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.ri"J 1-r"'' t1
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.j. ;i
Hem one
$100 $175
Household Furniture.
We say thin Is the quickest wny, because
t you must wait a day or to for the loan.
ir or so.
that you
hour or so
If You Get a
You will keep ALL tho (urnlturo your
self. There vlll be no publicity.
You will get tho lowest rntcs to'be had
In Lackawanna county.
No. 227 Wyoming Ave,, Scranton, Pa., Near Cor. Spruce 8t.
Business Hours: 8 a. ra. to C p. m.; Saturday, 8 a. hi. till 9 p. m.
In the Morning Occuned the Grand
Cavalcade, When All the Cattle En
teied for Exhibition Appeared on
the Track Later, the Roadsters
Appeared for Inspection In the
Afternoon a Number of the Horses
Weie Judged and Following This
Came the Races The Summailes.
Prom a Staff Coricspondcnt.
Allcntown, P.i. Sept. 24. Tho second
clay of the Lehigh county's flfly-flt s-t
annual fair was not vciy ntti active as
far as weather conditions weie collect li
ed. A cold foggy mot nine undoubtedly
kept away many thousands oC intend
ing visitors. Notwithstanding more
than 30,000 spcetatois weie inside the
grounds this afternoon and tho lnigp
giundst.tnd, with a seating capacity of
12,000 was ljeaily filled hefoic the first
lace Has called at 12.30 o'clock.
Showeis weie frequent duiing the
afternoon and a cold wind made those
without top coats and wiaps stiffen
up and hug themselves to keep the
blood circulating. The laces lasted
more than six hours-, but long before
the ldht heat of tho afternoon was over
nine-tenths of tho spectatois left the
bleak, exposed stand's and blcacheis and
sought shelter and waimth.
The day'.i pioceedlng began eaily. At
10 a. m. a geneial cavalcade was hold,
.headed by the Allcntown and Pioneer
bands, and followed by stallions, geld-
1 lugs, maies and colts, single and
double teams, cattle, etc. They weie
dtlven thteo times around the futther
side of the track. All the horses en
tered for premiums, except those in
the speed events, appeared in the caval
cade and nn inteiestlng and lengthy
procession they made. The cattle weio
under pole and halter and the sheep
were the last in line.
At 10.45 the roadsters appealed in
front of tho giand stand for inspection.
These included the standard and non
standard entries for piemlums. They
were walked aiound the truck onco and
trotted around tho second time. At
11.30 a. m. the toad teams appeared In
front ot the judge's stand for Inspec
tion under the same conditions as the
preceding class.
The first lace was scheduled for 12
m., but It was half an hour later be
fore Staiter Prank Smith, with his
cyclonic Icc, appeared In the judge's
stand. There weie four races on the
slate, but after three heats had been
paced In the last one, it had to be
postponed until tomonow at noon for
the deciding one.
Tho track was In splendid shape for
fast going and the races, ith the ex
ception of the fli st one, which looked
like a gift to the winner, weie excellent.
So close were some "of tho finishes that
epectutois stood up in their seats, tlnevv
The 5 Hour Day
Which the working man has fought for
rind succeeded in obtaining is something
the wife has no share in. Her day be
gins before his and ends long after it,
u a rule, and many a night her rest is
uroten Dy tlie Daby's
fretfuluess. Tho
healthiest womau
must wet out under
such astiain. What
can be expected then
oi tnose women
who are weaken
ed by woman
ly diseases?
who are
and run-down will find new
life aud new strength in the
use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. It establishes
regularity, dries weakening
drains, heals inflammation
and ulceration, and cures
female weakness. It makes
weak women strong and
sick women well.
Sick people are invited to
consult Dr, Pierce, by letter,
free, All correspondence is
held as strictly private and
sacredly confidential. Address Dr, R. V,
Pierce, Buffalo, N, V.
"I suffered witli female weakness about eight
ycsri tried se era) doctors but deriveil no neue
fit until I hffcnu tifiinir Dr. Pierce's Knvorite I're-
l scription," writes Mrs. John c; recti, of Dam Me,
Boyle Co , Ky. "TllU medicine was recom-
ucnaca to nit uy otner paiicnis. i usvc ihkcb
six bottles aud I feel like another ptrsou."
The dealer who offers a substitute for
"Favorite Prescription," is only seeking
io make ttte utile niore prom pam on
i me sate oi less meritorious jueuiciuea,
His profit is your loss. Refuse all sub-
Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should bt
tied with "Favorite Prescription " when
tw Uxatiye is required.
ccn !7C
$250 $300
If you come to us you will not be told
You get tho amount you want within an
Loan Here
Tho payments may bo made In small,
easy Instalments to suit your own con
venience, You will get tho full amount you want
nt onco.
their hats In tho air and yelled them
selves hoarse.
During the afternoon a vaudeville
entertainment was given on an un
coeted plntforni opposite the grand
stand, The showers had made tho
boards very slippery and the acts all
had to be cut more or less. Two of
the three performers In the cycle w;hlrl
had nasty falls. Miss Armstrong sus
taining a severe header from the In
cline which necessitated her having to
bo helped fiom the ring.
During tho afternoon the following
classes of hoises were Judged In front
of tho stubles:
1.30 p m Class 4, stnndaid bieil stall
ions ami nunc.
1.50 p. m Class Ji, heavy tlianght stall
ions and mines, not eligible to leglstry.
2.10 p. m. Class 0, heavy di aught
hoises, ipgistei(d nnd tintcglstcieil.
2 35 p. m. Class 7, light ilwiuglit stall
Ions nml marcs, not eligible to leglstry.
3 in i m Class 8, light ill aught horses,
1 p m, Class 0, tiottlng, bted horses,
standnid and non-standaid.
t JO p m Class 2, coach stallions and
This fe.ttiiio of the iln's "doings"
pioved veiy popular and as the sttlvcis
fot gloiv and medals weie niimeious and
or the best of theli kind In the state. It
nttiactctl uowds near the hotso ex
hibition buildings
FIRST race.
The Hist nice of the, the 210 trot,
had but tluee st.utei.s and pioved a tame,
spltltless ptoces.slon. In fact It looked so
pcciili.n that after the second heat tho
tin en drheiH weie called Into the judges'
stand and had to listen to n little lectin
ami a cannon inai muie musi uu a iii-iu-i
account given ot the thild heat, Sum
iiiai;. :
2 30 class, tiottlng; pill so, $500.
Xoicdl, b. g, by Non is, Plunk L.
Tuinci, Ambler, l'a. (Tiunei)... Ill
Ainnla. eh m, "V. II. Cnville,
Three Ifildgcs, N. J. (Covllle)... 2 2 2
Tho Doctor, b g, Ifotace Stokes,
HiicUcttstown. N. J. (Ciueiy).... 3 3 3
Time, 2 20'4. 2 2S, 2 22'J.
si:cond racu
Theio weio six starlets out of tlilitccn
entiles, among those going being a Seian
ton hoise, Minnie Mills, owned, by Citv
Tiensiuci E J. Robinson Minnie Mills
paced nicely and finished ' Inside the
niqney," and undoubted would hnve
done better had It Pi-been fot the gicat
amount of scoihg te, which unsettled
her. Jn the second heat of this race the
field came to the wlie seven times nnd
then the st.utei gave, them a few mln
utis' icst to get their bieath. They were
then sent away to a veiy poor stmt, two
of the hoises being on the Jump audi Min
nie Mills not getting any of the best of
tho "go." Summary:
2.T class, pacing; pin so, VM.
Boia Roslc, ih. m, liv Olllo
AVIIkes. Dr. Mitchell AVnltet,
South Bethlehem (Waltcis).., 2 111
Katlo 1I D. B. Hill, Reading,
Pa. (Hill)
... 1
Miss Bhcliwood, b m . W. It,
iiwln, New Biunswlck, N. J
(Iiwln) 4 2 6 4
Minnie Mills, ih m D. Itobln
son, Scianton (Pen In) 3 4 3 3
Majoi 'Wells, s. g , s It Clink,
Naibeith, Pa S 3 1 5
Baker Hoy, li. g, c II. llach,
Allentown (Qiilnlon) c ills.
Time, 2.191J, 2 21J, 2 201J, 2 J1J.
Tills hi ought out a Held of seven, and
although It was decided in stnilght heats,
It was won stilctly on Its met Its. Tho
ncgio ill Ivor ot Onld Bug came In for a
good deal of chafllng, as ho inn his hoi so
lor lluec-foutths of a mile to anld tho
flag, ho being left at tho stnrt In tho (lint
heat. The third heat was a (Inn one. anil
tho finish was of tho kind that would
make im tako jour hat off, six of tho
seven being lined up acioss the track, all
within a length of the leader. It took tho
judges cnnsidoialile thno to agico how to
place nil hut the IliM two. They finally
decided that tho laeo was won In this
2.1(1 elns.s, tiottlng; puiho, JS00
Ben Hal, b. g., by Wm. I... Prank
Ij. Turner, Ambler, Pa, (Tur
ner) i i j
Kid Slmv. b, g D. S. Gohle. Sus-
sex, N. J, (Gohle) 2 2 2
Blown Jim, U.K., J, V. Stall, Eph-
rata. Pa, (Stall) 0 3 4
Tillby Simmon, b, in,, J,uue A,
Urennan, Phllndelphla (Green) 3 4 7
Tho Charmer, b. Ii Woortlumi
Kill in, Mt. Holly. N. J (Kll-
born) 5 5 3
Swago, b. g,, Peter Cotginve,
Plilladelphla (Cosgrove) 4 C S
Gold Bug. b. g II. E. Wilson,
SlHterlllo, V. Va 7 7 0
Tlmr21SH. 2 21, 2 21',i.
KOHRTII RACi:-(lInniilshed.)
Tills hrnuubt nut a Hold nt Inn lii,ln,a
and wiih another "cinekajutk'' nice. Tlio
iiiihb iiiiiicn Willi iiiiwieiuy ana unlit to
lino up, hut when tho word was given, It
wus to a fine bend-off, Tho Hist quarter
of Urn Hint hiit was negotiated In 32i
seconds, and th llrst lmlf In l.oa',4. and
tho hope, of the spectatois weie lalsed to
a high pitch, In expectation of seeing the
track loenrd (2.13'J) smushed. Tlio
lenders eased up, however, In the l.ikt
half nnd llnlshed tho heat In 2.11'i. Tho
winner wan dona up by the fust going,
however, and could not keep tho pole In
the next heut. This was a startler from
the wonl "Go!" tho leuder being changed
at fienucnt Intel uls. Maco was In front
at the quarter, Jonn ut tlio hulf, Mace
again at six furlongs, nnd coming home,
Garnet started from fifth placo llko a
whirlwind and under heavy punishment,
took tlio heut by a nobe, with tho other
drlveis all plying tlio whip In earnest.
Tho third heut was won by Garnet under
Ilka conditions, and then, It being too
close to ulglit to Mulsh, the laca was
postponed until 12 sharp tomorrow. Sum
mary! 2, IS class, pace; puise, IS0O .
Garnet, eh. in., Vornon Miller,
Oneida, N, y. (Wells) 3 1 j
Bessie nunsell, blk. m., J. 11.
Illnklo, Rending, Pa. (lllnkto). 1 S 8
Joan, Henry Y, Hawn, Johtistowh,
Pa, (Haws) ii,i.iii.ii,..i. 2 3 4
Captain Chtick, b. g Krcd Uurns, -
Marietta, tin. (HurnO , S 10 2
Mace, b. g Dr. Walter, South
Bethlehem ((laitff) 841
New Jersey, b. It., William Hun
yon, Philadelphia (Ueaver),.... 7 f S
Bcsslo C.i b. 111., II. A. McClelilll
& Bro., Philadelphia (Simmons) 4 0 10
Queen of Spades, Idle, m., J. J.
Shield", runxntawney, Pa 0 0 7
Bobby ll.i 8,g., J. C. milegiiBs,
lied Hill, Pa. (IIIIclKiiss)., 0 7 0
Silver Pcnn, b. g., Phoenix Stock
Inrm, Plilladelphla (I.udwlg).. 10 D S
Tlmc-2.14'J. 2.13M. 2.n'i.
After the third race, Crcacctm was led
In front of the stand with a linttor and
received quite an ovation. Ills owner,
Goorge 11. Kctchnm, tirrrlved fiom
Toledo this morning and will dilvo him
tomorrow In bis great attempt to lower
tlio world's record on a halt-mllo Hack,
2.09M. for a purso ot $3,000. If the course
Is as fast as It was today, Cicscetis
should make a succrss of his flight, as
lie Is In pi line condition.
Tlio bnlloon ascension did not tako
place, on account of the rain.
Besides Uichcouh' exhibition and tlio
finishing of the 2.15 pace, there will bo
three rnccs tomonow, the entries for
which follow:
2 40 Hot; putHc, J.'iOO-Kentucky Joe. s.
g, A. A. Obcrholtzer. Coopetsburg. Pa.;
Bnion Alfied, b. c, Dr. G. G. Blank, Al
lentown; Blllv Pane, b. g., J. I.. Opdycke,
riemltiKton, N. J.; Dr. Muck, br. s, A.
II. Balllet, Allcntown; Bell K b. m.,
Gcoigo Kelncr, Oiwlgsbttig, Pa.; Maud
C, cli. m W. II. Covllle, Tlueo Bildgcs,
N. J.; Ainola, ch. m, W. H. Covllle,
Tin co Bildges, N. J.; Vcinon. J. B , b. s ,
Jones Bros , Rending, Pa.; Almeda, 1. in,,
Thomas McPailand, BuilliiRton, N. J.;
The Doctor, b. g., lloiaco Stokes, Ilack
ettstnwn, N. J.
2 23 pace; ptnse, J'00 Olgus, s. g., Will
iam R. Kalilcr, Nazal olli, l'a.; Not man
S, b. g, Samuel Wlndt, Bath. Pa.; Ma
jor Wcllngton, b. h., W. B. Claik, Cata
sntiniia, P.i.; Boia Roslo, ch. m., Dr.
Mitchell Walter, South Bethlehem, Pa.;
Miss Blrchwood, b. m, W. R. Irwin,
New Brunswick, N, J,; Blon Girl. b. m.,
W. R. Irwin, New Brunswick, N. J.; Zlva,
c. m , Dr. G. G. Blank, Allcntown; laioi
Wells, s. g S. R. Clark. Naibeith. Pa.;
Baker Boy, b. g, C. II. Bach, Allcntown;
Katie II D. B. Hill, Reading; Mabel
Beck, b. m., S. E. Ealing. Glovcisvllle.
N. Y.; W. B. Mack. ch. g.. W. II. Covllle,
Three Bridges, N. J.; Ora. blk. m., 11. M.
Cox, Washington, N. J.; J. C. B , b. g., J.
C. Becker, Rendng; I.uey D , b m., 51. I
Peirln. Plttston: Avoea Gill, ch. m., W.
B. Hollistcr, Avoca. Pa.
2 20 tiot; purse, $S00 Sliver Ctown. b.
s , Robert K. Good, Allcntown; J. B. Mc
Robcrts, b. g., Gcoigo Dctwcller, Allen
town; Oxford Chimes, blk. g J. U Mat
tell, Albany, N. Y.; Little Patsv, b m.,
W. Colllo. Thieo Bildges, N. J.; D010
tliy, S.. blk. m , Horace Stokes, llack
ettstown, N. J.; Dick. b. g., John White,
Scianton; Loid Mlddleton, b. g.. M. U
Penln. Plttston. Pa.; Noicol, b. g, Kinnk
L Tinner, Ambler. P.i.; B01 tint dine, b.
m, Fiank I, Tinner, Amblei, Pa.
The lecoid for huge attendance at
Allcntown was made a year ago tomor
iow, when 80,000 persons passed through
the gates. The dliectois have expecta
tions of sin passing those flguies tomor
row, if the weather is favonible.
E. L. Hatfield.
Academy of Music.
Ciowds continue to tluong the Academy
of Music at each peifoimnncc to Bee
Daulal Ran and his big company. Yos
tciday "O'Bilen tho Cqntiactoi." was
piescnted In the attciaooii and "Tho
Tlueo Musketceis" in tho evening. Tho
plajs today will be "A Roval l.oer."
matinee, and "Tho ratal Wedding," in
the evening.
Tho management of tho Iicne Moyeis
Stock company, which w.111 be at tho
Academy for a week's sojourn, claims to
have 0110 of tho most supcibly equipped
popular piired oiganlzatlons that will bo
seen at tho local play house this season,
cveiy piece of sceneiy used In mounting
the cloven dlffeient plas contained In tlio
lepeitolie being tallied. Some Idea ot tho
magnificence of tho ptodtictlons can bo
had fiom "Tho Electilclan," which will
seive as the opening play.
Good Bill at the Dixie Theater.
Whllo theatei-gueis feel pretty sure of
nlwajs finding a good peifotmance nt
the DIlo vaudeville house, the 0110 of
fered tills week Is particularly Interest
ing Evciy act Is a good one, and almost
oveiy bianch of this stjlo of entertain
ment Is repiesented In tho piogiaminc.
Abovo all, It ! a laughing bill all
laughs and the matinees nro crowded
dally with ladles and children, who spend
two bouts and a half In constant laugh
ter. "Sergeant James."
"Seigennt James," Kiike I.a Shcllo's
now piodtietlon, wiltten by Etigeno Wal
ter, a ilslng young vv ostein aiithoi, which
will ho tho atti action at tlio Lyceum Kil
day nighty should meet with tho s.imo
gicat success iih did "AiUona," for with
11 stiong cast and claboiutu scenic en
vlionment, togethei with a beautiful
stoiy, a perfonnauco of gicat excellence
Is assuied.
Ascnsatloiinl scene of gieat diamntlc
Intensity ends tho third act. A wife, loft
alnno by her husband, defends her homo
against a gang of lobhcis and shoots 0110
of tho numbei, us they batter down the
door, only to loam that sho has slain her
own husband, who had planned tho vill
ainy in older to 10b his cmploycis
"Lover's Lane."
Tho enoimous Intel est in tho pi educ
tion of Lord's Lano" at tho Lyceum on
FOR THE LITTLE ONES.-Cut out tho plctuios appearing on tills page each
day, diaw a poncll mark aiound tho hidden object, suvo them until Saturday,
then sond thorn or tnkc thorn to Tho Trlbuno otllcu in nil onvclopo addtcssed to
"Puzlo Department." Enclose in tlio cnvelopo your namo, ago and nddiosa. Tho
bojs and gills who conectly maik tho six pic tin ch appealing dining tho week,
and whoso answeis aio (list received, will have their names published In Tho
Tilbuno Monday morning.
,-- --"
Thieo little kittens have lost their mittens. Probably the other two cats
In the prt'if h'v thr-. Kind two 111010 cut!.
Freely Given by a Scranton
"When one lins suffered tortures fiom
a bad back nnd found out hnvr tho
aches and pains can bo removed, ad
vice Is of untold value to friends and
nolghbois, particularly when they know
the statement Is absolutely correct. Tha
following neighborly ndvlco comes from
a Scianton resident:
Mis. 1:. Davis, of 018 Hampton street,
says: "My kidneys troubled 1110 for
tin co years more or less, with shaip
shooting pam In the small of my back,
less during the day than nt night, un
less I lifted anything or strained my
back or over-exerted myself doing my
houscvvoik. At night I turned fiom
side to side trying to find a comfort
able position, and It kept mo uvvakc for
hours. There was also n kidney weak
ness which was very annoying and dls
tie.sslng at all llnios. I became so bad
that I was confined to my bed for over
a week and had to have a doctor. It
was then that I saw Doan's Kidney
Pills advertised and ho highly recom
mended by Scianton testimony that I
was Induced to get them from Mat
thews Bros.' drug store. They proved
to be just what I needed and helped 1110
light away. My bnck was better and
Etionger than It had been for n long
time and the kidney weakness com
pletely disappeared."
For sale by all dealers; pilco 50 cents.
Koster-MUtjurn Co., Buffalo, N. Y solo
agents for the United States,
Remember the name, Doan's, and
take no substitute.
Satin day afternoon and evening Is In
dicated by tho unusual Inquliy at tho
box office. It Is evident that this famous
Clyde Fitch play will llvnl the tie
mendous business that has been done by
William A. Bt ady's preceding attractions.
Its famo Is nntloiint because of Its enor
mous urn ot live months In Now ,Voik,
all last summer In Chicago, and moio 10
cently, fomtcen weeks In Philadelphia,
wheic the "standing 100m only" sign
went out at every pctfoimance. Tho ef
fects will bo pel feet, Including tho beau
tiful applo orchard of ical tiees in tho
contiastlng hues of autumn nnd sptlng
tlme. Dlagiam opens this morning at 0
"The Devil's Daughter."
Brennan's "Devil's Daughter" com
pany, a popular extravaganza, which
played an engagement o twenty-two
weeks at the Pan-Ainorlcan, Buffalo,
comes to tho Star today.
The company is a sterling aggregation
of ai lists fiom beginning to end. Leading
the list of plajcrs Is Clarence AVIlbur, a
comedian such .as the builcquc stage
may well bo pioud of, and second to him
Is popular Plo Janscn, In whom Mr. Wil
bur limbs a congenial and harmonious
p.utnct, and their pcifoimance Is a never
censing delight. Others ot prominence In
tho case are Miss Hattle Tox, a biilllant
prima donna, who Is singing as tho de
nim e Quakeress; Ml" Madge Woods,
Miss Violit St. Clnir, Mr. Henry Blckcn-
son. Mr. SVm Gieono nnd Al Clement,
every one of whom Is a versa'tilo and
clover entertainer. Tho patrons of the
Star may look forward to genuine amuse
mfi't -ilean, wholcsomo and enleit.iin
Ing. Sembrich Subscription Sale.
Tho dlagiam for the snlo ot seats by
subset lptlon for the Sembilch lecltal
whlih will fittingly open the muslpnl sc 1
snn in Ibis city will open at Powell's
music stoic this moinlng at 9 o'clock at
which time all who deslic can subscribe
and senile a choice ot scats.
Tlio prlcis aio such as will mako it pos
sible for all to hear this geait aitiit
and tho nrmorv will no doubt be thronged
by our musical loving people. To ac
commodato out of town nations subscrip
tions will be iccelvcd by telephone and
mail at Powell & Co.'s.
Will Replace Structures Washed
Away by Floods.
Contracts have been let by state offi
cials for tho election of a number of
bridges In Lackawanna and adjoining
counties, which weio washed away by
floods scveial months ago. Tho awards
made aic as follows;
Nelson &. Buchanan compjny, Cham
bersbuig. Old Forgo bridge, SC000; Penn
Biidge company, Beaver Falls, Hones
dale bridge, Wayne county, $40,713;
Mangs biidge, Wajno county, $6,930;
Sugar Cieek bridge, Bradford county,
$21,090; Tunkhannock biidge, Wyoming
county, $141,375: W. II. Gulick, Phoenlx
viilc, Dixon biidge, Wyoming county,
$23,100' King Biidge company, Cleve
land, O., White Haven bridge, between
Carbon and 'Luzerne counties, $80,400.
Three Insane Fiisoners,
Joseph Kohler, Mnry Evans and a Po
lmidcr from Throop, who arc all 10
portcd to bo Insane, weio transfoned
fiom the Lackawanna hospital to tho
nollco heailnuaiteis within tho pnst two
days. Ariangcments will be mado for
tho admission or tno nrst iwo uumcu
Into tho Hillside Home, and tho Polan
der will be taken euro of by tho Blokcly
pour authorities,
Only Half a Cent a Word.
For Rent.
$18 For, Rent Ten-loom house; excellent
liclgliboihooii; all modem unpiuvo'
meats, on avenue. Apply to It. P. Hani'
llton, 2ii Spruce Bttcct.
FOR RENT-Blx loom Iioubo with bath,
Lis South Lincoln avenue.
Room for Rent.
FRONT ROOM for icnti desirable, ti
Auams avenue.
Furnished Room for Rent.
KOR RENT-A pleasant room at 411
Qulncy uremic, to 0110 or two gentle
men. Excellent eating hottso near.
ELIGIBLE SECOND stoiy fiont room
for lent; ftitnlshed; city steam heat,
ton dotlats a mouth to select gentleman.
Apply hiu Spiuco Htieol between 10 and 11
n. 111. or 3 nnd 5 p, m.
For Sale.
KOR SALE Self-playing orchestilon,
hoins, pipes, dm 111, triangle, etc.; will
bo sold at a small pilco, which it will
quickly cam hi hotel, hall or club, E. C,
nickei, Piano Denier. 2HI Adams avenue,
act oss Squai a fiom Postofllco.
! OR SALE All entire rig contesting of
llvo-ycin-old black pacing hoisc, lub
ber thed top wagon, harness, blan
kets, whins, etc.. will bo sold, chean for
want of use. W. D. Sweet, 1211 Shoit nve.
FOn SALE About 20 foot of desk coun
ter, sut mounted with glass front and
two openings, lower portion nicely pan
elled, with diawcis and shelves undor
neath. May bo seen at tho office of Tho
FOR SALE A first class meat market.
Owner will work for party. Address
131 Chestnut street. Dunmoro. Pa.
For Sale or Rent.
FOn SALE OR RENT Residence of. L
C. Wethorly, 73 Wayne stiect, Car
bnndnle. Inqulio T. C. Robinson, Cur
bondnlo. Real Estate.
FOR SALE-Hotel at Waveily. Pa.: til
oniy uoiei at vvaveny witn a latgo
bain and 011 an acre of gtoiind; on lliq
coiner ot two streets; doing a good busi
ness; leuts now for JiiOO per eni. Wilt
sell cheap; good icason for selling, nlso
a laige farm. Call ami seo J. C. Zur
lllch, 517 Lackawanna avenue, tho leal
estate mini; biokcr.
FOR SALE Double houso on Washbuiu
stieet; for paiticulais addicss M. A.
N Hotel Nash.
FARM FOR SALE-Any our wishing to
- buy an excellent faim can secino a
gicat b.ugnln bv calling on or addressing
M. M. Evans, Consumcis' Ico Co, clt.
FOR SALE Elegant sites for homos in
. upper Green Rldgo; choice neighbor
hood; most desirable locality for homo
In Lackawanna county. J. A. Marvlno,
173G Sunderson avenue.
WANTED Either on stumpago or in
land tlmbeied with ash, lOu.MX) feet.
William O'Kcefc, Foiest City, Pa.
WANTED Any man that haa never had
eompicsscd nil used on him irttor
shaving should have his woik done In the
baibor shop under the Tiadeis 'National
bank. John A Smale, Piop.
SEALED PROPOSALS will bo leeched
bv tho count of Lack iwuilna, tdr
furnishing mid electing complete one con
cicto and expanded metal inch biidge on
tlio abandoned Factoiyvlllo and Ablngton
Tuinplko load, ovei Dean's Alill cieik,
near tho icsldcnce ot Horace Scamans
in La Plume boiough.
All bids must bo accompanied by a cer
tified check for C per cent, of amount
and In hands of undei sinned on 01 bcloio
1.' o'clock noon, September JO, 19U- Plans
and specifications at county commission
ers otllce. Tho light to 1 eject any nnd
all bids is lcscivcd.
Count v Cnnti oiler.
Attest: JOHN MORRIS, Deputy.
SEALED PROPOSALS will bo iccelvcd
by the county of Lackawanna for fui
nlshing nnd election complete of a con
cieto and expanded metal inch bridge,
witli steel beams imbedded in concrete
inch, located on tho abandoned Factoiy
villo and Ablngton turnpike road In bor
ough of Dalton. near icsidenco ot W. S
lluslander. Bids to bo accompanied by
a 1 ci tilled check for 5 nor cent, ot
amount. Plaiu and specillcntinns at
county eommlssloneis' ofllce. Bids to bo
In hands of uudcisigiicd on 01 bcfoio 12
o'clock noon, Sept. .'.0, 1902, Tho light to
1 eject any or all bids Is icseived.
County Conti oiler.
Attest:-JOHN MORRIS, Deputy.
SEALED PROPOSALS will bo icceived
by tho county of Lackawanna foi the
furnishing and erection complete of tho
following bildges: Ono expanded metal
(ouiictu nich bildgo on tho abandoned
Factoiyvlllo and Ablngton Tuinplko load,
near Dcluwiuc, Lackawuuu and Western
station nt La. Plume. Ono steel glider
conugntcd lion, concrete-llooied bildgo
011 up abandoned Fnctoryvlllo and Ablng
ton Tuinplko load in Gleiibuin boiough
near Waveily lino. Ono steel glider cor
mgated lion, couciotc-f looted bildgo over
Kennedy's creek In Noith Ablngton town
ship near, fai m of Norman White. Ono
steel glider coniigatcd lion, tnnciotc
ilooipd bildgo over Whltiipy's cieek In
West Ablngton township. O110 stool tmss
luldgo over Sptlng Biook at mouth of
Gieen Run In Sptlng Biook township.
All bids must bo accompanied by a
cei tilled check for 5 per cent, of amount
ns ovIdPiuo ot good faith nnd bo In hands
of mideislsncd on or betoio 12 o'clock
noon September 30, 190.'. Tho tight to 10
jeet any and all bids Is hoieby leservcd.
Plans and speculations at ofdeo of
County Commissioner. Cottit Houso,
Scianton. E. A, JONES.
County Coiitiollcr.
Deputy Conti oiler.
Ameiican League.
At Philadelphia tii'iit gamo R.H.E.
Baitimoiu 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 10510 0
Plilladelphla ...1 0 1 0 0 2 0 Ox 7 10 3
Batteries Butler and Smith: McAllls-
ter and Schrockengost. Umnlro Con
Scioud game n.H.m.
Biilttmoio 0 2 0 0 0 10 104 7 i
Philadelphia 0 0 0 110 0 2 13 9 1
Batteries WiltbO and Hmltli; Wilson
and Schicckengost. Umplio Connolly,
At Washington- R.H.E.
Boston ,,,,.,, 100 00000 J 2 5 5
Washington 0 0 6 0 0 2 0 Ox 8 11 1
Batteries Sparks and Winner; Orth
and Claik. Umpire Johqstuuc,
At Cleveland Detiolt-Clev eland; lain,
At Chicago St.. Lotiis-Chlcugo; rain.
National League,
At New York Boston vs. Now Yoik; nn
game; wet giouuds,
Other clubs not scheduled.
Officials Will Participate.
Tlfo gcmuul committee of tlio Father
Muthow Day paiado has issued invita
tions to nil tho city ntllcials, Judges,
chairmen of councils, boaids of nude,
and boat d of contiol to p.uticlpafo In the
pauide. A numbor havo alicady ac
cepted the Invitations
No Order
Accepted for Less
Thnn 10 Cents.
Branch WANT Officii,
Wont Advertisements Will Bo
Received at Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 P. M.
Central City '
ALBURT SCHttLT.. cot nor Mill
bony slicot and Webster nve.
GU8TAV P1CHEL, 1.50 Adams
West Side
GEO. W. JENKINS, 101 South
Main avenue.
South Scranton
FRED L. TERPPE, 7:0 ' Cedar
North Scranton
GEO W. DAVIS, cm nor North
Main aveuuo and Maikct
Green Ridge
son avenue.
F. J. JOHNS, 020 Gieen Rldgo
C. LOnENH, coiner Washington
avenue nnd Minion stieet.
W. It. KNEPPEL, 1017 living
J. G. BONE &. SON.
Help Wanted.
WANTED Agents to sell tea and cot
fco to consumeis. Positions pcima
ncnt. Grand Union Tea Co . 311 Lacka
wanna avenue.
Help Wanted Male.
An experienced young man in
lueu's ouoe .department.
AVANTED A Hist class olectiiclan. Send
applications to Dei wick Electilu Light
Co , Bciwick, Pa.
AVANTED-Men that want woik. Call or
'addicss C. B. Shaikey, Stipeiintendent
of Nutlonnl Washeiy.
SALLSMAN Expoilenced In placing pio
piietaiy medicines wltlp letall diug
glsts; high class line; llbotnl pay. Addicss
stating expei icnee and lofeience. E IS,
Giles Co, 2330 Maiket stioot. Plilladel
phla. Pa.
WANTED On account of lnci eased Woik
competent machinists to work in huso
uillioad shops near Plttsbuig; wages. 2",,
26. 27 cents pel linn'.- pcimancnt employ
ment given for satlsfactoiy seivlco; fico
lailrond tiniibpoitntlon fuinishcd fiom
Wllkes-Bane to Plttsbuig For further
infoimatlon nddiess C. L Sn.vdei, C2J
Moonev building. Buffalo. N. Y in wilt
ing; glvo dnle of bit th. exppiiencp. whole
last employed; on what kind of woik,
nnd when nblo to icpoit for duty.
Agents Wanted.
LARGE CORPORATION wants energetic
Geuciul Agent foi this county. No
books, insuiance, or canvassing. Ac
quaintance with mci chants n'ud inniiii
factuieis necessaiy. Pcinianent. Bond.
State age, cxpciience. lefoienecs (list Iot
tei. Addles" Suite 572, No 1001 Chestnut
St., Philadelphia.
Salesmen Wanted.
capable of earning good monoy, to
handle our lino of caibon copying pa
pois, either legulnr or on tho side. Philip
llano & Co.. 1-3 Union Squat e, Now Yoik
Situations Wanted.
AVANTED By letined Ameiican lady, a
position as housekeeper or se.nnstiess
whole other help Is kept. Addiess M. C,
this ofllce.
Board and Rooms.
VERY DESIRABLE sulto of rooms with
first class tablo board, can bo obtained
at 333 Jefferson avenue.
LOST Two class pins; ono Tiiilnlng
School '02, one S. II. S. '01. Return
227 Piospect avenue.
Cei titled Public Accountant.
Tiadeis" Bank Building. Old 'phono ISO I.
Real Estate Eschaugo Bids., 120 Wash
ington uremic.
Civil and Mining Hngineeis.
noll building.
dr. c. i j. eilenhergi:r, PAULI
building, Spruco stieet, Scianton,
Flto Insuiance.
SCHLAGER & CO,. Tiudeis' Bank Bldg.
Patent Attorneys.
PAT E N TS ttVtiWZ&r
Tho only licensed and equipped Patent
solicitor in the city, No chiugo for In
foimatiou on pitontaliillty; over ten
ycais' epoilenco
gflcplojrlc & Co., Alcara Blclr.
Hotels and Restaurants.
llll aveuuo. Rules icasouablo.
P. XIEGLER, Propilclor,
Passenger depot. Conducted on tho En
lopeiin plan. Victor Koch, Piopiletor.
a. n. inuaas cleans privy vaults
and cess pools; no odoi; only tmpiovid
pumps used. A. 1) Dilggs.Muaptiotur.
Leavu oideis 110O Noith .Aluiu avenue,
or Elcko's ding stoic, loiner Adams and
Mulbeiry. Both telephones,
Wire Screens,
ave., Scranton, mfis. ot Who Si icons.
piles, envelopes, paper bu's, twluu,
bo hud In Scianton at thu nows stuud
of Rclsmaii Bios, too Spiuco and Du)
Linden; M. Not ton. 322 Laikuvvamia
uvc; I. 8. Schutzci, 211 Spruco ulicct.
Only Half a Cent a Word.
Business Opportunity.
out dolay. Wrlto for our ppcclnl mar
ket lottcr. Freo on application. B. M,
Hlbbnrd Sc Co, mnmbcis N, Y. Consoli
dated, nml stock Exchango. 44 and 4J
Broadway, Now York. Established 1661.
Long Dlstnncn 'Phono 2381 Broad.
Money to Loan.
Quick, Btinlght loans or Building and
Loan. At from 4 to o por coat. Call on
N. V. Walker. 314-315 Connoll bulldln.
lattndots shirts at 6c. each and collars
and cuffs at lJe. each.
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western.
, . In Effect Juno 1, UOJ.
'Iinlns Icavo Scianton for Now York
At 1'iQ. 3 20, t)03, 7.50 and 1010 a. in,; 12 4?,
a , ?. ?' P- m. I'or Now Yoik and Phlla-dolphlii-7
50, 1010 a. in,, and 12,40 and :;:.5
p. m. I or Gouldsboio At tf 10 p. m. Fo.-Burralo-i.ic,
022 and noo a. m.; 155. c.i')
and 11.10 p. ir. For Blnghiimton, Elmlia
and way statlon3-10 23 it. in.. 1.0.1 p. m.
I' or Oswego, Siiicuso and Utlca-1,13 and
. "; .ln'i 15.1 p, m. Oswego. 8ytacu?3
and Utlca tialn at h 22 a. m dally, except
Stiiiday. For Montroso-9 00 a. m,; 1 Oi
and duo p m. Nlcliolson accommodation
4 00 and U in p. in.
Bloomsbiiig Dlvlslnn-For Northumboi
land, ut 0 33 and 10.10 a. m.; 151 nnd (ill
P. in. Foi Plymouth.' nt 810 a. m.; 3 43
and 9 03 p rn,
Stindav Tl.i'ns-For'Ncw Yoik, 1.50, 3 23,
.,;. 1,nln " ': " l0 and 3 31 p. m. Fot
Biiffalo-1.15 nnd i! 22 n. m,; 153, U50 and
11.10 p. m. For Elmlin nnd way statlons
10 2, n. in. For Uliichamton and wny sta
tions, 9 00 a. in Bloomsbiiig Dlvislon
Lcavo Scianton, 10.10 a. m. and 0 10 p. m.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
In Effect Juno 15, 1902.
Tialns Leave Scianton
, For Plilladelphla and New York via D.
6 II. R. R . at at 7.41, thiough Parlor Cat
nnd Day Coach Caibondnlc to Now York
and 9 47 n. in., with L. V. Coach Carbon
dale to Phllndelphla, and 2.1S, 4 33 (Bl'idl
Diamond Exptess), nnd 11.49 p. m. Sun
davs, D. fit H. R. R., 1 OS, 9.17 p In.
For AVhit? Haven, llazlcton and pilncl
pal points In the coal regions, via D. &
H. R. R 7.11. 2 IS and 4 35 p. m. For
PottsIIIe, 7.41 a. m.
For Bethlehem, Enston, Reading, Har
rlsbutg nnd pilnclpal lntermedlato sta
tions, via D. & 71. R. R.. 7.11. 9 17 a m.;
218, 1 31 (Black Diamond Express), 1149 p.'
m, Sundays, D. & II. R. R 9 38 a. m.;
1 ."S. 9.17 p. in.
For Tunkhannock, Tnwnnda, Klmlra,
Ithaca, Geneva raid principal IntermcdlnU
stations via D , L. & y'. R. R., 0 35 a. m.
and 1 55 p m.
Foi Geneva, Rochester, Buffalo, Nlng
aia Falls, Chicago and all points west via
D h II. II. It, 12.01 p. m.; 3 28 (Blaos;
Diamond Espicss). 10 it, 11 49 p. m. San
d.ivn. D & II. R. R., 12 03, 917 p m.
Pullman pallor nnd sleeping or Lehigh
Valley Pallor cats on all tialns betwesn
AVIIkes-B.iiio and New Yoik. Philadel
phia, Buffalo and Suspension Bildgo.
ROLLIN II. AVILBUR. Oen. Supt., 20
Coitland fitieet New A'ork
CHARLES S LEi:. Gpu. Pass. Agt, 2i
Cortland stieet, New York.
A V. NONEMACIIER, DIv. Pass. Ast..
South Bethlehem. Pa. ,
For tickets and. Pullman resei rations
npplv to dtv ticket office, 69 Public
Squiu e, AVIIkcs-Barrc, Pa.
Cential Railroad of New Jersey.
Collected to September 10, 1902.
Stations in New Yoik, foot Liberty
stieet and South Ferry, N. R.
Tialns leave Scianton for New York,
Plilladelphla. Fusion, Bethlehem. Allen
town. Mauili Chunk, AVhlto Elaven, Ash
ley, AA'llkes-Baiio and Plttston at 7 30 a.
m , 1 p. m and 4 pm. Stindav, 2 10 p. m.
Quaker City Expioss loaves Scranton
7"n a. m, thinugh solid vestlbulo train
with Pullman Buffet Parlor Car for Phila
delphia, with o.ilv ono change of cms for
Baltlmoio and AVashlngton, D C, and all
pilnclpal points south and west.
For Avoca, Plttston nnd AA'llkcs-Barre,
3 p m. nnd 4 p m. Sunday, 2 10 p m.
For Long Blanch, Ocean Grovo, etc,
7 30 a. m. and 1 p m.
For Reading, Lebanon nnd Hnrrlsbtirg
via Allentown nt 7 30 n. m., 1 p. m. and I
p m. Sunday, 2 10 p m.
For Tuni.tqtui and Pottsvllle, 7.30 a.m.;
1 p. in. nnd 4 p m.
For latcs and tickets apply to agent at
AA G BESSLER. Gen Manager.
C. M. BURT, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Schedule In Effect Juno 10, 1902.
Tinins leave Scianton 0 38 a. in, week
davs, thiough vestlbulo tialn fio.n
AVIlkes-Baiio. Pullman buffot pallor car
nnd coaches to Philadelphia, via Potts
vlllo; stops at pilnclpal Intel mediate sta
tions Also connects for Sunbuiy. Hai
lisbuig. Philadelphia, Baltlmoio, Wash
ington and for Plttsbuig and tho AA'cst.
9 17 a, m . week days, for Sunbury. Har
lisbuig, Philadelphia, Baltimore, AVash
lngton and Plttsbuig nnd tho West
1 12 p. m.. week davs, (Sundas. 1 3S p.
m,). for Sunbuiy. Ilairlsbmg. Phlladol
phla, Baltlmoio, AVashlngton and Pltts
buig and tho AVcst.
3 2S p m . week davs. thinugh vestibule
tialn fiom AVIIkcs-Barro. Pullman buffet
pallor car and coaches to Philadelphia vh
Pottsvllle. Stops at pilnclpal Intoimedl
ato stations
4 33 p. m , week d ivs, for llazlcton, Squ
inny, Hai lisbuig, Plilladelphla and Pitts-
l"E' J. B. HUTCHINSON, Gon. Mgr.
J. B. AVOQD, Gon, Pass. Agt.
Dehvwaie and Hudson.
In Elfect Juno 10, 19nj,
Tialns foi Cuibondnlo Icavo Scianton at
fill 7..M., ion a. m: l2a-, 112, 2.11,
:i3i! 5 29. 0 23, 8 21, 9.13. 10 01 p. 111.; 12.13,
"ror'Uoncsdalc 0.41, 10.13 a. m.j 2,11 and
5 For' Wllkes-B.ll I c-C 38. 7.11. S4I. 947,
10 :a 11. m: l-'03, 1.12, 2.1S, 3 2S, 133, 010,
7.4S, 10 II, 11.41 P m
For L. V. R R., 9.47 a. m.
2,is, 4 3." and p in.
For Peimsvlvanla R. R. Points 6 35
9.17 a. m ; 1.12. 32S nnd 4 33 p. in.
I'or Albany nnd all points noith 7.36 a.
in. and 3 50 i). m
For C.iibondale SMi, II JJ a. m.; 2.11,
am 552 nnd 11.17 p. m.
For AVIIkcs-Bniio-9 3S a. m.; 12.03, 1.0S,
3 2(. 0 32 and 9.17 P m. t.
For Albany and points noith 3 50 p.m.
I'or Uoncsdalo-8 50 u. in.; 11 33. and 3.53
''wL PRVOlt. D P A., SeraiTton, Pa.
Eile Railroad Wyoming Division
In Effect Reptembei' 13, 1902,. ';
Tialns leave Scianton for Now A'nrk,
Nowbiugli and Intel medlato points, also
tor I law ley and local stations at 7.20a,
For Hoiiesdalo'nud AVhlto Mills at 1.33
Tialns nrrlvo at Scianton nt 10 38 a.m.
and 9.15 p. Ill ;
New York, Ontario and Western."
Tlmo tabic hi effect Sunday. Sept. 23, 1902.
Leavo Leavo Arilve
Tialns. Scianton. Caibondalo. Cadnsla.
No. 1 ......1030a, m, 1110a, in I 00 p.jn.
No, 7 0 hi p. m.Ar.C'aibond.ilo 0 46 pitn
Lpiivo Leavo Arrlvo
Trains. Cndosla, Caibondalo. Scianton".
No. ti ,,,,.. 05nn, m 7.21a, m
No. 2 2.11 P ni Iftlp m. 4 45 p. III'.
Leavo Leave Anlva
Tialns, Scnmton Caibondalo. Cadosla,
No. 0 ,,,,., S 30 a. m. 910a.m. 10 41a."m.
No, 0 ,,..,. ''O P- ni.Ai'.C.iibnidale7,4Sp,m
l.caro Leave Arrive
Tialns. Cadosla, Caihondale. Scianton.
No. a , 7.23n.m.
Nn 10 ... 4 30 p. in t) ft, p. 111. b.41 p. in.
Tialns Nos 1 on vveek days, and 9 on
Sundays cunnect for Nov York city. Mid
illetovvu, Walton, Nolvvlch, Oneida, Os
wego and all points west,
Tialn No, 0, with ''Quaker City Ex
pi ess" at Sciaiitpn, Via 0. R, R of N. J.,
for Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Baltimore.
Washington nnd Pennsylvania stato
Beo tline-tablo and consult ticket agents
for connections with other Une.
J. C. ANDERSON. O. P. A., Now York.
J. JJ. WELSH, T. P. A., Scranton, Pa.-