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iUiiiiiii i i
To the Voters
of Lackawanna County:
ILLIAIU FRANZ comes before you this time as a tried and
trusted servant of the people, not as an experiment or the ex
ponent of a theory. With pride he can point to his past record. From every
side comes loud praise of the part he has played in the work of abolish
ing offensive abuses and the work of beautifying and improving the prop
erty under the control of the county commissioners.
The Scranton Tribune, In a review of the work of the commis
sioners, said:
"It 1st not every county which run present such a showing In
tho management of its finances as wm Lackawanna tills year: lint
tlmn It is not every comity which win boast of eonnulsloiii-r:i who
not only venture to cut the rate of itc-nllim Miuurely In hull'. Imt
who tifttinlly follow that up l. showing h clean reduction of out
standing Indebtedness lroni $.315,000 to jnai.Oiiii, or well nigh M per
rem. The only possllile inference from such mi exhibit Is llmt
Commissioners Franz, Pliniagluin mill llitlslentl. Instead of Indulg
ing In loml talk, lmvo been ipilctly sawing wood. Ami liom wlnit
I lmvo seen of their methods, this is precisely th" mills In llio
eoeoanut. They nre Imulm-ps men first and iiolltleinns iil'l-iwiird.
And the outcome of their labors would seem to ellurh the citnfn
tlon that this is tho order which taxpayers most need."
The Elmira Telegram said
"When Sir. Franz look up the reins as county commissioner,
instead of nil Increase in rate of taxation there was a pronnmucd
decrease, until Lackawanna county made the lowest levy In the
state for :i county ol its size. Marked Improvements were made;
the finest court house In the state was finished: the best fall in the
Mate was erected: new and elegant bridges were litillt: ind toll
piles nhollshed. The list of Improvements is loo Ion;; for enu
meration, hut the fact remains that lit the luce i.f all then- im
provements the cost of the department was cut nearly In half liy
tho jealous stewardship of Wililam Fran;: and his associates."
Are Yoii fop Hones! Government?
fire Yoii for Practical Improvement ?
If so, cast your vote for
William Franz
The Honest Candidate of ths People
"The White Slave."
Hartley Campbell's beautiful Southern
play, "The White Slave," opened a three
days' engagement at tho Academy last
evening. This is the. llrst production tho
play lias had hero in seven years and tho
first time It has been played here at pop.
ular prices. The audlenco last night was
largo and received the play enthusiastic
ally. The company is a very large one, num
bering twenty-five people and very well
balanced, even tho small parts being in
good hands Miss Helen Collins who by
the way is a sister or AVilliu Collins, the
well known actor, In the role of Liza, the.
-white slave, gave a very finished ren
dering of a difllcult role. John R Cure as
Clay Brittou was also well received.
Thomas Garmile as tho villain was grcet-
ed by hisses galore which speaks well
1 for Ills work. The character of Mi.
Dllicu, a lawyer, was ucccpiuiiiy assuuicu
by Frank X. Drew, a famous old actor
and a nephew of John Drew.
"Tho White Slave" quartette was en
thusiastically encored. Tho stago effects
(ire very realistic, embracing rain stonns,
a firo fly effect in a swamp, a very Due
realistic plantation scene, historically cor
rect as was all tho costuming and stag
ing of the play in tiiat picturesque period
just preceding tho Civil war. "Tho White
Slave" will bo repeated this afternoon
nnd evening.
Good Bill at the Dixie.
Tho bill that is being pieseuted at tho
TJixio this week contains as large a per
centage of good things as any that has
been presented since tho lionso opened.
Kathryn Osterman and Kdward Barring
present a Ilttlo sketch, "Tho Hdltor,"
which is a great mirth provoker and theio
is a ouu nut drama, "Tho l.lltlo Mother."
that is exceedingly well done. Kills ami
Kdwln Smedlcy. two children, giving tho
balcony seeno from "Romeo and Juliet,"
with graco and elocutionary nhlllty,
"Tho Dancing Mlssloners" of Walt
Terry and Xcllle Elmer is funny and .Mr,
Terry demonstrated that ho is one of tho
best dnnceis seen In this city in many
a day. Collins and Hart, acrobats; Pun
Ilno Morau and tho I'lcknnlnles; dor
man nnd West, with songs and dunes;
Drawee, tho juggler, and Ksler Wallace
rounded out a most satisfactory bill.
George Yeoman, who calls himself "tho
Gorman Jester." perpetrated somo Jests
nt tho afternoon perfornuineo that Mr.
Dixie did not consider Jests and ho was
not allowed to go on again.
As a special feature for tho Saturday
matinee, tho inauagenieiit Is to lmvo a
flashlight photograph taken of the audi
eneo from tho stage, livery mui holding
reserved sent ticket may retain llio
joupon which will entitle them to u copy
of tho photograph taken at the Batiuday
"King Dodo."
On Wednesday and Thursday nlglus and
Thursdny afternoon at the i.vceuin
"King Dodo" will bo crowned KIiik of
Bpoopju land ituil ho is a monarch worthy
to reign over his chosen people. Ills mlnh
Is unctions, his songs and dunces a love.
Jntlon to his admirers and when the
changes from old ago to youth, and jnutli
-to old age, thero Is always tho same hap
py strain In Ids humor which oiiuiarier-
Do Good It Pays.
A Chicago man lias observed that,
'Goood deeds are better than real es
tate deeds some of the latter wo
Worthless. Aft kllldh- and irnnllv
show sympathy mid lend a helping
hand. You cannot possibly lose by It."
Most men appreciate a kind word and
neouragement mine than substantial
help. Thero arc persons In this ((im
munity who might truthfully say; "My
good friend, cheer up. A few doses of
Chamberlain's Cough Jtcmedy will rid
you of your cold, and there is no dun
jcr whatever from pneumonia when
rou use that medicine. It always
:urea. I know Jt for It has helped mo
ut mn- a. time." Sold by all drus-jrUts.
As' Citizens' Candidate
County Commissioner,
fl 2
Honest Government,
Progress and Improvement, com
bined with a watchful and exacting
guardianship of the county's funds.
Izes ills whole being. "King Dodo" Is a
monarch to be envied, as lie is surrounded
by a throng of pretty subjects that would
do Justice to the Goddess of lieautyland.
"King Dodo" is from tho pen of Frank
Plxley and Gustav Luilers and consists of
throe acts and two scenes.
"A Fight for Millions."
Malcolm Douglas' big scenic pioductlon,
"A Fight lor Millions," will soon be the
next attraction at the Academy of Music
tor three nights beginning Thursday.
Matinees Friday and Saturday. The play
with its stilling scenes and strong situ
ations, its vivid and Intensely human pic
tures of everyday life, and Its present
ment of novel climaxes heretofore un
known la years. The great siibmaiino
scene. In which the bottom of the Hud
son ilver is shown, with the marvelous
submarine boat lieu rim; the hero to sufoy
Is one of the great scenes Another scene
equalling this in Its intonsln Is that in
which the wlieles-t telephone Is Intro
duced, The Ktnrtllnv; mews-' which es
tablishes the innocence ,,( Tom Manly
from a thousand miles awn.v Is distinctly
beard by every poison In th" audience.
Scats on sale this moinlns.
Madame Sembrich.
Madame Scmbiich, the splendid nitht,
who Is to be hen id on October 21 at th"
armory, Is not nlgunidl.i In her choice of
selections of noble music for an audi
ence. The published programme for the
evening above named includes twenty
two arias and lleder. representing some
of tho loveliest work of seventcn great
composers from Hack and f!"ellioven and
Handel, (Thick and Porgnlosi. and their
successors, on to TschalUowsky and
Grieg, Strauss and Van de Slacker, of
the pn-sent day.
Madame Sembileh Is looking forward to
her appearance in tills city, to her intro
duction to its people, with exceeding in
terest. .In concert and opera, specially "com
manded," she has sung befoic almost ev
ery crowned head In Kurope, Including
three successive czars of Russia, tier
ninny's kaiser, iiugland's lain lamented
(lueou, and Spain's beloved ipieen regent.
Hcfore these, and before crowded houses
in all the leading American and Kurope in
cities, she has won the laurels she wears
so ntleiiy without ostentation. Her gen
tleness ami grace will make her doubly
welcome' here. Those who have listened
to Paul, and thoi who have not had
that delight, will alike rojob-e In tho op.
portunlly now presented them to hear
this wonderful e.Nponcnl nf the gloiloua
"old Italian school" nf singing, the purest
school of melodious expression that tile
world has ever known.
The International t'orrtsp-iiid -in- Sel o i
association have become Interested with
Mr. Hand in the recital and It will be the
llrst of a series to be alvnn Mini.,., in,.
winter hi securing mi great an fori
i in- mm i-vi-iii in the season, both tilt
management mil the mm-lu loving ponpls
of this region are to be congratulated
and the saine success attained Inst season
Is iif-siired for tK Sembrlcli recital,
Special to the Scranton Tribune,
llallsiead, Get. n. -The following at
tended tho csicrii lirancli Fnlon i on
Volition held at Forest uuKo, Friday and
Satiiiduy; Misses l.u Kggieston. llerlha
Usher, Alice Sciilleu. Hiaci. Mauling,
l.rncu Itead, .Messrs, Frank Alyiner and
itiibeii liarncs.
Misses lldna Ward and Tllllo Fax. of
liui'i'ulo, gave a very pleasant parly at
the hnnie Mis. .Michael Fitzgerald, n
t liuifli street, Saturday exi-nlim. The
house was very tastefully decorated with
ferns, autumn leave and bunting. The
gicmcr part or the evening was taken up
with the usual party diversions. They
wero also entertained by phonograph
selections, A number from out of town
The Jiulles or the Methodist church were
entertained at the homo of .Mrs. A. K.
Alden, on Thursday afternoon.
Tho C. , society of tho Presbyterian
church will give their Jt lends a raie
treat hi tho way of an "Old fashioned
npplo cut and husking bee" at tho home
or Mrs. George Matlleld, on Pino Mreet,
Thursday evening of thW week. A light
lunch consisting In part of good old fash.
loned ghiBcr brou', apu'e and pumpkin I
pies. Kvcry one Is invited to como and
lmvo a Rood time.
1). P. Mamllii and family lmvo removed
from tho Dil Hols farm to tholr residence
In Great Ucnd,
.Inmlo Slmroll has ncecplrd a potlllnti
ns newsboy on trains No. 2 and fi on tho
Delawitlc, Lackawanna nnd Western rall
lond. .
On Wednesday evening of this week the
members of I.neknwamm lodge, No. SS.'i,
11. of ti. R, of this place, will t utile a
Standard Olllclal Webb Hall wati'li. The
watch Is n beauty nnd Is now on ex
hibition In thn window of 1). K. llanni
han' store on Main street, where tickets
can be purchased at ten cents each.
Itruce Hops' house on Church street. Is
undergoing repairs.
John Diivnl is In the Moses Tnylor hna
pltal. receiving medical treatment for
bronchial trouble.
ThomiM Orogaii Is moving ttilo P.
Morris' hnii-e on Church street, recently
vacated by John Codtllliglon,
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
IJuncsdnlc, Oct. tn.-Ilov. J. .1. Iltmlon
occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian
church on Huntlay.
Mrs. Ileydt and Utile tlnughtcr, nf
New York city, are visitors at tho home
of .Mrs. I.ucy Hentley.
coal Is being brought lo Ilonestlale
from the vicinity of Carbondale by
tennis, which m'c a day nnd a part of
tho night for the trip.
The ladles of the Methodist church
will serve a .chicken supper In the lec
ture room 'of the church, Thursday
evening, October 10.
Ui v. and Mrs. James P. Wure guvo
a delightful reception at the Kpiseopn!
rectory on Monday evening, the oocn
fIoii being their fifteenth marriage an
niversary. The AVayne county fair management
was fortunate In having pleasant
weather for their postponed date. The
large attendance Will partially make up
the loss suffered on account of the
Twju coming events of note are inter
esting Honcrdale society at present.
The first will take place at the resi
dence of Mrs. George F. Hentley, on
Third street, when her only daughter.
Miss Kllwibcth Waller, will be married
to l.orlng It. Gnle, of Now York city,
at high noon Wednesday, October 1",
by I lev. William II. Swift. The second
event will be the marriage or Miss
Hrrtha Frankel, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. I.. Fucrth, to Dr. Ernest T.
Brown, 'of Ilonesdale, which will take
place on October 22. The weddings will
bo quiet affairs. The contracting par
tics are among the popular society peo
ple of Ilonesdale.
Miss Ethel May Niemlller and Harry
. Penwarden, both of Ilonesdale, were
married at Columbus, O.. October 6.
These estimable young people have
many friends in Ilonesdale, who will
wish I hem many years of happiness.
The groom holds a responsible position
with the Durland, Thompson Shoe
Special to tho Scranton Tribune.
Wynluslng, Oct. 1.1. Miss Sabia Por
ter, of Snyre, spent Sunday with her
mother, Mrs. Amelia Porter.
The Stevensvillc and Moronton ball
teams didn't play ball Saturday, on ac
count of the rain, but will play at the
Wynliising park, Wednesday, Ot tuber
Hurt Gaylord, who has been spending
a couple of weeks In town, returned to
Central Islip, Monday.
No school this week, on account of
the teachers' institute at Towanda.
Miss Martha Gaylord is spending tho
week in Lellaysville, tho guest of Miss
Mabel Morris.
John Decker, of Corning, N. Y is
spending a couple of days in town.
Mrs. Ernest Morrow, of Quick's Bend,
visited her sister, Mrs. Stephen Jlcilly,
Miss Mollie Bonan has returned to
Washington, D. (.'., after spending the
summer at her home in this place.
Miss Clara Stowell is visiting friends
at West Auburn.
Mrs. Fred .Mitten and children are
spending the week with her parents at
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Ilamllr.ton, Oct. J:!. Miss Maud I.vons,
of Wcstlicld, X. V., Is visiting heiueousln,
.Mm. ii. F. Hamlin.
Miss Alice Manilla, accompanied by her
classmate, Miss Anna Schermerhorn, of
Wyoming seminary, spent Sunday with
her patents.
Henry Cook met witli an accident Wed
nesday afternoon last which resulted In
death a few moments later. Deceased
was standing upon a ladder gathering ap
ples, which lu some unknown manner
fell over, throwing Mr. Cook to tho
giound and striking upon a sharp stick
which penetrated his neck severing an ar
tery from which he bled to death. Mo is
survived by a wife, four sons and two
daughteis, Mr, Cook was a member ot
llio Presbyteilnu church and was hold
In high esteem by tho entire community.
The fupneral services were held Satur
day, and were conducted by P.ev, J. P.
Crane, of llawley.
H"v. J. !;. Itroadhead. of Jormyn, Pa.,
Pleached Sunday evening In St. John's
Episcopal church.
Among those who took advantaeo of the
excursion via tho Krin railroad to Now
orlc city last week wero Mrs, Charles
l.orlutr, .Mrs. I.udlow Hawthorne, Geo.rgo
llainlln, C. I Simons and H. F. Nichol
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Ilopbolioni, Oct. 111. Itev. and Jlra. rini.
lou are making an extended vislL with
their daughter. Mrs. !;. M. Tiffany,
Mr. G. O. linlloy, left for l.u Grange.
III., last ThniMlay, where ho cxneeis (n
rpeud Hie winter.
Miss Maine Lord has resigned her i.osl.
linn in tho postotilcn and will begin woik
in i ue cvaporaior mis weeK.
Miss Myra Jackson spent Sunday in
(lien wood.
Mr. and Mrs. tisear Hell are spending
Millie lime as guests of N. M. Tlngley,
The Junior V. I'. c. I), held a rally on
Hatuiday laM and twenty-oue of Its ineiu
lit'is wcic piesejil. A luncheon was serv
ed by .Mrs. E. M. Tiffany ami a very en
joyable afternoon was spent by the Ilttlo
ones. The .liinlur union is preparing for
a fair and supper to bo held Wednesday,
Oct. 2.', afternoon and evening, in tho
vacant rooms oer Frank Junaushek'n
furniture store. All aro cordially invited
to attend and help the Juniors,
Tho young people of llio I'nlversallst
church lmvo organized a Y. P. C lT, with
The Sufferers
from Colds
am numbered by Millions, not Including
those, whoso aiinoyaneo bv association
amounts almost to suffering,
And yet It Is a fuel, as capable of dem
onstration as any problem In Geometry,
that Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder Mas,
Does. Will Cure Catarrh and Colds, What
iiio tho Catarrhal Millions going to do
about It?
Dr. Agnew's Heart Cure relieves heart disease
In 30 minutes. 1
Sold by Win. G. Claik and H. C. San
dei'voii. '
A Priceless Book Sent Free for tho
"There bo hooks ami books;" some
edifying, others entertaining, anil still
others Instructive. The average man Is
so busily engaged In the labor of money
making that he has little time and less
inclination for booli's which Instructs
hence when lie feds out of sorts, either
he gives no heed to Nature's warning,
or he consults a physician, at an ex
pense which a Ilttlo knowledge would
have enabled him to avoid. There Is
probably no omnplulnt upon which the
public Is so little Informed, as hemor
rhiilils, or piles; this Ilttlo hook tells all
about their nature, cnusu nnd cure: it
treats of the dlffcrcht Tortus of blind,
bleeding, Itching and pttitrutllng piles,
describes their symptoms, nnd points
the way to a cute so simple and Inex
pensive, that anyone can understand
and apply. The Importance of prompt
ness and lliorotighiiefH Is vital, for th"
disease will not cure Itself, and Nature,
alone, unaided, will not ucciiinpllsli a
cure, while the consenuenccs arc too
painful for detailed dororlpthm. You
are told how piles originate, the reason
for their appearance mumlly being that
some of the rules of correct living have
been violated, and (what Is more to the
point), bow you may rid yourself of
this banc of human existence. All af
fections of the rectum are treated In
simple, plain language, so that all may
understand, and learn how the cause
may lie removed. Many people suffer
from piles, because after trying the nu
merous lotions, ointments and salves
Hint nre on tho market, without idler,
they come to the conclusion that a sur
gical operation In the only thing left to
try. and rather than submit to the
shock and risk to life of an operation,
prefer to surfer on. This little book
tells how this may be avoided, and a
cure bo effected without pain, Incon
venience or detention from business.
Write your name and address plainly
on a postal card, mail to tho Pyramid
Drug Co., Marshall, Mich., and you
will receive the book by return mail.
the following ofllcers: Frank Junausliek,
president; Oleim Huberts, --ecretaiv: John
Phillips, treasurer; Mrs. K. M. Tiffany,
social committee; .Mrs. Frank Janaiisliek,
prayer meeting committee. Meetings will
bo held every Thursday evening nt S
o'clock. Mrs. VS. M. Tiffany, leader for
tills week.
Special to tho Scranton Tribune.
Montrose, Oct. 12. Mr. and Mrs. A. X.
Ttullard, who have been sick several
weeks, are very much improved.
Mr. and Mr. A. W. Lyons have been In
New York city the past week.
Dr. J. F. Kuttrrflehl, while returning
from the Harford fair with his herd of
fine Ayrshire cows, was unfortunate in
having one of tho cows choke while
swallowing an apple, and It was iiecossarv
to kill the animal upon arriving at ill's
K. X. Harney, of Penu Y.-m, N. Y., is
visiting in town.
Mrs. Frederick Mead (nee Miss Florence
Corwln). of Syracuse, is vl-iting relatives
and friends In tills place.
There aro ten prixoucrs in the countv
Attorney W. D. B. Ainey is still confined
to his homo on Cherry stieot by Illness.
F. P. Munger received from Closhen. X.
Y last week, a fine, thoroughbred Dutch
Helled bull calf, ho having arranged for
its purchase prior to its arrival here.
The entire herd belonging to Mr. Munger
are of Dutch Helled stock, and tho ad
dition to tho already excellent herd will
doubtless ercatly Increase its value.
Joseph White, Charles Wood,' Arthur
Thomas and Frank Corey went to Scran
ton last week to work in the washerles.
Apples arc selling at one dollar per bar
rel nt the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western station; potatoes are being sold
at sixty cents per bushel.
J. M. Kelly's handsome residence, on
South Main .-.treet, is being tastily re
painted by X. A. Warner and assistants.
A social will be given In the transept
of the Methodist Hplscopal church Tues
day evening by the Kpworth League, to
which all nre most cordially Invited. Ad
mlshlon, irj cents.
M. II. Van Scoteu, Kso... Is lu Hcd
Creek, N. Y where lie was summoned
by the death of his brother-in-law, John
il. Smith, lie L expected homo Tuesdav.
Mi's Martha Wood Is visiting Tilng-li-.unton
Mr. and Mrs, It. W. Cole and son, ot
Watklns (Ilea. X, Y., aro guests of Mr.
and Mrs W. 0, Jordan.
Mrs. Mary C, Sayre and companion.
Miss Janet Oraliaiu, are guests at Mr.
and Mrs. D. T. HrewptorV.
Misses Hessio Jlcyuolils and Janet Mc
Causland wero lu Scranton last week,
where they wero guests of .Mrs. Norman
Captain AV. II. Dennis, Jr., was here on
a short leave of absence from Olyphaut
last week, arriving in town Thur-day af
ternoon and returning Friday evening.
Captain II. F. lieardsley and Mrs. J.
H. Henrdsley and daughter are attend
ing tho (irnnd Aimy of the Hepnbllo en
campment at Washington,
Hlehnid O'Connor, who has been con
ducting an Insurance agency In this plain
for several months, returned on Wednes
day to his home in Susquehanna. "Dick"
Is very popular hero and will be greatly
S. AV. Haxter Is quite ill with stomach
trouble nt hl home on Depot street,
J, AV. Adams, assistant Inspii-tnr, will
inspect Four rirolhers' post, Uraud Army
of the Hepublie, next Friday evening.
Mrs, S. W. Slowart gavo a delightful
house party at her home on South -Main
street Friday evening
FOR Tlin LITTLE ONKS.-Out out tho pictuies appearing on this paso each
day, draw a pencil mark around tho hid don object, sure thorn until Saturday,
then send them or toko them to Tho Tribune office in au tuu-lopo addressed to
"Puzzlo Department." Jlncloso lu llio cnelopo your name, ago and address. Tim
boys ami girls who correctly mark tho six pictuies uppcarlm; during tho week,
it whosD answers are llrst received, will
AU Baba sees the forty thieves co
tuu,tu iiiuiiiiiik,
m x 'V, Wmr ill m
wltr& s-Si-'Satv V lit - 'Ml
1 Jmm)Mw-J him ss!
- ? rail bIBKitX. Mimym
" " .1 mmtmrnmrnmi ii inc..
Cnly Halt a Cent a Word,
Tor Kent.
FOIt Ill-INT Five i coins on one Hoof. 14.1
H. Uiiilille.v avenue.
llorsi! FOIt lll-JNT, mi!' Monro-, n rooms,
$151. Cotnegyn. .
FOIt ItlhVT Furnished house! lea rooms-,
steam healed; t-elitlillly located, iUJ
Mndlsoa avenue.
$IU For ttent Ten-room liniasc; excellent
llelKhliothooil; nil model u Improve
ments, on avenue. Apply to It. P. Ham
ilton, I2il Spruce i-trret,
FOIt HI-INT-Now linns", co'-ur Linden
and Coirax; all conveniences, imiulrc
so" Minion street.
For Sale.
CI'L.M IMLt-1 for sale; large and of good
iltiaiity, at nartim breaker, caroou
dale, Pa, Inquire of W. (i. Scurry, Cur
boudale. Pa.
FOI1 SALK Flue diamond rintr 'A curat.
Mm; one carat ling. vi; H carat ring. 0i),
1 I '.a carat ring. $!i.,; Ivj, carat ling. ?lu0; -
iiiial ring, Hi.Mj. Address X., 1'. u, I tux 01.
Poll SALK One liot air famine, three
mantels. Charles I). S.indcison, Di
- yomina avenue., Scianton.
JVST Alt MVn t v tTh" airio7ul of
hor.-es, weight'ii to l.rX); good work-
1 ers and drivers! alio seviral chisclN
matched teams, (tin be seen at ",il Ilay
mnnd court. F. M. Cobb.
FOIl SALM-One hot air fm-nacc. thio
mantels, gas elcmdelleis. Charles II.
i S.ind"i"--')ii, l.ti Wyoming avenue, Scran-
ion, l-u.
FOrt SALII-Town Topics Hold Mining
Co. stock; Me. sliaie; will be ad
vanced to .vie. share on Oct. I.'th., Charles
D. Sanderson, Mil AVvomlng avenue,
Scranton, Pa,
FOrt SALK Admit 20 fct nf desk coun
ter, sin mounted with glns'i front and
two openings, lower poillna nicely pan
elled, with drawers and sh'-lvce und-'r-ii'-ath.
Alay be t-cen at the cfllec of Tho
For Sale or Kent.
FOH SALTl OH'TJKNT-Ncw bous- on
Columbia uvmitej eight rooms ami
bath. gas. fiunacc. mod'-in phimbiii';.
Terms reasonable. Italph H. Weeks, 111)
N. Washington avenue.
FOIl SALIC OH HUNT -Tho ;!-toiy brick
building, with boiler botiso attached,
and long row of sheds for horses, wag
ons, etc.; also railroad switch suitable for
manufacturing purposes: lately uecuuird
by the Clock Tobacco Co It. M. Wllilon,
Hooni No. .M.I". Meat's Puilillii':.
Furnished Rooms for Hcnt.
TWO FRONT rooms, choice location, line
view; well lighted and ventilated:
steam heat: bath. gas. i!l!i Soruce street.
FOIl HUNT Three newly furnished
front rooms, heiil. gas and bath.
""0 block, Washington avenue. Address
X., Tribune office.
Money to Lean.
Quick, stialght loans or Duildliig and
Loan. At tiom 4 lo 0 per cent. Call on
N. V, Walker. ,1H-r.l." Connell building.
LOST A ladles' gold watch, open face,
ilk. Initials on outside urease, A. L. (1.
Waltham movement. Kinder will be suit
ably rewarded by returning same to M.
J. tiorrlty, 1730 Wayne avenue.
LOST On AVaslilngtnu avenue, between
the Johnson switch and the Adams lu
tei section of tho street car line, a pair of
skeleton ii'ise glasses, with chain. Th"
finder will be suitably rewarded by re
turning them to 70", Council building.
LOST A purse containing sum of money
between West Kim street and Acad
emy street Sunday evening. Please re
turn to J. J, Davies' drug stoic, South
Main avenue.
FOCNO-Ladies' coat. Call upal.ilrs. !!17
I .a cka wn una a venue.
launders shirts at Sc. each nnd collars
and cuffs at l'.c. each.
S1IALKI' PROPOSALS will b" opened in
the ofllee of the City lleeorthr by the
Director of the Department of Public
Works, at :i o'clock p. m., i.n .Monday,
October I'd. 9iC. for the construction of a
lateral sewer hi Mciidinn stre -t, fioni
the Thhd distllct main sewer to the all-v
leading across the Delaware. Lucknwamit
and Western railroad In the Fifth ward,
All in accorilan -e with the plan. and
specifications on llio In the liitreuii of l-.'.i-glneerlng.
Ilaeh bidder shall uiclose with
his proposal, cash or certltlecl check In the
sum of one hundred ((Vfumi doPars as a
guarantre to execute a contract If award
ed l ho same. In uisc the bidder to whom
the contract shall have been awarded re
fuses or omits lo exieiite a contract for
the work In acordanre with plans and
specifications tlicrefoip within ten dui
days from the date of the award, the on
clnsuie aicompa'.ylug his proiioi;al shall
be forfeited to tho use oC the City of
Hlddcrs will be furnished with pioiM.nil
blanks at the llureau of (engineering mui
no others will be neeppted.
All proposals shall be tiled with the City
Controller at his ot'llce In th" city Flail,
Scranton, Pa., not later than -'.::n o'clock
p. in., on Mnnda.v, October 2u. VJiti.
The city reservcH the right to reject any
or all bids.
JOHN I!. IIOCIIII, Dil-'ctor.
Department of Public Winks.
Scriiiilnu. Pa., October in, 1!'.
have their names published In Tho
mlnar. Can you sec two of them'.'
No Order
Accented for Less
Than 11) Cents.
Want Advertisements Will Bo
Iteeclvcd nt Any of tho Follow
inrr Drug Storoo Until 10 F. M.
Ccntinl City
ALHIIltT HCItt'LTX.. corner Mul
berry street and Web-der live.
tlt'HTAV PICT I ML, wt Adanid
West S,de
HMO. W. .IIIN'KINS, 101 South
Main avenue.
South Scrnnton
FHMD L. TMIU'PM, 7-D Cedar
North Scranton
OKO. W. II WIS, corner North
.Main uvonuy and Markot
Qrccn Ridgo
son avenue,
F. J. JOHNS. Ml tlt-een Tlldno
C. LOHiiX'.. corner Washington j
avenue and .Marion sircci.
A". II. KNMPFML, 1017 Irving
Help Wanted.
WANTKD Yniuig man ' or young wo
man lo do ofllee work and make them
relies generally useful. A knowledge or
Hie liiKUiaacc Is desirable and II possible
applkant should live ill houie. Address
v.-lth n-feicm c", 1!. P.. II., Tribune otllco,
Scranton, l'a.
WAXTKD-AitPnts to sell ten and cof
fee to consumers. Positions perma
nent, fir.ind Fnlon Tea Co.. Ult Lacka
wanna avenue.
Hfclp Wanted Male.
AVANTKD Metal roofers and outside cor
nice men. First class men will receive
.11 cents an hour and board. rite to
Meade Homing and Cornice Co., care of
John Colgnc. Herwlck, Pa.
TWO TINNF.HS wanted. Apply AVolf t
Wcnr.el. -10 Adams avenue.
AVANTKD Young man for ofllee work;
state age, expeilencc. Collier, caru of
WANTKD-Young man lo act as porter
at iL'l Lackawanna avenue.
Help Wanted Female.
AVANTKD Dressmaker for a Cow days to
work at house on girls dresses. Call
ill!) Madison avenue, any lime iil'tei' ." p. m.
AVANTKD-Kxperlenced lady shoe clerk.
State salary expected. Address, Clerk,
Tribune ofllee.
Agents Vanted.
AHGK CORPORATION wants oticrsetli;
General Agent for lids county. rso
books. Insurance, or canvabain:;. Ac
iiuainlanco with morehantn and manu
facturers necessary. Perman-nf Bond.
Stato age, experience, references first Set
ter. Addre-s. Suitu 57:', No. 1001 Chestnut
St.. Philadelphia.
Uenl Estate.
looni house; modern improvements;
steam heat, gas and el-i-tilcit.v: elegantly
lliflshi-0 Intel lor: ieu minul"s walk from
Cilv Dull; terms to suit purchase i : would
a If o sell household goods. Address box !'
Tribune ol'lii u.
r - jv..
f'' & nrQieiniP J
ti 72 Eri Co. Bank Bidg., f. A
UJ.I.H'Jt HI t t
Certified Public Accountant.
1IDWAHD C. SPAfLDlNt.', C. P. A., 'ii
Tinders' Hank liulldlng. Old 'phoao IS'il.
FUCDIIP.K'K L. I SHOWN. AitCII H., Mi laic K-ichaiige ISldg,, C.'ii Wash
ington aveiiuo.
Civil and Mining Engineers. NO, Sir, CONXMLL IJLDO.
lTviNSON ,t KNiUIIT. t"7 CON
uell building.
Ull, C. M. IIILKNISMItdl-Ii:, PAL'Lt
bullilliig, Spriico street, Scranlon,
DP.. (.'. C. LAFHACH, I l.A WVO.MINU avo
Firo Insurance.
"rCIL.l.SMIt , CO.. Ml Connell llul"n
Tntent Attorneys.
The only licensed and ciiuippcd p.itoiu
solli'ltor in tin rlt. No eliaig- for In
formatlon on P'lteulalilllty, over ton
yean,' experience
Itcptctiric & cn .Wears Hldr.
Hotels and Restaurants.
Tlil:J Mlilv 'L'T"liNlJ" i::f "I'H.ixii.
till aveiiuo. Halet. icasouable
P. .IHULMIt. Propiletor.
Passenger depot. Conducted on the (In.
lopcau plan. A'lelor Koch, Piopilctor.
- - -. -
and cess pools; no odor; only impiovid
pumps, used. A. H. Iliigg.. proprleior.
Leavo ordors lloa Noilh .Main aveiiuo.
or Illcke's ding store, lorncr Adaius uiul
ilullierry. Until telephones.
Wire Screens,
avc. Scranton, mfrs. ot Who S' n-ons.
idles, envelopes, paper b.ti;s. twlno.
Waichouoe, 1M AVasliingtun aveiiuo.
bo had In Seraiiton at tho news stand
of Itclsauaii Bros.. IW Spruce and j
Lindens 31. Norton. 322 L-ickuwamid
avc; I. S. Scliulzcr, 211 Spruce tticct.
Ui Mlllllil RlfSfflt
Only Half a CJnt a Wiri.
Business Opportunity.
out delay. Wilto for our special mar
ket letter. Froo on application, B. At
lllblMid . Co., memliers N. V. Consolb
dated mui Slock t-Ixchange. -it and -it
Hroatlway, Now Vork, llslnbllshod 1S6I.
Long Dlsitanco 'Phone ms Hroad.
Situations Wanted.
WANTI-ID-Ollleo work by young man LT
years old, sober, Imltistilous; good ref
erence, Address it., Tribune ofllee.
AVANTKD Washing, Ironing and house.
, cleaning. Address IIS Willow street,
SITfATION WANTMD-At light hotiso
work In small family Address A. St.,
ISfiil on Stored avenue.
Dolawnre, Lnckawnnnn nnd Western.
In MfTcct Juno 1, KIW.
'Mains leave Scianton lor New York
At l.jti. m.l'o, ti.ra, 7,r,u mid 10.10 a. nt.: lu. W,
i.IO. .:;s p. m. I-'or New York and Phila
delphia 7.30. 10.10 a. m., and and :i.85
p. in, For Oouldshoro At p. m. For
liiiffalo-l.U, t!.:'-J and f.00 a. m.s 1.53, (..A0
and 11.10 p. m. For Hlnghamton. Klmlra
and way statlons-lO.K a. m., 1.05 p. m.
J; or Oswego. Syracuso and Utlca 1.53 and
"-". '.'.' .'"! '-.." p. in. Oswogo, Syracuii
and Ptlc.t train at (S.'J2 a. in. dally, except
humbly. Fm. Montrose 9.00 m.j 1.0
ii ml i;.o p. m, Nicholson accommodation
1.00 and t!.I3 p. ni.
Hloomsburg Division For Noi'tlmmlior
land, al is S3 and 10.10 a. m.: 1.33 nnd fi.10
p. in. 1-or Plymouth, nt S.10 a. m.s 3.10
and ! 05 p m.
, Sjinday Trains For New York, 1.30, ".'-'0,., 10.10 ii. m.: S.10 and 3.35 p. m. Koi
l.iitfalo 1.1." and i:i2 a. m.i 1.53. W.50 and
11.10 p. n-. For TOInilra and way stations
I0.-.I a. m. For Rhighamton and way sta
tions, POO a. ni. niootnsburg Dlvlsion
Leavo Scranton, 10.10 a. m. and 0.10 p. tn.
Iiehlgli Valley Railroad.
In Mlfecl .iuiio 15, lDUJ.
T.'iilns Leavo Scranton
lor I'hlladolphia and Now Vork via D.
& II. It. li at al 7.11, through Parlor Car
and Day Coach Carbondale to Now York
and 0.17 a. m.. with L. A". Coach Carbon
dale to J'hlladelplda, and .1S, -1.35 (Black
Diamond Kxpiessl. and 11.1!) p. m. Sun
days, D. & II. H. H.. 1.58. P.17 p. m.
For AVhit-3 Haven, Hazlotou and princi
pal points in tho coal regions, via D. &
II. H. rt 7.11, IMS and -1.33 p. m. For
PoltsVille. 7.11 a. tn.
For Uclhlohem, Maston, Heading, liar
ilsbiug and principal Intermcdlato sta
tions, via D. ,t H. It. It.. 7.11, 0.17 a. m.s
.1S, 135 (Hlack Diamond Kxprcss), 11.18 p.
m. Sundays. D. & II. H. R., 0.3S a, m.;
1 .",?. p.17 p. in.
For Tunkhntmork, Towanda, Elmira,
Ithaca, Geneva and prlnclnal Intermcdlat-J
stations via D., L. & YV. R. H., 6.33 a. m.
and 1.35 p. m.
For Ooiiova. Hoehester. Buffalo, Niag
ara Falls, Chicago and all points west via
D. & II. H. H 12.03 p. m.: 3.28 (Black
Diamond Kxprcss). 10.11. 11.10 p. ni. Sun-,
days. I.). & Tf. H. It.. 12.0'!. 0.17 p. m.
Pullman parlor and sleeping or Lchiglv
Vnlloy Parlor cars on all trains between
AVIlkcs-narro and New York. Philadel
phia, MulTnlo and Suspension Bridge,
Cortland street. Now York.
CI LU! 1.ICS S. LKK. Gen. Pass. Ast., 21
Coi-lhinil street. New York.
A W. NONKJIACIIRH. Div. Tass. Ast..
Sontli P.ethlehem. Pa.
J-Vir llekels and Pullmnn reservations
apply to city ticket omce, 69 Fublio
Square, AVIIkcs-Harre, Pa.
Central Railroad of New Jersey.
Coriected to September 1U, 1!M2.
Stations in New 1'otk, foot LItitrty
street, and South Ferry, N, H.
Trains leave Scranton for Now York,
Philadelphia. Huston, Hotlilehom. Allen
town. Maucli Chunk, Whlto Haven. Ash
lev, AVIIkes-Barro and Plttston nt 7.30 a.
tn". 1 p. m and 1 i. in. Sunday, 2.10 p. m.
Quaker City Kxprcss leaves Scranton
7.30 ii. in., through solid vestibule train
with Pullman Huffol Parlor Car for Phila
delphia wllh o.ily one change of cars for
HaHhiioiu and Washington, D. C, and all
principal pr-ints south and wost.
For Avoea. Plttston and AVilkcs-Barrc,
1 p. in. and 1 p. in. Sunday. 2 10 p m.
For 1-oug lirancli, Ocean Grove, etc.,
7.30 a. m. nnd 1 p. in.
For Heading, Lebanon nnd Harrlshurg
via Allenlown nt 7.30 a. in., 1 p. in. and 4
p. m. Sundav. 2.M p. in.
For T.'unr.iiua and Pottsvlllc, 7.30 a. m.;
1 p. ni. nnd 1 p. in.
For rates and tickets apply to agent at
AA'. G. BI3SSLRR. Gen. Manager.
C. M. ni'HT. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule In Ktl'eel Juno 10, 1002.
Tialus leave Scranton-U.3S a. in., week
da vs. through vestibule train from
AVilkei'-llarrc. Pullman buffet parlor cai
and coaches to Philadelphia, via Potts
vill". stops at principal Intermediate sta
tlons. AI.-0 connects for Sunbury. liar
lisbui'g. PlillartPlphla, Haltlniorc. AVash
Ingtou and for Pittsburg and tho AA'cst.
0 17 a. ni.. week days, for Sunbury. llar
lisburg, Philadelphia, Baltimore. AVash
Ington and Pittsburg and the West.
1 12 p. m., week days, (Sundays. I.. P.
ni.), for Sunbury, llarrlsburg, Phllnil-ol-phln,
Dalthnoie. AVashlagton and Pitts
burg and tho AVcsl.
S!S p. m.. week days, through vostlbula
traTn from AVIlkcs-narro Pullman buffet
parlor car and coaches tn Philadelphia via
Pottsvlllc. Stops at pilnclpal Intermcdl-
" H15 p. mlVweek divs, for Hnzlclon. Sun.
bury, Iliirrlsbui'g, Philadelphia and Pitta-
,ll"'B' .1. H. JIPTCUrNSON, Gen. Mgr.
J. H. AVOOD, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Delawaro and Hudson.
lu Hfl'ci't .lime liS, 11102.
Trains for Carboudalo leavo Scranton nt
IS II 7.i'l. Wl'i. 10.13 a. 111.; 12 05, 1,12, 2.11.
Si;.-.!!. :.). IS25, b.21, P.15, 10.01 i, 111,; 12.18,
'"iVr' 11.13 a. m.s 2.11 and
'""'"For' AVIlkeF-H.ure-fi.3S. 7. II. S.II. P. 17.
10 Kl a. m.s I-l. !-. '-'-1R' 3--s- -"3. 6-l".
7 ii; m ii. ii. m.
I-'or i'. V. It. H., 0.17 n. nt,
" is 135 ami 11.1ft P- m.
"For Pennsylvania R. H. Po!nts-ii.31
n it a. m.i II'-'. ;i'-'s ll"l I-8'"' !' "' ,
For Albany nnd all points north7.35 a.
in and 3.50 n- "i.
111. aim H,.NnAy TRAINS. T
I-'or C.ii'boiidnli S.".n. 11. :si a. in.; .XH,
f.MS. 5.52 ami 11.17 p. in. r.
I-'or AVUkes-H-iri'o-iv.s a. m.s 12 03, T.31,
;:.2i. n.;2 and fl 17 n. in.
l-'ni- Vlb.iav and point'" norlli-3..,l, (i.'-jn.
I-'or llouesdnle-S.'iii a. m-i I1.3S and'5J
''wl'l. PHA-OH. D. P. A.. Scranton. jgn.
"Erie RnllvoadWyominfr DivisiolC
In Kliicl Scpti'iubcr 15, l!i.'.. 'J-
Trains leave Scraiilun for New York,
Newburgh ami Inierincillato point, also
lor lliiwlev and local slatloii', at 72'."a.
in and 1 "" P- in-
For Ilonesdale and AVhlto .Mills at ni
T'rnhn- anlvo at Scranton at 10.:;s a.,m.
ami 0.15 P- n';
Ncv York, Ontnrio nntl Western.
Tlmo table iji illect SuntUi.i, Sept. 23, fT
Leavo Leave AlflTI
No. 1 ,
No. 7 .
Scranton. Carlioudalo. CadosTa,
lo.3oa. in. 11 ma. m. I.imi i;3Ti.
U.IO i. m.Ai'.Carlioudaiu O.t'j u.tii
SOl'TIl HOl'ND. f
Leavo Leavo Arrlvo
Cadosla. Cai'lioadalc. SeraiitQil.
0 .50 u. 111. 7 -Via. 'tu.
"triii. in. i.oiin. ui. U5 iim.
No. ii
Leavo Leavo Airlvn
No. 0 ,
No. u .
Scranton. Carlioudalo. fiuoMi.
.. s.30a. in. P.ioa.m: I0.i3a;'.tn.
, . 7.i)0 1 1. in. Ar Ciiilioiulalu 7.13 p.m
SOl'TIl HOl'ND. ' '
Leave I .cava All'lvo
Cadosla. Cariiond.ilo. Scianlon.
0.30 a. in. 7.25 a in.
. 1 30 p. ni. ti.w p. m. i. ii p. m,
Nnrt. 1 on week days, and 0 on
No. il .
N". 1"
Till in.
Sundays caaueci (or ,uw ions city. ami.
dietuwn, Walton. Norwich, Oneida. Os.
wegy and ull point. west.
Train No- B, with "Quaker City Kx.
press." at Scranton. via c it. n. of N J.,
for Phlladflpliia. Atlantic City, Haltlmore,
AVaslihiBlon and Pennsylvania btata
Sea tlmc-tablo and consult ticket agents
for connections with other llnej.
J. O. ANDKItSON. G. P A.. New York.
J. h AV13LSII, T. P. A., Scranton, Va.
, ..I