The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 29, 1902, Page 5, Image 5

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V-MV' fti&
''M--W'wf., 7 " "-.'rff; ,y'
w-"U'kr$r" - ."AVvEM-na.J '-?; 'c- " v-- "t"T ' 'w, ??IwlI5
yy eeK s ociai ews
MAN'AOKU I. t IIA.SMj hut li
tioiinreil tin; coiiiIiim; C tlio
MaaeiiKiii Uraml Opera' coin
puny to litis fclty tit tlio ar
mory, Monday ulghl, IXwiii
ber S. It Is tlit? llrpt visit hero or any
composer of Mioli HtllHtrlmiH fume nn
MnseiiRiil nnit Ih liy far tin; Kri.-nlost
intiflunl event that hn ever linen iic
uoriled a town of thin size. H Ih tin op
portunity to hour Ilallun opera that Is
chiefly enjoyeil by those who ran taltu
forelRii trniM anil almost Is unheard of
Ji stopping nt otir very doors, That
Mfiscnsnl hlhiself will lead, In ttir doll
nlto alluriiinerit, In an ontertiiliitiient
which will be all wonderful and on
chmttliiK. That (ho "Cavullerlii" will
be itlven ontlrii is another ilellitlil.
Tlio arraiiReinent at the nrinnry will
be changed materially. There will be a
Ini-Ro nutnber of boxes directly in the
front of the house, whleh will be mi).t
desirable, and other plans for the tiini
fort and pleasure of the patrons will bu
The fallowing Is a. partial list of sub
scribers and patronesses: Mrs. Thoinan
OleUson, Mrs. II. M. Holes, Mrs. i, L.
Fuller, Mrs. T. II. Watklns, Mrs. W.
V,'. Sumiitou, Mrs. liverotl Warren,
Mrs. j. A. Wntres, Mrs. ,T. IletiJ. Dlm
inlek, Mrs. J. .1. AVIIllnms. Mrs. James
Archbald, Mrs. Henry Uelln, Mrs.
5i-orjti (. Itrooks, Mrs. W. I.. Connell,
Mrs. r. S. Weston, Jlrs, I. 15. Powell,
Mrs. C. H. Wool worth, Mrs. J. L. Craw
ford, Mrs. H. W. KltiKsbury, Mrs. II.
H. Ilrtidy. Mrs. (.'. D. Simpson, .Mrs. !:.
I Kingsbury, Mrs. Fiances 11. JjIiii
mlck, Miss iVirdrllri Kreeman, Mrs. C.
dul'olit Urrck. Mrs. Charles F. Ileek
wlth, Mis. Theo. .Surreth, Mrs. John T.
Wlchards, Mrs. F. ):. Piatt. Mrs. Grant
l'clton, Miss S. I.otilso Hiirdenburgh.
Mrs. Tlnibormiin-Itandolph. Mrs. J. O.
Shepherd, Miss Clnlre Itoynulrts, Alts.
Joseph Levy, Mrs. Victor Koeii, Mrs.
Alfred Hand, Mrs. F. B. Oodfrey. Mir..
T. K. Jones, Jlrs. (.'. A. Chick. Mr:i. F.
j. Peek, Mrs. .1. A. Linen, Mrs. AV. IX
Hover. Mrs. ,T. K. MeAnuIty. .Mrs. F.
M. Viinilllng. Mrs. It. ,r. Mattliews. Mrs.
'. .U Phillips, Mrs. If. F. Dixie, Mip.
M. K. MeDonalil, .Mrs. K V. Fleitz,
Mrs. ?. II. Welles. Miss Florence Onlnh,
Mrs. II. G. Dunham, Mrs. It. W. Arch
hulcl, Mrs. If. M. Ives, Mrs. X. Y. l.eet,
Sirs. ('.. II. von Stoivh, Mi:-. K. X. W11I
:r,d. Mrs. ('. D. Jnnry, Mir. II. ("!,
Sh.ifer, Mrs II. M. Kdiwuds. .Mrs. .
M. DlcI;son. Mrs. A. J. Connell. Mrs. A.
I''. Law, .Mrs. Louis II, Isaacs, Miss
Julia Allen, .Mw. Joseph O'llrlen, Mrs.
t J. Powell, Mrs. William Kelly, Mrs.
Aaron rloltlsmllli, Mrs, P.enjniiiln Sum
ter, Mrs. A.J. Casey, Mr. M. 1 Sando,
Mrs. Conrad folirocder, Mis, Charles
Uobluson, .Mm. Clcorgo Satitlerson, Mrs.
II. II. nipple, Mrs. William II, Taylor,
.Mrs. J. D, Jones, Mrs. A. U. lllnlr. Mrs.
George Howell, Miss Kmellno K. Uleh
mond, Mrs. W. J. Hand, Mrs. Llvy H.
Hlebnrd, Ml"a Claire lloran, Mrs. Kdnar
Connell, Mrs. (leoreu W. Phillips, Miss
Florence Klelnnond, Mrs, O, S. aturges,
Airs. Clarence II. Hint gen, Mrs. O. n.
Penman, Mrs. L. H, Moras, Mis. H. F.
Atherton, Mrs. W. D. Kennedy, Mrs. T.
J. Foster, Mts. F. i. Parker, Mrs. W.
It. McChive, Mrs. It. AL Hcrnnlou, Miss
Allls Dale.
The I lachclors' ball this year will be
the most elaborate and durhnpa the
largest In the history or tnl'Su notable
functions. It will be held In the ar
mory, as it was last year, and arrange
ments have been made for better heat
ing and Improvements In general. Hol
land, of Philadelphia, will cater. Bauer's
orchestra of fifty pieces will provide tho
music. The decorations will bu oven
more lavish than last. year. As usual
It will be on New Year, and a very
large number of visitors will be la the
city with the special purpose of attend
ing this beautiful ball. The committee
is busy with plans In detail, and there
is every indication of tho most enjoy
able large affair ever held here.
Air. and Airs. Honry AI. Atherton
gave' a dinner yesterday to a large
parly at their homo in Green Kide.
A parly of Scranton people gave a
dinner on Thursday at the Waldorf
Astoria, when cover.-) were laid for
eighteen. Among those who thus
celebrated Thanksgiving day were:
Air. and Airs. T. II. Wntklns,
Alajor and Airs. Everett Warren, Air.
and Airs. G. C. Smith, Alias Gladys
Watkins. Allss Dorothy Wan-en, Aliss
Janet Storrs, Louise Smith and Law
The bowling alloy is the greatest pos
sible attraction at the Country club Just
now. Thf-ro was a match on Thanks
giving day, when a large number of
contestants entcied. 1J. H. Thornu won
I the men's cup with- a scowi of 202. Miss
Anna Archbntd won tho olher cup with
122. At present tho record slnnds
broken by Air. C. F. Conn Willi !35 to
I Ills credit, While Allss Anna Archb.tld Is
lln champion mining the ladies wllh n
score of l'Xi.
A band of new women, Unit h', thry
nie not all perhaps more than it dorfen
yearn old each, tire to havu a little sale,
Dt comber !, ut the home of Airs. A. AI.
Decker, 619 Jerfersoii uvchiie, for the
benefit of Mm Hahnemann hospital,
There will be home-made candy, cakes
and beautiful fahcy nrtleloB. The sale
will begin at 3 o'clock In the afternoon.
The eight little mulils In charge are:
Allsses Kllzaboth Storrs, Alargaret Con
nell, ISllxabcth Jermyn, Alltdted Mar
pie, Florence Smith, .Marguerite ear
lier, Leila. Coston and Lorcnii I.uttnr.
Miss Anne Hand will entertain at n
luncheon next Wednesday at the Coun
try club, In honor of her guest, Airs,
JJlackwell, of Xew York.
Allss Kugenla. Alulllns, of Jeft'or.-on
avenue, gave a peanut party on Wed
nesday night, In honor of her guest,
Miss Cluise, of F.nglesmere.
A very unuhtial family Blithering as
sembled at the home of Air. and Airs.
Charles F. Whlttomore, on Jefferson
avenue. Thanksgiving day. Besides Air.
and Airs. Nathaniel Hnllstend, parents
of Alii-. Whltteiiiore, there were present
brothers and sisters of Airs. Hallstend
who had not met together In thirty
five years. A most enjoyable day was
spent together. There were present Air.
nml Aire. Nathaniel Hallstoad, Air. and
Airs. Frank X. Hnllstead, Frank X.
Hallstend, Jr., Walter Hallstend. AImi
garel Hallstoad, Allss Nellie Kent, Alls.
Jane DeWItt, of tills city; Air. Jackson
Thneher, or Massachusetts; Air. and
Airs. Oren Thacher, of .Montana; Airs.
Alary AI. Rudd, of Chicago: Air. and
Mrs. James K. L'tley, or Foster.
There were an unusual number of
theatre parties Thanksgiving night,
made up entirely of family groups.
Air. and Airs. Walter Alatthews en
tertained a family party on Thanks
giving day.
Mrs. II. 1-1. Brady, Jr., gave a beauti
ful luncheon on Wednesday at her homo
on Monroe avenue. There were two
tables, one In pink, the other In red.
Tho guests were: Airs. W. W. Scran
ton, Airs. C. S. Weston, Airs. II. C.
Shaler. Airs. Frank Bllllman. jr., Airs.
A. It. Christy, Mrs. C. D. Simpson, Airs.
L. S. Oakford, Airs. W. AI. Dickson,
Airs. 13. O. Coursen, Airs. K. L. Fuller,
Airs. II. 1!. Ware, Airs. N. O. Ilobert-
son. Mrs. li. I', oimpson, jur. r. j-.
Piatt, Alrn, It. M, Scrnnton, Airs. Frank
lln Hetishaw, Airs, Ct. D. .Murray, Airs.
J, S, Lynde, Airs. H. H. Bey nobis,
Air. Henry AL Spotry, of Hartronl,
Conn., Is visiting his sister, Alls. Uohert
M Bcraiitoiii of North Park. Atr. and
.Mrs. Meruit ton gave a dinner, foltowed
by a theatre party nt tlio Lyceum, Inst
evening, and will entertain nt dinner ut
the Country club house this evening,
Allss Hart, of Knglewnd, N, .T Is the
guest of her sister, Airs, Wulnwrlght,
on iTcffernon avenue, with whom she
spent Thanksgiving.
Ml Knitna Ohnstead is In Xew V'oik.
C. Leon Urlllln Is at home, from Stato
Atlss Mn Kill re, of Philadelphia, Is the
guest of .Mrs. 0, II. Schudt,
Air, mid Alrn. A. II. Storrs spent
Thanksgiving In New York.
Atr. and .Mrs. T. II. Dale have gone for
n Western trip, which will include Salt
Lake City.
Allss Jennie Carroll, of -Madison avenue.
Is spending a few days with relatives In
J, 11. Kuriklo, of P.erwluk, spent Thanks
giving with Kev. and Mrs. II. A. Kunkle,
of 701! 1'hllo street.
Air. and Airs. Thomas Archbald tiro
tho guests of Mr. and .Mrs. Junius Atcli
balil, on Jefferson avenue.
Itecorder's Secretary Alnik K. Kdgar
and City Solicitor Watson leave today
for a few day's limiting In Plko county.
Air. and Alls. J. II. Jones, of New
York city, were the guests of Prof, and
Airs. A. It, Wlillmore on Tlinnk-glving
Arthur C. Florey, of LohlKb University,
Is spending the Thiinksglvlng vacation ut
the home of lite mother on Washington
CSoorgo r:. . Werner, of Lorenz's drug
store. Lackawanna avenue, has success
fully passed examination as resglstored
John Wtllard lltuight, the well-known
artist, who lias been occupying n tem
porary 'titudlo at t:".! Connell building,
will soon leave fur his permanent apart
ments on Fifty-ninth street, Xew York.
Air. Untight for tho past two or three
years has spent a poitlun of tho summer
seeking subjects In Northeastern Penn
sylvania, where may lie round some of
the rnoMt beautiful bits of landscape that
ever delighted the painter. Alany of his
studies this season were made In the
vicinity of Lake Carey, which lias plo
ture.s(iip surrounding almost unequalled
In tlio state.
yj s I rixflr 7""""ul
Dollar Purchase, Saturday and
November 29 and Dec. 1.
O With a
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goods. Remember, our Coats and Suits are the best obtainable. The latest cut,
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Coat Department
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IXT OF wise women one time got
up a "Woman's Bihle;" the one
they attrllmtcd to tho work and
mirnotes of man not being consid
ered as exactly filling the requirements,
r don't know what they put in It and I
have novcr heard that it has created any
convulsions In theological circles, so it
was probably as Innocuous as most of the
literature framd In tlic Iirnln ot nuHiern
femininity, Gertrude Atherton and Lillian
Bell always excepted.
They might have condensed all their
precepts and commandments Into a ver.v
short space, not beginning with tho re
vered one admonishing purity, gentleness,
serenity, patience and mercy, although
these could be included later.
The precious commandment which
should be given to woman Is very brief
indeed. It Is simply this: DON'T XAG!
One pplgraininiiticnl writer expressed
the idea rather succinctly in her advice
to a young wife. "My dear, don't nag
your husband," she urged, "theirs Is al
ways some other woman who won't!"
It is not only tlio poor husband who is
to be pitied. There are others. They In
clude everybody in tlio vicinity of the
nagger. One would as soon desire to live
in l ho house with a wildcat. She is usual
ly the one. who believes complacently that
her own duty is never neglected and one
of her duties is to remind other people of
their -shortcomings. How they love her!
How they arc prono to fall on her neck
with tears and declare: "Dear Airs. X,,
what should we do without you' Who
would keep the universe in place if it
were not for yon! Wo arc so glad you are
alive." Yes, that Is precisely the way
they treat a nagger. Huvon'i you noticed
it yourself?
There are so many ways of nagging. 1
do believe one could iloriso more recipes
for it than for making Welsh rurublt.
There is the woman who never says a
cross word to her husband, but who
sweetly and tenderly makes his life a bur
den to him by fussing over his comfort
worrying as to whether he wore his over
shoes or whether ho ate the right things
for luncheon, or whether he will remem
ber to take his coukIi mixture. The hus
band of this sort of a woman ousht to
bo absolved from a great many transgres
sions in this life and the life everlasting
The sueeens of "The Mocking nhd." I lie
now production by Sidney Itoscnlcld and
A, Baldwin Sloane, now running at the
UIJou theater, New Vork, In one of the
most convincing Indications' that there
Is a return of uenllmcnt In favor' of the
old tlmo comic opera, where a pleasing
story and tuneful miislu take the place
of the slnp-stlck and celtor bottle, as
features of amusement and Intel est. The
most surprising element In the opera In
which Mnbelln Ullmnti has achieved such
a success Is the delightful mtislo by A,
Baldwin flloano, which Is tho nearest up
proach to the Ideal of anything hoard
since the palmy days of Arthur Sul
livan. In tho ".Mocking Bird," ..Mr.
Slonnc, who has been heretofore known
chiefly as tlio writer of Jmrlesuue music
and rag-titno songs, delighted his many
ndmlrers by entering tin entirely new
Held of composition. While Ihe opera Is
fraught with cntehy melodies that are the
delight of tho whistler, there are many
numbers approaching the grand opera
that Indicate that tho composer has ca
pabilities in the way of handling more
ambitious themes than have hitherto been
unsuspected. The snecers of "The Atock
Ing Bird" will undoubtedly prompt the
lending managers to prollt by the hint,
nnd It is not unlikely tlint the Gilbert &
Sullivan style or opera will ngaln take
place or tho inane productions that have
been written around tho leading com
edians of tlio day.
II :i i
Tho following Is the musical pro
gramme of the annua! Thanksgiving
pr.tlso service, at Blm Park church, to
morrow evening, under the direction of
J. Alfred Pennington, organist and choir
Organ Grand Chorus In B flnt..Cullmnnt
Choir Ant hem. "O God Who Is Llko
"Thou Crownest the
Behold the Gathered'
Kzra Connell.
Choir Anthem, ".Rejoice in the Lord."
Organ Pastorale in T major... Lemalgre
Duet for Soprano and Alto "O. live
ly Peace with Plenty Crowned"
Airs. Connell and Air. Thomson.
Choir-Hymn. "Tho Harvest Will
Surely Come" Gelbel
The following .musical selections will bo
rendered at tho' morning sen-Ice:
Organ Preludo In C Smart
Choir Anthem, "The King of Love
Aly Shepherd Is" Shelly
Organ Offertory In I) flat Gullmant
Choir-Anthem, "I Will Alngnlfy Thee"
Be. d
Organ Postludo in 11 major.. ..Gladstone
Kim Park Choir Atrs. Rzra Connell,
soprano; Airs. Lenore Thomson, contral
to; Airs. Alfred Wooler, tenor; Air. Philip
Warren, bass.
Air. Pennington will play the following
programme In his pianoforte "Intcrp'reta
tion Lesson." which will be given this
morning to students, in St. Luke's Par
ish house:
Twelve Variations on a Russian Thome
Impromptu in A minor. Op. 7. Xo. 1,
Philip Seharwcnka
Xbctumo In G minor. Op. 13, Xo. 3,
Silhouette. Op. S, Xo. 12 Dvorak
Valso Impromptu. Op. 32. Xo. 2.
Bruno Oscar Klein
Free Medical ,, .,
Advice to Women.
Unto Thee"
Choir Anthem,
Soprano Solo"
Harvest" ...
In Linens, Bed Spreads, Cantons,
Shakers, Muslins, Gingham Etc.
t IWIil
Cut Out This Coupon
Present at our office,
purchase Si.oo worth of
goods or more and you
will receive 30 stamps.
Nov, 29-Dec. i
Mears & Hagen
415 and 417 Lackawanna Ave
Then there is the one who nags a man
about the condition of his affections and
whether ho loves her Just precisely as
much as he did last week at twenty min
utes past seven o'clock in tlio evening; a
"Altirnu" son of woman, who, when he
finally takes to tin morphine habit or to
a better world, Is sure to have her choice
of any number of other really excellent
men, well adapted to martyrdom. The
only more uncomfortable woman to live
with than tho "sweet" nagger is the one
who alms tlio breakfast plutes at your
head In tho coin-se of a little argument,
A nagger whom her friends dread as
they dread a mosquito In the silent mid
night hour, is tho teasing nagger, Von tiro
always certain that you me going to bo
stung by the mosquito, although ym can
never predic: Just where. The teasing
nagger also approaches blithely and then
prctrttids to go uway nnd forget yon, but
who is soon back to give you n iieertie-llke
little stab hi some particularly sensitive
part of your heart or your self-love often
synonymous terms. The perslstuncu with
which slio always returns to tho attack
would be beautiful If (ippllml to tho culti
vation of tlio dowers of good taste,
A man who is "a Jolly good sort, and all
Unit," said the other day that he could
be happier It his wlfo didn't loo him
so much.
"Shu's all the woman in the world for
me," lie said, "but she does want to tutu
my soul Inside out nbout threo times a
day. She simply sits down in trout of mo
and openly adores me until 1 txm stilled
and rush nut of tho house, Then silo
looks at me reproachfully and wondi rs
why I can think of leaving her when slio
never wants to leave me for a minute."
Now, thorn Is another kind or a nagger
for you. Which kind ure jou',' I forgot
to mention that men naggers are seven
teen times worse than women.
Kipling's Idea of how tlio elephant got
ills trunk was elucidated with variations
tho other day after the children of tlio
Homo for th Friendless had ictiirned
from tho mutlneo at the nixie. Nearly
llfty old l-idles and children fiom tlio
Home weru given complimentary tickets
! by tlio m.Nte management and they will
' not cease talking about what they saw
and heard during tlio n.i:;t si.-; months.
I One small Italian was peiiinps the most
! wildly excited nnd could scarcely eat his
supper because he was so uiiMous to tell
Alls, Walker, the matron, all about it.
"Now, what I want to know," ho shout
ed. "Is why de blgga thing-u-what you
eallu htm" "l-JIepliant," MijigeMed his
amused listener. "Vos; tlmta him; I want
to know why do eplmlanta nil de time try
to stepa on his nwiiu nose."
"Hull!", ejaculated another child, In
scorn. "That ain't him nose, that him
"Xo truiika 'tall!" pcrt-lsted tho little
Italian. "Neva saw po trunka Ilka that.
Tlmta the noro of hhn. Wanta know why
he try 10 step! on It."
Saucy news.
Tho following muieal selections will be
used nt tomorrow's worship in tho Sec
ond Presbyterian church:
At the morning worship the Thanksgiv
ing music will be repeated.
Organ Prelude Faulkes
Solo "Praise To the Lord, O Aly Soul"
Air. Ralph Williams.
Offertory Anthem, "Blessed Is He
That Considereth tho Poor". Gladstone
Mis (Jnrngan nnd Choir.
Organ Postludo WachS
Choir Response "Holy, Holy, Holy"
Anthem "Let Your Light So Shine."
Chant "Our Father" Gregorian
Offertory Duet, "Oh Send Out Thy
Light" Selected
Allss Garagan and Allss Williams.
Organ Postludo Ailesro from Sonata
In D minor Plant
Air. J. At. Chance, oiganisL and direc
tor. ! '! II
A "twilight recital" will be given at
the Asbury Methodist Episcopal church,
Green Ridge, Saturday, Dee. G, at 4 p.
m.. bv Charles H. Docrfom, organist, and
Allsa Rlcimor Payne Reynolds, contralto.
Thin proRrammo will be rendered:
Organ Preludo and Fugue hi K.
minor Ikich
Voice "But the Lord Is Mindful of
His Own" ("St. Paul")...jrendelssolm
(a) "Offertolre" Ambrose Thomas
(b) "Abendlled" ....Robert Schumann
(Transcribed by Alex. Gullmant.
(c) "Fiat Lux" Theodore Dubois
Voice "The Publican"... .Van der Water
(a) "Pastorale" Wely
(b) "Intermezzo-' (Sixth Sonata).
(c) "Coronation Alaieh" ....Svendsen
Every sick and ailing woman,
Every young girl wbo suffers monthly,
Every woman who is approaching maternity,
Every woman who feels that life is a burden,
Every woman who has tried all other means to regain health without succens,
Every woman who is going through that critical time the change of life
is invited to write to Mrs. Piakham, Lynn, Mass., in regard to her trouble, tni
the most expert advice telling exactly how to obtain n CURE will be sent abso
lutely free of cost.
The one thing that tiuulitius ti person to give mtvico on any snbjeol
is experience experience creates knowledge.
Xo other person litis so wide an experience with female ills nor suoh
a record of success as Mrs. Pinklnini has had.
Over a hundred thousand cases come before her each year. Soma
personally, other! by mail. And this has been going tin for twenty years,
day after day, and day after day.
Twenty years of constant success think of the knowledge thus
gained! Surely women are wise iu seeking advice from a woman with
such an experience, especially when it is free.
Mrs. Hayes, of Boston, wrote to Mrs. Pinkliniu when she whs
in great trouble. Her letter shows the result. There tire actually
thousands of such letters in Mrs. I'iuklnun's possession.
" AIlis. PlNiaiAM : I have been under doctors' treatment forfemala
troubles for some time, but without any Telief. They now tell me I have a
fibroid tumor. I cannot sit down without great pain, nnd the soreness extends
up my spine. I have bearing' down pains both back and front. My abdomen
is swollen, I cannot wear my clothes with any comfort. Womb is dreadfully
swollen, and I have had flowing spells for three years. My appetite is not
good. I cannot walk or be on my feet for any length of time.
"The symptoms of Fibroid Tumor, given in your little book, accurately
describe my case, so I write to you for advice.'' Mks. K. 1 Hayes, 252
Dudley St. (Boston), Roxbury, Mass.
" Dkar Mrs., Pixkham : I wrote to you describing my symptoms, and
asked your advice. Von replied, and I followed all your directions carefully
for several months, and to-day I am a well woman.
" Tho use of Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, together
with your advice, carefully followed, entirely cxpelled'thc tumor, and strength
ened tho whole system. I can walk miles now.
"Your Vegetable Compound is worth five dollars a drop. I adviso all
women who aro afflicted with tumors, or any female trouble, to .write yon for
advice, and give it a faithful trial." Mns. R. i Hates, W'J Dudley St.
(Boston), Roxbury, Mass.
Mrs. Hayes will gladly answer any anil all letters that may be
addressed to her asking about her illness, and how Mrs. Pinkhara
helped her.
FORFEIT It wo cannot forthwith jiroilui'r tho orlglnM letter and signature (
above testimonial, nhicliwfll provo Its ntiluto cemiini-nv!.
i.ylia JS. I'luklinm Medlciiitt Co., r.ynu, Mug,
Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Xorthrup
and son, Maynard, are visiting relatives
iu StroudHberg.
Mr. and Mrs. John I-. Lutsey and son,
Frank, and Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Sprague
and son, Edward, nil of Scranton, are
the guests of Mr. und Mrs. Edward
Lutsey. ,
Mr. and Mr.. George W. Decker, of
Honesdale, and son, Clarence E. Decker
of New York city, nro guests of Mr. und
Mrs. Willard F. Coon.
Mr. and Mr, A. D. Robinson and
family were entertained on Thursday
nt the home of the hitter's parents, Mr,
und Mrs. O. D. Jones.
William H. nobliiKan and family were
the guests of relatives In Diininuru on
Thursday olv this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John 15. Austin were
the guests at the home of their son-in-law,
Jnmes Knover nnd family. In Hull
stead, where a family re-uillon had
been arranged for their especial ben
efit. Mr, and Mrs. Arthur l.a Mont, of
Sernnton, were guests at the homo of
the hitler's parenjs, Mr. and Mrs. W.
S, Frace.
Mrs. John I.. .Stone, of Ithaca, Is a
visitor at her old homestead, the guest
of her parent, Mr, nml Mrs, Itomllno
p, Parker.
Ernest I.'. Mott. of Newark, N. J., is
vlslilng hts parents), Mr. nnd .Mrs. Har
rison N, Mott.
Hev. Newell CMlhuuler entertained
Mr. and Mrs. H, N, Cullender, of Siran
ton, and other iclatlves on Tliunksglv
lug day.
James Pentecost, of ftcranton, was
the guest at tlio home of bis father,
Thomas Pentecost, on Thursday.
D, O. Stevens was a visitor ut tho
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Stanley W.
Stevens on Thursday last.
H. t b f 5 V, L fc K . . S . . . . , t t . r. . n tH. . . n s
li M n hi i i m uf ! i hLcrr Hreo
424-426 Spruce Street,
Ilclwccn Washington and Wyoming Aves.
. g
L '
Sals of Wool and Silk Waists
On account of the mild weather which has pre
vailed during the past month, Wool Waists have not
sold as rapidly as we would like to have them. We
deem it advisable to reduce the price now and get them
out, in order to make more room for Holiday Display.
Wool Waists. Wl'll lnniln I TullVtn Kill.- WnlxlM m:i,l,. ,,f liiwt
and perfect llttlnn: were ?l.;o. QOr imullty Mlk, h'-in.stluli.Ml.aml CI 7't
ow yol tuclti-U; wetv 5.W. Nuw.... P'
All Wool French Flnnuel Vai-ts. ! IV-itu ih- Side Waist-', madu in the
tucked and plaited; wen- C i ' very lali'st. style, iieriW-t lit- iZA Cf,
irandsonui Embrnlderea W.iImIh. I The lies! Kriide l' de Sole Waists,
tucked, with satin how; sold CO S( In 11 variety .if Komi vulnrs; CJ. ()
regularly at if 1.5V. Nuw 3il.CU! ,N0).th ,,;-,,, Ninv Pl.yo
Coats and Suits Are Also Deeply Cut in Price,
Green Trading Stamps
With purchase of one dollar er more on Satur
day and Monday, 29 and Dec, I.
Present This Coupon.
'A 'A "A 'A A A "A "A "A A 'A A 'A 'A A A 'A A'A A A A 'A 'A A U A 'A A A A A A U 'A A
The Top Notch of Comfort
Music for
All Social Events
Fiore's Mandolin Orchestra,
125 Noi'lli Sixth Street.
1 raffjii&wlijRlila
I fS H ' (pa
I I) 'Kf
At the lowest notch of
price. Ease unci comfort
ut an insignificant ex
pense. A chair well suit
ed to the laziness of the
young or rheumatism of
the old. Matchless value.
Sa Just like cut.
Only $4.75
Ask for your coupons,
Free Holiday Gifts.
Scranton Larpet & Furniture Co
" .