The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 02, 1902, Page 7, Image 7

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Tho Modern Itardwnr Blore.
Of chopping food is a chop- V
ping bowl find knifo and a V
half hour's chop chop. y
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V"c will ulso send you a curd
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posit you make will draw Inter
est from date of deposit.
Tiv uslni? the mails you can
always be next door to the
Corner of Wyoming Ave
nue nnd Spruce Street,
P ti
O g o
S 2 i:
k 11.
3S b
c3 ii
" i s
5 -
5 h-
5 cm
gi. ww
-- -'.ay oo .t.
C ,- - .-, Li
Register Now
For the New Term In
The flardenbergh
of Miisic and flrf
Carter Building.
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City and School Taxes 1003.
Tho above tax duplicates aro now In
wy hands for collection.
!'. S. OARKKIt,
City Treasurer.
If the Press Can Be Taken to Be a
Reflector of Public Opinion There
Is Now No Regret at the Breaking
Off of tho Negotiations for on
Amicable Settlement of tho Mlno
Strike Operators Blundered but
Would Make a Bigger Blunder Not
to Correct It.
'i'oiluy tho initio strike commissioner!;
will urrlvo here and take up tho work
they loft oft ten days ago when a re
cess was taken for the purpose of giv
ing tho parties to the controversy op
portunity to effect tin amicable sottle
j'nonL of "nearly nil, If not all" the
matters In dispute.
Bishop Hpaldlnff Is expected to ar
rive this mornlnpr. IIo will continue
to be it attest of IJIshop Hoban during
the progress or the hearings. Judge
Gray, Colonel Wright and General
Wilson will probably come In the early
evening. Commissioners Clark. Par
ker and Watklns are In the city. Mr.
Clark's wife has come on from Cedar
IJnplds to visit him.
The commissioners will have a con
ference at Hotel .Termyn tonight to
hear from Messrs. Clark, Parker and
AVatklns, tho sub-committee appoint
ed to remain here to represent the
commission ns conciliators In the
peace negotiations.
Resume Hearings Tomorrow.
The hearings are scheduled to be re
sumed at 10 o'clock tomorrow morn
ing In the superior court room. No
tlellnlte detnlls ns to tho programme
to be followed have come to the sur
face, but It Is certain that tho parties
In Interest will renew the work in
hand with an expectation of no fur
ther halts for possible settlement "out
of court," and a determination to
thoroughly thresh out every question
involved in the controversy.
The breaking off of the peace nego
tiations seems to give general satis
faction to tho public if the newspapers
can be taken to be reflectors of public
"It is best for all that the president's
strike commission proceed as It start
ed and complete tho work for which
it was created. There were many
thoughtful citizens who preferred to
have the whole subject thoroughly
considered by the tribunal acting un
der the president's appointment. It
was a mistake from the public point
of view to attempt to settle the strike
'out of court.' Tho commission should
proceed with its inquiry. The com
mission exists for the purpose of set
tling the whole matter."
The above Is a composite expression
of editorials of leading papers of the
largo cities. At first there wore some
papers expressing regret at the fail
ure of tho negotiations but such ex
pressions are no longer heard. Every
body, it seems, is quite pleased now
that peace negotiations were broken
The Possible Exception.
If there is a smgle exception to this
rule, as there is said to bo to every
rule, that exception Is probably tho
miners' representatives. Hud the hear
ings ended with the adjournment ten
days ago, the minors would be in a
most favorable light before the public.
Their story of the case as told by Presi
dent Mitchell would stand without
refutation, or with only such refuta
tion as came from, the declaratory
"questions" of the coal companies'
counsel in their cross-examination, and
together with this advantage they
would obtain in all likelihood, in tho
matter of concessions, as much as tho
commission will allow them.
I5ut, be that as it may, tho recess did
no harm nnd possibly will result in
much good to tho miners. Tho commis
sion can not well give them less than
the operators offered in the tentative
proposition for amicable settlement.
The miners know they are going to get
something. This relieves them from
concern on the score of their possibly
being "non-suited." The operators havo
admitted liability. Now the only con
cern of the miners Is how much better
will they fare tit the hands of the com
missioners than if tho peace proposition
had not been withdrawn.
While It Is very generally conceded
the coal companies mado a false move
In making or acquiescing In the propo
sition for a settlement "out of court,"
there Is no one of their own number
heard saying it was not the part of
wisdom for them to coincide with the
views of the independent operators as
evnrpssed In thf Rtntpment rnn.l n'
Tuesday's conference in New York.
What It Would Mean.
To settle with the miners "out of
court," through President Mitchell of
tho United Mine Workers, would have
been to recognize the United Mlno
Workers' union as directly and effectu
ally as If they dealt with Mr. Mitchell
In his official capacity Instead of tho
capacity In which he would ostensibly
be acting representative of tho miners.
Recognition or tho union- Is tho one
thing above all others tho operators
want to avoid. They ran possibly avoid
It, or at all events avert It for n time,
by having tho commission decide he.
twren them and their employes. How
recognition and something more than
Indirect recognition could bo averted
If ti settlement wns effected through
Presidents Raer, Truesdale, Olypnant,
Fowler, et nl op the one side, and
Presidents Mitchell, Nlcholls, Duffy,
Fahy et al. on the other side has pot
as yet been explained.
What the commission will have to
say on the matter of the failure of tho
recess to accomplish its purpose will ho
attentively listened to, It Is Bafe to
say. As far as the commission Is con
corned, the record clears It of any re
sponsibility for the ten dnys' loss of
time, for tho record shows tho recess
was granted for tho solo purpose of
saving time. If the parties to the con-
Butter Tubs in good con
dition, Prjce 5c each. i
lot of jo or more, 3c apiece
Granulated Sugar, 20 lbs. for $1.00,
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avenue. "Phono TV.. Pionipt delliry.
New 'Phone 123
ETFh recital
St. Luke's Parish House,
This Evening, December 2.
troversy wasted this time In efforts at
accomplishing what It appears they
had no assurance was not nn Impossi
bility, the commission Is 'in no wise to
bo criticized.
Proceedings in Book Form.
Recognizing tho widespread Interest
taken alt over the country In tho tes
timony and argument before the An
thracite Strike Commission, The Trib
une will print In convenient book form
tho reports appearing In Its columns
from day to day, and will offer a limit
ed edition of copies for sale at $1 each.
The volume will consist of several hun
dred pages, eight by eleven Inches, and
will uppear as soon as tho commission
ers render their decision. Tho dally
reports In The Tribune miss nothing of
essential Interest and are tho fullest
and most accurate reports printed In
any newspaper. Orders should bo sent
to Tho Tribune now as the edition Is
liable to be exhausted.
He Will Build Retaining Wall at
No. 11 School Other School
Board Business.
At a special meeting of the board
of control held last night the follow
ing bids for the construction of u, re
taining wall at No. 11 school were re
ceived: M. J. Ruddy, $2,325; Peter
Slipp, $2,200; Woelkers & Blelman,
$2,3fl. Tho building committee took
the bids under consideration and re
ported forthwith in favor of awarding
the contract to Mr. Stipp. This wa3
done by the board.
Chairman T. J. Jennings, of the high
and training committee, reported that
It had been found impossible during
the last week lo secure a lower price
for either of the properties adjoining
the old Home for tho Friendless site
nnd on his motion definite action on
this matter was deferred until next
Monday night.
Chairman Langan, of the text book
committee, reported that upwards of
$5,000 should be transferred to the text
book account to pay outstanding bills.
It was decided by the board to apply
as much of the overplus of $12,000 in
this year's funds as may be required
to the payment of these bills.
Mr. Christmas registered a. kick at
tho slowness with which he alleges
Contractor Haggerty is proceeding
with the Installation of the heating
apparatus at No. 23 school and said
that several of the teachers have been
obliged to dismiss their pupils because
of the cold. The matter was referred
to tho building committee in conjunc
tion with Engineer Harris.
It was decided to put Venetian blinds
In both No. 8 and No. 11 schools.
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Dr. and Mrs. II. 11. Ware returned
from New York yesterday.
Miss Jessie Ditchhurn. of Carbondalc, Is
visiting Green Itidgo friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Valentino Bliss, of San
derson avenue, left yesterday for Now
York nnd Patcrsou, N. J.
P. P. Smith, of Mousey avenue, has re
turned from a southern trip which ex
tended as far ns Tennessee.
Mrs, Chase, wife of Attorney A. A.
Chase, left yesterdday to visit friends In
Buffalo, Berlin and Toronto.
Mr. and Mrs. Linton Pettehono and J.
W. 1'lcltard, of Cleveland, are guests of
Miss I.uella. Williams, at Hotel .Termyn.
Mr. A. P. Hodges, of Mulberry street,
leaves this morning for Henderson, N.
C. where he expects to spend some time.
Miss A. A. Affleck, proofreader of tho
Hartford, Conn., Times, Is visiting her
brother, Mallearrlor Allleck, oC lfi2."i Penn
Judge nnd Mrs, A. A. Vosburg havo
returned from Now York city, and while
there they attended somo of tho sessions
of the Arion Musical festival at Brook
lyn. Have you tasted FRUITED WHEAT?
Bachelor Apartments in the Y. M. C.
A. Building.
Applications are now being received
at the Young Men's Christian associa
tion ofllco for rooms in the building.
Prices $3 per month to $1S, according to
location. Rooms will be assigned In
order of application. Address, Secretary
Young Men's Christian nssoclntlon.
Have you lusted FRUITED WHEAT?
Dr. Llndahury, Surgeon, diseases o!
women a specialty, 215 ConneU bulldlmr.
Hours; 11 n. m. to p. m.; 7 to S.30
p. m.
Cigars Headquarters, Coarsen
Wo offer for next the 30 days
Cigars nt factory prices.
Bohico, Koy West Conchas, 5
for , '.'ju
Roslta. Koy West Conchas, 7
for , , , 2kj
Porto Rico I'anutcllaa and
fiicvns, T for .....,, .....23e
La Lucita, Key West, ."i for '.'3n
Persian Monarch, 0 for 23a
Monto t'rlsto, Koy West, 8 for,,,23u
Kl Morltn Con, Ksp., T tor 23t
Sweet Violets, 7 for 23o
Our Jewel und-Elsa, 10 for 23c
La Perfocto, J2.W box, U for 23o
La Saloin, Jt.73 box, 7 for ,23u
First Counaul, Key West Pana-
tcllaB, $3.90 box,
Flno Imported Clgurs, .10 for J5.00.
Largest assortment of lino import
ed and Key Wost Cigars in tho
E, G, Goursen,
420 Lackawanna Ave.
iiiifniniiiiii r--ir"
uhMna r
R 7ft
Hearing Conducted Yesterday by
Referee M. W. Lowry In tho
Office of City Solicitor.
M. W. Lowry, sitting as referee In
the case of George W. Jenkins against
tho city of Scranton to recover salary
as delinquent tax collector up to and
including July of this year, conducted
a hearing yesterday afternoon in City
Solicitor Watson's ofllco.
It will bo remembered that Mr. Jen
kins sued for three months salary orig
inally and that tho Supreme court sus
tained his contention and awarded
lllm a verdict for the amount asked.
IIo is now suing to recover for the
thirteen months beginning July 1, 1001,
and ending July 31, 1002, alleging us
he does that lie was not formally re
moved until the latter date. At yes
terday's hearing ho was represented
by Former Judge J. W. Carpenter,
while City Solicitor Watson looked af
ter tho city's Interests.
Mr. Jenkins was sworn and testified
that during the thirteen, months for
which ho is suing ho was never for
mally removed from ofllco either by
word of mouth or by letter. Former
Recorder James Molr took the stand
and testified that acting under tho
powers invested In him as recorder
lie appointed Mr. Jenkins as delin
quent tax collector on April 1, 1001.
The hearing will be continued this
Mr. Jenkins has never performed
tho duties of delinquent tax collector,
these having been performed since
Scranton became a city of tho second
class by the city treasurer. The or
dinance providing for a. re-organization
of the city government provided
for a consolidation of the office of city
treasurer and delinquent tax collector,
but Recorder Molr ignored this and
appointed Mr. Jenkins. The city holds
that the formal appointment of for
mer City Treasurer Robinson ns delin
quent tax collector by Recorder Con
neU constituted a removal ofJenk!ns
tinder tho generally accepted principle
that the appointment and qualification
of a successor to a man in office ren
ders his title to the ofllco void.
Bolick Andrepski Couldn't Furnish
81,200 Bail.
Bolick Andrepski, of 022 Mineral
street, was arrested yesterday on four
separate charges. He is accused by
August Spencer of stealing an overcoat
and by Nifa Folkn with tho theft of
an umbrella. These men formerly
boarded with Andrepski at -12!) Ray
mond court and allege that ho stole
the articles from them there.
Mrs. Julia Rogers and Mrs. Paulino
Nayuk, two boarding housekeepers,
who allege that he folded his traps and
silently stole away, arrested him for
defrauding them. Magistrate Millar
committed Andrepski to the county jail
in default of $300 bail In each charge.
To the Republican Voters of the City
of Scranton.
A Republican primary to elect a Re
publican candidate for the olllce of
city recorder and ward vigilance com
mittees will be held on Thursday, Jan
uary 15, 1903, at the regular polling
places between the hours of -1 and S p.
m. Candidates for tho nomination for
city recorder must register their names
with C. K. Chittenden, 319 Lackawanna
avenue, on or before Dec. 20. 1902, and
pay the assessment levied on or before
December 27, 1902, if their 'names are
to be placed on the ticket. The city
committee earnestly requests that all
nominations for ward and election of
ficers be held nt the same time and
place, the vigilance committee running
a separate box.
C. E. Chittenden, Chairman Republi
can City Committee.
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Miss Xe Vay nt Hotel Jermyn.
Tuesday, Dec. 2, with advanced styles
In mid-winter millinery and fancy stock
Announcement. '
Mrs. R. Bloom, representing B. Mon
golles, of No. 72U Broadway, New York,
will be at Hotel Jermyn Tuesday, Dec.
2, with a full line of lino furs and Per
sian Jackets at wholesale prices. Room
John Godmosel, tho popular barber,
formerly with Grllllth. has accepted n.
position with A. II. Young's now bar
ber shop, -13:5 Spruce street, where his
old friends will find him with every
convenience for doing llrst-class work.
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i i
I ' HAIJjgttlE
A avc 0 JPRUC& ST M
?jj tf t A? A? Jt! &'.A:JlLLJl!.ZtJtLA!.AlJllJt.&J$?
Vordlct of Not Guilty Taken In Ono
nnd a Nol Pros. Entered in Anoth
er of tho Two Bribery Cases
Against E. J. Maloney Nol Pros,
in tho Caso of Obstructing Justice
in Which S. E. Waylantl Was De
fondant Thomas Bribery Case to
Bo Nol Prosscd.
In quarter sessions court yestor
duy, an end was brought to the two
cases In which 13. J. Muloney wits
charged with bribery and the case In
which S. E. Wnyland wns charged with
obstructing justice. Today will prob
ably see an ending also of the caso In
which Simon Thomas Is charged with
AVlth the ending of these four cases
will end the prosecutions In tho big
scandal connected with tho curly at
tempt at passing tho Lackawanna Tel
ephone ordinance.
Maloney was lobbyist for the rival
company. Wnyland was manager of
tho Lackawanna company. Thomas
was ono of the councllmcn alleged to
have been bribed to vote against tho
new company.
Tho first case against Maloney had its
inception in a finding of the grand
jury In 1900. There were stories afloat
of illegal lobbying for nnd against the
passage of the new company's fran
chise. The grand jury mado an inves
tigation and ono of the councllmcn
summoned before them, F. W. Zizel
mann, who was then representing tho
Eight ward in common council, testi
fied that Maloney had offered him
money to vote against the new com
pany. Maloney was Indicted.
Were Investigating.
Tho Municipal league about this time
was secretly Investigating city hall and
with the aid of a clever detective
named Harris, succeeded in unearthing
evidence enough to compel a dozen
councllmen to resign und make partial
restitution for money illegally received
by donations to charitable Institutions.
In the course of the hearings, Select
Councilman Simon Thomas admitted he
had received money from Maloney and
another Indictment was found against
the latter for bribery. Thomas was
also Indicted for accepting a bribe.
The case against Wayland was the
result of his refusal to answer certain
questions bearing on the bribery
charges, when he wns a witness in the
drag-net Inquiry before Alderman Ful
ler. The four cases were put on the list
one term after another, but the ab
sence of Maloney, who left the country,
resulted In their being continued.
After wandering through Canada and
then through Europe, Maloney returned
to this country broken down in health
and' mentally unbalanced. He is now
In the Hillside home.
Agreement Reached.
When all the circumstances were laid
before the prosecutors, an agreement
was. arrived at to let the cases drop.
Accordingly a verdict or nol guilty
was taken yesterday in the case In
which Maloney was charged with at
tempting to bribe Zlzclmann, and a nol
prosse was entered In tho case In which
Maloney was charged with bribing
Thomas and the case In which Wny
land was charged with obstructing jus
tice. The case In which Thomas Is charged
with accepting a bribe Is on the list for
today and In all likelihood will bo nol
Output of D., L. & W. Colleries Over
1,500 Cars on Saturday.
The highest number of tons or eoal
ever mined in one day by the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western com
pany was reached on .Saturday last
when 1,531 cars were mined nnd pre
pared for shipment.
Tho company's mines are bolus
worked to their capacity and while tho
supply of coal Is not equal to the de
mand, all orders are belnsr filled as
rapidly as uossible.
Sale of Christmas novelties at Hotel
Jermyn, Wednesday, Thursday Und Fri
day, December 3, -1, 3. Mrs. Redlck. of
Pittsburg, Pa.
Dr. If. 1$. Ware 1ms returned, Board
of Tiade building.
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Paine's Celery Compound
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disease and suffering. Palne's Celery
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ousness and physical cxhuustlon. It
builds up the weakened nervous .sys
tem, makes tho blood pure and rich,
'establishes a perfect action of the
heart, gives natural sleep and di
gestive vigor.
Lucy Regnhulez, -IS Abasoto St. Mon
terey, Mexico, who wns In a critical
condition of health owing to nervous
suffocation, wns providentially saved
by Palne's Celery Compound after vain
attempts to procure a euro with other
medicines; she writes us follows:
"I feel very grateful for the good
which Palne's Celery Compound has
afforded me. Before using It I had
been suffering for somu lime from
nervous suffocntlon which prevented
me from sleeping, speaking, or eittlng.
If I attempted to take a meal, I was
obliged to stand In order to breathe.
After the use of various remedies
which brought no relief, my uncle,
Mr. DIas, advised mo to try Palne's
Celery Compound, which 1 did, nnd
found, immediate relief. I took six
bottles of it and now I am completely
cured, thanks to tho Compound."
Children's clothing, hats.
ribbons, feathers, stockings,
dresses, nnd suits for children
can be made new again with
Direction book and !." dyed samples
lington, Vt.
We have received
R. E. Prendergast
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