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Q. B. flARKLE & CO.
(Continued from Page 1.)
ft Co. hart tio representative at the
hearing to disclose It.
roll's cnsc wns mndc Immediately pn
tltctlc because oC the fart that It wns
only yesterday ho burled IiIb wife. Sho
dledi iih he averred and 110 ono disput
ed, Jrom exposure tciuilttng from the
uvlctloti. 11 U mother-in-law, n blind
n'oman more than 100 years of nge, who
wns evicted with him, and who hits
lioen gradually dying ever since, te
eelved the last sacinmonts of her
Lhurcli Monday night. IIu himself Is
nr.uly 60 years of nge nnd badly ciip
plcd. "There Isn't a whole bone In my
body except my neck," he told the
commission, In response to n question
from Mr. Darrow ns to whether or not
he had ever been hurt In the mines.
One of his eyes Is gone, his left leg is
stiffened, his right nrm crooked, and a
number ot his ribs bent and twisted
from fincturcs. Once his skull was
fractured and another time he lccclved
a, 3ash on the head which required
fourteen stitches to close.
Ten years ugo he was caught under
a fall of rock and so badly ciuehed that
he was In a hospital two yeais. When
ho came out, his fellow workmen sub
set Ibed a puiso of $167 to help support
him until he could discard his crutches
and go to woik. The money was col
lected at the company's office, the
woikmen having authorized the pay
master to keep the amount of their
subscriptions out of their pay. Super
intendent Smith added $50 to the fund,
foil went to get the money, but the
company would give him only ?J". The
lest of It was letalned to be applied on
bis bill for lent of u. company house
ind roal used by his famllv w bile he
was In the hospital.
Coil's FaraVv.
Ills family consisted of hlmlt and
wife, his wife's ccntenailnn mother,
four small children of his own, and a
little girl whom he adopted when she
was eight weeks old, the little one's
lather having died the day her mother
wns bmied. Jumes Gallagher, the
witty old Iilshumu, who was on the
stand the day before, took the other In
fant oiphan into his family. The wit
ness has one si own up son, who be
came insane during the stilke, and Is
now In the Ltuuine county asylum, at
Towaids the dose ol the stilke, the
witness received notice to Quit the
company's house. lie owed for lent
iccumulated during the stiike, but no
demand was made on him for it. Knily
on the morning of the sixth day, befoie
iho family was out of bed. Sheiiff
Jacobs and ills deputies eame to the
house and oidcied them out. Coll did
not expect an eviction, thinking, as he
put it, that the notice was "only a
bluff." lie pleaded with the sheiiff
not to tuin him out, as his wite was 111
of bionchitls and his niothei -in-law
unable to move. The .sheriff said he
was sorry, but he had to do his duty.
Coll pleaded with him to give him
until the next day, that he might have
time to get another house nnd nivc
his sick wife and mothei -in-law. ," It
was Impossible to get another house In
.Teddo, as the company q ned them all,
and he did not want to put the neigh
bors under the ban of the company's
displeasure by permitting them to take
him In. At all events, theie was a
old, drizzling rain falling, and if the
two invalid women weio foiced out in
It the consequences might be .seiious.
The sheiiff sild he would see Mr.
Maikle and endeavor to have him agiee
to allow him to lemalu until noon. In
a very short time the sheiiff returned
and said: '"You will have to get out in
five minutes or we will be foiced to put
J.OU out."
rne Eviction.
Coll, half-dlsti acted, told the sheiiff
10 go ahead and put him out. Two
deputies carried the old woman 0111 of
her bed and acioss the load Into an
other house. Mis. Coll diessed heiself
and went Into the stieet, wheie .she
spent a couple of houis packing her
household goods in boxes and barrels
to have them fiom the tain. Coll hur
iled off to Hazleton and late In the day
succeeded In getting another house. At
11 o'clock that nlghL they ilnihhed
inijwim una weni 10 lieu. Tiieie was
no fire In the house, everything was
wet fiom the tain. ami In the morning
nil of them had colds. Mis. Coll was
choked up so that sho c 011IU not talk.
She wanted to go to the hospital, but
Coll believed that ns lonif as ho was no
longer employed us a miner he could
not set bib wife into the mineis" hos
pital, and Instead had her consult a
fie wns to pay the doctor a dollar a
month, but when the doctor learned of
their story, ho letused to take any
money. Fildny last she went to b.d
very 111. in the middle of the night she
woke her husband and asked for her
medicine, gasping that she was chok
ing. "She died In five minutes," said Coll,
bin sting Into teats.
The commissioners up to this point
because of Mr. narrow's skillful man
ner In directing the witness" recital of
his story, did not know that the wife
had died.
"Died l" quei led Judge dray, stopping
suddenly in his pacing up and down
ihe bench. "Did you say sho died?"
"i'es, sir; died in my aims, with not
1 a soul in the houho but ourselves."
J 'And you burled her yesterday','" In
terposed Mr. tt.inow.
-Yesterday," sobbed the bioken
hejirted old fellow.
(tilled In the Mnrklo & Co. mines four
teen years ago, leaving her with four
chlldien, the oldest a boy ot 8 years.
They had been living In a four-room
company house for nine yenis, but on
the death of the husband and father
moved to 11 two-ioom company house
for which the lentul was $1.65 per
Ity taking In washing and going out
doing house work and cleaning the
compnny's offices she managed to keep
her boy at school until he was 14. Ho
then went to woik In the breaker. His
flist check, or duo bill, showed him
$390 in debt to the company for bIx
yeais rent nnd coal. The second oldest
boy was put to work "nnd the two of
them together with the mother, after
eight years of hardship, succeeded last
August In getting out of the com
pany's debt. Her stoic bill all these
yeais was kept paid with cash enmed
by the mother.
Were Meiely Spectators.
Oenoial Counsel David Wilcox, of
the Dotawnie and Hudson company,
nnd General Counsel J. W. Browncll,
of the Erie company, were present yes
teiday, but took no hand In the pio
ceedlngs. Mr. Wolvoiton, who is the
only out-of-town company lawyer at
tending all the sessions, had nothing
whatever to say. Mr. Gowan, of the
Lehigh Valley company, the only other
out-of-town company counsel present,
contented himself with cross-examining
ono witness tiom a Lehigh Valley
colliery at Hazleton.
At the opening of the morning ses
sion Attorney H. C. Itejnolds made
announcement of the death of Dr.
Illce, one of the Independent operatois,
and Judge "Giay spoke the regrets of
the commission at the sad news.
The day up to 3 30 was consumed
with an examination of moie witnesses
regarding conditions at the Markle &
Co. collieries. In the last hour ten
witnesses were put on the stand to
testlfv legaidlng alleged discrimina
tion against union men bv the Deli
w.up and Hudson and Pennsylvania
The Hist witness was Nell McMon-
igle. Ills testimony was to the effect
that when working by the day for
Mai kle & Co. he would be given a
place wheie he could load sixteen or
eighteen cms a day, but when woiK
ing by contract, he could only get out
thiee or four cais a day. He also told
of having been seiiously hurt a num
ber of times and that he nevei saw a
mine inspector In the mine.
His Day's Pay.
V D. Gallaghei, a .Muikle & Co.
miner liom Jeddo, told that since the
close of the stilke he has been able
to earn only 60 or 70 cents a day. Be
foie the stilke ho and the other men
hi his vein, which Is vety thin and
"ditty," woiked as company miners,
leeeiving ii.27 a day besides free pow
der, oil and cotton. Since the strike
the company has done away with the
"day's pay" or company miner, and
compelled the men to tnke the places
under contiact or nothing at all. He
can cut only four cats of co.l with a
keg of powder and eight c.irji a week
Is his best product.
Judge Giav at this juncture asked
how' much a keg of powder was woith
Iii the open maiket.
Mi. Crawfoid leplled that It was
$1.".". Attorney John J. Shea, liom the
mineis' table said "The gentlemen
about ine heic say it can be bought
for 90 cents."
Judge Giay lemaiked that he could
see how it was a good thing to have
the powder pui chased and dlsttlbuted
by the company, ptovidiug the com
pany sold it at a fair pi Ice.
Andiew Hannick. a Jeddo laboier,
told of having been evicted and ie
fused re-employment by Maikle & Co.
He supposed it wns because he advised
his fellow Hungarians not to sign a
paper authoiizlng the company to stop
state bills out of their wages. He also
testified that he had woiked four jeuis
at Jeddo and never saw the mine in
spector. Mike Kobsh, a Hazleton laboier tes
tified he never saw a mine inspector in
the mine. In answer to a question by
Mr. Hcynolds, he admitted ho would
not know the inspoctoi It he saw him.
Weie Full Handed.
uwi... v-.iua.ii!, it .uciiign vauey man,
was inadvertently culled to the stand,
but while lie was on Mr. McCarthy de
cided to have him tell his stoiy. It was
simply to the effect that he was ic
fused re-employment at colliery No. 10
applied four times, and was told each
ume ny tne ooss that "they weie full
handed." Attorney Francis I. Gowan
elicited the fact thnl this collleiy .stau
ed with non-union men duilng the
stilke and let it go nt that.
Peter J. Gallagher, of Hazleton, a
former employe of Mat kle & Co.. hut
now petmanently engaged in the duties
01 iiauonni Doarti member of the United
Mine Workers for district No. 7, testi
fied at length about general conditions
and also explained In detail the wotk
lng.4 of Maikle & Co.'s plan of adding
the ten per cent incieuse of inno tn
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Commissioneis Affected.
.Tuc(tfe Giay sat down nnd looked
compassionately at tho wceplnjr man on
the stiiul. Uo had no doubt witnessed
many slid scenes In court, but likely
nothing-' ever moved him ns did this.
Illshop Hpuuldlng wheeled halt way
lound in ils chair nnd looked nt tho
uar wall. j livery other commissioner
(hopped hfs eyes, and old Ooneial WIN
son, wno mus seen death In its most
teiilfylUK Iforms on a scoro of fields,
bent forward over some wilting until
ills face was not rendly visible.
When tho witness had composed him
self, Mr, Dai row- asked concerning the, ?dr. Coll said that the
shock of the daughter'H traglo death
had greatly injured her, and tho priest
gavo her tho last sacraments Monday
"That's nil, Mr. Coll," said Mr. Par
rovv, "That's enouuli," leinuiked Judge
O i ay.
Scarcely less dlstiesslng was a stojy
told by Mrs. Kate Hums, an aged
jvldow, of Jeddo. Her huwhiad
which consldnble time was devoted the
day befoie. To get the full benefit of
tho ten per cent., Mr. Gallagher claimed.
It was necessary to cut twelve cars of
coal with each keg of powder. Otdln
nrlly from 7 to 10 cara only can be cut
with ono keg of powder. For the past
two years his wages averaged J3J u
month. The air was so bad In some
iii.icts no wonted no ut-ed a candle In
iiteuil of a lamp because Us flame con
nuned less oxygen.
Mr. Gallagher also told of an agree
in 'lit mado in 1S73 that S cubic feet
should be addded to the 10 cubic feet
of loose coal lequhed for a ton, to
make good to the companies the impui
Itlos that would get Into the 10 cublu
feet, This, the witness had been told
by his father, was a piovlblon made to
do away with docking. It Is Impossible,
ho bald, to load 24 cubic feet of linpurl
ties Into (i three ton car, unless it was
done nialleloiibly, by saving up slate,
bony and other Impurities out of two
or thiee car loads of material and put-
uiik n an m one car. When there Is
docking done tho witness said the mln.
er is penalized doubly. His experience
was that docking ran fiom 6 to ll per
Paid $3,50 a. Day,
Mi. Toirey asked the witness a few
nuestiiup about bis ditties us natlonul
oicanUer f.nd elicited tho fact that he
Is paid JJ.C0 a day.
Mike Uuker, an elchteen-veai.nia
bleaker boy f$om Jeddo told that he je
celved S' cents a day before the stilke,
nnd 75 cents u day after the stilke for
doing tho bame woik. He had no in
timation that he was working for re
duced wagcg until he received his two
wanks" oiv. The boy ulso stated thai,
he was clubbed by the bleaker boss
The case against Maikle & Co, w.ib
then hi ought to a close. Mi. Dauow
lead fiom a .supiome couit opinion in
the case ot Maikle against Wilbur thnt
in four .vcais Maikle & Co., denied $2 -000,000.
He put In evidence the
statement of John Maikle to the pies,!
dent at the time tho .submission
pioposition was under consideration, in
which Mi. Mm kle demands tioops to
piotect families In their homes.
After the case ot P. 11. McDonald,
told of above, had been disposed of,
II. McCann, 11 D. & 11. laipenter took
the btund and testified he was mfused
lo-eniployineni. Mi. Tot icy developed
the fact on uoss-examlnatlon that lie
lcfiibed to assist in the boiler tooiu din
ing the strike and quit the company.
The foieinau, he .said, told him he
didn't know when he could give him his
job back and McCann look away his
vviiiium Hill who had a heading at
the Glassy Is-land collleiv nf tin. n x
H. company In Olyphant, claimed he
was Kitised leomployment because he
was ticasuier of the union. Ho ad
mitted theie were too many men at the
Glassy Island oien befoie the Mi Ike
and that at the end of the stilke the
foieman simply told him he had too
many men.
Prefeis Young Men.
Ueoige Tavler, an Hrle, aged
sixty, emit v.cik during the stilke lath
er thnn bo sworn In as a coal and Iron
policeman to protect tho company's
Pi opoity. He believed he was being
blacklisted because he had applied at
a number of places and couldn't get
woik. Major Wnuon biought It out
that tho witness, was GO years of age
and that the companies piefei young
men tor this position.
William Km ley, a D. & u. flieboss
from Pai.sons quit woik lather thun
keep In tho the 100111 nnd was lefused
le-employment. Mr. Toney adduced on
cross-examination that the witness
a Justice of the peace and had been per
niciously active in dealing with cases
ugalnst non-unionists.
James Allen, mi engineer at the
arnssy Island found a man In his place
when he went to look for le-employ-ment
after tho stilke. He tiled at two
other places and could not secuio woik
Thomas Wilson, a. fireman who sttuck
at the Old Forgo colliery of the I'enn
sylvnnla Coal Company was lefused 10.
employment. .Major Wnuen asked
questions Indicating that the company
m.-ut:Yi-u nun implicated ui the dyna
miting of a non-unionist's houso.
John Haldeisou, a laboier at Olyphant
,0, a collleiy of the D. & II, company
una mm m. me ciose ot ino stilke that
the company had too many men.
Daniel McMillan, u Pennsylvania Coal
Company sti liter, couldn't give any
reason for not being taken back. Major
Warren got him to admit that nt a.
meeting of tho .St. Aloylsus Temperance
society, he voted to expel a brother
member, Andrew llealey, who became a
coal and lion policeman in the employ
m me i-KiiiiByiuiiuu uoai company,
Samuel Mullen, tin expert heading"
man at the Ginssy Island was dis
charged the day after tho stilke be
cuuso he iefut'd lo take a "heading"
assigned to him by the foi email. Mr.
Tonev got the witness to admit that
the heading in question is boycotted,
but maintained lie did not 1 of use on
that account, but because of his health.
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A Republican and a Democmt Give
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Tho flist two ai tides In iho December
nuuibi-r ol tho Ninth Ameiicaii I!oiv
aro devoted to an examination, fiom two
points of view that of a PiostcshIvo Ite
publlcau and that ot u Jcffcisonlan Dom
ociat, icpiescnted by fwo able ami oml
milt vv i Iters whoso Identity Is not in
vented of tho nccoinpllsliinoiiU of "lrcs-
uieni iioosoveifs Kiist Year in Office."
lloth tho ProKiesslvo Ilcpiibllcau nnd tho
Jeffciboulnu havo appioached
the Hubbject and tieatcd It hi a temperate
and judicial splilt, ub-olutelj davnld of
paitlsnn animus, and tho judsments of
both, being based upon piluciplcH, v
eominund the seiluus attention of
thoughtful readois, Tho Itepubllcan nnds
iiiuuii io comiiieiiu m ino President s ap
pointments to ofllie. He says!
"Tho ivpo of publlo set Minn that li
being evolved Is not only an honest tvpe,
but avhlle, lobust type, Theio Is a good
deal of the piimnl mun In tho Pitslduut.
Ono can lendlly In Imuglnutlon put him
Into a neolithic environment. Some oim
hns recentlv likened him to, tho mvlh
Icnl Prometheus, who, for all ho wus a
god, had hiich humnii sympathies ami
Halts that ho was willing to endanger his
ino ami pis pieiogatlve to Bl'( llin to
nianklnd. Ho ha tho quality of htuu
In Its oiiglunl essence. And tho nun
whom ho selects am likely lo shnre, in
splilt If not In body, his ehurauteiistlcs,
havo only iccently hc.uil the eminent,
seliolntly Jtlllst whom he has iinminalpil
to tho Supreme Iieuch speak at slxty-llvu
of tho tleico Joy of snuggle, and remind
his youngeis that the lino of progiess In
morality, It not In physics, Is the lino of
greatest icslstance, especially nie these
valiant qualities to no found In thn.e
whom tho President Insists upon select
lug peiboually, tho inrumbents of the
most Impoitnnt and highest Pcderul of
fices. And, nntuially, they chnructeiizo
his cabinet. Thoso whom ho has chosen
are men of energy and executive capacity
as likely as their chlof to use1 tho causa
tive tutiue. I havo seen the sometime
Governor of Iowa at his tasks ut day.
lit oak. and he has can led theso sumo ng.
Ricsslve Induutilous habits Into the
iicasury. 'inere is, ir anv tiling, too little
Tho Jeffersonlnn Democrat thus sums
up his cstlmuto:
"What view, then, Is likely to bo taken
of Mr. Roosevelt's flist year hi ofllee by
old-fashioned Jcffersontan Demociats?
ills ticalnieut ot the Cuban ledpioclly
question, his foibcmunco (owuid Chliiu,
hi-, flim ndheioiui to the Mniuoe Doc
nine, ami his coullal attitude lownid
Ihihland will be applauded. Ills appu
entdeslie to levlso the inilft will bo enm
mended. Ills ultlniiite etlWbltlon of a
vlh to euili the mists thiough the e
eiclso of powcis conteiied bv the Con
stitution, nillnr than thiniigh a Consti
tutional Amendment will also be it guid
ed with appiovul. On the other hand, his
appointment of the- Antlnadte Commis
sion should bo looked upon by all lovcis
ut mil Pedeial Institutions, not onlv
with piolound icmct, but with severe
dlsnppiobatinu. It Is a Hist step In the
peiilous pathway that leads to the nssei
tlon of autociatic authoilty, an uit Hint
scoma destined to give the Ilonovclt Ad
iiiinlstiatlon .1 bad eminence in Ameilcnn
t2'?l--)-f.It.!i--.--. v2f f2 isl-. fit J rl ti. ?1 ! ?
& 4 4 41
Christmas Time
As we all know is for making others happy f
j ust now to ao u is tne question. Let us
suggest something. Make Xmas Gifts of some
of the articles mentioned below:
Repotting Disaster to the Biitish
Battleship Victoiia,
Fiank U Blaiiehaul ot the edltoilul
statt on the Now Toil; News iccently
dellveied a lectin o on "The Making
of a Newspaper1 under the auspices of
tho bonul of education of New Yoik
city In one of the public schools. He
len lug- to "beats," Mr. Uluuchiiul
"The gt cutest beat ot modem times
was when the New York World pub
lished ahead of any other paper on
em th the thrilling details of the sink
ing of the VIctoiln, the Hiitlsh battle
ship, off Tiipoll. it was known that
a gieat calamity had befallen tho Dilt-
Ish war vessel In 1893, for a brief no
tice had been sent to a paper hi South
Afilci and cabled fiom theio all over
the woild. The London cot respondent
of the Yv'oild detci mined to get the full
story abend of any other paper, lie
telegraphed the opei.itor of tho cable
station In Tiipoll that he would pay
him n tat go sum of money, naming thu
mnount, If lie would sennd him 2,noo
woids, giving the lull stoiy of the tiag
edy of the sea. Sevcial days later he
lecelved a message, signed by a
Kienchman, saying that he would send
Hie sloi, hut must have 500 on de
posit on tiling. Theio was no way for
tho London couespondenl to teleginnh
the money because the Turkish author
Hies ut the other end of the who would
not take money oideis over the vvlie,
so he took a long chance by telegiaph
Ing the Fienchmnn to raise tho money
If possible wheie he was and he would
make It good us boon as It could be
dispatched to him. There was soins de
lay, but by and by the messuge began
to pom In upon the London coucspou
dent, and so the Win Id pi luted the ihst
gt uphiii account of the loss of 3ir men
und olflceis that was given to tho civil
lzed v. oid, beating even the Loudon
- . .
Aitificinl Giaphlte. giaphllo siiltublo for uso In
had pencils und for other purpose Is nuw
being mado by subjecting u. coke made
fiom petroleum, and mixed with lion oto
to u hlsh heat In the ckctiiu tuiimcc.
A glance at unr show windows miiv sug.
gi st somotlilng ou had not thought ot.
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ciate their value.
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Only good things aio woith bujlng
wo have thorn hoie , ,
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Prices $1.00 to $1,75 ;,
Goods pin chased now will bu dellveied
Ninas evo 01 at any time d'slied.
Foote & Shear Co.
vvhhM 'hH t41f"l1ii f-f4t.
Job Printing
of Every Description, Neatly, Promptly, and Ao
curotcly Done at The Tribune Office. , . ,
. ir-jri pi;frrtirfiiu.
fr"rf. fMi-yrtgiTniirfi.) itinMiturfriWirriiifcf. rf.iiijBt'fti