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The News of
If tho Weather Man Be Good the
s Sernnton Team Will Be on Duffy's
Held No Foot Ball Game of the
Indians, Today, ns Expected Oth
er Sporting News.
Tho Hovrrnl thousand huso hall
cranks hi Curbonditle nro hoping and
praying thnt todny will hi- u repetition
of yesterday hi the weather. The fust
nenil-profesftloiini team of Serunton
will ho on Unffy'M Hold thin afternoon,
mid If tho tiny Im pleasant, perhaps the
lnrgpst crowd of tin season will turn
out to sen tliu rump. Tho coming of
the Sornntoii tpiiiu to Cnrbondule hits
boon nntlclpntoil for weeks, mid there
in tho keenest Interest In the mooting
of the two teams. All that seems nec
essary now for a ureal nfternoon of
ball ift the kindness of nature In bc
Btowlng n pleasant tlay.
Kclleher will pltfh for tho Crescents.
Tho makf-up oc the team will lie the
snino ns in the game with the Taylor
Kcds on Thursday, with the exception
thnt McAndrcw and Kelleher change
places, the former going Into right
Held. Owney Is at home In this Bur
den, and when he plays In tho Meld
his batting Is always the stronger.
Walsh, of Muyfleld, will, as usual, he
in centre lipid,
With the Seinl-ProfoHsloiml team will
come several players who have played
In Carbolidnlo a number of times this
Hcasnn. Wlrth, eateher; (irlllln. pttch
er; France, shortstop; Touhlll, second
base; McCue, third base; Culkln, Fcr-rls-niul
lladonspacher. In fact all of
tho Semi-professional team but tho tlrst
baseman, have been here; the only
difference Is that they have not all
been together on the same team, though
as many ns four have.
Indians Won't Play Today.
It Is a big disappointment to the
Carbondalo Indians not to open the
foot ball season today, as surely ex
pected. A game had been fully ar
ranged by Manager .Tones, with Wy
oming Seminary nt Kingston, but on
Thursday word was received to the
effect that the Seminary eleven could
not accommodate the Indians. In
stead the counter proposition was
made to come to Carbondale and play
bore. Manager Jones, however, could
not see any semblance of a shadow of a
pretense of an excuse for the seminary
team not keeping the promise so faith
fully mado and he rightly would not
brook the suggestion for the game
here. It will take some extraordinary
tall explaining for the Kingston eleven
to justify its action.
Manager .Tone, when satisfied that
the Seminary team would not keep to
Jts agreement, endeavored to arrange a
game for tomorrow with the Alerts, of
Scranton, but this, too. was declared
off at the last moment without any
apparent reason.
It is likely that the first game will
now bo played at Ilonesdale on Thurs
day next, with the: Ilonesdale team, at
the Wayne county fair. Manager
Jones Is arranging for the game.
About That Scranton Game.
Some one connected with tbe Scran
ton High school eleven must have been
disposed to "kidding" when he gave
out to the writers of sports on the
Scranton dallies that the High school
team from Carbondale bad four of the
Carbondale Indians In the line-up at
Scranton on Wednesday. One paper
said the "Mighty Hansen" was one.
and all had the name or McLaln In the
llne-up, -while the truthful fact is that
Mac was faithfully at bis post with
the Scranton Railway company while
the game was on. Hansen, "the mighty
Hanson," was likewise attending to his
business In this city. The Hansen who
played was Joe Hansen, only a sub
stitute player on tho Indians. Not a
member of the Indians played with the
Carbondale High school, and if any
one of the keen young men of the
Scranton High school cares to earn a
now ball for his eleven ho can do so
by coming to Carbondale and picking
out these alleged "four ringers" In the
Indians' line-up.
This is no attempt to excuse (lie de
feat of the Carbondale High school;
that Is none of our concern, but Mali
nger Jones doesn't care to have his
eleven misrepresented.
Accident to Michael Casey.
News received in tills city a few
Says ago announced that Michael
Casey, sou of Edward Casey, super
visor of Carbondale township, suffered
Proper Food Defends Against Disease
There Is an assayer and chemist In
ifoslta, Colo,, Mr. C, Wulsten, who
ovs by actual every day deiuonstra-
tlmt sclentlllo food will niuko a
young again. Ho says;
She question of proper food which
assimilate and protect the system
m loss ami waste of brain and
Tusiclc, becomes a serious one when man
advances to my ago of pust (IS. 1 ntn
j continually under a brulu and muscle
strain which for tho last us years wore
upon mo seriously. My digestion lie.
pame Impaired and my whole system
I saw flrape-Nuts in a grocery store,
,and bought it box. 1 tested it In my
laboratory and found It correct accord
ing to your declaration of Its snhstnii.
ces in proportion with the phosphates .
! Intact.
- I r
i I made it my principal food and gain
ed in niio year lS-pounds In weight,
and hud tho pleasure of seeing my in
dlges'tlon leave mu entirely, After a
jyear'and a half of Its use, I feel i'o
years younger and tun as strong and
Bupplo as I never was before during
the last decade. I ulmply have found
the truo armor which Is defending my
body against disease and withering uge,
I find It of advantage In field woils
fcnd when prospecting In the moun
tains. When I go out upon geodetic
fcxpedttlons I take a quantity of drape
SNu'ts "along with mo. This abolishes
fcumbersome baggage and food cooking
Utensils. A little sugar, a can of con
densed milk, my Grape-Nuts, and I
jhave my food In a closely condensed
form, not weighing over 4 pounds to
larry and I never get hungry, Con
centrated re-agents are the most ef
fective in all chemical operations, and
Drape-Nuts are the re-agents that keep
Jhe body's laboratory (tho stomach) In
rrfevi working order. Your product
tho loss of three fingers while em
ployed at one of the lumber camps In
the southwestern part of tho state. Mr.
I'nsey left hero with a ntnnher of men
shortly after tho sotting In of tho coal
strike. There will be much regret
among his friends on hearing of his
"Under Southern Skies" Appreciated
by a Large Audience.
Malinger Parker, of William Brady's,
production of "t'nder Southern Skies,"
received u pleasant surprise Inst night
at the Grand when he looked over the
audience as the curtain nrosp and ob
served nearly every seat taken. This
surprise was shared by nearly every
one, and It was variously commented
on as evidence that Carhondnle must
not be suffering so severely fiom tho
Those who made up the large audi
ence were tepald In it splendid dram
atic treat. This beautiful and touch
ing story enacted under southern skies
was warmly appreciated and tho piece
will be welcomed If It should return to
Cnrbondnle. The company Is about tho
same as appeared last year, supporting
Ornee George us the star, The changes
made in the story by making Miss
(ieorge's part less conspicuous lire ipilie
acceptable. a new feature this year
are four colored singers and dancers,
two male and two female, which made
a big hit. Their singing and dancing
greatly brighten th" piece. As the rule
with nil of Brady's productions, "t'n
der Southern Skies" Is rplenilldly
Camp of Wanderers Come to Grief
in Carbondale .and Make a Hurried
Farewell Such Presto Change
Artists Not Accommodated Here.
A c.unp of gypsiei came Cirbnudnle
way H few days ago, making head
quarters at No. 1 settlement, near
White's crossing. They were truly a
motley band, unclean In person and un
kempt In i lathing Home of them lloat
ed into town Thursday and yesterday,
arousing rcsnitniHiit utmost to ungtr
by their uucle.tnliness and their dross,
which In sonic Instant es was Just short
of leiul; In s'lori, they appeared to be
tit subjects for new Sanitary Policeman
Michael Gallagher to move against as
his first ca "p. Well, any how, they're
not In town now. They were sent on
their way yesterday by Constable
Michael Moran, who thereby earns pub
lic thanks.
Yesterday the enterprising women of
the band practiced their sophistry on
some of the Innocents or the town,
hence their expulsion. The games was
"Slgnor, cross your palm with fifty
cents and t will reveal your life
secrets," the pseudo fortune teller
would say. Sometimes the hand would
be crossed, then the coin did the dis
appearing act.
"Slguor," another would say, "give
the coin good luck by putting it in
your sweet mouth, then cross your
hand, and the future Is yours to see."
Once again, would the coin take Ayjiigs
into tho greasy purse of the gypsy lass.
All Is not well that does not end well.
A good thing is no good when It is
plays out, and one of the gypsies went
up against the good thing once too
often. This particular good tiling got
sore when ills money parted company
nail became the pioperty of the dark
skinned maiden. Money's too valuable
thought he, with the strike on and the
end not In sight, so he hastened after
Constable Moran and to him related
bis tale of loss. Like an ollieer, good
and true, this constable with set teeth
and a business look went on the trail
of the coln-sedueing young maiden.
She and three others were coralled and
timid a series of lamentations and walls
returned the price to the justice-de
manding young man. Then with a
gentle, fatherly look and a strong wink,
Constable Moran hinted to the gypsies
that Oraftville was not located here;
maybe it could be located across the
Mooslcs or further down the valley,
but It was nae here. This hint was as
gooil as a knockout blow of Young
Corbet t's and soon theieafler three
gypsy maids were speeding to their
camp to make their farewell to Carbon
dale. Moral: Don't make u mistake when
you're looking for Oraftville and get
off at Carbondale.
Fast .Run to Scranton by Engineer
Bob Copeland on D. & H.
Itallroaders In Carbondale are dis
cussing the record established by Kn
gineer Hob Copeland on his run lo
Scranton early Thursday morning, and
everywhere genial Hob Is being com
plimented on his achievement.
It was tho special train to take the
Pugllano-t'iissesse wedding party to
Scranton that made the cannon ball
dash, It was l.L'O Thursday morning
when tlu train left the city station.
The connecting train left Scranton at
1.10 on tlie l.uckuwunnu. "I can make
It with safety," smiled Hob, with
enough determination to make the
smile significant. Then he pulled open
tho throttle mid Knglno :ir,l sailed on
down the valley. The seventy passen
gers that made merry In the two
coaches soon realized that the engine
was doing something extra In speed
making, and when Archbald was left
behind the train was thundering along
"t, perhaps, a iSS-mlle-un-hour clip
I'liicpn iiunutes were cuoppeti on wncil
the fourteen miles to I'lifvldenie hail
............. . .. .... ... .
been made. When Scranton was
reached, watches showed that the
seventeen miles had been covered In
eighteen minutes, a record-maker. Two
minutes worn left In which to niuko the
Lackawanna, express, On the return
Hip, the seventeen miles up the valley
were made In twenty minutes. Through
out tho run there was no noticeable
Jarring or jolting; ono knew tho train
was Hying, but the splendid roadbed
combined to niuko the Journey a rare
Tribune's Exclusive Announcement
Was a Big Surprise May Recon
sider. The exclusive announcement hi The
Tribune yesterday that President John
Dayls, of select council, intended to re
sign from council created a surprise
akin to a sensation. Perhaps but a few
of his closest friends knew of bis in
tention until they read of It In The Trl-
bune. It was the toplo of conversation
of yesterday.
Now that It Is generally known that
Mr. Davis has resolved to give lip his
seat, his friends are urging him to re
consider and remain. What will come
from this pci suasion will be awaited
with Interest.
It Is possible that Common Council
man W. U Hunter wilt nlso resign, as
he Is contemplating moving from the
Sixth to the First word.
Met with Accident Whllo in
Quaker City.
A. U. Tiffany, tho contractor, conic
homo from Philadelphia on a late Dela
ware and Hudson train last night, un
der the care of Dr. John Nlles, tho vic
tim of an accident while visiting In the
Quaker City.
The telegram apprising tho Tiffany
family of the happening was exceeding
ly meagre. It simply stated thnt he
had fallen and was suffering from some
frnctures. However, there Is no appre
hension as to his condition.
Mr. Tiffany was In Philadelphia on a
pleasure trip with Dr. John Kilos, when
the mishap befell him. This circum
stance was somewhat compensating,
for, besides not being alone, ho had the
care of a physician on the long Journey.
Mr. Tiri'any was visiting the Pittsburg
Plate Glass company's plant when the
accident occurred. He fell down stairs
and then through tin opening Intended
for an elevator shaft. Ills head was
painfully lacerated, his shoulder was
i sprained and he suffered from a frne
I lure near the hip. He reached home on
! the KMO Delaware and Hudson train,
and was conveyed to his homo in the
Editor of The Tribune
Sir; In today's Issue I see thnt an
other disgraceful scene has been en
acted In Public School No. a by the
pupils leaving the school bncaue same
pupils attended whose fathers were at
work. If th(ie children had their just
desserts, they would get n good, sound
i spanking from their parents, and if
they do not do It, It would be well for
tho school board to take u day off and
spank them thoroughly.
I wumler If their parents realize
that such behavior Is nothing better
than what Ihe anarchists do. Hy allow
ing or encouraging such conduct we
are training right heie in our public
school future anarchists.
Jt Is a most fortunate circumstance
thnt the Sheridan cavalry came along
Just then and frightened them away,
no telling to what length they would
have u one.
Let it?, as parents, train up our chil
dren to realize that America is a free
country, and every man has a right
to work if he chooses, but not a right
to hinder another from doing as he
wishes to. Mrs, J. K. Burr.
Carbondale, Oct. .!. 1&02.
Adolph Proatzsch Injured.
Adolph Pioatzseh, of Blrkett street,
employed as night watchman at -the
Kmplre Silk mill, met with a very pain
ful accident while returning home from
work yesterday morning. He was
struck by n street car and was dragged
a great distance before the car was
stopped. He was taken to Dr. Thomp
son's private hospital, Scranton, where
his wounds werp dressed. He re
tlirned home yesterday evening.
Broke His Arm.
John Kelley, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.
A. Kelley, of Dirkett street, met with
a distressing accident yesterday morn
ing, while playing ball at tho Central
building school ygrounds. He was trying-
to catch a ball and fell down off
the wall, breaking his arm. Dr. J. A.
Kelley dressed tho Injured member.
Young Kelley Is comfortnble under the
circumstances, but will bo deprived of
the use of his arm for several weeks.
Returned Home.
Itoderlck CJillls returned home yester
day from Albany, where he was em
ployed as timekeeper for the Burke
Suffering from Typhoid Eever.
Jnmes Norton was admitted to Dr.
Wheeler's hospital, where be is suffer
ing with tin attack of typhoid fever.
Jnhu Collins, of K.illbrook street,
leaves today for Philadelphia.
Thomas Gallagher, of Clifford, Is
visiting friends on Kallbrook street.
Miss Nora O'Xell, of Hrouklyn street,
loft yesterday for Xew York city, where
she will take up work as a stenograph
er. Miss O'.Vell Is a graduate of the
class of '02 of St. Uose academy, of
tills city. She was conspicuous In her
social set and leaves behind a wide
circle of sincere friends who, while
deeply regretful of her departure, are
united In their wishes for her success.
Mrs. V. Uuir has returned from a.
visit of several weeks with relatives In
(itlllfnrd, X. Y.
Misses Isnbelle and Barbara Hud
glns, have returned after a week's visit
with friends In Sehenectndy, X. Y,
Miss Pamella Kvuns and Miss Alma
Vadium, of Carbondale, are visitors at
the home of Mrs. Charlotte Pettlgrew,
of Delaware street. Olypluint Itecnrd,
.Mrs, ,1. !:. IluiT left yesterday for a
visit with friends at Washington, X. J,
Mrs, W. D. Williams Is in Middle
town, Ohio, where she went to attend
the wedding of a relative.
Itev. Y. C. Smith Is conllncd to the
home of his daughter, Mrs. It, D.
Stuart, on Canaan street by an attack
of Illness,
Miss Sadie Burke, of Plko street, who
has been visiting In Plttstou for the
past mouth has returned Jipme, aecnm
panled by her cousin, Miss Sarah
James Williamson, of Oneouta, X. Y
Is spending a few days In this city,
Miss Katie Fudden and her sister
Miss Margaret Fudden, of Scranton,
were entertained at the home of J, W,
Williams mi Park street, Wednesday,
William Morrison returned homo yes
terday from Kent, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Klrkpatrirk
have returned to their home In Atlantic
City after a two week's visit with Mr,
and Mrs. Kdward Cannon, of South
Main street.
A quiet wedding took place In St.
Jnmes' church, Wednesday evening,
when Thomas Sweeney and Miss Ella
Dablll were united In matrimony, After
numerous congratulations thpy enjoyed
ii short drive. They have not as yet
decided where they will reside.
A warrant for the arrest of Mr. Mar-
H Hm-H"rH
Among Many
Ask lor
and the best will bs
given you.
t li GrattWes
-t- and
Ai ways Satisfies
Solit nt nil Hrntolnx rify ami In Jnhliei'f.
Wit. I.AX.UIAN SI). v. I'lltllliulr. Ml.
shall, of the Storrlck Creek hotel, was
sworn out before Justice of tho P:ice
I.oftus, lu&t evening. He will be given
a hearing this morning.
tjrgnmzer carney, or An hha Pi. gave
a short adoross at Ihe Ml. Jetsup
local's meetings last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. John Curran and rivi
Thomas, of West Scranton, are visit
ing fr!nda In town.
Attorney Murphy, of .Scranton, was
a caller In town last evening.
The funeral of Sarah, the infant
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tay
lor, of Dunmore street, will take place
tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. In
terment will be made in Union ceme
tery. Mrs. M. K. Harnden spent yesterday
with Hyde Park relatives.
Oeoi'Ke Benton, of Carbondale, was a
caller In town yesterday.
Itev. Fred AVatklns. of Wyoming, will
occupy the pulpit In tho Presbyterian
church tomorrow morning and evening.
Regular Episcopal services will be
held In St. George's mission, on Scott
street, tomorrow afternoon at 3.30
o'clock. Rev. Rogers Israel, D. D., of
Scranton, will have charge.
A. A". Bower, of Scranton, will con
duct the services in tbe Congregational
church tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock.
Services will be held at the usual
hour in the Blakely Baptist church to
morrow morning and evening. Holy
communion will be celebrated at the
morning service. Rev. David Spencer,
D. D pastor.
Lackawanna street was cleaned yes
terday by a force of men under the
direction of Street Commissioner Mc
Andrew. Misses Rhoda Taylor and Elizabeth
Orchard, of Carbondale, visited Miss
Jennie Voyle, of Luckawanna street,
Edward McDonnell, of Delawate
street, has moved Into tho Swepney
block on Lackawanna street.
J. A. Waring, of Atliertoa & Sutton's
cash store, has returned from a busi
ness trip to New York.
Misses Carrie Coons, of Jermyn. and
Ida White, of Archbald, were visitors
In town yesterday,
Charles Haltlnger, of Jersey City, Is
visiting friends In tills place.
John K. Lougliney, of the Side,
has begun u suit against the Ontario
and Western railroad for Jl.ftOn Tor
damage done his pioperty during the
heavy Hood lasi spring.
Beginning tomorrow (lie Sunday
school of Sacred Heart church, which
has been closed for several .months,
will reopen.
The annual meeting of the Jermyn
Cemetery association for the election
or trustees will be held la Enterprise
hall, Friday evening, October 17,
Samuel Baker, of fleiidliuni, visited
his brother, Philip Baker, of .Main
street, this week.
Mrs. Dr. King, of Scranton. Is visit
ing her parents, Rev. and Mrs. M. D.
It. M. Maxwell and daughter, Miss
Mangle, left this morning on a vl?lt lo
Xcw York city,
Mrs, Sameul Pior and children have
returned homo after a week's visit
with hpr mother, Mrs. i.'nyle, at Car
bondale. Mrs. Robert Merrick and children, of
Scranton, uro visiting Jermyn friends,
Miss Lizzie Mci'loskey 1ms returnnl
from n visit to Miss Sullio Thomiis, of
A union temperance service will lip
held In the Baptist church on Sunday
evening. Rev. F, J, Caterer, of the Six
Principle Baptist church, will preach
the sermon.
Postmaster F. M, Tiffany has moved
the postofllce from Us old location Into
the front of his store,
Charles and Marvin Purely, who have
been visiting, respectively, at Lake
Ariel and In Xew York state, have ar
rived honip.
Work has been In progress this week
preparing the tracks and establishing
tho electric block system through tills
pluco on the Lackawanna railroad.
Owing to tho wet weather of the past
few days, many of the farmers report
their buckwheat crop ruined from the
grain sprouting In the shock,
A new Slx-Prlnclple Baptist minister
Is expected to arrive hi thlsjilnco In a
few days from, England, to assist Rev.
Caterer In his work.
George O. Yocum nnd wife have left
this place for a winter's sojourn In
Mis. W, H, linger Is conmied to her
homo with Illness this week.
Thla (lgnktare Ii on ever; box of tho genoflU
Laxative Rromnnuinine Tablets :
thL.cMr a cola lu one day,
umnouy & Wallace
Scranlon's Shopping Center
I The Annual October
BBook Sale Is On
We offer 30.000 of our lamous 12 mo. G. It Top Books at our I'll
usual price, each YL'
The Book is well known it neods no introduction to our public.
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Club.") I5y Oliver Optic
0 All Along the Illver. Hy .Miss M. B.
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1) Artist's l.ov.- The. Hy j'.'.is. B. V.
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1.1 At Ileal, at Rah-'. Hy Florence
Pi. Aunt Diana. Ilv Rosa X. Care v.
IT Antocint op Hie llrei'lifiiMt TnliiP.
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IS Aveill. V,y Ibvn Xonchette Carry.
1!) n.'iii'ara lle'illicole's Trial. By
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M Day Path, liy .1. (1. Holland.
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CI Born Cooortte, A. B
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A. llenl.v
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C'l Bridal live, The. Hv Mrs. Ii. 15.
Ii. X. Southworth.
.".I Bible of l.lcwHIvi!. Tlv. By Mrs.
Ii. D. ,Ti. X. Saiithworth.
."ii Broken Links. By Mra. Alexander.
"7 Bryaiu's Pnems.
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4H ClUme of Hold, The. By Bmlle
."0 Cloister ami the Hearth, The. By
Chillies Reiulp.
.11 Coiisc(iieiices. Hy lift'rton Cir.ile.
.:' Comet of Horsr. By !. A. Ib-aly.
."io Coimti'i-.-i de Cliiirny. By Alexan
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HI Count of Monlc ('"Isto. The. By
Ah xnnder Iiuna,.
.V, Consbi Hetty. By llnniire tie
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ill Dark Ppci". The. By Mra. May
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lil David Cciriper'lP'd. By Charles
IK Decmslir, The By Hall Cibi.
ill Dprrlayr, Tlie. By .1. Fer.linoro
lit DIiiiui of the Crmsmvaj-s. By
llcoi'ir S'eredllh.
ii", Db'iniileil Dai'shfr. The. By Mr.-i.
ft! Bono' ni. By l"ila I. veil,
ii Dora Dine. By .Marv .1. llohr.e-.
i.S Doin "horne. l,y Clmilotte .'.'.
i .
i lid
I pti
I ur
1 rfh
i m
I 0
i turn
! BW
i itu
10 D'-rpi'i T.If
'The DC"he "."
By Chailotl?
Tn p-rlipiy 111".
71 Diike'w seret.
M. Urcem'.'.
7:' Bnnl I By lira. Henry
7.! I'llriihclh ar.d -v Ccrmnn C'ai-
71 Knici;.on' I'j..ii's. iin.l
P'COIld P"'le-".
7.', KiT-iip'' Ornhrnr, Tli. By .Mary
7,1 Fn.aitNl'.W'oiiii'n's l.ove-l.ell.-.isi, All, I
77 1 MIUT. Vy Brer, N. Cii'"y.
7S Biifck" Cniiu'et. Hy Ifonore d
70 l-nrlni! tbe T'liiff. Bv JalpB Verne.
.'H Fair J-v.ts.m, A. By H. I.. Pn'le'.i'i
SI Fair P'nv. Ily Alia. Ii. D, B. N.
!! Parimr Holt's Dauahter. By
t rai lea i.iirvice,
Sii Fill -H Mmibiaro The. Hy AP.v.
Ii. I. Ii. X Soulbwoilh.
Rl rami bViiet. The. Hy Airy, B. D.
Ii. X. Poal hv.-oith.
c, .'ii No. ii.i. By Bnill" Cibo'lau.
Ml Pinal Hrikimlnir, A. Hy i. A.
f Firm of il'i-iiipstniu'. The. liy A.
Coniin Dovle.
SS Fbsl Violin. The. By Jesolo l'olh-
fil I'lal-lron for n Partlilux A. By
.Mrs. J. II. F.whiK.
!i l'or Nnnip and Fame. By (!. A.
ill Forlimo Seeker, The. Bv .Mis, li.
Ii. I). B. X. Southworth.
!';' i'ortoii" of XliTcl, The, By Sir
Walter Scon.
01 FlPllch Rpvnliillon, Tim. By
Thoinns Carlyle.
91 Frivolous Unhid. Ily Anthony
M iSlmyV Prooheey, The. By Airs.
li, I), li. N. Sonlhwoilh.
!)ii tiontlie'H Faunt.
!7 Hold lilsle. By li. Alarlltt.
US (I rent est Thins lu Hip World. The.
. By Pro. Ilenrv Drummoud.
!)fl Crlinm'K Falrv Talcs.
100 liuninalipr of AIoscow, The By
HylvaaiiH Cobb. Jr.
101 Oypsy Queen'H Vow, The. By Alif-,
Ala.v Abiips FlPiuhiK.
102 Hun of Icplaud. Hy Victor Hiutp.
lOJlIaidy Norseman, A. By lidna
'''"'I' , ., .
10 Harry l.oriciiier. liy Cliarlea
10.1 Iluuiileil Honiestcad Bv Mrs. li.
D. Ii. X. Soiithworlb.
im Hector Servadac. Ily Jules Wine
101 Ucli-pfH. The. By Alia. Ann S.
nniiunn v
10S Heiress of Cuslle CHIT. The. Ilv
Mis, May Ariipm FIpiuIuk.
100 llerlolii Choice. Hv Roya X.
110 lllawaiha. By Henry V. Loiik-
Ill Illibl -ii lliiml, The. (Complete In
one volume.) By Mrs. Ii. 1). Ji.
X. Soiithworlh.
millililtii I'ath, The. By Marlon
Ill Hnmestead on the Hillside, Tho.
By .Mary ,1. Holmes.
Ill How lie Won Her. SccupI lo
"Fair I'lay." By Mra. South
11.1 lliiiirhl'itck of Xotrc Daine. The.
By Victor liii?o.
1 15 Imitation of Christ. Of the. By
Tliomiin a Kcmpis.
117 India: or. the I'catl of Pearl River.
By Aba. South worth,
in Hut. B AiiKiiHta .1. livnns.
J in In Freedom's Cai:n HvU.A. Henty.
1-0 in Ills Steps. By Charles M. Shel
don. 1-1 In Ihe Golden Days. By Edna
1-'-' la tho Heart of the Storm. By
Maxwell Fuiv.
Ill: III TlniPii of Peril. By G. A.
121 IshiKuel; or, In tho Dopths. By
Mrs. Southworth.
U'l Tidand. The. Hy Rlchiud WhlllUB.
1:il linnhoc. By ;lr Walter Scott.
V:7 .Tack o' the l.lchl. Hy littu W.
Pierce. .
1"1 .Time Byre. By Charlotte Bronte.
UP John Halifax, (luutleman. By
MIB Mulock.
1", ) Jesinh Diilrotno. By Alexander
VI Josephine. By Jacob Abbntl.
I'" Julian ( By .Inceli Abbott,
lu':: Kalhlcen. y .Mr?. Fraocen IIoiIk-
soa Biirne'.l.
mi Krnilworlh. By Sir Walter Scott.
I'll Kidnapped. By Robert h. Steven
son, rii Kith and Kin. By Jessie FotbeiKll.
1ST linlsht lirrait. By Iiilua hynll.
ITS "La Bella" anil Others. By liger-
lo:i Cr-jtle.
liO T.ailv Amlle.Vfi Secret. By Miss at.
Ti. Flraildon.
CO Lady of the IsK The. By Mrs. Ii.
D. Ii. X. Snnthworlh.
Ill Lamuliijhtor. The. Hy Maria S.
Hi: Laiit Days of Pompeii, The. By
!.Mr B. Biilwer-Lvtlon.
Il'l l.mii of the Mohicans. The. Hy J.
Fcnnlniorc Coopoi".
Ill Last Tenant, The. By B.,h. Far-
I'll Lena Rivers. Tiy Mary J. Holmes.
147 Llii'Tsay's l.i:ck. By Mrs. Frances
Hodgson Burnett.
US l.oiip Rnnrli. The. By dipt. Mayno
HOI.orna Dunne. By R. 15. Blnek-
moi e.
1.11 Lost Heir, The. Bv f5. A. Henty.
1.11 Lnt l'elies.,. '1'he. B. Mil". B. D.
D. Ti. N. So'ithworth.
11J Lost Heir of LiaMlhtrow. By Mrs.
Ii. D. B. X. Soutlnvortb.
IV; I.hiiIm de lo ValHore. By Alev-
il'ider Dumas.
1.11 Li. v t or Flleml. By I'.irai X.
1.1.1 Love'.i Lubof AVon. By Mrs. 11. 15.
B. X t-oothvorHi.
1."ii l.i'cllP. B. Uv.en Mi'icilllh.
117 Atiu.'.rt'i. By Aiiuiista .1. livans.
MS Alacliil-n's Vov. Hy Mrs. May
ApiiPi- I' lcmo::.T.
im .Macule Mill"!'. By Mary J.
Hit) Man In the inm lus!:, The. By
Alesiilid"! Diunas.
li'.l AlnC'le Faun. I!.v Nathaniel Haw-
Hiunipf .
hi" Mirle A'ltolncltP. By Jacob Ab
bott. liTi Martha, the P.irr.nn'H DaiiBhtcr.
Hy V.. IMmliuri!.
bit :.bivvl. Bv "The Dnchm's."
br. iioi'v Ciiicii of Scots. By Jacob
im v.,,.v St. Job". By Rosa X. I'arey.
11,7 Mas'er or KltersborR. 'I'hc. By
B Werner.
Pi.' JlMillln Bronl:. Hy Alary J.
I lolo'eit.
Ii,!) Mc'Utalloi'H of Marcus Ani'dlim.
T'nnliitPil bv fJrorKP Lonu.
17H :,tc"'olrii or o Physician, The. By
Alrxiunler Demas
171 Ah ''"'" Crnuide. By Bos.i X.
1" "'Imi'i Clnrlf. Hy A Coiiiim Dovle.
17'. Mh'-irrb.t miiei-n Tbe. By Airs.
AIn.v Acrii"" Fhmlivjr.
171 Mb" Owm People. Hy Riulyard
17.1 M'M'Inr I'-Ti'". 'I'lio. By Airs. Ii.
I). B. X. tfoi'lh-vnrth.
IT iiollv Pcv."'. By "The Implies""
177 AlniU: n lYnin. A. By li. i'hll-
Ibin Oinn-iihebn
17S ,Vo'w from "ii ni,l Alansc. By
Xpibnnliii lli'i'lborii".
I 1- iin-j.fJIi'e. B- M.iilou llnnnild.
li'i Jlo'lier-lu-in". The. Ily Airs.. Ii.
l I x. "soi'iawnriu.
I 11 Jhi- i"v Sto-irs. Ily ISlliiyara
b-' M" D."lb 8"oetheurt. B.v W.
I Clark l."i".iell.
I'.'l Aly"ry o D-irl; iiollow, I lie. I.y
Vim. foolhwol'tl
1PI Noble l.ivil A. Simi. to "T'l-i
1 nit Hole of MlllltllROW," By
Alts, fioi'lb Willi b
lTi No' Like Ollwr ilb'N. By Boi-il
Nicilii'tte Cini'v
pi: No' Wliu'lv Bui Ton Well. By
Rhod i llioilf.'hloii
if- viuv ( Never. Ilv Oliver Optic.
1SS Old Cnrlosllv Shop, The. By
Phillies Dickens.
119 Old llinicleiid. Tho. Ily Aim. Ann
H. Sieiilieus
lim Old Alom'nclle'K Seerpt, The. By
li. Abu lilt.
l!i Oliver 'I'wlsl. By Charles Dickens.
IW Onlv Hip Chivi'iiiosh. Hy Rosa
Noncliptle C-irev.
1M Oran;i and (liven. Hy (1. A.
Unit v.
1!i Oar Resale. Bv Ro.--ii N. Carey.
III.') out of tb" Jaws of Death. By
Frank Hi(i'i'pt.
IM Out of th PanipiiM. By fi, A.
I lent v.
V'7 Owl's XpsI. The Ilv ii. Alailltt.
1 Pan Michael. By llcuryk Slenko-
1!!i IMibiiinlPr. The By J. Fcnlmore
"M Paul and Vlrninlii. ny B. do Saint
:'il Hero (loilot. Bv llonorp dp llalgnc.
3 Phanlou lllckshaw, The. ny Rud-
ynrit Klnllim.
'M Phnnloin VV-ildlni;. The. By Airs.
B. D. p N. Sniithworlh.
'.'01 PilRi'lin's I'roKiPs-s. By John Him-
'J0.1 Pioneers. The. Hy J. Fenlmoie
00 Plain Tales front the Hills. B.v
Hudyard KI11II1117. .
yi? c:hil--j of Life. The. By Sir
John Lubbock.
wi&A 1 iipe
... , .-
:os Plutarch's Lives.
Ltiii Poor and Proud. By Oliver Optic.
-I'5 I'm I rle, Tho. By J. Fcnlmore
iili Pretty Polly Pemberton. By Airs.
Frances IIoiIrsciii Burnett.
2IL' Price Ho Paid, The. By E. AVor-
11 cr. 1
"13 Prince Charlie's Dnughter. By
Charlotte Al. Bruenie.
214 Piluce nf Darkness, The. By Mrs.
Ii. 15. R. X. Southworth.
2 15 Princess of the Moor, Tho. By E.
21ii Prince nf tho House, of David. By
Bey. J. II. lUKrahnm.
217 Prisoners and Captives. By Honry
Seton Merrlman.
21S Professor nt the Breakfast Table".
By Oliver AVednell Holmes.
210 Pine and 1. By George AVilliam
220 Queechy. Bv Elizabeth TVethcrell.
221. Qneenle's Whim. By Rosa N. '
222 Queen of the Isle. The. By Mrs. ;
Alay Akucs Fleming.
2J.1 Queen's Necklace, The. By Alex
ander Dumas.
224 Quo Vudls. By Hcnryk Slenkc.wlcz. ,
22.1 llptrlbnllon. By Airs. E. D. E. N. ,
221 Reveries of a Bachelor. By Ik '
227 Rlcnzl. By Sir E. Bulwcr-Lytton. ,
225 llllle BiiiiKers, The. By Capt.
Alayne Held.
220 Rival Ilrotheiv. The. By Mrs..
Alay Apnics Fleming. 1
2K0 Robert Ord's Atonement. By Rosa
Xonchette Carey.
2.T1 Robinson Crusoe. By Daniel De
foe. 1
232 Romance, of Two "Worlds, A. By
ATnrle Corelli.
2X1 Ronioln. By Georse Eliot.
2.11 Samantlm at Saratoga. By Joslah '
Allen's Wife.
2:1.1 Sartor Hesartus. By Thomas Car- ;
2M Sculp Hunters, The. By Captain '
Alnyne Held.
2.17 Scarlet Letter, The. By Nathaniel '
22S Scottish Chiefs. The. By Miss Jane
2H0 Second Wife. The. By Ti. Marlltt.
24U Self-Raised; or. From tho Depths.
A Seeuiel to "Ishmael." By
Airs. Southworth.
241 Shadow nf a Crime, The. By Halt
212 She Fell In Love with Her Hus
band. By E. AVerner.
2i:i She's All Hip World to Me. By
Hall C'aine.
211 Sign of the Four, The. By A. Co
nan Doyle.
211 Silence of Dean Alaltland, The. By
Maxwell Gray.
2lii Singularly Deluded. By Sarah
217 Six Years Later. By Alexander
2 IS Sketch Hook, The. By Washington
240 Snare of the Fowler, Tho. By
.Mis. Alexander.
2.10 Son of Ilagar, A. By Hal! Calne.
2.11 Son of Port bos. The. By Alexan
der Dumas.
212 Sons of Hclhil. By William Wcs-
2i:i Pool of Pierre, The. By Georges
211 Spectre Lover. The. By Mrs. E.
15. li. N. Southworth.
I ".i, spy, inc. ny .1. j-Pinmore cooper.
..Ill ni. .11111 S. lY . I'.. iNIH ns.
2.17 StPinihig Heavenward. By Mrs. E,
2.1s Story of an African Farm, Tho
By Ralph Iron.
210. Strange lilonement. A. By W.
i Clark Russell. ,
.tu rtimsniiip aim i.usus. ny iiiuriuuu
AI. Hracmo.
2iil Suspense. By Henry Seton Mer
rlman. 2i!2 SwNs Fanillv Robinson. By Jean
Rudolph Ws.
2iiT Tales from Shukespenre. By
Charles and Alary Lamb,
iill Tempest and Sunshine. By Mary
J. Holmes.
J", Terrible Case. A. By Etta W.
Mi! Thaddi'iis of Warsaw. By AIIss'
Jane rorter.
:v,7 Thrlma. Hy Alarlp Corelli.
2iS Then. By Airs. Frances Hodgson
2i.!l Thhd Volume, The. By Fergus
270 Thorns and Orange Blossoms. By
Charlotte AI. Brnenie.
271 Three Beauties. TIip. By Mrs. E.
D. li. N. Southworth.
272 Three Ouiii'dsmen, The. By Alex
ander Dumas.
272. Tollers or tho Sea, The. By Vic
tor lingo.
271 Tom Brown nt Oxford. By Thomas
Hughes. ,
2", Tom Biowh'h School Days. 'By
Thomas Hughes.
27il Tom Jones, B.v Henry Fielding.
277 Treasure Island. By Robert Louis
27S Tiiip to tho Old Flas. By O. A.
270 Try Again. By Oliver Optic.
250 Twenty Years After. By Alexan
der Dumas.
2M Two Slstprs, TIip. By Mrs, E, D,
li. N. Southworth,
2X2 Pncle .Max. By Rosa N. Carey.
251 Fucle Tom's Cabin. By Harriet
Beccher Slnwe.
2SI Cutler Drake's Flag. By O, A.
Ilenly.' .
2S.1 Ciider Two Flags, By Oidda.
21 Vanity Fair. By W. AI. Thaclt-
2S7 Vendetta. Hv Alarlp Corelli,
2SS Vicar of Wakefield, The. By
Oliver fioldsmlth.
2W Vlcomte de Hragplonne, The. By
Alexaniler Dunms.
"OOVIvIa: or. Tho Secret nf Power
Bv Airs, Southworth.
"01 Wnvcrh'V. By Sir Walter Scott.
202 Wee Wllle. By Rosa X. Caiey.
2P.I We Two. By lidna Lynlh
"0 White Coninany, The. By A- Car
nun Doyle,
20.1 Whlttier'K Poems.
Oil WldP, Wldo World. The. By Kllz-
abPlh WethPilll.
207 Widow's Son. The- "' Mrs. E. D,
!;. ,. isriiiinworin.
2!S With Cllve lu India.
290 AVItb Flro and Sword.
ryk Slcnltpwlcz.
r,no With Leo lu Virginia.
ent With Wolfe lu Canada.
2.02 Woman "lu White. The
By O. A
By Hen
By O, A.
By G. A
. By Wll-
kle Collins.
."Oil Won bv Waiting. Bv Edna l.vall
:;n Wooed ami Married. By Rosa
XoucheltP Carey.
SOS Woiinwood. By Mailo Corelli
3f Yoiiug Caitlmglnlan. By a. A
Washington Ave JJ