The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 10, 1902, Page 4, Image 4

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t-ift ffjZ fl'WilfMV .,"
. il;57P"- - T
tfyt $cttmlott Ctffiimc
rnblUhad Salty Eicept (Sunday, by 1 h Tribune.
PublUblac Company,.! Mfty Cent) Month.
t' ' i , :
...... r.oiroa,
Hcmvi.h MaXAntn.
EnUrad at lh Foitodlc At Scrahton, a I'econd.
CUM Mull Matter.
When tvae mill permit, lh Tribune It
txltray lrt to print ahort letter, from lt
frlendg bearltiE on current toilra hut lln
rule la tlmt thuiamnathealiriicd, for pub.
tlontlou, by the writer', rent unmet nnil
tlio oomtltlon prun-deist to nrcnptnncn li
tlmt nil rontrlbutluni ilnill tie atilijcft lu
mlltorlal rotlalou.
Tlio follonlne table 1ioi the. price per Inch each
Iniicrtlon, apacatouiMlMii nllhlnnne yean
linn of
iM tliaWi Inibea ,
M) liichca . .
loo " . . .
Sso "...
f.00 "
1MXI "
T'orcaril'orthanl.i, reotiillotnofcondolenre,itiid
almllar rnnlribiitlini". In the nature nfnrirerllMng',
Tlio Tribune a rbniRO iif 5 cenH n line.
If aiiinit
,.M '
Moj-mh. Uoi-lip nnil Ki'Kitii "lioliltl
I'liuii'io ntliltiittuii ni'liliiMi hull. Otliti
ulvp they will not wiiteis ciiiiniji
A Waste of Knergy.
IT OTfiHT to In- l I1jIi to pub
IMi it illlPotmy "C tin1 ilt.v nf
Scl'.mtoii, or, If tilde In- need,
two rill ei toiled without llllllifr
the nit' with a illn .mil outcry mill
cloK&hiH tlio (imi is with iiioiectitldiii
nnil coiiiiloi'-pio-'ecutiiin''. I.ii'-t inr
till' llli' III lll'UMi.l)l'l' llMlleM
iii.nle ml. "l able- lu this city by lh"
i hetoili'.il :i ml IIiIkIuu" win tin e of two
men whoio hli'f ccu.- for Imposing
their woes on ,i lony-sulTei liitf public
Mas e.iell v .'lilted to j,'ft an e'
elti"li' Kil on the ilhcetoiy liiiulnc-s
in this city. The ipsult of tlmt llsht
on llie llliiuues of th. p;ii llclinnts Is,
of ( utti'Mo, .i in.itter lit no public coti
cein, lliiiucrli fiom an eionomlc stund-
jinlnt tlieie must iac been a icnsui-ublr-
w-.s'-ic of R-onil money to no pm
pofce. lint the ic-mlt so Inr .is the
moilt of the illiectoiies coiicoi-ned
wns unsail.jfaitoiy uiul we sinceielv
ti-ist thill theie will not next cnr be
n lepptltlon of ibis filellon. 1'iom ex-pcilunit-
The Tiiluiue i.m nn tlmt
tlieie is nit enough in the tlnectnry
luisliie'-s to mine tli.ui lotiiiii lair
piollt on the lincliiiciit to
BOt out .i Rood book, let alone ti Itis
to suppoit the l.tuc-i- ol I.,nl;.iw.inna
t on my.
Docs the West Need Protection?
Tin: pt.ti:s or,
I'alifornl.i, Idaho. Illinois
Indi.uia, Iowa, Ken
UiiKy, Michigan, MlniiPtolii,
Mih'-ouil, Jlontiin.i, .Nebi.n-ka. Nevada,
Noith Dakota, Ohio, Osifroii. South
Dakota, Utah, Waidiinsion, WisionMn,
ami "Wyoming, the ten Hones oL Ai I
yonu, Oklahoma, New Melii, and Jn
diun Teirltory i oiuhlned, maUe ilm fol
lowing sihow'JiiK of manufaetuiiiij; In -ttresu,
psi'lule of mining, in the i"ii
sus of pCfi:
Yenily .ic .
Yeaily pioiliici
. -:,in,s;,j4')
..; s.'stis,!'-;:
It will be mpii at a slain that the
yearly pioduci exiieds the capital by
tl,7.M,T23,7S0. Huiel which tin lis
itself over one ami one-halt times in
one je.ii' need.? and ilesems the lulltst
possible piotrction, lo .iy nothlns of
the multitude ol people luiiresUi! in
the yeaily nas"s di-biiii iin-nt ol $si'S,-31S.2.-J.
Ill the AVe.-l, the IJciiionals fictly
fay, "Cut down the lailll' It benefit
New nngl.ind mine than it does lis."
This is not Hue, as Hi" follow Iuj ccn
fus tisuie.s poslthcly piove. In the
fIiowIhk of mauiu'aitiiieh in the states
' of Connecticut, .Maine, Jlaf-sailui-etts,
New Hampslilie, Uhotle Jviaua and
Veunont, Loinpiisiiifj xph KiisIiiiuI, we
KhtalilHimculs .".7,;il
Capital ')l,.V'fi,.,,0.l
Yeailv wiiRis 5 IJU.'Os.oll
Ye.uly piodnit $I,ST".Tt'J.tisi ill!,' thes-e IIruii's with tho-e of
the West, wp nee that the New Knslund
capital is tinned over oul a little over
once in the ye.u, while Hie yeaily
w.ise.s illbiu.sement Is only one-half
that of the AVpm The maiilllaetui Inj
rapltal of Hie West Is mine tluiii douule
that ot New CiiKlaud, and the jurtily
pioduet neaily tin ec times as larne
with lout times a niiiiiv eMnl)llnh
ineiits. The-e liBiiies povsihiy .p,ilu why
tlio vole ot the West last week wan
m Mionsjly llepublli'.m. tVitiiinl the
"Went needs pioteitlon,
Dr. Hwallow, In ltslKiilim his book
(iReiiey, iny.s he will now do as he llkts.
To a man up a tice It looks as though
he had been piaetleliiK: tiloiltr that linn
for pome time,
j Wind Huel.
0i: OK the incidental Uleits
of the coal stilke piouilshi),'
much Knm id th" hiiniaii
l.ue Is the Impetus It lias
given to expeit study of the fuel piob
Ipiu. Not only ha.s the oil problem at
tracted the altdltlou of seoie.s of rtklllod
PNpeiiuieiiteis In nl parts of tlio couil
tty hut theie has been .1 dpelded iiiick
enlns ot economies- in the use of the
other m.iteiliil.s adapted to fuel pur
poses. . One lesult of ninny in the diicctlon of
Utlllnlmr the Immense peat beds to be
found nlQiifi- the Atlantic coast and In
numeiotiH valley, omo the shores of
Kie.n waterways, 1- the dlsuiveiy of
u jiioees-s by whUh this Is uiouiut
Into pulp, niuee:',eil Into tubulin- lot in,
klhl-Urk'd nnil caibnuUeil, pioducllih'
uu mtlele aljout nild-wuy between
anil coke and of veiy valuable useful
npts iih fuel, sliuo it emits Bieut heitt,
U slow buinlntr ami yields u scant ash
w'lth&ut ullnkeis.
Ot bileqtictte plocesses of Ullllzllif
peat theie nie .imiotiuucments without
number, and, nmmicntly, us with i-ulin
brlcquottes, the li.nk Is bigger than (he
lijte. Hut at a leeent convention of
United States weather bureau oillclals
one of the speakeiH biotiKht out a new
thoufiht, or lather, put.uu old thought
in it m-w way un. may possibly li.tve
ftiiltclpalctl a Iwenllpth century tic
vclopmcnt when ho Hrtld!
"t doubt If the furl In fully realized
that theio Is suftlcletit power which can
be hail for the taking, wIlliltiR- 100 ft.
of the Bioilnd In a epaee yds. In dia
meter, to do nil the woik to bo done on
it lO-dOie fin in fiom the sowIiib, ciil
tU'iitlti?, hurvcstliiK', thrti-'liliiR' nnil
miiiketliiR- of the emps lo the lockhiR'
of the hiihlps and the doliiK of nit l:lud
of hotiflewoik, mid to fuiulrli llRlit for
the chickens to sleep In, The enoisy
utilized at Nliif,'iita Kulls Is not unite
sine lu Us annual quantity than the
eiieiity which nptcH Itself over n D.i
kotu fni in. The Niagara eneiRy, how
ever, eseits Itself In one dlieutlon the
your throtiRh, Is very iniioli eondeiiPcU,
and stable in quality and quantity fiom
day to day. On the other hand, the
eiiutfjy to be duilved fiom the winds at
11 Riven velocity Mules with the pies
suie, the temppintuie, and other con
dltlotis of air, and varies In Intensity
fiom uothliiR' to lOi) miles uu hour In
MicicadliiH mlnuli'S, Hut when the
coal Ileitis mo roup, mid the foiPt pie
binned up, and the oil Holds ate pump
ed out, theie will always leinaln this
univei."ul force ilKtilhutcit almost every
when- on tin- face of the earth, which
imi bo uiilicd for almost every known
human need whldi physical choirs' can
supply, nithnr sloniRe of conipipssed
all, or the pioduetlon of liquefied air,
or the stoHiRe of electricity will prob
ably. In the near rutin e, be Itnwly
employed to utlll.e wind power for
many human needs, In addition to the
lOlintless uses aheady blliR made of
tin se elieiRles."
Why should not the heat for., our
houses as well as the power for our
factoiles ionic tiom the winds that
blow as well as Horn the cataiacts that
leap ami --hlminer and I10111 the tides
that ebb and flow'.' r.wry wind rioiiii
that sweeps over Hciantou repiescnts
Ri-eater liotontlal enemy than all our
ililin banks. Why in both case should
this eiieiR.v he wasted V The an.ttor, of
com se. now Is that theie aie cheaper
wajs ot irettlns heat and power than
by burulim i-iiliii or luinossliifr the
winds. iJtu every da. ledmes the uiar
Rln of diffcienee In cot as well as
draws upon Patau's Rieat stoicd le
seives. It N not too soon to flRiue on
all coiueivablpe ieiuioinle.3, lor we don't
know how soon they may be netded in
an PiueiRPncy.
penied. livery trenty or compact of
peace Is a result ot compulsion, but
111011 who sIrii llieni loo); better when
honestly nbldliiK tlicni afterward. IteltK
mid Ki URcr nro ory 11101 elless to their
former reputations these days.
The pio-eclitor in the Mollmii cae
says he has piovnl a ilear (use ot mur
dpj'. Of minder, eeitainly. Hut the qucs
lion et lemalns, Who did if.'
Interesting: Figurea,
Tin: st.uisiks in
Pom's Manual for lttOJ will
lop.ty stud.N. They dull the
edge of socialistic envy ol1
the lailioad coipoi.itions as meat
mechanisms of public pillage and ex
tuitlon and souues of piodlRtouu piollt.
Kor example, take the IoIIowIiir ex
hibit ot earnings, Intiic-it and dividends
lor twelve eals lor upwind of lis per
lent, of all American lailioads.
Nele.un- luliiisl deads
Iiirs pel paid p ilii
' inllcol IX- uu total uu total
lall- pensi s to boadeil sh.liu
i.iiaiiiRs debt. (,i))ll(i!.
After ImvliiR consented to aibltiiitlon
the l-'iench miners now lefuse lo nblde
Its Issue and the double lu the French
lnlnliijr districts Is woise thnn befoic.
Aiblttalloit has to Incur this kind of
danger, and theie will never lie 11 rem
edy until labor unions are Incorporated
mid held equally with employers to
legal lesponslblllty and accountability,
Oteat specula lion Is life ns lo the
object of the kiilser'a spectacular visit
to KiiRland at this juncluic AVhero
theie Is no mentis of knowIiiR- accur
ately, Riiesslng would bo futile. The
one sine thlm; tiUoiit It Is that the
kulei' knows how to get free adver
tising and has the genius of appreci
ating It.
One ci editable llilngr at least must be
nald ot HoUi T,ow's fusion administra
tion in N"W York. It has Increased
the uppiopilatlon for public schools.
Of the budget lor next year, mnount-Iur-
lo ?!)7,11),031, ?20,000,00() goes for ed
ucation. New Yoikeis evidently need
The story that Quay Is roIiis" to luue
an eulogistic history of Pennsylvania
compiled and inaile a cornpulsoiy study
In the public schools Is, ot cotni iheup
fiction, Hut what a hltoiy the senator
could vv 1 ito If he w ould put his pen to it.
A ipcent census bulletin shows that
at piesunt onl. a little moie than one
per lent, of the hoise power used in
Anicilcan inniiufncturlliR Is ROlierated
by ga-i engines. Watch the percentage
ten yenis liPiice and sec it glow.
Tt Is amusing- lo hear our Demociatic
fi lends disputing as tn v. bom the le
ipiil e!cetio:i piomoted as their presi
dential candidate, it Is an Idle specu
lation. The next president already "Its
lu the white house.
In Manitoba this jeur encash wheat
has been giown to give every man.
woman and child In the United. .States
a bushel and a half of Hour. Keep
your tye on the Catiudla.ii 1101 thw est.
Vl .us
Wi .
ivil .
T-'i- .,
ll: .'.w')
IT. 1.SU
1S", I.lll
li?7 UM
is'i .'.HI
MH .-..T.'
1-01) .'.-,1-1
Kid J.'Jui
i,.r. 1
i ;:
i,-i v.-
Ti 1:1
Tn.. !
Tn. 11
i,s '7
!.' Ml
I ,1
I I'l
I I".
I .'I
I Jl
1 -4
1 s;
1 IS
1 "..'
1 13
'.'. !.!
.' t.J
Now, giantiiig that net earnings the
past two liave Ijpi 11 higher than
befoie and dividend payments ioiip-
spondingly laiger. wlieie Is the social
ist who -will it riu il a little over L'i per
lent, as an excessive ictuiii upon the
capital necissjiy to cany the li eight
of the count! y and provide facilities
wheieby persons may go fiom place ta
place, long distance; ap.u t. with speed
and In comfoit and safety'.' Hut theie
Is another table moie lo the point:
An autlioilty on fashions for men
declaims emphatically against whlsk
ei s and long hair, contending that
both aie ugly and unclean. Haibe's
will second the motion.
In the case of Senator Hill It seems
to have been another distressing fall
tiro to locate the public pulse.
Per Ion Pel pa?"
P'l null-, per mllo
nv . late. av tatc
I'lllt" t -enls.
ISM 0?27 L' 171
I 0.fl.'7 IMS!
i'i Hll L'lws
IVii (ISO! .117.'
U'M iAi-,1 :'oj
lvr, fi;'i ",(11
1VW u,.'i ;',iitj
fW 0.707 L'tiJ)
INH 0.71S 1 !'if
fs'u 117.V1 "imj
Villi ll.Tlii IMIJt
V.kU H7I! I'li.'s
While In twtlvo .veais theie has bren
a R.iin of 40 per cent. In the 1 etui 11 to
capital Invested In Aineilcan l.illioad
Ing, the letuiu to pations of those lail
louds in dt-ci eased fi eight tales alone Is
:'0 per cent., biliiRing our 1 lunges to
the lowest point In the histoiy 01 i.ill
loadlug in this counny, and Inimensely
lower than the chargpr for similar ser
vile In louutiies whole the lailioads
are owned and opoiated by the jjoveii'-
mellt. Tlio late for passengi'l' seivlie
has not, It Is tine, fallen lu piopoition,
but when we lonsldcr the supeiloilty
of the aitouililodatloiis and stivlce pio
vldcd lu this countiy as compated with
tlm .sianduuls lu state-owned countiles,
ami lecill that the staudaidi liete ain
ImpiovliiR- 11101 e uipldly than in any
other countiy, notwithstanding that the
passenger lata I? slowly falling, the taso
for the AnieiUaii ralhoads becouios a
stiong one and the aigumcut that under
toiporate owneishlfi they are Instni
niPiitallileH of puhllo oppiessloa and ex.
tot linn falls to the giound for lack of
substantial suppoit.
The past j ear developed a thiee-fuld
hiireaso lu the robbeiles of postal let
ter boxes. This Is explulned by tlio
widening of fiee delivery, but Is
the explanation u (oulllct with thu
pioveibhtl honesty of the fanner or
hasn't the tolly of fooling with Iqicle
Hum's malls yet boon Inculcated lu the
uiral iIMl-U u'V
Tlio cause of the Hoeis Is nut liu
pioved by Hie lontilbutlon of their lor
mer si'cietmy of state, l W, Itelli!, lu
this month's North Ames-Iran Itevlew,
In which he assorts that tlio treaty of
peace which ho aiming other lepresen
tnllve Hows signed at Piotoila, May
31 Intt, Is unwoithy of sespeot because
It was negotiated by foice, If that is
the Hoer view of the sanctity of con
tracts., it is not surpiisliifr that the
outli AfUean icpiibiie. has dlsap-
Odfiine Stddips
of fidman Nafiire
How She Recoveied Her Cook.
In the contusion at Hie (J. and C'ential
station the otln r tUy ilnp to Hi- iimIi ol
home comei .s which knocked I he
schedules bonis out of geai thcio
was nmih pushing' and p.ol'anltv mid
some hiiinoi. The sulmi lianitei who :ir
llved in time In take .". oclmk tiains and
wcio foiiiumte If they iiowdid almaid a
ti.iiu somu time alter ti flllnl llie
platfuisn so lomp.icllv that theie was no
looni lo move mound. One of these ,i.
buslMiiltis vas loin between icar of Ins
lug a new cool, whom she I1111I snaiod
alter .1 div In the emplo.vment .igenc'.es
and I'cai of losing hep tiahi, when il lull,
lluoiish Inability to gel lluough the
uowd. lllghl In It on t 01 he stood a good
looking ;.oiing ilnp whoso eyes wpio nt
least six feet fiom the soles ot his shoes.
He fovveied fullv a head aluvp the uowd,
SuddPiily the hiuisekeep ".- ilHcoveied that
the 100k had lie'-i shoved away fiom her
by the uowd and that she wit" Imi to
tight. To the amusement of bvstandeis
she appealed lo the tall man
"Won't you please till mo If up wheio
ou aie von tan sec iny 100U anyvvheie""
she saUl.
He saw Ih-U that the woman wan piet-
t and then he said that he would look
tor 'the 100k.
'She has led hair and she neais a bon
net and her Iffst name Is Miiaie." olun
tieied the housekeeper. The tall man
swung aioiuid until his ojis lighttd on a
bonnet and led hah. The face under the
bonnet looked riighleneil,
"I think that she has been pushed i-leai
over pear that gale," he said.
"Oh, dear. I've lost her altei sooudluj
a whole day lu hhliiR lies. I'll sue the for damages,"
"If that's the cook." slid the tall man,
"I think T can get her over bote." Mak
ing a niigaphoiie ot his hands, he shout
ed' "Maggie!"
"Vis, sou," came back the answer
"Aie you the 1 ook'.'"
"Vis, soir," and thou slie iplalaed that
she could not budge. Some unsjmpiithet
Ic man look up the ciy, "Mur-rcp, Mag
go", pass Mag.gen along," and, thiee
tnlmitis Inter, somewhat rumpled, with
her bruinett tilted, Maggie was shoved in
lo the alius of her mists ess Thus win
the lailioad saved a damage suit New
vosiv Hun
A Dienm of Heaven,
Onu of tlio guesls of tlio t'nlted Stated
hotel, who is in H.uuloga taking the wii
leis, last evening icmaiked that ho had
beiu a witness to a singular incident In a
Suuthetn tiiilu while on his way
noith this sumuier. "In thn bufTet car,"
he said, "theie weto two men who nt.
United my attention. Ono of them was
veiy evidently u Kentucky colonel, mid
the other was a queer looking (tsbtosner
who might liuvo been almost any soit of
a man Wo gut to talking, and finally
the convocation tinned lo dieanis. Tlw
queci -looking man said that ho had io-
cently had a pccullnr ill cam. 'I ih earned
that 1 was on a hillside win-in the gunnel
was sandv, but whoso the nets glow to
gieat height and whoio thcio was a
learning stteam thiough thn center of a
noble, gtovo. As 1 walked along It seomed
to me that thorc- was a peculiar aroma lu
tlio air, and at last I snapped a twig
lions one ot thu lower launches of oqe. of
the tices and studied It, It smelled tn
1110 llko nihil, and so I tustrd it, It tasted
like mint, and 1 applied my detective. In.
stlui't and ifiado up my mind Hint it was
mint. Then 1 happened to look at the
giottud beneath my feet. You know how
these things happen lu di earns, and In
stead of looking like sand it seemed to
mn that the ground seemed mom Ilka
sugar, though theie mo limes when they
uiu much tlio same, So I atoopod down
ami tasted a little of the stun, and to
my amazement It was sugar You know
how tbitu things happen In di earns, and
so jon won't be astonished when I tell
on that within a few minutes I wan
desert over to tlio bank of tlio stream. It
looked too highly colored to bo water and
1 tabled it to make suia if my suspicion
was sight. I was light, unci the stteam
wus puio whisky. Now that wus a quoer
dream, wnsa't it? 'What do you think
It meant'.'' t
"Tlio Kentmky tolouel looked haul at
him for a moment and then said: -
" 'Why, suh, il is plain enough to me,
sub, that you dt earned that you was In
heaven, suli.' " Sai.itogu foircspnmleiu-o
New Yoil; Sun.
Has news for you. It will be read by the Scranton
public, for our nds. always- are. Today we place on
sale, at
One-Quarter Their Value
One Htiodred Stiifs
The cream of the Season's Garments, ranging
in price from ten to twenty dollars.
Tlie Usual
in Prices Have Been Made
As is our custom at this season of
the year, we have 1 educed the prices
on nil line3 of Wall Paper. This is
done in order to make room for tho
new Spring' styles that will be com
ing in soon. Our reduction sale of
the e,aily Summer cleaned up the en
tile stock of Spring patterns, leaving
the shelves leady for tho Fall styles. It is these fall style3 on
which we have now reduced prices. In some patterns there is
for one room; in otheis, enough for two or three ioom3. The assort
ment includes L'Ait Noveau, Floral, Verdure, Scenic, Damask and
Leather effects.
For a Christmas Present?
Twenty Christmas Presents
To P.c r.lvoii by The Scrutitoti Tribune to lite Children of
Simmon nnil Nortlicnntcrn Pennsylvania.
Otic Present $a0i00 Itl Q0d $20oo
One Present I0(00 i aId I000
Ono Present 5.00 In Gold 5.00
I wo Presents a,so Each 5.00
Hve Presents 1.00 Gnch c.oo
Ten Presents 50c Each s.oo
Total Twenty Presents $50.00
Eveiy season produces its new
designs in floor coverings. Each
succeeeding line of patterns show
evidences of moie caie in design
ing and weaving. It has taken
months to gather together the ex
cellent assoitment to which we
invite your attention today. We
aio peifectly safe in saying that
never befoie has such a varelty
of lich patterns been shown on
any carpet floor of Scranton. You
can easily &pend a whole day in
looking through this depaitmeni,
and yet so cniefully and sys
tematically aie the vaiious styles mid qualities niianged.
you have foimed tho slightest idea of the kind of floor
you desire, we can easily and quickly show it to you.
Pl -s 1 j..r? f SI Myii7 mw -
iirt. if
IIp 1111 if if
Junior Educational Contest.
A Contest In Wonl-tiuilcJliijr.
Who Can .Make tlio Most Words Out or the Letters lis
T-I1-E H-0-IY1-E P-A-P-E-R
'HIS IS nincli easier than last year's contest, and twentv of
llie Dnylitest bos ami girls will bccitre Christinas Gifts
in cash for maki'iitr the larocst ninnhiM- nf wnrds out of
these letters. It is lots of fun to think out the words ami hunt
thcni tip in tilt dictionary, ami besides it will help you with your
spellino;. You will he surprised at the number of different ways
those twelve letters can be used.
Rules of the Contest.
Presents will be given to the bows or girls, whose parents
01 guardians are subscribers to THE TRIBUNE, building the
largest number of words out of the letters contained in "The
Home Paper.''
Xo letters must be used any more times than they appear
in these three words. As an example, only one "A" could be
used, but there might be two "I IV or three "E's."
Only words defined in the MAIN' PORTION of "Web
ster's International Dictionary" (edition of IS!)S) will be al
lowed. Any dictionary can be used, but in judging the contest
TI IE TRnUW'E will debar all words not found in Webster's.
Proper names, or any other words appearing in the "Ap
pendix'' will not be allowed.
Obsolete words arc admitted if defined in the dictionary.
Words spelled two" or more ways can be used but once.
Words with two or more definitions can be used but once.
No single letters counted as words except "A" and "O."
How to Write Your List.
Wrila on one side of the paper only.
Vritc very plainly ; if possible, use a typewriter.
Piace the words alphabetically.
Vrite your name, age, address and number of words at the top
of ycur list.
Write the name of parent or guardian with whom you live and
who is a senular subscriber to THE TRIBUNE.
Fold tho list DO NOT ROLL.
All Icttcis of Inquiry for information will be promptly an
swered. Address our iist of words, or any question you wish
answered, to
Furniture, Curtains and Drapsrias,
!29 WvomJnjj Avenue.
t&4a ipm sf, -a -a -&m r .r -&&
IlilllliliH r i
i ft H E9 1 K l Sr L& m m 2--&?zt? m
Mr. George V. Watkins, of 500 and 702
Lackawanna Ave., earnestly recommends
his patrons and the people of Scranton and
vicinity generally, the magnificent collec
tion of
Regs am Carpets
Which are gathered from the Principal
Palaces, Mosques and Castles by fir.
Marten Kasnb, of Constantinople.
They will be sold at
7 v
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Rem Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
:i LMS-U'ii 1'cnnAveiuip.
)' Of anything in tho lino ot goods wo enn supply it,
Coiunioiiciiig at 2.30 and 7. .'10
31. daily and continuing' this week
500-502 Lacka.Avenue
We have now in stock the finest display
of these goods ever made in Scranton.
Mahogany sets in the Colonial and Na
poleon post bed styles. They are ele
gantly rich.
Dressers and Chiffoniers in beautifully
finished Mahogany; Colonial and Louis
XIV styles.
We Invite Inspection Whether You Arc Going to Buy at Once or Not.
Hill & Council, Washington Aven
nd Eye Glasse
Do You Want
a Good Education?
.Not a khort course, nor an ruj course,
nor a cheap course, but the best education
to be luil. No other education Is worth
cprnding time and money on. Ii 70a do,
unto lor catalog ot
Easton, Pa.
nhldi olTrrs thorough preparitton la the
1 nglneeiiii; and Chemical Profession! aj well
u thu regular College counts.
When in Need i fjT"TE normal school!
Piopesly fiitctl by tin expert
From $1.00 Up
Also nil kinds of pioierlp.
tlon work nntl rentiUing.
;j; Alercereau & Connell.
'I' 102 Wyoming Avenue,
(j. ! i' ? fr i J ; J t" J
A "For Rent" sign
on your house will
only be seen by the
casual passerby,
A "For Rent" ad.
In The Tribune will
be seen by ALL who
may be contemplating
a change of residence.
Only One Hals' Cent a Word
lU'Riilnr Stnto Normal Couises and
Spc-cial Departments ot Jluslc, lllocu.
1I1111, Ait, Draivlns. Sti'iioRianliy and
TmiowiUIiik: Btrons College I'lepasa-tor-
Boaiilllifc" expenses J3 50 nor week
Pupils admitted at nny tlnio. Winter
-res sis opeua ueo. ur.ii. Wllto for
' cata.
E. L. KEJIIP, A., M.,
T. J, l'-oster.l'ies. I-Ilistei- II. Law.ill,Tre.i8.
R. J, l'o.stei- Stanley P. Allen,
Vlco President. Sccictary,
Atlantic City.
The temperature at the AONEW,
On tlie leach, In Chelsea, Atlantic City,
Sntuidiiy win 510,
Uvery appointment of a modem Hotel,
Kentucky Acnue. First Hotel from Deach, At
lantic Cit), N. J,; CO Ocean lew rooms; ia
pacily 400; writs tor tpecUl rates. J, U. Jnk
ius, l'iop
On a spur ol tho Alleghany Mountain). lelilgh
Valley railroad; near Touanda. Dathlnff, Ss'ilng,
sports, etc. Excellent tabic, lteajonable rates.
P. O., Apea, fa. Send (or liooLUt.