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Bpeclal lo the Scranton Tribune.
Plttston, Out, 23. Andrew ami John
Mlshllnay, brothers, who live on Mason
avciiuo, Kxctcr borough, wore badly
slashed with a knife lust night by John
Oozsy, It Is nllogcd, The three men
wore at n Jollification at a saloon In
Stitrniorvlllo In honor of the settlement
of the strike and became Involved In
n quarrel, Over a dozen stab wounds
were Indicted on the two men, but
none of them are considered fatal. No
arrests have been made.
Patrick C'nrden, of Vine street, this
city, a non-union man, who has been
working at the No. 10 colliery of the
Krle company during the strike, was
terribly beaten by unknown parties
here today. Shortly after dinner he
was found lying along the Hldewalk on
Pnrsonuge street. He was In an ap
parently Intoxicated condition and
could offer no explanation as to how
he cattle by his Injuries. His upper
Up had been split open, several teeth
knocked out. and his head cut In three
dlffoteut placps. His condition Is not
considered serious.
Wlllfird Howe, Impersonator, gave an
entertainment In Trinity church, West
Plttston, this evening, for the benefit
of the public library. Ills programme
consisted of the presentation of the
tinted play, "Don Cnesar de Bassen."
Miss Ulleii .S. Stltes, violinist, assisted.
The residence of Thomas Marcy, on a
farm near Sutton's Creek, was com
pletely destroyed by Hie Tuesday af
ternoon, while the family were In the
woods chestnut ting,
Mrs. J. D. Monle has gone to Cressnn,
Pa., where she and her husband will
reside in the future, the latter having
secured employment there.
The basket bait season will open
here next Monday evening, when the
Plttston basket ball team, a new or
ganization, and the Nantlcoke team will
oppose each ot'her. The game will bo
played in Klrby's new hall on South
Main street,
Work on the new theater has been
handicapped the past few days owing
to a scarcity of help. A number of the
men who had been engaged on the,
structure were employes of the mines,
and immediately quit to resume their
old occupations as soon as the strike
was settled.
James Henderson, of Fremont, West
Plttston, suffered a paralytic Stroke
yesterday, and one entire side Is af
fected. Itev. R. W. Hughes, of Iowa, will oc
cupy the pulpit of the Congregational
church next Sunday, morning and
Miss Llllle Benfleld, the blind pianist
of West Plttston, has gone to Williams
port for a few days, and will assist In
a few concerts in thut place.
An attempt was made to resume work
today at all the collieries in this dis
trict, excepting the Butler, Barnuni.
No. S shaft, Heidelberg No. 2, William
A., Lawrence and Seneca. Some of
these will Mart tomorrow, but others of
them cannot work for a week or two
owing to repairs or damage from slight
falls. Many engineers, pumpmen, lire
men and machinists were told that they
could not have their old positions. The
Erie company and the Lehigh A'alley
were the most severe in this respect,
and several employes who had hereto
fore seen years of faithful service were
turned down because of their desertions
of the company during the strike.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Honesdale, Oct. 21. There will bo
services In the Presbyterian church
morning and evening on Sunday.
"Good Citizenship," will be the sub
ject on which Hew C. U Percy will
speak in the Baptist church, Sunday
Hew Juine.s P. Ware will conduct
services at White Mills on Sunday, at
3 p. m.
The high school foot ball team will
hold an entertainment in the high
school room, Thursday evening, Oct.
In His Name Mission band will have
a 'sale of foreign photographs in the
Presbyterian chapel, Thursday even
ing, Oct. 8U.
Tie large tenement of the Dougherty
estate destroyed by tire Tuesday night,
was insured for J3.000,
The Honesdale Shoe company has
just made a shipment of shoes to Mel
bourne, Australia, to fill a special older
received from that country.
John T, Ball, who for about thirty
years was the faithful superintendent
of the Seelyvllle Sunday school, has
lived to see a beautiful union chapel
dedicated as the fruit of Sunday school
Superintendent Thomas Mellulre, of
the Honesdale OS as company, has a
force of workmen engaged laying the
gas main across Park lake,
The ladlPs of Grace church were
favored with a large crowd at their
supper, Thursday evening. A nice sum
nvas added to the treasury.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Montrose, Oct, 21, Miss Almira Ford-
Iham has been spending the week in
Scranton as the guest of her niece, Mrs.
II. N. Cole.
Miss Matilda Hawley, of Scranton.
I has been tho guest of relatives in this
place this week.
Miss Verna Ueavdslee was a visitor
(at Little Meadows the forepart of tho
W. L. Stllwell, of Dlinock. was in
Itown Wednesday, on business.
Mrs. J. R McCollum 1ms been spend-
llng the wpek In Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Ainsbry, daugh-
Iter Helen and Miss Maine Cpurtright
are spending the week In Philadelphia.
Arthur Thomas, who has been work-
ling in Scranton, has been In town for
HThe President
A Slave to Catarrh,
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder Re
lieves in 10 Minutes.
T. Sample. President of Saninlu'St In.
liment Company. Washington. Pa.,
lea "for years I was afflicted with
Biiiu l.imrrii. Homed oh and treat.
I by Np.HiiillHts only ruvo iiiu tern.
T relief until I wus Induced to use
tigncws Catarrhal Powder. It guvo
iiiuai malum reuer.
I Aenew's Heart Cure U lor the Nerves,
' Heart and Wood. o
fd by Win. G, Clurk and H. C. Sun-
a few days this week, hut expects to
return very soon.
Montrose plnys the Sayre root ball
team on the grounds In this place. Sat
urday, and an exciting game Is antici
pated, as thut team Is a strong one,
while tho home team wilt doubtless put
Up a good game, they having made a
visible Improvement, due lo hard prac
tice, In the past few weeks.
Seldcn Mttnger returned Wednesday
from a business trip to Syracuse.
A meeting of the Canning company
stockholders has been called for next
Tuesday afternoon, when It Is Imped to
dispose of the plant for use In building
up .another industry.
Hon. Samuel W. Peitnypacker, Hon,
Boles Penrose and others of the guber
natorial party arrived here Thursday
morning on the 10.1m train, and were
escorted by the Gibson hand and a
number of enthusiastic Republicans to
the Tarbell house, where a reception to
the party was given. There was a lnrge
number In town' to welcome our future
governor. At 2 o'clock the armory was
packed to the doors and a great many
were turned away, owing to lack of
even standing room. The meeting
closed at about 0.30, when the party
was obliged to leave on the Lehigh Val
ley train for Tunkhannock, where they
were to address a gathering of Repub
lican". The arguments used by Judge
Pennypacker, as well as his earnest and
outspoken manner, loft a. very favor
able Impression among the voters, and
will make them all the more ready to
cast, their ballots for u continuation of
Republican rule a week from next
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Hallstead, Oct. 24. F. H. Belden,
former' secretary of the Railroad Y. M.
C. A. at Youngwood. Pa., will occupy
the pulpli of the Baptist church, Sun
day, both morning and evening. He
will also have charge of the afternoon
meeting at the association.
John D. Baun Is in New York city on
Kugene Lowe, a former Hullstead
boy, but who has had a position In the
State hospital at Binghamton for sev
eral years, has resigned his position at
that place and is firing on the Erie
Eugene Compton and wife are mov
ing from Franklin street Into the Van
Ness block on Main street.
Sidney Dearborn, of I'psonvllle, was
a caller In town yesterday.
Edward R. Austin, son of Joseph
Austin, of Main street, Is ill with ty
phoid fever.
Miss -Martha Young, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Young, of Lungdon. a
former Hallstead young lady, and Mr.
Robert II. Horton, a popular young
business man of Xewburg, were united
hi marriage. Sunday, Oct. J!i, at Mon
roe, N. Y. Mrs. Horton has many ac
quaintance here who extend their
Miss Lottie Ball, who has been spend
ing the summer with her aunt, Mrs.
Jerome Sloat, has returned to her home
in Tunkhannock.
The Junior league has reorganized.
The following oflicers were elected:
Mrs. Charles Hawkins, superintendent;
Mrs. F. A. Eldrldge, assistant secre
tary. The meetings will be held on
Sunday afternoon at P, o'clock.
Miss Helen Hatchings and Thomas
Hatchings are spending the week In
New Yoik city.
Charles Scales and faintly have
moved into Michael Hayes' house.
A large crowd attended the mass
meeting at Montrose, Thursday, to
listen to speeches made by Judge
Pennypacker and Senator Penrose.
George. Griflln, who has been em
ployed at the chair factory during the
summer, has been notified by the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and AVesteru offi
cials to report at Scranton. We are in
formed he is to have his old run on a
passenger train.
The I'nlon Bible class will not meet
next Monday evening, but Mr. Pike will
continue the class Monday evening,
November a, on the subject, "Revela
tionIts True Place In God's Plan and
lir the Believer's Life."
Mr. and Mrs, George Terhoss will
move to Lestershire next week. Mr.
Terboss has a position In the shoe fac
tory at that place,
Michael Duffy has been appointed
special detective and coal watchman, to
succeed Michael Fitzgerald, who goes
back on the road,
Henry Vosburg lins moved Ills baiber
shop from Its former location into the
Gruttun building.
John Duval lias returned rrom
Moses Taylor hospital at Scranton,
Is greatly Improved.
The Bennett & Moulton Co.
The Bennett & Moulton company will
eloso a very successful week's oiignge-
FOR THE LITTLE ONES.-Cut out tho pictures appearing on this paco each
day, draw a pencil mark around tho hidden object, savo them until Saturday,
then send thorn or tnko them to Tho Tribune office In an envelope nddresaed to
j'uzzio Department." Enclose in tho envelope your name, age and address. Tho
boys and girls who correctly mark the six pictures nppcarlng during the week,
and whoso unsworn are first received, will have their names published in The
Tribune Monday morning.
"- :" (sf.
'J. JUs lady's bo ml girl are hiding,
A New Discovery Which Cures all
Forms of Catarrh.
The tablet Is the Ideal form In which
to administer medicine, but until re
cently no successful catarrh tablet hud
ever been attempted. There Is now,
however, an excellent and tmltttnulc
remedy for catarrh In tablet form,
known as Stuart's Catarrh Tablets
and sold by druggists, composed of tho
most recent discoveries In medicine for
euro of catarrh and results from their
use have been highly gratifying.
The old time treatment of catarrh
was In the form of Inhalers; washes,
douches, sprays, etc, Later on Internal
remedies were used with greater suc
cess, but being In liquid or powder form
were Inconvenient to use and tike till
medicines in liquid or powder form,
lose their medicinal properties when
opened or exposed to the air,
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets contain
highly concentrated antiseptics, Hy
drastis Blood root and Red gum which
kill the ciiturrh germs In the blood and
mucous membrane, and In this respect
are strictly scientific and modern, be
cause nil authorities arc now agreed
that catarrh Is a constitutional blood
disease, and local applications can have
only it transitory effect.
The use of Inhalers, douches and
sprays Is a nuisance and Inconvenience
and can In no wise compare favorably
with the same antiseptics given In tab
lot form Internnlly, where they cult
reach the stoniarh und blood and kill
catarrh germs right where they are
A prominent lawyer and public
speaker of Pittsburg says: "I have
been troubled with catarrh of the head
and throat for twelve years. In this
climate it seems impossible to get rid
of It. The continual dropping of mu
cus from the nose Into the throat
caused Irritation and hoarseness, seri
ously Interfering with my public speak
ing. It took nte an hour or more of
coughing, gagging, expectorating and
sneezing every morning before I could
settle down to work und this condition
gradually brought on catarrh of stom
ach, causing loss of appetite, poor di
gestion and a foul breath, which an
noyed me exceedingly. My physician
advised me to try Stuart's Catavrh
Tablets and 1 took them for two
months and was astonished to find
how quickly they cleared my head,
throat' and stomach and I have no hesi
tation In recommending them. They
are not only pleasant to take, but they
seem to get at the very root of the
trouble, because since using them I
have had no trace of catarrh."
Druggists sell Stuart's Catarrh Tab
lets at 50 cents for full sized package.
They can be carried in the pocket
and used any time and as often as
desired since they contain no cocaine,
mercury or any other injurious drug,
meal at the Academy with the presenta
tion of "Fogg's Ferry" this afternoon and
"Capital vs. Labor" tonight.
The King Dramatic Company.
Patrons of the Academy of Music who
are not supporters of repertoire compa
nies will bo more than Interested in tho
coming engagement of the King Dra
matic company. It will give sterling re
vivals of "Shenandoah" and "Siberia," a
fa'et that should arouse general attention
over the engagement which covers all of
next week.
Wonderful Loop the Xoop.
Of all the celebrities In the athletic
world none is entitled to better recognition
than Miss Lottie. Brandon, the champion
lady bicyclist of the world who can be
seen every afternoon and evening at
Dixie's theater during the week of Oct. 27.
This little woman has ridden one mile m
one minute and thlrtslx seconds, live
miles in eight minutes and sixteei sec
onds and thirty-three miles and seven
hundred and Ilfty yards in one hour. She
has accomplished the daring feat of riding
down an incline seventy feet high anil
three feet wide into a tank of water and
now It remains lor her to accomplish the
almost Impossible feat of looping the loop
on a theater stage. At the finish of her
act she not only performs this wonder
fill act once but several times.
Her performance Is so astounding that
the demand for this act is enormous and
the salary proportionaely large. In spite
of all this tho management of the Dixlo
theater have beeen able to s-eeure this ar
tist for tho week of October 27 when she
will appear every afternoon and evening
for the entire week.
Jefferson De Angelis.
Miss Helena Frederick, the prima donna
of the Jefferson De Angelis Opera eom
pan to lie seen hern at the Lyceum on
Tuesday night in Sir Arthur Sullivan's
last opera, "The Kmcrnld Isle," now at
tho Herald Square theater, Is tho young
singer who replaced Alice Niolson In the
Bostonlnns. When Miss Nlelson and the
management of the Boslonlans disagreed,
Miss Frederick, who had been Miss Nlol
sou's alternate, was directed, practically
without warning, to sing the prima donna
role. Her success was Instantaneous. The
opera was "The Serenade."
Although still in her early teens. Miss
Frederick already has tho distinction of
several concert tours on her own account
obroad. In Germany, tho first country,
by tho way, to admit tho genius of Sir
'Arthur Sullhau, Miss Frederick was
'ftipturously acclaimed by the critics
both for her voice and Its splendid train
ing, Seats on sale this morning at !
Where ure they''
Only Half a Cent a Word.
For Bent.
FOR RKNT-Flrst floor with range at
131 Webster avenue
FOR RliNT Desk room with usu of lelc
, phono in largo steam lien ted ofllco
building. Address 11 box 500 city.
FOR HUNT Furnished flat for house
keeping. W. T. Hnckelt, Real Kstato
FOR' RKNT-Onc-half of double house:
nil modern Improvements. Apply L,
D. Latham, 2227 Boulevard nvenue,
J18-For Rent Ton-room houso; excellent
neighborhood: all modern improve
ments, on avenue. Apply to R. P, Ham
ilton, 120 Spruce street,
For Sale.
FOR SALE-Physlchtn's
and household goods.
Qulncy avenue.
chair, organ
Address 701
FOR SALE-J100 Bicycle for $13. or ex
change for phonograph, desk or other
article. Room 1, Guernsey building.
FOR SALE-Second hand Brewster
broghnm, steel tires; owner has no
place to store. Lewis E. Morton, IIS
Hitchcock court.
FOR SALE-Ono hot air furnace, three
manich and gas chandeliers. Charles
D. Sanderson, 13G Wyoming avc, Scranton.
FOR SALE-One hot air furnace, three
mantels, gas chandeliers. Charles u.
Sanderson, 13B Wyoming nvenue, Scran
ton, Pa,
FOR SALB-About 20 foot of desk coun
ter, surmounted with gluss front ana
two openings, lower portion nicely pan
elled, with drawers and shelves under
neath. May be seen at the office of Tho
For Sale or Rent.
FOR SALK OR RENT The .1-story brick
building, with boiler house attached,
and long row of sheds for horses, wag
ons, etc.; also railroad switch suitable for
manufacturing purposes: lately occupied
by the Clock Tobacco Co. B. M. Wlnton,
Room No. 505, Mears Building.
Furnished Booms for Bent.
FOR RENT Front fqrnlshed room, 622
Washington avenue.
Furnished Boom Wanted.
WANTED By man and wife, furnished
front room, with private family pre
ferred: centrally located. Can Hive best of
references. Address W. II., Tribune.
Booms and Board.
PLEASANT rooms with board for four
or five young men. Inquire 332 Wash
ington avenue.
WANTED-Small furnished house.
dress Box 300, city.
Situatlons Wanted.
A WOMAN wants a place to do house
work where she can have her hoy
with her to do chores and go to school.
M. D MostoW.
YOI'NG lady wants position as stenog
rapher and typewriter, ifas had ex
perience. At liberty after November 1.
Address Miss II., Tribune.
entry bookkeeper would like to make
permanent arrangement for a position,
competent of handling any kind of detail
work. Terms moderate. Address X. Y.
7.., Tribune office.
ra'MoiErTAmilDRy' Dunmore,
launders shirts at Sc. each and collars
and cuffs at l'4c. each.
Certified Public Accountant.
Traders' Bank Building. Old 'phono 1S64.
Real Estate Exchange Bldg., 12G Wash
ington avenue.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
nell building.
building, Spruce street, Scrunton.
Fire Insurance.
SCI1LAGER ,t CO., 404 Council Building.
Patent Attorneys.
PAT E N TS i Ja8"
Tho only licensed and equipped patent
solicitor In the city. No" chargo lor in
formation on patentability; over tea
years' experience.
Rcplotflc & Co., Mcars Bldg--
Hotels and Eestaurants.
llu avenue. Rates reasonable.
P. J51EGLER, Proprietor.
Passenger depot. Conducted on tho Eu
ropean plan, Victor Koch, Proprietor.
and cess pools; no odor; only Improved
pumps used. A. B. Bliggs, proprietor,
Lcnvo orders 1100 North Main avenuo,
or Eicko's drug store, corner Adams and
Mulberry. Both telephones.
Wire Screens.
avc, Scranton, infra, of AVlro Screens.
piles, envelopes, paper bags, twine.
Warehouse, 130 Washington avenuo.
bo bad In Scranton at I ho news stand
of Rolsnian Bros., 40(5 Spruco ami 00.1
Linden; M. Norton. 323 Lackawanna
aye,; I, B. Schutzer, 211 Spruco street.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fritz rind son,
Harold, spent several days In New York
visiting friends reeeutl),
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snook returned
from Blnghamtoii on Saturday, where
they spent a few days following their
wedding vlslllng relatives.
Thu Methodist Episcopal church has a.
new organ which they nro giving a trial
with tho option of buying if satisfactory.
Work has been temporarily suspended
at tho novelty works pending m la
cieaso In tho demand for its output.
Presbyterian church Rov. S. 11, Moon.
D, D., pastor. Services at 10.U0 a. in, and
7 p. in.; subject In morning, "Peter's
Shadow"; evening, "Tho Mun ivtth tho
Drawn Swoid." All welcome.
No Order
Accepted for Less
Than 10 Cents.
Help Wanted.
WANTED Agents to sell tea and cot
fco lo consumers. Positions perma
nent. Grand Union Tea Co., 311 Lacka
wanna avenue.
Help Wanted Male.
WANTED Mannircr for new branch of
our business here In Scranton, Address
at onro with references. Alfred Morris,
Wholesaler, Cincinnati, Ohio.
EXPERIENCED cutter on colored under
skirts. Apply to Luzerne Skirt Co,,
Wllkes-Harro, Pa.
WANTED A man to do plain cooking
and help tend bar at Chappoll's hotel,
1827 N. Main avenue.
WANTED Coachman, white. or colored.
Apply In person. J. L. Cake, West
Plttston, Pa.
WANTED Clothing salesman. Krotosky
BOY WANTED at the West Sldo hospi
tal. References required.
WANTED A good experienced retail
clothing salesman. Wages $10 a week.
Address J. Bassln, Deposit, N. Y.
WANTED Men with rig to Introduce
Monarch Poultry Mixture; $20 weekly
and expenses; year's contract: weekly
pay. Address with stamp. Monarch Mfg.
Co., Box 721 Springfield, Illinois.
WANTED Forty men at Tohyhami.i,
Pa., to work on grading for a rail
road switch and clearing a plcco of wood
land. Call at G03 Meats building, Toby
hanna Creek Ice Co., C. C. Forbcr, treas
urer. Help Wanted Female.
GIRL wanted for gcncinl housework at
iuu I'onn avenue.
WANTED Lady hi each county to man
age business. Old house. Salary $1S
weekly. Money advanced for expenses.
Enclose self-addressed stamped enve
lope. Manager, 322 Cuxton building, Chi
cago. Operntois
Experienced on
Muslin t'nderwear.
Steady "Work. Good Wages.
Imperial Underwear Co.
Lackawanna and Jefferson Aves,
Beal Estate.
OR SALIC Fine residence in Green
Ridge, or will exchange for a double
house down town. Address W. T. Hack
ett, Broker. Real Estate Exchange bldg.
1'OR SALE Or will exchange for n du
sirnble singe house, 10 shares Wvo
mlng Coal and Land Co. stock, 30 shares
V"stm Co',iI S"0- "took. 10 shares llutchiiis
Mlg Co. stock. Address W. T. Hackett,
Broker, Real Estate Exchange, bldg. '
room Iioum;; modern Improvements:
steam heat, gas and electricity; elegantly
Jinlshed Interior; ton minutes' walk from
.Vii5. lln; tel''"s0 s,,,.t l'mchaser; would
also sell household goods. Address box PS
Tribune olllce. '
Will Buy a
Home Property
That Cost
Lof 40x1311 feet; house is modern: lo
cation good, and at $7,."iui It Is a bar
gain for some one. Ample room in
rear tor barn.
Property Is to bo sold on account of
death of previous owner.
That Can Be
Bought at
A Bargain
Is a modern house that Is listed at Let us talk with you show
you Its value and tho price at-which
It can bu bought.
Real Estate
Securities, Hortgages,
Loans Negotiated.
Commonwealth Building
Scranton, Pa,
Has Handsome
For Sale and for Rent.
w Property Bought, Sold,
I and Cared for.
I Money Loaned In Large or Small Amounts.
Insurance Fire, Life, Accident and Burglary
J W. T. Hackett
The Lackawanna Steel Company Is erecling a $40,
000,000 steel plant In the suburbs of Buffalo. It will em
ploy 15,000 men. These will need homes. We offer ellg Ible
jots across the main street from this mammoth plant at low
prices and easy terms. They are sure to double and triple
1 in value In the near future. A good place to invest a little
money. F. L. HITCHCOCK & SON,
Fire Insurance and Real Estate, Commonwealth Building.
Only Half a Cent a Wart
Business Opportunity.
Pennsylvania town; tlrst class In every
respect; cheap. Reason for selling, 111
health. Address box 291, Hallstead, Pa.
out dolay. Write for our special mar
kot letter. Freo on application. 8. M.
Jllbbnrd & Co.. membors N. Y. Consoli
dated nnd Stock Exchange, 44 and 48
Broadway, Now York. Established 1S61.
Long Distance 'Phone 2.18S Broad.
Money to Loan.
Qutclc, stiatght loans or Building and
Loan. At from 4 to 6 -per cont. Call on
N. V. Walker. 314-3111 Connoll building.
LOST Tuesday night at tho Armory or
on .leiii.Tson iivenue, a lountain pen.
Finder will please return to The Trlb
tuio ofiloe. Itewurd.
LOST A watch lob with gold locket
attached. Finder will be rewarded by
returning to 410 Wyoming nvenue.
Agents Wnnted.
POPE LEO 13-Hls picture nnd last poem,
gcms wnnieci ior nil inrotign L.aci:a
wanna Valley; big seller; sample by mall,
:;" cents. Tho Olvcr Company, P. o. Box,
3S city.
LARGE CORPORATION wants energetic
General Agent for this county. No
books, insurance, or canvassing. Ac
quaintance with merchants nnd manu
facturers necessary. Permanent. Bond.
Stnto nge, experience, references first let
ter. Address. Suite D7L No. '1001 Chestnut
St., Philadelphia.
Proposing an amendment to section ten
of article one of the Constitution, so
that a discharge of a jury for failure
to agree or other necessary cause shall
not work an acquittal.
Section 1. Bo it resolved by the Scnato
and .House of Representatives of tho
Commonwealth or Pennsylvania In Gen
eral Assembly met, That tho following
be proposed as an amendment to the Con
stitution; that is to say. that section ton
of article one. which reads as follows:
"No person shall, for any indictuble of
fense, bo proceeded against criminally
by Information, except In cases arising in
the land or naval forces, or In tho militia,
when In actual service, in tlmo of war
or public danger, or by leave of the court
for oppression or misdemeanor in office.
No person shall, for the same offense, bo
twice put in jeopardy of life or limb: nor
shall private property bo taken or applied
to public use, without authority of law
and without just compensation being tlrst
made or secured," be amended so as to
read as follows:
No person shall, for any Indictablo of
fense, be proceeded against' criminally by
Information, except In cases arising in the
land or naval forces, or in the mllllin.
when in actual service in time of war or
public danger, or by leave of tho court
for oppression or misdemeanor in office.
No per-"jn shall, for the same offense be
twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; but
a discharge of the jury for failure to
agree, or other necessary cause, shall
not work an acquittal. Nor shall private,
property bo taken or applied to public
use, without authority of law and with
out just compensation being first made or
secured. '
A true copy of tho Joint Resolution.
Secretary of tho Commonwealth.
Proposing an amendment to the Constitu
tion of the Commonwealth.
Section 1. Bo it resolved by the Senate
and House of Representatives of tho
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Gen
eral Assembly met. That the following
is proposed as an amendment to tho Con
stitution of tho Commonwealth of Penn
sylvania, In accordance with tho provi
sions of tho eighteenth article thereof:
And at the end of section seven, article
three, the following words: "Unless be
fore it shall lie Introduced in tho General
Assembly, such proposed special or local
law shall have been first submitted to a
popular vote, at a general or special elec
tion in the locality or localities to bo af
fected by its operation, under an order
of the court of common pleas of thn re
spective county after hearing and appli
cation granted, and shall huvo boon ap
proved by a majority of the voters at
such election: Provided, That no siuii
election shall bo held until tho decreo of
court authorizing tho imo shall havo
been ndvertlscd for ut least thirty (:W)
days In tho locality or localities affected,
in such manner as the court may dliect.
A truo copy of tho Joint Resolution,
Secretary of tho Commonwealth.
Insured, Exchanged
Rooms 0 and 10 g
Real Estate Exchange Bldg,
Washington Avenue,
'.IN UK! RstiUo of .Ann LllilllW tAto of
tho Cltv otScrnnton. botnitv'uffLni'k
iiwnimn, deceased. .' . T
.l.cttci'H or ndinlnlsltrntlou upon tho
itbovo named citato having -been graniuil
to the utidcrHlgncd, till persons lutvlup
clnhuH or dmnanilM ugaliist the mitnn will
present tluMit for payment, and all tliomt
indebted thereto will 'make Junncdiata
payment lo
auoitaii w. plrthTiiPS,
.Municipal llulldlug.
, . .. o .Scranton, Pn.
Til OS. K. WKlihS.
Attorney for Hstnlo.
NOTtCW Im hereby given thut an appllca.
tlon will be Hindu to tho Oovcrnor of
I ho Slab! of PeiuiK.vlvuiila on Tuenda.v,
the .eleventh day of November, lfi:'. by P.
.1. llorun, ,1, 1,. Council mid YV. W. Vnl
Hon, under tho Act of AK.scmbly of tho
Coinmouwcaltli or PoniiH.vlvniilu, entitled.
An Ant to nrovldu for the Incorporation
and Regulation of cciiniii Corporation."
approved April '."J, ls7l, and tho Htipplc
inonlH (heroin, ior dm charter of an In
tended corporation to bo called tho
Scranton Refrigerating Company, tho
character and object whereof 1h currying
on it general storage and warchotiso busi
ness, and for Ihcso purpoMcs to have, pos
sess and enjoy all the rights, benollts and
piiyl egeM of dm said Act of Afisomhly,
und Its supplements.
Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western,
, , in Effect Juno 1, lttW.
Trains leave Scranton for Now York
At .1.50, a.IM, COS, 7.50 nnd 10.10 u. in.; 1J.I0,
.1.10, S.ilo p. m. For Now York nnd Philn-delphla-7.ri0.
10.10 a. -in., and 12.10 nnd .I.S.'i
ft m". Fo1' Qouldsboro-At tf.10 p. in. For
Hllffalo-1.13, li.22 and IUK1 u. in.; l.KJ. O.GO
and 11,10 p. m. For lllnglianiton. Dlnilra.
and way statlona-lO.K it. in., 1.05 p. m.
I'or Oswego, Syracuse and tJtlca-t.lR and
", ?..."' ! !" ! ni. Oswego, SyiaciiHo
and XJtle.t train at G.'JJ a. in. dally, except
Sunday. For MontroMo 11.00 a, m.; 1.0",
ami b.GO p. m, Nicholson accommodation
1.00 and C.15 p. m.
Illoomsbiirg Dlvlslnn-For Nortluimbor
land, nt (isj nnil 10.10 a. m,: 1.53 and ii.M
n' mAJ'or Plymouth, at 8.10 a. m.; 3.10
and 9 03 p :n.
Sunday Trains For Now York, 1.50. S.'JO.
5;";, :P-10. n "i.; and :i.;r. p. m. For
Ruffalo 1.13 nnd G.22 n. in.; 1.53, U.r and
11.10 p. m. For Khnlra anil way stations
in..1., a. m. For Ulnglmmton and way sta
tions, B.oo n. m. Illoomsbiirg Division
Leave Scranton. 10.10 n. m. and .10 p. m.
Xehlgh Valley Railroad.
In Kffect June 15, 190.'.
Trains Leave Scranton
I-or Philadelphia und Now York via D.
& H. R. R., at at 7.11, through Purlor Car,
and Day Coach Carbomlalo to New York
and 9.17 a. m., with D. V. Coach Carbon
dale to Philadelphia, and 2.1S, -1.33 (Black
Diamond lOxpress), and 11.19 p. m. Suiw
days, D. & ir. R. n., 1.5S. 9.17 p. in.
For White Haven. Hazleton and princi
pal points in tho coal regions, via D. &
II. R. R 7.41, 2.1S and -1.33 p. in. Foe
Pottsvllle, 7.11 n. m.
For Bethlehem, Kaslou, Reading, Har
rlsbnrg und principal intermediate sta
tions, via D. & II, n. R.. 7.-11, 9.17 a. m.;
2.18, 4.35 (Bluelf Diamond Express). 11.49 p.
ni. Sundays, D. & II. R. It., 0.S3 a. in.;
1.G8, 9.17 p. m.
For Tunkhnmiock, Townnda, Elmlra,
Ithaca, Geneva r.tid principal intermedinto
stations via D., L. & W. R. It., O.iio a. in.
and 1.53 p. m.
For Geneva, Rochester. Buffalo, Niag
nra Falls, Cbleago and all points west via,
D. & II. R. R., lL'.o:; p. m.: is.-js (Black
Diamond Express). 10.41, 11.19 p. m. Sun
days. D. & ir. R. R., l'.'.ra. 9.17 p. m. '
Pullman parlor and sleeping or l.ehigli
valley Parlor cars on all trains between
Wilkos-Barre and New York. Philadel
phia, Buffalo and Suspension Bridge.
Cortland street, New York.
CHARLES S. LEH. Gen. Pass. Agt.. 23
Cortland street, New York.
A. W. NONEMACIIER. Dlv. Pass. Ast..
South Bethlehem. Pa.
For tickets and Pullman reservations
apply to city ticket office, CO Publlu
Square, Wllkes-Barro. Pa.
Central Railroad of New Jersey.
Corrected to September lti, 190J.
Stations in New York, foot LlDtrty,
street and South Ferry, N. R.
Trains leave Scranton for Now York,
Philadelphia, Easton, Bethlehem, Allen
town. Mauch Chunk, White Haven, Ash
ley, Wllkes-Barro and Pittston at 7.IS0 a.
m.. 1 p. m. and 4 p. m. Sunday, 2.10 p. m.
Ounkci' Cltv Exnress leaves Scranton
7.30 a. m through solid vestibule train
with Pullman Buffet Parlor Car Tor Phila
delphia with only one change of cars for
Baltimore and Washington, D. C, and all
principal pcints south and west.
For Avoea, Pittston and Wllkes-Barro,
1 p. m. and -I p. m. Sunday. 2.10 p. m.
For Long Branch, Ocean Grove, etc.,
7.30 a. in. nnd 1 p. m.
For Reading, Lebanon and Harrlsburg
via Allentown nt 7.:!0 n. in.. 1 p. m. and t
p. m. Sunday. 2.10 p. in.
For Tnmnqua and Pottsvillc, 7.30 a. m,;
1 p. m. and 4 p. m.
For rates and tickets apply to agent at)
W. G. BESSLER. Gen. Managor.
C. M. BURT, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule in Effect June 1C, 1902.
Trains leava Scranton C.3S a. m., week
davs, through vestibule train from
Wilkes-Barre. Pullman buffet parlor can
and coaches to Philadelphia, via Potts
vlllo; stops ut principal Intermedinto sta
tions. Also connects for Sunbury. Ilar
risburg. Philadelphia, Baltimore. Wash
ington and for Pittsburg and tho West.
9 17 a. m.. week days, for Sunbury. Hnr
rlsburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash
ington and Pittsburg nnd tho West.
1 12 p. m., week days, (Sundays. l..s p.
in.), for Sunbury. Harrlsbuig, Philadel
phia, Baltimore. Washington and Pitts
burg nnd the West.
S "S p. m., week days, through vostlbuln
trufn from Wllkes-Barro. Pullman buffet
parlor car and roaches to Philadelphia via.
Pottsvllle. Stops at principal intermedi
ate stations. , ,
4 33 p. m., week days, for ilnssloton, Sun
bury. llaiiisburg. Philadelphia and Pltts-
bU'' J. B. HUTCHINSON, Gon. Mgr.
J. B. WOOD. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Delaware and Hudson.
In Ell'ect .liimi IV, 1UHJ.
Trains for Carbomlalo leavo Scranton at
6 It 7.M. H-M. m-13 " "! 13.03, 1.12, 2.11,
3.W; 5.29! ti-23, S.2I, 9.13, 10.01 p, m.; 12.18,
'For'llo'ncsdalc-lUI. 10.13 n. m,; 2.11 ami
5'For' AVJlkes-Burre-G..".S. 7.11. 8.11. 9.17.
10 53 n. .: I'-'.W. 1I-. -MS, 3-2S, 4.33, 6.10,
7 4S 10.11. ll.-tti p. 111.
For i!. V. R. Tt. roluls-7,41, 9.47 a. m.
"18 4.33 and 11.10 p. in.
"For Pennsylvania R. R. Points C.3J
9 47 a. ni.; 1,42, 3.2S and 1.33 p, m.
For Albany and all points north 7.33 a.
m. and awm TRANR v
For rarbondale S.50, 11,33 a. m.; 2.1!,
3 50. 5.52 and 11.17 p. in.
For Wllkes-Barrc-9.38 a. ni.; 12.03.M.3?.
3.1'R. .32 and 0.17 p. ni.
For Albany and points north 3.515 p. ni.
For Ilonesdale-S50 a. in.; 11.33 nnd-3 5)
'Nvl'T PRYOR. D. P. A., Scranton; Pa,
Erie Railroad Wyomingr Division.
In Klt'ect September 15, 1902..
Trains leave Scranton for Now York,
Nuwburgh und Intermediate points, also
for llawlcy and local stations at 7,20 a.
in and 1..KJ II. in
For llonosdalo nnd Whlto Mills nt 1.3J
''"Trains arrive at Scrnnton at 10.3S a, m.
and 9.15 p. in. ,
New York, Ontario nnd Western.
Tlmo tulilu in ctfect Sunday. Sept. 23, 190J.
I.0UV0 Leavo Ariivn
Scranton. Carbomlalo, Cadosla.
No 1 .,,.,.10.3011. m. 11. lilu. in. l.lM"U.-m.
No, 7 ,,,.,. li.iop. in.Ar.t'arbondaloO.fap.m
lil'llVB Itt'llVQ -All'lVd
Tialns. Cadosln. Curbondalo, Scranton,
No. li ..-..,,. ''v"! n- " 7-2.-1 ft. in.
No. 2 2.15 p. m. 4. fK) p. m. 4.4111.IH,
Leavo Leavo Arrtvn
Scranton, Cnrbnndale. f'udobia,
No. 0 ,.,... 8.30a, m. 9.10a. in. 10.43 n. in.
No. 5 ...... 7.C0P. in.Ar.Cuiboiululo7.45p,m
i.eavo i.cavn Arrivu
Trains. Cudosla. C.irbondalo. Scranton.
No. U ,, U.50a. in. 7.25 a.m.
No. 10 .... l.SOp.m. u.mip. in. clip, m.
Train Nus 1 on wcoU days, and n on
Sunduya canned lor New Yufk city, ami.
dletown, Walton, horwlch, Oneida, Os
wego and all points west.
Train No, C, .With "Quaker Oily uT.
press" at Swanton. via q. lit R. of n. J.,
for Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Baltimore,
Washington unU Pennsylvania stato
Sco tlmo-tnlilo nnd consult ticket agents
for connections with other lines. r
J. O. ANDURSON. OvP, A., Now Y04-k.
J. B. WELSH. T, P.VA., Scranton, Ta,
i rf&a- .Siftft,