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fln Interesting View ot the Situation
Written In 1900 Which Is Soon
to Be Published.
.A Glance nt the Army Oignniisatiou,
Which Is So Often the Target of
the Demagogues, Bread and Butter
Politician and Cheap Sensational
Newspapeis No Occasion for
Amiable People to Be Afraid of
the Military Element The Ameri
can Army Has Never Been and
Never, Can Be a Menace to Any
body, Save America's Foes.
By Ka-uive Hire from Uic Vssooialcrl Pics..
Boston. Oct. 29. In an .11 tide wilt ten
for the Youths Companion, which will
be published next week, vTheodoie
JtoofcvelL giver- Ills Ideas ot the duties
nnrl responsibilities of the president of
the United State. Mr. Roosevelt wioto
the article In 1900, while he was gover
110' of New York, nnrl previous, to the
Republican national convention which
liutuiii.ited him for lcc-picMdent. In It
Mr. Roosevelt sajs:
The president of llir Uniteil Status oc
cupies (1 position of peculiar impoitauec.
In the wholo w 01 Id I In 10 i no othei nil'-r,
iicrt.ilnly no other uilcr undci fiec insti
tutions, vi hose pniver compaies with his.
11 couisu. there is t lie euoi mous pcisumil
actor of iho Incumbent himself to bu con-
Jdeied upnt from the pover of
In- office Itself. 'I his Is meicly another
civ of Matin,? tn it in iinv 01 1 ico tno
ic-rsriml question Is alwajs of It.t 1 cou
rse fjiienc-.
The scnalnr.s are the constitutional ail-
vlscis of Iho president. The secrclnilcs
who loun the cibinet mlvlse him on
teis of general pohej when he so dishes
It. With the senate, the advice ami eon
tult.ttiop am obllgatoiy under the con
stitution The senate no light to dic
tate to the pic-sklcnt who sh.ill le np
Iiotnted, Hut they have an entile Unlit lo
my w lio? nail not bo nppoii.rl. for un
der the joiibtltutlon this has been madu
thjli c'aly.
Although many men must shine with
tin- president the tcspoiisibilltv, theie is
upon him alwajH n heavy Inn den of lc
sponsibillty. It Is easy enough to give a
bad administration, but to give a good ad
ministration demand the most anxious
thought, no less than eiy unusual pow
ers, of mind.
The War Depaitment.
TlKio l.s ccry reason whv the piesi
dent should bo held to a shuip acioimt
nblllty alike for what ho does and tor
what ho leaes undone Hut wo injiiio
ourselves and the nation if wo fail to
treat with prop r re.speet the man who,
In the highest ofilco In our land, is stiiv
lng to do his dutv. We had piesl
dents who have acted weakly or unwisely
in paiticular ciises, but we havo never
had one concerning whoso personal In
tegritv tlioio was as murh as a shadow ot
BUBpleion. Appointments and policies
Tihleh aie nominally routine anil unim
portant may suddenly become of abso
lutely Ital consequence. The war de
partment was utteily neglected for over
thlity jeais after the Civil war. Neither
the officer nor the 1egnl.11 soldier
takes unv pait In polities, as u itile. so
that the denngogue and lucid and butter
jiolltlelnns have no fear of his votes, and
to both ol them, ami also to tho eluap
j-cri-ationul newspaper, the aimj offeis a
iiunilto subject lor attuek.
So It often happens that some amiable
pioplo irnllv f,ti a little atiaid of thu
nimv, and ha-n some Idea tint it may
lie ued uumo time 01 cthei against. 0111
Tho armv never h.w been, and I am
bine, It will novel be, 01 can be, n men
ace to .invbndy savo Amei lea's toe-, 01
aught but a souico of pihlo to eveiy good
and fai -sighted American.
When an cinoigency IIUo that caused bj
thu Spanish war arises, tho socio tary ol
J ivar becomes tho most Impoitant ofilici
In the cabinet
Altogether the to am few linuler tasks
than that of tilling well and ably the ot
lico of picalilent of the I'lilted Slates Hut
If tho man at the rhi'-o of his teim is
iililo to I'-ei that ho has done his duty
well, lie has tho sattslactloii ot leollng
that he has poitoimed one of the gieat
woild tusks' and that tho moie iieitoim
nnco Is In itself tho greatest of all possi
ble lew aids.
Decision of Boaid of Inquhy in the
Case of Bishop Talbot.
Ily i:.diul.e Wilt Mom Tin- .ioc.iatul l'tf.
Hunlsbuiff, Oct. L'fl. The buatd of
Inquiry convened, by llev. Thomas
Jlarcli Clink, of Ithodo Islund, tho pie
elillng bishop of tho Uplscopal thurch,
to pass on tlia alleged new ovideuco
offered by Ilia prebenteis in llus matter
of the ohaiKes ah'ulnst illshop Talbot,
of Ceutinl I'eniiHyJviiniu, gtowiiiK out
of tho unt'iOLl'lnu of Uo. Dr. I. N. W.
Jivlue, loimti lector of the
church at Huntingdon, met in this city
today and decided that theio wits no
now testimony,
The hoaid's action was In thu foim
of a lesolution, which was unanimous
ly adopted, that no fuiiher piocecdlugs
lie hud on thu charges preferied by
Itevs. J, AndiowK Hants and D, I.
Odell, or Philadftlphla, against Dlshop
Talbot, and that tho house of bishops
be officially notMed of tho bo.ud's de
cision. --
Verdict for Mr. Gould.
U Kxilusns AMie liuni TI10 Aiioclated I'cmi.
"lew York. Oct. "J -A veidlct fen thu
jfcndant, Jlowaid Oould, was given to-
ny ma jury In 1 10 second tilal of a
lage nult bi ought by Frank D, Slow.
wno was at onu lluio in, Gould's
On tho mat trial, $3,0u0 was uward.
.tno plaintiff, but on appeal this
was ,i usiuo unu a ro-tilal was
Mowbray claimed that bu lost
It of one eo while in itr. Gould's
Violence and Disorder in Many Lo
calities Aic Reported,
B' Ctcliuhe Wire from '1 he Associated I'rni
fan Juan, I'orto Itlco, Oct. i. In
complete iftmns fiom various parts of
the island regarding tho Inst registra
tion day, yesterday, confirms the re
ports that riots nnd shooting; occurred
In many towns and thut violence was
used everywhere. The- rumor that tho
fedcials weic shut out at San lauensso,
wheio 11 mob attacked tho police, with
the result that two of tho iloters weio
killed, mid llfteen men, among whom
were three policemen, were desperately
wounded, Is also confirmed. It Is added
thnt the mob entered the town carry
ing a corpse at the head of the pro
cession. The police attempted to disperse the
participants in a fight at Patlllas, a
Fcdeial town, which was Invaded by a
large mob of Republicans from Ouay
nmo, which forcibly took possession of
tho booths, shut out the Keelprals and
registered the whole of the Guayamo
non-iesldent party. In the shooting and
lioting which ensued four men weio
badly wounded, Including Coiporal
Ccpeto, of the Insular police.
At Ponce, many shots weic filed, but
there weic no casualties.
Minor disoiders, stabbing and other
woundlngs, have been icpoitcd fiom
other towns.
Passengeis on the Harrisburg Ex
press Have Narrow Escape fiom
an Awful Catastrophe.
0ivhi3n Wire from The Associated Pi HI.
Uincasttr, Pa., Oct. 29. Passengeis
on tho Ilairisbuig expicss, lcaing this
city .it 7.1" o'clock this evening, fned
a catastrophe of appalling possibilities,
and miraculously escaped with .1 vio
lent shaking up. The express was run
ning at the rate of loitv miles an hour,
when it suddenly crashed into the
of a freight train which was standing
on the tiack at Dillcrvttlc. one mile
noithwesL of this city. The engine of
the cxpicss ploughed f.ii-t'i t!y lyt
car of the freight trainvliii li wis an
empty box: car, and there it .stuck.
I'rom some inexplicable cause, none of
the cats wero derailed.
Tho violence of the compact shat
tered the windows, of the passenger
coaches and hurled the passengeis from
their seats, but aside from the Jar, no
one was hurt. The escape of the en
gineer, Harry K. Thomas, and bis fire
man, C. 11. Downes, of llatilsburg, was
even moie lem.nkable. By the" roof of
the fi eight car they weie knocked down
against their fire-box, but managed lo
crawl out of the, wreck, slightly scalded
and bruised. The express engine and
three freight cats at once caught flic
and weie consumed. The passengei
cais weie uncoupled and pulled back
from the conflagration. Engineer Thom
as had the usual 01 dots of .1 clear ttack
through to HatrlsbuiR. The freight
ttain was waiting lor outers tc go onto
a siding at Dillersville. The flagman
of the latter waved a danger signal
when he saw tho expiess coming, but
did not attract Engineer Thomas' at
tention until It was too late to avert a
Parisian Theateis Aie Liable Soon
to Be Without Melody.
By E:tltisbe Wire fiom The Associated Vctn,
Pails, Oct. 20. -The musicians of the
Paris theateis at a meeting today voted
unanimously In favor of a genet al
stilke, beginning tomoirow at noon.
Twelve hundred musicians weie lepou
ed at the meeting.
The decision to stilke the lesult
of a piotractcd conflict with the miiu
ugeis of the theattes over wages and
extius for lehearsals nnd matinees.
The managers insisted that the ai lists
rehearse fieo and that the muslUans
should also do so. The strike affects
most of the theateis of the city. The
nianagoiH icly on non-stilkeis outside
tho mganlzatlim to win the light,
Tho meeting adopted lesolutlons fo
e,cept the grand opeia and tho opera
coinlque fiom tho strike movement be
cause these houses letelvu government
subventions. All the other theateis of
Pails, how over, aie Included,
Uy Exthuhe Wire from The Asvulatf J l'rrt
Stioiulsburg. i'.., Oct, 20. Alter un Ill
ness ot three jeaia, William I Hush,
piopiliuor of tho populai summer ic-sort,
Locust Grove House, 1" StioudHbuig,
fot a peiiod of about fcuty jeats, died at
Ills late lesldcuco last evening, uged a lew
months over M eais, Oi-ueiul liability,
lolluvvlug Loiuplcto paialvsls, was the
cause ot (Until.
AVilkes-IUrrc. Oct. '.'O.-Chai les II. I'.u
iW, superintendent of I'lttshuig detective
agency, died suddenly ot pneumonia In
this Lily tonight. Kim a tho ljea'lunlug of
tho stilko ho had chaigu of special
officers sent heio by tho detectlvo agency
to uuuid tho piopeity of tho toul com
panies, Heading, Pa,, Oct, 20. Ito. Auiun Pill
flock, one ot tho best known I.utheian
ministers of Ilatteiu Pennsylvania, dK-d
at bis homo lielu today, agtr .' jcais.
lie was bom in I'redcrkk, Md , was
ginduatcd fiom the 1'oimsylvunla College
and Theological bemlnaiy at GeUsburg,
and was otdiiiucd In JVtt. lie occupied
pulpits in 'Womclfadoif for tliirty-llvu
jeais und camo to this city five jcais ago.
1'htlndfljlhl.i, Oct. 20. Former Judge
James A. Logan, gcnoial solicitor of tho
Pennsylvania Jtatlioad company, died suit,
dtnly tonight tit bis homo in Ualu, u tut
buib of this city. .Judge Logan was born
In Westmoreland county, this state, In
15W. Ho studied law In Giecnslnug- and
practiced there until elected to tho bench.
In 1VT9 lie was appointed assistant general
solicitor of the Pennsylvania, lallroad
and became gcneiul solicitor In li.
Workmen nt Pittsburg Throw Con
crete Blocks nt Soldleis.
Ily Kulmlio rc fiom The AnuUaled I'r.M
l'lltsburg, Pa Oct. 20.A scene, de
nounced by bstnndeis us contetiiptlblc
nnd outrageous, maikeil the leluin of
the soldleis of the Foui teeiith regiment
fiom the anthracite legion today. "While
passing down Fifth avenue tlu-v weio
assailed with chunks of coucictc, blocks
of wood 11s largo as bilcks, and even
tools, thrown fiom the twenty-Hint
floor of the new' Ruineis' Deposit Hunk
building, u distance of -JTC feet, by work
men. The act was evidently ptemedltated,
for the woikmeu had collected enough
missiles to be able to keen up tho as
sault the whole time the leglment was
That no one- was seilously butt Is le
innrkiiblo. "When the soldleis lcitllzcd that the
missiles vvcie aimed at them, a line was
quickly fotmed on the opposite pave
ment, an officer gave the command to
load; but the commanding oillcer
countermanded the older and no shots
were fired.
Ho Addresses Large Crowds at
Doylestown and Lnnsdnle.
Uy Kxclinh e t ire from The Associated t'rrss.
Norristown, Oct. 20. Judge Penny
packer addressed audiences today in
Doylestown nnd Lansdule nnd tonight
appeared before a largo audience In
this town. His address bore was brief.
Ho said hi part:
"I have never sought the office of
governor of Pcnns,lvanin. I do not
seek it now. 1 have asked no man in
the state to vote for me. The lespon
slbibty ot the election test upon you.
Should I be elected next Tucsclny, then
without any tense of elation, with an
appreciation of the gieat conllelcnco
reposed in me, I shall accept the office,
which I icgard as one ot the highest
upon the face of the earth because it is
the highest executive office in the
cst of the Anieiiean commonwealths.
And I shall go forwnul to the per
formance ot my duties with n. sense of
responsibility and with a determina
tion to poifomi those duties to the
vciy utmost of my abilities."
Hunter Discovers Evidence of Foul
Murder Near Reading.
Bj rxrhr-iie Wire from The Associated l'rcn.
Reading, Mass!, Oct. 20. A hunts
man's dog found the body of a mur
dered woman just off the woll-travclLd
bltrhwav near the "Wakefield line this
alternoon. "Waltci j.ock'. whose dog
drew him to tho place, found the body
to be w.atm and with six wounds in
the head, five ot them from pistol bul
lets, while the sixth which had gashed
the left car and plunged deep in the
neck, had been made by some sharp
Theie was eveiy indication that the
murder itself had been committed else
where and that the body had been
taken from a wagon and dragged into
the field where it was found. The
chess of the woman seemed to indicate
a pei son piepared for long journeys
on foot In all sorts of weather.
Men Will Occupy an Abandoned
Flame Building.
Bj 1 xiluhc Wne horn 'Iho A.ocuti'd I'reas.
Hazleton, r.i Oct. 20. The Second
City tioop, of Philadelphia, ai rived at
Audenrled, a shoit distance south of
heic, fiom Wilkes-IJaire, tonight. The
men will be quartered in an nbandoued
frame building that has been fitted up
lor their oeeupane, and their hoises
will bu sheltered In thu coal companies'
stables near the town. It Is understood
that tli two battalioub of the Thlul
leglment at Audeniled will be wlth
diavvn the latter patt of the" week.
Colonel Bowman, in command of the
Flist leglment, tonight sent a detail of
troops to Haulebmok to piotect tho
homes of several non-union woikmeu
lrom the attacks of an angry cioud.
A 'Stinight Out" Democrat Driven
to Suicide by Fusionists.
By f.velmhe Wire from lhe Aisoelatcd 1'resi
Norfolk, Vn., Oct. 29. John A. Mor
gan, a lender of the ".Stialght Out"
Democratic paity of Not folk county,
which faction has ben fighting the or
ganization of tusloulsis, for sevetal
yeais, blew his bialns nut nt his lesl
dence here today. He was lound by u
servant in his tootn In Hetkley.
On a table was .1 note which stated
that It had been said thut his death
would smooth the waters of the county
politics, and if such was the cuse it
could be shown now. ills wife- was
visiting her daughter in New Yoik,
when tho n fruit occurred.
Six Millions in Glue.
By Ischnl.c Wire frum fhe .VHoiUted. I'rtss.
Trenton, N. J., Oct 21 Tho Glue cot
piiiatloii of Jeisoy City was iucoipot.itcd
heio today, with u capital of KOuu.ikjO,
divided In to V.WO.OOcj healing k per cent
cuniulatlvo dividends and 5),0w',ikxi com
mon sioek. Tho coinp'tny Is to iiiunuf.ic
tme glue or any ai ticks In which glue
tnteis as .1 pail Thu lucoipoialois ale
Not I Galo and John i Ctiailtoii. of New
Y01U, and itlchaid 1". Tnllv, of Jpisj;.
Hnlf-Bieed Held for Mulder,
Ily l.iclu.ho Wuo fiom'llio A.i-ociuieil Wca,
lledfoid. Pa., Oct. 20-Geouo Lelglity, a
liall'bicccl miner, of Kearney, near hue,
was uirebtcil today on tho chuiga of mur
der. DH Chambcilulii was found dead on
tho lallitMd Tui'bday uml ho was sup
posed to huo been Killed by 11 train
Jjiter dovloiments biought .suspicion
upon I.eighty und sufflclcpt ovidenco was
pi educed at tho hcuilni: lo waniiut his
Two New Ciuiseis for England.
By Evculve Wire from The AssocUM l'rc.s
London, Oct. SO. Tho udmiialty has or
dcicd tho constiurltoii of two novy ciuls
cis which, it is claimed, will bo tho most
powerful and probably tho fustest vessels
of their kind hi tho woild. Their speed la
expected to exceed 2C knots.
The Principal Demonstration ,ol the
Anthracite Region Is Held
at Wilkes-Sarrc.
A Dny of Snow nnd Sunshine The
City Pncked with People It Is
Estimated That Ten Thousand
Men Were in Line The President
of the Mine Workers Receives nn
Ovation All Along tho Line Mr.
Mitchell's Speech Some of the
Bnnners Carried.
11 I'tcluihc Wire from The AjioclateJ Tre'j.
Wllkcs-Bnrre, Pa., Oct. 20. Jlltchell
day was celebrated in all the pilncloal
towns of the antbiaclte coal region to
day, nnd in 01 dor that all the mino
woikeis might have an opportunity to
participate in the exercises, the mines
were closed down. The pilncipal dem
onstration was held In this cltv. and
President Mitchell took part. In the
enily morning there was bright sun
shine, but tovvaids noon, tho time for
the big parade to move, It became
squally and .snow fell for several min
utes. This was followed by more sun
shine and then more snow. But the
changeable weather did not keen an
aimy of strangcis out of town. They
came in street and steam cats and all
other kinds ot vehicles, and when the
noon hour appioachcd the stieets In tno
central part ol the city weic packed
with people. Everybody wore a John
Mitchell badge. Tho procession staitcd
shortly befoio noon and was neatly one
hour in passing a given point. As the
weather was cold, the marching was
lapld and there weie few delajs. It is
estimated that there weie ten thousand
men In line. The parade was headed
by a platoon of police. Then came the
chief marshal, Oiganizer John
Fallon. The chief officer was followed
by carriages containing the pilncipal
officers ot tho "United Mine Workeis'
organization and invited guests. Presi
dent Mitchell, Mother Jones, Rev. Povv
ei, of Spring Valley, 111., and ThoSnas
Haggerty, ot Ueynoldsville, Pa., occu
pied the 111 st can lage.
Ovation to Mitchell.
Piesident Mitchell was given an ova
tion all along the line of march, and
whenever his carriage stopped tho
ciowd from tho sidewalk pressed atomic!
and Insisted on shaking hH hand. An
Aineiican flag was carried at the head
of every "local," and biass bands by
the score furnished music. The ban
ners carried bore many cuiious inseiip
tlons. Some of them lead as follows:
"By Aibltratlon We Hope to Gain
Our Just Demands."
"eJnity and riiendshin Make Peace."
"Wo Weie too Much for Baer."
"Hall to Mitchell, Chief of Men, "Who
Diovo the Baer Into His Den."
"Wo Will Never Foisake Our Union."
"Wo Will Stand by Our Uieat Leader,
"God Bless Our Countiy and Our
"We Honor und Hespect Our Ptesi
dents, Roosevelt and Mitchell."
After the pai.ulc a. mass meeting was
held at Y. M. C. A. paik. Rev J. J.
Cm ran, of Holy Savluur church, this
city, was elected chairman. He Intro
duced as the lltst speaker, Rev. J". F.
Powers, of Spilngr Valley, 111. Rev.
Powers said ho had known John Mit
chel'. since boyhood and he always
found him noble and uptight. Ho was
delighted to see the gient ti Unite piid
him by the liaid coal miners. They
had just lought .1 battle which had
been fought In Illinois some yeais ago.
Tho bituminous opemtois weie now
satisfied that an ugieement with the
United Mine Woikeis was u good thing
and no doubt the haul coal opeiutors
would soon come to the same conclu
sion. Rev. James Mome, of the P1I111
itive Methodist chinch of Avoca, ad
vised the minei.s to stand by their
Thonins Haggeity, of Reynoldsvllle,
Pa., who wub down 011 the piogramine
as the pilncipal speaker of the day
euleigU.ed Mitchell for his wmk
In behalf of the miueis. Sovetal ad
dresses 111 foreign languages then fol
low oil.
Piesident Mitchell's Speech.
Piesident Mitchell was the last
speaker. He was received with gieat
cheeilng. He said In pait:
Liiiguagc Is lujdeiiimte to oxpiess Win
gintltuda 1 teel for thu gieat inception
1 have, icvclved at the hands ot the 1111
thiaclto Illinois, tind i reel that thu vie
tmv Is not due to iniself, but 10 the
nit 11, women and children who madu so
inativ sun Ulcus, 1 hope thut lliuro will
never again b a stilko In the coal Heidi
of iViuisjlvniila. I vvuiit the union
milieu to inove thut they aie hettei
wrukmeu than thu iiou-uuloii men. I
ileshu the men anil tho oporaiois lo
meet. 1 do nut want lo imiku enemies of
thu opeiatois. In closing, t wish to im.
piens upon .ou that inunilicn.hlp hi tho
union is tho only safeguuul. 'iho opera,
tors aro not going to pay tho bill of
the strike, They will make tho workeis
pay It If they can, but Jf not they will
iimko tho ptililiu pay It. it behoove the
mine woikeis, theietoie, to sua to t that
they nio.uot made thu victims, und I
liopo ou will bo true 10 yoni selves und
to 0110 another and see to It that the
cost of tills gieatest labor struggle thut
has ever otouued is not pluced un jour
backs. Btlek by jour union and tho
union will stick by jou.
President Mitchell was busy tonight
completing his plans for tho Hist meet,
lug of tho arbitration boaid at its
meeting In Scranton, tomorro,w, Prof,
Weyl, of Philadelphia, Is nsslstlng Mr.
Mitchell in preparing his caso for pies
dilution; nlso Dr. Peter Roberts, of
Muhauoy City, an uuthoilty 011 tho an
thracite coal Industry. Pi of Robeits
bus received a degiee from Ynlo col
lege for writing it book on the an
thracite coal Industry. Ho Is nt pies
ent pastor of the CongiegiUlonul church
of Mulumoy City.
President Roosovolt Sets Nov. 27 for
National Observance.
ny Kiclmlie Wire fiom The Asiotblcd 1'reu.
Washington, Oct. 20. Piesident Roose
velt today Issued his piocluuiutlou des
ignating Thursday, November 27, ns a
dav of thanksgiving.
The proclamation follows:
Accoidlug to the yearly custom of our
people, It falls upon the piesident at this
season to appoint 11 day of festival and
thanksgiving to Ood.
Over 11 centuiy and n a.iui ter has passed
sluco this countiy took Its place among
thu nations ot tho caith, and during that
tlinu we have had, 1111 the whole, more to
bu thankful for than has fallen to the lot
ot any other people. Geneiatlon after
generation has glow 11 to manhood and
passed avvny. Bach has had to bear lti
peculiar bin dens, each to face Its special
crises, und each linn known yeais of grim
tilal, when the country was menaced by
malice, domestic or foreign levy; when
tho hand of the Txird was heavy upon It
In drought or flood or pestilence; when
In bodily distress nnd anguish of soul It
paid tho penalty of folly and a frownrd
heart. Neveitholess, decado by decade,
wo have struggled onwntd and upward,
wo now abundantly enjoy material well
being, and under tho favor of tho Most
High we an- stilvlng earnestly to achieve
moial nnd spiritual uplifting.
Tho year that has just closed has-been
one of pence and ot oveiilovvlng plenty.
Rmely has any pcoplo enjoyed greater
prosperity than we are now cnjovlng.
For this wo render heartfelt and solemn
thanks to tho Giver ot Good, and wc seek
to pralso Him not bv words only but by
deeds, by the way in which wo do our
duty to our selves and to our follow men.
Now, thercfoie. I. Theodore Roosevelt,
president of the United States, do hereby
designate ns a day ot general thanksgiv
ing Thuisday, tho 27th day of the coming
November, and do lccommond thnt
throughout tho land tho pcoplo cease fiom
their oidlnaiy occupations nnd ln? their
scvcial homes and places ot worship len
der thanks unto Almighty God for tho
manifold blcsslngss of tho past ".car.
In witness whcieof, I havo heieuuto set
my hand and caused tho seal of the
United States to bo affiod.
Done at tho cltv of Wnshincton, this
29th day of October, In the 3. ear ot our
Loid, one thousand nine bundled and two,
nnd of tho inc'pendenco of the United
Slates tho one 1. Mildred and twenty-seventh.
Thcodoro Roosevelt.
By thn President.
John Hay, Seeietary of State.
Colonel O'Neill Says Soldiers Will
Be Out of Region by Tomorrow.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Preij.
Wilkes-Barre, Oct. 20. The Eighth
regiment, which has been stationed nt
Duryea, this county, has been recalled.
Thieo companies left for homo tonight.
Company A, of York, and Company B,
ot Harrisburg, will not leave until to
man ow night or Friday morning. Tho
companies that weio recalled today ate
from Pottsvllle and Shainokln. Com
panies C, I and G, of the Eighth, sta
tioned at Pat sons, will break camp on
Friday. Orders have also been issued
for the wltluhawal of the Fouith legl
ment, which has been stationed at Nan
tlcoke and Plymouth.
Colonel O'Neill, tho commander of the
regiment, says all his soldleis will be
out of the region by Ftldny. The Ninth
leglment expects to get ordeis to leave
the field on Friday.
Some Sections Kissed by Featheiy
Flake-s of the "Beautiful."
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Presi.
Altoonu, Oct. 20. This section ot
Pennsylvania was swept by a snow
storm at dawn this morning. Ov el
an Inch of snow fell, and all day there
have been snow flunles, with the tem
petatmo ut the freezing point. A high
wind has been blowing.
New Yoik, Oct. 29. Snow fell today
thiougliout western and northern New
Yoik. At most places it melted lapid-
Cumberland. Md., Oct. 20. Snow to
the depth of two inches fell this morn
ing in the Allegheny mountolns at
Hiking and Fairfax. W. Va., Oakland,
Md., nnd Sand Patch. Pa. There was a
slight finny heie. Almost seio weather
Is it-parted at I'lklns,
Their Location Revealed by a Quar
lel Over Division of the Spoils.
By l.icliube Wiia fiom fhe Associated t'ruj.
Tittln, IM Oct. 20. A lepoit leached
heio today that pait of the gang ot
safe ciucUe-rs who looted the Westmor
land Coal company's office In West Ir
win, yesteiclny, weio sui rounded in tho
vicinity of New l.luesbiug, north of
bei e,
Accoidlug to tho lepoit, one of the
white men and thu negjo In thu gang
got Into 11 qunirel over a division of
the spoils, A light resulted ami the col
oicd man wus all but stubbed to death.
OlllceiH lett foi the scene shoitly after
Geoige Hariison Receives 1,500
Volts fiom Incandescent Lamp.
By Kxduslie Wire fiom lhe Ai.uclitrd I'reJi
Piedmont, W Va., Oct. 2D. While
sci owing nn Incandescent lamp into a
.socket at his lioiuu tills evening, 1,300
olectilo volts passed thmuli tho body
ot Geoigo W. Ilaiilson, Jr., killing him
ilibtantly. Tins who which furnished
tho clectilo light cuueut for thu icsl-
de-ncu bad been c-iossed by a power eh-
cult on thu outside.
Hariison was thu son of (leoigu W
Hoirlson, gent-ial posseugnr agent of
thu AVest Vhgluia tVntial Rallioad
Prince Leaves for Boston,
11 i:cluslu- Wiie bom 'lhe Attociatcd rr-si.
Nov. Yoik, Oct, 20 Tho eiown piluco of
Slum left this city today (n a special cat
lor Boston Jlo was accompanied by his
biillo and p.uty which includes nlnetcun
other Siamese
Altoona Soldleis Return.
Uj rciuhe 'tVfrc from The Auocl-tcd I'rtu
Altoona, Oct. 20. Tho western battalion
of ifio'Flltb' regiment, which' had been 011
duty up Ashland, uiivtd hciu ut 2 o'clock
this morning with nil well.
Tho Cnmpnigners nt Mnuch Chunk
nntl Allentowu. '
By I'xchisbe Wire from The Aoclated I'reni.
Allentowu, Pa., Oct. 20. Repiesentn
tlve Joseph W. Maync escorted the Pat
tlson campaigning paity 'here fiom
Mauch Chunk this evening. Ex-Stuto
Chairman Robe-it 13. Wilght, who Is a
member of the stnte campaign commit
tee, received the vlsltots und gave them
n luncheon at Ills homo. With ex-Clov-ot
nor Paulson wore James Nolan, of
Reading, candidate for of lu
ternnl nfl'nlrs; ex-Attorney General W.
U. Hensel, of Lancaster; John S. Rill
ing, of Erie, chulimau of the state cam
paign committee; John F. Anconu, ot
Rending, chairman of the Berks county
committee; A. M. r.ilmer, of Stiouds
burg, district cluiirmnn, and Dr. J. R.
Shull, of Stroudsburg, candidate for
congiess from the Ninth district.
A mass meeting was opened ut 8
o'clock In Lyilc theatre, nnd the nudl
ence was limited only by the- capacity
of the house, which Is two thousand.
Dr. W. H. Ilmts-ell, who was the un
successful candidate for mayor In 1SSS,
presided. Speeches were mndu by
Messrs. Paulson, Nolan and Hensel.
After a Haid Fight with the Gov
ernment Soldleis, the Rebels Re
treat Many Killed.
By Eiclu.h e Wire from The Associated Fresn
Willemstad, Island of Curacoa, Oct.
2'). News has been received heie that
.the town of Caiupano, stale of Beimu
dese, Venez.iiela, was attacked by 1 evo
lutionary fotces Sunday and Monday of
this week. After a huid fight with the
government soldiers, In which the reb
els lost one cannon and had a number
of men killed and wounded, they ir
ticated. Tho government accuses the
1 evolutionists of having burned foity
three houses in Carupano. These ehaiges
are denied by the revolutionists, who
say .that the houses In question weie
burned as a result of the fighting.
The French steamer D'Esties has lett
La Guinra with Jf. Quievreux, the
French clause d'affaires in Venezuela,
on boaid. M. Qulevereux goes to in
vestigate the situation along the const.
The government gunboat Znmoia left
bore- this morning, with 1,000 soldiers
on boaid, bound lor La Gultirn. These
tieiops aie to leinforco Piesident Cas
tio, who is still inactive at La Victoila.
Daughters of a Negio Faimer Mur
dered During Fathei's Absence,
By Evcluslvc Wire from The Assodited l're-s.
Memphis, Tenn.. Oct. 20. A special
fiom Wynne, Aik., s.ijs:
"Maiy, Sophie and May Gibson, aged
17. 12 and 10 yeais lespactively, daugh
ters of Thomas Gibson, a piosperous
negio laimei, weie killed, and one of
them was the victim of a. ciimlnal
assault at their home near heie jester
day. The minders occurred while the
father 6f the ghls was uw.iy fiom
hume attending a clicus, leaving the
tlnee gills alone In the house. Upon
his leturu he lound the bodies of two
of the ghls with their heads ciuslied,
while the body of the thlul lay In the
yaid tenlbly mutilated. The gill had
been subjected to the most ntioclous
Indignities. Posses composed of both
blacks and whites weie termed and
David Cioss, nn old negio, was
ed. Ciojs denied all knowledge of the
crime, but finally confessed that lie
had witnessed the killing unci said that
a negio named Johnson was the guilty
The Great Sun's Council Elects Ofll
ceis nt Philadelphia.
B Km-lusise Wire from lhe Aksociuttd I'rcsi
Phllidelpllla, Oct, 20, The Gieat Suns
council ot the Degiee of Pocahontas,
In session heio, today elected iho lul
luwing olllcuis:
Gieat poeahontus, Salllo Clouser,
Reading; gieat weiiouah, Anna Millei,
Philadelphia; gieat miunehaha, Emma
Muurcr, Reading; gieat piophett-ss,
Anna .1. Fulmer, i.'nston: gieat keeper
of lecoids. Paulino Do Baufc-, Philadel
phia; gieat keeper of wampum. Mlu-c-ivn
Mayers, llaillsbuig, Tho lepoit
showed the membeishlp to be It.CiiS,
Thu council voted to lieconut slibot
dluato to thu national council Instead
of the statu council.
Steamship Auivnls,
By Kicliulve Wire from Hie AgiucUtrd 1'rr",
Now Yoik, Oct. -. At lived; Ruttur
dam, Amstcidam, dented' La hiuvole,
llavio; Rotteidam, Amsterdam Sailed:
Philadelphia, Southampton; MoJctlc, I.U
eipoul. Uieme-n Aiilvcd; (liussur Km
Ifiuit, Now Vml., I.lwu pool ,i lived:
Oceanic, New Yoik Sailed: Tuutciule,
New VotU via c-tieeustovvn Rottuid.ini
Ai lived' Potsdam, New Vmk via lion
lorfiio Sur iter I. Uaid Passed' Hi
bonis, New Vmk fm .Southampton.
Flow of Anthracite fiom Rending,
By ruluehe Wire liom lhe Ai-ailttcc! I'm-
Iteuclll'g, Oct 2'i-Uuillig tho last twi-n.
t.v-toiir hoius, fltteeu long lialus, neaily
20,000 tons ot auiliiacltu coal passed
tluougli tills elty. Tonight at 12 o'clock
tho (lulus which lll bo ci edited to to
luol tow's inn wcto .stalled fiom tho col
fieilcs. This consisted of about seven
bundled cms or 20,000 tons and will icacb
Philadelphia by tomoiiovv afternoon.
Snow Falls in Maryland,
By f icltulvt Wire from The Associated lrt4i.
Hagcrstown, Md., Oct. . Tho first
snow of tho season fell hero this morn,
lug. Thero was a light Hurry and tho
tlukcs melted us fust as they fell. Theio
was u heavier fall on tho mountain,
Mlsslonaru George G. Reed Rtv
aards tlie Situation as Veru
Grave Indeed.
Unless He Succeeds in Crushing the
Dlsloynl Tiibes Who Have Been
tho Chief Moveis in the Recent
Raids nntl Robbeiies, Trouble Is
Bound to Thicken Americans
Caught Like Rats in a Trnp in
By T"icluh e Wire from the A-i'ociatrd Pres?.
Gibraltar, Oct. 20. In view of tho
dlstuibed (onelllion of tho Interior of
Morocco consldeiablo Interest was
n-anllested todnj In tho depaituie fiom
here of Commissioner Lnngcimaii, ot
the St. Louts exposition, who staifll
for Tangier and Fes, to enlist the Inter
est of the sultan of Morocco and se
cure an impoitant Moioccnn exhibit
at the fair.
The fact that Mr. Langcimnn Is vico
consul general at Tangier, and that
ho Is familiar with Moiocco, and thu
11 lend of influential officials enhnnccs
his chnnco of success.
A letter lecelvcd from Geoige C.
Reed, a Kansas mlsslonni j nt Mequl
ne, with several other Amerlcnns, In
dicates that, numerous Interior tiibc3
have broken out. Mr. Reed sajs:
, "I consider the situation grave In
deed. If the sultan Is able to call thu
lojal tiibes to his aid quickly and thor
oughly punish the icbcllious glrwun.',
who were the thief movers in the te
emt raid and lobbeiies, he will make
his position all the mote secuie; but
If he does not succeed In doing so thu
tiouble Is bound to thicken. If I were
in Morocco meiely for my health I
would make for the coast as soon as
possible, though at present wo are as
securely locked up in Mequlnes: as ints
hi u. tiap.
Evidence of Piosecution Is All in
Defense Mny Occupy Two Dnys.
By f"!eluhe Wile from the As-ocia'.ed Press.
New Yoik, Oct. 2!i. The piosecution
in the Moline-ux wise tested todaj, al
ter the defense had seeuied an Impoit
ant advantage In the dcc-Mou by Jus
tice Lumbei t that the lcudlug ot the
testlmonj given at the lb st tilal by
Mamie Mc-lnnclo and Detective Fan ell,
both of whom sue beyond the- jutlsdlc
tiou of the com l was iundliiKsable.
The giealer pait ol the session was
devoted to thu examination ol a liaurl
wiiting expert, who, like all those who
have picceded him, testified that onu
hum! wioto the poison package addles--,
the Uamet and Cciinish le-ttets and
letteis luliiiittodly wiltn-n by Molli,
eux. Tho picsciitation id' the- ca-u for
the- delen-e Is e-pi-e te-d tei occupy not
moie than two dav,-., and inteiest ccn
ties In the itietloii whether Jlollneu'
will testify in his own behalf,
Seiious Accident at the Holden Mino
Tlueo loeknien weie Imdly Injured
by the piemutuia explosion ol a blast
In the Holden mine nt Taylor jesler
day. They were Gwllj'in Thomas, of
Mi Raymond coitlt; T.illle Thoma?, of
Taj lor, and William Heynou, of West
The iimn weio engaged In blasting
nwa.v a lutgo mass of lock and wore
e-iuglit by the Hying fragments caused
by a blast befoio they had thllfi tc
leach a place of safetj. tlwilyii
Thomas was tho most badly injuied,
his skull be-lng iinctuied, tie wus n
moved to tho Moses Taylor hospital,
wliuic his (ondltlou Is set Inns. Tie
oilier men lecelvcd painful Jitulse.s and
cuts and weiu taken to their homes.
Dwyer Defeuts Comstock.
Hi I xclu.lie Wire from lhe AocUted I'rf.i.
Ni-w Haven, Conn., Oct 2D. M. J.'Dvvj.
ei defeated J. C. Cnmstnek, ot Deficit, .In
a handicap wiestliug inateh heie taulght,
Uy agiecment ('omsiuek was to'thmw
Dwyer four times hi an hour without be.
lug thrown. After I'omstock bad won
two lulls, Dwj'ei- put ('(linstock's should
cis to thu mat, wliuilg thu match.
Pension Ginnted,
Sy 1'vlIihIvo Wire from 'I he Violated Pren.
Waslitngton, Oct. 20.-A11 IS pension ha
been gi anted Jonathan I) Ivlug, ot Nay
Local data for October -0, ..
Highest tempcratuit) II degree
Lowest temperatmo ,., o.' ik-giees
Keluttvo humidity;
8 a. ni. ,,.,. ei i'-r cent.
t p. 111. .,,.
.0.) Inc-lu
p. l- cent.
21 hums
b p. m ,
-f -f "f i t t t t
Washington, Oct. i" rmei ust
for Thursday atal Kildij. R.istein
Pennsylvnnla Fair Tluusday unt
Friday; blovvly ilslng icmpeintiue;
iresn uorinwest winus, uiimnii-iimg.
&.&&t . t .t .t t .t