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ID YOU think or It, dour?"
my wlto asked mo one
tnmiilng oer the hionkfust
bible. "Fathers blrthilny
Is tiny nttr-r toinoiiow. Wlmt ptesent
IIP Wt' to glP llllll UlN .VL'111'7 IIllVL'
ou Hindu up your niliul?"
t was deeply Intprpsted In my paper,
feuding tlip lpport or our latest imup
'elebte, a niuiilpr tilal, and not paying
Attention to lirr rcmuik, I nnsweied
ltb,spiit-inlndedl. :
"Ten ypnis Stale's ptlson."
"W-h-u-IY" a startled i'piesslon
turning Into her eyes. "Dmp tluit non
sense," she iptoited, hotly, "and give
Me u sensible niiswor ir ynu can."
1 put the p.ippr uwny and IhoKpiI up,
noticing for ihe 111 st time that slip wnn
In a toinppr, and icnieinbci lug the fool
ish iciuaik 1 hud mude,
"Paidon me. dulling," 1 lagged, y
hioiscfully. "You know w ell enough
Hint I couldn't lime meant the words In
Kood cat nest, I was uo veiy deeply
tuiriosscd In Hit dltilct atloiney's ad
dress to the juiy t hat 1 bpcanip some
what confused. Oveilook it, and be
fi lends! Hut to the point. What nie
Me to civo the old gentleman'.' A nhe
"Would Unit not be like thtowlng out
rtn Ir.dellculc hlutV" she'ieplled, soinc
vhnt puellled
"ll'in. 1 don't know! Well, then,
how alniU a moi nlng cap or led, white
end black, with a laigc tassel'."'
"Itn has one.'
"Or a comfortable house coat.'"
"No, uo! I tell you what, a 'rolf
hctor machine'" .she c.t lalmed tilumph
antly; ".lust the thing."
"A what'."'. I quciied, shaking my
liead lnuipdulf"dy. "Heaven defend
vis! What kind of n thing did ou s-.iy,
nnd what in the woild Is he to do with
"You know, deal" Anna was all o:.
cltement now "how load lalhei is ol
pood coffee. How he scolds the cook
for not mill lug the boei.igp to his lik
ing (what does she know about making
coflce, anjwav).' Not long since I saw
In Slis.. Fabei's house a uewlv-lnvenled
t-ejf-nctiir-exli utioii cofloe and tea ma
rl, the. I tell ou llil.i is exactly whit
father wants'"
".So that is It. A coffee machine! 1
thought It was a .sewing machine or
l-onie stub thing. What did .ou call
it'.' A self-.utiii-cti.ictlon-aiid-so-forth-mac
bine? What a monstrous
name' How dieadful!"
"Hut ji'.actiiMl, unspeikably
I toll j on. You pour tlie water into tin
boiler, 'im! then some coffee Into a lit
tle bowl above. Then on light the al
cohol beneath. The heated water is by
means ol a glass tube led liom the
boiler Into the bowl. The bollei's
v eight dlminlsl'ps as the wntoi lessons.
The lattei tbeiefoie itself a liille.
ihus icle,isnsr a p ins attached to the
cover ol tlie alcohol lamp, which lalls
upon tlie lamp .'iid extinguishes the
ll.ime. Do j ou undei 'land'.'"
"Not th least bll," was mv eioigetlc
l espouse. I5ut mv wife went on as
Though it m.itteipd little whethet I un
tlei stood or w bethel I did not nuclei -stand.
"And ns oon .is the boiler lias tooled
rff, the l'oci.ige In the bowl, as the te
mlt of the piessuie of the outer ah
do you mulct stand, now'."'
"No!" I exclaimed mote ciiPigMlcnlly
than befoi", but with the spirame ic
t nit ; for my bettPi half kept on lust as
if I had leplied ".ves" instead ol "no!"
"As the tcsult of the picssuic of the
c.utci air the now leadv coffee tuns by
means ol a sieve and the Ideal leal tube
back Into the bollet below. Then ou
can empty It into mp at muii con
veniotue." she com hided dellbeiatelv.
'T line that a woiideifull. simple pro
i editrp."
'Yes, sin pi Singly simple, my dear,"
J said doubtingly. "Hep hei e, wlfey. T
think I .-.hull have to take another
ionise tit physiology and technology
liefcie I would be equal to i nnipiehend
Jnsr the ial"lug ol the tube by air pies
suie and the dumping of the lamp cov
er as the icMilt of the escape of heated
water. Aid ; on ically Intend giving
such a wh n-du-vnu-call-lt machine as
i pieseni to your father? I am finite
sine I do.'lvuc, but I bet your lather
".'ill be tllspli astd. simply because he
will not be able to make head or tall
of so tiniiplknted u thing.",
"You line ulwus fault to find w lib
my pioposiilons," she punted scnstiu
lv; always. Hut I lake the bet. What
Is It to be, tor a kls-r,'"
"A kiss' As though ,n eveiy day
itffnli like that weie an ob.'ect for ,i
Mv wife laid lite index- llngei of her
right hand ou to hei little nose, her
favorite attitude when in a leileetlve
"The otltei day," she said, "I noticed
a splendid binocli In S.'s shop window;
Just the thing,"
"And I a locking chair at F.'s sui h as
I always longed to possess," I added.
"It is a bat gain, Uoeklng chilli against
bionch. If your whut-dei-you-cull-it-mucliliip
does Its duty, you will get your
hrnoch; If not, ou ate bound to buy me
the chair. Shako on It!"
"All light. " tny wife atqulesced lit n
ti iumphant tone,
She really pun based the extraction
iv.nchtiip, which, to Judge fioni appear
ances, was a pietty neat and bilghtly
polished little affair. Tho blitlulay m
rlvcd and wo solemnly assembled lit her
f.itltPf'.s house and haitded him the
piescnt, but lie leaked lather surpil&od.
"Well, well!" ho exclaimed, "Just look
at this! A lilteiltig nmihliip. Did you
ever! I must I like the, idea,
for our city water Is not oiy de.ii mm
tho supply Is pool. It may come In
liniuly "
Wlmt hip you talking about, my
dear fathei''" my Anim Inteiiiipted ex
citedly and In ait almost augiy tone,
"you do npt ically mean to say that
you think our lou Is bo tillllng ns to
Do GoodIt Pays.
A Chicago man has obseived that.
"Qoood deeds uui better thun ieal es
tate deeds -some of the lattei mo
wotthlcHs, Act kindly and bpiiU,
show sympathy and lend a helping
lituid, You cannot possibly lote b It "
Most men apptetlate a kind wnid, and
Plieouiugenient moip than
help. Theie are perrons In this coui
nuinlty who might tuithfully hay. "My
good filend, cheer up. a few diet's of
Chuinberlulirs Cough Remedy will lid
lyou of your iold, and theie Is no dau
ber whatever ftom pneumonia when
you uso that medicine. it nlwuvs
i-uies. I know t for It has helped me
Jt many a time." Sold by all diug-
buy you a fllteilng apparatus for a
birthday piespntv"
The old limn looked fioni one to the
other of tt, pmhatinHcd.
"Ooel foibld," In said feelingly, "Unit
1 should lliluk so 111 of my dear eltll
dien, but, pei haps yes, 1 know, that's
It, one of the newly Invpitteil patent
ilectilc night lamps, eh?"
t gt Inned, Anna looked daggeis at
"It Is a new coffee machine, father,
ili'in," mild my wife's sister FiiiiiiIp,
whosp head Is always full of mischief.
"You tlnow the beans hi on one lde
and 'cafe all hilt' alteady made Hows
out on the other. Plain as' daylight."
'Tannic, my child," said I, with all
the dignity 1 could mustei, "please go
and bring some hot water and the
necessaiy giound coffee, and give us a
i nance to demonstrate to father tlie
t'tlllty of this wondeiful inachltie."
Kunnle did so. In the meantime the
old man walked seveial times aiolliul
the table shaking his sllvoiy locks unci
casting suspicious glances at the com.
plicated thing befoic him. lie looked
poslthcly frightened.
"fay, Otto," tinning to me with an
anxious face. "I hope that thing will
not explode? Wc lead every day diead
ful stoi les about these new' Tangled
patents In the papeis. Please be care
lul. childien, 1 beg of you."
"Vli, father, the whole pi oc ceding
Is so ciy simple," my wife pleaded, de
fending her present, "Just? tend what It
ovs bete1 J take the wutei" taking
tho vessel with tlie hot water fiom
Fannie "and pour It into tlie bollet,
like this, see. lust so. Aw!" she sud
denly ci led out. Khe had sLnldcd her
llngei s.
It was my ttiin now. "Please step
aside," 1 said, going up to tlie table, "let
me try. You will liijine youtself worse
with your experimenting. Hand me the
water, Fannie: Hint's it, thank ou,
de.u ! And now I'll light the lamp.
Jotinds, tlie i-tuff won't bum!"
"It Is picpaied iion-lnllammablc alco
hol for mcdlclnnl puipose," said fa
ther. "Well, then, send for some will
bunt," I ctled, out of patience, after I
had wasted a doen or so matches in
the vain attempt to Ignite the lamp.
"I know what 1 nm going to do. T
am going to saiiifice my bottle of e.ut
de i 'ologne," Fannie exclaimed mag
nanlinouslv, "what is the diffcictu e?"
Site tan off and piettv soon i etui ned
wltli the odoious fluid, emptying It into
the la. iip after 1 had ponied out tlie
"medicated" alcohol.
The i ologne binned all light, and
pietty soon a low, melodious singing
could be bcaid, showing that the ma
(bine was beginning to do its woik.
Mv wife's countenance was all aglow.
Now she was happ. onlv fatltei looked
still nn.xlous-like and won led.
"(')illdtcn, bettei not go near it," he
admonished, "only esteulay tlnco lit
tle gills weiu tenibly scalded, you
Pietty soon tlie stonni seethed inside
th'1 ui'iphliip, tlie covet fell upon the
lamp and the Mime wns extinguished.
I looked tideways at my wife with a
"Anotding to tlie leceipt," I said,
maliciously, "tlie coffee ought to be
done now , but I fail to smell the usual
.noma. l"o jou?"
.lust then the watet in tlie boiler be
gan sc clliing and bubbling stiongor,
end a stream ot water shot out of the
latter Into the glass tube and thence
j Into the bow 1 on top.
I "Mv. linvc litre" r,i l.nlmpil mv Utile
S-eai-old biother-in-law Fied, glee
fully. "Pur all the world like a watet -tall.
Mj wile was 'disgusted. She tinned
pale fioni subdued excitement and an
gei. "What can this mean," she said,
"toniPthlns must be wiong?"
"I think our self-uctoi -extinction
machine is suffeiing fioni internal
tumbles. Theie is altogether too much
internal business," I ventuied to ro diyl. "I daio say. you aie be
ginning to make up your mind whoie
th" best locking c hails nie for sale, eh,
M wife looked as If she wpip con
sldeilng whether it would be the better
policy to fall In a fainting lit Into my
aims m to decline herself vanquished
and pay the bet, while her dear father
continued shaking ills head until the
tassel on the top of ills cap swung to
cud tie like it pendulum.
"Well," he at last iPiiuirked, "this Is
the funniest apparatus T ever saw.
Where is the coffee '."' when suddenly
r.innle, in her usual lmpulsle way,
ci led:
"What a set of fools we all aie! We
foi got all about putting some In."
Sure enough. A napkin had been ac
cidentally tin own over the ground cof
fee bi ought in by Fannie, nnd dining
the pi mulling excitement of expect
ancy nobody hud given It a thought.
.My wife was delighted. Her machine
was to bo ledeemed after nil. After
tavnilng me with another annihilating
look the second act of the diamu began.
Not n single woul was spoken, AYc
.ei' awaiting developnipnts.
Again the seething and bubbling
.sound, and een Hip aioma of steaming
iiitrco filled tho i ooni. The blown lluld
lotild be seen passing thiough the tube,
and ochiniutlons of surpilso and gratl
Iica Ion escaped the lips of those pies
rut, Anna was all smiles and sunshine,
' 1 ti list," she said to me mlschiey.
oiibly, "that you have not foigotten the
aidless whoie to buy that btooili we
weie talking ubout yestetdny."
liven father nodded satisfied nnd
"This Is a practical machine," be
mused coniplncently, 1101111111; out thp
(list cup of the blown bevet.igc, "and
what an uinmn, hut lather an odd sott
of biufll. t-'tiaiige', isn't If, AVhat does
It smell like?"
The old man lifted the cup to his lips
anil tasted tho contents. With 11 jerk
lv set it down again upon the tuble,
making a wiy face.
"I'll be , I ask your paidon, lint
tint miy has a positively wicked taste;
iiiouruimts, abominable! Fie' What
the dickens does It taste like""
He PNpH'loiutPd soveial times nnd
pie.-scd his hunds ta his stomach as if
".lust like eau de Pologue, father," I
sugieMid, "a veiy dlsagteeable smell,
don't )ou think? A tilde odd when
taken with coffee, hut mi wjll un
doubtedly Ml used to the taste when
you oi'ie become familiar with the iiu
chlnc." Tor ihume, husband," bud my wife,
"huw mean of you! Undoubtedly Fan
nie has accidentally spilled a diop of
eau dfr Cologne Into tho boiler while
lllllug the lamp, Whom Is the hnim?
It hi a bit unpleasant, It Is true, but
Hint's all theie Is to It, We will have
to trv again, for the machine works
till lluhl. of that we ought to be con
vinced now."
"Held!" objected father, lifting his
hand With n protesting gestttte townul
thp coffee machine, "no iiioip ot IIiIh
monkey business, I would'' lather that
Anna make us all n cup of colTce now In
the old-fashioned way, and later you
may continue your expel ImontH ns long
as jou like. The niitchlne Is Just splen
did e Illicit en," he continued, "and I
thank ou hcaitlly for your tlioughtful
Itcss In glvliiK It to nie, but theie Is
Kometl.ltig strange, ami odd about It to
which I must get used fllst, and that
lakes time for a man of my age."
"Heroic wp go any further with It," 1
milled, "let Us tell the ghl to give It n
thouuigli cleaning, Lottie," to thp
cook "take this machine Into the kitch
en end scold lamp and boiler with hot
water and Soda or some oucli stuff,
The gill went oft with Iter bill den.
Mhortls tiftpr we wpip stnitlt'd by a loud
lepirt. followed by frightened set cams
from the kitchen mid by a sound of fall
lug and breaking pieces. Something
told me that again It was that Ill-fated
machine. I opened the kitchen door.
Sine enough tlie gill In a dink coiner
hud stumbled with her bllidcii and the
splf-iictor-p.xttactlon-coffee-niid-tea ma
chine lay biokon on tlie flour. The
poor, frightened ghl sobbed, Fannie
. eolded, my wife wiling her hands In
despair; I bit my lips mulct ncnth tny
busy mustache, nnd father looked
pleased and relieved.
"Xefi mind, childien," lie said, "It
Is best so. I take this for a sign from
nboc. Piovldence has Interfeied. I
nm entifpivntlvp in my Ideas, and am
theitfcre not oveifond of the ptesent
cut of machinery. Stop crying, gill"
this to Hip cook "and btow a good cup
of coffee for my company. And now no
mote 1 oout the matter. I do not wish
to lmt my birthday spoiled."
"How about our bet, Anna?" I asked
my w Ife.
"You bine lost that," she quickly ic
.sponded. 'The machine was In pel feet
older, if only"
"Yes, f only it hail not been s0 Im
pel feet! No, my dcur this time you
have lost and not 1. You hud bettor
get tt.idy to go foi my locking chair!"
"What bet aie ou quunellng about,
you two"" asked the old man.
I told him all. and called on him to
decide who had won.
"Moth of you," wns Ills diplomatic
opinion, . hleli cteated another contio
eisy between Anna and myself. Mean
while Lottie appeared with tlie coffee,
made In the "old-fashioned" stjle, and
the eone:atlon dilfted Into other
channels and soon became geneinl.
On the fellow ing morning, however,
theie appealed a messenger In our
dwelling, en hvering n lockin'g chair for
me, a .iplrr.dlri piece of fitrnltuie. by the
way. and oaetly fie minutes later an
otliei messenger came bringing n
biooch for my wife, a iciltnble little
gem. To each of the two pipsents was
frtsleiiPd lather's lsltlng ends with
tho Invcilptlou: "This is my ieenge
for .leopnidilng my life with out self-ncloi-pxtinetion-coffep-and-tpa
chine." "Say," T lemarked to my wife, com
foitl.v sti etching myself In tlie new
locking cbnli, "you seem to li.ue been
in t lie light, after all, for your sell-aiid-so-forth
machine has pioved itself
to be very pinctleal. indeed In Its le
sulis." Fioin the Gennan.
"The Climbers."
"The Cllmbeis, ' 0110 of Chile Pitch's
best effoits, which was made famous by
the splendid company sui louudlng Anicli 1
Bingham when It was piesentcd In New
Yotk, was seen at the Ljeeum Satin day
ufteinonii and night.
John 13. Kelleid was fentmed In thu
.east which was allozrcthct the most
eu'iily balanced and the 1111M geneinlly
meiitoilous seen nt that theatei this sea
son The membeis of tho cnnipiuy looked
and iliessed tho p.nts and sine to Mi.
Fitch's lines the meaning ho intended
they should have.
"The White Slave."
Tlint the dimming itinlltlc3 of Haitle
Campbell's time-houoieil nfclodi.unii,
"The White Slave" do not diminish with
age has lieou demonsti.ited by the im
mpiise audlenees which b.ue attended
neatly eveiy peifoimaneo given by the
new "White Slave" company this season,
This is said to bu due paitly to the fact
that the pl.ij has had a lonu icst and
that the management has put ft boloio
tho public in tudy spectacular gin b and
rqn THE I.ITTUJ ONnS.-Cut out the plctuies appealing on this page each
day, ehnw u pencil mark aiouud tho bidden object, suvo them until batuiday,
"if 11 tend them 01 tnko them to Tho Tribune, oftlco In nn envelope, nddiesaed to
Puzzle Depaitment." 13neloso In tho envelope jour name, ngu nnd nddiess. Tho
uojs and gills who cnnoctly mnik the six plctuies nppeuiing dining tho week,
nnd whoso answeis ma flist lecclved, will hao tholr names published in Tho
Tilbuno Monday morning.
Lnst Week's Puzzle Solveis.
1. Minnie lluestei, SI3 Cedar avenue.
Age, 10.
J. Muigniot I.oulso 13vans, Tujlor, Pa
Ago, r
Ii. (ionevlcwi Shea, 1J-! Stono avenue.
Ago. II
I Muigniot Dale, l."j West Maikct
stieet. Age, 1).
Im.HZmmrvitSZZt it ni Rdl.w IFjtfn TjtiT-"- " w -mi-Vi
Find two more donkeys.
Solutions for Last
Munr.ii.v, Oi t 0- Ono is under tho lud'a
light aim. the ollici between'ii tote
legs and fence.
Tuesday. Oct 7 Tho shoohoul Is In the
lower liglit-huud cciiuor ucui the lous.
the dog in hack of the woman.
Wednesday, Oct i-Ono Indian is In
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tion bis uivat majesty doseios llauy
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"A Fight for Millions."
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The Sembiich Kecital.
Not sallsllcd ivlth offeiing the music
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tioat to tho pations of tho conceit at the
;u 11101 v Oct. -1, Arnold I. ohm. inn, 31
Wllkos-Baiio, the well known violinist,
l.ns been engaged to appeal In two mini
beis. This will be Ml. l.ohinanu's Hist
iippeaiauco In this eountiy iiftci a tlueo
.viuts' cnuisp of study under one of tho
gnat 13inopean at lists nnd fellow pupil
of tho Kubllck, Anton Vltek, tho ill
leoloi of tho Plug Cont,c'iMitoiy of Music
of Ilcilin nnd Ip ulor of tho famous llei
llu Phllhaiinoule oiihosti.i. one of tho
gio.itest musical oigiiulzatlous In thu
w 01 Id.
Mr l.ohniiinu hud the hnnoi of pl.ijlng
In this oichostia foi somu time which Is
r, Walter I. TIuiils, HS'Mlflllu uventic
Ago, fi.
ii, Helen A. llunilston, Illinlutist, Pa
Age, 7,
7. .liinios J.lghlbodv. .loiinvu, Pa.
s. Mumfflid Ciossley, Sluiutca, Pa.
Ago. ii.
!i .Mudollne Sehindor, ni Columbia nvo
nue, Jeisoy CIt, N. J. Ago, .
Week's Puzzles.
ThuiMluv Oct fl-Ono Is In twien in ill's
feet, the other In back of gill's head
riitiuv. Oct jo-ono is in iiimi, of tha
ciouehlug eats paw, tho othci em her
light side
Siilmday, Ott. II-O110 man's head is be
tvveeu her left shoulder nnd tho basket,
the other bstwecu the man and thu guat.
Only Half a Cent a Wori.
For Hont.
1'Olt ItKNT riiinlsheil Imife. ten looms,
Htenm henltd, centiully loonled, .'.Ji
Atnillson nvelitte.
KOIt HilNT-llalf now double housei 'KW
Pieneotl uvcilUo; 11P Impioveineiils
Afiply 11.',", Pioseott n venue
JlS-l-'or Iteiit Teti-innin house! eNcollent
nelghboihoodi nil tuodein Imptove
nieiils, on uvemie Apply to 11. P. Ham
ilton, IJi! Sptuce street.
roll ItlJNT-Xnw house, corner t.ttulon
and Colfnv; all conveniences. Imiulie
SO", Minion stieet,
For "&nlc.
I'Oll HAl.K-KIm- dliimond ling '6 aunt.
VO, one cm at ling, tMlj 1 cunt ling, $W,
1V& cuint ling, JUij 1 en 1 ut ling, JUMi -civinl
ling, 10O. Addless X P. O Uox 01.
HORSI'3. WAtlON nnd hniness for siilu
cheup fur want of use. 1110 Capouso
TOR SA 1, 13 One hot air fin nine, tlneo
mantels Chin les D Biiiiiloisoa, I'll!
W.vnmlng avenue, Scianton.
JPHT ARKIVHD with 11 cm load of
hoi ses, weight 1,10) to 1,',00; good vvoik
ets nnd dilveis! ulso soveiul closely
mulched tennis. Can be soon at "II 11 ly
mond coillt. P. SI. Cobb.
KOIt SAI.13 One hot nlr fm mice, tlneo
mantels, gas clnndellois. Clunlcs D.
Sandpison, UO Womlng avenue, fcian
ton, I'll.
TOR SAT,n Town Topics Gold Sllnlng
Co stock; lile. shiire: will be ad
vanced to Wc. shine on Oct. ISth. Cbailes
D. gantlet son, JJil W.vomlng uvenuc,
Scinuton, Pn. ,
TOR SALI3 About 20 feet of desk coun
ter, smmounted with gluss front nnd
two openings, lower pot tlon nicely pan
oiled, with dinweis and aholvcs nud"i
nptith. SIny bo seen at the office of Tho
Tilbuno. ,
For Sale or Bent.
POIl KAM3 OR HI3NT Now bouse on
Columbia avenue; eight looms and
bath, gas, fm mice, modem plumbing.
Teuns leusouuble. Rnlpli 13. Weeks, lit)
N. Washington avenue.
POIl SAI.I3 OK UI3NT The il-stoi V Illicit
hulldlng. with boiler house attached,
and long row of sheds foi Poises, wag
ons, etc.; also lalhond switch suitable foi
mauufnc tilling pm poses; Intelv oec'iiplcd
bv tho Clock Tnbncco Co H. SI. Winton,
Room No n03. Steals Hulldlng.
Furnished Booms for Rent.
COR ItnNiecdTfm nisbed loom,
stiicllv ptivate, model n Inipiovoments,
steam heat, foi gentleman onlv. Inquho
up stabs over Building Association. .Mis.
13. Kiaft, I'd, Adams
I'Oll 11I3NT Tlneo nc.vvlv furnished
fi out looms, heat, gits and bith
."00 bloik. 'Washington avenue. Adibess
X , Tilbuno office.
Money to Loan.
Qulck, stmlght loans or Building and
Loan. At fiom 4 to G per cent. Call on
N. V. Walker. SI 1-315 Conned building.
laundcis shlits at 8c. each and collars
and cuffs at l'c. each.
the oftke of the City Ileemdei by tho
Dhi'itoi ot the Dopailmonl of Public
W01 ks. at .! o'clock p. m, on Monday,
Octobei JU, l!Hi.', for the eonsti notion ot a
lateinl soever In Sleiidlan stieet, fiom
the Thlld disliict main aewei to the alley
loading ucioss the Delawuie, Lackawanna
and Western in the Fifth waiel.
All in uccoi dance with the plans and
.speclllcntlons on tile in the Bui can of f3ii
glnecilng Daoh bidder shnll enclose with
bis pioposal, cash or pet tilled 1 heck In tho
sum of ono bundled ($100 On) dolluis lis a
gu.nanteo to execute a contiaet If unaid
ed the same. In case the bidder lo whom
the contiaet shall havo lie en uwaided 10
fuses or omits to execute 11 commit tor
tho woik In ucoi dance with plans nnd
appcllloations tbeiefoie within ten (10)
das fiom tho duto ot the iivvaid, tho 011
closuie accompanving his pioposal shall
bo foi felted to the uso of thu City ot
Bidden s vvlll bo furnished with pioposal
blanks at the Bui eau of 13nglneoiing und
no otbcis vvlll bo accepted,
All pioposuls shall he filed with the City
Contiollcr nt his olllee in th City flail,
.Scianton, Pa., not later than ; .ii) o'clock
li m., ou SIonda. October "0. IHOJ.
The city icseivcs the light to lojeet any
or all bids
John 13 nociin, niieitor,
Dopuitnient of Public Woiks.
Scianton, Pa . October 10, 1!0.
unusual tor so vouug 1111 uitl-t, A l.ugo
pail of Mi, Leibinauit's time while abtoad
was spent in lleillu though he tiaMb'd
consldeiably with Heir Vltek In Holland
and (lei many, und nil who heaid him ut
such times weiu unstinted In piaiso of his
wondeiful woik und piedlcled u gioat fu
liuo for lilm. Sir. l.ohmaim s laigo ehclo
of fi lends up nnd down ihe valley nie all
on tho tip-toe ot expectant' to hear him
again und Sir. Iluud Is to be 1 iimmoiided
for giving them such 1111 eiulv and excel
lent nppoitunitv ot Judging of bis piog
icss und advancement. The dlngnim for
sale ol seats Is now open at Powell's
music stuie.
CIdo Pitch's loyultles on "l.ovois'
r.nno" aio said to have amouiiled to JbU,
100. Khkc 1, 11 Hliello bus selected St. I. mils
us tho city in which to make thu Hist,
pindiicttiiu of "Checkeis," at. that Is tho
nalivo heath of the auilioi, Henry Hlus
soiu. 13. II. Sotliein is lepoited to have biiikeu
tho ime-uigill stuuil ice mil lust week, his
icccipts biliig In the neighborhood of $1.',
000 Aulney Uouclcaiilt iiiadu Ills (list up
peuiuiicu hi siiipoit of I U111 i tta CuibS
man last week pulng tho pan of I3d
witid llosUn in "The Sword of tho King."
The New Yolk Venllet of IJtlii I lluili
1111110 Is thai she Is splendid in tho one-net
piece, "Cniiols, ' but only so-so in "Tho
Couutiy Mouse "
Kluw iv. i3lluiifrei will look utter the
futuiei woik of Dan Dal) A iiiiihIl.iI
cumcilN Is being picpaied tin him, nnd a
pinuiluont comic opeia slui will ho In hi')
suppra t
Huso opens her heiison In this eountiy
ut Boston October -1. Hoi advaiiin salu
opuncil Inst .Monday, the III si da) bilng.
lug In .',0l Hoveial hoses weiu auc
tioned oil und In ought $'"
David Kohibio bus di'Lidid to star
Ilium ho Hates this season In a Jupuucsu
pla called "Thu Dai Hug of tllu Hods."
lloboit T ll.ilnus lll bu MM Hates'
lending nun Tho pleco will shoiily gu
lulu icheiibiil
Vice Veisn with Feikins,
Dining Ins enieei in Wall stiee-t fieuigo
W Peikhis bus piobnhl nmuuge'd moio
und laiger s ndlcates Until muni a bank
et bus In a llletime He is er fond of
bauuiius und geueiall) cuts some lor his
noontime luncheon
Tha tithei duy ho wus standing in fioul
of a f 1 nit peddler's cart sclecllug some
laige, iie e.Mini)les of I bo unit, when n
1 1 lend of his i.inio along und balled him
"Hollo, Ptik," he said, "Is lliu sjndl
catu going into hummus?"
"No," icplied Pel kin, ,uihingly, "hut
the bananas uie going Into the sndi
cdte." Now Voik Times.
No Order
Accepted Tor Loss
Tiiuii 10 Cents.
j Branch WANT Officii
Want Atlveitlsements Will Bo
Becelvetl nt Any of the Follow
ing DiUfj Stores Until 10 P. M.
Cential City
A1.HI3IIT SCMfl.TH. rotner Still"
bony stieet nnd Webitei' live.
ai'HTAV P1CIII3I,, iwU Adams
West Sldo
OT30 W. .113NK1NS, 101 South
Slain uvemie.
South Scmnton
PR13D L. TDI1PPL3, 7J0 Cedar
North Scrfinton
CSI30, W. DAVIfl, coiner North
Slain iivenuo and Slinkct
st loot.
Gicen Bidge
CIIAKM38 P .TON139, 1"7 Dick
son avenue. .., ,
r. J JOHNS, OJO Oteon lliugo
C. I.OUI3NZ. cntnei Wasblnston
avenue nnd Sim Ion stiout.
W. II KN13PFDL, 1017 living
J. a. BONI3 A- SON.
Help Wanted.
WANTI3D-Young man 01 mmg wo
man to do olllee woik und make them
selves genet ally u-eful. A kuovv ledge or
the instil unco Is desiiuble and If possible
applicant should live at home Adilics
with iPtciPiiCL's. B. II. B, Tilbuno office.
Scianton. Pn.
WANTI3D -Agents to sell tea und eot-
feo to consumois Positions pcima-
nent. C.iand t'nlon Tea Co, 311 Lacku-
Muiina avenue.
Help Wanted Male.
WANT13D A poller nnd bov to build
kitchen Hies ut the St. Ch nles.
"VANT13D Young man foi otllie woik;
stnto uge, cxpei ience. Colliei, cue ol
Ti Ibune.
WAK'IT.D-Young man to net as poller
at -IJI Lackawanna avenue.
Help Wanted Femnlo.
WANTJ3D r.speilcnced lady shoo eleik.
Stnto subtly expected. Addiess, Clcik,
Tilbuno office.
Agents Wanted.
LAIlGr3 CORPORATION wants cneigotlc
Goncinl Agent for this county. No
books, insuinnee, or canvasslu'j. Ac
qualntnnco with moi chants nnd miinu
lnctuieiR necessaiy. Poim.inent llond.
State age. opeiience. lofeiences flist let
ter. Addiess. Suite u7-', No 1001 Chestnut
St.. Philadelphia.
Situations Wanted.
SITl'ATION WANTI3D-.t light bouso-
woik In smill lumliy Auuie-is i. .u
l!u Von Stnich avenue.
Eeal Estate.
LOST nttoinoon nt Ihe Thh
teeuth leglmeut camp gioiiuds, a
liul.',s Imntlug i.iso wulcb allui hod to 11
blink lob riuder will bo lewaidcd bv
letuining samo to Itlee. l,ov ,V. Co, ,!)'kuwauna avenue.
Certified Public Accountnnt.
Tiudeis' Hank liulldlng. Ulei phone Mil
Heal nstato I3chuugo Bldg , l.'u Wush
liigtou uvemie.
Civil nnd Mining Engiueeis.
noil building.
dr c. ii i3Ili:nbi;rgi:r, papli
building, Spiuco sliool. Si i union
DR, C C. LAl'HACH, 113 WYOMING avi
Pile Insuinnee.
SCHLAGI3R & CfJT nil Coiine7liTiiiTiii7l"
Patent Attorneya.
PAT E N TS avffi0
Thu only licensed and equipped patent
solicltoi hi the Hi No i Imim 1 1 1 (,
foi mutton ou putontabllli), ovc, ton
uus' tNpoilencu
Itcploerlc & Co.. Mcnrs Hlclir.
Hotels and Bcstnuinnts.
T1113 CAF13. Ui AND 1.7 PKASlv.
Ilil uvemie Hales u.immuiIiIu
P Xll3HI,nit. Pii)iiictoi
P.isbcugei ik pot Couiluetid on the Hu
lopcan plan Victor Koch, Piopiletor.
and eess pools, no udm , oiil inipiuwil
pilllips lltud A It HlUgb. piopiietul
I.euvu iiideis Dm) Ninth Sluiii uvemie,
or Hlcke s ding stole, count Adams ui.d
Slulbeiiv. Both telephones
Wlie Scieens,
JOSI3PH lvl'HTTHI.. RHAli r-ll UM'U.
uvc., Scinuton, mils ol Win Seiiens
mhgaroT.TiTi lios, pft i NTijits- $iw-
lilies, enve-lcpes, pipej bags, twine.
NVuiolious.', Uo Wiislilugtou avenue
TTiiTmaTi3S4iAiii3 "IiucoIid can
bu had In Seiauloi) at tho news siuud
ot iteismaii Hips, WO Spiiiio and rl
Linden, Si Noltou, J.',' Lackawanna
uvc.; 1. S. fckhuuei, HI Spiuco Mtieet,
V'p.72 Crlo Co. Bnk uJ
V. BjTalo, N. Y. eS V
ii It;
Only Hall .1 Cnt a WorJ.
Buslnoss Opportunity.
out di'iny, Wilto for our spcclnl mar
ket lottor. Pico on npplleatlon. 8. St.
lllbbnul Co, mcmbniH N. Y, Consoll
dntrd nnd Uoct 13cehnngp. 41 nnd it
Ilrondwny, Now Voile, nstnbllsticd 1S0I.
Long Dlstnnen 'Phone 2.',! Uroad.
'I'll 13 anmiiil meeting of the stockholders
of the Ilunllngdon Water Supply
Company will be held ut the ofllce of tho
Cotnpunj, No MIT Council building, Hi 1 un
ion, Pa , at 'I o'clock p nt. on Stolidity,
pi'ttibei 1 1, inn.', for the pill pose of elect
ing elbeelois for thu enrulng war and the
tlausiietlon or such ntliei business as may
mine hefotp the meeting
PRANK It. .STOCIU3R. Societal y.
Delnwnio, Lacknwnnna nnd Western.
In I3rfect Juno 1, H0-
linlns leave Sciaulon lor New Yoik
At l.",0. 3 20, OIK, 7 0 und 10.10 11. m.i 1J 10.
,,W, .i:;.i i m. i'or Now Ymlc and Philadelphia-.,
10.10 a. 111 , nnd 1J.I0 nnd J1S.1
P. m. Tor (jouldsboio At 0 10 p. in Kor
Burenlo-l.r,, OL'. nnd ft 00 n m.i 1 ."". DEO
und p ir i-'or Blnghumton, Hlmli.i
nnd vv'uy sti'tlons-loi;", 11 in. 10" p. in.
I'or Oswego, Sviucuso und Ulleii-1 1.1 nnd
L '.': ."' ' "" ! m. Oswego, S.V1UCUSJ
nnd I'tlca inln n t 1; :'2 a. 111 dally, except
hmidiiy. I'or Monti ose-0 00 n. in; 1 OT
and um) p. in, Nicholson accommodation
I 00 and C H p in.
Bloomshuig Division ror Northumber
land, ut OX. and 10 10 a. in.: 1 B3 and B 10
p. m. Kot Pl mouth, nt 8 10 a. m.; 3 10
and oa, ;n.
Stiniluv Tia'aiv-I'or Now Ynik. 1,30, !! ".
., i. " "i.: a 10 und nsr. p m. Kor
Buffalo l.r, nnd G'J-' a. m.i LIS. 0 50 nnd
limp m. Tor Dhniia nnd wny stations
!?"' nn' For HIiiKhiimton and wnv sta
tions, noo n. m. Uloomsbuig Divlslou
Lcavo Bcintiton, 1010 n. m, und G 10 p. m.
Lehigh Valley Bnilroad.
la Ktfoct Juno 13, 13o.
T.iiins Leave Sei anion
Pot Philadelphia nnd New Yen It via D.
. II. II. n.. at nt 7 11, thiough I'm lor Car
and Day Coich Caibondule 10 Now Yoik
nnd 9 17 11. in . with L. V. Coach Caibon
dule to Philadelphia, nnd 2.1S. 4 .!5 (Bl icle
Diamond Utpiess). nnd 1141 p. m. Suu
duvs, D. ie If. n. R.. 1 r.S. D 17 p. m.
! or AVhltB Haven, Ilaleton and pilncl
pal polntB In the coal legions, via D &
H. Jl II., 7.41. L'.ls und l"J3 p. m. Tor
I'ottsvllle, 7.11 a. m.
Foi Itothlehom, Huston, Reading, llar
lisbuig und pilnelpnl Inteimedlato sti
llnns. viu D , II. H. R . 7 11. 3 17 u. m :
-IS, liij (Blnek- Diamond I3piess), 11.4'J p.
in Sunduj-, D. n, R. R ft JS a. m ;
I .S, ft 17 p in.
Foi Tunkhnnnoek, Tnvv.inila, Dlmln,
Ithaca, Cleneva ..nil Intel mediate
stations vlu D , L .1 W. R R , 6 33 n. m.
und 1 r," p in.
Foi Ooiievu. Rochester. Rufinlo, King
nm Falls, Chicago nnd nil points west via
D & II. n R. UO.'. p in: .f.'3 (Black
Diamond 13noss), 10 11. II 41 p ip. Sun
elavs. D. ,V- II R. R , U 01, !U7 p m
Pullman pallor nnd sleeping ot Iehigh
Valley Pal loi eais on all tiiims between
Wllkcs-15.ii le und New Yoik. Philadel
phia, Buffalo and Suspension Blidge.
ROLLIN II. -WILIH'R. Gen. Supt., 21
Coitlnnd stieet. New Yoik
CHAIll 13S S LI3H Gen Puss. Agt . So'
Coitlnnd stieet. New Yolk.
A VT NONI3SIACHP.R. Dlv. Pass. Ast..
South RethP'hem. Pa
For tickets nnd Pullman leseivatlons
apply to ePv tlokot ofPco, GD Tubllo
Squuie, AVIIkcs-RTtic. Pn.
Central Eaihoad of New Jersey.
Collected to Septembci lb, l'JOJ.
Stations in New Yoik, toot Lloerty
stieet and South Petiy, N. R
Ti.dns leave Scianton for New York,
Philadelphia, Huston, Bethlehem. Allen
town Slant h Chunk, Whlto llnven. Ash
ley. ip and Plttstnn at 7 30 a.
m , 1 p in '1'iel 4 p in Sunday, 2 10 p. 'n.
CJuaKcr Cltv 13piess loaves Scianton
7 In a in, thiough solid vestlbulo tiuln
with Pullman Buffet Pallor C.ii for Pliil--delpliia
1. It Ii oilv one ihange of cms for
Bnlthnoie ,i id Washington, I). C, nnd all
pilnclpil p'inti south and wet
Foi Avoci. Pittstou and WIlkes-Bano,
1 p m ni 1 p in Smidiy, -10 p in
Toi Long llinmh, Oieun Giove. etc,
7.'!0 n. in. nnd 1 p in.
Foi Re Tiling. I.elnnon and Tlaiihbui
via Allentov.n nt 7.10 a. m , 1 p ml and 4
p in Sunday. 2 10 p in.
l'oi Tnmiciuu and Pottsvllle, 7 30 a. m :
1 p m and 4 p m
I'or mios und tickets apply to agent at
V r. RI3SSLI3R. Gen Slatl Igor.
C SI nntT. Cion Agt.
Pennsylvania F.aihoad.
rfellPdlllo in unvit June lb. lftX'
Tinlns leave Scianton i,u"l a m, woo':
dii, thiough veslllnilii tiuln fiom
WllkPt--BiiiP. Pullnuin buffet p.uloi i-ir
and toadies to Pliliuilelphla. viu Pnttr-
nit; slops at ii I tic. iitl Intel mediate sta
tions Also connects toi Bimluuy. Hni
ilsbuig. Philiidelnhln H illinium, AVnpll
lugtnn and Mi Pitlsluu j und the West
B 17 a in . week div lot Siinhmy. Ilni
ilsbuig, Plilliidelphl i lliilllmoio, Wash
ington and Plttsbuig and the West
1 4 ' Ii m. veek divi, (Sundajs. I ,"s n.
mi, for Simbmy. Itiuiisbuig Phllad.''
phii, Billimriip. Washington and Pitts
bum and the West
ii 'S p. m . wool, dus, thiough vp-tlbtiii
tiafu fiom Wilkes-Rni l r Pullman buff"t
pm Im i at and eon bos to Phlludelphln I e
Pottsvllle Stops at pthulpul inloimoil!
ate stations
I !'i p in W'PfN dsvs, foi Iseton. Run
biiiv, llaiilsbuig. I'hlladelphlii and Pills-
J H WOOD Gen Pni-i Agt
Doliwair and Hudson.
In Utii'i t .iiuui ii, ijn.'
Tialns for Cnbonilulo leave mmntnii nt
r, II 7.:i, s.''s hi IJ a in : IJi, II.', '.' 11,
;:m, r.'.o, e!-1', v-'l or, 1001 p. m.i l.'H,
Pin I if in 5ilaIo-fi II. 10 13 a m ; 2 It an I
."js n in
Pui Vllks-n.llii'-C"s 7 It II. 0 17,
10 Ma ip 1 I-'"' 'I-'. -H "-,l. I J". 10,
7 IS III 11, 11 "' P m
Foi I. V II II Points-; 11, 8 17 n n,
S is I.i.i und 11 i'i p m
For Peimsvlvniiln 13 R Polnts-fi J'
0 17 n in ; 1 1-'. '' -" and I ',", p m
Foi Albmv and nil points iimth ".30 a.
m and .1 "'' i' m
For Caibondnle-s "rt, 11 1 1 u m,; 331,
3:r, 3",J und -H 17 p in -v
I'm Wllkes-ftuiie o ;s a. mi 1201, "O,
3,.,, i, ,;j und t 17 p iii
Fm- Mbanv und point noitli T .".' PtJjn
For lloiiesiluli'-S 30 a mi 11 M nnd'JoJ
PW I. PUYOI1 D P A Setantnn. -g'
Etio nnllvoad Wyomingr Division,
III Hlfcct Ki-plenilM' 1". li
TiiiIiih Kuve S-ci anion lor Now Yoik,
New Inn Kb nnd Inleiineillau points. .ij--n
ioi Huw lev and local Maliun,-, at 7 20 n.
mrm"iloiuidai!l'niid AVhlto Slllls at ,U3
Tinlns ni'lvo nt Kiinuion nt 10 3S n,;m.
nnd 'i n p m
Now YojU, Ontnilo and Western.
Tlino table III illscl Siilldaj, Sept. '.'J, 1202.
Leiuo Leave Airlvo
Tinlns Suiiiut'iii Cuiboudiilo Cndosla.
Mo l mini m UKiu m liniir'in
'n. 7 il 10 P 111 Ai CaiboudilloG 40 ftni
l.e.ivo Leave AirbM
Tialns Cadoslu C.llboiidalu Siuui9ii
No i, Il'n'i m 7.'. u, in
Nn ' , 'J 13 I) 111 1 00 p til 4 I'i p pi
l.envo 1 ,t'ii o A i IX
Tinlns, Sei inioil Cm bojid.lle Cudosln
No. u Uii in OlOn m lrjiinn
Nn 0 .. . 7')P m Ai P.iihonilnlo7,l3r"m
Hul'TIl BOl'ND J.'
I.i.i' o Leiivu Airiv.j
TuiliH Cadoslu CinbouilulP Seianlon
No i, O'iOu m 7 23 n. In.
No 10.. 4..WP 111 b'oiip pi e, 13 p. pi
Tinlns Nns 1 on wick dajs. nnd ft on
Smidujs eunneit leu Now Yoik eltv, slid
illoiowu, Wullim Nm with, Oneida, Os
wct.0 und till pohin vvesi
Tialn No C wllh "Quaker City I3x
piesh1' ut Scianton via C 11,11 of N .1.
lor Phlladelpblu. Atlantle City, Baltimore;
Wnshlnjluu and Pennsv h.inla stato
points. - (
Sea tliue-lalilo und consult ticket agents
for connections with ulhoi lines
J, O. AND11I180N. O P. A . New Yotk.
J, B. WPLS1I, T. P. A , Scmutpn, Pa,