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Declared That Defcndnnt Has No
Eight to Recover from tlio Dela
wnro ond Hudson Company for In
juries Received by Falling Into a
Lyo Vnt Attention of Court Taken
Up Nearly All Day -with tuo Case
Against the Clark's Summit Dairy
and Condensary Company.
The complicated bankruptcy cuses of
A. J. Kennedy, et nl nnil Hrure Cook,
et nl acalnat the Clark Hummlt Dairy
nnd Conilenslnjr company, occupied the
nttentlon of .IUiIro Tt. W. Archbald and
n jury In the United Htntes district
court nearly all day yesterday, and
will probably bo continued all day to
day. Former JuiIrc K. X. Wlllard, repre
senting the plalntlffr, opened the case
nnd explained that It would he proven
to the satisfaction of the Jury that the
company transferred Its real estate to
Attorney George D. Taylor, of this city,
and Its personality to the Summit Dairy
company for the purpose of defrauding
Us creditors, thereby acts
of bankruptcy. The defense Is a denial
of Insolvency and a denial thai the
realty conveyed to Attorney Taylor was
In reality the property of the com
pany. A. II. Christy, cashier of the Coun
ty Suvlngs bank: John W. Fowler,
vice president of the Lackawanna
Trust and Safe Deposit company; Har
ry G. Dunham, cashier of the Dime
Deposit and Discount bank, and F. U
Phillips, former cashier of the Traders'
National bank, all testified that the
directors had borrowed $3,000 from each
of these banks, giving notes indorsed
liy all. Later they executed mortgages
nil the company's plant and gave them
to these several banks for the pur
pose of securing the endorsers of the
notes. The plaintiffs allege that this
showed an effort to Insure the claims
of (he directors to the exclusion of
other creditors.
Attorney Taylor on Stand.
Attorney George D. Taylor was put
on the stand when court opened in the
afternoon ond admitted that the prop
erty occupied by the company had
been deeded to him by a, Mabel D.
Kvnns for r.o mon 'nry consideration.
As far ns he knew this was done with
the knowledge of the dlivclnri..
George Rcemer, superintendent of thf
Hillside Home, who was president of
the Clark's Summit Dairy and Con
densing company at the time the al-l'-gcd
nets of bankruptcy were commit
ted, said he knew nothing of the trans
fer of the property to Taylor until af
ter it had been made. He had no un
derstanding with Taylor as to the dis
tribution of anv funds realized from
th" property. He had a knowledge of
the trnn.-fer of the personal property
to the Summit Dairy company, ns he
v. as president of the latter concern also.
The value of (he property so trans
ferred was about $11,000. he thought,
but the Clark's Summit Dairy and
(iindenstry company was Indebted to
the .Summit Dairy company for at. least,
vilf that amount. Ho did not know
whether or how the balance was paid.
Mabel G. Dvanr, who was n sten
ographer for Attorney II, N. Patrick,
testified that .she held the deeds in the
property occupied by the condeusrry
company in trust for Jits. Patrick and
had transferred litem at Mr. Patrick's
f-olicltatlou to Mr. Taylor. She had re
ceived nothing from the Utttrr.
Attorney Taylor was re-called and
tcsilfied that when he received the deed
to the property In question lie assumed
n J.'.OOO mortgage lo Frank 31. Spencer.
Attorney Arthur Dean threatened exe
cution, but hold off on Mr. Taylor's
promise to pay. That was over a year
ago, but the mortgage has not been
paid yet, he said.
Was Aware of It.
Mr. Taylor said he. knew the Sum
mit Dairy company was operating the
plant when the property was deeded
lo him.
"Who did you consider to be in pos
session?" asked .lodge 'Wlllard.
"I considered myself In possession,"
paid Mr. Taylor, "but I didn't go up
there. I didn't leave my offloc in con
nection with the .transaction."
Judge 'Wlllard 'sought lo show that
Mr. Taylor Is now seeking to recover
J2!i,000 In Insurance, and this caused At
torney Comegys to assert that he In
reality represented the insurance com
panies and not the three former cred
itors whom lie appears on the list ns
representing. Judge Wlllard Indignant
ly resented this assertion. The case
will likely take the best part of today
In the trying.
An argument on the rule to show
cause why a new trial should not be
granted in the case of William Kobtn
son against the Delaware and Hudson
company was mado in the afternoon
just prior to the resumption of the
bankruptcy case,
Hoblnson sued the company for
$:'5,000 damages for injuries received by
falling Into a vat of lye In the Carbon
dale yard of the company, This vnt
was used for removing the grease from
brass work, and was placed under
ground with a wooden cover overhead.
Ttobinson, who was an employe of the
company In this city, fell through this
cover In cutting across the yard on
his way home, after alighting from n
train, anil was badly burned. A suit
for $2.r,,000 was brought, contributory
negligence being alleged, and the case
wis non-suited by Judge Archbald on
points of law without sending It to the
Argued for Plaintiff.
Attorney Ira II, Burns appeared for
the plaintiff, and argued at length that
many of the questions which were
passed upon by the court nt the trlnl,
such as the question as to whether the
railroad yard was a permissive way and
ns to whether Itoblnson should have
been entitled to the rights of a pas
Benger, should have been left to the
consideration of the Jury,
Attorney I.ouls Carr, of Albany, X.
Y general counsel for the railroad
company, contended that no duty on
the port of the company existed In Hob
Inson's enno na In the case of an or
dinary passenger, paying his or her
fare. He stated that It Is n well
established point- In law that the owner
of private real estate, which is In no
sense a ptibllo thoroughfare, nre not
obliged to look after the safoty of per
sons traversing It. Permission to use
such property does not Imply core of
the safely of persons accepting such
permission, ho said.
Judge Archbald refused the motion
for a new trial. The plaintiff, ho said,
did not carry the rights of an ordinary
passenger nnd the company could not
bo compelled to safeguard his passage
over the property In question. He
must accept the perils of such passage,
he said, The points decided by him
were not fit matter for passage upon
by a Jury, ho said.
Grnnd Jury's Report.
The Brand Jury mnde two returns
yesterday, bringing In true and Ignored
bills, ns follows:
True UIIIr Cisto Incognollo, of
Wllkes-Hurre, counterfeiting: Michael
Unban, of Glen Lyons, counterfeiting:
Hrncst Lettlcrl and Antonio Schlnno,
of Scranton, and Peter Lorettl, of Old
Forge, violating Internnt revenue laws
by sale of unstamped boxes of cigars;
Harry Welsherger, of Scranton. selling
ok'omurgorlno without having paid the
tax requited by law.
Ignored Hills Keglna Kuts and Nel
son Donley, of Wllkes-Uarre, counter
felting; Fred O. McMurtrle, Andrew
Luzak, Mary Luzak nnd Annie Luzak,
of Wllkes-Uarre, passing counterfeit
Tlio grand jury will meet again this
morning for the consideration of other
Dozen Resolutions Which Were
Mado Operative, Yesterday.
The following resolutions were made
operative yesterday by the signature of
Recorder Connell:
Granting permission lo Ellen Moiton
to connect her property with tlio North
Mala avenue sewer.
Providing for plans nnd specifications
for a. branch sewer on Poplar street, to
relieve the Fourth district main sower.
Fixing u nominal valuation of $103 a
year for ten years on .the Ashley silk
mill property, on Luzerne street.
Directing the director of public works
to provide quarters for a geological ex
hibit in any new building to be erected
in Nay Aug park.
Providing for a the hydrant at the
corner of Luzerne and Fifteenth streets.
Providing for a special committee to
report recommendations for Improving
Taylor avenue.
Kxoneratlng Holy Cross church from
sewer assessment.
Kxoneratlng St. John's German Catho
lic, church from paving assessment.
Providing for repairs to Luzerne street.
Providing for repairs to Hroadwiiy.
Providing for a temporary bridge at
Ash street.
Directing that no appeal be taken from
the tTOO Judgment ohialncd by Attorney
Cornelius Comegys for services as asso
ciate, counsel for the city in the Sturges
pave ease.
How's This?
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for .my case of Catarrh that cannot bo
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CI I K.N KV & CO., Toledo, O.
We. the undei signed. mvo known F. J.
Cheney for tho last 13 years, and believe
him pertectly honorable la all business
transactions und financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their linn.
WEST .t TItUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
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Wall Street Review.
New York, Oct. 21. Trading In the Block
market, unlay was light in volume, very
narrow and devoid of any noteworthy
feature. The formal settlement of the
coal Mtlkc. excited little Interest. There
was Just a bare susge.stton of activity at
the opening, but tliir. was almost alto
getbep due to moderate buying for nc
coimt of the western specula live contin
gent. Tho market soon became very dull
and save for n few spasmodic ralllea con
tinued so to the end. Missouri Padlic's
unfavorable showing for August caused
heavy sellhift, with an extiemo decline of
2 points. Much ot the selling came from
one of the pools that had ben prominent
in the stack market. The other standard
railway issues were comparatively neg
lected the greater part of the day. their
places being taken by the minor Indus,
trials, such an American Hide and leath
er, Leather. Rubber Goods, L'nitcd Stales
Kubber and a. few other In tlio same class,
all of which appeared to be subjected to
manipulation. Operations throughout Mio
day were almost altogi thor of a. profes
sional character, und at no time did the
list reflect any public Interest. Total sales
fll.l.SOO shares. Tho speculative bond is
sues showed weakness and the market
was under pressure throughout. Total
sales, par value. $l,73r.i)oo. l'nitcd States
bonds were all unchanged on the lust call.
The following quotations are furnished
Tho Tribune by Hnlght x Freeso Co., 3H
315 Mcars Building. W. D. ltunyon, man
ager. Open.HlKh.Low.C'losa
Amtil. Copper OilU iWA ft.",' ffiig
Am. c. &. v :w; avk r,:,s :k
American Ice 10", nm Wi Hi;,
Am. Ice. Pr 37J .'IT'i :i7,A ."T'-i I
Am. Locomotive ....vjll 31 :ig 30
Am. S. & Tt. Co 47 17'i Hii,i 4G'.'j
American Sugar ...X'l'i 12:, 12:114 VXK
Atchison M '. 'A 'J
Atchison, Pr 101 ii ioo-'H iooTr
Bait. & Ohio 1104 Ihi'k lOSTs IOS'b
Hrook. n. T fir-; fii i or,
Canadian Pacific ....1:17' 137a; :n: 130 ' I
ches. & Ohio :,- r,2c. r.iv- r.ivi
Chicago & Alton .... .TTH 37. Srt'.i 3iVj
Chle. & G. W 80 M?I .W.i 30?,
, M. & St. P 1B2 1!J; 1301,1 IWl'il
C It. I. & P SOOi.t 200U 200 wo I
Col, Fuel & Iron.... R3U tSH St S3
Col. & Southern 33ti ::.1i 33 3.H'. ,
Col. & South., 2d Pr. 4DU A'.f.U l!?i Wh
Don. fi. II. O 41 41 41 41
Detroit Southern .... ill 2tu, an; aiw.
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aaiMywgiatffligm?am 1
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. rjM.AsUed.
Laclsn wanna Dairy Co., Pr.... GO
Countv Snv. Bank & Tivst Co SJO
-"irpt Not. Bank (CiHbonu'alo.1. ... PM
Third rational Hank .ISO
Dime Dep. & Dis. Uank SOU
Kconomy I... U. & V. Co .. 45
First National Bank 1M0
I.uok. Trust & Snfo Don. Co . 19.
Clark & Snovor Co.. Pr li
Scranton SuvIiibh Hank 600
Tracers' National Hank 2i"
Scranton r.olt & Nut Co 125
Pcoplo's Bank 133 ..:
Scranton racking Co 3j
Scranton Pas-sensor Hallway.
Ilrst r.iortB'W-', duo 19-0 113
I'cople'fi Street Railway, tirat
mortsaRii, due JD1S 115 ...
People's Street UnUvvny. Gen
eral mortgage, duo 1021 U-"
Scranton Trae. Co.. 0 per cent. 113 ...
Kconomy J... H. & V. Co JT
N. .Jctsov ii Pocono Ico Co 9.
Consolidated Water Supply Co ... 10j
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrcclcd liy 11. G. Dale, IT I.acka. Ave.)
Flour- 1. 10. , , ,
Butter Kroili crcamciy, "Ic: fresh
dairy, .'c.
Cheese. UUalSc.
K'jgs Ni-.irliv, SJ'ir.; western, 21c.
Kggs Nt-niliy, ijc.; western, 21c: can
dled. 22c: case count, 2li'.
Jlurow Boaiif Per busltt'l, ?'!.
Oiilon Per biifhol, 90c.
Now Potatoes-two. per bushel.
3vi : awi asii.
Krio, m Pr i"i nsi liT-'i as
Krlo. fd Pr M'i r.14 r.2',4 r.2?I
Hocking Vnllov OiiU Ki : o:
Illinois Central l.'.l 131 Uflli 14W.
43 -I
Iown Ontrnl -13 -!3V
Kan. City . South., sit :w ms :ii:
i.ouln. &. NaHh ISO'S itO'.-j kis'A las'.
Manhattan WW 130 iui: mV.
Mci. Bt. y HIVs lll'i l.W. l:iH i
Mexican Central .... 2il 2i, L'37i SI I
Mo K. & Tox .w; 3015 :iO :n)
Mo, K. T Pr .... fi2i iHi liWJ iil;
Mo. Pacific 111 112 Urt lin
N. V, Central 137 137v, 133 l"iV '
Norfolk ,fc Wm .... 70l; 7 77'I 77t
out. & wom ai am raif, w.
Penna. It. U 1p; Hi3'4 1inA nrwl
Peoplo'n CaH 10IU inti lii'is: j.i,
Priwd Steel Car ...i'.IU H2 01 r,l
Heading. 1st IV M S-i S7l(. S7I-1.
lUnillm;. ?il Pr 77-i; "i 77' ,7'i
Hupulille Steol 2:lVi L'31. 22'i ":!
Bepublle Steel. Pr .. S.l M " ;iv nr.
St. I.. & San F 71 7ii 7i! 7
Southern Paeltlc .... 72-; 7;n; 72 7'ii
Southern n. it :v :tai :;7Si :i;rH
Ti-nn. Coal iS- Iron... 'M", iw; i;.",v, inn
Toxuh Paeillo lit; 43 in, nt;
Wew York Grain nnd Produce Market
Now York, Oct. 21.- Flour Market was
unlet again but fairly well 1st hi: Mlnno
solii patent. ?::.Wal. Wlteit Spot otipy;
No. 2 red. "Si'ic. eli'vator: No. ". red. 7iVt
7S'Ke. i. o. b. ailoat; No, 1 northern Du
Inlh, &.T4U. f. o. I), ailoat. Tin. general
trend of wheat prlrcn wiih downward.
Tho close was weak at -c. net loss. May
closed 78c; December closed 7S',iiC. Corn
Spot easier: No. 2. C7c. elevator: fiSc.
atloat; No. 2 yellow, 70c.; No. 2 white. 70.
Corn weakened decidedly today but linal
Iv rallied a little on largo export sales,
closing steady at 'tta'.; net decline. Jan
uary closed 32c; May. IS'hC.: October,
i:'.c: November, iil'.ic: December. WluC
Oats Spot easy; No. 2 oats, Clc; stand
ard white, 3i;&c: No. 2 white. :WV4c: No.
a white. Mc.; track white western, STuiRTe:
track whlto state, :i3a37c; option market
was likewise affected by largo receipts
and lino weather, (Inclining sharply: De
cember, SWaKlfce.: closed SG'.Sc. Butter
Steady; extra creamery, 23c; do. factory,
ltialSc; creamery, common lo choice, Ifl.i
2IUc; Imitation creamery. 17n20c: state
dairy, lSa2lc; renovated, UtinSlr. Cheese
(inlet; new state full cream, small col
ored fancy old, 12lsc; new, 12Vsa12'4c.;
small white. Id, 120. : new, 12'.al2',iCi
largo colored, old. 12c: now, ll?ic; largo
white, old. 12c.; new. 11 -tic Kggs Aver
ago best, 22a23o.: western candlcil, 22a2lc;
refrigeraled. 10a21c.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Oct. 21. Lower cables and ex
cellent weather caused a weaker tono to
tho grain markets on the boaul of trade
today, December wheat closing c. lowor;
December corn, aiaTc, lower: nnd oats,
"ic lower, while Janunry provisions closed
from 12't to 23c lower. Cash quotations
were as follows: Flour Steady; No. 2
spilpg wheat. 72Vc; No. .'!. ilSWc; No, 2
red, 71a72c: No. 2 corn. 37c: No. 2 yel
low. 30c: No. " onts. 2Sa.ic: No, 2 whlto,
: No. :: white. swaVsV.: No. 2 ryo, J0c;
good feeding barley. ; fair to choice
limiting, 4.i.i5Sn.; No. 1 ila:c sueil, $l.l.s; No,
1 northwestern, SI. 21: pi lino timothy seed,
; mess pork, per barrel, Jl"aI7.10: lard,
per Km pounds, ; short libs, sides, $11. 30a
11.73: shouldui'H, 0.73alO; short clear sides,
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, Oct. 2l.-Cattle ltccelpts, 9,000,
Including -I.ikxi western: slow; good to
Pilino steers, nominal, $7.23aS.23: poor to
i-imni i-acioe je.i-,i jui'i lopt licit
riiloa Paclilc, Pr ., H4 dim i, mr.:
IT. S. Leather 1 1V. lPi mi in'
17. K. Itubbcr 1SU 1UH ku if,"1
V. S. Steel JO'S -UK, W jot:
M'. S. Steel. Pr Sflii w vi li'1
Wabash, Pr
...Wi :!lt. ;i:iii s-u
in -ri
AVestein Pnlon si", imv, n m.
Wis. Central 2.S"i 2S!4 2S S
Total bales, 0)1,300 shares,
Money, B',6 per cent.
WIIKAT Onen. Hll, I.ow. Close
December ,.,,.,.. T2Ti 7314 TiV, 72i
MORN m 7'!i WH T&
Decombor 51 nt'l Mil to-";i
May !i i; iWt ijij
OAT8- '
December , 32 32 32 32
May 32 32 31 32
October ,,.. 17.30 17.10 17.frt 17.00
Januai-y ,..,.,,,.., 13.70 1S.73 15.C 13.&3
Octobor .,.,...,.,.. 10.90 10.M 10.KO 10.R0
January ,.,...,.,.. 9.02 9.02 9.00 9.02
October 11.80 J1.S0 11.75 11,75
January S.22 8.23 S.C0 S.20
Open. High. Low. Clone.
October S.33 8.41 8.:i3 S.4
Jnnuury 8.3S 8.03 8.33 i.y,
May ,.,,,,,,.,.,,. S.4J 8-30 8.36
ineiuum. m.,..iu.;ki; suicxers ami iieuers,
2.23al.73; cows. Sl,tQ,l..ri; heifers. 2.23a3.2")j
cauuers, $l.!0n2..r.0; bulls, $2.23al,30: calves,
)3.73a7.3iJi Tuxun fed steers, Slal.23: west
ern stcors, $3,73a7.3li; Texas fed steers. ?3
a-t.23; western steers, J3,
l..)-, iveiieiii tiveis, f,iuui,.,i.
lin.r., 1, ...... I.. lu l.l.llll. OI,U-L. n ... .-. .. ...
Ill'l,? ,v .J,jra ,,,,,,J, n,'rynj, llllll,,, Un ,
23.C00J loft over, I2,U"0; opened Id lo 15c
lower; closu 20a23e. lower than Monday,
Mixed and butchers, Jii.70a7.'.i); good to
eltolcu heavy, ?il.!'3a7.32',3i; rough heavy,
Jii.4oa0.S.3; light,; bulk of sales,
Hhoep Receipts. 23,000; steady; lambs,
23.ii7)c. lower; good to choice wethers. $3.30
03.83; fair to cholcu mixed, J2.30a:i.C'J; im
tlvu lambs, o.rao.3Cl,
Buftnlo Live Stock Market.
Kast Buffalo. Oct, 21-Cattlo-HecelptB,
700 head; baruly steady, demand fair.
Veals Steady; tops, $7.73jS; common to
good, $3.3fla7.30.
Hogs Iteceipts. 3,100 head: heavy, J7.30.1
7.W; mixed medium. J7.20a7.30: lorkors,
J7.O3.i7.10: light do., $ii.90a7.O5: pigs, $ii.S3a7:
roughs. $8.li0ai).8S, stags. $5.30a0.23; grass
el's, $e.75a7i dallies, J7a7.2.
Sheep und I Jimbs ltccelpts, S,000 head;
steady to strong; top lambs, ?3.23a5.40;
culls to good. $1.13.20; yalrllngs, $!.i 4.2.1;
owes, $3.23a3.75; sheep, lop mixed, $'1.30a
3.75; cullaJo good, $1.73a3.IO.
Oil Market. '
Oil City. Oct. 2I.--Crcdlt balances. $1.30;
curtlficates. no bid: bhlpmonts, 130.W2 bar
ids: uveiago. 9-1,rv32 barrels; runs, 19,513
barrels; average, 77,523 barrels.
Manor Woman
Makes careful inquirtj
before deciding where
to deposit money
Everybody in Scranton knows the
strength, the capita, the surplus and
the unchallenged high standing of the
Msd National Bank
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orm SATURDAY EVENINGS, 7.30 to 6.30.
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Richmond, Va.
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Steamers sail daily except Sunday
from Pier 20, North River, foot of
Beach street, Now York.
TIckots, Including meals and state
room accommodations, $S,00 ono way,
$13,00 round trip, and upwards.
Send stamp for Illustrated book.
81 Beach Street, New York, N, Y.
Traftlo Manager. J, J. HROWN,
General Passenger Agent.
pTHII I iM.BsraaPiwwKCTffa'i
Gas Mantles,
Portable Lamps.
Kern Incandescent
Gas Lamp.
25:t-3'27 Ponn Avenue,
BUGOIUS and WAGONS of all klnib; also
llomei and Dullding bob at bargjliu.
HOUSES CLIPi'Kl) and OKOOMl',0 at
Lackawanna Carriage Works.
Home Office, 20S-20D Mcars Uulldlnff.
1Ve arc maturing bbaie-i each month which
tfiow a net train ta thf, ttivp.stnr at about 12 I
per cent. We loan money, Wo also Issue 9
lUI.l, PAID STOCK $100.00 par ihare, inter
est payable semi-annually,
ALIIEKT IUI.L, Secrctaiy.
rear CU Laikawjnna avenue, maniifictuver nf
Wire beroens nf all klncU: fully lirepareil for
v the tprinj featoii. Wc make all l.'inJa of
porcli screens, etc.
Ocncril rcntrattor, IluiMcr ami Dealer in
Ihillmue Stone, Oiientuu of cellau a tu
clalty. Ti-Iciilmpr C"!'2.
OflUc, u27 Washington avenue.
rue scranton viTNineoBmax
Mikrrs of IMvIns Uriel.-, etc M. II. lil,
Ciencvil S-Jl's Aiant, Olf.eo iJ Wa.l oi',-tn
aic. Wi'ikJ at Nay Aiifc, I'a . K. & W. - It. It.
iis 1
Jluniiiiicturors ol'
Old Stock
J s"H $ ' "H" "J'
,SS, Scranton, Pa.
Old 'I'lipn;, 3331.
New 'Plion;, '-'i35.
mt$p6 firTM &jmm
f alH and Wirier
for the iiom.
This is the store where ascantiiy filled pock
etbook will not interfere with the purchasing of
your cold weather needs.
We appreciate the fact that you do not re
ceive your salary in large advance payments, so
why should you be compelled to pay in that way.
Here you purchase what you need, and it is
i delivered at once. You are entitled to the privil
ege of paying as you are paid.
Our Kan$5 Jr (Joal VS.
tfcSai TSaSSS'SBiSrSsJrS?
lilaclt diamonds arc bound to
be the subject ot mure serious
consideration this winter, so this
fttel saving quality which ha
previously been of iinall Impor
ttn:c becomes a prime feature.
II is in the scientific construe
' .Ion of the fire pot that this great
advantage is secured. If you
will call, we can belter explain
while you aie inspecting the
Thv prices on our high grade
showing are
18.50, 20.00,
WS 24.00, 25.00
.., . according to size.
y.v. uu, mi au-Lunru ricr cooKitiK stoves.
A Ruaraptee
wliich means. Fnc Repairs for One Year From Dai: of Purchase,
goes with Kccnoniy tange sales. You may pay for them " a little
at a lime," too-
Exhibition of Q0arf5 Open
"What," ventured a gentleman, the other day, noticing the
go-cart display, "you certaini-y do not sell go-carts at thi.f season
o ths year. As there may be others who have a similar impres
sion, we desire to emphasize the fact, that we most assuredly do
sell great numbers of baby vehicles during the Fall and Winter
months and there are two good reasons for it, too. During the
bummer little ones may take their airing by rolling on the lawn or
toddling around the yard. In Winter it is important to keep them
off or the ground and well protected hence, go-carts. Then our
Winter go cart prices are even closer to the cost than Summer figures.
The exhibit shows the product of America's leading makers.
Come and look it over-
Quartered Oak, and aply
If you have in mind the
purchase of a rich, massive
suit, this is the prince of
bargains. The bed is full
sized, high head and massive
roll footboarJ, hand carved.
The double ton shaDed case
anil su'ell fmnt dft'ttrn nf th laS?5?r
dresser is peerless. Post
construction and elegant
bevel French plate mirror
arc other features. The
commode is made along
similar lines. Each piece is
golden finished. 1'he price
means a saving ot i;.oo.
I i&GtflSSsstw IIP I I
uffik- f4bsGta&:&
floor ov2rin5
Important linrnlnB In Rnom
Riikn There are a hno vriety if
Svmrna. Ilody Hruxeels nnd Tapestv
Rugs in slit's from 6xg f? ffS
feet to oxrt fart, l'ricos VJ. WW
from 35 00 down to .
Onr pacl?l Soml-Vool Tngrnln
l an all-the-tim favorite. It Iiub tho
benuty iin-l tnnrit that make frlenas
and Ueop them, too. A comprehen
sive seleetlotifi of patterns J? ff
at the tunc tempting prlca JijQ,
per yard
.Velvet Carpet
90s, t.oo, 1.25 and 1.35 a yard
Body Brussels
1.25, 1.35 and 1.40 a yard
Inlaid Linoleum
1. 00, 1.25, 1.50 a sq. yard
Pattern Linoleum
50c, 60c, 65c, 70c a sq. yard
Carpets Ids anil Laid Without Extra Charge
" '
"Thr. I nrtxr'c I II Will li
Chair" iLyzLJI
i . tl i) hf '--rTrai
These rockers have been
going like the proverbal ,"hot
cake" during the past week,
but we foresaw the certainty
nf a great demand at that
price so we are able to con
tinue the unusual offer a Utile
while longer.
folding iron (Jueh.
A pertectly shaped upholstered couch,
equipped with "National" woven wire
By extending the adjustable sides, a
full sized comfortable bed is formed.
The frame of this.handy couch-bed is
made throughout of iron and is in every
way a high class production.
Usually sold at i;.oo. Our special
price is
tW t!V 17
3 SA' -OEWKlaaa, I 'II-
22I-23-2B-27 Wyoming Avo., Scranton, Pa.
StftfMtRtt!!JWkft KG) HKffiS JW &SS2nW&tf aSSCt
iimiiwwuww i?
J' '51
Of anytlilne In the line of
optical goods wo can supply it.
and Eye Glasses j
Properly fitted by an expert
4. optician, !
From $1.00 Up J
Also all kinds of preserlp
tlon work nnd repairing. T
Alercereau & Connell, J
4 139 Wyoming Avenue.
-J. 4f .j, 4 Of K 4
General Agent fur the Wyomicg District for
Dupont's Powder
Uinin;, plutin;, Sporting, F'mohtleM and tin
l!ti.iim) C'lieuiical Ccnipiny's
Salety Fuse, Caps and Uxplwleu. Ileum 10) C'oo
ocll Dulldln ,St'ri:itco.
JOIIXIl. SMITH i bO.V Hymouth
K. W. MULUQ.VN WilUcsllarr.
Tho Tribune will guuranteo to print
your nvcr book iiulckei than any oth-
i cr prlmiiis housjo In the city.
fe! .