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    ' y,
The News of
Nenrly Thiee Thousand Pntlehts
Have Been Tiented nt Emergency,
Hospltnl Since Its Institution Nine
Yenis Ago "A Yenv of Dlfllciil-
tles" Snys Hon. S. S. Jones, tliet
Hospital Hornet's Piesldent, In His
Itepoit Also "A Year of Timely
Helps" The Hepoit for the Year
Just Ended.
W'llilt u blessed I'.h Id Cuibolldule'o
splendid cli.ti lt . Uiiieiuoiiey hospital,
bus been In this community vlnee Its
Institution nlii" .voti i itRO, Ii hinted
nt In tin' lopoit ul I Inn. S. S. Jinn."',
president of tin- boaid of rtlioi'lois,
.which has luil been submitted.
, "To niuliitnlii It," unsi Mr. Jones,
"is to labor fur liunuinlty, and
bus been iiinmipllnlifd rtiuiiiff the nine
.veins since Kiui'iBiMK-y hospital was
opened Is hi evidence, not only upon
Hie books of locoiil, but III Hip Ri-atP-Htl
In-ill Is nt neaily three thouwind
'pei font who lniM' biin taiert lot in
this Institution. "
This wlntuiietil ul" fni't ioincs ti
jvood deal moio lliiin tilt' public tan
eomptehetid, or any one who Is not In
thiiutely associated with the woik.
Hut II ilauit's (.mi tninty uuyililiiK,
the .statement that patients m tho
number ol iicmly oni-qttai tor ot the
pioseiit population of Cm bond. Ho hao
I'titinil a liaten nt iet mid foinfoit and
health in this homo Tor llic Mck and
liiiiued, oimlit to awaken an applet in
tliui of this '-hailty thai ulll manifest
Itbelf in a ueneious 1 espouse 10 tlio
apiieal for funds tin .itliilllnnnl bullrt
ItiKS madi' Hulls- iiei osuy by the
lui'icasliiir needs nt tlio ioiiiiiiunlt.
Tho' .ulllaiy boaid shutes
In ii Iiiirp iiiiMsiiio of Hi. ml;-, fioni the
diieclois for tlio t'lllclpul woik of the
past e.n, and Miss Flomneo I'..
Wright, tht' supeiliitcndeiit. Is ptolli-d
lor lift l.tithiul anil oinpetoiit weak,
"ahout whom." sas Iho lepoit, "too
jiiiipIi (iilinot In? --aid."
The lopoit of tin- wiit'tai.N, M. I''.
Noiton, l e lew s Hip woik of Hie yen,
show Ins a total ot neuilv. tour
liundipil patients weie tieatPd dtuliif,'
thp .par. Of this niiiiibor only eight
weio unlmpiovcil. 'I'Iip lpptut Is oup
which pciy i ilizpn should and
ponder ovei, fin it ollcis a sood deal
for the lonsidfi.itlon of Kind, tliouttht
ful peit-ous.
The rcpni I of the pie-ldeut and of
the secictai iollow:
The President's Hepoil.
'I'lic join niltd Octohci ,!l, 1'i".' Ins In to
ii pciiuil of Hill ailhil In hospit il wink
and thp lesiilts. In ovidiiiio ale ssiatllN
iiiK. U lias bi uii a jo.a i f illtlii ullii s ami
tin Mills iiiciiloiil In niuiiiliiliillig an In--titiilirm
of Ibis c Imi .u lei , but It lias
Iipcii also a jo.n lull of ilmelv In Ips, as
sill. dices ill .ill lucli.iscil pel .on 1 1 illte'-
i'sl In tills (li.ullj. To the liulics who ale
iiiy.inli il us tin aiiliui ho nil, imuh
pialse is due Thai Llllrieut woil , lias
not onlv piocri a iciil lit 1 1 in tile way
ol lliiaiu ial LiniU lliution--, but t In hue
lonileied nliia)jli usMst.uuc In liittci
niPlits, lA pioldhiK Iiiueli in i (led equip
ments In ilin v.u Inns ilep u liiicnl-
notably the appllnni i and liMines loi
tlio npeiatlns loom. To llnii' illoit-,
"donation dnj, h.i- lutoine a Itatuie ol
the smjiIv. To tho imps uf si,t-;,.(ius ,t(l
ph facialis, who niiioiiui'-h ie tluii
1lmo and piofe-slou.ii seniles to Hie In
mates, oiii Hi inks nie beie offPieil L
appieciute tilth sc.nlips and we nnlj
oile the Kiatitiule ot those iho hate
bei n undet lif.itnicnl at tills hospital.
Too minli iiuuiol be s.ilil ol our laltb
ful and competent supoilutuiileut, Jls
V. II. "Vllnllt, and bei i ol ps of mil so--and
in lact all the cmploMs hate Klen
e'.ldeiue ol tbclc inteiist in llicir litiois
Tho Delnwaio and llodsou eompanv's
lontiibutlou ot .i)(i amumllx is a ku.u
help, and toiinibiitloiis of coal Horn Ha
Jliie lonipun, the T tuple lion 1 0111-pauj-
and the NViv Yoi U, Outiuiii and
Wehtctn Jtillioail Lomranj aie tiult ap
pieclatpd. Hmiltfr the past e.n Hie lietliiineut
tint! lepalis line n(iiiied an outln ot
$",KiS.7l, whii h Kpiiscnts ncnilj ow
fuiutli tlio total eol ol in linteiiailip
Only Midi woik has ppen done as them
wn.s actual nctcssltv for ,ml tilde e.
nialiis nitiih in the sutne line Hint will
need attention duiiiiK the picscui voir,
To meet the; demiiud, upon tin
institution, it will In; iiici'smiuv to pio
vlcln additional biilldlnss. Tin- neids hi
tliulo, n homo building In ouler Hint
the lllnpr and hlocplni; looms tor,
and all emplove.s. he piovidul in a M-p.
niuto stun tin e, and, second, a pavilion
lor lontiiRlous diseases. Tills will moiii
a eoiibideiablu oiitlaj. The IpkIsI.iUup
will be nsked to aid, anil the neonle w
bo appealed to loi i oiitiibullons, This Is
n public cliniitj; It Is tho people's char
ity. It Is a. bouse whoo doois ale open
to tlio uftllcleil nnloi lunate To tnnln
taln It. Is to labor tor humanity and
what has been atiomplislied dm Ins Hip
nlnu j-eais hIiico tlniPigeney Iiosplttil was
opentil, is In uvldi nee, not only upon tliu
liooks ot leeord. but ill the Kiatolul
lienrts ot neaily Hnie tliouand iieibims
who hno been eaiul tor in this institu
tion, s, s .lonrn
The Secietaiy's Eepott.
Hecilitts nnd oxppuilltuies of the Car
hondalo Hospital nsoclatlon fm j on t euil
Ins October III, VK2:
Htuto npinopilutlou jc.i'iaw
J). &U.'Co donations s.'3 ft)
Seiious Failure of 3ody Comes fiom
, Ln,ck of a Good Grinding' Mill.
"A few jujis ujjo jrotlnr hud her
iQoth-'all taken outf 1ioi1iik In that
wuytoTi)(leye heis Hiiitfiihifr, hut tall.
Hi, and It left her kuius mi bcuHtHQ
hut tho wcailng of rulso teeth or tho
jnoper nuiBtlllcutlou of food - (i t
Ifluaily Inipobslhlo, mi that lit tliu
Bptlntj of 1901 hh tailed tapiilly, nihnl
and body both Kjvlng way and for
many weeks llto and iPtiruu weio de
ejmlred of,
STAt orte call of her ph.vcli Ian ho sald
the nbboltttely must tako nioio noui
Uhment, bomotlilng eatlly dlKestcd,
5ry',Glape.utH, I linmodlatelj oh
gilneU a package, preputed .somo with
Bood, rich cieain, and fed her Uoin a
ijaBpoon, She lieffun to take a icgu.
aily and likea tho food no well hhu
'jjould ask between thno.s if we had
gpy repdy f"r ,,el' SU) hegau to im
prove 'at once,
It Is now three months since she be
gun eating the food. She has fully re
covered her health, looks better and is
Itfcshler and stronger mentally nnd
physically, than for many months pie
IouB. ,
Kprape-Nula furnlnhed (ho "iioiulsh
ment for her thut it eeemed impossible
fij get fronuany olhe kind of fqod."
Namo Klvn by lostuni"Co., Battle
Cuck, Mlth,
N'UIHIS Hpnltes , , Pil'iJ
W'nnieu's boa Id iinumaeis,, ,,, ,, 1')t M
TIlMlll.Hfthllu; iloiiiltloitH I'hllH'lieii ill 'A
Supplies Hold I 'I til
1'ald ihiiIpiiIh , ,. ... L'.TIUTI
nni s-t
Dtds and beddbiK i" 1.1 SS
llroonis and IntlMli"? 1IW
IXpirm mid calliiHe 1'J I . I
Drj Roods 40 "0
Klstin trt ;Vi n"
I'ltllt and M'Kt'tiibliM T !!
I'm' I 4lH Dl
l.'lllllHlllius 71 M
Cboeelles Hi! PJ
lie pii! CO
llisilt mice ifi l)
tuteiest (Hit)
l.ll-'lillnu: L-f.l 13
I'alntliiK 'jii,t
I'iIuIIiik: ami Htatioui'iy IT ,",
VluinbhiK ."'I Hi
I'iovIsIoiim 1,1.0 '7
.Medical saippllts ,Vil ,S7
llepalr and leiiewuls fi!J Ss
SuikIciiI Hiipplles :;ill 'l
Salailes, Htippihunnilgnl TUI1!
Hulaijcs ninsrs port tr
H.ilailos, i mployes l.lnl vJ
Iteinodelltm oppuitlm; lonin ST! HO
KelllodellllK moigllu 17J 00
Htm in wlndiiWH foi bulldliij; Us wl
Kiel Hiring plant lor opeiatlm;
looni 1.", OS
.Mnklmr diltcway bit w
I'm bhiB mid .sidewalk Mid
liHlobtedntsy, Oct. ."1, 1PUI i.S7 J '
OiiNtandlnif oi'i.'is Oct ,:i, itnj .. huTj"
1H. Ill SI
IlidebtediK us $ 171 CI
Ninubei ot puflciilH heated dm lug
tlio eui In-patients, Sill; out-
patlontH, 7.' :,ss
-KKlei?ato iiumbei' ot das p,i
tleilts wcio suppoited dining tho
M'a I 71 Tti
Ammjkp tost ut mi h In-patient
p.'l week . , $7'i"i!i-t0
Ateiae i est uf nut-pitleiil pei
wet k II
.Mcdlial Sill Kb al
Cas(s ( 'imps.
ItmiM lid l'i 17
lnipioed s J7
rnlinpioM'il A I
I'iut in )o
lteiiialnhis- I J i
.'", ill
l'alltlils illsch ngeil ihlllng the je.n:
Iti-patlcntK 'i1
(Illt-pIltlelltS l'i
Patients iniili'i lii.itinenL at the end
ul the cai :
lu-P itieiitH J7
out-patli nt- a ::
Iti il e-iiiu., Iniiiiilliig biiildiiiKr. . J-'Uil nl
Peisonal iiiopcitj' I Vi"i VI
Itcspettfull stibinlllifl.
-M. P. Xoiton Si ci Pint j.
( '.n bond tie. Pa., Nov. is, I'm.:.
i. the uiulcislpni d anilitois, hive e
aiiiiued the actiiiuits foi the C'uibondnk; association lot the e n ending
Oi tobci .il, I'WJ .mil ipul tlioin coins t as
aluiM' spl tm Hi
II. P Illlike I W lliiiiiplurj S. It
.Mills, Amlltois
William Scull, a Membei ot Davies'
Post, Answeis the Last Roll-Call.
William Henll died at ." o'clock Mon
d.i nioinlin, at Ills late home. So. 31ti
SV'ioud stiiH't. .leiiuyn. The iuneial
lite-, .tie to begin at :: p. in., Wednes
da. Plum the house the deceased
will be talfii to the Methodist Kps eliiiKb, .mil then sUt vices will
be tonducted bj rtev. M. I). Fuller.
Hy tlie dentil ol C'omiade Scull our
local (liauil Ann post loses another
membei who snw mm h service din
ing tlie time lojal men .eie in aims
toypiotett mil Hag.
Ciiniiumider Mct'oinb leuuests all
nitnibois ut U.nies' post to sliow their
lespeti foi t'oininandc'r Scull b- al
lending the limetal. ('unnades will
meet at post mom ut I o'clock, and
hy tiollcy they ulll gu to Jeiniyn. H
was a leanest niiide by Poiniado Scull
that old soidieis would act as an es
i'oic and sei ve as pallhe.nei.i at his
Deceased was a membei of Company
K, IIIeeiuh Pounsylvanla cuuilij-.
lie joined l)u ies' posl mer twenty
jeais ago, and lived to see neatly
seventy-two yeais. On Xov. 2S he
was prostrated bv tho thiid siinke of
paialvsls, io jis nun lied on Oct. it,
IS'tl. to .Mis. lOll'alieth .Mm ton. i pilot
ol Thomas .Mm ton, who suiives hint.
Intel mont will lie in Jeiniyn temetei.v.
The Consequence Was a Disastious
AVieck on the Eiie.
ic'iaise the ciow on an Klie coal
tialn had no lime to send out it ilag
iniiii to watu an oncoming Pelawaie
and Hudson tiain of similar make-up,
ytsteulay morning, there was a bad
mil-end tolllwiou neat tlie .N'oithuen
An Kile Haiti that was coming south
cmssed over to gel out of Hie wny of
fast passenger ttalu Xo, 1 on Hie Dcl
.iwnto and Hudson noith-bouud. Tlio
other title train that was behind did
not havp time to soiul out a tlagman
betnio the Deluwme and Hudson coal
ttalu, with llngineer I.awiome Melvin,
tame pulling tip tho hill, Melvln saw
the cnbooj-e. ol tho tialn in fiont of
hint, intt he could not stop, Seeing
that a, i rash was Inevitable, hu
jumped, and Just in time lo bo pie
.sened fiom tleatli, perhaps, as the
cab of IiIh engine, No. 29.', was torn
olf when It ploughed into tlio Ihio
train, and was practically demolished,
Mejvin Mtstulned n painfully wiouchi'd
shottlilcr, ScNt'itteon cats weio wrecked
and ttalllc was IntPtitiptrd foi most
of the day,
.IOI1X U. MALAY, of Ppper Canaan
stteot, died jestt'tday minnlng at H.iiO
o'clock after it two weeks' attack of
tho gip
Tho iiei eased was a nntHe ami life
long icsldent of.ihls city. He was bom
foity-ono cuts ago. For u lung time
ho had been puiplojed at the "Wilson
Puck mine nt tlie Dclawato nnd Hud
sou i oinpauy. Mi. .Malay w.u a mem
ber nl the Ancient Onlet of Hlbeiulans,
and was held In tho highest esteem. He
Is sutvUed by UH wile, six sous: Hd
watd. David, William, Joseph, Daniel
and John Malay, of this city, and four
lnother.s, Daniel and Joseph, or this
citj ; IMtt Ick, of Dunmorit, and Kd
waid, of Michigan.
CHHSTDR Al'STl.V, (he one jeai and
four months old sou of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Oianvllle died yesteiduy morn
ing after a Jnlet attack of measles.
School Board Divided Over the Elec
tion of Night School Teachers.
Tlie Carbondale school boaid Is again
deadlocked. But this is not a new ex
perience In Its history. This time It Is oh
the choice of a night school teacher.
P. M. Drenniin and '1'homns W. Loftus
ate the randlilatc?. ISnch has three
votes. Tho board will meet again Sat
urday to break the deadlock, If possi
ble. The tliRt business transacted wits a
motion inadp by Mr. Copeland for seven
now fiiblnpts for tho mtinual ttalnlng
idea. It was seconded by Mr. CIullu
gher nnd tho cabinets were ordered
from J. C, Downp, who was piesonl nt
the meeting,
The board then ngieed upon Ihu trees
at No, 3 school.
The question of starting night school
wns then brought before the board. Tho
directors agiccd to open the school
next Monday evening In the Central
The following teachers wete nomin
ated for the position: Thomas W. Lof
tus and Patrick M. Hrennnn. The vote
was: Lottus Gallagher, and Vananj
Utentnin I3vans, Coppland nnd Klr
wln. As It takes four votes to select a
teacher, the boaid adjourned till next
S.i tin day evening.
Plain, Vlgoiotts Expression of Opin
ion fiom One of the Faculty of Mil
let svllle Normal School at Opening
of Carbondale City Tenchers In
stitute Yesterday Should Teach
Less nnd Teach It Mote Thorough
ly Fcntmes of the Flist Day of
the Institute Other Talks by Miss
Lauia Hagaity and Dr. Thompson.
Happy chcumstanccs surtounded the
opening session ot tho unnuul institute
of ih C'atbondale tjlj school teacheis
In the Cential school building etei
day afternoon. Nutuie was exceeding
ly kind In the splendid day Hint Invit
ed one lo go alnoad and when the
tciichtrs wete assembled they found de
lightful envlumincnts in the le-dopor-ottd
u utl lelitinlslied itsseinbly mom,
Thougli tlie changes made since last
jear weio not numeious, they were
pleasingly effective, combining to make
the meeting plate of the week attract
ive and cosj', iheei I ul and lestful.
Thei was the oustoiuat.v delay on
the opening daj, so Hint it wns past
Z o'clock when City Superintendent of
Schools ninier II. (birr called the In
stitute to in del. Pel Imps the talk of
gi palest public inteiest and which
stitick a popular ihoid, judging fiom
the adveisp ciitlclsm generallj, was the
last addiess of the session, by Prof.
Ueoige Hull, ol the society of Jlilleis
11Ip State chool, Insttuctor of
liuitlieinalics in that Instutlon.
Pi of. Hull's subject was "Higher
Mnthematlus," but befoie he entcted
into Its discussion, he said, by way of
piefacp. some pointed things about the
met looked eiiiikulum of schools. "We
are teaching entirely too much ai Ith
metio and too much nnilhoinatlcs, pm
tlculaily aiithmetlc. Il .sti Ikes me quite
foiclltl.v that In some paits of our stale
theie Is an endcavoi to deal out too
much. And I would include for that
ailthmetic and mathematics. It Is a
sad lact Hint tlieie Is any notion that
can gel a boy ready for life quicker than
our own (ounliy. tv would seem to
mo that a boy bote In C'atbondale with
all tlie school advantages that he has,
could be leady to take up life's battle
as soon as n lad nbioad. But this is not
so. Fuller tlie Itiitish flag the j'outh
is ready for lite two jeais quicker than
one of ouis. An analysis of study of
tlie Fngllslt sj'stetn would lead to tlie
conclusion that the best stiength of
education is to teach a few things and
teach them more thoioughlj-. The nivis-tei-
of one subject gives tlie .phlt that
leads to the masteij- of evety subject."
Pi of. Hull then i elated a peisonal ex
peiltnce that clcai lj' illustrated his
point. After lp.ulng school, he decided
to be a farmei, though he knew noth
ing about fanning. Theie was nothing
for him to sow but tin nip seeds and he
sowed them in plenty. Soon lie had a
bed of growing turnips. Adls-ers, who
know about fanning, laughed at him
and warned him that he would have no
turnips unless he weeded out the
crowded bed. He affected a supeilor
knowledge nnd forbade tliprn to carry
out theii pioposed weeding process.
Wheni tlie tin nip harvest time came,
Pi of. Hull said he found he had no
turnips, but a bed full of half giown
This taught him a lesson: That he
was sowing too much seed and leuping
no haivesl. In evety school subject It
is wisdom, lie declined, and it pays
abundantly to find out the cntdinul, the
fundamental pilnelples, and teach them
lnitlitully and thoroughly. This wns
the keynote of his talk, and he illus
ti.ilcd the point by a number of es
. unities,
Pi of. Hull also paid a beautiful HilA
ul" lo niotheis and incidentally gave a
hint to these patents to attend the ses
sions, width It would leitninly be lo
llielr pioilt to act upon.
"I do not see the best teat hers hmo
today," he said, Theie was a ilppltt of
exclamations, but Piof, Hull anticipat
ed this
"That may appear as einbaiiaslug,
but still think you will agteo with
me. I leter to the motheis of jour
"Tho inotlur In the home Is the best
teai licit'. The leason lor this Is thut
she alone po-sesses the gient element
of the teacher. The fundamental Idea
fiv the gieat teacher Is tin, love of the
pit-nt. Tlio history of tho woiid over
and thiough all ages Is that the men
with Hip blggpst hearts wpip the best
teacheis. Co way back in history to
tlio Miistiu. Hp was it stoat leaehei,
becaiisp he loved his disciples. Thomas
Arnold, at Ilugby, wns one of the gient
est teachers, and why? Ilecnuse of his
hue for ills pupils When they would
leave him lo go to Oxford, ho would
supply them each with a set of bonks,"
Thote weia other Intel estlng and vol
ulile talks, preeeedlns that of Pi of,
Hull, Miss J.auin I). Hagaity was the
Hi. st speaker.
Miss Hagaity comes tiom the tench
pis' (milling school nt, Iluffalo, N. V
and had the additional lecommeuda
Hon of wide epeiieure in Intel state
woik tluoughout the country. Pho up
penis to have a good deal of reset o
(nice, a pleasing aUo and a slticeie ad
iliess that leaillb engaged tho teacheis'
attention mid held their inteiest
Miss Hiigmtj depleted language as a
help to unfold the dllne that Is In tho
child. It Is not only uecessaiy to tench
the child how to lead, but It Is neces
sary to teach him what to read. Vic
ious llleiatiiro leceived u stiong con
demnation fmm the speaker.
Di Thompson, of Jeisey City, an
author of text books on dtitwlng, gave
an interesting Illustrated talk on ele
mentary drawing.
Tho institute will re-open at 9.S0
o'clock this forenoon. Tho programme
of the two sessions is as follows:
Ten Months of ence After Dreadful
Opouitlons me bctomlng u fad; evpry
young man, as soon as he Is graduated
rtotn n ineillchl college, considers him
self capuble ot undertaking the most
set lotts and complicated surgical work,
nnd hundteds of lives ttic sucrlliccd
iinntinlly to this mnd frenzy of Incom
petent men, to tush Into wot It which
should only be undertaken ns a hist lr
boi t, nnd theiuonly by tho most exper
ienced nnd careful surgeons.
It Is n pleasure, In view of thce facts,
to rend tho following letter from n
woman who hns been saved fiom one of
these dangerous opetatlons: "I know
1 should have infoimcd you long ago
lcgarellng my case of piles nnd the good
done me. nnd I believe I am cttied.
Last December 1 sent for your book, f
have never been bothered since then,
nnd before I had suffered for the Inst
eleven years, nnd nt the time I wrote I
had given blilli to a child, nnd they
panic down with the delivery of this
child by tho handful. 1 could not get
tliPtti back nnd I suffered everything;
nnd the doctor sold nothing but nil op
eration would over relieve he; but I
lead of your remedy In our dully news
paper nnd I told ' my husband to get
me n box and I would give It a trial
before consenting to the knife, and
thanks bo to your wonderful medicine,
r was saved fiom the operating table.
"Kvery person suffering from piles
that my husband and myself hear ot,
we recommend your wonderful medi
cine, I just used one $1.00 box of Pyi ti
mid Ointment nnd two boxes of Pyra
mid Pills, nnd I was, I hope, completely
euied. If they ever show the slightest
return I will certainly get some mote
medicine, but I baldly think I will need
any mote, for It will be a your the Sth
dnj' of December since T had them and
that makes ten months nnd past now.
Thanking you again and wishing j-ou
abundant success, I remain, Mis, S.
Hodgson, 10i V. Htli street, Dps
Moines, Iowa."
Pyiamid Pile Cine Is sold bj- diug
gists for fifty cents a package or will
be mailed to nny address upon lecelpt
ot pi lie, by Pyiamid Drug Co., Mar
shall, Mich. Wilte this film for little
book describing the cause and cine of
It. 10 Advanced Mathematics.
Pi of. (Jeoigo Hull
t" SO Dl awing lr. Thompson
11.10 Dleinenliuj" Language,
Miss Lam. i D. Hagaity
1 ,0-.M uslc.
1 ID Diaulng Dr. Thompson
L' .0 Dlemcnlaiy Language,
Miss Lama D. Hagaity
.: 00 Music.
.! lu Advanced Mathematics,
Pi of. Oeoise Hull
Mn) Otchcstra.
S 10 Vocal Solo Miss Rpglni McCabo
S Pi-Lecture, " Tlio Man of Galilee."
lion. Geoi go It. Wendlluj
Brockwny Jubilee Singeis Enteitain
n Big Audience.
The fiiockuny, or Slnyton Jubilee
singeis entertained an immense audi
ence at the Grand last night. It was
the flist number In the Institute
couise and was highly satlsfactoij'.
There weie seven coloied singeis,
four male and tin op female. They
hud a ptogramine that was vaiied
enough. They sang camp meeting
songs, lag-lime selections nnd gae
imitations of chiming bolls, twlng
twanging ot banjos, and the like, that
gteatlj' pleased ami won enthusiastic
applause. Theie was consldetnbie
comedy sandwiched In with the sing
ing. The audience might have sat for
seetal houis longer would the cndtti
ante of the colored folks permit. They
certainly had good nntute enough.
Tonight Hon. George IS. Wendling,
it lecturer of national reputation, will
offer a ticat to the pations of tin
Tunes to Whistle.
"Tlie Chaperons," which will be at the
Giantl Fiiday night, Is famous for its
catchy songs. Theie is "Sambo," Hva
T.inguay's inimitable coon song, "A
Gentle Touch," in which Trlxle Fil
ganzu joins; "The Little Maid Who
Couldn't .Say No," simg by sweet Sally
Fishei : Walter Jones' side-splitting
ditty, "Somehow It Made Me Think of
Home," nnd ntimbets of otheis; but of
all the songs pet haps the one that has
most neaily reached the fleeting lm
moitality of the stieet ballad Is the solo
and chotus, "We'ic All Good Fellows."
It was whistled and hummed last sea
son wherever the play was given, and
It is equally pievalent now.
A Fine Exhibit.
MI.-S Delia Ohumaid's china exhibit
at the home of her sister, Mis,. A. L.
Pattdsou, on Lincoln avenue, atttacted
a host of loveis of this m tlsUcalJy dpct
or.itcd wate jestcrday. The exhibit Is
a lam one and stiongly appeals to nd
mhets of the decorative art. Jt will
lie continued thiough today. To those
lutei csted. it cordial invitation Is ex
John Hi own, of F.tllbiook stieet, a
Cmhomlalc young man, who has won
tapld piomotlon In the field sei Ico of
tlio Intel national Coriespoudenco
schools, now an Inspector, left yester
day for Geotgla, ufter u few clays' visit
ut hlh home In this citj.
Attorney Ciaidnet, of Finest City, was
a Cmlioudalo visitor yesteidaj-.
Mi, and Mir, C. L. Whitney announce
tho engagement of their daughter, Mhs
P.lnnchu Livingstone, to Mnuilce
Thacher Chun It, of Caiboudnle, Pa,
Wnjno independent.
MiiutliQ T, Chut ih left jesteidny for
Cuinbeilnnd, Mil,, to iisstiuiti tho supet
Jntfildewy nt the Klots' IlioHieis' mill
theie (o which he was piomoted n
week ago,
,j eh ai yy MAyruDLrD.
Wllll.uu Scull, a lesltlent of Second
stieet and it man well known through
out the vicinity, died nt 5 o'clock es
letday morning of npoplexj Deceased
was first stilcken on July ), pisVious to
which he enjoyed exceedingly good
He was biuu lu Scott township sev
enty yenis ngi), wheiu he leslded until
about fifteen yeais ago, when he came
to this borough, He served with Iho
nievonth Pennsylvania eivwilry
throughout the civil war and the only
Injmy he sustained was on the morn
ing of Lee's sunender, when he was
tluown from his hoite. He was a man
well liked and esteemed bj' (he people
of Jeimyn and is survived y his wife,
Tho funeral airnngemonts hud not been
completed nt the time of writing.
A shanty on the culm dump behind
Connolly & Wallace
5cranton's Shopping: Center
You may copy the 'methods of
a 5tore its advertisements, per
haps its goods but you can never
steal its spirit.
The copy is like a photograph
of nature without color lifeless.
Fin? feinens
From the littlest, baud-embroidered doylies for ijc, up to tbat wonderfully
embroidered and drawn-work bedspread for 70.00, there are gifts of every degree
in the Linen Department, and from nearly every country in the world.
Sometimes two and three countries combine to make a siugle piece, for the
lace will be made iu Switzerlaud and taken to Saxony, and there it will be put on
finely drawn linen done only as the Germans kuow bow while the linen which
they draw comes from Ireland. '
Plain linens, all for use, aud art linens, half for baauty, are gathered here in
great quantities now for your inspection.
g Neck Furs
In early days people who sold
litlle about them their customers
Furs that never grew on an animal's back
found their way into market.
We helped to change these sad conditions;
first, by insisting upon knowing all about the
Furs we handle; and, second, by giving that
knowledge freely to our customers.
Every Fur in the store is sold for just what
it is.
Jouvin Gloves, $!-50
Are made for us in Grenoble from our own
designs and patterns it would be strange if with
such care they weren't liner than any other $1.50
Glove. The skins come from animals raised and
cared for in France not from wild goats brought
to France fiom all parts of the globe to be
dressed and then called French skins.
All the newest colors, black and white.
Glace or suede, overseams, three clasps.
Glace or suede, pique sewn, two clasps.
H HouseCoats
fffor Men
V The most comfortable are ot soft wool cloths.
ft Nowadays they are mostly two-tone plain
CJ color one side and plaid the other; a few years
55 ago they were the same plaid through and
5 through. The two-tone idea gives the designer
JJ a better chance to work, and the coats are licher
S and cozier-looking than they ever were.
S5 The cloth is better. this year, too, and the
Ma making is better we never had as good house
coats as we have this yeai.
The $5 coats are really so good that we
Jfi wont have enough to last till Christmas you'd
V pay $6 for the same coat at other stores.
I Connolly & Wallace
123 - 125
tlio Delawaie anil Hudson eollieiy w.ts
ilestiovetl by Hie .it o'clock laht eve-n-lujr.
The lilastc c'.mxeil conhldei.ifole o.
clte'inent for it tew moments as, many
weie of the opinion the bie.iltoi- was on
'i'iio employes of tliu De-lawaio anil
Iluilfim collleiy will lecoho their pay
feu- tho s-ecoml halt of November next
Kiiilay afternoon.
Julian Do (inuv has icnteil the store
ne.s-t door to the po-itolllce, foimeiU
jenteil hy Mini Mulhollnnil anil In it few
clays will open up .1 tempeianeovstau and ojster hay.
Alftt'd Heo.Mj was ai'iiulttfd of the M.'i
lout, ehfilRe upon which he was
eil Bumliiy. Tho money which It was
tliouKht had, been btolen lw InK t-imply
been ruWaW and was found a Hlioit
tlmo af let tho inuiR: man iiiies-tea,
Patilclv Kadilen, asd 0 cnus-. was
tutully Injuied l' a tall of top coal
while at wotU at tho Wirt's 13t sliurt
nt' the Delawuie and HudbOii company
nt about JO o'cloclc fxteulny momlns,'.
The yoiinu in.111'1. occupation wa u
miner and was In th I 'f tuUluu
down the coal wliun, without winnlm;,
,t Lit en uuiuitlty of It iell ci uniting Hint
ho badly thnt he expired at '.so last
iiiKht. He was ,i member oj the Fath
er M.ithew and the llolv Name fco
cietits He was a jouiib mnn f many
nolilo tr.ilt-s "f (lt.u after and was ad-
.,.i .mil lnloved bv III.-, iihnoelalOF,
all of whom will hlncuiub mount his
sail demise. Holdes his mot net ne is
burvled by thiee hi others nnd ono
bister. John, Thomas. .Matthew and
An Old nml Well-Tried Remedy,
sins. WINSWm"1 Bucmil.NCi hvju i
forehiUlreii tctthlus, H Um puwili'tion uf
one of tho bot female imyliluiiH ami
mil sea lu tlio I'lilted States, ami has been
used al.Nty eaid wltli lieei-fullliit; sue
cess by millions ot mothers foi tlieli chil
dren. Duilne Iho piocess of teething its
vuluo U Inculcillablo. It lelleves tho child
fiom pain, cut en ill.n iliuoa, gilplns In tlio
bowels, unci wind colic. Hy giliis lienlth
to tljo child It icsts tlio motlic'i. l'i Ice,
twrutv-liw tents a bottle
Chiistmas rush
uroiaerv in tne
Some with
corner embroidery.
All at oc each or $1.00 a dozan.
- 12M29 Washington Ave.
AKiies Kuldeii The aitniiKe
nients have not yet been made
Mr. and Sli". T. .1, I'.ui-ons cntei'
talncd Hie incmbeis of the AVhM cliili
at their resldeiu'o in JilaKely labt cen
Ihb:. iiiti'ieRtiiiK itamiH wetn
plaed, and at 11 o'cloc It ,i dclitiotia
luncheon was aeived. Tito (Heiiliifj was
most eiijoyably spt'iit by the company.
Tho Yoiiutr .Men's T. A. U. society
will meet ut Pa titer lutliew Iiall tills
evening to take action on tlio deatlt ot
P.ittlelt railden. Jiy onln of M. ,f
l..tau, jilt Iilfiil : .l. .1. d'llalc, hec-
Tlio 1, idles of the t'onRitnatlon,il
cliiueh an; piep.uiiiK loi a boclal and
cnlci taltuiH'iit width will bo heliT lu
that eilllku .Monday (.xciiIiik, Dec. h.
A Kieat ilosluh-out salu ot tho iiiin
maito stock lu tlie Hull hiilldlnx on
Main bticet, lllakely, will lalto place
"1 tip Van "Wlnl.k" was iue?-eiilcil liy
Aldcli IScliedlel, ntppcn ted by an c.
celkut lompiuy. at llic Katln r Mnth.-w
Opera houto i'enlnt,. A IniK" au
illenie enjoved llic pei lormanc t .
.Many fiom heie attended the opm
IliH of Huberts Hinlheis' ilcpaitmcut
btme ut IVckWlle ehtt'iility.
Pi of. l, ('. Peuser, of Htianton, called
on 1 1 lends heie on Satuiilay,
.Mr. and .Mis, Ii P. .laniis, of Ulnke
1, hae letutiied homo after siicncling
a row ikns wlili AVHKch-Haiie It lends.
Mis. A. r. Miuon, of Jeimyn, t-pent
jcbtBiday wltli ulatli'S lu town
M!.s I.mIIu Hvaus, ol WIIKes-ljaite,
lr, vibitliiK Mib.s 1,'muia .limes of lilaKe
lv. Lmli i.tiiineil in .lohn Hopkins'
iinleiblly, Italllmole, )tbieid.ty utter ,i
weck'.s holiday nt lilh homo heie.
AVIIIIam .Mosley, of Tlcr Valley, who
was taken sitdilcul ill labt Tlutibd.iy,
has been leiinned to tho hondtal at
MUs Annlo McAndrow, ot AVIIkeb
Uatic, Is vhltlns lehitlves in town.
Miss Hattlo Holmes, of Koiost t-'lty,
IS NibltillK lolatUcK lu towr
When it comes to the Christ
mas crush, some people buy any
thing they can get hold of.
That's all right if they shop at
a store where they can't get hold
of trash.
Handkerchiefs f
Feel very important now that tho holidays jjjf
are really in sight. l hose wivo are Wise will
choose while the stock is at its best, before the
9c Women's Hemstitched and Embroidered
naiiuitercnic'is. u
Others hemstitched, a tiny tuck above, em- J
corner. v
just hemstitching and a bit of&v
Waists," because they'ra the Jf
kind every woman likes to get as a gift.
Louisine, peau de soie, moire and taffeta in
all the dainty colors, made up in many pretty
The variety is bigger, the quality Is better,
the sizes are larger and that's the thing that
counts most with a man after all.
Every sort of Handkerchief ho could uso in
a lifetime.
Plain Hemstitched, 10c to 50c each.
Plain Hemmed, 5c to 40c each.
Initial Handkerchiefs, 25c, 50c, 68c.
Plain Silk Handkerchiefs, 50c to $1.00.
Tho funeial of tlio lato John Ollroy
was held on Sunday afternoon and
was lamely attended.
MNs Mess Callaway has lcturneil
tiom ii IMt Willi lekttlves in Scran
ton. Misses JobIo ailllBau and l-lzzlo Ool
lliib, of Jeimyn, were calleis In town
Miss Coia Miller, of Cmbondnlc, Is
visiting in town.
Misses Heitlia and Uinma. Davis find
Floientu Jones, of Cailiondale, weio
calleis in town Sunday afternoon.
P. AV. .Sweeney, ot Philadelphia, is
vMthiK ills mother on Main stieet.
Tim openiui,' of P.obeits Htos laig
new btoio jcsteuluy atteiiioon was a
luiifu succcbb. Tlio manimoth stoic
wii crowded lo tlio door with people
liiim lVfklllo and Ulnlty. A band
of iniule was pifbcnt and cllbcoursed
musk' dmliih' the nitcrnoon and oven
liit?. ' v
.1, II. Callender retmned yesieulay
fiom Woui'Stei, N. Y wheto ho has
been lbllimt Ills daUKhler, Mis, V, ,1,
Piide id Oik-lit eliapter. Older of
nuclei n Siai, will meet at Odd Fel
lows' hull till ixenlmr. All uiembeia
aie itclie.sti'd to be ptebeilt.
UntKKlst V. S. liloes has opened
up his new dut sloie litiildlnt; to tho
public The stoic) Is one of the finest
appeal int; and best equipped In the
county The structure s oeiialuly ,i
I'ledll In Hie town and to .Mi. Woes'
See the Cut Man.
WfcttUo nnd attiactivo half-toiua
unci lino cuts for card, atHertlsInt; or
any other purpose, ran be secuted ut
Tho Tribune oillce. Wo do work that
Is uneNcelk-d, do it piomptly unci n(
lowest lutes. A ti lal nuler ll ton