The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 25, 1902, Page 10, Image 10

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Said Vfae RnV
Hi ' ' """ . " ' ' ' ' .
..... ...... .. na
rienu tor iunaaui uci. u
Th. IcasDlne auaility of NONE SUCH MINCE
MEAT has helped to give it fame the fame that
gave it a sale of 12,000,000 packages last year.
In its air-tight cartons it defies the rigors of the
arctics or the highest of tropic temperatures.
It's made to keep unless it's cooked In pies,
puddings and cookies; it won't keep then, be
cause many a sweet tooth craves it. NONE
SUCH is sold by all Grocers at 10 cents a pack
agenever more, never less. If you have a taste
for mince meat NONE SUCH will hit it.
Valuable premium" 1H41 Roger ." Stherware enclosed.
Merrrlt-ioule Co, Sjracuse, A". V.
THK VIOl.tX paviiiK of Atnolil l.oh
m.uiu ut the Semlnlih eouosit In
tile Jl 111(11 V Tltesdil CVellltlK K
iniilii" not onlv a plea-Milt momiiiv,
lull a deep HitlsTsictlou, not onl to Ills
friends heieiiliouls- but to inusicl mi a
ti ell, for auothei hi Ijjlit light 1m milled to
tho lot al clulet. No doubt Ml. T.olinimm
lias and Is. cnjovlng IiIm 1111 of piaNe mIiico
his IoluI conquest, but IiIm Mentis ami
the public lu geiiotul will not iiMcut a,
little Impartial filenilh comment on IiIm
nolle, i itli an equitable allowance foi
the pciMonal equation, iim It who Hefom
his tilpabioad, loial musicians Knew Mi
l.ohmann is n vetv t limited studeiit, who
legardetl himself mil IiIm worK Indirfei
ently. At tills wilting It m.iv be said
that Mr. I.ohm.-itin's rutuie lests enllieh
with his taking himself seilmiMv; In
other woid-", what Mr. I.ohm inn now le
nuiies, to lusuie his futme mikcpsm, m se
vere peional application, for it would be
a. pltv to wmte sutli talent as Is his lie
has i cached a high stand ml and his
woik now begins Wo hope he will take
Jdvuutago of his j ate oppoi tunlt . Mi
J.oluminn displaced excellent liidgment In
the selection of his piogtanime Tuesdav
evening, for lie did not soir too high or
grapplo with tlio impossible. Ills opening
numbei, the Air on the O stilus bv Haeli.
was Inleipieted conventionally, tic.ited
broaillv, simp Uhetlcallv and el ulv Him
attaquo was oonlldent and Intonation tine
and the tone waM not forecd. Mi l.uh
inatin was adioltlv clever In liumoiing
the tone, foi his C! .siting was, even
when ho began, an nnloituniite accident.
His encore was tho Itomune fmni the
second concerto bv Wlenlavvski. Ills sec
ond number tho exceedingly dlfllrult
"Iletje Katl," h Jeno llutav, a coinposi
Hon which would tax the iibllltv of imv
aitlst. In this numbei. Mi. r.oliniiun dis
plaved left hand woil of a high otdei
work that c le ir and ecitiln, fot the
moit pait. In spots, Ids bowing was
foiced and thoteloie lough and uiuinn
The ltquirements of this composition am
i loarness and piecislon in the ointments
mid smoothness in the staccato passages,
trills and li.ii monies i:cepting a lltllo
Inequalltv lu spots It was plaved with
bnlliancv anil snap The hat monies
spoKo elearlv, and, while not difficult,
woie plaved with conlldenie Mr. l.oh
mann gave Schumann, little teverie,
"Traumcrcl," for an enioie Tins was
played wllh.ibrc.tdUi and feeling tit it
evinced a tine eoiicepllou of tills ever
beautiful composition When It Is taKen
into consideration that Mi I.olinmnn
on the same piojiumme with the foic
most singer of the cluv, who is a billllaiit
violinist hei-eli; betoie an aiidionee com
posed mostlv of ti lends anil fellow -musicians
alwas hv peiotltie il in a Iiall tint
bo seasoned an aitlst as l'llu Kiltslei
said was dimcult in which 10 do cou
srlontlous work, It unlit he admitted his
rerfoimance stiipilsed even Ills fi lends
It Is to be hoped that All. f.ohminu will
continue the serious study of his chosen
Instrument and leap the due him
His mutinous friends bete would like to
har him lu lecilal. in an appio)itiate
hall. Tho power and earning powoi of
Mi. T.oluniinn' violin was of itnmias
mable asslstancu to him in his effoits
Tuesday evening.
I I!
Mr. J, Alfied T't nnliiKton will give his
fifth "Intel pretntlon Lesson" In ht
laikc's parish house this morning, when,
among other pieces, the "Woodland
Scenes" by MueVDowell will bo played.
II 'I '
The niemhm.s of the Svmplumv ouhes
tia arc diligent) lehearslng an entitcly
new iikiki unnic fm theh loilhcnmlng
conceit tlmt Includes the "Jltnlcii" nni
phonv No I hv Heethoveit, a Norwegian
suite bv 8 i iimU'H. the Autumn m enure
bv Uiclg and Hhortei selections bv John
Tamil and Victor I lei belt. Ml. Ilemboi
ger piomlse a com til and soloists of tho
usual high oleic!
The following imilial eler lions will be
rendered at the illuming anil evening ser
vices tomoirow at lllm I'nik t lunch, un
der the direction tiT .1. Alfied Pennington,
oig.iniMt and choli nitstti:
Oignn And inte ton -Mutu Calkin
1I inn Anthem, "O Come to Me, IV
AWniv" I'loil
Oigan-I.erto Itellgloso IHsgs
Uue t foi Sopi mo and Hiiss "Palin hr
the Night" (loets'c
Mis l'zi.i Connell and Ml. Phil
lip Wan en
Oignn VoMtluile in CS
Organ rtishetto in O. minor .Capocei
Anthem Maguilleat III F .. Si luieekei
Oirf.ui Offeitoiv In A Hut eiullmaiit
Kiis holei Selected
llMiiu Anthem, "Abide with Me"
Vogl It h
Al the inltlil conceit of the eitiug Hn
licmlaii -v lulltitstt on Sttmdav
exenlng, Nmemliei -'J at Catnegie hall.
New Ymk he will pelloim, besides the
111 list V Shinp Mlnoi Concerto, Halnt
Sam's lntioduetion anil Hondo CtpiIc
eloso, and r.tganlnl s I P.ilpltl ICoclan
will be assisted bv Wallet D.innoseli and
oithestia of one Impelled eeeutants, anil
Ml-s .Iitlie Cieci, who will itndei Webei s
Concei I st in K
' II 1
The tollowlng musical siUcllniis will be
nndeied at ttmini tow's wotshlp In tho
See ond Piesb teilan elnilch'
Organ Pit hide C.nol Pi elude In K
Qu.ii tette "f lMinw and 1
lug '
Miss I. the I SIiopiii ikei
Mim i". liiichman alto,
e 1 1 Johnston tenot , Mi
lister, li iss
Ofte i ton Antlie ill "Tlelmlil
a New IIeaen and n New K.tith,"
("llolv I'll " (illlll
Alt Ralph Williams and C'hnli
Oigan J'ostlude Ilessf
Olgan Pielude Ptstoiale ill C Relliee Ke
I'htilt Response "Sane tus ' .. . Attwouel
Solo "'J In n Shill the Hlgliteoiis Shine
l'oith" ("illllah") Menelel-sohn
All Robert lohuston
Offe i loi v Anthem, "l'limi Th Tin one
of tjni" Neln
Miss Ciiiiagau and Clinli.
Oigan Postluele Wasnet
Mi. J. Al. Chance, uiMinlst and elitectoi.
"The nmtiald Isle," the new Sit Ai
thur Stillhau opeia Hie Inst voik of the
tamous eoniposet whose musical genius W
foien stll'ed sat in his woiK. is said
to bo a taiel bcuutlful pioeliiction The
lllst hcene -hows the c,all i,ieeu and
biightlv ni-v aniens nl lielattd's lotil
lieuti'iiiint-the olllc lid of the stoiv, of
eouise, not of actttalllv. The stolid
scene picliites tlie caes of Catilg cieena
it nlRliI This s a li'(,entlai spot, said
to be peopled at inonllght with failles
'I he music U saltl to lie In exeiy wa in
keeping with the poetical theme of the
book '"I he Ktni laid si" will be heatil
at the T.xceitm on Tuesdu night.
II ti 'I
Al.uion Manol i, the well-known comic
eipi'ia slut, will be one ol the ftatiues at
KlNles ilteatei iteNt weeK, beginning Willi
the Moiul.iv in itlnee. Miss Manilla will
be asi-lstcd b a tnlented tompanv In the
leiielltioii of n oite-ae t nillsii al comedy
that has been willten exptesslt foi hei,
ami which pinnil-es to he one of the most
pleasing numbei s of tho bill.
am Ti ust-
.. Teniiey
Ah Hob-
Call llol-
1 Cieate
Baked Sweet Apples with Cream.
Coined Reef Hash,
Sciatnlilcd Krss.
Coffee Cake.
Tomato Soup. Ci onions.
Celeiy, Olives.
Stuffed Iiicast of Vent,
Hi own Sauce,
Sweet Potatoes Plant.
t.ettiui! and Tomato Salad.
Kiln Cheese Wnfois.
Apple Dumplings,
Cienmed Ovsleis In OhafltiK Dish.
Salad of Hhiediletl Cnbbiige.
Ulead and Uitttei.
Ciicoanul Cake. Sit wed Guipcs.
The season of social tinienltles Ih again
on, mill though "sewing In Hoc1h" Is not
iliilte so pupiilin us when Ha.Mitd Talot
wiote IiIh tleer sketches of village life
a half eenttllV ago, "Hocks" for taitl
pins lug, "Hocks" for ping-pong, "Hocks"
foi the simple sake of Hocking, nie still
In ineli'i. Fmttiuatels lot the woman
who delights lu eulei talnlng lien fi lends,
hut who can not afford elibointc and
tpensle lauds not exlia lilted senlce,
theie Is a glowing tieiid towald sim
plicity In eutei tiiliiing, and Uame Fash
ion lends It hct cachet. "If giu'sts conic
slmph foi the sil.e of tho loaves and
llshes " said a hilghl Cnllfoinla woman
letenliv, "thev tan llud better nt a good
lestnuiant. If tltcv eomo hetuiise thej
lllce me and want, to seo me, they icitnln
Iv wouldn't eaie for me to have an nttci
innth of hravv bills, a tiled bick and
aching head ol ellsgi untie tl cook to le
membei them bv. I love to have c om
pnin and tan liave them often if I am
(toiiteut mill thev ate content that the
entei t ilninent be simple, unostentatious,
but nlwavs abeitiudlug In eoidlalltv."
In one of tlie unlvi'tMltv towns this
Miiminet theie weie fieepiont Infotinnl
nelgliboihooil functtoiiM held on the
lawns oi In the- houses, with lefiesh
liienls nu mole claboiate than ftesli gin
get In e id and tea. hot oi Iced, sandwiches
and lofUt, ice- eieam and, ot ft lilt
and takes If tea was seiveel on the light tables would he bioiight out,
and wlille the hostess en a ft lend wotilel
pom the- tea, the men would pns the
tups and plates OtlPtt theie weie not
t v ell napkins to add to the luundicss'
weak One Instance In piititiilai I m
tnll The hostess was nun li of an lu
vallel, foteetl to siend the gimlet put of
e-aili duv in liei h immocK, swung linelei
a wide -Mpteacliiig live oaK. On the- mot u
ing ol the el iv In question the ehlldien
c an led notes of invitation to some
tw cut -live of the nc.ii nelghbois
Conn- and take a e up of ten with me
this alteinoou, Horn I to , linelei the
tiee "
I2n.1i i i li ill m iilid tugs weie bioiight
out, I hln mIIics nf lucid spionel and cov
eteil with it damp napkin In keep moist;
some sililnes weie giated with riw
eleieel e lieese. and -eiv thing was n-aeK
Ntiptlmr the tea Some of the new
magalniM lav on one ol the little tables
ami on aiinthi t a nuniliei ul iliotogi.iihs
of ttavel just bioiight bail. b one ot
the lamlh These to sei e as iimvci.i
tloual pej,s sheiuld tlti'ie be n ileal Ul ol
topics, which theie uev i was One of
the neiglibois ponied the Ita The cook,
In flesh white npiou biouht out thej
suiiplles fiiun the' house mil tin men
p.iss(( the simple lelietliliieuts No one
was Uieil no oiie oxetwoiked 'I lie e eiok
could go on with he i icgiilu illnnei wink
ns nsuil anil eei one si i nieil to linu
a rood time
I2en at Ruosiilt's ire cut letcptlon to
Ills fiienels iinil mlrflihois at Oxstri it r
the sunt slmiillcitv ptev tiled Cukes mil
lemonade and gnisci cakes h thai ii'"u
the quite sufficient I e'fii slime nts piovldtd
tM iiiiiisi. tin it ale oci.islniis wliin
tet lieiMtess likes to 'spiiad In i self
anil feu those spielal filiations tlie i u is
evil a di niiiiid foi snmetlilni, now
A few Mats .irfo eoleu le is linn heiins
and hiia lasts weie all tin lad but the
pifsenl liuitv Is foi fete s and bineilii'ts
lopleel lu sen lee, decointlons mil I ends
Hum i in vaiions nuioii sue n a into
was given late l n a Slatiloiil gtadiiuie.
who liad nude a spichil stueh ol Inpiu
eso iiistoms and It is wiitten i hook em
Jap in MNloeu quests wne invited to a
siNtton e mil so Japant st iIIiiik i ' he
I mini was detni.itttl Willi lovs of t.el
.liip.illtse I luteins, a l.itrfe l).i"ke t ot
loses and leins lianging lioiii ihe until
All the ladits woie klinonas anil tlieli
hall was aiiangetl with fans, while. Jap i
ttese sIIKhi Jiekets weie pinvldeil loi the
me ti
'Ihe costumes, dWIu s a nil menu weie
all hi ought ft out Sun I'launsin ten the
oeenslon, and lheie was dlffiMeiit china
loi each ionise. .Mane ol the ionises
wile soived with chop sticks Two cush
ions wetn pi mil on the Hoot foi eat li
guest, and a long low banquet table was
at i.itigt d 1 1 nut bo mis
This was thlckl sttewii with insu
leaves, attlstliallv atiangtd mill sIi.iiImI
in tolois Itoso haves weie sptlnl'lcel
ovei ovtivtlilng . nit seivetl even In tho
lea The' Hist eeiniso whs a piepaiallnt
ot seavvetd Anothei t outset was salmon
sane we ten and a tltlid ot sialcd rheeso
sandwiches. For tho sandwiches, tho
plead was cut oxticmely thin, put be
tween damp napkins to moisten, then cut
out with an oval tnttor and tolled llko
chrysanthemum petals. All of the mind
w Icliea vvero nriniiRed llko chivsanlho
niunis on Itullvldual blue snuccis. Ten
was setved in Individual teapots and
w. i.". rn!",ci1 with it. Ono eouise was
of delicious pieseivcd ginger, and tills
was followed by preserved ihttbarb. Tlio
last eouise was confcetloneiy, sorved on
blue snuccrs and also sprinkled with loso
leaves. One thlnir was nlwavs solved at
a time In accordances with tho Japanese
method, after whlrh eveiylhlng was to
moved, even to tho napkins. That la,
each poison used sixteen napkins, after
which they weie carefully folded.
Among the festivities planned In many
iiuiiie ior huh weeK ate Jlullow'ccn pat
ties Foi Innately fot the bos and gills
tho lovsteilng, tolllcklng festival, idle
of old Pagan dnjs, comes this yeai on
l-ildiiv night, so that If thev nio up later
than usual It won't Intel feic with their
next dav's school woik. Fine diesslng
for Hallow 'ecu would bo n woik of super
eiogntlon, as tho llme-honoted games
ducking fot apples, clacking nuts and
pulling enndy, with till the vntlous
'tildes" etilalilnc visits to the tcllnr ot
the well and gulden, ate of the slienuotls
older. Put on the chlldicu's plain clothes
nnd let them havn a good time without
vvotivfng fot feai of "what mothci'll
sav," ir thev spill water on themselves,
got mote or less "stuck up" with eiintlv,
oi hut st open seams Jumping for apples,
going eiown cellai backwaids, or stitig
gllug with cabbage slumps.
It goes without .saving thai tho most
appioprlate place to hold the partv Is the
kitchen, dining loom oi bant. Decoin
tlons suited to the occasion ate iuck-o'-InnleniH,
with bats, cats, owls anil
witches cut out, of hlnek cambile, and
lastencu up In all available places
Among the othet llnllow,'eeu games and
ttlcks Unit make lots of fun for the
voting playeis aio theso-
Take thlee seiiteis Fill out! wltli ileal
watet, one with Inkv watet, and leave
one emptv. Bllinlfeild the veiling man,
lead him to the dishes and tell him to
dip his blind in tlie Hist sullen lie comes
to If this Is tlie cleat wetei he will
mai tv a maid; il the Inkv. u widow but
If the entplv one, he Is doomed to live
and die a baclielot.
Hi if
"We're sweet little things, because we're full of
"Ginccrbrcad" Iiovb and cirls, in thotmnds of homes, arc matie sweeter, healthier,
and Innpicr bv DUFF'S REFINED. All cooking of which it forms apart, is more
wholesome, finer fhvoicd. stiret to please, than when othci molasses is tiseti. ineres a ncn
iicss and sweetness in DUFF'S REFINED, that ordinar) molasses never possesses. And its baktngf
qmlitiesspccdilvshow. in the liK1it loif of Riiigcrlircnd. or ; nt the ensn snaps or tender cookies. The
iilain ton or screw cap. full wcirIu cans, in w hich it is sold bv grocers, Keep it as it is madc-thc purest,
cleanest, sweetest molasses that can be boujjiit. Booklet ot choice recipes, free, on request.
e!JWZ&$W&7A&W, P- duff & SNS PittSbUlg.
" "" A' --' -"-- - - - -itti
Til 12 SALT
Let a iiaiUv of pit Is
with watet and theh
salt. Then at a given
nut mound the litnt I.
llll tilth inoullu
i is lit hands with
Ign tl all Mini i to
The til Kt name
imcii gin luaiM will be that ol hei Inline
husband ir su ggL,(s and the watei
(lies out of hoi month ot unclasps het
hand anil loses the salt, the ehaim Is
bloke u
Tin: riiu.wt thick
Just at midnight, take a mitih In me
hand i hand mlnoi In tlio otlict, ind
walking baikw.iul desi ( ml Die cell u
stalls tin into tile most lemole rmnoi
anil thin, lilMiii! the ;. ie Inte
tin mlnoi to see the laeo of the I ut in o
husband 'Ibis is tin moto casllv attoni
pllsheel if then lit a tatll iihi nent 111
some e ivalln s, ill b, in w ilthfj, fot lit..
itiiliililng maid
T..I e a hriudful ot thie itshes i,,n
v tni bit itli hud into it ir It (Iks bun
ovii vinn la, e the fiitmo hiMbaud -M,
1,1 a tviaut 11 it il0(s imt. Il imilnej
Nuts null upploM aio tin pinpoi lefieh
menls loi Ihillnvv'ti n It von v !sh to
siive sandwlilips lnade tteitn thes. nvo
staples gilmi th, nms ilno, i:nBsi wal
nuts en lint t. units in us,, the testilin
peaiiul luittiM in e ntnliln uliiii with th
tlilnue I piKilit slius ,r a ni"llnw ip
pie, loi a filling
If nut eatiilv Is on the piui.iiimmc fo
llalleiw ee ti ti' this tun finite
Hull teige Ihoi Ini tin minutes tiller cup
tills giaiiulatid -il, ii. ono iiilnl il,i
milk oi tti nu ind one lubli'M mimliil o:
buttei r.iriove I loin the In idd en
eupltil of i hupp, il nuts Mid stii t iplel
fot a ft v ineunonlh I'oin into hutieiel
p ins and mat k In sipt u s
A e iistom Hut pii-niils In nillinnl ami
liolatul Is sunt tlmis follovvid In h
eeiuitli b liiinllle- iiiinIiiiis to .oi p i,
liadlllou V dish laigilv in 'tie i i il
111 ishod tiniilps put tines ami i hupL
onions s stivni ,is tho pilntiiil ellMt oi
the uppci It'll ul file II Is . illttl mil
t annim though how nt win uoboil;
scorns to know
A deep howl lilltel In tho bi,liu with Ih
vogolalile tun oo Im plied in the middle
of the litbli lu tho eentei of the ill e't
Is a eleep will tilled with melted battel,
ami sunn win te Million In die eotiipounil
is a old ting Pin lions of the looel aio.
eiisu inineii io eaen mi sun anil tho one.
who llud" tho ling I ikos it im gt lilted
tit tl he is to be mat tied within the vtat
II, howevet, lie ni she Is ah ",nl uianiitl,
tlie (hiding ol the ilng Is InellcatlveN ot
p-ooel link to follow
answiius 'io conm:spoNi)i2N"is.
C'atliilne 'I o make s i;iind boiled leliu,
take one i up! ill ol Manillnttci stigui with
font tnliloMpnonluls of watei, and cook
without stilling until It '.stilus n thiead'
Horn the spnon Have teach tlie beiilen
The following simple "coutsc-bcforc-coffcc"
is much in vogue
w itli club men cv eryw here. '1 he
simplicity of preparation and
the little cost togcthci with the
delicious taste .of the comiiotrs
makes thistlcsscit in rare favor
in the home. Use
the house
I i 3? li I
15k '.-AtsotS
H Wm the P
bBE?:sS52 wm.w-1ak
wmzsm y3U.
1Pt3I ol
9k w-Zjjaiaev
A Most Delicious Dessert
Thcic is no toabt that compares in
crisp cicncacy to tnat made with
Shycddcd J Violc Wheat Biscuit.
Unlike white bi cad toast or cere
al foods made of part of the
wheat, it whally nourishes the
whole body. Parents who are in
earnest about building their
cnuarcn inio strong ncaitrt-
l men and women
Simply Deliclou
Fir Short Cake With slurp knife split the '-Hiu:unnn WHOLE
WIII.AT HIM Ul'I.S lengthy he. piriiaie lilne.ipplo ns Toi s.uue (or ba
iim.isiir mixed fuilt, iimlset tsidc ) When sonim;, mango halves, la
Injcis covered with Intlt. anil ndd sugar and whipped etctitn
SHREDDED WHOLE UiEAT BISCUIT is sold by all grocers.
Send for" The Vital Question," (Cook Book, illustrated in colors,)
I'Ri:E Address
THE NATURAL FOOD CO., Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Y .
jm V li 1 w' suPPy tms r
V V I f
V fi II B I Hu p" the t
1 I M I Biscuit. Mf
iir XW A y
Pr saaSBaSSsRi 7. . X
airisyssili-jfcgs i ' ftf'W f
and shght
lv to.iht the
serve w ith im
ported j tin or
preserved hcr
nes en plums or
jellies-. Simple,
isn't it? Your
verdict will be
v f
Syrup.of Fks
iKfrbest family Iax&tiv&
It is pure.
It is gentle.
It is pleasant,
It is efficacious.
Jt is not expensive.
It is good for children,
It is excellent for ladies.
It is convenient for business men.
It is perfectly safe under all circuuist .nees.
It is used by millions of families the world over.
It stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians,
If you use it you have the best laxative the world
I I produces.
r II 1
I :
Its component parts are all wholesome.
It acts gently without unpleasant after-effects.
It is wholly free from objectionable .substances.
It contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste.
All are pure.
All are delicately blended.
All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
the originality and simplicity of the combination.
To get its beneficial effects buy the genuine.
Manufactured by
San Francisco, Cal. '
Louisville, Ky. New York. N. Y.
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Has Ever Been Found
in the Enamel of
Protected by Dcchlon cf United States Court
fPasted on Every Piece
If i.ubillttttes are offered, write us
This tnule-innrk Is on every piece
ot genuine Ajyate ware.
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Bpechl to the Scinnton Tribune
Jloiihollniu, Oct 21 Miss Ot.ieo Vim
Oouler of Nleltolsoii, Is vWtlnt,- her
cousin Ml-s Oliiiti Quli'lc
(1 W, Stniplcr, of Klmliutst. Is sponJ.
Itur u few dan with filends In town,
M(s, lato Tunic r tins returned home,
after u visit vlth filendie lu lllnKhaiutnn,
O 15. Itobcrts has resigned tils position
ns depot iiKcnt Sir. Itoueits lnis been
lu tho employ of tho Dehiwute, Lacka
wanna and Western rallioad for tho,t
ttilt t -eliiht years, nnd his nuilnl faro
will ba sieatly nilsseel
Tho Junior Yiium; I'eople's Chrhtlmi
union inuelo neatly IIS ul (hell euppei aud
aulo Wednesday evening.
Special to the Sct.inton Trlhuns
Welsh Hill. Oct. 24 -The. chools hih
closed this week, as the teachers urn at.
tending the cq' .ity Instltuto at Montrose.
Mr3. Henry Sndor unci duushter, Alice,
Wif JxiSMf
Sild t rirt'il IVpirtmont ami House
fiirnUlilut atores fciiiet tor new llooklet.
rrfrwn.W. W....IMMM M.
Complete line of the genuine li. &
O. Manufactuilng Company's Agfite
Nickle Steel Waie.
of Hast l.enos, ura Kuests of relatives
Mls Annlo Thoinits, of l.'ast Slmket
stieet, Set anion, te tinned home Beiiurda)
uflei spending the summer hem.
Miss Sadlo Jones, of Main stieet, "ai
lunula le, is visiting her iiimt, Mrs. John
Tho unveiling of tho KHen Owens me
morial tablet will take place next Sunday
Kern Incandesrtjnl
Gas Lamp.
Guided Forsyth
233-327 Penu Avenue.
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nt the C'oiiKiegutloual tabernacle wltll
nroprliile services.
D. J. Moig.iiis and family hav
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