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J'ubllihed Dully Except Riindny, by Th Tr lhttn
Publishing Company, nt Fifty Cent n Month.
MVY S. JUUItAltD ' Knirnn,
O. P. BYXtlEK lIuilKMi XlAMAtiitn.
Entered tt the lVuloffle nt SpmiiIoii, m Second
CUbs Mull Mailer.
When apnre ttIII permit, The) Tribune U
nttrnjn Kind to print, short loiter from It
friend bearing on current topic, liut III
ruin It Mint tlirso mint ho pluncil. for uh.
Mention, by the irrlter'n renl immol ntnl
llio condition preenlent to nrrpjitnnro It
tlint nil rontrlhutloin thnll bo nnhject to
editorial rovlslon.
Thp following Itblp (limvn tha price per Inch each
Innerllon, opneo to he uvM w Ithln one yenri
i rtidlnc Yii1l "
llPn.'l'lng rn,lllnn
..n .wi
.11 ,i
,:u ..til
.:r .so
' .ll ..51
n.i i ' .m
i.rwthii soTTu'TiW .
M) Inchen ....
inn ".....
0 "
foil "
1W0 "
Hull nf
For cnli of thank, rrolul lor. of condolence, nnd
Imllur riintrlliiitlnni In the imturoofmlverllMng,
The Tribune mnkesi n charm, of .1 cents ft line.
Govortinr-N. W. PKNNYPACKKIt.
Lieutenant C.nccmor --W. M. IIIIOWX.
Keen tury of internal Affairs ISAAC u,
Congress-Wl 1,1,1 AM CONXI3I.T..
.Intlqr-A. A. VOKItrilll.
OoninilmlntiiTs .lOIIN COL'JUKIt MOP.-
It IS. .KltlN PK.VMAN.
Jllne Inspectors- l.I.KWKM'N M. UV-
Senator-JOHN li. JORDAN.
rirsi Dixtiict-josKi'ti oMvnrt.
S"cond Illsttlcl-.'Oll.V St'MHI Kit. JR.
Third llhttlet-MDWAItl) .1AM HS.
I'ntuth lH-tilcl-l'. A. PIIII.filN.
Election ilny. Nov. A.
Tl proms that the New Orleans street
car men hail mi tllltli'iilty In settling
their strike when a secret liallnt was
The World's Coal Fields.
AT""'' hypothetical exhaustion nf
I the wiii-lil's .coal supply is a
JL favorite anil hy no moans an
unenteitiilnlug thesis with
nmateiir anil professional eeonomlsts.
Fifty years ago .levons wrote a brll
llant monograph In which he estimated
the depletion of the coal measures of
Aleut Ilrltaln In a century. Ho point
ed out entile legitimately that with this
enormous Increase In manufacturing
netlvlty then in full blast, the supply of
domestic coal for Its purpose would he
used up lu Knghind and Scotland in the
time ho had specified, and that CI rent
Britain, If she were to hold the lead in
Industrial supremacy, would have to
rely for fuel upon the I'nltctl Slates.
Jcvons' logical faculty of deduction and
prescience In generalization almost
Amounted to genius. He was not an
economical theorist like John Stewart
-Mill nor an Incomprehensible expound
er of what Carlyie calls "the dlsmasal
science." Political economy is a sci
ence, and a very fascinating one If stu
dents of it law'i could find their appli
cation worked out objectively any
where. It is essentially a science of
text boolcs and the lecture room. No
man of his generation knew that better
that Jevon, and what makes his writ
ings so interesting to the man In the
stre?t is tho fact that he sought to find
practical application for Ills theories in
the meaning of the industrial life in
which lie lived and moved. Jcvons' es
timate of the coal supply of flroat Itri
taln is perhaps on the whole not far
astray. At the present rate of con
sumption, fifty years will witness prob
ably its practical exhaustion.' Hut oili
er tilings being euuul, tills fact, stu
pendous as its consummation must be,
will not menu the industrial paralysis
of England. As long as tho transmu
tation of coal remains the basis of en
ergy, force, or power, so long, of course,
will It retain its importance. Hut the
waste of the energy of has been
and is enormous. J I is Infinitely more
Important to mankind Mint this waste
should stop than that fresh coal fields
should be discovered. Whether an
Knglisliimul, American or genius of any
other nationality Is likely to find a
rival to coal in the atmosphere, In the
sea or some other element, until that
discovery Is made as it will .be noniu
liny, the enlightened policy of all na
tions should aim not merely at the
conservation of coal in its mineral bull;
but in its potential energy.
It lu morally certain Unit the un
known coal fields or the world are im
measurably greater than those that
Jinvci been discovered or are known to
exist without being explored. , AVe,
leave out of this computation "that
which lies under the sea, which, for all
practical purposes, might as well oc
cupy strata of tho moon. We know,
lor instance, Mint tho coal beds of
Chirm can and may supply the world
with fuel, ltitssla, Asiatic and Nuro
ran, Is immensely rich in coal which
tljo Improvident and lazy Muscovite al
lnjws to remain untouched while he
Inirns down his foresls. India also eon
tnjlns Immense coal lipids, not of an ex
cellent 'fluidity, hut serviceable. Then
comes South Africa. The coal meas
ures of the Transvaal are practically
InexhaiHtlhle, and prohably this Is so
In Ithodesla. KiiiatorIal Africa is rich
in, all kinds of minerals ami If outcrop
plugs are-any criterion of Us resources,
especially so In coal. Coal has been
found on tho surface within the Arctic
circle at places hundreds of miles dis
tant, hut within an area of continuous
geological strata, In fact, coal at uiio
Mfuo ciwreil Iho earth like the glacial
mjirftjIe.VThe Ice melied away ami tho
coal would have been denuded away, as
it was, for Instance, In Ireland, but for
tunately geological evolution or rather
convulsion made for U a casket In
which if lay until man In his Imiulsltlvo
way iloiuestlcatoil It, so to speak. Wo
hijve' heard lutely a great deal about
tlrp difficulty and danger of coal min
ing, We have no deMre to minimize
ii(htr, Hut It Is certain that If nature
had not thrown Uitge dlflleultlcH In our
wiv; w'e should lmvo po coal to burn.
The puhlluhed list of various bever
ages Kt before ills rioyal Hlshius
Chowla .Mfdiii Vajlravudli of Smni at
hfe Mutt banquets Indicates that Hie
youthful visitor will be fortunate It lifi
escapes without expot'lchrtiiK tlto ills
coutfoiis of the mental meniiReiie lie
fore returning to the laud tit his birth,
The ainscng Hubble.
OWIXO tu the surprising de
luiind for n department pub
lication entitled "American
rlluseng," Secrelnry of Agri
culture Wilson Is endeavoring to for
feit the erroneous Impression that has
been created In reference to profits In
the cultivation of ginseng by Ameri
can fnrmet s,
ThN note consists of a warning to the
public against the "boom" In ginseng
culture, which Is lining promoted by the
extravagant statements of sensational
Journals and also by the fraudulent rcp
tcenlntloiiM of Interested persons. In
ltn. I'rofeSMir Frederick V. Colville,
mtdcr whose direction the "ginseng bul
letins" were piepaied, sulrt: "The de
mand for ginseng lu China is steady,
and It Is believed Unit our exports may
be largely Increased without overstock
ing the markets," but In iWi the sumo
authority says: "It must not be for
gotten that the value of our export has
In no year reached $1,000,000, having
been fSilS.TIO in lnOO, and If oven a min
ority or those who have gone Into gln
sing culture are successful Iho enor
mous Increase In production will almost
Inevitably result. In a serious reduction
of the market price of Mm dried root.
It is estimated that 178,000 pounds, the
approximate average of the last five
years' exportation, may be grown on
fioni firty to seventy-live acres of land.
It Is clear, therefore, that the present
niarjfet and present prices for dried
roofs do not warrant the establishment
of very many large ginseng farms."
The timely action of the secretary of
agriculture lu heading off the scheme.",
of growers of ginseng roots who hao
been flooding the magazine:- with allur
ing advertisements concerning the
profits that may lie Insured from the
cultivation of the plants. Is commend
able. It will undoubtedly save many
from becoming victims of the roof
growers ind again impress upon the
mind of the reader of sensational r.d
vertlslng pamphlets that the man who
knows how to make millions docs not
generally advertise the scheme for the
benefit of others, but. grasps the oppor
tunity for his own profit In silence.
Hacked by the report from the bureau
of agriculture, Mm ginseng bubble was
one of the most alluring that Iiim been
blown before the American farmer in
many years. It Is fort-unato that light
lias been shed upon the scheme early In
the game.
Huston will piobably be the only city
that will be able to triumph lu the
wrestle with the pronouncinllon of the
name of the Crown Prince of Slam.
The Nation's Coffee Cup.
fr -K FACT that the American
people are the largest coffee
consumers of any of the
great nations, says the Phll
iidrlphla Hulletin, is again brought out
by the proceedings of the International
Coffee Commission, which is now hold
ing Its sessions at Xew York. The ob
ject of Mils body, whose assemblage
was provided for by the Pan-American
congress held In the City of Mexico last
year. Is to deal with the Muesllou of
prollts from the standpoint of tho cof
fee grower. At present this industry,
which has attained ils greatest promi
nence In ilrnsdl and Mexico, is suffering
from overproduction. More coffee is
apparently produced than the world de
mands, and as a result prices have fall
en materially in the last few years a
condition which Is not likely to be re
garded unfavorably by the great mass
of consumers, huwevcr much It may be
deplored by the owners of the planta
tions. Just the commission, in which
most of Mm countries of hnttn America
are represented, expects to accomplish
by its deliberations is not very plain.
Tills country is now Importing about
8OO.OOiVwo pounds of coffee annually, for
which, It pays over $ri0,000,00(. (Jer
many conies next, with a consumption
less than one-half of our own, and
Trance Is third In the list, while Eng
land, despite the vogim which the Lon
don coffee houses secured in fashion
able circles a couple of centuries or so
ago, uses less than one-twentieth as
much as the United States, according to
tlie latest available statistics,
If the coffee commissioners expect to
enlarge the market for the brown bev
erage they .should turn their attention
to Europe, rather than to this republic.
A nation whose citizens consume a per
capita average of ten pounds or this
staple each year Is doing about all that
could reasonably bo expected of It In
this direction,
Hope springs eternal in tho breast of
the peanut politician.
General Brag?;.
Gl!l-:XKlAh HltACSii will pot
offend the susceptibilities of
tho Chinese by telling his
wife that it would he as dif
flcnlt for I'uole Sam to bring them to
his way of thinking upon all things as
to try to make whistles out of their pis
tails, fioneral Hrugg'a offense has been
magnanimously condoned by the piesl
dont, but his many consular indis
cretions have not been forgotten by tho
state department. Ills transference
from Havana to Hong ICoug when ho
retires will most likely end his diplo
matic activity. It is Mimethliig of a
punishment, though perhaps an ade
Mimte one, for a gallant old soldier who
has to depend lu the winter of his life
upon his personal activities.
It will' be remembered that ilentral
Hragg In a letter to his wife safd
"Uncle Sam might as well try to nuiko
whistle out of a pig's tail as o malm
Himcthlug out of tho l.atln race." Pos
sibly ho might, but he Is not called
upon to try. The Cubans are not
Latins. Hut even If they wore I'uclo
Sam has not yet set up for a universal
preceptor to the human race. The
Humans were l.atlns, and Mm Humans
were a great people. The Latins are
not a dying race by any means. if
their generic traits are not asslmable
with the more robust and practical
national characteristics of Undo Sam
tlml Is not, their fault even ir It Is their
mhfortune, General urast,- will allow.
Part of tho First Presbyterian
Church to Be Pulled Down nt Once
to Make rlnce for the New Build
ing Tlmt Is to Arise on the Site of
the Church Building: After the
Plnnl Prnycr Meeting Tomorrow
Night There Will Be a Social Ses
sion History of the Building.
On tomorrow night Mm last prayer
meeting will be conducted In Mm old
lecture room of the First Presbyterian
church on Xorth Washington avenue.
The whole church property was re
cently purchnsrd by the Williams
Brothers who Insls. upon a vacation of
file lecture loom this week preparatory
to tearing it down to begin the work
or laying the foundation of the build
ing which the.v. propose to erect upon
the church site,
After the prayer meeting tomorrow
night a social session will be enjoyed
by the members of Urn congregation
and the memories which cluster about
the old building will lie reviewed,
Tim lecture room of the chinch was
built during Mm winter of 1SUG-U7 or
flflein years after the erection of Mm
church proper which was dedicated on
September jy, 1S.VJ. The church was
later enlarged lu the winter of 18,10-00
and was rc-dedlcnted on April fi, JSOO.
The architect of the present church
ami lecture room was Joel Ainsden and
W. V. Munness had charge of the work
of construction.
The congregation lias until January
1 only to occupy the church building
nnd arrangements are at present being
made to secure tho use of some hall
in tlie central part of the city to use
temporarily pending the erection of Mm
new church. It is quite likely that the
hall in the new Y. M. C. A. building
will be secured for this purpose.
Xo architect has as yet been engaged
to prepare the plans for Mm new church
nor has any decision as to 'whether an
open contest should be conducted
been arrived at ns yet. Tills Is partly
due to Mm fact that Mm building com
mittee Is not yet sure how much money
will be available. The sum of $7r.,000
has been secured for Mm old church
property but this will be very material
ly Increased by private subscriptions
whlcliire not all In yet.
Tim committee hopes to be able, how
ever, to award Mm contract before Mm
first of the new year so that the new
building may be ready for occupancy
by next fall. The plans prepared some
years ago by Architect Hohlen will not
be used because they provide for a
structure that would bo too expulsive
under present conditions.
D. W. Davis Removed from Force
nnd S. Savitts Appointed.
Director of Public Safety F. U
Wormser yesterday afternoon removed
Patrolman Daniel W, Davis from the
police force for cause, and appointed
Sylvami3 Savitts, or the Fifth ward, to
the vacancy thus created. The new
patrolman is a splendid specimen or
physical manhood, being over six feet
tall and built in proportion. He has
been acting as a reserve patrolman for
several weeke.
Davis vi, s asked for his resignation
last Friday by Superintendent Day, "for
Mm good of Mm service," as It was yes
terday explained, and lie refused to give
it, hence his formal removal from the
force. Davis was one of Mm ten men
appointed to the force last spring.
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The Finest Type
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Purest Whiskey.
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Thounaiitls nf A leu and Women Who Have IJvcil Heyomltlic Allotted
"Threescore and Ten" l!rom Twenty to I'nrty Years Say DnTfy's
Pure iMalt Whiskey Is lite fountain or Youth and a Godsend to
Old People.
Ahumi H. Jilnier. of t'tlcn, N Y said:
"I used Duffy's I'ure .Mutt Whiskey its
my only medicine for thirty .vcars and t
know It prolonged my life and kept my
system lieu from illscise. It Is Mm great
est medicine In the win Id."
air. Thomas S. Hull!, eighty years old,
of Long Hrancli, N'. J., wrote us mi .Inn.
"Notwithstanding I am eighty years
old, 1 do not look rlNly. 1 allrihiile my
vigor and youth to tlie coiuilunl iim of
Duffy's I'ure Malt Whiskey, my only ined.
Iclnc. I take It three times a d:iy nnd will
continue to do so as Inns' as I live. I
know It Is the gieatcst stimulant and
tonic for old men when they need snum
Milng to aid nature."
Mrs. Mary A. Itullt's experience was
similar to thai of her husband:
"I was sintering from dyspepsia and
heart disease and would he unconscious
sometimes for a whole day. While in ono
of these attaeku my husband gave mo
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Duffy's I'ure .Malt Whiskey ami the dis
tressed, heavy 'feeling appears. I am la
my seventieth year and do nil my own
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recommend Duffy's Tare Malt Whiskey to
every woman who suffers, especially to
old people. If Is my only medicine and
thanks to It I am strong and can enjoy
good health."
Mr. Adam I.lvlngond, of Klvcrson, ra.,
who Is ninety-one, and whose wife Is
elghty-rour, wrote us March .',. I'.im:
"1 take great nleasiiro In wrltlna- lo von
telllns the henclll I am deriving from the
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskev
It contains no fusel oil, the most dangerous ingredient In whiskey. It contains
medicinal properties that will euro consumption, grip, asthma, bronchitis and dys
pepsia. It Is preset I lied by over 7,W0 Doctors and used exclusively hi ll.iwo hos
pitals. Your Doctors will tell you that more deaths are caused by drugs than by
disease. Then why III! your system with drugs? If you aio weak and run down, if
you are troubled with sleeplessness or It you catch cold easily, take Duffy's Pure
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It Is guaranteed to cuie you and keep you
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cine. Thl". Is n guarantee, Deware of im
Jtatloiis and so-called substitute malt
whiskeys. The dealer who says that
something else Is Just as good as Duf
fy's I'ure Malt Whiskey thinks of his
prollt only, and not of your health. In
sist upon Duffy's I'ure Malt Whiskey mid
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There Are Many Imitations, but Only One
Ehret's Slag Roofing
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use of Duffy's I'ure Mult Whiskey. 1
have been taking It lu small Humilities
every morning and evening fur a numnor
nf years. I inn lllnely-oiie yearn old nntl
lu excellent health, good nppelite ami am
doing nil my own farm work. I know
your Whiskey Is giving me renewed
streimth and prolonging my III" I f-"'l
as well today its fen years ago and I re"l
as lr t will yet pas. the century mat It. I
would earnestly recommend II In oil old
people. It wan recommended to mo. and
Mas ploveli a blesxlng. .My wife Is eighty
four years old. and never falls to take a
ilofo of this Whiskey on retiring. She I..
Is also In perfect health.
Mr. Townscwl Miller, or Jmniu
en, L. I., who Inn just celebrat
ed his 10 1th hlrlliilny and married
Ills third wife, writes lie is ns
vigorous nml slronj? ns when
twcniyflvo years of age, thanks
to Unity's Pure Malt Whiskey.
"Though I am now past one hundred
and four years of nge, 1 am today as
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great ago to ihc constant use of a Utile
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many years. It's the greatest medicine In
the world, a god-send to old people, and i
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Air. italph ISnlllck, of IJiooklyn. X. Y
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"The benellt I derive from Duffy's I'ure
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2 Syracuse University.
1 Bucknell University.
1 University of Rocheslor.
1 Washington School for Boya.
1 Willininspoi't Dickinson Somin
niy. 1 Dickinson Collegiate Prepara
tory School. N
1 Nowton Collegiate Institute.
1 Keystone Academy.
1 Brown College Preparatory
t School of the Lackawanna,
1 Wilkes-Bnrre Institute.
1 Cotttlt Cottages.
'1 Scranton Conservatory of Music.
1 Hardcnbergh School of Music
nnd Art.
3 Scranton Business College.
5 International Correspondence
2 Lnckawanna Business College.
2 Alfred Wooler'3 Vocal Studio.
Several ot these scholarships Include
not only tuition, but also board, room,
heat. IIrIU anil laundiy for periods of
two to tour years. Anions tnese niiy
one voiincr pontile Micro arc thirty-
three who are really atrlvlnpr to secure
educations, and their names appear on
another paso of Tho Tribune every
morulas:. In tho table showlus the
"SlnndliiR of Contestant." They
should bo encouraged In their com
mendable endeavor.
If vou nre not already 11 subscriber
to The Tribune, send 11 noto to some
one of tho contestants, leciucstiiig a
call. ,
Or. bnltnr xlltl. send vour silbserln-
Mini to The Tribune, together with tho
money to pay for same, designating
(nine cotiinstnut wiilcli you wish 10 re
ceive tlie credit.
Contestants nre credited with 0110
point for every month you pay in ad
vance. Tho price of Tho Tribune in
advance Is:
One month $ .nO 1
Throe mouths 1.2."! 11
Kl- mouths I..V) fi
Ono year 3.00 1-
contestants materially by furnishing
them with a list of friends who might
be Induced to tnlco The Tribune.
Or. they can personally rciiuest tliess
friends to subscribe.
Or. they can send The Tribune to
their friends, paying the money them
selves. Many arc il lug this and the
contestants are very grateful for this
whofe-hearted aid.
Ileinenijier: The Tribune's Kduca
tloiuil Contest closes October t'."i, at S
p, m.
No points not In Tho Tribune olTlee
by the llrst stroke of s. ns told by the
Court House clock, will bo counted.
MXi'l-iI'T: Th 080 lcccivcd by mall
and postmarked at or before S p. m.
the contestant bringing in tho
largest number of points during
tho week ending Saturday, OotO'
bor 18.
Do You Want
a Good Education?
Not a thort course, nor in easy coursf,
nor a cherp course, but th belt education
to be had. No other education 1 worth
f pending time nnd money ore II you do,
write for catalogue ol
Gaston, Pa.
whlrh otters tlioroush preparation In th
Knglnetrlng and Chemical Profusion! U well
n th regular College courses.
state iomrl scioofl
il Regular State .Not mill Courses and
Special Deparliucnts f MuMe. i:iocu.
tlon. Ail, I ira Ins. Hteiiography and
BTpewiiiins; ihiuhb v-wucyu iicpaiat
lory l)i piulinent
Hourdlii'j expenses $:..V) per week
Pupil .ulniltieil at any tiino Winter
Term opens Pec. v'tuh. Write for caw
lOgllO. T-T.1LTT.
j, U, A1.IU1, J. ri.,
T J. Foiter, I'letideat. timer II. Lawtll, lieu.
U. J. Koiter, , Stiniejr P, Allen,
Vice President. 8ccretar;.
The Tribune will guarantee to print!
your paper book quicker than any oth-j
cr prlnMns house In the city