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CoaB or Wood
Sterling Base
$ Heater Oak
nurnn rltlir-r one equally well.
Has iirwly invented return
nuo system, which' has In
crenstd the radiating surface
more thiin twofold over tho
old-style links. Tim ten kettle
Attachment Is another feature.
Three sizes.
X Foote & Shear Co.
Q U9 Washington Ave.
The flardenbergh
of Masic and Art
Offers the advan
tage of Piano nnd Organ stud
with Mr. Sumner Salter, an
aitist teacher of recognized
standing in the musical world.
Register now. 604 Linden st.
A Word
to the Wise
Who Have Ready Cash
Tills Is the time to buy sonic of nur licet
oral dividend piving stocks ami bonds.
Some people who huvp thpso securities
ire obliged to have casl' to meet obliga
tions falling due. and are willing to ac
sepl olfprs on come of the best of these
uro dividend payers, for loss price, than
vou are likely to get thorn for again. Wo
aro tho transfer representatives, having
already n number of these securities on
hand to offer, and will llnd any otheis you
may want without delav.
If you are looking for n good snfo In
vestment, pitlipr Bonds, Bank or Indus
trial Stocks and w.uit It at the bottom
price call Immediately at
Stocks, Bonds and Securities,
Council Building.
Get "The
Lackawanna Finish"
On Your Linen.
308-310 Penn Avenue.
Attorney C. II. Sopor loft for New
York last night ou legal business.
Mrs. J. D. Jlason, of Sanderson avenue.
Is recovering from a bcvero" attack of
A. B. AVarman left yesterday for Wash
ington, D. C to attend tho National
Laundrymen's convention.
lion. R. W. Arehbald, of tho United
States court, went to Philadelphia yes
terday afternoon, where ho will preside,
in tho court of appeals today.
Deputy Attorney F. W. Fleltz, Collec
tor T. F. Penmnu, Senatorial Candidate
John B. Jordan and Representative P. A.
Phllliln. of Arehbald, left for llarrlsburg
yesterday afternoon,
Tho Ttotal Clerks" association, Xo, 211,
will hold a mcctlnff tonight hi Carpenters'
The CVutral Woman's Christum Tem
ticrnnco union will meet this afternoon at
:: o'clock In Guernsey's hall. Reports will
lio given from tho state convention,
The Last Days.
These are really tho last days of
Guernsey Brothers' Piano ami Organ
Sale, as everything must bo closed out
t and tho store vacated by "Wednesday,
the luth Inst. It win pay any ono in
need of it musical Instrument to call
and get prices nt ill Washington ave
nue, and it does not mutter about tho
cash, Just as good prices can ho pro
cured ou easy monthly payments.
Guernsey Brothers will sell far cheaper
on tlmo than other dealers can afford
to for cash,
v Don't fall to call and get a bargain,
if you arc in need of a Piano or Organ.
They Bay the User,
If you wish n half-tone, or lino cut
let the Summon Tribune make It for
uur equipment tor mis work Is
pleto and up-to-date. We hnv
titles for doing tho finest sort nf
fork at lowest prices and what's mme
rwo do (t. A trial order will convince
A full lino of good, heavy, warm
sweaters, Florey A: Brooks, Mi and Ml
Spruce street, opposite court house,
EVANS-MORCSAN.-ln Blnglmmtou, X'.
i ucinncr iu. vmi. Miss Bcntrro Mor-
Ran ot' m Aichlinlil streel, Scrautoii. to
Beit llvailt. of W South -Miiln avenue
iLDSLIXlKR.-ln Heranton, Pa., Oct.
iw.-, in :ir. aim mi. Uoloslecor. a
KRlUSON. Ill Sclauton. l'.t,. Oct. 1.',
I-.'.-, jo .'ir. mi .ms. inomns r. llan
m. of ill MaUls-fii a'.enue, u sou.
Wladlslaw Knostnnowicz, Who Is
Charged with the Killing of Joseph
Bennovlcck, Will Not Be Tried
Until the Next Term Verdict of
Not Guilty Taken ns to Jacob I.
Told, the Junk Dealer, Charged
with Receiving Stolen Goods Tho
Quinn Murder Recalled.
Wlnillslaw KnostunowleH, who Is
charged with the niurder ot Joseph
tleitiiovlcck at North Scrim ton on July
IT.. 1001, will not bo tried this term.
The case was at the head of the list
for the second week of criminal court
which opened yesterday morning hut
District Attorney W. II. howls', an
nounced to Judge John P. Kelly, who
Is ou the bench In the main court
room this week, that he was not pro
pared to go to trial because of the
fact that several of the eoitiinon
weulth's witnesses are now In Massa
chusetts and ho could not go to trial
without them.
Tho accused was In court when the
continuance was allowed and sat be
side his counsel, Attorney H. L. Taylor,
lln Is charged with throwing Bcnno
lech off a porch at North Serunlon
and breaking his neck and then drag
ging him Into the street and kicking
.Tuenl, T T-Vlil C!,3 ni-riitirnerl lipfnm
Judge Harold Met Mure who Is In Xo.
;i this week. He Is n junk dealer and
wnu ehnrirr.l with recelvlnc Iron stolen
from the Delaware. Lackawanna and
cHtern company, by Superintendent
ni I'onee uny. Attorneys .loscpu
O'P.rlen and Ilalph Levy appeared for
Fold, -When the Itrst witness was
called Attorney OTtrlcn developed the
fact that the commonwealth could not
prove specifically that the lion found
In the possession of Veld had been
stolen nnd had been purchased by him
from tho thieves knowing that It-had
been stolen and a verdict ot not guilty
was ordered by the court. Similar
action was taken In the case of Feld
charged with neglecting to keep tho
books In which Junk dealers aro re
quired by law to make a record of
purchases of junk.
A verdict of not guilty was also
taken before Judge McCMure In the case
of Joseph Parker, charged with receiv
ing stolen goods by Lieutenant of
Police A. W. Palmer. Parker was
found with a lot of Iron in his wagon
on North Main avenue one day some
months ago and was arrested. It was
impossible, however, for the common
wealth to make out the offene of re
ceiving stolen goods and the court
directed a verdict of not guilty.
By agreement of tho parties the trial
of Anthony Dunlenvy who is charged
with perjury by ltobert Wilson of the
Municipal league was continued until
the next term. Tho case ot Otto Staub,
Adam Brown, Joseph Thompson and
Thomas Miller charged with felonious
wounding by Martin Langan was also
continued because of the absence of one
of tho defendants.
Dominick Burke, of Carbond.tle, did
not appear to answer 'a charge of crim
inally assaulting Hnttle Jeffrey and his
ball was forfeited and a capias issued
for him.
Lawrence Glllcn pleaded guilty, be
fore Judge Kelly, to stealing a number
of articles from the ofllee of S. S. Jones,
of Carbondale. Ife was sentenced to
three months In the county jail.
Herbert Brennan, a Carbondale boy,
aged 1.1 years, pleaded guilty to the
charge of burglarizing the stores of C.
W. Scamans and F. A. Bell, of Carbon
dale, lie will be sent to a reformatory.
Mrs. Elizabeth Blackmore, of Carbon
dale, was tried on a charge of stealing
a revolver from George "W. Smith. She
denied the theft and, at all events, said
the weapon belonged to her husband.
The verdict was not guilty.
MMn ball of Martin May was forfeited
and a capias was Issued for him be
cause he did not appear to answer a
chargo of forgery, preferred by Will
iam Reese. The case against Michael
and John Fnrence, who were charged
with aggravated assault and battery
by Anthony Brown, was stricken from
the list, the defendants having left. tho
jurisdiction of the court. A verdict of
not guilty was taken in the case of B.
Jusephson, charged with assault and
battery, the prosecutor, Adam Krvan
Icky. not appearing.
Catherine Peel was tried before Judge
Kelly ou a charge of having obtained
?10S worth of furniture from Ucddlug
ton by representing that she owned
property. Her defense was a denial ot
false representation!). The jury was out
at adjournment.
Thomas White was convicted, before
Judge Noweomb, of the larceny of a
crate of pineapples from in front of
Huberts' commission house, on Lacka
wanna avenue, on, the morning of July
":i last. Tho defendant was engaged In
the huckstering business and on the
morning In question, according to the
story of the prosecution, stopped his
horse and wagon opposite Hoberts'
place of business, walked across tho
street, picked up tho crate of pine
apples and carried them to his witgnu,
Ills actions wore noticed by Roberts,
who called an nlllcer and had him
take the defendant In chargo. Tim de
fendant testlilrd that ho had arranged
for tho purchase of tho pineapples be
fore taking them, ills testimony, how
ever, did not agree with the statement
alleged to have been uiiido by him at
the time of tho arrest. Attorney It, L.
Levy was assigned as defendant's cuun
nel, and tho commonwealth's wise was
conducted by Mr. M'honias. A line of Ji
and ten months In Jail was the sen
tence Imposed,
The Quinn murder case was recalled
by a case tried before Judge Newcomb
during tho afternoon, when Joseph
tfliuu, Stanley Novakofskl, Stanley Kll
Inskl, Frank Klmlvlskl and John Wis
ownskl were charged with feloniously
wounding Frank Hippie la John Qulnn's
saloon, on Keyset- avenue, on the night
of April 5. It was only a few weeks
later that Qulnn's sister, Mary, was
murdered in a most font manner a short
distance from her home.
The allegation of the prosecutor la
that ou the night In question, while
trying to remove his brother-in-law
from Qulnn's hotel, he was attacked by
the defendants with clubs, glasses and
chairs. His ribs were broken and he
hud wounds about the head and face.
There was no direct evidence save
against Klma and Novokofskl, and the
names of the other three were stricken
from tho case. The defendants denied
being tho aggressors In the assault.
They were defended by Attorneys John
F. Heragg and John J, Murphy, and At
torney Joseph Jeffreys assisted Mr,
Thomas In conducting the prosecution.
The defense was being heard when
court adjourned.
Before Judge McClure, Mike Kosh
was on trial at adjournment, charged
with placing obstruction on the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western rail
road nt noon on November 22, 1001, last,
Just before the fast passenger train
from tho west was due. Frank Jones, a
switchman, swore he saw Kosh place
the obstructions on tho track, near the
Lackawanna avenue crossing, and posi
tively Identified him as tho man. Jones
was the chief witness for the common
wealth when the case was last tried,
Kosh was convicted, but a now trial
was subsequently granted. The princi
pal reason urged for u new trial was
that Jones was a man whose reputation
for truth was such that his word was
not worthy of credence.
Kosh Is defended by Attorneys T. P.
Duffy and Joseph Gllroy, and the com
monwealth by Assistant District At
torney Gramcr,
Delia Thcll not appearing to prose
cute Margaret Boss for assault anil bat
tery, a verdict of not guilty was taken
and the costs placed on the prosecutrix.
Special Session Held.
Hon. A. A. Vosburg held a special
session of the Orphans' court yester
day, and a partial hearing was had In
the estate of John Weber, deceased, hi
the matter of the audit of the account
of John Weber, jr., one of tho executors
of John Weber, si, for tho distribution
of the proceeds of the salo of the real
estate in partition proceedings. A ttp
nn.te account having been nied with
respect to the personal property, by
agreement of counsel the hearing on
this audit was continued until October
30, at 10 a. in., at which time tho excep
tions filed to the personal properly ac
count will be audited and testimony
taken In both matters at the same time.
Counsel representing the various Inter
ests were C. Comegys. T. F. Wells,
O'Brien & Martin, and Wlllard, Warren
& Knapp.
In the estate of John L. Preston, de
ceased, Judge Vosburg handed down an
order, as auditing judge, approving the
report previously filed.
The next session of the Orphans'
court will be on Saturday, October IS,
Hearings in Divorce Cases.
Judge Newcomb heard testimony in
chambers yesterday in two divorce eases.
Tho first was Allen Smith against Sarah
Smith. They were married in Bingham
ton eleven year ago by Rev. W. K.
Iliiid. Tho couplo afterwards came lo
this elly and resided on Mousey avenue,
and later moved to Dunmiirc.
On Sept. 1, lSis, Smith claims, ho re
turned homo and discovered that his wire
had left homo nnd taken nearly all the
household pffects with her. Up claims
sh" had no Just cause for deserting him.
Sirs. Frank II. Rognrt nnd Sirs, J.
Kmerich testified that Smith treated his
wife kindly and .lie had no cause to de
sert him.
Mrs. Barbara Krinn wants a divorce
f i oiu Jacob Krlon. They were married
In liormany Nov. .", 1SS.",. and came hero
a nrmber of years ago, settling in Green
Ridge, where Ki Ion was engaged as a
bu Ichcr.
On Feb. 7, 1SW, he was convicted 111 tho
tctirts of Lneka wanna county and sen
tenced to a term of live years and three
months for criminally assaulting a girl
named Jennie Schlmer. The divorce Is
asked for ou the grounds of his having
committed an Infamom crime
Krlon was present at the hearing and
hl- wife Identified him as lyr husband
and the man convicted. Clerk of tho
Courts T. P. Daniels showed by the court
records that Krlon was convicted nnd
sentenced. He has solved the term and
was recently released. Attorney C, W.
Dawson represented Krlon, who does nut
oppose the application, Mrs. Krlon was
represented by Beers iK- Clramb.
Frank XankfrcliI yesterday sued tho
Scanton Itallway company for damages,
through A. A. Chase. He Is a flood vic
tim. Anthony Connolly, majority Inspector of
the Southwest district of Lackawanna
township, having removed from the dis
trict, John J. Jennings was yesterday ap
pointed his successor,
The polling place nf the Second dis
trict of tho First ward of this cltv was
yeslerda'y changed from Angelunra's storo
to a booth of llio county ou the vncant
lot of C. K. Cooper In the 1!M0 block on
the Boulevard road.
county Commissioners' Clerk K. r.
Itob.ilhiiu yesterday conducted a sale nf
i.eated and unseated lands for taxei In
tho prand Jury room ot the court house,
Tl.e lands not having all been disposed
of, tlio salo was adjourned to Wednesday,
October 2.'.
Tho sentence of Frank Kofczlnskl, con
victed last week of having Impersonated
the county detective was yesterday post
poned until tho December term on no
count of the Illness of his wile. He en
toicil ball lo appear al that time, Wal
ter Kofi'Kluskl becoming his bondsman.
On January 7, iWi, Alfred K. Ileiishaw,
a llremun employed on the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western railroad, was
killed while at work on an engine al
Hockport, N, J, Mrs. Mary K. Honshu w,
guanllaii of Alfred, minor on of do.
consul, brought suit against the com
pany to n cover damages. The case was
sfltlej estcrday by tho company allow
ing judgmeiil to bu entered agahiht them
In the sum of J2M,
A full line of 'good, heavy, u.irm
sweaters, Florey .t Brooks, 522 and .'.21
Spruce street, opposite court homo, "'
Dr. Lindabury, Surgeon, diseases ot
women a specialty, 215 Connell building.
Hours: 11 a, m. to 4 p. m.i 7 to S.SO
p. ni.
Time's No Golf) Just Like
Our Mocha and Java Blondsd
Ii) fart, there Is not a. doubt about
It being tho Best 25c, Moclut and Java
In town, and the "Grocer'1 admits It
when lie offers you something Just as
good. Try It and be convinced. If
you are not satisfied we'll cheerfully
icfund your money.
The Great
Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co.
Ill Lackawanna avenue. 821 North
Muln avenuo 'Phone 73-2. Piiimpt
delivery. New 'Phone 123.
Arc offered by lite Conservatory for Piano
forte Instruction to Studenta of all grades, from
beginners to prospective professionals.
Students can begin now.
Contract Will Bo Awarded Today for
the Furnishing of Over 1,000
Signs at Cost of $1.70 Each.
The dream of a qroat ninny citizens
Is ut last to he realized. Scrauton Is to
have streci; signs. The contract for
their purchase Is to ho awarded today,
and they are to be Installed et u re
markably cheap pi Ice.
Director of Public Works Roche yes
terday afternoon opened the only bid
iccelvcd in response to the advtrtlte
ment. It was from A. 1)., of
Alllford, Mich., who agrees to furnish
and put up all the signs required at n
cost of $1.70 each. Tho contract will
undoubtedly be awarded Mr. Kenhnni
this morning by Recorder Connell and
Director Roche.
The signs will be similar to a sample
now In Director Roche's office. An Iron
pip" will extend seven and a half feet
from the ground and at the top will bo
cast-iron cros pieces bearing tho
names of the Intersecting streets and
avenues, In black letters on u white
background. These cross-pieces will be
of No. 16 gauge galvanized Iron and
will bo practically Indestructible. They
will run parallel to the streets which
they will designate.
Tho appropriation ordinance for the
present fiscal year contains an Item of
$2,000 Tor the purchase of street signs,
Thls'wlll permit of the purchase of over
1,000. signs, or more than a sutllclent
number to place one at every street
and avenue intersection In the city. Tho
additional signs will bo used to desig
nate sonic of the courts and lanes, or
else tho additional money will be ap
plied to having additional lettering put
on the street and avenue signs, so as
to designate tho number of the block
as well as the name of the thorough
Accident at South Scrauton Church
Blatnable on the Victims.
An inquest was held by Coroner Sal
try last night, In the case of Kdwnrd
Finnegan and Maurice Van Horn, the
two men killed by the collapse of a
scaffold at the Hickory Street Presby
terian church Inst Wednesday.
Rev. William A. Noidt, pastor of the
church; Henry Spruks, the general con
tractor in charge of the repairs, and
tho painters who were working with
the unfortunate men, wore examined.
From their testimony, tlieury found
that tho plank of tho scaffold which
gave way and precipitated the two men
to their death, had been selected and
set by themselves, and that they alono
were responsible for tho sad accident.
A verdict in accordance, with Hkfo
findings was rendered by the jury. Con
tractor George Barton, the employer of
the unfortunate men, was specifically
exonerated. .
Attorney John F. Murphy appeared
at tho hearing: in the interest of Mr.
Big Event at the Knights of Colum
bus Club House.
The third degree was last niclit con
ferred on sixty-seven Knights or Co
lumbus in the club house, on North
Washington avenue. Forty of the can
didates were from this city, seventeen
from WUkes-Barre, five from Pittslon
and the bnlance from smaller places
between this city and Carbondale.
The decree was conferred liv Stat,.
President J. A. Flaherty, of Philadel
phia, assisted by u degree corps from
that city, made up ot n number of
prominent members of tho organiza
tion. The house committee served re
freshments at tho conclusion of the
ceremonial. .
Scranton Business College.
The school has begun Us ninth year.
Same Instructions, Students enter at
any time. Demand for bookkeepers and
stenographers greater than supply, M'ho
night school pre-eminently the school
for those who would earn while they
Don't Forget
MMio great Piano and Organ salo at
Guernsey Brothers', 114 Washington
avenue; nnd don't forgot that It Is on
now, and "will all bo over soon"; and
don't forget that you will never again
buy so much Piano for so llttlo money;
nml don't forget that you cannot do
this ufter next Wednesday, the l.'th
lust. "
ii i m - i
A full line of good, heavy, warm
sweaters, Florey & Brooks, 522 and P.'l
Spruce street, opposite court hoiibo.
Coursen's Special Java
and Mocha,
5 Pounds, $1.00.
Compare it with 35c
coffee elsewhere,
E, G, Goursen,
429 Lackawanna Avenue.
Lewis Bates and JFrcd Kibler Also
Climbed Higher In Tho Tribune's
Educational Contest A New Set of
Leaders In the Special Contest That
Began Yesterday Thayer Dropped
Below Thirty-third Place.
Standing of Contestants
A. J. Kellerntnn, Scranton.045
Charles Burns, Vandllng. .611
William T. S. Rodriguez,
Scranton 540
Wm. Sherwood, Harford.. 543
Fred K. Gunstor, Green
Ridge 510
Oscar H. Kipp, Elmliurst.515
Herbert Thompson, Car-
bondalo 404
Albert Frecdman, Bolle-
vtto 386
J. A. Havenstrlte, Mos
cow 357
Chas. W. Dorsoy, Sornnton.317
Maxwell Shepherd, Car
bondale 7 307
L. E. Stanton, Scranton. .215
Harry Madden, Scranton. .170
Hendrlck Adams, Chln-
. chilln 149
Lewis Bates, Scranton. . . . 103
Homer Kresge, Hyde Park.102
Miss Beatrice Harpur,
Thompson 100
Frank B. McCrcary, Hall
stead 92
Fred Kibler, South Scran
ton '. 87
Miss Jane Mathewson,
Fnctory vllle . . 86
Don C. Capwell, Scranton. . 81
William Cooper, Friceburg 76
Louis Gere, Brooklyn 64
A. L. Clark, Green Grove. 60
John Mackle G4
Hugh Johnston, Forest
City 50
Miss Edna Coleman,
Scranton 46
Walter Hallstead, Scran
ton r. 44
Grant M. Decker, Hall
stead 42
Lee Culver, Springville. . 41
Henry E. Collins, Kir.ers. . 41
Elmer Williams, Elmhurst 39
Miss Mary Yeager, Green
Ridge 34
Seven contestants scored points yes
terday, as follows:
John Mackle 21
Lewis Hates l.'l
Hugh Johnston 12
Hendrlck Adams '.)
Arthur J. Thayer 1
Fred Kibler 1
Chas. W. Dorsoy 1
This Is quite a different array of
names from those usually published.
Not one of th llrst iilno leaders are In
It. This indicates that those who have
been hovering close to the botioin are
starting up at the eleventh hour to
get In line for scholarships.
A number of changes occurred in
consequence In the center and lower
portions of the main table. Lewis
Bates passed Frank B. McCrcary, Miss
Beatrice Harpur and Homer Kresge
and holds fifteenth place by one point.
Fred Kibler passed .Miss Jane Mathew
son nnd holds nineteenth place by the
same narrow margin.
John Mackle of Providence made his
second appearance In the main tirtjle
and now holds twenty-llfth poslilou,
having passed Arthur J. Thayer, Miss
Mary Yeager, Klmer Williams. Henry
K. Collins, Lee Culver, Grant M.
Decker, Walter Hallstead, Miss Kilns
Coleman and Hush Johnson.
Hugh Johnson also Improved his
chances and went from 'thlrty-ilrst lo
twenty-sixth place, having skipped over
Klmer Wlllams, Henry K. Collins, Lee
Culver, Grant M. Decker, Walter Hall
stead and Miss Culver.
As a result of John Macule's re-entry
Arthur J. M'hayer was compelled to
drop out of tho jnaln table, although
ho scorn! yesterday. M'wo points will
bring him hack itgaln, however, while
twelve will make him quite secure, for
a few days at least.
John Mackle now heads the list for
lh special contest that began yester
day morning and closes at .1 o'clock
on' Saturday night of tills week. Five
dollars In gold will bo tho reward of tho
contestant who scores the largest num
ber of points In the six da.
Maxwell Shepherd, of Carbondale,
whoso portrait appears this morning,
was the twenty-third to enter the Kdu
catloual Contest, enrolling on April 0
and scoring his llrst points nit .May ii.
Mr. Shepherd has been In tho front
rank of the leaders ever since and has
never been lower than eleventh In the
list, He is a popular young man In
tho Pioneer city ami his friends are
legion there. Ho is it brother ot ox.
Select Councilman Itm-sell Shepherd of
i'ivn ooi.i.aus in noi.n
to the contestant scorhm the laigest
number of points for v. eels end
ing Saturday. October IS,
1. John Mackle 24
3. Lwls Hates. lit
S.Hugh Johnston 12
4. Hendrlck Adams v.-'-'
5. Arthur J. Thayer 1
6. Fred Kibler 1
7. Charles W. Dorsoy 1
The Home Friend of the
Farmer and His Family
in the Autumn
Afler tho labors and tolls of the
summer time, nml harvesting nt crops
In Hie early autumn, many of our far
mers, their wives, daughters, and sons,
llnd themselves In a condition of health
demanding careful attention If suffer
ing Is to ho avoided later on. Muny
experience kidney trouble In sonic
form; with some the liver Is torpid;
there Is biliousness, nausea and vomit
ing, with loss of appetite and dcplos
slon of spirits. Thousands who have
boon exposed lo cold, damp winds and
rains while toUIng In the harvest Holds,
now fool the twinges of terrible rheu
matism; others run down by worry,
overwork and Irregular dieting, are tor
mented wllh the pangs of dyspepsia.
To the thousands of rundown, sickly
and half dead men and women In farm
"homes we recommend with all honesty
and confidence the worker'sfrlond,
Palno's Celery Compound, tho only
medicine that can quickly and fully
restore strength to the weak body and
vigor to the muscles. Palno's Celery
Compound tones the stomach; It re
moves poisonous from the blood
which cause rheumatism; It feeds tho
weak and diseased nerves and banlslies
neuralgic tortures; It purifies the blood
and gives true vitality and life. The
use of Palno's Celery Compound in au
tumn menus the establishing of a per
fect physical vigor to withstand tho
rigors of a severe winter.
v "sVts -f
Diamond Dyes
Save money and afford fresh
ness and a pleasing change in
what you wear.
Direction boo'" and -I." dyed sum- J
Hies free.
DIAMOND DVKS. Burlington. VI.
The following Is the make-up of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
board for today:
! Nt t Sim Kast fi p. m., J. GInley: S p. m.,
Wull : 10 p. m., Van U'ormer; 12 p. ni.,
f unmiits A p. m., I'rounfelker.
Puvl.ers (! p. m.. Latimer; S p. m., Case;
Ii p. in . Hoar; 12 p. m .Mathewson.
K.Mras West -11 p. m Fish.
K?:tras Last 1 a. m., Rtiigllcb; 3 a. m.,
Jios'ler: ! a. m.. Bisblng; i! a. m., Golden;
S a. in.. Dunn: ;i;i. in., Nugent; 10 a. m.,
Murph : II a. in.. Stevens; 1 p. m.. De
vine: 2 p. in.. Wallace; 3 p. m., Castncr;
.1 P. Ill . K'UKMley,
Summits I! a. m., Carrlgg; 10 a. m.,
I'usheis I a. in., l.ampln; ii a. m.. Mc
Donnell; 7 a. m.. Wldner; 7 a. m Fin-
nerty: S a. in.. I looser; S a. m., Klrby; 9
a. m.. C. Bartholomew; 11.15 a. m., Moran;
i30 p. m.. Murphy. i
Helpers l.::i' a. iuN., Coslar; 7 a. ni
''.iffney; l'J a. in., Seeor; i.l p. m Stan
ton. BMrii" We.-f .", a. in., Stack; 1 p. m,,
l.i iiiiard.
See the Cut Man.
Effective and attractive half-tonca
and lino cuts for card, advertising or
any other purpose, can bo secured at
The Tribune ofllee. We do work that
is unexcelled, do It promptly and at
lowest rates. A trial order will con
vince you.
City and School Taxes 1902.
The above lax duplicates aro now in
my hands for collection.
' City Treasurer.
Do You Know
Tho best place In town to
is nt
412 Spruce Street.
309 Lackawanna Avenue.
Wo have a complete assortment of
tho 50c kind, the S1.00 kind and all
standard makes, in nil grades.
Agency for Dr. Jaeger's.
g. , , .. .g, ;. , 2 i .. .J. .j, . $
Are the best in the world.
In VARNISHES we cany
l'arrolts, Miism-y's,
Valentines and
Lnwsoiis t
Also n full line of Blushes
Bittenbender & J
126-128 Franklin Ave.
S $ J" 'J t "J $ "fr
Ten Dollars for Guesses
"lio ran nnnio the winner lit Tho
Tr Ijiine'H Rdlicnllount Contest nnd
tell tho iiuinucr ot points ho or sha
will linvo?
First Prize S5.00 In Gold.
Next Three $1.00 each
Next Two 50 cents each.
Next Fotir 25 contn each
TOTAL-Tcn Prizes, Ten Dollars.
Cut out tho coupon below, fill It In,
and send lo "Heranton Tribune, Scran
ton, l'a Guessing Contest."
Tuesday, Oct. 14.
T think the winner of Tho Trib
une's Kducatlonul Contest will bo
No. nt points ,.,....,
Address , ,,,,,,
Cut out this lower coupon only.
The Title
Guaranty and
Trust Co.,
Will be pleased to receive
money In any amount and
late of Interest thereon.
deposits o!
pay liberal
While mu
ll uur t Cl'H
ly able to
dale our
nt urn
nve. am
small, wn
Open an account with us.
I,. A. WATRKS President
Third yieo-Presldont and Treasurer
Abram Nesbllt. Thomas K. Jones.
William F. Hallstead. ,
O. S. Johnson. Thonni3 II. WatRlns.
L. A. Watres.
You Can
Always Save
Tho middleman's pro.
fit by purchasing your
umbrellas or parasols
direct from tho manu
facturer. Special In
ducements just now
In order to clear out
our stock preparatory
to making up our
Christmas line. Wo
aro tho only exclusive umbrella manu
facturers in tho city.
The Standard of Excellence
means a great deal, but it
expresses the position of .
In the stationery world. Theyare
the best and they aro the standard
of polite society.
French Organdies
in the now Fall tints, Cafe and
Chrysanthemum, will be the papers
in use for select correspondence
this Fall. Very elegant effects can
be produced by stamping or lllums
inatlng, We have the complete
Hotel Jenuyn Building.
Whiting s
i'4Mai- ..'