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    . . ft . i-J rl
Narrow Escape from a Serious Accident at
the Briggs Shaft Carriage Dropped
Down the Shaft.
What iiilKlit have been a more seil
dim nrrldrnt tlutii It wit, ocrunetl In
Mm new shrift nt the Urlccs colliery
'fMlrnloy mnrnlnR', when the holsthiK
jurrlnRC dropped down the shaft a tlls
liincc of forty feet, nnd struck the bot
tom with terrltlo force, Biiinsliliitf the
I'linlnpe nnd a car on It Into kindling
EiiKlnepr Hm he, who has been a
handy man about the shaft, was put In
charge of the engines, nnd It was tils
'llrst attempt for the day at hoisting.
After hoisting the car of coal up to a
height of forty feet, ho leversed the
nglne, and the cnrrlage and car
liopped to the bottom.
Fortunately none of the woikmen
ere near, the foot, olno someone would
mdoilbtedly have been Injured. The
ocldent necessitated n suspension of
tork for the dav. The woik of lepalr
A'ns immedliitely begun, and continued
throughout the dav and night, and It lq
expected woik will be lcsiliiiud this
Union Thanksgiving Seivice.
Four pastors of local chinches, Iter.
Tohn P. Moffat, of the Washburn Street
Presbyterian church: Itev. James Hen
nlnger, or the Ktnbuiy Methodist Epii
:opal church; Kov. IT. C. McDetmott.
if the Hlmpon Methodist Episcopal
'liurch. and Kov. T. A. Humphreys, of
the Plymouth Congiegatlonal church,
diet yesteiday afternoon In Dr. Moffat's
study nnd ananged for the annual
Thanksgh lug D.iy union eervlce.
Tt was decided to hold the service In
the "U'.ishburn Stiect Presbvterlan
church on Thuisdny inouilng, Nov. '27,
at 10.30 o'clock, and Kov. Humphreys
was Invited to preach the sermon, and
accepted the Invitation, he being the
latest acqulMtlon to the local ministry.
The collection which will be ttfkcn
up will be devoted to the local blanch
of thp Younir Women's Chi Minn asso
ciation. The detailed programme of
the service will be published later. The
members of all the chinches are lu
sted to participate in the service.
Remains Arrived Yesterday.
The remains of the Into John D. Ilob
nts, who died at Ple.isnnt Plains, Jll
on Wednesday last, ai lived hcie :,es
trrdny moining and weip taken to tho
home of tho deceasud's sister, Mis.
Kiah PetPi-s, "in North FUlmoie ave
nue, where the- t uncial -services will be
held at " o'clock this afternoon.
Deceased also a brother of Mis.
Morgan Lewis, and a son ot Thomas T.
and Elizabeth Roberts, who resided,
prior to their death, at 1711 Price sticet.
2?iva stamps given away with
each, bottle of Dufour's Eieuch Tar
i our omi-Annuai sa e t
! Of Housekeeping Linens I
Begins on Tuesday morning.
son. t in this announcement to
by experience that it means a
yard or item bought in these
-3 Bleached Linen
All new patterns and the best
5 Worth. For.
r$ 58 in. Damasks. .. .28c 22c
jg D8 in. Damasks. .. .35c 25c
'" 58 in. Damasks. .. .45c 35c
rS 58 jn. Damasks. .. .50c 30c
3 54 in. Damasks. .. ,50c 45c
60 in. Damasks. .. .65c 55c
??3 72 in. Damasks. .. ,75c 50c
S 68 in. Damasks. ...75c 65c
'. 72 in. Damnsks....85c 75c
a Heavy Linen Ci
; 50 in. Damasks. ...25c 10c
9 54 in. Damasks. .. .20c 22c
r3 60 in. Damasks. .. .33c 25c
r$ 60 in. Damnsks. ...40c 31c
VS 58 in. Damasks. .. .45c 35c
j Table Napkin Prices also Reduced S
In proportion to the above figures.
better qualities In damasks.
5-8 Linen Table Napkins begin at 49c the dozen.
Our regular $6.00 a dozen Napkins sell now at $4.50.
All Intermediate or higher grade qualities carry the same
discount during this sale.
g Matchless Towel
Barbers' Towels, 14x26, 7c each. Dozen 75c. :
All Linen Damask Towels, 16x31, worth 120 each. 9c: doz $ &
Heavy Huck Towels, regular 12c kind, ach 9c: dozen $1
ah Linen huck or Uamask
each, about 200 dozen in
All other towels correspondingly
! Crash Toweling; Specials -
2 Union Linen Crash Toweling, 6c kind, at 4c.
. Heavy All Linen Scotch Crash, worth 12 ',4c. at Br:.
Glass Toweling and other yard
3 Remarkable Values in Bedspreads 1
All large sizes and thoroughly
course, and some are fringed.
TS 80c Bed Spreads at 70c
i3 91.10 Bed Spreads at..,. 08c
' Rl Rfi TloH Rrtrofwla nf
1,35 Bed Spreads at, , , ,$1,10
1,50 Bed Spreads nt, , , ,1,20
1,75 Bed Spieads at, , . ,1.50
1,85 Bed Spreads at, , , ,1,50
2.00 Bed Spreads at, , . .1.75
2.25 Bed Spreads at.... 185
2.50 Bed Spreads at. , . ,2,10
I Globe Warehoiis?.!
and at one time conducted "The Conch
and Horses hotel," at Main avenue and
Lnfnyotto street.
Mr. Roberts wns 46 years of ago nnd
unman led. He left heie about twenty
flvo years ago, but will be remembered
by many of the older residents, all 'of
whom are Invited to attend the funeral
services this afternoon. Interment will
be made In the Wiisshburn Street ccni'-cterv.
A Lively Reunion.
A biothorly reunion, under peculiar
circumstances, was witnessed In the
Jackson street police station recently.
Owen O'Malley, who Is a icsldent of
the -west, came hero to visit his brother,
Patrick. The meeting was such a
joyous one that It ended In a fight be
tween them, and both were locked up.
Shortly afterward, James, another
bi other, who resides nt IIS North Flll
moio avenue, was arrested on roni
plalnt of his wife, whom he chased out
of the house, nnd tlnentened to carvo
her with a knife. The re-union oc
curred at the hearing, when Owen anil
Patrick were fined $4 each, and James
was fined $5. All three left the sta
tion home together.
Patrolmen Transfeired.
All of the patioltnen who have been
doing duty in West Scranton for some
time have been tiansferred to the cen city. The list includes William
Mathews, James Halt, Thomas Collins,
John D. Thomas, Jamps Thomas, Will
iam Morgan, Thomas Lowry, John Mc
C'olllgan, Thomas Evans and John Mc
Donald. Those assigned to duty on this side
aie David Parry. Thomas Potter, John
Malott, David Davis, Harry Bradsh.nv,
Lewis Huntington, Arthur Williams
nnd Sylvester Savltts. Lieutenant John
Davis, Patrolmen Conrad Maikcr, Kiah
Pptpi s and Thomas Jones are on their
Ciabs vs. Mossbacks.
The Mossbacks nnd Crabs bowling
teams plaved tluec games on the West
Side nllpys last night, the latter v in
ning two of tho three games. The teams
Crabs Staples, nruning. Strong, II lt
tln nnd Diehl. Their scoies weie 717,
6s7, 70S; total, 2.1 12.
Mossbacks Thomas, Owald, Olldnif,
Fowler, Their scores weio
Gin, f,33, 7,"i0: total, 2.0R4.
Fied Strong was rcfeicc, and Thomas
Phillips scoiokeeuer.
The Bertha Li Monte rmpUn Ml,lnn
niy socictv of the Washburn Street Pis
bvtoiinn (huioh will m ot this pvenug
nt flip homo of Miss Cm l P.ivis, imnr
of Jackson stient and (Jnifield .i.eiiu.
'Hip Wst Side linntl of ti.ide will hold
tliolr tegular mooting this viiilng in tho
Elertiie Cltv Whcelmpii club house.
The mishrm iry study c l.iss will moot In
tho Muip'on Motl'odtst chuirli
There ought to be a welcome 3?:
every housekeeper, for they know gw
saving of just so much on every &
departments while the sale con- j;
Table Damasks
makes known to the trade. 5s
Worth. Tor.
72 in. Damask. $1.00 $.871
72 in. Damask. 1.12& .98 "
72 in. Damask. 1.25 1.12'.
72 in. Damask. 1.40 1.19 "
72 in. Damasls. 1.45 1.29
72 in. Damask. 1.50 1.39
72 in. Damask. 1.65 1.50
72 in. Damask. 185 1.69
72 in. Damask. 2.00 1.85
60 in. Damasks. .50c 45c
02 in. Damasks . . 50c 45c
70 in. Damasks.. 70c 59c
70 in. Damasks.. 75c 67'c
Other qualities proportion
ately i educed.
We can match all of the
Bargains $i
Towels worth 15c, 18c and 20c
all, extra special at, each, 12c.
reduced during this great sale
goods at correspondingly low pric
:es c:
good qualities
New patterns, of
3.00 Bed Spieads at, , , .2.50
3.50 Bed Spieads at, , . .2.08
4.00 Bed Spreads at, , , .3.50
4.50 Bed Spreads at, , . .4.00
5.00 Bed Spieads at, , , .4.50
Pillow Cases, Sheets, Sheet
ings and all other kinds of
housekeeping linens at special
bargain prices.
this evening, The mercy and help de
partment of tho Junior Epworth lcaguo
will mot this evening nt the homo of Miss
Margaret Crawford on North Hydo Park
Thcro tvIII be a meeting this evening of
tho officers and organising committee of
St Patrick's Irish Catholic Uonovolent
union at tho homo of tho president, Mrs.
Donnelly, on Chestnut slieet.
Commencing next Sunday evening,
Itev. James Hennlngei, pastor of tho
Embury Mothodlst Episcopal church,
will begin a series of discotuscs on tho
subject, "A Lovo Itomnnco In Thrco
Parts." Tho llrst part will bo "The
King's Ambnssador Socking a Wife for
thn Young Prince."
A largo congregation at Toylor on
Sunday, had tho pleasure of listening In
two very eloquent discourses fiom Row
U. Lloyd Hobcrts, pastor of a Inrgo and
wealthy Congregational church nt Oo
mcr, Allen county, Ohio. In the evening
tho reverend gentleman preached at tho
North Seiutiton Calvlnlstlc Methodist
A number of complaints aie being
made that milk Is being Btolen regularly
fiom different placcH, paitlcillarlv In tho
vicinity of West Linden nnd Chestnut
stieels. Tho latest victim who has been
compelled to drink bis coffee without
milk Is James Wymhs, and ho savs tho
milk thief not only takes the milk, but
dellbei.itely thiowa tho can Into tho juid
A. M. Morse, Dr. P. 1 Struppler, Pa
trolman Klnh Peter? and Lieutenant of
Police John Davis returned home Satur
day evening fiom a llsblng tt tp to Slck
Ipi's pond, near Urovvn Hollow. Each
'poured a nlco mess of pickerel, but tliey
did not catch as many as they had ex
pected. The tilp was a delightful one,
and was onlv matred bv the announce
ment that John D.'Itobeils, a brother-in-
law of Patiolman Peters, Inrl died in
Illinois. The paity enloyed the drive
both ways, and Lieutenant Davis Invent
ed a successful connivance for catching
tlsh during their absence. He Is now e
pl'ilnlng It to his friends.
Patrolmen TlnuWiaw and Huntington
vvoio called to the corner of Twenty
ill st and Lurprtic streets, Sunday even
ing, where It was mportod a light was in
prngios". When the olllceis arrived tho
light was all over with, and but one man
was arrested. He was Coorge. Lamb, ot
Luzerne sticet, who wns drunk and dls
oiderlv. At the hearing yesterday he
claimed someone olo was responsible for
the trouble, and after signing tho pledge,
he was loleased,
An infant child of Mr. and 'Mrs. Pied
Hoylet, of 711 West Lackawanna ave
nue, died jcstonlay. The funeral will be
Mrs. S. H. Swank, of MlfllinvlllP. Pa,
is visiting her daughter. Mis Geoige W.
Jenkins, of South Hjne P.nk avenue.
Mrs George W. Powell, of ISellevup,
will cntettain Hip delegates to the Wo
man's Relief toips convention on Thurs
day evening.
Tudor R Williams, of South Main ave
nue, lins been elected tie.isurei of the
Sci.iuton club at Cornell unlveisltv.
Tho fuiipial ot George, thn 15-ycar-old
son of .Mr. and Jtrs. Mm tin Monis, of 2I'I
RniliOcid avenue, wiio lled on S.ituiday,
will take plue this afternoon.
A diughter was irocntlv boin to Mr.
and Mis. John McAnduw, of lO.'O Jack
son sticet.
.Tosepb Anslev, of North Main .ivtntip,
Ins seiuml a. pitcnl on ,i vinegar faucet
which ho invented some 1 1 mo ago.
Alls M. IJplMnnn and Miss Cniuo
Pi lining, of Ciibomlilp, bavo lPluinerl
homo tiom a iWi with AVcst Scianton
lelatlves and li lends.
Mis. Evan Thorn i-., of Noith Riomley
.iionue, is iciovcrlng fio ma tlnoat affei
tion. Ray Colo, of Om'okI bticet, is recov cling
fiom :i jjovoie illness.
Kdw.ud J:nns of South llvdc P.irit
.ivonii", has KtovPUd lioin Illness ami
i opened his 1 uliei shop on Wist LjlU-
awanni avenue.
Thp ladles of the Siinp-on Metliodlst
I'pistopal Chun h wlinso nanips bigln with
the lottois L, M. X, O, P. Q and It, rwt
lit tho chuich last ovming nnd de ided lo
hue an initial snppn on Tlmiid.iy ( von
in:, Kov ember 0.
Mis William J nrfs. ot UpIIpmip, is en-
tpi tabling Mi.- Daniel Pino and daugh
ters, of Mostow.
Mis. Joseph P Phillips, of Swctland
slut t, it, ii pen ted to be seiioiulv ill.
Hugh KcuUnii, of Lakcwood, .V. .1 ,
has retuimd homo fiom a visit with his
sistci. Alls. John Monnigei, ot Noith
Hvdo I'aik nv nuc.
Ati.s Mamlto Suvder and daughter, of
Leno, aie the guests of West Scranton
ft Icndo.
Gcoigp King, of Anslo's pinning null.
vas struck by a piece of wood lecently
and lendeied umonsclous.
Rich ml Deitiick, ot South Main ave
nue, has leturned homo fiom a week's
visit with his paients at Mt. Pocono.
Miss Floicnco Whitman, of South Re
becca avenue, entei tallied the G. T. C.
club at her homo last evening.
Horn To Mr. and Mis. Amos Kiause,
of Bellevue, a dauglitei.
Alvin F. Reels, a former lesident of
West Scianton. died at his homo in Ueth
lehem on Satuiday last.
Thomas Morgan, an employe nt tho
Cayuga eollleiy of tho De law aie, Incka
wnnna mid Western Haihoad company,
met with a painful accident while, at
woik jestcidny, Aloignn was In tho act
of coupling a tup of cai.s to the motor
wlien Ids hand vwis caught hetween tho
bumpeis and bndly btulsed. IUr wounds
weio chessed at tho mine hospital and
he wns later removed to his homo, whero
medical attention was ealled.
Jtuv Smith, a lesldmt ot Shoit .avenue,
wns painfully Inliued in tho Diamond
mine jcsteiday. Hmlth was emplojed as
n driver boy and was coming along a
shai p grado when ho tiled to contiol his
tiip. In somo manner ho did not notlco
tho shoit space and wns thernfoio caugtit
between tho rib and ilie ears. Ho sus
tained a dislocated hip and other in
juiies about the body, Ifo was removed
to tho suiCaco and altei wards to tho
Moses Taylor hospital.
A meeting of the T. D Hayes Indepen
dent Political club wns held last evening
to congiatulato Mr. Hayes on his iccent
election, A delegation of tho West Sido
rienbiuo club, beaded by the Sons of
Votunns' chum coins, matched fiom
Went Seinnton to participate In tho re
ception. Aftei Boveial Hpccche.s by pioiu
Inent citizens a Hinolcer wan hold. Mi,
Hayes thanked piehcnt for tho
heaity hiippoit they had given him dining
Ills iccent campaign and for tlio inception
Tho mombeis of tin Ht 1'aul'H lai
theian chinch, Shoit avenue, celebiated
"Itefoi matloti Uay" at thn chinch lust
evening, weio dellveied liy
Itoy. A. t. Humor, I'll, D , and Itev, V..
1" Hitter.
Tho i:cclblnt' niamatle club will pro.
duei) a comedy entitled "A Comuioiclil
Diuinmci" at the udltuilum on Thanks,
giving night.
Mls,s Magglo Uicigan, of Aiclibalel, has
letuinecl honin alter a two weeks' IMt
with JMIms Katlu II, Ne.iiy, ot .Miuy htieel. s. Daniel Uavl.s and Thoman How.
ells p nt Sunday with 01 pliant irlends,
Samuel Itobeits, of M'nnt avenue, ban
letiiilicil homo fiom an extended sta In
New Jlexlco,
Ilniiy Panvtis, of Oouldshoro, hpciU
Sutiduy with his uiontn on William
Tha home of Jlr nnd Mis James Long,
of North Main avenue, Is oilghtened by
the nilival of a haby gill.
Miss Julia limns, ot Xevv Voik city,
Is ill at tho homo of MrH. J, s. oil
Meyloit avenue, wheto bho Is spending
her vacation.
Missea Maty Dickson, of rtnclicstei, N.
V, and Josle Sullivan, of Oljphnn, weio
thu guests of Mr, and Mis. it, Menick,
of Gteen btieet
Rossman Vail, ot Couit stieot, is spend
ing a fow days with WIlkes-Haiio filends,
Mlb-s Edith Klchaids, of Oak btreot, lias
returned to her homo after a bhoit visit
with Olyphant relntives.
O. W. Davis and Hay ISarbei; retmned
Satuiday evening fiom a hunting expo-
dltlon In tho vicinity of Nicholson with a
well filled pouch.
Master Karl Lewis, of North Main
avenue, has returned to his home, after
spending several months with Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Wcstlnke, of Mill City.
On Sunday evening a very largo and
appreciative audlenco llitened to a most
touching address, which was dellvored
by Mrs. L 15. Wells, evangelist, at tho
First Welsh Paptlst church, West Mar
ket street, Her theme was "Nanman,
tho Syrian." She will also speak every
evening this week, except Saturday, at
tho above place, commencing at .0
Tin tiling Adventure of Local Hunt
ers with n Wild Cat In the
Wilds of Pike County.
News caino to this side yestwfct of a
tin tiling adventure In Pike county, in
which several well known citizens par
ticipated. A week ago, a party of hunt
cis. residents of this pnrt of the city,
started on a ten days' hunting expedi
tion, Among them wote George Feane,
Geotgo Phillips nnd Charles Wlllard,
foreman nt the Scianton Axlo works.
They lire tho persons referred to In a
letter iceelvcil hero jcslcnlny, which
leads ns follows:
"Scveial Scianton men, nt picFent
hunting In Plko county, had mi uvpoil
piico last Saturdav, which came near
having a serious ending. The pai ty in
question weio following the bounds on
what they thought was a labbit hack.
Tho tuicU led Into a dismal swamp,
and the tnave hunters followed tho dogs
Into ltR Innermost recesses.
"George Phillips, who was In advance,
went ctushlug through a dense lauiol
bush, when he wns staitlcd to Unci cou
ft outing him, an unusually large, sav
age, looking wild cat. Mr. Phillips find
without taking time to nlm and wound
ed the beast in the leg. At the sumo
time, however. Ills foot caught In a loot,
and he fell headlong In fiont of tho
enraged beast, which at once sprang on
the prostrate man. lie was helpless, nnd
nt the meicv of the snv.tge animal, but
fortunately his cries for help were heard
bv Chailes Wlllaid, who rushed to his
"Feailng to shoot, Wlllard slewed the
animal by the. throat, nnd nt once a
deadly struggle began. Wlllard's cloth
ing was torn In slued, and It's hnrd to
tell how thp fight would have onded had
not thn desperntP man thought of his
hunting knife. Ho reached it with ills
left hand, nnd with a vjell directed blow,
ended the fuilous wild cat's career.
"Others of the partv answered the
cries for holp, among them bplng Geoige
Fenne, William Tuthlll and Jamos Tou
hill, a well known druggist, but the bat
tle was over before they could bo of as
sistance. None of the party was hint
bejond a scratching, and tho animal
which they took to their quartei3
weighed eighteen and a half pounds."
Y. W. C. A. Notes.
Dr. 1. J. Lansing will open the coin so of
Iretuiea Tnesdjv evening, November II,
at the Young Women's asso
cntlon, P'-'l Cedar avenue, the Hist lee
tuio will bo 'The Courtship of Miles" Season tickets, LO cents; cin
glo tickets, 1" cents.
Tour attention Is called to the obser -anio
of the week of pravcr, November
S-Vi. As this same week Is obseived by
all associations tliioughout tho woild. we
count it a pilvilego thus 10 unite with
women of all lards at tho same time lor
a icnewed epciioncc of tho solvation of
'I lino will bp spiciil meetings dining
this week. It Is customaiy dining tills
tinio lor nch a-sociation lo olfer some
think towards tho work of the woild s
committee. Wp hope rrnny membeis will
havo part in Ibis oftonng. howevei small
it may he. Ton an send in jour offer
ing during thr- wrck 01 biing it to tho
gospel mcf'tinc next Sunday .and drop it m
tho collection box. Send up .1 jiraei with
our nickel, dime 01 doll.u.
Cii.ulcs Kaestnor nnd Jacob I5ocs re
turned homo veslcrd.iv fiom a hunting
trip in Su'ccuiohaiina count, and brouclit
with them seventy-one labbilt., eleven
ijuail and M pheasants.
Jlis-. M. He-'-ingcr was pleasantly j-ur-prlsed
yrstrid.ij when a. line deer and a
bugo bear vvero brought to her home on
I'ittf-ton avenue No note accompanied
tho game, but thev aie believed to he
pent ttoni V. S. Mott, Cl. Feune and O.
l'hillipb, who aio bimtliig hi I'lko countv.
Tho usual weekly out bro and social
will bo held in St. John's hall tomoirow
Di. Schley'a Lung Healing Balsam is
giiai anteed to cuio all coughs. "So cine,
no pay." Tor bale bv alt dealei.s
Comet lodge. Knights of Pythias, will
meet this evening In Haitman'.s hall.
Thcro was almost a full attendance nt
tho choral union rehearsal Inst evening,
and veiy satittactory pi ogress Is being
mado with tho cantata, "Tho Haymak
ei.s." Tne Jtinger Macnneichor villi have a le tonight.
The students of the Dunmoro High
behool will in a few das publlbh tlio
initial number of their school papei.
They bavo decided to call it tho Hed
and Dine, in lecognltlon of tho schoi 1
colois. Clarence Harper, of tlio Soplio
moio class, Is business managei, and
Miss Jcslo Cron, of tlio senior clnbb, Is
editor In chief. Kach of tlio clabseb of
tho High school will bo repichonted by
an associate editor, Tlio object of tho
paper Is to show tho public tho woik
that Is being done in tlio literary work,
and for thu advancement of tho scholnib
In composition. Tho subscription piico
has been fixed nt CO cents per ear, or
30 cents per singlo copy.
Miss Anna Hrannlng, of Vifth btreet,
entei tnlned on Saturday night, in honor
of her twenty-second blithday. Sim
wan presented with a beautiful piano bv
her pnionts and a handsome music cab
inet by her uletulb. At a. Into hour
dnlnty rotP&hmciits weio seivetl. Thno
In attendance weio: Mr. and Mr. Wil
liam Scigravps, Mr. and Mrs. Samuil
MeCrneken, Mr. and Mr.s. II W. Hrun
Ing, Mlsaos Hesslo Shepherd, Ploitneo
limning, Anna Hishop, (liaec Maishall,
Salllo Mit'iaekon. Uesse MeH'iacken,
Alice Orijth, Mes,r.s. Arch MrPi.ulti'ii,
Obcar Oswald, Will Fowler, Alvlu Aim
strong, Ttoboit Owens I'dwaid Suuda.v,
Davo Prink, Busliuell Hronson, Walttr
lb lining, lldwatd Muller, Frank KHtnii
St. Agnes Guild of Ht. Mark's cliuuli
will meet tonight with Miss Ada Web
ber, of Drinker btreet,
Special revival meetings aio now being
held in tho Methodist Dplscopal chimb
each evening Ihioughoiit the wtek,
Shoit talks attractive muxlo nud pleat
nut biiiioiintlliiKs art) diavlng laigo num
bers, unci eveiytlilmr Indicates a vciy
succebsful vork,
Miss I,ulu Dolph, of I'Biin aveniie, has
leliiiucd fiom u stay at Uikti Winol.i.
Otoig8 Hut dick, of Mousey avenue, Is
nlilo to bo about again after a two
mouths' illness.
Tlio IJcllpso foot bull team beat tho
Hcicumeis In a match game nt Samlet
bon paik jisteiday afteiuoou. Scoiu, o-u
The Hi st of a series of lovivnl incntlnes
conducted by tho pastor, Hev Chailes
Henjainlu, was held in tho Sunday school
looms of tho Asbiuy Mediodlst Uplscopal
pliuich list uvcnlng Thebo meetings will
bo continued thioiighout tho wee;, and
will begin at 7-10 o'clock. That ot last
evening was for men only while the meet
ing tills evening will bo for I idles only.
A team ot hoibps belonging to Jonas'b Sons and attached to one of their
stoio wagons, took flight on Capoiibo ave
nue ychtciday forenoon and lan away.
They wete caught befoie they had gone
The Dress Goods Sale of the Season 19023
Critical buyers and lovers of bargains will find much to in
terest them on our Dress Goods Counters. The goods got
little price consideration once they were put into the sale, as you
will learn if you will look. Remember, too, that the choicest
pieces always go first. Here is a synopsis;
Dress Goods
Worth 25c the yard,
for 19c the yard
Dress Goods
Worth 50c the yard,
for 39c the yard
Dress Goods
Worth 75c the yard,
for 59c the yard
If you take us at our word and come here at once, you will find some offerings
that will astonish you. It doesn't sound reasonable, but we are never reasonable
when we make a dash for trade. How unreasonable we are now, you will learn by
and by when you pay more for Dress Goods.
The PreCfanstmas Selling of Fine Handkerchiefs
For a few cents we will sell you a quality that will surprise you. A Handker
chief is a little thing usually, but it is of some consequence if you haven't all you need.
It is almost like finding them at the prices here mentioned. It is your own fault if you
are short of Handkerchiefs after this. Besides, you know any woman would be more
than pleased to get Handkerchiefs for her Christmas present.
This is in the nature of a "tip."
Worth 5c each Two for 5c
Worth Sc each 4c each
Worth ioc each 5c each
Some 7c each Four for 25c
Worth i2ceach . 8c each
Worth iSc each 10c each
There's Swiss, Cambric and All Linen Handkerchiefs in these lots, some plain
hemstitched, some embroidered, others lace trimmed, and again, scalloped edges. And
I each and eveiy Handkerchief is indeed worth more than
way for you to believe it is to come and see.
By the way, there's some bargains in Men's Handkerchiefs at the Men's Fur
nishing Counter. There is
the men a good turn. Either buy for them or post them
Will Buy tiic Best Stiff
In Neal Patterns
That Skill and Experience Can Produce
Look at the New Patterns
Received This Week.
Fermentation in
the stomach
That is wliy ordinary whiskey fails to agree
with many people who need the help of a pure
With Green Valley Rye, the stage of fermen
tation has long been a thing of the past before the
liquor finds a resting place in a bottle bearing that
' wo deliver four quarts of Green Vnllcy,
rltlu'i- Inmlly 01 iiiiywliere in tlio Haul or
Middle West, for S 00
eiy fai. The onlj ilunmse clone w.ih u
luuKeii w.iRcm timiiuo
.MIbs l.emmid l .subKlUillliitT ful Mh
Cum ailtilii .it i-cliool No .'7
JAMTrf U KEU.l.'Y, ot 1119 .South
Irvinti aviinie, thh city, died niddenly
nt 'J o'clock jc'bU'tchiy afteiuoou Mr.
Kolley wuh born In H.tlll.suiceny, County
Majo, Inland, aiul wluii J) juts, of imro
ntihtd In this couiiuy, lotatlns at
Aichbald. AVhllo n ns-ldent thoio lm
wiib u member of tho n-liool hoatd for
his eaia. Ho Inter reinoM'd to .Scranton,
whoro ho cnB.ieid III tho hotel biiMties-b,
which ho (iiicccsfully cutrled on for bl.
teen yeaif, residing In both tho Sixteenth
nnd Eighteenth wards of tlio city. Ho
wus elected Milect councilman troin tho
Eighteenth ward und fcercil ono term.
He li suivived liy his. wlfo mid i-l chll.
Uicn; Mnrj, wife of Attorney John 1
JS. Ibj?"
a chance here for wives, motheis and sweethearts to do
Bosom Garner's Percale
Mouil'ij. Tuiid.c .iiul Wcdlie-da.,
NOVEMllUlt lu. U and 1.'
Millphy: ElUulietli i, teacher In publio
htliool No. u, lieiuotu ... with tho ISet.
.-of Mliilnif companv. James J., tole
Ki.ipli (i Hilar ut tho "Wstetn rnlon.
Maigaiot and 1'iaiiU, htudents nt tin
HlKh bdiool. iitiiiounionu'iu will
bo jwulu lutei.
Gi:0UGE Mdltms! tho r,-eai.o!d s-ou
of Mr. and Mt. Mas tin Moult!, of S10
Italhoad iivenuo. died Sundiiy motnlng
ut 1JS0 o'clock. Thv funeial will tnko
jiKuu Tuesday afteiuoou
Dress Goods
Worth 39c and 49c yd,
for 29c the yard
Dress Goods
Worth 65c to 75c yard,
for 49c the yard
Dress Goods
Worth $1 to $1.50 yd,
for 79c the yard
Worth much more Three for 25c
Worth 20c each Two for 25c
Worth 25c each 15c each
Worth 33c each 21c each
Worth 27ZAC eachv 25c each
Worth 65c each 43c each
we ask for it. Well, the only
on the bargains,
Lyceum Theatre,
II. Kcis, Ifioce and JlfimRor.
A J. Duffv, Business Manager.
One Night Ouly, Tuesday Nov. 11,
Tlio Ilrcoid UicmKcv and Pace Makci.
Arthur Ripby. tho Happy fomodliii;
Low Xl'iiuclUt, the OilKlnal; Latciv nnd
Kdnionds, Comedy Aciob.ilic At.meN,
Biobst niotlic is-, tho Dancing Danriloq;
Don Gordon, foniody Trick Cjcllst, in .in.
cntiio new act.
A biBPrei. hcttoi. nnd piandor show tli.m rtr seen before. A now show with
now foatmos,
I'l loos ft 00. 73c , .'Oc , -c."! on halo.
Friday Night, Nov. 14
Saturday Matinee and Night Nov. 15
Ami her superb company In Carina Jon
ilan't- romantic drama,
1'rescnted on an olaboruto scale ilth
magnificent scenery,
Direction of Edward U. White.
PItlCES Matlncr, $1 00. 7"c. fiOc. 2Zc.
Night, $1 HO, $1.00, T.'io,, 50c, ISc
Seats on s-alu "Wednesday at !) a. m.
Academy of Music
M. Rets, Lessee and Manager.
A, J, Duffy, Business Manager.
3 Nights SSftRJSV" Nov. 10,
Mntlneo Dally.
The Melodramatic Sutcesi.
By Joseph Ij. Biandt
A Ioo t.ilo of tho l.ehleh Valley. A
fitoiy of tiuo life.
Matinee, 15 unl 35c
"Msllti is, 2$t 35. 50c.
Thieo NltrlitB Htaitlmr TIhiimIiin. Nov. J1.
The Dixie Theatre
Lesieo and Manager.
Week oTVov. 10
Mr. and Mts. Nell. Litchfield
Mac nnd Elliott.
Maxwell and Dudley,
Xhe Gteat Spaulding.
Gubefat Sisteis.
Mac and Mac.
Will Tomkins.
In addition have letained
Lockhart's Elephants.
Ladle? 10 center, Mull, -H) cents
Grand Concert
or the
Scranton United
Choral Societ)
Lyceum Theatre,
Monday Evening, November 17tJ
Piices 25c, 50c775c, and ?1.0n
Plab'tam will open Friday, Nov U.