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peek's Soc News
J'"1U! piugtaminc for the Flotoncc
Mission bcncllt on Monday night
Iwj Is the most attractive amateur
aiTnlr tlnw fur projected this
ncdhon. The woik ot Jtnchiiiic
Tltiiboiiiiiin-Hnnilolph'B pttplli is too
nelt known to need extended notice.
Hut no musical event of Impoituiiec
ran take place In Scrunton unless Homo
of the vocalists (mined In hot' btudlo
tun on the programme.
The names of Mrs. John Itcynnlils
and Mrs. J. Attlcus Hoboitson aic add
ed to the list of patronesses. The fol
lowing Is the revised pi obi ammo:
Uoptauo Solo and Chorus "Tho 1 hint's
Lp" tfuim "May Queen" Canlatu)
MlhS THhcl Hlioriiiakor, May tjiiccu.
(Any song Intruded to nwnltPti,
i'Vpii a lnvo Ming, wii founcily
called "The Hunt's I'd.")
Soprano Solo "C!ia-s and Hoses". li.n llctt
Miss Henrietta. Hun In
(Violin Obligate, Mi. Wldnittjpi.) '
Sopiuno Solo
(a) "WleBcnllcd" ("1'i.ullc Sour")
Mo,,11 1
b) "The Swallows" Cow en
MM Alice limns.
Contralto Alia "My lleatt at 'I'll v
Sweet Voice" (fiom opci.'i, "S un
bolt and Delilah") Stint S.aens
Mis- lllcanor ileynolds.
Duet "(Jondolleis" llensclicl
Mis. lli.idy and Mr. Williams.
Conti.ilto Solo
(nl "The Asia" lliibriisli In
(h) "Song of Tliaiilisglvlng"...AIIItt-cn
Bopi.ino Solo
(a) "Violets" Wright
(b) "The AVoolng" Klcvklng
Jll'.i Hllsuboth Itimnell.
M(o-Supi.ino Solo "I'rolestntlonf,"
Miss ItO'-e Doiolliy (iiillpn,
(Violin Obllguto, Mr. Wlthn.tjci.)
Tiln "I I.omb.irdl" Veidl
Misses Spencer mid and
Ml. S. II. Kliigshuiy.
Mczo-Sopi.ino Solo
(.1) "On lilst vvlo elno Ultimo".. Cantor
(b) "When J.ovc Is Kind" A. U
Mrs. T. C. Von Stoieh.
B.ultono Solo
(a) "Dedieatlon" Schumann
(b) "Su cumin" . . ... Strauss
Mr. ltnlph Utvlght Williams.
Conlialto Solo "O I.otd Coriect Up,"
Miss I. Ulil Ouuigiili,
Soprano Solo "Flower Soiib," '(fiom
opcia, "Faust") ,,, Oounod
Miss Jltliel Shoemaker.
Choi u "O Bleat ltcdctmci" (bv rp-
tiucst) Machctto
Conltalto Solo
(a) "Der Vod unit dns Madehen,"
(b) "In Blossom Tlnio" Nectlhnm
MlhS Keynolds.
Sopiano Solo
"Songs .My Mother TatiBht Me,"
(C.ysv Suiik) Dvomk
(b) "The Uuirii" Cluulwlck
Mis. Climi Slinpsnu-Ibmh.
Mco-Soprnno Solo "Ao Mm la"
MlhH Uiaec II. Spencer.
Violin and Cello Obligate.
The Dixie theatie has had a eiy In
tpioatliiFT bill this week, but Mr. Sl.sson
has been In New Yoik in ranging for
some of the sieatest lieifoinicis on the
nudellle stage, for net week. The
populatlty of the piety theulic In
creases. Film as the stai that nuukuh out the
'J lie watchful milliner his .ship doth
Htlght as Hie sun that dally doth tlb-bui'-o
Ills livening to bid tho vvuiltl
Swcctlv milestle like the flood-Rule moon
Thai sweps the skv with gnigetnw 10
thiiic; Softly lefiPsliliiR, like the losp of .lunp
That giaced the caith clod whine It
Blew :
Thus doth tliluo Image till my c.iblt
And Njltiip icels in Its pine delight.
The abuse lines to a well-known
magazine, fiom the pen of Louis Mann,
weie sent in i espouse to a lequesL for
a contribution, and hac a depth of
meaning that would not, piobably, bo
understood without a word of expla
nation. Mr. Mann's wife, known pro
fessionally ni Miss Clnta I-lpiniin,
broke her collar-bone while on her way
to Kilt ope. H was set on tho Btoanier,
and evcty Indication pointed to n
speedy lecovery. Weeks pnssed ami It
did not tiottble lier, While at Atlantic
City, however, she expeileneed gieat
pain, and It was thought advisable to
go to t'liltndelphla to consult a special
ist, lie Informed her that It bad not
been properly set, and that he would
be obliged to re-dislocate it, and to per
form tho operation ot le-seltlng again,
She consented, it was successfully per
formed, and accompanied by Mr. Mann,
she 1 etui nod to Atln title City. While
Miss I.lpmnn was yet In the throes ot
pain, Mr. Mann, who had ptoviousiy
delayed lehcaisnls for ills new play,
"lloch, the Consul," was finally obliged
to leave her. It was much against his
will, and the added nnxloty for ills play
left him In anything but a happy mood.
He lecclved the ietittt?st ftm tho article
one night on lotutnlng to his hotel.
Miss Mpniiin was In his mind, rind he
thought that the least that ho might
do, should be something us a tribute to
her. The above Is Ills offering.
I.tiuls Miinn will piescnt "Much, the
Consul," at tho Lyceum, Satuiday
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Spiugue an
nounce tho engagement ot their daugh
ter, Ortiutlo Haskell, to Mr. Nelson
Ilaiulall Osborne, ot Buffalo,
The engagement of Chailos Foisey
Shaw and Miss Ev.i Pilco, both of
Hiooklyn, N. Y has lecently been an
nounced. It may bo it called that 11 jeur
ago, while spending his vacation In
Montiosp, Mr. Shaw was slilckcii with
Uphold fewer. The unusual seveilty of
tiio attack attracted considerable at
tention in Seranton 1ncdlc.1l elides at
the time. The announcement of the in
g.igcmcnt lias been delayed until le
cently, on account of Mr. Shaw's slow
Judge and Mis It. W. Aubbald, Iter.
Dr. C. M. Gitlin, Miss Archbald, "Mis. F.
W, FlellK and 11 p.utv of ladies weie
among those who occupied boxes last
night at the political meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Watkins left for
Washington on Tluusday. They had
expected to go to New Mexico net
Saturday and Monday, October 25 and 27.
Grand Display of
Strictly New Dry Goods t
Special Showing of the
Latest Silks and Dress Goods.
Dress Goods Department
Taffetine Lining Silks, 23 shades; O'Jc value for.... 33c
Tafletas, coloied shoit lengths; 73c goods for .Vic
Cheney's Soft Finish Wash Talf.'tas
Beautiful Clirystal Satins, small figures $100
Black Peau do Sole, 90e value foi 75c
Golden Kdge Black Peau de Sole, !)5c value SOc
Black Peau de Sole, 23 Inches wide; special !re
Full Yaid-Wide Peau de Sole, $l.r.p alue ?1.23
Haskell's High Glade Silks 75c, S3c, U5c, $1.50
Banner Black Taftetas, full yaid wide !r,c
Black Taffetas, yaid and half wide; special M.19
Bain-Pioof Black Tattetas $1 i", and M.V)
71c Blight Clan Plaid Silks, lor r,
?1.00 Blight Clan Plaid Silks for 75c
Lot rancy Taffetas, 73c and $1.00 goods r.Jic
Lot Fancy Taifetas, too goods 40c
New Dressy Dress Goods
Ciepes, Voiles, Ettamlnees, nil wool and silk and
wool; beautiful light weight fubiics, in all
colois 75c to $1.00
Whlpcoids, Pebbles, Li.zaids, all haul finish
goods; splendid value at $1.00
10-inch Ctneits, all new shades V)c
Zibellnes and Camel Hair Mixtiues, $1.50 value... $1.25
Venetians, Vicunas and Covet ts, $1.23 value $1.00
Poplins, Annul ls), etc, $1.00 value 75u
New Liquid AVeacs, all shades sic
DO-lnch Snow Fl.tke Tweeds $1,00
Black Goods
40-lncli Black Cheviot, 03c value -inc
C0-lnch Black ChcWot, !)0e value 75c
DO-inch Black Cheviot, $1.23 value psu
75c Printed Fiencli Flanutls ;nc
7,'.c New Fancy Waistings, In short lensths at)o
Beautiful Bcdtoid, with silk snipe 25o
Pretty Woisted waistings 13c and 25c
Table Linens
Fine display of Old Bleach Linens; look well and
wear beitei than other Linens...
;0o Fnbleaclnd Damask, ji
10c Uiibleuchcd Damask , ;;jc
45c Uliblcni bed Damask jiSo
59o Unl leaelii'd Damask COe
6c I'nbleacbed Damask ,,..,.,,,,.,, C9cs
$1,00 Unbleaclted Damask 7;ic
$1.25 Unbleat lied Damask ,. . , , .$1,00
79c Snow White Damask G,3c
$1,00 Snow While Damask , s,9o
$1,23 Snow AVhite Damask , $1,00
$1.5o Snow AVhite Damask.,,,, $i,o;
$2.00 Snow AVhite , $t,;o
Bargains in Domestics
Best Dunbildge Apion ainshaiu ce
Good Stiaw Ticking , s0
Blue Stiipe Feather Ticking , ,,,, y0
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Finest Blown Muslin,, , , o'-u
Hill, Lonsdale, Fiult of Loom ,,.,, j0
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Heavy Shaker 'Flannel ..,,..,, 7c
Outings, very pietty puUeins., f Bo
Fine 8c Heavy Fleeced Outings , oy,c
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Best Double Fleeced Outings , jo0
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Best Silver Giey Pilnts , ,, ,,.,,..,.', e0
Coat Department
Xou line of Ladies' and Jlissos Coats, Suits and
Underwear and Hosiery
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Misses' Fins Bibbed Hose j 25c
Ladies' Fast Black Hose Via
Ladles' Fine Black Hose 15c
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Ladies' Fancy Hose, In gieat varieties. Specials
at 25c. ;J5c. 30c. 73c. S3c. S1.00
Childi oil's Fine Fleeced Underwear 15c to SOc
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Ladles' Fine Jeisey Ribbed Underwear C0c
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Ladies' Extia Fine Undcrwe.n $1,50
Ladles' Union Suits 30o up to $5.00
Men's Fast Black Hose .1 pair for 25c
Men's AA'hlto Foot Hose no
Men's Etia Fine Hose, black oi fancy 23c
Men's Daik Fleeced Underwear 39c
Men's Light Fleeced Underwear 39c
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Men's Nattual Undeiweai C0c
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.Men's Heavy Duuble-Bieustod Underwear $1.75
Notion Department Specials
'.00 Jeisey Ve-t-, gteeus, giays, blue.-, and black;
$1.00 and $1.23 goods for 3o0
Knitted Shawls
Ladles' and Clilldien's Gulf dimes 25e and 50c
Cashmeie and Silk Finger Tip Gloves 23c to $1,00
Silk Knitted Gob' Gloves , j,oo
New Black Bead, total, jet and pearl 'S.le to $1,00
25u Oxldls-ed Belt Pins 5e
New Satin Belts, choice buckles; 75c foi coo
New Satin Bolts, choice buckles; $1.00 lor ,,,. 750
Il'c New Chenille Spot Veilings s0
Gennantowii Yams, Lion Biand tic
Shetland A'.uns, Lion Biantl..., ,, so
lkst M. &. II. Gloves , $1,00
Blankets and Comforts
Gieat A'aiiety at Low Pilces.
10-1 AVliite cotton Blankets ,. 5i0
30-4 Giey Cotton Blankets , 5,ic
11-4 White or Giey Bluukets, heavy S3a
12-4 AVhite or Giey Blankets, fine ,.,,, ,,$l,G5
11-4 AVhite or Giey Blankets, my heavy ,,,$.',2.ri
10-4 Heavy Giey $1,00
10-1 Fancy AVhite u,-
AVool Blankets ,.,.,,,, $3.00, $4,00, $3,00, $0.00
Fine Laige Coinftnts, filled with white cotton,
$1.00, $1.33, $2,00, $2.50
Down Quilts 4 CO up to $13,00
Childi en's Cilb Illuiikelti , ,,, ,,.,,
Our Little Beauty Coisets, light blue, pink and a
white a woiuler for,, ,,,,. , C0e
P, N. Corsetsr-thu heat on eai th Fiench goieti, 4
medium or low bust; straight ftonts, long or
shoit on hips ., ..$1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $J.f,0. $J.50, $3,00 J
Flexltone Corsets unexcelled tor stout tonus
$1.00 to $3.50
Cut Out This Coupon
Present at our office,
purchase $1,00 worth of
goods or more and you
will racelve 30 stamps.
October 35, 27,
Mears & Hagen
415 and 417 Lackawauoa Ave
week to spend a month, but owing to
Mr. AVatklns' acceptance ot the presi
dent's appointment, was obliged to de
fer their trip for tho fourth time duting
tho past few months.
Miss Elsbeth AVInton gac a pi city
luncheon on AVodncsdny, when the
guests weie: Mrs. a, D, Murray, Mis.
Albeit AVatson, Mrs. Joint Clnlpln, Mis.
Everett Tollcs, Mrs, II. II. Uiady, Miss
Anno AVatson, Miss Gnlpln, Miss Elea
nor Heynolds, Miss Alice Matthews,
Miss Linen, Miss Albright, Miss Hen
noil, Mls Htooks, of Elmlraj Miss
Helen Sanderson, Miss Helen Hand,
Miss Kato Nettloton, Miss Boles, Miss
Anno Hand.
Tho many friends of Miss Stella Sey
mour will bo inteiested In knowing that
she has taken up her residence pcima
ncntly In New York, having a pleasant
homo and studios at 411 Manhattan
avenue. Miss Seymour will not letln
qtilsh her musical life In any Hcne, but
will continue to employ her great nat
ural gifts with tho results of the vst
advantages she lias enjoyed, In a certain
amount of teaching, for Which she has
a singular ability. It Is possible that
Miss Seymour may bo pcisuaded to
take a small class of aduitieed pupils
In tills city, her oltl home, making the
Jouiney fiom New York at stutcd limes,
Mr. and Mis. William II. Itieliinond
eiitci tallied at dinner on Tuesday night
in honor of Bey. Dr. and Mis. C. F.
Gates, the retained mlsslonaiy. Tho
other guests were Mis. Thomas Dick
sou, Mis. II. M. Boles, Ilev. Dr. and
Mis. Moon, of Pcckvlilc; llev. Dr. S. C.
Logan, Judge and Mis. Alfied (land,
llev. Dr. and Mis. Lansing, llev. Dr.
.Tessup, of Kyi la; Miss Hand, Miss
Chtu lotto Hand.
Mis. Sluiplcigh, of Phladelphla, who
lias been the guest of Mis. Fiances B.
Dimmick for the past few dajs, ie
tuined home cstcid.iy.
Mis. 11. II. Br.idv, ji a lunch
eon on Thursday in honor of Mlss Al
biigiit, of Buffalo. Tho guests weie
Miss Alllllullt MIku Mi T II
Sanderson, Mis. Albeit AVatson, Miss
.rtiiee Aiattncws, IWiss Anna Aiclibald,
Miss Helen Matthews, Miss Linen.
Mis. Albeit AVatson entertained In
honor of .Miss Albright at a small
luncheon on Tuesday. The guests weie
Miss Albilght, Miss Bennell, Miss Hill,
Miss Boies.
John 11. lllller and Miss Maig.uot
B. F.tdden, daughter of Mrs. Susan
F.idden, oT 222 Franklin aenue, weie
united in murilage last night at the
home of the btitle. which had been
beautifully decorated. The ceieniony
was peifoimed by llev. AV. I. Stems.
The blide woie ,i gown of steel giay
cloth trimmed with chiffon and can led
a shower bouquet of white carnations.
She was attended by Miss Loiett.i
Slot k. The gioom's attendant was
Donald C. Fadden, a blather of the
blide. rJ he newlv mauled couple left
on an eaily morning ti.ilu for a tilp to
Buffalo and Falls.
Miss Boies will give a dinner ne.t
Tuesday night in honor of Mi. and Mis.
Ftank Fuller. Miss AV.itts, of Mon is
town, will be her guest at that time.
Tho ladies of the Penn Aenue Bap
tist rliurcii will soive their, flist supper
of the season in the eliulch pailois,
Tluusda, October 30. Committee of ui
rnngoments. Mis. II. J. II.iIl, Mis. O. V.
Bubeo, Mis. D. A. Capwell, Mis. E. A.
Bush, Mis. Jennie C. Smith, Mits S. C.
Mr. and Mi. Thomas Speicher have
issued invitations lor the wantage ol
tlieir daughter, Miss Bessie Madeline
Speicher, to Mr. Hariy Edwaitl rian
cls, of Kingston, Pa., tho ceieniony to
take place at f o'clock on AVeduesduy
afternoon, October 29, at the home of
the biide's patents, 431 Madison ae
nuo. Mis. Henry Belin, jr., gae a luncheon
on Wednesday at the Country club,
when coveis weie laid for twcntj-flo
Tho govemois of the Country club
will hue a dinner tonight.
MKs Anna Aiclibald gave a small
dinner on Thin sday night.
Miss Helen Stevens gave a caul p.tity
on Tluusday at her homo on Qulncy
Mr. and Mis. F. D. McGowun entei
tulned a few n lends infoimally last
Movements of People.
Chailos Casper, ot, N, J ,is
In tho city.
Mis. N. A'. Ltd Is visiting li lends in
Sum nil t, N. J
MNh Uioidcs, of Elmlia, N. A' is the
guest of .MIrfs Sandeoii, ot Noilh AVush
Illgtou avenue.
E B, Dliiii and lainllv. of this, elt,
have taken up their lesldence at Hotel
Coition at Washington, D. C,
llev. Di. Wllfild t'. Shilver, of Belle
loute, lh tho glint of Dr. Woodcock, nl
.0 Noitli Aahlilnglou aVLiuit'.
Mis. Watson .leifeis, ot Klngsley, ami
Mi. W. O. Finn and daiiKhieis, of Mtuu
lose. sptat Filday Willi Mis. E. if,
liiowniiin, of Witshliigiuii avenue
Chaik", F, Pulley, of Spilnglleld, 111,
foimeily dilel' tlospaleher of the Lacka
wanna l.illiuad lu litis cits, uiiivtd lic'iti
jesteiiltis itiul will ho milled lu iiiaillagu
on Tue-tltiv nest lu MNs Gciltliii, of
A Btilllnnt Social and Artistic Event
at Hiss Fieemnn's Studio,
An audience of which any aitlst,
however high his or her standing lu the
gieat woild of music might bo justly
ptouil, gatheiutl last evening lu tho
studios of Miss Fieeman and Mi.
Southworth to hear Miss Harriet Stilts,
sopiano, and Miss Ellen Scianton
Stltes, lollnlst, on the occasion of their
piesentatlon to the Scianton public in
u wondeitully flue and exacting pio
gi amine.
Befoio their visit to Em one, fiom
which they havo not long i etui tied,
tliese two slsteis liad been he.nd at tho
pupils,' lecltuls given by Miss Allen and
Miss Fieeman, uud that each would
tuko u high place in the t units of musi
cal ai lists hud been Invnilably pn
dlcted. AVhen they went abioad they
weie advised by their lespectlve teach
eis of the best means to continue their
ttalulng, und both have been studying
In Pails with teucheis of highest note
teachei.s who, like the Misses Allen
uud Fieeman themselves, have availed
themselves of the best Euiopean ti. lin
ing. The following was the piogtanime
3. A'leiixteiups Fautasle
2. l!udn Alia fiom Oiteo
3, Beethoven Itonun.o
Gotlaul Cuiuouettu
t. Jlejeibcei.
Sliadovv Dance, fiont Duuoiah
3. llaeudcl , , Laighutto
Bach Uavottu
Wm - i n i ii .i ' i " T 'v ,
Never has there been a season when we felt the strength of otir.iposf-
tion so strongly our great buying capacity, the untold advantages of buying
from onlv the best manufacturers, the ciualitv of work- -
manship, and the great care that is taken with every aSKllbS
little detail of each garment; all this emphasizes itself
siriKingiy as we sum up our ciaim, mat our uvercoats at tmsfww(l
$10, $1
2 and SI 5
are absolutely the best value in Seranton. There's
nothing near that price that will touch them, either in
quality of material or the grace and style that are in
them. We want you to see these overcoats, try them
on and we feel confident that you will admit they are
a great value.
You know you don't have to keep anything
that is unsatisfactory. Bring it back
-A-lmCL V JOT n i
fo w f l l-l
Ifli Vi
324 Lackawanna Avenue.
, l 5! H ! . . K ".
Helen S. Buchanan,
'1, vy
Eloctikul Facu M.issiigc, Elcctiual
Kcilp 'J'lP.Umcnt. Supeilluoiis Il.iii,
Waits and JIolos icinovcd by EIi'c
tiovsls Cliloudo of Silver J"uy
Cell Batteiics. Elcctilt; Holl-is,
Elcclilc Hair llliislus, A.c.
Office and Lnboiatoiy,
312 Washington avo., Scianton
Full line ot tho Famous
COIISETS, Latest Model
Maiilciu lug. Sliuinpuolug.
alt "A "A "A "A "A ' "A 'A at 'A A "A "A 1 "A A "A 'A
Jcno Htibav Caitlas
C. Ambioiso Thomas Sti.vlcnno
Glieg .Suiiblihie Song
Mocr Helmund Tito Kiss
7. Saint S.ieus Rondo Capiicdoso
S. Whitney Coonilis .. .Four Leaf Clover
MitcDovvell Lullaby
9. Eva dcrAequa. Villancllc
AVith A'lolln.
It speaks for itself as reciuiiing pio
found and delieato feeling and wonder
fully lino gifts of Intel pretatlon to give
as it should be given. It is none too
much to say that each and every num
ber pioved that violinist and singer ate
dowered with the laie, tine dower the
woild knows as genius, as distinguished
tioin and supeilor to talent, however
line that may be.
The very flist movement of "Vieux
temp's Fantasie" told this to tho
li enrois as Miss Ellen went thiough
its dream-like music of the spheies. On
her second appearance her great vei
sutlllty was evidenced at she Hist play
ed an Impassioned lomnnco of Beet
hoven in a way to hold the soul with
its power, and then clashed Into
Godnid's gay and biilllunt, utteily
Fiench Cauzonetta with eive and a
charm of touch that woke a delight as
of summer and song and dance In sun
lit glades. Bach's stately and intilcato
Oavotto and a L.ughetto of Handel's
weie, as given by her, tiiuiuphs of
technique und e.piebslun,
Space foi bills following this gifted
gill through till the pi ogi amine, or
giving the plum to .Miss Han let Htltes'
singing that It ought to have. We
ate compelled to content mil selves with
saying that It was hi eveiy point
w ni thy to be licit d with Miss Ellen's
playing. Their teucheis weie tho ic
clplents of unstinted compliments tin
eveiy side. Miss Blackmail's actoni
paluiuents weie, us they alwujs aie,
supeib, leaving nothing to lie dtslicd
Services AVete Held at the Home on
Penn Avenue.
The tuucral of Mis, Philip Dooi.s.un
was held at tho futility lesldenco on
I'enn avenue jesteiduy atteinooii at
2 o'clock. Ljlng so peacetully and
mitumlly us If only asleep, in die cas
ket coveied with beautiful flowots, It
was hard to icallzu that tint eiuhly
llto of this noble, tiulet, Ciulstlun wile
mother ami filend was untied, llv
James MoLeod, D. D of tho Flist
I'lesbyteiian chinch, and llev, II. F. X,
Fieico, D, D of tho l'eun Avemi
Baptist eliuieh, contlucted the set vices,
J, M, Chance had chaise of the music,
nnd a tiiartetle composed of Mis Al
lied Outheiiu, sopiano; Miss Cl.iiagau,
nlto; italpli AViUlams, tenor, and AV,
llobeits, bass, beautifully leiuleiod
"Neater My Qod to Thee" ami "o
Shall Meet Beyond the Illver." futei
juent was In thu Foi est Hill cemetei)
Says He Is Not Guilty of the Wins
ton Murder,
An application for a wilt of habeas
cm pus was made by Attorneys Balen
tine and Howell yesteiday lu behalf
of I'eter tflnskl, who Is lu tho county
jail cliuiged with having a hand lu the
niuidcr of James Winston, a non-union
worwman, near Olypliunt, the lutter
pa it of September. He was ui tested ut
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With a
air Profit
I list ni men t.
The reason why you can
buy a thoroughly good Piano
at this factory at a moderate
price is because we are satis
fied with a fair margin of
Every "Keller Brothers"
Piano is built upon the best
known lines of Piano con
struction and of A-1 material
Keller &
Van Dyke
Piano Factory,
1043-105 i
Capouse Avenue.
Fall Fashions in Ladies' Shoes
at Reasonable Prices.
The secret is in buying. We do not buy ponr shops, there
fore it is impossible for lib to sell you a poor pair. The price
may be low, yet the quality is all there. We have three lines
of popular-priced Ladies' Shoes that are being worn by hundreds
of our customers, from whom we have had many satisfactory
testimonials. They sell at
$1.25 $1.50 and $2.00.
Tliey aro of thu new IMII shapes, cut from
Culf und Vict Kid, v, till intent and dull tips,
Mllltury tied, luca or buttun, llt,ht or lieav,
flexible, sewuil sole,.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
Next Door to new First National Bank Building.
llohokcn with Thomas Pustosli, Unity
Khubah, Ktcplieii Fieuchko uml I'eter
Ktoublct mill taken back to this city.
On Oct. 1 the men vveio kKcu a lie.u--K
befuic Aldeimnu IS. Davis, altlei
nan of tho Fifth waul, ami commuted
lu the county jail cm a cIiuikc of mur
der. '.ln.iUi claims that he in Innocent
or any natticinatioii in the Killing, A
wilt wast gianted by Judge Utlvvii'ils
and made i etui liable In chambet'k'at
1.30 on Tuesday, Oct. 2S.
Dr. I.lmlabiuy, Burgeon, diseases ot
women u specialty, L'15 Council building.
Hours: 11 a. m, to I p. in,; 7 to S.3Q
p. m.
,, -i,TJi-?-4.M