The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 25, 1902, Page 12, Image 12

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Wall Street Review.
New York, Oct. 21 -Some relief wan
thoun today nt tlm gicatrr cam of call
monpy nnrl forrlBii exclinngo rates, but
tlioto nns no demand for Blocks mid tlm
llnl trh IrrpRtilnr nnd dull llnoiiglinut.
Tor le.iHoiiM that uro not altoRotlicr
tlin miliatimtlal llimmlul Interests con
tinue to hold nlooE mid rvcii tho pool
mnulnuliitni-H rcmnln Inactive. It H tiuo
Hint conditions such as niovallcd dining
the icck nio not utui.iiinl nt tho np
jironch of an election, but tiadns and
fditrwd oWrvem Rourally Bay that this
iIoch not nltngothet- account for the iilt
hoIiiIo lack of public buying. Tho rlso In
the pilco of coal and fuithor rumois of
labor tioublcs In various parts of tho
country were iitnoutr tho row developments
of tho dnyr Tho HtiouK fcntUlPt nt tlio
opening cio l.iieltiiwnnnn, Tleiullnff com
jnon and second prefoneil. Haltlnioro and
Ohio, and Toledo, St. Iouls nnd Western
imllrs. OpeiatlonB In tho Inst named
Mnelts weio nKiiln believed to be laifiely
niaulpulatlvo and Baltimore nnd Ohio
pnon loit Its Initial Bnln. I'Mrmnosi wai
Klicmn In such Issues ns Atchison. Union
J'ticldc. St. I'nnl. Mlsouil I'nclllc nnd
Colorado Kitcl nnd Hon. Tho latter was
HtioiiBcr on leports of lui lnw by Intel csts
opposed to thoso now In control. An enily
h.ilo of St. Jobcph and Grand Island sec
ond picfouod was made at a deullno of
over 2 per cent, and later a further loss
vita lecotded. Tho liquidation In Baltl
moio and Ohio lights for cash was pic
iimnbly duo to tho fact that tho op
tion on tho lights expires today. Ti adlng
win very light all through tho morning
irsslon nnd fluctuations weio nuirow.
peculation was limited almost entirely
y tho specialties, the early movements In
toloiado Fuel and Iron and Toledo, St.
Luols and Wrhtcrii Issues being con
jnucd. Coloindo Fuel was tho ical fea
ture, transactions In that stock aggro
fMtlng moio than one-rifth of the total
nislness with a net ndvanco of I'S per
cent. raoiabp lepoits conceinlng tho
coal Btocks and the steel nnd lion Is
wies wcio bcaid, but thev failed to itiditco
nny demand. Tlio afternoon session
In ought no dovclopments and such tiud
Ing ns was repoitcd tamo fiom out of
town. In nddttlon to Colorado Tucl,
uttengtb was shown by Lncka wanna,
Heading second. Vliglnla, Carolina, Chem
ical, Cotton Oil, Tennessee Coal, Atnai
Bamated Copper and Pullman. Total
Fales today, ::oi,7X) shales, nnllioad bonds
were sluggish but steadier all around.
Total sales, par value, $1,24"! 000. United
States bonds woio all unchanged on the
last call.
Tho following quotations aio furnished
"fho Trlbuno bv Ilaight & Fiocso Co., Slt
jr. Mcais Building. W. D. Ilunyon, man-
'Amal Copper CVi CPU .ly,
Am. c. & i-' :;vt :i7!t :r, :i..y4
American Ico 10'a HP, Jfls MPg
lAm. IjOLomotlo .... Ill Ill's "O1! SO
lAm. S. & II. Co 17 17 liTn 47
lAmeiican Sugar ....P.'i'i IL't IL'I'i 214
Atchison SS, f-nii ssii Sfl',4
Atchison, Pr IOiVU 301 W 101
Bait. & Ohio 10S", lOSft'NMg lOS
Tbook. It. T hZv Kl f,Z C2T8
C.iiMdlnn Pacific ....J" 1.JBH li'.'a 1!'4
Clio;,. & Ohio r.l", r,Vi !l!a r.lVi
rhlcago & Alton .... Jlii'i Kb'j ?Vt, 3u',fe
IZMc. & G. W ".VU ",0i Wt, P.0H
C, M. & St. P lniK 'U 1")ii lllia
c.n. I. &p loii sot :n'ii4 oo
Col. Fuel & Iron s)'i fi"i SVfc Sf)
Col. & Southern IU SiVi "P ""i
Col. & South., 2d Pr. M IS Is 19
13., U & W 2.S L-.1 2-S 2VJ
Ietioit Southern .... 21 21 21 21
j;rio :,r) ra ;i'i 3"i
j:iie, 1st Pr i i.S'i bS iii
i:rle. 2d Pr IUm ! WH SI
crocking Valley XV t, 9Vi '.r,u, j-if.
Illinois Cential HS'i IIS", 14si', Ub
J own Central 41 11 IPs 4114
iouis. & N.i.h ims noTj, vs its
Manhattan IWk lKi'i, 1146 !!''&
Jlet. St. Ry ITU i 111", 119H TflVi
Mo.K. &Tov 20"4 191 213, irj
Mo , K. & T., Pr .... hZ fZ GZ hZ
Mo. P.icillc ltd UliJ lion 11074
Noifolk & West .... 771', 77 7i,"s 77
Out. & "West n.js 3'. -ni j. .'au
Pcnnn It R 1il3'. 30.114 los- IBl
Teople's Gas 101 101 JiKV, 101
Pressed Steel Car... id 11 H (.1 in;
Reading GS'd !.S dSi; GS
Reading. 1st Pr SS SS' SS SS'i
Rending. 2d Pr 7S 7's 7s 7S
Republic Steel 2-" 2J-J 2J'4 2i
Itepublic Steel. Pr... 7'i'i 7H, 79 79
St. I-. & San r Ti'. 1V. 7V. 7"i'C
Southern Pacific .... 713h 723s 71 7.''4
Southern R. R :iv :i7a :.7i :.'
Tcnn. Coal A- Tron... (."'. It! tiTi'a fi,
Tens & Pacific im 14', 41 4I;
TT. S. Leather 14". IP. 14'. 14',.
fnlon Pacinc 1041, lir,'i 101.4 Knij
Tnlon Pacific, Ti.... SI14 fil4 :il. .1114
1". S .Rubber IS In v IS
V. S. Steel 10; nv,i I0'i 10'4
1" S. Steel, Pr f.S"'s M Ss1'. f1
Wabash np :- ;,;''. ?.,
Wabash, Pr IS 41 1s&; 41
Western Union 11 , flii', nin, siu
,Wis. Central 27''. 27 U 27". ll
Totnl sales, ::oi,900 bliaies.
Money. 2 per cent.
WHEAT Open. High. Low. Close.
December 72". 71 7Ji; 7'ij
Mav 71'i 7fa 7:"8 7r
CORN- s 1 j
December !H'". r.J". ni"H r,K8
May 4!.8 4 j,i. n--.
December 21', .1114 ,"ij-s 31
Mav !!2'4 3J't :,Z 2Z
October PI "0 lil",0 lii '.0 Kirk)
Jnnmuv 13.7J r72 13W 1.1C2
netobcr 1100 11 00 11.00 1100
'January 0 17 9.17 9 U 912
October ii '.o u .- 31 :a
Januaiy S27 S27 &2J S2J
, , Open. High. Low. Close.
October Sit S4! S U SU
December S .Ml s :,s ,S 4S S"7
Januuiy S r.7 Sni s:,U ,S5t
May s;w s.U .s;;-, sw
Bcrnnton Bonid of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCIvS. BId.Asked
Lackawanna Daliy Co., Pr.... co
County Saw Bank & TrU3t Co 3u0
j'lrht wut. uaniv cuai uonuuic)
Thlid Bank ,
Dlmo Dep. & DIs. Bank ,
Economy L., II. & P. Co ,
First Natlonnl Binlc ,
Lack. Trust & Safo Don. Co ,
Claik R. Snovcr Co., Pr
Scianton Savings Bank
Tiudeis' National Ilanlc
Scianton Bolt & Nut Co
People's Bank ,., ,,,,,..,4, 133 ...
Ecranton Packing Co ,.... 33
Scianton Passongcr Railway,
flist mottgngo, duo in:0,..i.. US ...
rcoplo'n Street Railway, ilrst
mortgage, duo 1918 115 ,..
Peoplovs Streot Railway, Gen-
crnl morlgnge, duo 1921 m ...
Hcinnton Tiac. Co , G per cent. 113
Hconomy L, II. & P. Co 07
N. Jersey & Pocono Ico Co DI
Consolidated Water Supply Co ... 105
Scranton Wholesnlo Urukot,
(Corrected by II. G. Dale, 27 L.uka. Avo )
Butler Krcsli citamcry, 2j'e J ficali
daliy, iMJfci'.
Cliccsc lllan'.ic.
Kggs Ntaiby, 27c.J western, 21c! Blot
age. 22c.
Mnrow Ilrnns Per bushel, J1.
Onions Per bltshol, 90c,
Now Potatoes C3c. per bushel.
Philadelphia Grain and Provision.
Philadelphia, Oct. 21 Whnl-We.ik nnd
'Jc. lower; conduct guide, October, 7lv.i
714c. Corn Steady, but nulcl; No 2 pil
low on tiuck, Clc. Oats Quiet and easier;
No. 2 wlilto clipped, 37&13SC. Piovlsloni
I'll mer, good demand, market steady,
with a fair jobbing demand; rltv beef, in
sets, smoked and ulr dried, Hal7c.j west
ern beef, In sots, smoked, J2allc; city
beef, knurkles nnd tenders, smoked and
air dried, llialSC westcm beef, knuckles
and tenders, smoked, liable! beef hams,
J19GOa20DO; iioi k, famllv, $2.la2l.; hams, S.
lj. curcu, in tieiees, iiinijc.; no. sionncii,
In tleiccs, 114al2c; do. do. loose, HJii
Ilic; bams, smoked, rltv cuied, as to
binml and avoiage, 13,.nll'c., bams,
smoked, westein cured, Uallc; bams,
boiled, boneless, 20a21c,; shouldcis, picklo
cuied, In tleiccs, He. asked; do do.
smoked, 12c. asked; picnic hams, S. I,
cured, In tloice.s, 9'iT,i; picnic bams,
smaked, city cuied, lOalo'Jc; picnic hums,
smoked, westein cuied. OlAilOc: bellies, in
pickle, nccoidlng to avciago, loose, lra
i)',sc.; DrcnKiast nicon, wesiein cuicu,
17c. bid; laid, westein icllned, tleiccs, 12';
al2'4c; do. do. do., tubs. lanalJc: laid,
pure, city, kettle lcndcied, In tleiccs,
12'4c. bid; Hule. puie, tit v. kettlu icn
deied in tubs, I2'4al2Me. Diesscd Poul
tryDull and weak; fowls, choice, west
ern, 12',c; do southern and south west
ein, llnl2c; do. fulr to good, lOallc; old
roosters, 9e.; roasting chlekons, neaiby
laige, 13e.; do. small nnd medium,' Uallc. :
westein do., laigo, 2'al3c.; do, small and
medium, 10al2c.; tmkovs, western, choice,
llaltc ; do. fair to good, llal.'c; ducks. 11a
13c. Receipts Flour, 3,000 burels and 1,
Gri 1,000 pounds in .sacks; wheat. 21.0C) bush
els; corn. 1,800 bushels; oats, !,00O bushels.
Shipments Wheat, COO bushels: coin. l.SGJ
ousneis; oats, 7,iw misliels. uuttpr I'lnn,
good demand; oxtta western cicameiy,
.'i',ic: do. noaibyn pilnts, 27c. Ugga
Ste.idv: fair demand, fesh nearby, 2lVSc;
loss off; do. westein, 23l&c; loss off: do
oiithwestcin, 23c; do. do.; do. southern,
22c; do. do. Cheese Steadv: New Yoik
full creams, prime small. 12ialJ34c; do.
do. do. fair to good, small. 1114al2'4c.; do.
do do. prime, large. 12al2'4c: do. do. do.
fair to good, do., lt'iain.e. Relinod Sug
nis Quiet but 11) m. Cotton Unchanged
Tallow Dull and easier: titv piime In
tierces. b7,ii"c; coutiv, do. do, bands,
CiaCic: do. dark In bauds, nniic:
cakes, 7a7'iC Live Poultiy Quiet and
easier; fowls, llal2c.; old roostcis. Snie ;
spring chickens, lOnllc: duck?, llal.'c;
tuikcjs, 10al2c; gee&e, lOallc.
New York Grain and Produce Market
Now Toik, Oct 24. Flour Unsettled,
3al0c. lower to sell. Wheat Spot easy;
No. 2 red, 77'jc. elevator; No. 2 led, 77'ia
771ic f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 northern D11
luth, S2c. f. o. b. afloat; options ctaited
out firm and aclho but later weakened.
The close was ?ia1lc. net lowci. May
closed 77sc; December, 7SUc. Coin Spot
steady; No 2, lG74c. elevator and h7'ic. f.
o. b. float; No. 2 yellow, 70c; No. 2 white,
70c; options opened firm but yielded 10
wheat decline. Dually steadied and the
closo only Ha-c net lower; Januaiy closed
")29nc: Moy, IS'fcc; October, Wj',ic ; Dccem
bei, 0614c. Oats Spot easier; No. 2 oats,
33c; standard white, 3Gc ; No. 2 white, 3w
No 3 white. 33'c; tiack wlilto western Jl
alOJic; Hack white state. 31a40c; op
tions weie nuict and easier; December,
Jli'SalG'ic; closed 3tc Bultei Steady;
CNtra treameiy, 25c; do. factoiv, lOalSc;
cieamciy, common to choice, 19a2l'.c; im
itation cicameiy, 17a20c; state daliv, ISa
24c; icnovated, 17'Sa21c Cheese Quiet;
new state full cieum, imnll colored fancy
old, l27Jal2Vc: new, 12'Jal2'4c: small
white, old, 123;al2','.t.; new, 12',!ial2'4c.;
la)go coloed. old, 12c; now. 1114c: 1 ire
white, new, 12c; old, 11 y. UggsIi tegu
lar; state and Pennsylvania, aetage
best, 2.,a2"c: westein candled, 2.,a24c; 10
fiigeiated, 19a21c.
Goal Stoves.
Again Fashionable.
As soon as It became known that the coal strike
had been settled, our stove business took a big jump.
The selling has been phenomenal. You will readily un
derstand the reason if you will investigate the low price
on the high grade line shown here.
We nrc solo agents for the Brldo Stoves and Ranges.
A guarantee of perfect satisfaction
given with each stove or range.
It's values you want and it's values we give you.
illl ItIqIo Ilualtjl.g
N iRMl IfcrgiH. This Heater Is one of the most M
I OSKftS IW desirable stoves made. It Is a 9
B 3jfflmrePHt ptiy wonderful coal saver, and has
I fllwwllliSlEI mShBb" handsome nickel trimmings, ;
I fSBRpjF . "Sorrow and Sighing" over bad- j
S ffiiaSPrMflffr fttflr 'y constructet) stoves will flee
I SMeIIiiBMS P' Irom the home graced by the
H eMttMxsSabli SsJ" presence of the Mars Heater, i;
I Every Stove Warranted. 5
I This Range is a positive ban- llHMHiHKlB !
I gain for the price. Has 16-inch jEaiKSifSS!
I oven, duplex or anti-clinker SfiWK,!ftl
H grates, cabinet base, complete) 3ffiliWfe4lS3 I
B with high shelf, as illustrated. CPJfiSffliaa I
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Oct. 24. Tiadlng cm the boaid
of Dado todav was lather quiet and pi ices
Inclined to a lower level. December
closing a(la'c Iowo; December coin .1
shade lower and oats, iac. lower, while
January pioisions closed fiom 5a7'.c. to
15c. lower. Cash quotations wero us fol
lows: Flout Steadv: No. 2 spiing wheat,
2c; No. 0, i,ta.'Zic; No. 2 )ed, 70a71Kc :
No, 2 corn, r,7',c; No. 2 yellow, IjOc: No. z
oats, L'S'ia: No. 2 white, : No ,: white. ::o
a.'Wc; No. Z rje, "19c; good feeding liatlev,
IO.iI.'c; fair to choke malting. 41a5Sc: No.
1 llax seed, J1.22; No. 1 nnithwestein. S1.2I;
ptimo timothy seed, fiS3; mess potk, pi'f
baud, JlB90al7: laid, per 100 pounds. $lla
ll.OJVi; shott libs, sides, $11 20ill.40: shoul
dcis, $9.73al0; short clear sides, ll.bTJSaJL'.
Buffalo tive Stock Market.
i:ast Jluff.ilo, Oct. 24. Cattle ISO; no de
mand; feeling oaslet.
Arels Receipts, VM; steady: tops, J7.73.1
S.2.1; common to good. $"i.0i.')70.
Hogs Receipts, 12.S00: falily active, lO.i
15c. lower: heavy. $7.20.17."';: niKed and
medium. $7a7.1": Yoikois, JtiSO.iGlK); llglit
do.. $GC5atf.75: pigs, JGWabCO! louglis, $0 25
atibO; stags, t"a5.7"i; closing lower.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 17,000; slow;
sheep, steadv; lambs, 'ia.'5c lowot ; top
lambs, v I5a5 .,": culls to good, JJ50i.".P);
yearlings, J4H2": oweh, $J2,i;.75; sheep,
top mixed, ?J50ayC0; culls to good, 1,75a
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, Oct. 21 Cattle Receipts, 2,000,
Including 10U westerns; slow: steady; good
to ptimo steei s, nominal, $7a8; poor to me
dium, &.75.ii;i: stockeis and fecdeis. tZ.i
150; calves, 5-t.D0.i7: Tn.via fed stceis, sjal;
westein stects, J3 50.1G.
ll"Ky-Ttcci-lpts today, IS.flOO; tomoiinw,
10.IKW; left por, 3,00(); opeued hltong, iisU
weak: jeitiuUiy'H close. JlKed and Imlih
cis, ?biw.ii.l0; good to choice heavy, JG'.n)
"The Store That Saves You Money."
Model Homefurnishers. 322 Lacka. Avenue.
htii i r miil ii ii ' ft T ri i i n ifilr
Spencer Trask & Co.
2? & 29 Pine Street, New York
Members New York Stock Exchange,
boody,mcl.eli:an & co.
No 57 Broadway, New York City.
One Cent IW&tiiU
our booklet "Tho One Way'
QlTine full particular Ikiw to mate Tour inonev
rarn u rcKuur lutniuii mcumu ritual
vriio ox oiioi, co
KIIIOAN l'lAcr A l!01!TAfii; CO.
list Willi tilrcct, New Ti oil..
n",'ZZ:: loush heavy. SOutiSO; llKltt, C ZO
in. 00, hulk of t-ales. iiiViWl,
Sheep IticelptH, oW); -heep nnd Inmlis,
steads: jjood to dmlto wetheis. S.!r).il:
tulf to i holi o mixed, J' Dii.iJ 5i); natlu
laml).s, JJ Waj M.
East liberty Live Stock. TJIlCltv. Oct. "I r.Ulln Slruiiliv
choice, fd bO.iT, ptlmc, JIMiUtw; good, S1W
U" h"i .
JliiK-. Slow; pi lino he.ulis, $7':a,i"."n;
mediums, 7JUJa7.Pi; lteay Yoikois, iiW.i7;
Manufacturers of
4 ! "J" i i
KtSSSl. Scranton, Pa.
Old 'Phone, 233i.
New 'Phone, 2935.
llBht do, MGOaGOO: pist, 5GC0.HJ SO; loiiKhs,
,". II.IIH
Shci'p Steady; best wetheis, JJiflilSSO;
culls ami (omnion, f W.xZi choicu lamh?,
.'iujiIuM, tal calves, aS."".
Oil Maiket.
Oil Pity. Oct. '.'I-Cudlt Inlancos, no;
o'ltlui.tloH, no hid: slilpmeuts, 1J7.1UI hiit-
icl.; aveiaBo, 9,7iiS Imiiel.s; nuts, ?o,.;u
ban els; avcuiBC, SO.tO-' bauds.
1 1 1 ifcin 1 iMi,wi,,'w,,MMi','ui,i''"''''SC3MBMte
It's Nolle Too Early!
To think of your Overcoat. The man who has an Overcoat will
be safe; those who haven't will want one in a hurrv. We should
I advise you to come in today and take your pick from our stock,
wniLii ib me largest in tnis part Or tne
country. We have been months pre
paring for this, and you get the bene
fit of our knowledge and foresight.
Fashionable Overcoats made' from fine
blue and black Kerseys, Meltons, Chinchillas,
Friezes and other warmth retaining fabrics,
from 44 to 51 inches long.
$7.50 to $25
"Winter Suits made from every fashion
able fabric with every fashion feature closely
obsorved.' Worth fully $15.00.
- Young Men's Suits
Wo have taken the greatest care in selecting our stock for the
young men 14 to 19 years of age. The variety is enormous, and we
know that you will be pleased because we have carefully observed
the needs of the young men. The fabrics are bright and snappy,
and the styles the very newest. Our prices range from $6.00 to
13 50, but we have an especially large collection at
Special in Boys Suits, 8 to 10 years of age. A (ti 75
Double-Breasted, short trousers suit, worth $5, our price pO &
Hats and Haberdashery, that will just suit you, at moderate prices
$mwt 'nxs&EsswaBm m&wt&immwwwkmmiiKMi
To shoppers are the new white taffeta waists this season. Un
approachable values, quiet elegance, and an individual newness mark
them as leaders in dressy waists.
Style No. 2 Pleated on either side
of large center box pleat, laid in pleats in
back, open on side, stitched cuffs. A
waist that will appeal to women both
for dressiness and service. $C c.f
JtJ vf
Style No. 1 Tucked with broad
effect across, tucked sleeves and cuffs,
ornamented with large white pearl but
tons. Realty a lesson in $ g
effective simplicity. Each "-
New Hosiery Ideas Are Exhibited By Window Display This Week.
s9 Wuomina Avenue.
We flaue Been in Business Finy Years
Otir flge Entitles (3s to Yoiir Consideration for
Ehret's Slag Roofing
Guaranteed 10 Years.
321 Washington Avenue
iMirtMMiiih...... ..-.wnswifcii L '. '.:,;L1, ,: . :: ...:::'T:,..,.....iv:- rvirrrrj.'.z.-.. !iivz!.. vir.i .-. tiv-'i . jr.-vr:1 j...j....1. ...: ..:i:::::t.".1:: a :.:..;,: ...n..-.,:ri:.::;:..ii.TJ"B:,m. Ml
- i- . i
President Ilootsvelt or Mr, Dtngley, who framed tho Dlngley 11111. or In fact moat any
retail dealer can Inform you why "Match It" Cheroots are th Kind to smoko. Tha
only orlgiuul and gsnulao with tho nnet Sumatra wrapper, tho duty on wrapper alono
Lslug $1 85 per pound, whilst the entire coat of the wrapper ou other cheroots U about
20 conlii per pound. You can euvlly figure th. difference.
Wholesale and Retail at CHARM'S CIGAR STORE 43 1 Spruce Street