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. - Yr ,,,;7 '-w '
I More Cleaners and More
Yesterday I liutl Hie pleasure oC
Boeing 87 men and women lit my 5
Optical Parlors. My oltlce boy
fiaia It was his busiest day yet.
I travo away 87 ot those beauti
ful and useful eye-glass cleaners,
pave thein free ofelmrne. Itegti
lnrly they cost 10c. u piece. This
means nil oiltlny of $S'.70 besides
the cost ot the advertisement,
Was It worth the money? t
Hhould say. I miidc the uo
(inulntaiieo ot 87 Indies iind-gon-tlemon,
nil nice one", too. They
Inspected my pnrlors and said
they were the beet ptulpncd they
ever saw. Why dian't yon coniov
I bono to wu yon today. You
will net youi eye-glnsH cleaner
freo for today, too. There a to
about 4,0()U left, so don't worry.
1 will be pleased to see you,
How about your eyes'.' How
about those headaches? Too
much sowing, too much rending?
Oh. no; eye-strain Is the cause
of It. Proper glasses will relieve
the strain.
Po I repair bioken frames? Do
I renew broken lenses? I eer
'tnlnly do. Work will be all
right prices are all right, too.
One charge covers the entire
cost of examination, glasses
and frames.
331 Washington Ave,
church In South Seranton from the pay
ment of a sewer assessment.
Burkhottse May Kecover.
It was slated at the Hahnemann hospl'
tal lasl night that .losuph HntkhmiHo,
whom1 skull was fractured by a Luclcn
wanna train on Monday night, has a fair
chance of recovery. Ills condition was
somewhat Improved yesterday.
Mrs. Mnry Dinnnon Arrested.
.Mis. Mary liraminn, of ll:)4 t'rovldeneo
road, was last tdglit uriesled at the In
stance of her husband on a charge of
threatening to hill, She was lodged in the
central police station and will be given
a hearing before .Magistrate Millar this
Police Vacations Resumed.
The nnmber of the police force were
forced to folego llielr usual summer va
cations this year because their presence,
was resulted In the city dining' tho coal
strike. The schedule of vacations has
aceoidlngly been changed goes Into
effect beginning this week, each malt
being given ten days' leave with pay.
Mrs. Noll Resists Her Husband's
Effort to Secure Separation on the
Ground of Desertion Verdicts Ren
dered in a Number of Oases For
mer City Employes Sue Under the
Eight-Hour law Diamond Land
nnd improvement Company Insti
tutes Equity Proceedings.
Civil Service Examinations.
The civil service commission announces
that on December !i, they will hold an ex
amination tor photographic assistant In
tlm Smithsonian Institution; on December
!i and 10 mi examination for attendant and
skilled photographer at the t.'nlted Mates
Military Academy at West Point and on
the saniH dates for architectural designer.
Coiinly Savings Bank
and Triisf Company,
506 Spruce Street.
in Sums of
and pays 3 per cent,
terest thereon.
;.. A. WATRES, President.
0. S. JOHNSON, Vice-Pres.
A. H. CHRISTY, Cashier.
Wm. F. Hnllstcad, lEvorctt Warren.
K. P. Kingsbury, August Itobinson,
O, S. Johnson. l.lo.s. O'Brien,
L. A. Watres.
Is satisfied at our store.
We have extra induWinents to offer
you. We have .iu.-t received first ship
ment of New Wall papers for spring,
lflOS some very choice patterns also a
large assortment of Picture Frames
to select from. We invito you to cull
nnd see how far your dollar will go.
Jacobs & Fasold,
209 Washington Ave.
"They Draw Well."
Morris' Magnet Cigars
Tho best value for ". cents.
Try ono nnd you will smoke no
AH the lending brands of 5c.
cigars nt T1.73 per box, or C for 23c.
The largest variety ot Pipes and
Tobaccos in town.
Thnt Number Sent Lists to The Tri
bune Yesterday.
Ten more lists of words were received
at The Tribune olllce yesterday which
were In accordance with the rules of
Its Junior Educational Contest. There
were other lists that also reached the
ofllce, bill they were sent buck to their
malceis because they deviated In some
Important particular from the Instruc
tions printed. One of the rules says:
"Presents will be given to the boys or
girls, whose parents or guardians are
subscribers to The Tribune, building
the largest number of words out of the
letters contained In "The Home Paper.' "
This condition Is easily met. If an .as
pirant for ii Christmas present really
believes he stands a show to win It by
having a good list of words he should
be able to Induce his parents or guardi
ans to so act as to place his eligibility
beyond ctuestlon.
Veslordny'H contributions raised the
total number of llsls received to sixty
live, which Is nearly six a day since the
contest opened. Very few if any of this
number have gotten all the words that
can be gathered under the rules, so a
favorable opportunity is open to any
one to carry away some lino cash prizes.
Yesterday's word builders -were:
.Varjnirot Kvuns, Vundiing, Pa.
.Tohn Evans, Vundllng, Pa.
Muriel Waters, Copenhagen, N. Y.
Uessle Forsyth, Harford, Pa.
Aimubellc Stanton, lit! Franklin ave
nue. Edith C. Ilogers, Brooklyn. Pa.
Walter Iteese, Ml .South Filmoie avenue.
Lynn Forsyth, Harford, Pa.
Willie JIaines, Peckville, Pa.
P.eth Reynolds, 41 Washington street,
Head the mles on the fourth page.
The Cigar Man
325 Washington Avenue.
1880 "
Holiday Numbers of
just in, All other Fash
ion plates for December
on hand.
4Q7 Spruce street.
New 'phone, 43.
In and About
The City
I ,
1 -
I ' His Hip Lnceiated.
iFrell l-Vreallk, mi eni)ov at tbo
American l.oronmtlvu works, had ids hip
Milly iacciaud yo.tcrday. wlillo at woik,
pis Injuries wore ilresM-d at tin. I.acka.
.vaiiiiu hospital,
Florence Crittenden Mission,
JDonutloii iluys on Thursilay ai.d Fil.l.iy
f Oils week iM tlio r'lorenco I'lltumdui
fil.slou, 712 I Ian lon iivcum. Among (lie
things especially aci-cpiuhln may bo men.
Joiied Hour, potatoes, riuiucd goods, but
UT, lard, snnp. blankets, and muslin rags
for carpets,
; Signed by Recordor,
Jlteoorder Council ycstenlay blgucil Hie
irdltianco providing for u trant,fcj' of a
frlalu balance in the prlutlu!; and hIu
.Jonary uppropi latum of the tjepartnieut
jif public tafvty and tlit resolution oxon-ii-.illnw
tint ciiimiesutlou of St. Paul's
Were Heard at Yesterday's Meeting
of the W. C. T. U.
The greater part of the meeting of
the Women's Christian Temperance
I'nlon held yesterday afternoon was
taken up by reports of the national
convention held ut Portland, Maine.
Mrs; Van Wormer read extracts from
President .Stevens' speech, in which
she spoke of the effort being made to
repeal the null-canteen law nnd urg
ing reduubled efforts on the part of the
Women's Christian Temperance L'nion
to prevent such action.
Pennsylvania ranks third In the list
of states In the gain of membership
during the year, the increase being 317.
Several of the states have doubled their
membership. Kvery state in the union
now has scientific temperance laws. The
president of Pennsylvania, airs. Rebec
ca Chambers, said: "The eyes of all
the world have beer, turned upon Penn
sylvania during the past year. This Is
indeed the Keystone state, the Quay
stone state and the Governor Stone
Miss Jtutib read extracts from Lady
Henry Somerset's reply to the addresses
of welcome. The meeting was full of
interest throughout. Xext Tuesday an
evangelistic meeting will be held.
Member of Thirteenth Regiment
Struck by Train Yesterday.
Peter liloes, aged :.':! years, of Forest
City, was struck by a Delaware and
Hudson locomotive midway between
Carboudalo and Maylleld stations yes
terday morning- and was instantly kill
ed. The young man was standing on a
bridge which crosses u narrow gauge
railroad running from Powderly's slope
and failed to hear the approach of a
switch engine which was backing down
the track. He was run over and fright
fully mangled. Coroner Sultry was no
tified and after making un Investiga
tion decided an Iniiuest to be unneces
sary. (Hoes was a member of Company K.,
of tho Thirteenth regiment and serv
ed during tlio recent tour of duty of
that conunnnd.
Seriously Injured While at Work in
the Mt. Pleasant.
Joseph Klulsky, age is years, who
resides at UU llrldgo street, was engag
ed In blasting coal In the .Mt. Pleasant
mine yesterday and had charged the
hole with powder. After waiting it
reasonable length of time for the ex
plosion lie concluded that the fuse had
failed tu Ignite the powder.
.lust as he returned to the chamber
the explosion occurred and Klulsky
was "shot," us lilt" miners put It.
He was taken to the J.aeknwauuu
hospital where it was learned that his
Injuries consisted of a scalp wound
and other slight Injuries, lis condition
Is not serious.
It Will Be Held on Thanksgiving' in
Grace Lutheran Church.
Tho congregations or the Kim Park
.Methodist llplscopul, I'enn Avenue
Huptlst, tiraco Itet'oriued Kplscopulnnd
Orate Lutheran churches will unite
this year, as is their usual custom, In
a uulun Thanksgiving .service to be
conducted In the new draco Lutheran
church at the corner of Preseott ave
nue, and Mulberry street.
Tho sermon will be delivered by Rev.
Or. ('. M. Clllllu. pastor of the Elm
Park church, and the choirs of the
severul churches will unite In furnish
ing special inutile
The divorce case of William Xoll
against Kllsmbeth Noll was heard yes
terday by Judge lOdwtuds and it Jury in
the main courl room. II. H. Alworlh
represented the libellaut, nnd L. P.
Wedemnu nnd Frank K. ttoyle, the re
spondent. Desertion Is the giound for the ac
tion. The respondent resists on the
ground that there was no desertion.
She does not, seemingly, care to llvo
with him, but Is desirous of preventing
hltn from being freed from contributing
to the supDort of herself and their 7-yoar-old
daughter. They were married
by ex-Alderman Frederick Fuller, Sept.
9, lt7."l. The alleged desertion took place
July 7, 1SDI.
At the time of the marriage the hus
band worked In the Dickson works
holler, shon. He was not steadily em
ployed and at the lime of tho marriage
was Idle. After living together at a
boarding house for ono day, It .was
agreed that they should live with their
respective parents until the husband
secured employment. He -went to live
with his mother on Hickory street,
South Scrnnton, and she went to the
home of her1 mother In West Seranton.
Three mouths later, when be got a
steady job. he waited upon her and
asked her to join him at bis mother's
home, which she did. Two months
later, lie again got out of work. One
day while they were at his mother's
house, his brother-in-law ran over from
across the street where he lived, to ask
them If they knew where he could get
a servant girl. Noll jocosely said:
"Won't I do-.' I'm looking for a job,"
and then, after a brief pause, turned to
his wife and. not quite so jocosely, sug
gested to his wife that she take the
Just what happened after this is In
dispute, but the upshot of It was thnt
she returned to her mother's home and
stayed there. He avers, shn took um
brage at his suggestion and tiult him,
nnd that ho called on her repeatedly to
return to him, , She says they had a
fluarrel. that he drove lior out nnd
pitched her clothes into the street. She
denied that he afterwards tried to get
her to return. The case was in the
jury's hands at adjourning' time.
The case of George Van Scoter against
Patrick McAndrews was also tried bo
fore Judge Edwards. The parties are
brothers-in-law, and live In Xorth
Scrnnton. The plaintiff sued for five
weeks' board at $1 a week. The de
fendant admits be lived at the Van
Scoater home, but claims it was as a
guest of his sister. The jury was out
at adjourning1 time. H. S. Alworth rep
resentee; the rilalntllf. Cornelius Coni
egys and W. S. lievan appeared for the
defendant. ,
Judge Kelly,' in tlio Superior court
room, is engaged in the trial of the case
of the Cereallne Manufacturing com
pany against the Anthracite Beer com
pany. The plaintiff sues for $300 worth
of cereallne furnished the defendant at
Kingston in 1U0O. The defense is an
offset, it being claimed Hint tho plain
tiff damaged the defendant to the ex
tent of $1,000 by an unwarranted
sheriff's seizure.
It appears that when the defendant
company was about to move from
Kingston to Seranton, the plaintiff got
an Idea, that it was about to fail and
got out up attachment. The brewery
was, In consequence, in the bauds of
the sheriff for two days, and the brew
ery lost $1,000 worth of business, so it
Is alleged. George M. Okoll Is attorney
for the plaintiff. Hon. C. P. O'Malley.
of Willard, Warren & Knapp, and John
B. Jordan represent the defense.
The case of J. Elliot Ross against the
Adam Fasshold estate was given to the
jury by Judge Kelly, yesterday morn
ing. No verdict had been returned at
adjourning time.
In the wage case of W. II. Westgnte
against F. J. Johnson, the jury found a
verdict for the wlaintlff in the sum of
$2f-.29. A verdict of $7 for the plaintiff
was returned in the case of tho Larkln
Soap company against George W.
The case of K. 51. Cnslorllne against
Arthur Williams and others was re
ported settled, leaving only four cases
yet to bo tried this week.
To Keep Well.
It Is easy to keep well If wo would
only observe each day a few simple
rules ot health.
The nil Important thing Is to keep
the stomach right and to do this It Is
not necessary to diet or to follow a sot
rule or bill of faro. Such pampering
simply nialtes a capricious appetite and
a feeling- that certain favorite articles
of food must be avoided.
Prof. Wlechold gives pretty good ad
vice on tills subject! he says! "I am
(IS years old and have never had a
serious Illness, and at the same time
my life has been largely an Indoor one,
but I early discovered that tho way
to keep healthy was to keep a healthy
stomach, not by eating bran crackers or
dieting oC any sort! on the contrary
I always eat what my appetite craves,
but dally for the past eight yours I
have made It a practice to take one
or two of Htuurl's Dyspepsia Tablets
after each meal and I attribute my ro
bust health for a man of my age to
the regular dally use ot the Stuart's
My lihyslcluu Ilrst advised mo to use
them because ho said they were per
fectly harmless and were not u secret
patent medicine, but contained only the
natural dlgestives, peptones and distuste
nnd after using- theni a few weeks I
have never ceased to thank him for ills
I honestly believe the habit of taking
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets after meals
Is the real health habit, because their
use brings health to the sick and ailing
and preserves health to the well and
Men and 'women past llfty years ot
age need u safe digestive after meals to
insure a perfect digestion and to ward
off disease, and the safest, best known
and most widely used Is Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets.
They are found In every well regu
lated household from Maine to Califor
nia and In Great Britain and Australia
are rapidly pushing their way Into pop
ular favor.
All druggists sell Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets, full sized pkgs. at GO cents,
and for a weak stomach a fifty cent
package will often do fifty dollars
wortli of good.
They Will Open nt 10 O'clock Friday
Morning Sessions from 10 Until
12.30 and from 2 Until 4.30 Each
Day The Dig Companies Will Each
Be Represented by Attorneys as
.lll tho Mino Workers nnd Non
Union MenHearings Will Bo
Have you given much thought to tho pioparatlon of your
fast-approaching Thanksgiving dlnnorP
It's about time you did, in it nntP
Your cutlery, for instance t
city crematory. Willie there they
were required to work ten hours a day.
There is a statute providing that eight
hours shall constitute a day's work for
all persons working for tho city. The
law was passed In 1S07 while they were
in the city's employ, but for nearly
two years they continued to work ten
hours. When they were discharged in
1899 they brolight suit for pay for the
extra two hours.
Land Company Complains.
Equity proceedings were instituted
yesterday by the Diamond Land and
Improvement company, through its
general manager, Hermann Baring, to
prevent the city of Seranton and Con
tractor M. II. Dale from turning
water from Providence road on to the
company's tract.
It is allegftu that in grading the
street and making other Improvements
preparatory to laying the Providence
road pave, a natural water course and
sewage is being diverted and directed
upon tho complainant's land, bordering
on Providence road, and that by rea
son of these nets great Injury will be
O'Brien & Martin and John T. Lena
hnn represent the plaintiff.
Hearing Strike Cases.
The grand jury yesterday heard a
large number of riot and assuult and
battery cases growing out of the strike,
and the strike case In which IJllan
Gizluuofski is charged with attempt
ing to dynamite tlio homo of Andrew
I.a'ar, In Kollorman court, Sept. 27,
The Jury will bo In session nil week
and probably part of next week.
Extra Pay Is Demanded.
The suits of James T. White and
D, O, Thomas against the city of
SfTunton were yesterday referred to
ox-Judge J, AV, 'Carpenter by agree
ment of ,M, A. McGlnley representing
the plaintiffs, and City Solicitor George
M. Watson, representing the defense.
The plaintiffs aro ex-employes at the
A mother's poor health is bad
enough for the mother but
worse still for the
baby. ,
Mothers find Scott's Emul
s i o n a n o u r i s h i n g a n d
strengthening food, If the
breast milk is scanty or thin
Scott's Emulsion will make it
rich and more abundant.
When mothers take Scott's
Emulsion the babies share in
the benefits. Thin babies grow
fat. Weak babies get strong.
Wc'lliccd jou.ili'.llels liy, lfyu like.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 f oil uteet, tic v York.
In the Orphans' Court.
In the orphans' court, yesterday
Judge A. A. Vosburg heard several
audits and disposed of a number of
motions. The estate of Rev. G. M.
Peck, deceased, the audit was continued
until November 22. In the estate of
Sabina Mathlas, deceased, evidence was
taken to show to whom distribution
should be made under the terms of the
will. George S. Horn, appeared for the
In the matter of William Mosier, de
ceased, evidence was taken to support
the- distribution ot the fund and de
cision was reserved. T. F. Wells and
George S. Horn, appeared for the
parties in interest. The evidence In the
estate of Jessie F. Tompson, deceased,
was not concluded but will be finished
on November 22 at 10 a. m.
A large amount of evidence was
taken in the estate of Cornelius Comp
ton, deceased, upon Hie exceptions Hied
to the account of J. J. Campion the ad
ministrator; It is claimed that the ad
ministrator did not account for all of
the money which came into his hands,
and it Is also alleged that the money
received by him from the D., L. & W.
It. It. Mutual Aid society nnd the
Switchmen's, union formed no parf of
the estate and should not have been
accounted for as such. The exceptants
argue that this money belonged to tho
sou St tlm decedent and Is not therefore
available for the payment of debts.
Several claims were also presented, tho
largest one being by the accountant for
support of the father of the decedent,
who Is his brother, under the terms of
a written agreement between them. The
evidence was not concluded but will
be finished at a later date. The argu
ment upon the legal questions involved
will be heard on Friday at 10 a. in.
Clarence Ballentlne, esq., appeared for
the administrator and John P.- Scragg
and C, A. Van Wormer fm the excep
tant. Tho will contest In the estate of A.
J, Merrill, deceased, was set down for
hearing on November 20, at 9 n. 111.
An order was also made fixing Novem
ber 23 at 10 a. 111, for tlio hearing of the
proceedings In the estate of John
Weber, deceased.
.Members of tho strike commission,
officials and attorneys of tho operators
and mine workers nnd a raft of wit
nesses summoned by the latter, to
gether with a Hiimll army of newspaper
men will commence to Hock here to
morrow for the opening ot the session
of tho commission Friday.
The commissioners have engaged
fourteen rooms on the second Hoor of
Hotel Jermyn for an Indefinite period.
Bishop Spnuldlng, who went to Wash
ington, Saturday to attend a meeting
of the trustees of the Cathollo uni
versity will return today and will be
tho guest of Bishop Ilobiin. Mr. Wnt
klns is In New York on business but
will return today.
Each of the big companies will have
Its own lawyers to represent it at tho
hearings and the Independent opera
tors, besides, will have counsel. A
number of local lawyers have been re
tained to look after one or the other of
the parties. Ex-Judge Alfred Hand
and J. E. Burr will be associated with
the general counsel of the Ontario and
Western company, John B. Kerr. James
H. Torrey will be associated with W. O.
Wilcox, vice president and general
odunsel of the Delaware and Hudson
company. Major .Everett Warren will
look after the Erie company's interests.
Joseph O'Brien nnd John T. Leiiuliau
have been engaged to present the case
of the non-union mine employes.
On the side of the mine workers
there will be Messrs. Wcyl and Darrow,
James L. Lenuhnn, John and James
Shea, of Wllkes-Barre and John J,
Murphy, of this ctly.
The session will begin at 10 o'clock
Friday morning- in the superior court
room of the county court house. The
hours of tho sittings will be from 10
a. 111. to 12.30 p. m. and from 2 p. in.
to 4.30 p. 111. The hearings will be pub
lic but because of the limited space in
the court room It is expected that the
general public will be content to get
tho story of the proceedings from tho
Attorneys Darrow and Lloyd, of
Chicago, and John F. Shea, of Wilkes
Barre; National Board Member John
Fallon, accompanied by Morgan n.
Morgans, assistant superintendent of
tho Lehigh and Wllkes-Barre Coal com
pany, made a tour of the No. 5, South
Wilkes-Barre mines. Monday. The
purpose of their trip Into the mines
was to concerning the pay,
the hours of labor and the conditions
under which the miners earn a llvli
hood. The Soutlr Wllkes-Barre mine is
one of the most gaseous in the region.
Stag handle, beauti
ful design,
81.50 the set
STng handle! oxret
lenl quality.
S2.S5 the set
Ivory handle; Very
S4.00 tho set
Walk in und task around.
Are Well
Taken Care of
In times of stringency or
panic, as well As In eafey
times, If your business or
personal account is with the
Third National Bank,
JJ8 Wyomb Ave, Seranton, Pa.
3 Per Cent. Interest paid on Savings Accounts, whether
large or small. Accounts can be opened by mall,
jj " '
Coat, Skirt, Cape
and Fur Scarf Sale
mm k Oo. s
oT cloth at the famous American Woolen Mills, In Novtol, Monlo
Carlo, Hcmi-tltting- back, stylish, well tailored and properly (CLA )B
trimmed. A marvelous value at f'r.O
with the new slot scams, full Hare, full tailor stitched, corded, etc
u mo uesiraDie snaues suirt worm u. a marvellous viiino
$4.98 52
Well tailored, full stitched various lengths nnd extra sweep
All colors. A marvellous value nt
Choice Oppossunis, New Stripe Cluster
marvellous value at
$4.98 jg
Tails, extra full. A A )g
Men Who Accidentally Shot Myers
Have Probably Skipped.
Tony Jordan and Tony Ambrosa, the
two young men who were llrlng at a
target near which Harry Myers passed
when he was fatally shot last Sunday
did not surrender yesterday to the
police as It was expecteil they would
and efforts to locate them were unsuc
cessful. Their friends believe that they
have left the city because of the fear
that a serious charge will be lodged
against them. As the shooting appears
to have been purely accidental It is
not believed that they would be held
on any more serious charge than that
of discharging fire-arms.
Coroner Sultry said yesterday that
the facts in the case seemed to warrant
an Innuest and it will be held later in
the week.
Marriage Licenses.
Harry II. Lewis ,,., Carboudalo
Matilda T, MrOownn Onrbondulo
Emanuel Smith Luzcruo
Anglo Itabcock Ilolistcrvillo
John A. Linden Seranton
Maggie Malloy Seranton
The easo of J, J, Nell against Mrs.
Martha Y, l'aull was yesterday discon
tinued by agreement of C, U. Onrduor and
Charles IJ. Daniels, attorneys for tlio
plaintiff and defondnnt, respectively.
Still another flood suit was Instituted
yesterday by Attorney A. A. Chase, Tho
plaintiff is Mrs. Hannah Nape, of South
Washington avenue Hats, and tho defend
ants nyo tbo Central Itailrnad of New Jer
sey, tho AVllkes-Hnrre and Scianton Hall
way company and tlm Seranton Steel com-
Conunemorntipn of the Washington
The Moscow Masons last night had
a banquet tu commemoration of the
sesqui-centennial of Washington's in
Ittatlon. The principal speaker was President
Judge U. M. Edwards, who had for his
subject "Modern Knights."
Cnlpin Had n Plurality in Both
Counties of 4,172.
The olllelul commitatlon of the vote
for senator in the Twentieth district
was made yesterday at Prothonotary
John Copeland's office by Deputy Pro
thonotary John F. Cummings, and Rob
ert K. 'Donaughoy, of Wllkes-Barre,
commissioners appointed by the re
spective courts of the two counties.
The computation showed Calpln to
have a plurality of 4,172. Jordan's total
vote was 12,027, ami Cnlpln's 10,109.
Crocker, Prohibitionist, received a total
of 702.
In tho Luzerne end of tho district
Calpln received l.SOl votes, and Jordan
1,209. Tho Prohibitionists In thu Lu
zerne end Plains, Miner's Mills, Marcy.
Plttston township nnd the region round
rolled up a total vote of SS'.
Done at your home, Kellog
412 Madison
Address S. A.
has shrunk considerably with the present cold snap, but there's many
a hundred pairs left in it yet.
k Prices for white or greys begin nt 23c. tbo pair. Others up to $12.00.
5 Compare our values.
Merit Is telling In this department. There's no duplicate to our stock
in this city und values uro beyond comparison.
A quality never sold under III cents.
All tho good shades,
clal price
Itiglit fall shades, extra llnisli. Not beat anywhere in quality or CfJr
color rango at 7.1 cents. Special price OUL,
Positively the best 51.00 goods obtainable. Special price 75c
The Satisfactory Store.
& Co. I
400-402 Lackawanna Av:.
If She Does Not, Alderman Millar
Will Deal with Her.
It 1ms been "rumored during tho last
few days that tlm redoubtable Carrie
Nation is planning a descent on this
city In tho near future. If she conies
hero she is promised a warm reception
by Magistrate W. S. Millar,
"There will bo no saloon smashing or
anything of that sort permitted In tho
Eighth ward." said he yesterday, "If
this woman strikes the town. I luivo
Instructed my olllcers to keep their
weather eyes peeled for her If she cmuea
here, and If slio tries to snntch cigar
ettes out ot people's mouths, or starts
In to do up any of the licensed saloons,
she avIII be urrested and will bo dealt
severely with by me."
What Shall We
Have for Dessert?
This question arises in tho family
every day. Let us answer it to-day, Try
a delicious ami healthful dessert, Pre
pared, in two minutes. No boiling 1 110
baking I add boiling water and set to
cool, Flavors: Lemon, Orange, Rasp
berry and Strawberry, Get a package
at your grocers to-day. jo cts.
M $
m Usual
in Prices Have Been Made
Bffi& ..-
IfBt 'S,MX I
' -KSSw,. .-i't
ru Z31i7Qr-Jirr
As is our custom at this season of
the year, we have reduced the prices
on all lines of Wall Paper. This is
dono in order to make room for the
new Spring styles that will be coming-
in soon. Our reduction sale of
the early Summer cleaned up tho en
tire stock of Spring patterns, leaving
the shelves ready for tho Fall styles. It is theso fall styles on
which we have now reduced prices. In some patterns there is
for one room; in others, enough for two or three rooms, The assort
ment includes L'Avt Novenu, Floral, Verdure, Scenic, Damask and
Leather effects.
and Rugs
Every season produces its new
designs in floor coverings. Each
succeeeding lino of patterns show
evidences of more care in design
ing and weaving. It has taken
months to gather together the ex
cellent assortment to which we
invite your attention today. We
are perfectly -safe in saying that
never before has such a varelty
of rich patterns been shown on
any carpet floor of Scrnnton. You
can easily spend a whole day in
looking through this department,
and yet so carefully nnd sys
tematically are the various styles and qualities arranged, that, if
you have formed the slightest idea of the kind of floor covering
you desire, we can easily nnd quickly show it to you.
Furniture, Curtains and Draperies,
129 Wyoming Avenue,