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    jM -7"-- V'
7 The News of Carfeondale.
A Resident of the "Busli" Tenlbly
Assaulted by Two Neighbors Ac
cused Tiy to Justify Themselves.
Held hi Ball.
Michael Uuidy, of the "bush" section
of Ciu-bondnle tbwnslilp, was the victim
of a terrible bontlng Inte Titendiiy night.
He noc'tnes two neighbors, TJanlol Uog
rIus and a mail rained Osborne.
Whether or not theie was a rolonlotn
ii.sault committed on Hrntly bus nut
been established, each Hide having a
version of Hip happening that In wholly
unlike the other. Tim accu-fd won
plvfii a bailing ln-t nlBht befnw- Al
drurtan Thonia", who dei Ided It was
pi oner to hold litem In ball to aualt
the gimid jury' action. The security
wns offered, and both men wen- re
leased. Rrmly's stmy. If rtliiblMiid ii the
tiuth. would mnlt'e him out a nine h
almsed man. He wa In hl home with
hi- who, In- ald, when robins and
Osborne bioke In and setting upon 1dm
mushed him geaeuilly. poundlni; him
p.n'f, or the time with u ieoler.
Ui.ulv was a plrluie of woe In tin- iil
lot man's-- oftlce Irit night. Ids head and
face belntf i-lmost ievulllntr In Its
teveil ami bruised condition.'ie and i'og:?ln.- told atmles that
agreed, and put tlio blame onto their
fifpufsr. ir vv.-c heating hi wif", tiny
sdd, when, in the eiitiw of hiunanlty.
they broke Into the liou-e end defended
Mr. (!r.idy Horn the bloi,i of In r In-liii-lntetl
husband. Foil", but nut the
gentle kind, was m ees-.try ai.d In ll-t
application IJrnd.v'-" anatomy wo .nme distlRlli'd. They scoffed al the
sugge-llou of malice a fort thought.
Delighted Scranton Audience.
Mhs Klrte Kl!'-Ir, .ho will be .it the
Oraiid to light. In "Wh'-n Knighthood
Was in Klow-r," ki -!ii ly pleaed the
audi ace .11 the Uvuiim. In Sei anion.
Tuesday nlulit. Among tin. pic-.s
notice id that 1 Itv .ue the tollowlnrf
"Ml-.s i:iMr genius h of .1 i. in
ti ml "-toiling iiu.ilitv. Her evuy mof
meat N gum; Iri- elocution !- pttle-t;
her, well-mnilill.Ueil voice a in
light 10 Ih-.ii- and her acting uitl-tl-.
"Ill tin- '"le ut JKnv Tudoi, Mif
Hlls-ler mep's the cat-ting loaiilivi'ienis
of its vn-ylng phast. MRCCsslUllj
"In la--t evening's piodmtion Mis
i:il-k-i ' -. ciiv linmnt-nt wo-- cietlll.ihle.
File was well s'lppoited, and sieueiy
and costumes aided In making the jduy
effective. Walter It. Heyinom was .1
handsome ('Initios Brandon and did ex
cellent woik. The numeions oiliei puis
were well filled, and the pel I'm ni.inre
was giently enjoyed."
Funny Chili acter Woik.
l-'itt and loiemost In the of
"The Major and the Judge" aie Tom
Lewis and Sam .1., the two st,u,
who are well known as ileer coniedi
uns In every section of the ( ounti y.
These two men ai-- apt dflhteators of
all that Is luimy in liisli chat.ic-lci,
and their antics will tonviiKe any one
who sees them. Ably seconding them
Is Maud Htlth, the dashing comedienne
and well-known singer of coon souk".
The Doheity Sisleis, ihos3 accom-plis-hed
slnseis and d.un.oi.s and com
ediennes aie also with the company,
and they will please :i!I, C'lnules J'Usey,
the elongated comedian, will alo in
ti oduce a novel specialty and assis-i in
the seneuil fun-making'. The Kuipiit.
Comedy Four, a nuaitette -vho---e dis
tinctive features Is sweel : InRiiif;, com
bined with the quaintest of tomedy,
are also with the company, and John
Havens and May 'lei son ,w ill also In
tiodllce their sperlultlis.
"The- JIajor and 111. .hiib;. " will be .u
the (Sianil Frlilu niht.
The Best of Pastoial Plays.
Tlte best moniiuendallon ol "Voik
Stale roil;-," .11 the (it. -nil Monday
nlghl, is thai tliet,' is no s.ulnes- 1 im
nlui; thioiiKhoui th stmy. as Is true
of must p.isioril plays. .iue r,t i,.
outspoken pio-s notins aie:
"VoiU State I'ulks" Is on the liln-s ,,t
the nilier lamoiis pastm u ilas In their
bast imil.- and yet has better p.uts, all ul tin m. "The OW lloiiif" and "'.i llnwn" nlj
iiiueli on theit wnl,' -Ifei t. 'V,i:i:
Ftate Folks" Is tin. , iii,il of liolh tlirse
slund-bys 111 this iispdi nud tl.i lr
"sup, 1 1,11 la dluliMiif.--Alh:tu I'u-j.
KnicUi :bo( lip,
It is a better 1 ilit Ihun "llavld
H.i-iim." ' i;b, n lliilden' and all
llies.s ot' nocl ha-he;., fl is a ioyjluil
iltelopneiil of the i.' 1 bin, 111 lie
Ileint! pl.ns, and in "The Old lloi, in
stead" and tlu, but far supenin
St. I.nuls Stni.
' "Vol K Stan- Foil, -" 1, th, b-t ply
'of the "Way Down Knst" aii,l thai
has bci 11 seer. In SI. I.011N. It Is ),cst
'because it Is neatest to n.uuie, not
Upset Her.
! People that don't know about fond
isliould iiuvli bn allowed to lerd pei.sous
uwlth weak btunutchs.
I A little ovt-t a jiMf nf; ' jiiunjf wo
jiiittii who lleh In .Meicei, Jlu had .in
uttack ot buniloi fever, and when tuu
Jvak'Scont was licrmltteU to cue any
thing M10 wanted, liidlsciliiilnatu feed
jiiis soon put her hack In bed with nn
jvere htomaeh tiouble and liuirtnimutloti
',of the kidneys.
r "There 1 stayed," bhe say.s, "tluco
-'mouths, with my stomach In such con
dltlon that I could take only a few tea
jBpoonfuls of mill; or beef Juice at a
time, Finally CJiupe-Xuis wus hiotiglu
to my uttentlon and I ablti-d my doctor
;lf I might eat It. IIu said, 'yis,' and f
commenced at onc,e,
; "Tje food Hd ne good; fioiu the htitit
;mtd I was soon out of bed and entirely
;recgi(em Jrotn ilip atomaeli tiouble,' I
jhav gained ten pounds since my ie
'covery and am able to do nil household
duties, some days sitting: down oniy
long: enough to eat jny meals. 1 can eat
anything that one ought to eat, but I
6tlll -continue 'ttr"eat Gnth'e-.'uia at
lireakfastrand supper and like It better
.nvery dQy.
"Considering that a year ngo I could
(stand only a short time nud that a glass
jnf water seemed 'so heavy, I am fully
Hatltffied that Grape-Nuts has been ev-
rythlng- to me and my return to good
ealth is due solely to It.
"I have told several friends having
Vervoua or stomach trouble what
Prape-Nuts did for me and in every
aso hey gpeak highly of the food,"
Kaine Blveu by I'ostum Co., Battle
Crei-k, Jlich.
onfy In Its people, but In Its ottiec pic
lutes. St. l.otils Posl-Ulspali-h.
"York State Folks" Is even better
than "Way Down Hast." "Dalty Farm"
nud the other pastoial pluyy. Uttffnlo
"The Spenders" Who Foim a Merry
Social Club.
An oijanl;;iillon, "The Spenders,"
which Is purely social, held Its Ilrst
assembly at the home or JIlss Famuli
KjIiI, on Washington street, Tuesday
evenhiK. when a delightful time was
had, Theie were numerous Incident" to
make the evening nieiilntable as the
llrs t assembly, but the most Interest
ing was the guessing contest, the prizes
for which were won by Miss JInhfl
Edwaids and Miss Floience Vadema11.
The sei-vluq- uf leireslmients concluded
the e cuing ol social enjoyment and
men Intent.
"The Spendeis" personnel embraces
.wain; people who aie conspicuous in
social eln les, anil an Interesting cn
iccr Is piedicted. Mis. George Alvord
nnd Alts. I'dward Pardon are the
club's choice for chapeion. The
ineuibci s me as lollow: Misses Ktn
111a Ktilil, Mabel lOdwiuds, Floience
Wndeinuii, Giate Hull, Hanel r.atilnei-,
( 'Inn lotto Kills. Chun llronson, riuir
lottc V!leo. Augula Judulii, Martha
lit Ink. Mabel D.i Is, hilllaii fatten,
Can-le l.ever. lllla I'alten.Miiftha Sing
er, JMltli It.illuy. Grace Munn, Eleanor
Jones, Iabel Vai i-ington, IMIth Cmirt
llglit, "laia Si 1111 y. Maud .Miller.
Hibeinitulo Enteitain Guest of Honor
nud Elect Offlceis Other Societies
Hold Elections.
Tuesday night was mi iuipoi taut
evening l.i the hisloiy of JJivision No.
11. Anea-nt Older 01 Ulbeinlails, as the
uiHinbeis hid its their gucl the county
ptesidenl, C (1. Holand. of Scianton.
Mr. liolaud made an eiuuist addiess,
In tin- coin -e ol which he took occasion
to loiiipliiutiu the dhlslui 0.1 lis 1011
tlniled healtli) glow th and the abiding
faith of the nieinbeis n its lonllnued
It might be mention,-..! that Division
X.i. 11 has 1,", nieinbeis In good stand
ing, with lln.mcutl ai-i
hlghlv gi.ttilyiug. iJiirlng the stiike,
dellmiuem mcm'oeis weie kept in good
statiding without the thought of tor-
feiluie ol liiembeishif) distussliig thelil.
Xow that all hue letuined to work
nud aie eaining once moie, the cus
lom.ii'y collection of moutlil. dues will
be. taken up.
The di isiim held Its seml-uuuiml
eh it ion of olllcers, Hie lesult being as
tollows: President, John 1. Collins;
vlee-piesident, Thomas Savage; :e
coiding secietaiy, Heni.v I.ofui; finan
cial s.Hteiary, I'. F. Mot .111; tieasurer,
.lame A. Goiinnu; seigeani-at-aims,
John Walih; sentinel, Thomas Fee.
.1. P. Collins--, the president, had bis
adinlnistiatlon lecogniztl by it re
election. The installation will take pl.'ue at the
nest meeting.
The Epwoith League.
The njiwoith League ot the l-'iist
MethodNi church elected otllceis as
follows at 11 meeting: in the "Watt
building: W. IJionson, president; Mar
tha Blink, iiisl vice piesident; Grace
Humpliiey, spc-ond vice president;
Mita Kenwoithv, thiid ice in-eaident;
Ginee l'owel!, l'ouith vice president;
Charles Sevetance. seeietary; Claude
Olver, tiea-iiuer: Josie Pengally, choi
islei ; Mildred (la te-s, 01 ganht.
Heptnsophs' Election.
The tollo.Ung olllceid were elected by
Fidelity conclave, No. IISO: Aiclion, M.
L. Ulhei; past uichou, F. It. Uever.s;
inmost, A. G. Xlchol; prolate, Thomas
Davis; secietaiy. J. W. Klrkwood;
llnancier. II. W. Reynolds; treasuier,
A. F. l.otius, ttustees, C. M. Tucker,
c. A. ICasij. ,1. (i, Jvaus; watden, Geo.
Iloli'ni.iu, Inspector, Jt. M. Hakei ;
delegate to stipienii.- cotnentlon tit
Itlcliiiiuud, Va.. l.-a.u I'ogers; alter
11. lie, C. A. Iviu-t'.
Dl-tiict Ocpiu Allen wa pic-sent
and spoke Jnieiestlngly In nlaliou to
the ,11 del .
Iinvies' Pcut Election.
Post I Levies. Xu. 1ST, G. A. It., held
lis annual ee lloif ot otllceis Wednes
day evening, December Pi, lliO.', Tlieie
vs.n .1 hug, giithc-ing 01 tonuade.s and
!i splilted seskm.
Coininanib r .lohu McCotnb was huu
nuil by his loiiiiaiU'S by lecelving their
uiMUlmous vuio lor the tliltd consecu
tive lime. This would ludluue that his
ability is rciiigiilzul and his admlnls
li.ition endoised.
"iillovvliig aie the names uf the. veter
ans who wen- ilioseu to serva as of
ikeis lor luo.'i; Coiiuimuder, .lohn Mc
Coinb; sitiior vice-ionimaudc-t-, D. M.
VanSlckle, Jiinlm vl, e-cominandti',
Dwlght Mills, tei master, F, AV.
Mills; stngeon, Or. .1. C, llai'dlng;
iluipUtin, .lolni .luiiiilugH, olllcer of the
day, I'hiistopher .Sludtis; olllcer of the
gu.ud, George Heddcn; tlelegntes (o the
ilepaitmout encampment In mldltlnn to
the lommandei aie n. .M, VanSlckle
and .Incob nitel, ultei nates, Alva Holpli
and Clulslopher Shults:; tuistee, J, M.
Alexander; conunls.sionei.s, ,1, M.
Alexander, W. II. Chase and X
A Runaway and a Wieck,
A team owned by Henry Cuiss u
dairyman Horn Gieoufleld township,
took fright while in fiont of the Car
bondale Milling company's plant yes.
terday forenoon and dashed away.
The truck collided with a telegraph polo
and was lert behind, while the animals
kept on their wild career down Rlvor
mi eel to eighth avenue, thence up the
hill, becoming oxhuusted, when they
leached the top. A little girl who got
in tho path of the filghtened loam had
u nuirovv escape fiom being 11111 down,
Conductor Sig Nubbins train east
bound on tho D. & II, t-t ashed tutu the
icai ot Conductor Henry's Uric
tialn at Steven's Polnl, on the Jeft'eisou
division yesterday moinlng about 3
o'clock. The D. & 11. engine was
wjecked together with four curs. The
wreckage was strewn over both tracks
blocking trafllo for seven boms. Tho
Crle llyer, due at SM3, did not reach
here until 11 o'clock, m
To Locate in California
Mis. T. W. Keeder and family, for
mer tesldents of Dundaff, lately lo
cated In 'Frisco, will leave In u short
time to join Sir. Heeder, who departed
a short time ago to locate In business
or 11-11
To Prove what, the Great Kidney Remedy, Swamp
Root, will do for YOU, Every Reader of The Tribune
May Have a Sample Bottle Sent Free by Mail.
. J. holme. .1 piouiinent business man of Spilnglleld, Ohio, vvtites the
following s-tiong etidoisement of the great kidney lemedy, Swamp-Itoot, to the
Kditoi of the Spilnglleld, Ohio, Republic-:
Springfield, Ohio, Feb. 21st, 1901.
"Having Jie.ud that you could proeuie a sample bottle of swamp-Root
fiee by mall. wiote to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnglmmtou, X. Y for ii sample
bottle nud it was piomplly sent. I was so pleased after trying the sample
bottl" that I sent to tho drug slme and procured a .supply. I have used
Swatnp-Uool 1 ly for some time, and consider It unsui passed as a. remedy
for totpld liver, loss of appetite tind general derangement of the digestive func
tions. I think my tiouble was due to too close conllnement in my business. I
can letoniinenil it highly for all liver and kidney complaint?. I am not in the
habit of endorsing any medicine, but in this case I cannot speak too much in
pi also of what Swnmp-Iioot has done for me.""
fW. F. T.ohnes.i
4:'2 West High Stieot.
1, j &Pc
The mild and oxtiaoidiiuiiy etfeot of the world-famous kidney and bladder
lemedy, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, is soon leallzed. It stands the highest for
its wonderful cuies of the most distressing cases.
EDITORIAL, XOTG if you are sick or "feel badl.v." begin taking the won
derful discovery, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, because as soon as jour kidneys
aie well they will help all the other otgans to health. A trial wilt convince
You may have a sample bottle of this wonderful lemedy, Snamp-Kuot,
sent absolutely fiee by mail, also a book telling all about Swamp-Root, and
containing many of the thousands upon thousands of testimonial letteis re
ceived fiom men and women who owe their good lienlth. In fact their very lives
to the great dilative pioperties of Swamp-Root. In wilting to Dr. Kilmer &
Co., Ringhamton, X. Y., be sine to say thai you read this getieiotis offer in
The Scranton Tribune.
If you are already convinced that-Swamp-Root is what you need you can
puichase the regulur llfty-eont and one-dollar size bottles at the diug stores
everywhere. Don'c make any mistake, but leinember the name, Swamp-Root.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghumton, X. Y., on every
In L,os Angeler, Oil. Mr. Reeder was
located In the west some time ago and
piospered. This led to his decision to
reside there permanently.
Funerals of Yesterday.
The late Edwin Bliss was taken to
Susquehanna, for burial yesteiday
morning. The Mitchell Hose company,
in unlfoini walked in the procession
fiom the residence on Washington Place
to the depot. The Uowei- bearers weie
Fredcilck Ralley, of the Mitchells and
David Morgan of the Engineers. The
following acted os pallbeureis: T. U.
Campbell, . A. Rlvenburg and J. Harry
Rowlson, of the Mitchells and Oscar
Hudson, Heniy Hyatt and Jitincs Hairy
of tl.e Hngineeis.
The following- acted as iiallbi-aieis at
thft obsequies of tlu late Mis. Chuiles
X, liionson, who was taken to Sidney,
X. Y.. for burial yesterday morning:
.loseph Wilcox, D. W. Humph! ey, John
S. Retry, l'if-iee Hutlcr, G. W. Reny
and James Jiassett. The floral offer
ings wen can-led by Joseph Thompson,
Heniy, Cuil Hawkey and L. Rales.
The of the late John Mcllon
ough took place yesteiday inoining.
The rortego left the home on the west
side at U o'clock and pioccedod to St
Rose church. Where a leciuiem mass
was cek-biaied by Rev. (icotge Dlxou.
Iliulal was In St, Rofc cemetery. The
follow lug acted as pall bearei.s; Michael
Coleman, Thomas Rattle, I'atilck Mc
dairy, James Smedley, Adam Tlieobold.
Martin Murray, Anthony Kane and
Thomas Mullen,
Wntt-Atherton Nuptials To-day.
Society tlivles aie agog over the fash
ionable wedding which will take place
at I o'clock this afternoon, when Miss
Isabelle Watt and Thomas Sayro
Athertoii will bo vyedded In the Fii.-t
I'resbyteilau ('11111(11. Tuinhull & Wade,
the florists, will have the oluiroh most
beautltully decorated for tho event. The
Moz.ut orehestia will pinvlde the
wedding music-. v
Eour Months in Hospital.
Frank McDonald, of Fallbrook stieet,
lins rctmucd fiom Rulfnlo, X. Y where
he was a patient In one of the liospi
lals for four months, He left heie
luokeu In health, but tlte course of hos
pital tieatment has utmost fully le
ttered him, To the numerous 11 lends
who weie concerned over his condition,
this will be good news.
ough's south being lighted from' this
city. Hence the uselessness of the Jei
myit and Archbald plants, and the dis
mantling process. Some of the old ma
chinery will be valuable here.
Will Locate in Saegeitown.
Oscar Smith, who was chef at the
Impetlal restaurant, and was employed
at the several hotels heie at various
times, is now well situated at Saegcr
town, Pa., In the hotel and .sunitaiiuin
conducted by Frank P. Fo-, a former
propiletor of the Anthracite in this
city. Mr. Fox is about to eiect a hotel
at Sharon, not far from Saegeitown,
and when completed Smith will be
given a bet lei- position In the new hostelry.
Machinery Moved to Carbondale,
The abandoned plants ot the Lacka
wanna Valley Klcctrio Light and Eower
supply company at Jennyii nud Aieli
lnlcl ate being dismantled, the ma
chinery therein being in process of ie
nioval to this city, Tho installation of
new up-to-date niachlneiy In tho Car
bondale station penults of the bor-
An Old and Well-Tried Beniedy.
for children toethlug, is the pickciljitlon of
one of the bet fcmule physlUuna and
nurses in the United States, and has ben
used Blxty years with iiaver-faJlliig auo
cesa by millions of mothers for their chil
dren. During the process ot teething its
value Is Incalculable. It relieves the child
from pain, cures diarrhoea, griping In the
bowels, and wind colic. By giving health
to the child it rests the mother. Price,
twenty-five cents a bottle.
Holiday Shopping On.
The season of holiday shopping is on,
and has opened with a briskness that
indicates the lealizatlon of the san
guine expectations ot .1 pi ospertm?
peilod. The stoics umalued open last
night for the Hist time this season, tor
the accommodation or the Inueased
number of shoppcis, and will continue
until after the holidays.
J. G. Riousoti, of South ( '.111111111, was
a Caibond.ile visitor yesterday.
Miss Mai gn let Tlghe, of lallluook
stieet, has 1 etui lied home, after a two
weeks' visit with fi lends In Minooka,
Mis, X. 11, Jllller has returned fiom
a visit in Xcw Voik city.
Miss Hannah Tight-, a. pinfe.-slonal
nurse, lias tully recoveied fiom her ie
ccnt illness, which conilned Iter lor scv
einl weeks at F.meigenoy hospital. She
will leave to u-Hume her duties at the
sanltailum in Baltimore, Md wheio
tho Is tiiuirse, after the holidays.
Mrs. C. T, Meaker was a Scianton
visitor yesteiday.
Mis, Law, of West Plttstou, is visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gunge
W. Cross, on Lain el street,
Rev, Dr. Whulen Is home fioiu Phila
delphia, where he sptnt heveral days,
occupying a pulpit there last Sunday.
Miss Pauline Hauls has inturned to
New Yoik- city, after a visit in town.
Albeitu, little daughter of Air. umi
Mis. M. O, Abbey, who lias been so
seiiously in, is mpldly Impioving.
Mildred, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs.
M, Olver, of Durte avenue, is eon
lined to her home by Illness.
Mis. (Dr.) Simons and Miss Alice Os
borne, of Hnmllntoii, nie guests at the
homo of J, i Bigm t.
Mrs. Ira Utt, an aged lady leaidlng
at Mayfleld fell on the Icy sidewalk
yesterday leceivlug a compound fuie
ture of her legs. She was attended by
Dr. Jackson and later removed to the
Caibondnlo Emergency hospital,
The Hit or Miss Cooking elub met
Tuesday evening at the homo of Miss
Mury Svvick, of Second street, where
they were delightfully entertained.
JThose present were; Mrs. Dr. Baker,
Mis. S. E. Meyer, of Carhondale; Misses
Jennie Battenberg, Kmlly Rich, Jessie
Winter, Kmma Moon, Mary Swlck,
Anna nenclnll of Pecltvllle.
The members of the Aitesdan Hose
Connolly & Wallace,
Scranton's Shopping Center
Christmas business is not the
-property of any one store but the
largest part of it goes to the store
that studies it most.
Fur Boas from $4 to $50
The least expensive are of black
marten, whose dark, glossy fur is beau
tiful. Sable fox in spite of the fact that
the skins are nearly all gone and more
people want them than ever come next
in price.
Then raccoon, black lynx.silver fox,
blue fox, Hudson Bay sable, Baum mar
ten, chinchilla, Persian Iamb, ermine and
Russian sable.
Everv kind of neck fur you can think
of is ready to become a Christmas gift.
Men's Bath Robes
Are now spread over half the regu
lar Men's Furnishings department.
$3.50 to $12.00 each.
The best $5 wool robe we ever had
is in the collection.
Turkish toweling robes, $6.50, that
are not surpassed anywhere.
Woolen robes, $5 up to $12.
Others of fine Mercerized Cotton in
white and colors, $4.50 to $10.00.
Holiday Umbrellas
The fruits of many months of prep
aration and a long search through many
different countries. The handles, of
course, are the most important part, and
we have never had a finer collection
pddbeautiful and exclusive.
Among them are :
Finest Box Woods, Wangee Woods
from China, Carved Ivory, Sterling Sil
ver and Pearl, Gold and Pearl, Wood
inlaid with Silver, Plain and Trimmed
Buckiiorn, Natural Woods of all kinds.
Look at our Ladies' special holiday
line of Silver and Pearl Handles at
$3.75, worth $5 00.
If you miss looking into a sin
gle corner of the store these days,
you miss a suggestion that might
make your Christmas shopping
Christmas Glove News
Gloves for children are cut and
made with as much care as those for
older people. Among them are :
Fowne's Cape Gloves in tans, reds
and browns', $1.25.
Soft Mocha Gloves, fleeced lined,
Heavy Cape Gloves, lined, $1.00.
Wool Gloves, white, black and all
colors, 20c to 50c.
Women's Jouvin Gloves, the finest
French Kid Gloves made, $1.50.
Men's lined and unlined Kid Glows,
$1.00 to $6.00 a pair, the higher pricid
ones lined with fur.
Men's Holiday Neckwear
The best 50c scarfs. The best dol
lar scarfs. And the, best that money
will buy. We're ready to serve every
body. Even the 50c scarfs are in exclusive
patterns. A new lot of dollar scarfs here
today that are even better than we have
yet had.
For $1.50 you can get the best
English Silks (in English squares.)
Evening Dress Protectors, $1.00 to
$3.00 each.
Square Mufflers in black, white and
handsome color effects, $1.00 to $2.50.
Winter Underwear
We said the' other day that we can
fit everybody with underwear.
We can fit your purses, too a tre
mendous range and variety of prices.
Prices don't go so low, though, as
in most stores we know where to draw
the line at trash.
Men's, 50c to $7.50 a garment.
Women's, 25c to $6.50 a garment.
Children's, 25c to $1.50 a garment
t 123-12S-12M29 Washington Avenue, '
tuinintn.v will .ttu-ml tin? of tli
Lite .Matthew l.cs-lli this atlt-riiciim
The Aiii-k-lil Oidor of Hiheiiiiiuin vvll.
tilifrii a fair In Ai-sfinbly Hull on lit'
mill which will liiht two vvot'k--.
MNs fa lu. Mullen l confined to her
home by Illnt-eH.
Mrs, liebhuidt, mother of Suiiciliiteii
tlont (iebhmdt, of the powder mill is
very jieiloiiHly 111.
Mth. Ur. Oiavos was n vls-ltnr at
fcicninton yes-terday.
The bazaar and minimise .iiile In tho
ICulter liulldimr is nttraolliiB eoiHd
erablo attention. U will imy nu to
cull in and see the display,
MI.H Farley, n talented ynnni; lady of
(his boioiiRh has opened an art studio
iii Hcranton.
Will Staples is confined to his home
by an attack of tuiiny,
JllS, Mury .Meohali, of the Host Side,
was taken ."eiloualy ill lout evenlnB.
Election of ollicors of the C, W, B. U
will tnko nlnce Thurcda.v evening. Deo,
11, 190.', at 7:110 j). in. All nieinbeis are
requested to bo present.
Mns Cecelia Swift is vlsdllwr In Now
Yoik dty,
II, C, Miller was a caller In Cat lion
dalo Tuesday evening.
Mist. Hllo Deveis spent Tuesday In
Miss Mareuiet Coollcan was a .Scran
ton visitor yesteiday,
Mis. P. J, Coolicun and daughter
Miugaret weie callers ut Serontoii Wed
jfy O ft a
Trick Performed by Tom, the Sena
tors Wonderful Feline.
Among' the cats that may compete In
the cat show to be soon held at Wash
ington is a handsome gray fellow be
longing to Senator Depew, says the
New Yoik Times. The cat boors Hio
name Tom, It is not known whether
or not lie Is named for the senator's
dlPtlngulfhed colleague Horn New
cbrltm. 19
irable0 . ..tT
.... if a stead? a
vo ' " ed w hc
tfS'VuonOV we. .UlCM
, ana "' nF w-,c. . ....
3f3Srtr .
"Cvis VsSi,
This is guaranteed by the Hodgeman Rubber Co.'s Storm Coals ant
Mackintoshes. We have them in all grades from $5.00 to $25,00.
(Not Trao
ZE' "' ..oOT
lUIL.!'" .-! I .LJ'"
m ,w,m.-i w" .. r.ntlsW
Yoik, hut it can be said that Tom Is
clever uud tiUky and devoted beyond
nieasuto to Ills master and mistress-.
That Tom win think can scarcely bo
doubted, He Is veiy sagacious ami fie
(luently outwits his master, it Is sulci
he has learned to smile at the senator's
Tom has learned n tilc-k that is often
shown to guests at the Pepew liunie,
Under the dining loom table is an elec
tric bell for the puiposo of summoning
u servant. Whenever Tom Is fastened
up In the dining looni, ho immediately
jumps on this button and pushes it
with gieat vigor until some one ar
ilves and lets him out. Whether by ac
cident or otherwise, Tom leatned that
whenever the button under the tuble
was pushed some one entered the door,
thus opening it,
A "For Rent" sign
on your house will
only be seen by the
casual passerby.
A "For Rent" ad.
In The Tribune will
be seen by ALL who
may be contemplating
a change of residence.
Only Gnu-Half Cent a Word