirt' stilKu.
Detective Shnfer AuthoilKed to Look
for Van Busklrk of Stroudsbut g-.
Spielal to tho Heliiulon Tilliuue.
Stioudsbuig, Pa Dec. IS. The ten
dollnts tew alii offvied bv Hlieillf V. O
.Mtr;lne for the le-tuklng or Danlei
Van Husklik, who bioke Jull with
Chillies Gt ether on Sunday moriilng
last, seems to litne Inspired but few,
for up to late totlny that pil'ouor had
not lieen le-taken
Midge' Ctnlg was Infoiiued this 1110111
lug of ShetliV Mei vine's lallure to iu
taku Vim llusklrk, mid that h. Mtr
ltit', dtclaied ho would n-take him
when he was read v. The couit was
iim.i7id at the audaeltj or the Jail offi
cial, and immediately Issued 11 bench
wariant for 'in Husklik, which was
given to Detective Sharer.
Senor Scliotbergh Makes Im
portant Statement Con
cerning Venezuela.
1). 1,'v.Iiwivc V ire Iiu:n Tiie Weeded l'ie.
liondoli, Dec. IS. As a lesult of tho
announcemenl that Venezuela has
asked United States Minister Bowen to
act as an arbitrator in the controversy
with Gloat Britain and Gut many, Senor
Scliotbergh, Venezuelan consul hero,
tonight made ji Impoitant statement
to a rem cse ntatlve i the Associated
Press. .
Senor Scholbeigli is the only repre
sentative of the Venezuelan govern
ment in London, and he has been act
ing in conceit with the mcmbeis of
President Castio's sc'ciet delegation,
whose actions in Home, Palis, Amster
dam and London would I'm in, in the
event or arbitration, an impoitant p.ut
in Venezuela's case. Senor Scliotbergh
said :
"Theio being no longer any necessity
or secrecy with reg.ud to the methods
adopted bv Venezuela to eftect a. set
tlement or all thu loieign claims
against that country, the following
Tacts can bo published:
"About six months ago, Piesident
Castro sent special envovs to different
Kuiopean countries entiusttd with an
Impoitant mission, having 101 its object
to ascertain the state of feeling of the
lorolgn credltois of the Venezuelan re
public! and to try to arrhe at a basis
of consolidation and unification of all
Venezuela's foieign dtbts, including the
diplomatic claims. The envoy who
came lo London was instructed to as
sociate himself with me. The other en
vois were engaged In connection with
other claims against Venezuela, espe
cially those of Spain. Fiance, and Italy.
After- considerable negotiating in Lon
don and on tho continent, n suggested
plan or settlement was arihcd at. Sub
sequently the firm of J. nnd W. Selig
man & Co., of New York, and one ol
tho leading French banking concerns,
piomised tentatively to support the
plan. In brief, these documents pro
vided, 'as the executive is inspired by
an earnest desire or coming to a final
settlement with all Venezuela's foieign
creditors' for the consolidation or all
debts and claims into a. unified loan,
not exceeding $S, 000,000, to be known as
the 'Venezuelan unified 1 per cent, loan
of 190.2.'
"Jn conjunction with tills plan a
ISuiopean bank under European con
11 ol was to be established and inteiests
on the claims was to be guaranteed by
the customs. Fiscal agents appointed
by this bank weie to be established in
nil tho customs houses and were them
selves to collect the Interest on the loan.
If at any time the customs receipts
prove d Insufficient to meet tills In
tel est, the government undertook to
make good any deficiency out of other
"Jt i considered essential to leal 11
ti e attitude of the United States. While
final steps weie being taken the crisis
l-ecamo acute. An unofficial eiroit was
then made to gain the good otlloos of
tie Un'ifd Stales in order to ptocuio
fT A cue:', tola a slight extension of
time. Tho final airangements weie
cabled frum London to President Ca
t-o and who leady for presentation to
tl.o foieign otliee, ponding President
Cjstro's it ply, when tho news of the
pteseiitation at the ultimatum was lu
celved, "This plan by no means has been
f.ivon up, although, of course, all 110
gotlmlons to this end at present aie at
a fitiiudstlll. Unless matteis go to fur
tlf ej.ti in Itits In Venezuela a settle
111c nt upon some such b isis as the foi th
ee riling Is still poslble. The- Hrltlsh
and Gei man ciedltois of Venezuela
it list eventually rely upon some such
airangominl as the only arrangement
i,f getting back tin lr inonej "
Judge Bailey Decides to Hear Both
Sides Some Interesting Testi
mony Introduced.
II, I.Uu.h hi,' Iuiii llu ,mm.iihhI I'H'.i.
' Huntingdon, Pa., Dec. li Notwith
standing the delay occasioned by lie
quent and toioelous clashing ot coun
sel in tho second clay's tilnt of tho con
spiracy case of Hev. Dr. Initio against
Illshop Talbot and Mr. and .Mis, Alex
ander Hlllott, of Huntingdon, the plain
tiff rented ul noon today, A strenuous
effort was made by inunsel for the de
fendants lor n compulsory jion-sult, but
Judge-H.illey decided to hear both sides
Old vestrymen ot St. John's 'chinch
testified to the good work perfoi rued
by Dt. Irvine alter his nnlval, unit that
the Hist tioublo luoso over the. extoiu
municjitlou of Mrs, r.lliott, who is a
dlvou'cc, upon imeanunleal gi minds
The first step of conspiracy was Hlsliop
Talbot's notification to Di, livinu to
leave the p.ulsh, at the instance of Mts
Hlllott olioilnR him nnu bundled elollais
to do so, this only u low wt-cka alter
th'o bishop h,id publicly cougratuMic-d
tho coiiBU'gatlon on secuilng Di, Ir
vine's sen" ces os n-eim.
Hlsliop Talbot, tin thu defense, today
stated that he had always had tumble
with Dr. Irvine, and hud sent him to
Huntingdon In the hope- that he would
conduct a peaterul mlnl.stiv. Dr. Ir
vine's fii st tioublo arose over the ex
communication of Mis. nillotl a di
vorcee, whose ilhcnco had not been ob
tained oatiottlcnlly. Di. Ii vino was also
accused of extuivaguuee In thuicli
maintenance' and othei shoittoiulntss
The iccoids of the fooaul ol' Inquliy
wire offered and read, showing that
Dr. Ir vines had been found guilty of
vailous charges, Including limuoiallt
and uucauoulcai conduct.
Dr. Irvine alleges that the methods
of the bo.ud ol' Inquliy were Ii regular
and tuicauonkal, and that Hldiop Tal
bot acted as Judge, .liny and oe u
t loner, Inasmuch as lie "packed" the
Numerous witnesses identified the
letter or Illshop Talbot to Mis. i:ilIott,
In which ho stlgmatbed Dr. Iivine as
a "sllniv fellow," and advised Mis.
nillotl to liave him convicted, - that
he could unfioek him,
Another efrort will be made bv the
defense at the completion ol the testl
iuon to have tile case non-suited. The
tiial will pioliably urn Into rie"Cl week.
Distinguished Sons of the Keystone
State at Their Fouith An
nual Dinner.
Ill I.mIu-icp Wire hum Hie VfouUatinl Itmp.
New Yoik, Dec 11' Four hundied and
sixty inembeis and gue-ts of the Penn
sylvania, societv of New Yoik weie
present at the Fouith annual dinner of
th society given at the Waldoif-As-toiia
tonight. The deeoiatlons Included
the- piovinclal Hags or Punnsjlvanla,
the Hist flag of the United States, the
1'iilaskl banner, and the Philadelphia
civic Hag. GMiop ffeniy C. Potter, the
president of the society, can led one of
the provincial flags and Geoige F. Haur,
curled a Hog with thirteen stais. The
v.ouvoniis consisted of mlnlatuie coal
buckets filled Willi anthiacite coal.
Those ptesent Included Illshop Alex
ander Maekoj -Smith, General Stewart
L. Woodford. Dr. John Y. Jordan, ol
the Uistoilcal society ot Pennsylvania;
B. C. Ktcdmaii. president of the New
Unglaud society; It. F. Muuio, Aice
ptesident of the St. Andrew's society;
C. A. Hook, editor of the Pittsbutg Dis
patch; L S. Uicbaid, editor of the
Sc-ianlon Tribune; W. V. King, Dr.
Julius F. Sashse, or tiie Pennsylvania
Gei man society; Altred Mosely, of
London. Ung.: Piime Jenn Sapleha,
John Matkle, Major Harrison K. Ulid,
Thomas H. AVatklns, n. T. Dav ies. Dr.
D. A. Cur lie, William H. Long, Hobeit
C. Ogden, H. II. Swaye. Chiules S.
Carstaits, John Hilsbeu Walker and
Charles If. Cramp.
One Hunched and Seventy-three Aie
Passed Bill to Secuie Cattle
Disease Appiopiintion.
Bj llulu-iw Wiicfioiu llii V oeiaied l'rc-
Washington, Dec. 1, Tho house el -voted
the d.ij to coiisldeiatlon ol pri
vate pension bills. The calendar was
cleared, 173 bills being passiel. None ot
them was of especial lutciest. The bill
to appiopil.ite $l,000,u(i) lor the er.idl
catlon of toot anil mouth disease in
New England was made a speelal onler
for next Tuesda, with the understand
ing that only the legislative leatme-s
of the bill would be coiishUieel, and
that the appiopilatlou would be sub
mitted to the appiopiltitlou committee,
An older was cnteied lor a .si's.,iyu
Sunday, February 1. 100,1, lo pay trib
ute to the memo! v ol llu late Senator
McMUlln. ot Mlchlcan.
The senate was not m (ic-slon today,
having adjoiiuitd .vcstetda.v until .lnii
d.o .
Suiveyoi's l'eiceutnge Cut Down.
11 rMltwvv Win-fiuiiil In' V-mhIjIhI I'im,
Tllltkliaiiiiock, l'a , Dee- I., -'I he slalu
Is 1 j ci 1 lei 1 1 if-, two. biiilges in ibis eeniiit at
a totul eost ot lil, IT. The eost ul thu
siuvo leu iIikiii Is home In Venning;
eiiuuty uud V II. Thuai)Miii, ul pine.
iiKville, wliu ellel tin win 1.. lib el a hill mi'
ts.".t, or live pel cent, of I pi lie.
The count v eciinnilslhoiiei.c died ut op
tions and the matti r was mgiieel in the
JJauplllil ciiilit. Wiilell tu-da cut tin I;
rmiiiisallon dnwn in time pet mn
Childien Buined to Death.
Djr I xolusli wire trim llu: A-oejuil I'rm
U'asliliiKton, Dm !.' IMvviiid and ollvu
TompMus, telurcd, luiu anil two iais
old uspt'i tlvelv, wiu bnuii-d to di-atli
to-clav In 11 Hie Willi li destioed n small
houso in Ullh-iliilc, a suijiuii of this ill.
The diilelli'ii weie ulolie in the liouo at
tint time ami tli cause ol thu fiio Is not
known P.iw.t p no, a eoudlii ul tho 1 Mi
llion, with whom tiny worn la elmgi was
pint ul under aunt
Nieholls a Candidate,
11 I tclilifoi' Wirt irmn Hut tucwti I fun
linllaiiapulis, Dec ).'. The IM 01 i.iu
dldales fen th lialloiinl oflliv'is ol the
Mliio U'oikcis' oigriiiUiilluii was issiud
fiom the luaiUiu.utiis lo-iliu II is ills,
dusfd thill T D Nlclliills, pieslUeut tl
tho larsest anthiacite dlstitit. Is hi tin.
line against Tom l.-wK of unio, for vliv
piesleleul I'lc-lMlutlous aid bdug iiuiele
at tho national licadeiuaiicis fur the mi
lliuuil wage iiiufeienio IkIiiiiIiih lure
J.111 1?
Frank Lewis Hanged.
Hy tjulivsho Ire frum lliu As-oeutnl 1'irni.
Hailan, Ky Dec. 1.'. Frank Luwls was
hanged to-day in tho piuscuto of O.tMi
people, for tho rnuidcr of Henry Dixon.
Lewis camel here from West Virginia
about tlneo oars ago and married Miss
Dixon. Tho men had quarreled over the
stipulation of Louis and 'hi wile, the
latter belmf Dhou'tt cUughter,
Washlnaton Authorities Traiitmit
Castro's Rcdiicst-Biit Little
Hope of .Success.
Bill Introduced Asking Secietary of
State for Paiticulais Desttuction
of Venezuelan Government Vessels
Is Discountenanced at London.
Toieign Office, While Not Officially
Informed, Declaies That It Is Not
Beady to Accept Aibitintion Pro
posal Wailike Fiepnintions Con
tinue. Ill I mIiimvi' wile Hull) lie. Wxieliteil I'ims.
Washington, Dt-e. 1-'. A 1 able mes
sage ttcolved at the- state elepiutmen
tuilii lioin Minister Hovvcu, at Cara
cas, saj.s that the' Venezuelan govetn
nient has lequesttd him to ptnpeoe to
( lliltalu and Geiinaii that the
, dittli utiles arising eiut of the e'laims for
j alle-ged damages and Injur Ies to Hrltlsh
j and Gei man subjeets iluiiug the civil
I war bu submitted to iiibitiatiou.
In conionnlu with the undei stand
ing alieady it ached with the represen
tatives of the 1'tlthli anil German gov -einmenis
heu, this prnposltlou fiom
President Cislio has been transmitted
to those, governments, the state depait
inent acting merely as a tiianucl ot
comiuuiiicatioii. Not much hope is en
tertained of the favorable reception of
the proposition, as it is felt that the
difficulty has progressed too far for a
settlement by tha peaceful methods of
aibitiatlon. v
The reprisals made by the Venezue
lans for the destruction of their navy In
the seizure of British ships and the ar
rest or German end BriUBli subjects
pi.tctlc.illy have developed the relations
between the countries into those of real
wai, although technically the princi
pals piefer to designate It as something
less. In doing ea Great Uritaln and
Ueinuny aie simply following the
couise taken, during the war with
China, when, notwithstanding the tact
that the allied lleet battered down Taliu
and captured and distributed a num
ber or Chinese naval essels, no dec
laration of war was foi thcomlng.
Loudon. Dec. 1J The foreign otfieo
Inloims the As-01 l.ited Press that the
Hiltish government disclaims responsi
bility tor the sinking or the Venezuelan
ve-sUs ofi La Guavia, which it entirely
am Unites to the German forces.
No Ordeis to Sink Ships.
Hcilln, Dee1. 1.'. As the result of tiedi
Iiiquliles made regaiding the icporled
sinking ot Venezuelan vessels off La
Guaiia, the cot respondent of the Au
sodated Press is inioimed that the 01
eieis given tt the Get man and HiltMi
commanders weie to capture the ves
sels befoie beginning the blodcaele. No
endeis weie given lo sink them. II,
however, tiny vessel has been sunk this
was a military nn-asiiie neeessaiy In
cat tying out the foiegoing 01 dels. No
rtpmt has yet been leeelvi'd liinn Com
motio! e Scheder, the German etimiiiiiud
el. A le-poit was ucilved limn Hoip
Vent Pllgi I111-H.1pt.1zzi, which Is 11s fol
lows "Feitir Vt-ne.cutlau vessels i.epimed.
One of them disabled Two (iei-uiau
vessels, the Vineta and Pantlu r nnd one
ihigllsh. the Resolution (pinlahl thu
Hettibiitloul pailii Ipated in the selziue.
The- fin vigil olllce hi-ie reliise--, to be
lieve the v-seis -,. sank and will not
I ledlt the lepoil until coiilii inatory
HeWss, elvcd 1'iinr tile Gr 1 man npie
.stiilalivts on tin "pot At any late-,
il i? added, If tie ve-s es win- sunk,
II me the result of the Inlnt action
111' biilh sqnudrniis anil the usiilt of
I. Isiaoce.
Nothing Is know at the tnidgn eifllie
heie about tho lepinteil silzuin of the
Kieiiieh sitaiuer U-sim, aittl the Giimim
ellllsil P.tlkts, Reilllg lo Pllelto Ciibellii,
Is mule; siooel he'll- to have been tor tho
same puipo-e as the' opeiatlotis at La
liillaia, II. as 1 'iioiteHl, a Hiltish col
lier was suleel bv the Voiit.udans at
I'm lei Ca hello, tin- I'alko may laud ma
line's .1 ml n take lui "
New Capitol Sturctuie.
lie I ulibiM- Wncli-uiuThe AfeOihtnl l'ics.
linn killing, Dec. l'J. Tho cuiitiatt lui
I lit' sttUptme wcnk lor tho new tnpllnl
bv Gem go Gray Halliard, of Now Vntk
vhis dosed to-dry by tho st.ito capltol
1 iimmlssiun. Mr Hainan), who sails fin
Palls 011 Wednesday will receive 10w,
OeKi for his woik.
Ii !.v.luhc Wire trom i1i JbHocittfil Vttn.
Uellefuiite, Pa., Doc. 12. William C,
Giay, 1111 attotnc' ami a well-known Itej
pnbllian politician with a wielo nctpialnt
suieo auioiig the leading politicians of this
statu, died hero to-night alter a ten ilua'
Illness with Uphold lover, Ilti was 10
eMIS old .
Local data for Dec 12, 1WJ:
illiclicsi teniporatuic, SO dogreci
l, temperatiiie, ..,, "' demces.
Itelativu luiaildlts
: a. rn., ,.,. SI per cent,
S p. m, ,,. . "J peirceut,
i'li'dpltation, i liciiis cudtd S p. 111,,
trace. 1
H--H--H'- -r-'-;t.-!
Washluglon, Dec. 12 Forecast
for Sjutiinlas ami Hunday:
Hasteiu Peiiuslvania: Italn or
snow Saturday; fresh to biisk
northeroast winds; Sunday prob
ably fair.
.,..t.t.t.t t . 1 1 tii.t1t
, 'Si