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Batch of Aldermanic Cases Red Men Visit
Moosic Other Happenings of Gen
eral Interest.
John DnvlnpUcy niieitrei1 before AN
clrrnuiit Krilow ypsitcnhij' und swore
out ii warrant for the uncut of Will
iam Kutlt'lt, on the chiiiKO of iissiitilt
ntiil buttery. The prosci'titor clnlmod
-t tin t the ilorciiiliint entered his home
mill nbuseil his wife, anil when ho at
tempted to put Ixiitli'lt out tho defend
ant Ki-abbrd hlni by the throat and
choked hlni and otherwise hurt hlni.
The rase wan settled by Kutlelt paying
the coats.
Just after leitvliift the alderman's
olllcn Diivlnskey met Joseph .Mucosal,
who asked what the trouble was. Dii
vlnskey Mild It was a family trouble,
and none of his business. This precipi
tated a llRht, as the result of which
JJuvlnskey was arrested and compelled
to pay the costs In the c.'ie.
Before Alderman Noonc.
William P. Joyce, of T1S West I.ncka
waniur avenue, appealed before Alder
man Noone yesterday and swore nut u
warrant for the an est of Charles II.
TMaJnr, or Lackawanna avenue, on the
charge of securhiR- Roods under false
pretenses. The defendant was placed
under arrest and given hcnrlng last
The prosecutor tesillled that the de
fendant had secured Roods from time
to lime by various representations, and
when the hill amounted to $."i3.(Sl he re
fused to pay. .Major agreed lo Rive ii
.ludRineut nolo to cover the entire claim,
tsiul so the case was settled.
Joseph Jlerrlty, of V Kinmet street,
was the defendant in an .'isnult and
battery case before Alderman N'oone.
Iferrlty Is about S years old, n small,
InnoccM-loiilcltiR yoiinsster. and scorned
quite contented In the oflice of the al
denmn. tTllon, the mother of .voiuir Joseph
i'aiuic-k. appeared and tchtltied that
I'hile lier son and tlenliy were coinhiR
lioine from school, I lenity set upon her
'on and after cutting; Ills face, hands
mil breast, pushed hlni In u mwi
piiildle. The alderman paroled the
Cousins .it War.
Jauies ci'Donncll, of yj.j Scrnnton
flrcet, appealed befoip Alderman H.
Ui'vlrt. and swoio out a warrant for
the arrest of his cousin. Amies jc
I.aURlilin of the same address on the
chai-RC of assault and battery.
Constable Timothy Jones wived the
warrant and ,ii the hcailiiR the defend
ant was t pprosented by Attorney J.
IClllot I toss. After the evidence was
submitted the alrlcrman decided that
Five stamps givsn nway with
each bottle of Dufom-'s French Tar
-ia di j t i ijf iir $ doid l iS 4 idA
ki b at
Miuraay s
Bargain Off
Are generous this weak, aud present most ;-.'
every seasonable requirement that the most g
exacting shopper can demand. JS!
I In Cloaks and Suits I
r-i U)l i"' 1,i,1-cla-S!' Suits i;c renctijins, Broadcloths. !s!
j Clieviols, Liainiiu-s and other fashionable fabrics, made with 2"
jjs loose blouse, a tight lilting- jacket, new slot seam, seven-gore Sri
2 .skirls, colors and black and various stvlcs as to details. A i
C? strictly high-class, man tailored Suit oil Satur- ' Hi
2 dy $15.00 gj
Ladies' strictly up-to-date Jackets in Silk .Moires, Chev- 3
lots, liroadcloihs. etc., blouses or tight-fitting si vies. Verv &
baudsomely gom-ii up, and an cxceptionailv 'a-, ' ;
fS good bargain on Saturday at ' '. $7.50
?& Ladies' Flannel Waists in a varietv of colors, prettilv
trimmed with black buttons, line tucks, etc. A waist ' '.
?2 worth $.lTi for QRr S5
A and Underwear
l!o-,' Heavy 1'lcoce-lincd
B to :u. Shirts and Drawers each
r a-
i Misses' J'all Weight Fine Ribbed Kent Cotton
jjg l mierwcar, blurts or ests.
liNtra large .sizes, each
S Ladies' Vine l'leece-lined
5 cream shades. The ."lie. kind
. ... , , , I,,, ,
Men's Furnishings
j Men's Xew Stiff Front Shirts for Fall wear. All the Sri
r new features. Separate cuffs, of course. A , tZ:
'2i fine quality for $ QQ &
! T.l ..if it . r. ,. ...
ruin-nose tor uenuemeii ; nam or lancv siv ns. 10!
5 , weight lor present season, itf-cent tpialities for
only , , , , , , (
g, Fall st vies in Collars; wings, high bands, Turn
2 ms' etc Two lor
Cuffs, both round and square cornered in new
yt fall shapes, the pair
.T,,erc's " window full of
3 Weight Underwear (hat ought
& Tl. ...... I .... l... "c
. i.i.,K n .i Kuuu iciisoii win, Dee tue (iispiav and vou II rec- &
ognizc it at a glance. ' ' is:
1 Globe Karebotis?. 1
no case had been made nnd so dls
charscd tho dcfendnnl.
Harvest Home and Bally.
Tho followliiR Interesting proRrainnio
will bo rendered by the .Sherman Ave
nue Mission .Sunday afternoon at the
mission house, and Sunday evening at
tho Plymouth CoimreRiitlonnl church:
Opening chorus, "A Sour of l'ralse,"
Responsive Hcilpttii'c lendliiR.
Chorus. "Look I'p, (Jo l-'orlh" Choir
Welcome address Kredellck licynou
Duet, "We Rally In Thy Name,"
Surah Dowse anil liillth Woodyatt
tixeielse, "Tlie Seasons,"
Maria Rpynon, Catherine Roberts, Mar-
Riiret Roberts and Muilel Davles.
Quartette, "Hasten Away,"
Alice Phillips, Lizzie Murchniit, Wlllluin
Phillip. John Phillips.
Quarterly rcpon" oy'the secretary,
John : Jone.4
Solo, "To Hie Cod of llarvesl,"
Minnie (Jleason
Kxeivlse. "Tluiliks,"
Kthel Hopkins. Ilaltle Taylor, May Phil
lips, Bella Davles. Kllzn Yarnall. Coin
cJleasoii. Jennie Dowse, tOillth Jones,
Sadie SliiKer.
Chorus. "The Cloud and Kilo" Choir
Recitation, "TlianksRivhiR,"
Jennie Ki-micu
Duet. "Ilink. Hark. Loud the Call,"
Hlodwcn Oitlllths, Nora Davles.
Chorus. "Loyalty" Choir
Hxerelsp, "The Group of Stiilc."
Mai la Jones, Annie Davie, May Pnwse,
MarRiiret Davles, Maude Thomas.
Chorus, "Onward Clulstlaii Sulilluis,"
Choi us, "Rose and Lily" Choir
Kxpiclse. "Utile Sheaf Romeis,"
Ariics Heme, TCsther Davles, Jennie D.i-
les, Kthel Tiuvlei.
Closing chorus, "Am 1 a Soldier of tin;
Cross?" Choir
Mlzpah neneilicliou.
Tho sIiirIiir will be In charge of Pro
fessor Richard Phillips, with a choir of
over 100 trained voices, and Miss Rachel
Jones will have charge of the recita
tions. A commit tee of lifteen under the
direction of John Phillips are decorat
ing the rooms for the rally in a manner
becoming lo the harvest time.
Simpson Church Notes.
The programme Is out for the T3p
uorth League convention to bp held
in tills church, Oct. 14-1.". A rare treat
Is in sloie for all who attend.
Notwithstanding the church is "torn
uii" for extensive repairs, the regular
services will be held tomorrow. Dr.
Chaffee of Cat bondale, will preach in
the evening.
Rally day in the Sunday school, Oct.
1.. The programme committee art
working to make It what it undoubted
ly will be a, great success.
St. Leo's Drum Corps,
The members of St. Leo's Haltalion
have gotten together and organized n
drum corps. The matter has been lipid
under advisement for some months past
I'nderwear: sizcs .!
25c Ii
!?ibbed Underwear;
30: ji
15c t
25c ;
Winler S
iiorinln &i
high-class l-'all and
to interest most
., .. , ' I---IM-. -
and It was finally decided that the
battalion boasted rnough musicians, to
make tip the milch wanted corps.
The elected officers are as follows!
President, r'rnnk Mctlnlo; secretary.
Joseph McDonough; treasurer, Thomas
Hart! teacher of the lifer-". Jimies
Degnnl, and teacher of cliumiucrM,
Mlehnol Flaherty.
The members of the corps are! John
Fecuey, tlert Moran, William Riddel,
Frank Moran, Frank Marl, James
i:dmuiids, William .Saul, Michael Tlgue,
John McAndrcw, Hugh O'Uoyle,
Thomas Hughes, Harry Motmlnger,
Leo McAloon, Waller Doinl, and Joseph
Plensnnt Surprise.
Miss Fsther, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. MncArthur, was tendered a sur
prise parly at the parental Iioiup.
Unities and other pleasures were en
joyed until a late hour when the hos
tess served refreshments. .Several of
those present favored with vocal and
Instrumental selections during the
In attendance were: Misses Mahle
Liiiir, Venna Gray. Alice- Williams,
Margaret Jones, LIkhIo DiivK Margaret
Kay, Ksthcr MaoArthur, Nellie Mac
Arthur. Leah Hughes, Klsle Whyatt,
Lllllo Yentzeh, Mary Mortise, Carrie
Lowry. Ilattle 10111s, Lizzie Hatrls and
tloston Chlffer, Kdwnrd Mattern,
David J. Reed, Daniel Lynch, Richard
Williams, William House and Walter
Farewell Reception.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davles, of
North Main- avenue, tendered a fare
well reception to Mrs. A. L. Shatter,
who left for her home In Philadelphia
yesterday. A great variety of musical
selections were enjoyed nnd at a late
hour Mrs. Davis served a light lunch.
In attendance wore: Mr. and Mrs.
John Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
H. Davis. Mrs. Charles Herald. Mrs.
Isaac Kvans, Mrs, A. L. Shaffer, Misses
C'oilnno Davis, Rue Thomas, Maud
I va ns nnd Margaet Davis.
Red Men at Moosic.
A delegation of local Red Men at
toiuled a pow wow at P.tttler's hall,
moosic, Thursday evening, where the
chiefs elected last moon werp raised up
by Deputy Grand Sachen Chailes Plck
ler. The district deputy, accompanied by
his chiefs, visited Raid Eagle tribe last
evening, when they were royally en
tertained. Next Tuesday they will
visit Avium, and Thursday evening go
to Duninorp.
,Tho party included Deputy C.iand
Sachem Charles Plckler, Past Sachems
John W. Rlchaids, Thomas I). Jones,
and David C. Williams and Great Re
presentative John T. Howe.
Misused His Wife.
Mrs. Kate (.'.rover, of tifi Dix court,
appeared hofore Alderman Kellow yes
terday and swore out a wniranl for tho
an est of her husband, on the. ehaiRe
of threateninfr to kill her, and also
eliai'KiiiK him with abuse.
Grover has been In the habit of alius
Iiik his wile, and wlien she made ob
jection to that kind of tieatinent ho
kindly Nolunteered to 1:111 her. lie was
pi. iced under ?C00 bail.
Itev. James ReaniiiKer, pastor of the
Kmbury MethodNt church will deliver
a sermon to the Knight of Malta, Sun
day ceninK. Ills text will be "Knight
hood Kxemnlllled."
Tho Finch ManufaeturiliK company
has exhausted Us hard coal supply and
are now uslnsr soft coal in its cupola.
Rev. It. O. MeDenuott, D. D.. will
deliver an address at the pastor' and
laymen's convention of the Wyoming
district, which will bo held in the
MeViodlst Kpiscopal church In West
a Hon on Monday and Tuesday.
Uev. nnd Mrs. S. P. Mathews will
leave for St. l.ouls on Tuesday niorn
Incr. The Seranton-Wilkes-Iiarre Pastoral
association will meet at the home of
Iiev. K. F. Itltler, .1.1D Webster avenue,
Monday, Oct. fi at !l.20 a. in.
Plymouth Congregational church,
Jackson street. Itev. A. V. Drown will
pieoch at 10.H0 a. in. The .Sunday
school will hold Dally day exercises at
1L' o'clock. At .l."i p. m. the Sherman
avenue mission school will hold rally
day exorcises; at 7 o'clock p. in. the
Sherman avenue school will repeat their
rally day programme. Beginning with
next Sunday the Sunday evening ser
vice will begin at 7 o'clock. Xext Sun
day, Itev, T. A. Humphrey will preach
his lirst seimon as pastor of the church.
Mr. and Mis. William Fowler, daugh
ters Helen and Florence and sons Wil
liam, jr. and f'haiies. attended the
Fowler family reunion lu Providence
last evenlni;,
The choir of the First llaptlst church
have been rehearsing with great cait
the beautiful anthem, "Thy Will Me
Done," which will be sung at the Sab
bath morning .service. Mrs, Lillian
Osborne will sing the obligate solo,
-Mis. Arjii Davis and chlldien, .Mar
garet and Paul, of lioekwuy, X. J are
the gnosis of Wc-I Side friends,
Mis. Julias Watkius and son James,
left yesterday morning foi their home
In Youngstown, afltr a most enjoyable
visit with Mr. and Mr', Henjainln
Alfred Kern, of 1LT. Wnshburii utrect,
received word yesterday of the death
of his sister, Mrs. Sarah Argle, which
occurred at Kast Siroudsburg, Thins
clay morning, after n short Illness, The
funeral will lie held from Ihe late home
Monday afternoon at '2 o'clock with
interment In Siroudsburg cemetery.
.Mrs. T. M. Jackson, of New York clly,
Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Itlehard K.
Jones, of Heddoe court. Mrs. Jones
Just recovered from a Ions and serious
Take Throop or I'arboudnle car for
boldlers' camp at Olyphaut,
Tho kliidu-gniien class lu timigt- ot Ml-a
Hitchcock, widen beloiv lids ear was
located on cTurdner iiwiuie, has in-pn
moved to tin- Jacolia Imlldliig on Dickson
avenue Tla- room will nicoiniiioilalo
aliinii lli'lceii scholars inoio than aic now
enrolled. Parents Inning children lu
Iweea four ai.d a half and ,-lx years of
age that llicy wuiild like lo have ad
ailtled io tin. school should hcu Mh,.s
llltchrock at cmi-e.
.Mrs. c. K. Iload. of Oranse, ,. J, is
bpeinlliig a lew dajs with (liven HUUo
fl lends.
Mrs. Thomas llalie. of Prey ton, 1m vis
iting her molhei, .Mis. L. D Wall, of
CapouM avenue.
Mis. Joseph ridluu and chlldien and
Miss (iraeo Uriggs, of Oca con nil cut, havo
leiiuued from a iivo weeks." slay at Pltls
burg. For Kent -One-half of double house lx
rooms, 721 Delaware street, handle, T J,
Suowili'ii, ma Siinsel avenue.
lleorge (lllisou, Jr., lo- .eaia coniiceled
wtlh (he Ciieou Hideo l.uinlicr ciimp.uo.
ban aticpted a position jvlth the liuiTalo
Llnio Stout- company, und (( fur thm
clly snnio days ago. Mis. Olbson and
d.iughier win go to lluffalo early next
After tho Election There Was a So
cial Session Presided Over by
Jacob Knestner Surprise Tendered
to Miss Maty Young at the Home
of Her Farents on Brook Street.
A, E. Uodisli, of Hnllstcad,Charg:d
with Larceny of a Horso Blanket.
Short Notes.
A well-attended monthly meeting of
the .Stur Social club was held at Mlrtz
hall, i!IJ Plttston nvenue, last evening,
when olllccrs for the ensuing year wcie
elected, us follows: President, Matthew
Diiinal; Vice-president. Charles Roth!
financial secretary, Jacob Mlrta: re
cording secretary, Matthew Miller;
treasurer, Peter Phillips: trustees, Will
iam Kosar, Charles F. Kcllerman and
George Mlrtz.
At the conclusion of the business
meeting n social session was held, Jacob
Kae.stacr acting as chairman.
Serenaded by Erionds.
A pleasant surprise party was ten
dered to Miss Mary Young at the homo
of her parents, on Brook street, Thurs
day evening. (lames of various kinds
wore indulged in until 11 o'clock, when
refreshments were served.
Those present were: Misses Annie
Wills, Mary Miller, Justlna Klein, Mag
gie Young. Anna Kline. Lily Wilson,
Susie Lewis, Maggie Martin, Lottie
Nye, Carrie Von Hergen, Maggie Itcls
bach, and Messrs. Arthur Miller, Klmer
Thompson. William AYeslpfalil, Peter
Losslng, Walter Hopkins, Albeit Hld
linginier, John CJebhardt, John 'Acs,
Jacob Kaiser, James ('allien, Charles
Heeney and Amos Klblicb.
Aldermanic Doings.
A. K Hodlsh, of llallstead, was ar
raigned yesterday for laiceny, tho
charge being preferred by W. J. Scott,
of Birch stieet. Dodisli was formerly
part owner of the, Speed way. A horse
blanket belonging to Scott disappeared,
and witnesses weie ready to testify
they had seen It at Hodlsh 's home in
llallstead. He was held for com t in
$:!00 ball.
A search warrant was issued by Al
derman Lentes yesterday, anil August
Mehren, John Maid and Frank Lopatka
were arrested for the larceny of an 13
flat bass horn, belonging to the King
gold band. Mnht and Mehren put In
an appearance, but Lopatka is at Oly
phaut with the Thirteenth regiment.
The Instrument was found at the home
of Lopatka. A settlement of the case
Is pending.
Jacob Schults! was given a hearing at
the Instance of Mrs. Minnie Wolf, for
assault aud battery, threats, and at
tempt to kill. Schultz has annoyed tho
prosecutrix for some time and his con
duct had become Intolerable, hence his
arrest. Alderman Lentes held Schultz
for court lu $:00 bail, in default of
which he was sent to the county jail.
Dr. Schley's Lung Healing Balsam Is
gnat anteed lo cure all coughs. "No
cure, no pay." For -sale by all dealers.
Mrs. Anna K. Klehl, of HO Alder
street, celebrated her sixty-ninth birth
day yesterday and a reception in her
honor was held during the afternoon.
Itev. and Mrs. W. A. Nordt was among
the callers, aud the Hickory Street
Presbyterian church Ladies' Aid so
ciety, of which Mrs. Kiehl has been a
member for many years, called In a
body to tender their icgards aud con
gratulations, St, Aloy.-dus' Total Abstinence and
Bencilclnl society has elected oilicers
for the ensuing term, as follows: Piesl
dent, Hubert Coyne: vice pre.ildent,
Thomas Barrett; James Arthurs, re
coidlng secretary; John A, Murphy,
corresponding secretary; Patrick La-
velle, (Inauclal secretary; Joseph Mur
phy, treasurer; William Moore, ser
geant at arms; Josoph Kelly, librarian;
Michael Smith, steward,
The South fc'ldo haul: will be open for
bushies-i ceiy Satin da evening from
7.::a lo s ai o'clock.
The educational rally aud fall open
ing of the Young Women's Christian
association will be held October 10, ut
the Young Women's Christian ussoela
tloa rooms, at which time students can
em oil for membership. The following
classes will he opened: Fdiicatlonal,
iiiitlnnetje, spelling, grammar, liter
ature: prm tleal classes lu cooking and
dressmaking; Bible classes, gymnasium
nnd club woik; Junior woik, sewing
und Bible. Any further liiforiniitlou win
bo gladly given at the rooms, 10SI Cedar
avenue, from ! u, m. to !i p. m., where
students can leglstcr. The Pansy club
will icopon Saturday aftein'oon, after a
vacation of one mouth. All girls fioiu
13 to 11 are Invited to attend, Mrs.
Lena Kraft will lead the gospel meet
ing Sunday afternoon nt 3.4ft o'clock-.
All women and girls are cordially In
vited to attend,
witu Triifiaur1 Vi V-iST'S
rrtEE wrARiHo v7v?wv
J 'RIAL Ujouruitu bam. nofurnUU Itiojrrtiutiir ontlrit?)
ItluUliilUI 4LTLimriM) UDKkNT tUllHU LltllMl
any rcaiter of Ibis paper. Nj uopt luauianr ttrjlga
cutiipoiiUtf atratt. COSTS ALMOST NOTHINQ"""
wltU most Oil other treavmotitg. iurfboailojbrrc!ff
trie belli, iimcrnininUlfrtll. (HUUU ItKfornon
!bB 00 cIlirU- Out; turo euro (or til tf-n90 tiLritei,
rUartr ml disorder For romplcte wraled con
Q'lt'iitlal cutuloirnt'. cut tliiy ad. out anil mall to uj,
Mil' dWJi'W' U
maiWMdC(X & J uJ Sri""1 lo .Ml
mmmtuiiiiiyfmuvw ,
10 DIE
Tragedy in a Pennsylvania Town
Hnpplly Averted The Mother's
Story Now Published for tho
Eh'st Tlmcj.
Life's prospects should bo brightest
for the American girl at lifteen. .Shu
feels the chiirin of the budding graces
of Womanhood and the world dally
presents new attractions as tho awk
ward days of her girlhood are left be
hind.. Can anything bo mote tingle
than a girl at this age coullned lo a
bed suffering with no hope for the fu
ture but that death may end her suf
ferings'.' All too often the bout and
hoartbroUoli mother hears from the
doctor's lips the sentence that the child
upon whom she has lavished years of
tender cine cannot live lo brighten lur
life. Mrs. Ellen Lloyd, of No, :!0U
Academy street, Plymouth, Pa,, Is a
mother who has heard these fateful
winds but lu whose case the tlucat
ened tragedy was averted. To a re
porter recently she said:
"That my daughter Lavlnla Is alive
and well today is due entirely to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. When she was
In her sixth year she had a severe at
tack of scarlet fever which left her In
a dreadful state of health. She was
thin and pallid aud was tortured with
violent headaches aud backache. It al
most broke my heart lo see her suffer
"She would lie on the bed with no
strength or ambition to move or even
speak. She could not cat a thing. Hot
bowels used to swell up and the back
of her head would get so hot that I
thought her brain would be alfected.
"Two of our best doctors treated her
but both said she would never be
cured; that she would either die of
Brlght's disease or her trouble would
turn Into quick consumption.
"She had been suffering this way for
about eight years and constantly grow
ing worse when, upon the recominendn
tlon of a friend, 1 had her stop all
other medicines and lake Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. These pills
saved her life. She began to Improve
with the taking of the Hrst box and In
a short time was perfectly well. Since
then she has never been in bed from
sickness, nor has she lost a day's
Results fully as wonderful as the
above have been accomplished time
and time again by the marvelous agen
cy of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People. They have been proven to be
an unfailing specific for such diseases
as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis,
St. Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia,
rheumatism, after-effects of the grip,
nervous headache, palpitation of tho
heart, pale and sallow complexions and
all forms of weakness either in-male or
female. Dr. Williams' Pink Tills for
Pale People are sold by all dealers or
will be .sent postpaid on receipt of
price, fifty cents a box or six boxes for
two dollars nnd a half (they arc never
old in bulk or by tho hundred) by ad
dressing Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, X. Y. Avoid Imitations;
substitutes never cured anybody.
yoirm SCR ANTON."
Muster John Fiayne, him of Mr. and
Mis. Hugh Frayne, was tendered a pleas
ant surpilse at his home on Summit ave
nue by a number of his li lends last even
ing. The greater part of the evening was
taken up with the usual party diversions
which were Indiilllcd In until a season
able hour when relieshments wero
served by Mrs. Frayne, Among those
present were: Misses Kdlth Thomas,
Paulino and rtnehel Owens, Maud Thom
as, llossle Williams, Sadie 13d winds, Gret
ta Lewis, Kmlly Thomas, Sadie Row
lands, Minnie and Ous Cohen, and Messrs.
George Powell, Itohert Pierce, John
I'layuc, Thomas Martin, Thomas Lewis,
Thomas lilrtlcy, Thomas Morris, tSwrett
John, Fianl: Jones, Harry Slmms, Hash
Thomas, Sampel Gilbert, Stanley Davis
and Joseph Cohen.
The Xorth Sciauton (Jon club belli their
iintuial meet in a '.aeant lot near
Bailies' hotel on the Boulevard load last
evening Tho following were the m-oic.-:
It j hie, -! bllils; Slckler, 17 birds; TrniiRcr,
II bh dr. Colt in. lu birds; Shoup, 11 bhds;
Curtis, & bluls.
The follow In? Young Women's Cluls
tian association classes will open at tho
staled hours: Junior sewing school, S.iJ.
inday, Oct. I, 2 lo ll.lia p. in. Bible class,
servlie, Sunday, :!.:iu p. in. Bible class,
Tuesday, I p. ill. Dress making class,
Tuesday 7.::i p. in, Teacheis, Mis. Du
Peck and JIN- (.'. F. Ciossaiaa. Sun
beam club. Monday, I p. m. Class in
coim-iMitlou and eorifspoudence, .Miss
Helen Chirk, teacher. The hoar tor
gymnasium and ccoklug classes will In:
announced later.
The paving of that section of Court
street between Providence mail and Court
stieet Is completed u'lnl opened to
the public yesieiday morning.
The llpwnrlli I -ague of the Couit StleH
Methodist Kp'scopal church will conduct
their Hilly day services lomoiiow in the.
the Sunday school mom of the chmch at
the usual leacpie hour. Ill place of thu
customary senium lu the church par
lor., Iiev. (1. C. Lyman will nicacli a
tally day sei moil.
Mis, Dietrich, of Kingston, and Mis.
(S. W. Davis, of West Market stieet, were
Olyphaut callers yesterday.
A special meeting of the I. C. K. club
will bo held this evening in their loo.ns on
Providence load. Importum business
must I in transacted, so ihe pieseuce if
every member Is riipii'Sled.
Mis. Ilaiiiel Kuapp and .Mis. Xcttl'i
La M mi I. of Durvea. have been visiting
at tho home of their cousin, .Mis. Ilailiet
Mead, of Paiker .slice I,
'Tim North Fnd Defendeis defeated tils
Olyphanl lbnwns in u oue-sliUd game at
llu- Aiiditoilum last evening. The home
team played excellent ball and siaceeded
hi laptiiilug the laurels by the suae of
Hi to :'.
The newly orgaulz-'il Piovldeme Itepub
llcan club met lu llasgerl.v's hall lust
evening and lulllated sKleeu members.
Judge Vnsbiug was admitted as a mem
ber nnd iiinile a brief addles.- urging III"
uieinbei.c to continue with their support
towaid tho parly. John Vou lleigeu was
elected president; George Walson, trea -uier:
John Xeciiin. secreiary, ami Sll.n
Itiibla-joii. John Gillespie aud John Vou
Bergen, trustees. A campaign commit
I cp of llvo was elected. Tin- society was
ingnnlzcd about a month n-.-o and has
ahcady a nic-nil ershlp of eighty.
William T, Sproats Appointed to
Command tho Hooks.
Hurry l- .May, i-nptulii of Hook and
Ladder company. No. , has teudeied
his iCHlKiiiillou In Director of Public
Satety Wormser, the Hiiine to ko Into
effect this inornlUB ut b o'clock. It ii.
lllideistood that he hail bcuned a inoie
lucrative position.
An order was Issued yesterday after
noon by Director Woi-mser appointing
William T. Spioats, driver of Kiigiuo
company Xo. J, to tho captaincy niado
vacant by Mr. Muy'a resignation. Hunk
.Man Henry illabcniaii, of Kiiglue com
pany No. 3, hay been appointed to till
throats' place
Choice Pickings yLs For Saturday
Useful Items
Splendidly Chosen
For Saturday Shoppers.
Saturday at the Notion" Counter
Best Spool Silk, 2 for Cc
Good Corbet Clnsp, each Do
Clover Spool Cotton, 3 for. . . 5c
Assorted Sizes Safety Phis, 1
dozen on card Gc
Mercerized Fancy Frilled Gar
ter Web, nil colors, ynrd.12 l-2c
Fancy Silk Fiillcd Garter Web
25c quality, a yard 10c
24 yards of best Twilled Tape
for 0c
Saturday at the Handkerchief Counter
Women's Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, 1-4, 1-2 and 1 inch
hem. A 1 2)2 c value for oC
Men's Japonette Handkerchiefs; 1 Inch hem, colored and .
plain border, at 4C
Children's School Handkerchiefs, CDlored border. A large
quantity to select from. 1 Inch hem, plain centci, each 5C
Saturday at the Ribbon Counter
3 1-2 inch All Silk Taffeta
Ribbon, all Colors, 12 l-2c
kind, Saturday, a yard 9c
3 1-2 inch All Silk LIbeity
Satin, also 4 Inch All Silk
Satin Taffeta, 25c kind,
Saturday ' . . 10c
5 inch All Silk Liberty Satin,
32c value, Saturday 25c
4 inch All Silk Tnffeta, all
For day in and day out wear.
Lace and Button Shoes, extra
heavy extension soles, military heel,
patent tips, Dongola Kid, To c can
up this line, value ,, .
$2.50, Saturday.'. ... &2.0U
A Splendid Shoe for SI. 29
Women's Kid Shoe, medium weight soles,
tips, button or lace, all sizes and widths, a pair. . . .
Saturday in the Men's Furnishing Dept
Convenient right inside the Entrance on Wyoming Avenue.
Fifty dozen Laundered Shirts for
men and boys. Sizes for boys,
12 to 14; for men, 14 to 17.
Made from percale, fancy stripes,
fast colors, one pair of cuffs, all
sizes., Made to retail at .
60c. Our price 5()C
Hen's 50c Imperial Ties
Our name on every Te, which
Leading Serrano
PRICES, 75c if) $2.50. Dlasnam now
Sigief WUKC:-UawC ii. r. Viaifc a WIUK Oiuic, vai
Academy of Music
M, Itels, l-es.aec nml Mnnnsrv.
A. J. Duffy, Business Manager
Week K? 5ept. 29.
Halluces diillv oiniiuoiirliic Tilosilay
aS'd unit
"The Power of Wealth."
"My Lady Nell."
lMU'OM .Miilllli'O I" I1111I 11) tvilti.
NlKllt. in. Ill .mil JO I1H-
Tliroo I wye, Stiiillllt? .Mnililay. Oct. ii.
Dixie's Theatre,
l.ojihcu mul Miinaner
vki:k uithi:i'T ::
Dolan and Lenharr,
lu Coim-ily.
W'lllsllliiK Tom lirnwn. Honlon Itl'ouUH,
J-'iviI lliuil, .MiikIcIiiii: Hiiymi'iul .St
Knikami', .Musicians, mul
Murphy and Nichols
Two iioi'fiiniiiiiiri'a ilall.v, anil S 13.
l'llli'H l.-i, 'Si, Hi mul Ml
Special iniilliicc iillcca.
B2"l'iiictlm cats hlup nt tlio ilooi'.
Tliiii!-iln . I-'iiilny ami S.umclns,
DlTUHWIt :. ,t ami 1
JlltS. V. II CilIAItllAltT. wlfo of At
Imiu-y W. II. llwii'li.ut. illcil i'.tci'ilny
iniii'iiliiS at tin" family ic.ililcmv 1111 Alim
nw avenue, al'li'i- an lllneis of I'mir
inontliii. 'i'lii' ili.ul woniaii w.ih wlilcly
known In llu1' i'Mv mi'l It-'' ilcatli will
lo iuimiiihmI liy a uiiinliiT nf I'llciulh lu
v.'liuni she I1.11I Ik'I'iiiiio imlcaivil l) Iuiik
iu.iiiHlnt,'imc.slil. Blic It'll a iiik'. n til 01!
life hi' i' iiinlillli'iui ami iloaliiH nil ecu
U'lini; aliiiiit licr hiimo ami Ik'I' ilillilivn.
Sim Is biii'xivcil liy licr Jiii-j.iiul mul lliu
lolliiwlng clillilu'ii: J.imi'H ., IJIulii
Y., Lillian ami Mury It., all uf llil.s illy.
Tim fuiii'ial will IiiUii iilitcu nil Miiiulay
ufUTiiuun at ".UJ o'clyil; fiuni thu icsl-
Sprint; Hooks and Eyes, 2 doz.
for 2c
Wood. Ciblnots, containing
100 Assorted Hair Pins,
each 8c
Aluminum Hair Pins, assorted
shapes and sizes, per doz. . . 10c
Khby, Beard & Co.'s Import
ed Hair Pins, 2 packages
for 5c
colors, including black and
white, 19c kind, Satur
day 12 l-2c
3 1-2 inch All Silk Satin Taf
feta Ribbon, 19c kind, Sat
urday 15c
4 inch All Silk Liberty Satin
Ribbon, also 5 inch All Silk
Satin Tnffeta, nil colors, 29c
kind, Saturday 22c
Three good 'numbers.
A Fine Kid Shoe, medium
soles, patent tips and plain
and lace styles. Usually
Our price 4) 1
Men's Soft Bosom Fancy Mad
ras Shirts, also plain linen co'lor.
Many stripes, in wide and narrow,
all sizes, one pair of cuffs. This
Shirt item is a number you don't
vant to pass. A $1 value Q
priced at o9C
Saturday for 25c
is a guarantee of our 50c quality.
Metropolitan Op:ra Co.,
OC T d, 1902,
open at Powell's Music Store, Scranton : Marx Long's
uy.iua. uimu.1 . v- tvi.wi.1,.. . "."
LycetBHT! Theatre,
M. Itcls, l,osseo mul .Ainniigcr.
A. J. r)iiffBiiMncs Jlunaser.
Saturday, ;:Iasl1!?,'---' Oct. 4.
Pioiliicllon of lliu L'nliiic American Play
ly l.OTJ'li: III.AIU I'AHKi:ii.'
of "'a. Down JiiMt' mul ' UsjIiIm O'
I'li't-entcil us for lluci- 1110111111 at tlm
Tlii-iitor lltpulillc. New YiH'., anil with Micce.-H at the fir.inil npeia lliiuse,
I'lili'iiso, iipil the Waliiui Street Theater,
I'l'lees Matl.iee. 'Si ami " e nts Night,
L1", .vi. "." cents mul $1 n 1.
Seats on sale.
Montlny Night, Oct, Q.
Jacoli Mtfs .M.iHUlllcenl Xew Pioiluetlon
of the i'eiennlal tiin . .,
The Original
Urnss Hand
Tin: nur:AT iiuiisi, nsrif
An lhllllel Xt w I'loilllellon Mils Si.ifon.
Pilcei.-LV.. :.(i. ".-. ami j mi
Keats 011 Milo h'llilu.v ut 'J a m,
Wcdnestlny Night, October 8,
"A Xolalile livoiit
PicM'iilliiK Xat llooilwiii it
YIIli the OilKlnal New Y111K Kulcker.
ImiUei' Thc.iliT I'l'oiliictiim
Pi Ice's-;'.". .V, i.'e ailrt 51 IK
Scats on sale Moiiila.i at I) a in
deuce with Intel meat hi the Kuresi HIi:
'I' I lit fl 111 li I ill ill t llit hi!.. M u U miiinl
" ! .ill tl MMt Hill JIIIIl'l I
IIowvlls win tul'i- pliu-u ('mm her Utli
uldiiuv tm Way in hw'iiup Ihls a ill
lit inn nt 'J I'li Slui'vli'M'j n 111 l... .,..! 11,1
at the li.inllsi i-l i ! hv ll
VV, !'. D.ivIm. Intel ment will do iimUil
inc wuunutiui btrcct temetej-y.
Tlie Oowboy
- 1 flll c,yt,e
LdUjf I Pitch