The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 10, 1902, Page 3, Image 3

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How Often Do You Ask
AllBtnld nntl you eun't find them,
Tho Ni:W APTOMATIO i:yij.
GLASS !IOI.Oi:tt Is the thing
you tieodi Nobody cm do with
oui It, no gcntlenmn can miss Id
King Often r of Swollen went a
ohp ntul mnnv thousand otbtr
people too. I fully guarantee
Hiitlffiictloii wllb eveiy holder I
poll. T mean Just what I uy,
nntl will glvp ii iibw one foi cvpiy
Holder tlmt tlops not give wutlK
faction. Tills Is Willi t people nv ubout It:
IJoikclv Institute,
isa-isr. Lincoln l'l.,
nitwltbn, N. V., Oct. 2. MO.'.
Your live-glass Holder 1ms
given mo o inuoli comfoit Unit
I cannot foi hear endeavoring to
expires to you my satisfaction
nnd delight. It Is n K cat tlnip
navlng, uciit, flllclcnl, little ulTulr.
Kvu i:. Wilkinson
Itev. llownul II. 1tupll, Ll. IJ.
Genet nl Hujit., American Anil
Hiiloon IjPfiKlie, twites.
Hiss Ultlsr., Washington. D. ('..
Sept. 20, IPO J
I should not like to do without
the Automatic Heel. In my long
inllway Jollinevs, In the olllee,
nn the stieet, In pulpit or on
plntfoini, It N always u pi "sent
belli nnd u "leel" convenience'.
1,110k nt lliem In inv show wln
tlow, Do tour pvi"' need atten
tion One chatge coveis the entire
cost of examination, glasses
nnd fi nines.
Eye Specialist.
331 Washington Ave.
Cotinty Savings Bank
and Triisf Company, -
506 Spruce Street.
in Sums of
and pays pei cent, iu
leicst thereon.
L. A. WATRES, Fiesident.
0. S. JOHNSON, Vice-Pies.
A. H. CHRISTY, Cashier.
Win r UnlNtPid,
i: 1' Klngshiuy.
O S Johnson.
I, A,
nvpirtt W.nit n.
j Aviuvt Itoblnion,
Jos O Uiicn,
Eveiy aiticle is woith your at
tention, you can buy mole new
and np-to-dnte goods at a leaswi
able pi ice than you can find
elsicwheis in Wall Panel, Paints,
Pictuie Fi nines you can find a
latee assortment.
Jacobs & Fasokl
200 Washington Avenue.
Y 'Tliey 111 aw Will" $
g Morris' Magnet Cigars 8
Y Tli" host value for r. tents. 0
V Tiy one nail ou will smoke no A
0 otbei. X
X All tin le idles; In, 1 ids of i'e. V
V clears nt SI 7" "i bo-:, m ii foi '.',' A
Q Tbo lng-st vailety ot I'lpis and Y
Tobacco In town V
l E. C. iVIORRSS, 0
X rXiio Ciffav Knn 0
y fl9fi Wnsliinn tnn Avpiiii. V
I 1 J IL...L
in diiu nmm
The City
Bni Examinations,
The b.u eamlimllous whhh weio to bed) coiuliii utl this mmiiliin In tho
toiut hmiMi will bo xiomiiet((l In tho
iiuuilclpal litilldlim' iiisti.ul
A Euchie pnity.
The ftiin' women of Ht. I'etu'M latlm
duil will eonilutt n piokios-.o eutliio
pail) in St Thomas' t uIiokh hull' on
ThuiHil.iy nlylit not Im tuo beiicllt of
the new jmiHIi In rioutli Stiantou.
Paine Files Exceptions.
Di Ar A I'alno hiH tiled o.ciptluiis to
tho tetent dunes ot com t uiiisiik thi.
icimlon tn tpi.iHh thn wilt nf ipiu v..u
l unto liioucht tn hhow his title lii his
tuil and ulbo to tho enteiliib' nf it Judtr
Hunt ni' onsti r against lilin In finni ot
J.mua A Kmiiis
Heniing Postponed,
Tbo bem Im.- in tho c.ito ot John 1!
Wllllnnifc. who cliuiKitl with biudln
millnus iui f.iiibi UnmiKb the malls,
woh to liino Peon held boloio I'nllcd
Hlntes Cominlssilonrr TitInr on Hatiuday
last but was pmlpouul mill! Wednesday
afternoon. Kmumhei 1-
McKinley Memoiinl Association,
A mectliiif of the McKinley Memoiinl
tn-soclatlcm will bo held In tho boaul ot
tratlo looms Monday tiMiiInc ut 7.0
o'clock thai p. Aelloii will ho on
niacins- the memoiinl it Is hoped all III-tcic-.sicd
will intend whethvr or not they
M 8
ircrlvp ntitkn tiv postal. IiUlhcr Keller,
preBldcntl tier 0, It. Handoisoii, nceictai.v.
lecture by Bishop SpnultHug.
Nest Sunday nlBhi lit. Itov. J. I..
Hpnuhllng, D, Hi will deliver a lecluip In
tho liMt'liui tin "Siiilpis" for the bcliellt
of the House of the Coed Sliepheid. Ilu
will be Inttodupcd bv III, (lev. Ulshup Ilu,
ban. The boves nnd login will bo sold by
mthseilplluh, the scats for the entlie low
er llooi Mill bo l. and tho balcony " and
M tents.
Swnita Hold in Bail,
lloilon I). Hwait, tif Dillon, who Is
th.uged Willi 11 tins; thn ITtiltetl States
mulls for put pose of dofinudlng, was
Khen n heal Inn heloie fnlletl Slntes Com
inlssloiier Tin lor on Sntutilay nnd waa
held under $l,nt)0 ball or his appauini.e In
t mil I Ho Is elmiKcd with tislim the let
lei heath of tho Sciantun t.uuihor loih
p,in tn seeviie IniKe tinantlllos of linnbir.
Water in Good Condition.
VJt V. i: Allen, Mipciliitetidciit of lliu
biiieuii of health, made a poiscmnt Iiimh
Illation nn Sattlltlny nf the Noilli Ht'inu
ton water mipply notuces tn asceitaln the
iiiiiso of the peculiar taste nnd odor
lno been fco mm Iced tbulnp: the past
wet Is nnd In tho lepuil maile to Dhoctor
of I'ublle Snfity Wniitei ho rIvcm tho
tesillt nf hU lnvostl(,"illun hhowltiR that
tho pi i sent condition of tbo water l duo
to n h.uinless vegetable giowth. Tho
-fiteni be mivs has nevci liepn In as rooiI
ciiiulltloii nh It Is now.
Engaged in a Qunnel at Old Foige
and Vented His Winth on De-
fenesless GUI.
Jostpli lJovlc, of Tajloi, biutalh n
saulted and M-iluttsly Injuied his sister,
Nellie, with an axe on Satuiday night,
In a quarrel ut Ills futliei's boui-e In Old
Dovle and bis wife left Tnjlm oat ly
S.ituid.iv night to ilt the foiiucr's
lather, Chilslophot Dole, who live, at
Old Foige. Upon their .miwil at the
hitter's houe the beer began to flow
fiecly nnd all became engaged In a
quariel "hortly belotn inltlnlglit.
TJolu bec.tnie oniaged at his :.oung
slater foi sonic icason, and picking up
an ne he struck lar on the head,
lie was too much lntoiiated to stiike
a he.ny blow and so the oung
woman escaped with her life. An uqlv
gab was cut, however, and she bled
piofusclv. Dr. Obustead, who is at
tending htr, has that her sKuii is not
fi.ittuud, nntl that she will lecmer.
Hbe Is 1 cais old.
Wan, mts tor the an est ot Oole and
his father weio swum out jtsteitlay
belnie Ju-tlet- of the Peace Iloell. nf
Taylni, and both nitn weie lodged In
tho bniougb lot klip. They weie too
ill link to he glui a healing and weie
lefr until this mninlrig tn s01ju up.
Statement Issued by Distiict Presi
dent T. D. Nicholls.
T. D. -VIchtilK distiict piesldenl of
ibe United Mine Woikeis, gao out the
follow in;; siutHinent Hatuuhn coiiLein
ing tho met (lug "I the distiict executive
bu.iiil nf tin pi minus dav when a c ise
of allet,t d dlsi liminatiou .igalnt stiik
lis bv the coal companies weie con
sldeicd: S i.niloii Pi . Ko. i, VhJ
The eHinll- tin ml ol ilNtild No 1,
1'nlti d Mine Woikeis of Aiuuilc.t, In
then nip' ling jistiulij considoied the
cisis of the me'iiliei- who hue Ik en tlls
(ilniiuatid against and lluown out of
tin Ii toi ni' r positions
Tumi lilt nee In scmuiI ui It np
P' us Unit tht mine Ion men .no using m
filghleu the nii'ii intl disuniiago them
liom uni-ilnlii.r In th union, 1)J Inking a
ai the put In Us liiishiis' Mill
In i n asKi il, whin nppMn, loi tilth loi
ini r piisltltnis wh'thri thtv will si.iv
In the inii'in If lhe gel thill Jolis 1 la c U
iu,iin .mil il In i me ins. lie- in in.' Usui m
till emi
The bund il i nli il to taut 101 all thosi
who an iifnsiii tli, Ii ininiir plit' s iuid
pnitt t i iln-1 ilie lusliilou- nn llinils that
au bdng n.'il in iimbli I In in In c uise
iln'v belnie It im- lmlnii
ii men u not tientnl fahl the or
riidI. ntlnii will in'we thr sitne si mil as
tb -v Inxi' to'imilx nntl will pmttrt its
lilt ml" I' T il Nit lions, lri"iili ul.
rl he iiiiiipaultt detlaie that thue
has bi'ou no stub tlNei Imln ttluu is Is
phais1 d.
Subject of an Addiesa by Attoinoy
T. J. Cliase.
In f!u ins' hall 3n-i f tiling the
.second stii,. in the s, n,s iuaiifiuat
til by Uev Thonia.s It I'a.Me was ht hi
and atteutled bv a small assemblage.
Uhe leutuie was an addiess on the
Kiiblect ni "itellglon ami l.u," tkllvei
cd b. Attointy T. J. Chase, ot Wilkes.
I June,
lie took a very hopeiul kw ni things
geuoiall.v nntl was Inclined to the bellet
that the win Id Is glowing bettei In
Mtad uf It was the fllhl lime,
he s,tii, that he had por atldu'hsed
a Siiuila evening audience, and did
not attempt anything in the limine of
.i seimon hut s-ald his wouls weie In
tended lo make nllieis ihteilul ntid
Uev. I'a.vne also spoke and .Mis l, V..
Wilson mug a umiraliti solo, a silver
ofuuliur was taken up to iltiiay e.-
Held Yesteidny Momlne Jn Gince
Lutheran Cluuch.
The Humlay school of tirace kuthoi
.ui fluiiih lieltl their annual I,uther
Day hervltts and Homo MIhhIdii exer
clbort josteulny morning nt the chuiih,
coiner ot Mulbeny utieol and Pieseotc
avenue, A lengthy pmgi amine was
obseived, In which many nf the clill
clien pal tlclpatfd,
Attcr an lutioilitctoiy nuuehlnt;- oug
and devotional m-i vices, the atldiiH.s
of wiilcouie was given by li, 1, Flokeis,
HludU'H In the lite nf i.uther and home
ml.sbions inllovved, with pours by the
tthool, and iccltiitlons by tiinto llog
eis, Vein Yeager and lilsa Kline.
.Studies mi Ameilca uitd benevolent o
weie also enjoyed, and a homo mission
liMiui was sung by the school ehlldieu,
with tho tolu by MUs Jennie Kiiufman,
The pilnuiy clans oseicices weio given
under tho illiectlon ot Mis, Kishbaugh,
mill a timely address on "Home Mis
sions" was dtllvcietl by Itev. Janus T,
Siidegiooui Beaten to Death.
0) 1 iclu.l.c Wire from llio AssoilatfJ I'rtii
Heading. Nnv. !). While colihratlng llio
miiiilage or John WoJIku, ut tbo homo of
John Winbel, of this Ul), John Moitma
and John Odliijnnskv becauiu Involved In
n tpiarrel with llio htltUgroom anil Wojtko
was htntcn to death with a club Sov
eial pentemakuis weie heilousdy Injuied
The iiiuidcicis escaped hut Odlajnueky
was micstetl two horns later. lie Is Mid
to huo Mi ink tho fatal blow, Moiluia Is
Btlll at laigu.
An Eloquent Senium by Rev. Dr.
James McLeod, Pastor of the Tlrat
Piesbyteiinn Chinch, in Which He
Dwelt On the Enithly Sinioundtngs
nnd the Heavenly Significance of
the Tinnsngtnntlon of the Son of
'the Living God The Stoiy Full of
Good Cheer.
Uev. Di. .lames Mcl.eod, pastor of
tho Klist I'lesbyterlan eliuipb, piciuh
eil jesteulay niuinlng on "The Trans
llgiliatlon" taking foi his tet, Slut It
,0:J: "He was tiansllguied brfoie them."
He ."poke In p.u t as lullnw.s!
T.I ip liansllgmallon nf our t.iiul Jesus
t'ln lt Is ono of the most totispltiious and
suggestive facts ot Ills e-iithly nihilstiy, it
Is an hnpoitnnt link In tbo chain of Clnls
tlau ovldeiict's. rhteo ol th" i:aiwcllsl.i
have iciutdcil the tnliatleaiid Its uetum
piujlug incidents 'I'hev tell us that mi
that evcutlul oceashn, mil I.oul had riuiilj
choke ot tin ee of His Apotlles to bu coo
wltnesies of Ills majesty (Matt, wll,
1-1 :; Mail: l, '-'-1 !; I.uke l, -S-",u) Ono ot
these witnesses In a Ictlei viltteii Ihllly
M.iii atttr the tiamliguuitlon, makes
pointed iuid loulble lefeu'iicc to what he
saw nnd lioaid when he and bis li'llovv
apostles weie Willi CltlNt III tho bolv
mount (II IM I, P.-1M.
Let us nol". 1. its rallhly muioimd
Ings ". Us henvenlv Hlmilfit inn '
(a) The lilac e whom thlH leinaikable
nihatlo was wioiight Is not tiupoitniit,
and for that leasou It Is not known
When St. IMci saw Mospn and lllljiih
talkhif, with the tiansilgiiiul t'lnlst. he
mado a hastv and thoughtless sungestlon,
bieause "he wKt not whaf In an '; and
some who vonUued lo fix the evict lot
wheie the tiaiisflguiatloii oieuiied have
been guilty of s-lmllar lolly.
(b 'Hie titne" It was piol nlilj at night
The tin op apostles vveie asletp, and Jislis
was engaged hi piajet. Two ol tun
koul's ptlblle mliiistiv hid eplied. It"
had liiloimed Ilis distlpks ol Ills up
pioaclilng death. He told lliein that it
would bo j violent death, but that He
would be lesmieeted on llio thhd iliy
He Must Go to Jeiusalem,
"lie must go uiilu Jet us ik in," II" said,
"and suu'oi lutnv things of th" eltleis and
thief jule'ts and stilbcs, nnd be killed,
and be lalsed again on the thhd daj1
(Matt vi. 1). These wouls of Jesus mado
His tllst Ipks sul and amloiis Thev did
not tpect anv such eal unity to befal,
tin lr blessed Musici. 'Iluv had tuliei
Ideas and otlu l hopes concerning tils
eaithlv lilo and khuilom Jt stiie'itd
their lalth Peter would not hive It so,
and In his hoL and thoughtli ss h isle, he
hi gait to leblike Jesus for t 'ilesslus;
hlinsolf In such a wav. .Irs, is ailinlnls
teied a stlnslnsf nbuki to Ills impetuous
disciple, but at tho same' time He neiM-ni.-ed
the I tot tlmt all Ills dltelphs need
( il some wold, some slhl, some pil
piblo pioot ol Ills own s-lo'V, and of the
eMiiiiil world that would i lit 1 1 theli
heal ts, and stu uglhcn theli fnlth, jnd
Hint would be unto tln'iu a pe'in.luul
somoe 01 ptaie and ju, and comfoit, and
spiiitual lunvei
Hv lilt nth the ilc itli of f'lillst hut u
iiieauiu,; tint was aliog-tlier unkni"
vviien it was made the sub,ett of eon
Voisition. bv the men who weie sent Im
that piiipnsn li.iiii tlie lioivuih woiltl
i:ilj ill never felt "the sting of df.ith.'
and the death of Moses w,n as gentle
and as swiet as "the kl s of God." 1-Jiu
the de Hb of C'luisL would li violent, ts
i iiielatlus. iiiuidi ions nnd most imil
Though iimoienl, He must die a shameful
tliath; and In tJcthsruiane and uii Calvniv
lit must be.n the sins of a guilty v tnlil
It is no vvoiul'i that .Mow i and i:iljuli with ilim nbiiill I he "dtei ise
Which He should accomplish it .it i us i
kin", nol ncsil we wonder that two sui h
s lints Weie si nt liom he'iven tn i In er tl
he.ul ol the Son ot Cod
(i) The v Itnesso, of I'luNts tians
ffgiinitlou Wtie few, hut tin v Wiu Will
i In. sin. and ilu ii tellmoii is as uuli'i
p achiibk as the word of God The eutli
h wituiss , who tluee the s 1I1U. thifc.
who li ul Cluist tals" the dead (Mink
v. '"): who aiteivvnids weie with I J Im In
fictlistnnne (Mall xvi, IT), nnd two of
them wti" m a sprelal senses witnesses
nt Ills iisuiiei lion (Maik s-n, ; John s
'l Tho licrvealv wilniosis ,oie two
Moses 'he gieat Iivv givei, and Hlilih
tho l.tiiimer am) pi iplu t
Its Heavenly Significance.
Vail the time, nnd llio jilar e, and the
witness! s and all the eaithly suiioimd
Injs ol mil l.nuls tiansilgii'.ulon v.hllo
lull of intutsi will b" ot small value
In us 11 wi do not giasp, hi some do
giee, its di op ik'lc,ii ami ii.s lieavenlj
dniilfle nice.
What do-s It nn an fin us' Has It in;.
It'-.son tin us, ellln i in iesipct of tills
llio oi tint hie lo i nun. ' W it t .in im L e while lnie bslow, to j,et anv such
skill ot It siis oi of he iveu's liihubit.iiiis
us did I'etei and James and John, liul
v.e i in ip ul tho i t old. and il will be inn
own limit If It tines not hlu iiritiuu mil
lalth and till u with a glniiuus hope
(a) In His uiinsiigmatlon, the Diln
uinl llio Kiipieme autlioiitv ol Jpsiih as our
tiacher an- m.inilesl. "This is mv l.e
lev oi Hon in whom I am well
Ileal o lllm '
Suieh the stoiv of C'lulsl's tiaiismuiii
t Ion Is piolltablc lot thvotiou and lot In
htiuctlou In rl'liteousiitss The thu-c dls
ilples illmbid thn inount with t'hiict.
They btheld the .Man .nut wmt to 'loop,
and wluii thev invoke Ihev slw tiioli Gml
'I hey got a glimpse ol glory whhh
lie had with the Tatliei Inline too woiltl
lb) Tiniu the tiaiisguiation ol t'lnlst
wo emi n.v ihe v.iiiin wlutli heiviu nt
mehis to His tu uli The dtath nt I'lii lt
ithough llicii In llio flit in c 1. was a hi h.
kel ot glial Inn test lo both Musis and
r.lljah Thev looktd loiwiml to It with u
keen .ippuihitloii of lis ,.iue They
knew tlmt It was lie who would ledenm
Isuiel. Thev had uijojed llio hlls-s ol
Taiadise leu inoie than a inllleiilum ho.
iatiM or llulr lalth In the tuciltoiioiisucKi
of tbo life and dp-ith of the puiuilsi'd Mi.
A Cleai and Holy Light,
te) Tho linuslUuiatliiii uf t'lnlsl lluown
a tlear and holy iny of lUht aeioss the
Kiave a blessed light which euibhs tho
c'lnlsilaii lo rcjouii hi tho piospcit of a
blessed iinmoititllty. In the shining li-jiit
of Ohilst's tiansil;iiiailon It is most . ,.
lent that death does not end all, Hut i
a man tilts ho may live again, unr
.Savloiu .b'siis flnlM has abollslml death
and bioughi llio and imuiuilallty in Ih'lii
bj Ills (iotpel .Moses died ami w.ib bu.
lied I l vtais beloin thn liausl.uuia
lion, and nt tlulo ho was, with eluuei
ev.i nml wltli liientHl Iakii flinii In, ., i
had In tho lower woild And CHJah, who
11 tlioiih mil eal; Heroic', blipped into
God's chulol mid was tianslaieil-was
thou on (ho iiioiml, In his glorliled luimiin 11 lu ri uemiiliif. tiriifiil.iv l.i.l It 1
gieat lilbln limb, that the de-ad ate lhu
living iiiai tuo iiiesfceii iie-au iiin i ne
bk.ssetl living, Ihut this iouiiitlblo must
put on lucouuptloii, and that this inuitul
must put on ImmoitalUj
lill Tliit..ri.ctil1liktiril liii.tiiluliilir.,...
,' ..." --0 ,. V .. ,.V.,,
s stiongly Miggestcd. If Indeed It be nut
jully conllimed by what took placo at
Clulst's tiausllgiuatltm We cituuoi tell
how 1'elcr and James and John nunc to
know that tbo two heavenly visitors weio
Moses and Khjalr, but the tact that the)
did know (hem is pliiulv Maud, and II
Is it lnrl full nf (twit in linn timl lull .f
tomfort. Wc shall know cncli otbei theio.
Tho l eilecmetl of tho l.oul will bo "lovn-
II. .1 III l.A.I I'.llt'u IllVOi.l I III.,., 1.1 " I... I I'ullll
the tunie." "Now we see thioiigh a elasi
How Sick You Are'or How
Many Physicians Have
Failed to Help You.
Dr. Divid Kennedy's Favorite Remedy
will Cute You If a Cure it Possible,
Doctoisaio not infallible and theicaro
many instances wheie they have decided
u caso was hopeless and then tho palieiiU
astonished evctyone by getting well nntl
tho sole cause of tbeircurevvasur. David
kennedv's Favotite Remedy. A case iu
point is that of James Lettuce of Catia
johaiio, N. Y who writes:
"Some vears ao I wat attacked with palm
In my back and r.ldo that were felrful in the
extreme I cou'd not control my kidneys at
all and whateannfromUism was mucous ind
blood I was In a lirrlblo stata and suffated
Intensely. A prominent physician of AlMny.
N. Y , decided that an oparatlon wis all
that would save me I dreaded cnlt and com
menced to lake D". Divid Konnsdi's Favorite
Remedy I felt better almost Instsntly When
1 had taken about two bottlos. fie now from
tiie bladder was much cleaner, the pain 'top
pd, end 1 was savjd Irom the suncon't k:u(e
and am now well '
Dr. W. H, Morse, the famous phvsU
cian o Wostfield, N. J has this to say
of this great medicine:
"I have known It lo cure chronic Inflam
mation of the kidneys, whero the attending
physician pronounced the caso Incurable."
No form of kidney, liver, bladder or
blood disease, or the distiCbsing .sickness
es so common to women, can long with
stand the great curative power of this
famous specific. Its record of cures hi
mude it famous in medical circles evcry-
It is for sale bv all dttiggists in tho
Now BO Gont'SIzo and the regular
$1.00 size bottles less than a cent a dose.
Samte lotth-enouthfir trial, te fiy mail.
Dr. David Kennedy Corporation, nondout,N. Y.
Ilr. Dav Id Kennfdj'n Sail Uhmtn Cream ctiraa
Old bores, Shiu and Ucrol'ulout Ulncim. Ma.
d.iikh, but llien face In face; now wo
know hi put, but then, an ill we know
even as we nie known."
Full of Good Cheer.
The stoiy ol Chilst's liansilgiuatlon Is
full ol good ehiii It iho led tho hearts
nt Toti i and J lines and John, not only
when I'etei sild: "It Is good for us to
be lieie." but all tbiotigh tin lr taithlv pll
gibnige 'I hat glm v In which (Jlnisi was
lobed. and in whhh Moses nnd Elijah up
piauil, and width enelieled the tluee
dlselples did not tan v. It v. ns but for a.
sm ill lnotiienl. It was Indeed a tvpe and
lorolast" ot the gloi.v, but II
was onlv a linginent of It; it was only a unci tiaiislint glimpse ot the glo
lltied Hedeemei and two ot Ills ledpeineil
nuts. Hut to the saints ol God, then' is
iinnlng a tl ly of imilouded vision, wheie
not foi an hem, oi a div, oi a veal, or
i tliousiud i .1-. bit whin fimvu and
toievirmoie liny shall si (, the King lu
Ills lulghtupss and shaie hi Ills gloiv In
Ills bilglianess and shue In Ills gloiy in
our rutin Ts kingdom 'lllcsctfl now
aie we the suns ot God, nnd it cloth nut appear what we hsall he. but we
know tint vvh"ii He mill appeal we sh ill
be like lllm, Tot we skill si e lllm as Ho
ii:. And evciv m m Hi it li lids hope
lu Cluist put Ifli lit hlnisi If (itli as He is
pine "
An Enjoyable Afternoon Enjoyed by
Scianton's Auto Owneis Recoids
That Weie Established.
Tlie- Sei anion Automobile i lub had an
enjo.vable afternoon's, .spent at the
Speedway Satuiday .if lei noun Jt was
blight, the sun sdioii" tioiti a. deal
skv and theio was "a biaeiug quality
in the all tint made it a tonic tor the
men who sped ovei the smooth loads
ut the mountain In the Ilttt aulos.
The club left Tloicv .v. Hiook's
Spline stiee.1 qua i tots at U 10 and atler
i slioit paiatle about town went out
Mulbeii) stieet and up the boulevaid
to the Speetlwa) and fioin theie aiuiind
Lake Sli anion.
The patatlc was h d liv f S Weston's
led Winton touting ear which was oe
t upled by Mr. Weston and Ft. ink Silli
nian, Ji., .Mi. Weston handling tlie
lev em. The m'uiiuI in line was ,f. 11.
13iuuk's gieen inaclilne, one ot the
famous ban acq Fiemh laceia wliieli
was In chaige ol rhaftoui James
Foi kan. other machines in line weie
X. i:. Iliec's, and M. I, Smith's Pleice
inotoiettes and II. M. Cole's Olds mo
bile All ol these aie gasollllu ma
chines. Tlie aiitos in the p.u ado Unit
lisp steam nie owned by V.. tl. Connoi,
Iloheit Peek, i: W. Tulles, Tiank
IkavciH, A. P, Uultiild. Philip Ilitis
latul, Di. .1. X. P.lte, Pney Megaigel.
all nf this city and .1. II. Hughe-, or
At tho lake the Weslou and f'tooks
Maihlnes wtie sun aiound the load
that sklits the lake to establlhb a up
end .Mt. Weston handled bib own ina
i 111 lie iuid Mi. Tu kail thu Uiook'a
ineti. Daih cniihd ubo pas-seugei.
The Wetiou iii.uhlno met with an at -eldent
ut the bilclge vvhlih eiossts tho
dam and had to dinp out of the ince.
The Hi ook's mat hint' made Hie louud
ol the lake In ! mlnuies ami IT hPeunds.
The dlstanci' Is a little mine ihan four
lllllt.s I
At the Speedway the Wosioii and
liiouk's mac hints laced tluee heats, a
half mile Mialghtway and the WcMou
m.ithlue won all nt Hum. One ot the
e.v llmlei.s nf the Hiuoks inaclilne was
out nf indei. l.uiri eatb of the ina
tlilues vvtnt a half mile against time.
The Weston machine established u
tee oid of tifi'i and the Hiook's innehlun
J, 02,
i: O. f'onnoi and Philip itlnsluud
sent thi'lr iii.ifhlnes aiound th" half
mile ti.ii'K and Connor won in 1.07. W
II nice's niiitoii'tte and Ml. Cole's mo
bile weie ulco i.iced a h lit inllei and
Hi it nice nun blue won The lute was
nut timed. Theie weie n nuinlici- of
other liiipiumptu laces and altogetliei
a er eiljnvablo aiti i noon was (.pent.
A big tiowtl Wltnecseil (hn l.ue.s
Floiey ,v llinuks in tho inteitst of
tho lioii-e nml uuttiiipihllo nwueis huvo
opened ii tialulllg hilliiol foi boi.soH that
Is fiee of thaigc. Anv man who owns
a house that Is afiald of automobiles
tan take lllm to Flniey ,. Piouks
nnd they will nip an .mho out uu the
stieet and give the hiii.-e uu uppoi tun
ny of getting at qualnted with his ilval.
Injuties of 10-Yeav-Old Fiank Hills
Piove ratal,
Ftnnk llllltf. the 10-) sun of
Jacob V, Hills, of :M Spiueo .stieet,
died jtateulay ul the home uf bis
griindputents In lliuilsbiug Hum
blood poisoning, le.siiltiug liom a se
ven' gash tetelved on thu head in
this city some weeks ago.
The bo was plavlng on the stieet,
and was tripped by a companion. He
tell on the sidewalk, cutting his head
badly. He will be hut led lu Hanis
buig tomortow meaning at D u3clock.
No Plan of Salvation Can
Be Successful Which Does Not
Stmt with Repentance, He De
elated When n. Man Repents He
Makes It Easier for Otheis to Do
Likewise Bell ficni tho Japanese
Temple Rung for the Fiist Time
Yesteulay Morning.
Itev. Dr. Isuao ,T. J.uiislng, pastor of
the Oieen ltltlgp Piosbyletlaii chinch,
pleached ono ot his chiiiacleilstlfnlly
logical and earnest soimons last night
befoie a huge eongtegatlon. HIk topic
wast "God's Flist Wind," and he bastd
hit) leinaiks on Jlatt., iv.17. "Fi om
nia t time Jesus begun to ptcitib, and
lo pay, tiopont, tor the kingdom of
heaven Is at hand."
In beginning his senium Dr. Lans
ing ftptiko of the old dispensation mid
tho new and said that as fur as the
Seilplures tup concerned there Is it
pel tod ot 200 or 300 yeats between the
two ubout which theie Is a .singular
silence. H was to bu expected, be .ald,
that some loyal vvoid would Inttoduee
the new dispensation, and that was
true, for the lltst wouls lo bleak the
silence weie those of the text: "Repent,
for the Kingdom of heaven Is at hand."
"Tho kingdom of heaven bad a dlf
feient meaning to the people ot that
age than it had to us," hp said. "To
them it was connected with a eiown
and .sceptic, with power and might; an
otganlzatlon In the social oidei de
signed, to dlslilbitte benevolence lo
those living under Its llghteous l tile.
To them the kingdom of heaven
meant the same as the Ilei odenn
kingdom. They did not undei stand
the Individuality of the kingdom.
A Mechanical Kingdom.
"The dlselples weie Imbued with
this same Idea until alter the ipsui
lpction of Cluist. Their Idea of the
kingdom was the idea ot a mechanical
foteuiul kingdom. They did not leal
le at Hist that Cluist had biougbt
an individual kingdom to be gained by
individual iepcnt.uu e, and by that
alone; an Individual kingdom and an
individual lecognltlon of It to be fol
lowed In time by the unlveisal lelgn
of llghteousiipss.
' Jesus knew what evciv piactlial
man knows that oveiy human being
must lopeiit anil be cured of his sn
befoie he tan become light with God.
" Anv scheme ot human salva
tion that doe not begin wlib lepent
ani e is bound to full Hat The lhst
thing, the essential thing, the all-lni-poitnnt
thing, is to iliaw awav fioin
sin and toward God In a spliit uf obed
ience. Repentance is the gieat
beginning wind.
"When a man tinlv 1, penis he stops
bis sin, oi God and be stop it together.
1 wonder how many of us have a ileal
view as to what sin is. Our ideas on
tills subject aie often confused. AVe
aie inclined tn consider tho luvolun
taiv v, longs we do as sins and poi
haps they aie, but the sin that bilugs
condemnation Is the sin of tholce, ihe
sin ot intent.
"Hverv man who lepents mikes it
easier lor eveiy otliei man to do the
same. If In this community In which
we live seventy-live out of eveiy hun
dred pel sons weie light with God,
how easy It would be to bting the oth
er twenty-five to Cluist. They would
come because of the loiee of public
sentiment. How strange It is
that llien who affect lo love their fel
low -men should hesitate lot a moment
about giving themselves up to Cluist
br cause bv so doing they tan be of
.jitator help to those about them than
in any olhoi way.
Piomises Not Tlueats.
"The laws of God aie enfoued not
by tlueats but by piomises. 'The Llug-H
doni of God is at hand.' Sometimes in
iho hlsloiy of the chinch the tlueats
have outweighed the piomises, and
sometimes the piomises lnae out
weighed the tlueats, it Is ntcessaiy
that theie .should be some of both, but
I am sine that theie aie a piepondei
ance of piomises. We aie told to do
eel tain things and aie assiued tlmt If
we do them we will niche a benefit
ilieiefioni. It Is, geneially speaking,
the spllll ot the gosptls to offer bene
llts for things done for God's cause.
"The kingdom of God Is lufiultelv
giaceful and benelletnt. God's laws
ate as benedictions, full ol blessings
and of help, Oh, but ou say, ihc.v
lestiain nie. Theio is no lcsiialnt
about the gospel ot Cluist that Is not
a saving benefit.
"If the kingdom of God weie piesent
In this city In all Its fullness how in
conceivable iieun eveiy standpoint
would be the ditteienci' In condition".
If this city by the Individual ituiseiu
of lis cltleus wete under tlie kingdom
of God the Joys lo be epeilented hole
would appinslinate thu Juvs nf beaveii
llotoie' t3toldny morning's .senlte
the big bell vvhlih Ik 11. Stuiges ie
eentlv In ought 1 1 oiu Kioto, Japan, and
piesonted to the thuiili, was ning lor
the llrst time. This bull, until seemed
by Mr. Stuiges had hung' lu a lluddhlst
temple at Kioto lor 200 eurs and mote,
and was put Plumed only with guut
dlflleully. 'ihe lluddhlst pilosis weio
at Hi st eUieiuoly loalbe to pal t with
It, itMilug that It might be an otfenso
In the P,ves of Iltuldha to have it used
fur nny other puiposo limn that uf
i.illlli,;- v oi. shippers of that god to a
temple eiettod In hs honor.
When It was oxpkilunl in them that
with the pun huso pilco they uiuld
buy a linger nnd boiler bell theli sciu
plcs vanished and Mr. Stuiges seiuiPd
Has Disposed of His New Yoik Piop
eity to Good Advantage.
The southeast toiuci of Sevi'litll ave
lino and Foity-nlnth stieet, tumpilslng
a plot 100x100 feet, sold itconily h
Ml. Godfity, a 1'Ittslniit; and Seiaiiton
bottl piopiietor, tor sJsOO0O Tlie plot
Is loyeicd l old one mid two.siui)
name buildings and two font -stoiy
blown stone bouses
It was bought lust winter fioin
Thomas li Hidden b Mi Godlicy mr
S.MO.OQO, tho latter, In conjunction wltli
another capitalist Intending to eictt a
liiXi.tiOO uiue-stoiy hotel on the Flte.
Plans weie piepaied foi tbo hotel last
spilng, but the capitalist died leeently,
and so Mr. Oodfrey abandoned his hotel
scheme and sold thu site, making JSO.OOO
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ut I'oinell unlveisltj that they have
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