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important SteDs Are Taken in Lon
don with a View to Satisfying
Claims ol Bondholders.
Details of the Proposed Settlement
Will Phst Be Made Known to Our
Government and Then Submitted
to the Other Powers It Is Sus
pected That President Castro Has
Sent Secret Delegations to Europe
with a View of Accomplishing
What Had Been Hitherto Consid
ered Impossible.
By Eiclusivr Wiro from The AsaOciatcJ Pri
London, Nov. 28 Tho Associated
Press learns that Important steps were
taker in London todav with a view
to satisfying all the and dip
lomatic claims by foreign powers and
bondholders against Venezuela. It Is
maintained that If the contemplated
notion meets with itppioval, Germany
and Great Britain will have no cause
to take the vigorous, steps now con
templated. The details of the suggest
ed settlement hae not been communi
cated to the L'uropcan governments as
; ci. Their gist first wjll be made
Known to the United States govern
ment, ptobably tomorrow. The med
ium of such communication Is one of
the most impoi tant Anglo-American
lianhci s. Venezuela's propositions were
mentioned to Ambassador Choate to
la:. , but pending the result of the dl
ii U representations at Washington no
action will be taken by the embassy
towards suggesting that Venezuela be
glcn time to submit her proposals.
The new development in tho crisis,
which Is regai ded as hourly growing
more serious, is duo to the arrival in
Hut ope of a secret delegation from the
Venezuelan government empowoied to
deal with the outstanding liabilities of
that republic. Until a suitable plan
dotild be arranged it was consideied in
ffoviabl' to cotnmrnleit'B with 'h"
lorcign ministers at Caracas with
whom relations have become 10
strained Such a plan has now, in the
belief of the delegation, been arrived at
and unofficially, thiough the Anglo
American banker, the attitude of the
United States will bo ascertained.
Besides the state depaitment will be
put In a position to be able to judge
of the value of Venezuela's offer and
faith in the matter.
Castro's Plans.
It is suspected that Piesident Cas
tro has hlthei to had no oppoitunity of
taking up the question ot national
ilnaiues, but while he himself was en
gaged in suppressing the ieolutlon he
sent to Ilurope the seciel delegation
leteued to, with the view of accom
plishing what was regarded as impos
sible ol execution at Caincas. Scene y
was icgai ded to bo imperative in view
of Piesident Castio's belief that it it
had been known that Venezuela con
templated a now financial settlement
he would hae been inundated with
claims 01 eeiy dc-cilptio.i, ami tho
dealings with the bondholders would
hae presented ninny moie difficulties.
Tho details 01 the plan, which will
be communicated to the atate depait
ment are can fully gunuled, hut the
Associated Press is In a position to
announce that tho main Jeanne Is n
unification of all the outstanding gov
ernment and government guarantied
loans upon a basis of s-c entity much
gi eater than has been hitherto ofioreel.
It Is strenuously denied that the pies-i-iit
movement Ik duo to any desire on
the part ot Venezuela to spar for time
with Gieat P.iltuln and Germany and
in proot ot this it is pointed out thai
Hip beer tit mission left Venezuela, bo
foie her itlatlons with Gteat Britain
and Geimnny had assumed tho pteseiit
acute aspect.
Should the United Slate-, government
give its mat ul support, the plan will
be submitted to Auicilcau bankets.
The Venezuelan delegation believes
that It Is not too lat to secmo the
necessary facilities from Uurnpe to
btlng about a settlement sntlsfui toiy
to all parties lonceiued.
Pails, Nov. 2S The Pieneh toielgn
otllco has not considered the ciuestiou
of French liiiittclpatlon In tho Biltlsh
Oeimau naval dcmnnMiatlon against
Venez.uela, as the Fiench claims aie
making leasonnblo progiess towaids
adjustment. Tho otllcinls hero tuke u
favorable view ot the Hilllsli-Gciniau
Ilan as being likely to sei ve tho lntcr
ehts of nil the powei.s and at the same
time moie fully deilno the teal mean
ing of tho Monroe doctrine,
Asphyxiated by Gas,
By l.tcliuho Wire fiom The AcwtiatC'l I'lim
Alb-rny. ,N', l' Nov, Si -William and
Maiilu Hogelioom. aged about u) jeais,
weie tound dead In bed In a hotel heiu
today, h ivlng been nsphyxluted during
Inst night by Illuminating gas They woro
lesldents of Kust Coblesvlllo nnd 01 lived
In (his ity jeHtorday to meet their two
sons and their daughter-in-law, who weie
to bo dierharged fiom tho Albany coun
ty penitential y today after having scived
n term ot bit months." Impilsoiunent for
potty laiceny ami buiglaiy.
Postofflce Robbed,
By Kuliutu1 W Ire (rom The Associated I'h.h,
Boaver Palls, I'a Nov. 28 Bobbers
broke intp the postofilco at New Brighton,
Pa., somo time last night and it is esti
mated carried otf between M and $70) In
stamps and suvcial hundred dollars In
cash. Tho robbers blow open tho vault
with glvcerlrte, Them Is no cluo
y .
The Steamef.
3 Gone Down with
Crow oY Aurtecn Men.
By Inclusive Wire- fiO V AsochUd I'rus.
Detroit, Nov. f HI. 0. Ralph, of
this city, inanagl l owncr of the
Steamer Sllvanus e.vvhicy, which Is
supposed to have foirS?, twd early Mon
day morning In LaSllrie, carrying
down w Ith her a crew of fourteen men,
said this afternoon that he had given
up all hope ot the nteamcr's safety.
Mr. Ralph says that Captain James
Gotham, of the tow barge Mabel Wil
son, the Macy's consort, told him yes
teiday at Ainherstbutg that ho could
see tho lights of the Muey for some
lime after the Wilson's tow line was
cust oft. His attention was called
away for about five minutes, and when
he again looked for the lights they
were gone. He supposes that the Macy
sunk duilng this interval.
The Pire Chief Pound Guilty on
Charges of Pailure to Safeguard
Park Avenue Hotel, etc.
By LAclusne Hire from The Associated Prc.
New Yoik, Nov. 2S Udward V.
Croker, chief of the fire department,
who recently was tried on a series of
charges today was declared guilty by
Commissioner Sturgis and was dis
missed from the service, the tllsmlssal
to take place on December 1.
Chief Croker was found guilty on tho
charges of "Failure to enfoice the re
quiiements ot law for properly site
guarding the Park Avenue hotel; of the
conversion of public propel ty to his pri
vate use; of conduct prejudicial to
good order and discipline in persecuting
nnd unjustly discriminating against
certain members of the uniformed force,
and of conduct unbecoming 1111 officer
and a gentleman and prejudicial to
good order and discipline."
On the chaiges of "Incompetency as
chief of tho depaitment in the manage
ment of great fires" and of "sending
"false ropart," he was acquitted.
Chief Cioker declined to make any
comment on the sentence, but It Is
known that he will fight tho matter to
the end. On being informed of Com
iitisslnne Sm-gis' action, Major Low
Issued .1 statement, sustaining the com
missioner and expressing the belief that
he had acted 'In accoi dance with law
and with the dictates of his conscience.
In his statement Mayor Low sas:
The ch.ii tor places upon tho (he com
missioner and not noon the maor, the
clutv of conducting all tiials in the fiic
depaitment, and it l.s the sworn duty of
tlii" commissioner to make his finding on
the evidence according to his conscience
It Is duo to the piovlsions of the charter
itsdt that the commissioner lias ltcen
obliged both 10 tormultte the charges,
nnd to tiv them. The circumstances in
this cise have been such that I have
thought It Incumbent upon tho maMr to
assuif! himself that the chief has had a
fail tiiil, and that eveiy oppoitunity was
given to him to make his defense in the
fullest wav. Being satisfied as am on
tin so points, theie seemed to be no re.r
son whv this tiiil should not take Us
course like any other trial held by the
lommis'-ioners iho discipline of the elt
putment In fait, lequliod that tlil-i nut
ter should bo disponed of In tho usual
Chief Kdw.erd I'. Croker is 35
ot age, and has been connected with
the dc-pii tmout for eighteen years. He
Is a nephew nt Richard Croker. In lSfJS
he lit (Mine deputy elder, and on May 1,
li.09, he succ ceded Huqh Conner as chief
ot the department. He ulho lb presi
dent of the National Association of Fire
Deputy File Chief Chailes D. Pmioy,
who will become acting chlel, Is a
biother of Henry D. Puiroy, a toimer
lite commissioner, and piesident of tho
board fiom ISSj to 1SSI,
The Governor Declines to Indicate
Whom He Will Appoint,
lly rclu-inj Wire from 'ihi. AsmjUjUiI 1'riM.
Iluuisbuig, Pa, Nov. 2S. The ics
iKiiation of Judge- Mitchell, of Wells
boio, a member of the Supeilor court,
wnb received by Governor Stone today
and will be accepted. Judge Mitchell
letiies under the judges' retliement act
passed by the last leglslaturo on half
pay, or W.7WI annually foi the lerualn
dr of his teim, which explu-.s in liuo,
He is the first judge In tho Htntn in
'Zietlro under this net. A medical com-
mibsion nppoiuted itHoutly by the gov
ernor to cMimine Judge Mitchell re
ported his health was such that he
would never be able to resiuno his du
ties. The gounnor declined to Indicate
whom he will appoint to the vacancy,
Bjr Kjihuhf Wiir from 'Hie .soiUtM Pro.
London, Nov, 28 Pi, Joseph I'.ukui,
mlnlstir of tho City temple, who had
bcou salously 111 for tome timu pat,
died at 5 o'clock this nlteriioou.
Allentown. Pa., Nov, 21 Hannah
Young, the widow of Joseph Young, died
suddenly today, aged & jeais. Her pa
ternal giandfuthoi, Hev, Abiaham Uln
nici, ioiualed the Ubcily Xloll undtr thy
floor ot KIoii'h Itefotmid church In Allen,
town during the Uiltlsh occupancy of
Philadelphia in l)77-7! and bur maternal
giuudfatfier, John Jacob Mieklcy, hauled
tlm bell hei e,
Now ton, Knu. Nov 2S Kate Vunw, a
coloied woman, aried JJ3, dlod hciu today,
She had a daugliti r ninety yours of ago
and her husband died at tho ago of IK.
Sho claimed to havo remeinbeied ery
distinctly tho war of 181
Middletown, N Y. Nov. 2S Itov. Sam
uel W. Mills, I). I) , ouo of tho most
piomlnont clergymen of tho ltefonned
church in this Mate, Is dead at his home
in I'oit Jen Is, at the ago of SI ears. Ho
was graduated frpm Itutgets college, in
JSIS and Horn tho Theological bemlnary of
Now Hiunswiek, N. J., in Mi
Charles Albert Has a Narrow Es
cape from Death.
Special to tho SctatUon Tribune.
Stmudsburg, Pa.. Nov. 28. A pa it tit
the chicken for the Thanksgiving sup
per came nenr causing the death ot
Charles Albert of this town, lhtt for
the timely nrflvnl of a physician, Al
bert would havo suffocated.
Hidden under the miuhcd potatoes
was a piece of the breast bone of the
chicken measuring three-quartern of an
inch. Albiit swallowed the bone, but
It got no farther than the tipper pait
of Ills windpipe. Several means weie
tried to remove the bone und the can
opener was suggested. The inti iimmit
caught In Albert's thro it and hud to
be literally pulled out by his wife, all
of which time his bre ailing was gi eatly
Interfeied with until n plslclan ur
Turkish Government Adopts
Barbarous Methods of
Crushing Peasants.
By Exclusive Wire from Hie Aawci.ted Prm.
London, Nov. 2S. Mail advices re
ceived hero from Constantinople, under
date of November 24, say:
In spite of all official denials, the
porle is adopting barbarous methods in
ctushlug the Macedonian peasants. The
winter has set In and the danger fiom
levolutlonary bands Is over, -et the
Turkish authorities seem to think the
time rome to act. In the face of
piomises of free paidou to those who
returned to their homes. Christian vil
lagers have been shockingly toi tured
to make them betray alleged concealed
depots of arms or give Information re
gal ding the walking of the Macedonian
committees The bastinado has been
fiequently employed until the victims
were crippled for life, their feet being
beaten to a pulp by Tuiklsh soldiers.
Peasants were also hung by their heels
to the celling and boiling hot eggs weie
put In their armpits. Even priests weie
not spared, while the troops openly
plunder the peasants, who are being
dilven to despaii.
Police Receive a Decided Set-back
in Woik of Prosecuting Dia-
"01 derly "Houses.
By Inclusive Wire frf.m The Assoclilfd I'resi.
Philadelphia, Nov. 2S. The raids of
vice dens last week by tho police under
Instructions from headquaiters weie
shown to be Imptoperly conducted,
when Judge Audenield toduy dis
charged Louis Zlmmeimau and nine
women captured in the wholesale
swoop of disoideily houses. The dis
charges weie on the ground that the
arrests had been Illegal. With the
judge's decision a decided set-back
was adininisti-'ied any attempt to
piosecute the remainder of cases.
Zlmmeinian was alleged to be the
pioprletor of a disreputable resort.
Two of the women weie captured
theie, and the others were taken into
custody at another house. All weie
commlttid to prison in default of ball,
but seemed writs of habeas corpus
thiough counsel, which were today ui
gued betote Judge Audenreld.
Counsel for the prlsoneis merely at
tacked the legality of the anest,
which, the evidence disclosed, WPie
made made upon warrants containing
none ot the names of the poisons taken
Into oustodv.
"it seeiis to me that a moie equal anil
regular enforcement of the law would
achieve more tow aid weeding out db
m derly houses in the city than occas
ional spoiadic raids," Judge Auden
reld said. "Accoullng to the testimony,
these police officials have repeatedly
seeii women commit Indictable ouenses,
If they had airested them at the time
they eoiild have been punished, as 1
have no doubt they deseive to be; but
the opportunity was allowed to pass,"
Increase in Freight Taiiff.
Uj Kxilii'lu' Wile hum Hit' Assoc Uleil I'icu.
Washington, Nov. '-S.-Otllclal notice of
an of two and a half cents pur
hundred pounds In thu freight tariff cat
grain fiom Chieuo to Now Yoik was
filed with tho intei state coiumerco com
mission today. Thu now grain freight
basis which will be oKsuivcd by thu lines
east-bound out of Chlcugo, and otlioi
points hi tho territory east of the Mis
sissippi ilver and north of thn Ohio, Is 20
cents per hundred weight. This Increase
la tho grain schedule usually follows tho
closing of navigation on tho Gieat Izikes.
Deadly Duel with Pistols.
By Jvuludve Mile from Tim As-uHlatcW Pu., City. Nov. 2S At Armourdule,
Kan . near here, Urnest Damns and
Chin lea V. Tuekor, packing house em
plojcf, lotight a pistol duel toduy over
Mabui Itaudall, a waitress, Damtu was
nun tally shot, but befoio he died ho shut
Tucker twice, fatally wounding him,
Tucktr Is still itllvti. Tucker had met
Damns and thu till on the stieet and
without warning tlicd two shuts at him,
the wounded man reiiirnlng tho file as ho
lay on the ground,
m 1
Another Poot Ball Victim.
By fcxcludrc Wire from 'fb ttocUttd 1'rcw.
West Chester, Pa., Nov. iS-Ohailes
Cair, colored, 21 seats ot age, of Willi
delphia, died at tho Chester County lios.
pltul tioiu IiiJuiKs li;cUed dining a
foot ball game ycsteiday. Cair's neik
was Injured In a miss play and ho was
rondeied uncnnsclouM.
Sugar House Burned.
By Uxcluslt Wire frcinTtie Associited Frui
New Orleuiuj, Nov. 2S. The magnlllcunt
sugar houso at laillnlm, l.a., fornuily
owned by John A. Morris, and now tho
pioporty of Chaileu A. Paiwill und
others, burned euily todaj. Tim total
loss on sugar house products In JI30.WJ;
Insurance, SCO.WO,
Interesting Pads Goncernlna the
Most Important Brand of
the Government.
An Era of Training' Both in Ship and
Marino Service Tho Schools of
InstructionNew Battleships in
Course of Construction Tho Ves
sels That Have Been Accepted.
Ships That Havo Been Sold Prices
Received for' Condemned Boats.
By I xclnslv,' u ire from 1 lie Assochted I'resi
Washington, D. C, Nov. 28. The an
nual report of the secretin y of the navy
for the year 190-', furnishes interesting
data upon the most linpoitant depart
ment of the government service. In re
ferring to the eftoits at development of
the service, Secretary Moody says:
The task which Is employing the high
est eneigles of the navy, and leeching
the gieatest attention from the heads of
bureaus, tho commanders hi chief of
stations, tho commanding and subordin
ate officers of squadrons, divisions, and
single vessels everywhere, Is tho work of
training. To the development of tho
gieatest efficiency In oil bianthes of tho
scivlco the attention, zeal, and thought of
those In thnrge Is mainly dhtcted. This
is an era of tialnlng. The reports of tho
several buieaus me laigely made up of
criticisms upon and plaits lor tho lm
piovement of ptoscut systems of practice,
drill and insti action ;.
Tho training of apprentu c boys and
landsmen entering for tho first time the
enlisted foico ot tho navy In all that is
comprehended by the term "tho sea
habit"; tho tialnlng of seamen who
have acquired this, but need greater fa
miliarity with tho specialized work of a
modem ship of wai; the training ot ot
flceis and men of the Mtulnr roips In tho
military and naval duties of that organ
ization; tho training of ofliceis and men,
ballots and mnrines in tho essential mat
ter of marksmanship with all aims, great
and small, including machine and rapld
liie guns, In tho care and handling of ord
nance, nnd, p.n tlcularly. In "gun point
ing"; tialnlng In developing and main
taining tho efficiency of the main engines
of Bhlps, 11s well as ol all auxiliary ma
chinery and devices, steam, electrical,
and other the tialnlng of yonr.g officcis
nl it 0 tuff corps in the specialties of
their profession, as well us In Its goneial
obligations und duties; tho training of
Junior officers In toipedo woik ot all
kinds, and in the handling of the smaller
vessels, and the training ot more c:
pctleueed officers In tho capacity to mlng
out and utilize tho full powers of tno
vessels under their command, whether
operating singly or in squadions, appeals
to bo the impottant piesent business of
the nuvv.
Schools of Instruction.
For theso purposes schools of lnsti no
tion have been established wherever prac
ticable, among them being tho bchool lor
petty otflceis ot tho seaman blanch at
Nowpoit, and lor tho artlfU.11 branch at
the navy vuids, Poitsmouth, Va , and
New Yoik; the school at the medical mu
seum, and the torpedo school at Now
port. At the same time the work of the
naval war college has uteived Increased
It is needles', to say that t lit purpose
of all this instruction and tialnlng is to
make the navv fit lor Us ultimate de
sign ns an Instrument i?f waitnre. Tho
navy scrvts manj usotul purposes In linn's
ol pence which should by no means be
mlnlmlcd. Nevertheless It would not e:
1st In .instiling like Its present loun if
tho possibility of war veto not In con
templation. It Is bedleved to be tho duty
of tho deptrtmept to employ the means
which congress has pi iced at its dis
posal to doveiop every latent power ot
material and personnel and suo that nil
bianchos ot the service opcintu In Intelli
gent harmony. This constitutes that pro
paiedness lor war which Is the Inst guai
nnty of tho ontlnu.ince of pence. It has
been icmeiiiboied at every step that tha
people ilc-lro pence and not w.n, and that
the navy should bo potent that peace may
be preserved. This piupatcduess for wur
should be complete; a partial or half-way
preparation will not Insure us dualist av
ta,ek, may even Invite It.
Ships Under Construction.
At the close of the. last fiscal yeai theie
were under eonstt notion for thu navj,
by contiact, tho following vessels: Ulght
baltlo ships, u urmuicd eiulseis. 1) pto.
tutted eiuKeis, -I inonlloi, 11 torpe do
bout destioveis, 7 tutpedo boats, and 7
submit! Ine torpedo boats. Tho geneial
piogies.s of woik upon tin sa vessels, pai
tlculatly those of tho luser el is, bus
not boon tound to bo s itlsfae tory. The
battlo ships weie, on the JOth of June,
IV.', fiom 10 to ."J mouths behind tou
tiact tlmo; the nimored ciulsers from 1
to 13 months; the pioteeled ct niseis fiom
el to is mouths, whllo the monltois weio
from IB to I'l montliB In airetus.
In tho eases of tho larser vessels tlm
cause's assigned ior slow piogress aio
tho iiou-dellvety ot stiiicliiial material,
tho Inability of shipbuilders to obtain n
sufficient supply of skilled labor, and In
somo casec, strike. Other causes nave
contributed to tho lesult, Tho ilopatt
ruent has recently taken steps to iemoo,
ns fur as piactlcablo, any giouuds ot de
lay over which It win eoielse contioi,
ami has notified cemtmctois that thoy
will bo held to accountability foi falluio
to push forwnid the woik of construction
with duo diligence, It such failure shall
occur, nud pattloulurly fur any dclay.s
which may at any time be caused by
pietoioncii blng Ivon to prlsato over
public Willi.
Ill tho enso of toipedos and the do
stioers, tho conn actors havo assigned
as an additional leabou for delay that
tho contiaets for their const! notion woio
so eaetlng that compliance with thein
has boon will nln'U Impossible,
Vessels Accepted,
During tho ilscul year tho following ves
sols havo been finally luccptc-d; The
battleships Alabama, Wisconsin and Illi
nois; the toipedo bouts Ualloy. llagloy,
Darney, Piddle, gliubilck and Stockton
Tho toipedo boats Thornton and Wilkes,
anil tho ik'stioiis Poontiir, l'oiry and
Preble have been prulhnhiniy accepted
Hotween July l ISoJ, and November J.
ISO.', the Thornton has been finally, and
tho follow lug vessels ptelhninmlh, ac
cepted1 Tho monitor Aikansas, tho tor
pedo-boul dc3tioet.s Itirry, Chauneey,
Dale. Paul Jones, T111M011, Whipple and
Weiielon. and the toriKslo boat lie Long.
Tho monitor1 Catsklll, Manhattan and
Mahopnc and the t evolving ship Vetmont
havo been stilcken fiom tho navy u-g-Isltir
during the jwir. These Ves
sels, condemned as unfit for fuithcr ser
vice unilet tho provision'' of the law, weie
advertised and sold as follows; The Cat
skill, Htuglo-tuiieliHl moiittoi, iipptaWd
value, Kilo, was sold December 4, 1901, to
1. 13. hunt, Mehoso, Mars , lor $11,763; the
Munhattan, slngle-tiu toted monitor, up
pnilscd value, $S,7M, wns Fold March f,
1P02, to Henry A. Illtner's Sons, Phil
adelphia, Pa., for JIG.JIH: the Miiliopou,
sltigle-lutre'ttil monitor, appniled at ?8,
fit;, was sold March f, l'Ml, to A. V.
Kaiser & Co, Philadelphia, Pa., for $1',
21S. The United Btutes ship Vermont was
twice advertised for sale, tinder the Hist
nelveitlseinont no bids weie received nbova
the appraised value of tho vessels ($l!,
IXXO. A renppralsemetil was made at
$1-1,000, und( under a second advertise
ment, the Vermont was sold on April 15,
190-', to L 13. Hunt, of Mehoso, Mass., for
Speaker of St. Louis House
of Delegates Nabbed in
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Tim.
Philadelphia, Nov. 2S. After eluding
at rest for several months, Charles F.
Kelly, the former speaker of the St.
Louis house of delegates, who is wont
ed in the western city In connection
with the bribery cases unearthed there
some time ago, was arrested in this
city at 1.10 o'clock this afternoon. Kel
ly arrived in New York on the steamer
Celtic this morning from Liverpool and
had just stepped from the western ex
press in the Broad street station of the
Pennsylvania railroad here, when he
was taken Into custody by Detective
James Tate, si., of the detective bu
reau of this city. He ndmltted his iden
tity and Is now locked up in the Cen
tral police station. He will be given a
hearing tomorrow by Magistrate Koch
crsperger and will bo held to await re
quisition papers from the state of Mis
souri. The infoimation the police of this
city recelvd that Kelly was on his way
here came from Chief ot Police Klely,
of St. Louis, who sent the following tel
egram to the local authorities:
"Arrest Charles F. Kelly of this city,
formerly speaker of house of delegates.
May be on Baltimore and Ohio or
Pennsylvania train from New York,
reaching your city about 1 p. 111. Want
ed here In bribery case."
Detective Tate was sent to the Penn
sylvania station and another man was
sent to cover the BaUjmore and Ohio
depot. Gaciriia'clrgobel description Jf
Kelly, which had been sent out from
St. Louis some time ago. When Tate
reached the station the train had al
ready arrived and passengers wei e com
ing tnrauglr the gate. He then feaied
he had missed his man and the rrett
moment Tate saw a familiar face In the
crowd. He remembered the man as
Kelly, whom he had met during the
Pan-American exposition.
"Hello, Kelly," said Tate, approach
ing the St. Louisan.
Kelly nodded, looked at Tate and an
swered the salutation.
"Who are you," asked a voting man
who accompanied Kellv.
"Tato Is my name, of the detective
bureau," was thu leply, "may I auk
who you are?"
"A reporter lor a New Yoik pitpei,"
replied Kellj's companion, who hap
pened to be a loimer Philadelphia
"Well, I want you. Mr. Kelly," said
Tate', and the St. Louis man and his
companion weie eooited to the city
hall across tho stieet nom Broad stieet
The St. Louis authorities weie imme
diately notified and a reply was re
ceived to hold Kelly until the ueces'-aiy
ltgal papers ar 1 Iv eel.
Kelly was'ciesttnlleu whim he reached
the police station. In an Interview, he
"I was em my way back to .St. Louis
and meant to announce my theie
Monday and give myself 1111 to answer
whatever charges have been laid
against me. I had been absent In I3u
rope for several mouths and spent most
of my time In Ireland. On my arrival
In New York this morning, I received
word that my eluveu-yeai-old buy had
died in St. Louis. As soon as I stepped
from a steamer It was suggested to me
by an old acquaintance that I come to
Philadelphia for a few day". I came
here nnd now T find my-olf under ar
rest. That's all there is to it."
The accused man was diessed In .1
dark blue suit. Jin can lid lonsldeiablo
baggage, und the labels on It Indicated
that he had been hi Naples, I'aiN, Lon
don, Billn, Dublin and Kill. 11 my,
Negroes Sold Into Slavery.
By EiUu.iit VVIte fiom Die AsiocUtM !'ra
Lant aster, Ky Nov. 2S -Sheriff Law
suu, attiatted a lit go ninwd btifoie the
com l house dool todav by the salt) ot
throe? negroes, two women and a num.
Tho bids wore- lively, but small. Tho
mini, Charles Anderson, sold ior twulvo
months, brought J7, nnd the women,
Hello Ci If iltt and I3mma Rciid, sold lot
0110 and thiee jeais respectively, biouglit
ifj each. Tho three wiie convicted of
vagrauiy and oiileieil sold to the highest
John L. Sullivan a. Bankrupt.
By Kxclti.lvc Wire frutit I he- .UvicUtml Pcmj.
Now Vonc, Nov. 2S.-John U. Sullivan,
toiiucr champion heavy-weight piUo
lisiitcr of the world, filed a petition In
liankrtlitc In tho United States district
court today. Ho said his liabilities wero
$ju"s and his nsvets us fro worth of weal
ing apparel.
State Reveuues,
ll J.xiliisl.e Hire1 (ruin The it.ocitttd 1'ieM.
llarrlsburg, Nov. Ii. Tiro stuto it.
venues for tho pust twelve months weio
2,'JI7,SWM and tho expenditures, 17 77.
10J1S. Tho fiscal ear, which 1 loses Sun
iluv, has been ono of tho most prosperous
in tho history of tho state.
Steamship Arrivals.
B r.xUiHho Nlie from Thy AtxJiUtvil Tims.
New Yoik, Nov. 2S. Cleared, Pots
dam, Kolterdim; Kit in la. Mi ei pool;
Kroonlaud, , Alltwcip. .Qiueitstowti Al
livcel: lalennlii. Now Yoik I.lveipool
Arrived; Cymric, Neevv Yoik
Moie Than S2,00O,000 Contributed
During- Anthracite. Struggle,
lly Kvoludie Wire fiom Tito Aoclatiil l'rc'J.
Indianapolis, Intl., Nov. 2S. It was
olllclally announced today nt the na
tional headeiuurteis ot the Mine Work
ers that when the inlneis meet In na
tional convention here In Junuaiv to
prepare a new wage scale, Secretaiy
Wilson will report that the amount of
money given by them for the stilke
was more than $2,000,000.
The convention here last January
changed the constitution of the otgan
isriitlon, so that the oillceis aie elected
by the referendum plan. The locals
make the nominations, nnd eveiy mem
ber has a vote on tho candidates.
A list of the nominations has been
received, but Secietniy Wilson wns not
picpnied to give it out. It Is not likely
that Piesident Mitchell. Secietaiy Wil
son or Vice-President Lewis will have
any seilous opposition, although it lias
been rumoied for some time that W.
D. Ryan, secretary of the Illinois
miners, and J. P. Reese, piesident of
the Iowa miners, might bo brought out
for Mr. Lewis' place.
It was .also officially announced that
the assessment of inlneis lor the stilke
ceaed November 13.
Causes Excitement in Liverpool,
Where Revenue fiom Slaughter
of Boston Cattle Is Derived.
By I vchiiivc Who frcnt Hie YswcUUil l'u.
London, Nov. 2S The announcement
that the United States department of
agriculture had gh en notice of the es
tablishment of a ciuaiantliie of cattle
and sheep, etc , In the New England
states, and prohibiting the exportation
of such animals fiom Boston until
fuithcr or del s, caused excitement In
Liverpool. The Mercy dock boaid de
rives a large revenue from the slaugh
ter of Boston cattle at Birkenhead.
Manager Laliages of the board, says
tho rostilctlons will have far -reaching
consequences and that possibly the
cargoes ol cattle now on their way to
Liverpool from Boston will be eiuainn
tlned. v -
The- e.cluion of American cattle has
caused n feeling almost amounting io
consternation in the shipping and meat
trades. Fetus are expressed that the
Intervention may be extended to ex
poits fiom United States poits, which
would result in a great raise iir the
pike of meat, tis only a lew steameis
have huge relrlgeration space for dead
meat. The board of agriculture i& t"c
eicKIng the utmost precaution. The
steamer Sachem, which ai lived in the
Mercy fiom Boston yesterday with a
cargo of cattle and shetp, was not al
lowed to discharge. The animals weie
all scrutinized by experts nnd no dis
ease was tound among them, but they
will nil be ie-enmlntd arter an inter
val of toitv -eight hours
At Special Meeting- of Cuban Cabinet
It Is Accepted The Strike Situ
ation in Havana.
Be I vilushc Wui, fruit flu A-muitcd l'ui
Havana, Nov. 'S. At a special incit
ing of the cabinet, presided over by
Piesident Palm.t, It was unanimously
decided to accept the resignation of
Governor Tamavo, Secietaiy of Instruc
tion Yero assuming the duties of the
vacant post until a new secietaiy Is
nppoiuted. That Piesident P.ilniu did
not ifciulie Tarna.vei to reconsider his
resignation was caused by the Nation
alist party, which hltheito has been In
the 11 out or Cuban polities. The Re
publicans ate jubilant :tt the practical
leiuoval of the president of ihe Na
tionalist party fiom the most Impcnt
ant cabinet position, nnd claim
this step meads the Insulting up ot tho
jj irtv.
The ptuty has n
ote of thanks to Mrivnr (J'liiicll tunl
approved his conduct dining the stilke,
The pi ess points out that thu new -eo-letaiy
ot guv ui 111111 nt will lemovo rho
mayor anil leinstuto the chief of police
wiiuiu ui'-aiien uiseiuigeii jor acting
vlgoiuusly against the stilkeis,
The cigar muiuifaetuios have sub
mitted rations monosilious to their
Avoikineri, which the latter will vote
Lilian next isiiiiday. 11 no agreement is
111 Keel at the elLraiiiiakt is will en.
deaviu to tall anoihei gtriicuil .stilke.
Fatal Hunting Accidents,
lly l.xtlu.lve Whv ftoiitll "i.Kl,itul Pie-.
Kansas City, Nov, 14 llaiold If, Moi
1 lei;, axed 14, a high tuiiool student of
this ilty, iieeidilitullv shot and killed
himself todu whllo hunting mar Woi
cotl, Kan Jiums Gist ur'ed II, w.u
shot and killed ut CKt'onl. Kan . Ii his
biuthei while the weie hunting Tho
lloctti-old sun ut tl. N. Html, of Hollo
vllle, Kan, was killed while hunting his
gun being discharged while ho was pull
ing It iluoutih a feme
Inheritance Tax Unconstitutional,
lly I'ulti.iie Wim fioinllii' UwUp J I'm.
St. Paul, Nov 2S Tho Supremo couit
rodav. ) upholding u decision of thu
JUimoy county piobato loun, decided
the mheiittiuco tux law to bo uncon
stitutional. m 11
Pensions Granted.
B fieluslve' Wire from The AtsOtialeJ I'rcs.
Washington, Nov. 2l Pensions grunted.
John Cnrey, of Shtckshlnny, $10; John tV,
Klclntob, of Huntington Mills, W; will
lint G. Mooro, of Lackawanna, i:,
(tc'Oigin 12. Hcrrlntoir (widow), of Dale
vllle, Ji
Fnllll Five Hundred ol Our Vocalist?
and Friends Will Attend Brook-
lun SlnoinQ Festival.
Not Concerned Over the Failure ta
Have a Rchenisnl Piospects That
Thiee Chief Pilzes Will Come to
Scianton The Singers Loud in
Their Prnise of Excellent Arrange
ments for Their Enteitainnrent.
Special to the Scianton Tilbune.
New York, Nov. 2S Fully flN0 ilun
dred Scianttmlans aie here or heie
abouts, bent 011 taking away some sev
eral thousand dollars of tho mlr-ei
which the Arlon society, of Biookljn,
is ofteiing at It., singing festival.
The Scianton Unlteel Choral society,
two hundred and fifty strong, and about
two bundled otheis, who took aelvant
age of the Lackawanna's excursion
late, ai rived heie on a special train at
11 o'clock and sought ciimrtois nt the
Meyer, Bust and Naegll's hotel in
Hoboken This 111 toi noon the singers
lepairccl to the Caimgle llbiary In
Hoboken to have a rehearsal, but tho
absence of a piano pievcuted a re
hearsal of anything except the mule
choi us Tomorrow the thieo choruses
will 1 cheat so finally in Ailon hall,
Director Watlclna W not much con
reined over the failure to havo a le
hearsal of all the competitive pieces to
day. It was only a case of making as
surance doubly sure, he said, that all
three of the chief prbies will come ta
Scianton, or that some other chorus
will do marvelous Bulging. ldo not
wapt to say I am onfl(J,enl we win
win," he said, "but If we lose In any
event, I will be greatly disappointed."
Ilavden Evans, who directed the
chorus which won tho $5,000 pilze at
tho World's Fair, declared to your coi -respondent
today, just befote the
t hoi us left Scranton, that Mr. Watklns
is a sine winner. "I heard tho ie-hcat'-al
at the armory, Thanksgiving
day," said he, "and I am satisfied none
of the opposing choruses can possibly
ecel the Sctarrtonlarr". I will be clis
appointed if Mr. Watklns does not ic
tin 11 with the thiee big prizes"
The singers are loud in their piaises
of the excellent anangements made tor
their entertainment by the executlvo
committee of the society, thiough
Chairman David l'litchard.
Mr. Roosevelt Receives the Membeia
of the Cat lisle Poot Ball Team,
lly 1 vrhiibc Wire from 'Ihe AiweUteJlTMi
Washington, Nov. 2S. Piesident
Roosevelt today lteelved the numbers
of the Carlisle Indian school football
teiini, who deioaltd thu Georgetown
university team .vesteulay. The In
dians weie introduced Individually and
the piesident had a pleasant woid tut
each, asking him about his tribe or
some urinous Imll ui chief. To one tha
president reforifcd to the Cai llsle-IIai-vrud
game. The Indian, who was n
Sloux, 'aid that they had been
eil 21-0
"Thu wits better than Iliuvaid did
Willi Yule," obs-tived tho piesident
Another stiappliig big Itilmv, whoso
ee .showed the ie-ult ot a bad collision,
In 1 espouse lu the president's Intenog-'
atoiy, said that he played left tackle.
The last of the jiui ty was an Esquimau
and the piosidelil detained him to put
-eVeial llUestlons ttbuUt ills people.
Coibett-McGovera Eight.
ll I xilu-ne lie flout lite A9-Miatcil l'tcsi.
San rr.intlseo, Nov. 23. Mollis I.ovy,
of tho Hayes Valley Athletlu club, tod ly
101 winded to J. It. McLean, of Cincin
nati, it certified chock for $5,UOO, which
the dub posts for a guarantee that It
11111 pull off the Corbelt-Mugovern light
It Is proposed that the fight taho placa
In this city about Christians.
Welsh Coal Sent West,
lly I'xiluslw W ire from 'flie VModaUd I'rti
Ogde nsburg, N. Y Nov. 2s Welsh
coal, oideied duilug the stilke for mer
chnnnts, Is being liuiiitrlit rip tho St
l.iwri'iicp river lu lame ipiuntltles, goljig
to westuin points, Unlets aio anxious
to gel It off their hands, its It Is 29 per
com dust.
..--11.. . . i.M.
Highest temperature ,,,, '.0 degroea
Lowest teuipoi-atuio So cdegriiea
Itelntlvo humidity;
S 11 111 ,,,,,,,,,. 76 per cent,
Sp 111. ,,,,., iiih 61 per cent
lieclpttatlon, 21 bouts ended 8 b, m4
W lutli, J
-r -r
WivMnairu, Nov, 28. Forecast
for S.iliiidii and Sunday; Eastern
Ponm.vlviiula lrlr Saturday with
increasing cloudiness In afternoon;
Sunday tuiu and warmer J diminish
ing northwest winds.
. &wai, ) mimJMimJ.
As, j 55- &