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The News of
In a ConinnmlcAtlon to the Liquor
Dealers of Cnrbondnle the Pastor of
the Bercnn Baptist Church Clearly
Defines His Position In the Move
ment Against Sunday Selling and
. Makes a Proposition to Dealers Not
to Prosecute If They Religiously
Close Their Places Has Abundant
Evidence, but No Desire to Prose
cute If Sunday Liquor Traffic Be
Stopped Grand Jury May Consider
Tliese" Cases Through Another
Source Next Week.
The open letter to rutull liquor deal
era ot' curbontlulo which, It '.was an
nounced through The Tribune Tues
cluy, would In- addtcssed to them by
m m t
it'. 1)1! ..
Uel'".m l!iitll"l .Miil.tii. Willi Addii'sse.i
Mi"n l.etli'i' Hi I'liitiiinillile Saloon
Rev. Dr. II. .1. Wliulen, pastor of the
P.! ri'iin rlmri'li, was glen to the piesi
lust night liy Dr. W'hrtlen.
Hr. 'h:;li'ii clearly defines his posi
tion In the movement against the Sun
day lliUor trulllc. itlllniillit; Hint his ac
tivity Is ilue In the fact that the "sail
results" of liquor selling have been
iuanlfest"il In the church woik of his
own congregation. Ilo vigorously In
slns that no apology Is needed for his
taking up the work of suppressing the
Sunday liquor trufllc, busing his right
to do as a minister who has the spir
itual welfare of his Hock at heart. He
indicated his willingness not to prose
cute provided there is a response on
the part of saloon-keepers to close
their pMaees and keep them closed for
all time, lie makes a proposition to
this effect.
lr. Whalen also answers the objec
tions of saloon-keepers to his intorfur
ence and repudiates their suggestions
as to his closing- places on the outskirts
of the city If Ihey be forieil to elo-e.
In conclusion lu declares the move
ment in the name of God, In the name
nt law and In the name of common
The letter Is as follows: .
To the Liquor Dialers til" ('arlioMilale 'lt,
firs: In onlir thai my altitude toward
you hi the matter of violations of Sunday
laws may lie fully umlerstoiiil. 1 beg iu
address yon this coiniunuicalioii.
It Is a charai' mat admits of no sin,
cessl'ul contraillctlnn. Hut. for the space
or one year past, fully !in p'r tent, or the
men engaged la sellug liquor 111 this city
have vlolatnl Sunday laws liy the alnost
coutlinious opening: of tlwlr ham on Suu-
day; and It Is a matter ol positive recoid,
that can he amply pinvd by competent
witnesses, that over i;u per cent, of thesu
dealers have been notorious la these vio
lations. Will Surprise Saloon Keepers.
A little morn than a ,ear ago, I om
. felled With Hie chief ol poller upon tills
matter and lie confessed the Inability ot
the force to successfully cope with thu
evil. This fiM'innil a little stianue to
some of us. thai the police who, could ar
rest, and Hint the major who could lltiu
the salnon patinu tor any dlMiideilluess
on the outside, were powerless iu dealing
Willi the men on the inside, who In addi
tion to being (,iw breakers Iheinsclves
were hugely lesponslbie for the offenses
of their patrons. Hut accepting: the state,
nieiit of the chief, whoo honor and ver
acity I hive never had teason to ilouhl,
ns Indicating the actual situation of him
self and his men, wo set io work upon
independent lines, and ,ne now toady io
give Hid liquor llealeiH some surpils,'s 111
relation to their gios.s violations of law,
which lliev have doubtless .supposed were
passing all unniUieed,
My visit to a l'lrsl wind saloon on Sun
day evening, September ,, wus"5lniplv iu
have it personal leason fur Inviting thu
attention of .Major O'.VelM to M condl
lions. In a letter to the mayor and alsu
111 a poisoual Interview, I Indicated that
It was my personal wish and the wish ot
those associated with nie. that u proper
obM'ivanco of lilts law inlghl he (secured
without the trouble of prosecutions, und
jPiajsested that lie might In soino way
notlly the liquor dealeis and warn them
tuaL'1'iu.'tlit'r violations would lie followed
by prosecutions. I tqoU.thiH course l.
cause I did not want to appear as, the
public prosecutor of my fellow-townsmen
and because the mayur and mvself
believed that such a course, might lie ef
fective. The mayor, I unilcWtiqiil;' convoyed a
friendly hint lo the dVnle'is" 'iluouuh the
jolleo foiie, and for otuvSitnuay I bore wan
a semblance of an niderly Sabbath; m
by .Sunday, October su, the old condllloi. .
iWK I'l'ired, ami u a personal canvas
iriHile iMHweVn llio- hours or six and seven
In the livening-, l found saloons llghled,
tticucwicreguted, and In quo cusu the
iroiu uoor open to all comers.
This I can only regard ns both a defl.
npco ami a challenge, which l would be
JUKtitled In forthwith accepting, but I
! nm yet so lontho to talio up the work ot
prosecution against my fellow. townsmen
j that J propose a further opportunity for
i a peaceful udjustmont of the matter at Is.
BUB-a pioposmon wnicii ought to com.
mend Itself to every ralr.mlnded man,
Proposition frpni Dr. Whalen,
t Although I feel Unit liistill has ben
added t,o (njury, I am retuly to pledgo nu .
eelf (am my associates that no proceed
Jngkt-wlll'lje .Instituted, except against
thoseAuTalofs'wJVo fiom this date on shall
violate the Sunday laws; but It must he
exprqsly understood that tli violation of
the law wjl bo presumed to exist, whur-
ever jrace Is open or lighted, and whet
men nra; kfeoh golngr or coming, or found
congregated In the place. Wo wilt not at
(this triage of tho case seek to obtain legal
. evidence, wo do not need It. In our boy
' tiood days .we Iearnd that it was a poor
EUimec who. stirred up hla birds before
rOtliilriKUilmself with ammunltlonl' i
This proposition places the matter whoi
ly la the, hands of the men Involved, and
If prosecidlons aro forced' upoit us, there
YrfJlt roo.a ffir-wy criticism or our
Utctbri. , ga aunIciUanaed. ot; uufatr,
This will cerlalnly lutve weight Willi any
lllhulial, since It Is the. personal Htali
incut of certain Judges tlutt their leniency
Iu liquor cases Is often extended because
of the sei'inlng ni'i'altnrim and nerdless
hostility of the pioseciilois. Wo mean to
have all such chum; for leniency ellinln
aleil from any action that nuiy be forced
upon us, As a further Indication of my
desire lo lie nlwohtttly fall'. I will agree to
nhow any dntlcr who may cull at my
house, our record on his' place for fifty
three Hnmlays, with the inUlerstaiul.
Ini; Hint when tills record Ih glvon to him
It Is tit the siitne time to be given to the
public. And In this connection It Is per
haps fair that 1 say that such offenses
as m'llng to minors, mid Hie shameful of
fense or allowing- Ihelr places lo become
tho rendenvous for dlssolutu women will
be Included Iu nity anuiuiiiceineut intuit)
to the dealers Hint to the public, and 'will
most cerli'lnly be connected wlt)i any
ptosectitlons Instituted
In the language of the day (hen, It's
up to the men engaged Iu the business to
determine what our future aullon may he.
A strict surveillance will bo kept on tho
offending places, and one that will not
cease when a Sunday or two have passed,
and the appearance of violation will bo
Hie signal far piocedure.
Hepudlatcs Saloon Keepers Sugges
tions. Iu couesilslou, I heir lo say that I am
Infoi med somewhat of your feeling In
the matter and among other things I am
told that .Mill consider Hint tills matter
should be no concern of mine Is i cully
I none of m business I beg lo say that
It concerns uu- closely,
I In (lie flrtal lil.iee It Iu Hull's luilv dnv
which Is involved, and the true minister
of religion need not lo apologize for
seeking lo prevent It's being- turned Into
a day for the debauching and damning of
men who are made hi tlod'.s Image, In
order that a few men may get a 1 1 1 1 lo
gain Iheieby. If the church, through Us
ministry, has not a light lo lift Its voice
and exercise Its power for the defense
of the Sabbath, who ImnV
In the second pliue, the plodnct of the
saloon, the mifottunutc drunkard, come;)
to use for burial. The record ot the past
tlilrlj mouths shows how sadly fiultfnl
i the saloons of this city have been In
multiplying tlia number of men, whom
we have had lo lay Iu graves over which
the floly Ohost has willton the awful
words, "Xo driiiiUaul shall Inherit the
klnmloin of God'1; and we will make no
apology for an honest effort lo cut off
one-.-eveiith of Hie saloon's work-.
In the third place, it Is to the church
and the ministry that the suffering wo
men and ehlldr-n turn for comfort and
protection, afler the saloon has turned
the faithful husband and Indulgent father
Into a llend. With my own heart sick
ened by such expei leiu-es as these, 1 deem
It my business, most decidedly, to see
that the community H saved from th'j
liquor truffle's operations, the one day
In seven which the law guarantees to us.
Will Show Saloon Keepers' Records.
When any of the dealers call lo see I lie
let old lo which I have referred earlier
In my letter, I will want to show them
some data which I have galheied to show
why interference with their business is
m Inlsliu.'ss.
I am told also that many or the dealers
tlnow up the defence Unit while others
are keeping: op"ii they will. The ab
surdity of such a defence is too clear
to call for comment. Would Uiey consent
to Hits line of argument in ulher men who
break law'.' Then, the thief could say
when others slop-stealing I'll stop: the
murderer cotihl say While otheis kill l
have tin? light to kill. It needs only a
little light of a line manhood to be turned
upon the question to make eveiy dealer
see that individual responsibility, before
God and befoie the law, is not set aslds
by the action of others.
I lieu, I am mid further (hat ceitaln
dealeis fce that they are being discrim
inated against. W'ell. that's an old story.
There's not a criminal In durance vile
bin feels thai he has been di.-cilminated
against. It would peihaps be convenient
lor a class of men who persistently vio
late law. if they could determine Just
where and how. and against whom pro
ceedings shall be Instituted, and to dictate
In teiins of the law's enforcement, but
unhappily for Uiem such conditions do
not exist.
Of course there will be discrimination;
Hie location of a saloon, the charncler
or the proprietor, the history or Hie place,
the lellabllity and amount ot evidence
available and even thn Insolence of the
offender toward those 'engaged in de
manding that saloon' men be law abiding,
will all have weight in every movement
Cause of Movement Declared.
The case Is now fully before you, and
disavowing all desire to persecute, or even
to prosecute, and with no apology for my
position In the matter, I declare the move
ment against the Sunday-open-saloou to
be on in the name of our God. In the
name of law, and hi the name ot common
decent-'. Sincerely yours,
II, J. Whaleu.
rarhondnle, I'a Oct. :io, 100:.'.
In connection with 'the letter from
Dr. AVhalen it can be .stated that the
movement in which he has taken such
a pronounced stand Is likely to be the
subject or a grand jury Inquiry next
week'. When tho constables make their
returns next week- it will not be sur
prising If the saloons which Dr. Whalen
visited ami round therein a litis; busi
ness going on, will be returned as
selling on Sunday.' In truth It seems
certain at this time that this Is what
will lake place. If this be done, as Is
now Indicated, the isvidence which has
been collected will probably be asked
for by the grand jury, Prosecutions
will likely follow In such an event,
whether, or not there Is u disposition
to abate them on the sacred promise
of local saloon-keepers to close and
keep closed, their several places. These
prosecutions, however, would not ho
carried on by How Dr. Whalen, but
through thn district attorney's office,
This development of the situation, now
that It is Indicated, will be awaited
with eager Inteiest,
Dr. Downton's Paper.
Dr. K, W. Downfall, of Thompson,
was a visitor In town Wednesday even
Ing. He was present at the regular
For the sake of .saving odd
pennies don't buy an inferior
emulsion when you really need
Scott's Emulsion,
The difference in price is
pennies. The difference in re
sults is pounds pounds of
new flesh and days) of
strength and comfort.
Those who have lost flesh
can regain it more quickly by
means of Scott's Emulsion
than in any other way.
Stud for fttt Simple
SqotT BOWNE, CfceiuiiU, o, ftul St., N. Y.
monthly mccttntr of the Carbondale
Medical society and by request, read a.
remarkably lenrned ntld brilliant pap6r
on ihe action of nhtUtnslii results from
Its use. The paper wos warmly com
mended and cordially received by the
society. i
Dr. W, l' Dixon, graduate of the
College of Physlolans d SUrfceonit, of
Utjltlniore, brother of Kev. Geowc
Dixon, of St. Hose church, wiis wel
comed as a new member of the society.
Brilliant Event of the Bon-Ton
Social Club.
The Uon-Ton social club scored an
other social success In the Hallowe'en
dance In the llurke building- last nlfthl,
A lavish display of decorations of
green, palms, potted plants and ropes
of evergreen were artistically arranged,
transforming the hall when the flood
of Illumination was turned on. The
softened clow ot Incandescent bulbs,
shrouded with red tissue paper, added
to tho effect. The Mozart orchestra,
located behind n screen of green, potted
plants nnd ferns, provided sweet mel
ody, which Klnddoned the happy danc
ers as they glided through the differ
ent figures.
Tho attendance was the largest at
any of the Don-Ton's dances und tho
affair was, perhaps, the most success
ful under the puttonage of their organ
Republican Speakers at Rally in the
Opera House Saturday to Be Met
by Big Escort.
A reception, characteristic of the Jle
publlcaiiM of Cnrbondnle, will be given
Hon. Sereno K. Payne, AtuJor Hverett
Warren and the candidates on the
county ticket who will come to this
city tomorrow night to aid In demonstrating-
the enthusiasm and confident
feeling there nre among Kepnblican
voters here over party .success at the
polls next Tuesday.
All that itepubllcans In furbondale
need Is a simple reminder of the coin
ing of the speakers and parly to turn
out In edifying nunlhers to greet them.
It will be an occasion worthy of what
efforts and enthusiasm Itepubllcans In
this city are capable of.' Hepublicau
voters are requested to assemble at the
city station or the Delaware and Hud
son tit T o'clock tomorrow evening to
meet the party which will come from
Scranton. The Mpzart band will head
the procession that will escort the visit
ors to the C5rand. George A linger will
direct the paraders. Every Republi
can, whose duties will not prevent,
should turn out to be a part of the
Carbondale has been fortunate iu the
speakers .secured for the rally. Hon.
.Sereno Payne is one of the orators en
gaged by the national Republican com
mittee, and his coming to this city Is
somewhat of a compliment to Carbon
dale Republicans. The eloquence ot
Major Warren Is too well appreciated
by Cnrbondallans to be dilated upon.
Republicans are requested to Invite
their friends, and ladies ore particu
larly Invited to listen to the good "cam
paign oratory that Is assured.
Progress of the Ailing.
Miss Cora Allsbce underwent an op
eration for appendicitis at Dr. Wheel
er's private hospital, "Wednesday.'
David Dltchhurn, of Oanaun street. Is
confined to his home by a painful in
jury to one of his limbs. While de
scending a (light of steps he suddenly
experienced severe pain In one of his
knees. It was found that the muscles
had become detached from tho bone.
George Philllpson, of Delmont street,
who a couple of weeks ago was cut on
the fool by u heavy wood chisel, Is .suf
fering from blood poison. The poison
has been drawn almost completely and
it Is hoped that from now on his recov
ery will be rapid.
Harry Matthews, of Grove street, who
several weeks ago underwent tin oper
ation for appendicitis In Dr. Wheeler's
private hospital, has recovered and re
sumed his duties at the Hendrick
David Itees, an employe of the Dela
ware and Hudson locomotive shop, is
home on account pf sickness.
Llewellyn Williams, who was so seri
ously injured on the Delaware nnd
Hudson road, Monday, Is improving
Harvey Williams was admitted to the
Kmergency hospital. Tuesday, nnd
underwent a slight operation.
Laura, the H-ye,ar-old daughter of
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Bishop, of Lain el
street, who was threatened with ty
phoid fever, is much Improved nnd It
is hoped the danger point has passed.
W. C. T. U. Meeting.
The W. C, T. l will hold a ineetlne
In W. W. Watts' hull at 3 p. m. today,
at which time the report of the state
convention will be given. A full at
tendance ot members Is earnestly re
auested, '
Mr. and Mr. Frank Krauts:, of
KlBhtli avenue and "Washington street,
are rejoicing over the arrival ot a baby
hoy, Tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Shafer, oir (.'opnland avenue, has also
been gladdened by the ndvent of a baby
Secure efiicieuey and economy In
county luiHlnes's by re-electlns I'unmuii
and Morrlf,
The Imperial Ulnlnjr rooms, which
have been closed during- the strike,
were reopened last night by the new
owner, Owen) J. Tlmmons, The res.
tuurant has been thoroughly renovated.
Vusburar has made si Rood judge and
the Democrats have enough. Elect
Yesterday's AVayne Independent con
tains an excellent out of K. A, De
f.aney, a former Carbondallan, who in
now wio nopuuiican candidate for pro
thonotary In Wayne county,
Vote for Evans and Williams and
lirst class mine Inspection,
In the Fourth district, Phllbln aud
elllcleney. Ho owns himself,
A meeting or the Hillside Cemetery
association was held Wednesday night.
Undertaker H. A, Purple, of this city,
one of Its members, was lu attendance.
If you would sustain Hoosevelt, vote
for Council,
Don't croak. Clet in the sunshine.
Join the march to victory ot the party
of prosperity,
During the strike insurance agents
from the mining districts have reaped
a harvest In Honesdale and vicinity,
IJoneadale Citizen.
Give tho common scolds of the Dem
ocracy, tho villflers and defamers, a
gdod ducking next Tuesday, They need
Common eense upholds Republican
ism, Let sell enough alone.
Of the Present Day.
Titer absorbing problem of todaj Is,
how to expend one's Income o as to at
tain the best restills! that Is, get full
Value for one's money.
It tuny truthfully be said that this
has been, Is, aiid always will be an ab
sorbing problem to those with limited
means! but the fact remains that, with
the price of living necessities constantly
rising one must husband one's resources
more carefully than ever before If he
would live within his Income. In say
ing that prices are rising, we except
one nrtlcle which has come to occupy
a prominent place In the family medi
cine closet, and that Is the specific for
piles or hemorrhoids known ns Pyra
mid Pllodtro! this remedy Is still sold
by druggists at tho old prices of fifty
cents, und one dollar, and these prices
will remain unchanged. Those to whom
this preparation has brought relief nnd
a cure, after years of suffering, do not
need to be told of Its merits; others are
advised that It Is the greatest boon ever
discovered, to all those ninicled with
any form of' piles; It Is In suppository
form, Is easily applied, reaches the seat
of the complaint, and gives Immediate
relief and a lasting cure,
The reader may have tried salves,
ointments and lotions without benefit,
and feeling that his money has been
wasted, resolves to suffer on rather
than experiment farther. The reason
for the failure ot tliese treatments is,
that they da not reach the scut of the
trouble, and hence do not remove the
cause, as does Pyramid Pile Cure. A
little book describing piles, their, cause
and cure, Is published by the Pyramid
Drug Co,, Marshall, Mich., and anyone
may procure a copy by sending name
and address to above firm, As shoe
ing the estimation in which this rem
edy Is held by the public It may Inter
est the reader to know that Its sales
now exceed those ot nil other pile rem
edles combined.
In the examinations for the second
month, the following pupils of Mnyfleld
public schools attained the roll of
honor: First grade, Jennie Holleran,
Kenneth Dergan, Marie Farrell; second
Riade, Mike Totichlnski, Margaret
Pugh. Michael Kostinh; third grade,
Millard Cogglns, Paul Ciulsh, Thomas
Daley; fourth grade, Mary MeGunnls,
Paul Dottier, Agnes Moloney; fifth
grade, Mary Jones, Lucretia Hound,
Mary Cole; sixth gride, Pantelmon
Klllieuwa, Mary Xeldow, Rosy Obuch;
seventh grade, Bessie Mnloney, Mary
Grady, Agnes Xenry: eight grade,
Fanny Dellmore, Andrew Kuymluh,
William Forkel; ninth grade. Edith
Waters, Xora Donnelly, Madeline
Walsh; tenth grade, James Daley, John
Adamlah, Xellle Xeury; eleventh grade,
Julia Pudden, Mary Cuff, Sarah Johns.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bennett, Miss
Vana Beugough, Miss Alma Buher,
David Williams and Mr. Klnba'k, of
Archbald, attended the production ot
"Ktnerald Isle," at the Lyceum, on
Tuesday evening.
Vote for Evans and Williams and
first class mine Inspection.
Mrs. John B. Jones, of Mayfleld, has
gone to Shamokin, to visit her parents.
In the Fourth district, Phllbln and
efficiency. He owns himself.
The Ladles Aid society of St. James'
Episcopal church, met at the home of
Mrs. George S. Dunn, yesterday after
noon. Give .the common scolds of the Dem
ocracy, the vlllflers and defamers, a
good ducking next Tuesday. They need
Common sense upholds Republican
ism. Let well enough alone.
Maurice, the little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Hochlng, Is suffering from a
slight concussion of the brain, the re
sult of an unfortunatv accident, Tues
day afternoon. The little fellow, with
others of his playmates, was playing
in a burn, when In some manner he
slipped and fell from the mow, a dis
tance of about fifteen feet. He was
not thought to be seriously Injured
until Wednesday evening, when he re
lapsed into unconsciousness into which
state he has continued to be ever
Rebuke Lynett's red flag rag by vot
ing your Republicanism straight.
Don't overlook Jordan for senator.
He's a sure winner.
Helen, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs, James Heady, ot Grassy, died
Wednesday night of whooping cough.
The child hd only been 111 a few days,
The funeral will be held this afternoon
at i o'clock. Hew E. J. Haughton, of
Uunmore, will officiate.
Secure efficiency aud economy in
county business by re-electing Penman
and Morris.
Mts. Jennie Kohl, of Carbondale, Is
visiting relatives at this place.
A vote for John Soheuer Is a vote fur
results at Ilarrlsburg,
Mrs. 10. J. O'Malley, of lireen Hidge,
spent yesterday Vlth friends in town,
Tried and true In councils; safe at
Ilarrlsburg Joseph Oliver: elect him,
.Mrs, John I'.lchards, of Providence,
visited friends hern yesterday,
Vosburg has made u good judge aud
the Democrats have enough, Elect
Mr. John Wheeler, of Carlmndule,
spent yesterday at this place,
Vote for Evans and Williams and
first class mine Inspection.
Mrs. M. H. Hull, Muss Hull and Miss
Clara Hull, left yesterday to visit re
latives In New York,
In the Fourth district, Phllbln and
edlelenuy. He owns himself.
S. J, Cowley has taken possession
of the Union hotel on Lackawanna
Eddie James did well his lirst term,
Givi) him another.
George Williams, of Hill street, has
accepted a position In Harris' cash
If you would sustain Hoosevelt, voe
for Council,
Miss Grace Edwards, of Delaware
street, has returned from a visit with
Huyde Park friends.
Hebuke Lynett's red flag rag by vot
ing your Hepubllranlsm straight,
Common sense upholds Republican
ism. Lot well enough alone.
Street Commissioner McAndrew ami
a force of men gave Lackawanna street
a cleaning yesterday.
Give the common scolds of the Dem
ocracy, the vlllflers und defameis, a
good ducking next Tuesday, They need
M. V, O'Malley has been promoted to
train dispatcher for the Delaware and
Hudson railroad company.
Don't croak. Oet In the sunshine.
Join the march to victory of the party
of prosperity.
Tho Olympla orchestra will give a
Hallow'een social In Mahon's hull this
Don't overlook Jordan for senator.
He's a sure winner.
Connolly & Wallace
5cranton,s Shopping Center
The great sale of Children's Stockings at Sc a pair continues.
Some sizes are already sold out the 814, 9, and 914 sizes. But we
have plenty still of sizes, 5, 5, 6, 62, 7, V2, 8.,
. Something over 8,000 pairs were sold yesterday. Women bought
them in one dozen, two dozen and five dozen lots.
One woman who has a large family of little ones, bought twelve
dozen pairs. .
Women's Rain-Coats and Ulsters.
One of the busiet places in the store is that little spot
where we sell rain-coats. Dozens of wonien trying them
on and being fitted all day long-; and no wonder can you
J think of anything better looking or more sensible as a
v wrap ? And not only does the practical side appeal to
women, but the styles are those of the best ulsters.
Except that the skirts are wider, rain-coats and ulsters
are alike as two peas in style; but ulsters are running
heavier and are meant for colder weather.
Some are quite elaborate; some are just sensible and
cover you from top to toe equally. Have you ever thought j
how absurd it is to give a little added weight to your J
shoulders aad arms when you go out and to neglect the ?S
rest of you? You ought to cover yourself all over on a M
cold day.
Two special numbers
Fine Silk Waists.
While makers throughout the coun
try have complained all the fall that
business was bad, we've been selling
more silk waists than ever before.
Of course, the prices, the quality,
the style are the things that do it
ft everybody goes where the best money's
O worth is to be had.
Gloves for Everybody
j Men, Women, Children.
5 Just about twice as busy as last year
C selling double the number of gloves
rfff every day.
0 If we didn't have the right gloves,
5 or enough gloves, it would be too big a
3C strain to stand but we're splendidly
M ready for it.
JJ Womens , ,...25c to $6.00
Mens 25c to $5.00
A Childrens 20c to $1.25
Are people thinking
You ought to see how
It's the time to buy gifts when the goods are iresh the variety unbroken,
and before the crowd comes.
I Connolly
123 - 125
.Secure elllcleney and economy In
county business by ru-clecting Penman
and Morris.
Dr. Fred Leonard, or Worcester, is.
Y Is visiting William Frear.
A vote for John Scheuer Is a vote for
results ut Hurrlsburg,
Tried and true In councils; safe at
Ilarrlsburg Joseph Oliver; elect him,
Vosburg has made u good judge and
tho Democrats have enough. Elect
Druggist W. S. Rloes Is having a sub
stantial flagstone sidewalk laid lu front
of his Main street property.
Vote for Evans and Williams and
first class mine inspection,
In the Fourth district, Phllbln and
efllcleney. He owns himself,
Eddie James did well his lirst term,
Give him another.
Tho Consumers' Powder company
mills have started up, after nearly six
months' Idleness.
If you would sustain Itoosovolt, vote
for Connell,
Hebuke Lynett's red flag rag by vot
ing your Republicanism straight.
Common sense upholds Republican
ism, Let well enough alone.
Prldo of Orient. Order of the Eastern
Star, will hold a social at the home of
J. K. Hcrkhelser, In Hlakely, next Tues
day evening. All members of the order
urn Invited to bo present.
Give the common scolds of the Dem
ocracy, tho vlllflers and defnmors, a
good ducking next Tuesday. They need
Don't croak. Get lu the sunshine.
Join the march to victory of the party
of prosperity,
S, Hchermer, of the East Side, has
opened up a new gents' furnishing store
In the Mack building, opposite tho
Delaware aud Hudson depot.
Don't overlook Jordan for senator.
He's a sure winner.
To Cure a Cold in Ono Say
Take Laxative Dromo. Quinine Tablets.
This signature JiX.JL
every box. 23c. G ifi&r
in four colors, new in style $20 and $25 each.
For Winter Knitting.
of Christmas already ?
many things customers are
- 127 - 129 Washington Ave.
CReduced Hates to New Orleans and
Return Via; Southern Railway.
On account of lla meeting of Amer
ican Hankers association, .Vow Orleans,
La.. Nov. Hth-lilth, li'OL', thu Suuthorn
railway will sell round trip tickets from
Washington, D. c. to New Orleans, La.
on Nov, Sth, Uth and ICrtli at rato of
one faro, vl. $i7...0; llnal limit 10 flays
from dulo uf sale, except by depositing
tickets with Joint agent, New Orlenns
on or beforu Nov. isth, and payment
of fee of fifty cents, tickets can bo ex
tended until Nov, IlOth, 1002,
Rate from Philadelphia laj.s.". Cor
respondingly low rates from other
Tho Southern railway operates three
through trains dally with Pullman
drawing-room sleeping cars from New
York, Philadelphia and Washington to
New Orleans without change; dining
car service on all through trains.
Charles L. Hopkins, D. P. A. Southern
railway, S28 Chestnut street, Philadel
phia will furnish all Information,
There's No Place More Homelike,
Lakewood the fashionable Lakewood
tho glorious, Is tho one resort to which
tho reporter now turns for a period of
enjoyment, and such enjoyment in
cludes every known sport.
Lukowood's drives, than which there
arc none better, attract a gay throng
and traps of every kind aro lu constant
use. Tho hunt attracts many, likewise
cycling and polo, but when one finds
such delightful, yes wonderful links as
Lakewood possesses, one llttlo wonders
that golf Is tho popular game. Another
feature of prominence Is Its hotels, hos
telrles commodious, grand or rather
palatial, where one's welfare Is the first
and foremost consideration. Tliese
qualifications, Including a most mar
velous atmosphere, have made Lake
wood famous the world' over. This re
sort Is reached only via the New Jersey
Centrul, and Us passenger department
in New York has Issued a booklet on
For sliawls, leggins, tam-o'shanters, j
etc. '
Shetland Floss, 12 hanks in a box. )
7c a hank or 80c a box. I
Saxony Wool, 20 hanks in a box
7c a hank or $1.30 box. g
Spanish Knitting Worsted 8 hanks J
in a box 12c a hank, 95c box,
Tailor-Hade Suits
From $10 to $100.
If you want a plain, inexpensive
knockabout suit for winter, it's here.
If you want one elaborate, and beau
tifully trimmed, its here, too.
Aud you needn't jump from one to
the other; there are dozens of grades in
asking us to hold for them. .
Lakewood which Is replete with infor
mation, and It's yours for tho nsklng.
$32.85 to New Orleans, La,, and Re
turn via the Lehigh Valley Rail
road November 8, 0 and 10.
On account of American Hankers' as
sociation convention at Now Orleans,
La., November 11-1U, tho Lehigh Val
ley railroad will sell special tickets at
SiC'.Sa for the round trip, good goltiff
November, Sth, Oth and 10th, limited to
return to 11 days, Including date ot
sale, Extension of return limits to
November SOtli can bo obtained by de
positing ticket with Joint ngcut at New
Orleans on or before November ISth,
and payment of DO cents. Tickets good
on all trains except the Hlack Diamond
express. See ticket agents for further
information. '
More New Motive Tower for the New
Jersey Central,
Tho management, of tho New Jersey
Central has placed an order with the
American Locomotive company lor
twenty-llvo new locomotives. These en
gines will bo built at the Dunkirk
works. Ten will bo heavy Consolida
tions for use lu coal service; six aro to
be for fast freight service and nine will
bo heavy switching engines. From tho
Ualdwlu works will come eight Subur
ban locomotives und seven switching
engines, and when this consignment H
received, tho New Jersey Central will
have a motive power equipment second
to none.
Follow the Sun via the New Jersey
In going to tho Sunny South select
the route, it costs no more, Tho
Now Jersey Central with its luxurloun
vestlbuled equipment of Pullman nnd
day coachts. is the shortest line with
thu quickest tlmo via Philadelphia to
all points south aud southwest. Through
tickets sold at lowest fares, baggago
checked t" destination and Pullman
'lescnations made through. Write or
call on J. S. Swisher, district passenger
agent, Central Railroad of New Jersey,
f 4 j
-i ' fife.