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The News of
i'JCwo ThoUfennd Anthracite Workers
U Join hi Marching Demonstration
C to Honor President John Mitchell
Z and Felicitate Over the Victory In
gj 1000 Features of the Day.
" About 2,000 miners, nil from Cm bon
; OiiIp, except a mIiikIc local rrom Simp
won, contributed to the observance ye-
tcnlnv of .lolin .Mitchell dnyby 11 parade
'.that covered the central streets of this
,'U'ltv, to the accompaniment of music of
, 'bands that quickened llwlr flops and
''heightened the Jubilating spirit that
, 'Jilted them. The day was", perhaps, a
' trifle sharp and keen In the chill winds
i..'that blew, while occasional Murrles of
'-,'suow .gave a roretnsto of winter Unit
lawns' not rollshnbtc,
:, It Was ii holiday (or the workers In
. .anthracite, and the holiday .spirit
showed Itscir In the light-hearted man-
iter of the marchers. Resides cnmitieiu-
,i orating the victory of the llrsl strike.
, n IPOU, the occasion was taken lis a
iineans of rejoicement and felicitation
Stiver the recent strike settlement. All
' 'of the locals weie uwiily fully repre-
i seated, evidence of the place Unit John
' Mitchell holds In the Pearls of Ciir-
,bondale miners. None other than mine
workers participated In the celebration,
;" it was tiuly n miners' demonstration.
Along the long line of miners were
portraits of John Mitchell. Knch man
had on a badge, which bore a half-tone
. illkencss of the t'nited .Mine Workers'
,. president. These were supplied by a
'Philadelphia dally, through Roberts .t
5 Reynolds, the local newsdealers.
The procession did not get tinder way
until nearly 11 o'clock, a delay being
caused by one of the carriages, bearing
cltv otllclals. becoming disabled. Harry
Kerins was rnnd marshal, with nldfs
as follows: Chief of staff, .htines Kee-
nan: assisted by a staff composed of
one aide from each local In addition to
the two division commanders, Isnace
' Veroskl and. John (iaffnc.v. The aides
.were: Frank Nolan. Felix Clone, 844:
John' Toolan, STT; Jacob Williams, 3(i:
John Mildon, 1,S!T; Thomas .Murphy,
1611: .Martin Hat tic. WiH: Joseph Pidg-
win, iRiii; William l'urlcii, jugniunu
1'ark local.
The police force, headed by Chief Mr
' Andrew, led the prncessior., which
' moved up Main street from Seventh
avenue, and along the line of inarch
published yesterday, the procession end
ing in a countermarch on Main street.
'After the police came carriages con
tainlng the following: .Mayor James J.
O'Xeill, city controller (Jcorge AV.
, Kvans, City Treasurer C F. Connor
and Chairman of Select Council John
D. Davis were seated in the first enr-
rlage. In the second were Rev. Charles
.Lee, pastor of the Fir.M Presbyterian
church: Itev. Rollin A. Sawyer, rector
"of Trinity Episcopal church: Rev. A.
F. Chaffee, pastor of the First Metho-
dial Episcopal church, and Itev. II. J.
W'halen, D. D., pastor of the Kcrcnn
Baptist church. The thlid carriage
held Very Itev. T. F. Coffey, V. CI., pas
tor of St. Tlose church; Itev. Anthony
Cerrutl, pastor of Our Lady of Alt. Car
mel church: Itev. (Jeorse Dixon and
Itev. Walter A. domain, assistant
priests at St. Rose church. In the next
carriage were National Organizer
.lenry J. Collins, District Coininittte
Members John M. Marrelt and Patrick
The .Mozart band led the First divis
ion, which was made up of the Simp
son, Highland Park and Hhick Diamond
locals. In the Second division were No.
1 shaft Local. STT: Powderly Inside
Local, !!!: Powderly Outside Local,
li'.DI: Coalbrool; Outside Local, lull;
CorIIuooI: hii-lile Local, Ml. Five drum
corps were in line.
There were numerous interesting fea
tures, conspicuous among' them being
the marching of a half-hundred. breaker
,lads. some of them very small young
sters, witli the Simpson local. The in
scriptions on the banners aroused a
good deal of lutriest and amusement.
The most striking read as follows:
"In the grimy and bruised hand of
the miner was the little white hand of
a chllil. It is for the little children we
are fighting." John Mitchell.
" "The soft coal workers stood nobly
to and helped us win a gieat victory."
"We love scabs and Imports and that
man with divine rights nit."
"Mitchell and Roosevelt killed the
finer and cubs." This banner contained
pictures ot President Roosevelt and Mr.
Another banner contained a picture
of President Itoosevelt lassoing a bear
and the inscription: "Teddy, the Hough
Rider, lassoed a bear." a parody on the
famous newspaper cartoon.
"dovernor Odfll, of New York, rend
the riot acl to Air. George liner and bis
pals at New York,"
There was one display In the proces
slon that came In for a good deal of
adverse criticism, It was Independent,
however, of the mine workers' pro
gramme of the day and was rrowued
upon by the officials.
At the rear of the line was an ns.h .
wagon, from up Simpson wnv.
that contained
i btilf-dozeu foielcnei'K.
.Mie or two of whom were women. There
jis -u plentiful supply or beer aboard,
jghleh wan freely drank by the men,
id jlu some fnsfunoes piissed out to
36e crowd. Nest, to tin. iiiw... o...
:m' holding.;. crudely built banner or
,'ii., Thw-wari attempt to print
i Inscription', the attentat resniHno- ,.
:l!ow:iflf?ow la .Mitchell. II., IL. ..i'i
I'VbiW-' 9n', 4'Jiifbt,' Mitchell.
It -r j '
3jpubHca)AntlclpatIng Rally nt
2 'the Gland Saturday Night.
ESfl'hp (irand 'pjn)rU.Mtouhe is certain to
SaJntiiln an audience .Saturday night
SXBat'M-111 glvo;a splendid greeting to
ft)ij., Serepo EPayhe) chulrnuin of the
Siy arid-mean's committee of cougreBs,
.JPio Will fiead the forceful speakers who
VOld .Stories Retold.
JSJPeople never Jlre of 'hearing tlm oft
Xgpeated atory ot the success of chain
itBrlin's Cough Remedy, From all
Ser'.the country and even In fur away
dla, Chintz and the South Sea Islands
lUme: letters'1 1 rojn, druggists and
Dtft, itatiriff'the rare pleasure they de-
te irom handling a preparation which,
es, such universal satisfaction. They
tell the same Story of the undoubted
jtli of this remedy, ana of its em
jgjcy in the relief of coujfh9,.oy8 ojid
Wpun. and pere6nally"reomnientJ It to
jjelr customers. The remedy is sold on
yi-. positive guarantee -anfl hasnever
tm tfp?.ftjrttwat:'f iiwwvjfor it,
yor'isrlebjfcil'arogstsj ' ' '
will discuss the political Issues on tills
As Is Irui! among Republicans all
over the cotmly, there Is the greatest
Interest among- these voters In C.'arbon
dale, Interest horn of the confident feeling-
or victory next Tuestfhty. This will
be stiiklngly demonstrated at the mass
meeting' on Saturday night. The Aloznrt
band will be there, with music galore.
Kverybody Is Invited, and It Is strongly
hoped that women will accept this In
vitation and spend an evening of Inter
est and profit.
School Board Fixes oh This Amount
After Tedious Wading Through
Exonerations, and the Fidelity
Surety Company Promises to Send
a Voucher for This Sum Before
Monday Next Satisfaction Over
Settling the Matter.
After several weeks' dealings with the
some what Involved preliminaries neces
sarily Incident to such an undertaking,
a settlement of the unpaid, and partly
uncollected, duplicate ol' School Tax
Collector Frank I!, Clifford was effected
last night.
The sum fixed upon is JO.'J.'n. This
will be paid over to the school district
by the Fidelity Casualty company, ot
llaltlmore. Aid,, within live days from
Tuesday night, when the amount due
the district was ascertained,
The figure agreed upon as a setl le
nient of the unpaid balance was deter
mined at Tuesday night's meeting of
the board, which was prolonged until
nearly Wednesday morning. There was
a tedious process of examining the ex
onerations presented by the surety
company, and determining how much
of these should be allowed. After par
ing and taiueezlng these to the limit
uud allowing the commission due ror
the settlement of the duplicate, the
same as if It had been collected, the
sum of Sii.'.'.'ifl was fixed by the board as
final settlement.
In deciding upon this figure, all the
exonerations and commission asked for
by the surety company, the original
bondsmen, were not granted. These
claims were compromised, and alto
gether the directors are satisfied that
the best settlement possible was the
result, and that the Interests of the dis
trict have not suffered.
The settlement of litis mueh-ventl-lated
mutter, and so satisfactorily In
the judgment of the school board, will
be generally received with similar sat
isfaction, it can be safely said.
The situation, so far as it affects the
three Carbondalians who went on .Mr.
Clifford's Indemnifying bond, is that
I hey are likely to suffer some loss, more
or less; but there is some chance to
recoup themselves In the collection of
t lie taxes yet unpaid. The settlement
fixed by the board comprehends the
whole duplicate, whether or not the
money was collected, flow the settle
ment will affect Hie criminal prosecu
tion against Air. Clifford, by the surety
company, Is not known.
The Bon-Ton Social Club Will En
tertain This Evening.
The Hallowe'en dance o the Uon
Ton Social club will take place tonight
in the ritirke building. The committee
of the club has spent a good deal of
time and has used a generous allow
ance of cash in the arrangements, and
an evening of social enjoyment, beyond
the ordinary seems assured. There will
be a programme of Hallowe'en divers
ions, and dancing- of fnncy figures will
precede the opening of the usual sev
eral hours or dancing. The hall will, It
is expected, be resplendent with decor
ations and Increased electrical Illumin
ations. Tile dance has been eagerly an
ticipated among- it large number of
young folks ever since the announce
ment, several weeks ago.
It was the intention to have a chicken
supper served at the Imperial, in con-
iiccuun wiui ine nance, uiu it was
found necessary to dispense with this
because of the restaurant not opening
until today. Luncheon, however, can
be procured at the restaurant, If de
sired, during Intermission,
At a Dance in Jermyn.
A huge crowd or young people from
this city enjoyed it dance in Jermyn,
Tuesday evening. The .Mitchell Social
club, which Is composed of some of Hie
best known young men in Mnyfleld and
Jermyn, conducted tho dance and wore
exceedingly hospitable.
Among those who attended fiom this
city were: Messrs. Otto Xlexon, Robert
Cox, Michael Cavanaugh, Charles Alex
ander, Willis Wilson, David Harvey,
John Fox. Ray Coiuirion, William Hill,
Harry Robinson una Boyd Oliver.
Lady Workers to Entertain.
The Young Lady Workers of ihe
Methodist Kplseopul church will be cn
tertnlued by Mrs. t'liurles II. Horton
and Mis, Fred W, Clark at .Mrs. rior
um's home, ;; North Main street, litis
afternoon, between the hours of :s ami
i. A cordial invitation Is extended to
till the members anil the young ladles
of the church.
Back at the American.
Kdwanl Kelbnld has resigned his posi
tion behind the desk at Hotel Schadt
ami is back in hit. former position as
day clerk at the American In this city,
The numerous friends that Mr, Ke.
hold's courtesy and obliging spirit won
for him during his slay at the Ameri
can will be pleased o greet him there
Bagged Phensents and Quail.
i'asseimer Knglneer John' I.lngfelter
and nephew, Oarliold Anderson, of Oil
bert street, enjoyed a hunting trip out
towards Crystal lake, Saturday, and
were successful In getting (he material
for a choice .Sunday dinner, and Mon
day dinner, for that matter. They killed
six pheasants and three quail.
In Charge of Cafe.
Kdward F. (Sniper, or .New York city,
has assumed charge of ihe cafe or
Hotel American. He succeeds Jerome
O'Rourke, who left some weeks ago.
Mr, Grauer has had abundant experi
ence and has a pleasing personality,
which Is essential to succecs In his line,
Aged Woman's Mishap.
While moving about In her bedroom,
during Tuesday night, Mrs. L. A. Stone,
of Darto avenue, fell und fractured one
rib, sustaining, besides, painful bruises,
Her" 'advanced 'years, belhg past 70,
make the family fearful of dangerous
consequences. When the accident oc
curred, Mrs. Stone was endeavoring to
get medicine, which was close to the
bed, and which she hits been taking far
rheunmtli) trouble. Hhe lives with her
son, Albert Stone.
The Late Thomas F. Herbert In
terred In Maplewood Cemetery.
The late Thnmns 1 Herbert, the for
mer successful merchant In this vicin
ity, who expired suddenly on the street
Monday morning, wus laid nt rest In
Maplewood cemetery yesterdny after
noon. Services were conducted nt the resi
dence of A. F. Loftus, on North Ter
race street, by llcv, U. A. Sawyer,
rector of Trinity church. There wn
a representation at the obsequies of
the wide acquaintance of the deceased.
The pallbearers were: llcesc Hughes,
Johh J. Howen, Abe L. Hnhni, B. S.
Clark, Michael Stone and fidward
Indians to Line Up Against Best
Team There on Wednesday.
Malinger J. Russel Jones lust night
arranged to play tho Scranton team
nt Hcranton. on Wednesday next, nt
Athletic park.
The team goes to Athens, N. Y on
Change of Positions.
Chris Powderly, formerly a brakc
tnan on the Delaware and Hudson rail
road, bus accepted a position with
Clarke Bros., and Is In charge of the
large delivery wagon.
Paul Roeslger, who was scaler a I the
Delaware and Hudson freight station
In this city, has been advanced to a
place In the office of Al. U Fine, coal
shipping ugent. Kugene Dhuock bus
been given the position vacated by Mr.
John Kearney, of the West Side, has
bi.en placed In charge of the 'bus line
of Hotel American, taking the place
of Oley Piatt, who has taken another
Commission Coming to Caibondnle.
The arbitration commission of the
anthracite mining situation will come
to (irbondnle today. The train will
leave Scranton at 0.15, over the Dela
ware and Hudson. It will be made tin
of five coachet", three of them Pullmans.
Kngine Xo. 434 will draw the train.
KiiRineer Edward Atkinson will be at
the throttle and George Chapman will
be the conductor. The train will be
taken from here over the Ontario and
Western and the Krie to the mines
alone; these roads.
Pleasant Social Entertainments.
Alrss. II. O. Watrous entertained last
evening, at cards, at her home on
Darte avenue. Her guests, who passed
a delightful evening with their host
ess, were members of a social club, of
which Mrs. AA'atrous is one. These en
tertainments are held in succession at
Hie members' homes each fortnight.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reynolds
were host and hostess at a delightful
gathering of thirty-five friends at the
residence on Wyoming street, Tuesday
evening. The entertainment was In
honor ot Mr. and Mrs. X, E. Rice, 101
mer Scrantonlanp, now residents of L.os
Angeles, Cul.
Want Road Repaired.
George, a taxpayer of Carbon
dale township, brought James Walkf-r
and James Mcllale, supervisors of the
township, before Alderman Atkinson
Tuesday night, on the charge or fail
tiro to keep in repair a road hi the
township. Neglect or this character is
a misdemeanor and punishable in crim
inal courl. The defence was that the
road is a private driveway, and be
yond the duties or the supervisor to
be kept In good condition.
The citne was continued, by agree
ment, in order to reach a busts or
"Faust" Company Goes Away.
Alan Tabor's "Faust" company left
Carbondale yesterday for Hamilton, X.
Y to resume its season. The ten days'
stay of the company in this city gave
rise to the belief that the organization
was In inaneial distress. TIiIr was far
from the truth, as the season thus far
has been prosperous. A change in
bookings, the engagement of a new
electrician and the rehearsing of pans
by new. members or the troupe caused
the stay here.
Carbondalian's Cottage Despoiled.
The cottages of Joshua A. Brown, of
Houesdiiie, and Mr. Olios, of Carbon
dale, located at Klk lake, were broken
Into last week by a party or foreigners
from the Lackawanna valley, and a
quantity of bed clothing, cooking uten
sils and other household furniture was
stolen. The daring looters were in the
act of carrying a stove across a near
by Held when discovered by several
farmers, on their way to Carbondale
after coal, llonesdale Cor,
Carbomlnlian Promoted.
Martin Kennedy, of South Main
street, who lias been employed as sten
ographer in the office of superintendent
of motive power of the Lackawanna
road, at Scranton, has been promoted to
the same position In the oflice of Cten
cral .Superintendent Clarke. The ad
vancement of Mr, Kennedy is one in
which he can justly take pride, as It Is
a recognition of trua merit.
Branching- Out.
John I', Milady, manager of the Sun
Advertising company, which makes a
specialty of publishing time-tables, etc,
has taken an associate u the business,
Flunk MiiDerinott, who has the qual
ities to appreciably Increase the patron
age of the Sun company. Both hustlers
leave today on a business trip through
York state.
Arranging for Concert.
Mrs, Cliailes Perkins and Miss Hello
Rowers are arranging for a concert
that will be held in Trinity parish
house, Wednesday evening, .Nov, 5. The
proceeds will go to the organ fund of
Trinity church. A programme that
promlsuH a good evening of musical en.
lertalnment is being arranged.
A Case of Diphtheria.
Rartha Dlx, aged e years, daughter
or Mr. and Mrs. c, Dlx. or Canaan
street, Is reported to the secretary of
the board of health as suffering fioni
Meetings of Tonight.
George Randolph camp, Sons of Vet
erans. Georga W. BmJUi's tfuntral.
The funeral of the. late aeorsre Washr
Ington Smith, who died t tho hospital
A Wonderful Medicine.
Bilious and
Nervous Disorders,
Sick Headache, Constipation,
Wind and Pains in Stomach,
Impaired Digestion,
Disordered liver and
Female Ailments.
Thomas Beecham, St. Helens. Eng.,
and 365 Canal St., New York.
Sold by all Drugslat In United SUtc.i.
In boxes, 10c. and 25c.
Monday uiffht, will take place this af
ternoon. Services will bo conducted at
the residence, corner Pike street, be
ginning at 3 o'clock, by Rev. Dr. H. J.
Whalen. ISurlni will be In Brookside.
J. R. Shannon, of Shannon & Co., is
in Cleveland, O., on a business trip.
William Thompson, formerly mali
nger of Hotel Anthracite In this city,
Is visiting at his former home In this
city. Mr. Thompson is now manager
of a hotel at aft. Clemens, Mich., the
centre of a number oC health springs.
Mr. and Mrs. William Cliff and fam
ily, of No. 4. left last night on the Erie
flyer Tor Nebraska, where they will
locate. The family was tendered a
happy farewell a few nights ago by
their neighbors.
vote zor jonu a. Jordan, Republican
candidate for state senator.
James Golden, of Dunmore, was In
the city last night, the guest of P. V.
Donnelly, prescription clerk at TIiie:-
ley's pharmacy. Mr. Golden was here
to say farewell to hlstCarbondale ac
quaintances prior to leaving for Tead
vllle, Col., on Friday. He goes west to
accept the position of window- decor
ator for the leading men's furnishing
house in the bustling Colorado town.
Mr. Golden resigns the position of head
salesman in J. J. Collins' clothing store,
Scranton, to no west. He is qualified
to succeed in his now Held, and takes
with him the best wishes of his Car
bondale friends.
Prohibition candidates for county
commissioners George W. Be'esecker,
Newton; Gomer D. Reese, Scranton.
Miss Nellie Gallaghy, of Salem ave
nue. Is suffering from a severe attack
of grip.
Miss Klla 13. Mulheran. a well known
young lady of the Kast Side, and
Michael Muldoon were united in mar
riage at 9 o'clock yesterday morning
in Sacred Heart church. The bridal
party entered the church to the strains
of Lohengrin. They were met at the
altar rail by Rev. Father Dunn who
performed the ceremony. After the
marriage rites had been concluded a
nuptial mass was celebrated. The
bridal party afterwards left the church
to the strains of Mendelssohn's march.
The bride was attended by her sister,
Margaret, and the groom by his broth
er, William. The bride was attired in
a gown of white silk tissue over white
taffeta silk, with Irish point lace. The
bridesmaid wore a beautiful dress of
moussellne de sole with chiffon trim
ming. After the ceremony a sumptu
ous repast was served at the home of
the bride. The newly married couple
departed later for .New York, where
they will spend a brief honeymoon.
They have the wishes of a large circle
of friends ror a bright and prosperous
The Mine Workers of Jermyn and
Mnyfleld paraded through the principal
streets of the borough yesterday af
ternoon to tho strains of martial music
rendered by bands from both boroughs.
The men and boys and the general
public afterwards assembled in Wind
sor hall, whore they were addressed
by Hon. p. A. Philbln, Prof. Howell
and Frank P. O'Hare, a socialist. The
meeting at one time was quite excit
ing owing to tho hard hits .Mr. O'Hare
gave the Republican and Democratic
Vote for John I!, Jordan, Republican
candidate for state senator.
Mrs, H. A. Wlllmnu and Mrs. C A.
Rattenberg gave a progressive thim
ble party to a number of ladles yes
terday afternoon, The pleasant affair
was largely ntteniled. The hostesses
wore assisted In receiving by Miss
Winifred H. Robinson, of Middleton,
Conn, Tho Young Ladles' Cooking
dub assisted In serving refreshments.
J, t), Blocker Is shipping potatoes
from Minnesota. He expects another
car this week.
The funeral of ihe late Doiululck
Fadden, ot Dunmore street, will be
held tomorrow morning. A requiem
mass will be celebrated In St, Patrick's
church at 10 o'clock. Interment will he
made In St, Patrick's cemetery.
Henry McKlnley lias returned home
from Brooklyn, X, Y,
Misses Sadie O'Malley and MjskIu
Doherty attended the banquet given
by the Hlooinsburg State Normal
S.chool ulumul at the Hlryelo Club
house at Scranton, last evening.
Miss Mamie I.awler, Is visiting rela
tives at Plymouth.
Vote tor John 1!, Jordan, RcpublUaii
candidate for state senator.
John O'Brien, or Scranton, Is visiting
his aunt, Miss Mary O'Rrlen, or Lacka
wanna street.
Allss Margaret Kvans participated in
an entertainment at Providence hist
Mrs. David T. Han Is. wfe or David
T. Harris, passed uway at her home on
Athcrton street, yesterday afternoon.
Deceased was an old resident of this
town. She was a kind und loving
mother and was u faithful member of
the Welsh Congregational church and
Connolly & Wallace!
Scranton's Shopping: Center
The great sale of Children's Stockings at Sc a pair continues.
Some sizes are already sold out the 814, 9, and 914 sizes. But we
have plenty still of sizes, 5, sy2 6, 6y2, 7, 7, 8.
Something over 8,000 pairs were sold yesterday. Women bought
them in one dozen, two dozen and five dozen lots.
One woman who has a large family of little ones, bought twelve
dozen pairs.
I Women's Rain-Coats and
One of the busiet places in the store is that little spot
where we sell rain-coats. Dozens of women trying them U
J on and being fitted all day long; and no wonder can you
jf think of anything better looking or more sensible as aX
lj wrap ? And not only does the practical side appeal to
women, but the styles are those of the best ulsters. S
J Except that the skirts are wider, rain-coats and ulsters K
are alike as two peas in style; but ulsters are running JJ
heavier and are meant for colder weather. JJ
Some are quite elaborate; some are just sensible and SS
J cover you from top to toe equally. Have you ever thought 5
J how absurd it is to give a little added weight to your JJ
? shoulders and arms when you go out and to neglect the O
rest of you? You ought to cover yourself all over on a S
I cold day.
Two special numbers in four colors, new in style $20 and $25 each. K
Fine 5ilk Waists.
While makers throughout the coun
try have complained all the fall that
business was bad, we've been selling
more silk waists than ever before.
Of course, the prices, the quality,
the style are the things that do it
everybody goes where the best money's
worth is to be had.
Gloves for Everybody
Men, Women, Children.
Just'about twice as busy as" last Jear
selling double the number of gloves
every day.
If we didn't have the right gloves,
or enough gloves, it would be too b:g a
strain to stand but we're splendidly
ready for it.
Womens 25c to $6.00
Mens 25c to $5.00
Childrens 20c to $1.25
Are people thinking of Christmas already ?
You ought to see how many things customers are asking us to hold for them.
It's the time to buy gifts when the goods are fresh the variety unbroken,
and before the crowd comes.
I Connolly
123 - 125
her calling- away will be a great shock
to her many friends, Sim is survived
by a husband and four children, Mrs.
Lewis Davis, of Rdwiirdsvlllc; Mr.
William Lewis, Mrs. Thomas Kvans
and Thomas J. Harris, She was n
member of the Pride of Lacka wanna
lodge, Xo. IS, A, I'. L. A. Funeral
announcement inado Inter.
Tullle Thomas and John Reynnn, two
rockmen, employed at the Holden mine,
were painfully hurt yesterday by a fall
of rock, ThnmiiH resides on Main street
uud Heyimu resides in West Scratitnu.
Weber's rink was the scene of a bin
demonstration last evening when the
Republicans held a grand rally, The
spacious rink was crowded to Its ut
most with followers of the Brand old
Republican party.
Vote for John H, .Ionian. Republican
candidate for state senator. ,JI
Mrs. James Powell, Mrs. T. L. Jones,
Mrs, J, K. Davis, .Mrs. R. W. Reese and
Mis. Charles Jones attended tho funeral
of the lato Mrs. William It. Williams,
tit Plttston. yesterday,
Lackawanna Valley Council, Xu, SI,
Jr. O. r. A. M wlll meet this evening
in regular session,
Prof, D, 1-3, Jones, of Main street,
will leave today for New York on busi
ness. Mr. and Mrs, Thomas ("Irilllths, of
Washington street, arc spending a few
days wltli relatives at Tioga county.
Miss Katherine Oluistead has re
turned lo resume her studies at the
Hloomsburg .N'ormul school, after
spending a few days Willi bet parents
Mrs, M. J. Lloyd, of Prleeburg. was
the guest of her mother. Mrs. Robert
Llewelyn. r t'nlon street, yesteiday.
R. J. Davis, of .North Main street,
was a business visitor at Moscow, yes.
i I.
They Pay the User,
If you wish a half-tone or Hue cut,
let the Scranton Tribune muke It for
you. Our equipment for this work is
complete and up-to-date, We have
facilities for doing tho finest sort of
work at lowest prices and what' more,
we do It. A trial order will convince
Tailor-flade Suits
From $10 to $100.
If you want a plain, inexpensive
knockabout suit for winter, it's here.
If you want one elaborate, and beau
tifully trimmed, its here,, too.
And you needn't jump from one to
the other;, there are dozens of grades in
& Wallace
- 12M29 Washington Ave.
Reduced Rates to New Orleans and
' Return Via Southern Railway.
On account of the meeting of Amer
ican Rankers association, .'ev Orleans,
La., Nov. llth-Ulth, IDOi the .Southern
railway will soil round trip tickets front
Washington. D. C. to .Vow Orleans, La,
on Nov, 8th, nth and 10th at rate of
one fare, via, $-'7.."0; final limit 111 days
from dale of sale, except by depositing
tickets with joint agent, New Orleans
on or before Nov, istli, and payment
ot fee of fifty cents, tickets can bo ex
tended until Nov. SOlh, 1002.
Ritto from Philadelphia :w.S,", Cor
respondingly low rates from other
The Southern railway operates three
through trains dally with Pullman
lirawlng-i'ooiu sleeping cars from New
York, Philadelphia and Washington to
New Orleans without change: dining
car service on nil through trains.
Charles L. Hopkins. D. P. A. Southern
railway. SiS chestnut street, Philadel
phia will furnish all information,
There's No Place More Homelike,
Lakettoud the fashionable Lakowood
the glorious, Is the one renin lo which
the resorter now turns for a period of
enjoyment, and such enjoyment In
cludes every known sport.
Lakewood's dilves, than which there
aro pone better, attract a gay throng
and traps of every kind arc in constant
n:-c. The hunt attracts many, llkewlso
cycling and polo, but when one lluds
such delightful, yes wonderful links as
Lakewoml possesses, one little wonders
thafgolf Is the popular game. Another
feuturu of prominence Is llsliotels, hos
telries commodious, grand or ratlin
palatial, wheic one's welfare Is the llrst
and foremost consideration. Thoso
qunllllcatlons, Including a most mar
velous atmosphere, have made Luke
wood famous the world over. Thjff re
sort is i delicti only via the New Jersey
Central, nnd Its passenger department
In New York has Issued a booklet on
For Winter Knitting.
For shawls, leggins, tam-o'shanters,
Shetland Floss, 12 hanks in a box.
7c a hank or 80c a box.
Saxouy Wool, 20 hanks in a box
7c a hank or $1.30 box.
Spanish Knitting Worsted 8 hanks
in a box 12c a hank, 95c box,
Lakowood which Is replete with infor
mation, and It's yours for the asking,
$3S.85 to New Orleans, La., and Re
turn via the Lehigh Valley Rall
lond November 8, 0 and 10.
On account of American Rankers' as
sociation convention at New Orleans,
La November 11-18, the Lehigh Val
ley railroad will sell special tickets at
$3:,,S."i for the round trip, good going
November Sth, :Uh and lOth, limited ti
return lo 11 days, Including date of
sale. Kxtcnsiou of return limits lo
November 30th can be obtained by de
positing ticket with Joint agent at New
Orleans on or before November lStli.
and payment of ,"0 cents. Tickets good
on all trains except the Hlnck Diamond
express. See ticket agenls for further
One of tho prettiest mar.iiages of tlm
season took place yesterday morning
at Si. Thomas' church, when Miss Jeu
nlo Kearney was united in the holy
bonds nf matrimony to Mr. John Rro
gan. The happy couple entered thu
church to the strains of Mendelssohn s
wedding march, played by Miss ICIla
Hovers, a niece of the bride, Tho
couple ai rived at the altar, where Rc
V, J. Conierford awaited them to niako
them man and wife, with a solemn
high mass. The bride was becomingly
dressed In blue ctainiue over silk, wltlij
a beautiful hat to mutch, und carried
a pearl prayer book. Her intild, Mlsi
Nettle Clark, wore silk foulard and
black picture hat, ami carried chrysH
aiitliemums. The groom was utteudeifl
by Ills brother, P. P. Urogun, Afte;
the ceremony the bridal party retini
to the home or the bride, where u ,
ding breakfast awaited them.
which tney toyic the :s.oi train ol
Delaware and Hudson for Phi
phla. On their return they wlllj
a neatly furnished homo on 1
Vote for John H. Jordan, It-
candidate for state senator.
mt ' f
:) '