The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 08, 1902, Page 3, Image 3

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"Iniinutlencc," II Vi lmtmit's new
comedv, iccelvod Hi Mint pi oeoiitntfon
on n.ny sImrp nt the Lyceum lint night
befoto n'lirllllflnl nuilleiico tluil toiitnlnril
a number oC men fioni Now Yoik, pioni
Incnt In tho thr-altleiil nffiilis of tlie eoim
My, who enme on tu be iic"'iit on Mi
(lr-t nlnhl.
H win ii notable Hint iiIrIU iiulik fium
(ho pioiluetlon of tho new piny lor It
marked tho opening of (In pcconit eeniem
of Wllllitm Fnveiihnni tin n etur mill the
Hist American nppenuuac ol .tlsn I'.ty
Davli, n yoiniB Jloiton Mnnuu who lor
novcrnl BPttPoiH hiiK pliijrd IpiuIh In Lon
don where nh rti'lilovnl hlph milk iiiiiong
tho actresses of that It . rimik'i t-'ioli-nwn
hi ought her hntk tn Iipi" oiui cmiu
Hy to bpcomo Jti I'nwmhntn's IpuiIIiir
woman. This outiir Ameilc.iii who went
to London unknown ii'tiuni to hoi nutlt
land, ns ono of the bright lights In the
thcntrlrnl flimnmcnt.
Tho tomrclj It In liner in It and the
fceno Ii laid In KiiKlmd The -tor opened
on the Teri.ue ol UiiiIomIoh .Munoi'.wlien,
n lot of Ko'-slphisr w onion dlnolotp tliu fact
that Jim OloavoV wlfo leiietril nut
another of lilt lltllo uiT.ili. .Iliu W do
HCilhcd by one ol the Kolp-i nt a "glided
youth who has lost hit kIIiIIiir." tilt wife
ban been tho widow of an nldeimaii Sh"
lias cllscovcied some Itllois wiltlen to
Jim Iiv an eWilent admirer and In whkh
mention It nuulc of n flat hi Vhtoila
Mioct. Jim fleet when hi; set" wind of
Ihc dlscovpjj, knotting fioni epeilente
It meant n ftonn. The sotlpt know
who the VlUoila Htieet woman It and
Ihcy aie theiefort' Mirilcd when that
Individual, 1-ndj Duncan, makes hei sip
peaianee at the Manor. Hhe eomcH on the
ceiie. nt Jim It dlsappeailiiK and tt lit lilm
she will t-ti.ilghlcn mnttem out. Hei sec
ures 111 tills dliectlou hrliw about the
mlMindciHtandliiKt and complications that
make the play.
She It taken into Jlit.' onll
denee and jlfihl tlu-io all the liouble be
sins. Lady Duncan hat her hem t tet on
(iipthatliifr Jack Tiere. who Is un odd
soit of young man wJth shoulder
and who ha- decided tu so Into the
c luirch. Jack uiws no thought to Lady
Duncan, but Is In loe with Wllhclmimi
-Inrr. who It called "Billy" by hoi'
f i lends, "lilllv' It n stoat sitl whom
eveijbody llket She bantets Jack lor a
while, but thiiillx ionfos-es lier lore and
they become engaged
Lady Dune in knows all thK ,uul hei
plans ate s-nmmoucd up In thlt,
which she makes to heitelf: "I le.tllv
miibt tee that J.iek 1'ieie'L thiuiV
himself away on Jllss Wilhchulun Man "
And thl- It how Lady Duncan pio
cceds to save Jack. After proinK opi the
letteis which hae nl.ii ted Jli.s. fiie.ive
on tho waipith, Lidv Duncan nieelH Jack
and tells him that the letters weic wilt
Irn by "Hlllj,." Then romei silons All--.
c"ircaes who ic.uls him one ol the let
teis. At It" end Is .1 -iiftiiuno whirl!
Jack knows that "Mill" hat used Jack
ts nnta,l nrnlnMid f I lahl ..npil I'jllt
his "Hilly" be the othei p.uty ! Jump ' ul'h -nIt tsl feuilieis eompleted hoi
Gie.-ncs Vlctoil.i sliret-llu'. I attlio.
While l,o U 111 lliU liBull.lmn.1 et.iln ni i fu the lli-i ml JII- tflld.i SpnilK JNOIP
itblv picMUited, llsinoud was foitunnte
In ills plnyt'iH unci their envlionmeiiK
The tolc of Jack 1'teio Is one that Ills
Mr. rnvpisham nt low of the purls he
has played did. Ho It the Impetuous,
iiftBipttlU' yomiff lover who would llhl
11 world fen tho. woman ho lovos, and In
thai soil of c Inline tor Kavctsham I nt
hit bet. That ho ran be patnetl, tender
and persuasive wns demeinntiiiled bv
tluil lllllo scenic In the first net with
Miss Omits
Tho lallei at once Into the kimuI
opinion of the midlenie. She It dellKhl
fulls unturnl. Theio Is an almost total
absent o ol nm effort at iicllnir, yet 'he
Is dlttlnitUelv Individual In Iipi niauner
and methods, and her Inletpielalloii ol
the lole of Mlts "Hill" Mair wat elenn
i ill and consistent In I'uiieeplloii and
Lndv Diiniun. the "bid hul.v" of the
enmid. was Hie lole nsslRiied to Mlts
lllldii Spoils', one of the most IntelllKCltt
and capable of the loiidlnjr women of
todnv. Miss Hpoim't race It Iipi foitittio
In moie senses than one. Not by woidt
did Miss Spotlit tell of Iho depmUty or
Lndv Duncan uliel the vludlctlveness
with which she sourIii to uilii the rppu
lallou of Mist Mitrr. The subtle chiiiiRen
ol cpiessou spoke elo(iienll ol the
iniiiiupr of woman Liuly Duncan wns.
The Kpstiuo and pose completed the
MKs Jelliey Lewis was Hie eplo"he
Mi-. Jim CJicavit. who-e fooling nre
winiiRht upon bv Luelv Duncan. How
well she phnod the pail! Illchaid llen
netl did a lino bit of chin actor woik as
Jim (Hemes nnd V. II. Thomp-ion,
Chillies Jlaibuiv. Julian IHstranRe.
Jlrs. Annie Adams. .Ml-. Sol Smith and
Mis. CcoikIii Dickson lounded out a
eomp.uiv or unusual merit, each member
ol which pl.ied hit pail In hiunioio
with tin' (Pi1l1.1l Usurps. It wns h pei
loiinaheo pitched hi u-t the tlslil key,
and held thole during the entire tluee
'Ihc iimitdi moved -o smoothlv liom
liCKiniiliitr lo 1 nd that It was bald to
lonlUo tint It wat n fli-l pioelue linn.
There wiit no IkiKIiir- or stntnniciluK
of llnpi and the stnslns; was so perrect
that tho three beautiful and el.1bor.1le,
sett or scpneiy used woie handled with
out confusion or Ioiik wait- between
nelt. One of the s-electlont given bv
Hanoi's nURUieiitPd oicliestin whs the
nsoituro, "Imprudence," wiitten bj
Saengei for thlt production.
The bow us woin by the Indies veie
uiiiBiillkeni, nothing eiulle to be.iiitlfiil
liming1 been oen at a thoattlcnl in
this ellv. In the lii-t act Miss Da
lit wnio .111 afternoon gown of
dotted twl-t 01 er white silk and chlf
1011 petticoat, waist ulnimcd with liMi
point I no. white sitln and i hlfi'ou In
tho seeond act her evening1 sown was a
cicitlon ol pink brocade, tiininied with
!-llei mil eciu honitati laee. In llio
thiiil net she war gowned In a fawn i ol
oiecl cloth elioss 1 1 homed with leal hue
nnd Hinge. An Hton laoket. with light
blue dimming, and a black wlvct hit,
mind. "Ullli" culls on hlni beiote JIis.
Gip.asps nnd all hei lilpnd- to nunounto
their tngagpmenl. He hesiintes 101 a mo
ment, nnd then dashing all suspicion1
aside, ho tnUeis Alis iiurr in his aun
and tells tlieni -he his piomlsod to lie hi
ll ire.
11 lit Mil, Uip.iao. Ii, isn't done with the
letteis 01 the Hat in Vie mi 1. 1 slioet yoi.
The keeps on tiimmnliig, wllh
l.ady Duncan tending to it as shilliullj as
she knows how Jack 1'ieio Is eonlldeiu "Hilly" did not write the leticis. ,uiil
ho Is nnslous to s,i,. hei nom .1111 suih
acucsatlou. "lilllv' heisrlf knows noth
ing about the iiupnt ilion
counsel of hit tiicnd, Sir llruii .11. union
and they ngiee tint it would be wi-u lo
acquaint "Ulll.i" witli what it t,oing on
At about thl- moment "liilh ' uniit- in
and Sir Homy paht.-s Jack a nosisjnpor
with this ni"s-age penciled In the linigiu.
"I'll clear out. (lei hei lo explain m -eiything,
once fur all rtetiei loo soon
tlian ton late." Tlio pnpei Is lunoitiitli
pissed on lo "I'.ilh," wlm on i u iillnu
the met-nge giowt indignani because il
-hows that the men won- discussing liei
befoip -he enlPieel. lieeau-e loo. thoi
l of use to toll hoi what tilt it Is lo explain '
She flings h,n (iigagenieul ling on iho
table and i.t about to go, when .Mis j
(In. u ts appeals niul icids moie f Jim s ,
letters "Illlly stnillet pscijhodi by
declining that Iho letteis weic wiittni
bv hoi ; not onlv that, but thai she has
Hi eel in tho much-talLed-of hi Vie -tenia
siuel. Mi- (iie.iios nideis hei
fiotn tho 31,11101. Jack outle.uois to In
tel iPiio, but "l!lll ' hnughlilv dl-dnliit
hi- chlinhou- offeis and mikes
tlons to lc.iu.
Xothlng triurilns loi .luk, bin to ilear
Misi Mini's good nime. Ho luppent
upon n sllglit tine Duut.iu is
tho Victoila stieet, and In clever
"Sheilock Holini-iiig' he Ikcoiuis inn
ilnicd of the lacl. Dining nil this tin
moll and tilliulatlon Luly Duncan, the
golden-hiiliod he.u l-wlnnei lias capiuied
an aged mllliou.ilie and Hie muiilago. Is
to take place .i soon. 1'ieie, In
thteatenlng to lo the niilllonaiio
that he knows about his inlomlnl inidu,
and the Victoila street Mat. anil bv nl-o
menacing her with tho slate''- eWdeiuo or
Jim Oioascs liimsoir, secuiis u wilttou
lonfes.-lon li oni Lady Dnni an thai she Is
the siien who lias lined .limn .minimis
away lroin Mis, fjionvct, and caused iho When Ml- On. ues lends
tho confession, Lndy Diincui has alitailv
depuited. Jim niouilse.s noor to do It
again, and Mis (lieavet tenghos )im,
Mcnnwlillc, Jack, by biiblug "Illlly .h"
maid, has pimentod hei fiom intchlug
the train foi homo; so who Mill In Un
Manor when the tlenilng up ol Iho mjs
teiy has been enVcleel and slm imd Jack
pip eiy happ.i, of ionise, at Hie end,
No uilenuatp appree l.itlon ot llio coin
ody can bo ronie.icd by any bale outllnp.
As pii'tonted by tho company the slon
was something II vo and pulMitlng with
the human touches which show to
what good puiposo llsmoud sluillpd
the human tamlly; how will ho knows
the llttleless, no lo-s lliau the luge gin
oioslty, that nppeMu when passions that
tug at the heait strings aio .Housed, and
also how he knows tho hollow upss unci
uttor selllsluip.s that nm lo be luuiiel ill
society. Through the medium of tho
splendid company Hint suppoileil Mi,
I'aveisham Inst night all Iho ah enles ot
sentiment and wit and the lights and
shades of the play of humor wcio nelnili-
pluk painted miKlin oiei pink silk and
iliiffon, with wnlst to in.uoli II wii'
handsoniPli tiimiind wltli lacp. In
tlio second ail she woie an evening gown
of cloth of geld, eiiibioldoied with gold
over white satin and lice Hint was tiuh
beautiful In the lliliel net slio woie two
gowns, the 111 st a house elie-s ol while
silk uiullii lucked and lilninieel with leal
lace and ninimented with a handotnt;
blue -mh Tho -ei ond gown was a tra
leling dio-s ol blue -hot -ilk, coieiod
with silk tiiulle slashed wlfi slim silk
The waist in.Kcheil and was tiimmcd
with l o.i I lace. lb i lint was a iniguill-
elei, ami h.iimeai-
r.iLi s coin iieillon ol Ihiip
' lisl Willi the gown.
. Mis Jelliov Lewi- woie an alleiuoiiu
Mm ii of vellow bciigallno silk In the fiist
I ni t. It hid a waist tn mitch, dimmed
j with i htffou and l.n e Hei second not
,1111 it was nn evi'iiluji dress ol light giecu
, wateiid sill: dimmed with e hlffciu and
Ileal I no t,piugled. The waist bad pea lis
and emeiald Ulinming-.
riownt of aluiii-l Pipial be.iuti in-ie
1 win n b.i l lie other kidlps.
Ch.lllis I'liilimau wllue-seel the i i -
liiim.inie fimn an aisle spjI em the east
1 side of the house. Other piomlneut thi'- men in the house woie Al. 11. ly
i mini, Anson I'oud I.-anc 11 Hie h and
John J. Jennings. The comedv will bo
lepeiteel at the l.i cum this jfieiuonn
and tiiiiight.
Huntley-Mooie Stock Co.
The lluullei-Jlooie Sine I. lompanj
ill i'm two leiv l.ugo .mil well nle.iseil!
uiidlences :ti the Acaik tin of Music o.s
tetdny when llie'.i piesentul at iho mat-Inu-
"Tile Lost Pniedise" nnd al night.
"The Dnnlus."
Toniglil then i lose Iheli weeks tligilsc
menl Willi the pic-enlalion of u very
poworltil pin i, ("jiicen's i:ldeuto." Tills
nf UMiionn 'The Lost I'.uaellse" will be ic-pealed
Gient BUI at Dixie's.
It I- an excellent bill which the patious
ol tho cozv Dixie aio eiijo.ilng iliis wppI:
Tho wotld liimous Lockhail'.t eleplmnts
I- an ii pi whk Ii will uoicr be toigotten,
'Ihcse beasts weic ceitnlnly uaineil bv n
inastcr hand, II seems h.iidly posslbb)
tor tluini lo peifoim such feat, but lliov
UPior tall, and Uiev know their ait so
well thai lln woik wlthoni a wind or
Tho ilin-n Livingstons aie woiideilul
nciobals and do some iciy elating,
U'hltcomb, Dm Imitator, Is simply gieal,
lie plonses Immense v nud wins many
Inuglis Tho Ililttous, cnloied ni lists,
mo diiueois ot nbilily, ilia iniiii
Is a wonder in tlio dancing line Tlio
musical pail of tho piogiamme is fur
nished by Hill anil Whlttaker and l'nit
and Clinton ate ceitnlnly laugh inaltPis
Dime's inuilonptlPt ,ue finite n unvell.i
'Not Guilty" Next Week,
An iimioiiiiciiiuout ol uncommon intni
est Is tho appeiunnce next week of the
melodiuina, "Not dulliy," nt the Ai.ul
piny of JIuslo loi tlueo eommeuc
ing with n spc-ciul Moiulnv miillnce.
It Is n favoiite with tlio patious of this
house, and will no doubt tecrive the tor.
dial welcome elue to nu old filond
Vogel's MonstieU Tuesday.
Tin- local coutiiiBPiU of John W
Below Cost
riichaelian Bros.,
124 Washington Avenue,
w'hiti: Titciii ni:.iiTn:LT thanks roit Tim hijniu-'it rtncinvtiD
rnoM tiii: runn saaiim.i: iio'itli: m ii.ur.s'i.nn hap v. ci ur, and tiiii
this i.inniiAii (irrnn is maim: to nvnnv uhauhk or tiii: schan-
anv or tiii: iiladdiih on i'ihnahv ouhans, Who has not
This free offer has been accented by oier l.WO.OOi)
liitferers who hve been beneflleil by Its use. Tliou
indg ot Utters are reeched clnlly fimn giateful men
nnd nomen who bale received Inslnnt relief from tlio
(ample of Safo Cure and Sure Pills, nud lime been
permanently uued by oueor tno bottlenof Safo Pure.
Free Sample Gave Instant Relief.
MI8S uElSSIB ARNOLD, President of the ChliaRO
"Altcn-Vereln," nho relde at No. 3! I II Wabash
aieutie, Clilengo, Ilk, aaya: ' LaM auninier, while
at a plenle, I was polonrd with poison liy, unit my
fun" and hands were hadlv hiwiIUii and I eotild not
nee out of my eje. 1 tried washes nnd alie. and
painted tho affected parts, but without ielit, I eni
for a sample, bottle ot Warner's Sjfo Cure, nnd found
Hint It gava mo humedlata lellef. One Inige bottle
cured tne In a nhort time, drlilng all the poison out
of inv sjateiu, nnd effected a complete tare. Kline
then 1 hoie used It oft and on when I feel woin out,
and hale found it ft fine remedy for geneinl debility.
1 find your Safe Curp has n host or frleneli In (Mtl
ingo "
Cured Gravel and Inflamed Urinary Organs.
OCOROB Di:saUM, Major, Clulstlan Voltiiileeit,
lot rifth atreel, Cincinnati, 0,, saw 'Tor tluee
years I linie suffered mnstanlly with grniel nnel
Inflnmmatlon of llio miliary orgnnn, nggiaiated by
xposiira In coniluctliig outdoor meeting1). 1 let Iliu
Iroubla run on, not speklng medical relief until I felt
tn badly I could hardly continue my noil.. On einui
Inallon the doelor told nip what iny tinuble was and
liipseilbed for me I took his iiii.lldne for two weeks
without relief; then a brother oflb ei told me hnw
Wnrnei's siafe Cure hid ciued blm of llio same trou
ble. 1 Immediately sent for a bottle, nud soon found
blened relief, and 1 most eiatefilllv aclcuowleilR" Hie
ti uly wonderful merits of Warners Safe Cure. It has peiinaucnll
bless ou for sending such relief lo suffetliig humanity. '
The pains In Ihe small of the b.u k, palnfulpaisiug of iirlno, Inflammation of the bladder,
torpid llier, cloudy urine, pains In the baek of Ihe head nnd neik, rliPiinutli pains and
kTielllngs nil oior the lod, ei renin and Jaundice, tell 5011 nur kldnejs have been diseased
for a long time, foi Kidney doubles seldom put out tut li sjmploms as the ilillui retog
nhes until they hare been working seieial nuiullis If nu bale an of these symptoms
great c.ire should be taken to stop the progress of the disease and pieiem It jiregiutlUK th
entire pjstein and becoming chionli.
This Simple Home Test Will Tell Condition of Kidneys.
Let some moining uilue stand foi lont-foiir bonis In glsss or liollle. If It is 1 luudy or
loiitalus a leddlsh bllckilitst sediment, or if paitlrles or genus float nbour In II, jour Kld
nejs aie diseased. If, afler you have made this test, ou li ne anv doubt In jour mind .is
10 the development of the disease tn jour sjsteui, send a sample of join urine 10 Wainers
Safe Cure Co., Hoc hosier, X Y., and nm doetois villi .inal7e It and send jtui a report
nltii advice free of coat to jou.
s.11 letters from women read and answened by a woman 1I01 inr. All coiiespuiidiuce lo
strictest Lonfideiue.
will purify and strengthen the Kldnejs and restore them to tlielr, healthy condition;
It vflll cure ihcumatlsm, rheumatic gout, dliibotes, TJilght'h disease, l.mie hatK, painful
passago of urine, a too oftu deshe to uiinale, uric acid poison. Inflammation ot the blidder
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Tho free sample bottle ot "Safe Cine" and the fiee lample bus of -afe l'IIIs"hnie oftem
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Sample Bottle "Safe Cure" Free.
To coniiucc eieiv Milicior liom di-eases ol the l.lduei-, Ihu, bhtdetct anil blond Sale ('tu 0 will cum them, .1 -aniplu bottle ol till- Kldiicv Clue -will be
sent .ili-oltitelv nee. postpaid: also a s-ample bo. of "S.ifo l'llls." and a alu.iblo lioohli'l which tell- all about the diseases ol the Kldneis, Lilei and IJIud
doi, with a prescription foi each dl-e.i-e and mnnj 01 the thousand- ol to-ilmnuhils
lecLiied dailv fiom Ki.ilcful patients nholuie been ouiod hi' Wainei s Mie Cilie
All vou have lo do is to mlto AVnuiPl's Sme Clue I'onipani, noclustei N. 1. uiul
mention hnvhiK lead this llbeial oftci in the tJiinuton Tillnine. The- c.. nuinon-s of
this oflei i- lull suuantred hi Ihc publlshoi.
-iired me. May Ood
gel's bijr mliisiirlH is said to ne umi-ualli'
suoiiK. and will no doubt tioale anile a
sensation .mums iho-o who l.ivoi this
loini ol eiiU'iuluiuenl. Iliuiv LeltSliton,
who has :i woild-nldo loput.itioii as a
ininstiel ctoi. will Il.ue ihni(,t
of this- poitiou or ihe eulei i.iinmenl. and llio slnsinp 11 III
he of a IiIkIi stanelard A. 1. Covei, fii.iut
MetUo.i, Thomas Jleiilih, Kail Gath, 11.
Tiptoe, I". T. ICppuov. lames IMmonds,
.lainis (t. I'm 1 1- and Thnni.i-' (oope" Mill
bo lipfiul to sort! ndiMiilacfp In the late-l
ballads, duels 'ind eiuniteltes
This inammolh tiiK.inl.ulon will appear
at the Licoinn Tue.sday nlj,hl and tho-e
doslious ol onlojlliR an cvphIhk "f 11 hole
some tun -Imuld lnocuio theli -pals piuli
Musical Gossip.
AX i:Vi:NT of moie (ban uiilluaii'
illume nt and one In which all of
Noithcasteiu Pennsylvania I
kejonlv Intoic'-tcel 1- the to be held thl- month
at tho Foitv-secntli Regiment aunoiy,
IhouMjii, X, V. Piles lunnluif into
Ihousind of dnllais m 10 he awaided
lor the he-t Hluirluir of ihniiinCK iiiai
lettes anil solos, Sciantou Is tn ho well
iepipented. A -uporh olioius ot two
hundiod uud iluv lolces bus been caio
fully Hclected and hnio hpen In constant
pi.icllee lor (wo inonlli-, and l enlciid
for tho chlri pile of $1,000. The iiihor
choir- eiiteicd in tliln piiillcular con-le-l
nre the Mount Veiiiou .Slusical s0.
tletj', unelor tho leuelcishlp of Prof. Al
freel Hnlhun: Ihe nioohljn Mu-ical Ait
socletv, and the .Mriulclshn (1!ei and
Choial t-ociotj of Xew YoiK clt. The
Dr. Mason (Her snclei.v of Wllltes-lhilio,
who aio piUo winners of leienl
follv.ils, me iilk-o In the llstK of coin
petltoi.s, and fioni all appe.uancf s thl-conle-l
Is jo bo the most luleuHo and
Giltlcni that our local Hlnjrois lime hail
for mnnj jeaih The tllteeior of llio
Sciiinton eholi Is tho capalile and iuiik
iiotiP J. T. Watltllis who has brnunht
tho piei-ent Uinll to a hlch t-liitn of pei
fpctlnn. All 11 ho lme uttended the rp-hetil.-nls
of Iho oclot,v prounuuee II tu
ho the ihiest uud most tlnlshed .-IiikIiik
honid In Sciantoii, Tlie rcheais.ila are
heluK patiimUeil hj l.UK't liumhet.s. A
eoiieorl, Inr tlio-ptupo.-o of eh'fiayliKT the
espom-ps of tho choir to Ilioolclyu, Is to
lin Kiveii on Mondav ovpiiIiis1, Xen 17. In
the Lyceum tlirntcr, when an nppotluu.
It V n 111 ho fill on run people nf liPiuliur
porfotnied all the chmnl number which
aie tn be prlvou a I Iho Iliooklyn
festival, Xol u Kci.iiitnnlan tail afford
to miss 1I1U iaro
1 'j 11
The ilulin and hour lecilal nheii on nvrulim bs a iiumbei of tho
ptipllrt of Misses .lulln Plapp Alien uiul
Msm Cordelia riomnan was the second
of llio pi went bP.mon'H t-otles. Tho lli.t
one, It will ho lememheied, took plaoo
two UPPhH bro, iiheii tho MIsops Slllcs
wpte rPdntioditcpil hj MIpkcs Allen and
Kieeman on tho lotuin nf thoso Klftrel
pupils fimn numpp Theio am lo ho tho
moio of tho s-crle-, In piicii ot union ns
on ThuiMlay pvenlns, pupils liom llio
most advanced clans-en 11 III pitilh ip.iie,
thoHo of tho Junior clauses hnlui; nl-m
nffoidpd their oppm utility In tho imip.
fully uipl Impiiitiiilly an. unreel pro.
On this occasion Ml-a Aliens pupils,
who took p.ut, wore Mix A K Lelstpr,
whose iliaiminK1 ppinonalllj and atltacl
lie sctjlo of ptnyliiB haio nuulo her so
many 1 1 lends and ndmlieiH, and thn sen
ior piixpmble t'lah., consisting; of iho
Misses Rclim Ciuyl. Kranccs Iliidel, Lhhi
Ilouser and Ilesste SUekhou.-e. .r.
Vincent Mitchell, 11 ho wot. to huvo
plujpcl Po Ilerlot'H Hceno do Pallet lias
unable to he piepeul. This number on
the piogrnmmo was llllerl by the jounc;
ladleH aboie named, who gave 11 Norweg
ian dance in tpliited style. The varied
temperamental gifts of these youmr ilo
llnlsts blond In their pUijIhk together
tilth pecttllail' huppy elfect. Miss Curjl
has an unusually sympathetic touch
imon the strings with her bow and chaim
of lute 1 pi elation '1 he loin, likable pniur
and iki-h of .III khnu-e'- plailns
"pi'inc to bear up a- an 111 1 oinpanlsl
might: Mi-- ('mils and Ml Uudd -poetic
tone-, .III lluii-11's lino leeh
nliilo and -to.iillno-s nnd oienne-s
in playiinr. h.ue oltiu been mdid Mis
Hlldd'J Kl.11 etui hnwius oiiRlit nl-n to be
montloued lie 10. .1- It 11. is on Tl1111-d.1v
ciPllllin" bi nppiprl.itlio uiii-ie inns In
the ciniMloil nuillence
Tlie snloi-t- 'imoinr Mi I'm man's
pupils, iihn appeueel on Tliui-ilii 1'ien
iliS. woie the Mi e- Mnlie. f'hn-e .mil tie- PiMile. .Mr-. CI. V. liiichnim, Mt.
LilV .fn-e'iih-Kplloi Ml- A K. Lilstu,
.Mes-)-. Pe tei Silvio nnd Huiiild lliltin.
Mi. I.el-tei, cMlled upon al In Ii list no
tice to lilt a place 011 ihe proRiamine
nutile lacanr bv .Ills-. He 11-ou's luahllllv
to appeal, -anjr with 1.110 f,i,ii'o and
eliaim'u splint; -011c In I.vne- "Ii--Ch.1-0,
n ho on thi- neiaslein made her
(list appiaianeu holoie nu niidiente, nnel
Miss Poole sllf ploiui'-e' 01' mm h filtiiio
e'i pIIciu 0. JIl-. Tim liin.m's licit roiiliiil
to was lit in i tu;.- ill llnd
le.i lJnek'- "Ilspoctniie v," .mil Mis Col
lei's In Del rilpcfo'i 'O On Tliu-e Teal-."
Ml. Pelor StlKle Is the po e in nf a
lUf-s inlet ol in 111 h poll pi, of Pleiif Mitil
lue tlmbie iidniliabli adapted lu -inli
inii-li' as Aht's "O Wondioii- Vuiith."
Mi. I la 1 old It.uiln's full stronir b.iiitnno
l nice 11 an lei' elfcitlio In III- spliltid
inleipieliition of XeiinV '"Ihe Ho-ari"
and f'hadiiltk'- "Loie's Ciown" Van
11. ill's delicious "Lullulii " as mi, uued
li.v Mis- l'rcfin.iii, bieniRlit the I1clt.1l to
a dellKhtfill elo-o. It 11 .ih sum," hi JIl-s
I'.lsie Powell. Jlln .Milllilo .ln .ih
lluihiunn, .Hi-. Keller, Mi.- I'
and Me.ssi,-. I'uoliman, I-'i.iiii fllpp.'l,
Kiese, ,liiiit, Walsh and IVlllianis
.Mr .1 Alfitd PelinlnKton will pi, 11 the
followlm; pl.iuoloiti) solus In 111- "Iniii
liiPluliou Le-on" in SI Luke's P.ulsh
hnu-p llils mninliiK
Kon.itu lu (.' inlnoi, 0ius in, xu. 1
lie elllOlen
Jlnllu Alli'Sto e eon lulu.
Molto Ail.iillo.
Finale Prosil linn.
.Mauika In A inlnoi, Opus cs, Xo .' -
Ma.iuk.i In II (hit, Opu- 17, X". I -
Xoitiiiue in I' hap major, dp 1".
Xn 1! ciioplii
VnlHo In A Opu- c.K Xo 1 . Chopin
A r.'lloiiKiolso (I'liKiitiu hi . Si Imi 11 1 nka
II I! 'I
Tho follniiliiK musical selcillom Hill
lie teiiilelid at the moinlliiT and even
Injr service- toinmioii at Him P.nk
chin (Oi uiulor tin dliectliui til .1 Alt ml
lVnuliiKlnu, nijiiulrti and choir niastoi
Oisran Pieluilo on "Ple.volV lljinn"
CI10I1 "Anlluni. "Let Xut Your Hunt
He Tioublod" , .(laiduer
OiKan-Olleitoti lu (1 Hclmolt
Soptano solo "Mv Itulceniii nnd Mj
Hod'' lluillei Iliiek
Mti. i:a.i Council
Ourun -Po-lliulo In P major Pletcher
DiKiiu Modei.110 in 1' , , Cuppi leu
(Nmir Aiiiluin, "I Came Nm tu cull
die ltiirhtinus" Vincent
OlKiui-l'uulalciiii P.iHtninlo IMsbh
fjiiiiilPtle "r.ilth" Hatisii
Hyinn-AiithPiu, ".lentis Loici ut Mj
Koul" W IIII.1111K
Oiaii-Piistlude lu A inlnoi . Calkin
Him Puik quiii tone Mis llaa 1 nil
liell, wnpraiin Mis. Louoie Thoiii-ou,
lontraltn Mr Alfnd Wuolei lenor;
Mi Phillip AVuilen bass.
I I' '
A novel feature of ihe fie lanlon Hul
led Choml soplfty'rt oonppit will bo tho
siurriuir nf the hnillouo and b.iss duel,
"The Loui Ih a .Man nf War" lioin
Hainler.- oratorio "Isincl hi Huypt "
Ten of the ucognUod localUU of Hclali'
ton Mill sins; the duct ullli
uicniiipanltucnt. Thi am: Tlailtouos,
Pi of. W, A. Kelly, David lieviion, Win.
n. i:vnns, AV. XV, Wutklns, J. T. Wat
lslns, Tho bassos urc: John XV.
Jones. P. II. Wat 1 en. Will A. Roberts,
Albeit Plllltifr nnd Mosci II. MoiKan.
It would ha haul to duplicate Ihe quality)
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Districts. Take 23rd st. cross (own
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liOOIUH Mltll llalli ) (Mill llltll lllltll
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