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' Th Following Item Appeared as nn Editorial in ,tho Philadelphia In
quirer of October 17.
"The news that there are 100,000 scholars In the
public schools of New York suffering from1 trachoma, a very
Infectious disease of the eyelids, Is one that calls for action
In this city. This disease, while Usually not dangerous, Is
often tedious In recovery and entails suffering on the vic
tim. If It Is epidemic In New York It may well become
so In this city.
" We have no doubt the health authorities, the educa
tional authorities and the ward physicians are looking after
the matter, but It Is one which after all calls for the closest
scrutiny by the teachers, who have the best chance to In
vestigate the subject,
"Any appearance of the disease ought to be promptly
reported so that Immediate action may be taken."
What applies to the school children In New York and Philadelphia may
likewise be the condition here. The eyes of school children should be cared
for an ounce of prevention Is worth a pound of cure.
Any child with trachoma should be kept from school until entirely cured,
as trachoma Is a most contagious disease.
The eyes of every school boy or girl should be examined at least twice a
year at the beginning of the year and about six months after. In tender age
the eye ball is most subject to changes, creating either near, or far-sightedness.
A child which Is backward In studies Is not necessarily dull or lazy, in
most cases some eyevtrouble is the cause.
I have made an exhaustive study of the eyes, giving particular attention
to the examination and treatment of children's eyes both in Germany and this
country. 1 am a graduate of the Unlversityof Berlin, Germany, and an honor
graduate of the Philadelphia Optical College.
I will examine school children's eyes with the most progressed methods,
and will prescribe glasses only where absolutely needed.
You are cordially invited to visit my parlors and see a most thoroughly
equipped establishment for examination of eyes.
331 Washington Avenue, Scranton.
Will Open Monday, October 20.
He Wns Convicted of Burglaiizing
the House of Michael Vnil in Scott
TowiiBhlp John Lennhnn, of Sugar
Notch, Tiled for Shooting Mtclmel
Itellly in the leg Qeneroso Sptot
ta Convicted of a Serious Crime.
Charles Kuhlman Pleaded Guilty
and Got Thiee Ycais.
Coiinfy Savings Bank
and Triisf Company,
506 Spruce Streot.
in Sums of
and pays 3 per
terest thereon.
cent, tn-
A. WATRES, President.
0. S. JOHNSON, Vice-Pres.
A. H. CHRISTY, Cashier.
"Win. F llnllstpmt,
12. P. KlnxMmry,
O. S. JulltlMJIl.
illvpinlt Wniien,
August lioliln'-cm,
Jo. O'Rilcn.
I. -. AVnties.
J Stamps j
r lotin in in
With purchase of Wall Paper,
Shades, Fichu e Frames, Burnt
Wood and Leather Novelties.
No better time than now
to bilng- us your unframed
pictures for framing. We
have the best assortment
of ftames in Scranton.
All Kinds of Inteiior Decora
tive Woik promptly done. Good
COUPON Cut this out and
piesent it at our store. Fur
chase goods to the amount of
SI. 00 or moie and you will re
ceive 30 STAMPS FREE.
Jacobs & Fasold,
200 Washington Ave.
X "They Draw Well." $
g Morris' Magnet Cigars S
a Til" best vnluo fop ,", cents. 0
y Try ono unil ou lll unoko no X
0 ether. . V
a All tli lfMillnq; luantli of fie O
y clfirnis nt fl 7 per litre, or S for Sic. a
O TtlO lniCPSt VUllptv nf lm.a nuil V
a Tobaccos In town.
Sine uigar Man. V
385 Washington Avenue. 0
In and About
The City
him a pi, hi? to li'i'i, nuil liivio.ul nf piov-
llIK 111" Kllltltlldl toil (Ml 1111 I'llll.llR'f Itll'J
lU'ililiiiKton'M mini- anil Htnlp Hie fin t.ilii"
Hi- wiiM I'liiiKlit witli tin1 koihIm mi 1 i tin anil
was toinmltttil in ilcrmill nt Om lull.
Reheat sal Sunday Afternoon.
Tlif mull- ilioius of tin- Su.inuiii I'lilti'il
Cliniiil .iicli-t will iiit'!l Siinil ly ill tci iidoii
nt .! o'fliirK lii .il nt Kt. Thorn, is
lolll'lll' llllll lllltl'.lll ol .MiimIi hull mm piu
loiisj Mntnl.
D., L. & W. Fay Days.
I'U'p.ll.ltllill- ll.ii- I ll in nil' liv I'.iy.
master ItK-cll. ol tho )i'l.i.u. Uii'U.'l
miiiiii and Western otimiMliv, lor thij
li.imciH ol nil the initio omiIo.e- tniliy
lot tin- llf-t li.ill ol Octolii-i.
Eoaid of Tiade Meeting,
'flip ip(; niontlilv inoi tins of tlu
lio.ui! ot li.ulu will bo hold on 3loml.i itl
tin- noon hour. Ton .ipplie.itlons lor itiem
bi'ishl will bo .iptid upon ,iml dtli.-r iiu
nn Iiiiii liiMniv
Foot Ball This Afternoon.
Tin- rii-i .niton hiKli soliool .mil Kingston
Ai.ulenn loot lull to.ims will t.s.zU- on
tho Kliilii mi ,it Atlilotii- p.ul; this nil. i
noon. The B.imo Is i.llleil Im . odor I
KcjMonc ilol'-ntoil Kt. l.isL weeK
which Indicates thit tin- hisli "ihiiol im-liK-ilnsi
a tciuj;li pioposlllon,
Attiactive Melodiama.
"I iyluins loi millions," Uk- nvloiii.ini.t
lioins pioihiitd .u the AiMih-my ol .Mu.di-,
hits Midi n t.iMin.ition for the .sni, ill lmb ronKins, Willie D.iis .mil
J.iinos .MeAlidiPW Hinibed up Hie Hie es
i.ipo to K.iin intt.inoe into the nailery
M'sti'tcl.ij nlteiinion and weio nnostcd by
Specliil Olllier The. will be kIumi
a lieailtiK 111 polhe (onu tills nioi iiIiih.
Didn't Pay Their Bill.
Hi 111 v Fieeni.ui nuil (JeniHi- Keating,
who Rive tlnsh.iinton an tlielr plate of
ipsidence, ieit the I'o.vne l.t-t nlKlit wltlt-
mil t Iiik lilt-ll bill .nn! nbeiit midnight
weie Incited in .MnvL , ,,, .Ptoled to the liv P.uiohniiii IVtrr
1I.IKB0II.. Willie i1Imii"sIiik the 1)111 In
the olllot- ol the I'oyno I'n-oinnn and
Ke.itlns ni.idi n d.isli fin ibe stuet.
Kll-l'lll.lll esi.iped lint Kl.lllllK was ,11-le-tutl
In the IM.iw.uo, l.:ic k.iu.itnui mid
Western ,.ud by I' ILiKi'it
iilid linked up
Agjeement Reached.
An iiKieiinem on the l'i-oidi-iiie ln.,,1
p.ivo iintHllon lias bom io.kIkiI benvi en
the (lt., Conti.ioloi U,ie .mil the Seiim
ton lt.illw.iy ciinipiim. Tie- ul unit the
loiitiiietiu- iiKtee to pel mil the (onip.iny
to opeuiie oiii- li.ieU .mil the (iimp.iny In
letlllll IIKlfes to p,l lor the p,lillK lionu
lietwei'll the i.iils by Ciinli.ii.liu D.ili. In.
.-to.lll ol hmlllH- it done h ,i pi i ute ion.
tllllt. Tile woik 01 1.1 Inn . p.ue MM.S
.Ki'iilillllKh I'Minu'il M'Slenl.ii .in.) ..111
lie i.ipldl piislnd o Ui.u n,, lnlll, ns M1S
.slide m.iy lie ,u ( (,npljlled bololu winter
Tiains Wexo Delayed.
No ii, the iiisi ti .tin on tin- i.,uK,t
wniiiiii mill oul, im h.ilt hour l.iio
e.Hetd.i ulleinoou When ll ie,ieied lm
Mntlon In this dt. . Mine immlifi- ol
)i.ini'iii;eih i.e In x.nlllns The delii
wns i.ui'i'ii i, ,i bieni. in ,i sl iielKh't
mini which puceiied Hie p,i-MiiKer uiilu.
When the ,-- bi.ll.e. weie nppt( n till.
lielKht tinin ue.ii- the iJlntuo'id cio.ssuvei,
.1 bte.ll: 1 ( ( 1 1 1 1 , . 1 I'l the 1 1 .ill, ll,,,, ,,.i
.Micliitol Joiilnti wiin pliiced on ttlal
hcfoio .IiiilKf I J. (', Ncucoinb, chinned
with lini'glin Izlni; the luiuse of Mlcharl
Villi, In Monti loivuHhin, im the 2,'ld tit
.May, In st. The uvldcnee offcrpil iiRiiliiHt
lilni was iiiliu'lpiill' from the itiuulh ot
Alfred Hoese, who was In coinpany with
the dpfetidiint ut the lline anil who wuh
ariestcil with lilni for the nrfciiee.
Kpcm' teslllli-tl that In tho rally iitorti
Iiir "f the tiny In question the defend
ant, who hud liievloitnly wmltcil for the
IHoecnitiii', and knew wheie ho Itopt Ills
inoiip, cnteicd thp house, inid nfter re-
luriiliis hud eonslilcrnble money, a por
tion of wik'h lm Riivo to lloope. ft iip
peniLd tlml the following day the du
fpudnnt left S!'4 for safe keepliiB at the
tiiand Cpntial hotel In this city, and
had .spent a considerable sum for cloth
ItiK anil for drink. The amount taken
was tmr,.
After the commonwealth lestid. the
defendant took the stand and admitted
litUiiur Hip money, thereupon the jileu.
or not Rtillty was withdrawn ami n pirn
of KUllty cntcied. The comt lm)iospil
the extreme sentence allowed by l.nv,
four eais In the penitential y at
mid solitary confinement. Altmney
John .1. Mtiiphy wns counsel for tho
In 1pw of the statement mink' by
P.epse In leKrence to the Jot dun i.iu
and in view of the fact Hint Hie com
monwealth had no evidence nRnliu-t him
other tinin that Riven by him in tho
other case, a verdict ol not Rtlllly was
taken. .
.fob n, of SiiRitr Notch, Lu
zerne lounty, was tiled on a chaise of
ciurylnf,' comealed weapons. The pi ose
etiloi, ilich.iel itellly, an old man, te.stl
lleil that on Jiny .10, last, the delend
ant. while vlf-ltlnsr him. took a levolver
tiom his pocket and ilI-t'lim-Ked it, the
ball enteihiR the old liinu's leff. The
defendant testllled Hint the levolver
had been banded to him Immediately
in lor to the oct uu once, and that the
dlchntse was accidental. He was lep
lesented by Attorney John .1, Murphy.
Tlie Jmy was out at adjoin ninent.
John Tioy was tried on the chaise of
having stabbed Frank Gnidner, nn
September ii, Inst, with Intent to kill,
fiiu dner stated that iie le-ft P.ifll's hotel,
on the South Side, about 11 o'clock at
niftht, roIiir: tow. mis his home, when
lie was attacked by the defendant, who
stiuck him (list with his liist and then
with a knife. The blows knocked him
down und he bled piofusely. The knife
penetrated the len side, just below the
shoulder, and the physician, Dr. Quiiin,
testified that Hie wound was about a
half-inch in length and deep enough to
be sellout. Various witnesses ideutl
IWd the defendant as the man who did
the .stabbing.
Joseph fl. miner, pioscuitor and
lather ot Fi.mK, testliled that lie had
,i coiiveisatiou with the defendant at
the jail, when the latter told him be
didn't know it was Flunk, that he was
oM'itP.I and smiy lor -what had hap
pened. ADMITTED Till: STAIlHIXd.
The admitted the stabbing,
hut staled that he did so In seir-de-
fense; tliat lie was attacked by a oiowd
who pursued him and that ho tinned
ami stiuck witli the knife when the
cio vwl was upon hint and lie was in
I ear ot budily Injuiy. He did not know,
he said, who be stiuck and did not u
aliiie until alterwiuds Hint oum;
Ciai duer was Hie hijaied p.nty. .ttoi
ney John J. Mitiphy lopresented the de, and Attorney John It. Jones,
the piosictitloii. The jmy went otu just
befoie adjournment.
The tiiul of (ieneioso Splolta, cliait-ed
with attempting to cilmlnally iisniuII
JIih. Jlaiie .liaidl, at her home on
Smith r.tioet, Dimmoie, was lesumeil
befoie Judge .Mii'liue esterdny iiniin
inp:. The defendant and tlnep' o! bis
fl lends testified that on the ulRlit of
the alleged assault he was In .fames
Oiegory's saloon and lem.iln-d time
until a late hour. Joseph .Mechettl went
home with Spiotta and they occupied
tip' same loom Hint night. Spiotta did
not leave the loom alter they lethtd.
Splotta'.s shier was in an "adjoining
loom, ciiiing tor a sick baby, on the
night in question, and swine iliat her
biother did not lenu his loom Hint
night after he ictiied. Tlie Jmy i,.
tinned a venllct of guilty. Attoin'ey t',
i:. n.llllels -was pilvate iiunisel lor tile
pto!ee(lloi'. A number of wltnesefl
leHtllled to Mis. Hayers' scoldlttff lm
liensltles. The defense alleges that no
fault was found with Mis, Snyeia until
her husband Went to woik In the mines
ilurliiR the stilke.
rosr.s inviDi:o.
Ilefoie Judge Newcoiub, In cotnt
room Xu. 2, John TIioiuiih was iii'tiiilttcil
of the elutiRe ot iisfimlt and bntl''ry,
prorerieil by his sister, .Mrs. Mattha
Ueese. The costs were divided.
Sentence has been deferred until the
December term In the ease of John V.
At inbumt who was convicted Thttis
day of false ptetcne. Hit ball In the
stun of JfiOi) was taken yesteiday In
appear at that time. W. K. (lllbool be
came his bondsman,
A rule was obtained yefllpidny on peti
tion of Holipit Wilson, to hIiow riilic
why the license of Mary l.opiityiipr
should not be revoked for violation of
Hip license laws,
Heoi'Rt' Matth, Hirotmli Attorney A. A.
f'biisp. ypstenl.i) sued tlie Scranton Steel
company and Hie Wllkes-llnne and
Seiniiton lliilhritt t oiniiiliy. to loemer
daiiuiHes, He Is a Mood victim.
Proposed Gathering Abandoned on
Account of President Mitchell's
Inability to Be Present.
Tlie Cent! at Labor union lcadeis held
a mooting- Ixst night and decided to
postpone the mass meeting iinnotinced
for toinoriow afternoon at Nay Auk
pink, owing to Ptcsldent Mitchell's In
ability to be piesent, The following
notice was given The Ti Inline for pub
lication: The ponmiitti-f of iniangeiiieiits of the
mass meetliiR of labor at Nay Aug
tomoiioM- atteinoou lias been notllied by
I'losldent Mitt hell of bis Inability to be
piesent on Hi.. I occasion owing to Hie
piesent stioss m liiilne-s, hence the i oni
inittee deems it advbablo to postpone the
Kvory effoit bus been inaile to secinp
the atteudaiKc ol i'le-Jdcnt .Miteliell, lint
he llnds it Inexpedient to Ip.ive his of lit o
at the piesent time, and lie epi esses
tliep lpgiot at tlie disappohiiinenl which
his absent e cnttiiK.
As Hie put puu ol the meeting was to
assist in maintaining the podtion of the
mine winkers b. llnanclal and moial sup
lioi t, the piesent onilllloii of the state
Indicates th..l the neie-slty foi tlie meet
big has pas-.pd. Ilcncp the mass meeting
annoinii-pil at Nay Aug i.nk for next Sun
day afteinoon will not he bold.
A lpgular meeting of the (""utmi
Labor union will be held Sunday ni'ttr
noim as usual.
A bowling team consisting entliely
ol eiuploes of city ball lost tbiee
games on tlie Noi th Scranton alleys
last night to a team which repiesented
the t nuil house. The scoic:
Hliislaiiil 1 V. IJ'i ITii 111)
.Alonies ISO It! l.V M
Cniuail .-. 111 h.v :u :iti
Ilisele Ii.t H.'i KT .".0?
ltoese 117 III lis- li't
717 7.V. 7:..,--'l!
rOL'UT IIOl'Si:.
Til lor 1.".S ); b!' it:
Mn-dier P,s 3." 1TI- iTii
Jehu HO l!ni I'l .".It
Teiwllllger 1 IM IK H'.-4.S
.lhlj: Jul lid 111- li.J
Ml! T'm 77.V J-T-'
lligli siuie Jehu. Itw.
lllgli iiM-iagL Jeliu, 170 I-!.
False Statement That He Is nt the
Head of a Movement in Opposition
to the Acceptance of tho Proposi
tion Causes No End of Mischief.
Box of Explosives Found in a
House nt Ornosy Island Major
Qeneial Miller and Staff Visits
the Camps.
An nrtlcle In yestet day's Iteptibllean
to the effect that Dlstilet President
Nlcholls Is licndliiR a movement In tho
Hulled Mine Wot Iters lo oppose the ac
ceptance or thp aibltratlon ptoposltlon
caused no end of mischief.
Mr. Nlcholls said, .esteiday, Hint
theio Is absolutely no tiuth In the sloi ;
Hint' he has been In ravor of the ac
ceptance' of the ptoposltlon riom Hip
III st, and tllllt the vote of the dlslilct
olllceis to rctoinmend Us acceptance to
the i (invention was unanimous.
"The story that I was opposed to Ibe
acceptance of the ptoposltlon," said Mr.
Nlcholls to a Tilbune tepoiter, lust
evening, "bus caused many of our men
lo look at the proposition with sus
picion, and ahead' we have had io-
ports of locals being disposed to in
stinct tlielr delegates to vote against
acceptance. The opposition thus oiiroii
dpicd will not, I trust, bp of anv con
siderable pioportlons. but I am woiry
ing over the possibility of unpleasant
' Will the leadeis of Hie United Mine
Workers Rle tlie members any ndvlre
or Instructions reRindlng their conduct
toivatds the non-union nicnV" was
asked of Mr. Nloholl.s.
"I do not think so," it-plied Mr. Nlth
oll. "I do not see that we aie called
upon to ask our men to take those fel
lows to their hearts and Heat them as
they would a dear friend. In 1900 I ad
vised that Hie non-unionists be treated
in a fiiendly manner with a iew ot
winning them over. I do not
to do It again. As far as men who con
tinued to woik at their own jobs Is
concerned, I hnve nothing to say. As
for those who went into the mines and
took other woikmen's places, 1 am of
tlie opinion they aie not worth winning
don t think we want
I H'Suni' 1
HlJlllllll III W bVMAAIMiH f llllllllll fl
I Minci: I
iMMm 1)111 wrtk' llllllllllv
( r.lko mother uied to maltN
(Tho olil.fnibloned kind.)
(An good ns n brldo wnntl.)
(T.ovcd by yonnff nntl old,)
all. A liotiHcholfl blessing;. The condensed
preparation of the best fruits, beef and -spices
that sold 12,000,000 packages (ro cts.)
last year. No rival in price or goodness.
All grocers sell it. Mcrrcll-Soulc Co., Syra
cuse., N. Y., make it
Vtiltialilf firtmtiim
Bros." stlvcnvare enclosed.
g Timely Though
llllll I lie 11,1111 I. Ill illto the niil. en.
Ing the other ball In Hunt nf ih,.
ger tl.llll. All 1 still engine was 1 an in,
the (llissoc and nulled lln. Ii.iIjiii. ,.
Terwllllger's Challenge.
William Teiwilllgei nillioiinced Met
night Hint lm challeuges KrauU II Jtuoue
toi inn 100 anls tor a side bet of JUm,
j r Quaiteiiy Meeting;.
Tlfo.'ni-onomlc Coiistiut-tloii couipauy
held theli ipmi icily meutlng ye.slpnl.iy at.
tinnooil In Hie allien ot Alloiney Cli.ul's
JJ. Daniels.
Committed for Ten Days,
I'.itllik Hot he, who was uin-slcd for
cieatlnir a illstuilunte at the Cowio
House, was tent to Jail yestenl.iy for 'ten
days In default of n lino of JJ.
Man's Ingratitude to Man.
Jplm Dolond, of South Stranton, fur.
merly In the employ ot Joseph itcdillng.
ton. of at I'ciui avenue, was aiialgned In
police t-outt yesterday morning, chaised
wtlh tho ljuciiy of a pair of laco cur
tulns valued at 1M. Ilolnnd was out ot
eniploynit-nt and KcdUiiigtoii piovlded
of Hie llelglit II. Iiu down Hie glade,
Installation of Ofliceis.
A plellMIIU sot-In I CMIilug ,,s sjieut by
the ineillbeis of l.aekaw.iuii.1 lodge. No.
l!'l. Independent llnler 01 Odd r,m
at their ball, .W Vninliig avenue, lust
i.lshl. the oet-asion btlug the Inslall.itlou
of tho newl eltelnl uii, ein i,,, n, ..,,.
suing leiin The Install itloii wa- i-oi.
iliietid by Dlstilet Dipuiv (Ji.ind .Master
J. V.. I Inn Is and stun ot which all aio
IlieiuiR'l.s or uu. alioe liiilg, . Alter tho
Illstllll.UI It llllll i-IH a llllieb una
milliliter huh leuiunii to tlm nn-nilids and
guests The tallowing oIIIu-im Weiu In
Htalldl: Noblo guind, .1 I.. Webstei"
Mm gianil, .1, K Stock; Hdld memlier ot
Tlie 1 ellet committee. I'liiiiles n. Iv-lm..
slttlns past kimiiiI, A Itiownj heiiu
t.ll. I! D Junes i
Taken in Cliaige by Deceased's Son
and Will Be Bulled Tomonow.
Itel.ithes of Hie late Wesley .Mott,
the .Mill C'tly fanner, who choked to
death while eatliiK a piece of meat, on
Thilisd.iy, came to this city yestef"
da.. and lilentllU'd the it'inaliis.
A j-Nier of the dead man, and also
his -on, John Mutt, a lesldent or
Diiijea, called at duslek's moigtii! and
iiiiulo uiniiiiienientH for the butlul. The
lemalns will be taken to the fcon's home
today, and Intel nient will take plate
Fur sale cheap. Three Hammond type
wilters la kooiI condition. Smoot, tho
typew Utcr man, Guernsey bulldliig,
Dn.viioD tiii: ctiAiioi:.
l.tuliaid Cuills as convicted of nn
us-siuli on HeiiJ.uniu, at I'eck
vllle. The was put on tllal Tlittrs
day hemic .Indue Kelly, Cuitl.i I.- ,i
lioilie ulllci-r of IVtkvllIe and ho te.-t-tleil
tli-it ci'iik and other .outin men
wen- lolteiiiiK on u coiper and he told
them to move on. Thty moved hlowly
iiein.-H to the other 5hle of the .stiect,
and then bewail to nwear ut him ami
tall hliu names.
ciini le Miller was tried befoie .ludKe
Kellv ror .stiibbliiK Andiew Jeity, of
Old Forire, In the ncik. It was allcstd
that Miller boaideil with Jciiy and was
mi bolsn'ious one ulKlit that Jeiry had
tu put him out. On tho poteh Miller
stubbed deny In the neck. Tho detend
ant rlenk-d the stubbing )tn,i M,i( llmt
deny attacked him without c.iue and
hit him on the head with a piece of kus
chaile.s Kuhlman nleaded cruitn- in
buiiliinir Into the Mote of Hie Abinir
tou n.ihy company, on I.tiulen Htieet,
on June ';, and was. sentenced to thiee
yearn In tho penitentiary, ilo Is aji old
mender und Is .suspeited of having
t'oinmltted a number of buiBlanea
lieieabouiH. At WiihhliiKton, I J. C. he
bciveii timt yeam tor buiglaiy.
Jolin flatten was tiled for HtealliiB
Hi-nip Iron fioin Hie Stenlck Cieek Coal
company. He admitted that be took
s-ome s-einp Iron on one occasion, when
he went theie with John l)ok, wl0
pleaded eullty eiluesday. He did not
know It was any haim to take the Iron,
A K'i'illct will be i etui nod today.
A veitllct of not RUllty is i etui lied
In the case of A. O. Unbelts, who wns
tried for attempting to ussiault .Mis.
Saiah Cioss, of Throop. The costs ere
placed on the county.
Mis. Cati-le. SuyeiK of Dotty htieet,
was tiled hemic Judge Mtduto on a
chai-Ko ot being u tonunon scold, Mar
tin Dek'hmlllci'i ix neighbor, Is the
The l'ieyele elub.s' league has at last
been organized lor the mining year. At
a meeting of thiee repie&cntntles each
fl mil the Sctanton Hicytle club, IClee
tiic City Wheelmen and Uieen Itidge
Wheelmen, hi Id on Wednesday night
last, a stbedule Lommlttee wes ap
poiiited to aiiange a schedule of Unit
The liist games me to be lolled on
tlie night of Tuesday, November I, and
pla will be iiintfiiiieil on eerj Tues
day night theitattei. lOacli chili will
be lepioseiiteil by two teams, and .some
(specially good lolling is pioml.-id.
Apothei- meeting will be lild dm lug
the coining week to approte of the
schedule and decide upon the prizes to
be ufti'ivd. The Countiy club was to
have lieeii lepiv-euteil 111 the league,
but the Idea nas been given up lieenuse
siilllcleiit elltliu-lasm could not be
Howling eh ties ,u e agog oer the pi li
tis! matle against the playing ut Dolt
ilck, the New Vol k crai-K, with the
Hatkus team lust Wednesday niglit. A
special meeting of tlie executive loin
niitlee ol the league Is to lm held to
inoriow alteinooii to consldci lb" mat
ter, but it is nuestionable whether (no
thing can be done, Theie was no pio
test entPiert against Delttlck until nrter
lie bad finished lolling, so that the
games cannot be declared forfeit i d, mid
It Is questionable whether any lulu can
be adopted piobililtiiig the playing of
men ft inn outside the city uu any ot
the teams.
Mode of Awarding Contmcts May Be
Adopted Here.
Uhector of I'ubllc Winks Itoche has
leeched from I'lttsburg a sample of tho
blank proposals whli-it aie piepatcd .In
that city at tho beginning of every fis
cal year, and the whole plan In fiuco
In that city moots with such general
appioval that the present administra
tion may endeavoi to lime It adopted
The so-called "chaser" o the "tip
per" bill piovldes Hint when a contiat-t
Is let by the recouler and tho head of
u department It shall Hist bo necebsaiy
to secuio the passage by councils of an
oidlnancu piovldlng for Its letting, hi
cases when- contimts have been let
this has been found to be a veiy ted
lotis piot'css as councils generally take
funn two to four mouths to pass such
The plan ot meeting this dllllrulty,
which has been adopted In Pittsburg,
Is to secure the passage of a general
oidlnancd authorizing the expenditure
of all moneys nppiopi luted In tho gen
eiaj appropriation oullnance. Tills is
passed Immediately urter the appioprl
atlou ordinance apd the heads of de
paitnients Immediately mlveitlse for
bids for all supplies leqtilied by tho
vailous bureaus for the coming) year.
A bijlky list or eveiy kind of supply
used, hunt canned peaches to lawn
mowers, and fi om bull nozzles to hay,
Is printed and furnished all prospective
bidders. Contracts aio awaided during
tlm III st two months of the lineal year
for everything"! ecmlred and much (line
Is thus saved.
to our
Believes It Will.
"Will the convention accept th nibl
tration proposition'."' was piopounded
iliteotly to Mr. Nlcholls.
"1 think it will," was his icply.
The companies maintain that, come
what may. they will take cue of the
men who stood by them dining the
stilke. Fin thei nini e. they deflated
theie would bo no places for found'
employes who aie known to have as
sailed the (ompanle.s' piopeity and
workmen and participated in similar
acts of lawlessness. It w'as also stated
at tin- companies' olllces that under no
eonsideiatlon would theie be a with
drawal of the piosecutlons instituted ut
their behest against strikers und their
sympathizers who have been in tested
for vailous olfenses against the law.
President Ci aw I oul, of the People's
Coal company, said he would letaln all
the men at piesent woil.lng for Ids
company and use his own illsiietlon
about lilling out Hie full quota. New
living quarteis, which will atcomnio
date one bundled additional men ami
which hae been In couise of tonsil uc
tlon lor the past two weeks, eie tom
pleted yesteiday.
Meetings of all Hie locals weie held
yesterday atternoon or last night and
delegates elected to the AVIlkes-Hane
convention. Nothing- authentic could
be learned as to what instructions weie
Incitement was occasioned, osttr
day, at Olyphant by Hie finding of an
Infernal machine at a house owned by
a non-union man. The machine con
sisted of a box containing ten sticks of
giant powder, thiee sacks or gunpowdtr
and two dynamite cu ti Idges with a
tuse. It was dlsuneied in the bouse
of Ilei medic IJaigaka, near the CSrassy
Island colliery, by a detachment of sol
dleis fioin the Thti teenth. under toni
maiiil of Lieutenant Hi rig, who weie
pi meeting tlie owner' ol tlie house,
while he boaided it up, it having been
leeeiilly vacattd. The lufe bad been
lighted, but by reason of a defer t l
cuine extinguished. Had tho explosives
beta set oil' Ihelioiiso would lime been
blown into spllntei.-.
Four Men Suspended.
Four men. stispetied of knowing
something of bow the esploslvef came
to be placed wheie they weie found,
have been auested by tlie soldieis and
are being held In the guaid house.
They gle Hie names of Anthoii IMtl.
Doinlnkk Tilbusl, Hugo Tilbu-! and
Paul Mnrtelll The will piobably be
glcn a healing today. In the miuu-
llllie It Is expected that (oiulushe evli
ui-iice win up iiiiusiliilleil to snow that
the are tlie oius who ail-nipied Uu
ilnstaidly deed.
.Major Ueneial .Miller and bis stalf,
wlio is making a tour ot the (amps,
visited Hie F.lghth, Tutliih and Thir
teen Hi regiments yesteiday u. (otilii
give no dellulte liimim.itinu as to when
or how the Hoops would be withdrawn.
The general and his stall' traveled in a
special Lai kawuiiuu tialu of tun
111 the general's p.uty weie I, leiltt ti
ll lit Colonel AV, J. Kllott, assistant ad
jutant genetal; LleutenantCoionel L. I1'.
Loiee, ordliiante olllcei ; Lieutenant
Colonel J. W. Oakfoid, Judge advocate;
Major Lewis V neiller, aide-de-camp,
Captain Fied .Snyder, iilile-de-iump; Major Fled Dei moody and
Color Heigeant U. N. Jolly.
Tho Held and staff of tlie Thirteenth
and Hue olllcers of tile (iovei mil's Hoop
enjoyed a squlriel dinner at the Thir
teenth's headquarteis last evening, Tho
squlnels weie the lesttlt of a hunting
expedition by a p.uty headed by Major
The ICighth leglment exptcts oideis
any day lor an election to III) tho mi
cancy caused b the death of Colonel
Hoffman and such other varaui-Jcs as
this election may cause. Tlie regula
tions prescribe that the elei Hon shall
be nrdeied within ten days, when the
hoops aie lu the Held, and thhty days
when they are home. It Is possible
the election orders may be delayed till
the last moment, In letw of the ptoba
billty that the leglment ma be soon
onlered home,
A special meeting of Local SW, United
Mine AVoikeis of Aineilca, will be held
lu St. John's hull, Pino Hrook, Katuulay
afternoon, October IS, at 2 o'clock
sharp, for the puiposo or electing dele
gates to attend tho convention mx Mon
day next. All members arc iequetiil
to be present.
ts for
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mm m
flonday Evening;, October 20, 1902,
Sons of Cambria Olee Club and Lawrence's Band.
Everybody NAelcorpe.