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VubllKhril Dnllv KtCTptRumly,ty The Tribune r
Pitbllrhlncr 'omiiny,at li'iny Cants n Month,
MVY B. JtlCltAItl)
o. k. iiYxnni:
. . 4 . . . i:n!to,
Entered at tlio l'oMofllte nt Serahton, m Second.
Claw Mat! Mntter.
When Kpnrn will permit, Tlie Trlbtinn ti
lirnya Bind to print short let tern from It
friend hrrtrlni; on current to)le,lut Its
rulo Ik that tbrmimiit be aluncd, for nut
llontlnn. hy tlm writer's lettl nnmt nml
tlm condition iirncetlnnt tn neenptnnco Is
thnt nit contributions shall bo subject to
eilltorlnl rsvlslon.
Tho following table shows tha price per Inch caili
Insertion, apaca to Iib lue'il within one yean
I Jliin of
I l'ii)er
im than 30 Indies
A0 Inches . .
loo "
25(1 "
Mil) ".....
10IK1 ".....
.'J I
For carili of thanka, resolutions of comlolnncp, nml
similar contributions In tlm naturu nl advertising,
Iho Tribune nuikes a chatRO of 6 cents a line.
Senator Hiuina continues to be In
much better health than the; iwltcus
who Insist, that sickness will foieu him
to lellre fiom politico.
The ConimUlon at Work
a N AGTinEABMJ linpicsilon will
i bo createil by Ihc juomritiiess
XJLfv Hit Mliluli tho slilke com
mission ycstonlny becnn Its
Judicial functions. If It had been an
old court, lonpr habituated to Inquiries
of a similar nattne. It could not have
piocepded morn expeditiously or s
tematlcally. AVhon ip tnlvp iPtnem
bianro of tho li.nuinpt.tblp fi Idiom
which have attended thp em Her stages
of this contioveisv, It heems little
short of wurvelotis that so decotous
and feo quick a stmt should lme been
made toward the lecordlnp "of testi
mony before a tilbunal linlnfr no spe
cific power to enfotce pioeess or dis
cipline. There lias been no finer illus
tration in Ameilcan lilstoiy of tho
soveieign ioseie power of public opin
ion. AVhlle romment upon the testimony
Itself would be manifestly out of place,
it may not bo amiss to suggest that in
the Intel est of pconomv and efficiency
tho le.nneil and much-multiplied coun
sel for the ilpfensp should, if possible,
plan llieir campaign so as not to In
oIve lepetltlons and confusion. The
nilnc-woike.s liaie but one head to
their legal column wheieast it would
appeal to casual onsen, itlou thai
the opetatot.s hap something like a
dozen heads! to as nianv dlffeient legal
columns obedient to no eenlul aitthoi
it. Inasmuch as the chief inn pose of
the healing is to exliact the until, this
would be eiy mateilallj facilitated if
the learned lepipsintnthes oC the rati
ons rorpoialions should get together
and mutually agiee upon a leader. If
theic has been no coal ti list in the
past now is ipitaluly a time lot at
least ii tempoiaiy pooling- of legal Is
sues, lest too mniiv cooks upset the
bi oth
Recognising the supetioi public In
tel est taken in this he.iiinjr. we hae
at tanged to mint dally piacticaliy a
complete stenogiaphic lepoit of all tes
timoiiv, bartlng meielv lenetitlons mid
Ineleant mnttei. It will be much
nioi p satistactoiy for Si'i.intonlnns to
lead this in their homes at theii lelsuie
than to ti y to c-iowil into the sin Ml
unci ill-entllaied court room whine
the hcaiing is in progiess, and for
this leason wp adls,e that attendanco
out of cuiiosilv metely be discouraged.
J-et the commission attoiul to its woili
without intiusion oi Intciiuption and
let the truth, the whole tiuth, and
nothing but the tiuth be elicited with
out fear or fawn.
The Filipinos will soon be also con
Uncoil that thp .Tes-e James net is an
anatliionirni under the American flag.
Mining by Electricity.
ttlcity into mining chela
tions Is mi lnnontlon which
Is iiuilp In accord with the
scientific pi ogi ess of the age, Tlieie
arc no mateilal channels open to
human eni-igv in which eteetiiclty Is
not nheady pining, oi will not at mine
ptoxlniate time, play a dominant pait.
The use of electticlty foi lmulngp In the
mines Is bo convenient and ocinioniical
that Its Inttmluctlon ih almost a ncies
slty. The bu.ikff boy is Olsapiieailng,
Tho mechanical slate-picker Is at wctk,
and a geneial extension of He applica
tion Is ameie matter of uecnnniioiintlon
to tho wvlgtncles of the hour. The util
ization of clectiielly In iltllllnr, blast.
,n.K un1 'PJ" details of mining Is of
UWrc ierjiuis impott to tho miners than
1hj,'JijiriCtc!!,s3l(in"of,Ute bleaker boy anil
,ih!i!i'f,lViI-S";',on of tl1" mine 'mule.
rip&ldentMlCjhcll In his stotemeiu to
th Pf rlH? cotinplsslotieis lns p.u ticular
frtvefiinitiJUh" tlm ftiet'thiit tlio mltiPis
nit (ambnllecVio send their boj.s nt a
tender nge tu'to the" mines to eke) out
their slender waftbj", We who know the
elicunistnncea need not lay too much
stiess upon Mr. Mitchell's lugubilous
picture. Vet under whatever iliciim-
5JT!'."!0-?' thes.cj H()s ate sent Into the
fUii-'aUet, It Is an outiago upon their
boyhood and a seilous ihecl; upon tho of thui inaiihooil, u Is
TWt thcit they am oei wcnkeil oi under-
, p'lld, but the clrcuiustanees of their en-
JWlionhfunl me not what they hhould he,
The boy who is toiceil to wotk when ho
slitAiUl bit at bihool ot plav Is ilellher.
, attjy lobbed of tho mot pieclous and
'mluatUf.jiaiB of his )lfr,
Tlio ininei standu face
to face with a situation which is far
from leasstulng, Tho dlsplattiuent of
manual labor by machlueiy Inesitably
and con-ecin!ntially leads to ininipiltcd
ltii.liiiost tvciy tiaile has hail
tiPSu))nilttln the couue or linlusulnl
iTufalullon to the unite and prolonged
. -iitiMishlp that .uiexptcteill- oei
and Hoinetinies o0i whelms, tvoikeis
whose skilled labor Is upp!.intgd"iy
inachlueiy. It does, not make the iTidl
vldual suffei.'r. moie ictonclled to his
(iblsfoitune 'to be told .cm the highest
itr- uutliniltv that, to far fioi
inacliinery dlspfitclnp; men, it lnnlilfolih
the iloinaiuls -for labor In tin branch of
Indtistty In which he Wits engaged. Ha
nuclei stnndn thai, but-it Is also boine
In upon lilin that hV must adapt lilm
polt to new conditions, nt an nitu when
ho Is pel hups pltst u'dnpllveness, or
The cleclilc di III, It has been moved
In lite bituminous 'inliicn In 'which It Is
In oi tuition, win do the wotk of at least
llW' men, Tuklni; thM as-the met age
or Its pioiluetlvib. If It I'lttne Into gen
ual use In the4 nntlnacltt legions It
would i educe Ihc number of llrensed
inlneiA engaged In ciittliif coal funu
.10,000 to coimi Hut It Is not likely that
such u i eduction of inlneis will take
place in our lime. Theie aie thousands
of mrs of conl fields In Not llieiistoin
Peu.isvhiinla which liavo not yet boon
tappjd. Uen In the kawatina val
ley lliete Is no iippaient possibility ot
el.itttsl!nn shmt of .w-nis hence, "and
othfr seams may be illscineied. Hut In
any event the number of wotkeis seek
ing einulcynunit In the mines will he
coiv.e laigolv icslilctcd: nml ot those
now In there will dottbllcss be u weed
I n' out.
Althougli Hie slilkc mav linie hal-
e'led the intiodtii'tlon of nm
chlneiv In tln Lolllei Its wluie list In.
'iltili.illou Is taking pi ice or Is contem
plated, the lileti Is nut new by any
incaiis. It has been pi.totlrnlly utllled
in many bltuinlnoiis and in a lim
ited nuinliei of nntliiaclle mines,
and with fair success. The gieat
obstacle which has hltheito iiiti
fiontcd electilcal engineers was the
difficulty of in ranging upon a pcniM
ncr.t scientific basis the distributing
whes In such labwlnthiuc mazes as aio
met with In a mine. This dlfliculty
having been hiotight within the ic
fe.trch of linenthe lugenultv, the lest
win easy, and electilcal mining is now
a slsninVint leallty.
The man who dlscoveied tho bevei
ago known as "The Cm He Nation cock
tall," will do well to take to the woods
Without flllthpr W.linlnuv 'Mm. Vntlnn
Wis announced lint she pioposes to
visit Suatiton and Intel view the in
vontoi. Hay's Roumanian Note.
Dll. KHAUSKOPF, a leunert
Jewish l.ibbl of Philadelphia,
model ately and' we think
I mm his standpoint Juili-cimi'-lj
ciiticles the teims ot tho note
which Sectetai.v Hay lecently dis
patched to the f'ounianian government
In the pel sedition ot the Jews In tint
pilnclpalltv. Di. Ki.iuskopt thinks
that the effect of the note was
dlspoimted b what he stiles Its self
pioteetivp Sjililt. The nole was not di
lCitly an appeal to the Koum.iniau
goveinmenl, from which nothing was
to be expected It was ,i piavei to the
huinaiiit.u Ian sense of justice of the poweis who could It they
weie so inclined bilng piessuie to be.n
upon the Roumanian government to
mltigite the political disci iminatinn
and social osliaclsm piaoticed toward
the Jew. Seel elan- Hav in dwelling
upon the obllgations'of the sign.itoiiis
to the Beilln tieaty pointed out that
their f.iiliup to enfoue Its teims led to
the iiiiiulRiation of n huge number ot
Roumanian Jews heie, who, owing to
the b.itbatnus subjection under which
they laboied at home, weie not, to
sa the least, piomislng candidates fur
assimilation into our citizenship, to
which they weie otlieiwlse welcome.
D. Kuuiskopt legaids this ciualltlea
tlon as a mistake. He believes the
note should have been bioadly and un
lesenedlv hitiuanitmlau. It might
have done some good. As It was, he
contends that it did none.
It ceitalnly has had little or no pi.ic
lleal effect. The rtouninninn Jew is
still an outlander. He Is debnued fiom
the lights of citizenship in the toun
U .v in which he and his foiefatheis
weie boin. He cannot pui chase land
oi live In the countiy. In the cities he
is testilited to the ghetto, and is dis
luiuelilsed fiom follow inc: any but the
meanest and moie sordid occupations.
The apologists for the Iloiinianlnn gov
ernment point out that all foieigneis
suffer (torn th same disabilities. This
Is tine, but the speciousups-. of tho fact
iIoph not obscuie Its infamy. The foi
eiguei who Is not a Jew Is not a native.
The Jew who Is pioscilbecl as a foi
elguer Is a native and Invailably the
descendant of a native.
What Dr. Kiauskopf objecis to as the
self-pioteethe splilt of Secietniy llaj's
nole Is more appaicut than iclil. Mi.
Hay might with diplomatic piopilety
have addtpssed a leinonsliance on liu
miiultailan giounds alone, but, ho was
well awnie what the mental leseiva
tlon Implied lu tho founal i espouse giv
en to It would bo and ot tho cynical
ipceptlon which It would meet lu the
fmclgn pioss, ns Indeed It met, nioio
or let s liankly, as It was. We would
be told that the ttentment by our sol
diets of lefiactoiy ot iucoiiiglblc Filip
inos did not challenge the admit ntlon
of Utitope; that while uegioes wcio
buiutd at the stake In the south It
demanded no little nsstiuincu on our
putt to lemonstiate with an Indepen
dent government on the tidmlnlsu ntlon
ut Its domestic nlfalts In coupling u
mn tuilnl gt lev unco with a leniousliiuuo
In the name of liuniunltx, we "may not
have fullllled the huuimilluiian obliga
tions of a gieac and stinng nation to-
m d a vw mured and iinpicitei ted peo
ple" Uut our government did. that,
which In a vIpw, seemed to It
wesest and best.
We slmeiely fcympathle with Dr.
Kiauskopf, We tindei stand his posi
tion. Ills noble appeal to the daughtei
lellglous of tho lellglon of Abiahain,
Isaac and Jucoli will not, wo hope,
pinve utiavalliug, If tlio chinches of
Chtlstiaiiltv nlwav.s lemenibeied the
obligations wlili li the) owe to Judaism,
tho peisectitlug monomania of pigmy
Mltiaples like Koiimanln would not ic
main long unchecked.
The tietent special Issue of Town
Topic :i devoted to Wall Htieet and Its
place lu the wot Id of Una nee, is one ot
the most complete mid exhaustive ills
toilcs of tho llnauclal wotld ever pub
llshucl. The legulai Ibsuo of the papei
Is euhiiged to one Impelled pages filled
with luleiestlng matter icgaidlng the
llmineleiH of this and tho past geiicm
tlon piofusely lllustiated by modern
half tone engiavlngs and copies of old
pi lutb. The poitialts tepiesent Coni-i-.o
Vnnilxr hilt, Jacob hlttle, Daniel
Dtcw, JiniiPH Flsk, Jny Clnttld unit
inany oilier famous lights of Wall
street who'wetc the kings of flnanrc
hi the '60's unit '70's, ns well as those
of lending stock btoltets of today. Il
lustrated intleles hip also Included Hint
tteat of tho slock exchanges nt London,
fails, Dei lln and other foreign money
centeis. An lntcietlng plctuio Is taken
fi oin an otlglnal pi hit showing the
Hist train on the Mohawk and Hudson
lnllionil driAwi liv the ,rUouibildgo
Lion. The contents am ciucfillly pie-
pined and In attuiethe fmni and the
book Is exceedingly Inteiestjng as well
as of m oti t value ns a volume ot lefcr
ence, Tits Bnlancc of Life
-yr r nn.n Tin: avemgo length
of human life Is ptobably
V gi enter now tluiii over
liefoie, theie sei'ins to he
no physiological lensoii why it may
not bo colisldeiably leiiBtheiied Vital
statistics estimate the aveingo lire ot
a in in at thlity-llve .veins; that ot a
woman at fmly. THIS esumaic- is
doubtless loo high lu each cusp. Hut
assuming thnt these llgutes hold good
for all pi.ictlinl put poses of comp.ul--oii,
why Is It the (iveinge not mat life
of a woman is longer that that ot a
liuin' Theie me nianv tensnm why
this should be so, not the least among
them being the moie tempeiiite life led
by w oini n, which compensates, If not
fully, at bast to a gieat extent, foi tho
dangeis accompanviiig innteinlty.
Hut heie Is the cut Ions fact. Willi
tho longevity of woman has been
gie.itc'i than that or man hltneito, mo
Inl.mte of life Is shifting appieclnbly.
In annual letuins ot the leglster gen
eial of Unglnnd this is pointed out and
a surmise, if not nn explanation, of the
cause Is given. In tiopleat countiies
It Is maintained the longevity of women
Is gie.itl.v In excess of that noted In
tempei.ite zones. The gieatei exposuie
of men to chills, liiegulai meals and
malaiial lever incidental to out door
lite In cqu.itntlnl legions accounts loi
men dlng qukkei, and within com
p.iiatlve limitations this wcat and tear
of life holds good in any countiv. But
in another geiiei ntlon or two, the bal
ance of lire will have piacticaliy dls
appeaied. Women aie now stienuously
entetlng into competition with men and
must pa .n Inci eased assessment of
the ptlnioidial tilbuto to nature.
What a Sfady of
Ovjp Imports Show
Special Couespoiideiicc
Wnshln jlen Nov 1 1
NO 1'KATritR of tin- foielsn com
mcice of the I'nltcd States is moie
iiili'isting oi moie suggeslho tlinil
the llgutes which shuv tin giowth
in inipoi tiitions of mantifactiiici-,' niatc
lltlls Tin ScpUinbci lepoit of the tieas
ui v hill eim of statistics shows tint the
Impuitatlous of m iniiliictiiici s' nntciials
in the nine months ending with bi ptem
hei, I'lO.', vceie not i-ulv lnget than in the
iiiliespoiidlng pel loci nf an" piececbng, but foimed a luigM pel cent. ige ot
the total impoits thin on an picccding
occasion Tho total impmtatlon oT inaiiii
l.ictuipis' miiteiliils in the nine months
ending with Septcmbn. TMl.', amounted to
$3J"i TTl.-'ll. unci foinuil li,U pel cent, or
the total linpuits A on ol thou
llgincs v Ith those foi the cmiespoiicllug
peiiod of S shows an Incicnse of TO per
lent in the Impoitatloiis of inniiiifactip
eis mate i ills dining that time, the total
impoitatlon ol m.iuufactuieib' lnat'iinls
in the nine months of IS'JO hiving been
?.'(Ki7-iii 'I he shuo which niiiuiil.ictin
ns' inateiiiil loiiivd of the total lmiioits
in lS'W was inilv .!.iic; pel edit . as against
-Jo TO jh i cent In tho coiie-poniling months
of 1502
The table which follows shows iho total
Impoitatloiis or ni.iniilaetuieis' niateilnls
in the nlno months ending with Septem
bei of i.ich vear fiom IV 0 to W.1, and the
sham which tliev loimed ot the total Im
poi ts in the nine mouths of each e n .
Nine Impoits 1'et-
Momhs of ' ei utngo
Uiulinir Miinulactiireis' ut Total
Sept. .) Materials linpoitH.
3S90 '.Oii.T-'l Oik) AJfiJ
1811 J-'". r.l.'.Tl". Ji'i,
IS I.' L-'O-iJlUII V."
no: u'jtsio.jiT .r.s7
ivii luiiii.'-in :i Ts
1 SrC .'.S.IOJ V.l J'Ml,
U-n is i,"i.' ii .,", pi
1S07 Jin,.s9,...' u I!
IMS HVJ. IS 1,7 Is Iu7ll
IS'1'1 JI.M7S071 II i)
TOO Sl.i,'l 1,11
"ui js.!,, (imi nsii
jioj ;.'-,.77l,JU Ii, J
A conipiilson or the above llgiu.s show
lug the inipoilatlolis of niiiiiiitiictuieis'
rmitcticils with tlio liiues ot total finpmls
ccneiiiig tlio smio peiiod -iows thai tho
Impoitiiilon ut liiamifiiLtmi is' niateilnls
lins Ineiinspil v ith tin gienler inpldlly
tluiii that of nth' i hnpoitit. Tlio total im
poits ol .ill cIiishs of aillclo" lu tlm nlno
months ending with Septemhei, lS)o, weio
ri"l.S!".-'S7. and In the nlno months ot I in.',
$70J,rr ii7" Ol tlm total Impoits in tho
nine months of IS'n miiiiufiiituieis' nnto
ilals auioiiiitid to $jiii,7.'l i,,n, MhI all otii
ei at tit Its, 1im,1I0.',-7; in the iilm montlm
or 19DJ in.iuufiii tin ui h" mitoilnls weio
1i.i.TT1.-ll and all other nitidis, $.ITii.u!sl,
(,l It will bo si en nom.ihis thnt the Iin
pollution of maniif.iciiireih' mauiiils lu
u eased in ai )v ii) hoi tent dining the
peiiod IS'W-l'iOJ while all othei Inipoita
tlons lucien-id ouh '! pel cent uiiimtluio.
The lolluwliig tahli shows the inipoitn
tlous of the ilassis ol imiuufac
tiueis' ninteil.ils In 1'iOJ, Tlm Hem cln in
kala Includes ceilnlu in tides not classed
ns niiiiiiifncluieis' niateilnls, tlioiigh tho
lingo piopoillou nf ui tliies iindui tho title
ut ihimlcals inopuily belong to the i l.ibsl
(Ration "niiiiiufiii tuieis' niateilnls"
Ai tides hn pin ted I'kij.
(iii'iuiialH, dings, etc S.IJ.I i',77:)
Hides ami skins t:,11"i,b!J
rllll u.r..',iu'l
rums .'j.tii.s.m
India iiibhii' is, iM.rjr,
Tin .... li.,r,ij0,liis
Copp i , , l.,lll'l,JSt
Wood and Inuilii i j,sil,ilj
Wool . v H,s!i,,r,s7
Tohaiii 11,1.17,51!)
Cotton . 7,7''.' -ii!
4a li U ! d id l i
1 Merchant Tailoring
An Overcoat
We can show you a most elegant line and so cheap
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lw. J.
Kramer Special.
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Kid, Velour Calf, Enamel and
Patent Leather. It is correct
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ship and cut from material
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I pr'Ce' d
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lOII11l4ltI(1ltCD a
fits Secret
j Tlio choicest of select grain and
J thorough maturing is tho secret of
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excellence o
of its hind and
nolJiiiirj fikc it.
It Is particularly
recommended to
women because of
Its age and ex
cellence. Soil at oil tirHt-rlatH cafes an I by Johbota
WIX MNA1MN AbUN, OiltlinuU', 1M.
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. a tTm
8 fcwJJ 1
? ton &
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nunii nm t
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in cash for making the largest number of words out of
these letters. It is lots of fun to think out the words and hunt
thein up in the dictionaiy. and besides it will help you with your
spelling. You will be sut prised at the number of different ways
these twelve letters can be used.
Rules of the Contest.
Presents will be given to the boys or girls, whose parents
01 guardians ate' subset ibers to THE TRIBUNE, building the
largest number of wouls out of the letters contained in "The
Home Paper."
No lclteis must be used any more times than they appear
in these three words. As an example, only one "A" could be
used, but there might be two "IPs" or three "E's."
Only words defined in the MAIN PORTION of "Web
stcr's International Dictionary" (edition of 3808) will be al
lowed. Any dictionary can be" used, but in judging the contest
THE TRIBUNE will debar all words not found in Webster's.
Proper names, or any other words appearing in the "Ap
pendix" will not be allowed.
Obsolete words arc admitted if defined in the dictionary.
Words spelled two or more ways can be used but once.
Woids with two or moie definitions can be used but once.
No single letters counted as words except "A" and "O."
How to Write Your List.
Write on one side of the paper only.
Write very plainly ; if possible, use a typewriter.
Place the words alphabetically.
Write your name, age, address and number of words at the top
of your list.
Write the name of parent or guardian with whom you live and
who is a renular subscriber to THE TRIBUNE.
Fold the list DO NOT ROLL.
All Icttcts of iu(iiiiy for information will be promptly an-,
sueied. Addtess your list of words, or any question you wish
answeied, to
The College
Offers Clinical, Philosophical, Sci
ence anil I'cdaMiKlcJt Coiuses
The College of Applied Science
OTfeib Mechanical KnprtiiPciliiff,
Chil llnKiiiiuine anil
r.nslniH'iIiiR Cniu-cs (new buildliiB
anil piiilimcnt).
The College of Fine Arts
Has Conine? In Aichllccliiro. Belles
Lotties, Music anil P.iintliiK.
The College of Medicine
Ono of tlm olilcst In tho state, lm
foil i cni-.' coniso Tlio l.ito c'
celloi t'pson. of tlio KeKents, 1111
hollcltod, said' "It is admitted 1
all competent jinlKis to lio unsiir
p.iHsed In this state."
The College of Law
Oh os Instuictlon liv tost book and
i.imj t.j.stein. On Its luiiiltlch ato
unmo ot tho uic.iUat law jets ol
Is'ew YoiK.
Over Forty
Of tho lPidliiK nnlxpi'-ltlis and col
li kcs of till-, cmiiitij and IJiiinpo
mo iipiiMi'iiti d by ni.itino and
piiiKiosslxo M'liolus on tlio facility
nl tlio Colli ko Dills tlio hlBlii'st
tnlt nt to be loiiiul at liomo and is puniltlid lo kIo in
htliution In I 'Inn Alt" Tlio woik
lu ho auaiii'Pd that students takluB
both tlicli' Colli ko and or
.n Coin-cs at tim lino, ?au
ono je.u'a time.
Conipis bao bom ostabll'.litd, jjlv
liiB oui stink nt.s tho ndwuitiiBO of
III tit ihs tcacluis' cei title ate,
loiniPib Blunted only to giiidiintes
ol htlto Noimal 8i liools Mlioinl
ppctles Both hOM.s 1H nihnitted,
'I iilllon oMienses aio so niodcinto
that thoy aio Ippji than tho fees
In Homo coIIpkos vluui fiee tuition
Is given Knd foi uitalosue
Jamas Roscoe Day, S. T, D., LL. D.
ChancLlloi. Sjriiciiso, N Y.
Bltiiiiiruoiui'oi'S of
Old Stock
.;. .j. .j. & i ;. ; n ? h ? ?
4 .5. t 4 'h i 'h ! 4
L Scranton, Pa.
, 4JSt0 43S
Old M'lione, 2331.
Nsw'l'hons, '2935.
lU loll
$30.00 In Qokl $20.00
0.oo In dolt! 10.00
5.00 In oltl 5.00
2S0 Each :... 5.00
1.00 Each 5.00
500 Each 5.0.0
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a tliort course, nor an etsy count,
nor a cheap coiirsn, but the bt educatloa
to be bad. Ko other education la wortt
upending time and money on. U jrou do,
write or a catalogue ot
Easton, Pa.
which offers thorough preparation la tha
I ngincerliiK and Chemical Profession! u well
as the regular Collecs courau.
ReBiilnr Stato Normal Com sea and
Special Dopaitmcnts of Jtiiblc, Elocu
tion, Ait. DiaMliiB, StPiioBiapliy nud
'Dpewiltinir; atrous Colleeo Piepara
toiy Depaitment,
RoirdliiB ppense.s $3 ",0 per wcelc
Pupils ndmlttpil at any tlmo. Winter
Tcini opens Dec. SHU. Wilto for cata
logue. E. Ii. KEMP, A. M.,
T. J rostei.Prcs, i:imor II. Unvall.Tieas,
It J I'ostei Btanloy P, Allon,
Vlco President. Seciotnry.
"DOT.1 ... .
H.-TW AJtii.i... ?A5
HfcJ.' JT11I I iraf- l.Ui n,M
lPS BOCHcct. a hV. ' Li
ti V Tf. jT" fc' mJ?