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Seventeenth Anniversary of St. Peter's T. A.
B. Society Celebrated in Mears' Hall.
Features of the Occasion.
Meni In I' was now doit to thr elnois
lnM rvonlilR. when St Peter's Totrtl Ab
ftlnonoe nnd Benevolent society colo
tmifed their seventeenth nnnlveisiii'y.
The linll hint been piottlly decorated
tor Itio event.
Tin' opeiilnir "election whs .1 platio
polo l Miss Kate Itenrilrin, Master
I'i ink' HnymonU was ti'tidneil stent
ipplniHo for some very clever' stop
lilllolllir, till" bellllT followed by it plimo
nnd violin duet by IMof. llmiy Walsh
nnd Finnic Doyle.
Miss Howell. In (i sweet voice, sum?
at vocal solo. Miss ll.illlleld notoiiipnii -Intj
This was followed bv un mldiess by
J, ,T. O'Toole, who spoke of the pist
woik of the society. Its alms and bene
llt. At the conclusion of the addle ss
.lames .Mollttirh k.ivo a vocal solo. Miss
.MuiK.iift Ctlliny uiioiiip.tnyliiK. Mr.
Murphy Kiive an exhibition of buck
and wlncr daneitifr. followed l a well
received vocal nolo bv Miss Kate ('mi
nor, and a piano uolo bj latey Sullivan.
The pionr.nnnie wns In ought to .1 close
I an enjovabl" oeal solo bv William
11 ho.
At the ilo'-e of the entet tallitiient an
Infoimnl lenptlou was held. The olll
ecis tih the such tv nie: Piosldont. I'.
.T. r'nllash'r: lee piosident, .1. It. Mc
Lean: leeotdlliK secii'tary, M. !'. Me
Donoiigh, tliiaiK lal seiietai.. M. i:. and tioasuior. J. t'. Mt(!ir.iy.
Men's League Meeting.
The Mi'H'h leiiKlH of the Til si Wel'di
II. ptlst I'liuuh held ,1 I.HRely attellded
nicotine,' In the 1 lime h p ulcus l,it evui
liiff. the piisliltnt, I lev 1) I. Hopkins.
pU'-ldiiiR. At the eloe ot the devotion il
(i'iilHS Di I .1 Jenkins sine a most
inteiostiiif-; anil lii'tiui live talk on etu
teiit events ot the w i k
The principal eent of the evening
Mil' .111 addloss and discussion oil "ftet-in-.pc
tlvn View of Dill ei nit Stages 111
Jewish Illsioiv tor F01 ty Yeru" Th
addi'-ss was made by Ileinv I'. Davie1-.
Mho handled his subject In a eiy able
William W i:1111s favoicd with an
cvocllent solo, aftei which discussion
on the above addtoss was taken up.
I'i of James ; Hujrhos, 1,'Hhei Lewis,
Daniel Hvaiis and John J. Dals ui
uied Into the discussion and made it
vav Inteipstlnfr. The ilosiuy: lem.nks
were inarlo bv the pit sldcnt. He D D
Mock Tiial.
The Chi NTs ot the W.ishliuin Ktioil
1'it.sbvtciian cliuuh Ik Id an on lovable
and laughable mock 11 111 in their
Five stamps given away with
each bottle of Dufour's Fiench Tar
Dressy Touches
M A Woman's Glove
Offeis almost a certain index to the tastes of the weaier.
Ntver thought of that befoie, maybe, but it's true. Our
Gloves arc made for women of refined tastes, and the
best gloves prduced in this world aic in out' fixtures.
We can't say more than that, and the excellence of our
stock fully warrants the statement.
Dent's Gloves, 'Tre' fousse" f
GSoves, "AJexaaidre" Gloves, Etc. gj
For Dress occasions arid walking. The most complete SS
litiss m this end of the state. Si;
it Our $1.00 Glove Is Matchless f:
It has lots of style and has no equal for hard service. g!
j All other makes and qualities of gloves in the newest T;
tall and winter shades.
9 &
0m ......I... ... , .,,.,.1 , .. ,
Scotcli Wool Gloves
For ladies and gentlemen, also children's sizes. These
will be much worn this year in cold weather. All col "
ors, in plaids and fancys at prices not equalled elsewhere &
in this city. gjf;
Gloves for Gentlemen
5 In lined aid unlined kid, dressed or undressed, all the
' new shades, including greys, tans, browns, slate, etc.
One Dollar Glove for Hen
Meets all the tequirements of higher priced gloves, It
is lashionable, it looks well and .t wears well. Try a
1 Ladies' Seasonable Neckwear
The Neck Ruffs will be as popular as ever this year.
The new cape effect is exceedingly diessy and becom
ing, but other styles may suit vour fancy better, If you
are bashful and don't want to come inside, take a look
at the window displ.iv. It (.Mves a slight hint at correct
fashions Neck Rull's in black, blade and white, all
white and white and black. In Liberty, TaiTetas, etc.,
there is realty no end to the assortment,
I Globe Wareho(js?.
rooms Inst evening. The tinfoi tunnte
defendnnl vwir Jiiincs Orlfllths, who
wns chiuged by A. U Moiso with steal
ing two baskets, of peaches f 1 am
Mnisc's bnek porch, on August 21.
Court wns opened by C. II. Hull,
court oiler, nnd found Judge Walter
Rcvnn on the bench. Sheiirf Daniel
Oarrow hi ought the prisoner In. ho be
ing defended by Attnns lalwuid
Jones nnd Cloorgc AVnltcis. Attorneys
William Unvls and J. H. Hattelibllig
looked after the Intottsls of the piosu
eutor. The Indictment was lead and the de
fendant pel milled to plead not gulltv,
thiotigh his uttoiney.s, who claimed the
case was brought thioilgh liinllie, be
cause the defendant had called the
pioseciitor a scab for walking during
the slllke. Klght witnesses weie a
iimlnod and the contiadlctory evidence
they submitted was laughable in the
Attorney Jones summed up the case
for the defense, and asked for 11 vei -diet
of not guilty. Attorney William
Davis summed up for the prose cullou
and, of course, asked for 11 mm diet of
guilty. The closing speech of Mr. Da
vis was woithy of special notlte and
showed him to be possessed of both
humor unit powers ot oratoiy.
The buy. aftr being out foi a time,
le potted that 11 1 ould not ngree. but
upon the com t informing the jttrois
that they would be locked up all night,
thev dually hi ought In a veidlct ol not
guilty. The Jmy was 1 omposcd of Rev.
J. P. Moffatt. I). D, Allen Rower,
Chatles Penny and Mossis. rioiey.
Decker and Keone.
Church News.
At the close of the piaver sen he on
Wednesdnv evening the teachers of the
Vn-hliinn Street Piesbvterlan chimb
Sunday school will meet. Superlntend-
1 flit D. L Moigan will be In charge of
the Uible study.
The R.iptlst Young People's union of
the Jackson Sheet Baptist chinch will
meet this evening. Aithur Hughes will
hae chat go of the devotional sen lets.
I The quaiteilv conference of the
I Simpson Methodist Episcopal chute h
will be held In the church pailois this
evening at 7.30. At the of the
fimfeienee the tmstees will meet
At the close of the Wednesday e cu
ing prayer service the membus of the
Flist R.iptlst chinch will hold a spe
cial business meeting, to take action
of the letter of acceptance of Rev. J.
S. Wiichtnoilr. D. D.
The Young Ladies' nuxllli.11 of the
Worn 111's Poielgii Mlssiunaty soiiet of
the Simpson Methodist EplcopiI
(bin eh will meet at the home of Mis.
Josephine Knnuss, ot Jackson stiect,
on I"ildnv evening
Miss Minnie Oleason, of Washbuin
stieet. pleasantly enteitained a laige
number of her ft lends, at her home on
Friday evening, Clnmes of Uic usual
order and dancing were 'enjoyed until
a late hour, when the kind hostess
served refreshments.
The social committee of the Hlectrle
City Wheelmen will conduct n soclnl
for members nnd lady friends nt the
rlub house on Jackson street this even
Iptr. Thursday evening the Itnlltond auxil
iary or the Simpson Methodist Kplsco
pal church wilt hold n clnin chowder
supper In the church parlors. The pro
reeds will bo applied on the mortgage
Miss I.Ida Xorthup, who has been
visiting her mother, on Milium street,
for the past two months, has retuincd
to Philadelphia.
David Wllllums. of Chestnut stieet,
Is homo from Pottsvllle.
Jnmcs Williams, of North Main nve
nue, Is recovering fiom an Illness,
Miss Canle "orr, of North Main ne
nut', Is home fiom r'nrbondnlc.
Mis. Martin Hint will give 11 cnchie
pait In Ht. Peter's hall, Mellevue, to
morrow evening. The proceeds will go
towaids furnishing the new home erf
I lev. W. P. CV Don noli.
Mis, U. ,. Stoic, of I'ynon stieet, Is
lecoveilng1 fiom an Illness,
Miss i:va Williams, of North C.ailleld
avenue, lin.s let tuned from Tienton, X.
Isaac Thomas, of Noith Main uve
nue. Is In New York city on a busi
ness ti lo.
The 1-yeai-old son of Mr, and Mis.
W. A. Phillips, of I.nfayette street, tell
about a week ago and Injured bis aim.
Supposing It to be a spialn, local ap
plications weie applied, but as they
gave 110 relief, Dr. Hobeits was sum
moned and tcnind the urm hadl tiac
tuied. Diamond Oi.sUils. Ak Milsgiave,
the diugglst.
Key. T. A. IIutnphu's, pastor of the
Plymouth (' chinch, and
family, will leside at ms North l'e
becca avenue.
Division No. 1, Ancient Order of
Hibernians, will confer degrees on
membeis In St, David's hall this even
ing. It Is expected tint seveicl county
ofllceis and clergymen will be piescnt.
Hf fie.slmients will be hetved.
Miss Maiy Tioerton. of Noith .Main
avenue, and Miss Jessie Featheiby, ot
Diamond aenue, sj)ent Sunday in Oly
phnnt. All membeis of the Noith Hud Glee
society aic lequested to meet at their
looms this evening, to hear the icports
of the various committees.
Samuel Ulock, a former lesldent, has
icturned to his home In New Yoik,
after .spending- a few days with hla
uncle, n. Atlas, of West Maiket stieet.
William Heese, of Noith Main ave
nue, has retui ned home, after visiting
fiiemls in Iowa.
The Independent oidieslra will con
duct its Hi st annual social on Wednes
day evening.
Mis. Darners, of Wan en sttect. and
Mis. Hoss, of Ulair avenue, weie visit
ors in Ol.vphnnt on Sunday.
John Saltry, of West Maiket stieet,
was ,1 Pittston visitor on Sunday.
The menibeis of the Piekel club, vho
went cliestmiuing on Saturday, u
tuined home estoulay vvilh seveial
bushels of nuts. The following com
posed the club: Ft auk rarwatdine,
Hcnrv Twining, William Finn, Lester
Meiedltli, lJuinhnni nulld and Udgar
The Noith Hurl Slats and the Jletio
politans' barket ball teams will b ittle
on me Auuitoiluin lloor tins evening, 1
The ofllcial ho.ud of the Point Stieet
Methodist Episcopal chinch will .serve
a chicken supper in the chinch on
Thuisday eveuini:.
Wade M. Finn, of Noith Main ave
nue, is able to be about again, after a
.slight illness.
Mis. ('. M. Lewis, of Thompson, Pa.,
has leluined home, after a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. e'rossman, oLTIuoop
John llaitN and daughter. I'lodwyn,
of Dean Mieet, aic visiting- filcnds in
Wilkes -Ratio and Naiulcoke.
Kich.nd Hughes, of Putnam street,
has irtutncd home, after .1 vi'it with
his patents in Foiest t'ltv.
Hairy f'onklin. of Stanton stieet, has
letuincd fiom a thiee months' stay in
I'oal Jlount.
William I'm tell, of Tripp stieet. Is ill.
Woikir-num s hall was a blaze of
color and light last evening when the
Suablan Vuein celebrated the annual
harvest festival in good old countiy
stjle. Tho Veieln is composed of poi
sons who formuily lived in Kchwaben,
Germany, and Is veiy stioug in this
vicinity. last night's event was the
tlftecnlh annlvei.s.iiy of the oiganlza
tlon, and the spacious hall, which was
lavishly decoiated in American and
(iirinan colois, ,is packed 10 the
doois. A leccptiou look place fiom S
to 10 n't loci;, and afleiwaids the Moor
was cloned lor dancing, which contin
111 tl until ihc tally 11101 ning hours. An
appt tiring supper was sivcd in the
basement by Mis J H Stuait and Mis-.
William .Iniisoi who gave a strhtlv
tlorman menu, Their tiillnaiy effoits
were well patiml.eil. The alfalr vcas
a success fiom stait lo finish and much
01 edit s due to the lap'ible committee
men who had charge of tho artange
meats, They were Messis. Heiman
yeager. 1 I1.1I1 man. William Jauser,
John F Selunldt. Henry Flagenstein,
John It Stuart, Loiena rieuehtol, Wil
liam rischer, nnd Rudolph Meytis, who
actctl as floor maniiKci Music for
danciiif was fuiiiisliitl by the ltlng
gold baud,
I'omet lodge No. "ilO, Knights of
Pythias, will meet this evening in
weekly session at Haitiiian's hull, on
Pittston iiveaiue,
Joseph Sloouiu, tiavelling engineer for
the Ameiican Locouiolive woiks, has
anlved homo fiom 11 business ti in
thiough ('anada anil the West. Mr,
Hlocum will now take n well.enrncd
vacation, nnd at tho saiiie tlmo will
take to himself a wife. The wedding
takes placo on Oct lid, at Paupack,
Wayne cnuiiti.
On Monday evening, Oct 27, the
Hound N club will conduct their Hist
annual ball in Athletic hull, Mailer's
oichestia has been engaged and an en
joyable time Is iissuiPd nil who attend.
The following compose the committee.
In (bulge' Peter Holm, Hnuy Haft,
Oeorgo Hartnian, John Schmidt and
Charles Wlitb.
Dr. Schley'. Lung Healing Hnlniu Is
I'uaianteed to cure all coughs. "No
cure, no pa. For sale by all dealeis,
for chllflrn teothtnt?. Ik thn nrasnrinuH i
one of the beat remain phjslclnns nnd
burses In tho United States, ami has been
fused sixty yours with never-fnllhiK shci
.vo uj (i.H'iuio si iiiuiuein jor cneir emu
Jren. DurliiB tho process of teething its
.nine Is Incalculable. It relieves tho chll?
from pain, cures dtanhoea, tjrlpln In 1I19
towels, antl wiml-collc. By glvlnt healta
lo the child It lests thn mother. Price.
you dliould hnvo
IJoisCnso la tnndoof two Hyern of solid gold with a layer of
stiffening metal between. It Is hotter tlinn n solid pold eano
bccntifto It stroiiRer nnd o closenttlug ns to keep out gas,
emoltc, dust nnd dampness.
Watch Cases
r reeounUtd m the standaril the world over, nnd
sold as siicli IithII Jewe'trs. Tho lloss Is tlioonly
tlirenrd euf e In tun Ioiir c nouuli lo rrovn liy nctual
woar tht tliey fill outlMt bo "M-yonr Runtntitie. I. nnnoeloat ns nooa." Tha fpvnlono tTDili.-
tniirlc hero cbovm Is stamped la earb ilo3 cute tlST
Contult the Jeivclrr. Write utforbooKUt.
The (list time any of the large col
lieries In this place have hoisted any
coal In tho past live months was on
Friday Ijst. when No. r. collleiy ot the
nrlo companj was put In operation
and Ififl cais weie inn thiuugh the
hi eaker.
Miss Maty (iullagher. wlio has heen
s'eilously ill, suffering from an attmk
of tyiihold fever, Is convalescent, und
her cnily recoveiy Is looketl for.
Joseph Watious Is III at his home on
James stieet.
James Hopkins, of New Yoik tlty, is
visiting ft lends In town.
Monls Haiilngtnn has leturned home
fiom a short stny In Albany, N. Y.
Uev. 11. A. Poabody, of Scranton, oc
cupied the pulpil in the Piesbyterian
church at both services Sunday, owing
lo the absence of the pastor, Rev. W.
II. Olbhoiis, who is attending the ses
sions of tlie s.vnod at Plttsbuig.
The 1evlv.1l meetings at the Tiipp
Avenue Chiistinn church, Instead of
dosing Filday night, are being eon
ducted with Increased Interest. The
evangelist had for his theme last night
the tiitu old theme. "Baptism." Theie
weie two lnoio conveisions. making
tlihty-two to date. The topic tor to
night Is: "The Thief on the Cioss."
Seldon O. Miady and Miss Annie
Brown were united In man Inge last
Satuiday afternoon nt the Chiistinn
church paisonage, by Rev. J. D, Dab
no v
The tunc1.1l of the late Pntiick Kane
took place esteiday morning at 9 30
o'clock. A icqulem high mass was
celebrated nt St. Mary's church by
Rev. M. B. Donlan. The pill-beareis
weie Patrick Jordan, W. Kane. James
Kane, Richaid Giltlea and Michael
The following are lepi eventing the
vai ictus locals in town at the wjlkes le convention: P. F. O'Hoia, John
Ruane. John Kaily. Beinaid Sweeney,
Thomas Clifford nnd William Fitzslm
111(111", who is seigeant-at-aims of the
coin eiuioii
Kenneth Ramsey, of North Pdakely
stieet, a member of Company A, Thir
teenth legiment. is home on a sick fur
lough, suffering fiom a bioken Collar
bone, leeeived dining n ftiendly wiostle
In camp iccently.
Mis. .Albeit Savage has 1 etui nod to
her home In Wyaluslng.
Hugh Thomas, who left seveial
months ago for Onllitin, has 1 etui ned
and is now occuping a cloilcal position
in the office of Division Supeiintenil
cnt James Young, of the Kile company.
Misses Elizabeth and Mary Gilllgan.
of Wilkes-Bjire, aic visiting rriends in
Vito tleiardl Is confined to his home
on Willow stieet by injuries leeeived
in fulling from a now building he has
in course of election on Bunker Hill.
Miss Lucy Heal, of Chinch stieet. h.11
returned to her duties at Giconllold.
Mis, A. L. Hiyden, of Blakely stieet,
is spending a week in Pittston.
Mr. and Mis. A. O. Thomas. on. of
Nnilh Pails, .110 spending' a week at
Columbus, O.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S, Watson, of Mori is,
N. Y aie guests at tile home of Mr.
ami Mis. C. i:. Tiibey, of nice tile, avt
11110. The Cbcen Ridge Wheelmen will have
n stag- paity at their club liouse.Thiiis
ilay evening of this week,
.Miss i:nill Rdqar, of SJandorron
avenue, lias leturned fiom vlsltiiu
fi lends at Caihondale.
13. T lllackinan, of Boulevatd nve
liue, swoie out a waiiant ycsteiday
against Mori Is O'Donnld. K. flriiiln and
Ben fiilllitlis, before Aldeinun P.aylej,
chaiglng them with steillng vegetables
and fruit fiom his g-arden, Alter a
healing the aldnman dismissed tho
case because- there was not siifllclent
nvltleuce to wan ant his holding the
men for com t.
The Second degife will be confeiicd
nt the legular meeting of Clreen Rldgo
lodge, Independont Older of Odd Fel
lows, Thursday evening, In Masonic
hall,. Dickson avenue.
The walls of the new machine shon,
being built by J. P. Pocue, on Albiight
avenue are all up, and the building H
now being put under cover.
WILLIAM BROWN, son of Ml. and
Mis M. Blown of Deacon stieet. tiled
josterday nioiiilng. after a llngeilng III
lit s, iiRid 1; joins. Ilo Is siuvived by
his father aril mother and several slsteis
and brothcrx. I'uiieial set vices will be
hold at the hntno tcunonow alloinonn at
'J.'M o'clock, and will bo pilvaie,
FHANCIS .Meormn. the eighteen-months-old
son of Mr, anil Mis, John
Mcllulre, of Deacon stieet, died .vcstoi
duv momlne at t o'clock, The tum-ial
will take place Wednesday afternoon at "J
ci't lock,
The tuueinl of thu hue Mis. S. B. Mutt
will bo hold this afternoon nt 2 o'clock,
fiom tha lain homo, 412 South Main ave
nue. Rev, J, P. Moffatt will otilclate,
ami Intel ment will hu Hindu In l'atcst
Ulll cemetery,
Thu funeral of the late Mis. J D, Bald
win, of II." South Suinnor avenue, who
died at thu family home Sinul.ij moru
la!', will bo held lu ralrhivon, VI., Wed
nesday afternoon. Tho icmalns will be
taken theio at T.'SU tills morning via the
Dtluwaie and Hudson.
One Man Tells Why Hencefoith He
Will Have the Other Sex Only,
Prom tho Detiolt Proo Pre3
A meichnut from an interior town of 1
Michigan was In Detiolt a few dus i
ago looking tor a young man to net as
his typewiitei, and when asked why
ho did not employ a gill he replied:
"I've had threo or font, und they don't
turn out well. The hist one had been
n Jn. nous Stiffened OoldCnio In order
to nrotecttho works nnd lomen tho cotof rotmlri. Tho
WATCH CASE CO., Philadelphia.
with me about a month when a the
atrical company came along ami was
going lo skip Us dale because Little
I3va was sek. My typewriter heaitl of
It and offeied her set vices, und she
plaed the part so well that the com
pany took her along and In four weeks
she mnnled the munager and ran the
w hole show. Tho second one got a lit
tle too fresh after a week or so, and
came to me nnd said:
" '.Mr. Blank, you haven't got but
one r lu coffee, while you've put un h
In sugar and left out an e in sheeting.'
"Do you object to my way of spell
ing'.'" I asks,
"'I do.' she sns. 'I don't want
folks to think I'm typewiltlng for a
saw mill.'
"As I wouldn't change, she did; ami
number thiee was all light till a young
'aimer walked In and gained her love
wliile she was tvpewiltlng an older tor
sK giliulstones and a bale of bed
"Nutnbet four was the host looking
gill ot all. and she hadn't been In the
stuie thiee dis when my wife stlyS
to me acioss the bieakfast table:
" 'Silas, I think I'll go home on a
"Yes?" s-.ij.s I,
"And take out scuen ihlldieti.'
" 'And stay a year or two.'
"What's the inw?" says r,
" 'Nothing-.' s-ays she, 'only that w lien
a man ot your age has to put on a
t lean shit t and collar oveiy morning
it's time he got a homely typew liter
or a new lamllv.'
"The gill went." continued the mer
chant, "nnd I don't think I'll tiy anv
more. I'll get some tiling- man who
wants .1 chance to vvoi k up, and when
he ain't tvpewi itiug I'll hoist him up
stairs to bail el up beans and sack up
Hints for Young Mothers in the Caie
of Their Children.
Fiom the's Home Pomp 111I011.
If a young- motbei is anintis for her
wee bahv to grow into a healthy,
strong child she must lollow out hj -gienic
pilnclples; and foi tunately for
tho coming genoiatlons nioio attention
U now paid to such things than in the
dajs of oui g.Mndniotheis. No matter
how munv seivants a woman may have
nt her command, theie nie a few du
ties which a motbei should Intiust to
no one. Two ol the most inipoi taut
are the hath and the piepaiatlon of the
load, piovldmg the Infant Is at tillcial
ly fed.
In order to give the bath piopeily
the water should be at the right tem
perature, and this tor a 1 liild until he
Is several months old should be at US
dogiees Fahrenheit. 'Ibis is giadually
loweicd until at six mouths the tem
po ntuie foi a health Infant should be
!Ti degices Faluenheit. The water Is
tested bv 1110 ins of a tlieiniometer
w hieh comes for that purpose. If the
'kin of the Infant is verv tnder and
excoiialed. a salt bath Is of benefit.
The solution Is made by adding a laige
handful ot salt to a gallon of water,
''he bath should be given in .1 wnmi
100m that is hoe fiom all diaughls.
The articles that nie especially need
ed dining the nuclei taking aic a small
tin hath till), a testing IhPimomotcr, a
cake of the best cisille snip two
sponges-a small, line one for the- fat t,
and a lai'-ro, ooaiscr one for the body
a soft towel nnd talcum luby pow
der. Tho mother should wear a flannel
or outing- (Linnet npion. with which she
can pi otee t the baby dining Hie diving-
process. The bath should be of
short duiatlon, and the bodv diltd
quickly, especial altentloti being piiel
to the ci eases, that luey 111 e not left
damp It It is found that the t lillil
looks (old and blue after the bath, tho
tub should be 'ib.uuloned tor tho
sponge bath until the child Is In a
nini e healthy and lgoioiis condition.
The bath should not be given for an
hour alter tho meal, and It Is wise to
give ii at the same hour eveiy day
Between !) and 10 o't bv k In the morn
ing is usu illy a convenient lime.
When it Is time for a baby to lal;"
his sleep, see that he Is eonifot table
with an appeased appetite, dry nap
kins and n quiet, dm honed loom, and
then put him down while nwnko and
nllow hlni to go to sleep by himself;
for if "iioo tho rocking h iblt Is estab
lished It Is haul to break it. A ci lb
without lockets Is the best to use. It
Hiould have u lather dim linlr niat
tiess, and a small pillow for tho baby's
bend. In summer the pillow can bo
made of hair if doshed.
The mlstnke Is often made of putting
too much coveting over an Infant when
nsleep. If It Is noticed that the child
Is lestloss at tho time, try" lessening
tho cove-1 lug. Tho clothing of nn In
fant should bo loose and 1 onifortuble,
with nil skirts suspended fiom tho
shouldeis. Plunlst blankets 111 0 often
responsible for the colic, due to cold
feet. SniiiH niotheis may say, "A pin
ning blanket H used to keep the feet
warm." but with n vlgotous child the
feet will puuo often be louad out than
In It. In Us pl.ue use a t and waist
lu one piece ami Its advantages will be
Tho sanltaiy condition of the nursery
Is an Unpen Unit matter. First of all It
should bo the sunniest und bent venti
lated 100m In the house, free troni
plumbing and pieforahly on tho second
lloor. Babies will not tlulvo us well
wheio tho conditions nro neglected, but
cuganlc matter will. Ventilation Is Im
pel alive rind can be secured by moans
of ventilators in the windows-, An
open III a furnishes the host heat. Avoid
ffas stoves, which are veiy tleloteilous
to a chlld'sc health The furnishings of
a nursciy should be light and of such
material that can be easily renovated.
A bare lloor with a few rugs upon it Is
much more) hygienic than a carpet.
The window hangings should be while
and the shades sreen.
Goldsmith's Bazaar
G. B
We Are Plentifully
Supplied With the Things
You Probably Need.
Women for hundreds of miles around have an
interest in this store. People who have visited the
others usually are more satisfactorily and best pleased
horn I not' of ihnoo Ulnct nitinnc r( ulvifr rF rnn Ar
1IV.IV. SSSJ UL W1S..JS. I II 11.311
in attending closely to the
Ready-to-Wear Things
Ladies' Outinp Flan- O Ac
nel Skirts, each, 25c & O
Ladies' outinc flannel night
gowns, full length and
splendidly made, each
Ladies' all-wool llanrel
waists, in black, navy, rd,
rose, pink and tur- Q Q
quoise, each CO
Ladies' black mercer- QQc
ied satin waists, each J O
Ladies' black and col
ored mercerised petti- QQc
coats, each O O
Children's practical Otc
sleeping garments, each w O
The muslin underwear is
an all the year round sfock,
a'ways giving satisfaction and
taking care of customers.
Winter Hosiery.
Heavy cotton "VVavne"
knit hose, splendid qualities
aid blackest of blacks, O ff c
a pair '2'c and eCO
Heavy fleeced lined 0c
Hose, a pair, 15c and eCO
Tan wool Hose, a gf fc
pair, 25c, 35c 49c and D O
Children's heavv ribbed
Hose, a pair, '5c, 25c,
.5oc and
I! E W A R M O F? Y,S C R A fS! TO 1M, Ral
Leading Soprano
TUESDAY EVerslHMG, OCT. 21, 1902, AT 3.30
PRICES. 73c to S2.50. Diagram now open at Powell's Music Store, Scranton : Marx Long'
Store, WUkes-Barre ; II. F. Clark's Drug Store, Carbondale. Orders for seats received by mall or 'phone.
I'i mil tlio Now YniU Sun.
Dinner sov.'n men tcrnKcs, or, lo bo
nioio accurate, moi tpufjes hecuuxe of
tin- dinner Knvvii, .uc now incHulrd
.'IIUOIIK llie llll.iiuiiil li.ini.H tiuili of
Xi'vv York's faslilonalile vv onion. To
the fashionable ilicsmaKci boloni's Ibo
illstini'tion of beliif," pilin.n Ilv tneli
inoioclor and nioinoti'i.
The faol illicit never have been pre 11
ni.illy known bail It not boon foi a
viyltlnvr rioneliinan. who. tuninuKlily
inipiossoil wiih some Intel o.stinj,- Info -illation
on the subject, gained one eveu
lai,' from a lady whom bo hud taken lu
to dinner, availed himself of tin- veiy
first chance to tnlU it over 11 1 the club.
Thou tlie InlcM'xicil members hastened
to pai.ule llirlr knowledge befoie cei
tain of tluir vvoiueu Ii lends, who in
turn e.ifroil.v eoniniuiile ated the l.u is
to otlici vveimon not In the n-crot, and
smi the newt, sjnoad.
1,IU.. some other foieicn visilms, the
Kienelimnn, duiiiift 111, ft lav In New
Yoik, ni.iivoli'd 111 th" s-upe'ib dinner
Kowus which met bis cje vvlieiever ho
went marveled cpilte as mi.'cli at llin
vailety of tlioni. cadi mine splendid
than the Inst, included in a poile-ty
v.onmn's vwtidiob", as at fbeir nppu
ent costllnes; and befoie loiifj be was
lcacly tn believe that in 110 other feitui
tr.v of the vvoild H nioiiej upent t-o
la'vlslily for women's, chillis as In
He noticed, of course, that In point
of nuiKiiilU'euee the dinner kowii leael.s
nil the lost, and that, ulthoiiRli the ball
I row 11 iniKlit be nlmo.t passe nnd 11-
imintlvi'ly inexpensive', the dinner
I (ovn of a woman In society invariably
it ached a lilKh w-uteuiinik ol newness
I of iK"Ikii, 1 loll inateiinls and costly
! TliPHe reflections nnd otheis ho 0011.
! fhlod with eiithiHlustii and In his best
manner to liH paitner at the ufenf
mentioned dinner, at the same thno
naively eiiieislnt; surpiiso that i-n
! veiy inauy Amtiican women weie 11I1I0
to lavish such idles or mnney on 0110
particular aiticlo of nppaul.
The lady at his slelo listened beani
liiKly, and nt the end of the 1 lumip.iKno
cours'o beeanio dellfrht Cully communi
cative, ftilel she:
"If ou will pvoialse not tn betray
mo I think I eun let ou Into tho secut
of how some of tho Ics wealthy wu
Hieii In tho social swim inunase some,
times to got seveial thousand dollnis'
worth of dinner uowns In n single sea
son. The tendon Ii simply this; They
uivo tlieli dressmaker 11 ineirth'aKe on
real estate."
The rieiielnnun looked blank. The
lady pioceeded:
'The Ameiican man. as poiliaps you
know, has kcu into the habit of eleed
liifj over to his wife somo piitleulur bit
nt teal estate, preferably a city house,
not so much f 10111 an Impulse, of Ben
eroslty as betaui." the transaction mu
prove to be a safeguaid should ilnan
clal disaster overtake him later. For
tint loason there Is a host of man led
women, as vvi.ll an ot unman led ones,
who own valuable lealty both In and
out of New Yor. I myself own tho
house I live In a circumstance which
my dressmaker seems to know as well
las I do.
interests of our customers, 'm
Women's and Children's
Women's tleece lined O Cc
vests and pants, each...wO
The celebrated "Har- VIQc
vard" brand, white, each TrJ
Ribbed wool vests and pants,
grey and white. Price QQc
each tJ O
Natural wool vests and pants,
extra fine qualities, a -f XA
garment... I -00, 1.25, I ,D)
Children's ribbed tleece lined
vests and pants, grey and Ofijc
white, all sizes, each....J
Children's natural wool vests
and pants at 25c up.
Women's Handkerchiefs
Women's line linen handker
chiefs, till pure linen, some plain
and others with embroidered
corners, Jj inch hemstitched.
3 tor 25c, 2 for 25c
Torchon Laces are here, too.
Worth Sc, for 3c a yard.
Worth 10c, for c a yard.
Take in the Towels.
Fine Marseilles towel1;, 20 bv
40, fringe ends only, each.. 10c
Fine Irince damask towels, col
01 ed bouiei's. 20 by 40, each '5c
Linen damask towels, knotted
fringe ends, 24 by 48, regular 25c
towels, each "- si
Metropolitan Opera Co.,
Academy of Music
M. rteis, Lessee and "Mninser.
A. J. Duffy. liUHinesi Manager.
Week 'OT' Oct. 20,
Daily Miitiiiecs I'oiiinuucliij; Tuesday.
Tlie Bennett and Moulton Co.
anil Tin lr Own Oichestia,
II'Tll Class lie 111 toil e.
ii -HU Vaudeville Arts 1
Tiii'mI iv Aiaiinic HiiiRliti'i ul in
Koinli '
'1 in m!.iv NUhl "Outcasts of Snclety."
PRin0 Mntlaee, loan 1 jcc.
illuCO Main, 10. 2t and 30c.
Seats on sal"
h'xde's Theatre,
I.tssfo nnd Manatjcr.
Week of October 20.
Two peifoimanecs dally, 2J0 unci S 1 5
1'ilcos 11, "1. u" and .luc.
(Jallciy scats 10 nuts
Al.r. O niJUIUNGTON. MamKor
Monila, Tiu'selnv and AYeiliicrda),
"Rose Sydell's London Balls"
matini:u i:vi:uy hay.
"At any rate, not Inner nuo when t
went to her establishment to look at
a lot of new Fiench kowiis just hi ought
over, and in consequence found myself!
unite depiessed because I could affoiel
to aider only one of them sent homo,
she look me aslele and eonlldentlally
whlspeied that I could order as many
towns as I wanted, and bo In no luiiiy
about pajhiK for them, ptovlded I Kiivei
her lu i etui n a moitgase to their
value on my house,
"I stared at her In niiiiuemont, aul
Ihen, of coutse, rutuseil hu oifei polM
blank, wlieieupon alio coolly leniaiktel
that sho was veiy particular tn v. lion
she, made "iii'li an offer, and that nl.
le.uly seveial of her best cubtonieu
had purchased a quantity of evening
Kowns on thoso vety tonus."
Kaiser Enjoys a Joke,
Tho Kaiser lias u fine sense ol humor
When fieiK-liil Young was pieseiited lo
hlui on tl'.e Tcmplebof dt Id. the kalsci
who specks peilect ihiKllsli asked lilin If
ho h'ul evei visited ricniian.v befoio
(icneia! Yoiunt leplled. I have novel
visited this pait" The empeior liKiulue!
what put ho had visited wlieieup.m ,
(leneiul YoaiiK leplli'el '1 have visit
St Louis. Cincinnati and Milwaukee
Tlie empeior toaied with laughter at t lit
leply. and took Heneial Young to tlie em
piess, to whom ho lepeated thw wU',1
O'Rourks end