The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 18, 1902, Page 5, Image 5

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Veek's Socl News
Tnnm: aih: u-iy few cities
whtw ietlilpiitn, fioin (hnuo nt
tuoitctiitp nii'nns and le.", t4
tlu1 xi'iy wmlthy in o ro roiipi--oiix.
Till In not only title its
ickiiiiN cliuill lull nlio the pattonnKP
of nitich tlml l, olpvutliiff In tuslu nml
I'liltuio I'liitleiilinly I It notleralili'
In i I'xppct tn mimic. Tlip pouplp of
liip.uiM can hear tlip bpit nuipk In till
count i y. They tin not uppiI to pationlye
n lci'ltnl at Iioiiip, kIvpii lo any oiip
In whom they linvc no spcc-lnl
poiMimil intercut. Vet tlip iimiw 'f
our ppoplc omilil HoarrPly afford to iiip
pott a entertainment, ttit'li its tho
MpiuIii leli leeltnl, wpre it not that tlioe
lth wealth take Iiukp Mili-rilpttntis
and thus promlne to tiNtuln the ontrr
prNc. TIipip aie few uuiie enjoynble
wnjs In which to use money than In
providing pluiimno for tlnw who could
not otherwise have It The value of
Mich n nlft li as Kieat ic If It were
nieasuied In potatnex and mil llanneK
To buy tickets for "oine poor kIiI of
icllnemcnt nml liiiMtut taste to bear
such a in list as Henibrlch Is to
sow the seeds of a dellKht who'-e
Kiowth call sciucely lie inPiiMlied. To
wive hugely fin the put pose of bilnn
lilK the wondpiful oiiKStien to sln oh
our own tlitptholtli, Is to provide plea
uip at ii low iatp for bundieds who
could otlipivvlse by no possibility hear
her ffloilotis volte. To these preneioiis
ones and to the tunny who falthfiillv
"lippoit such enteipilse as this,
the city owes much.
With each day as die date di.iw.s
near, for her appeal ance. public Intpi
est In .Senibilch's comliif,' pte.ttli and
deepens, this evident bv a look at the at Powell's and by the fi .la
ments of coineis.ulnns oveiheaid and
relating to the eeut.
Knelt dieade In at least the lust half
of the nineteenth cpnlur has had Its
special of Kical .sliifjns, with
one at each pel iod named by common
consent as the must billllant of them
(If those of the latest Kioup of famous
nilists Koinbilili is the liilfjlit p.iitleu
lar star. An .ill-.iitittnil nuislelan, a
noble plnnlt a lnely lolinlst,
thmmigli in eM'ry line ot musical ait,
nil these a i oiiiplislnncnts she lias tlie
Rift to inaUe s(e liei lioper uncon
Fclnuslv ibis may be to the listcncis to
ber wondfiful souk one of the seciets
of liei powei. AdPlln.i I'alti's peer and
also liei .suteessoi. belnpr the later
coiner, those best iiu.illllcil In note the
lllipst sh.ules of cMpllente me
s,iliiK tliat in some lcsppets Sembikh
is even moie dellRlitful to hear than
was Pattl at Ii'itt on the soup teclliit
However that may be, of one thing
theie inn be no fiuestton that an own
ing of -our by Soinbrlcli will be a de
llght to in i y In mommy always, tt
li not likely that anv lover of nuisle
who can possibly be In the audleiue at
the Ai mm v on the occasion of Seni
bilch's visit to Scianton on Tuesday
next, will lose the pleastne. The stillio
Is lifted. It should be a Jo.wius evening
given up to freedom from care,
.Madam Tliiiberuiati-ltaiidolpli and
her pupils will give a song recital for
the benellt of the Foiente mission in
St. ladle's Pailsh lioue, Monday even
ing, October "7 at S.1S. The pationpspes
ale the following: Mis. Thomas Dick
son, Mis T It. Wiitklus, Mis. T. D.
Muny, Mis, .1, h Ciawfoid, Mis, V. T.
tlnekett, Mis. H. II. ltlpple, Mrs. Mth
aid Matthews, Mrs. Oeorge Sandeisnn,
Mis. I'. D. Simpson, Mis. Chillies Wes
ton, Mis. M. It. Knt, Mrs. John T.
Porter. Mrs. t'hailes Hchlager, Mis. 13,
X. Wlllaid, Mis. Jnmes Dickson, Mis.
W. II. Taylor, Mis. ,T. T. Plchards, Mis.
.lames Aichbald, Mrs. ilveiett Win ion,
.Mrs. A D.iO. Hlaekington, Mis. Alfred
Hand. Mis. H. W. ICIngslnny, Mrs. .1,
H. Uhnnilck. Mis. c. n Penman, Miss
Anna K. SiuhIpimhi, Mis. J. V. Ilen-
ai th. Mis. John Filtz, .Mis. A. D
Stelle, Mi. O. Dean, Ml.s Jennie
Iteynolds, Mis, o. D. Jones.
Chouix "The Hunt's t'p" (from "Mn
(Jilcen" c.inlatai Macfairen
Mi-x Htlicl Shoemaker. Ainv fjiieeii.
Soprano Solo "!i,is and rtosi i".I3 irtlelt
Miss Ilenrkttn Ilairls,
Ilo77ci-Soinano Solo "1'iotesiutlons "
Miss Hose (Inllcn.
I'outl.illo Solo ".My Heart al 'I In
Sweet Voice" (from opci.i, "S.ini
son and OelllitliM
Jllss llle.inor Ke Holds
Duet Venetian Uegntlii-
.Miss Itunii'l and Mls (iai ignii
Cmitintlo Solo "Song ot 1 li.mkgl-
Ing," Allltson
Miss Is.ibel ClniKe.
Sopiann Solo
(a) "Songs M Mothi I S,ing"..l)wn.ik
(l) "The U.niAi" Cliiclwick
Mrs. Cl.ii.i Simpson H rail v.
Tllo "T ljinbirdr Voidl
JIIssps Spencer anil rt.n.igm mul
Mi. S. II. Klngsbnn.
MeS'o-Sopiiiiio Solo
CO "Ho lilst wle cine Hliitne" Canton
(III "When Is ICInil"
Mis T. C. Von Sloieh.
B.uiliine Solo -"Si len.icle" . . Sit .in- j
Mr. Kiilph nwlght Willi tins
Violin Sol" Soledecl
Ml?. Inr DIcKs.iii.
Conli.illo Sulci "O I .mil Couctt .Mc'
Women's t'hoiils "O litest
(llv Ileiuipst.)
Sopiulio Solo "More Hegal In Ills t.ow
llslnlu" (from "Queen of Shebu")
Miss (linte Spelicpi.
The miiiiiiBOinont of the tlonio for the
Filciidtess has planned a delightful en
leititlninonl for Donallmi Day and
evening, which will be next Thuisday.
Simply because the Home Is almost
out of debt will not keep the big fam
ily from stntvltig. The family neer
has been as large as It Is now, about
S4 In number, and us living expenses
nio so very high at jiiesent, the need
of donations Is extreme. Since Hie
stilke subscllptlons have gieutly fallen
off mid as, with the eseoptlon of live
bundled dollais, the Home must de
pend entirely on the lesldents of Scrnn
ton for support, It will be gieutly up
piecliited If kind fi lends will lemetii
ber these necessities now'
The miiuageis have a "basket picnic"
on that dnv, which lesolves Itself Into
an annual dinner. In the evening, Miss
Jessie Camp Hoss, the tender of humor
ous selections, will give a fascinating
programme. She w 111 b assisted by
distinguished local musical talent A
silver offeilng will be leeelved. but
moi c than all tt Is desbed that friends
of the Home and wdio Is not Its filend
will come out In gient numbeis.
Mi. Slsson's name on a bill at the
Dixie theater Is a great atti action. The
delightful little sketch In which she
appealed this week has been much en
Joed. Mis. SIsson'H pett-onallty Is
even mine charming off the stage,
wheie her pietty "thee's" and "thou's"
fan Inate the listener. She Is a little
ciiakeies, who has a slngukuly bill
llant gift of mind and ability.
The ill st of the annual golf matches
with AVIlkes-Haue will take place this
afternoon on the links of the Set .in ton
Countiv club. This Is the sixth annual
niuWh for a cup which was to be won
with the best coips of three matches.
The Scianton team has won lHe thus
far and the two golf clubs aie still
pl.i.ving for the same cup. The home
team will be toinpo-pd of Mesiis. J. II.
Huioks, P. C. Fuller, James Blah, Jr.,
Peck, T. K. Hinoks mid T. H. Wat
kills. The will plu agalnt Messis.
Tin tier. Huntington, Johnson, Wonl
ntff Fainb.iin and HKbee.
Man.N of the soiietv people of Sci. ni
ton will i pi all with pleasuie the lead
ings and lectin es given by Ml". I311pii
M. Staples al a niimbei nl ptlv.itp
bouses in tills city Hupp yeais ago.
They will loel Inteiested in knowing
that Mis. Staples will be tnhtiess of
eeiemonk's at the boil' e-wm mliig of
the Woman's Pies., elub of Xcw Voile
net Satuiday at the W.ildm t Atotln.
Ml'. Staples is ebaliman oT the dpp.ut
nient of lltei.ituie and Journalism, and
has piopat cil a progi amine toi the
opening of the new qiuiit"is uhhh l e
llpcls cipdlt on liei taste. It includes
Kinest Thninpsoii-Seton, Until MeKn
ery Stuart, Aliio Caldwell Hegon, of
- &
Saturday and Monday, Oct. 1 8, 20.
Our buyers have been in New York the entire week
Iecting goods for our
Second Great Autumn Sale of
"rtibbage Patch" fmno, nml otheis.
Among other feututes wilt bo n chapter'
from Mis, Stnple's own fot tlicomlng
book, "Iteinlnlst elites of u Twentieth
Century Pllgilm's l'rogross." one of
the guests wilt be Mis, Slaunaul, of
London, (John Strange Winter), Mis.
Staples was In Scinnton lecently an
the guest of her nephew, Dr. Downing.
Mis. T It, Wntklns gae a luncheon
on Tuesday at the Country club In
honor of Mis. Hindy's guests, Mis. C.
It, Cooke, of Tieilton. X. J and Mir.
Hetiiy McCulloch, of Klkton, Mr. Tho
otheis tncseiit weio: Mis. A. F. Law,
Mrs. William Matthews, Mis. H, H.
Jtonolds, Mis, 13. G. Couison, Mis. II.
W. Kingsbury. Mis. Uveielt Wniieli.
Mrs. Jmnes 1'. Dickson, Mr. II. P.
Mr. and Mis, Jacob Hetnel have Is
sued Invitations for the tnnirlagp of
their daughter, Miss Maiy TCIb.tiueth
Itetr.el, to Mr. Jmnes Percy Hughes.
The ceremony will take place Oct. 2J,
at ,s o'clock p. m., at the home ot the
bride's puielits, Gibson street.
Mi". L. 13. Wright, whose wolk us a
watel colotlst and sculptiess have at
traclod so much attention In Paris and
In New York, may lemaln In Seranlon
dining the winter. Mrs. Wilght Is a
close filend of Mis. F. I,. Phillips.
Among the bridal gifts which weio
received by .Miss Hippie, and which nt
ttacted much attention, weie two oil
paintings by Douglas Aithur Teed.
One was his line "Sir (Snlnhad," the
other a small lnncl-cape,
Mi. ('. K. Ul.ilr Is to build a hand
some bouse near "I.inuh" at Dalton.
Just what Mr. Hlalr expects to do with
a house is unceitaln for he is a most
Indefatigable traveler and has lslted
owry coiner or the globe. He expects
to spend the winter In California.
Announcement Is made of the coin
ing mariiage of William T. Seagiavos
and Miss Mabel M. Holdiy, (laughter of
Mr. and Mis'. Ficderlek lioldty, of I'M'
Academv sheet. Tile eent will take
place Oct. 2.
Dr .1. Windsor Doekei. James m.tlr,
Ji.. Heniy IJr.nly. Jr , and J. It. Hrooks
weie us-heis at the wedding of Miss
Wheeler to Dr. J. S. Otto In HufTnlo.
on Wednesday. Dt. otto was a Pi inte
ton classmate.
Mi.s. C. U. Simpson was one of those
who ii'ientlv have been eiv active
agents in helping tin- Young Women's
Clu Mian association out of
dllllcultles. Mr. and Mis. Simpson aio
now In New YoiK.
Mi. and Mi' X. 13 Kb e hip spend
ing a month or mine as Hie well nine
guests of e.islein triends. who nibs
them gieativ since they li.ue taken up
thcit icsidente in Callfoinia.
Ml-s Maig.uet Duff and Mis-. Cot.i
Sfwiiit. of Phllidelplil.i, who wpip In
tlie city to attend the MtCulloch-
Itlpple wedding, wpip guests of Mis.
James S. McAnutty.
Mis. c. II. Cooke, of Tienton. X. J.
and Mis. Henry MiCulloch, of Hlkton,
Mil., who have been the guests of their
In other. Heniy Ibaih, i , left Hie city
on Thiu.sda..
Miss rit'iinell eutei tallied neaily i
bundled guests at a dance list night
in honoi of her cousin, Miss Allnlulu,
o! Huflalo.
Or at Least Everyone Who Suffeis
fiom Cntnrih,
Catatih In Its various foims Is a na
tional disease, and tho fact that neuily
cvciybody suffers ft out It moie or less
leads many to neglect Us proper heat
tncul. Xasal calnrih Is a common cause of
headaches, deslioys sense of smell and
If neglected leaches the tin oat, causing
Impaliment and sometimes total loss
of voice. Hionchlal cntairh leads easily
to consumption. Catitith of stomach
and ller are ery seilotis and obstln
ate trotibles, while It Is now genctally
admitted that catanh Is the most com
mon of all causes of deafness.
All of the mote seilotis fount of ca
tanh begin with nas.ilcalanli the local
symptoms, being it piofuse dlschaige,
stoppage of notills, Ii illation and fre
quent dealing ot Hie tin oat, supelllg,
toughing and gagging.
The old stylo of tieatinent with
douches, rnhaleis, sprays, salves, etc.,
simply give temporary relief and eveiy
one who has used uny of them knows
how useless they are and their Incon
venience Is such that very few have
the time or patience to continue theli
tis e.
A radical cine of calm ill can only be
obtained fiom a treatment which te
mnves the catarrhal taint from the
blood because no one will now dispute
Unit catanh Is a constitutional or blood
(Ifsease, and local applications can have
no effect except to teinpoinilly lellovc
local HmptoniH.
A now lemedy which has been 10
maikably successful In curing catanh
Is u pleasant tasting tablet width is
taken Internally and acts upon the
blood and mucous menibianes.
It Is composed of antiseptic lcniedles
like Hod Oiim. Rlood toot and similar
cleansing specifics which eliminate the
catanhal poison from the system.
The tablets being pleasant to tlie
taste hip dissolved in the mouth and
thus leach the tbtoat, trachea and
linallv the stomach and entire allment
my canal. They me sold by diugglsts
everywheie under the name of Stuart's
Catairhal Tablets.
it deshed. when theie is much stop
page of the nose, the tablets may bo
dissolved In waim water and used as a
clout he In addition to Internal use. but
u dou he is not at all iieeesaiy. A few
dissolved In the mouth dallv will bo
sutllclent. Dr. Ainslee sqy: "The legti
lu dally use of Stuart's Catanh Tab
lets taken internally will cure the whole
(at.uihal tumble without lesoiting lo
the intoinrnleiiio or a douche or an In
haler." They seem to ghe a healthy lone to
the whole mucous inembi.ine and It is
lP.tllv temaikalilp how soon they will
tlear tlie head and Ihioat of the tin
nutinal and pol-ouous catanhal st,.Je.
Stunt's Catanh Tablets Is, uiicloubt
rillv tlie safest, most palatable and eei
t.iinlv tho most eilluipiit and convenient
lenipdy lot am foitn of tatanii.
Mm il s 1 H J& i
Mr. and Mis. i;. t.. Fullei .lie at theli
.countiy place, neai Lily Lake, vvheie
they aie piepnilng to build a boautlful
The Oiten Kldc,e Wluelmen will have
a .stag-pnity next ThursJav night when
piogies-ive euthiu will hi the entei-
I talnment.
pin oil lf,t PI imtisp in ltd Ha Ills
flienils ,ue ilienlv Intel c left In Ills r.nih.
coming appeal iiiice. ami musicians hum
tlie i utile .ilp will Im pipKcnl to note
the ipsuit ol Ills iifi, tralnhi,!
Ml. t.iilimnn it .ill ptoli.iblv pl.iv IN
MpiiiIi Issohn conceito. the "D-vll's Tt III."
b Tartlnl. anil n groiio of sltoiter selec
tions , VleiiMeiiipM, Sliubiii ami Svisis.
ill ). Mi Lolim tun pusst sp i wen pre-sni-il! violin, which Is valie-d at
tl.un'i 'I'll,, tone Is itsoiitiit ami u.nh, ami iltt- Miiiiish tints ,np lie.iti
tltnl Mi. I.iihiu. inn's hnic ipinliu h,.s
ever been nml ill','iiilk'tl lull of
v Ikui ami migncil-m. and his ambition It
bilked noble to tlie the coinpo'ei a hie
Mi. and Mis Sidney WI!Iliimu
tcinul at dlnnei last night.
Movemenls of Peoi:
Cut out the coupon attached to the bottom of this
Dress Goods Department
Hup di-pin of New
p.ipeis lin p.utii nl.iis
floods. .-., ,. I'lhlny daily
Underwear and Hosiery
Uos' and Hill's Fa-t
Hojs' mid dli Is' K
Itlmk Hose,
c.u Hose.,.
Mb-e.s' Fine lillibul Hose
Ladles' Fast 11. .m-
Ladles' Flue; Ho-c
l.adl.s' Miuo Klaek Ho-o
Laiiles' Fnnej Ih.-e, in vaiU'lie
" ., ..J.'e. :::.e, r.0e
ciilldn n's Flue Flciied I'ndt i wiar
Ladles' Heavv Fleited I'ndui wear
Ladles' Flue Fleeted Fudei we.n
Ladles' 'mo .lusuy Itllibfil I'udeineiii
Jaidleh' .Valiuul (liey Cinlei
Liidl.-s' White Wool in Xi.tu m I'ndet wonr $i,wl
Ladles H.miil fi Fudiiwear $,r,o
L.tdks- I'ninn Stilts ,-,iie up m J.l.iio
Men's Filhl KliuK llo-e ;s ,,i,. jo, j-K.
Mens Wllll't Knot llo-e i-;..
Sprt Inls
T.le. .s-.e, fl.ijO
. ..l.'.e lo :Wc
t U.'C
Men s Jei.sey
M 'll'S Ileavj
i.Aiia I'tiif nose, iibiclt in
Daik I lenail I'udeiweiir :;!iu
Light Fleet id I'liderwcni , aitu
Kancy Fktied I'mleiwiar r,Oe Indeiweai
I (Hiked riiiku w.e.n .,
Wool I'udeiweai
Men's Light Kino Wool I'
Men'n le.iv Dnuble-liieastul I'nilei wear,. .
Comforts and Blankets
... ,r.0e
... Mo
10-4 While Uliillkels
11-4 White or Hiey
U'-l White or (key
tl-l 'eiv llenvv Willie ...
I'M Heavy (Jie
in-1 j.-uiuy White
Fine Luige Cointoits,
.,.., COu
.., Wo
'""""MIIIMM.,1. .J.vd
$1 a:., $.'.on, ?j.r,o and $3 00
Linen Department
llouejtnuih Towels, each , .V
dooil lillek I'owcls ! e
Ktlbeis Towels ,' IPe
licit liei man l.Iuei. line U Towtl- U'.i
lleliisiliehed Towtls. all llui'ii l.'i
Nxtia Fine llmk Towels 17-
lMui HiMV.V II ink Tow tl- lSe
Kmi.i Laige llenisllltlud Towels .."c
We have al-o Hie lelelnatiil Kuli Uiy K.tth TijViN.
iiie iiil one with n name
V .V Sliuiill utiuin il 'm. ueiii t. no'ii
lMlit.iili Inhbl wbele be nirr.n.liwt th. i, it
' mill (iinvtutlnn ill 111 Caul me .Miiniifiii-
t If I I -. lis- lit I 1 ,, in
1!. rf I' i Haw-, ill' till l illiet llftU cf
Ihe i.illv.a uvlce, Willi l.i iii,t'ni li i- ,it
. ,wiu.iiiispui i a ismu at ill' an . I
1 hi ... .....
jsii,' f ; , sn t (.I
Chhl i:ii.,ht,ei W IJ MiieFiiiPn. if
III" L.n 1 aw. lima t.ilhoail, w.ih In ihec'tv
M-lildi.v mi his lettiiu 1 1 mi a limit It ,!
, ttln lie let I ml .Win Vinl, In, r li t (.
' nlttiuiiiiu
i I nils alt. mil iniiniiei I p. tin mntili.
nl Mi.s Maine Lli.' ibetli tn .lames
1'iiiy llu,,his 'lhe ciieiuenj .ill Hike
pi. ne Oct. li. i J.' ot s n'tloik p in at Ihe
It tile of tin bl'di t ptiiiis i,u (lib on
"lin I
The follow Iiik irmtkal selntlui will be
lPiitkiecl nt the mottling and cvcnlnt? -ci-vloe-
toinonovv at i:im Palk ehurcli. tin.
der the illiectlon ol J. Allied IViiiibij.-ton.
oiKitnlit ami choir in ster.
Oiyun Pieluile In II tint U;
Clmli Anthem '"lhe S-'nior Is VVnlt-
Intr in P.itadlsp" Hitveii
OiKini Aila In 1 Tnitinl
II.Milll Authtiii Koiiuni est In I! Il"t
Hm 1;
OiKan I'M hide in F Cue
o Piidiiilir In I: Hut Dubo s Anthem, "I Will M.tKiilfv The.
Ilrsentl a! Auilante 1 jiu t-Jve In A tin I
Hit k
Snpiami Solo "Tin -( Ate Tlnj" Liiiul
Mis. lit.i Cininill
('hull llv inn "A Lamp nl Mj, I' el"
Mai Mb u
Oi.mii l'nsiluik 111 1 ni lor . lit-
ii .,
lip to h'"i U')
,. .. i'.V
. .'.Hi
Aiahau L.ue Cnllais :,tii , $ ,
rnncy Hatln Hells, new liuckks
73e Kelts, line hi! kk '
7fe Uriilded Puise. n ol beiiiln
i Kl.tlileil I'lllne", htei-1 lieinlis
Nei k lleadh, tnllll, Ji I in peail
KoWMind Jet IJetii biMiitU'is
Tailiy Keuds
I.i.illni Ciiatelalui Kas, black, miiI hi linn
Lentliei Chatelaine Ii.tKf, black, sp.ii or lion tlulsh,
Hpeilal , , 'j,-,i
!'"n .New Chenille Spot VellltiKs, bltuk or white ., JJi
.'.".! New ()ile Hilvet Finish Hell Pins lilt
New Tihiuc". .Special . ."(l.i
Ladles' and Chlldieu's dolt' lilnM's j.'n and "ik
Our .M. iV II, Kid Gloves $1 on
li. K ovi'i-lap .-eains wai m mill Milt $i.iiu
Casliineie .mil Silk PiiiKer Tip (HuviH t'.ie in $ I lift
Silk Knitted Hull (iloVcM-beailtles if I, on
c.thhiiKie IJuiitiuet unit Cutliuia Soap "rti
(leiiuantowu YmiiH, Lion Miami Co
.Shi'lliiud rioss, Lion Miami Si
Burgciins in Domestics
Hood Mi own MuhIIii... , , -l.o
Hood Hleachcd .Muslin , 5t Mum ii Mut-llu B'.ji
Hill, Lonsdale, k'nilt of Loom ,,,.. 70
(loud .Sliuker Kluiiml ,,,, jo
He.nj Shaker Flmiuel 70
OutiiiLts, voiy pietty patterns 31,
riiie !e Heavy Fleeied OutinK.s 15 1 .u
Kmiiy 10c Fine Fleeied (HllliitfH Sji
Klst Dnulilo Fleited l)uluiL,'ii jo(
MeM littllKO K'ue Flints :.
Me-t Silver (Hey 1'ilnts , ., r,o
Cut Out This Coupon
Present at our office,
purchase $1,00 worth of
goods or more and you
will receive 30 stamps.
October 18, 20,
!. ojpnjnrjj s
Musical Gossip.
UA.Vi ON will be altolcleil the oppoi
ttmltv nl lipailn.v .1 violinist of 1',,.
ninilein hclinol that ha kIvui us Kubllik,
Kn Inn nml otliiis, In the puson ()f .M
Aiuolil Lnliinaun who m ikes his iii-i
appeal mite In Aim I lea ului a lln.ti' ionise nl -.t tul li) Miiinpe, at hi,.
HiliibiUi icitiiilt 111 tlie in W Ulllioij ue.l
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Ml-n I'u 1 mini ami .Ml-s Allni will li -
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' i:ilen iSini.ilim HlltP-, violinist, the Kilted
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Kie.ulv litli 11 sited In In irinw Hunt .i,.ii"
'I lie Itivllillliillh ale lor l'lillll evelllllli,
on. ::
Mears & Hagen !
415 and 417 Lackawanna Aye
l'mler the illi'ttlnn of Mi ,1 JI
Chanee, the following niinkal selei
tlntih will lie ll-nl at liiinni uiw's win.
ship 111 lhe sjienml 11 1 sbylul 1 111 i hull 11,
OlKltll I'U'lllile Allililllte ill c malm
Mill iilln'U',1 1
Alllllilll-"! Will LIU I'p Mine J'ees,"
OiYilnilv -Hint. ".N'nl .Mv Own."
Ml-- ib.iin.Mn ami Mi. IIIIiiiiih
Oi(iitu 1'o.ilmlc . . , , Mai 1
UlKiilt 11 1 hide Finale tn Tllllil SsJIII.
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Choir lie-ponse "Ham tils' , .Unvote
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Aiithein Hyitiii
In tin West"
ntK.lll Piistlude
p 'iainutiii
Tune, "),tv
Men IpIhmiIi'I
Is )vlnW
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Mendi Iv-oliu
AH.N'ni.n i.oiim .x
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UU iillkl tliaii the lanmils iniient inns,
let uf the ikiliu Phlllinunnule nithiMtia,
Heir WleK. That lUir Wii-ek win Well
plciihcil with tho I'lluils ol hN pupil s
eviileiicul in the fact that .Mr Lolunaiiii
vvin llio only one of Ids mum tons mil
dt Dili lo he pit milted the unusual ilk
tlutllou of I'UvIiik in (iniceit with lust
oiihestia, He iincn leuihiktd to an an.
M'liiblab'e "f hlu puplla nl ids home that
"Vim all ktiuly liitul, pun Hce enousjb
1 1 111 well, jour lec'liiiltpiti Is ninpjp. but
Lohitianu has the talent the tempi tu
inutt tlml tliliies tliiougli all" .Mr.
Luhiiiauii appealed In eiuieeit upon t-ev-eittl
incisions, in pot only Ilerllii, hut hi
tliu iHU'liboilntf lilies mid the ciltiis wetu
iiiiituliiious in priiiinuiicInK him u
brilliant poi fin met on hU chosen liistui
meiit. Mi, Lobniann U vi'O well known
in Wllkes-Uarre, Cuibtinilalc, Pltlstou
and Scianton. na a fm titer pupil of Mr.
Tlicodyr Henibciyvi, with whom he jirc-
(JwIiik: to the ntinhi isiuj imi.ih f
St LtiUe'H ihitit'b the Inleipielatlon
Lesson" win In, oinlueil oitv. lull will
In vlvtli lie:; I Ktltiul,,) as hmii.i1
c90wfd0i4i ocm
(y For Saturday Lp Bnsiness
i Shoes Shoes I
-. 1
For Women
For Boys
and Girls
Our line of Shoes is undoubtedly the
most complete in this city.
We aim to carry correct fitting and
properly shaped shoes, entire satisfaction
to the wearer must be embodied in shoes
that are sold by us.
a as
The quantity of these
shoes sold and the miiny
piaisewoithy things said
about them by hundreds of
people who have worn them
aie assurance of their splen
did values.
Women's Box Calf, lace shoe;
military heel, cork sole water-proof
shoe. Reu'arS2.D0 fi
shoe, for J5 1 .iU
Women's Dongola Kid, button
and lace shoe, patent tip, military
heel, Regular 52 00
shoe, Saturday ip 1 5U
Women's Dongola Kid, lace or
button, military heel, patent tip.
Regular 53.00 Shoe. ,,
For Saturday 2,.5i)
Women's Heavy Sole, Dongola
Kid Lace Shoe, kid tip, military
heel, rope stitched.
Regular 53.50 kind.
For Saturday p5. vU
Boys' and
Girls' Shoes
Reliable Shoes are scarce,
"The Big Store for Child
ren's Shoes is a household
word." Experience has
shown you that shoes pur
chased here give splendid
service and prices are such
as cannot be bettered.
Boys' Box Calf, Lace Shoe, size
8 to 12. $'-oo; fi1
sizes 13 to 2 p 1 ,j&&
Sizes 2 to 5tf . . $1.50
Misses' Box Calf, lace and but
ton, A School Shoe, ,
Size 11 to 2 $1.25
Child's Box Calf, lace or button;
school shoes; 5 to 8 -.
79c. Size8-i to 11,. 3 1 UU
Ideal Kid Lace Shoe, military
heel, every pair guaranteed not to
crack. Our regular
53.50 kind. For Sat- - s
urday p5.UU
'ju wjumwiuB
(eller Brothers' Pianos
Have stood the test for twenty-one years,
and today stand in the toiemost rank of High
Ciitile Standard Pianos.
livery Keller Brothers' Piano is sold un
der a ten year guarantee, and we can prove to
you beyond a doubt that nowhere can you buy
as ood a Piano for the money as from our
We shall be pleased to have you call at
our tactory and teel confident of being able to
thoroughly convince you of the truthfulness of
every claim we make for our instruments.
Keller & Van Dyke,
1042 to 1051 Capousc Ave,, Scranton, Pa.
Is the aim, when ''other firfs" ooA so truhj up to date,
We've Made It Possible for You
Where waists are under discussion, WHITE WAISTS rOR WINTER the
really smart girl possesses not one but many white tailored waists for the coming
season, Note the material and the price:
White Mercerized Pique, stripes and polka dots,, ,25c yd
White Metal Printed Molines, new 50c yd
Complete stock of the new White Uedford Cords,
Nleldrum, Scott & Go,
126 Wyoming Avenue,